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    FAQ/Walkthrough by CJayC

    Version: 1.31 | Updated: 04/01/01 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

       ##                  #  #  # 0   ##########   0 #  #  #                  ##
         ###               #  #  #  #  ##########  #  #  #  ;               ###
    Z.O.E.  ##              # O@ #  #   ########   # ## @9 #              ##
              ##            #  #  #  #    ####   ##  #  #  #           ###
    Zone        ###         0#@ #  #  @#        ##0 #  #  #          ##
    of             ##       9#0 0#  #@   ######   @#  #  9#       ###
    the              ###      #0  #   ##        ##   #  9#      ##
    Enders              ##     0#  ##    ######    ##  #0     ##
                          ###    #   O##       ###O   #    ###
    PlayStation2             ##   .#0     ####..0  0#.   ##
                               ###   0##O      O##0   ###
    Copyright 2001 Konami         ##     ######     ##
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    FAQ/Walkthrough                    ##      ##
    Version 1.31 / April 1, 2001         ##  ##
    by Jeff "CJayC" Veasey                 ##
    This document is protected by international copyright law and may not be 
    reproduced in any way (including posting it on a web site) without express
    permission of the author.  For more information, please see the last section
    of this document.  Repeating, YOU MAY NOT PUT THIS DOCUMENT ON YOUR WEB SITE
    "Z.O.E." and "Zone of the Enders" are trademarks of KCE Japan.  The game
    "Zone of the Enders" and the logo are Copyright 2001 Konami.
    I.    Introduction and Version History
    II.   Controls and Gameplay
    III.  Menu Translations
    IV.   Items and Enemies
    V.    Frequently Asked Question
    VI.   Walkthrough
    VII.  Rescue Mission Guide
    VIII. In-Game Tips
    IX.   Versus Mode
    X.    Secrets
    XI.   Administrivia
    I.    Introduction and Version History
    Giant robots are cool.
    Seriously, this guide is intended to assist those who have imported the title
    from Japan and don't have a good grasp of the language, or for those that just
    need a little help finding things.  
    The game is not terribly complex, nor is it too difficult.  Most of the real
    work comes from learning how to fly Jehuty around with skill, and no FAQ can
    teach that.
    Massive storyline spoilers begin at section V, some non-story spoilers
    as early as section II.  You have been warned.
    Version History
    1.00 (03/03/2001): First version containing a minimal walkthrough for all 
                       essential stages and all optional weapons.  Controls
                       and map description in place, along with menu translations.
    1.05 (03/03/2001): Added the proper way to handle the first Hub section of
                       Mission 26, thanks again to JL Lee.  Added in-game tips.
    1.10 (03/03/2001): Added information on Items and Enemies, revamped the
                       pre-mission section of the walkthrough.
    1.25 (03/04/2001): Added Rescue Mission guide, Secrets.  Unless something big
                       comes up, this is likely the final update until the US
                       release at the end of March.
    1.30 (03/11/2001): Added some great new information about the game, courtesy
                       of JL Lee and Dengeki PlayStation Vol. 171, and fleshed
                       out the versus mode section a little more.
    1.31 (04/01/2001): No fooling, added a Frequently Asked Question section, and
                       ran a spell-check through the document.
    II.   Controls and Gameplay
      Left Analog Stick:  Main Robot Control
           When targeting an enemy: Forward/Back move closer/further
                                    Right/Left rotate around enemy
           Without a target: Lateral movement 
      Right Analog Stick: Fine-Tune Aiming
      Triangle Button: Up
      X Button: Down
      R2: Dash
      D-Pad Up/Down: Sub-Weapon Select
      Square Button: Main weapon
           When close: Saber
           When far or not targeting: Gun
      Circle Button: Grab/Throw/Sub-Weapon
           When close: Hold to Grab, Release to Throw 
           When far or not targeting: Sub-Weapon
      R1: Guard
      L2: Change/acquire Lock-On
      L1: Abandon Lock-On
      Square Button while Dashing.  Dash Attacks can break through a guard.
           When close: Dash Slash
           When far or not targeting: Homing Spread
      Hold R2 without moving, press Square Button.
           When close: Burst Slash
           When far or not targeting: Energy Ball
    Area Map Information
      Light blue triangle: You
      Red triangle: Enemy squad with Level Number
        "B" : Sub-weapon ammo
        "M" : Metatron
        "P" : Passcode
        Level Number + S = Special
        Level Number + * = Squad Leader
      Yellow line: Enemy squad patrol path
      Blue Cube: Metatron
      Red Cube: Sub-weapon ammo
      Green or Red Tower: Local Server
      White Arrows: Tunnel
    Orbital Frame Levels
    In order to power up your orbital frame, you'll need to gain levels by 
    defeating enemy frames.  Jehuty (and all other frames) can be at any level
    from 1 to 8.  Each level brings an increase in power and frame energy, and
    an increase in AI for the enemy frames.
    In order for Jehuty to go up in level, he needs to gain 100 Experience 
    points per level from defeating enemy frames.  The amount of experience 
    gained per level is as follows:
                           Enemy Frame Level
    Difficulty    1    2    3    4    5    6    7    8
    Easy          6    9   12   15   18   21   24   27
    Normal/Hard   3    6    9   12   15   18   21   24
    Very Hard     -    2    4    6    8   10   12   14
    Additionally, when playing at the Hard or Very Hard difficulty level, 
    experience points are lost when any colony structures are destroyed, either
    with or without your interference.  When this occurs, the screen will flash 
    and ADA will inform you that the damage has happened (at any level).
    Difficulty Levels
    There are four difficulty levels that the game can be played at.  Each level
    determines a good number of different things, all combat-related.  Levels do
    not affect the overall plot or storyline of the game.
    EASY Level:
    After a continue, Jehuty's full energy is restored.
    After a continue, Jehuty gains additional sub-weapon ammo.
    Jehuty gains a bonus of three experience points per frame destroyed.
    Jehuty does not lose experience for damaged colony structures.
    The highest possible overall ranking is "C".
    NORMAL Level:
    After a continue, Jehuty's full energy is restored.
    Jehuty does not lose experience for damaged colony structures.
    The highest possible overall ranking is "B".
    HARD Level:
    After a continue, Jehuty returns to the area's starting energy level.
    Enemies do not drop Repair items.
    Jehuty loses experience for damaged colony structures.
    The highest possible overall ranking is "A".
    VERY HARD Level:
    After a continue, Jehuty returns to the area's starting energy level.
    All enemy frames are leveled up.
    All experience points are cut by a factor of (n-3) * 2/3.
    Enemies do not drop Repair items.
    Jehuty loses experience for damaged colony structures.
    The highest possible overall ranking is "S".
    III.  Menu Translations
    Training Mode (First Time)
      Movement            Any Option ---> Demo
      Dash                                Practice
      Basic Attacks
      Dash Attack
      Burst Attack        Exit ---> Yes
      Guard                         No
      Grab and Throw
    Training Mode (Second Time)
      Movement            Any Option ---> Demo
      Dash                                Practice
      Basic Attacks
      Dash Attack
      Burst Attack        Exit ---> Yes
      Guard                         No
      Grab and Throw
      Camera Movement
    Command Menu
      Sub-Weapons                               Area Change ---> Yes
      Programs                                                   No
      Area Change (Not Available in Global Stage)
      Save (Only Available in Global Stage)
    IV.   Items and Enemies
    There are X sub-weapons available in the game, most all requiring a Device 
    Driver before they can be used.  All Sub-Weapons have limited ammunition,
    although enemy squads and item boxes carry additional ammo.
    If you obtain ammo for a weapon before obtaining the device driver, it will
    appear as "UNKNOWN" until you do.
      In-Game Text: Energy weapon. Flies in an arc. Short range.  
      Notes: Your first available Sub-Weapon, does fair damage but arc flight 
             makes aiming a chore.
      In-Game Text: Energy weapon shooting up laser. Sprinkle on surface.
      Notes: Sort of a mine-trap, only useable next to a surface, best used in
      In-Game Text: Powerful energy ball.  Bounces off surface toward target. 
      Notes: Damaging, but only useful in enclosed areas.
      In-Game Text: Rapid firing of energy shots.  How strong the button is 
                    pressed changes firing range.  
      Notes: Vulcan gun, more powerful at close range.
      In-Game Text: Powerful energy sword. Appears when button is pressed and 
                    retrieved when pressed again.
      Notes: Useful only for close-range combat, not exceptionally powerful.
      In-Game Text: Controllable energy shot. Homes at enemy for a while when 
      Notes: Homing weapon with mid-range power.  Weapon shot will dissapear if 
             you take damage, so be careful.
      In-Game Text: Powerful bullet weapon. Flies straight toward target at 
                    high speed. Bounces off enemy.   
      Notes: A very powerful straight-shot weapon, very useful in battling some
             of the bosses.
      In-Game Text: Long-distance bullet weapon.  Can accurately snipe 
                    target. Weak firepower. 
      Notes: Required in order to complete the game.  Can shoot through force 
             fields, and can initiate combat with any visible squad.  Can also
             be used to shoot porters from very long distances.
      In-Game Text: Defense weapon interfering with enemy radar. Enemy will 
                    temporarily lose sight of player frame. 
      Notes: Required in order to complete the game.  An enemy will target the
             Decoy instead of yourself when dropped, but the decoy will be 
             destroyed upon the first attack that hits it.
      In-Game Text: Armor repair weapon.  Player frame armor will be repaired 
                    while button is pressed.    
      Notes: The Mummy is the rarest and one of the most valuable Sub-Weapons, 
             considering it's the only healing you'll have available during boss
             fights.  Other than MOUNTAIN.1, a Mummy will appear on any stage with
             a question mark, but only if you visit it right then.
    Recovery Items
    There are two types of recovery items in the game:
      The Metatron is a full-recovery item that can be found in item boxes (marked
      with blue cubes on the map) or dropped when you defeat an enemy squad. The
      Metatron always recovers full energy to your frame, making it quite useful.
      You cannot stock Metatrons, as they are always used the instant you access
      them, so make sure you don't grab them unless you need them.
      Repair bonuses are dropped by some enemy frames when defeated.  A Repair
      will restore around 30% of your energy, but frames that drop Repairs are not
      marked.  Enemies will randomly drop Repair items approximately 20% of the
      time, but if a Burst Slash is used to destroy a frame, that percentage
      goes up to 50%.
    Programs and Drivers
    The following programs and drivers are the ones you'll find as the game 
      In-Game Text: Device driver for the use of JAVELIN. 
      Location: TOWN.1
      In-Game Text: Device driver for the use of GEYSER.
      Location: CITY.1
      In-Game Text: Device driver for the use of BOUNDER.
      Location: MOUNTAIN.1 
      In-Game Text: Device driver for the use of PHALANX.
      Location: TOWN.2
      In-Game Text: Device driver for the use of HALBERD.
      Location: EPS.1
      In-Game Text: Device driver for the use of COMET.
      Location: CITY.2
      In-Game Text: Device driver for the use of GAUNTLET.
      Location: EPS.2
      In-Game Text: Device driver for the use of SNIPER.
      Location: TOWN.2
      In-Game Text: Device driver for the use of DECOY.
      Location: FACTORY.2
      In-Game Text: Device driver for the use of MUMMY.
      Location: Various (auto-install with first pickup)
      In-Game Text: Scouting mode module.  Can open Command Menu by pressing 
                    START button.
      Location: FACTORY.1
      In-Game Text: Flight mode module. Can select "AREA CHANGE" in Command Menu.
      Location: FACTORY.1
      In-Game Text: Raptor control module. Can control uncontrolled Raptor.
      Location: EPS.1
      In-Game Text: Anti-stealth module.  Can detect invisible objects.
      Location: EPS.2
      In-Game Text: EPS system data. Contains power supply facility info, etc.
      Location: FACTORY.1
    Enemy Orbital Frames
    Throughout the game, you'll only meet three standard types of enemy frames:
      Melee Weapon: Single-sword attack (4-hit combo possible)
      Range Weapon: Javelin
      Dash Melee:  Double-sword attack
      Dash Range: Geyser
      Burst Melee: Double-sword slash
      Burst Range: Bounder
      Battle Tips:
        The Raptor is the "standard" model orbital frame, and the one you'll
    meet most often.  He's pretty much equivalent to a weaker version of Jehuty
    in style and attack type, with both long-range and melee attacks.
        The best way to meet a Raptor depends solely on the battle situation and
    his level.  He's just as weak against melee attacks as ranged ones, so there's
    no standard strategy against him.
      Melee Weapon: Punch (4-hit combo possible)
      Range Weapon: Punch
      Dash Melee: Uppercut
      Dash Range: Dashing Punch
      Burst Melee: Haymaker
      Burst Range: Haymaker
      Battle Tips:
        The Cyclops is a melee-only frame, with no long-range attacks.  The 
    strategy here is simple; keep him at a distance.  Any ranged weapons you have
    will do wonders against him, although you may even want to get up close and
    pummel him if you have the time.
      Range Weapon: Phalanx
      Dash Range: Beam Cannon
      Burst Range: Ball Cannon
      Battle Tips:
         You'll need to treat the Mummyhead the exact opposite of the Cyclops.
    This frame is range-only, with no melee attacks, so you'll want to get up 
    close to attack it every time.  Keep firing as you move towards it to 
    interrupt its shots.  The Beam Cannon is deadly, and will cut right through
    your shields, so take special care.  Despite their appearance, Mummyheads are
    no weaker from the rear as they are the front, so there's no need to get
    behind them except to avoid attacks.
    Enemy Squads
    Enemy orbital frames always come in squadrons of one to three, and there are
    three basic types of squads to deal with.
    - Standard:  The standard squad is just that; standard.  90% of the squads
                 you do battle with are standard.
    - "S" Class: "S" Class squads have at least one "S" class frame, often more.
                 "S" Class frames have advanced AI, making them much deadlier.
                 Frames tend to be much more aggressive and attack constantly.
    - "*" Class: In a "*" Class squad, one of the three frames is the Squad Leader,
                 marked with an asteisk after his level.  If you are able to
                 target and destroy this frame first, the other two frames in the
                 squad will immediately drop to Lv.1 with no life remaining; any
                 hit will destroy them.
    V.   Frequently Asked Question
    Q:  Is there a second ending?
    A:  No.  The ending is the same regardless of your actions throughout the game.
        The only difference is in the ending theme music.  This has been verified
        with a scan of all in-game text on the game disc; no text for a second 
        ending exists.
    VI.  Walkthrough
    Introductory Events
    Starting Location: HANGAR
    Receive: monitor.fcmd
    After the introductory FMV, you'll immediately be faced with your first 
    battle, a Lv.1 Raptor.  Even if you don't know what you're doing here, just
    pound a few buttons and you will eventually defeat him.  It doesn't matter how
    much damage you take, as you'll be able to heal up after this fight.
    After the battle, you'll be taken into the first Training Mode, where you'll
    learn the basics of combat.  Once it's done, pick up the Metatron in front of
    you and follow the pointer out of the building.
    Once you're out of the Hangar, you'll face two groups of two frames (first
    two Raptors, then two Mummyheads), who you should be able to easily kill.
    Finally, you'll battle Neith, who you can bet you'll be seeing more of.  She
    won't use any special attacks here, so just pummel her a few moments until 
    she leaves the battle.
    After the fight and another cutscene, follow the pointer to the Local Server
    to receive your Monitor command module, which will allow you to access the
    Command Menu.
    This will immediately be followed by a second Training Mode, and then the
    game will finally begin proper.
    Mission: Obtain the flight mode module and move to another area using 
             "AREA CHANGE" in the Command Menu.
    Starting Location: FACTORY.1 
    Receive: pass_global, global.fcmd
    There are four Lv.1 squads in this area, and you must at least destroy the
    ones carrying the passcode (although you should probably destroy all four for
    practice).  Once you have the passcode, proceed to the Local Server and pick
    up the global.fcmd.  As soon as you're ready to go, select Area Change to
    leave the area.
    Mission: Move to TOWN.1.
    Starting Location: Global Stage
    This is your first visit to the Global Stage, and the first time you can save
    your game.  You may wish to do so before heading to TOWN.1, as the going is
    about to get pretty rough.
    Mission: Destroy the large Orbital Frame in TOWN.1.
    Starting Location: TOWN.1
    After the cutscene/FMV, you'll face your first boss, Tempest.  He's really
    a piece of cake, so long as you don't get close.  Burst Attack, dash, and
    burst attack again until you get him down to about 50%, at which point he'll
    transform.  From here, keep on the move and Dash Attack when he's on the 
    ground, dodge the satellite attacks and make sure he doesn't land on you, 
    prepare a Burst Attack and hit him right when he raised his head back up,
    and repeat.  Do this a few times, and it'll all be over.
    Note that if you're going for an "A" rank on your rescue missions, you'll need
    to adjust your tactics.  See the Rescue Mission guide for more information.
    Mission: Avoid unnecessary battle and move to another area.
    Starting Location: TOWN.1
    Receive: pass_javelin, javelin.drvr
    If you're going for an "A" rank on your rescue missions, you should leave
    immediately and get the Javelin during the rescue mission.
    Otherwise, you don't _have_ to avoid battle, that's merely a suggestion.  Pick
    up the Metatron if you need it, and play with the robots if you're in the mood.
    Whichever way you want to play it, at some point you should head forward into 
    the trench and destroy the squad there for a passcode.  Use the passcode on 
    the Local Server in the trench to receive javelin.drvr, the first device 
    driver for your sub-weapons.  Obtaining the Javelin driver is completely 
    optional, but it doesn't hurt.
    Once you're done, Change Area and return to the Global Stage.
    Mission: Obtain colony info necessary for mission completion from the local 
             server in FACTORY.1
    Starting Location: Global Stage
    Receive: pass_antilia, antilia.info
    The first rescue mission for TOWN.1 becomes available here.
    The squad carrying the Passcode are patrolling an area behind and to the right
    of your entrance, so take them out, then head to the opposite corner to the
    Local Server there to pick up antilia.info, the colony information program.
    Mission: Avoid unnecessary battle and move to another area.
    Starting Location: FACTORY.1
    Kill or don't kill the rest of the squads, and Change Area.
    Mission: Move to CITY.1 where the colony shaft is located and destroy the EPS 
             relay block. 
    Starting Location: Global Stage
    Before going to CITY.1, the second rescue mission becomes available at TOWN.1,
    and you can also immediately return to FACTORY.1 to pick up a Mummy.
    This one's real simple; just go to CITY.1, and see that there's a force field
    Mission: Find the long-distance bullet weapon necessary to destroy the relay 
    Starting Location: CITY.1
    Turn around and Change Area back to the Global Stage, then head to TOWN.2.
    Mission: Destroy the porters in TOWN.2 and obtain the hidden item.
    Starting Location: TOWN.2
    Receive: pass_phalanx, phalanx.drvr, sniper.drvr
    Your main objective here is to destroy the six porters to obtain the SNIPER.
    If you're having trouble aiming, don't forget that the right analog stick
    is for aiming, so use it instead of the left.  It's also a good idea to 
    destroy the squad with the passcode and use the Local Server to pick up the 
    Phalanx, but again, that's optional.
    Mission: Use the newly obtained SNIPER and destroy the EPS relay block in 
    Starting Location: TOWN.2
    Change Area back to the Global Stage, and then head out to CITY.1.  Once 
    you're there, use the Sniper to destroy the eight nodes on the EPS relay
    block to remove the shield.
    MISSION 10
    Mission: Destroy the power supply facility of EPS.1 and EPS.2.
    Starting Location: CITY.1
    Receive: pass_geyser, geyser.drvr
    Before leaving, you can optionally take out the squad with the passcode and
    then use that passcode to pick up the Geyser.
    Once you're ready to go, Change Area to the Global Stage.  Head to EPS.2,
    which is your next location.   Head down into the tunnel (marked with the 
    white >>> on the map), and approach the force field to receive your next
    MISSION 11
    Mission: First destroy the emergency EPS generator of EPS.1.
    Starting Location: EPS.2
    Receive: pass_control1, pass_halberd, halberd.drvr
    Exit the tunnel, but before leaving EPS.2, take out the squad with the 
    passcode.  From there, head to EPS.1.
    Upon your arrival at EPS.1, you may want to take out the porters there and
    pick up the passcode and then the Halberd from the Local Server before 
    heading down into the tunnel.  Again, this is optional.
    Enter the tunnel and fly through it, taking the straight path at the fork.
    You'll encounter a fight at every room, so take your time.  If you get turned
    around, just remember to follow the yellow arrows.  Once you reach the 
    generator room, shoot it a few times to destroy it.
    MISSION 12
    Mission: Obtain the module necessary to get past the EPS.2 energy field.
    Starting Location: EPS.1
    Receive: pass_control2, rap_ctrl.fcmd
    Exit the tunnel and Change Area to the Global Stage.  From there, fly to 
    TOWN.1, and take note of the squad with a passcode.  Take them out, and 
    proceed back to EPS.1, and back into the tunnel.  This time, take the fork
    in the tunnel and access the Local Server at the end of it to receive the
    Raptor Control program.
    MISSION 13
    Mission: Find the uncontrolled Raptor to get past the EPS.2 energy field.
    Starting Location: EPS.1
    Careful exiting the tunnels; they're guarded.  Once you're out, Change Area, 
    and then begin hunting.  Where can you find an uncontrolled Raptor?  
    Try TOWN.2 again, right next to the Sub-Weapon box of Sniper ammo on your map.
    MISSION 14
    Mission: Destroy the emergency EPS generator of EPS.2
    Starting Location: EPS.2
    Receive: detector.fcmd
    Your Lv.4 Raptor will be transported to EPS.2.  Head first to the tunnel and
    then past the force field.  Again, this tunnel contains enemies at every
    room, so be careful.  Take the first fork in the tunnel, and access the Local 
    Server at the end of it to pick up the Detector.  With this, you'll see some 
    previously invisible porters which you can destroy for a Metatron, although 
    I suggest you wait on that.  Instead, head back to the fork and take the 
    straight path until you reach a dead end.  Shoot the weak point in the wall,
    then fly ahead and destroy the EPS generator with a few shots.
    MISSION 15
    Mission: Move to MOUNTAIN.1 and meet up with the Atlantis.
    Starting Location: TOWN.2
    Back in TOWN.2, Change Area.  The third rescue mission is on the way if you 
    want to take it, and TOWN.2 has a Mummy for you.
    When you're ready, head towards MOUNTAIN.1.  Uh oh.  Bet you weren't expecting 
    MISSION 16
    Mission: Avoid battle with the large Orbital Frame located ahead and move 
             to another area.  
    Starting Location: PARK.1
    Just Change Area out of there.
    MISSION 17
    Mission: Find the program in FACTORY.2 necessary for the repair of ADA.
    Starting Location: Global Stage
    Receive: pass_vaccine, vaccine.exec
    You're in bad shape; one hit will destroy you.  So, the rule here is not to
    get hit.  
    And wouldn't you know it, there's a Rescue Mission in CITY.2.  It's risky,
    but very possible to complete.
    When you're done, enter FACTORY.2, and avoid the patrols.  Head into the 
    tunnel in the middle of the stage.  Don't bother with the Metatron, it won't 
    help. If you're spotted by a patrol, don't panic, just break Lock-On and keep 
    Once in the tunnel, head into the room and you'll battle with a Lv.1 Raptor.
    Just don't get hit.  Once he's gone, you'll receive a passcode to the vaccine
    which is in a Local Server below.
    MISSION 18
    Mission: Avoid unnecessary battle and move to another area.
    Starting Location: FACTORY.2
    Note the other Local Server needs a couple of passcodes.  Leave the tunnel,
    kill or don't kill the squads here, and Change Area.
    MISSION 19
    Mission: Find the module necessary to avoid the laser attacks of the large 
             Orbital Frame in PARK.1.
    Starting Location: FACTORY.2
    Receive: pass_decoy1, pass_comet, comet.drvr
    There's a special item at EPS.1, and CITY.1 is under attack in the final
    rescue mission.  Take your pick.
    Or, just head straight to CITY.2 and take out the squad with one of your 
    two passcodes.  While you're there, you can also destroy the porters and pick
    up the passcode for the Comet and then the Comet driver itself in the Local
    Server.  From there, change area and head to TOWN.3.
    MISSION 20
    Mission: Find the anti-stealth module necessary to defeat the enemy in 
    Starting Location: TOWN.3
    Receive: detector.fcmd
    Best get out of here.  Change Area and head to EPS.2, and then head back into
    the tunnel there.  Follow the straight path until you meet your old Raptor
    friend, who's not happy to see you now.  Once you dispatch him, you'll get
    the Detector he carried.
    (Side note: You'll see a red Local Server marker in the tunnels; that's a 
    bug.  Once you visit the room containing Server, it'll disappear.)
    MISSION 21
    Mission: Find the module necessary to avoid the laser attacks of the large 
             Orbital Frame in PARK.1.
    Starting Location: EPS.2
    Receive: pass_gauntlet, gauntlet.drvr, pass_decoy2, decoy.drvr
    Head out of the tunnel, and take out the pile of porters in front of you if
    you want the passcode for the Gauntlet, and you really do want it.  The Local
    Server containing the Gauntlet is also here, so feel free to take it.  From
    here, Change Area and head to TOWN.3.
    Once you're back in TOWN.3, it should be fairly simple to take out the 
    formerly invisible robots, especially the ones with the passcode you need.
    Once you've got it, Change Area and head to FACTORY.2
    Once you're there, go back to the tunnel, take out the sentry, and use the 
    Local Server to finally get the Decoy driver. 
    MISSION 22
    Mission: Mission: Destroy the large Orbital Frame in PARK.1.
    Starting Location: FACTORY.2
    Before leaving the area, take out the eleven previously invisible porters to 
    pick up Decoy ammo in the upper-right hand corner of the map.  Taking on 
    the next boss without it isn't a good idea.  It's also a good idea to get
    your hands on some Gauntlet ammo, and there's two squads carrying it here.
    Once you're ready, head to PARK.1 to face Tyrant, your next boss.  In his first
    form, simply avoid his beams and nail him with a Burst Attack or two. When
    you see the red warning beacon, use a Decoy and move from the area, hitting
    him with another Burst Attack as soon as you're free.  Continue this pattern
    until he changes form at 50%, then switch over to the Gauntlet.  Avoid his 
    charges (he's shielded here and can't be hurt), and when he stops and takes
    aim at you, hit him with the Gauntlet.  His charges can be hard to avoid
    sometimes, but don't be afraid to dash up over him.
    MISSION 23
    Mission: Move to MOUNTAIN.1 and meet up with the Atlantis.
    Starting Location: Global Stage
    Before heading up to the mountain, return immediately to PARK.1 to pick up
    a MUMMY.  Then you can head to MOUNTAIN.1, watch the cutscene, and then enter
    MISSION 24
    Mission: Fly through the gully along the mountain slope and get from the dam 
             to the warehouse area. 
    Starting Location: MOUNTAIN.1
    Receive: pass_bounder
    The paths through here are guarded by bots who will just pop up when you 
    most expect it.  There's also a ton of weapon ammo and Metatrons, so this
    should be fairly simple.
    If you want an extra weapon (and who doesn't?), take the large river path
    first and pick up the passcode for the Bounder and the Bounder itself.
    Take the small path to the tunnel, enter the tunnel and shoot out the weak
    point in the wall.  Head down the next path, and look for the weak point where
    the tunnel is marked on your map.  Shoot it out, shoot out the other side,
    and continue along the paths, picking up weapons and ammo as you want before
    going through the tunnel at the end of the paths.  You'll get a chance to save
    here, so take it if you need it.
    MISSION 25
    Mission: Mission: Destroy the large Orbital Frame in MOUNTAIN.1.
    Starting Location: MOUNTAIN.1
    Nebula is the boss here, and he can be a bit of a pain.  In his first form,
    you can do the best by staying on the move and Dash Attacking, avoiding the
    beams and satellites he throws at you.  At 50% he changes forms, and you need
    to be careful to watch out for that first swoop, which can be lethal.  
    In his second form, avoid his swoops, whack at his head with the Dask Attack
    until his tail becomes vulnerable, and then Gauntlet or Burst Attack it if
    you're clear of his other attacks.  His final attack is several waves of 
    satellites, so steer clear of those and continue to bash and dash.
    MISSION 26
    Mission: Meet up with the civilian freighter Atlantis.
    It's the last mission, you're almost done, right?  Hardly...
    Location: WAREHOUSE.1
    In the warehouse, you'll battle Neith again, but this time she's a little
    more powerful than your first encounter.  The Gauntlet is your best weapon
    here, as Neith tends to throw her own (they'll counter each other) and she
    also likes to rush you head-on.  Dodge her attacks and Gauntlet her when she
    stops throw one of her own or rushes at you.
    Don't worry about the "CAUTION" and the field she traps you in; it'll end
    soon enough, and you'll be back in the battle.  You can't skip it, 
    After the battle there's a super-long series of cutscenes, as well as your 
    last opportunity to save.
    Location: HUB.1
    The Hub is the location of the final battles, and you're in for some fun.
    For the first part, you'll need to locate and destroy or defuse four bombs
    in the Hub.  Destroying the bombs is incredibly painful, taking off over 
    half of your life, so you'll probably want to defuse them instead.  At the
    same time, you'll be attacked by squads that keep popping up all over the
    The "blow up" way is to take out the bombs only when you're at or near full
    health, then attack the enemies, who tend to drop Metatrons all over the 
    place.  Once you're back at full health, repeat three times.  To go after
    a bomb, just drop your Lock-On, and once you're close enough to it you 
    can lock on the bomb itself for targeting and fire.
    The "defuse" method is much less painful; simply target the bomb, get close
    to it, and then grab and hold it.  After a few seconds, you'll defuse the
    bomb, freeing you to move to the next once it's found.  If you take a hit
    while deactivating a bomb, you'll drop it and have to start over, so you'll
    want to concentrate on taking out any nearby enemies first before 
    attempting to defuse.  If the bomb takes a hit while you're defusing it, it
    explodes.  Also, make absolutely sure you've got the bomb targeted before
    pressing the circle button; otherwise, you'll use a sub-weapon instead.
    Once all four bombs are gone and all remaining enemies destroyed, you'll 
    face Zombie Neith.  Her long-range attacks are lethal, so the best strategy
    is actually to get right in her face.  If you're close enough. you can rush
    through the set of six Comets she loves to throw (avoiding them to the 
    side is possible, but more difficult as you get closer, as they tend to track
    just like your own Comets).  Your saber is the best bet here, so keep Dash 
    Slashing until she falls.
    Another long cutscene...  and then the Final Battle.
    Anubis is the last robot you will face, and it seems impossible to defeat
    him.  Seriously.  He'll teleport next to you and grab you, so you'll need to
    dash away to avoid damage.  Still, I don't know if you can actually get killed
    here, as you seem to get knocked out of the ship before you actually would
    So, is this the end?  Yes.  Is it the only end?  Probably.  See the Secrets
    section for more information.
    VII.  Rescue Mission Guide
    In order to achieve "A" rank, you must complete the Rescue mission with no
    casualties and less than 10% damage to buildings.  There does not appear to
    be a rank higher than "A", as even with 0% damage the rank is the same.
    Rank "B" is awarded with 100% of the population saved and more than 10% 
    building damage.
    Rank "C" is awarded with less than 100% of the population saved.
    I haven't seen rank "D", but I assume it's going to be along the lines of
    less than 50% population saved.
    Finally, should the entire population be wiped out (or you not take the 
    mission at all), you'll receive rank "E".
    This is a fairly simple Rescue mission, considering that there's a ton of
    unpopulated space in the level.  In order to ensure that no survivors are
    killed and that a minimum of the city is destroyed, you'll need to "gather"
    all five squads.  Simply fly past them to provoke them into an encounter, but
    instead of fighting immediately head to the next one.  You can engage all five
    squads at once, and at this level, you can outrun them.  Fly high to avoid
    any shots fired from hitting anything important, and when you pick up Raptors,
    try to lead them away from anything important, as their Javelins will blow
    up most houses.  If you target a Cycops or Mummyhead instead, the Raptors
    won't fire as often.
    Once you have all the squads following you (check the map), head for one of
    the unpopulated corners of the area and let the baddies come to you one at a 
    time.  Stick to melee combat, and you'll get off with very little damage.
    My best: 2.0% damage, 100% population, Rank A.
    TOWN.1 is more heavily populated than the second, and what's worse, any 
    damage done in your first visit here (during the battle with Tempest) counts
    towards your city damage.  So, let's backtrack and talk about the battle with
    In order to minimize damage to the city during the battle with Tempest, in his
    first form just stay close and dodge, circling around him.  If you can, put
    your back to the river and slowly back up, so you'll draw him there as he 
    slowly advances.  In his second form, stay high, and stay close during his 
    fireball throws; they'll miss you and harmlessly sail off.  When he jumps up, 
    don't move far from where you were, and dodge back at the last second to 
    ensure he doesn't try to follow you too far.  By doing this, you'll minimize
    city damage and ensure a much easier time during the Rescue Mission.  After
    the battle, immediately leave the area before the roaming squads have a chance
    to cause any extra damage.
    During the rescue mission, you'll begin with four squads patrolling the area.
    Rush forward and encounter the furthest squad from you (moving in a square,
    holding the Javelin passcode), then dash backwards along the park path along
    the ground (so the Raptors' Javelins will hit harmlessly into the ground there).
    Once you reach the river, use your map and quickly encounter the other three
    groups without straying too far from the river trench, and then drop down into
    the trench.  Take out the Raptors first, then the Mummyheads, and leave the
    Cyclopses.  Escape them, so you'll be left with three squads of Cyclopses.
    The Cyclops does no damage to the city alone, so you can rest for a second
    before finishing up.  Of the three squads, the destruction of two of them 
    release the two waiting squads.  I can't remember which unleashes the 
    "southern" squad, but the "northern" squad is released on the death of the 
    one carrying the passcode.
    To finish off the stage, encounter each Cyclops one at a time and draw them
    over in front of where the hidden squadrons are waiting, kill them, and when
    the released squad pops up, you'll be able to draw them right back into the
    trench for battle along the road, avoiding any extra building damage.
    It's tough, but it is possible.
    My best: 7.8% damage, 100% population, Rank A.
    TOWN.3 is another insanely difficult mission until you figure out the secret:
    Only one squad is actually causing damage in the beginning; all others remain
    still until you wake them up.
    First thing, take out the group that's moving back and forth, as the Raptor
    in that group is firing randomly.  Once that group is gone, you've got six
    stationary groups, four of whom will unleash a second moving and attacking
    group after they're destroyed.
    All of the six groups but one have a clear line of sight to the river, so you
    can stay in the middle of the river, use the Sniper to encounter them, and
    let any Raptors in the group come to you for dispatching, followed by any
    Mummyheads and closing with any Cyclopses.  Four of these five are immediately
    joined by a follow-up squad, almost all with at least one Raptor.  Snipe the
    new group from the river as they appear, drawing them to you over the open
    area.  You should avoid almost all damage by doing this for the first five
    The sixth squad has no line-of-sight to the river, but once all the other 
    squads are gone there's a direct line-of-sight from the street.  Snipe from
    a good distance, then take out the three frames in the proper order (Raptor,
    Mummyhead, Cyclops).
    My best: 4.1% damage, 100% population, Rank A.
    Ahhh... The virus mission.  There are three groups here, one of each frame
    type, all Lvl.1, but if you take a single hit, you're toast.
    Again, it's hard until you know the secret.  For the Mummyheads, you've got
    a clear line of sight on their plane, a perfect spot for a Burst Attack
    or two.  If the energy balls don't finish them off, you've still weakened
    them enough to be able to rush and take them out quickly.
    The Raptors are simple enough; just make sure you stay above them to avoid
    their javelins, and keep them far enough apart so one doesn't attack from
    The Cyclops... well, you can do with him what you want.
    My best: 0.0% damage, 100% population, Rank A.
    The final rescue mission, and it's not too hard.  Five squads around the 
    tower, three of them with Raptors.  These are your main concern; the Raptors
    will turn and attack the tower instead of you, even when engaged, so first go 
    from group to group and take out any Raptors you see, along with the 
    Mummyheads.  Only take on one or two squads at a time, and when all you've got
    left are Cyclopses, just escape and come back and finish them off after you're
    done with the real threats.
    My best: 0.0% damage, 100% population, Rank A.
    VIII. In-Game Tips
    During the game in the "Mission" description, there's also a piece of helpful
    advice in blue print underneath the current mission.  For those who can't read
    Japanese as well as they can English, here's a list of those tips as they will
    most likely be presented in the English version of the game (these come 
    straight from the program code of the game):
    - Remember, you cannot access the local server or get an item box when in 
    - When you fight near a city, try to choose an area where damage will be 
    - Immediately after dash status Jehuty is temporarily safe from damage, try to 
      take advantage of this. 
    - If surrounded by enemies, release lock-on to escape from the battle.   
    - Try not to use Metatron when Jehuty still has sufficient durability 
    - Be sure to battle all enemies who have a Passcode.  
    - JAVELIN can inflict damage even on an enemy in guard status.    
    - By changing your lock-on target while grabbing, you can throw the target at 
      other enemies. 
    - If you are unable to find needed objects in an area, go someplace where you 
    - Both grab and throw and burst attack are effective against an enemy in guard
    - Some item boxes will reappear after a certain time. 
    - Long range battle is effective against a fast moving enemy. Close range 
      battle is effective against a slow moving enemy.    
    - You can destroy a Porter by using SNIPER when in a long range situation.   
    - GEYSER is effective when fighting in an area bounded by four walls. 
    - A HALBERD is effective against an enemy using a HALBERD. 
    - If you are unable to find an area in one location, go someplace else
    - Make the most of dash attack and burst attack which are peculiar to Raptors.
    - You can use dash and burst during a slash attack.  
    - When Jehuty has low durability, try to recover by avoiding unnecessary 
    - You can strike an enemy first by using burst attack.   
    - Let's search for the programs in nearby areas.  
    - When you are being attacked by grab and throw, you can get away using a 
      slash attack, dash or burst. 
    - Do not forget to get ammunition for DECOY. 
    - Do not leave unused Passcode when you go to the next stage.    
    - GEYSER and BOUNDER are effective when fighting in smaller areas.
    - While Nebula is preparing for another attack use that chance to recover 
      battle condition.
    - When Neith uses burst attack it becomes defenseless for a few seconds. 
      Don't miss that chance to attack.    
    - Remember that COMET will disappear if Jehuty suffers any damage.  
    - The most effective attack is a combination of sub weapons and normal 
    IX.   Versus Mode
    Beating the game once opens up Versus Mode with five frames and most stages
    available.  Beating the game a second time releases the remaining two frames
    and the remaining stages.  From the configuration of the screen, it seems
    unlikely that there are any other robots or stages available (i.e. all slots
    are filled).
    In versus mode, there are seven orbital frames to choose from.  All of the 
    frames have been balanced so no one frame has a weapon power advantage over
    the others (unlike the real game).
      Range Weapon: Phalanx
      Dash Range: Beam Cannon
      Burst Range: Ball Cannon
      Melee Weapon: Punch (4-hit combo possible)
      Range Weapon: Punch
      Dash Melee: Uppercut
      Dash Range: Dashing Punch
      Burst Melee: Haymaker
      Burst Range: Haymaker
      Melee Weapon: Single-sword attack (4-hit combo possible)
      Range Weapon: Javelin
      Dash Melee:  Double-sword attack
      Dash Range: Geyser
      Burst Melee: Double-sword slash
      Burst Range: Bounder
      Melee Weapon: Sword attack (4-hit combo possible)
      Range Weapon: Vulcan Cannon
      Dash Melee:  Dash Slash
      Dash Range: Homing Spread
      Burst Melee: Spinning slash
      Burst Range: Energy Ball
      Melee Weapon: Single-sword attack (4-hit combo possible)
      Range Weapon: Vulcan
      Dash Melee: Double Slash
      Dash Range: Homing Flare
      Burst Melee: Spinning slash
      Burst Range: Gauntlet
      Melee Weapon: Single-sword attack (3-hit combo possible)
      Range Weapon: Javelin
      Dash Melee:  Diving attack
      Dash Range: Geyser
      Burst Melee: Sword slash
      Burst Range: Bounder
      Melee Weapon: Whip attack (4-hit combo possible)
      Range Weapon: Double Vulcan
      Dash Melee: Dashing Whip
      Dash Range: Comet
      Burst Melee: Spinning Whip
      Burst Range: 6 Fireballs (Comet-like in attack)
    X.    Secrets
    Second Ending Theme
    During the end credits, if you are able to finish the game with the five 
    rescue missions all rank "A", an alternate ending theme will play.
    Voice Actor (Seiyuu) Speech
    During your final score tally at the end of the game, if you receive an
    overall rank "B" or higher, you'll hear a Voice Actor give commentary on your
    score.  The overall rank appears to depend primarily on difficulty level and 
    rescue level ranks, it's not clear whether or not the number of continues or
    saves has anything to do with it. (This has not yet been confirmed for the US
    or European versions yet; any takers?)
      Rank "B": Leo
      Rank "A": ADA
      Rank "S": Celphis
    XI.   Administrivia
    Sources and Thanks:
      This FAQ was put together using several different sources (aside from my own
    know-how and experience).  In no particular order:
      - The game itself, including the game code (where the English mission 
        description and hints are found.
      - Thanks to JL Lee for pointing out the location of the downed Raptor; I 
        missed it on my first play-through.  He also passed along the proper way to
        handle the bombs in Mission 26, for which I am also grateful.  He also
        provided the translation and a link to the ending voice secret.
      - http://ww4.enjoy.ne.jp/~zenithrev/zone%20of%20the%20enders.htm provided
        information about the seiyuus, and JL Lee let me know about it.
      - JL Lee also provided the Repair, Experience Tables, and some other 
        information from Dengeki PlayStation Vol. 171.
    Contacting Me:
      If you have stuff to add, please do send it along to cjayc@gamefaqs.com 
    for inclusion in the next revision.  
    Copyright Notice:
      This document is Copyright 2001 Jeff "CJayC" Veasey.  It may be not be
    reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, private use. It
    may not be placed on any web site outside of GameFAQs without advance
    permission from the author (cjayc@gamefaqs.com).  It may not be distributed
    electronically outside of the GameFAQs web site, and it may not be 
    distributed otherwise at all.  
      At some point in the near future, this document may be released for
    free public distribution.  The latest version of this document on the
    GameFAQs web site will hold the current Copyright and distribution information.
    At this time, however, the document is exclusive to GameFAQs; please do not ask
    for reproduction rights without compensation.

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