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    FAQ/Walkthrough (EU) by Oreo

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                             METAL GEAR SOLID 2:SONS OF LIBERTY
    02.(I)History of
     (III)Difficulty settings
      (IV)Enemies etc.
    05.Basics and Tips
    10.Miscellaneous & Fun Stuff
    11.Dog Tag Guide
    12.Song Lyrics
    13.Themes etc.
    14.Interesting Facts
    15.Information about Real weapons etc.
    16.Special Thanks
    My name is Oreo and I am writing this Walkthrough because well,it's
    mainly because it Easter and I'm bored.All characters,weapons etc.
    associated with METAL GEAR SOLID 2:SONS OF LIBERTY are copyright of
    Konami entertainment.Contact me with questions etc. relating to this
    game at:
    God its been two days since i played this game.My danm PS2 just stopped
    working for no reason at all.I mean i keep trying different plugs and
    whats worse is my METAL GEAR SOLID 2 game is still inside it(I can't
    open it).Now i have to try and get it fixed.I've finished the game
    already and was on my way to collecting dog tags and i had the game for
    a week.Also i'm starting to experience withdrawl syptoms.I just need
    another fix of this shit.God dammit I want a game.
    Finished except Real weapons and Dog Tags.
    02.(I)The History of Metal Gear:
    (1)1987 saw the the relaese of METAL GEAR on both the NES and MSX.It was
    an instant hit due to its gameplay involving stealth and cunning traps
    and puzzles.Seeming as it was on the NES it wasn't in 3D meaning each
    part of the game was a small screen.Basically it had only one view that
    was an overhedad view and included poor grammer like "I fell asleep" and
    "The truck is coming".Instead of using a CODEC you used a
    "Transmissioner" a kind of radio.But many items in this game originated
    from METAL GEAR including cardboard boxes,cigarettes(in MG1 these were
    good for you)pan lvl cards and BDU!In this
    (2)1990 was the year that METAL GEAR:SNAKE'S REVENGE was relaesed.The
    game was still 2D(Being in the NES and MSX)and quite the same
    gameplay.More weapons were availible and the storyline changed with more
    the PSX.The power of the playstation allowed the game to appear in
    3D,allowing the player to see all around them by peeking past
    corners,seeing enviroments through first-person view.Because discs were
    now used more data could be stored including voice-acting,and longer
    gaming experiences(as the game was in the two discs).All the various
    characters were given detailed background stories which is the most
    impressive group of characters.This game introduced the CODEC,a small
    "radio" implanted into the brain of Snake in the form of nanomachine and
    the VR missions.This also game introduced Hal Emmerich,Meryl,Mei
    Ling,Natasha Romanenko and Colonel Roy Campbell.
    (4)It was in 1999 that METAL GEAR SOLID:VR MISSIONS was released.This
    was a game that contained about 300 VR missions.This game was basically
    ehere you took the form of a FOX-HOUND soldier preparing for combat via
    virtual relaity missions in which they appeared as Solid Snake or as the
    Cyborg Ninja.Most the missions were VR training based on the Shadow
    Peter Stillman:      140.25
    Colonel Campbell:    140.85
    Otacon Save:         140.96
    Rosemary:            140.96
    Otacon:              141.12
    Emma Emmerich:       141.52
    Richard Ames         141.72
    Iriquois Pliskin:    141.80
    *NOTE*:After meeting the president in the Plant chapter you can use
    141.80 to contact Otacon also.
    CODE NAME: Solid Snake
    REAL NAME: David (Surname unknown)
    VOICED BY: David Hayter
    GENDER:    Male
    D.O.B:     Unknown
    RELATIONS: Liquid Snake
               Soliduse Snake (Biological Brothers)
    This is the protagonist of the Tanker chapter.He has extensive
    experience in the army in the Outer Heaven,Zanzibar Land and at Shadow
    Moses.He is one of the L'enfant Terrible an,experiment of the American
    Government in a bid to create the perfect soldiers(all three are human
    clones of Big Boss).Because of this his DNA is worth more than anything
    on earth.Living in the wilderness of Alaska for thirteen years alone has
    made him very anti-social.
    Aged 33 David Hayter was born on the 6th of Febuary 1969.His parents are
    both Canadian while he has a dual Canadian and U.S.
    citizenship.Sometimes credited as Sean Barker he has done the voice of
    Solid Snake in both MGS 1 & 2.Also he has wrote the screenplays  for
    both movies,"X-Men(2000)" and "The Scorpian King(2002)".He has played
    small roles eg.Museum Cop(X-Men,2000) and Possum by
    CODE NAME: Otacon
    REAL NAME: Hal Emmerich
    VOICED BY: Christopher Randolph
    CODEC:     140.85   140.96
    GENDER:    Male
    RELATIONS: Emma Emmerich (Step-sister)
    Hal Emmerich is the leader of "Philanthropy" an anti-Metal Gear
    organisation oficially recognised by the United Nations.Alongside other
    members including Snake he has sworn to prevent future holocosts or
    terrorist threats from Metal Gear machines(as he was working on Metal
    Gear REX despite having no knowledge of its nuclear capabilities).His
    family has a dark past with nuclear weapons.His father was born on July
    the 25th 1945...the bombing of Hiroshima,while his grandfather took part
    in the Manhatten Project and his step-sister Emma is currently working
    on a new model of Metal Gear.His nickname Otacon comes from his love for
    Japanese animes.
    CODE NAME:  Raiden
    REAL NAME:  Jack
    VOICED BY:  Quinton Flynn
    GENDER:     Male
    RELATIONS:  Rose(Girlfriend)
    As the potaganist of the Palnt chapter Raiden is a highly trained member
    of FOX-HOUND who has had extensive VR training.Despite this he is quite
    a formidable fighter with a dark past.His girlfriend Rosemary who has
    been recently assigned to mission and constantly reminds him of their
    NAME:       Iriquios Pliskin
    VOICED BY:  David Hayater
    GENDER:     Male
    CODEC:      141.80
    RELATIONS:  Unknown
    Very little is known about Pliskin execpt that he is part Team Bravo
    that infiltrates the Big Shell to get the
    NAME:      Colonel Campbell
    VOICED BY: Paul Eiding
    CODEC:     140.85
    GENDER:    Male
    RELATIONS: Meryl Silverburgh(Niece,Deceased)
    NAME:       Rosemary
    VOICED BY:  Laura Cody
    GENDER:     Female
    CODEC:      140.96
    RELATIONS:  Raiden(Boyfriend)
    NAME:       Officer Peter Stillman
    VOICED BY:  Greg Eagles
    GENDER:     Male
    CODEC:      140.25
    RELATIONS:  Unknown
    Peter Stillman used to work for the NYPD on the Bomb Dispospal
    Unit.Being the most skilled of them all he retired after he failed to
    difuse a bomb inside a school while there was civilans inside.He became
    limp in one of his legs and as a result earned the nickname "Peg Legged
    Pete".He then worked at Verozano University in New York where he became
    the mentor of Fatman.
    NAME:       Emma Emmerich
    VOICED BY:  Jennifer Hale
    GENDER:     Female
    CODEC:      141.52
    RELATIONS:  Hal Emmerich(Step-Brother)
    Emma is the step-sister of Hal(Otacon)and is skilled in the field of
    genetics and artificial intelligence and was recuirted by the Patriots
    because of this.She suffers from hydraphobia(a fear of water)because of
    an incident when she was three where she nearly drowned.During he
    incident she had been screaming for Hal to give her help while he was
    inside his bedroom.It's because of this she felt betrayed when Otacon
    left faily after his father commited sucide and
    she decided to get back at him when she was offered the job at Arsenal
    The La-Le-Li-Lo-Lu:
    The La-Le-Li-Lo-Lu or The Patriots are the people who control the
    President of America and literally the world.They have been in existence
    for one hundred years after America became an indapendant state.They
    create order and peace and yet experiment.All cover-ups and conspiracies
    are done by them.Their followers appear frequently during the
    game.Despite this they block information from the net and computers(When
    you rescue Emma she explains that they used the Y2K bug as an excuse to
    create programmes to help computers world-wide letting them monitor all
    e-mails etc)saying it will help humanity evolve.
    NAME:       Agent Richard Ames
    VOICED BY:  Peter Renaday
    GENDER:     Male
    CODEC:      141.72
    RELATIONS:  Natasha Romanenko(ex-wife)
    NAME:       Cyborg Ninja
    GENDER:     Unknown
    RELATIONS:  Unknown
    NAME:         Olga Gurlukovich
    VOICED BY:    Vanessa Marshall
    GENDER:       Female
    REALATIONS:   Colonel Sergei Gurlukovich (Father).
    NATIONALITY:  Russian
    Olga Gurluckovich is the tomboyish daughter of the infamous Sergei
    Goluckovich who is revered by all.She is loyal to both her father and
    the Russian Army and is a powerful tomboy who isn't to be messed with.As
    she is pregnant she is encouraged to leave the ship as fast as she
    can.She is quick,stealthy and quite skilled with both handguns and
    knives.Although her father befriended Ocelot she seems to fight against
    him in disguise.
    Dead Cell:
    Dead Cell is a terrorist organisation created by ex-president David
    Sears(Soliduse Snake)and the US Navy.They were created to "simulate"
    attacks on government complexes.But when Sears disappeared they became
    lunatics and blamed The Patriots.This led them to attack civilians and
    US allies.They now work with Ocelot and Soliduse in the Big
    Shell,working on the Metal Gear.
    CODE NAME:  Fortune
    REAL NAME:  Helena Dolph Jackson
    VOICED BY:  Maula Gale
    GENDER:     Female
    RELATIONS:  Colonel Scott Dolph(Father)
    Daughter of Colonel Scott Dolph who worked on the Tanker with the
    Marines Corp.,Helena Dolph Jackson is a vengful,eriee character who
    despises the American goverment for the death of her father and the
    wrongful imprisonment of her husband who then died.Her life is full of
    sad moments.Her mother died when she was three years old,and enroled in
    the army to get revenge.Soon she developed a strange gift to which a
    magnetic field surrounded her(It is believed she sold her soul to obtain
    this).This allows her to use the large prototype Photon Rail Cannon she
    holds in her hand(This also protects her from nearby bombs and
    grenades).Despite her "fortune" she longs to die because of the misery
    caused by the death of her entire family.
    CODE NAME:  Vamp
    REAL NAME:  Ivan
    VOICED BY:  Phil La Marr
    GENDER:     Male
    RELATIONS:  Helena Dolph Jackson(Girlfriend)
                Colonel Scott Dolph(Ex-boyfriend)
    Born in a small Romainian,Vamp and his parents were invovd in a
    terrorist attack.It left them stranded inside a church while Vamp was
    left under a crucifix.He survived for two days drinking the blood from
    his parents(It is here that he developed his taste for blood).But it is
    due to his bisexuality that he gains his name.Former lover of Colnel
    Scott Dolph and current "friend"(according to Pliskin) of Fortune.He is
    a skilled swordsman as he can easily deflect bullets with his knives.
    Student at Yale university,Phil LaMarr has appeared in famed movie Pulp
    Fiction(1994) as "Marvin".Also he stars as Carver in Diseny's "The
    Weekenders"(animated series) and as Hermes Conrad in Futurama(animated
    CODE NAME:  Fatman
    REAL NAME:  Unknown
    VOICED BY:  Barry Dennen
    GENDER:     Male
    RELATIONS:  Unknown
    "Live and grow fat" the words of a fat b*****d who can be a pain in the
    a**.He wears a large green blast suit which protects him from bullets
    and bombs.He has a strange fascination to his work and considers himself
    an artist(As by the age of ten he made his first nuclear bomb).He is so
    obsessed that when he was young he would hang around clock Shops to hear
    the tick,tock over and over again,as he believe bombs are the counters
    of life.
    CODE NAME:  Soliduse Snake
    REAL NAME:  George Sears
    VOICED BY:  John Cygan
    GENDER:     Male
    RELATIONS:  Liquid Sanke(Triplet brother)
                Solid Snake (Triplet brother)
    George Sears was the 43rd president of America during the Shadow Moses
    incident and was in charge of stealing Metal Gear REX in order to
    overthrow the Patriots power.In a way you might say he's the good guy(As
    he is trying to allow our rights to be acknowledged by the Patriots and
    so let democracy work properly).
    NAME:       President Johnstone
    VOICED BY:  Paul Lukather
    GENDER:     Male
    NAME:       Revolver Ocelot
    VOICED BY:  Patrick Zimmerman
    GENDER:     Male
    RELATIONS:  None
    Ocelot once worked for Liquid Snake during the Shadow Moses
    incident.After fighting Solid Snake in a duel in front of President
    Baker of ArmsTech he lost his arm when Gray Fox(disguised as the Cyborg
    Ninja)chopped it off.But when we meet him in the Tanker it turns out
    that surgeons in Lyon,France replaced it with one of Liquid's(we find
    this out in the Plant chapter).Ocelot is so called because of his love
    of spaghetti westerns and his marksmanship with his 90.calibre revolver.
    There are about five difficulty settings in this game and are selected
    after pressing the "CIRCLE" button on "NEW GAME".At first only four are
    accessible but later on the fifth  setting can be chosen.There are a few
    differences that range from handicaps,strength and number of enemies and
    item capacity.
    Very Easy:
    Easy as using a keyboard.Maximun capacity of items and bullets,minimum
    amount of patrolling guards.Also in the Raidan's chapter all maps will
    be automatically downloaded to you.Also you have a big energy gauge.Also
    if you are sighted by an enemy you will only have to exit that area/room
    A bit harder than very easy.Also like earlier all maps in Raiden's
    chapter will be automatically downloaded.As easy as  using a remote
    conrol room.Also a item capacity that's smaller and some more enemies.
    This is the suggested level that you try doing the game your first time
    as doing anything lower than this level means you're a little sissy who
    might as well not be playing this.You might as well play this level
    because I'm going to be writing the walkthrough in normal difficulty
    Much harder than other difficulty levels as you have a smaller item
    capacity,energy gauge.Not only that but you have the choice to get GAME
    OVER when you are caught.
    God only knows why they put this into the game.You'll get this by
    finishing the game once.You will die after a few shots,you have very
    little energy and item capacity.Also you will get GAME OVER whenever you
    get caught.
    European/American Extreme:
    This is the hardest difficulty level in the game as you will get GAME
    OVER the second you get caught.Also you will be killed in one hit while
    playing a boss.
    They are the soldiers patrolling the Big Shell especially all twelve
    struts of the Big Shell.They work for Olga Gurluckovich who inteands on
    finding Solid Snake and claiming part of the ransom demand.They hold the
    various DOG TAGS across the game.
    These are genitically engineered soldiers created by the Patriots in
    isolated labs in America.They patrol only a few parts of the Big Shell
    which include Shell Cores 1 & 2 and the Tanker.They work for Ocelot and
    Dead Cell.They also hold DOG TAGS.
    These are called to rooms when you are spotted by an enemy or
    surveillance cameras.They are armed with shotguns and have glass shields
    in order to protect themselves from you.Unlike the Russian and genome
    soldiers they don't hold DOG TAGS.
    These are much more bulkier and powerful variations of the genome
    soldiers as they have been fitted by new army gear.They are found only
    in Arsenal Gear and like the Reinforcement guards they don't hold DOG
    They're are two types of Cyphers in this game.One is the Army-AT Cypher
    a white floating surveillance camera,while the Marines-R9 is akin to the
    Sniper Cameras as it is a floating surveillance camera equipped with a
    They're are two types of cameras.Though rare up to Hard they will move
    left and right looking for intruders.Normal cameras will set off an
    alarm the second you are seen.Sniper cameras have rifles attached to
    them abd attack while setting off an alarm.
    These don't do much but crawl around the ground.They wont harm you but
    will attempt to eat your RATION packages if you hang around you and will
    also scare women....
    D-Pad....................................Move Character/Highliter
    Left Analog Stick....................... Move Character/Highliter
    Right Analog Stick.......................Change Camera Angles
    Circle Button............................Punch/Confirm button
    Cross Button.............................Cancel/Crouch/Roll
    Triangle Button..........................Main Action Button
    Square Button............................Shoot/Throw/Strangle/etc.
    L1 Button................................Aim/Lock-on
    L2 Button....................Open Item inventory/Equip available item
    R1 Button................................First-Person View
    R2 Button................................Open Weapons/Equipment menu
    SELECT Button............................Open Codec screen
    START Button.............................Pause game/map/location name
    There are seven classes of weapons in this game for use as Snake and
    Raiden during their attack on the new Metal Gear.Each of the weapons are
    different and have different characteristics.Talk to either
    Otacon,Colonel Campbell or Pliskin with them equipped.
      (I).Handguns        (V).Rockets
     (II).Machine Guns   (VI).Special
    (III).Rifles        (VII).Grenades
    Although it may be a quiet and efficient weapon it won't exactly kill
    your enemies,but instead put them to asleep as it uses tranquillizers
    instead of normal bullets.It's light and has a silencer attached to
    it.This makes it an ideal weapon for getting DOG TAGS.Despite this it
    can't penetrate the thick armour of Cyphers,control switches etc.
    A powerful handgun that can kill a Genome Soldier in about 4 or 5
    shots.Later on you will be able to acquire a suprressor in order to fire
    the weapon and lessen your chances in getting caught.It uses laser
    sighting and torch attached to it for accurate shots.A supressor can be
    found on the Navigational Deck of the Tanker on Easy and Very Easy.
    Found after you meet Pliskin in the Transformer Room of Strut B this is
    one of the most powrful pistols in the game.A surpressor can be found in
    the Strut F of Shell 1.
    (II)Machine Guns:
    This Assault Rifle is the most powerful weapon in the game.Instead of
    letting you use a laser to aim it'll automatically fire when you hold
    the fire.A supressor can be found one the Shell 1&2 Connecting Bridge.
    Like the AK-74u it wil automatically fire when you hold the fire
    button.It is shaped like an M-16 and is also quite powerful yet no
    supressor can be found.
    This useful item can be used to exacute assainations on seagulls or take
    out control units hidden from view.In order to use this you need to use
    The exact same as the PSG-1 other than it uses only tranquiliser darts
    in order to knock out guards and seagulls.
    These plastic explosives are very powerful weapon used by Fatman.Place
    the explosive on the ground and press the SQUARE button to set it off.
    These mines destroy anything in their path with a spray
    of shrapnel. These mines use new technology to see if a person is
    near.Use the SQUARE button to plant a mine on the ground and crawl over
    them to get them.
    This is the coolest weapon in the whole game.When equipped you be able
    to see the weak points of an enemy.They appear as grey boxes and you'll
    be able to lock onto the target and become red when locked on.
    A large rocket launcher with a twist.Attached to the front of the
    missile is a camera which is linked up to the launcher.With this feature
    you can move the missile to wherever you want to get your target.While
    you have this missile out it will speed up but will slow down when you
    move left or right.
    This isn't exactly a weapon but is a useful item that is versatile in
    that it can help do many things:
    1.Freeze plastic explosives eg.C4,semtex
    2.Put out fires in order to pass them
    3.Move any annoying bugs or insects on the ground.
    4.Stimulating sleepy guards.
    This is the Cyborg Ninja's weapon that will be obtained near the end in
    Arsenal Gear.Use the left analog stick in order to spin it around and
    the right analog stick in order to move and direct the blade.Also an
    other important note there are two modes that can be chosen using the
    SQUARE buton:
    RED - Kill:This will focus on killing the enemy or boss
    BLUE - Knock out:This will concentrate on knocking out your opponant.
    When the grenade is thrown on the ground it releases an
    explosion,injuring if not not killing anyone in the surrounding "impact
    This weapon is useful when you are being chased by a large group of
    guards.When used an small explosion will occur around the "impact zone"
    and a flash of light will knock all surrounding guards out.
    This is the greanade found in the Strut F Warehouse of Shell 1.When
    fired a grenade will be shot into the air and will explode the second it
    hits something.Best used for some of the bosses and when you are
    surrounded by enemies.
    This is a useful weapon that creates a temporary EMP(Electro magnetic
    pulse)field that starts jamming all electrical devices including
    surveillance cameras,cyphers,soldier radios and unfortunately your
    During the game you will encounter many items to help you along your
    way.Like the weapons they are divided into different classes.
      (I)Health   (IV)Goggles
     (II)Sensors   (V)Computers
    Found all over the tanker and power plant.These are small packages of
    food that will help you regain energy.The appear as small hexagon
    shaped,brown boxes.In the item menu press O to recover lost life.
    Can be found around each level in small boxes and are very useful if
    your out of Rations.When you've been shot over and over again you will
    start to bleed which not only drain your life away but also will make
    guards follow you more easily.
    This has absolutely no effect on your life bar but will help you get rid
    of unwanted colds which can happen during long times of exposure to cold
    conditions.A very rare item.
    This is a very rare item in the game and is best saved for dire
    situations.In most modes eg.Normal there is usually just one in the game
    and is best kept for the fight against Solidus.It will take some damage
    until finally wearing away.
    This is found around the plant and is needed to help you keep still
    while using the two sniper rifles.As it is an anti-depressent like
    valium taking too much will cause some side-effects.
    This is used to find the C4 packages located across Shell 1 of the
    Plant.When it is activated the packages will appear as large yellow
    areas on your radar.It works by detecting the ions and cologne released
    by the bombs.
    This is also used again to find C4 packages in the 1st Shell of the
    plant.But it only is used to find Fatman's last bomb in Strut A.Instead
    of appearing on your radar it will start to make sounds when you are
    near it.
    This is in both Snake's and Raiden's inventory.Whenever you have alerted
    an enemy and your radar disappears you can activate this and it will
    make sounds in order for you to find out where an enemy is.
    Found in the plant and is used to get into the Shell 1 Core.When
    activated it will cause hidden mines on the ground to be visible on your
    radar as small yellow triangles.
    This is the uniform of Dead Cell soldiers.It is the perfect disguise and
    camoflauge and is needed to get into the Shell 1 Core and is given to
    you by "Mr.X" and will get you to Ames.After finding Ames you will lose
    the face mask and then the uniform itself.
    These silly items are found in various areas in both levels.There are
    about five of them.When inside them you can hide from enemies but only
    if you are not in the guards way.If you are in their way they will find
    you.Also in [Strut E] of the Plant look for a crate next to the conveyer
    belt belt.Go onto the crate and walk onto the belt in a box.Each box
    will bring to a different place.
    BOX 1:Strut C
    BOX 2:Strut B
    BOX 3:Strut A
    BOX 4:Strut F
    BOX 5:Hidden room in Strut E
    This is obtained by collecting a certain amount of dog-tags in both the
    plant and tanker chapters.When activated you will be invisible from all
    enemies,surveilance systems but not any of the bosses.But with this you
    can still have some fun especially with guards and both C4 and Claymore
    This is again gained by receiving a certain amount of dog tags but only
    in the tank chapter.When activated Snake will be able to have unlimited
    ammo for all of his weapons.
    There are three wigs in this game that can be obtained for Raiden when
    you collect a certain amount of dog tags.The Brown wig will give Raiden
    infinite ammo while the Orange wig will give you an infinite grip
    gauge.And finally the Blue wig will give you an infinite oxygen gauge.
    I really don't know why they didn't take the small risk of callling this
    a Porn magazine which is exactly what it is.Unfortunatly you can't look
    at it youself.When used it is thrown onto the ground and will be picked
    up by a guard who will get so engrossed in the "literature" that he
    won't know that you've just passed him out.
    Given to you by "Mr.X" this is a worthless item."Mr.X" will call you
    some times to tell you how to put out fires and move bugs with the
    coolant spray.When he calls you will feel the phone vibrating and
    "Beep,Beep" sound.When activated you will receive a free text message
    courtesy of Eircom!!
    If the government thought they had finally banned the advertising of
    cigarettes on television then I guess they have failed.In both Raidens
    and Snakes inventory they can be used to locate IR sensors hooked up to
    Semtex.But they slowly deplete your health while being used.
    This is found in the Shell 1 Core,on floor B2.You need this to find
    Ames.Using this you will have to hear his heartbeat to distinguish him
    from the other hostages.This can also be used to listen in on
    Collecting these with activate the various cheats.In order to get them
    you must aim your gun at the back of a guards head.He will then drop it
    for you to collect.
    A secret item that has virtually no use but to add about two more lines
    to a cut-scene between Raiden and Pliskin.Can be found in the Strut A
    Deep Sea Dock of the Plant.This is found only on Hard and Extreme.
    This item turns the surrounding area red and will outline both enemies
    and IR sensors in red.
    A set of state of the art binoculars which can be a lot of help in
    locating hidden control switches connected to Semtex.Also good if you
    need to locate an enemy.
    This useful item can take pictures that can be saved onto your memory
    card.Sometimes if you take pictures of certain places the ghostly
    spectres of the games producers will appear on the picture.Also if take
    a picture of a soldier and his/her name comes up in blue then that means
    that you have already collected his/her dog tag.
    As the name suggests it will help you see in the dark and will outline
    all enemies in green and as a result the surrounding area will be green.
    Used by Snake in the Tanker chapter in order to take pictures of Metal
    Gear RAY.You can download them to Otacon with the computer in Hold no.1
    next to the machine itself.Can also be obtained by Raiden in Strut E.
    These are small,clear keycards that are needed to enter specific
    doors.First after meeting Stillman you receive the level 1 card.Later on
    you will receive higher level cards until you receive the lvl.5 card.
    MO DISK:
    You will get this from the President after meeting with him in the Shell
    2 Core.This is what you need to give to Emma Emmerich who has been taken
    hostage.It contains a computer virus akin to FOXDIE as it is only suited
    to specific computer programmes.
    05.Basics and Tips:
    Collecting DOG TAGS:
    In order to activate all the cheats you will have to collect these
    hidden items.All of the guards have these and you will have to be
    skilled to collect them.To get them hold up a guard and walk in front of
    him with your weapon equipped.Then aim at either their crotch or head to
    get them to surrender it.Although you will be able to get most of them
    to give their tags away while holding them up with a M9,some will get
    tough and taunt you to shoot them.If they do,tranquillise them and come
    back to them with the USP or SOCOM.When you have these weapons and you
    have them held up,shoot them in the leg and they will become
    chickens!But for more fun and items get out the RGB86 and STINGERS and
    point it towards them(But don't fire anything).Remember you will have to
    get all the DOG TAGS in each chapter on each difficulty.
    We start our story on the George Washington Bridge in New York.As the
    rain falls on a typically cloudy night a lone cloaked figure walks
    beside the traffic and soon later he bungees off the bridge in
    stealth.Just then he lands on a large Tanker and then we see his true
    identity-Solid Snake.After receiving his mission briefing from Otacon he
    spots a chopper flying past and takes a photo of Colonel Gurlukovich an
    infamous Russian militia leader.After a while your mission as Solid
    Snake begins.Otacon has recently received information about a new type
    of Metal Gear.
                   PART 1:INFILTRATING THE TANKER:
    (1)When you begin the game you will find yourself at the starboard of
    the tanker.Now head left while keeping yourself at the edge of the
    ship.When you get to the first set of stairs pick up the BANDAGE
    under and keep continuing to your left and steal the soldier's DOG
    TAG.Then go past the next set of stairs,keeping to your left to find
    a RATION package.Then go back to the stairs and go up it.Continue on
    and steal the tag from the next soldier.Go across this alcove and
    steal another DOG TAG.Go down the stairs an look for a box containing
    PENTAZAMIN near the life boats.Then go up another set of stairs to
    find some CHAFF GRENADES behind a box(Use the TRIANGLE button to get
    over this).Go back to the stairs at the left and walk in front of the
    door.Otacon will then contact telling how to open it.Press the
    TRIANGLE button until it opens.
    (2)When inside the tanker follow down the corridor and when you get to
    two sets of doors go inside them.When inside look for a RATION in
    locker nearest to the door in the far-left aisle.Open the one next to
    it to find a picture of a woman.Bring out your CAMERA and take a
    picture of her(Just for fun).Go collect the M9 bullets in the next
    few lockers.Now get out of this room and continue along the corridor
    to get into the Lounge.Go inside and knock out the guards.Go up the
    stairs and into the door on the right.Now go up the corridor and
    knock out the guard.Follow across to the left until you find a
    stairs.Go up it.
    (3)In the next area you will see a surveilance camera.Lean onto the wall
    and slowly move across.Once past it continue on past the stairs and look
    for a fire extinguisher.Opposite this is a gap in the wall.Climb into
    this to get a RATION.Go back to the stairs and go up it.In this room you
    are to go through the room to you left to the kitchen.Then get through
    to the next area an go up the stairs.After a small cut-scene go outside
    into the rain for your first battle.
                             BOSS #1:OLGA GURLUKOVICH:
    WEAPONS: USP Handgun and grenades.
    Straight away when the fight starts go to the far right of all the
    wooden boxes and shoot the light behind Olga(Do it because it will help
    you).Avoid Olga's bullets and hide behind the wooden boxes.Get up from
    time to time and shoot her when she moves away from her hiding
    place.After a while she will rip up part of the green tarpaulin.When she
    does this it will become harder to see her,so look for a small brown
    strap connecting the tarpaulin to the ground shoot it and continue on
    attacking her.If you can't shoot the brown strap use your radar to kill
    her.Remember whenever she says "TAKE THIS" watch out as she will throw a
    GRENADE at you.
    (4)When she is dead you can take a picture of her "crotch" and shoot her
    there just for fun.Then shake a DOG TAG out of her and jump down from
    the ledge and head to the opposite side of the ship.Go up the first set
    of stairs and up the ladder and collect the THERMAL GOGGLES.Go back down
    the ladder and continue on.A soldier will come out and when he does
    follow him and steal his DOG TAG.Pick up the WET CARDBOARD BOX.and go
    back inside the Navigational Deck E.
    (5)When inside go downstairs.Steal the DOG TAG from the soldier inside
    the kitchen now that you have the USP.Go to the Semtex trap and shoot
    the small control panel beside the fire extinguisher(It has a green
    light).Go into the room past the Semtex trap.This is the Storage
    Room.pick up the CARDBOARD BOX.Crawl under the shelves containing melons
    and flour.When you do that a guard comes in and falls asleep next to
    you.Get up and wait for him to wake up(remember he walks to his
    right.After stealing his tag go back into the main room of this deck and
    go down the stairs.Now go back into the Lounge and go down the stairs to
    the left and steal the soliders DOG TAG.Go back into the lounge and go
    down the stairs on the right.Go through the door to find yourself in the
    Engine Room.
    (6)In here you will find a small statue of Vulcan Raven from MGS1.Jump
    onto the nearby steel box to ammo for your USP.Go into the next room and
    knock out all the guards in the next.When you find yourself next to the
    door at the end of the room go through the door.When in here a guard
    will come inside so kill him.When thats done jump onto the small ledge
    with USP ammo.Then get down and walk towards the door to get a call from
    (7)It seems that there is another Semtex trap.Take out your USP and
    shoot the white sack on the ground next to the door in order to see the
    IR sensors.There are three control units to destroy so you can
    continue on.
    01-Get back onto the ledge where the USP ammo was and hold L2+R2 and
    shoot the control panel that glows green on a high ledge beside the
    sensors(Remember shooting the Semtex will kill you).
    02-Get down and move towards the door without touching the IR
    sensors.Then shoot the next control panels to your right,again beside
    some Semtex.
    03-When that is done shoot the next panel to the left of the
    door.Go inside the door to continue on.
                  PART 2:FINDING METAL GEAR RAY:
    (1)When inside you will find yourself in a long corridor.Go forward and
    and get the RATION to the left.Continue on and get the USP ammo to the
    left again.Follow the corridor and knock out the three guards.In the
    next corridor a cut-scene will follow showing a few soldiers chasing
    Snake.Then you will have to kill about ten of them and remember there
    are RATION packages and some USP ammo.When they are dead Snake will get
    into the Hold No.1,where Colonel Scott Dolph of the Marines Corps is
    giving a lecture.
    (2)First go down the set of ladders and head towards the left side of
    the room and when you reach the projecter crael past it.Then crawl
    your way to the top of the room maxing sure you don't get caught and
    enter the Hold R2.
    (3)In here crawl past the two projecters and then go to the right of the
    room and crawl to the top to get to some boxes.Go around them and enter
    the Hold R3.
    (4)In here you have to get some pictures.First take a picture of the
    front of the machine and then take a picture of the front at both
    left and right angles. Finally go to the back of Metal Gear and take
    a photo of the Marines Corp logo.Then press the TRIANGLE in front of
    the small computer to send your pictures to Otacon.
    The Colonel ends his speech and soon enough Revolver Ocelot enters the
    room joined with Gurlukovich.After a lengthy scene Gurlukovich is killed
    along with Scott Dolph.Then Snake approaches Ocelot and we are "re-
    introduced" with Liquid Snake.Ocelot leaves the ship in Metal Gear RAY
    leaving Snake behind in the water.
    As a chopper flies over the Verozano Bridge in New York we are reminded
    of the Tanker incident two years earlier.Now a terrorist organisation
    ,called Dead Cell has held the President of the USA captive on a
    cleaning plant where the Tanker sank.They have declared a ransom demand
    of about $30,000,000,000(Thirty billion dollars).If the plant blows
    up,the remaining oil will set alight and the coastlines environment will
    be destroyed by harmful chlorides and dioxins.Now we enter the role of
                  PART 1:INFILTRATING SHELL 1:
    (1)First jump into the water and look for the THERMAL GOGGLES.Press
    CIRCLE to swim.Get out of the water via the ladder and crawl into a
    small gap near some bugs.Move to the right to get a RATION.Go back
    the way you came and up the stairs and open the lockers for another
    RATION.Open the door and follow the passage.
    (2)When in the large room look for a computer.This is a node.Press the
    action button next to it and fill in your details.Then when the enemies
    wake up quickly choke them and the wait for the elevator to come
    down.When it does,go up it.When up here on the roof go to the top-left
    of this area and crawl under the crawlspace in the wire mesh.Go inside
    and down the stairs.You can see the node but it's
    guarded get yourself alinged to the wall and punch it to distract the
    guard.Activate the node to get your radar working.
    (3)Now go into the door at the top-right and when on the [A-F Bridge] go
    down the first set of stairs and collect the CHAFF GRENADES(unlike
    the Tanker chapter you want to conserve these)Continue along on the
    bottom floor and go up the stairs and into [Strut F].Go forward and
    collect the RATION beside a door and go into the room to get the
    (4)Now continue into the room and drop onto the bottom floor.Get to the
    bottom of this room and you'll find yourself at two doors.Go into the
    one on the left and activate the node.Then look for an aaie-vent and go
    into it.You then find yourself next a the SOCOM SUPRESSOR in another
    room.Pick it up and go back the way you came.
    (5)Return to [Strut A] and go into the top left door to the[A-B
    Bridge].Pass the guards and when inside [Strut B] a cut-scene will
    As Raiden enters Strut B the walls are drenched in blood as the remains
    of Team Alpha,while their bodies lie on the floor.Suddenly Raiden spots
    the remaining members being attacked by Vamp.They are eventually
    killed.soon later a lone gunman is about to slayed until Raiden
    interveans.Vamp dissapears leving Raiden and "Pliskin" alone to
    talk.After a while Pliskin notices that a dead naval officers handcuff
    is missing.Then Raiden is given the SOCOM.
    (6)When the cut-scene is over activate your radar at the nearby node.
    Continue on to the [B-C Bridge]or go back to get DOG TAGS.When on the
    bridge another cut-scene will start.
    Several members of Team Bravo will be fighting against both Fortune and
    Vamp as the kidnap the President.Vamp then takes in his hand a black
    (7)Go across the bridge,collecting the CHAFF GRENADES.When iside Strut
    go into the corridor and enter the kitchen.There are alot of cut-scenes
    here so you'll have to wait.
    Raiden enters the kitchen to meet both Stillman and Pliskin.Here he
    learns about Fatman and how to disarm several bombs located in each
    Strut.He is given SENSOR A ,the COOLANT SPRAY and a LVL.1 PAN CARD
    (8)Now you have to defuse all the bombs in Shell 1.First activate the
    node and go back to [Strut A].
                  PART 2:BOMB DISPOSAL UNIT:
    01-When in Strut A go into the lvl.1 door and go to the small steps
       nearest to the surveillance camera.When across it crawl under the
       pipe to your right,get up and get on the small crate to get the
       CARDBOARD BOX.Go to the other set of steps and crawl under the
       pipe in front of you and then the one to your left.When you get to
       a brown/red pipe,follow down its path to find the bomb.Get the
       BANDAGES  next to the pipe and go on to [[Strut B].
    02-In here look for a fuse box inside the room where you met Pliskin
       (Also where the node is).It's the one that's open and is beside
       the door.Close it to find the bomb.Move on to [Strut C].
    03-When you enter here go into the womens bathroom(The bathroom on
       the right).Go up to the mirrors and look at the top of the right
       one.You can see the bombs reflection so freeze it.Now onto [Strut
    04-When you enter the room simply go down the stairs and continue on
       until you get to the stairs.Go down them and walk back to where
       the door is open the small press on the ground.Look for the node
       at one of the entrances to [D-E Bridge].Now onto [Strut D].
    05-Now inside [Strut E].When inside activate the node in the top-
       right corner collect the CARDBOARD BOX on the way to the stairs on
       the right.Go up the stairs and another set of them.When on the
       Helipad go to the back of the Harrier 2 and crawl under the wing
       and freeze the bomb.Go back into the parcel room and go to the
       back.Look for a small  crate next top the conveyar belt and use
       the BOX#5 and get onto it.It will transport you to a room with the
       DIGITAL CAMERA.Get onto the conveyar belt and return to [Strut
       E].Then go to the right side of the room and walk down the stairs
       to collect the MINE DETECTOR.Now go to the right of the room and
       go up the stairs.Go up another set of stairs and freeze the bomb
       under the Harrier 2 Jet.Now go back downstairs to the Parcel Room
       and look for a door at the bottom of the room to get to the [EF
       Connecting Bridge]
    06-Now go follow the corridors(forget the stairs).You see that big
       square on the floor? Hang onto the left side and drop onto the
       crates on the left side of the room.Freeze the bomb and presto!!
       You'll now receive a call from Stillman.
                  PART 3:FATMAN'S REVENGE:
    (1)Stillman says that he found a large bomb in Sheel 2 and that they're
    maybe another one in Shell 1.He now wants you to go to the pantry in
    [Strut C] to find SENSOR B for this new type of bomb.Go out to the
    pantry in the kitchen via the conveyer belt in [Strut E] and collect it.
    Now Stillman contacts you to warn that the new bomb will go off when all
    the C4 explosives are frozen(Just in time for Pliskin to announce he's
    frozen all the ones in Shell 2.Stillman becomes scared as the countdown
    starts on both bombs.The bomb is located in the Deep Sea Dock,[Strut
    A](This is where you started this chapter).
    (2)Now you have about six minutes and forty seconds to find it.Get out
    of here and head straight to [Strut A].Get to the roof and onto the
    elevator(when you walk around the back of it Stillman will contact
    you).When down there walk to the dock(where the pool is)and go down the
    stairs.Look at the submarine because that's where the bomb is.Walk to
    the right of the ladder and hang off the edge of handle bar and move to
    the right.Get up and up the set of starirs next to the diving suits.Walk
    to near the edge(but not to the very edge of you'll dive into the
    water).From here you can freeze the bomb.
    (3)Now go back to the room with the node,to find an unwanted visitor
    come down the elevator.
                         BOSS #2:FORTUNE
    WEAPONS:Photon Rail Cannon
    Now here is a different type of boss fight.Instead of trying to kill her
    all you have to do is avoid the bullets of her cannon until Vamp comes
    down in the elevator.She will constantly fire at objects around the room
    and remember one shot from will kill you(depending on the difficulty
    level you selected).Stay away from the barrels of oil,as they will
    ignite.Watch out also for falling debris from the ceiling.During your
    fight against Fortune,Colonel Campbell will contact you via codec to
    tell you that Fatman has left a huge bomb on top of the Heliport at
    Strut E.
    (4)Now get to Strut E straight away.You will have about eight minutes
    and twenty seconds to get to the bomb.Go up to the Helipad and defuse
    the bomb.Out of the shadows of appears Fatman.It seems strange as he
    knew nothing about the ransom demand.
                         BOSS #3:FATMAN:
    WEAPONS:C4 explosives,SOCOM pistol
    Because Fatman is on rollerblades he is quite fast for his size.Keep you
    SENSOR A equipped at all times.First he'll start planting bombs so
    quickly freeze them.After a while he'll stop he does get near him and
    use STUN GRENADES to put him on the ground so shoot him in the head as
    much as you can.It's best to move while aiming used on claiming DOG TAGS
    as this will automatically lock onto him.Keep shooting his suit to get
    him on the ground.After a while this recess will be over.Now start
    freezing bombs again and if he stops right beside you shoot him in the
    head.Repeat this until he dies.
    (5)Fatman now dies after planting one more big bomb.Grab him and pull
    him away and freeze the bomb that was underneath him.Now go down the
    steps to meet the Cyborg Ninja aka Mr.X!
    Mr.X gives you the location of Ames saying that he is in the Shell Core
    of Shell 1.He also tells you that Ames has a pacemaker and to get the
    DIRECTIONAL MICROPHONE to locate him.He then gives you the B.D.U. and a
    CELLPHONE plus the LVL.2 PAN CARD.Now you must find the AK-74 in order
    to get to Ames.Raiden soon learn that the Big Shell is not a cleanup
    facility,but is the storeroom for a large nuclear bomb and that both the
    black case taken by Vamp and Fortune on the bridge earlier is the key to
    activate it along with the missing handcuff Pliskin noticed in Strut B.
                  PART 4:THE SEARCH FOR AMES:
    (1)Go straight to Strut F and then go into the area below with all the
    crates.Go into the lvl.2 door and get the AK.Now Get to the EF Bridge
    and use the MINE DETECTOR to get to the small bridge in  order to enter
    the Shell Core.When inside equip the B.D.U. and AK.Go to the
    bottom of the corridor and go into the  nearby door and activate the
    node opposite the lockers.Now get out of here and head towards the
    elevator near the top.
    (2)Go to Level B2 and go through either of the doors continue on down
    the corridor.At the bottom of the room enter the computer room and
    pick up the DIRECTIONAL MICROPHONE in the top left corner.Go to
    the right and pick up the CARDBOARD BOX.Activate the nearby node(as you
    will be coming back here in a while).Now head to the elevator and up to
    Level B1.
    (3)When you are here go into the room to your right and activate the
    node.Go back outside and wait for a guard to come near the
    elevator.Grab him and pull him towards door down the corridor.Move
    him to the eye-scan beside the door and you will enter the room.When
    inside you will have to look for Ames.He is a Caucasian male with a
    bald head and brown sideburns.He also is by himself lying on the side
    of a table at the bottom of the room.
    (5)Take out the microphone(It is in your weapon select screen)and aim it
    at him and press TRIANLGE(Make sure there isn't any guards
    around).Another clue is you can hear the beeping of his pacemaker.
    During this conversation Raiden learns a shocking secret!President
    Johnstone is working with Revolver Ocelot!!It seem that Revolver
    alongside Soliduse are planning to fire the nuclear bomb above Manhattan
    which will relaese a fifty billion watt surge of electricity.This is the
    EMMA effect as all electrical appliances will be fried leaving Soliduse
    and his gang called the "Sons of Liberty" to turn the island into
    another Outer Heaven.You will then learn that the President is
    imprisoned in Shell Core 2.Then Raiden hears a nearby conversation after
    giving you the LVL.3 PAN CARD.
    Using the microphone listen in on the conversation between both Soliduse
    and Ocelot.Remember the size of the text represents the volume.After a
    while Olga will come inside.
    (5)When that is over Ocelot will come into the room twoards you.Quickly
    equip the AK and another cut-scene will start.
    Ocelot investigates Ames who soon dies of a heart attack.He then
    interrogates you and you are soon spotted.
    (6)Now you are at the entrance to the Hostage Room.Head to the elevator
    and go to the top floor and exit the building.Now onto Strut F!
                  PART 5:ENTERING SHELL CORE 2:
    (1)Nowin Strut F go into all the lvl.2 and 3 rooms to get CLAYMORE
    mines,C4,the RGB86 and the PSG-1.the room with the PSG-1 look for the
    PSG-1T in a vent.Now go into Strut D and enter the lvl.3 door.
    (2)This is the bridge to Shell 2.Now you must destroy some control units
    again.For the first four use your SOCOM.There are a total of ten.
    01-Above the door that you came from that goes into Strut D.
    02-Glued to the pump right in front of you.
    03-Beside the IR senesors.
    04-Again beside the IR sensors.
    05-In the top-left corner of the bridge.
    06-To the left of the door to Strut G.
    07-To the the right of the door to Strut G
    08-Mounted ontop of Cypher floating in mid-air above Strut G.
    09-To the left of the bridge is a control panel behind some seagulls.
    10-The last one is behind the Sons of Liberty flag to the right of
       the entrance.
    |In Hard there are two more control untis:                          |
    |11-Move down the stairs a small bit and face Strut D.Look down to  | |
    the left,to find the unit next to a steam pipe.                 |   |
    |12-Move to the right and hold L2 + R2 and search for it under the  |
    |    lower portion of the central bridge.                           |
    |In Extreme there are also two more units:                          |
    |13-On the left side of Strut G on the bottom flank shrouded by     |
    |   Semtex traps.                                                   |
    |                                                                   |
    |14-On top of the second Cypher hovering above Strut G.             |
    When they are destroyed there is another boss to defeat after a cut-
                      BOSS#4:HARRIER 2 JET:
    WEAPON:Cluster Bombs and Missiles.
    Go straight to the door of Strut G and hide behind the railing.Then wait
    for the Harrier to make a couple of circles around the struts.Remember
    the harrier is the red triangle.Now when it disspears from view and look
    towards it and when it speeds towards you fire two Stinger Missiles.Then
    when it is above you fire a couple of rounds with the RGB86 and after a
    while it will begin to fire misssiles across the bridge from the
    side.When it does this go to the stairs and avoid them.Repeat this until
    it is crashes into the bridge and falls into the sea.
    (3)Now that the bridge is in pieces put out the fires beside the stairs
    using the COOLANT SPRAY.Go down the bridge to collect the RATION,but
    come back up quickly.Now see that thick strip which was once the middle
    of the bridge?Run and cartwheel across to the next ledge and pick up the
    ammo.Put out the fire and collect the AK-74 SUPRESSOR.
    (4)Go to the pathway near you and quickly run scross as some of the
    tiles will fall down.Then at thew end hang off the side and drop
    off.Tranquilise the two guards and then continue on ,cartwheeling and
    hanging.Then go up the ladder.Crawl the rest of the way despite the
    falling tiles(When you reach a guard who decides to "relieve" himself
    get under his urine and contact both Cmpbell and Pliskin for fun).Hang
    of the edge here again.Then cartwheel across the broken bridge after
    picking up the RATION.Enter the door to Shell Core 2.
    (1)When inside a cut-scene with Olga will start and another time to use
    the microphone.Continue down the corridors,activate the node in the
    coffee room and enter the elevator.Go to level B1 and activate the node.
    (2)Enter the water and take the first right and go up the next
    airhole(blue spot)Continue down the sunken corridor and take the first
    left and the next right.You should find the Nikita missiles opposite the
    (3)Then go back the way you came and back up the elevator the first
    floor.Pick up all the ammo and when you reach the crates opposite the
    air vent fire a Nikita through it and move it through the ventilation
    system and hit the fuse box near the Presiden.First take a left and then
    a right then left and finally right.Then go up to the door that was once
    blocked by the electric pathway to meet President Johnstone.
                  PART 7:FINDING EMMA EMMERICH:
    (1)Now go straight to level B1.Head back into the water and take the
    first right and get air at the blue area,(You'll then get a call from
    Otacon) and continue down the corridor and take the next left and then
    right.Continue down the corridor,avoiding the mines and catch your
    (2)Open the door to find the body of Peter Stillman.
    When insidee go to left to go through the hole in the debris then look a
    hole in next wall of debris and catch your breath.Collect the ammo under
    the airhole and the PSG-1T(If you havn't already).Open the nearby door
    and catch your breath again and get oout of the water.Enter the door to
    meet Vamp.
    Vamp reveals that him and Fortune plan to blow up Arsenal Gear with a
    thermonuclear bomb(Made of purified Hydrogen)created by President
    Johnstone.He then says only him,Fortune and Ocelot know about it and
    Soliduse doesn't know anytrhing.
    WEAPONS:Small knives and ninjutsui skills.
    Straight away when the fght starts fire a grenade at him(with the RGB86)
    while he's on the water.Then when he jumps on the surrounding railing
    shoot all the lights(Because later on he will use his shadow fold if you
    don't).Now when he jumps into the water use your M4 and shoot him while
    he swims around the place.When he get out shoot him straight and avoid
    him until he jumps into the water.Shoot him again while he is swimming
    and when he gets onto the railing continue shooting him again.Repeat
    this until he dies.
    (3)Now go through the other door and get into the water.First go right
    twice and then left to get the BODY ARMOUR.Now when you exit this area
    take a right and then the next left(Catch your breath to survive).Get
    out of the water and enter the room.Activate the node and open the
    lockers.One of them contains Emma.When you regain control contact her
    again at 141.52
    (4)Now you will have to hold onto her and swim to the Shell Core
    2.Remember she has a small oxygen and life bar.
                  PART 8:ESCORTING EMMA TO SHELL CORE 1:
    (1)To get to the Filter Room,go right then left three times.When inside
    take the left pathway from your view.Exit the room and make you're your
    way back by going left(and go through the top-left hole in the debris
    and catch some air)Go left two more times and take a right.Catch some
    air and go through the submerged corridor.
    (2)Make your way back to dry land and get top the elevator.Emma refuses
    to go near it as the ground is covered by bugs.Take out the COOLANT
    SPRAY and use it to drive them away.Pull her into the elevator and go to
    the first floor.
    (3)Leave Emma her and knock out all the guards patrolling this
    area.Bring Emma along and then when you reach the stairs three more
    guards come inside.Tranquilise them and bring Emma out to the KL Bridge.
    (4)Kill the guard and use the COOLANT SPRAY to put out the fires and
    bring Emma into Strut L.When inside here knock out the two guards and
    bring Emma to the door on the other side.Open the door and pull her
    towards the hatch.
    After going down a 130 foot ladder both Emma and Raiden look off into
    the sunset.Raiden insists that Emma should get to Strut E before himself
    via the oil fences.She does that and Raiden calls Snake,asking him to
    help secure Emmas journey across the fence.
    (5)Pick up the ammo.Then get the right of the strut you're on.Now equip
    the THERMAL GOGGLES.Pop a PENTAZAMIN (use these sparingly you should
    have at least five for the next boss)and shoot the claymore mines on the
    bridge that Emma is walking across.
    (6)When you have done that shoot the guards on the strut in front of
    her(Also the Cypher floating around).After a while Snake will contact
    you again.He says that if you need help just contact him.Contact him
    straight away and let him do the rest.
    After Emma crosses across the second fence Vamp suddenly appears from
    the water and holds a kinfe to Emma's throat.God does anything kill this
                              BOSS#6: VAMP
    Instead of fighting you Vamp has decided to keep a knife up to Emmas
    throat.Now her life is in the balance.Use the PENTAZAMIN and aim at his
    head.Then shoot him in the head several times in the head until he's
    When the battle is over Emma's stomach starts to bleed.Snake picks her
    up and brings her to Shell Core 1.Raiden runs quickly acros the oil
    fences to Strut E.
    (7)When inside go through the door and into the Parcel Room.Kill the
    guard and head out to the E-F Connecting Bridge and into Shell Core
    1.Get into the elevator and down to lvl.B2 an to see another cut-scene.
    Raiden appears in the computer room to find Emma lying on the ground
    with Otacon comforting her.Snake on the other hand is takes the MO Disk
    made by Emma.When it enters the GW system,everything seem fine until it
    loads up to 90% and stops.After a while Emma dies leaving Otacon to
    admit he had an affair with Emma's mother.Then he picks up her parakeet
    and leaves the room to save the hostages,crying on his way.Then as both
    Snake and Raiden enter the elevator,the Cyborg Ninja.Everything fades to
    black and all twelve struts and the two cores dissapear under the water.
    Then we find Raiden in a torture bed while Revolver Ocelot are talking
    about something called S3.....Then we learn the truth about Raiden's
    past.It seems he was a soldier in Columbia during the civil war in the
    late 1980's.After a brief talk with Rosemary,Raiden is startled to find
    Olga Gurlukovich come into the room as she reveals herself as the Cyborg
    Ninja.She then reveals she has been helping Raiden in order to make sure
    her child is alive(Basically Raidens nanomachines are hooked up to her
    child and he dies so does her child).After punching Raiden in the
    stomach she frees him and leaves.
    (1)When you come to go straight out of the room(Remember your butt naked
    meaning your chances of catching a cold and you will lose more energy
    from bullets etc.).Activate the node next to the locker(get the MEDICINE
    in the locker) and continue on.
    (2)When you enter the next room,Colonel Campbell will contact you and
    will act really strange(this is because Campbell and Rose are both part
    of the Arsenals artificial intelligence system GW which has been
    affected by the FOXDIE computer virus.Now this is where all those
    stealth practice was meant for.
    (2)Make your way to the top of the room without being noticed and go up
    the stairs to the left when you get the MEDICINE.
    (3)Keep contacting Campbell until he says:
    "You wouldn't be trying to give yourself a bogus score by using some
    ingenious trick would you?That's just about as low as anyone could
    stoop!I can't believe you sometimes..."
    (Because when you get your stuff back from Snake your weapons will have
    full ammo,because you need ALOT of Stingers for the next boss)
    (4)Go to the top-right corner here and enter the Arsenal Colon.When
    inside run up and down the room and keep answering the codec calls.Then
    when "Rosemary" calls you:
    "Rosemary" reveals that she was sent by the Patriots to spy on
    Jack.That's why she was always nervous!Despite this she tells him that
    she didn't expect falling in love with him.Jack becomes angry and she
    tells him that she is pregnant until her voice changes.
    (5)Then Jack spots Snake who comes with all of his gear.Snakes gives
    you back all you stuff and also the HIGH FREQUENCY BLADE.Listen to his
    instruction on how to use it.Practice with it for a while and head
    towards the door at the top.
    (6)When inside you will be spotted by a Cypher and enenmies will start
    shooting at you.Use the M4 and AK (hold the L1 button to shoot while
    running).Help Snake as much as you can and don't let him die.Make sure
    that you that you have three or four rations when you exit.When you
    enter the next area Otacon will call telling that both the Rosemary and
    Campbell that you talk to on the Codec are not real but are in fact part
    of the GW system in Arsenel.
    (7)Go into the next room and prepare for another fight against hoards of
    guards.This time use the HIGH FREQUENCY BLADE.During the fight the GW
    system will play with your mind twice by making the "MISSION FAILED"(The
    words "mission failed"will be replaced with "fission mailed")screen
    appear twice.Instead of your dead body scene the will be replaced by the
    "playing screen".Use the blade to kill as all the guards.After that
    another cut-scene wil start.
    Fortune appears and aims her gun at Snake who then persuades Raiden to
    go away.Raiden goes up a ladder and then finds himself in the Arsenals
    Rectum(Ha!Where does Hideo get this stuff?)with Soliduse and learns what
    S3 stands for:Solid Snake Simulation,a simulation to create the perfect
    soldiers.Suddenly Raiden is attacked by several
    Metal Gear Ray units.
    (8)Depending on what diffulcty level you are doing you have to destroy a
    certain amount of RAY units.
    VERY EASY - EASY:Three units
    NORMAL:          Six units
    HARD - EXTREME:  Twelve units
                         BOSS#7:METAL GEAR RAY UNITS
    WEAPONS:Missiles,Lasers,Rail Gun.
    Straight away fire a Stinger Missile at the leg of the RAY unit in front
    of you.Then quickly at the head.Do this to one of the other untis and
    then quickly to the middle one.Concentrate on these two until they are
    destroyed(By the way when four blue missiles come out of the top of a
    unit run around to avoid them).When a unit jumps onto the middle of the
    arena shoot its leg then its head.
    As a RAY unit appears and is about to kill Raiden until Olga comes
    along.Soliduse then appears and kills her.The RAY starts to attack him
    along with all the remaining ones.He eventually destroys them.Ocelot
    calls him saying that the computer virus created by Emma has taken over
    100% of Arsenal Gears artificial intelligence.Fortune then appears with
    Snake,handcuffed.Soliduse then tries to choke you for a second time with
    his tentacles.
    Keep pressing the TRIANGLE button until he stops.
    Then Fortune starts to leave the area(leaving Snake behind).Soliduse
    startles her by revealing that he persuaded Ocelot to suggest the idea
    to her and Vamp.It seems he was going to give it them when he left and
    let the Patriots kill them while he took information from GW  concerning
    the names and wherabouts of all twelve members of the Wisemans
    Comitte.When she laughs at his failure to get the information(as it has
    been destroyed along with GW)Ocelot reveals the entire truth about the
    Tanker and the Big Shell.
    Everthing was a simulation of Shadow Moses!!!!!!!Have you seen the
    simularities?Olga and Gray Fox were both diguised as Cyborg Ninja's who
    helped the hero.A computer virus that momics FOXDIE(Foxdie was a
    articficial virus that simulated heart attacks and only attacked
    specific genetic code.In other words it only attacked specific
    people).FOXDIE killed the DARPA chief and President Baker with heart
    attacks in MGS1(Also Ames nanomachines shut down his pacemaker giving
    him a heart attack as well as the President.Didn't FOXHOUND(eg.Sniper
    Wolf,Pyscho Mantis,Vulcan Raven and Decoy Octopus) remind you of DEAD
    CELL?Raiden was chosen as their relationship was akin to that of Big
    Boss and Snakes.Also Fatman is a member of the La-Le-Li-Lo-Lu and was
    coaxed there if Stillman his enemy was there(If the Big Shell was
    destroyed then the experiment would have finished.Fatman was another
    test for Raiden).
    It was an exercise set up by the Patriots all as a simulation for Raiden
    in order to create the perfect warrior.He also reveals that he set up
    the death of Fortunes dad and husband in order to fuel her anger to form
    Dead Cell.He then lied to the gang that the Patriots had done all this
    so she could keep the show running.He then shoots her and she falls
    down.He reveals that a new gadget created by the Patriots kept bullets
    away from her.She shoots her gun at him and dies(he has one of his
    own.Ocelot then gets into a lone RAY unit and Fortune stands up and puts
    her hands forward.Ocelot fires bombs at missiles at her but they miss
    her until she falls down and dies.Liquid takes over and reveals that he
    told Otacon about both RAY and ARSENAL.He leaves in RAY followed by
    Snake.Arsenal heads towards New York and crashes into Federal Hall.Then
    "Campbell" and "Rosemary"(By they both of them are real but GW
    prentended to be them)reveal themselves as S3 that stands something
    other than Solid Snake Simulation.What the talk about is very
    philosophical stuff(Listen carefully as it can get confusing).I'm not
    going to spoil anything so you'll have to listen to it yourself,but the
    real Rosemary is also hooked up to Raidens nanomachines.(God!Hideo and
    the rest of Konami really worked hard on this).Now you'll start a hard
    fight against the last boss(God!I hope I don't get RSI).
                        BOSS#8:SOLIDUSE SNAKE
    WEAPONS:Tentacle Whip,Fire Triangle,Tentacle Missiles.
    Now this is what you have been waiting for.Equip the BODY ARMOUR and
    look for a RATION at one of the corners of the building.Wait until
    Soliduse goes into a fighting frenzy with his swords.When he is finished
    you'll have about two seconds to hit him with the blade(Make sure it's
    in kill mode).You'll also have a few seconds when he tries to whip you
    with his tentacles.Keep hiting him until he removes his tentacles.Now
    he'll do th Fire Triangle where he charges at you.
    Keep using the blade to prevent you from being hit.Now you must him
    after another frenzy attack.Repeat this until he dies.
    Soliduse dies leaving Raiden on the roof.Then he jumps off Federal Hall
    and onto 52nd Street,while crowds build up on the street to see what
    happens.The real Rosemary appears and she and Raiden kiss and then talk
    about the future.
    P.S.Vamp will appear in the surrounding crowd.
    Snake then appears and soon leaves with a disk from Arsenal Gear
    containing the names of Patriots,Wisemans Comitte.Then after the theme
    song Otacon and Snake can be heard talking about the disk.When asked who
    they are Otacon replies saying they have been dead for a 100 years......
    In order to activate this cheats you must get a certain amount of DOG
    TAGS in each chapter.Or finishing the game.
    Obtain the camera in the lvl.5 door in Strut E in the Plant to get this
    for both chapters.
    Finish the game once to get the extreme difficulty level and European
    Extreme or American Extreme(depends on where you live).
    In European/American Extreme there are no DOG TAGS and if get hit once
    by a boss you will die.
    After finishing the game for the first time you will find a USP
    supressor on the second ledge of the crow's nest on the Navigational
    Deck,Wing on the Tanker chapter
    In order to receive the stealth camoflauge for Snake in the Tanker.
    To get it here collect sixty(60)dog tags.
    In order to receive the stealth camoflauge for Raiden collect on-hundred
    and twenty(120) dog tags in the Big Shell.
    To obtain the Bandana in the Tanker which will give infinite ammo when
    equipped.Collect forty(40) dog tags on the Tanker chapter.
    The three wigs in the game are for Raiden only.To obtain them you have
    to collect a certain amount of Dog Tags in the Plant chapter.
    When this is equipped you will have unlimited ammo for all weapons you
    have.OH YEH finally a wig that's worth getting!!!!!!!!!!To get it
    collect eighty(80)dog tags.
    Collect one-hundred and seventy(170)dog tags to obtain a totally useless
    piece of irish,warm,smelly piece of s**t with damn shamrocks growing out
    of it(I am very aware that my sarcasm is bad).This will give you an
    unlimited grip meter when equipped.Oh WOW like really that!!!
    Collect all the Dog Tags from both chapters and you will obtain this the
    Blue Wig.When equipped you will have unlimited oxygen when swimming in
    water.Not very useful and come to think of it you will be having an urge
    to take out the disc and a knife,scratch the disk with a knife,get a
    hammer and well break the disk into pieces and throw them out the window
    because you've wasted all your precious time.
    If you live in Europe and have the PAL version of this game you will be
    awarded both the BOSS SURVIVAL where you will be able to fight against
    all the bosses as either Snake or Raiden.Also the CASTING THEATRE where
    you can replace characters of certain sceneswith other characters.This
    will be accessible after you finish the game once.
    10.Miscellaneous & Fun Stuff:
    Beside the computers and the door to the A-F Bridge
    Next to the stairs where you found Pliskin
    In the kitchen near the sinks and the pantry.
    Next to the bottom door leading to the D-E Bridge
    In the north-east corner.
    On the bottom floor with the crates.
    When you enter the room go to the bootom ands enter the doors.Look for
    it opposite the lockers.
    SHELL 1 CORE B1:
    Inside the room to your right when you come down the elevator.
    SHELL 1 CORE B2:
    Inside the computer area to the right of the "POLICENATUS" poster.
    Just before the elevator,beside the snack machine.
    SHELL 2 CORE B1:
    Next to the elevator.
    Just next to the door in the room where Emma is hiding.
    In the room just past the torture room,beside a locker.
    Here is a list of what Colonel Campbell will drone on about when you
    enter the Jenijum Room of Arsenal Gear.Because Emmas virus has attacked
    only 90% of Arsenal Gears AI it has affected both Campbell and Rose's
    transmssions seeming as they are part of the GW system.
    Here is a list of all the things that they say.Most of the transmissions
    are from earlier Metal Gear games while others are totallly
    insane.Basicaly some of them along with the "FISSION MAILED" screen are
    uses of psychological warfare that is part of S3(A friend of mine
    actually thought it was a bug as he had played for 15 hours straight
    when he got to this part).When you enter the Jenijum Room the Campbell
    will contact you with the first funny moments:
    COLONEL:"Raiden recover your items"
    RAIDEN: "What about Snake?"
    COLONEL:"Forget him.He was never part of the simulation.You must act
             out your role"
    RAIDEN: "Why do you keep talking about my role?!"
    COLONEL:"Well isn't this a type of role-playing game?Raiden, turn the
    game console off right now!"
    RAIDEN: "What did you say?"
    COLONEL:"The mission is a failure! Cut the power right now!"
    RAIDEN: "What's wrong with you?"
    COLONEL:"Don't worry, it's a game! It's a game just like usual."
    ROSEMARY:"You'll ruin your eyes playing so close to the TV."
    RAIDEN: "What are you talking about!?"
    COLONEL:"Raiden something happened to me last Thursday when I was
    driving home.I had a couple of miles to go--I looked up
    and saw a glowing orange object in the sky,to the east!It was moving
    very irregularly...suddenly there was intense light all around me--and
    when I came to,I was home What do you think happened to me?"
    RAIDEN:"You know what Colonel come to think of it I've never actually
            met you in person"
    COLONEL:"Raiden!We have Rosemary".
    That's the first transmission you'll recive and in fact the longest.The
    rest have only Campbell talking and are'nt in any specific order after
    your second transmission.Remember you just have to contact him by
    pressing the select button to open your codec menu.
    "Honestly,though,you have played the game for a long time.Don't you have
    anything else to do with your time?"
    "Actually, there is something I have been meaning to tell you but I just
    couldn't...I think you should know,though.On Saturday morning last
    week,I saw a guy leave Rosemary's room.How should I put it,it was like
    they were..."intimate".I'm sorry.Sorry to bring this up during the
    "You seem to get a real thrill out of slaughtering the enemy.Are you
    frustrated about something?"
    "That reminds me,I saw Gubayama the other day in Shibomnigee.He said you
    give you his best."
    "Variety level 13-Rescue Maryl,the return of Genola."
    President Baker should be somewhere to the south of where you blasted
    through the wall.Hurry and save him before the terrorists discover his
    I was a North American Fall Webworm in my past life.Those were the good
    old days...What were you in your former life?"
    "I noticed this a while back, but you have far too many Game Overs.
    Sorry to be blunt, but you really stink at this game."
    Snake,you're all alone and surrounded by bad guys.Try to be careful and
    avoid getting into a fight whenever you can."
    "Communitcator Entertainment Program Idea Spy 2.5 Episode 1.New
    York.Here in the city where dreams come true and desires rule,something
    is being brought,sold and thrown away,even as we speak.But behind the
    scenes of business as usual,the nefarious J.E.(Junker
    Expensive)Corporation lines its already bloated coffers with profits
    from worthless products.As j.E. swindles yet another innocent into
    purchasing high-priced junk,the FBI mobilizes a top secret task force to
    stop the menace.Now, the city's best kept secret spy is out there,
    briefed and ready to protect people from J.E.,the catalouge of
    conspiracy...Just call him, 2.5."
    [SNATCHER]-Most Consoles
    "Snake, Like Shakespeare said,"Noughts had, all's spent, where our
    desire is got without content."Basiclly, it means your desire can get
    you into trouble if you're not careful.That goes for items too. Don't
    get greedy or you may be sorry.Be careful, Snake."
    Snake, Take the power plant out.Set C4 explosives on four key  points to
    destroy the structure. Snake,destroy the power plant's main turbine.It's
    located in the B1 floor of the plant. Break into the B1 floor."
    "Munch,Munch...Um?Raiden?I'm eating right now.Get back to me
    "Mind the gap."
    "I cant believe the person who committed those sick acts in the womens
    bathroom made it this far."
    "Even my patience has its limits.I just can't leave this thing up to you
    any longer.I'll do the fighting!You can just go home!"
    "Variety Level 7,Shoot down the space invaders!Training will have to be
    postponed if we are invaded by ufos."
    "Snake,There's a fork in the conveyor belt.The machine is automatically
    sorting cargo according to some system.Take a good look at the device."
    "Weapon mode Socom Level 1.Destroy all targets to reach the goal! Number
    of targets: 3."
    "I say again.Your duty is to infiltrate Zanzibar Land and seize Kio
    Marf,an abducted Czechoslovakian biologist."
    This is from[METAL GEAR:SNAKE] MSX
    "Snake, they've input both detonation codes.The only way to stop the
    launch is to use the card key to reinput the codes."
    "I'm not home right now.Please leave a message after the beep.BEEP"
    "Big Boss here...Eenter the track on the bridge to the right...over."
    "Your mission is to infiltrate the fortress Galuada,rescue the hostages
    and neutralize Metal Gear before its assembly is complete." This is
    "You got a PSG-1? You can use that against Sniper Wolf.Hurry up and save
    This is from[METAL GEAR SOLID 1]on the PSX
    "You enjoy all the killing!"
    "An Anemone or Clematic Plant's juice can cause a rash.When pruning them
    it's a good idea to wear gloves."
    "Actually,I am in really bad shape financially.I pay money to my ex-wife
    as part of our divorce settlement, among other bills.I just had no
    choice but to make you pay for lunch the other day.I'm really sorry."
    "I hear it's amazing when the gamouse purple stuffed worm in flap-jaw
    space with the tuning fork does a raw blink on Hara-kiri Rock.I need
     ...the enemy fortress...
     ...Outer Heaven!
     ...The final weapon...
     ...Metal Gear!"
    This is from[METAL GEAR]on the NES
    After meeting Ames you will be albe to listen in on a conversation
    between Soliduse Snake,Revolvor Ocelot and Olga with the DIRECTIONAL
    MICROPHONE move it to the left in order to hear a genome soldier having
    trouble in the nearby bathroom.Also if you point the microphone towards
    Olga's chest you should hear her heart beating out of control meaning
    she's lying.
    Straight after meeting Stillman and Pliskin in the Strut C Kitchen go to
    the CD Conneting Bridge to see the guard unconcious.Then take out your
    SOCOM and shoot the cardboard box that is running around the place to
    reveal Pliskin.Contact him continuosly until he informs you about
    it.Then go back to the Kitchen and knock the door of the pantry where
    Stillman is in until he gets pissed off.Also in the Shell 2 Core knock
    on the wall opposite the elevator until the President gets furious.Then
    in the Storage Room with Emma,shoot at the locker she is in to scare
    While talking to someone via the codec if you press R1 after they say
    something Raiden/Snake will compliment or think something nice about
    that person and what they said.If you press R2 at the same after someone
    has said something your character will think something bad about them.
    You can have alot of fun with the First-Person View.First when on the
    Strut A Roof and stand where there is alot of bird feces(watch out as
    you can easily fall).Then look up into the sky until a piece of feces
    drops onto your camera.Then when on the Strut L Perimeter,when the guard
    starts to take a whizz get "your head wet" and look up at him.Then when
    on the Big Shell plant a C4 next to some bugs(In the Strut A Deep Sea
    Dock or the Filtration Room in Shell Core 2,while bringing Emma to the
    Shell Core 1)and then get to the other side of the room.Detonate the
    C4,while looking at the bugs to get them SPLAT!on your face.Also if you
    die while in the first-person view the screen will break into a million
    When inside the Hostage Room on level B1 of Shell Core 1,start using the
    DIRECTIONAL MICROPHONE on alot of the hostages other than Ames.When you
    do this Raiden will get p****d off and will then frighten the
    hostages.Then look for a woman named Jennifer who has her legs slightly
    open.Then like a pervert you can  tranquilise her and crawl inbetween
    her legs and take a look around!!Also if you keep scaring hostages other
    than Ames with the microphone some will start to wet themselves and
    Raiden will become agitated.To get another angle crawl under the table
    Jennifer s facing and take a look.
    When you first enter Shell Core 1,Olga's comrade will activate the
    electric floor in front of the door leading to the President.Now equip a
    CARDBOARD BOX and run onto the electrified path to see it burn.Then
    throw a MAGAZINE CLIP onto it to see it maganetised.
    Inside the Tanker,when you reach Hold No.2 walk to the side of the twin
    projects and press the small button with the action button.Then press it
    over and over again(this will cause the picture of Commandant Scott
    Dolph's lecture go from one screen to another)until two Japanese models
    on a beach(By now you should have no control).Then after a while you
    will be caught.Also when inside the Ascending Colon of Arsenal Gear,you
    will get a few codec calls and after a while your radar will be replaced
    with a Japanese model.Remeber if answer any more calls it will
    (1)When playing the Plant chapter on Hard and Extreme you can get the
    SHAVER at the very start,in the Strut A Deep Sea Dock.Hang onto the
    railing and over to the two submarine suits.Then when you give it to
    Snake in Strut B,his beard will be shaven at the end.
    (2)While fighting the Harrier 2 Jet,fire stinger missiles at the Kasatka
    K-62 and both Otacon and Snake will curse at you and fire bullets at
    Taking pictures of different things in the Tanker chapter will give you
    different responses from Otacon when you load them to him.Remember
    loading a new game will result in the pictures being automatically
    (1)Take a picture of the poster with a Japanese model wearing a red
    dress,which is found in the locker of the Deck-A:Crews Quarters and he
    will blush.
    (2)Take a picture of Olga's crotch after you have put her to sleep and
    Otacon will blush.
    (3)Take a picture of the Vulcan Raven doll and the muscle poster in the
    Engine Room and Otacon will question Snake's sexuality.
    (4)Take a picture of the couple in the Engine Room on the two lockers
    next to the Semtex traps.
    (5)Take a picture of the lone Marine in Hold No.1 who isn't wearing any
    trousers and Otacon will laugh!
    (6)Take a picture of the screen on the right in Hold No.2 to see Hideo
    Kojima's ghost.Send this to Otacon to get an unusual reaction.
    Doing certain things during the game wll cause your surperiors to call
    you with nothing but disgust for you.Here is a list of them
    Sometimes you have to call them persistantly.
    (1)In the Tanker look for the two posterts with Japanese models and
    contact Otacon while looking at them in First-Person View.
    (2)Shoot Olga after fighting her and Otacon will call you and will be
    angry at you.Also if you keep contacting Otacon he will bring up Meryl
    into the conversation.Then look at Olga in First-Person View and call
    Otacon for more conversations about Meryl.
    (3)Call Pliskin persistantly after meeting him to hear his
    nightmares.Then shoot him a few times and then contact Campbell and
    (4)Get into the cubicle in the men's bathroom with the FHM poster and
    contact Campbell,Pliskin and Rosemary while looking at it inb First-
    Person View.
    (5)Call Rosemary and Pliskin when inside the womens bathroom for fun.
    (6)In the Tanker chapter talk to Otacon with the PENTAZAMIN equipped and
    then use it.Talk to Otacon again and when in the Plant chapter do the
    same again except call Pliskin to get a follow-up.
    (7)When you get a lvl.2 grip gauge in the Tanker,Otacon will
    congratulate you.Also  olonel and rose will congeratulate you when you
    get a lvl.3 grip gauge.
    (8)When you kill at least 20 seagulls on the Plant chapter(With the PSG-
    1,of course),Campbell and Rosemary will be angry at you.
    (9)Contact Pliskin,Campbell and Rosemary while you have the BOOK
    equipped.Also when you enter the Shell 1 Core for the first time contact
    Pliskin and then Campbell while running.
    (10)Contact Otacon a few times in the Filtration Room(where you fight
    Vamp for the first time)to hear him and Emma have a fight.Also if you
    shoot Emma a few times with the SOCOM Otacon will get furious.After a
    few shots both him and Snake will ignore.
    (11)Punch Emma and contact her for her reaction.Then knock her out with
    the M9 and lie ontop of her and call Otacon.
    (12)When inside Shell 2 Core 1F,contact Otacon repeatildy to make him do
    some freaky stuff.Then when you exit the Core with Emma contact Snake to
    hear about his new errand.
    (13)When on the oil fences listen in on Emma's chattering(with the
    DIRECTIONAL MICROPHONE)after destroying the Claymore mines and shooting
    the guards and Cyphers.When she talks about the soldier with diarrhea
    contact her and also when she talks about your hair.You can also shoot
    at Snake(he's on the strut to the right)when he gets there and contact
    him and use the microphone in orcordance with your CODEC.
    (14)Keep contacting Otacon when swimming through the sunken corridors of
    Shell Core 2 B1,to get information on Emma,Arsenal Gears GW System and
    the Patriots.Contact him repaetidly at the beginning of the game to get
    some cool stuff.Also contact him during the Tanker chapter to get
    information about the rooms etc.Also contact Campbell during the Plant
    chapter to also get information on each room and the Big Shell.
    (15)When your in the hostage room keep kicking the hostages when the
    guard(s)are not looking.Both Rosemar will break up with you when you
    contact Campbell.Contact Her frequency and Campbells after you have done
    (16)After destroying the Harrier 2 Jet,contact Otacon and Snake to get
    information on Outer Heaven,Ames and Natasha.
    (17)The dining hall has a Plasma TV.Look at it in First-Person View and
    call Otacon.
    (18)Go behind Emma and then kick her in the arse and call Otacon.
    Little Things:
    To find the four Easter Island Statues follow the instructions:
    (1)In Strut D you'll find on the central pump.
    (2)In the Computer Room of Shell 1 Core you'll find this under a
    (3)Go into the room in the Air Purification Room of Shell 2 Core,with
    two gun cameras and get on the crate after destroying the cameras.Fire
    two Nikita missiles onto the grating of the air vent and guide a missile
    inside.At the first intersection destroy the grating on the right and
    send a fifth missile inside to see the statue.
    (4)On Extreme look for this in the upper-right locker in the room that
    Emma is in.Avoid the CLAYMORE mine.
    These are to be done in the Computer Room in Shell 1 Core when all
    guards are carefully killed.
    01-Spray the parakeet with the COOLANT SPRAY for a while and it will
       get angry at you.
    02-If you fire bullets at the parakeet and you'll notice it uses the
       same technology used by Fortunbe and Ocelot.After a while it'll
       call for backup.
    03-Use the DIRECTIONAL MICROPHONE to hear the birds heartbeat and
       after a while it will repeat you if you keep using it over and
       over again.
    04-Call Campbel straight away after finding the parakeet to listen to
       something funny
    11.Dog Tag Guides:
    VERY EASY:TANKER                                                    |
    ID  |NAME               |DATE OF BIRTH |BLOOD|LOCATION              |
    NO. |                   |              | TYPE|                      |
    000 |Olga Gulukovich    |23rd September|  A  |Navigational Deck,Wing|
    001 |Ross E Bowman      |16th June     |  B  |Aft.Deck              |
    002 |Abraham Carrillo   |4th  July     |  ?  |Aft.Deck              |
    003 |Kaissar Ag Agnouche|20th January  |  O  |Aft.Deck              |
    004 |Arnaud Delaunay    |30th April    |  O  |Navigational Deck,Wing|
    005 |Ryoji Makimura     |6th  December |  B  |Deck-A,Crews Quarters |
    006 |Kumi Sato          |13th May      |  B  |Deck-B,Crews Quarters |
    007 |Kevin S Purvis     |14th November |  B  |Deck-A,Crews Lounge   |
    008 |Yasuhiro Miyamoto  |25th Febuary  | AB  |Deck-A,Crews Lounge   |
    009 |Michael C Anthony  |7th  March    |  O  |Deck-A,Crews Lounge   |
    010 |Carlos Garci Garcie|30th December |  A  |Deck-D Crews Quarters |
    011 |Mineshi Kimura     |18th June     | AB  |Deck-D,Crews Quarters |
    012 |Jonathan Hancock   |8th  Febuary  | AB  |Deck 2,Port           |
    013 |Bryn T Kershaw     |4th  March    |  O  |Deck 2,Port           |
    014 |Michael Hurkmans   |5th  December |  B  |Deck 2,port           |
    015 |Ken Ogasawara      |30th June     |  B  |Engine Room           |
    016 |Petro Kyrylenko    |18th Febuary  |  ?  |Engine Room           |
    017 |Aaron F Kopf       |24th June     | AB  |Engine Room           |
    018 |James P Fitzgibbons|13th May      |  ?  |Engine Room           |
    019 |Alexander Strigi   |3rd  April    |  A  |Engine Room           |
    020 |Dave Cox           |3rd  August   |  O  |Hold No.1             |
    021 |Cory A Noll        |6th  April    | AB  |Hold No.1             |
    022 |Andreas Ebeler     |23rd March    | AB  |Hold No.3             |
    023 |Gary J Davidson    |12th July     |  O  |Hold No.3             |
    EASY:TANKER                                                         |
    ID  |NAME               |DATE OF BIRTH |BLOOD|LOCATION              |
    NO. |                   |              |TYPE |                      |
    000 |Olga Gurlukovich   |23rd September|  A  |Navigational Deck,Wing|
    001 |Nicholas M Capone  |17th December |  O  |Aft Deck              |
    002 |Donal L Gilliland  |28th December |  O  |Aft Deck              |
    003 |Joe T Holdren      |15th September| AB  |Aft Deck              |
    004 |Shaun P Wilson     |13th March    |  O  |Navigational Deck,Wing|
    005 |Jeff K Hui         |31st October  |  B  |Deck-A,Crews quarters |
    006 |Nobuyoshi Nishimura|18th Febuary  |  A  |                      |
    007 |Tomomi Kato        |1st January   | AB  |                      |
    008 |Anders E Leiro     |22nd November |  ?  |                      |
    009 |Skraktus Mercio    |9th Febuary   |  O  |                      |
    010 |Gavin S Nash       |6th December  |  B  |                      |
    011 |David S Eastwick   |8th November  |  A  |                      |
    012 |Kozaka Kh Henri    |2nd  May      |  ?  |                      |
    013 |Gackt              |4th  July     | AAA |                      |
    014 |Thomas P Dohm      |7th  Febuary  |  AB |                      |
    015 |Enrique Camacho    |13th May      |  O  |Engine Room           |
    016 |Takashi Ohari      |12th May      |  A  |Engine Room           |
    017 |Max C Wood         |10th Febuary  |  ?  |Engine Room           |
    018 |John W Flemming    |23rd November | AB  |Engine Room           |
    019 |Edward B Elston    |8th  January  |  B  |Engine Room           |
    020 |Christopher D Dadah|3rd  March    |  O  |Engine Room           |
    021 |Rodrigo Spinetti   |18th September|  A  |Hold No.1             |
    022 |Frank Gunther      |9th  November |  B  |Hold No.1             |
    023 |James N Janovsky   |4th  May      |  O  |Hold No.3             |
    024 |Abigail G Sanshez  |17th October  |  O  |Hold No.3             |
    025 |Rafael Estaregue   |13th November |  B  |Hold No.3             |
    NORMAL:TANKER                                                       |
    ID  |NAME               |DATE OF BIRTH |BLOOD|LOCATION              |
    NO. |                   |              |TYPE |                      |
    000 |Olga Gurlukovich   |23rd September|  A  |Navigational Deck,Wng |
    001 |Kazuya Ikeno       |25th October  |  A  |Aft.Deck              |
    002 |Kim K Christensen  |28th September|  AB |Aft.Deck              |
    003 |Larry D Lionberger |21st October  |  ?  |Aft.Deck              |
    004 |Chul Kwon          |27th July     |  A  |Navigational Deck,Wing|
    005 |Hirosuke Moritomo  |29th August   |  O  |Deck-C,Crews Quarters |
    006 |Hoshiko Kamata     |23rd April    |  A  |Deck-A,Crews Quarters |
    007 |Marco G Brunato    |30th March    |  ?  |Deck-B,Crews Quarters |
    008 |Jesus Bibian Jr    |16th January  |  ?  |Deck-B,Crews Quarters |
    009 |Jordi C Aldea      |8th  May      |  ?  |Deck-A,Crews Lounge   |
    010 |Sadaaki Kaneyoshi  |17th May      |  A  |Deck-A,Crews Lounge   |
    011 |Anthony D Callaghan|7th  April    |  ?  |Deck-A,Crews Lounge   |
    012 |Craig M Weldon     |26th April    |  AB |Deck-D,Crews Quarters |
    013 |Daizo Shikama      |29th December |  B  |Deck-D,Crews Quarters |
    014 |Shinta Nojiri      |8th  April    |  A  |Deck 2,Port           |
    015 |Jun Tanaka         |12th August   |  B  |Deck 2,Port           |
    016 |Bernard A Reeve    |21st December |  O  |Deck 2,Port           |
    017 |Evan M Martin      |20th November |  A  |Engine Room           |
    018 |Bruno A Montenegro |23rd November |  B  |Engine Room           |
    019 |Almerindo Lemke    |9th  September|  A  |Engine Room           |
    020 |Satoshi Hirano     |11th Febuary  |  A  |Engine Room           |
    021 |Jusin C Cunley     |25th June     |  O  |Engine Room           |
    022 |Kristian Lindin    |30th September|  ?  |Engine Room           |
    023 |Mike Abe           |2nd  June     |  A  |Engine Room           |
    024 |Tatsuya Takada     |31st July     |  O  |Engine Room           |
    025 |Pawel Majewski     |8th  Febuary  |  O  |Hold No.1             |
    026 |Mark W Bruce       |6th  August   |  O  |Hold No.1             |
    027 |Youssef Fassi-Fihri|17th August   |  O  |Hold No.1             |
    028 |Christian Nordstr  |26th July     |  B  |Hold No.2             |
    029 |Hiro Miyajima      |10th May      |  AB |Hold No.2             |
    030 |Nathaniel Lord     |4th  June     |  O  |Hold No.3             |
    031 |Carlos Kiho        |29th December |  O  |Hold No.3             |
    032 |Tim U Chan         |19th June     |  ?  |Hold No.3             |
    HARD:TANKER                                                         |
    ID  |NAME               |DATE OF BIRTH |BLOOD|LOCATION              |
    NO. |                   |              |TYPE |                      |
    000 |Olga Gurlukovich   |9th September |  A  |Navigatinal Deck,Wing |
    001 |Markus A Lindqvist |9th Febuary   |  ?  |Aft Deck              |
    002 |Kenichi Takashima  |3rd January   |  A  |Aft Deck              |
    003 |Thiago S Parra     |1st August    |  O  |Aft Deck              |
    004 |Chris J Matzdorf   |19th August   |  ?  |Navigational Deck,Wing|
    005 |AdriaanB Scholvinck|2nd January   |  A  |Deck-C,Crews Quarters |
    006 |Julius Jun         |28th Febuary  |  B  |Deck-A,Crews Quarters |
    007 |Kazuki Nisimura    |2nd March     |  A  |Deck-B,Crews Quarters |
    008 |Zhang Chao         |30th October  |  ?  |Deck-B,Crews Quarters |
    009 |Vishal Kapur       |7th October   |  O  |Deck-A,Crews Lounge   |
    010 |                   |              |     |                      |
    011 |                   |              |     |                      |
    012 |                   |              |     |                      |
    013 |                   |              |     |                      |
    014 |                   |              |     |                      |
    015 |                   |              |     |                      |
    016 |                   |              |     |                      |
    017 |                   |              |     |                      |
    018 |                   |              |     |                      |
    019 |                   |              |     |                      |
    020 |                   |              |     |                      |
    021 |                   |              |     |                      |
    022 |                   |              |     |                      |
    023 |                   |              |     |                      |
    024 |                   |              |     |                      |
    025 |                   |              |     |                      |
    026 |                   |              |     |                      |
    027 |                   |              |     |                      |
    028 |                   |              |     |                      |
    029 |                   |              |     |                      |
    030 |                   |              |     |                      |
    031 |                   |              |     |                      |
    032 |                   |              |     |                      |
    033 |                   |              |     |                      |
    034 |                   |              |     |                      |
    EXTREME:TANKER                                                      |
    ID  |NAME               |DATE OF BIRTH |BLOOD|LOCATION              |
    NO. |                   |              |TYPE |                      |
    000 |Olga Gurlukovich   |              |     |                      |
    001 |                   |              |     |                      |
    002 |                   |              |     |                      |
    003 |                   |              |     |                      |
    004 |                   |              |     |                      |
    005 |                   |              |     |                      |
    006 |                   |              |     |                      |
    007 |                   |              |     |                      |
    008 |                   |              |     |                      |
    009 |                   |              |     |                      |
    010 |                   |              |     |                      |
    011 |                   |              |     |                      |
    012 |                   |              |     |                      |
    013 |                   |              |     |                      |
    014 |                   |              |     |                      |
    015 |                   |              |     |                      |
    016 |                   |              |     |                      |
    017 |                   |              |     |                      |
    018 |                   |              |     |                      |
    019 |                   |              |     |                      |
    020 |                   |              |     |                      |
    021 |                   |              |     |                      |
    022 |                   |              |     |                      |
    023 |                   |              |     |                      |
    024 |                   |              |     |                      |
    025 |                   |              |     |                      |
    026 |                   |              |     |                      |
    027 |                   |              |     |                      |
    028 |                   |              |     |                      |
    029 |                   |              |     |                      |
    030 |                   |              |     |                      |
    031 |                   |              |     |                      |
    032 |                   |              |     |                      |
    033 |                   |              |     |                      |
    12.Song Lyrics:
    VOCALS:Carla White
    PRODUCED BY:Rika Muranaka
    I stare at the stars and the sky up above
    And think "What am I made of?"
    Am I full of sorrow? Am I hurt and pained?
    Or am I filled...with love?
    I walk by myself on the streets below
    And ask every child I know,
    Do you think tomorrow will bring sun or rain?
    Which one of these will show?
    I can't say good-bye to yesterday, my friend,
    I keep holding on 'till the end
    Out of the darkness there is no other way
    Than the light leading to yesterday
    It's there that I'll find
    In a peace not warm
    And dreams that I let slip away
    I'll find the joyfulness I'm looking for
    Way back in yesterday
    Why can't each of us in the world ever see,
    The best things in life are free
    Little sounds of laughter or one hug, a smile
    A kiss from you to me
    I fall to my knees
    I cry and I cry
    Love, do not pass me by
    Happy everafter, please stay for a while
    Make time refuse to fly
    I can't say good-bye to yesterday, my friend
    'Cause i know how good it has been
    Face it forever, here I stand, come what may
    In the old in the new yesterday
    It's there that I'll find
    In a peace not warm
    And dreams that I let slip away
    I'll find the joyfulness I'm looking for
    Way back in yesterday
    As you probably know the main theme of the original Metal Gear Solid was
    "Is a person defined by their genes?".This releated to Snake and his
    connections with Liquid and Big Boss.In the opening sequence when it
    shows Snake,it depicts a strand of DNA breaking apart,representing his
    breakaway from his past.Then after showing Raiden it depicts the DNA
    strand coming together representing the fact that he still hasn't
    accepted his past.The main theme of this game is "Is there information
    that is not inherited in our genes?"
    Love is a major theme in Metal Gear Solid 2:Sons Of Liberty.It can be
    found between both Jack and Rosemary throughout the Plant Chapter.Both
    of them feel strongly for each other and it through them revealing their
    secrets to each other that they realise how much they love each other.As
    explained in the DVD with this game Hideo reveals that he got both their
    names from "Titanic"(1997).He did this in order to show that in both MGS
    2 and Titanic the two Jacks and Rose's love couldn't be broken by either
    the sinking of the ship or the terrorist threat.
    This is one of the most important themes in the game as it reflects on
    the nuclear arms race and one very clear question:Is it really worth
    it?When will it end?Why is the point?This is really a major question
    especially during this point in history.From this game we soon
    understand that the threat will only exist as long as the means and
    weaponry to control it does.
    From The Patriots conversation at Federal Hall we can really start to
    think that whether or not we consider ourselves a civilised species(This
    is intresting,especially from the point of view of an computer).In the
    lines like "Be nice.Be good to others,but beat out the competition"
    technically this is sorta true.A lot of what "Campbell" and "Rosemary"
    say is very philosophical and will make you think.
    14.Intresting Facts:
    The theme song for Metal Gear Solid "Whatever May Become" was origianlly
    sang in Gaeilic Irish.
    If you've wondered why Mei Ling appears in the end credits you can hear
    her correcting one of Otacon's sayings in the Tanker(It's sometime after
    the one where he talks abouts chickens and cows.(Don't even ask me).
    At the end of the game on the cut-scene where Raiden meets Snake in
    front of Ferderal Hall,the camera will focus on his dog
    tag(Raidens)showing the information you put on it(YOUR name etc.)into
    the node in the Strut A Sea Dock.
    All the rooms of Arsenal Gear are named after parts of the human
    digestive system.These include the Stomach,Descending Colon and Rectum!!
    Vamp was designed and based on a flaminco dancer.That is why he has long
    black hair.Also it the reason that you fight him for the first time the
    theme for Vamp(Spanish flaminco type music thingy)is played and does a
    little twirl.Also he is a commander because in MGS 1 after defeating
    Vulcan Raven he mentions to Liquid that he had a meeting with a
    Commander Ivan.To support this,in "Sons of Liberty" if you keep ringing
    Pliskin when you start defusing the bombs he implys the fact that he may
    have heard of him before.When meeting Vamp for the first time he
    mentions the line "Crazy Ivan knows what he's talking about"when he is
    talking about the purified hydrogen bomb.
    If you've ever seen the movie "Escape from New York" you'll notice that
    Kurt Russel plays the character Snake Pliskin.Pliskin is the name that
    Snake uses when he meets Raiden.Also Iriquios is the Aloquion word for
    snake(the Aloquion tribe lived in Manhatten before it was taken over by
    the Dutch).Another intresting fact is that Manhatten is also the
    Aloquion word for "hill of snakes".
    16.Special Thanks:
    Thanks very much to the following sites for posting this Walkthrough:

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