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    Characters Guide by Dark Angel

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    Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty Characters Guide
    By Dark Angel (dark_angel13uk@hotmail.com)
    This document is copyrighted by Dark Angel (3/4/2002)
    This guide contains spoilers on the plot of Metal Gear Solid 2 and of 
    the character development within the game.  Therefore it is intended 
    for people who have completed the game, and as I will be using 
    information about the characters from Metal Gear Solid, there will be 
    some spoilers for that game too.
    Each Character Section has a quick find in the []'s.  Press Control 
    and F and type in the letters in the []'s and press Enter to find 
    that certain section.  This is so you don't have scroll through the 
    entire document looking for the right section.
    -	History
    The Characters
    -	Solid Snake [SNK1]
    -	Raiden [RAI1]
    -	Otacon [OTA1]
    -	Revolver Ocelot [OCE1]
    -	Solidus Snake [SNK2]
    -	Fortune [FTN]
    -	Vamp [VAM1]
    -	Fatman [FAT1]
    -	Olga Gurlukovich [OLG1]
    -	Sergei Gurlukovich [SER1]
    -	Emma Emmerich [EMA1]
    -	Peter Stillman [STI1]
    -	Rose [ROS1]
    -	President Johnson [PREZ]
    -	Ames [AME1]
    -	Iroquois Pliskin [PLI1]
    -	Commandant Scott Dolph [DOL1]
    -	Colonel Campbell [CAM1]
    Version 1.0 - 3/4/2002
    Started Solid Snake, and Otacon.
    Finished Ocelot, Sergei Gurlukovich, Colonel Campbell, Iroquois 
    Pliskin, Commander Scott Dolph, Ames, and Solidus Snake.
    Version 1.1 - 7/4/2002
    Finished Fatman, Fortune, Vamp, Peter Stillman, Emma Emmerich and 
    Olga.  Added to Solid Snake, Otacon and Ocelot.
    Version 1.2 - 6/5/2002
    Finished Raiden and Rose.
    (voiced by David Hayter)
    Solid Snake's real name is Dave and he has an IQ of 180. He is a 
    highly trained, elite soldier with a personal preference for 
    parachuting, S.C.U.B.A diving, free climbing, rappelling, small and 
    medium range handguns, and various hand-to-hand combat techniques. 
    Snake is a living legend.  A former elite soldier serving in the 
    special FOX-HOUND unit, Snake is a past master of silent 
    infiltration.  He first demonstrated his unique skills in the Outer 
    Heaven crisis, defeating Big Boss and the Metal Gear robot.  
    Not long afterwards, he voluntarily left FOX-HOUND. He was then 
    recruited by the Central Intelligence Agency as a non-official covert 
    operative. His affiliation with the CIA didn't last long as there was 
    a conflict in philosophies and Snake ultimately found himself 
    fighting the system that is the CIA. After this, Snake spent some 
    years as a mercenary before leaving for the deep wilderness of the 
    Canadian mountains for self-rehabilitation. It was there, four years 
    later, that he was contacted by his former commander, Roy Campbell 
    and in to assist in the Zanzibar Land Revolt. 
    In the Zanzibar Land Revolt, Snake found himself up against Big Boss 
    and Metal Gear again.  During the mission, Snake has to defeat his 
    friend and former comrade in Outer Heaven, Grey Fox, as well as 
    killing his own father  - Big Boss.  Snake had been cloned from Big 
    Boss's DNA, making him the perfect fighter, from Big Boss's soldier 
    After Zanzibar, Snake retreats to Alaska, to live in solitude.  It is 
    here that he pursues a frugal lifestyle in the Alaskan Mountains, an 
    elementary existence living off the local flora and fauna and the 
    wild animals he hunts. Blending in to his environment, he has become 
    at one with his surroundings mastering the rough conditions of the 
    great outdoor. Snake has been suffering post-traumatic stress 
    disorder following his military career. Abnormal experiences and 
    extreme trauma in the battlefield have brought about illusions as 
    well as guilt, causing mental confusion. His new lifestyle is a 
    search for some kind of inner peace, an attempt to forget about past 
    events. Snake also participates in dog sleigh racing to distract him 
    from his psychological condition. He was preparing for the world's 
    longest and toughest dog sleigh race taking place in Iditarod, before 
    Shadow Moses.. 
    Six years after Zanzibar, Snake is called up again by former FOX-
    HOUND commander (at Zanzibar) Colonel Campbell.  Snake was called in 
    to deal with hostage takers on Shadow Moses Island; rebelling FOX-
    HOUND members, led by Snake's brother, Liquid Snake, who was also 
    cloned from Big Boss.  Snake succeeded in destroying Metal Gear REX  
    - a nuclear equipped walking battle robot - and eliminating the 
    terrorist threat, with the assistance of Grey Fox, who was being kept 
    alive via a cyborg suit, and the designer of Metal Gear REX, Hal 
    "Otacon" Emmerich.
    After Shadow Moses, Snake and Otacon formed an anti-Metal Gear 
    organisation, "Philanthropy", to combat Metal Gear development.  They 
    received information about a Metal Gear on the tanker "Discovery" - 
    Metal Gear RAY, developed by the US Marines.  RAY is then stolen, the 
    tanker destroyed, Snake is blamed for acts of terrorism, and is 
    reportedly killed in the explosion that sunk the tanker.
    But Snake survived, via the help of Otacon and then enters the Big 
    Shell, again after reports of a new Metal Gear - Arsenal Gear - is 
    being developed there.  He works firstly under the alias "Iroquois 
    Pliskin" (see below) to aid Raiden (see below). 
    (voiced by Quinton Flynn)
    Raiden (real name: Jack) was born in a house near New York City. When 
    he was around 3 his house was raided by American soldiers and Solidus 
    Snake. His parents were killed and he was taken by Solidus to a 
    Training Camp for kids. When he was 5 he went into the Civil War in 
    the small child unit. The child soldiers were being raised on 
    Hollywood action movies and had gunpowder put in their food, as it 
    contained hallucinogens to keep them drugged and controllable. He was 
    a brutal fighter and quickly earned several nicknames including 
    'White Devil' and 'Jack the Ripper'.  He killed many people and was 
    the best at what he did. He was great with a gun (holding his first 
    AK at age 6) and killed almost 50 men every time he went out.  When 
    the war ended he was sent to an orphanage in America where a couple 
    adopted him. He grew up and eventually forgot his horrid past. He 
    lived in New York City where on April 30 he met a woman named 
    Rosemary. She was serving as a tour guide to make some extra money. 
    When they got to the Chrysler building Rose said it was the one King 
    Kong climbed in the movie. Raiden said that it was the Empire State 
    Building that King Kong climbed. They began to argue until they ended 
    up back at his apartment. They've been steadily dating through that 
    time until after the mission. During the mission Raiden becomes the 
    main character throughout the Plant chapter. In the end he killed 
    Solidus and after it proposed to Rose who was carrying his child.
    Raiden is very closed about his past, and won't tell anyone about it. 
    Apart from that, he will be open and curious about everything in the 
    mission, except when The Patriots are concerned, and then he gets 
    angry about not being told about them. He is usually warm to most 
    people he likes, and gets on easily with them. He is a loyal fighter, 
    and will often try to help people.
    (voiced by Christopher Randolph)
    Otacon's real name is Hal Emmerich, his nickname stands for Otaku 
    Convention and refer's to his love for Japanese anime films.  He did 
    not attend school but studied through the internet and matriculated 
    at MIT. He earned his PhD from Princeton University whilst 
    simultaneously developing a program to solve the Millenuim Bug (the 
    year 2000 digit changing problem in computers). This earned him much 
    attention as the saviour of the computer world, although he earned no 
    money from his research. Whilst in college he developed his passion 
    for robotics and invented a radio controlled drone, which he called 
    Metal Gear MX2. He was recruited by the FBI to the Engineering 
    Research Facility (ERF) and was fired for hacking into restricted 
    areas if the FBI's brain-centre. He was then offered a job at 
    ArmsTech Inc. where he furthered development of Metal Gear as an MTMD 
    (Mobile Theatre Missile Defence). He was not aware of the Rail Gun 
    Unit nor of the new nuclear warhead planned for Metal Gear. 
    During Shadow Moses, Snake convinced Otacon that his research was 
    being used to design a weapon of mass destruction, and Otacon began 
    to support Snake against the terrorists.  Otacon, along with Snake, 
    now devote themselves to countering the threat posed by Metal Gear.  
    Their organisation "Philanthrophy" is financed by anonymous donors, 
    and was recently recognised by the United Nations - "recognised, but 
    still fringe".
    Otacon's family seems to be cursed with nuclear development, his 
    grandfather was involved in the development of the atom bomb, his 
    father was born on the same day as the atom bomb on Hiroshima, Otacon 
    himself developed the nuclear equipped Metal Gear REX, and his 
    sister, Emma, programmed the A.I (called GW) for the new Metal Gear  
    - Arsenal Gear.
    Otacon provides Snake with support during his mission on the tanker 
    "Discovery", using the Codec, providing advice for the situation.  He 
    is also a talented hacker with the ability to infiltrate top secret 
    military networks, including the Pentagon, which is where he 
    confirmed the existence of Metal Gear RAY.  The original information 
    came from an anonymous tip from "E.E", Otacon's name for his sister 
    Emma, but this story was deliberately planted by Ocelot, as a way of 
    getting Snake to the tanker.
    (voiced by Patric Zimmerman)
    The Russian is a former FOX-HOUND member, and during the Cold War he 
    was part of the feared Spetsnaz, a secret Soviet Army unit associated 
    with post-Stalinist concentration camps.  He is dubbed "Shalashaska".  
    His speciality is brutal interrogation, and he tortured Snake during 
    Shadow Moses.  He is also skilled in his markmanship, and uses an 
    antique army revolver - The Colt Single Action Army. He is a 
    formidable gunfighter, known to hit his target by calculating the 
    ricochet angle, maximising the use of the bullets. 
    After the fall of the Soviet Union, he joined the Russian Police 
    Storming Party. Then he served in the Special Tactics Division of the 
    SVR, formally the KGB. However he did not adapt well to the new KGB 
    system and was recruited by the US to join FOX-HOUND.
    While it seemed that Ocelot was working with Liquid Snake during 
    Shadow Moses, he was a double agent, working for the US President at 
    the time George Sears aka Solidus Snake (see below), and also acted 
    as a spy for the Patriots.  During Snake's interrogation, Ocelot took 
    the disc containing the data on Metal Gear REX from Snake (who was 
    given the disc by Kenneth Baker, the president of ArmsTech, who 
    developed Metal Gear REX.  Ocelot escaped with this disc and sold the 
    specifications of Metal Gear on the international black market, 
    leading to almost every organisation across the globe having their 
    own type of Metal Gear.
    During Shadow Moses, Ocelot had his lower right arm cut off by the 
    Ninja, Grey Fox.  After escaping he went to France and had Liquid 
    Snake's (who had died from FOXDIE at Shadow Moses) arm grafted onto 
    his own.  Now whenever Ocelot comes near Solid Snake, the arm appears 
    to develop a life of it's own, and Liquid Snake takes over Ocelot's 
    Ocelot was working with Sergei Gurlukovich when he and his troops 
    overtook the tanker, saying that he was going to sell Metal Gear RAY 
    to Gurlukovich in order to restore "Mother Russia".  But Ocelot turns 
    his back on Sergei, killing him.  Ocelot then steals RAY, and takes 
    it to the Patriots, who mass produce RAY's to protect Arsenal Gear.
    During the Big Shell incident, Ocelot works with Solidus Snake, but 
    at the end Ocelot is taken over by Liquid Snake, who believes that by 
    living in Ocelot's body will give him the information he needs 
    against the Patriots.  Ocelot escapes again, on a Metal Gear RAY, 
    intending to find the Patriots via the MO Disc taken from Raiden 
    (given to him by Snake).  But the disc Ocelot has is a dummy, Snake 
    kept the original.
    (voiced by John Cygan)
    Solidus Snake is also known as George Sears, the 43rd US President.  
    He is the third product of the "Les Enfants Terribles" (The Terrible 
    Children), cloned from Big Boss along with his brothers, Solid Snake 
    and Liquid Snake.  It was on his orders that Ocelot attempted to 
    steal Metal Gear REX at Shadow Moses.  He was forced to resign the 
    presidency after Ocelot's failure to control Metal Gear REX.  Solidus 
    rebelled against the control and manipulation that Patriots has over 
    the public.  He led the take over of the Big Shell as the Sons of 
    Liberty with the Dead Cell members, Ocelot, Olga and her mercenaries 
    she overtook control after the death of her father aboard 
    Solidus commanded and trained the child soldier unit that Raiden was 
    a member of as a young boy.  Solidus also killed Raiden's parents and 
    adopted Raiden as his son.  Solidus and Raiden were used in the S3 
    Plan due to their similar relationship to that of Solid Snake and Big 
    In the final fight between Solidus and his foster son, Raiden, he 
    claimed he never sought personal power and wanted to issue a new 
    declaration of independence out of the control of the Patriots.  He 
    wanted to force the Patriots to give back basic freedoms and civil 
    rights and the principles that the United States were based on, and 
    he thinks these are the very things that the Patriots intend to get 
    rid of with digital censorship.  After the battle, Solidus is killed 
    by Raiden.
    (voiced by Maula Gale)
    Fortune's real name is Helena Dolph Jackson, wife of Colonel Jackson 
    (the original leader of Dead Cell) and daughter of Commander Scott 
    Dolph (head of the Metal Gear RAY project). Six months after her 
    fathers death at the hands of Revolver Ocelot her mother commits 
    suicide, her husband is arrested for misappropriating funds and 
    herself, three months pregnant, suffers a miscarriage.  She joins the 
    military and after basic training she was credited with several 
    nicknames least of all 'Lady Luck', bullets slide off her and she is 
    a skilled warrior with a Rail Gun only she can use. Some say she sold 
    her soul but she herself says that her military prowess is payback 
    for the lousy luck she has been dealt in life. With her skills she 
    was handed the leadership of her husband's unit Dead Cell. 
    There, she became close to Vamp and as Plisken says "not exactly 
    lovers but more than friends", Vamp calls her Queen.  Blaming Snake 
    for her fathers death she is constantly waiting to die, and for 
    someone to put her out of her misery. She was planning to double 
    cross Solidus and steal Arsenal Gear.  At the end of the game it was 
    revealed that as Ocelot puts it "You have nothing that we have not 
    given you". He reveals that Fortunes "luck" is no other than an 
    electric device that alters the path of bullets. She is then shot by 
    Ocelot in left side of the chest.  But she survives as her heart is 
    on the right side.  Fortune then unleashes a volley from her Rail Gun 
    but the same "luck" that once covered her now protects Ocelot.  She 
    saves the lives of Snake, Solidus and Raiden by  diverting RAY's 
    payload from them, seeming that she was Lady Luck after all. After 
    RAY has stopped firing, Fortune gets her wish and slumps forward 
    VAMP [VAM1]
    (voiced by Phil La Marr)
    Vamp was born in Romania, and whilst still a child, the church he and 
    his family were in was destroyed by a terrorist's bomb.  Trapped 
    under the rubble for two days and pierced by a crucifix he quenched  
    his thirst by drinking the blood of his parents.  He joined Dead Cell 
    with his speciality  in knives.  Through graceful movement and speed 
    bullets don't seem to touch him.  Armed only with throwing knives and 
    a large bowie knife he single handedly  wipes out SEAL team 10. He 
    has the codename Vamp, not due to his blood sucking pastime, but for 
    the fact that he is bisexual, with Commander Scott Dolph, Fortune's 
    father, being his lover.
    He is shot in the head and stomanch by Raiden's bullets, deflecting 
    off Fortune, but survives, saying he can't die twice. Later Vamp 
    pilots the Harrier 2 in Raiden's first fight with Solidus.  After the 
    plane is shot down Vamp is seen running across the water and up one 
    of the struts of the Big Shell. Vamp again walks and dances on water 
    before his fight with Raiden.  He tells Raiden about Arsenal Gear's 
    new missile - a purified hydrogen bomb - he then attacks Raiden, but 
    it apparently killed for good.  But later he stabs Emma Emmerich 
    while crossing the oil fence, eventually killing her. Vamp is again 
    shot several times in the head, sending backwards into the sea, 
    seemingly for his final death.  But in the ending cutscene with 
    Raiden and Snake, Vamp is still alive, seen standing next to a cab in 
    the street (zoom in with R1 when Raiden takes off his dog tag).
    (voiced by Barry Dennen)
    Son of a clockmaker and neglected by his parents and peers, Fatman 
    spent a lot of his young years with a fascination for clockwork. At 
    the age of ten after reading a guidebook on the internet he built an 
    atomic bomb. Very vain about his hands he never liked them to be 
    still, if he wasn't giving himself a manicure he would be 
    disassembling and then reassembling his Glock pistol. Whilst 
    attending Indian Head he was taught by the 'best in the world' Peter 
    Stillman in all things regarding explosives. He absorbed all that 
    Stillman had to offer and was considered to be most talented. Living 
    only by his own rules he followed this creed like a religion.  Hated 
    and shunned by his classmates and while 20% of the students flunked 
    out he got very high marks. After leaving Indian Head he got a job in 
    the Nucular Emergency Search Team (NEST) where he quickly got into 
    trouble (Stillman says that he was never really cut out for that kind 
    of job). After NEST, Dead Cell recruited him into their ranks. When 
    Dead Cell got liquidated Fatman says that it set him free, but it 
    seemed to push him over the edge. Fatman considers himself to be an 
    artist and after killing Stillman considers that blowing up the Big 
    Shell will start his 'legend' and that it will also make THEM happy.  
    He fights Raiden while riding around on roller blades, saying he will 
    be the most famous bomber of them all.  Later it is revealed by 
    Ocelot that Fatman was a test for Raiden as part of S3 and the only 
    reason Fatman came along is because they got Peter Stillman out of 
    (voiced by Vanessa Marshall)
    Olga is the daughter of Sergei Gurlukovich, the Russian Commander, 
    who was trying to hijack Metal Gear RAY.  He was in alliance with 
    Shalashaska, a.k.a, Revolver Ocelot. At this time, his daughter Olga 
    was pregnant; the father was unknown. Sergei told her to leave, as 
    the mission was too dangerous, and her child's life was at stake. She 
    secretly stayed behind, and had an encounter with Solid Snake. They 
    duelled each other, Olga having lost, but not killed. After, Ocelot 
    betrayed Sergei and assassinated him, along with the Marine Commander 
    Scott Dolph. Ocelot sank the tanker and they along with it. Solid 
    Snake survived, and saved Olga's life, but she was never aware of it. 
    For years she believed Solid Snake had murdered her father, and 
    joined a Russian Mafia like terrorist group to get revenge. She 
    immediately became the Commander of her group, leading from her 
    fathers death. She joined an alliance with Ocelot (not knowing that 
    he was the real murderer) and Solidus Snake. She finally met Snake 
    once more in the Big Shell facility and they fought.  She then found 
    out the truth and joined him. Olga was then targeted as a puppet for 
    the Patriots, and was forced to help their "test subject", Raiden, 
    succeed in killing Solidus.  She was threatened the loss of her 
    child, which the Patriots took hostage of in the hospital where the 
    baby was born.  If she refused, the child would die.  She has never 
    met her child and is sent a picture of it every month.. She took on 
    the disguise as the Ninja to help her keep cover, and secretly help 
    Raiden, as his nanomachines monitor his vital signs.  If Raiden is 
    killed, Olga's baby dies.  Olga dies while protecting Raiden, after 
    revealing her true identity to the terrorists.
    (voiced by Earl Boen)
    A former colonel in the GRU, the Soviet Secret Service, Sergei 
    Gurlukovich grew up on the nuclear research station, Chelyabinsk-70.  
    After the Cold War, his home was bought out by the Americans.  
    Following the fall of the Soviet Union, Sergei established a private 
    army with the aim of restoring Mother Russia to her former glory.  
    Gurlukovich was planning on buying Metal Gear off Ocelot to achieve 
    this aim.  Despite his lust for power, he still has concern for his 
    daughter Olga.  Before RAY is taken, Sergei is shot by Ocelot.
    (voiced by Jennifer Gale)
    Emma's full name is Emma Emmerich Danziger. Danziger was her mother's 
    maidens name, but she prefers Emmerich. She is Otacon's step sister. 
    At a young age, Emma's father died, and they moved to England. There, 
    Emma's mother met a business man named Robinson, and married. This 
    was when she met her step brother Hal (Otacon). They formed an 
    inseparable relationship. Soon after, when emma was six years old, 
    she and her father were involved in a pool accident. Emma survived, 
    but her father drowned. After this incident, it was noted that Emma 
    was greatly angered by the fact that her big brother wasn't there to 
    help her. It was later discovered that Otacon was being seduced by 
    his stepmother at the time.  To make matters worse, this was a time 
    that Otacon also chose to leave his family. This move deeply angered 
    Emma. Later, she went to Oxford University to follow in the steps of 
    her brother. There, she was noted for her high success in the field 
    of computers. She was given a job in the NSA, and became a member 
    there. She is now regarded as a computer genius.  
    In the year 2000, the NSA had a total system shutdown for a 27 hour 
    period. It was later found out, that this was a mere test to check 
    cyber terrorism and also caused the decision to move the facility to 
    a safer location, yet unknown. the government used a notorious group 
    of hackers to complete this job, and was found out later that one of 
    the key members of this group, was none other that Emma Emmerich. 
    Knowing that she was the perfect person to complete their projects, 
    the government leaked her info. On the Shadow Moses incident in order 
    to "convince" her of co-operating, after finding out about Otacon's 
    arrival. they played on her weak point, using her strong hate for 
    Otacon.  She is now the head programmer for the "GW" system, and was 
    in the Big Shell facility to complete the project.
    At the Big Shell, she has a parakeet that she talks to "just to have 
    someone to talk to".  The parrot replies what is said to it, and it 
    is revealed from the parrot that Emma never stopped thinking about 
    her brother and seemed to talk to the parrot about him. 
    There she helps Raiden, Snake and her brother to download a virus 
    similar to FOXDIE into GW's system to shut down the nervous system of 
    the AI.  But while on their way to the Computer Room to complete the 
    task, Emma is stabbed by Vamp and eventually dies in the hands of her 
    (voiced by Greg Eagles)
    Peter Stillman is THE bombs disposal expert.  A lecturer at Indian 
    Head, his speciality is bomb disposal,  and it was here that he 
    taught Fatman all he knew.  Having no wife or child he took Fatman on 
    as a son and poured into him all his knowledge. After Indian Head 
    Stillman got a job working with the NYPD bomb squad where five years 
    ago they got called out to a bomb in a church. Stillman messed up and 
    the bomb exploded killing all those inside as well as some children 
    playing nearby, Peter lived but paid a price aparently losing a leg 
    to the explosion. But in reality Stillman gave into the fear and 
    turned tail and ran, leaving the bomb to explode.  The first thing he 
    saw after regaining conscience was the bodies of children lying under 
    the rubble of the destroyed church. His first thought one of relief 
    that he was alive. His reputation as the best in the world meant more 
    to him than atonement for his crime, so he faked his injury to get 
    the compassion of the public for his weakness.  The shield of the lie 
    turning into a shroud that covered his life thereafter. He also feels 
    responsible for teaching Fatman his skill. 
    Stillman aids Raiden and Pliskin in riding the Big Shell of Fatman's 
    C4.  He tries to defuse the odourless bombs that have been placed at 
    the bases of the Shell's.  These bombs are activated after Raiden and 
    Pliskin defuses the other C4's, and Stillman triggers them with a 
    proximity sensor, blowing him and most of Shell 2 up. 
    ROSE [ROS1]
    (voiced by Lara Cody)
    Rose doesn't play a huge part in the game but she is an important 
    character. She basically helps Raiden through the game by saving his 
    progress. On April 30 she met a man named Jack who would later be 
    known as Raiden. She was serving as a tour guide to make some extra 
    money. When they got to the Chrysler building Rose said it was the 
    one King Kong climbed in the movie. Raiden said that it was the 
    Empire State Building that King Kong climbed. They began to argue 
    until they ended up back at Raiden's apartment. They've been steadily 
    dating through that time until after the mission in which he proposes 
    to her and Rose, who's pregnant with his child, marries him.
    (voiced by Paul Lukather)
    James Johnson, the son of a governor, became President after George 
    Sears' resignation.  He was taken hostage by Dead Cell during an 
    inspection tour of the Big Shell plant.  His presence was no 
    conscience, the terrorists needed the President's vital signs 
    willingly in order to arm the nuclear device and Arsenal Gear.  The 
    President gave his vital signs in co-operation as he knew of the 
    absolute power the Patriots had, and wanted that same power.  He 
    intended to use the new Metal Gear as a bargaining chip to blackmail 
    the Patriots into giving him a position on the 12 Wiseman's Committee 
    - a select group of 12 men who make all the Patriot's decisions.  But 
    after revealing the information about the existence of the Patriots 
    to Raiden, Johnson is shot by Ocelot, who doesn't need Johnson's 
    vital signs, as he never intended to take Arsenal Gear.
    AMES [AME1]
    (voiced by Pete Renaday)
    A Secret Service agent being held hostage by Dead Cell.  Ames is the 
    only person who knows where President Johnson was being held in the 
    Big Plant.  His ex wife is Nastasha Romenenko, who was Snake's 
    military advisor and nuclear analyst during Shadow Moses.  In her 
    book "In the Darkness of Shadow Moses: The Unofficial Truth", she 
    claims that Major Richard Ames was the true officer in charge of the 
    mission and was following the orders of the Patriots.  After Raiden 
    has found the location of the President, Ames is killed by the 
    Patriots, who switch off his pacemaker.
    (voiced by David Hayter)
    Pliskin is the alias used by Snake at the beginning of the Big Shell 
    mission, when he meets Raiden.  Pliskin serves in the Navy SEAL's as 
    a Lieutenant Junior Grade.  He doesn't seem a normal Lieutenant as 
    SEAL officers give orders via the Command Post and the headphones he 
    wears.  Pliskin knows a large amount about FOX-HOUND (as he is 
    Snake), and uses Marines and SAS slogans "Semper Fi" and "Who Dares, 
    (voiced by Kevin M. Richardson)
    The Marines Corps Commandant has one aim: to leave the world a better 
    place than he found it.  His greatest wish is that his daughter, 
    Fortune aka Helena Dolph Jackson, should never experience the horrors 
    of nuclear war.  Dolph's hopes are focussed on Metal Gear RAY, which 
    he was transporting in the tanker "Discovery".  His Marine Corps, 
    along with RAY, intend to put an end to the arms race between the 
    Metal Gears in the world.  He is also Vamp's lover.
    (voiced by Paul Eiding)
    During the Big Shell episode, Campbell, giving help to Raiden through 
    the Codec, is actually A.I, an apparition implanted in Raiden's brain 
    via his nanomachines made up by Raiden's experiences and 
    expectations, and manipulated by the Patriots.  At the end of the 
    game, Campbell, along with an A.I Rose, act as a voice of the 
    Patriots, revealing the S3 Plan and the Patriots control over human 
    will and consciousness. 
    Me (Dark Angel) for writing this guide.  
    You for reading it.
    The Official Metal Gear Solid Strategy Guide published by Cyber Press 
    Publishing and Piggyback Interactive Limited.
    The Official Metal Gear Solid 2 Strategy Guide published by Piggyback 
    Interactive Limited.
    Chris Smith (again! You're great mate!) (smithy_lar@hotmail.com) - 
    for the info on Fatman, Fortune, Vamp and Peter Stillman.
    E.E.~ - for most of the info on Emma and Olga.
    Apocalypse (evil_marril@hotmail.com) - for his info on Raiden and 
    Gladiator2002 (MajinVegeta1811@hotmail.com) - for some extra stuff on 

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