Review by npauley23

Reviewed: 12/20/12

It throws you in the Deep End.

Silent Hill HD collection was definitely intended to bring its two most iconic games to the stands for another time, indeed; for its fans. This review goes out to it's newcomers as I was a newcomer myself. Don't expect a cliche of artistically overly-exaggerated options as it is to kill zombies in an apocalypse. Silent hill (as the title suggests) starts off by throwing you in the deep end unless, of course, you haven't played the first game (not that it's recommended). Silent Hill 2 presents this overwhelmingly eerie-aesthetic to the game that explains why it was so popular back in its day.

The story prospect is excellent, that regardless of its terrifying encounters, it draws you closer to its climax. Accompanied by riddles, erhm- might I add, some really hard ones; it is probably one of the only reasons (setting aside your fear of playing the game further) that the game isn't a very quick one. Silent Hill 3 on the other hand takes the title above-mentioned seriously, from the very start you already encounter your worst nightmares as it clearly outlines its downfall: the difficulty. Be warned that you must master your running strategy at this stage because the going will get rough, erhm tough. The atmosphere is terrifying and is overwhelmingly unpleasant that might or might not be a downfall for most gamers, hence- throughout the game you feel alone, helpless and nothing can save you, but, considering this is a survival psychological horror- your psychology will be tampered with.

Comparing the visual quality from its Standard Definition to the remastered High Definition; the improvements are pleasant and is worth the look at; textures look re-filtered and much better and the clarity is wonderful in terms of a game that was released for PS2. Presentation can be a major downfall but doesn't inflict with your game experience: it looks clunky and terribly outdated in its menu's but the audio is a masterpiece and co-operates in giving you the best thrill experience you will ever have; the sounds generate a high amount of tension, and the games offer effects that know exactly where and when it must surprise itself just so that you can pause the game, take a deep breath and continue it for a third time.

Overall, fans will appreciate its efforts to release on newer consoles- but what about newcomers? Setting aside a few minor flaws, Silent Hill 2 and 3 delivers the most intense and horrifying experiences you would ever grasp on, and should be given a huge round of applause for its efforts to utterly terrify the ones who seek it.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

Product Release: Silent Hill HD Collection (US, 03/20/12)

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