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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Error1355 / El Greco

    Version: 1.50 | Updated: 05/11/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

      The spear, the bow, the gun, and finally the guided missile had given him
                weapons of infinite range and all but infinite power
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             Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater (DEMO) -- Survival Handbook
                        Written by : El Greco and Error1355
                           Created : September 29, 2004
                           Version : 1.50
                           Updated : October 29, 2004
                            E-mail : REMOVED
                            E-mail : error1355(at)zoominternet.net
                   Copyright © 2004 Don Fleming and John Sherman
    This is currently [Version 1.50] of El Greco's Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater
    [DEMO) FAQ/Walkthrough.
    ---  WHAT'S NEW?  (Version History)  ----
    Version 1.50 | October 29, 2004 | 91 kb
    My co-author finished up the script and I added in a few contributions that
    have been made recently.  I reckon this will be one of the final updates of
    this guide.
    Version 1.40 | October 11, 2004 | 82 kb
    This version contains all the food items in the demo.  I also tweaked the
    format of the guide.  Most notably the top of the guide, new ASCII header
    along with some other ommissions and insertions.  i also added in the
    transcript written by my co-author.  It is incomplete but it should be
    completed in due time.
    Version 1.30 | October 10, 2004 | 63 kb
    I updated the weapons and items sections with my own descriptions and added in
    some miscellaneous contributions that were mailed to me over the previous
    Version 1.20 | October 8, 2004 | 56 kb
    I added in a whole lot of secrets, easter eggs, fun stuff, characters,
    weapons, and items.  Big update.  The next version will contain a partial
    [in-progress) script for the demo.  Could come tomorrow or the next day.
    Version 1.10 | October 5, 2004 | 39 kb
    I added in the Fun Stuff section.  Weapons, Items, and Food shall be coming
    soon.  I also fixed a confusing error in the Actions section.
    Version 1.00 | October 3, 2004 | 33 kb
    First public version of the guide.  Walkthrough is complete.  Appendices
    [additional ones) and other sections to come soon.
                    -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
                          T A B L E   O F   C O N T E N T S
                    -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
    01)  Introduction
            Opening Remarks
            Contact Information
    02)  Metal Gear Solid 3 Demo -- Walkthrough
            Dremuchij South
            Dremuchij Swamp Land 
            Dremuchij North
    03)  Appendices
            Game System
            Close Quarters Combat
            Secrets and Easter Eggs
            Fun Stuff
            Frequently Asked Questions
    04)  Conclusion
            Legal Notice
            Contributor Credits
           ---- 01)  Introduction ----
    This is the section that will introduce you to the guide and tell you what
    will be covered in this guide.  You can also find out how to contact us if you
    have a question.
                             O P E N I N G   R E M A R K S
    Well here we are in the waning days of the year waiting for the final release
    of one of the most anticipated games of the year, Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake
    Eater.  To be honest, I wasn't even sure if I was going to get the demo mainly
    out of me figuring that if I played the demo the final game would be somewhat
    ...meh.  I am combating this however by only playing through enough to write
    this FAQ and then I will hand it over to someone in my family for them to hide
    until after the game is released.
    I understand that that is not the best way to go about things but I feel it is
    best for me and if you think otherwise...get over it!  I mainly consider this
    to be a warm-up, a practice run, for my guide that will cover the full version
    of the game.  I hope to get all the kinks out here and get all the formatting
    and such down so that I can blast right into the guide when the game comes
    I reckon that you aren't reading at this point so let me wrap this thing up...
                             C O N T A C T   I N F O
    If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or contributions to
    make then you can e-mail me at the address provided below.  I will only
    accept questions, comments, suggestions, and contributions if they
    abide by the guidelines outlined below.  I do not think that I am
    asking much by doing that, but if you do have a problem with that then
    I ask you just not send me anything at all.
      *  El Greco  : elgreco(at)gmail.com
      *  Error1355 : error1355(at)gmail.com
    SUBJECT LINE : Metal Gear Solid 3
           ---- 02)  Metal Gear Solid 3 Demo -- Walkthrough ----
    For reference:  North will always be the top of the screen.  South at the
    bottom, east to the right and west to the left.  Those are the basic
    directions I will give so keep that in mind.
    I will also not tell you when to eat your food items.  That is up to you since
    that depends on a variety of factors that cannot be covered in an guide like
                               ++  Dremuchij South  ++
    There aren't any enemies in this area or the next one so you just have to
    spend your time here getting acclimated to the controls.  As of now you don't
    have any weapons because your backpack got snagged on a tree while you
    Make your way north and crawl under the fallen trees blocking the way.  Right
    up ahead you will see the tree that your pack is snagged on.  Climb the tree
    by pressing the action button and walk out across the branch.  Press Triangle
    to swing down and hang on the branch to retrieve the backpack.  In the
    backpack is a full arsenal of weapons for you to enjoy but in the full game
    you will only have a Hush Puppy and your survival knife.
    After the radio conversation make your way out of this area by heading
    straight up north.
    There is an alternate route in this area.  You can run up on the right side of
    the area, going around the logs, and drop down the hill towards the tree.  It
    isn't much faster but it provides a little variety.
                            ++  Dremuchij Swamp Land  ++
    This area is also lacking of human enemies but there are some other obstacles
    for you to get past.  Run up ahead following the only route available and you
    will come to a large swamp that is crawling with alligators.  Whip out any of
    your lethal weapons (pistol, grenades, AKM, and so on) and open fire on the
    alligators in the swamp.  The reason that you can't use a tranquilizer is that
    the alligators cannot be caged for you to carry around, they are much too
    large for that, and they will wake up as soon as you come within striking
    distance.  The only option is to kill them.
    Once you have killed all the alligators run around the swamp on the east side 
    and cross to the small island.  If there are still alligator meals lying
    around scrounge them up for later use.
    Look upwards and see if you can spot the hornet's nest that is situated on
    this small island.  If you shoot it down you will get a very tasty treat but
    Snake will get stung quite a few times and thus lose some health.  You can
    shake the bees off by crossing the marsh.
    When you are done here make your way to the north and into the next area. If
    you want to grab the mango out of the ground (the one under the tree) all you
    have to do is kick it using the CIRCLE button or slash it with your knife and
    it will pop out of the ground.
                              ++  Dremuchij North  ++
    Once the cinematic is over change your camouflage to the LEAF pattern.  This
    will work better in this area.  Move up north and off to the left side of this
    area and crouch down in some grass and wait for the enemy sentry to pass by.
    When he does get up and come up behind him, carefully, in stalking mode.  When
    you can grab him do so.  What you do with him is up to you.
    When the first sentry has been taken out move straight up to the north.  Take
    a peek around and spot the second enemy sentry.  Tranq him with your Hush
    Puppy so that you can get by him easily.  If you went straight up north
    without making any turns or taking alternate routes the pathway into the next
    area will be slightly to the northeast.
    On a side note (no horribly constructed pun intended) there is a small side
    area in the beginning of the area.  Move off to the right once you reach the
    stump in the first clearing.  There are some snakes and a few other creatures
    for you to kill and eat.
                                ++  Dolinovodno  ++
    This area is probably where you will have the most fun since there are quite a
    few things to do here.  I'll leave that part up to you though.  I'm just here
    to get your arse through the level unscathed.
    Start off by taking out the SVG and sniping the two sentries at the first part
    of the bridge.  If you take them out quickly enough you won't alert either of
    them and you can make a clean break here.
    When they are both down take a look up in the trees.  What's that succulent
    treat up there!?  Apples!  Well...it's not that exciting but you can shoot the
    apples out of the tree with your pistol and gather them up to eat later.  There
    is also another hornet's nest up in the tree, hanging above the entrance to
    the bridge.
    Descend the hill and lay down on the right side of the bridge.  Take out the
    SVG and aim across the bridge.  Take note of the two sentries and kill them
    both.  Cross the bridge and make your way into the next area if you do not
    need any food or ammo.  If you do, read the next paragraphs.
    When you are heading westward along the trail that takes you to the final area
    there is a small side trail that leads south.  This will allow you to get
    under the bridge and obtain some ammo for your pistols and an item called
    "LIFE RECVR".  I'm not sure what this does but I reckon that it stands for
    "LIFE RECOVER".  If you are out of food and need some stamina before pressing
    onwards you can pick yourself some mushrooms by the entrance to the bridge.
                                  ++  Rassvet  ++
    Watch the cinematic and listen to the radio transmission.  When they are done
    take out your SVG and move up north into the gap between the brick walls.
    Snipe the two sentries outside the buildings.  One is to the northeast and
    another is directly north.  You will have to look through some inconveniently
    placed grass to snipe the second guard but if you use the thermal goggles you
    can take him out without a problem.
    I suggest that you take the eastern entrance for the easiest route to
    Sokolov's room.  Just stay outside the walls of the buildings and find the
    ladder on the eastern side.  When you are up on the roof drop down into the
    building below and you will have a clear path to the room.
    If you want to take the slightly more difficult route then make your way to
    the top of the screen.  When you reach the entrance of the building take a
    look around and make sure that there are no sentries right ahead.  Go through
    the entrance and stop at the stacked boxes.  When you reach this place you
    will most likely be approached by an enemy sentry coming right by the stairs.
    Have your gun at the ready and shoot him when he is in view.
    Now go up the stairs and get behind the barrel.  Push it down the stairs by
    pressing the action button and it will roll down the stairs and blow up,
    killing both guards in this area.
    Your work here is done.  Get to Sokolov's room and end the demo.
    If you are inclined to find out just how detailed this game is check out one
    of the chains that is hanging around in this area.  Shoot the shain itself and
    then try to shoot through one of the little holes between the links of the
    chain.  Whoa!
           ---- 03)  Appendices ----
                                 C O N T R O L S
    The controls in Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater are complex.  Almost every
    button has a different function depending what item you have equipped, your
    position (crawling, against a wall), or any other circumstance.  They are very
    context sensitive.  This section that immediately follows will provide you
    with a basic outline of what each button can do and then the next few sections
    after that will detail how to do each of those and some special actions and
    X Button - * Cancel selection
               * Crouch (move to crawl)
               * Press while moving to roll
    Circle Button - * Engage CQC
                    * Punch
                    * Confirmation button
                    * Zoom in
                    * Grab enemy
    Square Button - * Shoot weapon
                    * Zoom out
    Triangle Button - * Action button (open doors, climb ladders)
                      * Interact with cut-scene
                      * Zoom in
    START Button - * Pause the game
                   * Activate survival viewer
    SELECT Button - * Open radio interface
    R1 Shoulder Button - * First-person view
    R2 Shoulder Button - * Open weapons menu
                         * Quick equip/unequip
                         * Strafe right (in FPV)
                         * Shuffle right(against wall)
    L1 Shoulder Button - * Shoulder aim
                         * Keep aim in one direction
    L2 Shoulder Button - * Open items menu
                         * Quick equip/unequip
                         * Strafe left (in FPV)
                         * Shuffle left (against wall)
    Directional Pad - * Move character (stalking)
                      * Navigate menu
    Left Analog Stick - * Move character([normal movement)
                        * Navigate menu
    Right Analog Stick - * Move camera (corner mode)
                               G A M E   S Y S T E M
                           --=O==O=-- Radar --=o==o=--
    Unlike in previous Metal Gear Solid games this game does not default to the 
    usual Soliton Radar that we have come to know and love.  Instead we now have a
    battery powered mechanical radar that picks up everything that is living
    around you.  That means frogs, birds, snakes, and so on will all appear on
    your radar.  Be careful with this since you may get into some trouble either
    running for your life from a frog or running out of battery power and not being
    able to use it at all.
                           --=O==O=-- Gauges --=o==o=--
     Life Gauge
    This is the one gauge that you will want to watch closest for the entire game.
    This gauge represents Snake's life.  The more of it that is filled up the more
    life he has, the lower it is the less life he has.  This gauge can be restored
    by using Rations or by crouching while bleeding.
    When the Life Gauge reaches a low enough point, Snake will begin to bleed.  It
    will steadily decrease over time until it eventually runs out and Snake dies.
    To prevent this horrible tragedy Snake must either crouch for a while so that
    it will slowly restore, use a Bandage to stop the bleeding, or using a
    Ration to recover some of his health.
    Please note that smoking Cigars will slowly but surely decrease Snake's Life
    Gauge, but it will only deplete it to the point where he will begin to bleed.
    Once it reaches that point it will stop depleting health.
     Stamina Gauge
    This gauge shows how much energy Snake has left.  The higher his Stamina bar
    is the more energy he has and the better he will perform in combat and other
    situations.  This bar is decreased by almost everything that you do: walking,
    running, climbing, hanging, and so on.  Once he gets down to the last 1/4 of
    the bar his performance will become very impaired and many things will become
    difficult to do: running, stalking, climbing, aiming and so on.
    You will want this to be in the top 3/4 most of the time.  You can save
    yourself some of the bar by thinking ahead and performing actions that are
    essential and nothing else.  The bar can be recovered quite easily though as
    long as you have some food for Snake to munch on.  Certain foods will give him
    more stamina than others but all will give some sort of contribution.
     Grip Gauge
    This only appears when Snake is hanging off of a ledge or railing.  As soon as
    Snake enters Hanging Mode the gauge will appear on screen.  As it decreases
    Snake will gradually lose his grip on the surface he is holding onto.  When it
    reaches zero Snake will fall.  He may or may not die or lose health depending
    upon how high up he is. If you do not wish for him to fall then you want to
    get him back up onto a solid surface by pressing the "Action Button".
    Please note that the duration of the grip gauge also depends upon how much
    stamina Snake has. The less he has the faster the gauge will drop and vice
               --=O==O=-- Enemy Tactics and Intelligence --=o==o=--
    The jump made in enemy intelligence from the last game is almost comparable to
    that mede between MGS and MGS2.  In MGS3 the enemies have recieved a whole new
    array of tactics and decisions to take you out with speed and precision.  If
    you think I am saying this in pure jest you may go and try to outwit the
    guards yourself.  Not easy, is it?
    The enemy in this game will flank, use suppressing fire, flush you out with
    grenades, take cover, back eachother up and so on.  Think you can sit behind
    that tree forver?  Think again.  The enemy will most likely toss a grenade in
    your direction to either kill you or flush you out of hiding.  They succeed a
    surprising amount of times when they do this.
    Also take note that the enemy will not simply stop firing at you if you have
    one of their comrades taken hostage.  They will circle around, cut off your
    exits, attack you with a knife, and maybe even sacrifice their comrade to kill
    Basically, expect the enemy to be smarter than the average bear, as Yogi likes
    to say.  They behave and act and perform just like a well-trained soldier and
    unit.  Don't_underestimate_them.
                        --=O==O=-- Alert Modes --=o==o=--
    Unlike in previous Metal Gear games as soon as you alert a guard or make him
    suspicious you will be in Alert or Caution mode, depending upon what you did
    to alert the guard.  When either of the modes start there will by a timer that
    counts down to zero.  If you are in Caution mode and the timer reaches zero
    the game will go back to normal.  If you are in alert mode then the game will
    drop down to evasion and then caution and then back to normal once each of the
    respective timers has fully counted down.
                          --=O==O=-- Bleeding --=o==o=--
    If you are too overly irresponsible maintaining Snake's well-being then you
    may find that he begins to bleed.  This happens when his life bar reaches
    roughly 1/4 of it's full length.  You will know that he has started to bleed
    by seeing the life bar turn orange and slowly begin to decrease.  To heal
    Snake right up just stop and lay down for a while and his life bar will begin
    to increase until the bleeding stops.  Please note that bleeding can and will
    carry guard dogs to your location due to the scent.  Be careful.
                           --=O==O=-- Radio --=o==o=--
    Unlike in the first two Metal Gear Solid games Snake must now communicate with
    his allies via a field radio (as opposed to the nanotech Codec).  The radio
    will allow him to dial into specific frequencies to contact certain people.
    When a person is reached a picture of them will pop up on screen and Snake and
    the character will converse.
    The radio can be used to find things out about certain characters, plants,
    animals, survival techniques and so on.  It is pretty much an information
    database at your fingertips.
    Different frequencies will contact different people so make sure you are on
    the right frequency before transmitting.  It is not, however, necessary to
    memorize all the frequencies by yourself.  There is a small options screen
    below the main interface where you can select a previously used frequency so
    that you don't have to remember it or constantly dial it in.
    Radio Frequencies
    Major Tom - 140.85
    ParaMedic - 145.73
    The Boss  - 141.80
       - - - - - - - - - - -
      --  Useless  Trivia  --
       - - - - - - - - - - -
         When you are talking to someone over the radio you will be able to see a
         few different pictures of them as well as a small dossier.  Just use the
         d-pad to scroll through all of this and find what you are looking for.
         Note that you can only do this while talking to the person not at any
         other time.
                                   A C T I O N S
     Basic Movement
    I probably don't have to explain this but I guaruntee that if I don't I will
    get an e-mail asking about this.  Whenever you want to move your character
    around in this game you must use the left analog stick or the directional pad.
    The direction of the stick or pad will correspobnd to the on-screen movement
    of the character
    There is a very small change in this system from other MGS games.  In this
    game you can hold down the X button while standing and Snake will go straight
    to the prone position.  Tapping it (like usual) will just bring Snake to a
    crouching position.  If you want to go from prone to a standing position hold
    down X instead of tapping it and Snake will stand up immediately.
    Thanks to the 8 or so people that e-mailed me about this last night.
     First Person View Attack
    This allows you to attack enemies while in the first person view.  This makes
    shooting at far away a lot easier.  You can shoot handguns, assault
    rifles, use the survival knife, and use fist attacks with the first person
     Corner View
    Flatten yourself against the wall near a corner to enter Corner View.  This
    will allow you to see things that are behind the corner without exposing
    yourself to the enemy.
     Climb Up Objects
    Press the action button in front of any waist high object to climb on top of
    it.  Some objects Snake will automatically climb onto if they are low enough
    to the ground.  Such as the bombed out floors in Rassvet.
     Roll Forward
    Rolling is essentially a forward diving somersault (not a backflip).  The
    rolling manuever can be used for several different things.  It can be used as
    a dodging manuever (trying to avoid gunshots or otherwise).  It can be used to
    move silently over noisy metal grates, this way is faster than walking so it
    is the preferential way to go over them.  Or it can be used to knock over
    enemy attackers or unsuspecting guards.
    Personally, I use the rolling manuever to tackle sentries and move them out of
    my way.  This is good because once they have been hit they will be very, very
    disoriented for a while, giving you ample time to do your dirty work.  Be
    aware though that if you do knock somebody over they will attack you or call
    for backup if you are in the general area.  Make sure you deal with them once
    you knock them over.
     Dragging Enemies
    Once you have a guard in a chokehold you may not wish to immediately dispose
    of him.  Perhaps you wish to drag him to another spot or something like that.
    If that is the case then just keep holding down SQUARE and move along with the
    Analog Stick.  Snake will walk backwards slowly and drag the guard along with
    him.  If the guard is held long enough he will start to break out of it.  If
    he does do this then Snake will begin to lose his grip on the guard.  Just
    quickly tap SQUARE again to regain your hold on him.  Once you have him in
    whichever place you want you may do whatever devious things you have in mind.
    Once you have killed a guard in whatever manner you choose he will be lying on
    the ground in plain sight (most of the time).  To avoid them danged alert
    modes or caution modes you will have to hide the body somewhere where it will
    not be found easily.  To do this simply walk up to any deceased guard with no
    weapon equipped, press SQUARE, and hold it.  Once you have done that you may
    drag him wherever you wish.
    If you want to hang froma tree branch just walk out along the top of the
    branch and press the Action button to hang down.  When you are hanging you can
    press the directional buttons to move along the branch or use R2 and L2.  Drop
    down by pressing X. If you want to shoot at guards while hanging from a branch
    then just go into FPV and push the wepon button to draw a weapon.  Just shoot
    normally once you rae in FPV.
    You can also hang from the rope bridge and a few rock ledges but you cannot
    shoot from these.
    Without your weapon equipped come up behind a guard and press the CIRCLE button.
    Your character will now grab him around the neck to temporarily immobilize him.
    Once he is in the choke hold you can either snap his neck, knock him out, or
    leave him.  To snap his neck rapidly press the weapon button to snap his neck,
    you will hear a quite distinct, and disturbingly pleasing, "SNAP!"  If you
    prefer not to take his life you can press the weapon button about 9 or ten
    times to cause him to lose consciousness.
     Peek Around Corner
    When in corner view use the shoulder buttons L2 and R2 to peek around the
    corner to get a better view of the area.  You can use the right analog stick
    now to move the camera around to see more detail.
     Step Sideways
    While in FPV you can use the shoulder buttons L2 and R2 to strafe or step
    sideways in either direction.  This will allow you hide behind corners and
    step out quickly to shoot in the First Person.
     Knock On Wall
    This is one of the best distractions you can use in this game.  Knocking is
    basically what it says.  It is just a knock on a surface to create a noise
    that will attract the attention of the enemy.  Knocking is done when your
    character is leaning against a wall or some other flat surface and you press
    CIRCLE (the CQC button) and Snake will rap his fist on the wall.  This will
    attract the attention of any nearby guard and he will come to investigate the
    noise.  This will give you a chance to slip into the shadows and strike from
    a place of your choosing while he stands in the open looking around.  If
    taking the guard out is not your intention then you can use this to draw him
    out of your way so that you can proceed unheeded to wherever you are going.
     Quick Change
    This is an essential technique to master for this game.  Quick change is
    essentially where you can very quickly switch between two weapons or items
    (or from a weapon to no weapon quickly).  A quick-change is done by quickly
    tapping down on either the L2 or R2 buttons.
    Any quick change using a magazine type weapon will automatically reload the
    magazine with all the bullets inserted so that you don't have to waste time
    changing magazines.  Just quickly tap down on the R2 button twice in a row and
    you will have done it.  I like to call this the "tactical reload".
     Jump Out Shot
    You have been spotted by the enemy and are now engaged in a high intensity
    shootout with an attack team.  You are bleeding badly and in need of help.
    Situation sound familiar?
    What you would need to use here is a jump out shot.  Get behind a box or
    another hard surface such as a wall and move to the corner.  With a weapon
    equipped press the weapon button "A" and Snake will quickly jump out fire a
    shot and get back behind the wall.  This method of shooting is also accurate.
    When Snake jumps out he will usually hit an enemy on the first shot, and
    sometimes in a vital area such as the groin or head.
    If you wish to fire multiple shots you will have to rapidly press the weapon
    button once Snake is out in the open or else he will just go back to hiding.
     Shake Out Item
    This is done when you have either knocked out a guard or killed him in any
    way.  The guard will be lying on the ground so if you wish you can have Snake
    pick him up. If you do pick him up you can either drag him around or shake
    down his body for items and ammunition.  To shake a guard down all you have
    to do is pick him up and repeatedly drop him until things start to fall out
    from his person.  He will drop any number of items and ammunition and the
    amount that he drops will depend on the difficulty level that you are playing
     Destroy Radio
    With any gun you can shoot a guards radio and this will permanently disable it
    and he will no longer be able to communicate via radio.  When a guard has
    discovered you can shoot his radio while he is making the report or before
    he does, giving you more time to get away.  You can only do this in FPV.
     Climbing ladders
    Ladders, well... there isn't much to say about them.  There are very few in
    the game and they are few and far in-between.  The only explanation that is
    needed is that they transport you either straight up or straight down.  To get
    on a ladder just go up to it, push the action button, and then use the D-Pad
    or the Analog Stick to move up and down.  You can't fall off of a ladder so
    don't worry about that, you will stay on until you either reach the top or
    bottom of it
     Dodging Bullets
    This is somewhat useless but if you can pull it off then you will be able to
    save yourself some health.  Basically what this involves is a gunfight (you
    have to be shot at to dodge bullets) and you in FPV.  When a guard shoots at
    you it may be possible to move to the side with the R2 and L2 buttons or to
    duck and evade the bullets.  It isn't completely foolproof by any means but it
    does work on occasion so it is worth a try. 
                                      C Q C
         In actual battle, it is used in the jungle, bushes, and indoors when
         you cannot use a gun. It is also used when terrorists with hostages
         are in a facility or an airplane. The technique has been developed for
         when you have to fight multiple enemies that are very close to you, or
         when you don't know from where you will be attacked. It is a total
         combat technique, studied by actual special forces, used when you are
         close to enemies and you have to be able to fight with your bare hands,
         knife, and gun accordingly.
          - Motosada Mori, MGS3 Military Advisor
    In Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater there is an implemented combat system that
    allows the player to engage an enemy or multiple enemies in a series of
    movements that will disarm the opponent as well as defend the player from
    damage.  Used correctly, this will be most useful tool when you stray too
    close to an enemy patrol or find yourself surrounded by bad guys.  From here
    on out Close Quarters Combat will be referred to as CQC.
     CQC Capable Weapons
    Bare Hands
    Survival Knife
    In Metal Gear Solid 3 the above weapons can be used during CQC.  Usually you
    will want to go with a combination of survival knife + a handgun.  You can
    also go with the knife + bare hands (nothing else equipped) if that suits your
     CQC Progression
    As you get your victim into various stages and positions during CQC you will
    be able to perform a certain number of movements and as you do more of them
    your options will become more and more limited.  See the below explanation to
    see how this works.
      *  The first thing that you have to do is either sneak up to an enemy by
         using the stalking mode or be in some other circumstance as long as you
         are close to the guard that you wish to engage.
         Now you can do one of two things.
     A - Press the Circle button along with the directional stick to knock your
         enemy to the ground.  There are two things that you do in this position.
            1.  Interrogate him with the knife.
            2.  Knock him out or dispose of him in some other fashion.
     B - Press and hold the Circle button to grab the enemy.  Now you have a few
         options.  Available options : 1, 2, 3, 4.
            1.  Threaten him with your knife.  To do this you must apply pressure
                to the L3 button.  if you release the pressure on the button the
                guard will stop talking.  To get him talking again just re-apply
                pressure to the L3 button.
                Next available actions : 2, 3, 4
            2.  You can use the enemy as a human shield by pressing the Square
                button.  After this you will not be able to threaten the enemy or
                interrogate him.  This will, though, prevent other enemies from
                attacking you.  With this you will be able to engage any nearby
                enemies by going into FPV and using a handgun to shoot at them.
                Next available actions : 3, 4
            3.  Now you can knock the guard to the ground by pressing the Circle
                button along with a direction on the analog stick.  Now you can
                (if alone) threaten him and have him relinquish items to you. Once
                you have gotten your worth out of the guard you can eliminate him
                by tranquilizing or by shooting him in some other fashion.
                Next available actions : None
            4.  If you still have the guard in your grip you can cut his throat
                with your knife.  When you do this the guard will fall out of your
                grasp and the CQC session will be over until you come across the
                next guard.
                Next available actions : None
                                    W E A P O N S
     * For now these are just the descriptions that are given in the game menu. I
       will write my own descirptions soon, when I have the time.
    Barehand is the way to go when you have to take out individual guards
    stealthily.  Rather than using a weapon to take him out sneak up on him and 
    use CQC to kill, interrogate, or knock out your victim.  See the CQC guide for
    more information on this.
     Survival Knife
    Use essantially in the same way as bare-hands.  Use the CIRCLE button to
    engage in CQC with the knife.  More information can be found in the CQC guide.
    If you wish to slash at the enemy up front just tap away at the SQUARE button.
    A single tap will get uou one slash and more taps will do more slashes
    resulting in a  combo.
    Snake's standard, non-lethal firearm in the game.  Use this for quick
    take-down shots at an enemy while still undetected.  Try to use this in a
    high-intensity combat situation and you will get your ass waxed.  Headshots
    are a must with this gun since it doesn't penetrate well, has a very slow rate
    of fire, and any other location besides the head will take longer to knock the
    enemy tagret out.  Best used in FPV.  Attach a supresser with CIRCLE button
    while in the weapons menu.
    .45 handgun.  Snake's standard, lethal firearm in the game.  Use this for
    quick take-down shots at an enemy while still undetected.  Try to use this in
    a high-intensity combat situation and you will get your ass waxed.  Headshots
    are a must with this gun since it doesn't penetrate well and doesn't have as
    fast a rate of fire as some other weapons.  Best used in FPV.  Attach a
    supresser with CIRCLE button while in the weapons menu.
    United States Standard Issue assault rifle.  This fires rounds very quickly,
    accurately, and is relatively powerful.  Use this to blast your way through an
    area that is crawling with guards or to take out an advancing assault team.
    Whatever you choose to use it for make sure that it is used wisely because
    there isn't much ammo for it in the demo.  Press R1 for FPV shooting and then
    L1 for a shoulder view.  If you wish to attach a suprresser for it then press
    the circle button while in the weapons menu.
    A Soviet-made assault rifle.  This fires rounds very quickly, accurately, and 
    is relatively powerful.  Use this to blast your way through an area that is
    crawling with guards or to take out an advancing assault team.  Whatever you
    choose to use it for make sure that it is used wisely because there isn't much
    ammo for it in the demo.  Press R1 for FPV shooting and then L1 for a shoulder
    12 gauge shotgun...would any game be complete without one of these?  This gun
    is mainly useful for close-quarters engagements with the enemy.  It is not
    recommended when there are a lot of enemies around since it has a somewhat
    slow rate of fire.  If there are only one or two enemies around then it should
    be okay to use this.
    Sniper rifle.  Use this for longe-range combat situations such as across the
    canyon in Dolinovodno.  There are two magnification settings.  Change them
    with the triangle button.  The sniper rifle is powerful enough to rip right
    through a guard and into another so try to line up double kills as often as
    possible to save ammo and for lots of fun.
    Also known as Frag Grenades or Fragmentation Grenades, these are explosive
    devices set to detonate after a five second delay. When the grenade detonates,
    it scatters small fragments that significantly increase the damage caused by
    the explosion of the grenade itself. Causing noise to alert any nearby guard
    or sensor, these are mainly used to take out vehicles or to blow away
    advancing enemies by less-than-subtle operatives.
    Interesting tidbit of info: You can toss grenades into an alligator's mouth
    when he has it open.  Use this feature for easy kills of the large beasts.
     Stun Grenade
    Also known as Flash bangs or Sound and Flash Grenades, these temporarily
    disables all enemies within a user's line of sight. Highly charged and tightly
    packed magnesium reacts to friction, detonating after five seconds once the
    safety pin is pulled. Used for freeing hostages and such. Makes a big flash
    and lots of noise to distract and disable enemies temporarily by stunning them
    for about 8 seconds.
    An empty gun magazine.  Throw ths near an enemy to distract him, allowing you
    a chance to slip by in concealment.  Throw this item just like you would a
     Directional Mic
    The directional microphone is a very sensitive piece of equipment that
    picks up the slightest sound. It's a high-precision mike that's been designed
    to pick up sounds in front of it. In short, it will pick up sounds in the
    direction you point it.  Use this in FPV to scout for small anmals to eat.
                                      I T E M S
    Snake's favorite brand.  Highly Addictive and hazardous to your health.  The
    cigar can be equipped to drive away bees if you are under attack.  The smell
    of the cigar, however, will alert the enemy to your presence.  Be careful with
    Military binoculars allowing long distance reconnaissance. Zoom in with
    Triangle Button, zoom out with Square.
     Thermal Goggle
    This item picks up heat sorces and registers them in different colors on the
    display.  Blue and green are not very hot, red and yellow and orange are
    usually indicative of a life-form such as a snake, guard, or bird.  Use these
    sparingly because they run on batteries.
     Night Vision Goggles
    Enhances light in dark areas. Makes screen go green to allow you to see
    better. The goggles electronically amplify ultra-violet and infrared light to
    increase image clarity. The goggles don't help in well-lit areas, as when
    used in such areas will have a similar effect to that of Stun Grenades.
     Motion Detector
    This item will detect moving objects for you and display them on the radar. If
    an object is not moving then it will not be detected.  Don't get pissed off
    when it isn't detecting dead/unconscious guards for you because that is not
    what it is for.
     Active Sonar
    This item will automatically detect any life forms within it's range.  There
    is an option to send out a brief burst of sonar to reach a larger area but
    this will alert nearby enemies.  Please not that all life forms will be
    displayed on here.  That means frogs, snakes, birds, alligators and so on. Try
    not to spend half the demo running from frogs and birds that were mistaken for
    guards.  This itme runs on batteries so be careful to use it sparingly.
     Anti-Person Sensor
    When you are operating without radar, this device can help greatly, vibrating
    whenever another person is near. It cannot tell directions, but it vibrates
    stronger the closer another person approaches. It is, however, ficticious.
    It must be equipped however for it to vibrate with enemy presence.  Also, all
    other vibration (like when shot etc) will be turned off when the AP Sensor is
                                       F O O D
     Reticulated Python
    These reptiles can be found in a good abundance throughout the game and will
    always give you an outstanding stamina boost when eaten.  You can usually spot
    these slithering through the grss or out in the open.  Look around with your
    NVGs to spot them.  It is easy to knife, shoot or tranquilize them.  I suggest
    that you knife them simply because they aren't very strong and you'd be
    wasting ammo by shoting them.
     Russian Oyster Mushroom
    These suckers can usually be found next to trees or tree stumps.  There is
    another type of mushroom in the demo but there isn't much difference betwen
    the two besides looks and name.  These are easy to harvest.  Just knife them
    and they will fall off their stems and onto the ground for you to place in
    your backpack.  You can also shoot them but that is a gross waste of valuable
    ammunition.  These will provide a very mild stamina boost.
     Siberian Ink Cap
    These are most likely the first food form that you will find in the game.
    Right after you land these will be immediately visible at the base of the tree
    in front of you.  These can be harvested exactly like the Oyster Mushrooms. 
    Knife them or shoot them, knifing is recommended.  These will provide a small
    stamina boost when eaten.
    These are found in the northern part of the Dremuchij Swampland.  You will
    spot them by noticing the one that has fallen to the ground.  These can only
    be acquired by shooting them down from the tree with some kind of firearm.
    These will provide an appreciable stamina increase when eaten.  The golova on
    the ground can be taken by kicking it with the CIRCLE button or by slashing it
    with the knife.
     Yabloko Moloko
    These are found in the tree in Dolinovodno, at the entrance to the bridge.
    Acquire these with the same method as the golova, shoot them down with a
    firearm.  These can attract the attention of the guards when they fall to the
    ground so they are a good source of energy as well as being a useful
    infiltration tool.  These will provide Snake with a good stamina boost but
    slightly less than the golova.
     Giant Anaconda
    I've only been able to find this specific creature once in the demo, in
    Dremuchij South.  When this guy is caught and eaten he will provide the
    bigggest stamina boost of all the food items in the demo.  Kill him/capture
    him the same way as the Python.
     Tree Frog
    These little buggers really aren't worth the effort required to catch them.
    They are found all over the place but they will usually slip right into the
    background since they are extremely small and blend in with the grasses and
    dirt.  Get these guys with your firearm or the knife.  I suggest the firearm
    since a knife is hard to use in this situation.  Frogs will provide a
    miniscule stamina boost.
     Indian Gavial
    This is probably the best stamina booster in the game.  The Gavial will
    provide you with three rations of meat that all boost your stamina in a very
    good amount.  One Alligator will provide you with enough meat for a little
    while.  Just note that you cannot tranq and capture these beasts.  They will
    merely fall asleep and wake up soon after.  You have to kill them with a
    grenade (toss one in its mouth for an entertaining kill) or a firearm.  I
    suggest a grenade since thast is one of the least used weapons in the demo and
    can be put to good use here.
     Hornet's Nest
    These you need to be careful with.  If you shoot them when you are close by
    the hornets will get pissed off and start to attack you.  So you need to snipe
    it from afar.  If you feel the need to get one fom up close equip the Cigar
    after shooting it and the smoke will drive them away.  This will provide a
    high stamina increase.
    These are probably the hardest creature to catch in the demo since it moves
    quickly and only stands still for the briefest of moments.  To get one of
    these into your catalog of food simply lay down somewhere and watch it fly
    around.  Note the places where it stops.  Get out your sniper rifle and focus
    in on that spot.  When it comes into view, re-adjust your aim and fire.  It is
    difficult to do but you can get one of these with the tranquilizer.  The
    magpie will provide a medium stamina increase.  Hardly worth the effort.
    These little rodents are only found in Rassvet.  Look under the floor of the
    room where Sokolov is and you will spot a few scurrying around.  Shoot them
    with your pistol and pick them up.  Despite their gross appearance Snake does
    not mind the taste.  Medium stamina boost for the rats.
     Russian False Mango
    the only plae I have found these is in the beginning area, where you acquire
    the backpack.  Look up and to the left before you climb onto the tree and you
    should be able to spot some hanging up in the trees.  Shoot them down with a
    firearm and pick them up for a decent stamina boost.
                     S E C R E T S   A N D   E A S T E R   E G G S
      -=o=- Time Paradox- =o=-
    If Snake dies at any point in the game you will be brought to the game over
    screen that says "Snake is dead".  You know that already.  But did you know
    that if you wait 30 seconds on the game over screen then the words "Snake is
    dead" will change to "Time Paradox".  This is because Nakes Snake is believed
    to be a younger version of Big Boss.  Big Boss is the father of the three
    Snakes in the first games and therefore if he dies it completely contradicts
    previous games.
    The same thing will happen with Sokolov's death.  If you kill him in the demo
    the words "Sokolov is dead" will change once again into the words "Time
      -=o=- Repeated Lines -=o=-
    Many people who have played the demo will notice some odd similiarities
    between some lines to those in previous games.  For example, Snake says in the
    demo "A name means nothing on the battlefield.  After a week, no one has a
    name."  In the midst of the action on Shadow Moses Island Solid Snake uttered
    this very same line to Meryl. There are a few other examples of this
    throughout the demo.  Coincidence?  Definitely not.  This could be alluding to
    the fact that Naked Snake and Solid Snake are so very imilar on the genetic
    level that there is some kind of information or way of thinking that is
    embedded in their brains.
      -=o=- Waking Unconscious/Sleeping Guards -=o=-
    If you need to wake a guard up for one reason or another you can use the
    CIRCLE button to perform the CQC combo that involves a kick.  If you make the
    kick near a sleeping guard he will begin to wake up.  That's right, a few
    kicks and the guard will wake up.  No more of that silly lifting and dropping
    for 5 minutes to get a box of ammo  When he wakes up you can continue being a
    sadistic torturer or whatever else you may have been doing.
      -=o=- Live Grenades -=o=-
    Ever wonder how to throw a snake at a guard?  Well today is your lucky day.
    When you have captured (captured, not killed) an animal, go into your backpack
    via the survival viewer and equip the animal into your backpack.  Nwo the
    animal will appear in your weapons menu and you can toss it at a guard as you
    would a grenade.  Some of the resulting reactions can be rather hilarious.
      -=o=- No Timing Out -=o=-
    As you have probbaly discovered by now the OPM demo disc times out if the game
    is left idle for 1 minute.  This can be quite a pain in the arse sice you may
    have to get up and defecate midway throught he demo.  How do you keep it from
    timing out?  Well there are two ways:  1 - you can wrap a rubber band around
    the left analog stick while in the survival viewer's viewing mode.  This will
    keep Snake turning around and around while you are out.  2 - get killed.  The
    game will not time out if you are on the game over screen.  You can let it sit
    there as long as you wish and it will not time out.  If you want Snake to not
    puke upon return to the game select and view one of the animals so that it
    will spin around rather than Snake.
                                 F U N   S T U F F
      -=o=- Rope Bridges -=o=-
    On any suspension-rope bridge in MGS3 you will be able to cut down the
    supporting ropes to throw the bridge off balance and toss enemies in the
    water.  You can do this by equipping the knife and slashing at the ropes or
    by shooting at the ropes with any of your bullet-using weapons.  This can
    produce some hilarious results but be wanred that you will have to cross the
    bridge yourself.  You can fall off of it when you cross but Snake will always
    grab onto the edge before he plummets to a most painful and unfortunate death.
      -=o=- Hornet's Nests -=o=-
    If you shoot down a hornet's nest so that it lands right next to a guard or on
    top of him you can make him scurry out of the area to avoid being painfully
    stung numerous times.  Be careful that bees will sting you if the nest falls
    near your position.
    Aside from being a useful diversionary item this will also provide Snake with
    a tasty treat to boost his stamina.
      -=o=- Crazy Communications -=o=-
    Use your radio to bombard your contacts with calls and eventually you will get
    some pretty...interesting conversations going.  Try calling with specific
    items equipped and calling certain people who might venture a reponse to what
    you are doing in the game.  For instance you can get a nice response out of
    ParaMedic if you call her with the Cigar equipped.
      -=o=- Nausiation Viewer -=o=-
    If you enter the survival viewer in the PAUSE screen you can spin Snake around
    repeatedly to make him nautious.  When you exit the viewer and go back to the
    game Snake will wretch out his stomach contents onto the ground.  This putrid,
    white substance will decrease Snake's Stamina and alert nearby guards to your
    presence via the stench.
      -=o=- Cinematic Zoom and Interactivity -=o=-
    During any of the cinematic scenes in the game you will be able to zoom in to
    take a closer look by pressing the action button (TRIANGLE).  You can then
    move the camera around with the right analog stick to adjust your view.
    The new interactivity in the cinematic scenes is that you can now press R1 tp
    view the camera from Snake's perspective.  You can only do this during certain
    scenes where the circumstances allow.
    During any radio communication you can see Snake a little closer by depressing
    the R3 button.  You can also move his image around by moving the right analog
      -=o=- Flying Snakes -=o=-
    As it turns out you can indeed throw snakes at the guards in this game.  What
    you have to do is go into your backpack and equip a caged snake into your
    inventory.  When you're all set go back into the game and the snake will be in
    your weapons menu.  Equip the snake and toss it like you would a grenade.  If
    the snake hits the guard smoothly he should get scared out of his wits and
    drop his weapon.
      -=o=- Messing With Sokolov -=o=-
    When you are approaching Sokolov's containment room in Rassvet you can try
    attacking him from outside the room to elicit some funny responses.  If you
    shoot through a window he will freak out and ask you to stop.  If you toss a
    stun grenade into his room you will hear an item fall to the floor shortly
    after the grenade detonates.  I cannot say what it is because the demo ends
    just as you enter Sokolov's room.
     * Josh Tilton Has suggested to me that this item is merely a rat.  It falls
    under the floor where Sokolov is and you can crawl and go get it when it has
    been stunned.  Apparently it isn't some crazily cool object like I may have
                               C H A R A C T E R S
    These are all the known characters slated to be appearing in Metal Gear Solid
    3: Snake Eater.  One vehicle is at the end of the section just to save on
     Naked Snake
    Codename    : Naked Snake
    Real name   : Jack 
    Sex         : Male
    Age         : 30s
    Nationality : USA
    Birthdate   : Unknown
    Birthplace  : Unknown 
    Te main character in Metal Gear Solid 3.  His real name is Jack.  He is a new
    recruit into the FOX Unit and Operation Virtuous Mission is his first solo
    mission in the unit.  his mission in this game is to rescue Director Sokolov
    from the Tselinoyarsk territory in the Soviet union and bring him back to the
    United States.
     Major Tom
    Codename    : Major Tom 
    Real name   : David Oh 
    Sex         : Male
    Age         : 55
    Nationality : UK
    Birthdate   : 8/12/1909
    Birthplace  : Exeter, England
    The commander of the FOX Unit.  He is a British chap who served time in the
    SAS with Snake's mentor, The Boss.  He currently belongs to the CIA Bureau of
    Classified Planning and is overseeing Snake's mission via radio from the
    aerial command post.
     The Boss
    Codename    : The Boss 
    Real name   : Unknown 
    Sex         : Female
    Age         : 40s
    Nationality : USA
    Birthdate   : Unknown
    Birthplace  : England
    Snake's former mentor.  She was an operative in the British SAS with Snake's
    commander, Major Tom.  She served during World War II, leading the United
    States and her allies to victory against the Axis powers. She also served time
    in the SEALs and Green Berets.  Due to her experience in those special forces
    units she is ranked with the best soldiers of all time. In addition to being
    Snake's mentor she is also the only woman that Snake feels emotion for.  The
    Boss is supporting Snake from a military complex on the west coast of the
    United States.
    Codename    : Tatyana
    Real name   : Eva 
    Sex         : Female
    Age         : 20s
    Nationality : USA
    Birthdate   : Unknown
    Birthplace  : America
    Eva is Snake's accomplice for a good portion of the game.  She becomes
    romantically interested in Snake during the mission.  She acts as an in-game
    support character.  Much like Meryl from the first Metal Gear Solid.
    Codename    : Thunderbolt
    Real name   : Ephgeny Volgin
    Sex         : Male
    Age         : 50s
    Nationality : Russia
    Nationality : Unknown
    Birthplace  : U.S.S.R.
    The commander of the Soviet Union's GRU Unit.  He is the main villian in the
    game.  Not much is known about him except for the fact that he will be trying
    to use the Shagohod for some unknown goal that Snake has to stop him from
    Codename    : Ocelot
    Real name   : Adam 
    Sex         : Male
    Age         : 20s 
    Nationality : Russia
    Birthdate   : Russian
    Birthplace  : Unknown
    Snake's arch rival from the previous two games.  In MGS3 he returns as an up
    and coming soldier in the Russian GRU.  He is a relentless killer but still a
    rookie.  He has a fetish for handguns.
    Codename    : Raidenovich
    Real name   : Ivan Raikov
    Sex         : Male 
    Age         : 20s
    Nationality : Russia
    Birthdate   : Unknown
    Birthplace  : U.S.S.R.
    A Raiden look-alike.  Almost nothing is known about him except that he is
    serving under Colonel Volgin.  Kuwabara.
    Codename    : Paramedic
    Real name   : Unknown 
    Sex         : Female
    Age         : 20s
    Nationality : USA
    Birthdate   : 22.06.1936
    Birthplace  : Boston, MA
    A former doctor that was recruited into the CIA.  She is serving as one of
    Snake's mission analysts for the mission.  She will provide him with medical
    information, tidbits about the local flora and fauna as well as irritate Snake
    with her interesting and somewhat needless coversations.
     Director Sokolov
    Codename    : Director Sokolov 
    Real name   : Nicholas Sokolov 
    Sex         : Male
    Age         : 50s
    Nationality : Russia
    Birthdate   : Unknown
    Birthplace  : U.S.S.R.
    The head of the project to make the Shagohod a reality.  He is the target of
    Snake's rescue mission in Tselinoyarsk.
     The Pain
    Codename    : The Pain 
    Real name   : Unknown 
    Sex         : Male
    Age         : Unknown
    Nationality : Unknown
    Birthdate   : Unknown
    Birthplace  : Unknown
    The Pain can manipulate a large number of bees to attack his enemies.  Besides
    that and him being in the Cobra Unit that is all we know.
     The Fear
    Codename    : The Fear 
    Real name   : Unknown
    Sex         : Male
    Age         : Unknown
    Nationality : Unknown
    Birthdate   : Unknown
    Birthplace  : Unknown
    The Fear is the most nimble member of the Cobra Unit.  He has arms and legs
    that are considerably longer than they should be and is in very good shape. He
    can manuever his body well and this makes him a most formidable opponent.
     The End
    Codename    : The End 
    Real name   : Unknown
    Sex         : Male
    Age         : 100
    Nationality : Unknown
    Birthdate   : Unknown
    Birthplace  : Unknown
    The End seems to be the Cobra member most likely to kill Snake since that is
    what his name implies.  He is already dead but can reawaken when the time is
    right.  He uses a sniper rifle to seek and destroy his prey.
     The Fury
    Codename    : The Fury
    Real name   : Unknown
    Sex         : Male
    Age         : Unknown
    Nationality : Unknown
    Birthdate   : Unknown
    Birthplace  : Unknown
    The Fury is one of the most fearome members of the Cobra Unit.  He wields a
    flame-thrower and manuevers around his enemy with a jetpack.
     The Sorrow 
    Codename    : The Sorrow 
    Real name   : Unknown
    Sex         : Male
    Age         : Unknown 
    Nationality : Unknown
    Nationality : Unknown
    Birthplace  : Unknown
    A member of the Cobra Unit.  The only thing we know about him is that he can
    levitate on water.
    Codename    : Johnny
    Real name   : Johnny Sasaki 
    Sex         : Male
    Age         : Unknown
    Nationality : America
    Birthdate   : Unknown
    Birthplace  : USA
    A Johnny Sasaki-esque character.  He guards the prison cell where Snake is
    being held prisoner.  He used to live in America and still harbours some
    pro-American feelings since he has a child and a wife in the States.
     The Shagohod
    Design         : Sokolov / Granin 
    In service     : Unknown 
    Developed      : 1961
    Crew           : 2 
    Combat weight  : 152.5 tons 
    Overall lenght : 22.800 mm 
    Height         : 8,200 mm
    Width          : 6,400 mm
    Armament       : 12.7-mm DShKM Heavy Machine Gun x 2
                     12.7-mm DShKM AA Machine Gun x1
                     100-barrel Machine Gun pod x 1
                     9K112 Kobra Surface-to-Air-guided Missile x 6
                     SS-20 Saber-call nuclear missile x 1
    Speed          : 80 kph
    Range          : 650 km 
                             T R A N S C R I P T
    [An airplane is flying through a dark sky.]
                --  5:30 AM August 24, 1964  Pakistan Air Space  --
    Pilot        : Flying over Pakistan, attitude 30,000 feet. Aproching Soviet
                   Air Space. Twenty minutes to drop off... Commercing internal 
                   depresurization. Equipment check.
    Jump Officer : Arm main parachute.
    Major Tom    : All right, you ready to go?
    Jump Officer : Drop zone still showing a high pressure mass.
    [Major Tom peers at a screen in the control room.]
    Major Tom    : Good, we've got high visibitity.
    [The plane is still flying.  The sky is a bit lighter and now we see Snake
     sitting on a bench, casually smoking a cigar.]
    Jump Officer : Put out that cigar.  Connecting oxygen hose to interior
                   connector. Put on your mask...
    [Snake ignores him and continues smoking his cigar.  The Jump officer cocks
     his head and turns around.]
    Jump Officer : Does this guy know what he's doing?
    Pilot        : Approching realease point...
    Jump Officer : Ten minutes to dropoff.
    Major Tom    : Hey! Are you deaf? He said to put out the cigar and put on your
    [Snake obeys.  He throws his cigar to the ground and dons his mask.]
    Jump Officer : Depresurisation compete. Checking oxygen supply.  Six minutes
                   to dropoff! Opening rear hatch!
    [The rear of the plane opens up and bright sunlight fills the plane.]
    Naked Snake  : Sunrise...
    Jump Officer : External temerature, minus 45 degrees Celsius. Two minutes to 
                   dropoff... Stand up.
    [Snake stands up and looks out the hatch.]
    Jump Officer : You'll be falling at 130 miles per hour. Try not to get 
                   frostbite from the wind chill. One minute to drop off... Move
                   to the rear. Activate bailout bottle.
    Major Tom    : This one is for the history books: The world's first HALO jump.
    [Snake walks slowly to the rear of the plane.  As he does his cigar is
     squished under his foot. He stands at the brink of the plane, ready to jump.]
    Jump Officer : Ten seconds to dropoff... Standby.  Status OK. All green!
    [The status lights turn green.]
    Jump Officer : Prepare for dropoff... Countdown. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1...
    Major Tom    : Spread your wings and fly!  God be with you.
    [Snake leans over and falls out of the plane.  He tumbles over a few times and
     then needles down to the ground.  The screen goes black.]
                          Directed by Hideo Kojima
    [You then see the ground below Snake, showing a forest and a river.]
    Major Tom    : Listen up Jack.  Your mission is to infiltrate Tselinoyarsk, a
                   mountainus area in Soviet territory. Ensure the safety of
                   Sokolov and bring him back to the West. If we don't get Sokolov
                   back before that weapon is compete, we'll be facing a crisis of
                   unprecedented proportion.  The clock is ticking.
    [Snake deploys his parachute. It snaps open.]
    Major Tom    : Once we've confirmed the rescue of Sokolov, stand by at the
                   recovery point. A recovery point will be dropped at that point.
                   Helium will be pumped into the ballon to infate it. The process
                   will take about 20 minutes... Once it's complete, the gunship's
                   arms will latch onto the balloon and pull it up.
    Naked Snake  : The Fulton Surface-To-Air Recovory System. I'm familiar with the
    Major Tom    : Exactly. this will be the first time it's used in combat.
    Naked Snake  : Do you think Sokolov's up to it?
    Major Tom    : The shock will be less then during a parachute jump. And the
                   arm can handle up to 500 pounds.
    Naked Snake  : So you are planning to take over the border in a single combat
    Major Tom    : She's equipped with two 6-barrel 20 millimeter valcan cannons
                   as well as two 40 millimeter machine guns.
    Naked Snake  : Sounds like she could hold her own against a battalion of tanks.
    Major Tom    : Even with the fuel in the reserve tank, we’re facing a 4-hour
                   time limit...If all goes well, it shouldn’t take more than a
                   few hours.
    Naked Snake  : Home in time for dinner.
    Major Tom    : But if anything goes wrong...  You’ll be eating dinner, 
                   breakfast, and all the rest of your meals in the jungle.
    [Tom and Paramedic nod to each other.]
    [Snake descends through the trees.  He passes a few branches and then his
     backpack is torn off by a branch.  He looks back to see it but the ground is
     approaching.  When he is about 10 feet above the ground he detaches from his
     chute and lands on the ground, hard.  Snake stands up and removes his mask
     and a few other items from the jump. He crouches down and calls up Major
    Major Tom     : Do you copy?  You’re already in enemy territory, and someone
                    might be listening in. From here on out, we’ll be using code
                    names to refer to each other. Your code name for this mission
                    will be Naked Snake. You are not to mention your real name.
    Naked Snake   : “Snake”?
    Major Tom     : You don’t like snakes?
    Naked Snake   : What do you mean?
    Major Tom     : You've eaten one before.
    Naked Snake   : In survival training.
    Major Tom     : I’m glad to hear that.
    Naked Snake   : I don’t know if I’d ever order one in a restaurant, but...
    Major Tom     : Be careful. You might not have a choice.
    Naked Snake   : What about you, Major? What should I call you?
    Major Tom     : Hmm... let’s see... I’ll be... Major Tom. You must not be seen
                    by the enemy. You must leave no trace of  your presence. Is
                    that clear?
                    This kind of infiltration is the FOX unit’s specialty. In
                    other words, weapons and equipment are procure on-site... That
                    goes for food as well. You’re completely naked, just as your
                    name implies.
    Naked Snake    : Great.  Now I know why you asked me if I like snakes. I 
                     suppose calling me “Snake” was your idea of a joke, too.
    Major Tom      : No, there’s a good reason for that.  I’ll tell you later,
                     when the time is right.
    Naked Snake    : Gotcha.  Getting back to the subject, how exactly am I 
                     supposed to feed myself?
    Major Tom      : You’ve been issued a knife and a tranquilizer gun. Use them
                     to hunt for food. You’ll also find some medical supplies in
                     your backpack.
    Naked Snake    : Yeah, about the backpack...  I lost it in a tree on the way 
    Major Tom      : I see.  Well, then, you’d better go get it back.  Do you know
                     where it is?
    Naked Snake    : No problem.  I can see it from here.  It’s stuck on a
    Major Tom      : To climb a tree, stand in front of a tree that’s covered in
                     ivy and press the Action button. I’ll be monitoring your
                     progress over the radio. We can’t risk violating Soviet 
                     airspace, but I’ll be in the gunship. My frequency is 140.85.
                     If you need to talk to me, use the SELECT button. OK, Snake.
                     Go get your backpack.
    [Snake retrieves his backpack and calls up Major Tom again.]
    Major Tom       : I see you’ve retrieved your backpack, Snake. To equip a 
                      weapon, it is necessary to take it out from your backpack.
                      In the Survival Viewer, choose “WEAPON” from the “BACKPACK”.
                      For other equipped items, just do the same thing from “ITEM”.
    Naked Snake     : Got it!  Use the Survival Viewer “BACKPACK”.
    Major Tom       : If your stamina gets too low, it’ll affect your performance.
                      You won’t be able to shoot accurately, for example, and your 
                      wounds won’t heal as smoothly. Keep an eye on your stamina
                      so  you don’t run out. To recover lost stamina, you can hunt
                      for local flora and fauna. You can use either your
                      tranquilizer gun or your knife to hunt. The suppressor’s
                      durability is shown in the icon. Any weapons and equipment
                      beyond what you’re carrying now, you’ll have to find as you
    Naked Snake     : I have to find my own weapons and equipment?  Whose crazy 
                      idea was this, anyway?
    Major Tom       : No weapons, equipment, footprints, sweat, or bodily wastes. 
                      The same goes for bullets and cartridges, too. You can’t let
                      anyone see you. You can’t let the enemy know you’re there.
                      This is a stealth mission.
    Paramedic       : Hello, Snake. I’m Para-Medic. Nice to meet you.
    Naked Snake     : Para...Medic?
    Paramedic       : As in a medic who comes in by parachute.
    Naked Snake     : Aren’t you going to tell me your real name?
    Paramedic       : Are you going to tell me yours, Mr. Snake?
    Naked Snake     : My name, huh... It’s John Doe.
    Paramedic       : And they call you Jack for short?
    Naked Snake     : You’re a regular Captain Nemo. A name means nothing on the
                      battlefield. After a week, no one has a name. What’s your
    Paramedic       : Jane Doe.
    Naked Snake     : Very funny.
    Paramedic       : I wasn’t joking, but I’ll tell you my name only if you
                      manage to make it back alive. My frequency is 145.73.
    Naked Snake     : Good to know.
    Major Tom       : There’s one more person I want to introduce you to, Snake.
    Naked Snake     : ?
    Major Tom       : Speaking of snakes, you remember The Boss, don’t you? A 
                      legendary soldier, and your mentor. Actually, it was The
                      Boss that got the DCI’s authorization in the first place.
                      She’s going to be serving as FOX’s mission advisor.
    Naked Snake     : The Boss is?
    Major Tom       : She also helped me plan the mission.  She and I were at SAS
    The Boss        : Jack, is that you?  How many years has it been?
    Naked Snake     : Boss??
    The Boss        : That's right, it's me.
    Naked Snake     : ...
    The Boss        : Talk to me.  Let me hear your voice.
    Naked Snake     : It’s been 5 years, 72 days, and 18 hours.
    The Boss        : You've lost weight.
    Naked Snake     : You can tell just by the sound of my voice?
    The Boss        : Of course I can.  I know all about you.
    Naked Snake     : Really.  Well, I don’t know anything about you.
    The Boss        : What’s that supposed to mean?
    Naked Snake     : ...Why’d you disappear on me all of a sudden?
    The Boss        : I was on a top-secret mission.  You didn’t need me anymore.
    Naked Snake     : But there were still so many things I wanted you to teach
    The Boss        : No, I taught you everything you needed to know about
                      fighting techniques.
    Naked Snake     : Techniques, sure.  But what about how to think like a 
    The Boss        : How to think like a soldier?  I can’t teach you that. A 
                      soldier needs to be strong in spirit, body, and technique.
                      and the only one you can learn from someone else is 
                      technique. In fact, technique doesn’t even matter. What’s 
                      important is spirit. Spirit and body are like two sides of a
                      single coin. They’re the same thing. I can’t teach you how
                      to think. You’ll just have to figure it out for yourself.
                      Listen to me, Snake.
                      Just because soldiers are on the same side right now,
                      doesn’t mean they always will be. Having personal feelings
                      about your comrades is one of the worst sins you can commit.
                      Politics determine who you face on the battlefield. And
                      politics are a living thing. They change along with the
                      times. Yesterday’s good might be tomorrow’s evil.
    Naked Snake     : Is that why you abandoned me?
    The Boss        : No.  It had nothing to do with you. I already told you, 
                      Snake. I was on a top-secret mission. A soldier has to
                      follow whatever orders he’s given. It’s not his place to
                      question why. But you’re looking for a reason to fight.
                      You’re a natural born fighter, but you’re not quite a
                      A soldier is a political tool, nothing more. That’s doubly
                      true if he’s a career soldier. Right and wrong have no place
                      in his mission. He has no enemies and no friends. Only the
                      mission. You follow the orders you’re given. That’s what 
                      being a soldier is.
    Naked Snake     : I do whatever I have to do to get the job done. I don’t
                      think about politics.
    The Boss        : That’s not the same thing.  Sooner or later, your conscience
                      is going to bother you... In the end, you have to choose 
                      whether you’re going to live as a soldier, or just another
                      man with a gun... There’s a saying in the Orient: “Loyalty
                      to the end.”  Do you know what it means?
    Naked Snake     : Being... patriotic?
    The Boss        : It means devoting yourself to your country.
    Naked Snake     : I follow the President and the top brass.  I’m ready to die 
                      for them if necessary.
    The Boss        : The President and the top brass won’t be there forever. Once
                      their terms are up, others will take their place.
    Naked Snake     : I follow the will of the leader, no matter who’s in charge.
    The Boss        : People aren’t the ones who dictate the missions.
    Naked Snake     : Then who does?
    The Boss        : The times.  Peoples values change over time. And do the
                      leaders of a country. So there's no such thing as an enemy in
                      absolute terms. The enemies we fight are only enemies in
                      relative terms, constantly changing along with the times.
    Naked Snake     : ...
    The Boss        : As long as we have "loyalty to the end" there's no point in
                      believing in anything... Even those we love.
    Naked Snake     : And that's the way a soldier's supposed to think?
    The Boss        : The only thing we can believe in with absolute certainty...
                      Is the mission, Jack.
    Naked Snake     : Alright, but do me a favor.
    The Boss        : What is it?
    Naked Snake     : Call me Snake.
    The Boss        : Snake? Oh, right, your codename is Snake. It suits you well.
    Major Tom       : That's right, the legendary unit that The Boss but together
                      during the World War II was a snake. The Cobra Unit... A
                      group of heroes that brought the war to an end and saved the
                      world. As long as you got a legendary hero backing you up,
                      you'll be fine. Isn't that right, Snake?
    Naked Snake     : Yea, I can't think of anyone else I'd rather have with me.
                      Oh, and one more thing Boss...
    The Boss        : Yes?
    Naked Snake     : It's good to hear your voice again.
    The Boss        : Same here. After all, who knows if either of us will make it
                      out alive... Snake, you were always best at urban warfare,
                      and infiltrating buildings. But this is the jungle. Survival
                      is going to be key. Those CQC techniques are sure to come in
    Naked Snake     : CQC - Close Quarters Combat, huh... I've been in the Green
                      Berets for the past few years. I'm probably pretty rusty.
    The Boss        : Not to worry, I'll be here to help you remember. After all,
                      this is your first actual survival mission. I'll be 
                      supporting you over the radio.
    Naked Snake     : Where are you, Boss? Next to the major?
    Major Tom       : The Boss is communicated with us by radio from aboard a
                      Permit-class submarine in the Arctic Ocean.
    The Boss        : My frequency is 141.80. Call me if your in need of my advice
                      on battle techniques.
    Naked Snake     : Gotcha.
    Major Tom       : Your mission is to retrieve Dr. Sokolov. Dr. Sokolov is being
                      held in an abandoned factory located to the north of your
                      current position. Avoid heavy combat and don't let anyone see
                      you. Don't forget that this is a stealth mission.
    [The radio conversation ends.]
    [Naked Snake stands up and gets his knife and gun out and holds them outward.]
    The Boss        : Snake try to remember some of the basics of CQC.
    Naked Snake     : Commencing Virtuous Mission... Now.
    [After entering an area with enemy guards.]
    Naked Snake     : Major, I've spotted two enemy soldiers...
    Major Tom       : They’re probably KGB troops sent to guard Sokolov.
    Naked Snake     : AK-47's and grenades...
    Major Tom       : Snake, your presence in Soviet Territory is already a
                      violation of international law. We can't let the Kremlin find
                      out the CIA and American Government are involved. Contact
                      with them is strictly prohibited. Don't engage them in battle
                      either. This is a stealth mission. Got that?
    The Boss        : The major is right... The point of this mission is the sneak
                      through the jungle without being seen. The success of the
                      mission depends on how well you use your camouflage.
                      Change your camouflage by selecting "CAMOUFLAGE" from the
                      Survival Viewer. The "UNIFORM" option lets you pick your
                      uniform while the "FACE" option lets you change your face
                      paint. Choosing camouflage that blends in with your
                      surroundings will help you conceal yourself more effectively.
                      Also don't forget that anything that moves will stand out in
                      the jungle. If you just stand up and run around like an idiot
                      you're bound to be spotted. But if you crawl instead, you
                      should be able to sneak by without being noticed. You can see
                      how effective your camouflage is by looking at the Camo 
                      Index. The Camo Index shows you how well your current
                      camouflage blends in with the surrounding area. The higher
                      the value, the harder you are to see, and vice versa. The key
                      is to make yourself one with nature. Keep that in mind as you
                      go along, OK?
    [Naked Snake arrives in the Rassvet area. He spots some guards around a run 
     down red building and hides behind a tree. He crouches and switches on his 
     radio as he gets out his binoculars.]
    Naked Snake     : Major, I've reached the abandoned factory where Sokolov is
                      supposedly being held... This place is a dump. I can't see
                      Sokolov from here... The security is pretty tight... They are
                      posted around the parameter... I wonder how many are 
    Major Tom       : Your objective - Sokolov - is inside the factory... They
                      should be holding him in a room in the north east section.
    Naked Snake     : North east section. Got it.
    Major Tom       : Be careful. Your mission is to bring Sokolov back alive. He
                      must not be exposed to any kind of danger. Do not approach
                      Sokolov while in Alert Phase.
    Naked Snake     : Right.
    Major Tom       : Oh, and one more thing, Snake.
    Naked Snake     : You mean there's more?
    Major Tom       : No... It's just... When you get to Sokolov I want you to tell
                      him something for me.
    Naked Snake     : And that is?
    Major Tom       : "Sorry for being so late."
    Naked Snake     : Is that all?
    Major Tom       : Yeah.
    Naked Snake     : ...Understood. Beginning my approach to the target.
    [After reaching the room where Sokolov is being held you will hear Sokolov say
     something then a bunch of quotes will start flying. Being the Japanese voice
     actors say it. I cannot tell who is saying what. So I left that part out.
     After this the demo ends.]
             F R E Q U E N T L Y   A S K E D   Q U E S T I O N S
    Question : Where can I get the demo?
    The Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater demo was released to the general public in
    the November issue of Official PlayStation Magazine.  You can pick it up at a
    local gaming store or book store for $8.99.
        - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Question : How hard is the demo?
    The demo isn't hard at all.  It can be completed without losing life once you
    have played through it the first time.  The only way you will have trouble
    with the demo is if you are absolutely terrible at the game.  That's what this
    guide is for though!
        - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Question : Does the demo reveal any plot details?
    Yes it does but they really aren't anything that you didn't already know from
    watching the trailers.
        - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Question : How long is the demo?
    The first time through it may take you up to or even over 60 minutes depending
    on how much trouble you have and the amount of screwing around that you do. It
    took me about 1:15 to complete it my first time through.  I watched all the
    story scenes and screwed around quite a bit.
        - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Question : How do I keep the demo from timing out?
    All OPM demo discs are set to revert to the main menu after 1 minute of
    inactivity.  You can avoid this little irritation by setting the controller
    against something before you put it down to go do something.  If you can keep
    the analog stick tilted to that Snake moves around while you are gone then the
    demo won't time out on you.  If you would like a safer way to do this then go
    into the survival viewer and hold the analog stick to spin Snake around.  The
    only downside to this is that you will have a nasty surprise waiting for you
    when you exit.  I like to use a rubber band to move the stick.
        - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Question : I can't find the demo!  Where can i find it?
    If you live in Europe or Asia then you will be unable to acquire this demo for
    quite a while.  I do not know when the demo will be released there but not in
    the very near future.  If you are living in the US and cannot find it then
    perhaps the stores are selling out of them or they have not recieved them yet.
    Call your local game store to ask if they have it before you venture off to
    find it.
        - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Question : Can I e-mail you with the sole intention of insulting you?
    No.  Unless you would like to be flamed in return then this will not be a very
    appealing option for you.
        - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Question : [insert question about information already answered]
    Go back to the guide and look through it.  The information you seek is easy to
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    Farewell until the next time!
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