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    Tanker Dog Tag Guide by ZeroVirus / Packing Heat

    Version: 2.0 | Updated: 11/15/11 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    M  E  T  A  L    G  E  A  R    S  O  L  I  D (r)   2
    S O N S   O F   L I B E R T Y
    by Packing Heat (funky_stylings@hotmail.com). Include the difficulty
    if you email asking about tags.
    and ZeroVirus / Huizar (jcarloshuizar@hotmail.com).
    Twitter account: @ZeroVirus89.
    If you see any mistakes, please e-mail me! (jcarloshuizar@hotmail.com)
    This guide was initially written using the European (PAL) Playstation(r)2
    version of Metal Gear Solid 2.
    Then it was updated by ZeroVirus (2011) to match
    the Dog Tags in Metal Gear HD Collection (US) version. With Permision of
    the original author.
    :: Version History ::
    :: Version 2.2 :: 22 August 2002 ::
    Small update with alternate strategy for Hold No.2 tags. (from Michael
    :: Version 2.1 :: 11th June 2002 ::
    Quick update. Added a new way to do pull-ups quicker, thanks to an
    email. See the holdup FAQ just below the table of contents.
    :: Version 2 :: 9th April 2002 ::
    Corrections. Plant walkthrough is complete. If you e-mail me
    asking for a specific tag, say which difficulty it's in.
    :: Version 1.7 :: 27th March 2002 ::
    New information about David E Palm, the guard in Deck-2 moshing to some music.
    Neoseeker added to authroized site list. Corrected the [Stealth] and
    [Bandana] requirements. Look out in a few days for the Plant
    :: Version 1.6 :: 26th March 2002 ::
    AWOL soldier cleared up! It now appears that if you enter the Engine
    Room under Alert, or cause an Alert before you have his tag, then he
    disappears off with the patrol team that comes through the Engine Room
    to see what the deal is. Also new information about the Grip Levels.
    Thanks to CJS28 for all the info in this update!
    :: Version 1.5 :: 25th March 2002 ::
    Damn Wordpad sucks. Past something in and it converts it to TMR font,
    "No, I never said to do that, I need Courier New!" Anywho, every tag
    on the tanker is now accounted for and walkthrough'ed. Few corrections
    added, plus we seem to have a glitch. I wasn't going to mention it
    until someone else was missing the same guard...He's the first guard
    you encounter as you enter the Engine Room. Sometimes, he's just AWOL.
    :: Version 1.0 :: 21st March 2002 ::
    All the tags for Tanker on Very Easy and Easy difficulties are listed,
    as well as a walkthrough for each of those. Also have a whole guide just
    below this about hold-up situations. Along with some secret stuff... I
    was intending to finish the guide completely before releasing it, but
    everyone asks about Hold 1 & Hold 3, so here they are. Don't ask me
    about Plant, or anything that isn't here, I'm working on those. Best to
    ask the message board if you have questions not covered. :) Oh, NTSC? No
    idea, all I know is that they have a few less tags.
    :: Version 2.0 :: 15th November 2011 ::
    Update all of the dog tags to meet the list present in Metal Gear HD
    Collection. Which has the Japanese Version of Dog Tags.
    :: Welcome to the tour... ::
    This is a tour around the tanker DISCOVERY. Please beware of lethal
    guards, a hairy Russian lady, a gruff-sounding man with a revolver, and
    some guy in a grey sneeking suit. During the tour you may select some
    souveniers from the patrons. Shiny dog-tags are popular gifts, but don't
    forget to frisk, or otherwise persuade, the locals to hand over
    their food or weaponage. Enjoy your stay.
    :: Ships Log ::
    :: 001 :: How do I hold up a guard? ::
    :: 002 :: Hold-up situation Q&A ::
    :: 003 :: [Stealth] & [Bandana] ::
    :: 004 :: Special Tags ::
    :: 005 :: Tanker :: Very Easy :: 24 Tags ::
    :: 006 :: Tanker :: Very Easy :: Walkthrough ::
    :: 007 :: Tanker :: Easy :: 26 Tags ::
    :: 008 :: Tanker :: Easy :: Walkthrough ::
    :: 009 :: Tanker :: Normal :: 33 Tags ::
    :: 010 :: Tanker :: Normal :: Walkthrough ::
    :: 011 :: Tanker :: Hard :: 35 Tags ::
    :: 012 :: Tanker :: Hard :: Walkthrough ::
    :: 013 :: Tanker :: Extreme :: 34 Tags ::
    :: 014 :: Tanker :: Extreme :: Walkthrough ::
    :: 015 :: Extreme Olga ::
    :: 016 :: Not more credits! ::
    :: 017 :: Legal Stuff ::
    :: How do I hold up a guard? ::
    Well, first you need a gun. At first you have your M9 tranquilizer gun.
    This works fine for those guards that beg for their life and hand over
    their tags with no "persuasion". But soon you will encounter guards that
    call your bluff, act the tough guy as it were. So more means of
    persuasion are needed to relinquish them of their belongings. The
    USP/SOCOM handguns are the standard choice for achieving this. Simply
    implant a hot piece of led in a guard's kneecap or hand, and he will be
    more willing to co-operate with your demands. But point something more
    powerful at him - a grenade launcher, Stinger missile launcher etc - and
    the results are a little more amusing...
    First, weapon drawn, you need to sneak up behind a (preferably
    stationary) guard. Go into first person view (R1), now point the gun at
    your the guard. If you're close enough, your character (Snake or Raiden)
    will order the guard to "freeze!" If the guard raises his hands, then
    you're in business. He's not going to be scared of you from behind (I
    should hope), so we need to get in front of him. Hold L1, and release
    R1, but still hold square. Now walk around in front of the
    guard. Hold R1, release L1, and now we're pointing a gun at his face.
    If he's a cowardly (or sensible, as it were) guard, then he will beg for
    his life. Aiming at his crotch and face is a good way to scare him into
    dropping goodies, and his tag will be the first thing he drops - if he
    has one. You can usually see the tag sparkling on his chest now. Watch
    him shake and drop his tag. After he has done so, you can either - 1.
    Torture him some more, if he will drop some ammo or [RATION]s, or 2.
    Tranquilize him, safest way, no noise, 3. Kill him, which
    is usually noise, and rather messy.
    Now the other type of guard you will encounter are the tougher ones.
    Upon pointing a USP/SOCOM/M9 at their face/crotch, they will say
    something like "If you're going to shoot, then shoot!" Ooh, what a tough
    guy! He won't give you anything, and tranquilizing him will either do
    nothing, or put him to sleep. Kneecapping him, or shooting his arm with
    the SOCOM/USP (or maybe a quick round from a machine gun) will deliver a
    non-fatal wound. Now he's more than happy to co-operate, so you can
    proceed with your threats. But beware - if you put your gun away, he
    will kick your arse. And after a little while, he will kick your arse
    anyway if you just stand there with a gun at his crotch.
    :: Hold-up Situation Q&A ::
    Q :: 	The guard won't hand over his tag, and I only have an [M9]. Help?
    A :: 	Okay, if you put your gun down while in front of him, he will
          kick you, then call for backup. You need to get behind him, so
          hold L1, release R1, and walk behind him, still pointing your gun
          at him. Now drop your gun, he won't notice, and knock him out
          with some punches.
    Q ::  How do I switch weapons while in first person view, without the
          guard kicking my arse?
    A ::  Hold L1, release R1. Now you can hit L2, and select a new weapon
          from your inventory. Hold R1, now release L1, and you're back in
          first person view, with your diferent weapon.
    Q ::  I got the guard to freeze, but the fool is right by a
          railing/wall and I can't get in front!
    A ::  While trying to get in front of him, purposely walk into him. He
          will make a noise "Uugh" and stumble back a few steps. Beware
          that his "uugh" could be heard by other guards. Or use the choke
          hold to drag him to a place where you can work.
    Q ::  The dude is standing too close to other guards/Marines/laser
    A ::  This is useful for getting Marine's tags on the Hold rooms of the
          tanker. You may need to tranquilize some other Marines first, now
    	sneek up behind the guy you want, grab him round throat, and drag
          him to a place where you can work. Be careful not to snap his
          neck though.
    Q ::  Aaaghh! He turned around and spotted me before I could get him to
    A ::  That's not a question. But killing the dude will not help, he
          needs to be alive to be able to hand over his tag. The best way
          to deal with him is to punch/kick combo him down until he has
          little stars above his head. You can come back for him. Now, if
          he's down, and getting up, stand behind him, point your gun, and
          hold him up.
    Q ::  I hear you can use [Thermal Goggles] to aid your quest...
    A ::  Yes you can. Equip the [Thermal Goggles] to your bonce, go into
          first-person view, and look at a guard. His tag should be glowing
    	white as it is colder than his body, which is glowing red. This
          isn't a very effective method though. You need to be quite close
    	to see the tag, and in front of him, and the [Thermal Goggles]
          don't have a zoom function. They're good for the Marines sections
    Q ::  How do I look at the tags I've collected?
    A ::  On the title screen, select Special, then Dog Tag Viewer. Load
          them from your memory card.
    Q ::  Have I collected that guy's tag...or not?
    A ::  If you equip something with a zoom/scope attached, zoom in on a
          guard, and hit triangle, you can see his details...only if you
          have his tag though.
    Q ::  Oops! My finger slipped. He won't wake up!
    A ::  Need the tag off a sleeping guard? 3 options -
          1. Spook another guard, and lead him to your sleeping friend. He
             will kick him awake. Hmm.
          2. Got [Coolant]? Spray a sleeping guard with your [Coolant]
             spray, he will wake up faster. Hooray!
          3. Try exiting the area, then re-entering (also	known as
             "Window's has crashed, what do I do?" solution. Only
             kidding.	This only works in certain areas...Deck 2, port is a
             good place to do this.
          4. Just thought of this one, can't be bothered changing that "3"
             up there. If you drag your sleeping guard into the patrol line
             of another guard, hide yourself, then the guard should wake up
             his snoozing comrade with a swift kick in the scrutux. Or
          5. Drag your sleeping friend onto some steps, then repeatedly
             pummel his head until he wakes up (various e-mails about this)
          6. Keep picking up the guy, then dropping him right back down
             again. It will take a while, but is handy if there are no
             steps around, and you don't have some Coolant. I found this
             out when looking for Rations on Extreme mode.
    Q ::  Any way to do pullups quicker?
    A ::  Having a full health guage means your grip level depletes slower.
          If you're wounded, it drips away like your blood. Stock up on
          [Ration]s then...
          NEW :: A quicker way to do pull-ups (this works best in Engine
                 Room on the tanker, you don't need to do pull-ups on the
                 Plant anyway), is to hang off a railing that has a railing
                 Below it. Then hit X to drop to the lower railing. This
                 Will count as 10 pull-ups for some reason. (Thanks to
                 Yusef El-Sokby)
    :: [Stealth] & [Bandana] ::
    :: [Bandana] ::
        :: After acquiring over 30 tags, you are rewarded with the [Bandana] for
           use on the Tanker level. This grants you infinite ammo when
    :: [Stealth] ::
        :: Acquire over 60 tags on the Tanker, and you get [Stealth]. This
           camoflauges your body, making you invisible to the enemy. It is
           useless when battling Olga, and for the gunfight outside Hold
           No.1. Very useful for Extreme difficulty, although I did the
           Extreme walkthrough for those without [Stealth]
    :: Special Tags ::
    ::    When you log into the first node with Raiden on the Big Shell,
          you are asked for your details. These will be displayed on the
          dog tag that Raiden is holding in the end credits...
    ::    Enter one of the following names and their statistics will
          magically appear...
        :: Hideo Kojima  :: You know who he is
        :: Miyaji Masayuki :: The dude who designed all the characters
        :: Andrej Pedercina Mimica :: He's a translator
    :: Who's this David E Palm fellow? ::
    Just to let you know, David E Palm is a really popular Japanese singer/rock
    idol, and he's done the commercials to MGS2 in Japan. He's kinda
    eccentric, and claims to be a 400 old vampire in a past life or
    something weird like that. Anyway, he's a celebrity endorser, and an
    avid video game player, so that's why they put him in. Also, since he's
    in the music industry, that explains the headphones.
    (Thanks to Anindo Mukhurjee for the David E Palm information)
    :: Tanker :: Very Easy :: 24 Tags ::
    ID	Name                        DoB	BLD     Location
    000	 Olga Gurlukovich           923	 A   	Navigational deck, wing
    001	 Josh Spires                716	 ?   	Aft deck
    002	 Tomomi Nasu                824	 B   	Aft deck
    003	 Stephen M Driver           1217 A   	Aft deck
    004	 Brendan McLeod             510	 AB  	Navigational deck, wing
    005	 Hajme Tusima               607	 A   	Deck-A, Crew's quarters
    006	 Yuki Hongoh                507	 B   	Deck-B, Crew's Quarters
    007	 Takahiro Yura              119	 A   	Deck-A, crew's lounge
    008	 David P LaFrenier          305	 A   	Deck-A, crew's lounge
    009	 Eric Bravo                 806	 A   	Deck-A, crew's lounge
    010	 Miguel Luis Cunha          304	 O   	Deck-D, crew's quarters
    011	 Eiji Senke                 322	 B   	Deck-D, crew's quarters
    012	 Yohsuke Sakaguchi          802	 A   	Deck 2, port
    013	 Jan Friese                 1016 A   	Deck 2, port
    014	 Marius Torsud              1224 ?   	Deck 2, port
    015	 Andrej Pedercina Mimica    113	 ?   	Engine room
    016	 Mike J Corbitt             1205 O   	Engine room
    017	 Aaron T Powell             1111 O   	Engine room
    018	 Jeff A Saylor Jr           1110 ?   	Engine room
    019	 Kazuki Tokunaga            1224 O   	Engine room
    020	 Kamil Mania                710	 ?   	Hold No. 1
    021	 Ismael Miranda de Andrade  421	 B   	Hold No. 1
    022	 Darryl F Kemp              824	 B   	Hold No. 3
    023	 Yoshitoshi Toyoda          726	 A   	Hold No. 3
    :: Walkthrough :: Tanker :: Very Easy ::
    001 ::  Josh Spires s patrolling the door to the left
    002 :: Tomomi Nasu is guarding the door to the right
    003 :: Stephen M Driver is strutting along the top balcony
    *** :: Enter the door on the right into Deck-B, crew's quarters
           starboard. Enter the door in the corridor to go to Deck-A,
           crew's lounge, starboard
    009 :: Eric Bravo is patrolling along the corridor
    *** :: Enter the door into Deck-A, crew's quarters, starboard. Now turn
           around and go back through
    007 :: Takahiro Yura is chilling out, sitting at the bottom of the
           steps outside the crew's lounge
    *** :: Up the stairs, enter the right door. Follow the corridor south,
           enter the door on the west side to Deck-C, crew's quarters,
           port. Go up the next stairs to Deck-D, crew's quarters
    010 :: Miguel Luis Cunha is that geezer standing by the laser trap with the
           C4 wired to it
    *** :: Up the stairs. Now fight Olga and put her to sleep with your
    000 :: Olga Gurlukovich's sleeping body is to be frisked until she
           relinquishes her tag
    *** :: Get the [USP Surpressor] and [Thermal Goggles] from the mast
    004 :: Brendan McLeod appears out of the door on the other side
    *** :: Back down to Deck-D, crew's quarters now
    011 :: Eiji Senke is now walking around the corridors outside the
           room with watermelons
    006 :: Yuki Hongoh can now be kneecapped to get his tag in Deck-B, crew's
    008 :: David P LaFrenier is hiding down the stairs to the west of the
           crew's lounge. Kneecap!
    005 :: Hajme Tusima is available for kneecapping in Deck-A, crew's
    *** :: Off to the Engine Room we go (headshot the guy sitting on the
           steps for some fun). *** Don't enter the Engine Room with the
           guards on Alert, or the next guy won't appear ***
    018 :: Jefff A Saylor Jr is just through the next door, don't kick
           him over the edge this time. Don't cause an alert, or he'll
           disappear with the assault team that shows up.
    015 :: Andrej Pedercina Mimica is the geezer patrolling on the next floor down
    016 :: Mike J Corbitt is at the bottom of the steps. Drag him out a
           little first to get behind
    017 :: Aaron T Powell is the next bloke you see, up some stairs. He's
           staring at a girly poster...
    *** :: ***IMPORTANT*** Before you exit this room, get yourself up to at
           least Grip Level 2.
    019 :: Kazuki Tokunaga now, he's that bloke that comes out of the
           door. He's been fixing a door
    *** :: Now you gotta shoot the C4 control thing. You should now have 16
           dog tags in your pocket. Deck-2, port. Hide in the second
           opening until the guard passes, sneek up behind him and rob
     	 Funny scene...when hiding behind this wall, knock the metal bar
           down and watch... "I am not stupid!"
    012 :: Yohsuke Sakaguchi is the first guard. Hide in opening 2, stalk
           him back to opening 1
    *** :: Frisk this guard for [Grenades]. If the alarm goes, run back to
           Engine room, port. If you get caught, run back down to Engine
           room, port. Now re-enter for a resetted radar
    013 :: Jan Friese can be seen moshing to some music at the corner.
           Don't bump him!
    014 :: Marius Torsud is the next guard. He would have heard if you
           bumped Bryn.
    *** :: Michael may be sleeping, or not. Either way, just get him from
           the side, it's easier. Now through the door to Deck-2,
           starboard. A gun fight ensues... You have 19 tags. Yes?
           Hold No.1 .Climb down to the floor. To the left of the projector
           is a dude with a helmet...
    021 :: Ismael Miranda de Andrade is that dude's name. He's not part of the
           Don't wound these Marines!
    *** :: Climb back up your ladder, to the middle floor. Now jump the
           railing, and shimmy to the left. This is why you need Grip Level
           2. Flip yourself back up at the far end by the guy.
    020 :: Kamil Mania is that guy's name. Take his tag and tranquilize him.
           None of the Marines resist.
    *** :: Now go through the door into Hold No.2. Flip over the railing,
           and shimmy to the other end. Go through the door into Hold No.3.
           See that dude standing there? He may be in his kecks...
    022 :: Darryl F Kemp is next on your hitlist. He's this guy on the
           platform. Rob his tag
    *** :: Slide down the firemans pole. See that guy, sort of asleep? May
           also be in his kecks...
    023 :: Yoshitoshi Toyoda is this Marine's name. Plenty of space to sneek
           behind and hold him up
    *** :: Now you have all 24 dog tags? Good. Get your 4 photos of RAY,
           load them up and your done!
    :: Tanker :: Easy :: 26 Tags ::
    ID    Name                    DoB        BLD   Location
    000	 Olga Gurlukovich     923	 A   	Navigational d	eck, wing
    001	 Justin P Verrier     923	 A   	Aft deck
    002	 Ryouichi Matsumoto   511	 ?   	Aft deck
    003	 Michael S Futter     501	 A   	Aft deck
    004	 Michael Vogt         209	 B   	Navigational d	eck, wing
    005	 Kei Kudou Mon        402	 O   	Deck-A, Crew's	quarters
    006	 Eetu Holmqvist       410	 O   	Deck-B, Crew's	Quarters
    007	 Matthew W Hunt       1207	 A   	Deck-A, crew's	lounge
    008	 David W Pelster      1114	 AB  	Deck-A, crew's	lounge
    009	 Takumi Shimada       711	 ?   	Deck-A, crew's	lounge
    010	 Cary J Schwartzman   202	 A   	Deck-D, crew's	quarters
    011	 Danilo NE Carbone    426	 O   	Deck-D, crew's	quarters
    012	 Adam Lloyd           719	 ?   	Deck 2, port
    013	 David E Palm         506	 ?   	Deck 2, port
    014	 Yuki Aoki            1019	 B   	Deck 2, port
    015	 William N Bruce      910	 O   	Engine room
    016	 Chien Jen Liang      429	 O   	Engine room
    017	 Luke Boulerice       815	 ?   	Engine room
    018	 Yusuke Sasaki        924	 B   	Engine room
    019	 Travis J Long        219	 O   	Engine room
    020	 Steven A Weekes      407	 O   	Engine room
    021	 Marco Silvano        106	 ?   	Hold No. 1
    022	 Xesk Malone          1217	 O   	Hold No. 1
    023	 Michalis Taubert     705	 A   	Hold No. 3
    024	 Lee A Myers          1230	 B   	Hold No. 3
    025	 Rock Young           911	 AB  	Hold No. 3
    :: Walkthrough :: Tanker :: Easy ::
    001 :: Justin P Verrier is the bloke patrolling the door to the left
    002 :: Ryouichi Matsumoto is guarding the door on the right side
    003 :: Michael S Futter can be found strutting along the top level balcony
    *** :: Enter the door on the right side of the ship into Deck-B, crew's
           quarters. Avoid the guard, and enter the door on the far left to
           Deck-C, crew's quarters. Up the stairs now to Deck-D, crew's
    010 :: Cary J Schwartzman is the bloke standing dangerously close to the
           lasers and C4. Watch the camera though
    *** :: Run into the room with the melons. A guard will walk up the
           stairs. Be quick... He don't stay long. You can punch-kick him
           unconscious, then drag him to the canteen where you can work
    011 :: Danilo NE Carbone is his name. He goes down again quickly, so
           sneak up behind and get him/get him into the canteen. You have
         	 one shot at this, don't screw it up!
    *** :: Up the stairs, fight Olga Gurlukovich.
    000 :: Olga Gurlukovich, frisk her sleeping body for her tag. Keep
           frisking for some ammo
    *** :: Re-enter Deck-E, The Bridge for some [USP] ammo. Get the
           [Surpressor] from the mast
    004 :: Michael Vogt is the bloke that comes out of the other door and
           walks around the boxes
    *** :: Back down to the laser trap and the C4. Shoot the camera and the
           C4 control box. Kill the guard that's by the stairs. He has no
           tag, but he may give some ammo...Back down to Deck-B, crew's
           quarters, port
    006 :: Eetu Holmqvist needs to be kneecapped before he will hand
           his tag over. Take him down!
    *** :: Go down into Deck-A, crew's lounge. See that guard?
    009 :: Takumi Shimada is the patrolling guards name. Hold him up to
           the east, not the other end, or the guard down the stairs will
    *** :: Exit the door to Deck-A, crew's quarters. Look for the guard
    005 :: Kei Kudou Mon is the guard patolling just west of the locker room
    *** :: Re-enter Deck-A, crew's lounge. There's a new guard sitting on
           the steps...
    007 :: Matthew W hunt is his name. He needs a bullet in the knee to
           persuade him to hand over his tag
    008 :: David W Pelster is the geezer standing - half asleep - down the
           stairs, surrounded by flies
    *** :: To the Engine Room. Don't enter with an Alert!
    019 :: Travis J Long is the first guard. Tell him to "freeze" then
           bump him to get in front. Don't cause an Alert though, or he
           will probably disappear with the assault team that shows up.
    015 :: William N Bruce is next, just down the steps
    016 :: Chien Jen Liang is to the left at the bottom of the next steps.
           Jump him from the side
    017 :: Luke Boulerice is standing up the next flight of steps. Look
           directly where he was looking...
    018 :: Yusuke Sasaki is up the last set of stairs
    *** :: ***IMPORTANT*** Before you leave the Engine Room, get up to Grip
           Level 2! ***IMPORTANT***
    *** :: Let the next guy finish talking into the radio before you hold
           him up
    020 :: Steven A Weekes is the bloke who comes out of a door
           bragging that he fixed said door. He sounds proud...
    *** :: Shoot the laser control boxes and go through the door to Deck-2.
           You should now have 18 tags (43 accumulated). Run up and hide in
           the second opening on the right. Wait for the guard to pass you
    012 :: Adam Lloyd is his name. Sneak up behind him when he has
           gone past
    *** :: If you get caught, run back down into the Engine Room, then re-
           enter to reset the alarm. Don't hold up the next 2 guards with
           the [USP], they will see the light. Use the [M9]
    013 :: David E Palm is the guard at the corner, moshing to some music. Stange
           name... AAA blood. Is he a vampire? ***See - Special Tags***
    014 :: Yuti Aoki is the next guard. You will have to get him from
           the side, be careful
    *** :: Now you have a gunfight, and end up in Hold 1. Got 21 tags (46
           accumulated)? Climb down to the floor. The second row from the
           front, third from the right...It's underpant season!
    022 :: Xesk Malone is that guy in the underpants. He's very difficult
           to get, so follow this... Sneak around the west side of the room
           to the north-west corner. From here, tranquilize every guard
           that can see him (use the radar to see this). Now carefully walk
           up the the bloke standing infront of our man (both are
           tranquilized), and drag him off to the front, out of the way.
           Now tranquilize him again. Go and grab our underpant man, drag
           him off to the front. When you release him, point your gun at
           him and hold him up as normal. :)
    *** :: Now you will need to let them catch you. Reason - you will start
           Hold No.1 again, _with_ the tag you just got, you will have full
           time limit, and you will also have full [M9] ammo... Now climb
           down to the middle balcony. Flip over it, and shimmy across the
           the other end where a guard is. Jump back up behind him
    021 :: Marco Silvano is the guard on the other end of this balcony
    *** :: Through the door to Hold No.2. Same trick with the railing
           again, right to the other end. Pull yourself up, and go through
           into Hold No.3
    023 :: Michalis Taubert is the next guy, on the balcony in Hold No.3.
    *** :: A good tactic now is to tranquilize all the Marines from the
           balcony, you can see better than you can from the floor. Now
           slide down the pole
    024 :: Lee A Myers is the guard at the bottom of the pole, may be
           sleeping. Easy pickings
    *** :: This is a good time to demonstrate the [Thermal Goggles]'
           ability to sniff out tags. Get in the little passage under
           Dolph, equip the goggles, and use first-person view to see the
    025 :: Rock Young is in the front row of the Marines, third from
           the right. They should all be tranquilized by now (from the
           balcony). Walk round the front of them, and walk up to him. His
           arms are folded. Grab him in the choke-hold, and drag him under
           the platform that Dolph is on (the guy giving the speech). Now
           release him, and hold him up as normal.
    *** :: That's them all. Now take some photos of RAY, and get the hell
           outta there!
    :: Tanker :: Normal :: 33 Tags ::
    ID    Name                      DoB    BLD   Location
    000	 Olga Gurlukovich            	923	 A   	Navigational deck, wing
    001	 Garret L Peters             	920	 AB  	Aft deck
    002	 Sunny Hsu                   	1106	 A   	Aft deck
    003	 Pablo Maisuls               	529	 A   	Aft deck
    004	 Samuel B Sandoval           	1214	 A   	Navigational deck, wing
    005	 James I Bartelle            	414	 ?   	Deck-C, Crew's quarters
    006	 Daniel Kucan                	1130	 O   	Deck-A, Crew's quarters
    007	 Ronan Khim                  	1105	 AB  	Deck-B, crew's quarters
    008	 Masanori Inui               	1014	 O   	Deck-B, crew's quarters
    009	 Jeng L Valencia             	804	 AB  	Deck-A, crew's lounge
    010	 Seth T Hay                  	420	 O   	Deck-A, crew's lounge
    011	 Daniel W Dennison           	312	 ?   	Deck-A, crew's lounge
    012	 Flavio Camargos             	727	 A   	Deck-D, crew's quarters
    013	 Brad R Whitefield           	1005	 AB  	Deck-D, crew's quarters
    014	 James Broome                	408	 ?   	Deck-D, crew's quarters
    015	 Hiromasa Watanabe           	516	 A   	Deck 2, port
    016	 Kieran Keegan               	1111	 AB  	Deck 2, port
    017	 Hirokazu Takahashi          	1006	 A   	Deck 2, port
    018	 Marwan Abdullah AlHarbi     	101	 O   	Engine room
    019	 Henning Rhoden              	5	 B   	Engine room
    020	 Marcelo Zamorano            	828	 A   	Engine room
    021	 Simon F Picard              	515	 O   	Engine room
    022	 Haden K Oneil               	307	 ?   	Engine room
    023	 Yuji Higuchi                	322	 B   	Engine room
    024	 Husain Abdulrazaq AlHasan   	514	 ?   	Engine room
    025	 Robert R Bruce              	1116	 A   	Hold No. 1
    026	 Kenzi Tanda                 	 ?    	 ?   	Hold No. 1
    027	 Ivan E Saldarriaga          	910	 O   	Hold No, 1
    028	 Christopher G Hercus        	1211	 O   	Hold No. 2
    029	 Tomohiro Katoh              	926	 B   	Hold No. 2
    030	 David D Crumpler            	514	 B   	Hold No. 3
    031	 Joao E Martins              	1114	 A   	Hold No. 3
    032	 Mika A Taavela              	1118	 ?   	Hold No. 3
    :: Walkthrough :: Tanker :: Normal ::
    001 :: Garret L Peters is the guard over to the left, guarding a door
    002 :: Sunny Hsu is the one guarding the door over to the right
    003 :: Pablo Maisuls is the bloke strutting along the top balcony
    *** :: Enter the door on the right into Deck-B, crew's quarters
    007 :: Ronan Khim is the guard on the north corridor
    008 :: Masanori Inui is the other guard on the south corridor
    *** :: Go up the stairs on the west to Deck-C, then go up the next
           stairs to Deck-D, crew's quarters. Tranquilize the guard in
           the canteen - he ain't giving up his tag.
    012 :: Flavio Camargos is the guard by the C4 laser trap. If you get him
           while he's close to the trap, bump into him to move him back a
           bit so you can get in front without hitting the lasers
    *** :: Go up the stairs into Deck-E, the bridge. Now defeat Olga
    000 :: Olga Gurlukovich is to be frisked until she drops her tag
    *** :: Re-enter The Bridge for some [USP] ammo, exit back out to the
           Navigational Deck, wing. We have un-finished business... First,
           climb the mast for the [Surpressor] and [Thermal Goggles]
    004 :: Samuel B Sandoval is the guard that comes out of the other door, should
           give up his tag without a kneecapping
    *** :: Go back down to Deck-D, crew's quarters. The guy you put to
           sleep in the canteen is awake, and there's a new guard in the
           corridor just north of the laser trap. Go for the one in the
           canteen first, and be careful of the surveillance camera...
    013 :: Brad R Whitefield is that un-fortunate guy in the canteen, and he
           needs to be kneecapped before you can relinquish his tag
    *** :: Kill the other guard out in the corridor, and drag him quickly
           into the small room with the boxes and watermelons and such. A
           new guard is now coming up the stairs, but he goes straight back
           down. That's the guard that has the tag, and this is a one-time
           chance to get it. When he turns to go back down, punch-kick him
           to the ground. Now point your gun and wait for him to get up
    014 :: James Broome is that guard's name. Remember, be quick about
           this. Punch-kick him down, then rob his arse. Not literally!
    *** :: Go down to Deck-C.
    005 :: James I Bartelle is the guard pacing by the surveillance
           camera. Knock the wall to get his attention, then hide by the
           locker. When he comes to investigate, ambush him
    *** :: Now go down into Deck-B, then cut through the east door to
           Deck-A, crew's lounge. Kill any guards in Deck-B, you have their
           tags already
    011 :: Daniel W Dennison is the guard pacing up and down outside the
           crew's lounge. Follow him when he goes east, and ambush him at
           the end. If you jump him down the other end, the guard down the
           stairs will hear
    *** :: Exit the door to Deck-A, crew's quarters
    006 :: Daniel Kucan is pacing up and down just west of the locker
           room. He will need some persuasion from your [USP] though...
    *** :: Go back to Deck-A, crew's lounge. The mess you made of that
           guard has gone, and a new guard is standing by the steps...
    009 :: Jeng L Valencia is that guard. Follow him into the lounge area and
           ambush him
    010 :: Seth T Hay is sleeping down the stairs to the west. Creep
           slowly down the stairs. Notice the flies :( You will have to
           fulfil his wish to be shot with a bullet in his arm/kneecap
    *** :: Enter the Engine Room now, it's down the stairs on the east. Do
           not enter with the guards on Alert, or the next guy may not show
    023 :: Yuji Higuchi is the first guy. Bump him to get between him and the
           barrier. Shoot him in the head after getting his tag, and watch
           him fall over the railings... If you cause an alert, he could
           disappear off with the assault team that shows up
    018 :: Marwan Abdullah AlHarbi is the guard down the flight of stairs. Sneek
           behind him as he heads off in the other direction
    019 :: Henning Rhoden is hiding down the next stairs. He's just by a
           pillar, so when he looks to his left, jump out and ambush him
           from his right hand side, then get infront to get his tag
    020 :: Marcelo Zamorano is just up the next flight of stairs. Kneecap
           him for his dog tag, then head shot him and he'll fall over the
           railings to a comical Looney Tunes stylee death. All we need
           then is a puff of white smoke indicating he landed
    *** :: Go back down those stairs and look for the next guard...
    022 :: Haden K Oneil is the guard's name. Wait until he walks along
           north, then sneak up behind him
    021 :: Simon F Picard is up the last flight of stairs
    *** :: ***IMPORTANT*** Get up to Grip Level 2 before you leave the
           Engine Room
    024 :: Husain Abdulrazag AlHasan comes out of a door that he fixed. Jump him as
           soon as he finishes his speech into his radio. You must get him
           as he doesn't appear any other time
    *** :: Shoot out the laser control boxes (3 of 'em), and enter Deck-2,
           port. Leg-it to the second opening, and hide there. Notice that
           while in Deck-2, you should only be using [M9]. The [USP] has
           a light attached, and the guards see the shadow before you can
           shout "freeze". You can switch to [USP] if the guard needs
           kneecapping while holding him up - hold L1, and change guns! If
           you get caught by the guards, run back the the Engine Room, then
           re-enter for a resetted radar and guards
    015 :: Hiromasa Watanabe is the first guard walking towards you. You should be
           hiding in the second opening on the right. When he passes,
           heading south, follow him and ambush him
    016 :: Kieran Keegan is the guard boppin' his 'ead to muzik at the
           bottom corner. Sneak past with your [M9] and hold him up
    017 :: Hirokazu Takahashi is the geezer a bit futher down, sleeping. Walk
           beside him as he sleeps to get him
    *** :: Enter Deck-2, starboard. Have your gunfight, then enter Hold 1.
           Your [Bandana] is good for the gunfight. Climb down to the floor
           in Hold No.1
    *** :: As soon as you enter Hold No.1, climb down to the floor
    026 :: Kenzi Tanda is standing just to the west of the projector. He
           is all alone, and wearing a helmet
    027 :: Ivan E Saldarriaga is easy as well. He's on the west wall, all
           alone, again wearing a helmet. Careful of the metal floor...he's
           standing on the metal plated floor by a cube thingy...
    *** :: Climb back up the ladder in the south-east corner, up to the
           middle balcony.
    025 :: Robert R Bruce is on the other end of the middle balcony. To get
           to him, flip over the railing on the middle balcony, and hold L2
           to shimmy all the way to the other end, then flip yourself back
           up when you reach him. This is why you needed Grip Level 2
    *** :: Now exit through the door to Hold No.2. We shall have to work
           backwards here! Flip over the railing and again grab hand-to-
           hand to the other end, then pull yourself up. Go through the
           door into Hold No. 3
    030 :: David D Crumpler is that guard ahead of you on the balcony. Take
           his tag, then slide down the pole
    031 :: Joao E Martins is the guard standing near the bottom of the pole,
           sleeping. Let's wake him up...
    032 :: Mika A Taavela is the guard on the far left of this room. Crawl
           along through the passage under Dolph to the other side. Our man
           is standing on his own on the far left, easy to spot
    *** :: Now go through the left door (the door on the south-west wall)
           into Hold No.2. There's 2 tags on the ground floor that we
           couldn't get before, otherwise we wouldn't have been able to
           get 030... anywho...
    028 :: Christopher G Hercus is the guard on the far left (west) of the
           room. He paces around. Tranquilize the 2 guards at the very
           front, and the whole first 2 rows of Marines. Then sneek up on
    	 our man, be careful of the metal plated flooring - tread softly.
           You should be using your [Bandana] while tranq'ing the guards
    029 :: Tomohiro Katoh is standing at the back by the projector. You will
           need to work your way round the room clockwise, tranquilizing
           any guards whose field of vision you need to cross. He's on his
           own, with a helmet on his bonce.
    ALT :: As regards any difficulty level on the tanker level that has
    guards patrolling in the northwest or northeast corners of hold 2 I find
    that if I hide behind the boxes directly next to the doors from hold 3,
    I can entice the guards through a knock on the aforementioned box, when
    they come to investigate I simply hide behind the corner of a box and
    hold them up. This tends to remove the need to tranquilise any marines
    that could see you drag him away.
    Although, after playing in hold 2 again, I found you have to be quite
    specific with the knocking, thus you must knock right in the very corner
    then withdraw a little towards the door. Then the soldier will come
    directly to the source of the knock, at which point his field of vision
    will be directed towards the wall, at which point you can easily hold
    him up to get his tag. ( Michael Goulbourn )
    *** :: Now go back to Hold No.3 and take the 4 photos of RAY, upload
           them to Otacon, and you're done. Hooray!
    :: Tanker :: Hard :: 35 Tags ::
    ID    Name                    DoB    BLD   Location
    000	 Olga Gurlukovich            	923	 A   	Navigational deck, wing
    001	 Pawel Adamczyk              	101	 O   	Aft Deck
    002	 Jonathan S Wilson           	418	 O   	Aft Deck
    003	 Peter A Sattaur             	730	 A   	Aft Deck
    004	 Ako Kudou                   	804	 A   	Navigational deck, wing
    005	 Johan Hana                  	1030	 A   	Deck-C, crew's	quarters
    006	 Dex J Delfrate              	212	 ?   	Deck-A, crew's	quarters
    007	 Joseph R Larger             	123	 ?   	Deck-B, crew's	quarters
    008	 Kouji Takemoto              	530	 O   	Deck-B, crew's	quarters
    009	 Mahde M Mansur              	1121	 O   	Deck-A, crew's	lounge
    010	 Sauzando Aran               	927	 B   	Deck-A, crew's	lounge
    011	 Kouhei Yoshizumi            	1111	 A   	Deck-A, crew's	lounge
    012	 Hidetosi Suzuki             	817	 B   	Deck-D, crew's	quarters
    013	 Joelmir Mazon               	101	 A   	Deck-D, crew's	quarters
    014	 Michiel A Hendriksen        	216	 B   	Deck-D, crew's	quarters
    015	 Masahiro Takahashi          	701	 A   	Deck-D, crew's	quarters
    016	 Christopher C Osterwald     	120	 A   	Deck 2, port
    017	 Lee Seung Min               	212	 B   	Deck 2, port
    018	 TSZ TING                    	1218	 A   	Deck 2, port
    019	 Manabu Nishiyama            	717	 B   	Engine room
    020	 David Heng Liu              	412	 A   	Engine room
    021	 Wei Zhang                   	101	 A   	Engine room
    022	 Han Tao                     	1124	 B   	Engine room
    023	 Takashi Shiohama            	520	 B   	Engine room
    024	 James C Layton              	1214	 B   	Engine room
    025	 Jesus Auron Noatsuna        	101	 A   	Engine room
    026	 Ha Su Jung                  	1216	 B   	Hold No.1
    027	 Minako Nakazawa             	521	 B   	Hold No.1
    028	 Kel M Booker                	128	 ?   	Hold No.1
    029	 Asif A Ali                  	829	 A   	Hold No.2
    030	 Tatsumi Mizuguchi           	913	 A   	Hold No.2
    031	 Ali Karar                   	521	 AB  	Hold No.3
    032	 Benjamin Phoon              	430	 A   	Hold No.3
    033	 Jason L Hines               	1207	 A   	Hold No.3
    034	 Kurt W Bartholomew          	702	 AB  	Hold No.3
    :: Walkthrough :: Tanker :: Hard ::
    *** :: Now you should have [Stealth] so use it to sneak up on the
           guards. When you get infront of them though, and are not in
           first person view, unequip it with L2, otherwise they won't
           see you aiming at their groin with your gun...
    001 :: Pawel Adamczyk is over to the left side
    002 :: Jonathan S Wilson is guarding the door over to the right
    003 :: Peter A Sattaur is patrolling along the top balcony
    *** :: Enter the door on the left into Deck-A, crew's quarters
    006 :: Dez J Delfrate is the guard patrolling in the corridor just east
           of the locker room
    *** :: Enter the door into Deck-A, crew's lounge
    009 :: Mahde M Mansur is walking around in the lounge. Get him when he's
           nearest to the bar, or the other guy will see you. Hide him
           behind the bar when you've got his tag
    *** :: Go up the stairs and enter Deck-B, crew's quarters
    007 :: Joseph R Larger is the guard on the north corridor
    008 :: Kouji Takemoto is his comrade patrolling the south corridor
    *** :: Go up the west stairs do Deck-C, then up the next stairs to
           Deck-D. Careful of the surveillance camera
    013 :: Joelmir Mazon is the guard standing outside the pantry room.
           Wait until the guard by the laser trap goes away, then hold her
           (first female guard?) up. Use the pantry room to conceal the
    *** :: A guard just came up the stairs. Be quick about this one!
    015 :: Masahiro Takahashi is his name. He walks up towards the lasers then
           goes back down. If you miss him, then you're screwed, cos he
           doesn't appear again. Wait outside the pantry room, and when he
           turns back around, sneak up behind him. You can even punch-kick
           him down, then wait until he gets up then hold him up. Add him
           your collection of sleeping guards in the pantry room
    014 :: Michiel A Hendriksen is the guard in the canteen. She (another
           female :) ) paces between the 2 tables
    012 :: Hidetosi Suzuki is the one standing dangerously close to the C4
           laser trap. If you hold up this guard too close to said lasers,
           then bump them to move them away a little. Careful that upon
           administiring the tranquilizer that the guard doesn't fall back
           into aforementioned lasers and blow the C4 up
    *** :: Go up the stairs, and defeat Olga Gurlukovich
    000 :: Olga Gurlukovich is the next one. Pick her up while she sleeps
           and drop her so she releases her tag
    004 :: Ako Kudou comes out of the door on the other side, and
           walks around the boxes. Sneek up behind as he goes up the steps
    *** :: Get the [Surpressor] and [Thermal Goggles] from the mast. Now go
           through the ship until you are back at Deck-C, crew's quarters.
           Be careful - you may be sneezing...but luckily we have all the
           tags from Deck-D, so as you pass through there en-route to
           Deck-C, you can take out the guards by any means necessary...
    005 :: Johan Hana is the guard patrolling in Deck-C by the
           surveillance camera. Hide by the locker, and ambush him when he
           comes your way
    *** :: Go back down to Deck-A, crew's lounge. Dispatch of any guards in
           Deck-B, you have their tags.
    011 :: Kouhei Yoshizumi is the one that walks up and down the corridor.
           When he goes to the right (east) end of the corridor, silently
           take out the guard walking around in the lounge. Then follow our
           guard to the east end of the corridor and ambush him when he
           stops. He will need to be kneecapped before he will hand over
           his tag
    010 :: Sauzando Aran is asleep down the bottom of the steps at the west
           end of the lounge. Creep down quietly and surprise him... if you
           need [Ration]s, then frisk him for some, he had 2 when I killed
    *** :: Enter the door at the bottom of the steps on the east of the
           lounge into the Engine Room. Don't enter if you have the guards
           on Alert, or the next guard may not appear...
    024 :: James C Layton is the first guard. Use the choke-hold to drag
           him back to the lockers, then rob him. Don't cause an alert, as
           he may run off with the assault team that show up
    019 :: Manabu Nishiyama is pacing up and down at the bottom of the stairs
    020 :: David Heng Liu is the geezer at the bottom the next
           stairs. If he's standing in by the pillar, then use the jumpshot
           to get him to freeze
    021 :: Wey Zhang is the bloke up the next set of stairs
    023 :: Takashi Shiohama is the guard patrolling at the bottom level, just
           under 021. Wait until he walks back to the north, then follow...
    022 :: Han Tao is up the final set of stairs. Wait in the alcove
           halfway up the stairs until his is near the top step, and then
           ambush him
    *** :: ***IMPORTANT*** Get yourself up to Grip Level 3 before you leave
           the Engine Room, it's your last chance to do so. And you need it
    025 :: Jesis Auron Noatsuna appears in the next room, he comes out of the door
           at the bottom, and talks into his radio. Let him finish talking,
           then jump him
    *** :: Shoot out the 3 laser control boxes, and enter Deck No.2. Beware
           that Snake may be sneezing now... and use the [M9], or they will
           see the light from your [USP]. If you get spotted, exit back
           into the Engine Room, then re-enter Deck No.2 for a resetted
           radar and guards
    016 :: Christopher C Osterwald is the guard walking towards you halfway down.
           in the second opening for him to pass, then follow him...
    017 :: Lee Seung Min is the next guard, at the corner. He's moshing to
           music. Use the [M9], not the [USP]!
    018 :: TSZ TING is a little further down, half asleep. Sneek up and
           ambush him from the side.
    *** :: Through the next door. Have a gunfight. Into Hold No.1. Right? 9
           more tags left. 3 in Hold 1, 2 in Hold 2, and 4 in Hold 3...
           let's roll...
    027 :: Minako Nakazawa is on the west of the room. As you pass the
           projector, Yukho is the first guard on the west wall, on his own
           and wearing a helmet. Be careful of the metal plate on the floor
    028 :: Kel M Booker is the guard just north of 027. He's also on the west
           wall, on his own, wearing a helmet. When he walks forward a
           little, sneek up behind - careful of the metal floor - and rob
           him of his tag
    *** :: Climb back up the ladder you came down in the south-east corner,
           but only up 1 level to the middle balcony. Now I hope you have
           Grip Level 3...if not, you're screwed
    026 :: Ha Su Jung is at the other end of the middle balcony. Flip
           over the railing, and shimmy to the other end, then flip up
           behind him.
    *** :: Pass through this door to Hold No.2. We're gonna have to work
           backwards a little to get the other one in Hold 2, so bear with
           me... Now go through the door into Hold No.3, we're still on the
    031 :: Ali Karar is the guard on the balcony as you enter Hold No 3.
           Once you have his tag, slide down the pole
    032 :: Benjamin Phoon is the dude in his kecks at the bottom of the pole,
           he's also asleep. Use the choke-hold to drag him in the more
           open area by the pole, then rob him of his tag
    033 :: Jason L Hines is the guard on the other side of the room on his
           own, also in his undies. Beware of that other guard walking
           around the room
    034 :: Kurt W Bartholomew is the underpant patrol. Wait by the box where
           you ambushed 033 (Mr. Wray), and when Mr. Baker stands just
           north of your box, wait for him to turn and face the Marines,
           then sneek up behind
    *** :: Now go back through the door on the south-east (the one on the
           right of the room) back into Hold No 2. Now we're on the floor,
           and can get the last tag...
    030 :: Tatsumi Mizuguchi is the guard walking around at the north east
           corner. He walks up to the Marines, then back towards the wall.
           First, tranquilize some Marines that will have their field of
           vision on Mr. Yong. Now wait until he's by the wall, then sneek
           up behind him. That's the last tag :D
    029 :: Asif A Ali is over at the north-west, pacing around on his
           own. Work your way round to him (you can't go the south way by
           the projectors!). Hide behind the container by the west wall and
           ambush Mr. Murphy when the Marines are facing the other way
    *** :: Now go back into Hold No.3 and take your 4 photos of RAY, get
           Ocelot's approval on your work, and get outta there. Job done!
    :: Tanker :: Extreme :: 34 Tags ::
    ID    Name                        DoB    BLD   Location
    * indicates the guard is carrying a Ration(s)
    000	 Olga Gurlukovich            	923	 A   	Navigational deck, wing
    001	 Isao Miyamoto               	322	 AB  	Aft Deck
    002	 Matt Holt                   	303	 A   	Aft Deck
    003	 Patrick James Torrence      	420	 ?   	Aft Deck
    004	 Malcolm W Bullmore          	704	 ?   	Navigational deck, wing
    005	 Adam Christopher Vazquez    	1215	 ?   	Deck-C, crew's quarters
    006	 Alexandra Rattay            	1110	 A   	Deck-A, crew's	quarters
    007	 Enrike Vargas Suarez        	528	 O   	Deck-B, crew's	quarters
    008	 Akihito Oshima              	1025	 A   	Deck-B, crew's	quarters
    009	 Bruce Murphy                	130	 O   	Deck-A, crew's	lounge
    010	 Patrick F Coley             	201	 O   	Deck-A, crew's	lounge
    011	 Patrouillault Celine        	321	 O   	Deck-A, crew's	lounge
    012	 Andre Perron                	304	 A   	Deck-D, crew's	quarters
    013	 Matthew M Wilcox            	212	 AB  	Deck-D, crew's	quarters
    014	 Miyaji Masayuki             	611	 AB  	Deck-D, crew's	quarters
    015	 Guyver M Scott              	122	 AB  	Deck-D, crew's	quarters
    016	 Devin P McCourt             	122	 O   	Deck 2, port
    017	 Takahiro Hanaoka            	206	 B   	Deck 2, port
    018	 JinagXi Konglong            	926	 B   	Deck 2, port
    019	 Yuji Gotoh                  	351	 O   	Engine room
    020	 Tomi S Hakulinen            	901	 ?   	Engine room
    021	 Suneel Buggal               	1220	 O   	Engine room
    022	 Anibal Rodriguez            	330	 O   	Engine room
    023	 Fahim Mumin                 	831	 ?   	Engine room
    024	 Nicholas A Kowalcyk         	1215	 A   	Engine room
    025	 Adam M Conrad               	804	 ?   	Engine room
    026	 David Oh                    	714	 O   	Hold No.1
    027	 Shinichi Furusho            	823	 AB  	Hold No.1
    028	 Daisuke mercury Shimada     	1218	 AB  	Hold No.2
    029	 Phil A Marchant             	1006	 O   	Hold No.2
    030	 Landon F Hilde              	618	 AB  	Hold No.3
    031	 Jeremy J Drake              	1028	 ?   	Hold No.3
    032	 Fred A Thiele               	718	 ?   	Hold No.3
    033	 Nagisa Kase                 	225	 O   	Hold No.3
    * indicates the guard is carrying a Ration(s)
    :: Walkthrough :: Tanker :: Extreme ::
    *** :: Okay, this is a lot tougher. If you have [Stealth], then use it!
           I'll show you how to get the tags without [Stealth] though.
           Guards will hear your footsteps from a long distance, and get
           suspicious of any footprints. Most of them are "tough guys" that
           need to be kneecapped before they give up their tag. Remember -
           [Ration]s are only found by robbing guards/frisking them after
           killing/tranq'ing them, so rob them for all they have, then
           frisk them.
           First tranquilize the guard on the top level from your starting
           point. Now administer some tranquilizer to the guard over to the
           left. Get up to the top balcony and get the [Medicine]. Now go
           through the door on the left of the screen into Deck-
           A, crew's quarters. The Aft Deck guards need kneecapping, so
           leave them until you have the [USP].
    006 :: Alexandra Rattay is the guard patrolling in here. He walks all
           the way around, so follow him back down towards the locker room,
           and jump him at the corner just outside the locker room door
    *** :: Go through into Deck-A, crew's lounge. There's a guard pacing up
           and down the corridor, and one in the lounge... that guard down
           the stairs on the west of the lounge now walks up and down the
           stairs, sleeping at each point before carrying on...
           As soon as you sneeze, take the [Medicine]. Should be just
           before entering the lounge
    009 :: Bruce Murphy is the guard walking about by the bar. Jump-shot
           the guard at the other end of the corridor. Wait until he's
           asleep. Then Travis should walk out into the corridor, then back
           into the lounge a little, staring east. While he's staring east,
           move a little way down the corridor with your back up against
           the wall. When Travis turns and heads north towards the bar,
           make your move quickly and ambush him
    *** :: Frisk the guard that you tranquilized in the corridor for a much
           needed [Ration]. Now exit up the stairs into Deck-B
    007 :: Enrike Vargas Suarez is the guard on the north of Deck-B. Move to
           the edge of the wall with your back pressed up against it. Then
           use the jump-shot technique to get him to freeze (when he looks
           left). Now you need to get in front of him - quickly unequip
           the [M9] - he won't notice - then re-equip it and hold L1 and
           get in front of him.
    008 :: Akihito Oshima is the other guard on the south of Deck-B.
           Approach by the east corridor, then hide in that little gap at
           the corner. When he moves west, follow him and ambush him
    *** :: Go up the stairs on the west to Deck-C. Be quick under the
           surveillance camera - it can see you if you're east of it up
           against the wall... Then go up the next stairs to Deck-D
    012 :: Andre Perron is the first guard in Deck-D. She (with a
           man's voice :S ) patrols up to the pantry, then back to the
           stairs. Stay at the top of the stairs until she walks near them,
           then make your move. Jump her as she turns to head back towards
           the pantry. DO NOT go near the entrance to the pantry!
    *** :: Now stick your head through the door to the canteen and put the
           geezer wandering around in there to sleep. He needs to be
           kneecapped to hand his tag over
    013 :: Matthew M Cilcox is the guard out the other door by the C4
           laser trap. Wait inside the door (careful of the camera), then
           when he's looking north run out and hold him up. Now (still
           behind him) put the choke hold on him and drag him away from
           the lasers. Choke him a little (don't snap his neck), then
           hold him up when he pulls himself to his feet. Frisk him 3
           times for a [Bandage]
    *** :: Go back through the canteen to the sleeping guard you left by
           the stairs. Drag him round the corner and leave him in the
           pantry doorway. Now a new guard will come up the stairs...
    015 :: Guyver M Scott is that guard's name. He goes back down straight
           away and that's the only chance you have. So wait outside the
           pantry with your back up agains the wall so you can see the door
           to the canteen - he doesn't come all the way to the end - then
           follow him when he turns around. If you need to, punch-punch-
           kick him down, then wait with your gun until he gets up to rob
           him of his tag. When he's tranq'd, frisk him a little for a
    *** :: Now go up the stairs to Deck-E, the bridge. Defeat Olga. I
           suggest you read the Boss FAQ on GameFAQs for tips on this...
    000 :: Olga Gurlukocich gives up her tag after you frisk her sleeping
           body for it
    *** :: You now have a [USP] with which to cripple guards that give you
           beef when you ask them for their tag. Now go in The Bridge, and
           get some ammo for your new toy. Go back out and climb the mast
           for the [Surpressor] and [Thermal Goggles]
    004 :: Malcolm W Bullmore will walk out of The Bridge onto the
           Navigational Deck through the door on the other side. He walks
           over to the steps, so sneek up behind him when he does and hold
           him up. You will have to shoot him in a non-vital area to get
           his tag
    *** :: Go back into The Bridge, then down the stairs to Deck-D. At the
           bottom of the steps, use the wall for a jump-shot on the guy
           standing by the laser trap. The other guard will see it, but
           just keep firing until he's dead. Now stay on the bottom of the
           stairs where you shot from. When the other guard comes to check
           out what's happening, head shot him as he passes the stairs. Now
           crawl under the lasers, and head for the canteen north door...
    014 :: Miyaji Masayuki is the guy in the canteen. After crawling under
           the lasers, look on your radar until he walks south between the
           2 tables, and enter the room. Crawl under the first table, and
           when you reach the other end, look right. The guy is standing in
           the south-west corner. He then walks north along the west wall.
           As he does, crawl to the south end of the other table. Then the
           guard will walk east. Quickly stand up and after him, following
           the same route that he took. You will catch him when he's on the
           east of the room, staring at the north door. He will need to be
           shot in the knee/arm to get his tag
    *** :: Get some more [USP] ammo - under west table, and shoot the
           surveillance camera to get the ammo in front of it. Go back down
           the stairs to Deck-C, crew's quarters
    005 :: Adam Christopher Vazquez is now patrolling the corridor in Deck-C. He
           will be walking west towards the camera when you arrive. Hide by
           the locker, and wait for him to come towards you. He will stop
           near the bottom of the stairs, when he does so, ambush him
    *** :: Head down the stairs now to Deck-B, shooting out the security
           camera en-route. Take down any guard in Deck-B that gets in your
           way - you have their tags already. Or rob them if you missed
           them earlier. After you're done with them, enter the door
           leading to Deck-A, crew's lounge... Hopefully you got the guy by
           the bar earlier on, as I told you to... :)
           You need a distraction to get you to the east end of the
           corridor. As the corridor guard is down the west end of the
           corridor, from your perch, take down the guard by the bar with
           a headshot (with [USP]) when he steps into the corridor
    011 :: Patrouillault Celine is the guard pacing up and down the corridor. When
           he walks back east and spots his comrade dead on the floor, he
           will stop by him to investigate. That's your chance. Run down
           the stairs, and hold him up from behind
    010 :: Patrick F Coley is the guard covered in flies. He walks up and
           down the stairs at the west of the lounge, then walks along
           towards your corridor. He falls asleep each time he stops. When
           he's asleep at the top of the stairs, move up to him and ambush
           him. This geezer can be frisked for 4 [Ration]s, so stock up...
    *** :: Exit through the door on the east to Deck-A, crew's quarters.
           You should already have this guards tag, so dispatch of him.
           Exit out to the Aft Deck, back where you started
    001 :: Isao Miyamoto is the guard right near the door when you exit
           it. He will be facing the other way, just down the side, so
           quickly sneek up behind him. You're gonna have to persuade him
           to hand over his tag with Mr. USP. Dispose of him in the water.
           He will also drop a [Ration] if you frisk him 3 or 4 times...
    003 :: Patrick James Torrence is the guy strutting along the top balcony.
           Careful he doesn't spot you - he's very observant O_O He walks
           all along, so just sneek up behind him when he stops at a
           corner. Frisk him 3 times for a [Bandage]
    002 :: Matt Holt is the dude on the left of the Aft Deck, by the door
           that leads to Deck-B, crew's quarters (it's locked). If you're
           coming at him from above, then wait until he moves south and
           stares out to sea. Also a good spot to get him if you're coming
           from below. There's a [Bandage] in the corner by him
    *** :: Now work your way back through Deck-A, crew's quarters. Then
           into Deck-A, crew's lounge. Go down the stairs on the east of
           the lounge and enter the Engine Room. Be careful - you may be
           sneezing. Don't enter if you have the guards on Alert, the next
           guard sometimes doesn't appear if you do...
    024 :: Nicholas A Kowalcyk is the first guard. Use the choke hold to drag
           him back by the lockers, then rob him. Otherwise he will fall
           over the balcony and cause an alert. If you cause an Alert and
           don't have his tag, then he will probably disappear off with the
           assault team that shows up to deal with you
    019 :: Yuji Gotoh is down the stairs. Wait until he faces west,
           then use the choke hold to drag him back to the bottom of the
           stairs. Then just rob his arse
    020 :: Tomi S Hakulinen is standing down the bottom of the next steps.
           He's by a pillar, so when he faces his left, use the jump shot
           to get him to freeze. When he raises his hands, quickly double
           tap R2 to holster/pull out your gun, now move in front of him
           and proceed as normal
    021 :: Suneel Buggal is next. Cross over the little bridge bit, then
           stop at the bottom of the next set of (4) steps. Hide just next
           to them. Wait a few seconds and a guard will come down, and stop
           at the of the same steps. Now just ambush him. (You may need to
           run up the stairs then back down to provoke him to come down)
    *** :: Go up these stairs to the top level balcony. Work your way round
           to the other side then go down the next steps
    023 :: Fahim Mumin is the guard's name. His patrol route comes up
           the stairs by where you're hiding, then he stops at the top
           corner. You should be hiding in the gap on the wall where the
           [USP] ammo is. When he stops on the corner just south of your
           position, run out and rob him
    022 :: Anibal Rodriguez is the guard up the next set of stairs. Wait in
           the gap halfway up the stairs until the guard is at the top of
           said stairs facing east, then make your move
    *** :: ***IMPORTANT*** Now, before leaving the Engine Room, you MUST
           get your grip up to level 3. Last chance... Yeah it sucks, but
           you need it for the Holds
    025 :: Adam M Conrad is the guard that comes out of the door in the
           next room. Wait up against the wall opposite the door you just
           walked through for him to come out, and ambush him before he can
           talk into his radio
    *** :: Now shoot out the laser traps, and go through the door into
           Deck-2. If you get caught anywhere in Deck-2, then run back to
           through the door you came from by the laser trap, then re-enter
           Deck-2. Run up to the second opening and hide there. You should
           only be using your [M9] in Deck-2, the [USP] has a light on it
           that they spot before you can hold them up
    016 :: Devin P McCourt is the guard approaching you down the corridor.
           From your position in the second opening, wait until he starts
           moving south again then follow him
    017 :: Takahiro Hanaoka is the next guard at the corner moshing to music.
           Hide in the gap on the left wall by a pipe. The guard will then
           start walking about 5 steps towards you, stop, then turn and go
           back. As soon as he turns to head back, run out and get him from
           behind. You have to be careful the other guy doesn't hear you,
           so while behind Mr. Tajimi, holster your [M9] and use the choke
           hold to drag him back down the corridor a little, then work your
           magic and get his tag
     018 :: JinagXi KongLong is the next guard down the corridor. He's
           facing north, so quietly walk up to his side and ambush him
    *** :: Head through now to Deck-2, starboard. You have a huge gunfight
           with some guards, here's some tips for it...
           1) Get behind the second box, and stay crouched
           2) If a grenade sails over and lands by you, leg it behind the
              first box
           3) Stay in first person view, and use L2 to peek out the side,
              then fire
           4) Only shoot if there's 1 guard on the screen, or the others
              will kill you
           5) Don't worry if you use your [Ration]s, you won't need them
              after this bit
           Anywho, you're now in Hold No.1. 8 more tags left - 2 in Hold 1,
           2 more in Hold 2, and 4 in Hold 3
    027 :: Shinichi Furusho is on the ground, over to the north-west corner.
           He's walking around. First, crawl under the projector. Then walk
           down the west wall, hide in the 3rd alcove in the wall (it has a
           container thing in it, the others don't) behind the container.
           When the guard is standing just on the other side of the
           container, walk up behind him and hold him up
    *** :: Climb back up the ladder to the middle balcony. Flip over, and
           shimmy to the other end
    026 :: David Oh is the guard at the other end of the middle
           balcony. When you reach that end, wait for him to move out
           of the way then flip up and ambush him
    *** :: Go through this door to Hold No.2. The 2 tags in Hold No 2 are
           walking around on the floor, but we'll come back for them later.
           Flip over the railing and move to the other end, then go through
           the door into Hold No 3
    030 :: Landon F Hilde is that guard you see in his undies as you enter
           Hold No. 3 on the balcony. Easy pickings. Then slide down the
    031 :: Jeremy J Draje is standing at the bottom of the pole, looking
           at RAY. Choke hold him back to the bottom of the pole so you
           have room to work. If he's pacing up and down, then hide behind
           the wall until he comes near, then ambush him
    033 :: Nagisa Kase is the guard walking around near the front
           in his kecks. Wait by the container next to the computer, then
           when he comes near you, run out and hold him up
    032 :: Fred A Thiele is on the west of the room, on his own. Crawl
           under Dolph's platform to get there. Use the choke hold to drag
           him away so the Marines don't see you hold him up
    *** :: Go through the door on the south-west (the one on the left) to
           Hold No.2. Time to get those 2 tags...
    028 :: Daisuke Mercury Shimada is the guard pacing around in the
           north-west corner. Wait behind the wall, then ambush him from
           behind. Easy.
    *** :: Now go back into Hold 3 through the door you just came through.
           Once in there, go out the other door on the right back into Hold
           No. 2 again. I haven't gone mad - the last guy is on the east,
           and that's the easiest way of getting there
    029 :: Phil A Marchant is the guard pacing around in the north-east
           corner. Use pretty much the same tactics as the other guard, but
           this time you have less cover. Tranquilize as many Marines that
           can see him, then when he moves in towards them, dash past and
           hide by the container crate. When he comes back and stands by
           the wall, choke him and drag him closer to the wall then rob him
    *** :: That's it. Go get your 4 photos of RAY, load them up to Otacon,
           then save your game. Hooray!
    :: Extreme Olga ::
    On Extreme mode, the fight with Olga differs from the other difficulty
    levels on these points:
    1. You can't shoot out the search light
    2. You can't shoot the tarpaulin
    3. She takes less damage from your shots
    4. You take much more damage from her shots
    5. You're dangerously low on [Ration]s
    Before the fight, make sure you have some [Ration]s. The guy down the
    steps in Deck-A, crew's lounge, has 2 [Ration]s. The greedy sod!
    Liberate them from him.
    :: Strategy::
    Keep getting your shots in by confusing her. Dive between the crates so
    that she is shooting one way, and you're over the other side for a clean
    shot. Crawling is also an effective method of transport, stay down
    behind the crates and she won't see you - but she can shoot through the
    gap on the right.
    When she shoots the tarpaulin and it's flapping around, save your ammo.
    Don't even bother firing, she's just too hard to hit. If a grenade lands
    by you, run over the other side and take refuge there. Eventually,
    she'll get bored of it all and shoot the tarpaulin free.
    Now you should stay on the far right behind the boxes. She'll be using
    the spotlight now. As soon as you hear her throw a grenade over, run
    over to the far left. She'll be standing by the spotlight, having thrown
    the grenade, and is now repositing the light to direct it at you. Now
    just shoot away. Don't worry where you hit her, you can keep repeating
    this technique until she's dead. Or asleep. Happy hunting.
    :: And that concludes our tour of the tanker DISCOVERY ::
    :: Not more credits! ::
    :: CJS28 - supplied the info about the grip levels, and about the
               guard that goes AWOL in the Engine Room. Nice one geezer
    :: Anindo Mukhurjee - supplied the info about David E Palm, the mosher guard
               in Deck-2 with the mysterious name and AAA blood. I thought
               AAA only existed for batteries.
    :: Michael Goulbourn :: strategy for Hold No.2 tags.
    :: Packing Heart: For letting me (ZeroVirus) use his hide and scale it up for
     Metal Gear Solid HD Collection.
    :: Legal Stuff ::
    :: I am in no way affilliated with Konami or Sony. Metal Gear Solid is
    a registered trademark of Konami. Sony Playstation 2 is a registered
    trademark of Sony Computer Entertainment. You may not use this guide on
    a website without author's permission.
    :: Authorized sites ::
       The following websites are authorized to host this FAQ:
       :GameFAQs (www.gamefaqs.com)
    :: Contact me if you wish to host also
    :: This document is Copyrighted to Packing Heat
       (funky_stylings@hotmail.com) and ZeroVirus (jcarloshuizar@hotmail.com).
       Include the difficulty level if you
       email me about tags, or just anything else about MGS2.

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