How To Farm Points in Hero Mode?

  1. It says on the title

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    Blahblagada - 6 years ago

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  1. OOOk there is a much better way then the tourament.....after you face cap ginyu you should see a great ape....btw this is a glitch for this what you want to do is fight that great ape win it after that you gain some what alot of AP from there you want to save agagin yes you may have saved after the battle but you want to save againso you can add or take away a skill change your super attack but you NEED to save after that great ape fight then once you done saving you want to go to the main menu boom you turn around to the rocky mountion where you fought that great ape he back yup that the glitch i hope it is helpful

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  1. hmmm I think the world tourment would be a good spot since you are fight like 4 characters

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  2. Honestly main missions are the best way. they give the most hero points

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  3. Story missions give you the most you can get. I was using a Heavy character, rarely hit up side missions, and now have A ranks across the board.

    The tournament CAN be a good haul for Exp, but the problem is, they force you to earn it. (I had a Vegeta(scouter) with 34k health do 16k combo damange to me in the first 5 seconds of the fight - and this was after two tourny wins)

    So, your best bet is to just complete hero mode, then grind out on random battles.

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  4. Poptdp you're half wrong and right they cut points after you beat hero mode

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  5. Yeah I know, honestly after the main missions are over, they make it a btich to gain points... Either do w.tournament matches or the blue side quest matches

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  6. Super666Spawn that is if he didn't beat it yes but if he did world tournament is your best option

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  7. Super666spawn's methd does indeed work, and the ape is easy to defeat he has two phases one blast range and one melee

    first phase: his attacks are shooting a bean and throwing a rock, when he throws th rock do a quick smash ki blast and dodge. when he does the beam, dodge first then do a full round of rush ki blasts and sneak in a quick (tap) smash ki blast, do that for 3-5 rounds depending on your stats, then cutscene to him trying to smash you, do the button combo and sparta kick him in the face, now your in melee range, he still has two very basic attacks, ki beam and a smash attack with both hands, one hand at a time, when he does the beam just dodge and wait for him to try and smash you, (hint: he ALWAYS leads with his right hand, wicth would be your left as your facing him)) dodge them both and rush attack his hands, do that untill the cutscene where he tries to stomp on you do the button combo fallowed by a very tricky meter minigame, try to hit the button before it reached the hallow circle. after that you catch the rock and he literally eats what looks like Coolers supernova. when youve beat him let it do the sutosave and all then exit out to the main menu, rinse and repeat.

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  8. After you beat hero mode and u stats aren't all the way just do a few world tournaments, you will level up about 3-4 times the xp you get fighting side missions.

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  9. The masters you select effects the status of your character as well. For example I have a heavy hero and this is what I discovered. Broly effects melee attack, ki blast attack, and super attack. Super Janemba effects health, chain effect, and melee defense. Super Vegito effects ki blast defense, super attack defense, and something else. The best way to get your character strong is to just battle saibamen and cell jr before you fight ginyu.

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