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"A New Tale of Swords and Souls"


I have been playing the Soul series since Soul Blade and ever since then, every sequel has been an improvement over it's predecessor. Now Project Soul has given us another game, will it stack up and keep the tradition going?


The gameplay is identical to Soul Calibur IV's. The combat is fast paced and we still have the same controls as before. However, they introduced a few new things to the game. One is a meter which enables you to Guard Impact and do a combo called "Brave Edge" A new special move that everyone has is called a "Critical Edge" which inflicts major damage to your opponent if it lands. Also, some stages don't have ring-outs anymore, so Soul Calibur is taking a page out of Tekken for that part. Other than that, veterans of the series can jump in and go straight to fighting.


The graphics are a vast improvement over the last game. The characters look better and overall the backgrounds also look a lot better.


Most of the cast from the last game are back like Mitsurugi and Ivy, while new characters are introduced like Taki's student Natsu, and a warrior with a wolf spirit named Z.W.E.I. The guest character Ezio from Assassin's Creed 2 fits perfectly, so for those to played that game will be happy. Some people maybe disappointed their favorites were cut, but this game feels like it was made for the new generation.


The story this time takes place seventeen years in the future. We have a new main character named Patroklos who is on a quest to find his sister. Other than that one story mode, people will be disappointed in the lack of story mode for all the other characters, since we want to know where they all came from.


The focus of this game this time is online. Many people will find the single player content to be lacking like last time, because we have one story mode. The online on the other hand has been vastly improved, since we have more player matches and we can compare out stats to other players as well. The CaS from the last game has returned and its a huge improvement since you can customize almost everything from weapon color to the height of your character. You can also customize a standard character to your liking as well.


The music is still as good as ever. Instead of a stage theme, each character has their own theme and you can select which song goes in which level at anytime.


For those who are looking for a game that focuses on fighting and online, this game is just for you. Many people will be let down by the lack of story and single player content, but other than that, this is another successful Soul Calibur game. But just to be safe, rent this game first.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 02/02/12, Updated 02/03/12

Game Release: SoulCalibur V (US, 01/31/12)

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