What is the best strategy for beating Nightmare with Viola?

  1. OK so here's my problem. I used to play SC IV a lot and became quite a good player with Cassandra and Amy especially. But oops, in SC V, they've disappeared. So I practiced a bit with Viola, started the Arcade mode, perfected lots of my opponent and was like "wow this caracter owns!" , and then faced Nightmare and lost again and again. I was like WTF??? I've been playing (well, being beaten up, actually) for over half an hour now and I can't seem to win 3 times against him. Is there a problem with my IQ or smth? Do you guys have any tips at all? I'm open to any suggestion, I quite like Viola, and hey, I'm here to learn. :) Thankies

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  1. Nightmare's range, damage, stepkillers, and pushback combined with Viola's inferior punish game make it a bad matchup for her(yes: even the top tier characters have bad matchups) since Nightmare's main weakness is being easily punished. Things to watch out for?

    Grim Stride: GS A has a lengthy animation, repels highs/mids, and will smack you out of most of your attacks. GS B is the real problem, if he has meter you're losing half your health from it(GS B ~ GS B ~ GS kA+B+K) if not getting thrown out of the ring or eating yet more damage from a wall combo. GS K and its Brave Edge version will only be probematic when it's used in a combo, otherwise you can ukemi to the side and evade it. GS kA+B+K is very similar to normal GS K, but you need to crouch the punch as well to avoid that damage.

    A+B: This attack just simply snuffs out a lot of Viola's attacks. If it's not a low, a throw, a launch, a knockdown, or doesn't deal 25+ damage he'll absorb the hit and counter with a stronger version of this attack(with unlimited range to boot). Generally though, if you hit him with a single hit early in the animation you can block and even if he breaks your guard with it he can't attack after using it before you can. The pushback makes it more difficult for Viola to punish, but if he uses the move he's commited to it and can't do anything about that lengthy recovery time(1/3 second). Worst of all, he'll only use this when you're in his face and it will put him in a more advantageous position if you can't stop it somehow. Always be prepared to deal with this when you're in his face.

    agA: Too fast to react to, can ring you out, breaks your guard, kills your sidestep attempts, and hits high. All you can do about this move is try staying closer to him and not stepping when he's at neutral(not recovering from a blocked/missed attack). Moves that make you crouch are also viable(if it looks like you're crouched you probably are) to let it go right over your head safely.

    Lows: All of Nightmares lows are slow or weak, learn to react to the stronger ones and never crouch except on reaction to seeing one of his slow lows incoming(like 1A or FC B+G). If you're crouching on anticipation of a low, he'll make you pay for it with something like 3AA, 3[B] ~ bA, or GS B ~ GS B ~ GS kA+B+K.

    Okizeme: If he knocks you down, get up immediately. He doesn't have much in terms of tech traps, so you're generally safest getting up ASAP. Just watch out for things like 1A, he loves to try and knock you right back down. If he has meter, the chance of him trying to use GS kA+B+K after knocking you down is very high.

    Distance: It goes without saying, Violas long range game is trash(all of her long range attacks are slow/weak/unsafe/easily avoided) while Nightmare has some decent options available. If you're not in his face, he's at advantage. Stay in his face, don't give him room to breathe.

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