Review by one_spoony_bard

Reviewed: 03/19/12

Somewhat Lack of Soul and Calibur

I was somewhat disappointed bye this installment of the Soul Calibur series, although I did enjoy playing it. Having been a long time fan of Soul Calibur, I was expecting a lot more from this game. One of the major downsides of this game is the story mode, Story -1607- A.D.-
It's not the way the mode is presented, but the limitation and length of the mode. You start the story as the main protagonist, Patroklos. Throughout the game, the character you play is changed accordingly to the characters present in the storyline. This continues on until the end of the game. Although I did enjoy this mode, I found it extremely short. It's not just the length I had a problem with, it was the fact that it had no replay value and you couldn't play from the perspective of all the characters in the game. Previous Soul Calibur games allowed you to play the storyline of every playable character (minus bosses and charade). These would be unique, from each character's own perspective, and would fill in the gaps and answer questions from other stories. The fact that you had to play a set storyline and couldn't even pick who you wanted to play as, felt very limiting.

Another aspect of the game I had a problem with was Quick Battle. The difficulty is either mediocre or stupidly insane. Battles are listed in ranks. The ranks range from E5 to A1. I found ranks E to B to be rather easy, but once you hit A rank fighters, it gets quite lame. It felt like playing those old quarter eating arcade fighters. The arcade machines that were designed to detect button inputs and match them with the perfect counter. Fortunately for me, I was used to this 'way to make fighting games harder', having grown up playing the arcade version of Mortal Kombat. You'll find yourself having to use the cheapest tactics, constantly trying to throw, or be just plain lucky to win most A rank matches (I did beat all ranks in the end).

Two good things about this game are the online and creation modes. I really enjoyed the way the online lobbies were setup in this game. Online consists of Ranked Match, Player Match, and Global Colosseo.Ranked match is setup like the ranks of the Quick Battle system. The ranks range from E5 to A1.Player Match allows you to setup your own lobby, with the options of using mics or having a remote viewing window for spectators.Global Colosseo was my favourite portion of online play. Each player has an icon and is able to move their icon around the screen. You are able to text chat and challenge other players in the lobby or select a random paring option. Tournaments are also held in here as well.

The highlight of this game is Creation mode. I've personally spent over 20 hours creating various characters in this mode.
You are able to select clothing and armor for the head, face, neck, chest, arms, hands, waist, legs, and feet (undergarments and socks as well), and 3 pieces of extra gear. You can place multiple stickers on characters, change the colors and patterns on weapons and clothing, add makeup or face paint, change characters voices (adjusting pitch, design character photos, customize weapon and attack colours, change the size of every body part, hair, eye color... the list goes on and on. This has to be one of the best character creation modes in a console game ever. Overall I would rate this game 6/10. It has quite a lot of flaws, but the parts that are good are very enjoyable.

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Product Release: SoulCalibur V (US, 01/31/12)

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