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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Adrenaline SL

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    Konami's highly anticipated action thriller...avec la sexy art.
    T  A  C  T  I  C  A  L      E  S  P  I  O  N  A  G  E        A  C  T  I  O  N 
    %@@ @@ @@@ @@@% @@  @%     %@@% @@@  @@  @@@%    %@@@ @@@ %@  %@ @@@      %%% 
    %@@ @@ @%   @% %@@  @%     @ %@ @%  %@@  @ %@    @ %@ @ @ %@  %@ @ @%     % % 
    %@@%@@ @@@  @% @ %@ @%     @    @@@ @ %@ @@@     %@%  @ @ %@  %@ @ @@       % 
    %@%@%@ @%   @% @@@@ @%     @%@@ @%  @@@@ @ @%     %@% @ @ %@  %@ @ @@      % 
    %@ @ @ @%   @% @%%@ @%     @ %@ @%  @%%@ @ %@    @% @ @ @ %@  %@ @ @%     % 
    %@ @ @ @@@  @% @  @ @@@    %@@% @@@ @  @ @ %@    @@@% @@@ %@@@%@ @@@      %%%
    ########################## S O N S  O F  L I B E R T Y ######################
                             Tactical Espionage Handbook
                   Metal Gear Solid 2 Strategy Guide and Walkthrough         
                               Written by AdrenalineSL
                        Version 1.88: Released February 3, 2003
             The very latest versions and updates can be found at GameFAQs:
    This is currently [Version 1.88] of Adrenaline's Metal Gear Solid 2 Strategy
    If you find any errors, please report them to the author immediately! Thanks!
    Contact me: toiletrabbit(at)hotmail(dot)com 
    Metal Gear Solid 2 is rated "M" for MATURE. After all, this game contains a 
    copious amount of violence, blood, visual tutorials on how to snap someone's 
    neck, wooly armpits and so on and so forth. Screw it. Who am I kidding? No 
    one listens to me nowadays.
    * This Metal Gear Solid 2 FAQ/Walkthrough is intended for the US Release. If
      you own either the PAL or the Japanese version, then this guide may not
      fully benefit you. For this, I have accommodated a new section called "US-
      to-PAL Changes" as reference for both US version and PAL owners alike. PAL 
      owners should definitely read that section before the rest of the guide.
    * This is not a plot synopsis. I am comfortably certain that you are *NOT* 
      part of the MGS staff or Hideo Kojima, especially when you're e-mailing me 
      from an AOL account. So shoo, guys.
    * Lastly, please do NOT send ANYMORE CONTRIBUTIONS. Corrections are welcome,
      though. Any "Useless Trivia" contributions will be deleted immediately.
    ---  HOT! HOT! (Version History)  ---
    Version 1.65 | July 31, 2002
    One last update. I expect I will not touch this  document again. Ever. Unless 
    a glaring error is pointed out to me, which I will honor immediately. I spent
    this version cleaning up the writing in some places--mainly the basics and 
    the walkthrough, so you may notice some changes. I want to apologize to
    everyone who has e-mailed me in the last 5 months before July 7, 2002 because
    I somehow managed to screw up my hotmail account. I stored a lot of 
    contributions and have now lost 80% of them. I salvaged only a few e-mails.  
    So if you've e-mailed me and I have not  replied, please send me your message 
    again. Sorry again. Thanks for reading, everyone!
    Version 1.6  | April 20, 2002
    In this update, I've cleaned out as many errors as I could find. Also removed 
    some false information. Many Frequently Asked Questions were added to the FAQ 
    section. If you cannot find your answer in the walkthrough, the FAQ is bound 
    to have your answer (I dearly hope so). In addition, some more changes were 
    added to the US-to-PAL section. It's taken me almost a month to get this 
    update out. And in case any of  you have ignored  the note at the top: do not 
    send anymore contributions! My brain hurts.
    Version 1.58 | March 23, 2002
    Thank you all so kindly for  flooding my inbox with  the same stuff. Now that 
    that's out of the way, everything should be in tip-top shape as far as the 
    differences between the US and PAL versions are concerned. How  you say? Why, 
    I've created a new section, of course. It's listed as "US-to-PAL Changes",
    found under the Appendices chapter. I've also  went over  certain sections of 
    the guide and edited stuff. Ya know, like stuff. Major thanks to Manwards and 
    a bunch of other people for this update's additions. And of course, myself,
    for putting up with the swarm of complaints, and putting off this update 'til
    now without losing my sanity.
    Version 1.54 | March 5, 2002
    Another  update of  zero importance.  Just wanted  to  clean up a  few things 
    before the European release of this game. I've re-written certain parts of 
    the introduction to make the guide more "cheerful". For some reason, I 
    sometimes get "hesitant" e-mails (Why is that? Do I scare you?).  So, no more 
    b****ing from me.  I just have a guilty feeling in the pit of my stomach, yet 
    no one e-mails me about it. Besides that, I've caught up on some neat 
    contributions that were just screaming to jump in this FAQ. Now...je suis 
    tout raplapla parce que j'ai mal dormi. So the update stops short.  For those 
    French-literate folks, excuse the infinite amount  of errors in just that one 
    sentence. Pardon-moi! Ok, I gotta stop my pathetic attempts.
    Version 1.52 | February 14, 2002
    Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! Just popped in with some other refinements--
    the Extreme Boss strategies, mainly. Also, a very frequently asked question 
    was added to the bunch. You CANNOT save Emma!!! Ok?! Whew. That's all, folks! 
    Version 1.5  | February 8, 2002
    I got the chance to talk with Morph, the author of the Extreme mode FAQs, the
    other day. With his help, I've improved upon the Extreme mode boss 
    strategies. He's granted me permission to use tips from his FAQ.  The purpose
    of this update was to refine some parts of the guide, make a few corrections,
    polish the boss strategies and add a few more contributions. Also, I've moved 
    the Item and Weapon section to Chapter 2 for convenience. There are still a 
    few more contributions in my mailbag--those need to be looked into before 
    they will be added to the FAQ. Well, it's about 1AM here, now so if there are 
    any awkward sentences and stupid errors, blame um, that guy over there.
    Version 1.41 | January 22, 2002
    My e-mail address is now (more) open for questions. I will answer you as long 
    as it's not in the guide. Just finished proofreading the guide and cleaned up 
    the remaining errors (I did my best, anyway).  All contributions have finally 
    been caught up. The guide is now more complete than ever, and unless anything 
    else comes to light, it's unlikely that there will be any more major updates.
    Version 1.3  | January 20, 2002
    The guide is now  officially complete.  Dog Tags, Secrets, Hard-Extreme Notes
    and Fun Stuff--they're all complete. The Boss Guide has been patented with 
    Hard and Extreme strategies. I also gave the walkthrough a slight facelift so 
    you could find each area section more easily. Some contributions have been 
    looked over and added in (not all, but most). I apologize to those who have 
    sent me something and I have not added it in. I can't afford to add every 
    single one. I'll have the next version up and running with the remaining 
    contribution backlog cleared out (over 80). A perusal of the guide is pending 
    for grammar errors and such.  Look forward to that shortly.  I wrote a lot of 
    the new stuff while I was half-asleep, so please excuse the many drunk 
    errors. ^_^ Enjoy the new version!
    Version 1.1  | January 3, 2002
    Bless the 50+  people who e-mailed  me for the  same BDU correction, and then 
    adding the same note about their having been in the military. Thank you all.
    Although I've only credited 3 people with this because they were the first of 
    millions to e-mail me.  Anyway, finished Boss Guide, added contributions, and 
    started Dog Tags section. Any questions?  No? Good. Keep it that way!
    Version 1.05 | December 16, 2001
    Well, a reader that e-mailed me  today brought this my  attention.  I've just
    finished proofreading the entire guide. It was well worth it. I found so many 
    mistakes, I could  write a book entitled "Grammar-don'ts for Dummies".  I did 
    my absolute best to clean those out. But after staring at the screen for 2 
    straight hours, my brain hurts and my eyes are tired. I didn't want to add 
    any more hours to this session by updating the guide with more info. Sorry! I 
    PROMISE the next update will be refreshed with new stuff!
    Version 1.03 | December 15, 2001
    What's this??!! Another update so soon?! :) As you can probably see, it's not 
    a huge update. Just popped in and finished the Items section.  Another update 
    won't be happening for a while, so now is good.
    Version 1.0  | December 14, 2001
    After watching Harry Potter, I had wanted to try flying on my own broomstick, 
    but obviously that didn't go too well. So that explains the huge delay on my 
    updates...Ok, so that wasn't a really great excuse. The long wait for Version 
    1.0 was well worth it. The walkthrough is now complete and several new 
    sections have been opened and others have been completed. Check out the Table 
    of Contents. Unfortunately, the Dog Tag section will have to wait.  I'm going 
    to go play the game over  again to make  new sections and hopefully, create a 
    little plot section. Enjoy the first complete version of the guide!
    Version 0.5  | November 24, 2001
    So the expected update  was a little late.  At least I've gotten further than 
    I would have. The walkthrough will be finished in the next version for sure. 
    That's all I've been working on, so other  sections are incomplete or haven't 
    even been created yet.  Walkthrough  up to defusing the 5th or 4th bomb.  Who 
    cares.  Also, I've added some contributions.  Others are still sitting around 
    in the inbox. Will get to those later.
    Version 0.3  | November 17, 2001
    "Adrenaline, you oaf!" I know, I know. Too many projects at once is insanity, 
    but I'm here now and you can't do a thing about it! Haha! Anyway, I got a lot 
    of stuff done, even though it may not seem like it. It took 5 hours of my 
    life to type all this crap, so appreciate it or break yo'self. Anyway, as 
    with all my FAQs, the first versions are always crap, so don't expect much. 
    The walkthrough is _almost_ nonexistent. But the next update should be 
    further than where it pathetically is now. If you see huge errors, don't send 
    about a million rude e-mails about why I'm better off working at McDonalds or 
    |_________________________________TABLE OF__________________________________|
    01.  Introduction
    02.  Chapter 1: Basics & Lists
            Basic Controls   
            System Dissection
            Infiltration Logic
    03.  Chapter 2: Walkthrough        
               Part One 
               Part Two 
               Part Three 
               Part Four
               Part Five
               Part Six
               Part Seven
            Hard-Extreme Notes
    04.  Chapter 3: Appendices
            Boss Guide
            Dog Tags
            Item Locator
            Weapons Locator
            Node Locator
            US-to-PAL Changes
    05.  Chapter 4: Secrets & Easter-Eggs
            Fun Stuff
            Campbell Gibberish
            Song Lyrics                   
    06.  Chapter 5: Outro
            Frequently Asked Questions
            Legal Junk
            Credits, Plugs, and Extra Junk
            Contributor Credits
            Closing Statement
    The walkthrough featured in this guide has been split into seven sections and 
    I've created this little navigation guide to help direct you to your rightful 
    place without  searching  through the masses  of text.  Please read the parts 
    carefully and use Ctrl + F whenever necessary. 
    * Part One: Beginning of Tanker to the Engine Room, right before entering 
    Deck-2 area.
    * Part Two: From blasting the control units at the Deck-2 entrance to the end 
    of the Tanker.
    * Part Three: Beginning of Plant to the end of BC Connecting Bridge (where 
    you first met Fortune).
    * Part Four: Strut C, Dining Hall (where you meet Peter Stillman) to 
    defeating Fatman.
    * Part Five: After Fatman's grand finale to the end of infiltrating the Shell 
    1 Core.
    * Part Six: Excursion to the Shell 1-2 Connecting Bridge and eventually to 
    Shell 2 Core to save Emma from Vamp.
    * Part Seven: Starting from after the 2nd Vamp fight to the end of the game.
    The Gameshark codes have been removed. If you want GS codes, please visit the 
    official Gameshark site or Gamesages.com for them.
    |¯¯¯¯| 0000111.92899 |¯¯¯¯|-|¯¯¯¯|-|¯¯¯¯|-|¯¯¯¯| 0886660000113 |¯¯¯¯|-|¯¯¯¯| 
     ¯¯¯¯                 ¯¯¯¯   ¯¯¯¯   ¯¯¯¯   ¯¯¯¯                 ¯¯¯¯   ¯¯¯¯   
                              ///  Introduction  ///
    |   LOADING...  | 00000000111999666 |¯¯¯¯|-|¯¯¯¯|-|¯¯¯¯| 983300111666 |¯¯¯¯|
     ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯                     ¯¯¯¯   ¯¯¯¯   ¯¯¯¯                ¯¯¯¯
    Metal Gear Solid on the Playstation was a revolution. And afterward, anything 
    at a mere whisper of Metal Gear was viewed with limitless enthusiasm. In some 
    games, you pay attention to every detail. You observe it almost like you 
    would a movie and drink in every facet. Metal Gear Solid 2 falls exactly 
    under that, and that's what makes it so majestic. It offers countless 
    options. Choices are what Metal Gear Solid 2 is all about. Shoot various 
    stuff, and they shatter with astounding physics. The graphics are immaculate. 
    There are certain things you'd pay  about as much attention to as you would a 
    pile of old socks, but it's there; it floats and mingles with the air. 
    The plethora of hype has informed you about it. You've went as far as to just 
    purchasing Zone of the Enders to play only the demo; but nothing can prepare 
    you for the surge of adrenaline (no pun intended) that MGS2 takes you on this 
    feat of design and storytelling. Everything on the screen twitches and 
    bounces with life. The concept and the cinematic plot is enthralling. Hideo's 
    latest installment into the series transcends  the standards of revolutionary 
    The ultimate goal for this guide is to provide a comprehensive source for the 
    heart-stopping, stealth-based action game that is Metal Gear Solid 2. Beware! 
    Each event written in this guide is guaranteed to have spoilers slathered all 
    over; look for information you need, bookmark the guide, and get out! Well, I 
    am pretty sure that with each guide/FAQ you look at, you are definitely at 
    risk of ruining your gaming experience. I tried my best to minimize the 
    number of spoilers. It's true that the twists involved would be better placed 
    in a story section than being  thrown at you against your will, but sometimes 
    you can't blame me--they just slip out.  
    In short, the intent of this powerful  MGS2 guide is to help  you through the 
    game with the  best possible, yet conceivably easy, methods of play. Although
    I pray that you would read through the entire thing before giving up.  That's 
    the entire reason I wrote this. If worse comes to worse, you may even have to 
    figure out whatever you are having trouble with by yourself and play the 
    Also, let me say that I  appreciate all  those who have actually perused  the 
    guide before coming to me, and those who drove me on to continue this. The 
    writing tone may seem scornful (as said by a reader), but I assure you that 
    this was a labor of love, and I'm eternally grateful to all the contributors 
    of the FAQ, whom I owe many of my thanks to. And of course, I can't forget 
    the readers--they are the ones who have helped me arrive at where I am today. 
    If it weren't for any of those  fine people, the guide  wouldn't have evolved 
    into what it has become. Uh, thanks.
    At some points in the walkthrough, I will heavily assume you don't need me to 
    tell you to "walk forward" or "open the door". It's quite instinctive.  While 
    I may have been a little too strict in directions, it's your job to explore 
    and then consult my guide for help.  Well, we've  gotten that out of the way; 
    I'm sure you're sick of my prelude by now, so yeah.
    |¯¯¯¯| 0000111.92899 |¯¯¯¯|-|¯¯¯¯|-|¯¯¯¯|-|¯¯¯¯| 0886660000113 |¯¯¯¯|-|¯¯¯¯| 
     ¯¯¯¯                 ¯¯¯¯   ¯¯¯¯   ¯¯¯¯   ¯¯¯¯                 ¯¯¯¯   ¯¯¯¯   
                           /// Chapter 1: Basics & Lists ///
    |   LOADING...  | 00000000111999666 |¯¯¯¯|-|¯¯¯¯|-|¯¯¯¯| 983300111666 |¯¯¯¯|
     ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯                     ¯¯¯¯   ¯¯¯¯   ¯¯¯¯                ¯¯¯¯
    Wait a minute! Can't you find this information in the instruction manual? Hm,
    THAT is true. But you see, I'm merely expanding on the contents of the 
    manual. I also generously condensed all that info into several topics. That, 
    I believe, is more desirable than perusing an instruction booklet that's  
    equivalent to the size of an encyclopedia. This could prove useful to: those 
    who have lost their manual, those who have one but just can't quite 
    understand the fundamentals, those who like my guides (ok, nobody likes them,
    everyone LOVES them), those who borrowed this game from Blockbuster, and 
    probably those who have looked past the better things in life to sit down and 
    read this.
    D-Pad  -   * Navigates character 
               * Moves highlighter on menu screen
    Left Analog Stick -   * Navigates character 
                          * Moves highlighter on menu screen
    Right Analog Stick  -  * Changes Camera Angles
    Circle Button  -  * Confirms selections 
                      * Punch-punch-twirling kick combo
    Cross Button  -  * Cancels selections 
                     * Press once to crouch; twice to engage in crawl position
                     * Press while running to roll
    Triangle Button  -  * Action button (open doors, climb, etc.)
    Square Button  -  * Attack button (shoot, throw, strangle, etc.) 
    L1 Button  -  * Aims 
    L2 Button  -  * Opens Item inventory 
                  * Quick equip item
    R1 Button  -  * Goes into first-person view
    R2 Button  -  * Opens weapons & equipment menu
    START Button  -  * Pauses game 
                     * Help Stuff
    SELECT Button  -  * Opens Codec screen
     ______                                                               ______
                                | System Dissection |
    Learn about the basics of Metal  Gear Solid 2, and  how to get started.  I'll 
    strip each segment down for easier comprehension of the game basics. 
    / DIFFICULTY MODES /***/       /
    Metal Gear Solid 2 features a  non-exclusive option, which  allows the player 
    to select a  difficulty setting that conforms  to his game-playing abilities.
    Here's a quick breakdown.
    The option to choose the level of difficulty becomes available as soon as New
    Game is selected. The only significant difference between the modes is having 
    less or more guards on duty. Other minor disparities include the capacity of 
    items and the degree of handicaps. An example of a handicap is exhibited in 
    Hard difficulty: getting discovered by a guard dictates an instant game over. 
    It's over for you, bub. Go back to the  drawing board. Huss! Boo! Get off the 
    stage! According  to the manual  and my experience, you  can actually  switch 
    that option on or off. It pretty much depends on your preference.
    I'm very verbose if  you haven't already  noticed. Basically, four difficulty 
    modes will be laid out on the screen for you to choose from. These modes 
    range from Very Easy to Hard (and Extreme). I won't  go into TOO much detail, 
    for the sake of brevity. Ok, here's the real breakdown:
    * Very Easy *  Simple stuff. Very few guards will be patrolling the areas you
    will try to infiltrate.  Not to mention that you  have a bigger capacity for 
    items, but you'll have the same life bar length as you would have in any 
    mode. In the Plant Chapter, radar maps will automatically be  downloaded upon 
    entering a new area. Also, if you leave an area during Alert mode, it will be 
    canceled upon entering a new area.
    * Easy *  Insert words where you see fit.  Easy speaks for itself.  Actually, 
    they all speak for  themselves!  But anyway, just a _tad_ more difficult than 
    Very Easy.  If you enter another area  during Alert mode, it will be canceled
    * Normal *  Normal is what you'd generally go for if this  is your first walk 
    through the game. The walkthrough in this FAQ will be covering the Normal 
    mode, only because the author is an oafish idiot who can't do anything better 
    than Normal and feels that doing a walkthrough on Easy would appear wussy. 
    * Hard *  Ho-hum. Can  you say "Holy  fruit salad"? Normal was  already a wee
    bit more than I can handle, but unless you pass Hard, you ain't hardcore! I'm 
    somewhat hard-pressed to say that I won't be able to complete this mode
    without some initial practice with the strangling  and mangling part.  Not to 
    mention overcoming that extreme paranoia of getting caught by guards.
    * Extreme *  Damn.  That pretty much sums it up.  But for  the sake of acting 
    professional, this mode will definitely induce house-breaking, cup-flying 
    frustration that  will haunt  you in your sleep.  Basically, item  storage is 
    minimized, the AI of guards shoots through the ceiling, damage dealt to you 
    is much more agonizing and bosses are  disgustingly tough. So it's infiltrate 
    stealthily or be shot in the ass.
    / GAME CHAPTERS  /***/       /
    Metal Gear Solid 2 is composed of two "chapters".  The first part of the game
    takes place on a Marine transport ship that's on its way down the Hudson 
    River. Also known as the "Tanker" chapter. You play as Snake trying to 
    infiltrate the tanker after having learned about a Metal Gear prototype being 
    carried onboard. But things don't go as planned, as Snake helplessly watches 
    the ship being hijacked by Russian soldiers--probably mercenaries. Anyone who 
    has played the demo already has had a taste of this chapter.
    For reasons you will see as you play through the game, the second part of the 
    game sets its course on a giant  offshore facility called the Big Shell. Also 
    known as the "Plant" chapter. The remainder of the game takes place here. You 
    assume the role of a rookie member, who is a part of the special forces unit 
    FOXHOUND.  As a "substitute" for  Solid Snake, he's been  heavily  trained to 
    refine his skills through VR training. He has had no previous experience from 
    real-life combat situations. His mission on the Big  Shell will be his first.
    / GAUGES  /***/       /
    The Life Gauge itself and how it functions is self  explanatory, but let's go 
    over what makes the Life Gauge decrease. Getting repeatedly, or even once, 
    impaled by a  barrage of  bullets, running out of oxygen  underwater, getting 
    caught in the midst of an explosion, smoking, and looking at dirty posters 
    for too long (leads to chronic deficiencies) all contribute to a gradual 
    decrease in the character's life gauge, which is shown at the upper left 
    corner. Wow, that was a long sentence. Anything that has to do with hazardous 
    stuff will HURT your characters, ok? They're not  invincible just 'cause they 
    are the heroic sprites on your TV.
    Now, a grip  gauge is  something else. This gauge  indicates how  much longer 
    your character can keep his grip on a ledge, rail, himself, etc. Whenever the  
    need for a grip is ordered, the gauge will appear right below the character's 
    In the  beginning, it depletes  like mad, but doing  pull-ups  will help your
    character strengthen his biceps, triceps, fore muscles and other muscles for 
    a longer, lasting clutch. When the gauge exhausts itself from overuse, his 
    grasp will loosen, and he will drop. If there is no support whatsoever within 
    the next oh, 100 meters, to break his fall, he will die a heart-wrenching
    / BLEEDING  /***/       /
    If Snake's life is  excessively being dwindled  down either by physical force 
    or by puffing on his tobacco too much and then getting shot, Snake will begin 
    to bleed, leaving large blots of blood on the floor. If this persists, soon 
    the floor will be mottled with dark blood stains, making it obvious to the
    enemy that someone has invaded their territory. To remedy this and nurse his 
    wounds, simply lie low in one spot for a while. Eventually, the blood will 
    clot and stop flowing. However, if Snake has  no possible way to rest and let 
    his wounds heal, use a Bandage to patch up the nasty gash.
    / COMMON COLDS  /***/       /
    This game is so detailed, it's  possible for your  character to catch the flu 
    bug. Contracting the flu results from being drenched in the rain for too long 
    or being exposed to coldness for an extended period. You know your  character 
    has come down with the flu when he starts to sneeze. Sneezing too often risks 
    alerting guards in the vicinity.
    Alleviate  his symptoms  by  popping a  Medicine, which  is a  counterpart of 
    Tylenol Cold or something. Sneezing can be caused by other things as well, 
    like getting  sprayed with a busted fire  extinguisher or scattered flour. In 
    such cases, a Medicine isn't needed. If your character has become seriously 
    ill-stricken, the pill's effect may be negated.  However, the nasal 
    decongestant found at the very end of the game can stabilize the symptoms. 
    It's imperative that you administer the medicine  after the first  sneeze, or  
    as soon as possible.
    / READING THE RADAR  /***/       /
    To be as  simple as possible  about  understanding the  radar, I  will try to 
    pound this into your brain harmlessly. Ok, the YELLOW dot is you--Snake, the 
    man, the player. The RED dots are the locations of the guards. While the 
    radar is handy and keeps you well-informed about  the surrounding uh, people, 
    what it doesn't do is tell you _exactly_ where they are.
    In many areas, there will be several levels, or floors. Each floor (depending  
    upon what mode you're playing) could contain a guard that is making his 
    rounds. The radar only shows you that he's there, but it's hard to determine  
    whether he's on the same floor as you until you check. Sometimes these little 
    things can be distinguished by their  faint existence  on the radar and their 
    "cone's" gradual darkening when you approach them, but the radar isn't 
    extremely reliable. Just keep in  mind to always be alert  and be weary about 
    the guards around you.
    Other than the plain dots of human presence, you'll also notice a light being 
    emitted from the dot. The light indicates the approximate range of what the 
    guard is capable of seeing. Make sense? So, if you're outside of his field of 
    vision, you're safe, and the guard won't notice you even if you're in his 
    direct line of vision from afar (this is true as long as you have other 
    obtrusions around the area and you're playing VE, Easy or Normal).  However, 
    if your character breaches his vision field, he'll catch him and go into 
    Alert mode. Or, he'll catch a glimpse of a shadow and investigate. The wide 
    field of the "light" also indicates the direction he is facing. The manual 
    calls this the enemy's "cone" since it's shaped like one. But we don't need 
    that fancy shmancy term--the "light" works just as well.
    [OTHER STUFF]  Submitted by Kenshiro (Ehren)
    I've noticed while  playing the game (on Normal difficulty, at least--haven't 
    looked into this on easier modes yet) that a guard will indeed notice you 
    even if you're just in his line of sight up to a fair bit of distance outside 
    the cone that represents his field of vision. While it doesn't send the game 
    into Alert Mode, it does make the guard suspicious, and will change the 
    field-of-view cone from blue to yellow (a status already explained in your 
    FAQ).  This holds true for sentries posted on  walkways/decks above and below 
    you -- even through they may not be able to "see" you according to the radar, 
    line-of-sight still can present problems for Snake in these instances.
    Different colored "lights" express how  vigilant the  guard is. If it's blue, 
    it's normal, and the guard is just making his routine rounds. If it's yellow, 
    something's got his attention, and he's confused and curious. When this 
    happens, he'll look around, and a question mark will appear above his head. 
    Do this  repeatedly  and he will go to your current  position and investigate 
    if possible. If it's red, your character has been discovered!
    During Evasion mode or Alert Mode, the radar will not be displayed unless you 
    have chosen  a specific  kind of radar  screen. Once you've  cleared  the two 
    modes, the radar will pop open again in Caution mode.
    / CODEC  /***/       /
    The  Codec is the communications device used by Otacon  and Snake (and anyone 
    else interacting with your character). Calls are made by inputting special 
    sequences that reach certain people for  special reasons.  Each Codec code is 
    carefully programmed to reached the recipient safely. It's specially designed 
    to block out any outside attempts to "tap" into the line. 
    Characters in the game will constantly contact you through nanocommunications
    (aka Codec), which is the basic form of "silent speech". This means that 
    anyone trying to eavesdrop will  have no luck since he  can't, like, hear the 
    Memorizing the codes isn't necessary  since they will be  listed in the Codec 
    book, which you can access by pressing Down on the D-Pad. The process of 
    saving your progress is done through the Codec device. Otacon does it for the 
    first portion of the game, and someone else will become his substitute later. 
    Otacon presents you a different code made strictly for saving only. As you 
    meet more people that can help, they will provide their propriety frequency 
    number for contact. Once you've contacted the person once, the frequency will 
    be listed in the Codec contact book afterward.
    During a Codec conversation with anyone, press the R1 or R2 buttons to listen
    in on your character's thoughts. You can hear a faint dialogue in the 
    background. They relate to what you're thinking. Often times, they are funny, 
    especially with Pliskin and Emma.
    Thanks to James Anderson and Michael Overby. Clarification by Matthew.
    / CAUGHT IN THE ACT  /***/       /
    Several  things occur  when you're  discovered  by a  guard.  A guard's first 
    instinct would be to shoot your character down, then call for back-up via his 
    radio. When he does, a special seek-and-destroy team will be deployed. These
    special forces are often equipped with  destructive  weapons and wear bullet-
    proof armor to deflect any shots you may endeavor.
    During this time, you will want to HIDE.  When the teams aren't able to find 
    your character, you'll go into Evasion mode. While in Evasion Mode, stay 
    hidden and avoid the cavalry for the time being. If they can't find your 
    character by the time the gauge reaches zero, Caution mode kicks in. In 
    Caution mode, guards are in greater numbers. They will cover every inch of 
    the vicinity and circle the perimeter. It will be very risky to make a move 
    during this time. Just stay put. 
    Once that mode ends, everything will return to normal, and the  teams will be 
    called back to their original positions.
    If your character stirs up a commotion repeatedly in the same area, the Alert 
    Mode gauge will decrease increasingly slower, and the guards will search the 
    area thoroughly. You'd better find a REALLY GOOD hiding spot. Guards are less 
    likely to search lockers...
    Whenever a guard  starts to close  in on your  character  during any  playing 
    mode (as in non-Alert and Alert mode), you can hear his heartbeat. It gets 
    louder and beats faster (as any healthy heart would do) as the guard draws 
    nearer. No, this isn't the AP Sensor. This only  happens if your character is 
    inside a  locker during the time a sentry  is nearby. Although  the AP Sensor 
    generally works the same way.
    / MANAGING EQUIPMENT  /***/       /
    Your inventory is composed  of two separate  compartments: items and weapons.
    The Items menu can be opened with L2, while the Weapons menu can be accessed 
    with R2. Hold the buttons down to maintain control of the equipment. Then use 
    either the Analog Stick or D-Pad to cycle across the selective items and 
    weapons. Items or weapons of the same type (like the M9 and USP) are 
    apportioned horizontally, but other times, they are allocated vertically.  If 
    you choose to go unarmed, select the  box that reads "None". As you find more 
    equipment, they will be  added to your character's  inventory. When you begin 
    to find more of the  same item, it will augment  the "same box" until maximum 
    capacity is reached.
    Want to change equipment with the press of a single button?  Simply press the 
    L2/R2 button  once, and Snake changes over to the  last item he's used before 
    he had unequipped it.
    / NODES  /***/       /
    A Solition Radar system; a Node must be accessed when you enter a new area to 
    download a map of the region. These terminals are located in various
    locations of the floating Big Shell plant.  Without logging into these Nodes, 
    the radar will not appear. Once you've accessed a Node, it takes you to the 
    Options screen, which you can use to customize settings apt to your own style 
    of gaming. In Very Easy Mode, accessing Nodes  isn't necessary since the area 
    maps will be automatically downloaded for you.
    / GAME OVER  /***/       /
    Earning a Game Over screen is simple. Have your character rot in a barrage of 
    bullets, jump off a high area, drown, or do anything hazardous that can kill. 
    You will be granted with a Game Over screen upon his demise. Two choices are 
    given: Continue and Exit. They mean what they imply. Continue lets you pick 
    up from the _last_ area you entered. Exit takes you back to the title screen.
    Whew! I hope what I covered here didn't demand  too much from  your cerebrum. 
    Slow down, tiger! You know  the basics. Now you gotta  know the right actions 
    for the right situations.
     ______                                                               ______
                                    | Actions |
    Snake is fully  patented with sick  moves to  take down bad guys, undetected. 
    New features and abilities have been added to set off a new hobby of stuffing 
    unconscious bodies  in lockers.  For later  parts of the game, Raiden has the  
    same moves  as Snake, except he's a bit more...acrobatic.
    /\   MOVEMENT                                                                
    Where there's choking, there's basic movement.  Thanks to  the extremely, yet 
    lovely sensitivity of the Dual Shock 2 (well, that really doesn't have much 
    to do with movement. Oh well.), Snake can move as freely as a...free thing...
    Gently move the analog stick to the desired direction for a Snake-style 
    strut. Violently gear the analog stick all the way to make Snake run! Neat-o!
    /\   CROUCH/CRAWL/ROLL                                                       
    Whoa!  Three actions at once!  Snake wish he could.  Actually, it's  the same 
    button that commands these three actions. Press the Cross button once so 
    Snake could crouch. While he's down there, start moving him around, and he'll 
    start crawling!  He can crawl under  crevices, tables, shelves, etc. To roll, 
    run and press Cross once to tumble across and pick Snake up for another 
    sprint. Press Cross twice so that at the end of his roll, Snake will be in a 
    crawling position. He can roll through a guard and knock him down. If he  
    tries to flop down a set of stairs, Snake will bang his head up pretty badly. 
    So bad that you'll feel sorry for him.
    /\   STRAFING                                                            
    Especially  useful in open-ground gunfights.  With a firearm  appointed, hold 
    down the L1 button to start running and shooting at the same time. Doing this 
    allows you to move with your gun cocked. 
    /\   CLIMB/HANG                                                              
    While facing a rail or something similar, press the  Action button (Triangle) 
    to leap over the edge and grab onto the rail. This action is called 
    "hanging". No, not the synonymous meaning of "lynching". This is where the 
    Grip gauge kicks in, if you were reading  about that earlier. Press the Cross 
    button to drop back down to the ground (only if it's not a long way down or 
    Snake will go SPLAT!). Press the Action button to climb back onto the 
    railing.  Snake can also climb over boxes  and any object that is about waist 
    /\   CORNER-VIEW MODE                                                  
    Lean Snake's back against the wall and side-step to the corner, then press L2 
    or R2 to stick his head out to look around. Press L2 to move left and R2 to 
    move right. You could also get a clear view of what's around the corner by 
    just standing  at the corner. The camera will adjust so that you could get an 
    idea of what's ahead (or behind).
    /\   JUMP-OUT SHOT                                                            
    With a gun equipped, implement the  Corner-View mode  technique and press the 
    corresponding L2/R2 button to jump-out.  Then press the Square button to fire 
    a shot at the unsuspecting guard. After the shot, Snake will spring back and 
    flatten against the wall to avoid confrontation with the guard, if he isn't 
    hugging the  floor yet. This is a real neat trick to use when you feel uneasy
    about sneaking up on the guy.
    /\   PUNCH/THROW/KNOCK                                                       
    Unarmed fighting.  Accost a guard  without alerting him  and press the Circle 
    button to punch, punch and finish him off with a roundhouse kick combo! 
    Tapping the button repeatedly will initiate the punch-jab-kick chain of 
    attacks. There won't be other variants. Also if you do this to a guard near a 
    rail, the finishing blow will send him flying  out to a pitiful (and painful) 
    Cautiously belly  up to a guard from  behind, nearly  touching him, and press 
    the Circle to flip the guard over. If you stick around and try to do it
    again, he may elude  your attempt to  embrace him and call for back-up, so be 
    careful when you do this. Sometimes doing this once can leave the guard 
    When you feel like a sly fox, Snake can knock on the wall  to make some noise 
    that will attract the guards. This is really just to lure the guards 
    elsewhere so Snake could move to  his destination.  But sometimes it could be 
    for stupid fun. Like the deal with the model's bikini area...
    /\   STRANGLE/HOLD HOSTAGE/DRAG BODY                                         
    Don't try this at home, kids. It's very unhealthy, especially for your family
    members. Creep behind a guard when he's not expecting it, and rapidly press 
    the Square button to start choking him. Do it a few times over and Snake will
    snap his neck. Ouchie. Keep in mind, though, that your character needs to 
    keep still to engage in a choking position. Otherwise, he will just do a chop 
    suey and flip him over.
    Once Snake has gotten an enemy in his grasp using the strangling method, hold 
    on to him and walk around. He'll drag the guard along with him. This
    technique enables Snake to hold his victim hostage. Any guards that come
    along will hesitate to shoot. Beware, if you stay in a single position for
    too long, the hostage  will eventually try to pry himself loose  by shaking 
    wildly to loosen your grip.  When this  happens, press  the Square  button to 
    discipline him into submission. Careful not to break his neck, though.
    /\   DRAG BODY/SHAKE BODY                                                   
    Mistakes happen.  If you overdo it on the strangling part, the guard will die
    a painful death and slump to the floor. Press the Square button to pick up 
    his body. Then start moving the Analog stick to lug him around.  You can drag 
    the body anywhere.  Stuff it in lockers, hide it behind boxes, dump it in the 
    water, etc.  Be creative! It doesn't have to be a rotting corpse.  As long as 
    the body is unconscious, you are able to take it in tow with no problems.
    While dragging bodies around can be fun, why not check if the guards have any 
    useful items on them?  It's basically the same control pattern as dragging a 
    body, but instead of hauling it around, pick it up and drop it. This "shakes" 
    the body into subconsciously relinquishing some items you may or may not 
    need. Do this a few times until an item box magically pops out of their 
    bodies. Some guards may not have any items while others can hold cargo loads.
    /\   FIRST-PERSON VIEW/STRAFING                                     
    Well, you need to get used to the fact that  you should use first-person mode 
    very often. It will help a LOT, especially in the Plant chapter. Press R1 and 
    hold it to log into first-person view. Actions like punching can be done 
    during FPV (First-Person View).  If you access FPV in  front of a high or low 
    object, press L2 or R2 to strafe left or right. Snake won't move out, but 
    he'll peer around the object. And if you press the L2 and R2 buttons 
    simultaneously, Snake will stand  on his tip-toes  and peer overhead. Release  
    the buttons to lie low and to avoid getting pelted by bullets. 
    This is effective during gunfights. You will find that you will be using this 
    ability a lot, especially in Extreme. If you ever have trouble aiming or 
    you're not quick enough to switch between targets, you can press L1 to
    automatically lock-on to your target. This is  especially useful in the fight
    against Olga.
    Hang from a rail and switch to FPV. Then press the L2 and R2 buttons together 
    to start doing pull-ups. If you keep this up and accustom Snake's muscles to 
    this kind of  tension, they will toughen up and allow a  longer  lasting Grip 
    /\   HOLD UP/THREATEN                                                  
    Snake claims he isn't a terrorist, but he sure as  hell can act like one with 
    this neat trick. Sneak up to an enemy from behind with a weapon equipped (or 
    jump in front of him) and quickly access FPV with the enemy at gunpoint. Do 
    all this without first alerting the guard, and he will raise his hands in 
    trepidation. Don't lower your gun or he'll draw his weapon and shoot. A radio 
    call for back-up will follow. Also, this doesn't work if he already has his 
    gun cocked. If you try this trick then, you will alert him instead. Going 
    into FPV isn't required. It can also be done  by holding the L1 button, which 
    auto-aims the closest enemy.
    While a guard  is being held up, start  moving  the gun's laser  point to the 
    "essential" areas (hehehe). He'll get so freaked, he'll piss in his pants and 
    surrender some items. Obtaining dog tags can be done this way. You won't be 
    able to ferret any items out of him if his back is facing you. Some guards 
    can be stubborn and play hero. Try to stick 'em up  with a more "destructive" 
    gun and aim it at various body parts.
    /\   THE LOCKER DEALY                                                          
    Ah, yes. That thing. You have heard all about it. You know, the renowned MGS2 
    locker-stuffing method--just in time for Thanksgiving too (This game came out 
    11/14/01 for those of you reading this months, or even years from now ^^)! Go 
    up to a locker and press the Action button to open it.  Some lockers reveal  
    ammunition for weapons or just  plain items (sometimes dead bodies and lovely 
    posters too). 
    Snake can squeeze himself in a locker to  bypass security. Step in  and Snake 
    will close the door. During Alert, Evasion or Caution mode, if you bang 
    Snake's head on the door by pressing the sensitive R1 too viciously, the loud 
    bang will alert the guards in the room. When a single guard cautiously 
    inspects the locker, open it before  he does. The door swings open and knocks 
    him down. Hahaha!
    To stuff a body in there, simply open  the locker door and haul it in.  Snake
    is handy like that. Keep in mind that once you've crammed a sleeping guard in 
    there, he will _not_ wake up no matter what. 
    Want more fun with the lockers?  Try punching  them and beating them up.  The 
    bolts on the sides will eventually break upon excessive abuse and fall on 
    Snake, striking him to the floor. Hilarious. If a locker door originally 
    cannot be opened, punching it causes  it to fall _into_ the locker (or out in 
    some cases). So you won't know what's inside either way! 
    By now, I'm sure you've all noticed  those  beautiful Japanese  models on the 
    posters. Snake likes them, too. That's for sure. This is for some adult fun: 
    Lock Snake in the locker and zoom into FPV. When the camera is smacked 
    against the  poster, you can hear a  smooching  sound! Yep, Snake went in for 
    the big smoocheroo. 
    /\   TAKING PICTURES                                                      
    The Tanker mission  specifically requires Snake to take pictures of a certain 
    object. The camera can be accessed in the Item inventory screen. Once you've 
    accessed it, Snake will not be able to move. It'll be in full FPV. Press the 
    Circle button to zoom in, and the Cross button to zoom out; square button to 
    snap the picture. The film strip holds 8 pictures.  Once you've filled in the 
    all the slots, you'll be forced to sacrifice the less important ones.
    A small arrow pointing up  appears right below the slides.  The slot  the tip  
    points to is the film the camera will use to take the next picture. If you've 
    already filled the  camera with  junk pics, you can  overwrite  them with new 
    ones. Just know which ones you need and which ones you don't.
    /\   BOMB DISARMAMENT                                                     
    I know, I know. You weren't trained to work under pressure at disarming bombs
    nor have you ever looked at all the intricate wires without fainting. That's 
    OK. You're not required to have those skills.  In the Plant, you team up with 
    an ally to  scrounge around the  Big Shell to find 12 neatly planted C4 bombs
    ready to blow the floating  facility sky high. Luckily, you only have to find 
    six, since your comrade will scour the remaining six. 
    Disarming the explosives isn't the scary stuff you see in movies--cutting the 
    red wire or anything like that. Your character is equipped with a Coolant 
    Spray to "freeze" the detonator and a special sensor used to detect  
    fragrances emitted by the C4s. When the sensor picks up the scent, it will be 
    shown as a blob of yellow. After getting an idea of where it is, start 
    ransacking the area in FPV. The bombs  are well hidden. You can  contact your 
    cohort for hints on where the bombs might be.
    When you locate an explosive, use the Coolant Spray to  extinguish the device 
    to postpone its detonation.
     ______                                                               ______
                                      | Items |
    Special agents need lots of  items to bypass security personnel and whatever.
    Take James Bond, for example. He comes equipped to the bone with all kinds of 
    neat-o gadgets to help him on his mission. In fact, YOU can get the chance to 
    play with those devices too in 007: Agent Under Fire! So what does that have 
    to do with the items in Metal Gear Solid 2? Absolutely nothing. I just wasted  
    about 10 seconds of your life. Aw, shucks. No need for thanks.
    / AP Sensor \
    \___________/  It's a sensor that detects life forms, as explained in the in-
                  game text. I still haven't found a real use for it. It does 
    react to nearby life forms. You could feel the rumble on the Dual Shock 
    controller, right?  That's the  AP Sensor at  work. Personally, I think it's 
    pretty useless since I rely much more on the Thermal Goggles and FPV. If 
    you like it and it works well with  your style of  gaming, then good for you!
    / Bandage \
    \_________/  A one-time use Bandage used to patch up  those nasty wounds. Use
                this when the life gauge turns a ghastly orange. That indicates 
    your character is bleeding. If you don't treat the wound, his health will 
    wane, leading to potential death. The droplets of blood leave behind a trail 
    of "I'm here, I'm here!" signs for the enemy. That will totally blow your 
    cover. Of course, a Bandage should only be used as a last resort. After using 
    a Bandage, the blood loss immediately stops at whatever life that still 
    remains--unlike  allowing your character to recuperate and clean up the wound 
    / B.D.U. \
    \________/  Short for Battle Dress Uniform.  The uniform  matches that of the 
               soldiers in the Shell One core, making this a perfect illusion for
    easy infiltration. However, the disguise does not work by itself.  An AKS-74u
    is required to complete the perfect incognito.  While both disguise items are 
    equipped, never do anything to attract  attention and never un-equip the AK. 
    You'll be drawing attention like bread mold to um, bread. Try not to run into 
    any guards either (as in shouldering them) because Raiden has the tendency to 
    remove his disguise when this happens. Don't know why that is, though.
    / Body Armor \
    \____________/  A heavy, strap-on bullet-proof vest that  can be worn  to cut 
                   down any sustained damage by half. This item is very rare, so 
    it's advised that it is only to be used in (very) dangerous situations. The 
    bearer will be protected to a certain extent. Gradual deterioration results 
    from excessive damage, which causes the  Body Armor to become rather useless, 
    then. Equip it on the item menu to put it to good use.
    / Book \
    \______/  Instead of listing it as a "XXX Magazine", Hideo wanted the game to 
             be clean (well, sort of) and called it a Book. Books are dirty 
    magazines filled with erotic pictures of hot ladies. They can fulfill the 
    fantasies of any men, including the  guards in the game.  Not much as a throw
    weapon. Rather, press the Square button to open the 'zine to a random page 
    and set it down on the floor.  You won't be able to pick it back up once it's 
    been lain on the ground.  
    Any passing  sentries  who spot the alluring book  will come to "inspect" it. 
    After awhile, his cone will disappear as he browses through it and gets 
    aroused. The purpose of the book is to act as bait to divert a guard's
    attention away from his duty. Their reactions  are hilarious. Remember not to 
    drink milk when attempting this. 
    / Camera \
    \________/  A handheld surveillance device that captures whatever you want on
               film. It can hold up to 8 different photos. Any photos taken after 
    the capacity is reached will overlap the old ones. The next photo that will 
    be overwritten is  characterized by a  small arrow below the film. The camera 
    can also be used as a binocular if you find yourself  to be short of a Scope.
    / Cardboard Box \
    \_______________/  An ordinary  cardboard box your  character can use to hide 
                      under. The character can move around with it. There is a 
    special peek-hole you can use in FPV to see what's going on "outside". You'll 
    be able to find about five different variants, all with different designs. In 
    order to successfully deceive the enemy, you must use the same type of box 
    that blends in with the  rest of the boxes  in the background. That means you 
    can't use the cardboard container  just anywhere. Say, for example, you have 
    the (California's fresh) Oranges box: never use it among the "ZOE" labeled 
    boxes. Otherwise, any guard that spots the  inconsistency will become curious 
    and attempt to see what's inside. As he is about to tip the parcel over, 
    repeatedly tap Square button to end up in a choking position.
    / Cell Phone \  
    \____________/  A mobile  phone that was given  to  Raiden by  the mysterious
                   cyborg ninja who called  himself Mr. X.  The Cell Phone has no
    significant use in the game. The cyborg ninja would sometimes contact Raiden 
    through it to give him hints on how to exterminate sea lice infestations and 
    extinguish fires. The Cell Phone would emit a small jingle, indicating that 
    someone is trying to contact you. In the game, only Mr. X uses the Cell Phone 
    as an alternate way to get a hold of you. With this revolutionized mobile 
    phone, you receive only  text messages displayed  on the screen and you don't 
    hear anything but a small beep, followed by a rumble. 
    / Cigarettes \
    \____________/  Snake's lucky charm.  When bad moments roll around, feel free 
                   to give him a puff or two to soothe and "purify" his soul. 
    While he puffs on the cig, Snake starts to jeopardize his health. At some 
    point, his life gauge  will stop  depleting. When that happens, smoking won't 
    budge his health unless you restore some of it. Also, if you let Snake give 
    it a puff or two, it will act in the place of a Pentazemin to steady his 
    aiming. Cigarettes can also be used to make the infrared sensors visible. 
    Raiden also obtains these later, even though he hasn't established himself as 
    a smoker (yet). 
    / Directional Microphone \
    \________________________/  A special, compact  amplification  system  in the 
                               shape of a gun. Having powerful mics installed on 
    the front tips of the device, the Directional Microphone amplifies sound by 
    over 100x. Powerful enough to hear a person's heart beat at least. And that's 
    exactly what you use it for. It also allows you to overhear conversations 
    from afar, but it covers a  limited distance. When the subtext  on the screen 
    starts to shrink, move the mic around until the words dilate.  It is found in 
    the computer room of Shell One, right under the squawking parrot. 
    / Dog Tags \
    \__________/  Dog Tags are military ID tags hung  from a  small chain that is 
                 worn around the neck. You could get one in real-life by going to 
    army stores--10-20 bucks each. Anyway, Dog Tags play a pretty significant 
    role in the game. They are key to unlocking secrets in the game. Dog tags can 
    be obtained through holding up guards and coercing them to surrender it, or 
    shaking them down. Not everyone has one, though. If you want to check, you 
    could focus the Thermal Goggles on their neck areas or use the Digital Camera 
    on guards you're unsure about. For more details, read the Dog tag section.  
    / Lv PAN Card \
    \_____________/  Throughout the Plant  Chapter, you will be  given five level 
                    security cards by supporting characters. Each Lv Card allows 
    access to doors marked with the corresponding  number to the card. Lv.1 being 
    the lowest and Lv.5 being the highest. As you collect the Lv Cards, Raiden 
    will have access to more weapons and items. It also enables him to move
    freely from Strut to Strut, Shell to  Shell. Certain doors solicit high-level 
    / Medicine \
    \__________/  A vaccine that  counteracts flu  symptoms when  administered to
                 the patient. In Normal mode, your inventory can only hold one of 
    these. They don't come in abundance, anyway. The effects of the Medicine will
    be negated if your character has been exposed  to cold for an extended period 
    of time.
    / Mine Detector \
    \_______________/  As the name implies, it's a  special  device  that  can be 
                      used to  detect small landmines  called Claymores and bring 
    them up on the radar as yellow dots.
    / MO Disk \
    \_________/  A virus modeled  after the FOXDIE virus  program.  This disk was 
                written by  the child genius, Emma. The virus was intended to
    invade the Arsenal AI system.  Only Emma knows how to use it. With it in your 
    hands, it's practically useless.
    / Night Vision Goggles \
    \______________________/  Found in the flooded corridors at the bottom of the
                             Shell 2 core. Used to radiate an eerie glow in the 
    surrounding area, allowing the wearer to see naturally in the pitch black 
    darkness.  There's no real significant use for it in the game, but  it almost 
    completes the MGS2 item collection.
    / Pentazemin \
    \____________/  A benzodiazepine  with  CNS  depressant.  This  is a  form of 
                   Diazepam (Valium) which basically acts as a depressant. Though 
    one must be careful when taking any form of Diazepam (Valium) because of its 
    known list of side effects, since this being a BZ is much  more powerful than 
    Diazepam (Valium).  Also prescribed as an anti-anxiety. Interestingly enough, 
    if you understood a word that was said here, kudos. It basically helps steady 
    your character's aiming. A must-have for effective use with the PSG rifles.
    / Ration \
    \________/  A standard military meal on the go. Although it doesn't taste all  
               that yummy, it does do you the favor of recovering your 
    character's health. If he has this equipped, it'll automatically be used when 
    his life drops to  zero. Of course, you need  to have some handy, or it won't 
    / Scope \
    \_______/  Travel-friendly binoculars used to balance spying deeds at a long- 
              range. Press the Circle button to zoom in and the Cross button to
    zoom out. There's a limit to the power of the lens. This is best used to fish 
    for a target or a Semtex control unit.
    / Sensor A \
    \__________/  Also known as  the Ion Mobility  Spectrometer, which  basically 
                 tracks down the scent spectrum Fatman leaves on C4 bombs as a 
    swirling yellow-green odor on the radar.  This will be an  indispensable item 
    once the bomb threat on the Big Shell presents itself, as Raiden will have a 
    difficult time finding the bombs in each strut without it. But after the bomb 
    threat passes, it pretty much becomes a paddle for a game of ping-pong.
    / Sensor B \
    \__________/  Named and designed by the renowned bomb expert, Peter Stillman.
                 Sensor B replaces the outdated Sensor A and has one property 
    Sensor A doesn't have. Sensor B can find specially designed Semtex explosives 
    that have the ability to hide from Sensor A. This was the back-up plan he was 
    talking about, I guess. Stillman prepared  this sensor to sniff out the rough 
    locations of odorless bombs.
    / Shaver \
    \________/  An electronic razor that is mysteriously found lying around in an
               offshore facility sea research dock. The item is a bonus item that
    augments one more sentence to a scene. Specifically, the one when Raiden and 
    Pliskin first meet. When the two exchange items, Raiden will hand this to 
    Snake as a token of his appreciation for his gifts. Later on, Pliskin's 
    appearance will change.  He will be more  clean-shaven.  So he does take your 
    advice seriously.
    / Thermal Goggles \
    \_________________/  Thermal  Goggles  have  infrared  waves  circulating the 
                        specs. So when you strap it on to your character, the 
    player sees everything as a red, solid blur. But you are able to see objects 
    in the dark, or hidden objects.  You can scope out Dog Tags  with these. You 
    can also use the Thermal Goggles to see invisible infrared sensors.
     ______                                                               ______
                                     | Weapons |
    Snake is very capable of accomplishing his missions unarmed, but a  game is a 
    game. And a game has weapons. Besides, what _is_ a tactical espionage action-
    based game without a few gut-splattering weapons.
    These weapon descriptions weren't written by a gun specialist, so if anything 
    sounds ridiculously stupid, blame the lack of weapon knowledge. Just keep in 
    mind that these were observed from a mere mortal's standpoint. Not some 
    military "otaku". I won't delve into the history and all that junk, or
    explain the intricacies of it. I suggest reading Wavehawk's Real Weapons FAQ.
    / M9 \
    \____/  A handgun that  was compressed  from a Beretta  M92F assault gun.  It
           uses anesthetic bullets equipped with tranquilizers powerful enough 
    to put an elephant to sleep. It's already fully equipped with a laser sight 
    and silencer. The M9's gunshot isn't audible, but if the bullet hits another 
    object, a slight noise will emanate from the percussion. How quickly the 
    tranquilizers work depends on where you hit the sentry. For example, if it 
    hits a guard's foot, it will take much longer for the sedatives to travel 
    through his body than a direct shot to the head or crotch. Keep in mind that 
    the M9 does _not_ kill.
    / USP \
    \_____/  The second handgun Snake can find  during the  Tanker mission. While 
            the USP comes equipped with a laser sight, it does not have a 
    silencer. So whatever shots ring out, they will be heard clearly by nearby 
    sentries. This gun tends to attract guards, so don't use it unless you feel 
    it's safe enough to.  It is exceptionally powerful and capable of killing.  A
    similar gun like this can be found later, but this handgun is  available only 
    in the Tanker chapter. If you are feeling particularly evil, stun an enemy 
    soldier, then  switch to the USP and fire  at his head.  Then gleefully watch 
    the blood flow out, you serial killer.
    / Socom \
    \_______/  A heavy handgun utilized for  giving the drop on unwanted  or just 
              plain annoying guards. It's essentially an older model of the USP. 
    You can actually find the suppressor to stifle the gunshot. When you do, this 
    becomes a deadly weapon. It also has a neat little aiming trick that does no 
    wrong. It's so insanely accurate, you could shoot _anything_ from afar if you 
    do it right. First, notice the front and rear sights at the edge of the gun. 
    Put any object between them and in the gap; fire and you will strike the 
    target without fail. Other than that, shoot guards in the kneecaps to 
    incapacitate them  and destroy nosy  cameras from  peeking--the Socom does it 
    / AKS-74u \
    \_________/  A favorite among the Soviet private army.  An assault rifle that
                is used virtually everywhere.  If you ever find your character in 
    a jam, you can count on having to stand up against rapid-firing assault 
    rifles such as these. The AK is the second item you will need to complete 
    Raiden's disguise as an enemy personnel. Without it, the disguise will not 
    work. A suppressor can be found for this weapon to tone the gunfire down to a 
    minimum. It isn't as effective as the M4 against Cyphers, but it works. Press 
    the Square button lightly to raise the gun, then apply more pressure to 
    release a hail of bullets upon a target.
    / M4 Automatic \
    \______________/  A versatile automatic, the M4  proves to  shell out heavier 
                     firepower than the AKS-74u. It can pump out up to 30 bullets 
    using one magazine, but the time Raiden  uses to reload leaves him vulnerable
    to baneful assaults. But you can always cripple special forces by shooting 
    them in the legs to halt their pursuit temporarily. The M4 takes out Cyphers 
    more efficiently than the AK, but extra ammo for the M4 is not as abound. The 
    M4 is also equipped with a laser sight, but it's completely useless under the 
    daylight. When you cock the gun, press L1 so that you automatically lock onto 
    the nearest target, then press the Square button hard to fire.
    / PSG-1 \  
    \_______/  Ever played Silent Scope?  Yeah, it's kinda like that, except the 
              hefty weapon won't be held as steadily. Its main fault is its   
    weight, making it rather unwieldy. It proves to be too cumbersome for Raiden 
    to handle--he tends to shake a lot, so it's impossible to get a clear shot.
    To counteract this, pop a Pentazemin. That'll calm his nerves and stabilize 
    the weapon immensely. When Raiden equips the PSG-1, your perspective will be 
    of his, looking through the scope. Place the object  that is to be sniped in 
    the center cross-hairs and fire. Booya! 
    / PSG-1T \
    \________/  A sniper tranquilizer gun designed directly from a standard PSG-1
               sniper rifle. The only difference between the two is that the PSG-
    1T fires tranquilizer bullets, which do not kill.
    / Stinger \
    \_________/  The ravaging  missile  launcher!  Dun dun dun!  Too bad  Raiden 
                obtains it late in the game. Pliskin drops this as compensation 
    for Raiden's taking his place in a battle against Solidus Snake, while he 
    "backs him up" from a chopper. An insanely powerful weapon (probably the most 
    destructive in the game) with only one intent: mass destruction. The Stinger 
    comes equipped with a built-in weak spot detector. Just aim the sucka at a 
    target, and it will identify its most vulnerable spots. The target's weak 
    spots are indicated by highlighted red boxes. When you fire a Stinger, it 
    will home in on its target. Or you can press L1 to manually fire at Achilles' 
    / RGB6 \
    \______/  This portable hip  grenade launcher  fires  mortar  shells at enemy 
             targets in an arc trajectory. The recoil from each shot makes Raiden 
    pause between each grenade. And because of its prodigious size and weight,
    Raiden must be firmly planted in one place to shoot. When equipped, he must 
    launch the grenade shrapnel from a first person perspective. The impact of
    the shrapnel is explosive and can mortally wound the surrounding targets.  
    Press the L1 button to auto-adjust the gun to  counterbalance  the flying arc 
    and press Square to fire a grenade.
    / Nikita \
    \________/  A remote guided  missile  launcher, the  Nikita fires  cute, baby 
               missiles that are propelled by fuel. Once a baby missile is 
    deployed, you will shift views and pilot it through twists and turns or where 
    ever necessary. Crashing into any obstructions will detonate it. Running out 
    of fuel will also detonate it. Don't underestimate  its size 'cause it really  
    packs a wallop of an explosion. The Nikita is crucial in saving the 
    / High Frequency Blade \
    \______________________/  An awesome metallic alloy blade  given to Raiden as 
                             a gift from the ninja. Although you get it late in 
    the game, you'll still have a lot of chances to put it to practical use. 
    Getting used to the blade is the tricky part. The movement of the blade is 
    controlled by the Right Analog Stick.  Press up for an upward slash, down for 
    a downward slash, then left and right for side slashes. Rotate the stick for 
    a full revolving swing that takes a few seconds to "recover" from.  Press the 
    Right Analog Stick and Raiden will thrust forward. The Square button sets the 
    blade direction, which separates slaughtering from knocking people 
    unconscious. The blue sword icon signifies a reverse-blade which won't kill a 
    person.  The red sword icon represents the sharp edge of the blade.  Finally, 
    press L1 to raise the blade and defend to deflect a few bullets.
    / Coolant Spray \
    \_______________/  A portable  pump  that squirts a  chemical  substance into 
                      the air. Once the special substance disperses into the air, 
    it becomes a kind of gel that adheres to an object and freezes it. It was 
    given to Raiden by Stillman. The purpose of this spray is to freeze the C4 
    bombs planted throughout the struts on Shell One. When Raiden uses this item, 
    he immediately goes into FPV, which means you cannot move with the Coolant 
    Spray equipped. 
    Press the Square button lightly to get ready, and then harder, to spatter the 
    object with a coat of frost. Other than its crucial role as the bomb 
    "extinguisher", it can also be used to quench fires, scatter bugs, and 
    "smokescreen" an enemy sentry. Spray the guard in the face to induce coughing 
    and gagging, but strangely enough, it won't be enough to render the guard 
    unconscious! Be careful though. While the container has infinite expenditure, 
    the spray does not last very long in one full use. Get what I mean?
    / Stun Grenade \ 
    \______________/  The stun grenade  creates a sudden bright light  capable of 
                     momentarily incapacitating any targets standing over the 
    grenade, or in range of the explosion. The grenade detonates within 5 seconds 
    of its disengagement. Equip it and press the Square button to throw it. Hold 
    the button, aim and release. If it is  unsuccessful, it'll  immediately alert 
    all guards in the field. 
    / Chaff Grenade \
    \_______________/  A Chaff Grenade is an electronic jamming device. When used
                      in a certain area, particles of foil disperse into the air 
    and jam all communications and electronic devices for a short while. A green 
    gauge will temporarily replace the radar showing the remaining time of its 
    effectiveness. Using a Chaff Grenade renders mechanical devices  like Cyphers 
    / Grenades \
    \__________/  The standard, pocket-sized military throw explosive.  Press the 
                 Square button to throw the grenade. It must be out of your reach 
    within 5 seconds or it'll devour the character's hands, and probably the arm 
    as well. Ok, not really, but I can guarantee it'll hurt. Any guards standing 
    in the range of its blast will instantly be killed, or otherwise be heavily 
    damaged. This is best used in small corridors flooded with pursuing sentries.
    / C4 Semtex \
    \___________/  Sets of Semtex explosives wired to burst when Raiden sets them
                  by pressing Square. Once the complex bombs are set, stand back. 
    The Circle button is the detonator. Press it when your heart desires. 
    / Claymore \
    \__________/  A landmine with built-in  directional  sensors that can  detect 
                 moving objects in their forward-facing cone.  When the object or 
    person falls into that cone, it'll explode.  Claymore mines can be exposed on
    the radar screen by using the Mine Detector. They show up as yellow dots with 
    given forward vision fields.
    / Magazine \
    \__________/  Magazines are empty bullet clips for handguns.  When there's no 
                 more use for it in a gun, it can be used as a throw weapon. If 
    you ask me, it's pretty ineffective, but it's great to divert a guard's 
    attention elsewhere. For fun, you can lay one on the floor and start shooting
    it to see some interesting physics.
     ______                                                               ______
                               | Infiltration Logic |
    Running into consecutive battles repeatedly defeats  the whole purpose of the 
    game--to infiltrate enemy grounds undetected. Infiltrate, by definition, 
    means to enter gradually and without being noticed. Bravo. It's not the 
    easiest thing to do, especially on Hard. I applaud all those who can overcome 
    Hard or Extreme mode without throwing your PS2 out the window.
    I've made this section to help remind you  of the common logic that goes with 
    penetrating enemy  lines...stealthily.  Anymore Infiltration  Logic  tips are 
    / DUAL SHOCK 2  /***/       /
    The Dual Shock2 Controller isn't just any old controller. It has unbelievable 
    sensitivity in its buttons.  It detects how much force you apply to each 
    button.  MGS2 is  the only game I know of that puts this function to work. So 
    what does this have to do with infiltration!?  Well, at some point, you'll 
    accidentally hold something (be it an object or whatever) at gunpoint for no 
    logical reason. Then you'll start to think that there's no way you could take 
    it back, and proceed to release the shoot button, expending one bullet. Wait! 
    Snake _is_ able to lower the gun again without firing. Just _slowly_ release 
    the button. One bullet isn't much, but it might alarm a nearby guard, if any. 
    / PATROL ROUTES  /***/       /
    Each guard strictly follows a set patrol route. He will never ever breach the 
    borders of the route unless you do anything to make him curious enough to 
    investigate further. It's always wise to study his "route" pattern before 
    rushing in to fell him. Also remember that each soldier has a fixed sight and 
    hearing range.  If Snake happens to step within that range, the enemy soldier 
    will be alerted and call for back-up.
    / HIDING  /***/       /
    Have a thorough idea of your surroundings, and if you pass by any good hiding 
    places, keep those in mind for future reference. The enemy AI has increased 
    quite a bit, so hiding behind  a door or something overt will get you caught!
    Dark places and  lockers are nice, but don't  let them  catch you  going into 
    hiding or they'll know exactly where you are! 
    Another type of hiding is in boxes. Use the right type. For example if you're 
    inside a room where it's dry, you don't want to use a wet box. If you use the 
    wrong type of box, a guard will flip it over and attack you. Same  holds true 
    for the  same group  of boxes. Orange  with the  Oranges. ZOE  with the ZOEs.
    / DRYING OFF QUICKLY  /***/       /
    After Snake takes refuge from the pouring rain, press the X button repeatedly
    to shake off the water and dry up faster. This leaves a small puddle at your 
    current position, but  after a while, Snake will no  longer leave remnants of 
    his presence.  If a guard does find footprints, he'll get  curious and follow 
    them.  A blood trail also works in the same way. Tend the wound before moving 
    to any areas of tight security. 
    / ENEMY QUANTITIES  /***/       /
    Unlike most games, where once you leave an area and then  return, the enemies
    will have re-spawned. Metal Gear Solid 2 doesn't exhibit cheap detail like 
    that. Enemy sentries will not return  if you've properly disposed of the body 
    (ie- killing). That's true unless you've reached a certain event. Sleeping 
    sentinels will remain slumbering, executed  ones will remain dead, and so on.
    However, sleeping beasts will eventually wake up from their concussion or nap 
    after the circling stars or the Z's disappear. In short, the supply of 
    manpower is limited.  The enemy  does not have an endless storehouse of enemy  
    sentries to keep filling in the spots of missing guards.
    / TIPS FROM TOKXX79  /***/       /
    Grabbing alerted guards:  If you try to grab an alerted guard with the Square 
    button, he will most likely duck under your arms and then kick you on the 
    floor and raise the alarm.  Instead, jab him first with the O button, and you 
    can grab and strangle away to your hearts content. 
    Escaping from a gunfight:  If for  any reason (like lack  of ammo or Rations) 
    you have to escape a gunfight, and you have a long way to run, equip a 
    cardboard box.  Not only will it reduce the enemies aim, but also when you do 
    get hit, you'll keep running instead of losing valuable seconds in the "shot" 
    animation. Also, when in the box your bulk size is increased and stunning the 
    guards by running through (or past) them  becomes easier.  Finally, if you 
    equip the box in a gunfight, the sheer spectacle of this will confuse the 
    guards, and they  cannot  kick you so well  and will  hesitate to  shoot too. 
    Avoid leaving  footprints:  When you're in a  situation when you  are wet and 
    need to move quickly and avoid footprints, just roll literally everywhere 
    using the X button and you won't leave any. 
    Dodging bullets: While in First Person view mode (FPV) and in a gunfight, tap 
    R2 and L2 quickly and alternately, to strafe and avoid bullets (watch them 
    shoot past you Matrix-style) this method is not 100% accurate since enemy 
    fire sprays bullets randomly in your direction.  But I found it to be very 
    useful in the first boss battle. 
    Re-using empty magazines:  You can't pick up your thrown empty magazines, but 
    you can shoot them with your silenced weapon to flip them to make a noise. 
    Tips and trivia submitted by Tokxx79.
    |¯¯¯¯| 0000111.92899 |¯¯¯¯|-|¯¯¯¯|-|¯¯¯¯|-|¯¯¯¯| 0886660000113 |¯¯¯¯|-|¯¯¯¯| 
     ¯¯¯¯                 ¯¯¯¯   ¯¯¯¯   ¯¯¯¯   ¯¯¯¯                 ¯¯¯¯   ¯¯¯¯   
                          /// Chapter 2: Game Walkthrough ///
    |   LOADING...  | 00000000111999666 |¯¯¯¯|-|¯¯¯¯|-|¯¯¯¯| 983300111666 |¯¯¯¯|
     ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯                     ¯¯¯¯   ¯¯¯¯   ¯¯¯¯                ¯¯¯¯
    This  walkthrough covers  Normal  mode. The walkthrough  strives to  help you 
    through the game, not beat it for you. Bear in mind that this walkthrough was 
    written under the assumption that this is your first time through the game, 
    and you're not aiming to score a  no-kill-collect-all-dog-tags completion. In 
    response to your higher infiltration skills and modes of play, I have 
    accommodated a small section that lists a few differences between the 
    difficulties. I urge you to correct me if you find any wildly inaccurate 
    information like, "Strut up to the guy in loin cloths and bash him with your 
    purse."  Please tell me if you find any errors. 
    Metal Gear Solid 2 unravels the anticipation and begins  on a stormy night on 
    the George Washington Bridge. With the credits appearing on and off the 
    screen, the player notices  the brilliant  light effects of the speeding cars 
    and the gloomy weather.
    Soon, the player is  introduced to a dark  figure cloaked  in a raincoat.  He
    continues to elegantly stroll down the side of the bridge. An aura of 
    confidence and coolness surrounds the man. As he inhales one last puff of his
    cigarette, he flicks it aside, into the roaring streets.  Slowly, the man
    starts to pick up  his pace.  Jogging.  Then he suddenly dashes, throwing off 
    his sodden confinements and becomes a transparent matter of nothingness. 
    Faster and faster he goes.  With one quick gasp of air, he leaps off the side 
    of the bridge  with prodigious grace and deftness.
    Is he committing suicide?  No. The player can see a loose outline of a bungee 
    elastic uncoil as the man dives further into the waters below. After the 
    resilient display, the figure unclips the support of the elastic and lands on 
    the deck of a Marine tanker. 
    The shock of the impact was more than the device could withstand.  It falters
    and sends an electric discharge through the man's body, then quits. The man 
    slowly gets up from his initial landing position and peers into the rainy sky 
    for a first mission objective completed. Welcome to Metal Gear Solid 2, Solid 
                                    | Part One |
     ______                                                               ______
    |__  __|                          TANKER                             |__  __|
    The following sequences are rather long. This bit was where the demo started.  
    Anyone who's played it will have no trouble navigating the ship's routes, but 
    there are a few changes you'll immediately recognize. Although the cinemas 
    are the same, it's better that you go through them again since some of the 
    dialogue has been changed just slightly. In this mission, Otacon acts as your 
    intelligence advisor, so always listen to his calls. With that said and done, 
    let's rock.
    --- AFTER DECK -----------------------------------------------
    You gain control of Snake for  the  first time on the after deck of the ship.
    Put aside some time to get acquainted with the controls.  There is a total of 
    three enemy soldiers patrolling this area of the deck. Two of them can be 
    found on the upper levels; the third one secures the port side (left) on the 
    ground level. Go to the very end of the lifeboats on the starboard side to 
    find a [PENTAZEMIN]. There is also a [CHAFF GRENADE] behind the container on 
    the small platform. 
    Now, your temporary  objective here is to find a way into the interior of the 
    ship. There are many entryways into the ship, and they all  drop Snake off at 
    different sectors of the ship. It's better that you listen to my advice so 
    that you don't miss out on anything.
    On the port side of the after deck is a lone guard making his rounds near the 
    vault door Otacon showed you in the opening cinematic, if you even cared to 
    watch. A revolving [BANDAGE] rests under the short set of stairs. Do what you 
    will with the guard.  I won't be telling you how to  take care of guards from 
    now on unless I feel that they are worth mentioning.
    Dump the body overboard!  Drag an unconscious body to the  lifeboats sections 
    of the after deck. Look for a squared-in white line and the emergency gate. 
    Haul the body towards that.  Snake will open the gate and toss the guard into  
    the raging waves. A quick way of disposing bodies without worrying about 
    their waking up.
    There's also a [RATION] behind the inflatable rafts.  As Snake approaches the
    water-tight door, a Call alert appears on the screen. Press SELECT to receive 
    the call. Open this door by tapping the Triangle button to move on to the 
    next area featured in this guide. 
    --- DECK-A CREW'S QUARTERS --------------------------------
    A single guard patrols the corridor on the far right.  The locker room can be 
    accessed through the two sliding doors. Search the lockers for a [RATION] and 
    some [M9 BULLETS].
    In the locker  room of the first  level (the ship), open  the upper left most 
    locker door to unveil a pin-up poster of a lovely Japanese model. Lean 
    against it and tap it's bikini area.  It defies all  laws of logic and alerts 
    the guards outright! This actually works for both posters.  Also, if you poke 
    her titties (There, I said it!), they make an interesting "boing" sound.  You 
    must equip Snake with the M9 first.
    Open the locker that reveals the model in red lingerie. Keep it open. Ok, now 
    alert the guards and quickly hide in another locker. The guards come in and 
    do their usual routine to search for you. However, when the first soldier 
    notices the Japanese model, he'll stare at it and get excited! The second 
    soldier will follow suit. After that, they completely forget about you and 
    look elsewhere. This can also be done with the other poster.
    Thanks to submissions by Pigeon and Cliff Harpole
    Open the locker door revealing the lady in the  black bikini.  Belly up to it 
    and stare at it in FPV. The camera should start to move slowly up and down.
    Call Otacon on the Codec and watch Snake's face.  Try not to soil your pants.
    [LUSCIOUS MODELS: COINCIDENCE OR NOT]  Submitted by Rbbsbstunt
    One thing about the models: It seems to me Hideo is pushing the AO rating a 
    little bit with those lockers. If you punch the lockers, models fall 
    face up. How coincidental full-length pictures of bikini-clad models and a 
    character who has the ability to lie on his stomach. Like I said, maybe 
    because I am just twisted.
    The lone guard carries another dog tag, which you can easily coax from him. 
    Afterward, head along down the corridor, and we're done with this area.
    --- DECK-A CREW'S LOUNGE, STARBOARD ---------------------------
    Two guards keep watch in the lounge area.  A third one is sleeping on his job 
    on the other side. There are two ways to go about bypassing them. You could 
    either skip entering the lounge and go straight into the engine room, or just 
    take 'em out. Either way works  fine. However, going through  the engine room 
    wastes time, as you'll be visiting it later on.
    Anyway, a [STUN GRENADE] lies at the bottom of the stairs across  from Snake.
    The sliding door next to it is the entrance to the engine room. In the lounge 
    area, some [M9 BULLETS] are behind the bar counter, and a [RATION] idles in 
    the left corner. At the opposite end is another staircase leading down to 
    another part of the engine room. But a fly-infested Russian soldier is
    "keeping watch" of the area. If you start to attract the flies, run as far 
    away as possible because having a swarm of buzzing insects clinging onto 
    Snake isn't the best way to sport his trademark gear.
    Also, if you've decided not to go through  the engine room since you'll scale 
    it later, the guard will be at the bottom of the stairs, as explained above. 
    However, if you do filter through the engine room, the inept soldier will be  
    leaning on the rail at  the top of the stairs, dozing  off as usual, when you 
    arrive in the room.
    Afterwards, go up the central stairs in the main lounge room and head right 
    to the next destination: Deck-B, Crew's Quarters.
    --- DECK-B, CREW'S QUARTERS, STARBOARD ------------------------
    Two guards are on duty in this area. One south of your position; another just 
    north of the entrance drop-off point. Both can be easily threatened for their 
    dog tags. After reaping the Dog Tags and stunning them, head up the stairs in 
    the left cargo hold to Deck-C.
    --- DECK-C, CREW'S QUARTERS, PORT -----------------------------
    Immediately after entering, Snake peeks around the corner and notices a small
    surveillance camera on the inside wall. Looking at your radar, you may notice 
    that the camera's vision range stretches only but a few feet from left to 
    right. Hug the wall and start side-stepping to the other opening, walking 
    under it. Pick up the [CHAFF GRENADE] from the locker and take the stairs up.
    --- DECK-D, CREW'S QUARTERS -----------------------------------
    Just  as Snake  finishes  climbing the stairs, a  passing soldier from behind
    enters the mess hall to the left. Ignore the cafeteria for now. Find the 
    pantry in the back and go in  to forage for some food.  Food, you won't find, 
    but [M9 BULLETS] and a [CARDBOARD BOX] are its substitutes.  As Snake goes to
    the back of the  pantry, a groggy  guard retreats  into the room for a little 
    shut-eye.  Don't panic.  He doesn't have the brains to survey the back of the 
    room before snoozing.
    You have no choice but to shoot his ass.  If you try to hold him up with your 
    measly M9, he won't even blink an eye. He'll even goad you to shoot him. He's 
    not scared of some sleep; he needs it anyway.  You can threaten him only with 
    an USP, which can be obtained later. Come back when you have it, but for now, 
    put the stubborn bastard to sleep.
    Notice all the C4 charges  bunched together? It seems this part is guarded by
    invisible infrared sensors wired directly to the C4s. They can easily be
    traversed by crawling under them. Scratch that plan because a guard is 
    patrolling the rear hallway. There are two ways to go about doing this: 1) 
    Sedating the lone guard and then crawling under the sensors, 2) Heading into 
    the mess hall and following my advice. If you haven't taken out the guard 
    that went into the mess hall earlier, do it now. He's a dog tag bearer. 
    Actually, it would be easier if you re-enter the area and follow him into the 
    mess hall.
    The moment Snake steps in, a camera is pointed out to you.  Don't worry about 
    it, though, since it only monitors the right bottom half of the room. There's 
    a [RATION] sizzling behind the counter and a couple of content Marine staff 
    are enjoying their evening meals on the table, as well. Exit the other door 
    by flattening against the wall and slowly crossing over to the sliding door. 
    Beware of the soldier on the other side of the door. When his back is facing 
    you, move out and hold him up for an additional dog tag.
    --- DECK-E, THE BRIDGE --------------------------------------
    A scene  occurs upon  entering the bridge.  It not only  features a grotesque 
    display of the entire crew, but it also shows Snake finding the coordinates 
    of the ship's destination. A deduction about the Metal Gear carried onboard 
    is made by Otacon. He deduces that this Metal Gear prototype is ready for 
    testing.  That explains why  the ship's course  is far off any civilizations.
    The new model can be deployed without Naval assistance.  The rest of Otacon's 
    thoughts get cut off by a noise that emanates from outside.
    Snake focuses his eyes and peers  out the  captain's  viewing cabin.  And who 
    just happens to be walking around in the rain?  Why, our Russian manly lady, 
    of course! When you regain  control  of the tobacco-crazy  hero, pop open the 
    door on the bottom left to head out.
    --- NAVIGATIONAL DECK, WING ---------------------------------
    Witness  the  awesome, ensuing  cutscenes.  It's a woman!  It's  a woman with 
    unshaven armpits! Zesty. Looks like she has had some military training.  Very 
    impressive action sequences  here. Your first boss battle commences. See Boss 
    Guide for details.
    After hitting Olga with one more tranquilizer, she finally starts to feel its
    profound effects and slumps to the floor. She ain't kidding that she belongs 
    on the battlefield! Snake takes her gun, the [USP], 'cause he just feels like
    stealing from an unconscious woman.
    Once you're in control again, shake the  drowsy Olga for her dog tag and some
    [M9 BULLETS].  A [RATION] makes an effort to hide in the little niche between 
    the stacked cargo boxes.  If you need the first round of  USP ammo, there's a 
    box of them in the bridge.
    [USELESS TRIVIA]  Submitted by Rbbsbstunt
    After the Olga battle, take out your M9 and shoot her crotch to receive a 
    call from Otacon and to hear a lecture.
    Loop around the building  to the other side.  A guard  pops the  door open to 
    investigate the area. Ascend the stairs and climb the ladder. At the very 
    top, collect the [THERMAL GOGGLES]. By the time you start heading back down, 
    the guard from earlier will be  circling the pole on the deck.  Continue down 
    and step off into the crow's nest at the bottom.
    Get yourself cozy.  Then point and aim the M9 down through the opening.  Wait 
    for the guard to pass under it and tranquilize him. If you're collecting dog 
    tags, climb down the ladder as soon as he starts to make another round.  Then 
    follow up from behind and jump at the chance to hold him up. After he's out 
    cold, go to the right and pick up the [WET BOX] for perfectionism. Ok, folks, 
    the Wet Box will NOT work indoors. It's only common sense.  If a guard
    sees it, curiosity will get the best of him--he'll  lift up the box for close 
    [USP FUN]
    Hey, you've gotten a weapon that can  KILL!  Why not test  it on a few guinea 
    pigs? The one you've just put to sleep is perfect. With the USP equipped, aim 
    the laser at his head and release the stress on him. Blood gushes out of his 
    head, or whichever part you wounded. Blood will splatter all over the place, 
    unless you have turned the Blood off in the options mode. If you are in the
    rain, the water will wash away the blood over time. When you decide to do 
    this  devilish deed  elsewhere, make sure  you've  secluded  yourself and the 
    jinxed victim in an area where the USP's gunshot won't be heard.
    Head back to the  bridge and  backtrack to the  crew's lounge, where the next 
    step in your mission lies. But first, the areas you've previously 
    infiltrated, and now, have to re-infiltrate, have undergone a few changes. So
    let's get to cracking those nuts.
    --- DECK-D, CREW'S QUARTERS ----------------------------------
    Don't worry about running into the guard when Snake descends the stairs.  The 
    guard that was once patrolling these hallways has now switched over to the 
    other hallway, adjacent to the one leading to the pantry. The others are 
    posted at their usual positions. If you haven't procured their dog tags yet, 
    now is a good time to do so. Especially the pantry guard. Crawl under the C4 
    sensors, but drop the soldier situated on the other side before doing so.  Or 
    just go through the mess hall and improvise with the cafeteria guard.
    If you're going to visit the pantry for a little snack, you'd better hide the 
    hallway guard's body well, or the passing pantry guard will kick the sleeping 
    sentinel awake. When that happens, it'll be rather difficult to leave the 
    store room without catching the guard's attention first. To coerce the pantry  
    guard into giving his dog tag, you'll need to persuade him with the USP. 
    Don't fire it without putting the other guards to sleep, though, or the heat 
    will be all over you. If he starts to get a little rowdy and high-almighty, 
    quickly  put him to sleep, or he'll duck out of the way and fire at you. Then 
    a radio call for back-up will follow.
    --- DECK-C, CREW'S QUARTERS ---------------------------------
    A new guard is ordered to  patrol the narrow hallways.  As Snake descends the 
    stairs, the newly positioned guard is unaware of his presence and walks under 
    the surveillance camera. Don't attempt to take him out at this time. If he 
    drops in front of the camera, the alarm will sound, and you will be forced in 
    to hiding.  His  patrol route  extends through both hallways, but he stays in 
    place longer in the east hallway.
    Torture him for his dog tag and send him to dreamland afterward.  If you feel 
    like wasting a USP bullet, shoot the camera to intercept its establishment to 
    the main force.
    --- DECK-B, CREW'S QUARTERS ---------------------------------
    Everything is the same here except Snake now begins at the western staircase. 
    Return to the sliding door on the east hallway, and go to the lounge area.
    --- DECK-A, CREW'S LOUNGE -----------------------------------
    A single sentry is on duty, making  a beat through the main hallway.  He's so
    set on his authoritative duties that he doesn't even notice Snake's trampling 
    butt enter the room. Stay where the door dropped Snake off and stay low. Whip 
    out the trusty M9. Customary stuff. But then, you may want to sneak up on him 
    and rip the dog tag from his fleshy neck like a ravenous maniac too. Either 
    way works fine.
    The guard  swatting flies is  slacking off, as usual.  Don't enter the engine 
    room from there because uh, I said so. You'll be missing some dog tags.  That 
    a good enough reason for ya, Weapon X? 
    --- ENGINE ROOM, STARBOARD ----------------------------------
    Snake creeps  forward and notices a  shadow  of Raven  being depicted  on the 
    wall. Look around to find a decent-sized action figure commando that'll start 
    shooting crunch-sized caps if you shoot it with the M9. The tiny caps will 
    litter the entire floor in a matter of time. The lockers here contain nothing 
    interesting, except maybe a rotting skunk. 
    Through the sliding door, a jaded guard stretches his arms and lets out a big 
    yawn of excitement. What's cool is that he has his back facing you. He is at 
    your disposal. There's another sentry ambling back and forth just under
    Snake. At the bottom of the stairs, stay there and wait until the guard turns 
    his back toward you and then, jump out to attack.
    On the next floor down, notice the stationary  guard around the corner.  Ease 
    down the steps and surprise him when he looks the other way. After 
    dispatching him, drag his body to the back and grab the [M9 BULLETS] while 
    you're at it. Head across the ramp and wrap around.  Bounce up the stairs, or 
    ignore them. Going either way winds up on the same path anyway.
    Freeze the sentinel in  place and motion him to give  up his dog tag with the 
    "usual" routine--aiming at his head or crotch. Pure evilness! Muaha! Cross 
    over to the adjacent rail. Notice the guard below. Shoot him in the head just 
    for kicks, then follow the path down and up the steps.
    Hide in the alcove as needed.  The guard stationed here will look behind him, 
    so if his cone falls on a stupid Snake standing on the stairs, it's hide-and-
    seek time. 
                                    | Part Two |
    --- ENGINE ROOM, PORT ------------------------------------------
    A guard walks  through  the door  from the  other end as soon as  Snake hides 
    behind the corner. He reports his status and affirms that everything is going 
    according to plan. Move out of sight after the guard finishes his report. 
    Step into one of the lockers on the  left side of the room and wait until the 
    guard finishes a quick sweep of the region.  He comes only if you step inside 
    the locker.
    When you attempt to move toward the water-tight door, the Codec will bring up 
    an urgent call from Otacon. He tells you that the following corridor is 
    equipped with infrared sensors wired to catastrophic, plastic explosives 
    called Semtex, or C4, for those Rush Hour know-it-alls. The only way to 
    disengage them is to destroy the control boxes that maintain the sensors. 
    Your M9's suppressed tranquilizer darts will be ineffective, but the USP will 
    work quite well.
    Don't sweat the sound of the USP's shots.  The loud noise of the engines will 
    stifle the noise considerably. Add the [USP BULLETS] to maximize the USP's 
    ammo supply.  Now, this part is a  trifle tricky.  Listen to me or be damned!
    First, there are three sensor "gates" you must pass through to reach the 
    door, which means that there are three control boxes. Each control box is 
    designated to a certain "gate" position. If you so much as breathe on the
    infrared sensors, you'll bring the whole ship down to float with the fishies,
    dictating an instant game over. 
    The control boxes can be identified by  the green, rapid-blinking light. "Wut   
    iz the trikky part, Adrnlurne?" Good question. The control boxes are cleverly 
    placed so that you must have precision shooting to  take them out, or you may 
    end up blasting the explosives instead. 
    The BEST thing to do first is to whip out that  Camera, which you will use to 
    locate the three detonators in lieu of the Scope. Two of them are lined up 
    against the right wall, and the last one is against the left wall. You should 
    see for yourself to know exactly where the control boxes are. The easiest one 
    should be taken care of first, I guess. Ready? Okidoke. 
    Position Snake on the left side of the beams so that he could clearly see the 
    right side of the wall and everything leaning against it without any 
    obstructions. Your still target is the control box sitting on the floor, 
    snuggled next to some C4.  Hold it!  Before you shoot, notice  that the USP's 
    laser point is hard to see since the gun itself covers it. However, if you 
    move it up and down, you can see the laser following the movement of the 
    gunpoint. Start moving it up and down until you get a good idea of where the 
    laserpoint is. With your gamer's intuition, adjust it so that the point lands 
    right on the control box. Then fire.
    If successful, you'll hear something malfunction. If not, you'll surely know.
    Apply the same tactic to the remaining two. The next one is stashed up high 
    on the right wall. Stand on the turbine, from which you had retrieved some 
    [USP BULLETS]. Focus your view so that Snake is in line with the control box. 
    Zoom into FPV and stand on Snake's tippy-toes (L2 + R2). This boosts Snake up 
    and allows you to better view the control unit. 
    The last one takes some sharp-shooting skills. You don't exactly need to be a 
    marksman--just good enough not to risk sinking the ship. This control box is 
    positioned behind a cylinder box, sandwiched between two wired C4 explosives 
    on the left wall. There is a small rift, which you could shoot through to
    deactivate the control box. Stand on the right side, or ingress into the 
    hallway, as close as possible to the box. Crouch and find the opportunist aim 
    carefully, then do away with it.  
    Congratulations! You have just disarmed all of the sensors and saved yourself 
    a trip to the hospital for treatment on sewing your limbs back together. Even
    the hospital can't save you should you have failed this task. Moving on...
    --- DECK-2, PORT ---------------------------------------------
    A general announcement echoes through the empty hallways ordering all Marines 
    to report to the ship's holds for an important speech by the Commandant in 10 
    minutes. No, a time limit will not be placed on you, so don't scream out in 
    distress yet. The following areas are poorly lit because of the flickering
    light bulbs that will light whenever it feels like it. If Snake happens to be
    standing near or under a light bulb when  it illuminates  the area, he may be 
    spotted by the enemy. What you can do is blast out the lights with the M9. It
    will make it hard for the enemy to see you. 
    Take the [RATION] on the right if necessary and continue up the dim corridor.
    Skulk in the dark like a stalker until  you hit alcoves, which  supply useful 
    items, like USP Bullets and Rations. 
    Snake is not the only one that can be  covered by the blanket of obscurity in 
    the dark. Enemy sentries can also be hard to see in casual view. So equip the 
    Thermal Goggles every now and then to check. You only have one guard to worry
    about here, since only one has been assigned to patrol this hallway. He 
    shouldn't be too far from you now. Use the goggles to avoid any heart attacks 
    from the alarming sound bit.
    This guard covers a fairly lengthy route. If you have listened to what I said 
    earlier about knocking out the lights, then he won't spot you as easily. Stay 
    in the shadows and go for the bite when he lets his guard down.
    At the end  of the  corridor  is a head-banging guard  styling headphones and
    listening to some hard rock. Deftones, maybe. ^^ Don't worry about blowing 
    out the light bulb above him when he's around. He's too into the music to 
    notice Snake (unless he moves in too closely). He'll also  fake his status to 
    the team on the other side of the radio. A surreptitious tag on the head with 
    a tranquilizer is enough to dispatch him. Don't cause too much of a commotion 
    since there's a guard ahead who's trying to get some beauty rest.
    --- DECK-2, STARBOARD --------------------------------------
    Collect the goods--a [RATION] and  several [USP BULLETS] in  the annex. Snake
    won't get far before a cutscene takes over, which shows three fully armed 
    Russian soldiers rush into the annex. After reporting to their superior, they 
    begin to secure the area.  
    The cutscene ends, leaving  Snake to mangle three Russian  ruffians...and any 
    others who feel up to joining the heat. Use the boxes scattered around the 
    battle ground as cover. Use the FPV (L2 + R2) for this fight. Don't stay in 
    one place too long because the guards will have some grenades ready. Once you 
    hear it clinking against the floor, leap out  of the way! Dispatch them using 
    the USP. If you run out of ammo, head to the back to find some readily
    Snake finishes the fight  by eliminating  the last of  the squad.  He goes to 
    investigate the room behind the water-tight door. Snake enters the holds with 
    full vigilance of his surroundings. A single Russian sentinel magically 
    escapes his carnage and watches him from behind. As the soldier tries to seal 
    him in, Ocelot appears behind him. Delighted, the soldier attempts to explain 
    the situation, but gets cut off by a gunshot  to the head.  Looks like Ocelot 
    has other plans in mind.
    Snake finds himself overlooking the audience hall, in which the Commandant is
    relaying his speech through a projection screen to a plethora of armed 
    Marines. Otacon informs Snake that he must infiltrate three holds to get to 
    the Metal Gear. He gives Snake an alternate method to transfer the photos 
    once he has them. A time limit will be placed, and you now have seven minutes 
    to infiltrate three holds, take pictures of Metal Gear RAY and upload them to
    --- HOLD NO. 1 ----------------------------------------------
    Your first goal now is to head to Hold  No. 2 without bringing  any attention 
    to Snake. If he is spotted once, he gets taken into custody, earning an 
    instant game over. A cool thing to note is that the "ending sequence" is 
    different in each of the holds.
    Start by taking the two ladders down to the ground floor.  Run along the back 
    wall until you hit the projector's light. M9 the soldier on the other side 
    before moving under the projection. Then crawl under the light. It's funny if 
    you walk through it, though. Travel up the  west wall. The ladder there leads 
    up to a stash of [M9 BULLETS], but take the trip only if you really need 
    them. Drop the guard and continue. Whenever Snake  comes across a metal grate 
    (white block on the floor), tip-toe across them. The clanks made by his heavy 
    footsteps will alert the nearest Marine, setting off a huge chain reaction to 
    the others. 
    You could also do a roll-jump over  the grates, but that's a little risky and 
    needs perfect coordination. 
    [SHORTCUT BETWEEN THE HOLDS]  Information passed on by Patrick Mitcheltree
    In Hold No. 1, after crawling under the projector, there is a black hatch  on 
    the floor, which you can open and crawl into. It will lead right to Hold No. 
    2. The same goes for Hold No. 2--there is another floor hatch, which leads to 
    Hold No. 3. When you arrive in the room, you'll find yourself under the Metal 
    Gear prototype.
    --- HOLD NO. 2 ----------------------------------------------
    Don't follow the west  wall from here.  Crawl under the projectors and follow 
    the east wall. The twin projectors in this room switch on and off 
    intermittently to each of the screens. Therefore, the watchful Marines' cones 
    will move back and forth to catch up with the projections. Now of course, you 
    won't find them doing that in real life...It would seem silly, no?
    You can foresee a projection transition  when the lights dim. But don't panic 
    when the projection screen switches, the Marines have slow reaction times. 
    They won't react until 1 1/2 seconds after the transition. Scramble for cover 
    before they do; walk  along the east wall when the coast is clear.  Remember 
    to lightly walk over any metal grates.  The door to Hold No. 3 is just behind 
    the huge block.
    If you press the action button while standing next to one of the projectors 
    in Hold 2, Snake will switch the projectors, and the Marines will react 
    --- HOLD NO. 3 ---------------------------------------------
    The Metal Gear prototype is suspended in this room; the actual speech is also
    held here. The real personage is giving his speech on the dais to a smaller 
    group of Marines, crowded around the center of the room. Two cameramen on 
    both sides film this important event. Everyone's  attention is profoundly 
    riveted by his powerful speech.  So no one  will notice an  intruder snapping 
    pictures of their pride.
    [USELESS TRIVIA]  Submitted by Zurra and confirmation by Ruffin Bailey
    Scott Dolph, the Marine Commander, bears the same name as Konami's 
    translator. I wonder if he's black... ^_^
    Anyway, Scott Dolph is also among some missing classmates in a 1983 
    graduating class, and has his name in the Universal Soldier credits. Hmm... 
    I'd go on about that one, but if you haven't beat the game already, dare I?
    Just in case anyone was really wondering and you haven't already been  
    emailed a zillion times about it, here's a link to his picture:  
    [ROCK YOUR BOXERZ]  Submitted by James Anderson
    On the first screen in the bit where you have to photo RAY (the first time 
    through the game) there is one soldier wearing no trousers. If you go up to 
    the platform on the left you can get a good photo of him. When you upload 
    this picture Otacon cracks up and tells you how cool it is: "This rules!" 
    etc. Since he says something about "any classic moments" there may be other 
    pictures he will comment on. 
    Thanks to Patrick Carroll and Matthew
    The Marines are actually in  their boxers the  second time through  the game, 
    the timer has nothing to do with the trigger, but there are  some interesting 
    things about the timer and the marines: In Hold 3, the Commandant may say, 
    "Man, this has been going on for a long while, let's rest for a bit, at 
    ease."  At this point, the timer will STOP, and the guards will start looking 
    in different directions. 
    There are two Marine guards posted on both sides of the room.  The one on the 
    right is secretly dozing off; he isn't trying too hard to hide his boredom. 
    The other one is actually doing his job and well-aware of his surroundings.
    In the position which you regained control of Snake is perfect for the Front-
    Right angle pose Otacon wants of RAY. Whip out the camera and snap a picture. 
    Don't zoom in too much; Otacon wants the whole enchilada.
    Be sure to have several replicates of the angle Otacon wants, just in case he 
    trashes ones he doesn't like and sends Snake back to get more. Also, after 
    capturing a picture, Snake may say things like "Good" and "Alright". This 
    means that your photo will procure the best responses from Otacon. When he 
    doesn't compliment your photo, you've got a problem.  Overlap the picture and 
    take it again.
    To get the Front Angle of RAY, work around the cameraman's podium next to you 
    and stand behind the throng of patriotic Marines. There's a line that bisects 
    the room on  the floor.  Stand on the line and take a  picture of the smiling 
    RAY for a perfect Front Angle.
    Moving on to the next shot: Front-left.  Go around the left podium and  stand 
    in the middle between the back wall and the tall cargo. Whip out the camera 
    and zoom out as much as you can. Try to fit most of RAY's body into the 
    picture. It doesn't matter if the overhang is blocking the head somewhat.  He 
    will accept it if it's not focused too much on one particular spot.
    The final shot involves  capturing the MARINE  insignia, which is  painted on 
    the sides of RAY. Crawl behind the posted Marine soldier on the left side of 
    the room and get closer. From the side, look up and search up and down for 
    the insignia, which is the text Marine vertically painted white. Take a 
    picture of the whole thing. It must be of clear quality or Otacon will send 
    you back! 
    [TIP]  Submitted by John Meheski
    If you take the shortcut through the holds and come up on the right side of
    RAY before going down the pole, look at RAY and pan up to see another MARINES
    insignia. Otacon will accept a photo from this angle as well.
    After acquiring  all these shots requested  by Otacon, you must  take them to 
    the device he pointed out to you in an earlier cutscene. This machine will 
    transfer your pictures to Otacon's sprite for viewing. During the last 1 or 2 
    minutes of his speech, the Commandant  will yell, "Intruder to the left!" and 
    "Intruder to the right!" Stay composed and don't panic. He's only drilling 
    his men should this sorta thing happen. But if you do happen to land right in 
    the spot where all their eyes  focalize  on you, well...you have one  helluva 
    lucky rabbit's foot, or something.
    If time  runs out  and the 7  minutes are up, everyone  in the  room will not 
    suddenly turn their heads at once and spot you.  Instead, the Commandant will 
    go on and crack a few jokes just 'cause he's a verbose fella. 
    To get to the other side  of the  room, run through  the underpass  where the 
    Commandant stands above you. The audience is much too captivated to notice 
    Snake's bulging head, so take the chance now. Take care of the guard on the 
    other end if you haven't  already  to avoid any conflicts. Then head down and 
    press the Action button to patch into the system.
    Once they're successfully sent, Otacon will critique them. If they're nice in 
    the eyes of super Otacon, good job, you've completed the mission.  And you've 
    just completed the first  half of the game. The story...takes  an interesting 
    turn here.  Watch the insanely long cinemas that ensue. Don't skip them. They
    explain much of the plot, as does any other cutscene. Sit through it; I don't 
    feel like giving a synopsis here.
    [OTACON FUN]  Thanks to Chad Kunsman, Matthew, and Adam Hulse.
    If you take a picture of the first Asian bikini girl with the camera and it
    ends up being uploaded to Otacon, he will comment on it and say "This isn't
    a picture of Metal Gear, but.....I think I'll be keeping this one anyways."
    Otacon Questions your Sexuality:
    - Take a picture of the Raven Doll
    - Take a picture of a "Manly" Poster (There are a couple)
    Otacon blushes, and makes a back-up...
    - Take a picture of Olga's crotch
    - Take a picture of a "Girly" Poster
    You could also take  a picture of the Commandant  while he gives his speech. 
    What I did was take a zoomed-in picture of him while he was facing forward. 
    He paces around so you have to time it right. You do it while you are in the 
    Front-Ray position. 
     ______                                                               ______
    |__  __|                          PLANT                              |__  __|
    The Big Shell  they mentioned is an  offshore decontamination  facility built 
    off the coast of the New York Hudson Bay to prevent ecological disaster due 
    to the spilling of crude oil from the tanker two years ago. The Metal Gear on 
    the U.S.S. Discovery  had been retrieved by the  notorious Ocelot, who caused 
    the sinking of the ship in the first place. Now, a new mission is placed.
    Exactly six hours ago, intelligence  say that a radical  anti-terrorist group 
    known as "Dead Cell" invaded the Big Shell and took over the compound. The 
    president, James Johnson, who was on tour around the floating facility, 
    quickly became involved in their insidious plan as a hostage.  The group  
    solicits 30 billion dollars from the government as ransom, or they will not 
    guarantee his safety.  If the demand is not met, the terrorists plan to 
    demolish the Big Shell with the explosives planted around the focal points of 
    the massive facility. 
    If this happens, the explosion will release toxins  into the water, resulting 
    in an overload of hazardous dioxins that will ruin the ecosystem and turn the 
    bay into a virulent goop for centuries.
    SEAL Team 10 has been called into operation to rescue the  President.  A solo 
    effort from special forces unit FOXHOUND carries out a covert operation to 
    infiltrate the Big Shell. The operative encroaches the Big Shell via the Deep 
    Sea Research dock. Enter, Raiden.
                                  | Part Three |
    You now play as a  rookie operative from  the reformed FORXHOUND.  Ever since 
    Snake left to form PHILANTHROPY with Otacon, FOXHOUND found a replacement for 
    the legendary hero of Shadow Moses and honed him to refine his skills. Having 
    went through 300 missions in VR training, he has had no real combat 
    experience. The infiltration of the Big Shell will be his first. His name, 
    Raiden. He will be your lovely game  companion for the rest of the game. Live 
    with it.
    Because of Raiden's lack of extensive knowledge about the real thing, Colonel 
    Campbell will be his field expert through the Codec, calling him frequently 
    to fill him in on appropriate actions. Most of the time, he can give useful 
    information, but other times, it'll be  like sitting through a late tutorial.
    Many of the things he'll go over will be stuff you already know about.
    Wait a minute! What happened to Snake?! They say he went down with the tanker
    two years ago (Why, Snake?! Why?!).
    Also, before we begin, the layout and terminology of the Big Shell is simple.
    The Big Shell is essentially comprised of two main cores: Shell One and Shell 
    Two. Each shell core is compounded of 6 other hexagonal shapes called Struts.
    To move to each Strut, you must cross  connecting bridges. But we will get to 
    that later.
    Ok, let's begin.
    --- STRUT A, DEEP SEA DOCK -----------------------------------
    Raiden emerges from the water and immediately  radios the Colonel for mission
    status. Raiden paddles over to the ladder and hauls himself out of the water. 
    For a redeeming note to many people, Raiden's actions and the corresponding 
    buttons are the same as when you controlled Snake. Don't worry. Raiden is 
    capable of imitating Snake's moves, except  he has his own style. It's an age 
    From where you  begin after  getting out of the water, go  around the pool to 
    the right side, next to a gas canister. Dive into the water and listen to the 
    Colonel's swimming lessons, if you don't know them already. A pair of 
    [THERMAL GOGGLES] lies under the diving spot. It's difficult to see, but it's 
    there.  Get your feet wet some more and become acquainted with the underwater 
    controls now.
    Head to the spot with the open ventilation filter and scuttling bugs, and hop 
    over the railing. You should be hanging from it. Shimmy over to the bulky 
    diving suits on the right; then climb up and grab the [SHAVER]. The Shaver 
    isn't anything special you could use, but it will change things very, very 
    slightly--the change is hardly noticeable. Marvel at the lovely cockroach and 
    lice infestations on the walls and floors.
    Take a deep breath and climb  into the small wind shaft.  Make a right and go 
    all the way, ignoring other intersections, since they lead nowhere. Crawl out 
    and pick up the [RATION]. 
    Another [RATION] is  stored in the middle  locker at the top. If  you stay in 
    places where the voracious sea lice are clustered, one may invade your Ration 
    inventory and start feeding on it. When this happens, just hold L2 to open 
    the item inventory and wiggle the left analog stick. The louse should fling 
    out of your inventory in a really cutesy sort of way. If you don't get rid of 
    it, it will eventually consume your entire food source.
    As Raiden turns the wheel on the vault door, you can hear an ongoing struggle 
    on the other side of the door. The door swings open and Raiden ducks out of 
    sight just in time to find a fallen Russian  sentry regaining  consciousness. 
    Raiden uses his knowledge of firearms to identify his enemies' weapon 
    artillery.  Sick. Go on  through the  short corridor and into  the next area.
    The masked rookie enters the room and finds the floor littered with soldiers, 
    blacked-out on the ground. The elevator starts to go up, and just as it does, 
    we catch a glimpse  of Snake--Solid Snake! Weird! Raiden contacts the Colonel 
    in the wake of this discovery. During this time, he introduces special
    terminals called Nodes. More about  them in the Basics section of this guide, 
    or you could listen to his  rambling. Simply put, it works like Snake's radar 
    from the Tanker, except it's much more of a hassle.
    ***Note: If you're aiming to keep your Alert count to a minimum, you can drag
    the unconscious bodies of the fallen guards back to the entrance point and 
    stuff them in the lockers. Of course, they will return to the elevator room. 
    They just take longer, giving you ample time to depart  to the rooftop before 
    they even figure out what had happened.
    Head to the Node on the otherside of the room and log in. Enter your codename
    and whatever information that applies. Afterwards, it takes you to the Option 
    screen in which you can customize any settings to accommodate your new 
    companion. After being drilled mercilessly by the Colonel again, the elevator 
    button blinks, indicating that  the elevator  is on its way down. By the time 
    Raiden runs past the guards, they will have started to resuscitate.
    Jack and Rose??  What is this? A remake of Titanic?! Kojima, what in the blue 
    hell are you thinking!?! Nothing really interesting. Move along, folks.
    Hide behind the  scattered  boxes on the right side, in the back.  The guards 
    never check there or the center alcove. Stay there until the guard closer to 
    Raiden turns away, then scramble for the alcove. By now, the elevator should 
    have finished its trip down. Take the chance to dash for it and ditch the 
    guards without alerting them.
    On the elevator ride up, Raiden takes off his cumbersome mask and reveals his 
    face (not that it's really hideous or anything). The Colonel and he have a 
    little chit-chat about Solid Snake and the formation of the Big Shell. After 
    the conversation, Raiden steps off the elevator and finds himself on the roof 
    of Strut A on Shell One.
    --- STRUT A, PUMP FACILITY -----------------------------------
    From now on, press START  to bring up the  map to locate where you are on the 
    Big Shell.  The Strut highlighted  in orange is the  current Strut you're on. 
    Anyway, start by collecting the goods: a [CHAFF GRENADE] in the right cage 
    and a [BANDAGE] stacked  with the crates.  There are some  M9 Bullets in the 
    back, but they are currently unusable. Look for a gash in the left set of 
    fences and climb under it. The Colonel contacts you about it, but ignore him. 
    He's getting really annoying, yes?
    By the time Raiden wiggles loose from the clawing wires of the fence, Colonel 
    Campbell radios Raiden and informs him of SEAL's infiltration through Strut B
    (Dammit! Leave us alone!).
    Careful! The bird crap by the outside railings is slippery.  Run through them 
    and the klutz, Raiden slips and falls on his back. Ouch. Furthermore, if he 
    stays down long enough, he'll get doused by a bombardment of bird sh!t! Cool!
    Bird droppings can be found around the area. Occasionally, temperamental 
    birds will try to bombard Raiden while he's just standing around. Most of the 
    time, they miss and splat on the ground beside him.  Also, look up in FPV for 
    a while.  A sea gull will take the hint and release a pile on the camera! Get 
    rid of it by zooming out of FPV.
    --- STRUT A PUMP ROOM ----------------------------------------
    Descend the stairs to the bottom to find two Russian guards laying out duties 
    for each other. The other one leaves to the rooftop for his early shift. That 
    leaves you with one other in the cubicle area. This guard pauses at each of 
    the cubicle's entrances--west, east, and south. Each time he moves to the 
    other side from his current position, he checks the south passage for any  
    intruders. Simple stuff, except you don't  have a weapon. But hey, no problem 
    there either.
    This will be the last time Raiden helps point out a Node--you'll have to take
    care of that in the future. The Colonel hints at a little sly technique that 
    will lure the guard away: Flatten against the wall and press the Punch button 
    to knock on the wall. However, that's not necessary. This enemy sentry is 
    easy to get by. As soon as the guard makes his trip to the opposite end and 
    _after_ pausing briefly to look down, slip by and go to the Node. Download 
    the map and get the radar in focus. Hide behind the board in the center. Wait 
    until it's safe and give him the slip again.
    Should anything go wrong, there  are lockers to  hide in on both sides of the 
    hallway. A [RATION] is hidden in the lockers on the right. Going up the 
    stairs here lead back to the roof. Head through the passage on the right side 
    of the cubicle to the first connecting bridge.
    --- FA CONNECTING BRIDGE -------------------------------------
    To move to and from Struts, you must  cross bridges  suspended high above the
    ocean. Hovering camera mechanisms called Cyphers, or human sentinels usually 
    govern the bridges to keep intruders from moving freely through the Struts. 
    Taking care of guards is the same old, same old, but a Cypher is another 
    story. Cyphers are equipped with weapons and  are given the  authorization to 
    violently assault sighted enemies. Uh, that means you (cue dramatic bit).
    To effectively take out a  Cypher, shoot it right in the lens  with the Socom 
    (which will be obtained later).  But this is just for reference.  Right now, 
    you gotta cross the  bridge to Strut F without  corrupting the natural cycle.
    Colonel Campbell  suggests deploying  a Chaff Grenade, as shown  in the Codec 
    demonstration.  However, that isn't quite necessary since we want to conserve
    precious Chaff for better things. When the Cypher is out of sight, head out 
    and down the stairs to the  right. Conveniently, there's a [CHAFF GRENADE] on 
    the left end  of the  bottom stretch.
    Stay on the lower portion and walk it.  The Cypher  isn't able to detect your 
    presence because of the huge pipes that are stretched along the side.  Ascend  
    the set of stairs on the other side and enter the top floor of Strut F.
    --- STRUT F, WAREHOUSE ---------------------------------------
    Inside the two-story warehouse, Raiden spots  a guard that  has just finished 
    his rounds and is reporting to the main force. After the guard finishes his 
    report, contact the Colonel repeatedly to learn more of the plot and about 
    Solid Snake. Swing over to the other end of the hall to find a [RATION] 
    behind a box. Head into the door on this side. Recover the [M9] from amid the
    boxes. Max out the ammo by collecting the two [M9 BULLETS] in the room.
    Backtrack to the pump room on Strut A via the FA connecting  bridge.  Back in 
    Strut A, sneak by the guard and go through the door on the west hallway to AB 
    Connecting Bridge.
    --- AB CONNECTING BRIDGE -------------------------------------
    The left guard walks back and forth the single straightway on the bridge. The 
    other one, on the right, remains in a  stationary position, constantly moving 
    his head to the left and right, looking for ominous signs of trouble.
    Disregard the hanging strategy  the Colonel suggested for  this task. Why not 
    go the traditional way: drop a guard and trot across the bridge. Take out the 
    M9 and aim it at the head of the right guard. He should fall without causing 
    a ruckus. Then move out and scurry over to  the slumbering soldier. Crawl the 
    rest of the way just to be safe. When the other guard isn't facing your 
    direction, stand up and scram. 
    --- STRUT B, TRANSFORMER ROOM ---------------------------------
    Ingress further  into Strut B  for a cutscene  to take over.  The  floors and 
    walls are streaked with blood. Just around the corner, Raiden finds fallen 
    comrades ripped to shreds and hears horrifying screams of terror emanate from 
    the transformer room. A mysterious man in a dark trench coat is the one
    responsible for the revolting murders. It turns out he loves the blood of 
    terror-stricken men. Raiden, being the big, beefy  warrior tyke he is, stands 
    up to him and invites a battle with the superhuman monster. Fortunately for 
    Raiden, a single SEAL member saves his skin and shoos the blood-sucking freak 
    The SEAL lieutenant who had just  saved your ass now becomes an ally of yours 
    through the Codec. Great, another Codec chatterbox. Only, the interesting 
    thing is that he resembles Snake in every way. Well, we'll find out later. 
    His name is Iroquois Pliskin.  He has extensive  knowledge about FOXHOUND and 
    the VR program Raiden claims as his only pride and proof of his abilities. If 
    you have the Shaver, Raiden will give this to Pliskin when the two exchange 
    items. Pliskin gives you his pack of cigs and the [SOCOM] he picked up. 
    Remember his frequency: 141.80.
    [USELESS TRIVIA] Thanks to Tim Ngai-Him Jang and David "D-M_R" Mårtensson.
    The name Snake uses as an alias on the  Codec (Pliskin) is the name of the 
    character (Snake Plissken) that Kurt Russell plays in "Escape from New York"
    (or L.A. if you'd like).
    When you regain control of Raiden  at the top of the stairs, Pliskin  takes a 
    short nap at the bottom. There are [SOCOM BULLETS] next to the stairs on the 
    ground level.  Beside it is a Node you can log into and download a map of the 
    With the acquired guns, aim them at Pliskin to immediately wake him and alert 
    him into pointing his own M4A1 at Raiden ("Think you could shoot that
    thing?").  Mash the punch button repeatedly or side flip by him and hit him.
    He'll call you a moron and discipline you. Don't do this too often since it 
    does drain health from the life gauge. Start shooting Socom bullets at the 
    guy and you will have incited a royal gunfight with the field expert! Duck 
    out of sight to keep him from sucking your health with that automatic of his.  
    After your assault on the poor guy, call the  Colonel. He and Rose will scold 
    you for turning against your own ally!
    Take the  [RATION] and [SOCOM BULLETS] from  the lockers.  Then head into the 
    brown sliding door.
    --- BC CONNECTING BRIDGE ---------------------------------------
    Raiden walks in on an ongoing gun battle. Two helpless SEAL members try their 
    best to nail a Dead Cell member standing at the end of the T-intersection 
    bridge, but to no avail.  The volley of bullets  veer away from the woman and 
    deflect elsewhere. People call her Fortune, a woman blessed with retentive 
    luck to escape harm's way.  The blood sucker from earlier makes an appearance
    on the bridge to retrieve the unconscious president.
    Several assault teams immediately enter  the scene and attempt  to subdue the
    Dead Cell members. With a moan of disappointment, Fortune revs up her massive 
    weapon and points it at the approaching party. Seconds later, that portion  
    of the bridge is blown right off the map, along with the flailing bodies of 
    the helpless soldiers. In an instant, the entire Bravo team is wiped out. The 
    Colonel fears that this failed operation to  save the president will prod the 
    terrorists into carrying out their plans.
    After the conversation with the Colonel, cross the bridge to Strut C and take 
    the [CHAFF GRENADE] a soldier has left behind in his honor.
                                   | Part Four |
    --- STRUT C, DINING HALL --------------------------------------
    The doors here lead to restrooms. Men's room on the left; Women's room on the 
    right. The men's room carries [SOCOM BULLETS] with a treat in the left stall. 
    Also, if you punch the uh, door-less toilets, they'll flush.  The blow dryer 
    works too if Raiden is looking for a new hair-do (mmm, don't touch the hair,
    girl!). You can find a [PENTAZEMIN] and [M9 BULLETS] in the women's restroom. 
    Jog up the hallway and enter the kitchen. A cutscene highlights a lone 
    officer rummaging through the cupboards for something, but gets disrupted by 
    Raiden's sudden appearance.  The man insists  that he isn't from NYPD or 
    anything of the sort. Pliskin enters and orders Raiden to put the gun down.
    It turns out the  man is  Peter Stillman, from the  NYPD Bomb Squad, who  was 
    brought in with the SEAL Bravo team. Stillman is THE bomb expert, who is well 
    known for his skills. He came here to confront Fatman, his disciple. He 
    taught Fatman everything he knew about explosives and in a sense, created 
    him. Peter says that there was also an engineer who was with him before the 
    skirmish, but he hasn't  seen him since.  Smells like Otacon.  Being short of 
    manpower, it's up to Raiden and Pliskin to defuse the bombs themselves.
    Peter suggests that the  best way to deal with  pulsing C4 bombs is to freeze 
    its detonator. Peter equips Raiden with a [COOLANT SPRAY] and [SENSOR A], 
    which is an Ion Mobility Spectrometer. As Pliskin puts it, it's a device used 
    to sniff out C4 in the vicinity. It'll pick up Fatman's scent spectrum as a 
    yellow-green cloud on the radar. You'll need to log into a Node first though. 
    It just makes things easier.
    Stillman also gives Raiden  the [LV1 CARD], which is a clearance card for all 
    the security doors  marked with Level 1. If you need additional help from the 
    old-timer, his frequency is 140.25. 
    Log into the Node in the  dining hall.  Now it's time to  hunt down the first 
    bomb in this Strut. Head back out to the hallway.  Sensor A immediately picks 
    up on Fatman's signature in the women's restroom. Go to the sink and look up. 
    The C4 bomb is slowly  ticking away in the light crevice.  Use the  spray and 
    coat it with some coolant. After deactivating it, Raiden contacts Stillman to 
    report his first C4 finding.  Peter is worried that this may be a trap since 
    Pliskin has also reported in locations of bombs that have not been planted in 
    effective demolition points.
    At this time, contact Pliskin and he'll spill the beans on Dead Cell and also 
    slide hints about reaching other potential locations of C4s. Also, another 
    way to find a smaller, rough location of a bomb, is to listen for a loud 
    beeping noise.   If you could hear it, that means  you're very, very close to 
    the bomb. If the beeping tones down or disappears, you're not near it.
    If you need additional  help on finding C4, contact  Pliskin  while you're on 
    different Struts to get hints on locations of the explosive in that  specific 
    Strut. Pliskin is a very useful source of info. Call him whenever you feel 
    like it.  He gives necessary and  interesting information  a lot of the time.
    Since the section  beyond  Strut C is a  chore to  get by at this point, it's 
    best that we work counter-clockwise in disposing the bombs. That means we're 
    going back to Strut B and working our way down the ladder...and eventually up 
    again. Head back to the BC Connecting Bridge.  A Cypher has been placed there 
    to watch over the empty  bridge.  Either take it out with the Socom or toss a 
    Chaff Grenade to jam its connections.
    Remember, you don't necessarily need to disarm  the bombs in the order listed 
    in the walkthrough. As long as you  freeze a set number of C4s, the game will 
    generate the "checkpoint sequences". 
    --- STRUT B, TRANSFORMER ROOM ---------------------------------
    New guards have been  placed to prevent further  mishaps and make sure no one
    tries to meddle with their plans.  One patrols the hallway outside the main 
    room, and the other is circling the interior.  Check the Sensor A.  A C4 bomb 
    has definitely  been set here. But taking care of the guards is top priority.  
    Both let up dog tags. The outside hallway guard is  easy enough; same goes  
    for the other  one since  both have long patrol routes that allow enough time 
    and space to sneak up on them.
    Enter the slaughter  house from the north  door (the one you exited earlier).
    To the immediate left is an opened  transformer board. The Sensor A indicates 
    that the bomb is around here. Close the board to find the bomb safely tucked 
    behind it. Who would have thought of that! Deactivate the explosive with the 
    coolant and move to Strut A on the double. Peter thinks you're too slow!
    --- AB CONNECTING BRIDGE --------------------------------------
    The once-stationary guard has been offered a new route to follow. Their brief 
    pause on the endpoints are no longer so brief. If you feel up to it, you can 
    skillfully accost them from behind and hold them under duress with the Socom. 
    Just remember, if one starts to move, so does the other. 
    --- STRUT A, PUMP FACILITY ------------------------------------
    The box of [SOCOM BULLETS] from the locker  is usable now  since you have the 
    Socom. Sneak past the guard in the cubicle and use the Lv1 Card to gain 
    access into the pump room. A guard's patrol route is composed of circling the 
    whole interior. When you enter, don't bump into him. Also, there's a small 
    surveillance camera at the top left  corner of the  room. You could take care 
    of that later.
    Follow the guard from behind and use the usual maneuver for his dog tag. Then 
    head back to the first stairs on the right and start crawling through the 
    convoluted pipe warrens. There's a [RATION] on the far left Raiden can reach 
    with no trouble. After picking up the Ration, crawl back to the double red 
    pipes. Follow it down by crawling down the crevice to a squared off area. The 
    C4 bomb is here. 
    Once it has been deactivated, navigate out of the maze and head to the stairs 
    on the left. In the first square, crawl under the pipe to the right, hop over 
    the obstacle and claim [BOX 1]. Shoot the surveillance camera and grab the 
    [SOCOM BULLETS] that sit under it. Now you may leave  the pump room and go to 
    FA Connecting Bridge.
    Go to the roof of  Strut A since  it's the  best area to do this.  Notice the 
    colony of sea gulls above? You can shoot them with your Socom or M9, and they 
    have the same effect on the aves as they do on humans. As the sea gulls swoop 
    in and alight on top of the fences, knock 'em dead.  After killing about a 
    dozen or so, the Colonel contacts  you and thinks you're some  sick, animal 
    abuser. Rose and he will be disgusted at your morbid display of torture. It's 
    --- FA CONNECTING BRIDGE --------------------------------------
    The Cypher is  still here, but  don't try to  shoot it out  this time because 
    there is a newly placed guard here on the lookout. He inspects the top and 
    bottom portions of the bridge on the other end. When the Cypher starts to 
    hover back to the other side, slide down the stairs and hide in the alcove 
    before emerging.  Make sure the guard is out of sight.  Enter Strut F through 
    the bottom entrance.
    --- STRUT F, WAREHOUSE ----------------------------------------
    As soon as  you enter the bottom  level of the familiar  warehouse, press  up 
    against the bottom right stack of boxes before the guard coming from the 
    hallway spots you. Slip by him when he starts heading up, and head down the 
    bottom passage he came from. Pick up the [CHAFF GRENADE] and  enter the right  
    sliding  door. Collect  the [MINE  DETECTOR] and  the [M9  BULLETS] under the 
    shelf. Then head to the opposite door.
    The Node is here for upgrading the radar.  Rummage  through the lockers for a 
    [RATION] and a [PENTAZEMIN]. Add the [BOX 2] along with the stock. Beat up on 
    the locked locker to reveal a dirty [BOOK]. It's an adult magazine that can 
    be used as bait to throw an enemy off guard. Now, look for an open shaft in 
    the south wall in FPV. When you find it, get in a crawl position and inch 
    along the vent to the end. When you worm out to an area barricaded by a 
    fortress of boxes, harvest the goodies: A box of [SOCOM BULLETS] and the 
    [SOCOM SUPRESSOR]. Attach it to the Socom right away. This will muffle the 
    Socom's gunshots.
    Back in the main warehouse, reap the treasures around the bottom floor. There 
    is a [STUN GRENADE] in the little niche at the top.  Try not to knock out the 
    guard  that comes down  the stairs.  He needs to make a  status  report every 
    minute or so.  If he doesn't, an investigation  team will be dispatched to 
    eradicate the source of the problem.  Another dirty [BOOK] can be obtained by 
    dropping from the second floor to the crates.
    It's time to locate the bomb.  The C4 particles show  up on the  left side of 
    the room. It's on the lower level to be exact. However, a wall of towering 
    boxes safeguard the bomb. You can reach it by dropping in from the second 
    level, or if you're feeling a little adventurous, you can flip over to it 
    from one of the other boxes nearby. That is a bit tricky, though. Quickly 
    dispose of the bomb and travel to the EF Connecting bridge. If you've 
    accidentally stunned the reporting guard before collecting all the goods and 
    locating the bomb, simply re-enter the room.  The timer for the status report 
    will reset.
    --- EF CONNECTING BRIDGE ------------------------------------
    Raiden watches as a guard  ascends to the  heliport to survey  the bridge for 
    encroachers. He can easily spot intruders on the bridge with his trusty
    binoculars. If you wait a while, he'll eventually take a break from his 
    painful job. Or...If you feel uncomfortable about his being there, take out 
    the Scope and make sure you know exactly where he is. Then equip the Socom, 
    aim carefully and engage a head shot, or he'll call for back-up. Decommission 
    him to safely cross the bridge.
    An enigmatic figure that  calls himself "Deepthroat" contacts  Raiden as soon 
    as he moves onto the bridge and warns him of the Claymore mines planted 
    around it. Raiden clearly questions his intention to help, but Mr. X doesn't 
    like to be bombarded with  questions. You know, this  strangely reminds me of 
    an episode of the Simpsons...
    As he suggests, use the Mine Detector  to bring up seven  dots on the radar. 
    Notice that the mines have field cones, too. If Raiden moves into their 
    forward cone, he will detonate the mine. However, crawl over them and Raiden 
    picks up the Claymore mine! Do this to all to collect seven [CLAYMORES].
    --- STRUT E, PARCEL ROOM, 1F ---------------------------------
    When Raiden enters, he arrives in a small alcove  in the  southeast corner of 
    the room. Don't pop out yet, as there is a patrolling sentry nearby.  If you 
    think crawling behind the conveyor belts is a sly technique, think again. It 
    quickly becomes a stupid idea as puzzled guards catch a glimpse of a moving 
    figure in the shadows and come to investigate. There are two guards in this 
    room. Each located on half sections of the room. The one in the north reports 
    in every minute and a half or so. 
    Put the guardsman near the entrance out of  commission and hug  the east wall 
    up the room. The Node terminal is situated ahead, in the northeast corner. 
    Sneak by the reporting guard and log in. From there, head to the side room to 
    the right and ascend the stairs to the heliport.
    --- STRUT E, HELIPORT -----------------------------------------
    Moving forward, Raiden  stumbles across  Olga Gurlukovich, who, luckily, is a 
    bit preoccupied on the phone arguing with someone on the other line, 
    presumably not her boyfriend.  She cites the cyborg ninja that had helped you 
    earlier.  After the conversation, Raiden jumps out and  attempts to hold Olga 
    up. She has hair! More hair on her head! Olga, looking confident and unfazed, 
    leaps into the air and drops below. Frustrated, Raiden reports to Pliskin for 
    A box of [CLAYMORE] rests at the end of the rounded catwalk at the bottom. Go
    up the stairs to the heliport. There are 2 guards patrolling the entire 
    heliport, 3 if you didn't snipe the one overlooking the bridge.  The one that
    wraps around the Harrier plane suspended at the end has the longest route, so
    stealing his dog tag is  easy. Pick up  the [BOX 3] and [STUN GRENADE] around 
    the heliport, gradually heading to the back toward the Harrier (jet).
    The C4 bomb planted in this strut is hiding under the Harrier. Walk around to 
    the right wing and crawl under, as far as Raiden can squeeze his big butt in. 
    Now that you're tucked under the wing, you can easily spot the blinking C4 on 
    the rear brake gears. Immediately after neutralizing the bomb with the 
    coolant, Stillman and Pliskin do a three-way calling. Pliskin reports that he 
    has found a truckload of C4 packed at the bottom of Strut H.
    Stillman's intuition was correct. He had a feeling some insidious plan was in 
    the air. Now he's confirmed his suspicions. Pliskin also mentions that these 
    bombs were specially designed to shy away from the Sensor. As they say their 
    best of wishes, the  three men bomb  squad sign off  and  continue with their 
    --- STRUT E, PARCEL ROOM -------------------------------------
    Behind the reporting  guard's "patrol route" is a  conveyor belt with a [STUN 
    GRENADE] underneath it. There are some [SOCOM BULLETS] stored under the 
    shelves along the north wall. Also, don't forget to pick up the uber-cool ZOE 
    box [BOX 5] to sport the awesomeness from the east end of the conveyor. If 
    you descend the stairs in the southwest corner, you'll come  to an area where 
    they hold a ton of boxes labeled ZOE, just like yours!  In addition, there is 
    a [RATION] in a small crawling space near the left stack of ZOE boxes. Now 
    leave the parcel room through the northwest door.
    --- DE CONNECTING BRIDGE -------------------------------------
    There's a single  patrolling soldier  on the bridge.  Hop down  the stairs to 
    find a [STUN GRENADE] and [SOCOM BULLETS] stuffed in the shadows on the lower 
    portion of the bridge. Enter Strut D from the bottom level.
    --- STRUT D SEDIMENT POOL ------------------------------------
    Conveniently, the local network decides to  make  things more  serviceable by
    placing a node just at the entrance of the strut! Download the area map and 
    get started. Three guards govern this waste room: two on the top level, and a 
    third one on the lower level. Interestingly, if you nail a guard while he's 
    leaning against a rail, he'll fall over and plunge to his demise in the waste 
    Let the bodies hit the water! There's a disposal gate on the top floor on the 
    bottom of the door to the Shell 1-2 Connecting bridge. Drag a body to the 
    gate and Raiden dumps the corpse into the water below, where he'll make a big 
    There's a [RATION] in the fence opening of  the agitator. [SOCOM BULLETS] are 
    at the end of the left side and [M9 BULLETS] sit under the staircase. Equip 
    the Sensor A to uncover Fatman's highly active signature on the left side, 
    under the CD connecting bridge entrance.  Lift the maintenance hatch to  find 
    it. Deactivate the final "baby" C4 bomb. Stillman reminds you of the main 
    threat--the bomb reigning the bottom of Strut A. Peter knew something like 
    this might happen, so he's prepared a special Sensor that he's left behind in 
    the pantry. He instructs you to go fetch it.
    --- CD CONNECTING BRIDGE -------------------------------------
    Keep under the surveillance camera, but if it  becomes an annoyance, blast it 
    with the Socom. Then hide in the alcove as the single soldier inspects this 
    end of the bridge.  Once he starts to turn  around and make his rounds to the 
    other side, jump out and shoot him in the kneecaps.  Then maybe take  his dog 
    tag.  Be careful when walking on the bridge! The floor panels have some loose 
    screws that need tightening. They will fall  under Raiden, bringing  him with 
    them to the waters if he doesn't have the brains to keep moving!
    --- STRUT C DINING HALL --------------------------------------
    Pick up the [SENSOR B] from the  pantry Stillman locked himself in.  Now that 
    you're ready to find the motherlode, Peter suggests checking the bottom of 
    Strut A. Pliskin interrupts and reports his status.  He's about to deactivate 
    the last C4. As he does, it suddenly dawns on Stillman that the big bombs 
    were programmed to activate when all the "baby" C4s go offline. To think that 
    you've survived the bomb threat...You now have 400  seconds to reach the main  
    course, or you may find yourself up in smoke along with the flying fish.
    Head all the way to Strut A starting from the  BC Connecting Bridge.  Throw a 
    Chaff to temporarily disable the Cypher. See how spare Chaffs are useful?  In
    Strut B, the guards have magically regenerated! They've found replacements. 
    Only worry about the outside hallway guard. Then just continue to Strut A via 
    the AB Connecting Bridge.
    --- STRUT A ROOFTOP ------------------------------------------
    The elevator has returned and has been waiting  patiently. Quickly run to the 
    platform without being seen. Move further back into the elevator and it'll 
    descend to the depths below. On the way down, Stillman admits that Fatman has 
    surpassed him in terms of techniques (I must admit that this is a pretty 
    impressive setup).  Following the massive destruction of Shell 2, Codec lines 
    to Pliskin and Peter are severed. So no calls to or from them for a while.
    --- STRUT A DEEP SEA DOCK ------------------------------------
    When Raiden arrives, you'll see  that the room has  undergone a make over and 
    new items have been placed among the mast. Head down to the room where you've 
    begun at the beginning of the Plant chapter. The bomb is located under the 
    drooping submarine.  Stand at the bottom edge of the pool side and neutralize 
    the threat from afar.
    The bomb threat has abated. Your new mission is to save the president. Moving 
    back through the hallway, the Colonel announces that the terrorists have 
    killed a hostage in retaliation to your act of defusing their bombs. Starting 
    now, they will eliminate a hostage every hour.  Things are heating up and the 
    weight of responsibility  becomes increasingly heavier.  The Colonel commands 
    Raiden to quickly return to the rooftop of Strut A.
    The rookie complies and  heads for the elevator, but is stopped in his tracks 
    by a feminine figure who steps off first.  She waves her enormous rail gun 
    menacingly and bids Raiden to come. In this fight with Fortune, don't waste a 
    bullet. Just keep rolling around and avoiding direct impacts from her shots. 
    Eventually, the Colonel will  end the battle and relay a message from Fatman. 
    Looks like he's planted another bomb and asked for Raiden directly.
    Meanwhile, Fortune is still there tapping her foot impatiently.  Raiden tries 
    to find a way around her and resorts to the norm. The continuous bullets 
    ricochet off Fortune and bounce towards Vamp, right in the forehead, where it 
    will leave an ugly scar forever. Oh wait, he's dead. Fortune drops to the 
    floor and mourns his death. Raiden takes the opportunity to slip by and 
    ascends to the rooftop. Little does he know  that Vamp is not killed. Can you 
    say plot hole? Anyone know how someone can survive a bullet to the head?
    On the rooftop, carefully work your way around the newly planted mines at the 
    entrances to the Strut A pump room. Now your new goal is to head to the Strut 
    E Heliport to confront Fatman.  Head to the FA Connecting  Bridge and proceed 
    from there.
    --- STRUT E HELIPORT ------------------------------------------
    Another [CLAYMORE] claims the space at the end of the  rounded catwalk to add 
    to a growing collecting of mines you may never use. At the top of the stairs, 
    pick up the [SOCOM BULLETS] you'll need. Raiden finds the bomb placed in the 
    open. As soon as it is put out of commission, Fatman emerges. He preaches 
    nonsense as he roller-skates around the heliport. He decides he wants to play 
    a game. A game he would love to  have Raiden involved in.  See Boss Guide for 
    strategies on how to give him a cheap liposuction.
    The sensor picks up the  last bomb's scent spectrum  in the area where Raiden 
    and Fatman stand. It's actually hidden under the big lard. So drag him away 
    and deactivate the thing.  Then shake Fatman for a dog tag. He may also drop 
    some Socom bullets to compensate for the  waste of ammo you used on his face. 
    Laugh and get fat! Or something...
                                   | Part Five |
    Move to the bottom of the  heliport and Mr. X makes  his first appearance. He 
    gives you the [B.D.U.] which cannot be used until you've found the missing 
    piece to the disguise--the AKS-74u, a [CELL PHONE] for  future notes, and the 
    [LV2 CARD] for access to the Lv2 security doors. Besides giving these items, 
    he also spells out how to find the president. You can find him through
    talking to Ames, a member of the secret service. He imparts many shocking 
    secrets that will make Raiden a trifle unhappy  about being the only  one who 
    was not properly informed.
    After Mr. X's departure, head to Strut F Warehouse to collect some new wares.
    Just remember NOT to use the disguise yet. Even after you've obtained the AK 
    assault rifle. The guards inside and outside the shell core wear 
    distinguishably different uniforms to determine which belong where.  They'll 
    see through your disguise easily! 
    --- STRUT F WAREHOUSE -----------------------------------------
    Begin on the top floor of the warehouse, at which a guard  keeps watch in the 
    rear hallway. A second enemy sentry will soon make his rounds to Raiden's 
    current position. A third one isn't too far away either, but since he's 
    hanging out on the bottom floor, we'll have to take him out first. As soon as
    Raiden enters this strut, head right to the stairs and  take it to the bottom 
    At this time, the lower patrolling soldier should be gawking at the east wall 
    for a long time, giving Raiden the perfect  opportunity to sneak into the Lv2
    security room here. The cargo has been set up to be grounds for perfect 
    hiding spots in case of an emergency. Collect the goodies around the room, 
    including the  important [AKS-74u], which  now  completes the enemy illusion. 
    By now, the guard is probably standing  outside the doorway, pacing  back and 
    forth. The second guard may have also made his trip down from the upper
    level, so stay low until they clear. When the extra guard heads back up the 
    stairs and the original guard faces south, then east, quickly tranquilize him 
    or give him a head shot. Then drag his body to  the left Lv1 room and cram it 
    in the locker for safekeeping.
    Head back up to the top floor and tend to the two guards there. Try not to
    knock out the sentry with the longest route since he needs to report in every 
    minute or so. That and because he's easy to work around without going through 
    too much trouble. On this floor, ransack the Lv2 rooms to find the [M4] 
    assault rifle.  However, be SURE to  deactivate  the C4  control unit  BEFORE 
    claiming the prize.  Gather some [C4s] of your own  and extra ammunition  for 
    your newly acquired weapons.
    --- EF CONNECTING BRIDGE -------------------------------------
    A look-out guard has been sent to the  heliport again since you've dispatched 
    the last one. Carefully take him out again and utilize the M4 on the gun-
    mounted Cyphers. Then cross the bridge midway and head to the adjacent bridge 
    on the left. This leads to the Shell 1 Core entrance. Don't forget to check 
    for Cyphers BEFORE crossing this bridge. It's rigged to have the panels fall 
    under Raiden. Once he starts running, RUN all the way home! Pick up the [AKS-
    74u BULLETS] on your way to Shell One's entrance.
    --- SHELL 1 CORE, 1F -----------------------------------------
    Now is a good time to put the B.D.U. to good use. Then have the AKS-74u slung 
    across Raiden's back, and you're in good shape. Remember, don't do anything 
    out of the ordinary to attract unwanted attention, ESPECIALLY Raiden's  
    somersault move.  Never, NEVER bump  into  guards either because when you do, 
    the disguise magically un-equips itself and your cover is blown!  Of course, 
    you can always run around a corner and re-equip everything to fool them 
    twice.  Just keep the B.D.U. and  AKS-74u equipped.  This is your only ticket 
    Notice the extremely  tight security.  It's a very good thing that ninja went 
    through the trouble of fetching Raiden a pair of these suits. Two Russian 
    soldiers walk up and down this corridor in a swing movement.  Squeeze through 
    the gaps and head down the passage to the left, entering the locker room. 
    Here, Raiden finds a Node, with which he can use to  pick up the latest issue 
    of Area Maps of MGS2. Pick up the [CHAFF GRENADE] and search the lockers for 
    [M9 BULLETS]. In the bottom row: [C4], [BOOK], and a [CLAYMORE]. Force open 
    the locked locker by bashing it silly until it falls over for spare [M4 
    BULLETS]. Head out the door on the left and pocket the box of [SOCOM BULLETS] 
    at the end of the left, short hallway.
    At the elevator, press the Triangle to call for the lift.  The camera posted 
    above will scan for correct personnel equipment. If you don't have the right 
    stuff, the alarm will sound. Once the scan is done, Raiden will be allowed to 
    enter the lift. Press the button to B2.
    --- SHELL 1 CORE, B2 COMPUTER ROOM ----------------------------
    Head out the west door and  follow the square corridor  that eventually wraps 
    back to the elevator. The single guard assigned to keep the corridor safe and 
    snug occasionally runs laps around the compound. He does that just so Raiden 
    could run into him and drop the guise. Don't let  that happen 'cause we wanna 
    keep things on the DL here.
    Look through  the lockers on the  east side for some  [M4 BULLETS] and [SOCOM 
    BULLETS]. Then batter the top most locker from your perspective to topple the 
    stack of [BOOKS] from atop the lockers. Dirty magazine bliss! Enter the  
    computer room from the southern end of the compound and stare in awe at the 
    awesome posters!
    Three snazzy soldiers have been posted here.  The computer room isn't exactly 
    very spacious, so be careful not to bump into anyone when walking around.
    Eventually, Raiden reaches the small cubicle, which houses everyone's 
    favorite local network. Take the [AKS-74u BULLETS] and [BOX 4] from the stash 
    and squeeze between two goofy guards to the northwest corner, where the 
    [DIRECTIONAL MICROPHONE] can be obtained.  Look at the pretty birdy!  Squawk!
    Look at the pretty sights in the computer  room: A Policenauts poster, an old 
    Metal Gear poster and a Zone of the Enders poster are all plastered on the 
    walls around the computer room.  If you hear things like "BaBOOM!" or "Top of 
    the locker! Squawk!", it's only that boisterous  parrot in its cage.  Put the
    purification water down. Your TV set is not possessed. 
    Also, you can spray the parrot with the Coolant Spray since you can't kill it 
    with bullets. Spray it long enough and it will call for back-up. Just be 
    careful, though, when un-equipping your AKS. It'd be better that you try your 
    best to knock out the guards with the M9, first.
    Another interesting thing to watch: The guard on the lower end moves from one 
    computer to another.  If you  look over to  what he's doing, you'll  see he's 
    looking at dirty pictures! Ahh, the poor blighter.
    If you need an additional [BANDAGE], you can find it lying under the center
    workstation. Leave the computer room unless you're having too much fun with 
    the parrot.
    --- SHELL 1 CORE, B1 ------------------------------------------
    Stepping off the  elevator, Raiden  peeks  around the corner  to find a guard 
    gaining entry into the  hostage room using the Retina scanner. There's no way 
    to fool that thing with what Raiden has. Head into the room at the end of the 
    short passage to find the Node terminal and a [RATION] stuffed inside the 
    right locker. When Raiden leaves and starts heading down the central corridor 
    he may notice only one guard on duty. That may be so, but don't take him 
    down, dammit!
    There are really three guards in the sector.  It's just that two  of them are 
    on a coffee break in the lounge room. And when the current patrolling guard 
    returns to give a positive report, they switch roles in a constant pattern: 
    The soldier that had just came back will  move to his stationary position in 
    the break room, and another soldier  will emerge from the room to inspect the 
    Hey, look! It's the new generation of Charlie's Angels on the wall! Before 
    doing anything else, pick up the [M4 BULLETS] near the lounge entrance and 
    loot the lockers for [SOCOM BULLETS] and a [STUN GRENADE].
    If you try to  punch  the  lockers, the ruckus  causes the  closest  guard to 
    investigate the source of the banging. Stay still and he'll just shake it off 
    and go back to his statue position.
    Now, it's time to  speed to  the next area: the  hostage room.  And  the only
    thing that keeps you from doing so is the scanner. So how do we get by it 
    without blowing the f-in' thing apart?  Why, be resourceful. When a guard 
    moves out to the hallway, strangle him and hold him "hostage".  Then drag him 
    to the scanner and face forward. Raiden then smacks his face into the scanner 
    and all is well. Sounds cool, eh? So here's how we're gonna do this:
    From the left corner of the horizontal corridor, wait until a guard moves out 
    to the hallway. At his first brief pause, which is on the west end of the 
    hallway, un-equip the AKS. Then press and hold Square. If Raiden ends up 
    flipping him over, quickly re-equip the AKS-74u  and play it cool.  The guard 
    will call for back-up. Just stay out of the way during the clearing.
    --- THE HOSTAGE ROOM -----------------------------------------
    At this point, the Colonel contacts Raiden to draw  some boundaries on things 
    he can do and cannot do in here.  The only thing that should NEVER be done is
    to try to decommission the single sentry that circles the room. Yes, it would 
    be much easier to go about your business, but if you lay one finger on him, 
    Raiden gets busted. Also, don't keep the Directional Microphone equipped when 
    the guard is around. But if he does happen to see Raiden without his AKS, 
    quickly re-equip it and  maintain  your composure while  he questions Raiden.
    Make a quick round around the outside edge of the room to  collect a [RATION] 
    and a [BANDAGE].  If you've already  forgotten, you're here to find Ames, the 
    president's right-hand man. So how the hell do you look for him?  Well, how 
    to locate him stems from the clue Raiden was given about his wearing a 
    pacemaker. When Raiden points the D.M. at someone, you should be listening 
    for a muffled beep that follows the person's heartbeat. When you think you've 
    found Ames, press the Triangle button to confirm your suspicions. Some people
    are sleeping. Being tied up and blindfolded is sleep-inducing, I think.  Perk 
    them up with the Coolant Spray.
    There's one  thing you  should know before  you hunt  around for Ames: if the 
    hostages are constantly squirming around and the guard notices it, he will 
    suspect a potential hostile situation and request for back-up. This will 
    bring the guard count to two. The number of  guards will increase if you keep 
    it up. It's better to work with as little terrorists as possible. It's common 
    If you want to find Ames yourself, then skip  this paragraph. The events that 
    follow are driven by the game. Now, Ames is tied to a table with some boxes 
    facing the south wall at the southern end of the room. He's easy to find 
    because he's a loner there! When Ames is found, a series of cutscenes will 
    take over. Keep in mind that his location changes with every new game.
    [HELP WITH FINDING AMES]  Thanks to CorranH96
    Besides using the D. Mic to find Ames you can look at his hair. His hair goes 
    down to his suit and is easy to see compared to other hostages. 
    [WEIRD STUFF]  Submitted by RedOktobah
    One time I went in, and Ames did not exist. I checked everybody in the room, 
    and all they said was, "Mmmrrrpph!", "I'm not Ames", or "My name's Jennifer" 
    Another time, I went in, and they were all Jennifer except for one. 
    Ames spills the beans on  stuff you would  have  never imagined.  Witness the 
    scenes for yourself. Later on, Raiden and Ames catch a glimpse of the Solid 
    Snake impersonator and overhear his conversation with Ocelot. Adjust the D.M. 
    so that it can pick up the conversation better.
    Ames gives Raiden the [LV3 CARD] and imparts his last thoughts. At this point
    Ocelot starts to approach Raiden. Now you have 10 seconds to re-equip the 
    AKS-74u or Raiden will get caught and be fed to the grinding machine! 
    Thankfully, the time doesn't elapse in the inventory  screen, so you can find 
    a rubber band to strap it down while you take a quick restroom break.
    After equipping the gun, don't attempt to escape. Just stay still. A cutscene 
    ensues that highlights Ames' death and Raiden's unmasking. The cyborg ninja 
    appears out of nowhere and deflects the bullets while Raiden makes an escape.
    When Raiden steps  out to the  B1 hallway, a general  announcement orders all 
    personnel to give the entire core a clean sweep. The disguise doesn't work 
    anymore since Ocelot has the mask.  Caution mode is in effect and all of the 
    guards that were previously kicking back in the lounge room are in full force 
    looking for Raiden. 
    You can start collecting dog tags if you want. Begin by going up the vertical 
    hallway. A guard in the adjacent passage is searching the room at the end. 
    Tranquilize him and stuff him in the locker for safekeeping. If Raiden is 
    caught and the cavalry is after him, hide in the locker and stay DOWN. The AI 
    of the soldiers have  increased significantly.  Stay in the locker  until the 
    heat dies down. 
    --- SHELL 1 CORE, 1F ----------------------------------------
    If you've already made your  way down to this  level during Caution mode, you
    will soon find that this is suicide the hard way. Attack teams are all over 
    the place. After everything has subsided, this is the best time to be on the 
    move again. Exiting from the elevator, shoot the camera on the west corridor 
    corner with the Socom to sever its signal.  Then tranquilize  the  guard that 
    pauses briefly under it.
    Peek around the  corner and  dispatch the last  soldier in this  hallway. The 
    trip to the exit is all yours from here.
                                     | Part Six |
    Access to Shell 2 is now open for Raiden. However, as insinuated earlier, the 
    bridge is rigged with a myriad of wired Semtex explosives set to destroy the 
    entire place should anyone carelessly trip the sensors. To overcome this, 
    Raiden needs precision shooting.  And for that, he needs a sniper rifle.  But 
    he can do without, for your information.
    --- EF CONNECTING BRIDGE -------------------------------------
    The Cyphers  that were  destroyed  earlier  have been  repaired and  are back  
    online. Customary stuff: Whip out that M4 and from the Shell 1 Core entrance, 
    shoot down any Cyphers in sight for an insured safe trip across the 
    bridge.  Head down the bridge back to  Strut F  to gather some new equipment.
    --- STRUT F WAREHOUSE ----------------------------------------
    The Lv3 PAN Card Ames presented  to Raiden  gives him access to  Lv3 security 
    doors in the warehouse. First, find the [RGB6] grenade launcher and its 
    rounds stowed in the first room on the left when  Raiden enters the warehouse 
    from the hallway.  If you need to stock up on ammo, some are stashed in rooms 
    Raiden had already looted.
    Then head down to the lower right room to enter the next Lv3 door and acquire 
    the spunky [PSG-1] and some [PSG-1 BULLETS] to give it a kick start. From 
    where Raiden picked up the PSG-1, crawl into the space on the east wall to 
    find a shiny, new [PSG-1T] at the end. The PSG-1T is a tranquilizer rendition 
    of the PSG-1. The first round of bullets for this can be found around the 
    warehouse. You've gotten what you came for, but before you leave, check other 
    rooms for additional  ammunition  for the  firearms. There are [GRENADES] and 
    [CLAYMORES] in the Lv3 room next to the FA Connecting Bridge entrance. 
    The entrance to  the Shell 1-2  Connecting  Bridge is located  in the Strut D 
    Sediment Pool, right next to the disposal gate on the top floor.
    --- SHELL 1-2 CONNECTING BRIDGE --------------------------------
    On the vast field of the Shell 1-2 Connecting Bridge, Pliskin contacts Raiden 
    and warns him about the Semtex explosives set up around the bridge. Before 
    rescuing the president, you must rescue yourself by disarming 10 control 
    units for the C4--all arbitrarily placed around the bridge.  Raiden helps you
    pinpoint the first one and which does he find?  Why, the most plausible 
    location for a control unit.  When Raiden uses the sniper  rifle, you'll find 
    that he shakes uncontrollably. It will definitely off-throw your shot in this 
    condition. Pop a Pentazemin to calm his nerves. 
    The first 4 control units should be easy. Three of them are right in front of 
    Raiden: One is attached to the agitator, and two of them are safely tucked 
    next to ticking C4's on the ground to the left. The  fourth one is planted at 
    the top of the doorway entrance to Strut D.
    The remaining six are tricky to find. First, use the Scope to scout the rough 
    locations and know exactly where they are to supplement my text-based 
    locations. Ok, let's get the easiest ones. The first of the six to find is 
    affixed on the hovering Cypher in the distance.  Zoom in on blinking control 
    box mounted on the very top of it. Be sure to hit the box only.
    Move to the right alcove to get a better view of the next one.  Look directly 
    out into the distance to find this set plastered to the east of the Strut G
    entrance. It's a structural outline of a Shell: Six surrounding C4s and a 
    single control unit in the center. Carefully snipe the control box. Two down, 
    four more to go.
    Then move to the left alcove and zoom in to the left of the Strut G entrance.
    There, Raiden finds the third bunch of the control units encompassed by 
    several Semtex. After it's been put out of commission, look down to the 
    bridge to find  the next  control  unit snuggled on the left side, in the far 
    The second to the last control box is planted on the wall behind the flapping
    Sons of Liberty flag off the west side of Strut G's entrance. Wait a while 
    for a gust of wind to waft the flag off to the side to reveal the control box 
    situated behind it. You may not know whether you've hit it successfully or 
    not, so just wait for another breeze. Or you could just wipe out the last 
    control unit to find out.
    The last one is situated  on a small ledge below the Strut G entrance, on the 
    west wall. A flock of birds indicates its location. Aim and shoot the unit. 
    If you end up assassinating a seagull instead, the warning should have driven 
    the rest away, leaving an open shot. If all goes well, a cutscene will ensue.
    NOTE: For the Hard and Extreme locations of the control units, please see the
    next section entitled, Hard-Extreme Notes.
    Instead of using the PSG-1 to demolish all the  control units, use the plain, 
    old Socom. I've not gone insane. In fact, it's possible. I've done it myself.
    When you do, e-mail me. You don't get anything special in return. Pat 
    yourself on the back. Hint: Read the Socom  description I've  provided in the 
    weapons section. No cheating. :P
    Moving to the  bridge, Raiden  receives  a call  from  Pliskin.  He's found a 
    Kasatka chopper to escort the hostages with. Pliskin introduces Raiden to his 
    pal, Otacon.  Things finally start to unravel here.  As the chopper closes in 
    on the bridge, an impious figure  emerges from the shadows. Pliskin tries 
    unsuccessfully to shoot him with a volley of bullets, but Solidus is way too 
    fast and sweeps through his assault with minimal effort, unscathed. Pliskin 
    can't do much in his  position, so he  passes on  the [STINGER] and  a box of 
    [STINGER MISSILES] to Raiden. Pliskin leaves Raiden to deal with the  Harrier  
    that rises. See Boss Guide for details.
    Following the  battle, the downfall  of the Harrier, and the return  of Metal 
    Gear RAY, Raiden finds much of the connecting bridge obliterated. Oh dear. 
    How will we get to Shell Two now?? Oh, I know! I'll just read Adrenaline's 
    FAQ. Her guide alone proves that humankind is worthy of going on. So anyway,
    approach the fire on the left to receive a page from the ninja. He advises  
    using the Coolant Spray to extinguish the fires. After snuffing out the fire, 
    quickly run down the stairs, grab the [RATION] and run back up before the 
    stairs fall to the waters below.
    Hop over the yellow rail to the right and hang  over the orange pipe extended 
    underneath. Drop on it and carefully walk down the pipe to find a [RATION] at 
    the south end. Then walk up the pipe until Raiden is directly aligned with 
    the other half of the bridge on the left. Use the D-Pad for this. At the very 
    edge of the pipe, somersault to the broken platform. Raiden should land on 
    it, but if he's a little off balance, he may fall to his death. Take the 
    goods here and put out the fire to acquire the [AKS-74u SUPPRESSOR], which is 
    useless compared the Socom  Suppressor. Jump across to the  other catwalk. As 
    soon as Raiden leaves the platform, a fire will break out behind him. 
    If you think the last method is a little dangerous and you just can't pull it 
    off (or you have no f-ing clue what I'm talking about), fear not: there is a 
    second way onto to the platform which holds your precious suppressor. Before 
    flipping over the yellow rail to traverse the crumbled bridge, you may notice 
    that a piece of the bridge is extended toward the platform on the opposite 
    end. It might not be hanging directly over the platform, but it's positioned 
    in such a way that if you time a sideflip correctly, you will be able to land 
    on it, allowing you to claim the prize, as well as the few other goodies. 
    Good luck, soldier.
    Follow the rounded catwalk to the end. Keep moving because the path will fall 
    under Raiden. At the end, leap over the edge to land on the catwalk below. At 
    this time, two sentinels are sent out to the bridge above to inspect the
    wreckage of the Shell 1-2 Connecting Bridge. Stay in the shadows and engage a 
    headshot or two with the sniper rifle.
    Cross the catwalk by leaping over the first gap and shimmying across the next
    one. At the end is Strut L Perimeter.
    --- STRUT L PERIMETER -----------------------------------------
    Luckily, the  catwalk itself is  devoid of  enemy sentries, but two  soldiers 
    secure the insides, occasionally looking  out the  window to detect any signs 
    of trouble. If they spot Raiden, even if he's standing near a window from 
    afar, they'll call for Cyphers to take care of him. When this happens, simply 
    go back to the ladder and lie low. 
    Your first instincts tell you to side step under  the window sills, but there 
    is an extremely easier way to get by them without being lighted upon. All you 
    really have to do is crawl under their noses the whole way, but with the 
    analog stick geared at an acute angle.  The floor panels  have been outfitted 
    with floor panels that fall under Raiden. By crawling as fast as possible, he 
    can move over them before they drop.
    At the end where there  seemingly is no path to  walk on, flatten against the 
    wall and sidestep carefully across. When you reach the ventilator, crouch and 
    continue under it to the other side.
    Around the corner, a guard above is about to burst.  He checks to see if the 
    coast is clear and goes about his business.
    When nature calls, you'll have to respond.  As the guard starts releasing the 
    load on the path ahead, Raiden can stand under it and get doused with healthy 
    urinals. Shoot at him to make him pause momentarily, frightened that he might 
    have been caught, but he'll just give up and return to business. Naturally, 
    after a minute or so, his bladder will be  exhausted and he'll go back to his 
    proper business.
    Drop down  to the  next catwalk  below and  grab  the [AKS-74u BULLETS]. This 
    catwalk leads to the KL Connecting Bridge. About a 1/4 way through the 
    walkway, look over to the left and find a clear opening of part of the KL 
    bridge. Wait until a Cypher looms  into view and dispatch it to make the path 
    less treacherous. Then ascend the stairs to the bridge.
    From the top of the stairs, look ahead to  find  a small army of  gun-mounted 
    Cyphers guarding the entrance to the Shell 2 Core. Its line of defense won't 
    last long as Raiden blasts them into  oblivion with the M4.  Then move across 
    the bridge and open Raiden's arms to a bag of goods on the bridge.
    --- SHELL 2 CORE, 1F AIR PURIFICATION ROOM ---------------------
    After watching Olga lift the  switch to  activate the electric  floor panels,
    move down the stairs to the lower portion and stock up on [SOCOM BULLETS] 
    found on the crates, and [M9 BULLETS] nestled  beside the stairs ahead.  The 
    small passage to the left holds a [CHAFF GRENADE] at the end, and the room 
    opposite it houses two  gun-mounted surveillance  cameras.  Sever their  
    frequencies with the silenced Socom since you have time now. The break room 
    ahead features the Node  and [M4 BULLETS].  More can  be found  in the alcove  
    on the far right of the adjacent corridor.
    Press up against the east  wall in the break room and  the camera changes the 
    angle to an overhead view of the break room and the room on the other side of 
    the wall. The president is being held captive on the other side, pacing back 
    and forth.  Knock on the wall to draw his attention and he'll come to inspect
    the noise.  Do it repeatedly and  he'll tell  you to "Knock it off!" This can 
    also be done on the south wall of the outside corridor.
    --- SHELL 2 CORE, B1 INFILTRATION CHAMBER NO. 1 -----------------
    A Node is just conveniently placed to the  right of the  elevator, with which 
    Raiden can use to service and update his radar. Now, dip into the water. The 
    ever-annoying Colonel radios in for last minute swimming lessons, hoping 
    Raiden will soak in the information like a porous sponge. Once he's gotten 
    his feet wet, duck into the water. The O2 Gauge appears under the life gauge; 
    it represents the amount of air Raiden still has in his lungs. If it runs
    out, his life gauge will begin to deplete. When his  meter empties, it's bye-
    bye for Raiden. Try again. 
    Every now and then, there  will  be "rest points"  indicated by  a square  of 
    light lit upon the floor. When you see this, swim up to allow Raiden to 
    recuperate his O2 gauge. It slowly fills.  Finally, for the directions to get 
    the Nikita, already! 
    From the stairs, paddle forward  and follow the straight, flooded corridor to 
    the end, where Raiden bumps into and picks up the [NIKITA].  With it in hand, 
    swim back to the stairs and return to 1F of the Shell 2 Core.
    --- SHELL 2 CORE, 1F AIR PURIFICATION ROOM ---------------------
    Lug the portable hip rocket launcher  to the tiny storage  room, where Raiden 
    had taken out the two surveillance cameras. Look for the duct on the west 
    side of the wall with the Thermal Goggles, if needed. Then fire a remote 
    guided missile into the duct.  At this point, you now control the missile. So 
    pilot it through a  few turns.  The missile should reach the President's room 
    shortly. There are many different paths to the room, so just turn practically 
    anywhere. Remember, the target is  NOT the President, so veer the  missile to 
    the left and to  its rightful  destination--navigate the missile to  the blue 
    control panels on the left, and the game will do the rest.
    Destroying the control panels  deactivates the electric  floor panels leading 
    to the President's room.  The entrance to the generator room is  on the other 
    side of the compound, north of the Shell 2 Core entryway.
    When Raiden meets with the President, not only does he grab his crotch (...), 
    he also imparts shocking knowledge into Raiden's little pea brain about the 
    Patriots and everything Raiden was never filled in about.  Now, if I gave you
    a recap of the things he  said, not only will it  cause my brain to overload, 
    it'll totally spoil the entire game for you. It gets a little confusing. 
    After an immersing conversation with the guy, he gives you the [Lv4 PAN CARD] 
    and a disc containing a virus to upload into the main computer--[MO DISK].  
    He prompts Raiden  to kill  him  before the final  confirmation  of his vital 
    signs is placed. Raiden refuses and incites a struggle. Before Raiden can 
    resist, the President is shot by Ocelot.  The Colonel claims that the nuclear 
    air strike has been neutralized, but it seems that the  terrorists have other 
    plans to carry out.
    Like a servant doing several menial tasks, Raiden is ordered to find and save 
    Emma, since she is the only one who knows how to use the disk and stop the 
    Arsenal Gear. It's time to head back to the filtration chamber in B1 again.
    --- SHELL 2 CORE, B1 FILTRATION CHAMBER NO. 1 -------------------
    This portion is going to be hard to explain in terms  of directions.  So, for 
    the sake of sanity and easy comprehension, I will lay out a map for you.  Are 
    we on the same page, now? No? Great. Let's get started.
               |                         |
        _______|       #        #        |_______
       |                   #                 [2] |
       |___    #__________________________#     _|
          |   |////////////////////////////|   |
          |   |////////////////////////////|   |        
          |   |//////// EMPTY SPACE ///////|   |        LEGEND:       
          |   |////////////////////////////|   |       ---------------------
          |   |________________________ ___|[E]|        [S] – Starting Point
       ___|                        |   |   |___|        [E] – To Chamber No. 2
      |   |         ___ ## ___     |   |                [1] – Night Vision G.
      |   |________|   |  |   |____|   |                [2] - Ration
      |   |            |  |        |   |                [#] - Openings
      |   |____________|##|________|   |
      |   #                        #   |   Hey, Adrenaline, thanks for the cruddy
      |   |           _____        |   |   map. It didn't help jack ****!         
      |   |          | [1] |       |   |   
      |   |__________|     |_______|   |   Well, I sure hope I helped George. It
      |                                |   was the best I could do, so no 
      |    ____________________________|   complaints.
      |   |   
      |   |___      Crap map created by: Adrenaline (toiletrabbit(at)hotmail.com) 
      |       |
      | [S]   |
    My text-based directions are not  based on the map, so if I say "left", it is 
    not from the map's perspective. Rather, it's your own, as if you were playing  
    and listening attentively to my slur of directions. Here is my pathetic 
    attempt at a text-based navigation: Starting from the stairs (Starting 
    point), wiggle forward until the entryway to the right corridor comes up. 
    Swim into that corridor and take a brief stop to pick up the styling [N.V.G.] 
    from the small (left) passage. Then surf into the next corridor, where it 
    leads up. Don't risk long swims. Take a breather at the air holes when you 
    get the chance. 
    Enter the adjacent corridor on the left.  The next corridor to the right will 
    loom into view shortly. Take the right corridor up. Follow it left and up. 
    Open the water-tight door. A dead body will  pop out to scare the <expletive> 
    out of you.
    The next area is comprised of crumbled debris, which act as blockades. Raiden 
    must swim around to find an opening. Don't worry about running out of air. 
    There are air holes for breaks. It's quite frustrating, but it's much easier 
    with the Thermal Goggles. Take the stairs up at the end to the next chamber.
    The following room features a square-shaped  walkway suspended over a kind of 
    high-density liquid that can drag Raiden under and kill him if he's not 
    careful.  Vamp appears in hopes of retribution to  that forehead wound Raiden 
    gave him. See Boss Guide for details. 
    --- SHELL 2 CORE, B1 FILTRATION CHAMBER NO. 2 -------------------
    The second chamber is much smaller than  the first, so a map isn't necessary.
    Littered throughout the flooded chamber are useful items, including the 
    awesome [BODY ARMOR].  Hell, I'll just provide  a map, so it'll save  me some 
    time to direct you with words that have failed me often.
        ____________________ __________
       |////////////////////|      |[3]|    
       |/// LOCKER ROOM ////|      |   |     LEGEND:
       |////////////////////#      |   |    ------------------------
       |____________________#      |   |     [S] – Starting Point 
       |[2]                            |     [1] - Ration
       |    _______________________    |     [2] – AKS-74u Bullets
       |   |_______________________|___|     [3] – Body Armor
       |                       [1] |   |
       |________________________##_|___|     You're on a roll!
    There you go again. Another  useless, crap map at  your disposal. Jerk. Once 
    Raiden reaches the locker room, log into the Node nearby. Take the 
    [PENTAZEMIN]. You'll need it later. And plenty of it. Many of the sliding 
    lockers are stuck, but  the ones that  do  open reveal a [BOOK] and [C4]. Oh, 
    and that twit, Emma. 
    When Raiden finds her, she'll rebuff Raiden's  kindness in  fear, thinking he 
    must be one of "them".  Raiden finally finds a way to persuade her that he is 
    the good guy here to save her stubborn ass. Emma's legs have been injected 
    with a strange chemical, numbing her legs. Thus, she isn't able to walk on 
    her own. It's Ico time! Press the Triangle button to hold her hand and drag 
    her with Raiden. They will move at a snail-like pace, and Raiden cannot equip 
    any weapons while he's holding her.  This makes Raiden completely vulnerable.  
    So remember to place Emma at a safe place whenever Raiden needs to tend to 
    the security. If either one of them  is discovered, it's nap time!  It's hard 
    to escape with Emma dragging you down.
    When Raiden tows Emma into the filtration chamber, her  fear of water  takes 
    over, cutting off all rational thought. If you've chatted with Otacon 
    earlier, he should have  already warned you about  her hydrophobic  disorder.
    Raiden suggests that Emma should listen to his heartbeat while they're 
    underwater to kill time and to get her mind  off the fact that she's  holding 
    her breath for a  hella long time.  Keep in mind that  her life and O2 gauges 
    are almost half the length of Raiden's, so breaks are definitely needed.
    At this point, contact Snake  several times  for an entertaining uh, convo or 
    something. You learn more about the relationship between Otacon and Emma. 
    Also, if you want to have some fun with Emma (Get your head partly out of the 
    gutter!), knock her out with the M9 or punches.  Then crawl directly over her 
    and call Otacon. Take note that you're not harming Emma  by strangling her or 
    punching her, but if you snap her neck--well, that's another story.
    Swim through  the second  filtration  chamber with no  problems.  When Raiden 
    arrives in the room in which he fought Vamp, don't take Emma to the left side 
    of the walkway, as newly planted Claymores are cluttered around that area. If 
    you're the prick and Emma's life gets sucked  down, allow her to sit down and 
    rest. This way, her health slowly recovers.
    Contact Snake and Otacon to unravel more of the convoluted plot. Many of your 
    questions could be answered by talking to them.
    The computer prodigy reveals that she was the one who wrote the virus to clog 
    Arsenal's system.  That probably explains her amazing ability to use it. Even 
    you can't wipe that silly look off Raiden's face.  Now, it's time to navigate 
    through the first chamber, which proves to be a lot more difficult than the 
    previous one. In the wreckage room, if Raiden hasn't obtained the PSG-1T yet, 
    he can find it on the  floor, under one of  the air gates. Use the map I have 
    provided above for assistance.
    Back at the elevator, if Raiden tries to lug Emma along  with him through the 
    sea of scuttling bugs (Hear that squishy sound? Yeah.), she'll scurry to a 
    safe distance away from the sea lice and scream "Bugs!" Well what do we have 
    here? A snobby, selfish brat suffering from hydrophobia and fears cute, 
    little lice that cures athletes foot! Two methods, little time. Hard way: Use 
    the Coolant to disperse every single group of clustered insects and clear the 
    path for Princess Emma.  Easy Way: Knock her lights out and haul her bumbling
    butt across the heap. Your choice.
    --- SHELL 2 CORE, 1F AIR PURIFICATION ROOM ----------------------
    This part gets a little tricky. This is also the first time you have  to work 
    stealthily with Emma around, so it takes some careful strategic thought. 
    Initially, there are only two sentries posted throughout the entire area. 
    However, as Raiden leads Emma closer to the exit, new guards start to appear,
    sent to thwart their progress. So technically, a total of six guards are 
    assigned to this sector. Placing Emma at a safe place for hiding while Raiden 
    takes care of the dirty work is key to getting out alive.
    While it's a bit late to  tell you this little tidbit, but what the hell: you 
    don't HAVE to go into FPV to hold someone up. Hold the L1 button down and 
    approach a guard with a gun equipped. Stay close and press the Square button. 
    Raiden yells "Freeze!" and it works to the same effect. It just saves you 
    about half a second, or even a  whole second (Wow! Really?! A WHOLE second!).  
    This technique is especially useful here.
    At the elevator, where the couple begins, bring Emma  to the small  alcove at 
    the right of the elevator. Leave her there and head towards the break room, 
    where you'll probably catch sight of an enemy cone on the radar. The guard is 
    in the break room, taking long pauses  at each entryway into  the room.  Lean 
    against the wall at any entrance and wait until the soldier turns his back on 
    Raiden. Then rush in and threaten for his dog tag. Knock him out with the M9.
    DO NOT leave his body there, especially if you've nailed him for good. Drag 
    him to where Emma is and leave him there. If you haven't given him a headshot 
    yet, now is a good time.
    Depending upon your situation, two guards can appear simultaneously, but that 
    is very less likely. Move down the long corridor. Once Raiden has walked past 
    the storage room on the  right, a new guardsman is summoned and  emerges from 
    the elevator. Hide in the storage room and wait patiently as he follows his 
    patrol route. When the guard starts to make his way back up the hallway, 
    towards the elevator, jump out and torture him for the popular dog tags. Take 
    him out and store his body in the storage room.  The pile will stack up soon.
    Return to Emma and lead her into the break room.  At this time, the  guard on 
    the lower, adjacent corridor will appear. He'll stare at the door with his 
    back facing the outside hallway for an eternity. He's easily held up and 
    dispatched.  Remember to stow his body in the  storage room for  precautions.
    Pick up the [PENTAZEMIN] stashed  in the left corner  at the end  of the long 
    corridor. If you need extra [SOCOM BULLETS], they are stationed on the 
    opposite end. Look over the wall on Raiden's tip-toes to find a guard below 
    that walks toward Raiden's position, but stops far enough away that he won't 
    be seen. Tranquilize him with the M9.  The newly placed sentry on the other 
    side won't be curious enough to investigate, but stay behind the wall anyway.
    Bring Emma to the staircase now and take care  of the guard on the other side 
    of the boxes that block Raiden from his view. With the two soldiers down,
    it's safe to lead Emma across the bottom. Before they reach the stairs to the 
    other side, stop.  Leggo of Emma's hands, flip to the  crates and hide behind 
    them. A new enemy cone magically appears as the physical form of its owner 
    emerges from the passage to the exit. Take the chance to equip a weapon while 
    he's still inspecting the place. Then wait until he turns his  back and makes 
    his way up the corridor. When he does, you know the drill.
    --- KL CONNECTING BRIDGE ---------------------------------------
    Collect the [RATION], [PSG-1 BULLETS] and the [CHAFF GRENADE] on  the way out 
    to the bridge. Go on, leaving Emma in the shelter, across the bridge.  At the
    end of the bridge, hide against the  low-hanging wall  so that the camera can 
    focus on Raiden and whatever's "behind him". Notice the patrolling guard. 
    Wait until the guard ogles at  the stairs to the lower catwalk, then surprise 
    him. He's a little stubborn, so let a Socom bullet whiz by his body parts and 
    he'll succumb to Raiden's arrest. 
    Hunt for extra items on the catwalk below. A fire breaks out on the path to 
    Strut L, so use the Coolant to extinguish the flames. BE SURE to take Emma 
    with you to Strut L. The entrance to Strut L requires a Lv5 PAN Card to 
    access. Enraged, Raiden clubs the door with his fists and curses. Seeing how 
    pitiful he is, Emma suddenly remembers that she has a Lv5 card slung around 
    her neck and gives it to Raiden. With the [Lv5 PAN CARD], enter Strut L.
    --- STRUT L SEWAGE TREATMENT FACILITY --------------------------
    In this incredibly small facility, Raiden finds two enemy sentries patrolling 
    back-to-back on a small, narrow catwalk in the shaft ahead.  The one  closest 
    to the door never lets up on his watch for intruders emerging from the 
    doorway. My strategy won't allow you to collect their dog tags, since it 
    involves executing.  You'll have to figure out how to reap their dog tags on 
    your own (gasp!)!
    The rear watchman's patrol route seems to extend  to the doorway on the other 
    side. From the hallway, you can see enough of his body for a quick drop on 
    the poor guy. Take out the M9 and tranquilize him. Don't kill him; it'll 
    immediately alert the other guard.  After he's down and dozing off, equip the 
    Socom. Then storm into the room and pump rapid shots into the conscious guard 
    relentlessly until he falls.
    Lead Emma into the room ahead and  open the hatch on  the floor to reveal a
    --- STRUT L OIL FENCE ------------------------------------------
    Once Emma and  Raiden  have completed  the long descent, it's  time to  evoke 
    those sniping skills.  I hope you have plenty of Pentazemins. Four, at the 
    very least.  Don't worry about  being short  of PSG-1 bullets, they will 
    regenerate around the  area for re-stocking.  The oil fence is comprised of a 
    series of pontoon bridges that are connected to columns. The number of guards 
    are at its lowest, since a majority of them are boarding Arsenal Gear. The 
    weaklings were left behind, and that includes Johnny. *wink*
    Since the narrow  walkways don't look  very sturdy, Raiden  decides that Emma 
    must make her way across on her own with his sniping back-up. Raiden sees her 
    off as she climbs down the  steps and balances  her way across the thin path.
    Grab the [PSG-1 BULLETS] nearby.  If you ever run out of ammo, they'll always 
    be ready for ya.  Take Snake's advice and equip the Thermal Goggles to better 
    identify Claymores, enemy sentries and gun Cyphers.
    Pop a Pentazemin and get started. Use the pills _sparingly_. On the path Emma 
    is currently taking, there are several Claymores set ahead. Blast them out of 
    the way before she reaches them. For the sake of a later convenience, move 
    the scope over a few columns and scout for two other Claymores. Dispatch 
    those before you forget, which won't be a complete shocker. Then return your 
    attention to Emma, who by now, should be nearing the first tower. Clear the 
    path of sentries with quick kills in the head. After certain guards have been 
    taken down, others will appear out of nowhere.
    If Emma is seen by the enemy, quickly dispose of  them before the gun Cyphers 
    swoop in. Alert and Caution mode will be negated when no more sentries are in 
    sight.  To effectively take out a Cypher in one shot, aim for the gun mounted
    at the tip of its "bottom".  They will appear often so keep  a sharp eye out.
    Continue to clear the path for Emma as needed.  After Emma crosses the second
    path, Snake will be ready in his sniping position.  For now, he'll stand by 
    until Raiden calls him for help. If you call for his help, he will do most of 
    the hard work.  However, he may need  help at  times with trashing Cyphers
    You can find Snake lying on  his belly on the last column.  If you shoot him, 
    he'll get pissed and retaliate with a shot of his own. It's pretty funny.
    When Emma nearly finishes off the last of her  excursion to Strut E, a blood-
    thirsty vampire pays his last  respects and holds the helpless child hostage.
    Snake won't be able  to shoot from  his position  so Emma's life now  sits on 
    Raiden's shoulders. See Boss Guide for details.  This should be easy, though.
                                    | Part Seven |
    After Vamp's final demise, Snake goes out  to retrieve Emma, who  was wounded 
    by Vamp. Knowing that her time is short, Snake urges Raiden to hurry to the 
    Shell 1 Core Computer Room.  When you regain control of Raiden, he is already 
    in Strut E. Awesome!
    Open the  valve on the door and head into the vertical shaft.  There are some 
    partially camouflaged [SOCOM BULLETS] on  the other  side of the  semi-circle 
    walkway. Now head into the parcel room. 
    --- STRUT E PARCEL ROOM -----------------------------------------
    Many of the parcel transport machines have stopped functioning, and one guard 
    is left to do the work. However, he seems to be preoccupied with his angst 
    rock. Wait by the stairs until he starts going north. Creep up from behind 
    and motion for his respective dog tags. Before leaving, go into the Lv5 store 
    room to pick up the [DIGITAL CAMERA], which can be used in the next game. Now 
    exit from the southeast exit to the EF Connecting Bridge. 
    --- EF CONNECTING BRIDGE ----------------------------------------
    Three fast-propelling Cyphers  circulate the bridge.  They must be demolished 
    before Raiden can cross to Shell One unerringly. The floor panels that have 
    previously fallen under Raiden as he  escaped Shell One from an earlier 
    mission are missing, leaving huge gaps on the bridge.  To get across this, 
    flip over the railing and glide across. Hopefully, you've been training 
    Raiden's muscles to maintain a firm grip long enough to make it across. If he 
    needs to "refill" the Grip gauge, flip back to the not-so sturdy panels 
    ahead.  Once he lands, _immediately_ leap  back over  the railing because the 
    squares will start to falter and drop to the ocean. Then just shimmy over the 
    rest of the way.
    --- SHELL 1 CORE, 1F --------------------------------------------
    The entire core has been abandoned so ditching guards won't be a problem. The 
    southern part of the long corridor is rigged  with Claymore mines set to blow 
    in Raiden's direction. Run up through the huge swarm of sea lice. Don't spend 
    any time bathing in that disgusting heap.  Enter the elevator and a series of 
    long cinematics will ensue.  The plot begins to make some  sense and the trio
    help answer a lot of questions you may have.
    Snake and Raiden leaves Otacon with the duty to evacuate the hostages as they 
    descend to Arsenal Gear. Soon after, Snake reveals his true colors. The 
    cyborg ninja makes a stunning appearance and unmasks himself. Quite shocking! 
    When Raiden comes to, he finds himself in a torture chamber--nude and 
    strapped down. Solidus performs a little cavity search and shoves his 
    tentacles down Raiden's throat, in which you must  rapidly mash  the Triangle 
    button to keep from choking to death.
    --- ARSENAL GEAR, STOMACH --------------------------------------
    After being freed by an  ally (The surprises just keep  coming, don't they?), 
    Raiden is now equipment-less. You'll have to control his jiggly white butt 
    and rely on pure stealth techniques.  Also, Raiden won't be able  to choke or 
    flip a guard over since his hands are a bit preoccupied. But taking guards 
    head on isn't recommended  since they've been  re-equipped with  advance gear 
    and weapons. Amazingly, their defensive skills have also improved sharply, so 
    it's _almost_ impossible to drop guards.
    Press Raiden's back  against the  torture bed and he'll  re-adjust himself to 
    feign captivity.  In this view, a canned drink "censors" his nuts.  No matter 
    how hard you try, Hideo's got every angle covered. 
    In his  current  condition and the  refrigerated temperature  of the  Arsenal 
    Gear, Raiden is likely to catch the flu bug if he stays in one place for too 
    long. But to counteract the symptoms, a [MEDICINE] can be found in the
    locker.  It's imperative to administer  the pill after the first sneeze.  The 
    holding capacity for this is one.
    Well, the few things that Raiden hasn't been stripped of are his nanocommuni-
    cations device, the Codec and the feature to bring up the Solition Radar. 
    After all, they're in his bloodstream. Anyway, the Node is in the room ahead.
    --- ARSENAL GEAR, JEJUNUM --------------------------------------
    Raiden receives an urgent call  from the Colonel.  He begins to  act a little
    awkward. From now on, if you re-enter this room and the one before it, the 
    game will generate random names like "New York 52nd Street". Disregard it. 
    The Arsenal's AI is starting to be scrambled by the virus. At this point, 
    Campbell will also start to call  Raiden every 10 seconds with...interesting 
    stuff. They will begin to become unbearably annoying, although it's rather
    interesting to see what he has to say. The quotes can be found in the Chapter 
    4 Section, under Campbell Gibberish.
    The Stomach of Arsenal Gear has six  total  sentries  posted on the lower and 
    upper levels of the warehouse. Three on the top level and three more on the 
    bottom that are stretched far apart  from one another.  Your goal is to reach 
    the exit to the Ascending Colon, which is  the top northeast door. The hangar 
    holds six Metal Gear RAYs  suspended from activity. Stare in awe  at the size 
    of the monsters if you wish.
    Hide behind the freight  crate as the guard  moves down to  inspect the south 
    wall. When he moves back north, sideflip to the box on the right. Stay behind 
    it until the sentry stares west. Then ascend the stairs to the right. At the 
    bottom of the second set of stairs, Raiden receives a  strange call from Rose 
    and Campbell. They tell you to turn the power off, but don't comply! 
    When the guardsman starts moving north again, cross the  walkway to the other 
    side. Reclaim the [BOX 5], which is the ZOE box, from behind the stacked 
    containers at the south end.  Not that it'll do much. It may keep Raiden warm 
    for a while. Move north until he stumbles across a surveillance camera and a 
    patrolling sentry ahead.  Watch the camera's cone move fully north and make 
    sure the guard on the other side is making  his way south.  Sprint across the 
    path again and up. 
    There's a huge gap in the ground that you could drop in. After landing on the 
    lower level, immediately crouch and lean against the low container behind you 
    as the guard makes a sweep of the area. Start trekking north. Don't forget 
    the holy [RATION] in front of the large block at the right. If you strain 
    your eyes and look ahead, you can faintly make out an outline of a guard that 
    makes an  L-shaped patrol around the  single crate ahead.  Accost him slowly, 
    moving from container to container and taking cover. 
    When he's not looking, run toward the  crate and lean against the front side.
    There's a [MEDICINE] in the left alcove, but if you already have one, don't 
    bother. The stairs are situated on the left side ahead.  When the guard turns 
    his back to you, make a break for it and dash up the stairs. He may have seen
    something whiz  by him, but he won't have  the brains to investigate further.
    The door to the ascending colon is just on the other side, but unfortunately,
    a sentry has been placed there to ensure a difficult passing. Don't forget 
    about the surveillance camera. Cross the path to the other side without being 
    seen by the camera and hide behind  the wall. Raiden can easily run under the 
    camera, but the guard is another story. The only thing to do now is to get 
    As soon as the guard faces the north wall, run as fast as Raiden's wimpy legs 
    can take him to the  door at the right.  The sentry  may have caught him, but 
    entering the Ascending Colon will offset Alert Mode.
    --- ARSENAL GEAR, ASCENDING COLON ------------------------------
    Campbell's mysterious calls still  continue to haunt you  until you just feel 
    the need to chuck the controller at the screen. However, the controller is 
    best secured in your hand, with which you need to beat the game. So govern 
    your temper. At the south end of the long stretch is a [RATION]. Run up and 
    down the corridor and keep answering all of Campbell's calls. Eventually, 
    Rose calls in. Raiden and she engage in a sentimental conversation, revealing 
    the truth about their relationship.
    While Raiden waits for  Snake to appear  with his clothes, the radar  will be 
    overtaken by a video clip of a real-life Japanese model. If you answer a call 
    it'll disappear. The e-mails I got about this were funny.
    Following the  deep conversation  with Rose, Snake finally  gives  Raiden the 
    spooks. He motions his head to the long box behind him, which stores all of 
    Raiden's belongings. After Raiden dresses himself and regains his Hunk-o-
    meter, Snake presents him with the [HIGH FREQUENCY BLADE], given to him by 
    the ninja as a parting gift.  Practice with it while you can 'cause you won't 
    have a chance later on. When you're ready, move to the north end of the 
    corridor.  Everything Raiden has had before he  was captured will still be in 
    his inventory. 
    Right! The legend himself! First, knock him out cold using any old way. If he 
    isn't down by the first assault, quickly get in a crawling position and crawl 
    back. Snake gets angry and attacks Raiden, but by doing the above, he'll miss 
    on every blow. Sometimes Snake may draw his Socom and incite a gun fight, 
    which is one you may lose.  Try to bonk his head  until he drops.  Then shake 
    him down for Solid Snake's dog tag! He'll get a little grouchy when he awakes
    from the concussion.
    --- ARSENAL GEAR, ILLEUM ---------------------------------------
    Upon entering the field, a Cypher catches sight of  the intruders and goes to 
    warn the others. Alert mode immediately takes in effect in which the duo must 
    slog through endless enemy lines until Raiden enters the door on the opposite 
    end. Stick with Snake since he's a wicked shot and removes most of the weight 
    off your shoulders. 
    The sentries you'll face are well-equipped with  their own  variations of the 
    Frequency Blade. Raiden can't afford to switch the blade to another weapon or 
    vice versa, since the "cycle" for Raiden to sheath and unsheathe 
    the  blade takes forever.  Remember, the enemies wielding the swords can also 
    deflect a few bullets. If you're a gun person, the M4 is recommended here, or 
    maybe even the Stinger. Otherwise, stick with the H.F.B. 
    Once Raiden advances further  into enemy lines, an invisible  wall will  keep 
    him from retracing his steps. Don't worry. Snake will back you up! Stay 
    behind a container and fight off any  aggressive sentries that approach until 
    the number of guards near the door dwindles down. 
    --- ARSENAL GEAR, SIGMOID COLON ---------------------------------
    In the next chamber, it's the same old.  A horde of fighters drop  out of the
    ceiling and fill in those places of the fallen. Using the H.F.B. should be 
    easier because of the enclosed space, but don't fall in Snake's line of fire.
    Again, watch out for the sword-wielders since they are capable of ripping you 
    into shreds. Occasionally, a reproduction of the "Mission Failed" screen 
    occurs, in which case you should keep your focus on the small display screen.
    After the onslaught of  pure chaos finally  abates, Fortune emerges to finish 
    off Snake. Things get a little complicated. Snake urges Raiden to go on ahead 
    while he deals with the damsel. Raiden hesitates and eventually, slowly backs 
    Raiden ascends the ladder to a  cool-looking level, where Solidus' voice will 
    resound when you reach the center of the large, circular-shaped platform. 
    While he gives his speech, you're given the chance to do whatever you want 
    for a few minutes. Why not practice with the H.F.B. some more before you get 
    caught off-guard? It'll be the only weapon you can use against Solidus.
    Afterwards, Solidus makes a dashing, final re-appearance, he  summons 3 Metal
    Gear RAYs as worthy opponents. Bidding farewell and thanking Raiden for a job 
    well done in advocating his  plans, he deploys the  RAYs.  A difficult battle 
    commences. See the Boss Guide to make these overgrown, metallic lizard freaks 
    scrap metal.
    Following the battle, more  cinematics ensue.  Extremely  long ones, at that. 
    It's no wonder how engrossed you'll finally get after 15 hours of the game...
    --- FEDERAL HALL -----------------------------------------------
    The final showdown with Solidus Snake.  Take him down  and Raiden will become 
    the newborn legend. See Boss Guide for details.  Then watch the insanely long
    ending (uh huh). Try not to allow your PS2 embark on a trip out the window. 
    Congrats, and it's been fun holding your  hand through this ****. Have a nice  
    day and read the rest of the guide, punk.
     ______                                                               ______
                                | Hard-Extreme Notes |
    I am  comfortably certain  that many of the  people who have  beaten the game 
    once will try their sweaty hand at Hard and Extreme mode. For this, I have 
    accommodated this section to help give a small  shove in the right direction. 
    For an extremely detailed Extreme Mode walkthrough, Morph, from GameFAQs, has 
    been way ahead of you. He's provided us and relieved us of our sanity from 
    chucking frozen hot dogs at the screen, by writing  an excellent coverage for 
    Extreme. You can find it at GameFAQs (the same place where you found this).
    Remember, this section is not another  walkthrough made  exclusively to cover 
    both difficulties, since most things are the same as Normal (except that 
    there are the additions of enemies and obstacles). As the name implies, this 
    section was designed to supply  hints and other stuff to  help smooth out the 
    rough edges in these modes. Get it? Enough yappin', let's get started!
                             IMMEDIATE DIFFERENCES/NOTES
    Metal Gear Solid 2  provides 5 different difficulties that are likely to suit 
    your taste. The names given to them aren't there for nuthin. Very Easy to 
    Normal mean what they imply. To determine their individual differences, 
    anything that is listed below should be negated and pampered. Meaning if I 
    say that there will be more enemies in Hard, there will be less in Easy.  Um, 
    well, ok. As for Hard and Extreme, you should take note of the handicaps that 
    are established once you begin a new game with either.
    * The capacity for carrying items and ammunition is reduced.
    * The amount of enemies patrolling each area increases or decreases.  Most of
      the time, it'll be the same and the changes aren't really dramatic.
    * The routes of certain guards will change--either extended or shortened.
    * Any damage done to your character is more excruciating.
    * Boss matches are insane (Extreme mode).
    * The amount of damage to take down a guard increases. Russian soldiers work-
      out too, you know.
    * Guards carry less items in harder modes. So it would take more "shaking" to
      relinquish items--conscious or otherwise.
    * In Extreme mode, Rations are NEVER found.  They must be taken by force from 
      enemy sentries only. So try to coerce guards to give up their stash when 
      you get the chance.
    * Enemies and bosses take less damage from you.
    * The knock-out rounds have a shorter effect and take longer to take in 
      effect. Confusing? It's not.  
    * The same is applied when the  guard is unconscious.  He will wake up faster
      than usual. It's gotta be the Wheaties!
    * In harder modes--Extreme, especially--your character  is more vulnerable to
      the flu bug and he may start sneezing without warning. So be careful!
    * The enemy sentries have a greater hearing range.  Therefore, any noise that 
      emanates from your direction causes them to investigate.
    * Their vision, although  not hinted by  the cones, can reach a much  greater
    * When held up, certain soldiers will attempt to reach for their weapons more
      often than not.
    * During Alert mode, it gets increasingly harder to get away from the Assault
    * The Assault Team can sometimes be composed of 4 or more soldiers.
    * Assault Teams stick around longer before they return to their stations.
    * The intelligence of guards will increase in harder modes. Therefore, if you
      hide in rather overt places, they will find you.
    * In Extreme mode, certain  items are not  present in the areas  they were in 
      easier modes.
                             SHELL 1-2 CONNECTING BRIDGE
    It seems that finding  the control units on the bridge  presents  the biggest 
    problem for players of all  difficulties (well, Hard and Extreme, anyway), so
    I have created this to point out  all the locations of these boxes.  Giddyup!
    As a recap, here are the locations of the ones from Normal mode, just so it'd 
    be easier for people who read the additions below.
    01. On top of the doorway, directly above Raiden's initial position. 
    02. The central pump you were introduced to in the cinematic.
    03. On the bottom left, snuggled right next to a bundle of Semtex.  
    04. Further up from No.4.
    05. Nestled on the northwest  corner of the bridge.  Move to the right to see 
        it clearly.
    06. Behind the Sons of Liberty flag; wait until a breeze lifts the flag for a
        brief second to see it. Then estimate its location.
    07. Mounted on top of the  hovering Cypher at the  opposite end of the Strut.
        It's moving up and down above the entrance to Strut G.
    08. To the left of  the Strut G  doorway entrance.  Closed off by surrounding 
        Semtex explosives.
    09. To the far right of  the Strut G entrance.  Encompassed by 6 other Semtex
    10. Move to the left and peer down. There's a clustered colony of seagulls on
        a ledge. Fire a warning shot to reveal the last one.
    --- HARD MODE ------------------------
    In Hard mode, there are  12 control boxes to  be found, as opposed  to the 10
    you needed to deactivate in Normal.  Judging from the great number of e-mails 
    I have received about this, you can  find all the others except the last one.
    11. Move slightly down the  stairs and  face Strut D.  Then peer  down to the 
        left (when facing Strut D) to find it snuggled next to a steam pipe.  
    12. Move to the right  and stand on  Raiden's tippy-toes (L2 + R2) and search
        under the lower portion of the central bridge. 
    --- EXTREME MODE ---------------------
    It's odd, though, because I've been getting so much mail  concerning the ones 
    in Hard and none for Extreme. Ah, well.  In Extreme, you're required to scout 
    out 14 control units!  Using the full list above, including the ones in Hard,
    you should find the first 12 with no problems.  Now, for the remaining two...
    13. Mounted on the second Cypher that appears in this mode. 
    14. On the flank of the left balcony of the Strut G entrance.  You could only 
        see the side of the control box. It's surrounded by 5 other Semtex bombs. 
        Make sure you hit the right one!
                                  HANDLING GUARDS
    Guards become big bad tough guys that need to be taught a lesson. Your skills
    that were carried over from Normal are not enough to effectively take down 
    these stubborn soldiers. For that, I have created this section that furnishes 
    your infiltration tactics with slightly better  ways to overthrow  the guards 
    in nearly impossible modes, or I hope so, anyway.
    --- HOLD-UPS -----------------------
    A different  approach to  holding guards up  is needed when it  comes  to the 
    higher difficulty settings. The reason is that the guards are tuned to 
    hearing even the slightest noise.  So if you creep up from  behind, with your 
    footsteps thumping heavily, they'll surely  hear you and catch you before you 
    get to them. The best approach is to knock the guard unconscious first with 
    the M9. As he falls into a deep slumber, pick him up and drop him several 
    times to wake him faster.  Or if you're in the Plant chapter and you have the 
    Coolant Spray, spray him to dissipate the Z's or stars. 
    As he regains consciousness, quickly stand behind him.  Hold out  your weapon 
    and hold him at gun point. Be sure you're close enough to do this or your 
    character won't yell out "Freeze!". If this fails, the old-running-from-
    behind routine works fairly well in most cases.  Just be sure that the sentry 
    turns away from you before you even try to peak around the corner.
    --- CLAIMING DOG TAGS --------------
    As you know, the guards are pretty rowdy, so if  they ever catch a glimpse of 
    your backside, you'll be taking a brief floor nap afterwards. The point is to 
    always keep your hostage at gunpoint.  And to claim dog tags (or any items at 
    all), you must get in front of the sentinel. 
    Press and hold R1 so that you can run while aiming with the gun. It saves you 
    about a second.  From the held-up guard's backside, run  directly through him 
    to knock him off balance, then immediately turn back and hold him at 
    gunpoint.  From there, use the usual routine  to shake the dog  tags off him.
    Also, keep in mind that a guard's dog tag will be relinquished upon the first 
    shake.  However, it'll take as much as 10 shakes to force an item or ammo box 
    from the bastard.
    --- VITAL AREAS --------------------
    If you're going for a  no-kill game on Extreme, it's imperative  that you use
    the M9 for _everything_, including boss fights and the three "alert" 
    sessions. Only, the tranquilizer takes a while for it to seize its victim 
    with sleepiness.  This results from shooting  at non-essential areas, such as 
    the back, leg, arm or abdomen.  I believe the guards are also wearing bullet-
    proof vests, so a chest shot also causes delay.
    However, a clear shot in the head or neck renders guards useless instantly. I 
    think the crotch area is also vulnerable to the anesthetic.
                                   OTHER STUFF
    This stuff will come into existence as long as I keep getting mail about  the 
    things you need to know. So feel free to e-mail me!
    --- EXTRA C4 BOMB LOCATIONS -------------------
    In the  Extreme  difficulty, you are  required to  scourge  more  C4 bombs in 
    certain struts, and some are even placed differently. 
    Cleverly planted on the other side of  the fence at the southeast area of the 
    roof. Put the single guard to sleep and move towards the fence. Stick out the 
    Coolant Spray and frost it with a thick coat. 
    This room has been refurnished with a  few surveillance  cameras.  As soon as 
    you enter the room from the EF Connecting Bridge, you'll need to decommission 
    the camera mounted on the perforated pillar-like thing before you can move 
    anywhere else. There are four sentries on duty now. One is keeping watch of 
    the southern portion of the room (your initial position). The other walks 
    back and forth from the room to the stairs that lead to the heliport. The 
    remaining two are  huddled closely  together at the far end, but  one of them 
    maintains a constant position.
    Anyway, this really shouldn't be too much of a  problem since you've  made it 
    fairly far into the game already, although you will have a much easier time 
    if you've lulled the guards to take a nap and dismantled the three cameras. 
    Now, for the C4 explosive--it's attached to one  of the  parcels traveling on 
    the conveyor belt.
    The first thing you want to do is re-enter the area to reset the parcel order 
    in which they parade out of the conveyor. Stand in front of the yellow 
    "parcel feeder", not too far from the DE Bridge and wait.  The last parcel, I 
    think, is the one that holds the C4 bomb. Just listen for beeping.
    There are now 3 C4s inserted throughout the lower level of the sediment pool.
    You can skip searching the top level.  Two of them are veiled by the metal 
    latches. Lift them up to reveal the pulsing C4s. The third one is arbitrarily 
    placed, but it has a high probability of being planted on the belly of the 
    top walkway.  Just search the bottom side of the upper level and you may find 
    The final C4 in this area has relocated. It's not under the submarine now. It 
    is found on the west wall, atop the storage shelf thing. Easy stuff.
    --- PRESIDENTIAL RESCUE -----------------------
    Oddly, in Extreme, the President finds the time to snooze. If you blow up the 
    panel before waking him, he will die, ending in a Mission Failure. Also, even 
    if you manage to wake him up, he's prone to diving back to his usual resting 
    spot. Here's a good way to draw his attention away and to rescue him safely.  
    First, wake him up by blasting the wall next to his room.  This will startle 
    him. Now head to the break area wall, adjacent to the president's room and 
    knock on the wall, several times.  Plant a C4 charge there and quickly run to
    the vent and unleash a Nikita missile.  As it reaches  the room, detonate the 
    charge and guide the Nikita to the panels.
    An alternative is  to use the  other vent  located on the north  wall at  the 
    bottom of the east stairs (the one near the Shell 2 Core entrance). You 
    should see an open vent, which you could use to guide in a Nikita into. Using 
    the same method, as explained above, plant a C4 charge on the wall to wake up 
    the president. Climb onto the container and fire a Nikita.  Destroy the two 
    screens ahead. After the second, make an  immediate left, then right. This is
    a pretty effective path into the President's room.
    --- ESCAPING THE TORTURE HOLD -----------------
    In Hard and Extreme, the O2 gauge depletes much faster than it normally would 
    in Normal! The worst thing that can happen is that Raiden dies faster. You'll 
    need to find some way to mash the  buttons quickly enough to survive Solidus'
    fatal tentacle hold.  Here's a little trick I  learned from my  friend that I 
    had watched her use in another game (Chrono Trigger).  
    Remove your right hand (or whichever hand  you're comfortable  with) from the 
    controller, so you could apply more pressure to this technique. The idea is 
    to use one of your fingers  to violently "shake" the button as quickly as you 
    can, without getting caught between the button's "spring movement". Cold 
    fingers should be warmed up. The motion is like when you're playing a guitar, 
    except it's like sideways. It may be hard to understand, but do your best! If 
    you are still having trouble, then find a turbo controller.
    [TIP]  Submitted by Jeremy Emerson
    Hold the analog stick in either extreme left or extreme right.  While doing 
    that, tap the button fast, like normal.  This decreases the rate of 02 
    depletion sooooooo significantly.  Try it. 
    --- CHAOS WITH SNAKE --------------------------
    Assuming you have  overcome the choke hold, you will soon  find yourself in a 
    really sticky situation with Snake. Right, the part at which endless Tengu 
    soldiers try to  bound at you  while gun shots from  all direction fly loose!
    This part is insanely intense if you're uninitiated or reckless. In Extreme, 
    this isn't a hack-and-shoot-wildly situation.  First of all, the soldiers who 
    wield the blades are more proficient with handling them, and one swipe across 
    the chest can get  your health down to  about an  unseen amount.
    With Snake  constantly charging in to spur  the madness, it's your job to lag 
    him and take the time to blow up the  snipers and other soldiers from the top 
    level.  Before you rush in to join the carnage, put Snake to sleep and fire a
    few Stinger missiles towards the back and pick off any bodies at the top with 
    the PSG-1.  However, if you can, try to get Snake to advance farther, so that 
    all the enemies focus more on him.  This gives you more  time to  select your 
    There are what I'd like to call four "enemy waves". Each wave will be sent to 
    thwart your progress as you inch along toward the exit. There are invisible 
    lines that trigger these.  The first three are fairly manageable, but as soon 
    as you cross the last line, an invisible barrier will keep you from 
    backtracking. It's a do or die situation.  Here is also where the a myriad of 
    soldiers pour in. 
    Just storm in with the M4 and go  buck wild!  Try to stay away from the sword 
    wielders and blast them to oblivion if they get close (or if you think you 
    have enough time to whip out your blade and have a duel with them, that's 
    fine too).  They are your biggest threats.  This should be much easier if you 
    have the Brown Wig (which, by now, you should).  Clear the doorway of the 
    remaining soldiers with the  Stinger if you'd  like and be on your way.  Just 
    remember to stay low and behind the containers. 
    Onto the battle arena! Boy, this is about as Extreme as it can get.  It would
    be the most stupid thing to do to stand in the middle of the arena and try to 
    fend off the rabid soldiers with your HF Blade, unless you have become 
    habituated to using it and extremely tactful.  Remember, the soldiers are 
    coming in great numbers.  They will send off wave  after wave  until all drop 
    dead. Chances are, you'll get caught in everyone's line of fire. 
    Stand in the narrow alcove in the  north and stay there  since enemy soldiers
    only land in  the main arena and advance towards you--in which case you could 
    blast them into submission before  they get the chance to act.  When Tengu 
    soldiers start to accost you menacingly, fire a few stray bullets (which they 
    can deflect) and punch and kick them as they get close. Don't even think 
    about switching from a firearm to the  HF Blade, or vice versa.  It's way too 
    [ALTERNATE STRATEGY]  Submitted by THELocke (Justin)
    I used my Infinite Ammo Wig and PSG-1T. Yep, PSG-1T. Although it's a PAIN in 
    the ass to aim with it for enemies up close, I discovered that it is 
    impossible for the Sword Tengus to deflect. Maybe because the bullets are 
    faster? I don't know. Also, it has a faster rate of fire than your M9, and 
    has the obvious zoom that puts that lowly pistol to shame.
    I first knocked out Snake with the first bullet. It's not really necessary, 
    and as I think about it right now, I really have no idea why I did it. I 
    guess it's because I don't like looking out for someone whom I can't control. 
    After all, if he dies, I die. And besides, it's easier without him getting in 
    the way.
    In the first "wave", I could take out everyone I saw without Snake or Raiden 
    getting hit once. So, that was pretty simple. Then, I move forward until the 
    second wave starts. Snake wakes up, so I knock him back out again. From 
    there, I move BACK until the Tengus can't hit me but I can hit them. Again, 
    real easy. Repeat this for the third wave, and watch the Sword Tengus take a 
    little nap after just one shot. Hehe.
    The last wave is a little harder. I ran to the left side to stand behind a 
    column so that the Gun Tengus by the exit would be unable to hit me. Again, 
    I knock out Snake. The only thing I have to look out for here is the Sword 
    Tengus who drop right in front of me. There's probably about ten to twelve 
    that come down, but with the rapid fire PSG-1T, you can miss a few shots and 
    still be fine. After about ten or twelve of them come down, there won't be 
    anymore, which is good. They were getting a little annoying. No more Tengus 
    will come down if the bodies on the floor remain in perpetual sleep. Knock 
    out Snake one last time with a bullet, and proceed to take out the last four 
    remaining Tengus. They're really easy, and can't shoot for sh*t. So...no big 
    deal. After that's done...this place is over. 
    Believe me, if you don't want to kill anyone here and stay at zero kills, 
    this is the strategy to do it. That crappy M9 and blind-ass Snake who can't 
    hit sh*t with his USP will always pull you down.
    --- ITEM PLACEMENT ----------------------------
    I couldn't see where else this section could be placed, so I decided this was 
    the best place to fit it since it helps with the varying modes--Hard and 
    Extreme, specifically--but I'll let it slide and add some extra notes to make 
    the guide more useful to the Easy and Very Easy players.
    Item locations will change in Very Easy and Easy from Normal to Extreme. This 
    section was designed to help you see the changes and aid those players who 
    have not been able to find the items in the original precinct.  The list also  
    tabulates the same items that can be  found at various  areas if not acquired 
    already. You'll notice it's not a lengthy list, but it will do.
    Name                  Location                             Difficulty Mode(s) 
    M9 Tranquilizer       Strut A, Deep Sea Dock               Very Easy, Easy
    Socom Suppressor      Strut B, Transformer Room            Very Easy
    AK Suppressor         Strut F, Warehouse (Lv2 Door)        Very Easy
    PSG-1T                Strut F, Warehouse (Lv3 Door)        Very Easy-Extreme
    PSG-1T                Shell 2 Core, Filt. Chamber (No.1)   Very Easy-Extreme
    Thermal Goggles       Strut A, Deep Sea Dock               Very Easy-Extreme
    Thermal Goggles       Shell 1 Core, Hostage Room           Very Easy-Extreme
    Thermal Goggles       Shell 2 Core, Filt. Chamber (No.2)   Very Easy-Extreme
    Thermal Goggles       Strut L, Oil Fence                   Very Easy-Extreme
    |¯¯¯¯| 0000111.92899 |¯¯¯¯|-|¯¯¯¯|-|¯¯¯¯|-|¯¯¯¯| 0886660000113 |¯¯¯¯|-|¯¯¯¯| 
     ¯¯¯¯                 ¯¯¯¯   ¯¯¯¯   ¯¯¯¯   ¯¯¯¯                 ¯¯¯¯   ¯¯¯¯   
                            /// Chapter 3: Appendices ///
    |   LOADING...  | 00000000111999666 |¯¯¯¯|-|¯¯¯¯|-|¯¯¯¯| 983300111666 |¯¯¯¯|
     ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯                     ¯¯¯¯   ¯¯¯¯   ¯¯¯¯                ¯¯¯¯
     ______                                                               ______
                                   | Boss Guide |
    Unlike many games where  the character is patented with  superhuman powers or 
    abilities, MGS2 just presents you with hard-hitting weapons and that's all 
    you're allowed to work with. Your character will bleed like normal humans, 
    but will still manage to survive cutting knives and gunshots to an extent. So
    my point is that some bosses are hard, and I'm here to help. Hahahaha! 
    Included in this Boss Guide are  strategies  that cover  all the difficulties 
    except Very Easy and Easy. Why? 'Cause you don't need 'em! And even if you 
    do, the strategy for Normal will be  sufficient enough to show those badasses 
    who's boss.
    Also, I'm only one  person.  And knowing  this, I will  always  have  someone 
    disagree with my strategies.  Or maybe this person wants to add a few tips of 
    their own to supplement the strategies posted here.  If so, feel free to send 
    tips of all kind to help lost souls.  They will thank  you for it, and I will 
    credit you for the effort.
    NOTE: Not all Hard mode strategies are covered--only because you can read the 
    Extreme one for more than ample help to beat them.
    Name:        Olga Gurlukovich
    Blood type:  A
    Family:      Colonel Gurlukovich
    Sex:         Female
    Profession:  Military soldier 
    DOB:         September 23 
    Weapon:      USP Handgun
    First boss of the game. She's quite  intimidating at first, but soon you will 
    learn she can run and gun like the rest of the top terrorist figureheads!
    Throughout the fight, Olga will pause and talk about herself, although it's 
    not exactly the best time for self-introductions.  For the  first part of the 
    fight, position Snake behind the brown cargo box. Stay low and face her field 
    in FPV mode. Then use the FPV Strafe techniques. If you make Snake scarce, 
    she will lose sight of him and scout for him. In the meantime, surprise her 
    and sink a headshot for major damage.  The nomadic soldier never stays in one 
    spot too long. She constantly migrates from one mast to another.
    Olga's a very good shot, so only stick your head out when she's reloading, or 
    moving to another fort. After chopping off about half of her life, she'll 
    move to the back and shoot the cords to release the tarp.  This throws off 
    her exact location.  Shooting at her with the tarp up proves to be fruitless.
    He won't be able to get a clear shot of her, while she can  still blast Snake 
    with a shot or two.  Also, watch out  for her grenades.  She  yells out "Take 
    this!" to indicate she's about to release a grenade. You can hear it clinking 
    against the soaked floor. You will want to RUN when she does.
    When the tarp is up, either wait for the wind to pick it up and blow it away, 
    or uncoil the strap yourself. If you still don't take her down after this, 
    Olga thinks of more ways to impair Snake's vision, like shining the  light in 
    Snake's direction. Put it out by blasting the bulb.
    If you start to  wear the ammo and  Ration supply down, there  are some extra 
    stuff around the battle field. Unless you take too long to put her out of her 
    misery, it won't be too  much of a problem.  Don't pay attention to  her life 
    gauge, it's a bit misleading. Worry more about Snake's.
    \        \
     \  HARD  \ 
    Olga is not too shockingly hard, although you will notice the immediate boost 
    in her attack power and marksmanship. Basically, the tactics are the same, 
    but I'll introduce you  to a more  efficient way to kill her, especially when 
    she endeavors to use the surroundings to her advantage.  
    As you know, on each  side of your  battle ground, there are a  few stacks of 
    crates. If you tend to use the right set as your main fort, take cover at the 
    very right until the ship's side prohibits you to move any more to the right. 
    From there, fire your shots at her.  You will most likely inflict damage upon 
    her. And the good thing is, she can't touch you! Well she can, but you are 
    protected from 80% of her shots, thanks to the small crate fortress. When she 
    tries to use her grenades to flush you out, most of them will land in the 
    small  alcove in front, so when  it explodes, no  damage will be done to you. 
    The same thing can be done on the  other side, with the single set of stacked
    boxes. Although you have no protection from her grenades, this is an 
    excellent vantage point to inflict damage to Olga when she takes cover behind 
    the tarp.  Just remember to move out of the way when you hear her yell, "Take 
    \           \
     \  EXTREME  \
    With Extreme, this little  lady is a whole  different  ball game.  Unlike the 
    previous modes, where her shots can go astray and often miss. Extreme mode 
    emboldens her shots and grants her insanely accurate shooting skills. In 
    other words, any shots fired at you will make  contact if you stick your head 
    out for too long.  And amazingly, each bullet Snake receives will nearly kill 
    him. Therefore, if he gets hit 2 or 3 times, he'll die before he can bleed to 
    death.  Same goes for the grenades she  lobs at him, except it only takes one 
    to blow his limbs off.
    Furthermore, the light bulb she'll shine in Snake's face to impair his vision
    in later stages becomes indestructible--you can't blast the lights out! Hideo 
    ignored the illogical detail here. Extreme Olga is more nomadic than ever. 
    She _never_ stays in one  spot too long, so you  must be proficient with your 
    Olga has a  constant pattern  running in this  fight.  First, she will locate
    Snake's position and begin the  almost never-ending line of bullets, followed 
    by a grenade. She does this even when the tarp is up or when the light is 
    deteriorating your accuracy.  The first thing you need to do is make yourself 
    scarce--don't peek unless you know you can get a clear shot. Doing this, Olga 
    will have trouble discerning  where your exact location is and start chucking 
    grenades in  every direction.  Olga is more vulnerable  when she is  throwing 
    grenades. This is the best time to release a quick shot!
    As soon as the tarp goes up, _never_ try to look for her in FPV.  She'll kill 
    you before you estimate her approximate location. Remember, her shots fly 
    through the tarp with no hesitation.  Also, never try to launch a few bullets 
    at her when she, in turn, is peppering Snake with USP bullets. Pump a shot or 
    two into her thick skull when she's preparing a grenade.
    Eventually, she'll resort to  the blinding light!  This is the hardest stage.
    You won't be able to see more than a few feet in front of you. And before you 
    even find out where she is, she will have probably already popped you. Note 
    that she will adjust the light to whichever direction you may move.  You must
    take extremely risky  shots, otherwise, the time  will wear down and your PS2 
    will burn out. Even if you can't see her clearly, fire off a shot in the 
    direction where she should be, or where you think she should be. Chances are, 
    it will make contact. Patience is a virtue. If you fail, try again. It 
    honestly took me 14  tries to shove a  grenade up her hairy butt.  Take that, 
    Name:        Fortune (Helena Dolph Jackson)
    Blood type:  Unknown
    DOB:         Unknown
    Weapon:      Gigantic Rail Gun  
    Family:      Scott Dolph (Father), Reginald Jackson (Husband)
    Profession:  Dead Cell Leader
    Sex:         Female
    This fight against  Fortune just gives you a  taste of her enormous rail gun. 
    During this live-or-die situation, steer clear of Fortune's potent jolts of 
    uh, bullets. Direct impacts cut Raiden's life by at least 25%.  The room has
    been re-arranged with more boxes to act as shields against Fortune's constant 
    blitzkrieg.  Don't stay in one spot too  long as she can deteriorate the 
    barricades within minutes. Avoid any fires that break out and beware of any 
    falling debris. If the raging flames start to lick at Raiden's body, roll 
    wildly around to put  it out. And remember, you don't  need to waste a single 
    bullet on her.
    \                \
     \  HARD-EXTREME  \
    Timing her shots  play a much  bigger role in these modes.  And being careful 
    about conserving the boxes for protection is absolutely necessary since she's 
    tweaked the power of each jolt to maximum! The boxes arranged around the area 
    are able to sustain less damage and are liable to break out in a fire, 
    setting poor Raiden  ablaze as well. Direct contact with her rail gun's blast 
    will kill Raiden.  Tune your ears to listening  to the  sounds of her massive 
    railgun. The indications are obvious so use that to your advantage. Timing is 
    crucial!  Make sure you keep a move on  since she can fire a  couple shots in 
    quick succession. As with the other modes, don't waste ammo.
    Name:        Fatman
    Blood type:  Unknown
    DOB:         Unknown
    Profession:  Emperor of explosives
    Family:      Unknown
    Weapon:      Semtex, Automatic
    Sex:         Male
    The wide expanse of the battle ground quickly becomes a disadvantage with the 
    way Fatman plays this sick game. Equipped with roller-skates, Fatman rolls 
    around the heliport taunting  Raiden and sticking bombs at random places.  If
    Raiden runs into  Fatman while he's still moving, Raiden  will get mowed down 
    by the human steamroller. And if Raiden isn't able to find and deactivate all 
    the bombs Fatman has set out for him, people will be seeing fireworks all the 
    way from Manhattan.
    Do yourself a favor by equipping Sensor A.  It will  make life so much easier 
    in ferreting out those C4s.  Fatman begins the fight by setting a few bombs
    along the north crates. Use the Coolant to neutralize them. Each time he fits 
    the heliport with some C4 explosives, a time  limit is placed on you.  If you 
    don't find them within the allotted time...kabooooooom! In other words, do it 
    Fatman may be  clever at making  explosives, but he's  not too keen on hiding 
    them. They are usually found in the open with the help of FPV. Sometimes, the 
    roller-skating fatso will get shrewd and hide it under the freight crates. If 
    you try to keep up with him, you'll have a better time finding the 
    explosives.  Although it's hard  to stay behind him  'cause he can outrun you 
    in a matter of seconds.
    While Raiden is  busy disarming  the bombs, Fatman  will watch him with great 
    interest. Once the bomb is deactivated, he will cap Raiden with a few rapid 
    shots.  You can dodge some of his bullets by rolling wildly around, until the 
    gunfire stops. 
    The good news is that  Fatman isn't constantly  keeping you busy with finding 
    the explosives. He'll take breaks and stroll around the heliport in his 
    skates. It is at this time that  you should take the opportunity to equip the 
    Socom and pump a few shells into his obese body. When you've dealt enough 
    damage, he'll fall on his face and cower on the floor. As he gets up and 
    faces Raiden, give him a head shot for extreme damage. If you manage to keep 
    him down, you can cancel his plans to plant more bombs around the heliport. 
    Another great chance to do him in is when you catch him occupied with the sea 
    gulls.  Yeah, he likes to feed them, too.
    A good way to catch Fatman off guard is to make Raiden appear before him less 
    often. Fatman will start to look for Raiden. Then belly up to him from behind 
    and let the gunshots fly loose.  Following Fatman's grand finale, pick up his
    chunky mass to find the last bomb hidden under his layers.
    \        \
     \  HARD  \ 
    Not much  has changed  from Normal, other  than  the fact  that he  does more 
    damage. If you want to have some fun, plant some Claymores around the 
    direction he may skate towards to chop off a good chunk of his health. As he 
    cowers on the floor and tries to recuperate, make him bleed in the head. This 
    method is easier to manage in Hard than Extreme.
    \           \
     \  EXTREME  \
    Before disarming the bomb conspicuously  placed in the  middle of the area, I
    suggest you have an ample amount of Socom bullets at your disposal. Either 
    that or you have the Brown Wig in your possession. If you've decided to 
    subdue him without the aid of  the radar, then good luck.  It'll really drive 
    you insane.
    As you begin the fight, he plants the  first set of C4s, as he would normally 
    and give you a set time limit to neutralize the bomb threat. The number of 
    bombs he sets is completely at random.  As soon as the last bomb is placed, a 
    countdown commences (usually 20 seconds). Unlike the previous modes, where he 
    will kindly wait for you to  finish and then shoot, he just bombards you when 
    he feels like it.  It becomes increasingly harder to  tend to the  bombs with 
    Fatman's maneuvers.
    Fatman also makes sure Raiden struggles  with the last bomb  by shooting  and 
    stalling him. At times, you may find Fatman hanging around one of the 
    locations where he set a bomb, trying to defend it. You must find and  defuse 
    the bombs as fast as your skills permit! If you ever have trouble finding 
    them, you can look for Fatman's roller-skate marks he often leaves behind.  
    Where the trail stops or appears jumbled--search high and low for the 
    explosive  in that  area.  Successfully  disarming  these  bombs is  the real 
    challenge of this fight.
    If you are very proficient with precision shooting, you can shoot at Fatman's 
    skates to tip him over. Or, if Fatman stops in close range of Raiden, punches 
    and kicks work too. Then as he struggles to his hands and knees, land a 
    headshot for a significant amount of damage.  Remember not to stay in one 
    place too  long as Fatman is more likely  than not to  hunt you down and pelt 
    you with a volley of bullets. Never try to shoot him in FPV unless he is down 
    or you're sure you can get a shot quickly enough to prevent retaliation.
    Always keep up  with this  mobile girth to  neutralize the bomb  threats with
    less trouble. If the timer doesn't start, don't bother going to the bomb to 
    disarm it. Keep in mind the rough location of the bomb and chase after him.
    If you lose sight of the big guy, he might suddenly come from no where and 
    plow through you. An effective way to slow Fatman down is to run, while 
    blasting nonstop shots at him. Press and hold down L1 to allow Raiden to move 
    while the trigger-finger goes to work. That's your basic strategy.  There are 
    Socom ammo boxes lying around the heliport; they regenerate too. This is only 
    useful if you don't have infinite ammo. 
    [ALTERNATE STRATEGY]  Submitted by K.
    After he stops planting C4 all over the place and starts shooting at you, 
    head towards the lower part of the Helipad. (Near the stairs that you entered 
    Wait in the lower left and just stick your head every so often to lure him 
    down there. (Pay attention to the path that he skates through)  
    As soon as he's out of the way, run over and put a claymore mine in his 
    skating path. Once he skates down again, it'll blow up and knock him down.  
    Once he's knocked down, it's pretty to get in two or three head shots before 
    he gets up. Rinse and repeat and there you go. 
    Thing:       Harrier II 
    Blood type:  N/A
    DOB:         N/A
    Profession:  Airplane??
    Family:      N/A
    Weapon:      Missiles, Sidewinders
    Sex:         N/A
    First of all, let me say that if you  have about 4 to  5 Rations, you will be 
    fine. If not, I pray for thee. But if you don't want my prayers, good luck to 
    you. If you don't want  that either, then you're conceited.  I'm only  giving 
    you my condolences before you make plans for a funeral for your PS2. 
    Considering  that a  measly sprite  boy is up  against a  massive  machine in 
    flight makes the odds of winning seem miniscule.  Well, it isn't so much if 
    you have the right  artillery.  As the fight begins, Pliskin, from the nearby 
    Kasatka chopper, throws a Stinger Missile Launcher onto the bridge for 
    freebies! Pick it up, and the Stinger missiles too, and give it a whirl! The 
    Stinger finds the weak spot of the enemy for you, and when the missile is
    launched, it will automatically lock-on to  its target! No more worries about 
    Also, Pliskin  will be Raiden's  life support by  tossing aid items  and more 
    Stinger missiles when they run dry.
    At the start, the Harrier  will prepare  its first attack  from afar in which 
    it will suddenly tear through the bridge with incredible celerity. The streak 
    will knock Raiden down and chop off a chunk of health. When the Harrier
    can't be seen, even in the distance, take shelter in the level below the 
    bridge to avoid getting beaten down by the bolt of that attack again. Come to 
    think of it, this attack is about the least devastating. 
    Like any military fighter jet, the Harrier has missiles that comprise part of 
    its arsenal. When it starts hovering beside the bridge, watch out! It's going 
    to launch a volley of missiles your way!  To avoid major damage from this 
    assault, run down the stairs in the back to the lower level and take cover. 
    If you were already there before the Harrier released its missiles, they will 
    lock-on to Raiden.
    Its final attack consists of firing rapid shots from its sidewinders.  If you
    are on the bridge, it'll be harder to dodge these, even when cart-wheeling.
    Again, take refuge in the  lower level and duck  behind the containers.  Stay
    The only  time  Raiden is  available  for  retaliation  is  during  the brief 
    pause before the Harrier fires its missiles or lets loose on its sidewinders.
    Hide behind the container and face the Harrier.  Move the Stinger scope until 
    the crosshairs turn red.  Then fire.  The missile will lock-on and eventually 
    make contact with the target. You can squeeze in an extra missile at other 
    times too, although it's a bit risky.  Remember not to mistaken Pliskin's 
    chopper for the enemy! If Raiden shoots it down, Snake will not only curse at 
    him, but the extra help items will stop coming.
    \           \
     \  EXTREME  \
    Get this straight.  One hit = instant 70% life  bar gone.  More hits = Need I 
    say more?  The Harrier isn't just friggin' hard, it's tremendously difficult, 
    and even that doesn't really sum this up.
    Pliskin, as the  altruist he is, will  still toss  Stinger missiles  onto the 
    bridge when you need 'em. He'll only give you one to start with, though. So 
    try to conserve your precious ammunition! Don't expect any Rations. This is 
    Extreme mode for goodness sake. As soon as the battle begins, target him 
    quickly (preferably the  pilot area), and launch as  many missiles as you can 
    get at this time.
    Each time he is close and gives no signs  of attacking, greet  him with a few 
    Stinger missiles (although this occasion is rare). The hot air streak attack 
    he does can easily be avoided by heading down the stairs. In fact, if you 
    make it to the lower level or damage him before he fully executes it, you can 
    offset the attack. If you're willing to sacrifice a little life, fire a 
    missile or five at the Harrier while he rushes in  to burn Raiden to a crisp.
    This inflicts a good amount of damage upon the Harrier.
    Another attack he uses includes a bombardment of bombs on the upper level. To 
    avoid massive damage, quickly run to the lower level.  He's also got some 
    nifty homing missiles equipped. You'll know he's about unleash his homing 
    missiles when he hovers in the air and taunts you.  These converge on Raiden.  
    You can avoid that attack by flipping away just at the right moment or taking 
    shelter at the opposite side of which the Harrier is facing.  Eventually, the 
    Harrier will begin to hover next to the bridge on the east side. This ominous 
    sign warns you of his straight-on missiles  that can instantly kill the beefy 
    warrior tyke.
    An inane, yet very effective  way to defend against the  close-range missiles 
    is to bang Raiden's head on the stairs to knock him unconscious.  Oddly, this 
    makes him temporarily invulnerable. Once you spot an opportunity to target 
    the Harrier, launch everything you have! If you don't think you can, leave it 
    at just that. Raiden has to conserve his stamina and continue dodging
    attacks. This proves to be much more important than targeting the Harrier.
    At some point, Solidus will decide  to unload his  sidewinders (machine guns) 
    on Raiden. He'll circle around, clipping everything in sight. Just keep 
    moving from one spot to another as he  adjusts his position  to get a clearer 
    view of Raiden. Solidus is more likely to use his "phase 1" missile attack in 
    which they come from either the east and west. With this beefed up version of 
    the Harrier, you  may have to try over and over again before you can sink the 
    plane. Hell to ranking!
    Thing:       Vamp 
    Blood type:  Unknown
    DOB:         Unknown
    Profession:  Blood-sucking knife specialist
    Family:      Deceased
    Weapon:      Hunting knives
    Sex:         Male
    Vamp is a terrifying foe and a worthy adversary. Having seen him work back in 
    the Transformer room, you should be worried about this battle. Luckily, he 
    doesn't move half as swiftly as he did in Strut B. His attacks mostly involve 
    knife-throwing, and close-range combat is inevitable (although it isn't very 
    often). Throughout the  fight, he will dive  into high-density liquid  in the 
    chamber as a ritual to prepare for his next attack. 
    The only weapon you need is the RGB6  Grenade Launcher and some spare Rations 
    equipped. Aim the weapon in FPV for full effectiveness. Raise the point  
    upwards just slightly to counterbalance the arc trajectory. Each time you hit 
    him  successfully, the  force of the  grenades will knock  him back  into the 
    liquid. Remember NOT to follow him in!
    The perfect time Vamp is open for a  shot is the instant  he leaps out of the 
    water.  When he lands on the walkway, he will pause for a moment to catch his 
    breath.  I suggest you prepare yourself to blast his limbs off the second  he 
    surfaces.  By repeatedly knocking him back  into the liquid, you can disallow 
    him to use any of his own attacks.  However, mistakes happen  and he's a fast 
    little bugger. I'm sure you'll experience a few of his attacks at least once.
    Like I said before, his attacks consist  of throwing  knives at Raiden, which 
    can be avoided easily. The knives will approach Raiden as tiny blue figures 
    on the screen.  They usually come in  two or three at a time, but they are so 
    clustered together, Raiden can leap to the side to dodge them all.
    At times, he will be moving along the walkway, pitching his knives at Raiden.
    Other times, he leaps into the air and whirls around with knives launching 
    from various directions, all aimed at Raiden.  His last attack involves 
    pinning your shadow down (I have no idea how he does it, but then again, how 
    did he survive that bullet to his head?), just about demobilizing you. 
    During this time, you won't be able to move so freely and Vamp can attack you 
    when desired. To avoid this, shoot out the four lights on the upper level.  
    Now, nothing can cast your  shadow. Additionally, this  will negate  his last 
    and most deadly attack. 
    \           \
     \  EXTREME  \
    There are two  ways to beat him.  If you really  want to earn your  status of 
    being one of the best MGS2 players  around, you'd want to use the hard way.  
    The easy way consists of launching continuous  Stinger missiles at the sucker 
    'til he dies. Easy, right?
    Now, for the  hard way: As soon  as the fight  begins, plant a  metal in  his 
    head. While Vamp is wiggling around in the liquid, plant two Claymores on the 
    left and right sides of the vertical paths. It is imperative that you do this 
    because as the fight drags on, Vamp will move much too fast for you to keep 
    up and shoot. Make sure the Claymores face his initial direction. If he runs 
    into one of the Claymores, this should do a major amount of damage. Good
    enough, anyway.  Remember to keep replacing  those Claymores when you get the 
    This fight is much easier if you have Raiden's  secret item that  credits you 
    with infinite ammo. While he swims in the water, shoot him as much as 
    possible with the M4, or your weapon of choice.  This also does a fair amount 
    of damage.  If you want, you can also use the Stinger while he's in the water 
    to instantly suck the O2 gauge out of him. Also, do yourself a favor by 
    shooting out all the lights with the Socom. Standing near the doorway for the 
    most part of the fight gives you the  upper hand since you can see everything 
    that goes on.
    If you find Vamp on the ground  level with you, avoid  his attacks as best as 
    you can. A simple way would be to drop down and crawl backwards--this
    doesn't work for all his attacks, but it's quite efficient. It has officially 
    been confirmed that by shooting the bullet wound on his head, you will double 
    the damage dealt to him.
    Once he begins to hover above you, quickly  run to the left southern rail and
    hang. This allows Raiden to be invincible until Vamp starts to accost him. 
    Vamp will slash at you and force you to plunge into the liquid to your death. 
    Give yourself ample time to hoist yourself from the hanging position and 
    charge at Vamp, all before he comes too close. The very best way to deal with
    this predicament is to plant a C4 right in the precinct of the "hanging 
    point." As Vamp gets nearer, let him have it in the face with a C4 explosion.
    If you've blown out the lights, there's no need to worry about his "pin-down" 
    attack. There's a possible way to actually "deflect" his knives by  peppering 
    them with your assault rifle, but that is hard to do. May the devil's luck be 
    with you.
    [ALTERNATE STRATEGY]  Submitted by tarajis
    I would like to share my own strategy to kick his vampire's ass! At the start 
    of the fight or whenever he's swimming, remember those Claymore mines you 
    always carry around? Well, it's time to make them useful. Find yourself a
    nice corner with good camera angle so that you can see those knives when 
    thrown at you and start putting mines at one side of Raiden and another at 
    the other side of the walkway (but make sure you leave enough space to dodge 
    incoming knives). When he emerges from the water and comes down the walkway,
    it will blow his ass back in the water. This can be helpful whenever he 
    throws his knife at your shadow cuz he tends to come to Raiden to give him
    surgery, but with a mine between you and him... – you got the picture right! 
    ^_^ Be warned cuz the knife can trigger the mines and you should also use the 
    sensor to make sure you don't step on your own mines and also watch out for 
    your own life gauge!! 
    If you don't have anything to do while he's swimming around the pool, you can 
    throw a hand grenade or 2 in the pool, and when timed right you hear him 
    scream from pain. It will not hurt his life bar but his conscious bar but 
    hell, it's fun hearing him scream and to pay him back for those knives! ^_^ 
    [TIPS]  Submitted by dlp
    - When Vamp is swimming in the water, toss 1 or 2 (if you can time it
    correctly) hand grenades into the water.  It doesn't matter where they land
    in the water, vamp will take some damage (concussion?).
    - While vamp is swimming, you can plant 1 or more C4 charges at the spot
    where he always comes out of the water.  As soon as he comes out of the
    water and pauses on the catwalk, BOOM.
    Thing:       Vamp 
    Blood type:  Unknown
    DOB:         Unknown
    Profession:  Blood-sucking knife specialist
    Family:      Deceased
    Weapon:      Hunting knives
    Sex:         Male
    You've heard that he  survived a church explosion.  You witnessed his pulsing 
    heart even after Raiden shot him in the head. And after he's been wiped out 
    back in Shell 2 Core, he comes back from dead for like what, the fourth time. 
    What does it take to keep this guy down?! 
    This time Vamp takes the cunning way out. He takes Emma captive and stabs her 
    multiple times, wearing her life down. It makes this battle feel a little 
    heavy. If you don't nail Vamp quickly enough, Emma will die, meriting an 
    instant game over. And what's worse, you have only the PSG-1. Even zooming it 
    out as far as possible  doesn't give you a clear shot of Vamp's head.  You'll 
    just have to rely on your pure sniping skills.
    Pop a Pentazemin.  If you don't have one, use the Cigarettes. It works to the 
    same effect. Then aim carefully. Use your intuition to estimate the vantage 
    point of Vamp's head. Then fire. If it hits, you should see Vamp's life 
    deplete.  Don't move the PSG-1  and keep firing  until he finally  goes down.
    \                \
     \  HARD-EXTREME  \
    This is the easiest boss battle  you'll ever see in Extreme, or Hard.  Peruse 
    the strategy above for assistance. 
    Thing:       Metal Gear RAYs
    Blood type:  N/A
    DOB:         N/A
    Profession:  Gigantic metal lizard freaks
    Family:      Other Metal Gear RAYs
    Weapon:      Missiles, Homing missiles, automatics
    Sex:         N/A
    And you thought the  battle against  the Harrier  was insanity.  Aw, don't be 
    discouraged now. In fact, this  fight is doggone fun!  And thanks to the vast 
    area, this battle isn't nearly as troublesome as the Harrier battle.  Solidus
    deploys three Metal Gear RAYs onto the battle arena. But only one can stand 
    on the platform at any one time, and the other two will stay at the border 
    and occasionally send out missiles to toast Raiden. With each Metal Gear RAY 
    destroyed, more will be dispatched. Destroy all the RAYs and different models 
    of Metal Gears will be deployed. It's endless! 
    When you're up against enormous  robots like them, you're  gonna need a hard-
    hitting, explosive weapon like the Stinger. The Stinger is the ONLY weapon to 
    use in this battle!  Don't leave home without it! Equip the Rations, too. The
    arena will sometimes provide spare Stinger missiles on the outside borders 
    when you run low on them, and Rations in the center.  However, Rations aren't 
    relinquished too often.
    Use the R2 button to equip and  un-equip the  Stinger quickly, without  going 
    through the hassle of entering the inventory menu and slowly scrolling to the 
    Stinger each time.
    As the battle begins, the Metal  Gear RAYs will  be unsure of what  to do for 
    _only_ a moment's time. Take this chance to deliver the first blow to the 
    CENTER RAY. Aim the Stinger Missile at the head. Soon after the first attack, 
    they will start to register and begin unleashing the missiles stored on their 
    backs.  These missiles will be launched into the air, and a beeping noise can 
    be heard in the background. 
    During this time, you should  take the  chance to get  another missile in its 
    face. Pay attention to the beeping while you're at it. When the beeping 
    starts to go wild, RUN and cartwheel away!  The RAYs are  liable to  use this 
    attack often. So be careful!
    Once you've damaged the center RAY enough, it will  start to ingress into the 
    arena. Several new attacks are open to it.  One of them involves  opening its 
    faceplate to shoot a straight particle beam at Raiden. It uses this attack 
    only when Raiden is directly in front of it. Also, hit its head when the 
    faceplate is open to ensure maximum damage. Another attack it's capable of is
    opening up a small compartment in its arm and then shooting multiple shots in 
    a swift movement across the area. The next attack has the highest probability 
    rate of damaging Raiden.
    NOTE: I have been made fully aware by what appears to be the entire internet
    that you can make the RAYs open their mouth by shooting them in the knees,
    which I already know and have mentioned in the Extreme part of the strategy. 
    Thank you very much.
    When the Metal Gear RAY starts to crouch, as if to crap, two missiles will be 
    ejected from its knees and lock-on to Raiden. If he starts moving before the 
    missiles reach him, he is bound to get hit. Time it right and the second 
    before it hits Raiden, cartwheel to the side. There's one more attack the RAY 
    endeavors, which is  when Raiden starts to approach the RAY and is  under it.
    The RAY will stomp the ground, creating a tremor  that will  damage Raiden if 
    he gets caught in it.
    Well, I've got everything you need to  know covered, but  you'll soon realize 
    there's something missing. The Metal Gear army never ends! That's right. It 
    won't end until after you  trash a certain amount of RAYs that vary with each 
    difficulty setting. If you're playing on Normal, you must defeat exactly 5 
    RAYs to scotch the battle (ending with RAY-A05E, or your personal order in 
    which you picked them off). When that task is accomplished, the battle will 
    end.  The number of  obliterated RAYs needed  to end the battle vary with the 
    difficulty settings.
    \        \
     \  HARD  \ 
    On Hard, Solidus  deploys 12 Metal Gear RAYs to  squash you, fearing that you 
    may not have had enough fun the last time.  See below for advice. I'm getting 
    lazy. Heh.  But it is kinda pointless to write a Hard AND an Extreme strategy
    when one could just take a gander at the Extreme strategy and click. It's for 
    the sake of completism I tell you!
    \           \
     \  EXTREME  \
    It's ok, guys!  You'll only have to  deal with  20 Metal Gear RAYs!  The only
    thing that's difficult about this battle is that--well, you have 20 RAYs to 
    deal with and you'd have stay alive long  enough to demolish every single one 
    of them. Folks, I hope you have a LOT of time on your hands.
    First of all, keep a move on at ALL times!  Never stay in place for too long,
    especially since the RAYs will frequently deploy the homing missile trio from 
    their backs. The strategy is pretty much the same except you will drop on the 
    floor much more quickly. It's insane. To ensure maximum damage every time,
    launch a missile towards the RAYs' knee area. When it hits, the metallic 
    monster will  kneel and screech in pain.  Immediately after  it stretches its 
    mouth to that size, force a missile in there and make him eat it. Don't worry 
    about expending your ammo--Stinger missiles will regenerate around the 
    outside borders.  However, the Ration will not!  So you absolutely must avoid
    all potential hazardous points!
    This battle requires a LOT of patience  and don't forget to be prudent.  Play 
    it safe and attack when you can. Don't force it or they will eat you for 
    breakfast. Battling 20 RAYs can also get a little boring. It will make this 
    battle somewhat easier if you have Raiden's infinite ammo wig.  It would save 
    you  the trouble of going around, refilling ammunition.
    Dodge each attack, using the same  methods you usually use. Try to squeeze in
    a spare shot shortly after leaping away from one of their attacks. If you 
    can't, don't.  And again, don't risk taking a shot  when you're about to meet 
    your impending  doom (the missiles).  Learning to aim fast is also key to 
    winning this battle. Depending upon how you make it, this battle could be fun 
    or it can lead to mental deficiencies.
    [TIP]  Submitted by Wei Huang
    When you  begin to fight the  MG Ray's, throw a Chaff Grenade to reduce their 
    accuracy (always throw them while you're getting rations of ammo). I don't 
    think it'll work against missiles, but it does reduce their speed and gun 
    fires. Also to dodge the more powerful version of the missiles (the ones that 
    come straight at you with great speed), simply crouch to avoid them. The cart 
    wheel takes greater risks. 
    Name:        Solidus Snake (George Sears)
    Blood type:  Unknown
    DOB:         Unknown
    Profession:  Big Boss impersonator, Former president of US
    Family:      Liquid and Solid Snake
    Weapon:      Tentacles, HF Blade
    Sex:         Male
    The final showdown with Solidus.  How does it feel?  This super-soldier is no 
    pushover, especially since he's the last boss.  The third of the three super-
    soldiers created from the "Les Enfants Terrible" project. Translated as "The 
    Terrible Children" (it's a cognate, duh). He comes equipped with the innate 
    ability to beef himself up and use his tentacles as deadly weapons.  The only 
    weapon available for use is the HF Blade.  I hope you've been practicing with 
    it, chump.
    Contact Otacon frequently for some clues and strategies. The controls for the 
    HF Blade can be found under the Weapons section. I should warn you that 
    trying to stomach everything now would be minimally useful. First of all, you 
    should learn to use the L1 button (Guard) often. Some of Solidus' attacks can 
    be blocked, but some cannot, like his projectile attack.
    If you have the blade  switched to  the reverse side, switch  it  back to the 
    sharp edge (Red Icon). Victory must be achieved through close-combat.  Charge
    at Solidus while defending his attacks and give him a few nasty pokes.  Don't 
    underestimate him. Solidus is capable of defending like a pro fencer.  And if
    you're caught off-guard, he will kick you away.
    Raiden's best chance at attacking Solidus is when Solidus is about to  attack 
    with his tentacles, indicated by an eerie glow of blue that surrounds him. 
    Swipe him a few times to cancel the attack. His tentacles are capable of 
    doing the choke-hold, from which you must wildly mash the buttons to pry 
    loose, and whipping Raiden.  At times, Solidus will also use his tentacles to 
    shoot out jolts of energy at Raiden. Evade the potential damage by running in 
    an angle and away.
    When Solidus leaps into the air, move as far away from him as possible, as he 
    will plunge back to the ground and slash downward.  This is another moment to 
    counterattack. Once you've managed to chop off a certain amount of life, 
    Solidus will detach his tentacles, becoming more devastating. He has a new 
    move up his sleeve.
    Solidus will streak around the roof, setting his trail on fire.  Then he will 
    pause momentarily and charge toward Raiden with enough force to knock him off 
    his feet. This attack is difficult to avoid, but possible. You must cartwheel 
    out of the way at just the right moment.  You can also avoid this  by keeping 
    Solidus busy with your continuous attempts to strike him. 
    The fire streak attack can cause Raiden to be set ablaze if he gets caught in 
    the fires that break out. When this happens, roll around to slowly put it 
    out.  The suit Raiden wears protects him slightly and slows down the burning, 
    so the life deterioration isn't nearly as fast. If you need a Ration, there 
    is one sitting in the upper-right corner of the roof. That's the only one you 
    get so try to avoid damage as much as possible! 
    \           \
     \  EXTREME  \
    Solidus will  drive you up the wall, mainly because he takes a helluva lot of 
    damage before he smacks dead on the roof. Do yourself a favor and equip the 
    Body Armor if you have it. I really hope you do. Although the Body Armor 
    doesn't help  all that much, it helps cut  the damage received just slightly.
    His attacks are pretty  much the same, but as with  the attacks  of all other 
    bosses, they are 10 times more damaging. 
    If you know what's good for you, you should always keep your finger on the L1 
    button (block). As the fight begins, charge directly at him and fence him for 
    a while. When he turns to kick you away, block it and furiously retaliate 
    with downward and sideway slashes.  If he feels the pain of each slash, he'll 
    relent and stagger back.  Don't try to keep slashing him! Somehow, he will be
    disgustingly invulnerable to the extra slashes.
    Be careful while  blocking his sword slashes.  If you let your guard down for 
    even a nanosecond, he'll add a few extra nasty pokes.
    Notice that your life bar has not  recovered from Solidus' tentacle hold from
    one of the movie sequences. This makes matters much worse as your chances of 
    beating him with an iota of health is slim. Let him kick you away until you 
    start bleeding.  That way, you could run off  and recuperate your health to a 
    fourth of the life bar.  Chances are that you  don't have any Rations either. 
    However, if you do, SAVE them for the second phase.
    When he starts firing  the projectiles, run straight at  him if they converge 
    on you. If not, run at an angle and flip around until you lose them all. Each 
    one can fatally injure you! If you time them right, you can dodge them. 
    However, that isn't very reliable. The safest way is to just leap off the 
    roof and hang from it. Doing this helps you escape the wrath of his missile 
    attack. It's a real doozy. Remember, it's the Triangle button to pull
    yourself back up.  Not the X.  At times like this, you  often forget who your 
    mother is.
    The best counterattack opportunities are after he lands  and composes himself 
    from a downward slash, and whenever he tries to charge up his tentacle  
    projectiles, or missiles, if you will. Use the little method explained above. 
    Once Round 2 comes along and he unfastens his tentacles, you must  always try 
    to avoid his fire streak attack and double slash. Time the fire attack right, 
    and flip at an angle. If you're lucky, you may end up behind him for a 
    counterattack opportunity. Be patient and keep your sword up! If you die, try 
    again. You learn more and more each time you die. Well, I did...Not saying 
    that you should die on purpose, though.  By all means, try your best and know 
    that Raiden died for your benefit.
     ______                                                               ______
                                     | Dog Tags |
    Dog tags?? What are these Dog tags you're blabbering about, Adrenaline? Don't 
    give me that mumbo-jumbo! I know where you live!
    Collecting special  items called dog tags has  become a  routine to many MGS2
    players. Newbies and veterans alike. They unlock secret items that may or may
    not make the next game fun. However, the only reason I would bother to create 
    a section entirely  devoted to these military items is that you are liable to 
    come to me for help that I would _hate_ to provide on a daily basis. You see, 
    these stinkin' items will suck up most of your time and probably make up 60% 
    of your playing time, if you  even care to unlock _everything_ in MGS2.  Hey,
    if you definitely have a lot of time on your hands and  don't mind, it's even 
    beneficial for you! 
    Because of the varying degree of difficulties, aka playing  modes, that allot 
    a certain amount of guards to accommodate your ability to each area, some dog 
    tags cannot be obtained. Why is this so?  It's mainly  due to the absence of 
    certain guards that appear only in certain modes. In other words, blame the 
    various difficulty modes. They prevent you from collecting all the dog tags 
    in one go. Soooo, in order to do that (Aren't you getting tired of my 
    repetition?) one must play through all modes to find every single piece, 
    right down to  the tags of important  characters, of these problematic shards 
    in the game. 
    Now, we get to the good part. To reap a dog tag from a soldier, you must find 
    a way to coerce them. That or shaking them down. But the chances of their 
    dropping one is very slim. A majority of the guards will melt at the sight of 
    a M9's being pointed at them, but there are certain "Mr. Toughies" that need 
    serious convincing. You will encounter a handful  of stubborn guards; when 
    held up, they will resist arrest and even goad you to shoot them. In the end, 
    you may probably just give up and execute them out of frustration.  
    To convince them for good, you'll (preferably) need a more destructive weapon 
    that kills (like the USP or Socom), then pump a single shell into a non-
    essential body part, like the knee or hand. Once you've wounded a part of
    their body, they'll know you mean business.  Then proceed to aim  at his head 
    or package. Out of pure trepidation, they'll finally give up the dog tag.  
    Bad tempers are hard to amend and when it  goes off, a chance of collecting a 
    dog tag may slip away. If you ever find yourself in a situation in which the 
    guard that carries a dog tag dies--well, it's your loss.  However, for a
    slumbering sentry, simply  spray his head  with the Coolant to  dissipate the 
    Z's more quickly. Do that, or pick him up and drop him several times. 
    NOTE: There were some names that  didn't fit in the spaces  provided, so I've
          abbreviated  certain middle and last names.  I don't think it'll affect 
          your game at all, so no worries.
    / VERY EASY  /***/       /
    ID#    | Name               | D.O.B. | Bld Type | Location
    000    | Olga Gurlukovich   | 0923   |    A     | Navigational Deck     
    001    | Ross E. Bowman     | 0616   |    B     | Aft. Deck
    002    | Abraham Carille    | 0704   |    ?     | Aft. Deck
    003    | Kaisser Ag Agnouche| 0120   |    O     | Aft. Deck    
    004    | Argnaud Delauney   | 0430   |    O     | Navigational Deck, Wing
    005    | Ryoji Makimura     | 1206   |    B     | Deck-A, Crew's Quarters
    006    | Kim K. Cristensen  | 0928   |   AB     | Deck-B, Crew's Quarters
    007    | Kevin S. Purvis    | 1114   |    B     | Deck-A, Crew's Lounge
    008    | Yasuhiro Miyamoto  | 0225   |   AB     | Deck-A, Crew's Lounge
    009    | Michael C. Anthony | 0307   |    O     | Deck-A, Crew's Lounge
    010    | Carlos Garci Garcie| 1230   |    A     | Deck-D, Crew's Quarters
    011    | Mineshi Kimura     | 0618   |   AB     | Deck-D, Crew's Quarters
    012    | Jonathan Hancock   | 0228   |   AB     | Deck 2, Port
    013    | Bryan T. Kershaw   | 0304   |    O     | Deck 2, Port
    014    | Michael Hurkmans   | 1205   |    B     | Deck 2, Port
    015    | Ken Ogasawara      | 0630   |    B     | Engine Room
    016    | Petro Kyrylenko    | 0218   |    ?     | Engine Room
    017    | Aaron F. Kopf      | 0624   |   AB     | Engine Room
    018    | James P. Fitzgibons| 0513   |    ?     | Engine Room 
    019    | Alexander Strigi   | 0403   |    A     | Engine Room
    ID#    | Name               | D.O.B. | Bld Type | Location
    000    | Iroquois Pliskin   | ????   |    ?     | Arsenal G., Ascending Colon
    001    | Carlos I. Siu      | 0325   |    O     | Strut A, Deep Sea Dock
    002    | Clinton J. Heileman| 0324   |    O     | Strut A, Deep Sea Dock
    003    | Mike J. Newman     | 1213   |    B     | Strut A, Roof
    004    | Rayyen A. Said     | 0417   |   AB     | Strut A, Pump Room
    005    | Shigeo Okajima     | 0130   |    A     | Strut A, Pump Room
    006    | Cord B. Smith      | 0918   |    O     | AB Connecting Bridge
    007    | Mario C. Lopez     | 0816   |    ?     | AB Connecting Bridge
    008    | Shuhei Tanaka      | 0425   |    O     | Strut B, Transformer Room
    009    | Momoko  Kawai      | 0327   |    ?     | Strut B, Transformer Room
    010    | Kengo Iwata        | 1129   |   AB     | BC Connecting Bridge
    011    | Daniel Modol       | 0624   |    ?     | Strut C, Dining Hall
    012    | Noriyuki Katsumura | 0128   |    O     | Strut C, Dining Hall
    013    | Tetsuro Sueyoshi   | 0131   |    O     | CD Connecting Bridge
    014    | Tony J. Ylaranta   | 0420   |    O     | CD Connecting Bridge
    015    | Paul R. Martin     | 0611   |    O     | Strut D, Sediment Pool
    016    | Leandro M. Cardoso | 0314   |    ?     | Strut D, Sediment Pool
    017    | Al J. Josel        | 0929   |    A     | DE Connecting Bridge
    018    | Hyoko Hariyama     | 1227   |    A     | DE Connecting Bridge
    019    | Barna K. Olvedi    | 1109   |   AB     | Strut E, Parcel Room
    020    | Yuta Kunibe        | 1205   |    A     | Strut E, Parcel Room
    021    | Daniel C. Bell     | 0620   |    ?     | Strut E, Heliport
    022    | Yuki Miyata        | 1011   |    O     | Strut E, Heliport
    023    | Nadim Daban        | 0829   |   AB     | Strut F, Warehouse
    024    | Timothy J. Kane    | 0809   |   AB     | Strut F, Warehouse
    025    | Allen J. Chang     | 0609   |    B     | FA Connecting Bridge
    026    | Jean Luc Cougar    | 0720   |    A     | Shell 1 Core, 1F
    027    | Luis A. Fernandes  | 0721   |   AB     | Shell 1 Core, 1F
    028    | Yuta Kiguchi       | 0813   |    A     | Shell 1 Core, 1F
    029    | Masafumi Okuta     | 0707   |    B     | Shell 1 Core, B1
    030    | Matthew R. Bartz   | 0925   |    O     | Shell 1 Core, B1
    031    | Kunio Takabe       | 0718   |    A     | Shell 1 Core, B1
    032    | Joey Simkins       | 0409   |   AB     | Shell 1 Core, B2
    033    | Sue G. Westli      | 0627   |    A     | Shell 1 Core, B2
    034    | Sam M. Shrimpton   | 0131   |    O     | Shell 1 Core, B2
    035    | Norihiko Hibino    | 0903   |    O     | Shell 1 Core, B2
    036    | Erik R. Christy    | 0308   |    ?     | KL Connecting Bridge
    037    | Jason C. Patino    | 0920   |    O     | Strut L, Sewage Facility
    038    | Marten Van Der Zwan| 0107   |    A     | Strut L, Sewage Facility
    039    | Motoyuki Toshioka  | 0708   |    B     | Shell 2 Core, 1F
    040    | Adrian Thien       | 0524   |    A     | Shell 2 Core, 1F
    041    | Yuki Higuchi       | 0416   |    A     | Shell 2 Core, 1F
    042    | Peter Stillman     | 1116   |    A     | Strut E, Heliport
    / EASY  /***/       /
    ID#    | Name               | D.O.B. | Bld Type | Location
    000    | Olga Gurlukovich   | 0923   |    A     | Navigational Deck  
    001    | Nicholas M. Capone | 1217   |    O     | Aft. Deck
    002    | Donal L. Gilliland | 1228   |    O     | Aft. Deck
    003    | Joe T. Holdren     | 0915   |   AB     | Aft. Deck     
    004    | Shaun P. Wilson    | 0513   |    O     | Navigational Deck, Wing
    005    | Jeff K. Hui        | 1031   |    B     | Deck-A, Crew's Quarters
    006    | Mark W. Brice      | 0806   |    O     | Deck-B, Crew's Quarters
    007    | Yukho Wong         | 0123   |    B     | Deck-A, Crew's Lounge
    008    | Anders E. Leiro    | 1122   |    ?     | Deck-A, Crew's Lounge
    009    | Strakfus Marcio    | 0209   |    O     | Deck-A, Crew's Lounge
    010    | Gavin S. Nash      | 1206   |    B     | Deck-D, Crew's Quarters
    011    | David S. Eastwick  | 1108   |    A     | Deck-D, Crew's Quarters
    012    | Kozaka Kh Henri    | 0502   |    ?     | Deck 2, Port
    013    | Marcin A Cieslinski| 0630   |    A     | Deck 2, Port
    014    | Thomas P. Dohm     | 0207   |   AB     | Deck 2, Port
    015    | Enrique Camacho    | 0513   |    O     | Engine Room
    016    | Takashi Ohari      | 0512   |    A     | Engine Room
    017    | Max C. Wood        | 0210   |    ?     | Engine Room
    018    | John W. Flemming   | 1123   |   AB     | Engine Room
    019    | Edward B. Elston   | 0108   |    B     | Engine Room
    020    | Christopher D Dadah| 0303   |    O     | Engine Room
    ID#    | Name               | D.O.B. | Bld Type | Location
    000    | Meryl Silverburgh  | ????   |    A     | Arsenal G., Ascending Colon
    001    | Thomas G. Cardner  | 0806   |    A     | Strut A, Deep Sea Dock
    002    | Matthew R. Vogel   | 0714   |   AB     | Strut A, Deep Sea Dock
    003    | Megumi Nakaniihara | 0716   |    A     | Strut A, Rooftop
    004    | Matthew A. Bullock | 0326   |    O     | Strut A, Pump Room
    005    | Addam J. Drew      | 0902   |    B     | Strut A, Pump Room
    006    | Yusuke Takada      | 0403   |    ?     | AB Connecting Bridge
    007    | Miles D. Ashley    | 0505   |    ?     | AB Connecting Bridge
    008    | Mark E. Francis    | 0326   |    O     | Strut B, Transformer Room
    009    | Kazuki Muraoka     | 0309   |    O     | Strut B, Transformer Room
    010    | Tom A. Hutchinson  | 0828   |    ?     | BC Connecting Bridge
    011    | Corey E. Louden    | 0211   |    A     | Strut C, Dining Hall
    012    | Ian J. Andrews     | 0605   |    O     | Strut C, Dining Hall
    013    | Tim J. Veldboom    | 1109   |    ?     | CD Connecting Bridge
    014    | David C. R.        | 0202   |    B     | CD Connecting Bridge
    015    | Nicolas J Schreiber| 0608   |    O     | Strut D, Sediment Pool
    016    | Achim Amaan        | 0821   |    A     | Strut D, Sediment Pool
    017    | Tommy Blunt        | 0101   |    O     | Strut D, Sediment Pool
    018    | Mariko Nakamura    | 0109   |    A     | DE Connecting Bridge
    019    | Emily Britt        | 0819   |    O     | DE Connecting Bridge
    020    | Daniel A. Longworth| 0613   |    A     | Strut E, Parcel Room
    021    | Caroline M L Gibson| 0605   |    ?     | Strut E, Parcel Room
    022    | Yuki Sawada        | 0324   |    B     | Strut E, Heliport
    023    | Daijiro Takeshima  | 0206   |    A     | Strut E, Heliport
    024    | Abigail G. Sanchez | 1017   |    O     | Strut F, Warehouse
    025    | Evan A. Bail       | 0213   |    B     | Strut F, Warehouse
    026    | Juergen Jur G.     | 0320   |    A     | Strut F, Warehouse
    027    | Yuko Yano          | 0106   |    B     | FA Connecting Bridge
    028    | Rick Naylor        | 0812   |    O     | Shell 1 Core, 1F
    029    | Jeremy A. Davis    | 0826   |    ?     | Shell 1 Core, 1F 
    030    | Zephan G Kirkpatrik| 1025   |    ?     | Shell 1 Core, 1F
    031    | Kenneth Wong       | 1220   |    O     | Shell 1 Core, B1
    032    | Michael D. Craft   | 0321   |    A     | Shell 1 Core, B1
    033    | Stephen D. Haynes  | 0502   |    A     | Shell 1 Core, B1
    034    | Joshua A. Crandall | 0711   |   AB     | Shell 1 Core, B2
    035    | Andrew J. Baker    | 0316   |    ?     | Shell 1 Core, B2
    036    | Andrew J. Walker   | 1012   |    ?     | Shell 1 Core, B2
    037    | Kazunobu Uehara    | 0721   |    B     | Shell 1 Core, B2
    038    | Thomas Szediak     | 0522   |    A     | KL Connecting Bridge
    039    | Shuichi Hata       | 0627   |    A     | Strut L, Sewage Facility
    040    | Frank A. Morales   | 1117   |    O     | Strut L, Sewage Facility
    041    | Lee P. French      | 1025   |   AB     | Shell 2 Core, 1F
    042    | Marcos A. Gomez    | 1103   |    ?     | Shell 2 Core, 1F
    043    | Scott K. Cleary    | 0402   |    A     | Shell 2 Core, 1F
    044    | Peter Stillman     | 1116   |    A     | Strut E, Heliport
    / NORMAL  /***/       /
    ID#    | Name               | D.O.B. | Bld Type | Location
    000    | Olga Gurlukovich   | 0923   |    A     | Navigational Deck
    001    | Kazuya Ikeno       | 1025   |    A     | Aft. Deck
    002    | Rodrigo Spinetti   | 0918   |    A     | Aft. Deck
    003    | Bryan D. Scheibe   | 0331   |    ?     | Aft. Deck
    004    | Ho Yeung Tsang     | 0215   |   AB     | Navigational Deck, Wing
    005    | Hirosuke Moritomo  | 0829   |    O     | Deck-C, Crew's Quarters 
    006    | Frank Gther        | 1109   |    B     | Deck-A, Crew's Quarters
    007    | Marco G. Brunato   | 0330   |    ?     | Deck-B, Crew's Quarters
    008    | Jesus Bibian Jr.   | 0116   |    ?     | Deck-B, Crew's Quarters
    009    | Jordi C. Aldea     | 0508   |    ?     | Deck-A, Crew's Lounge
    010    | Sadaaki Kaneyoshi  | 0517   |    A     | Deck-A, Crew's Lounge
    011    | Anthony D Callaghan| 0407   |    ?     | Deck-A, Crew's Lounge
    012    | Craig M. Weldon    | 0426   |   AB     | Deck-D, Crew's Quarters
    013    | Ulf T. Lundh       | 0803   |    B     | Deck-D, Crew's Quarters
    014    | Shinta Nojiri      | 0408   |    A     | Deck-D, Crew's Quarters
    015    | Jun Tanaka         | 0812   |    B     | Deck 2, Port
    016    | Bernard A. Reeves  | 1221   |    O     | Deck 2, Port
    017    | Evan M. Martin     | 1120   |    A     | Deck 2, Port
    018    | Bruno A. Montenegro| 1123   |    B     | Engine Room
    019    | Almerindo Lemke    | 0909   |    A     | Engine Room
    020    | Satoshi Hirano     | 0211   |    A     | Engine Room
    021    | Justin C. Cumley   | 0625   |    O     | Engine Room
    022    | Kristian Lindin    | 0930   |    ?     | Engine Room
    023    | Mike Abe           | 0602   |    A     | Engine Room
    024    | Tatsuya Takada     | 0731   |    O     | Engine Room
    ID#    | Name               | D.O.B. | Bld Type | Location
    000    | Solid Snake        | ????   |    ?     | Arsenal G., Ascending Colon
    001    | Christopher J. U.  | 0908   |    A     | Strut A Rooftop
    002    | Christophe L. L.   | 0420   |    O     | Strut A, Pump Room
    003    | Hurell F. Lyons    | 0905   |    O     | Strut A, Pump Room
    004    | Juntaro Saito      | 0418   |    O     | AB Connecting Bridge
    005    | So Toyota          | 0707   |    A     | AB Connecting Bridge
    006    | Robert J. Bryk     | 1123   |    ?     | Strut B, Transformer Room
    007    | Scott A. Morgan    | 0210   |    O     | Strut B, Transformer Room
    008    | George T. Joseph   | 0717   |    O     | BC Connecting Bridge
    009    | Vahe V. Varujan    | 0611   |    A     | Strut C, Dining Hall
    010    | Mark Mugendi       | 0813   |    A     | Strut C, Dining Hall
    011    | Irene C. Carvalho  | 0405   |    O     | CD Connecting Bridge
    012    | Jools Watsham      | 0328   |    O     | CD Connecting Bridge
    013    | Adam J. Schick     | 0822   |    ?     | Strut D, Sediment Pool
    014    | Takayoshi Ogawa    | 1130   |    O     | Strut D, Sediment Pool
    015    | Jamie A. Trumper   | 1119   |    ?     | Strut D, Sediment Pool
    016    | Sergio Carranza    | 0205   |    ?     | DE Connecting Bridge
    017    | Michiko Arai       | 0930   |    O     | DE Connecting Bridge
    018    | Takashi Mizutani   | 0704   |    B     | Strut E, Parcel Room
    019    | Christian Cr Renner| 1221   |    O     | Strut E, Parcel Room
    020    | Andy B. Gilder     | 0617   |    ?     | Strut E, Parcel Room
    021    | Takashi Horikawa   | 1212   |    A     | Strut E, Heliport
    022    | Kevin T. Petty     | 0504   |    A     | Strut E, Heliport
    023    | Guilherme K. Saran | 0218   |    ?     | Strut E, Heliport
    024    | Chen Yen Wen       | 0916   |    A     | Strut F, Warehouse
    025    | Caroline Frechette | 0115   |    A     | Strut F, Warehouse
    026    | Rafael Estaregue   | 1113   |    B     | Strut F, Warehouse 
    027    | Tomokazu Fukushima | 1228   |    A     | FA Connecting Bridge
    028    | Monte S. Tate      | 0915   |    ?     | Shell 1 Core, 1F
    029    | Steph Hattenberger | 0617   |    A     | Shell 1 Core, 1F
    030    | Jason B. Wray      | 0530   |    A     | Shell 1 Core, 1F
    031    | Matt T. Federspiel | 0112   |    ?     | Shell 1 Core, 1F
    032    | Iiro Karvinen      | 0713   |    A     | Shell 1 Core, B1
    033    | Ray A. Holdren     | 0922   |    B     | Shell 1 Core, B1
    034    | Hiro Takada        | 0414   |    A     | Shell 1 Core, B1
    035    | Eric G. Macway     | 0618   |    O     | Shell 1 Core, B2
    036    | Ian J. Roberts     | 1020   |    O     | Shell 1 Core, B2
    037    | Alexandre Bertrand | 0707   |    A     | Shell 1 Core, B2
    038    | Peter D. McCarthy  | 0630   |    ?     | Shell 1 Core, B2
    039    | Ichiro Kutome      | 0908   |    O     | KL Connecting Bridge
    040    | Yutaka Negishi     | 0523   |    B     | Strut L, Sewage Facility
    041    | Renata N. Csio     | 0831   |    ?     | Strut L, Sewage Facility
    042    | Tony J. Case       | 0101   |    O     | Shell 2 Core, 1F
    043    | Paul M. Blacketer  | 0318   |    O     | Shell 2 Core, 1F
    044    | DennisJ Krimpelbein| 0128   |    ?     | Shell 2 Core, 1F
    045    | Stanley A. Garcia  | 0612   |    O     | Shell 2 Core, 1F
    046    | Charles P. Quivers | 0928   |    B     | Shell 2 Core, 1F
    047    | Sevak N. Fair      | 0323   |    ?     | Shell 2 Core, 1F
    048    | Peter Stillman     | 1116   |    A     | Strut E, Heliport
    / HARD  /***/       /
    ID#    | Name               | D.O.B. | Bld Type | Location
    000    | Olga Gurlukovich   | 0923   |    A     | Navigational Deck, Wing
    001    | Markus A. Lindqvist| 0209   |    ?     | Aft. Deck
    002    | Kenichi Takashima  | 0103   |    O     | Aft. Deck
    003    | Thiago S. Parra    | 0801   |    O     | Aft. Deck
    004    | Chris J. Matzdorf  | 0819   |    ?     | Navigational Deck, Wing
    005    | Adrian B Scholvinck| 0102   |    A     | Deck-C, Crew's Quarters
    006    | Julius Jun         | 0228   |    B     | Deck-A, Crew's Quarters
    007    | Kazuki Nisimura    | 0302   |    A     | Deck-B, Crew's Quarters
    008    | Zhang Chao         | 1030   |    ?     | Deck-B, Crew's Quarters
    009    | Vishal Kapur       | 1007   |    O     | Deck-A, Crew's Quarters
    010    | Victor A. Cruz     | 0107   |    B     | Deck-A, Crew's Lounge
    011    | Larry D. Lionberger| 1021   |    ?     | Deck-A, Crew's Lounge
    012    | Celeste D. Sauls   | 0602   |    O     | Deck-D, Crew's Quarters
    013    | Danielle E. Ford   | 0714   |    O     | Deck-D, Crew's Quarters
    014    | Jennifer A. Mauck  | 0925   |    O     | Deck-D, Crew's Quarters
    015    | Daniel A. Olsson   | 0624   |    O     | Deck-D, Crew's Quarters
    016    | Youssel Fassi-Fihri| 0817   |    O     | Deck 2, Port
    017    | Sean P. Cullen     | 0315   |    ?     | Deck 2, Port
    018    | Lars Crama         | 0525   |   AB     | Deck 2, Port
    019    | David Chau         | 1230   |    B     | Engine Room
    020    | PhilippeA Mouritzen| 0102   |    A     | Engine Room
    021    | Yoko Niiyama       | 0315   |    B     | Engine Room
    022    | John V. Teves      | 0128   |    B     | Engine Room
    023    | Christian Nordstr  | 0726   |    B     | Engine Room
    024    | Jonathan Murphy    | 1230   |   AB     | Engine Room
    025    | Yuji Korekado      | 1222   |    A     | Engine Room
    ID#    | Name               | D.O.B. | Bld Type | Location
    000    | Liquid Snake       | ????   |    ?     | Arsenal G., Ascending Colon
    001    | Yamato Hagiwara    | 0406   |    O     | Strut A, Rooftop
    002    | Chris Walker       | 0909   |    ?     | Strut A, Pump Room
    003    | Brian D. Hagermann | 0704   |    O     | Strut A, Pump Room
    004    | Makoto Sonoyama    | 0821   |    B     | AB Connecting Bridge
    005    | ChristophC Reinicke| 0906   |   AB     | AB Connecting Bridge
    006    | Justin D. Ebersole | 0820   |    ?     | Strut B, Transformer Room
    007    | William A Catacutan| 0120   |    ?     | Strut B, Transformer Room
    008    | Natalie Yip        | 1016   |    O     | BC Connecting Bridge
    009    | Kelsy L. Clark     | 0506   |    ?     | Strut C, Dining Hall
    010    | Bjoern Hiede       | 0412   |   AB     | Strut C, Dining Hall
    011    | Daniel Y. Kato     | 0705   |    A     | CD Connecting Bridge
    012    | Alexandre RC Dantas| 0106   |    O     | CD Connecting Bridge
    013    | Jason Enos         | 0730   |    ?     | Strut D, Sediment Pool
    014    | Josiah F. Thorne   | 0715   |    O     | Strut D, Sediment Pool
    015    | Yoshikazu Matsuhana| 0803   |    O     | Strut D, Sediment Pool
    016    | Claudia Cd Diessner| 0408   |    A     | Strut D, Sediment Pool 
    017    | Gary K. Yong       | 0309   |    ?     | DE Connecting Bridge
    018    | Devon V. Tailor    | 0804   |    A     | DE Connecting Bridge
    019    | Chris Kramer       | 1018   |    A     | Strut E, Parcel Room
    020    | Ikuya Nakamura     | 0205   |    B     | Strut E, Parcel Room
    021    | Andreas Ebeler     | 0323   |   AB     | Strut E, Parcel Room
    022    | James N. Janovsky  | 0504   |    O     | Strut E, Parcel Room
    023    | Nathaniel Lord     | 0604   |    O     | Strut E, Heliport
    024    | Chris M. Flohr     | 1001   |    A     | Strut E, Heliport
    025    | Gary J. Davidson   | 0712   |    O     | Strut E, Heliport
    026    | Carlos Kiho        | 1229   |    O     | Strut F, Warehouse
    027    | Andrew N. Bartlett | 0406   |   AB     | Strut F, Warehouse
    028    | Tim U. Chan        | 0619   |    ?     | Strut F, Warehouse
    029    | Futoshi Satou      | 0721   |    A     | Strut F, Warehouse
    030    | Shinpei Murakami   | 1207   |    A     | FA Connecting Bridge
    031    | David Lesslie      | 0307   |    O     | Shell 1 Core, 1F
    032    | Brian R. Strack    | 0813   |    B     | Shell 1 Core, 1F
    033    | Skip M. Murray     | 1120   |    A     | Shell 1 Core, 1F
    034    | Axel R. Zijderveld | 0929   |    ?     | Shell 1 Core, 1F
    035    | Kamran Keenan      | 0212   |    ?     | Shell 1 Core, B1
    036    | Tomonori Morita    | 0210   |    A     | Shell 1 Core, B1
    037    | Julian Jd Dort     | 1120   |    A     | Shell 1 Core, B1
    038    | Steven Schmitt     | 0918   |   AB     | Shell 1 Core, B2
    039    | Michael O. Kress   | 0703   |   AB     | Shell 1 Core, B2
    040    | Stephane Tudela    | 0408   |    B     | Shell 1 Core, B2
    041    | Yoriko Shimizu     | 0323   |    O     | Shell 1 Core, B2
    042    | Yun-Ho Kim         | 0322   |    A     | KL Connecting Bridge
    043    | Jun Sukegawa       | 1010   |   AB     | Strut L, Sewage Facility
    044    | Joey P. Gonzales   | 0105   |    A     | Strut L, Sewage Facility
    045    | Christopher Heck   | 1117   |    ?     | Shell 2 Core, 1F
    046    | Martin Kukowka     | 1211   |    ?     | Shell 2 Core, 1F
    047    | Alex N. Martinez   | 1223   |    A     | Shell 2 Core, 1F
    048    | Chul Kwan          | 0727   |    A     | Shell 2 Core, 1F
    049    | Giovanni Cavalliere| 0913   |    O     | Shell 2 Core, 1F
    050    | Gabriel F. Peres   | 1125   |    O     | Shell 2 Core, 1F
    051    | Peter Stillman     | 1116   |    A     | Strut E, Heliport
    / EXTREME  /***/       /
    ID#    | Name               | D.O.B. | Bld Type | Location
    000    | Olga Gurlukovich   | 0923   |    A     | Navigational Deck, Wing
    001    | Dave Cox           | 0803   |    O     | Aft. Deck
    002    | Pawel Majewski     | 0208   |    O     | Aft. Deck
    003    | Mathieu Trepanier  | 0609   |    B     | Aft. Deck
    004    | Cory A. Noll       | 0406   |   AB     | Navigational Deck, Wing
    005    | Joshua D. Casnocha | 0429   |    ?     | Deck-C, Crew's Quarters
    006    | Louis K. Stevenson | 1031   |    ?     | Deck-A, Crew's Quarters
    007    | Michael D. Rogers  | 0818   |    O     | Deck-B, Crew's Quarters
    008    | Gianluca Peruzzo   | 1121   |    O     | Deck-B, Crew's Quarters
    009    | Travis J. Lujan    | 1230   |    A     | Deck-A, Crew's Lounge
    010    | Brendan M. Randall | 1014   |    B     | Deck-A, Crew's Lounge
    011    | Chris D. Bernd     | 1029   |    O     | Deck-A, Crew's Lounge
    012    | Chantelle M. Blair | 1224   |    B     | Deck-D, Crew's Quarters
    013    | Eduard V. Fernandez| 1031   |    A     | Deck-D, Crew's Quarters 
    014    | Yoji Shinkawa      | 1225   |   AB     | Deck-D, Crew's Quarters
    015    | Niko Ionixx Horn   | 0215   |    B     | Deck-D, Crew's Quarters
    016    | Adnan Hadzic       | 0403   |    B     | Deck 2, Port
    017    | Shu Tajima         | 0928   |    O     | Deck 2, Port
    018    | Stuart J. Batchelar| 0307   |    ?     | Deck 2, Port
    019    | Masataka Nishiyama | 0402   |    O     | Engine Room
    020    | Michael M. Wong    | 0307   |    ?     | Engine Room
    021    | Manabu Nakamura    | 0327   |    A     | Engine Room
    022    | Simon P. Sargent   | 0601   |    A     | Engine Room
    023    | Yosuke Kamezaki    | 1225   |    O     | Engine Room
    024    | Clarke A. Baldwi   | 0531   |    O     | Engine Room
    025    | Hideki Sasaki      | 1116   |   AB     | Engine Room
    ID#    | Name               | D.O.B. | Bld Type | Location
    000    | Hideo Kojima       | 0824   |    A     | Arsenal G., Ascending Colon
    001    | Takeshi Sato       | 0731   |    O     | Strut A, Rooftop
    002    | Shinji Yamashita   | 0801   |    B     | Strut A, Pump Room
    003    | Ryan T. Cronkright | 1119   |   AB     | Strut A, Pump Room
    004    | Josef Karsch       | 0813   |    A     | AB Connecting Bridge
    005    | Emmanuel YL Passian| 1130   |    O     | AB Connecting Bridge
    006    | Lee M. McCowan     | 1027   |    O     | Strut B, Transformer Room
    007    | Hiro Miyajima      | 0510   |   AB     | Strut B, Transformer Room
    008    | Drew J. Elmer      | 0101   |    ?     | BC Connecting Bridge
    009    | Toru Kawakami      | 0330   |    A     | Strut C, Dining Hall
    010    | Adam J. Sarpolis   | 0205   |   AB     | Strut C, Dining Hall
    011    | Jyunpei Hirano     | 1207   |    A     | CD Connecting Bridge
    012    | Kyle S. Carrigan   | 1126   |    A     | CD Connecting Bridge
    013    | Matt J Van Leeuwen | 0921   |   AB     | Strut D, Sediment Pool
    014    | Matthew B. Boyett  | 1104   |    O     | Strut D, Sediment Pool
    015    | Collis R. Williams | 0910   |    ?     | Strut D, Sediment Pool
    016    | Nobumitsu Tanaka   | 0109   |    B     | Strut D, Sediment Pool
    017    | Matthew C. Miller  | 0712   |    B     | DE Connecting Bridge
    018    | Alex C. Wilson     | 0810   |    ?     | DE Connecting Bridge
    019    | Yoshiyuki Koido    | 1219   |    A     | Strut E, Parcel Room
    020    | Tsunehiko Shibata  | 0606   |    B     | Strut E, Parcel Room
    021    | Ryan Sheffer       | 0313   |    O     | Strut E, Parcel Room 
    022    | Carlos X. Luna     | 1205   |    A     | Strut E, Parcel Room
    023    | David A. Ginepri   | 0717   |    ?     | Strut E, Parcel Room
    024    | Emmanuel Phung     | 0814   |    O     | Strut E, Heliport
    025    | Micheal A. Hare    | 1222   |    O     | Strut E, Heliport
    026    | Alan J. Harries    | 0615   |    O     | Strut E, Heliport
    027    | Marco O. Scherrer  | 0728   |   AB     | Strut F, Warehouse
    028    | Edmond V. To       | 0727   |    O     | Strut F, Warehouse
    029    | Chevrinals Thomas  | 0421   |    O     | Strut F, Warehouse
    030    | Hiroshi Yokote     | 0703   |    A     | Strut F, Warehouse
    031    | Beri B. Pottsstam  | 0103   |    ?     | Strut F, Warehouse
    032    | Kenichiro Shigeno  | 0110   |    B     | FA Connecting Bridge
    033    | Kaori Yamada       | 0808   |    O     | Shell 1 Core, 1F
    034    | Ryan J. Crane      | 0803   |    O     | Shell 1 Core, 1F
    035    | Gareth J. Lewis    | 0126   |    O     | Shell 1 Core, 1F
    036    | Andreas R. Ramsauer| 1228   |    O     | Shell 1 Core, 1F
    037    | Justin A. Cagle    | 0614   |    B     | Shell 1 Core, B1
    038    | Christopher S Korte| 0602   |    B     | Shell 1 Core, B1
    039    | Mashiro Yoshinaga  | 0410   |    B     | Shell 1 Core, B1
    040    | Daisuke Nishimura  | 0816   |    A     | Shell 1 Core, B2
    041    | Viana S. Mauricette| 0128   |    O     | Shell 1 Core, B2
    042    | Chen Yung Kok      | 0429   |   AB     | Shell 1 Core, B2
    043    | Anthony J. Barrit  | 0524   |   AB     | Shell 1 Core, B2
    044    | Kaori Yae          | 0520   |    A     | KL Connecting Bridge
    045    | Isao A. Sato       | 0105   |    B     | Strut L, Sewage Facility
    046    | Ryan J. Schettle   | 0401   |    A     | Shell 2 Core, 1F
    047    | Andy Lam           | 1016   |    ?     | Shell 2 Core, 1F
    048    | Hiroaki Yoshiike   | 1013   |    O     | Shell 2 Core, 1F
    049    | Cedric Krolikowski | 0314   |    A     | Shell 2 Core, 1F
    050    | Sebastian J. Pitman| 0210   |    ?     | Shell 2 Core, 1F
    051    | Mark A. Matuszewski| 0831   |   AB     | Shell 2 Core, 1F
    052    | Xavier R. Garcia   | 0306   |    A     | Shell 2 Core, 1F
    053    | Peter Stillman     | 1116   |    A     | Strut E, Heliport
                             SPECIAL CIRCUMSTANCES DOG TAGS      
    This section is  associated with the  full Dog Tag compilation  listed above. 
    There are some Dog Tags that  take some doing to procure.  So I have arranged
    this section to note these tags.
    Just a small note to clear up some confusion. From Very Easy to Easy, you can 
    find the M9 in the area where you start (Plant Chapter). Therefore, you get 
    to acquire the Dog Tags from the Deep Sea Dock guards. However, from Normal 
    to Extreme, these Dog Tags are not available. Period.  Understand? Très bien!
    The guard's ID No. will be  listed, even though it's a  different person with 
    each difficulty mode. However, the guard undergoes the same pattern with each 
    difficulty, so I will list the tag number from the earliest difficulty he 
    appears in and add the exact area he patrols for higher difficulty reference.
    The difficulty settings on the right don't indicate that the guard is only 
    available  in that  mode, rather, it tells you  that  that's the  earliest he 
    appears and corresponds to the given ID No.
    Here are a few tips you should know when collecting dog tags:
    * Always back track to areas you've visited after an event.  Sometimes guards
      will be replaced or added to the area.
    * Never kill a dog tag holder.  You'll never be able to procure dog tags from
      dead soldiers.
    * For guards who try to  overthrow you when held up, make sure  there  are no
      conscious guards around when  you plan to execute  your hostage, unless you 
      have an  equipped silencer.  This is especially true when  dealing with the
      sentry in the pantry on the Tanker.
    --- Tanker ----------------------
    [000] – Navigational Deck, Wing (Port)                            [All Modes]
     After Olga slumps on the floor  when you defeat her, shake  her down and she 
     will drop her dog tag.  I guess it's part  of the spoils you get for winning 
     the gun fight.
    [005] – Deck-C, Crew's Quarters (Hallway)                            [Normal]
     Appears after defeating Olga.  As you descend the  steps to  Deck-C, he will 
     pass right by you to the west corridor.  Hide in a locker until he passes by
     again to the east corridor, where he will stay in place for a while. 
    [009] – Deck-A, Crew's Lounge (Hallway)                           [Very Easy]
     This guard appears in the Deck-A, Crew's  Lounge after defeating Olga on the
     Navigational Deck. He patrols the entire hallway. When you return later, 008
     will take his place and begin a switch-off pattern with him.
    [011] – Deck-D, Crew's Quarters (Pantry)                          [Very Easy]
     This sentinel  ascends to the Deck-D quarters from an area below just as you 
     enter the pantry--a small storage room on the east side of Deck-D. Depending 
     upon where you are, he could move in various ways before returning to his 
     original station. If you want to collect his dog tag, first, you need to 
     decommission the other guards and hide their bodies well. Then go to the
     southern end of the pantry. As you do, the drowsy guard will come in to take
     a nap.  Stay where you are until he eventually dozes off at the other end of
     the food shelf. Take this chance to hold him up with USP, which can be 
     obtained by defeating Olga. Shoot his leg to make him abandon that tough guy 
    [019] – Engine Room, Port (Entrance)                              [Very Easy]
     He enters  from the Deck-A, Crew's  Lounge area shortly  after you reach the
     north end of the short passage. Sometimes the guard will come and inspect 
     the turbine area, however, other times, he'll get lazy and leave without so
     much of a sniff of the area. You can lure him to come by entering the locker
     nearby.  When the guard turns and starts going back, step out and follow him
     to his brief pause.
    --- Plant ----------------------
    [000] – Arsenal Gear, Ascending Colon (Snake)                     [All Modes]
     The first dog tag of Plant chapter is the last acquired dog tag of each game
     you play. Basically, you must take this tag from the legend himself!  If you
     accidentally slice Snake up  with the sharp edge of the HF Blade, he'll draw
     his Socom and fire at you. However, if you just use plain kicks and punches,
     he'll only try to punch you back, and chances are, you can knock him out 
     cold by doing that. When Solid Snake is unconscious, shake his body down for
     the last dog tag. 
    [004], [005] – AB Connecting Bridge                                  [Normal]
     These two can only be convinced with the Socom in hand. For now, tranquilize
     them and come back when you have the Socom.
    [010] – BC Connecting Bridge                                      [Very Easy]
     He appears only after you've beaten Fatman.
    [014] – CD Connecting Bridge                                      [Very Easy]
     He appears only after you've beaten Fatman.
    [036] – KL Connecting Bridge (Walkway)                            [Very Easy]
     He appears immediately before reaching the adjacent walkway. Hide behind the
     low-hanging wall and wait there until he faces east at the stairs. He'll
     resist arrest unless  you're holding a grenade launcher or the Stinger. Heh.
     Who's your daddy??
    [047] – Shell 2 Core, 1F Air Purification Room                       [Normal]
     When you reach the southern end of the long hallway, this sentinel will step
     off the elevator and  investigate the area.  Hide Emma in the  alcove on the
     right of the elevator until you clean up this guard. 
    [041] – Shell 2 Core, 1F Air Purification Room (East Hallway)     [Very Easy]
     He appears just before you leave the  compound, when you bring Emma close to
     the exit.
    [042] – Strut E, Heliport                                         [Very Easy]
     After you've defeated  Fatman and disarmed the massive bomb under him, shake
     Fatman's lard to loosen this dog tag from his body.
     ______                                                               ______
                                   | Item Locator |
    This section  and the one that  succeeds it (Weapons  Locator) is part of the 
    comprehensiveness I promised with this guide. While it may not be the end-all 
    information producer, it may help those troubled souls whose first instinct 
    is to e-mail me with inane kiss-ass remarks, followed by a head-smacking 
    question that can be found within the walkthrough. This list is to be used in 
    conjunction with the walkthrough, if necessary.
    Items, by Adrenaline's  school of  thought, include  key  items (story-driven 
    items) or just auxiliary items that help your characters complete missions 
    with their limbs attached. Part "number" listings refer to the butchered 
    sections of the walkthrough if you need help finding that specific item. I 
    have included every location of every single item. Locations of the same item 
    will be separated from the main list.
    If you have no real use for it, you could always  use it as a checklist.  Any 
    opinions are welcome. Also, if I've missed any or have misleading information 
    (which is very likely), contact me.  Take note that not  ALL items listed are 
    mentioned in the walkthrough.
    ***NOTE: Certain items are repeated, but have different locations. The reason 
    for this is that if you do not have the item in your inventory and you've 
    missed it at its original location, it will  relocate for your convenience. I
    have listed the various places  you can find them. If there  are any missing, 
    please tell me.
    Quick terminology:
    Given = Given by a supporting character
    / KEY ITEMS  /***/       /
    Name              Found in                       Chapter           Part "#"
    AP Sensor         Default                        Tanker, Plant     N/A
    B.D.U.            Strut E Heliport (Given)       Plant             Part Five
    Body Armor        Shell 2 Core, B1 (No. 2)       Plant             Part Six
    Book              Strut F Warehouse, B1          Plant             Part Four
    Book              Strut F Warehouse, B1          Plant             Part Four
    Book              Shell 1 Core, 1F               Plant             Part Five
    Book              Shell 1 Core, B2 Computer Rm.  Plant             Part Five
    Book              Shell 2 Core, B1 (No. 2)       Plant             Part Six
    Box               Deck-D Crew's Quarters         Tanker            Part One
    Box 1             Strut A Pump Room              Plant             Part Four
    Box 2             Strut F Warehouse, B1          Plant             Part Four
    Box 3             Strut E Heliport               Plant             Part Four
    Box 4             Shell 1 Core, B2 Computer Rm.  Plant             Part Five
    Box 5             Strut E Parcel Room            Plant             Part Four
    Box 5 [2]         Arsenal Gear: Jejunum          Plant             Part Seven
    Camera            Default                        Tanker            N/A
    Cell Phone        Strut E Heliport (Given)       Plant             Part Five
    Digital Camera    Strut E Parcel Room            Plant             Part Seven
    Direct. Micro.    Shell 1 Core, B2 Computer Rm.  Plant             Part Five
    Lv1 PAN Card      Strut C Dining Hall (Given)    Plant             Part Four
    Lv2 PAN Card      Strut E Heliport (Given)       Plant             Part Five
    Lv3 PAN Card      Shell 1 Core, B1 (Given)       Plant             Part Five
    Lv4 PAN Card      Shell 2 Core, 1F (Given)       Plant             Part Six
    Lv5 PAN Card      KL Connecting Bridge (Given)   Plant             Part Six
    Mine Detector     Strut F Warehouse, B1          Plant             Part Four
    Mine Detector     Strut E Parcel Room            Plant             Part Four
    MO Disk           Shell 2 Core, 1F (Given)       Plant             Part Six
    N.V. Goggles      Shell 2 Core, B1 (No. 1)       Plant             Part Six
    Scope             Default                        Plant             N/A
    Shaver            Strut A Deep Sea Dock          Plant             Part Three
    Sensor A          Strut C Dining Hall (Given)    Plant             Part Four
    Sensor B          Strut C Dining Hall            Plant             Part Four
    Thermal Goggles   Navigational Deck              Tanker            Part One
    Thermal Goggles   Strut A Deep Sea Dock          Plant             Part Three
    Thermal Goggles   Shell 1 Core, B1               Plant             Part Five
    Thermal Goggles   Strut L Oil Fence              Plant             Part Six
    Wet Box           Navigational Deck              Tanker            Part One
    / SUPPORTING ITEMS /***/       /
    Name               Found in                      Chapter           Part "#"
    Bandage            Aft. Deck                     Tanker            Part One
    Bandage            Aft. Deck (2F)                Tanker            Part One
    Bandage            Strut A Rooftop               Plant             Part Three
    Bandage            Shell 1 Core, B2 Computer Rm. Plant             Part Five
    Medicine           Arsenal Gear: Stomach         Plant             Part Seven
    Medicine           Arsenal Gear: Jejunum         Plant             Part Seven
    Pentazemin         Aft. Deck                     Tanker            Part One
    Pentazemin         Strut C Dining Hall           Plant             Part Four
    Pentazemin         Strut F Warehouse, 1F         Plant             Part Four
    Pentazemin         Shell 2 Core, 1F              Plant             Part Six
    Pentazemin         Shell 2 Core, B1 (No. 2)      Plant             Part Six
    Ration             Aft. Deck                     Tanker            Part One  
    Ration             Deck-A Crew's Quarters        Tanker            Part One 
    Ration             Deck-B Crew's Quarters        Tanker            Part One
    Ration             Deck-C Crew's Quarters        Tanker            Part One
    Ration             Deck-D Crew's Quarters        Tanker            Part One
    Ration             Deck-E The Bridge             Tanker            Part One
    Ration             Engine Room, Starboard        Tanker            Part One
    Ration             Deck-2 Port                   Tanker            Part Two
    Ration             Deck-2 Port                   Tanker            Part Two
    Ration             Strut A Deep Sea Dock         Plant             Part Three
    Ration             Strut A Deep Sea Dock         Plant             Part Three
    Ration             Strut A Deep Sea Dock         Plant             Part Three
    Ration             Strut A Pump Facility         Plant             Part Three
    Ration             Strut F Warehouse, 1F         Plant             Part Three
    Ration             Strut B Transformer Room      Plant             Part Three
    Ration             Strut C Dining Hall           Plant             Part Four
    Ration             Strut A Pump Room             Plant             Part Four
    Ration             Strut F Warehouse, B1         Plant             Part Four
    Ration             Strut E Parcel Room           Plant             Part Four
    Ration             Strut D Sediment Pool         Plant             Part Four
    Ration             Strut A Deep Sea Dock         Plant             Part Four
    Ration             Shell 1 Core, B2 Computer Rm. Plant             Part Five
    Ration             Shell 1-2 Connecting Bridge   Plant             Part Six
    Ration             Shell 1-2 Connecting Bridge   Plant             Part Six
    Ration             Strut L Perimeter             Plant             Part Six
    Ration             Shell 2 Core, 1F              Plant             Part Six
    Ration             Shell 2 Core, B1 (No. 1)      Plant             Part Six
    Ration             Shell 2 Core, B1 (No. 2)      Plant             Part Six
    Ration             KL Connecting Bridge          Plant             Part Six
    Ration             Arsenal Gear: Jejunum         Plant             Part Seven
    Ration             Arsenal Gear: Ascending Colon Plant             Part Seven 
    Ration             Arsenal Gear: Sigmoid Colon   Plant             Part Seven
     ______                                                               ______
                                   | Weapon Locator |
    This section is part of the comprehensiveness I promised. While it may not be 
    the end-all information producer, it may help those troubled souls whose 
    first instinct is to e-mail me with inane kiss-ass remarks, followed by a 
    head-smacking question that can be found within the walkthrough. This list is 
    to be used in conjunction with the walkthrough, if necessary.
    Weapons, here, include everything and all  things destructive.  Part "number" 
    listings refer to the butchered sections  of the walkthrough if you need help 
    finding that specific weapon. I neither have the time nor desire to produce a 
    massive list of all the individual ammunition locations of the weapons unless 
    there is an unusually high demand for it. They are generally easy to come by,
    so don't come running to this section for help.
    If you have no real use for it, you could always  use it as a checklist.  Any 
    opinions are welcome. Also, if I've missed any or have misleading information 
    (which is very likely), contact  me.  Take  note that not ALL  weapons may be 
    mentioned in the walkthrough.
    / FIREARMS  /***/       /
    Name                       Found in                   Chapter      Part "#"
    AKS-74u Automatic          Strut F Warehouse, B1      Plant        Part Five
    High Frequency Blade       ArsenalG.: Ascending Colon Plant        Part Seven
    M4 Semi-Automatic          Strut F Warehouse, 1F      Plant        Part Five
    M9 Tranquilizer Gun        Default                    Tanker       Part One
    M9 Tranquilizer Gun        Strut F Warehouse, 1F      Plant        Part Three
    Nikita R.C.                Shell 2 Core, B1 (No. 1)   Plant        Part Six
    PSG1 Sniper Rifle          Strut F Warehouse, 1F      Plant        Part Six
    PSG1-T Tra. Rifle          Strut F Warehouse, 1F      Plant        Part Six
    RGB6 Grenade Launcher      Strut F Warehouse, 1F      Plant        Part Six
    Socom Pistol               Strut B Transformer Room   Plant        Part Three
    Stinger Missile Launcher   Shell 1-2 Connect. Bridge  Plant        Part Six
    USP Pistol                 Navigational Deck          Tanker       Part One
    / OTHER  /***/       /
    Name                       Found in                   Chapter      Part "#"
    AKS-74u Suppressor         Shell 1-2 Connect. Bridge  Plant        Part Six
    C4 Mine                    Strut F Warehouse, 1F      Plant        Part Five
    C4 Mine                    Shell 1 Core, 1F           Plant        Part Five
    C4 Mine                    Shell 2 Core, B1 (No. 2)   Plant        Part Six  
    Chaff Grenade              Aft. Deck                  Tanker       Part One
    Chaff Grenade              Deck-C Crew's Quarters     Tanker       Part One
    Chaff Grenade              Strut A Rooftop            Plant        Part Three
    Chaff Grenade              FA Connecting Bridge       Plant        Part Three
    Chaff Grenade              BC Connecting Bridge       Plant        Part Three
    Chaff Grenade              Strut F Warehouse, B1      Plant        Part Four
    Chaff Grenade              Shell 1 Core, 1F           Plant        Part Five
    Chaff Grenade              Strut L Perimeter          Plant        Part Six
    Chaff Grenade              Shell 2 Core, 1F           Plant        Part Six
    Chaff Grenade              KL Connecting Bridge       Plant        Part Six
    Claymore                   EF Connecting Bridge       Plant        Part Four
    Claymore                   EF Connecting Bridge       Plant        Part Four
    Claymore                   EF Connecting Bridge       Plant        Part Four
    Claymore                   EF Connecting Bridge       Plant        Part Four
    Claymore                   EF Connecting Bridge       Plant        Part Four
    Claymore                   EF Connecting Bridge       Plant        Part Four
    Claymore                   EF Connecting Bridge       Plant        Part Four
    Claymore                   Strut E Heliport           Plant        Part Four 
    Claymore                   Strut F Warehouse, 1F      Plant        Part Five
    Claymore                   Shell 1 Core, 1F           Plant        Part Five
    Claymore                   Strut F Warehouse, 1F      Plant        Part Six
    Coolant Spray              Strut C Dining Hall        Plant        Part Four 
    Grenades                   Engine Room, Starboard     Tanker       Part One
    Grenades                   Strut F Warehouse, 1F      Plant        Part Six
    Socom Suppressor           Strut F Warehouse, B1      Plant        Part Four
    Stun Grenade               Strut F Warehouse, B1      Plant        Part Four
    Stun Grenade               Strut E Parcel Room        Plant        Part Four
    Stun Grenade               Strut E Heliport           Plant        Part Four
    Stun Grenade               DE Connecting Bridge       Plant        Part Five
    Stun Grenade               Shell 1 Core, B1           Plant        Part Five
     ______                                                               ______
                                   | Node Locator |
    What's a Node?  I honestly hope you didn't  come to this section to find that 
    out. Let me redirect you to the appropriate place to garner such information: 
    Chapter 1, Game Basics. Alrighty, then?  Okidokie.
    Fellow MGS2  player, I feel  your  frustration  of not knowing  where exactly 
    skulking sentries may be. That feel of paranoia; that "Oh my god! A guard is 
    going to see me!" feeling you can't shake off, and you just literally wait 
    for the extremely alarming "alert" sound bit that can  easily give you a trip 
    to the hospital to take over. 
    Sometimes, it can be fun, rolling around, leaning against corners and peering 
    around to check the area. Then imagining you're the elite 007 carrying out an 
    important mission while humming the Mission Impossible theme. (o_O)  Ok, so I 
    am really digressing from the main point of this section.
    Nodes come into play in the Plant chapter.  As you  probably know (otherwise, 
    you wouldn't come here for help, genius), you need them to bring up the radar 
    and display imaginary diagrams of enemy patrol routes of that area. This 
    section was designed to become your safe-house for sanity-saving locations of 
    these Nodes.  How to read the list works exactly like the two "Locators" that 
    preceded this.
    Place                      Where                                  Part "#"
    Strut A Deep Sea Dock      Second room; northeastern corner       Part Three
    Strut A Pump Room          Northeast corner of cubicle            Part Three
    Strut B Transformer Room   Bottom level next to the south stairs  Part Three
    Strut C Dining Hall        Cafeteria; behind the glass panel      Part Four
    Strut F Warehouse          Bottom level; inside left Lv1 room     Part Four
    Strut E Parcel Room        Northeast corner of room               Part Four
    Strut D Sediment Pool      To the right of the room entrance      Part Four
    Shell 1 Core, 1F           Northeast corner of locker room        Part Five
    Shell 1 Core, B2           Right small cubicle in computer room   Part Five
    Shell 1 Core, B1           Right room from the elevator           Part Five
    Shell 2 Core, 1F           Break room on the other side           Part Six
    Shell 2 Core, B1 (No. 1)   Near elevator drop-off                 Part Six
    Arsenal Gear: Stomach      In the room outside torture chamber    Part Seven
     ______                                                               ______
                                 | US-to-PAL Changes |
    Since the  release of  the PAL  version, I have  been  swamped  with  e-mails 
    regarding the discrepancies between the two versions. I would like to also 
    review the changes in the Japanese MGS2, but so far, I don't have a source 
    for it and no one who owns it has bothered to share his wealth of 
    information. Until someone is willing to contribute some additions found in 
    the Japanese release, I can only afford to list the  US-to-PAL changes (thus, 
    the name of this section).
    This section gives us US version owners an insight to see what we are missing 
    and how Hideo ripped us off (although they might hate me for this). But 
    anyway, enough of my meaningless babble--I'm sure you're sick of it, but then 
    again, you're used to it if you've been reading the entire guide. Ya know how 
    I got my copy of MGS2?  I don't either.  It's been way too long. I don't even  
    remember what I did yesterday. You know-- *gets shot in the head*
    As of now, these are the only differences I know of:
    - The most obvious  one is that  the PAL release  includes a "Making  of DVD"
      that chronicles biographies of the producers of Metal Gear Solid 2 and 
      various commentaries on the game itself from Hideo and others. You can also 
      view the artwork by Yoji Shinkawa, trailers and production notes.  
    - The USP Suppressor can be found in the PAL and Japanese versions.  However,
      according to a reliable source (despite the mixed e-mails regarding the 
      conditions), you must complete the game at least once before it becomes
      available. It's kinda  like a bonus. You'll find it  on the second platform
      of the crow's nest, below the Thermal Goggles.
    - There are more dog tags. The extra dog tags  are found within  the Holds in
      the Tanker chapter. For this reason, the requirements to unlock specific 
      special items have increased for PAL owners. Snake's Bandana requires about
      50, and his Stealth is required to  have 70 to  80 dog tags. For now, these 
      are the only requirement changes I've encountered.
    - The instruction booklet is  only 12 pages long, whereas the US manual is 48
      pages long. Both have the instruction manga showing Snake's infiltration in
      a tutorial manner. Because of the absence of the "Making of DVD" in the US
      release, the manual is packed with all the information PAL owners could  
      find by accessing it in their own bonus DVD. I think the Japanese think 
      Americans are idiots or something.
    - When beginning  a new game, a question will be asked  and series of answers
      will be listed. The question asks whether the player has already finished a
      previous Metal Gear game (or something of similar nature). Depending upon 
      your answer, you may either begin the  game as Raiden in the Plant or Snake 
      in the Tanker, and will be presented with the  difficulty settings that are 
      available to accommodate your skill level.
    - New to the PAL version is a new difficulty level called "European Extreme".
      The jump in difficulty from Extreme to this brand-spankin' new mode is 
      enormous. According to a few people, they claim that it's even more
      challenging than Extreme, as one shot from Olga instantly kills poor Snake.
      Essentially it's a "Real-Life" mode. If you can see a guard, he can see 
      you; if you can hear him, he can hear you. They instantly notice if a guard 
      is missing. More importantly, you take realistic damage. A bullet in the 
      chest will not kill you instantly, but I can guarantee you will bleed your 
      ass to death. Likewise, a bullet in the head is your free ride to Hades.
    - Besides "Dog Tags", "Photo Album" and "Previous Story" in the Special menu,
      new options: "Casting Theater" and "Boss Survival Theater" can also be
      unlocked. Of course, these are only available in the Japanese and PAL games
      (life's not fair). Read below for more details on those.
    - After completing the game once, a new special option will be unlocked under
      the Specials menu called "Casting Theater". Konami and team are pushing the
      limits of Metal Gear Solid 2's highly evolved game engine. Basically, it 
      allows you to swap characters in and out of certain sequences from a fairly 
      lengthy cast of characters, including Snake  from Metal Gear Solid. Besides
      the new body you've replaced the original character with, the voices and
      actions (even facial expressions) will remain the same. There's no real 
      purpose behind it, except to  make you choke with  laughter and  stain your
      boxers and underwear.
      There is a total of a eight scenes you can  alter to suit your liking. Tons 
      of thanks to Manwards for this:
      1) "Stealth Snake from bridge to tanker."
      This is the opening  sequence from  the game, showing  Snake leap  from the 
      George Washington Bridge and land on the Discovery tanker, ending when he 
      crouches down to contact Otacon. This scene is also without credits, so the 
      names of the crew members are not visible. You can  choose to replace Snake 
      in this scene with several other characters. This also indicates that 
      Raiden does indeed wear a wig, as when he activates the stealth camo, his 
      white locks are still visible while the rest of him is transparent. You can 
      also recast Ocelot, for his brief appearance in the Kasatka.
      2) "Snake watches soldiers landing on tanker."
      This is the  scene where Snake enters the  tanker's engine  room, and looks 
      out of the window to see enemy Kasatka's approaching and several guards 
      dropping down. Not only can you replace Snake in this scene, but also the 
      Guards. If you  substitute  "Guard" for "Raiden", for  example, an  army of 
      Raiden's will storm the ship. Quite amusing.
      3) "Olga meets Snake."
      Obviously, the scene just  before the boss battle. We see Olga speak to her 
      father, Sergei  Gurlukovich, and  then  the  ensuing  "hold-up" of  Olga by 
      Snake. All three characters can be replaced in this scene.
      4) "Ocelot steals RAY."
      This is the long scene  where Ocelot, Gurlukovich  and their men take Scott 
      Dolph (the Marine commander) hostage, Ocelot turns on his men and then 
      hijacks  Metal Gear  RAY. Snake, Ocelot, Dolph and  Gurlukovich  can all be 
      recast as different characters.
      5) "Vamp eliminates SEALs."
      This is the scene where Raiden discovers Vamp preying on  SEAL Team 10. You 
      can alter Raiden and Vamp, the SEALs, and  Pliskin wearing a SEAL disguise. 
      Whoever you replace Pliskin with, that character will still wear the 
      headphones and mouthpiece.
      6) "Fortune VS SEALs."
      This is the scene on the Shell 1-2  connecting bridge, where Raiden watches 
      as a team of SEALs attempts to fire at Fortune, who obviously has no luck. 
      Vamp then emerges and picks up President Johnson and the Black Case, and 
      walks inside. Fortune then uses her rail gun to destroy the bridge (and the 
      SEALs) and leaves. This is a great scene  to play with due to the amount of 
      characters. You can change Raiden, Vamp, Fortune and the SEALs.
      7) "Solidus VS mass-produced RAYs."
      This is the one where Solidus attacks the malfunctioning RAY units. 
      Disappointingly, you can only recast  Solidus, even though Raiden is in the 
      scene and Fortune and Snake appear at the end.
      8) "Solidus VS Raiden: The Final Battle."
      The scene  following  the  duel  with  Solidus. The pair  face  off, Raiden 
      slashes Solidus, who then plummets from the top of the Federal Hall 
      building. He reaches up to the statue of George Washington, and then Raiden 
      delivers the final blow as the main  theme plays. Solidus and Raiden can be 
      recast in this scene.
      Finally, here is the full cast you can choose from:
      Solid Snake
      Revolver Ocelot
      Olga Gurlukovich
      Sergei Gurlukovich
      Cyborg Ninja
      Solidus Snake
      Scott Dolph
      Iroquois Pliskin (SEAL Team 10 Gear)
      Solid Snake (MGS1)
      Revolver Ocelot (MGS1)
      Soldiers (Russian Gear)
      Soldiers (SEAL Team 10)
      Soldier (Hi-Tech Gear)
      Office Worker (Male)
      Office Worker (Female)
      Lady (Middle Age)
      A note from Manwards: You're probably wondering about some of these, let me 
      clarify. The MGS versions of Snake and Ocelot are just as the name  
      suggests: the models from the prequel. Not to put down the previous game, 
      but they look really basic when seen in the realistic, living world of 
      MGS2. The textures in the faces in particular, with no discernible eyes 
      (just black smudges) and pointy  features. But hey, it was  cutting edge in 
      1998 and I've yet to see a game on PSone come close. 
      The Soldiers in hi-tech gear  look like riot cops, with  orange visors over 
      their helmets. If you put them in the Vamp scene, it resembles something 
      out of _Alien_. The Office Workers are just your average office workers, 
      wearing working clothes and looking hilariously out-of-place in the 
      extravagant action world of MGS2. The Lady  of middle age is a fat Japanese 
      woman wearing a blue dress. 
    - Upon completion, another feature called "Boss Survival Theater" will become 
      available, along with the movie edit option explained above. In this, you
      can choose to assume the role of either  Raiden or Snake and battle all the
      bosses in the game (except Fortune), back to back. You may even set the
      difficulty level: Easy, Normal or Hard only. You are allowed only one life,
      meaning you must survive this with  only one life bar. You  begin with some
      ammo and equipment, which will be carried over to  the next fight. And only
      on occasion will you be credited with a few Rations.
      This mode is basically like a "Survival Mode". Once it's been  successfully 
      completed, you will be awarded with a Clear Code. According to Manwards, it
      is very hard to fight the Harrier, Metal Gear RAYs and Solidus as Snake
      since he will be at a disadvantage in  every possible way. Just a  warning.
    - Once you've completed the game twice, both Snake  and Raiden will don funky
      sunglasses (except during Codec conversations).
    - On the third playthrough, some characters  wear glasses. Each time you beat 
      the game, it will be switched (ie. no glasses, the next time will be 
      glasses, then no glasses, etc.). In the Tanker chapter, Snake wears small, 
      trendy dark glasses. Raiden wears  larger orange glasses, and Pliskin wears 
      sleek black shades.
    - It seems that Kojima toned down on the Easter  Island statues a bit--in the 
      NTSC-US version, anyway. There are 4 in the US version, but there is a 
      grand total of 7 that can be found in the PAL. Here is the full list of the
      * Strut D, Sediment Pool           
           On agitator; on the lower portion of truss.  
      * Strut E, Parcel Room             
           Lv5 Clearance room. Hidden between the northern wall and some crates. 
           Use ZOE box and Parcel travel secret.
      * Shell 1 Core, B2 Computer Room   
           Under the southwest workstation, wedged in the corner.
      * Strut L, Perimeter
           At the first open window, look through it and to the left to find it. 
      * Shell 2 Core, Air Purification  
           In empty storage area, send a Nikita in the vent directly across from 
           Raiden when he is standing on the boxes. Then make an immediate right 
           and charge through the screen. It takes 3 shots. Now go left, right 
           and then straight ahead, breaking the screens in the process. Send one 
           more Nikita in and follow the trail to find the statue lying on its
      * Shell 2 Core, Filtration Chamber 
           At the bottom of the rubble to the west of the second air pocket (the 
           room where Stillman's body came from).  
      * Shell 2 Core, Filtration Chamber 
           Inside the right locker of Emma's hiding place.              
    - The more or less secret Shaver  item in the Plant  chapter  only appears in
      the Hard, Extreme and European Extreme difficulty levels.
    - On Hard mode, the odorless  bomb is in a  different location. It's now near
      the bulky diving suits, on the right side of the sub. Sometimes you may
      find yourself spraying for hours and still no luck in getting it offline. 
      To deactivate it successfully is quite simple. Flip over the north rail and
      shimmy over to the diving suits (as if you were going to collect the Shaver
      item). Stand on the diving platform and use the coolant to freeze the bomb.
    I would like to close off this section with a few thanks.  This section would 
    not have been possible without the help of about a billion people for the USP 
    Suppressor thing, Manwards, for contributing 80% of the information found 
    here, Ben Wilkie for the additional 3 locations of the Easter Island statues,
    and Chris Parnell for some info on European Extreme. I'd also like to thank 
    AstroBlue  for allowing me to peek at his PAL Extras FAQ and freely lift some  
    information from it. Check out his FAQs for Metal Gear Solid 2! Awesome
    |¯¯¯¯| 0000111.92899 |¯¯¯¯|-|¯¯¯¯|-|¯¯¯¯|-|¯¯¯¯| 0886660000113 |¯¯¯¯|-|¯¯¯¯| 
     ¯¯¯¯                 ¯¯¯¯   ¯¯¯¯   ¯¯¯¯   ¯¯¯¯                 ¯¯¯¯   ¯¯¯¯   
                       /// Chapter 4: Secrets & Easter-Eggs ///
    |   LOADING...  | 00000000111999666 |¯¯¯¯|-|¯¯¯¯|-|¯¯¯¯| 983300111666 |¯¯¯¯|
     ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯                     ¯¯¯¯   ¯¯¯¯   ¯¯¯¯                ¯¯¯¯
    Reading the sections ahead means that  you have agreed to not  bang your head 
    against the wall and send a mail slathered with curse words to the author for 
    reading something that has totally ruined the experience of MGS2. The 
    following sections were  designed as requitals for a grueling experience with 
    the game.  The author _assumes_ that you've finished the game _at least_ once 
    and therefore, know what all the hooey you are about to read is. Okkkaayy! 
     ______                                                               ______
                                    |  Secrets  |
    The secrets section is finally open! Finally, eh? Those who have been waiting 
    for this were probably fed up and figured these out on their own, or sought 
    help from another guide. Most of the secrets are unlocked by infiltrating 
    deep into the game and collecting as many as dog tags as possible. Yes, those 
    things you once thought were merely  bonus items to add to the fun are indeed
    key to getting these secret items. So, you'd better start collecting them!
    --- DIFFERENT FACE MUGS -----------------
    When you return to the title screen after  completing the game once, Raiden's
    blue face will replace Snake's. Complete the game again and Snake's red mug 
    will return.  From there, they will continue  to switch off  until you get so 
    sick of the game, you won't pick it up anymore.
    --- NEW DIFFICULTY ----------------------
    After completing the game once, a new difficulty will be unlocked. Extreme is 
    now accessible when selecting your mode of play. As the meaning implies, it 
    is recommended for proficient players only. For more information, please read
    Hard-Extreme Notes.
    --- EPISODE CHOICE ----------------------
    In the beginning, you were  allowed to select  only the "Tanker-Plant" or the 
    "Tanker" chapter. "Tanker-Plant" means you'll play through the entire game, 
    from beginning to the end. Selecting and completing just the Tanker allows 
    you to use the Digital Camera and to receive a ranking. Any games you 
    complete are highlighted in red on your save file. When you complete the game 
    (the whole thing) once, you will be given the choice to play either the 
    "Tanker" or "Plant" chapter alone. You will be credited with the secret items 
    that are available in their respective  episodes. See Secret  Items below for 
    details on that.
    --- CLEAR CODE --------------------------
    Every time you  complete the game, a random  pin number will be  generated at 
    the last screen. Jot it down and log in at www.konamijpn.com to see your 
    ranking and overall performance of your entire game. To improve your 
    statistics, refrain from using any continues and saves.  I think the usage of 
    Rations are counted towards this, but I'm not sure.
    --- SECRET STASH ------------------------
    After collecting just  about every dog tag in the  game, you'll  be given the
    URL to another website that features lots of cool download goodies. Do you 
    want the URL? Even if I gave it to you, you'd still need the appropriate code 
    to get in.  Don't be a cheater!  Wait, you already are, since  you're looking 
    here. Bahumbug!
                                    SECRET ITEMS
    Please note that the specified number of  dog tags can be  lower or  over the 
    preset--not by too much, however.  If there are any glaring mistakes (like if 
    I'm 50 dog tags off the original requirement), please let me know. I'm also 
    well aware that the requirements to unlock these differ in the PAL version, 
    since it has extra dog tags the US version never saw the light of. Anyway, if 
    you're a PAL owner, and you're using this to help you attain the bonus items, 
    then be prepared to discover that some of the presets are  different from the 
    ones listed below.
    NOTE: If you're having trouble unlocking  these items, please read the F.A.Q.
          further down.
    / Digital Camera \
    \________________/  Complete the game once  and load the red save file.  Then
                       clear each episode individually to unlock the Digital 
    Camera in each one. Afterwards, your character will begin with the Digital 
    Camera in his inventory. Unlike the Camera, the Digital Camera allows you 
    take pictures and create a Photo Album, accessible  by selecting "Special" on 
    the selection screen.  The control scheme is the same as the Camera.  You can
    capture photos and record them to your memory card. Each time you snap a 
    picture, you'll be taken to a save  screen, where you'll be asked whether you 
    want to save the shot or dump it. 
    The portable camera  can also be  used to ascertain  which dog tags you still 
    need to collect. Zoom in on the guard and press the Triangle button. If his 
    name appears above his head in blue, then his tag has already been collected. 
    And if the date matches his date of birth, it'll add an interesting note.
    / Bandana \
    \_________/  Available only in the Tanker episode for Mr. Solid Snake.  After
                you've accumulated about 30 to 40 of the dog tags from the 
    Tanker, this item will become available. The next game on the Tanker will 
    have this item already in Snake's inventory. When he has it equipped, he will 
    never run out of ammo.
    / Stealth \
    \_________/  This is a really awesome item and is worth all your effort.  The 
                laughs that can be induced from using it, the simplicity, the 
    sheer coolness--it's all worth it. This can be obtained for each episode. 
    That means you can use it for both the Tanker and the Plant. Stealth is 
    awarded to Snake after  collecting over 60 dog tags  from the Tanker.  Raiden 
    receives this after you've amassed _over_ 120 tags from the Plant. The next 
    time you play in either of the episodes after unlocking it, it will be in 
    your character's inventory, ready for use. When equipped, you are transparent 
    to everything and everybody.  
    / Brown Wig \
    \___________/  For Raiden's use only. They're wigs because Emma mentions that
                  she thinks he's wearing a wig, and who knows--maybe he is! I 
    mean, look at the back flapping up and down.  It's like not even stuck to his 
    head, but anyway...The Brown wig can be achieved by gathering about 80 dog 
    tags from the Plant. The next time you play the Plant episode, this item will 
    immediately be available when you begin. When equipped, it gives Raiden 
    infinite ammo. Honestly, the wig is much more beneficial for Raiden than that
    trademark Bandana for Snake, only 'cause Raiden's got the big guns.  Besides, 
    Extreme mode won't be _that_ hard with this.
    / Orange Wig \
    \____________/  Collect about 170 of the  soldier's dog  tags in the Plant to 
                   unlock the orange wig of doom! Start a new game from this save 
    and it will be ready in Raiden's inventory when you start. With it slapped on 
    to his head, he'll never have trouble hanging for an extended period of time. 
    This stylish wig grants him a grip gauge that never depletes!  Not really the 
    most helpful, but for the sake of completism.
    / Blue Wig \
    \__________/  Whoa, Raiden wants to be a  bad-ass punker dude.  With the Blue
                 wig, Raiden is supplied with infinite air when underwater.  It's 
    like scuba gear, except better. To earn this wig, you'll need practically all 
    of the dog tags from both episodes. This isn't really useful unless you're 
    underwater and you just love to caress the walls  underwater. Well, actually,
    it does do a lot in Hard and Extreme  mode, during those  times when  Solidus 
    strangles Raiden until his eyeballs pop out of his sockets.
     ______                                                               ______
                                    | Fun Stuff |
    Surprisingly, Hideo found it in him to throw in a few dashes of humor  to the 
    game. You may not have noticed it in your game since you were too busy with 
    the bikini chicks. I hope you have a free hand and can find the time to
    check these out. The entire chapter of this guide aims to ease the strain
    on your brain; you have been thinking too much, and it's time for a break 
    (honestly, though, I was the one who really helped you through this mess). It 
    is obvious that there are many ways to make you  chortle 'til you  choke, and 
    what's listed here are only a few. Just sit back and relax. Enjoy the chaos.
    If you have anything to append, feel free to send it my way. Word up, Snake 
    --- TITLE SCREEN NUANCE -----------
    On the title screen, before you press start, you can  press the L2 button for
    a lens flare frame and to sound a gunshot. Cool, eh?
    --- CODEC TRIVIA ------------------
    While listening to any Codec conversation, press the  R1 or R2 button to hear 
    various responses to the current  situation--you can hear their thoughts!  R1 
    gives you a positive thought, while R2 presents negative thoughts. You can 
    also move the Left and Right Analog sticks to move the faces around. Press 
    them and it will zoom in  on their faces.  Although I think Campbell helps do 
    that for you when he gets all nutty. Weird stuff, but cool.
    --- MELONS IN THE PANTRY ----------
    In the pantry on Deck-D Crew's Quarters, after making  sure that there are no 
    guards, punch and kick the food on the food shelf. You'll end up squashing 
    all the melons and tipping over a box of more melons! You can also smash the 
    glass bottles and paint the floor crimson with them.  Not really a big wowie, 
    but it makes a cool sound. And if a guard  sees the mess, he'll get perplexed 
    and sometimes call  for back-up! The assault team will surely be deeply 
    puzzled about the sudden mess. There are many other things you could smash. 
    Feel free to make a mess and the best thing is your mom can't scold you!
    --- FPV EXTRAS -------------------- 
    Incite a gunfight with the friendly Russian soldiers. If you get killed while
    you're still in FPV, the camera will crack and shatter into a million pieces!
    After saving Emma in the Shell 2 Core, when you drag her to the elevator, you 
    will encounter a sea of scuttling bugs. Set a C4 charge in the center and 
    move away, but not too far. Detonate the C4 and watch the dazzling display in 
    FPV. The explosion will turn the bugs into bite-size pieces and send them 
    flying toward the camera. Splat!
    Kill a guard execution style while in  FPV mode (and be sure you're up in his 
    face). Blood will splatter on the camera lens and drip down. Mwaha! Besides
    that, you can look up in areas where there are sea gulls flying above. If you 
    observe them long enough, the sea gulls will drop a lovely gift.
    --- BATH TIME FUN -----------------
    In the underwater expeditions of  the Shell 2 Core, Filtration Chamber No. 1,
    you will be able to see  and find a rubber  ducky and the Vulcan Raven action 
    figure floating on the surfaces of certain air holes. The rubber ducky is 
    located at the last air hole of the inside, west corridor. The Vulcan Raven 
    figure can be found in the  last area before the  second filtration  chamber.
    --- CONCUSSIONS -------------------
    Do a  roll or  a flip (with Raiden) down a  fairly long  set of  stairs. Your 
    character will slam  his head on  the steps and fall flat. Ouch.  I hope he's 
    got some medical insurance.
    --- HOTTIE POSTERS ----------------
    By now, you should have a general idea of what you can do with these posters, 
    you perv. If not, read through the "Useless Trivia" in the walkthrough, or 
    earlier parts. Reiteration is a sin. So anyway, I'll just list the locations 
    of these posters I  have found so far.  Many of them are from memory, so if I 
    have missed any, or if I was way off on some of them, notify me.
    * Black bikini     –  Deck-A, Crew's Quarters; locker  
    * Red Lingerie     –  Deck-A, Crew's Quarters; locker
    * Tarzan's wife    -  Deck-A, Crew's Lounge; wall facing bar
    * Mooch Couple     -  Engine Room, Port; close both lockers
    * Mooch's backside -  Engine Room, Port; on the back of the girl poster
    * Asian in White   -  Engine Room, Starboard; after  heading down two sets of
                          stairs, head to the very back and  take out the camera.
                          Now look to the left and the poster is on the wall, 
                          just under the  walkway  across from  current position.
    * Leopard Skin     -  Engine Room; after bypassing some security, head up the
                          long stairs to a patrolling guard, who stops at the 
                          south end. Take him out, then  look at the  south wall.
                          Poster is plastered high on the wall. Use Camera.
    * Tattoo & stuff   -  Strut C, Dining Hall; men's bathroom
    * Aquamarine       -  Strut C, Dining Hall; cafeteria
    * B&W G-String     -  Strut C, Dining Hall; cafeteria
    * Charlie's Angels -  Shell 1 Core, B1; in break room, on wall
    There could be many more, and  there are even some ones  in a  postcard form. 
    They are  found in various lockers throughout the game. Why not devote one of 
    your playthroughs to finding them all! 
    --- QUIT LOUNGING AROUND! ----------
    There are many neat things to do in  the Deck-A, Crew's Lounge on the Tanker.
    In the lounge area is a large flat TV screen showing pictures of Metal Gear 
    RAY. If you shoot the screen, the picture fades out from the bullet hole,
    just as you'd expect a LCD flat screen to do! There's also a bookshelf nearby 
    you could mess with. You can systematically shoot the books and magazines off 
    the shelves and watch the paper fly! Shoot them while they are on the floor, 
    and they behave as you'd expect with paper shrapnel going everywhere. Also, 
    the huge glass separator can be shattered by about 12 shots from the M9. This 
    makes a great sound and leaves shards of glass all over the place.
    --- EASTER ISLAND STATUES ----------
    Konami sure does have a habit of adding these bonus items to their games. In 
    Metal Gear Solid 2, you can find four of these adorning various areas in the 
    game. As far as I know, you can't do anything with them but wonder why Hideo 
    gets a kick out of hiding these in the game.
    * Strut D, Sediment Pool           - On agitator; on the lower portion of
    * Shell 1 Core, B2 Computer Room   – Under the southwest  workstation, wedged
                                         in the corner.
    * Shell 2 Core, Air Purification   - In empty  storage area, send a Nikita in
                                         the vent across from Raiden when he is
                                         standing on the boxes. Then make an
                                         immediate right and blow through the 
                                         screen. It takes 3 shots. Now go left,
                                         right and then straight ahead, breaking
                                         the screens in the process. Send one 
                                         more Nikita in and  follow the  trail to
                                         find the statue.
    * Shell 2 Core, Filtration Chamber – Inside the right locker of Emma's hiding
    --- THE SECOND COMMANDANT -----------
    During the Tanker  chapter in Hold No.2, you may notice  the twin projectors.
    Well, go up to it from the left side and press the action button.  Snake will
    press the side button to turn the projector off. The other one will 
    automatically kick in and resume where the last one had  trailed off. And the 
    Marines will act accordingly. Do this repeatedly and eventually, a Konami 
    eyes model will come on the screen. During this time, you have no control 
    over Snake. He will keep pressing the buttons until both screens are
    overtaken by beautiful girls. Watch the Marines! It's hilarious! However, you 
    will get caught afterward.
    --- MARINE STUFF --------------------
    This can be done in any of the holds, but  you are less  likely  to be caught 
    in Hold No.1 before it happens. After climbing down the last ladder, go 
    behind the first container and stay near it. Then throw a Stun Grenade into 
    the group.  As it flies over to the clustered audience, it might swoosh by 
    one of the Marines in the back. So quickly conceal yourself behind the 
    container and  watch the hilarity!  Again, you'll get caught  for doing this. 
    --- MORE MARINE STUFF ---------------
    Just can't enough of them, eh? You can actually hold them up. It's not a real
    revelation or anything, but it's fun to mention. You could hold up the ones 
    standing in the very back of the line or those standing over a grate (they 
    can be held up when you are under them, although sometimes they may run off 
    to inspect something "suspicious"). Also, in Hold No. 3, you can strike the 
    Marines in the back with a punch-kick combo to knock them off balance and 
    topple  the others like dominos. Some of them  will lose consciousness, but a  
    few lucky  ones may  escape  your wrath  and catch you. All  in all, just fun 
    stuff to do. 
    On your first playthrough, there is  one Marine in Hold No.1  that is missing 
    his trousers. He sticks out like a sore thumb. Take a picture of him and when 
    you upload it to Otacon, he'll crack up and give you a thumbs up!
    --- FORGETFUL MARINES ---------------
    On your second  playthrough (start a  new game  by loading the  complete save 
    file and selecting New Game), all the Marines in Hold No.3 will be in their 
    lovely striped boxers. Nice uniform boxers, guys! Don't forget to capture the 
    memories with a camera!
    --- TANKER HOLD SHORTCUTS -----------
    In the southwest corner of Hold No.1, just at the bottom of the ladder to the 
    M9 Bullets, there is a floor hatch. Lift it and climb in. You could crawl 
    through the small shaft and find yourself underneath the Metal Gear RAY in 
    Hold No.3. On your way, there is a Marine who accidentally drops his magazine 
    clip. He'll peek in through the holes and fumble for it. After a while, he'll 
    forget it.  If you happen  to be directly  under while he looks  for his lost 
    item, you'll be seen and caught! 
    --- SADISTS -------------------------
    It's fun, so it should  definitely go here.  This is best used when you're in 
    the Plant chapter with the Socom Suppressor attached. Find a lone guard 
    patrolling an area and hold him up. Then proceed to shoot him in the arms and 
    legs. His arm will go limp. This is a funny sight  since he will have one arm 
    raised as if he were saying "Yo, homie!". If his leg is injured, then he will 
    hop on one foot. Shoot both legs, and the guard will fall back. He will 
    remain conscious for a  moment, then faint. Regardless  of what you do, these
    strapping Russians can take only three shots before they "die".
    --- SLACKING OFF --------------------
    It's an amazement to see the  guard's reactions  when you do  certain things. 
    Try dragging a sleeping guard to an area where another active sentry will 
    stumble onto him. You must do this without being detected. Then watch from an 
    opportunist angle.  When the sentry arrives and  sees his comrade sleeping on 
    the job, he will either kick the slumbering guard awake or give him a few 
    guts in the eye or stomach.  One guard isn't nearly as funny as when you form 
    a cumulative pile of two to four guards.
    --- FATMAN FUN ----------------------
    During the fight with Fatman, follow him around.  When he pauses momentarily, 
    watch him in FPV. He'll be playing with the seagulls that land on his collar. 
    Some of them will peck at his head. "Hello, anything there?" Also, if you 
    have managed  to floor a seagull  either from the sky or a  rail, Fatman will 
    trip over it. You can also trip him by shooting his skates. 
    Fatman's girth is really interesting. If you bump  into him while he's still,
    the collision makes a cute rebound sound.
    --- PARCEL TRANSPORT ----------------
    Hop onto a conveyor belt with any box equipped to be transported to different 
    areas of the Big Shell. In order to  get on the conveyor belt, you must equip 
    a box and wait patiently on the loading platform until it shudders to a stop
    and the light turns blue, indicating that you may get on. The Zone of the 
    Enders box takes you to the room at the bottom of the stairs, where the 
    Digital Camera is stashed.  Normally, you would need a Lv5 security card to 
    enter that room. Depending upon which box you use, you'll be taken to various 
    parts of the facility. Experiment! 
    --- HE FEELS ITCHY ------------------
    In the Shell 1 Core B2 Computer Room, notice  the guard moving back and forth
    on the lower half of the room? Well, follow him closely, but not close enough 
    to bump into him, and watch what he is doing. He is moving from one active 
    computer to another.  If you look over his  shoulder, you'll  find that he is 
    gawking at pictures of hot models! 
    When you are given  the B.D.U. in the Plant chapter, there  are many  ways to
    make you giggle like a silly Japanese school girl. First, try to alert other 
    guards by doing things that are unorthodox to them.  They'll come to question 
    you; just stay where you  are and they'll give up.  Next, try summoning Alert 
    Mode without being seen by anyone (like entering the elevator without part of 
    your uniform or firing a random weapon). If you want, you can equip the 
    B.D.U. before a cinema. When it kicks in, Raiden will still have it on. Whee!
    --- JOHNNY SASAKI RETURNS -----------
    During the part where Raiden controls the Directional Microphone to eavesdrop
    on a conversation between Ocelot and Solidus, move the D.Mic toward the left. 
    You can hear him in the bathroom, having a pretty rough time.
    Apparently, there's a second encounter with the poor chap. When you reach the 
    Strut L Oil Fence and embark on the sniping mission to help Emma cross it 
    safely, you can eavesdrop on her with the Directional Microphone.  Once Emma 
    reaches the second pillar, point your D.Mic at her again. You'll hear Sasaki-
    san's voice yell "Freeze!". He and Emma will engage in a conversation. 
    Eventually, the benevolent lad will let her go.  Pretty funny.  Thanks to the 
    few people who have sent this to me.
    --- HOSTAGE STUFF -------------------
    One of the  hostages is a female named Jennifer with her legs spread slightly 
    open. If you  knock her out, you could get in a  crawl position and peek like
    the sick perverted bastard you are. If Raiden still cannot find Ames after 
    going through many hostages, he will  become a little disgruntled and scare 
    the hostages.  Also, if you  run  through an  aisle  with the  hostages' legs 
    stretched out, they can trip Raiden.  You could also try to make them piss on 
    themselves by going to the wrong people.  Some will get so freaked, they will 
    let it out. 
    If you're feeling frustrated, release the pent-up steam on some hostages.  Go 
    up to one and do a punch-kick combo. Shortly after your unusual shift in 
    behavior, the Colonel and Rose will contact you and chew you out.  If you try 
    to contact Rose on the save line, she even won't let you save!
    --- TOTAL SHOCKER -------------------
    In the Shell 2  Core 1F sector, equip any  box and run  through  the electric 
    floor before you destroy the generators. Try not to wince from watching poor 
    Raiden get "tortured". You will lose the box afterwards though, since it gets
    incinerated by the electrical discharge.
    --- EMMA'S THOUGHTS -----------------
    While Emma is making her excursion across the  oil fence, wait until she gets 
    to the first column. As she wraps around it and is situated behind the 
    column, point the D.Mic towards her. She will talk about Raiden--how he's a
    totally weird guy. Then she comments his hair. As soon as she's done talking 
    to herself, ring her up  on the Codec. Raiden  puts her  at ease, telling her 
    that his hair is real. Whew.
    --- WISTFUL MANHOOD -----------------
    In the Arsenal Gear, where Raiden was  captured and strapped  to the  torture 
    bed, get caught and lead the guards back into the torture room. Lean up 
    against the bed and Raiden will feign captivity.  When the guard sees him, he 
    will comment his manhood.
    --- VAMP IS ALIVE...AGAIN?! ---------
    According to Manwards, you can see Vamp  during the ending sequence. You can 
    see him for one to two seconds tops, but it's certainly him. During the demo 
    in which Raiden looks at his dog tags (containing your name) and throws them 
    away, Vamp will be standing in the distance behind them, next to a yellow 
    taxi cab. It helps to zoom in with the R1 button. The camera will soon move 
    and Snake will block the view of him, so hurry. He's only seen this one time, 
    I believe. Again, thanks to Manwards.
    --- LITTLE DETAILS ------------------
    There are  certain details that  go unnoticed to the casual gamer.  Hideo has 
    been giving some serious attention to detail.  Here are a few things to prove 
    * When you shoot the ice tray on top of the bar in the Tanker and it falls on 
      the floor, the ice cubes will eventually melt.
    * If you watch the smoke billowing out of the ships stacks, you can see which
      direction the wind is blowing. The wind also affects the direction in which
      the rain is pouring. If you look in the opposite direction of the rain, the
      rain drops lessen.
    * Outside the discovery, if you  watch the background (New York), you can see
      that it's actually moving!
    * Spray mirrors with the Coolant Spray and they will frost over.
    * In the Arsenal Gear, Ascending Colon with Snake, stand up right in front of 
      him and go into FPV. He will fog up the lens.
    * When you toss a grenade into  the water, the water erupts  and ripples as a
      result of the explosion.
    I know there are way more, but it seems even  more are covered throughout the 
    walkthrough listed under "Useless Trivia".  Check them out before you come e-
    mailing me with stuff I've already mentioned.  Also, there are certain things 
    I don't care about, especially the thing where you can move the camera around 
    during cut scenes. Thanks.
     ______                                                               ______
                                | Campbell Gibberish |
    Campbell gibberish has nothing to do with the game play.  Rather, it's just a 
    stress reliever to lift the tension off your sullen face. I've found 
    Campbell's psycho blabbering hilarious, and I've had a few requests for doing 
    this section, so here it is.
    Looks like  Colonel Campbell  sniffed  too much  glue when  Raiden  was held 
    captive in the torture chamber. Not really maintaining his role as a field 
    advisor, he becomes the comic relief, cracking out RANDOM things and calling 
    so frequently you just want to cry out in distress. The explanation to this 
    is that Emma's partially uploaded virus is starting to affect the Arsenal AI 
    and scrambling messages through the Codec. In fact, the Colonel you knew was 
    never a real person.
    He is a manifestation of the GW program that's part of Arsenal Gear. Although 
    the virus wasn't uploaded completely, it still managed to have some kind of 
    effect on the entire AI. Colonel Campbell, being part of Arsenal's AI, became 
    infected with the virus and started to trip out. (In my theory, but I'm only 
    human. Any add-ons are welcome.) The manipulation system malfunctioned and 
    Campbell only knew to blurt out extremely random things.  And here  they are.  
    Any that I've missed can be sent to me.
    Before we begin with the fun quotes, Matthew has something to share about the 
    AI program that had gone berserk! He says: "A friend of mine believes this is 
    (along with the cryptic call from the Crazy Colonel telling you to turn off 
    your console and explaining that you've been playing for a long time) is GW's 
    way of protecting itself from "you" (the player), it's a little bit of a 
    psychological warfare. By telling you to turn off your console, it may lead 
    you to think there is a trick to this level (like the Psycho Mantis trick). I 
    almost did it the first time I saw it. Also, the Fission Mailed screen might 
    make you turn off the game if you've been playing for a long time and seem to 
    die for no reason."
    Colin Moriarty (another GameFAQs contributor and a good friend) wants me to  
    mention that it was during a phone conversation with him that I first 
    discovered Campbell's weird hallucinations and crazy talk. I don't know; he 
    just wanted his recognition in my awesome FAQ! Heheheheheh.
    NOTE: The small notes that  follow  some of  the quotes  were contributed  by 
          AstroBlue that tell where some of the quotes originated from.
    Campbell:  "Raiden, turn the game console off right now!"  
    Raiden:    "What did you say?"  
    Campbell:  "The mission is a failure! Cut the power right now!"  
    Raiden:    "What's wrong with you?"  
    Campbell:  "Don't worry, it's a game! It's a game just like usual."  
    Rose:      "You'll ruin your eyes playing so close to the TV." 
    Raiden:    "What are you talking about!?"
    [USELESS TRIVIA]  Submitted by Francesco Poli
    The final bad guy of the original MSX Metal Gear was, as you should know, Big 
    Boss... he was also the one giving you orders. Until a certain point: then he 
    started giving you misleading and/or stupid advice - just like Crazy Campbell 
    later in the game! One of Big Boss's gibberish talks actually told you to 
    shut off your game console, just like the quote above.
    "Raiden something happened to me last Thursday when I was driving home. I had 
    a couple of miles to go -- I looked up and saw a glowing orange object in the 
    sky, to the east! It was moving very irregularly...suddenly there was intense 
    light all around me -- and when I came to, I was home. What do you think 
    happened to me?"
    "Variety level 13 -- Rescue Maryl, the return of Genola." -- from Metal Gear 
    Solid - The VR Missions (PSX)
     ...the enemy fortress...
     ...Outer Heaven!
     ...The final weapon...
     ...Metal Gear!"
    "Kawanishi-Noseguchi, Kinunobebashi, Takiyama, Uguisunomori, Tsuzumigataki, 
    Tada, Hirano, Ichinotoriim Uneno, Yamashita, Sasabe, Kofudai, Tokiwadai, 
    "Honestly, though, you have played the game for a long time. Don't you have 
    anything else to do with your time?"
    "An Anemone or Clematic Plant's juice can cause a rash. When pruning them 
    it's a good idea to wear gloves."
    "I hear it's amazing when the gamouse purple stuffed worm in flap-jaw space 
    with the tuning fork does a raw blink on Hara-kiri Rock. I need scissors! 
    "Actually, there is something I have been meaning to tell you but I just 
    couldn't...I think you should know, though. On Saturday morning last week, I 
    saw a guy leave Rosemary's room. How should I put it, it was like they 
    were..."intimate". I'm sorry. Sorry to bring this up during the mission, 
    "President Baker should be somewhere to the south of where you blasted 
    through the wall. Hurry and save him before the terrorists discover his 
    code." -- Metal Gear Solid (PSX)
    "Actually, I am in really bad shape financially. I pay money to my ex-wife as 
    part of our divorce settlement, among other bills. I just had no choice but 
    to make you pay for lunch the other day. I'm really sorry."
    "Your mission is to infiltrate the fortress Galuada, rescue the hostages and 
    neutralize Metal Gear before its assembly is complete." -- Metal Gear - Ghost 
    Babel (GBC)
    "I was a North American Fall Webworm in my past life. Those were the good old 
    days...What were you in your former life?"
    "You got a PSG-1? You can use that against Sniper Wolf. Hurry up and save 
    Meryl!" -- Metal Gear Solid (PSX)
    "Even my patience has its limits. I just can't leave this thing up to you any 
    longer. I'll do the fighting! You can just go home!"
    "I noticed this a while back, but you have far too many Game Overs. Sorry to 
    be blunt, but you really stink at this game."
    "You seem to get a real thrill out of slaughtering the enemy. Are you 
    frustrated about something?" 
    "Snake, you're all alone and surrounded by bad guys. Try to be careful and 
    avoid getting into a fight whenever you can."
    "You enjoy all the killing!"
    "You wouldn't be trying to give yourself a bogus score by using some 
    ingenious trick would you? That's just about as low as anyone could possibly 
    stoop! I can't believe you sometimes..." 
    (Note: If you get this quote, then all your weapons will be reloaded with 
    full ammo when Snake gives them back to you)
    "Variety Level 7, Shoot down the space invaders! Training will have to be 
    postponed if we are invaded by ufos." -- Metal Gear Solid - The VR Missions 
    "Snake, There's a fork in the conveyor belt. The machine is automatically 
    sorting cargo according to some system. Take a good look at the device." --
    Metal Gear - Ghost Babel (GBC)
    "Communitcator Entertainment Program Idea Spy 2.5 Episode 1. New York. Here 
    in the city where dreams come true and desires rule, something is being 
    brought, sold and thrown away, even as we speak. But behind the scenes of 
    business as usual, the nefarious J.E. (Junker Expensive) Corporation lines 
    its already bloated coffers with profits from worthless products.  As j.E. 
    swindles yet another innocent into purchasing high-priced junk, the FBI 
    mobilizes a top secret task force to stop the menace. Now, the city's best 
    kept secret spy is out there, briefed and ready to protect people from J.E., 
    the catalouge of conspiracy... Just call him, 2.5." -- Snatcher (lotsa 
    "Snake, Like Shakespeare said, "Noughts had, all's spent, where our desire is 
    got without content." Basiclly, it means your desire can get you into trouble 
    if you're not careful. That goes for items too. Don't get greedy or you may 
    be sorry. Be careful, Snake." -- Mei Ling, Metal Gear Solid (PSX)
    "Weapon mode Socom Level 1. Destroy all targets to reach the goal! Number of 
    targets: 3." -- Metal Gear Solid - The VR Missions (PSX)
    "I say again. Your duty is to infiltrate Zanzibar Land and seize Kio Marf, an 
    abducted Czechoslovakian biologist." -- Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake (MSX)
    "Snake, they've input both detonation codes. The only way to stop the launch 
    is to use the card key to reinput the codes." -- Metal Gear Solid (PSX)
    "That reminds me, I saw Gubayama the other day in Shibomnigee. He said to 
    give you his best."
    "Snake, Take the power plant out. Set C4 explosives on four key  points to 
    destroy the structure. Snake, destroy the power plant's main turbine. It's 
    located in the B1 floor of the plant. Break into the B1 floor." -- Metal Gear 
    - Ghost Babel (GBC)
    "Munch, Munch...Um? Raiden? I'm eating right now. Get back to me later.... 
    Munch, munch..."
    "La-li-lu-le-lo! La-li-lu-le-lo!! La-li-lu-le-lo!!!"
    "I'm not home right now. Please leave a message after the beep. BEEP"
    "Mind the gap."
    "Big Boss here...Eenter the track on the bridge to the right...over." 
    "I can't believe the person who committed those sick acts in the women's 
    bathroom made it this far."
     ______                                                               ______
                                   | Song Lyrics |
    Vocals by: Carla White
    Produced by: Rika Muranaka 
    I stare at the stars and the sky up above
    And think "What am I made of?"
    Am I full of sorrow? Am I hurt and pained?
    Or am I filled...with love?
    I walk by myself on the streets below
    And ask every child I know,
    Do you think tomorrow will bring sun or rain?
    Which one of these will show?
    I can't say good-bye to yesterday, my friend,
    I keep holding on 'till the end
    Out of the darkness there is no other way
    Than the light leading to yesterday
    It's there that I'll find
    In a peace not warm
    And dreams that I let slip away
    I'll find the joyfulness I'm looking for
    Way back in yesterday
    Why can't each of us in the world ever see,
    The best things in life are free
    Little sounds of laughter or one hug, a smile
    A kiss from you to me
    I fall to my knees
    I cry and I cry
    Love, do not pass me by
    Happy ever after, please stay for a while
    Make time refuse to fly
    I can't say good-bye to yesterday, my friend
    'Cause I know how good it has been
    Face it forever, here I stand, come what may
    In the old in the new yesterday
    It's there that I'll find
    In a peace not warm
    And dreams that I let slip away
    I'll find the joyfulness I'm looking for
    Way back in yesterday
    |¯¯¯¯| 0000111.92899 |¯¯¯¯|-|¯¯¯¯|-|¯¯¯¯|-|¯¯¯¯| 0886660000113 |¯¯¯¯|-|¯¯¯¯| 
     ¯¯¯¯                 ¯¯¯¯   ¯¯¯¯   ¯¯¯¯   ¯¯¯¯                 ¯¯¯¯   ¯¯¯¯   
                               /// Chapter 5: Outro ///
    |   LOADING...  | 00000000111999666 |¯¯¯¯|-|¯¯¯¯|-|¯¯¯¯| 983300111666 |¯¯¯¯|
     ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯                     ¯¯¯¯   ¯¯¯¯   ¯¯¯¯                ¯¯¯¯
     ______                                                               ______
                             | Frequently Asked Questions |
     Q: I get weird gibberish at the end of my game. What do I do with it?
     A: That's your clear code. Write it down and log into the official Konami 
        Website at http://www.konamijpn.com.
     Q: Where's the last bomb? You know, the big motherlode!
     A: I am very disappointed to find this as a FAQ even when it's in the damned
        walkthrough! *BLEEP*! It's on the underbelly of the submarine at the 
        bottom of Strut A, aka Strut A Deep Research Dock.
     Q: I know you say that the bomb is at the bottom of Strut A. However, there 
        is one problem: the elevator is not there! I've frozen all the bombs too!
        What the heck have I missed?
     A: It's best that you go and double check, making sure that you nailed every
        single bomb. For some reason (maybe it's a bug or something), the game 
        will sometimes move on as if you've disarmed all the bombs. If the
        elevator is not there after you've collected the Sensor B from the 
        pantry, then something is definitely wrong. Scale each Strut again and
        make sure all the C4s are nice and frosty.
     Q: Where's the USP?! In the Demo, you could find it in a locker, but it's 
        not there now! It'll make Olga a cinch if only I can get my perverted 
        hands on it...
     A: Needless to say, you won't be getting it until AFTER you beat Olga. So    
        sorry, yank!
     Q: You know at the credits, Mei Ling's name is there! Is there any way I can
        get her to get it on with, er, I mean just get her?
     A: Thanks to about a billion people. It seems that you'll hear her voice 
        when she interrupts and corrects one of Otacon's proverbs. You'd have to 
        save a helluva lot of times on the Tanker, though. I tried this, but 
        after awhile I got impatient and said, "Screw this!" The moral of this
        story: be patient. Or something.
        And also, it appears she wasn't there just for that reason. Joe Lappin 
        cares to expound this: "It's because she was quoted by the crazy Colonel 
        when he goes nuts when Raiden is all naked.  He says some of her wise 
        words that she gave to Snake in the previous game, her voice and all.  In 
        fact, they're listed in the Colonel quotes section of your FAQ.  So 
        that's why, they used her voice so she had to be credited again.  You'll 
        also notice that they credit the original Metal Gear footage that was 
        used during the Colonel's "Infiltrate.....Outer Heaven......" quote.
     Q: I am naked and the Colonel is hounding me with scary advice! Help! What
        do I do?!!!?!
     A: First of all, you can stop e-mailing me. Second, check the friggin' walk-
        through! Start in the section with Arsenal Gear and you can take over 
        from there. 
     Q: Do you know how to take Dog Tags from guards? I've tried everything.
     A: Well, obviously, you haven't tried everything, liar. You need to hold 
        them up and point to essential areas to compel them to give up their 
        beloved Dog Tags. For Hold-Ups, see the Basics section for help. 
        Sometimes guards may even resist arrest. When this happens, you'll need
        to whip out the "bigger" weapons to persuade them.
     Q: Oh my ****in' goddess! The damn sea lice is chewing up my Rations! They
        won't go away! Help! Help! I want my Rations and my mommy!
     A: Rations are yummy. So good that even them buggers want a piece of it. 
        Well, here's the thing to get rid of 'em: hold onto L2, then wiggle the
        analog stick to shake them off your goods! 
     Q: How do I get the Books from atop the locker in the B2 Computer Room?
     A: Punch the locker until it falls to topple the books over. Didn't I 
        mention this in the walkthrough?
     Q: What is the maximum level Grip Gauge I can get?
     A: Level 3. 
     Q: How many pull-ups do I need to do to get there?
     A: Well, it takes 100 pull-ups to move up one level. Therefore it'll take 
        you 200 pull-ups to get from Level 1 to Level 3. Simple, yes?
     Q: Ok, I've done the specified number of pull-ups you wrote in your FAQ and
        even over the requirement, yet my grip gauge won't increase a level! What 
        are you trying to pull?!
     A: You probably aren't doing them right. You must correctly do them to raise 
        the gauge level. When I say correctly, I mean your character must pull
        himself all the way up until he stops in a "locked position" that lasts
        for a second. He will automatically lower himself back down afterward. 
        Doing this equals one pull-up. Do another 99 in this manner, and you will 
        achieve your glorious Level 2 grip gauge!!
        If you want to increase your level more quickly, then go to either the 
        eastern end of the Engine room in the Tanker chapter or Strut D in the
        Plant chapter. Here you will attempt a dare-devil technique. At the top
        level, hang over the rail and press X to drop down. While your character
        descends, press the Triangle button to quickly grab on to the bottom 
        rail. This requires exact timing. If you mess up, you may send your
        character to his death. Do 10 of these and your gauge will move up one
        level. Have fun. 
     Q: Is there any way into the other Struts on the Shell 2? Please tell me!
     A: No, there isn't. Most of the Shell 2 has already been reduced to nothing.
        Either that or they've been inundated. Anyway, they're inaccessible and
        there is no way to get in any of them no matter how many controllers you
        break or how much you complain, K? I love you too.
     Q: Is it possible to get the suppressor for the USP on the Tanker?
     A: You can, but NOT in the US VERSION. I repeat, NOT in the US version. Why?
        I haven't the slightest clue. I have heard that this is available in the 
        Japanese and PAL versions of the game. I haven't played them myself, but 
        we can only make a plausible surmise from the number of people that 
        claimed to have gotten the USP Suppressor in the Japanese and PAL 
        versions. PAL owners, see US-to-PAL Changes for details.
     Q: I'm trapped in the Ascending Colon! What do I do?
     A: First, you should stand still and ignore all of the Colonel's pestering
        messages; don't answer them. Soon, your radar screen will be overtaken
        by a video clip of a Konami Eyes model. After the video clip ends, answer
        the Colonel's strange calls now until Rose contacts you. Once you're 
        suited up again, move up the screen until a cinema kicks in.
     Q: Is there any way I can save Emma? Like to achieve an alternate ending?
     A: You cannot save Emma in any way, shape or form. Her death, I believe,
        played an important role in the plot's development. How? I have no idea,
        but I stand firm for what I believe in. :) However, there are several
        ways to achieve a makeshift alternate ending. By which I mean, you can 
        force an alternate ending that has no correlation to the plot 
        advancement whatsoever besides the occurrence of your own death. For 
        this, you should confer with the GameFAQs Metal Gear Solid 2 message 
        board for details.
     Q: I'm not getting the bonus items you've mentioned in the guide even when
        I've collected over the requirement! All I get at the end of my game is 
        the Digital Camera. What am I doing wrong?
     A: First of all, a few conditions must be met before you can attempt to 
        partake on your conquest to conquer MGS2. BONUS items are meant to be 
        acquired AFTER you have beaten the game at least once. Thus, the name 
        "bonus". Once you've completed the game once, save your progress. This 
        file becomes red at the file load screen. Load it and you will be 
        prompted to select a new game with the choices of playing the Tanker, 
        Plant or Tanker-Plant. In order to unlock the items, you must play each 
        chapter individually and collect the dog tags in the various difficulties 
        by re-loading the same file. Otherwise, it will not work and all your 
        efforts will go to waste.
        Remember that you must complete the chapter to save your dog tags. If you
        collect the specified number or all and just turn your game off, your
        data will be lost. You can view  all the dog tags you've collected so far
        in the "Dog Tags" option under "Special".
     Q: I heard you can get Solid Snake's dog tag? Is this true? If so, how can
        I obtain it?
     A: 'Tis true. Once you've  reunited with Snake in the Ascending Colon, whack 
        him a few times with the blunt edge 'til he's out cold. Once he's on the 
        ground, taking a short nap, drag him around like an old rag and shake him 
        down for his dog tag. The name will be different for the other modes, 
        though. The Solid Snake one can be obtained only in Normal.
     Q: I saw a commercial for MGS2 and also saw Snake fighting against Fortune
        in the Plant chapter! What's the deal?
     A: I see. I'll give you my entire stash for no less than $10,000,000. Hm, so
        whaddya say? Oh, not that kinda deal? For the Americans, my theory is 
        that the commercial you saw is just a gimmick to persuade you to buy the
        game (which it succeeded in doing), since Konami knows that most MGS 
        lovers are hardcore Snake fans. They were sure fans wouldn't be too happy 
        to see ol' wimpy boy Raiden. I think this holds true for any MGS2 
        From my knowledge (unless a few dozen people step in to correct me), it's 
        impossible to play as Snake when fighting against Fortune. Not even
        in the Boss Survival Mode present in the PAL and Japanese versions of the 
        game. Like I said, Konami knows you all very well. =) 
     ______                                                               ______
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    The unofficial Metal Gear Solid 2 strategy guide was created on  November 15, 
    2001. © 2001-2003 AdrenalineSL. All rights reserved.
    All rights reserved including the right of reproduction in whole and  in part 
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    UPDATED!  Outdated versions of FAQs are the devil! Are we clear on both terms 
    here? Great. 
    Some parts of the guide could not have been made possible without the help of 
    the following sources:
    - The instruction manual for leading me to delve into much of the basics and
      other information.
    - Animelyrics.com for the lyrics to the MGS2 ending theme. 
    - DEngel for his Dog Tag FAQ, which I looked at to attain the secret items in
      my game and for the approximate number of dog tags needed to unlock each. 
    - Morph for his Extreme FAQs, which I used to beat my game. He also allowed 
      me to apply some of his strategies to my own. 
    - AstroBlue's PAL Extras FAQ for tidbits of information I used in the US-to-
      PAL Changes section.
    Credits, Plugs and Extra Junk
    - Thanks to AstroBlue for modifying my pathetic MGS2 art and for submitting
      some extra stuff for the Campbell Gibberish section!
    - ATadeo for indirectly helping me  with my FAQs and  for getting them on the 
      net in the first place.
    - CJayC for practically dominating the internet gaming society. Sort of. And
      having the patience to reply to all my  whiny e-mails, as well as host all 
      of my crap-ass work on his awesome site.
    - My gaming bud, David, for all the Very Easy and Easy Dog tags!
    - All the loyal readers who e-mailed me saying that they enjoy my FAQs!
    - Don't forget the guy who gave me this game for free! Much love and hugs!
    - Anyone else who wants to be thanked! –You could be here!-
    Contributor Credits
    Thanks to the readers of this FAQ who have taken some time  to e-mail me with 
    corrections, tips, hints and suggestions; the guide is immensely improved by 
    their efforts. The people that are listed here are not particularly more 
    special than the other contributors listed  throughout the FAQ, but they have 
    sent me small tidbits of information that I've incorporated into my own info. 
    Credit due to them is found here.
    Here they are, in no particular order (other than the order in which I added 
    - Kenshiro (Ehren) for the additional info. on "Reading the Radar".
    - Ferretguy316 for adding another cause for your character's sneezing.
    - Snakerboy01 for the cigarette  tidbit about its use as a substitute for the
      diazepam and pentazemin and the infrared sensor thing with Thermal Goggles.
    - Jiggly112588  for also noting that  the cigarettes  can be used to make the
      infrared sensors visible.
    - Cliff Harpole for confirming the "boing" sound in the lockers.
    - The Gamer for Fire for the tip about drying off faster by pressing X.
    - EH_REMRAF for giving a complex description of the Pentazemin that I used in
      the Item section.
    - HiFi14 for the tip about hiding in the appropriate boxes in "Hiding" of the
      Infiltration Logic section.
    - Rigil Paix for some Campbell quotes I missed in the section. Also,  for the 
      very first transmission by Campbell and Rose.
    - Oscar Parsons, Rob "Teirlap" Knight  and Chad Wilson for being the first of
      many to correct the BDU acronym.
    - Matthew for various clarifications and add-ons, especially the one about a
      certain "Fission Mailed" screen found in the Campbell Gibberish section.
    - Kildread2 for the proper use of Pentazemin.
    - DRAGONMASTER118 for the tidbit that you could roll jump over grates in the
      Tanker chapter.
    - M.Carlson for pointing out a little thing I goofed up on with the Socom and 
      USP weapon descriptions.
    - Kevin Presa for the tidbit about waking hostages up with the Coolant Spray.
    - Adrian Sandoval for about the remaining 50% of the Campbell quotes I missed
      Silly me. Thanks a bunch!
    - KiT Dizon for the correct terminology of the Socom "touchdown pole" I put 
      my dibs on.
    - StealthPhantom03 for the tidbit about spraying the parrot in the B2 room of
      the Shell 1 Core with the Coolant.
    - FATE797 for the hiding-from-a-box-to-a-choking-position tip found under the
      Cardboard Box description.
    - Kasera and Zack Turner for correcting the misinformation about the Codec 
      buttons and for telling me the nature of their use. If that made sense...
    - FrGoth for a fun stuff tidbit I used.
    - SilverChild, Xavier, tarajis, OrochiSabin, and ScanlonGaidin for telling me 
      Vamp's third attack.
    - ScanlonGaidin also told me some of the Fun Stuff in the game that I used in
      that section.
    - Rich Culver for one of Campbell's missing quotes.
    - Biohazard for sending me a Campbell quote I missed.
    - Chris Ryan for informing me about a Fun Stuff thing I used. 
    - Rod Jenkins for correcting a subtle error I had made.
    - Steve Hailey for the "Total Shocker" thing in Fun Stuff.
    - Ian for the tidbit about making hostages piss themselves.
    - Boyle Ke for correcting some subtle mistakes I made in the walkthrough.
    - Bryan Hodgson and some others for the fun thing about blowing up bugs.
    - Andy L and Damion Graff for information on the second Johnny Sasaki run-in.
    - Muse for clarifying something in the RAY Boss Strategy.
    - RaGeDoNe for the additional Hostage "Fun Stuff".
    - Eternal for correcting a small error regarding Pliskin's weapon.
    - Manwards for contributing a whole bunch information for the US-to-PAL 
      Changes section. If it weren't for him, it would have lacked detail.
    - Jamie Bathgate for a few poster locations.
    - KingJames5 for the derivative of the Shakespeare quote in the Campbell
      Gibberish section.
    - Rich Williams (SoftGLOW) for the "Quit Lounging Around" contribution in the
      Fun Stuff section.
    - Daniel and Amanda Davis for notifying me that a contributor's information 
      was false.
    - Some other people for pointing out items I neglected to list like the Cell
      Phone and Shaver.
    - Thanks to a number of people who told about  getting the RAYs to open their
    - Major thanks to the huge number of people who sent me the Mei Ling thing. I
      can't list all your names here, but I appreciate it!
    - Numerous others who sent tidbits of information. Sorry, I lost track of you
      people. Sorry...o_o
                    ************* CLOSING STATEMENT **************
    Another day, another complete project.  This one took a lot out of me, so I'd
    appreciate it if you thieves wouldn't try to screw me over and tag yourself 
    with a felony. I consider this guide to be just as good as it can get. It 
    could be better, but if there's anything more that I could add, it would just 
    waste space and lag old browsers. What I have done to make this guide was all 
    that I could give, and I have no desire to work on this anymore. If you still 
    need help, please consult another guide. I've worked hard and long on this. 
    It has become so sleek, it plays like a symphony. I am very pleased with how
    I was able to hold out and mold this guide into a fairly  comprehensive piece 
    of work.
    I'd really like to thank all those who've e-mailed me with  encouraging words 
    and even those who bothered to send me greeting cards with broken, profanity-
    ridden English. It actually shows how much you care just going through all 
    that trouble to send me something. How touching. Well, anyway, don't wanna 
    keep you here any longer. Time is money. You can now return to your regularly 
    scheduled FAQ. 'Til the next project, see you space cowboys and cowgirls.
    "In Japan, rape is like a handshake."
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