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    Game Script by Icaris

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    Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker
    Game Script
    Written by: Icaris
    Created: April 30, 2010
    Version: 2.0
    Updated: February 24, 2011
    E-Mail: zion_099@yahoo.com
    Copyright 2010 Icaris
    Table of Contents
    Chapter 2	THE PHANTOM HERO 
    Chapter 3	A NATION REBORN
    Chapter 5	OUTER HEAVEN
    E.O. 		LYRICS
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    Peace Amongst men living alongside one
    another is not a natural state.
    On the contrary, the natural state of man
    is that of war.
    War manifested not only by open hostilities,
    but also by the constant threat of hostility.
    Peace, therefore, is a state that must be
    established by law.
    - Immanuel Kant, "Perpetual Peace" Chapter 2
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    The year was 1964.
    The world was firmly in the grip of the Cold
    War, divided into East and West.
    One of America's heroes had defected to the
    Soviet Union.
    She was known as "The Boss," the mother of
    the special forces, and the soldier said to
    have led the Allies to victory in World
    War II.
    However, the American-made miniature nuclear
    warhead she took with her was used to
    destroy a Soviet research facility.
    Facing full-scale nuclear war, the leaders
    of the world's superpowers held top-secret
    talks to avert Armageddon.
    The Soviet Union wanted assurance that this
    was not the work of Uncle Sam.
    They wanted America to eliminate one of its
    most legendary soldiers, The Boss.
    The person assigned this mission was her
    closest apprentice, the soldier known
    as "Snake."
    Snake made the anguished journey into enemy
    territory, eventually confronting and
    killing The Boss at a fortress called
    Groznjy Grad, proving America's innocence 
    and avoiding nuclear holocaust.
    Having saved the world, Snake was hailed a
    true hero and given the title "Big Boss."
    Following the award ceremony, however, Snake
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    November 4. 1974 15:42
    Barranquilla Coast, Colombia
    [A motorcycle stops alongside a cabin overlooking
    a beach. The driver of the bike is non other than
    Naked Snake the hero of Operation Snake Eater.
    Snake decends to the beach passing a sign post
    that reads Militaires San Frontieres (An Army
    Without Borders). On the beach several of Snakes
    soldiers are sparring one notices their COs
    approach and goes to greet him.]
    Soldier		Boss!
    [After accepting the sparring offer the game goes
    into a tutorial of combat scenarios; the sparring
    ends when a jeep drives onto the beach. The driver
    is Snake's 2nd in command.]
    Miller		Snake!
    Snake		What's going on, Kaz?
    Miller		We've got Guests.
    Snake		Time to Move?
    Miller		Don't worry. It's not our friends
    		from Langly.
    		I brought 'em. Made sure we weren't
    Soldier		Thank you, Big Boss!
    Snake		Call me Snake.
    Soldier		Oh, uh, sorry... Vic Boss!
    Snake		Listen up. For us, there is no
    Soldier		But in revolution, doesn't one
    		triumph or die?
    Snake		We don't do either.
    [Inside the cabin, Miller hands Galvez a cup of
    coffee before he and Snake ask questions.]
    Miller		Here.
    Gálvez		Thank you.
    [Galvez places the cup down after drinking.]
    Gálvez		I feel like a new man! There's no
    		coffee like Costa Rican coffee.
    Snake		So, what brings a distinguished
    		scholar from the Costa Rican
    		government to Colombia?
    Miller		Professor Galvez comes from Costa
    		Rica's University for Peace.
    Gálvez		You see, over the past year, there
    		have been sightings of an armed
    		group in Costa Rica. They're not
    		ours, of course.
    Miller		Costa Rica doesn't have an army.
    Gálvez		Correct. Article 12 of our
    		Constitution states that "The
    		Army as a permanent institution
    		is abolished."
    Paz		The peace constitution...
    Snake		You think it's rebels who've fled
    Gálvez		No no... They don't appear to be
    		guerillas. They're far too organized.
    Snake		What's your government's take?
    [Galvez slams his cup onto the table in anger.]
    Gálvez		The authorities in San Jose claim
    		it's a multinational security firm
    		hired by the Development Corporation
    		of Costa Rica (CODESA).
    		Lies, obviously.
    		They're bringing in state-of-the-art
    		weaponry and equipment by the
    Snake		Where'd they get that kind of cash?
    Gálvez		...I fear LA CIA may be involved.
    Miller		The CIA?
    Gálvez		As you both know, the United States
    		views Central America as its
    		Even after Cuba, we've managed to
    		maintain a delicate balance with
    		the U.S.
    Snake		And your government can't just give
    		'em the boot?
    Paz		We are not allowed to bear arms.
    Miller		Japan's Constitution has something
    		similar: Article 9. It says Japan
    		renounces war, and can't maintain
    		an army.
    Gálvez		I understand that you and your men
    		have neither state nor ideology -
    		that you will fight any foe.
    		Please, you must drive them out
    		of our defenseless country. We
    		come to you. The Militaires San
    		Frontieres (An Army Without
    Miller		So, you want to hire us?
    Gálvez		Yes. As our deterrent.
    		We can't afford to pay much, it's
    		true. But... we can offer you
    		this - a forward operating base -
    		an offshore plant in the Caribbean.
    Snake		...
    Miller		Sounds pretty good to me. This place
    		is becoming a mess anyway.
    		Snake, we need someplace we can
    		settle down.
    Gálvez		The Government's agreed to cooperate -
    		unofficially, of course.
    Miller		A Chopper for transport'd be nice,
    Gálvez		... I'll see what I can do.
    Snake		Hold it! You seem to think we're just
    		a pack of "Dogs of War." Is that right?
    Gálvez		Yes, that's what I've heard. You're an
    		army without a state...
    Snake		No... We've only left our countries
    Gálvez		Please! You must help us!
    Snake		If your suspicions are true, force
    		isn't gonna do any good. You'll have
    		to find a political solution.
    Gálvez		The government's hands are tied!
    Snake		Go back to your bosses in San Jose.
    		Tell them if they want, I'll
    		introduce them to a negotiator
    		I know.
    Gálvez		No. I'm not here on their behalf.
    Snake		So what are you doing here?
    Gálvez		For over twenty years, I've
    		preached the virtues peace at
    		multiple Universities. Tonight,
    		I stand before you as an educator.
    		This is my student. She came to
    		me to study peace. 
    		Her name is Paz, ... Paz Ortega.
    Snake		Paz...? "Peace?"
    Miller		No kidding?
    		That's my name, too.
    		Kazuhira - it's Japanese for
    		Pleased to meet you, Paz.
    		Call me Kaz.
    Gálvez		They've got a supply port North
    		of Puerto Limon. A Town En La
    		Costa Del Marcaribe. A few days
    		ago, Paz stumbled upon that facility
    		searching for a lost friend. She was
    		She's only a child... sixteen years
    		old. They did... terrible things to
    		her. But somehow she managed to
    Miller		My god...
    Gálvez		She's huerfana. Her mother died when
    		she was small, and she lost her
    		grandparents in the civil war. She
    		hates war with a passion like no
    Paz		My name is Paz, and I will do
    		anything to protect my namesake. It
    		is my one and only purpose.
    		Please... get them out of my
    		country... Make them leave Costa
    Snake		Sorry, Kid....
    Gálvez		We know who you are, Big Boss.
    		That is why we've come to you.
    * * * * *
    November 10, 1974
    Caribbean Coast, Costa Rica
    {Playa De Alba}
    Miller (Radio)	Miller here. Do you copy, Snake?
    		I see you've Landed. That makes
    		one giant leap for us. I'm sending
    		this from the offshore plant -
    		our Mother Base.
    		The signal is unidirectional. I'll
    		be giving you commands and advice
    		through this channel. Keep your
    		headphones on at all times and pay
    		attention. Also, make sure no one
    		else can listen in.
    Miller (Radio)	I gotta thank you for agreeing to
    		this, Snake. Man... am I glad to be
    		out here. Finally, we can leave all
    		that crap in San Hieronymo behind...
    		And break into the mercenary
    		business for real.
    		Let me guess. You're doing it for
    		her, aren't you?
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    November 4. 1974 20:31
    Barranquilla Coast, Colombia
    [Miller stares out the window at "their guests"
    while Snake fails to light his cigar.]
    Snake		Are they still here?
    Miller		C'mon, Snake. This could be good
    		for us. They're willing to give
    		us an offshore plant - a place we
    		can finally put down some roots.
    		This is our chance to expand MSF.
    Snake		We don't need a place to stay, Kaz.
    		We're Nomads. We always will be.
    Miller		What, you'd rather keep wandering
    		from conflict to conflict, tools
    		in the hands of whoever's fighting
    		at the time?
    Snake		The second we settle down, who's
    		to say we won't become the
    Miller		Listen to me, Snake. We're not
    		Mercenaries. We're not a Foreign
    		Legion. MSF's a business. A new
    		kind of business.
    		Look, it's not like we're trying
    		to start a war here. All we need
    		to do is find out who this
    		"Security Company" really is.
    Snake		C'mon, Kaz... It's pretty obvious
    		that they're backed by the CIA.
    Miller		Wait a sec. That would mean...
    Snake		Our friend the "Professor"... is
    		likely KGB.
    Miller		I see...
    Snake		... We'd be making an enemy of our
    Miller		And there'd be no turning back...
    Snake		... This damned thing won't light.
    Miller		Huh?
    Snake		Put on some coffee, Kaz. It's time
    		for a little chat with the
    [The door opens Paz enters the cabin first while
    Galvez stops at the door and takes notice of Snakes
    lighter problem. Galvez thumb opens up to reveal a
    lighter he lets Snake use to light his cigar.]
    Gálvez		I was a heavy smoker. When I got my
    		medal from The Secretary - General,
    		he gave me this prosthetic hand
    		as well... But smoking was ruining
    		my lungs, so I quit. I've not had
    		much use for it since.
    		It's quite an honor to meet The
    		Legendary Big Boss.
    Snake		That's just a code name the CIA made
    Gálvez		Then perhaps I should call you John?
    Snake		I don't have a name. Stopped using
    		that code name you like so much ten
    		years ago.
    		... What about you, Comrade? What do
    		they call you back at TSENTR?
    Gálvez		Well, then, allow me to get straight
    		to the point. "Land as Slim as a Whip,
    		Hot as Torture."
    Miller		That's the Chilean poet, Neruda...
    Gálvez		Central America is the navel of the
    		American Continents, bridging North
    		and South. We want this land.
    		We'll build a socialist stronghold.
    		Then use it split the Americas in
    Miller		America would lose its backyard.
    Gálvez		And with it, its iconomic production,
    		shipping lanes, and strategic value.
    		We. On the other hand, would gain a
    		base from which all of Latin America
    		would be well within our reach. He
    		who control's Central America, will
    		win this Cold War.
    		First comes Nicaragua. Toppling the
    		Pro-American Somoza regime. In
    		preparation. We've begun instigating
    		anti-government sentiment and
    		providing aid to The Sandinista
    		National Liberation Front.
    Miller		You're manipulating Sandinista into
    		overthrowing Somoza for you.
    Gálvez		After the revolution Nicaragua will
    		become a socialist state.
    Snake		You think the Americans would just
    		let that happen?
    Gálvez		Certainly not. After all, the CIA
    		is allready here.
    Miller		And that's the armed group inside
    		Costa Rica?
    Gálvez		Precisely. It's clear they have been
    		sent in to disrupt our efforts across
    		the border in Nicaragua. Simply put,
    		the army now stationed in Costa Rica
    		is CIA Capital. But it's more complex
    		than that. The CIA's got something
    		else planned as well.
    Miller		What?
    Gálvez		That is the million dollar question.
    		We want you and your unit to find
    		the answer. Infiltrate and invistigate
    		the facility En la Costa where Paz
    		was imprisoned. Learn all you can of
    		their operations then drive them out
    		of the country.
    Snake		You're asking us to settle a turf war
    		between the KGB and The CIA?
    Miller		... What about her? That was all just
    		an act?
    Gálvez		Hmm. You mean her words about Peace?
    		She was captured - that much is true.
    		But I've kept my KGB affiliation from
    Miller		And you thought we'd fall for a sob
    Gálvez		No, I had good reason to bring her
    		along. She managed to escape with her
    		life. But her friend was not so lucky.
    		Why were they attacked?
    [Galvez pulls a cassette tape out from inside his
    Gálvez		I believe this will help explain.
    		Perhaps they saw something they
    		weren't supposed to. 
    		Perhaps they heard something they
    		shouldn't have.
    Miller		A Cassette Tape?
    Gálvez		Paz took this during her escape. She
    		says her friend happened to record
    		it by accident.
    [Galvez puts a Sony walkman on the table next to a
    speaker to amplify the audio.]
    Miller		What is that?
    Gálvez		A portable stereo cassette player.
    		The first of its kind.
    Miller		Ah. I heard they were working on
    		something like that in Japan. Didn't
    		know you guys were too.
    Gálvez		I believe what you're about to hear
    		will help you understand.
    Miller		What is that? A Quetzal?
    Snake		The Phoenix bird?
    Gálvez		Paz's friend was researching birds.
    		She went out into the jungle to
    		record bird calls and stumbled onto
    Miller		So? So what?!
    Gálvez		Now it gets interesting.
    [Female 1]	...Poisonous... I.... To get red of
    		it. I chase it back to its nest.
    [Female 2]	You can't. The snake's too vicious.
    		It's... Many People.
    [Female 1]	... I chase it away.
    		It will bite you unless you kill it.
    		GO HOME!
    Snake		Boss.
    Gálvez		Voiceprint analysis confirms that
    		this voice is indeed that of the
    		Legendary Hero - and criminal -
    		The Boss.
    Miller		Wh... What?!
    Gálvez		The other hasn't been identified.
    		Female in her thirties with a british
    		accent. The song playing in the
    		background was a hit in 1973.
    [Flashback to Operation Snake Eater.]
    The Boss	What's it going to be? Loyalty to
    		your country or loyalty to me? Your
    		country or your mentor? Your
    		mission or your beliefs?
    		I... I am loyal to myself.
    Snake		... The Boss is alive in Costa Rica?
    Gálvez		As I understand it, she was your
    		commander, fought by your side...
    		And that you killed her under orders
    		from The CIA... Thus surpassing
    		her to become the hero known as
    		Big Boss.
    Gálvez		Well?
    		What'll it be? Will you take the
    Miller		Snake. It's gotta be a trap.
    Gálvez		So. You still can't turn your back
    		on your country... Then I suppose
    		you won't need this...
    Snake		Wait!
    Miller		Snake?
    Snake		I'll do it for the girl. For Paz.
    Miller		Ok... For Peace then.
    < - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -	>
    < - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -	>
    < - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -	>
    < - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - >
    November 10, 1974
    Bosque Del Alba, Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica
    {Bosque Del Alba}
    Miller (Radio)	There they are... CIA mercs.
    		Snake, you've got to get
    		past them undetected. Avoid
    		combat whenever possible.
    Miller (Radio)	This is a sneaking mission. Hide
    		behind stuff, take the long way
    		around, whatever it takes to
    		stay out of sight. Your gun is a
    		last resort. It could just as
    		easily kill you as save you.
    Miller (Radio)	The indicator in the upper right
    		serves as a compass, and shows
    		sound sources. Pay attention to
    		your surroundings.
    Miller (Radio)	To check your map, press the
    		START button to open the menu.
    Miller (Radio)	The percentage in the upper right
    		is your camo index. The lower the
    		number, the more easily you'll be
    		Conspicuous movements and loud
    		noises will compromise your camo
    		index. Your fatigues will act as
    Miller (Radio)	Keep your eye on what's left of
    		your LIFE gauge on the left of
    		the screen. To the right of that,
    		you'll see your Psyche Gauge.
    		Exhausting it will inhibit your
    {Puerto Del Alba - CIA Supply Facility}
    Miller (Radio)	Looks like you're inside the
    		compound. Security is tight. Stay
    < - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -	>
    < - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -	>
    < - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -	>
    < - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - >
    {Puerto Del Alba - CIA Supply Facility - Communications Room}
    CIA Merc	Yes, sir, we broke 'm. We've 
    		acquired the where abouts of 
    		target Five-Zero-Zero.
    [PA]		Acknowledged.
    Chrysalis	Proceeding to secure target five 
    [PA]		Spears are loaded, the barge has 
    		cleared Point Bravo.
    CIA Merc	Acknowledged. Out.
    Snake		... Freeeze!
    		The cargo. Where's it headed? 
    		What is it?!
    CIA Merc	Urk... Irazu... In the mountains...
    Snake		What's up there?
    Snake		This is Snake, Kaz. Can you hear me?
    Miller		Loud and Clear. You found a radio?!
    Snake		It's got a circuit that reverses the
    		audio phage.
    Miller		Let's switch frequencies from time
    		to time - Just to make sure we're
    		not detected.
    Snake		I found a map of their bases. The
    		cargo's heading from the marshes
    		west toward Irazu.
    Miller		Nice going Boss.
    Snake		Kaz... 
    		This place is full of film badges.
    		Dozens of them.
    Miller		... Film badges like the ones used
    		to measure radiation exposure?
    Snake		The radio man was wearing one. And
    		whoever he was talking to called
    		the cargo "Spears."
    Miller		Wait, that would mean...
    Snake		Nukes. They're bringing Nukes into
    		Costa Rica.
    Miller		Holy Mother of God...
    [Main Title]
    Miller		How's that map, Snake? Think you
    		can use it?
    Snake		It tells me where their bases are,
    		but its just a bunch of points. No
    		routes. I need better intel on the
    		lay of the land.
    Miller		Snake the "professor" said he's
    		got the Sandinistas on his side.
    		Said you should get in touch with
    		the FSLN comandante.
    Snake		Do they know they're backed by KGB?
    Miller		Nah... As far as they know they're
    		really fighting for the revolution.
    		The KGB is staying behind the scenes.
    		I'm not sure the Sandinistas are
    		aware of what's really going on.
    Snake		Still can't believe anybody'd bring
    		nukes here...
    Miller		Yeah, that's a shocker. Costa Rica's
    		party to the Tlatelolco Treaty, which
    		declares Latin America a nuke-free
    		zone. Based on Japan's Three Non-Nuclear
    		Principles, it bans the testing, use,
    		import, or deployment of nuclear
    		If word of this gets out, OPANAL will
    		be forced to act. It'll cause an
    		international uproar.
    Snake		The Treaty was signed to prevent
    		another Cuban Missile Crisis. If the
    		U.S. itself is going to scrap it...
    Miller		Latin America's too close to spawning
    		another Cuba or two already. The entire
    		continent would become one big powder
    Snake		Well... If they did bring nukes, we
    		can't let them get away with it.
    Miller		Are they planning a test? Showing off?
    		Or is it all to keep the anti-American
    		movement in check?
    Snake		Good Question. Why bring them here? I
    		can't figure it out.
    Miller		Whatever the CIA's up to in Costa Rica,
    		the "professor" wants it stopped. We
    		need to find out what that something is.
    Snake		We need to get ready first, Kaz. Repairs?
    Miller		Working as fast as we can, Boss. This
    		place is pretty beat... It looks like
    		hell. But as long as you're with us,
    		we'll make it heaven. No one can bother
    		us here. No state telling us what to do.
    		This is the MSF's haven, our Mother Base.
    		And with this foothold, we'll back you up
    		even better than before. We're gonna
    		turn this pile of junk into something big.
    * * * * *
    {El Cenagal: Jungle}
    Miller (Radio)	Head for the FSLN boathouse.
    		It's northwest of there.
    {Rio Del Jade}
    Miller (Radio)	The boathouse should be close by.
    		Neutralize the security detail and
    		make contact with the comandante.
    Miller (Radio)	Good. Now, meet with the FSLN
    		comandante. He's inside the
    < - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -	>
    < - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -	>
    < - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -	>
    < - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - >
    FSLN Soldier 1	Who is he?
    FSLN Soldier 2	El Che?
    FSLN Soldier 1	No way.
    FSLN Soldier 2	What do we do?
    Snake		Sandinistas right? I'm looking for
    [Snake holds out a photo of the FSNL comandante.]
    Chico		Mi Viejo...
    Amanda		Shhh... He's Dead.
    		They killed Nuestro Viejo.
    Snake		You're his daughter? Then that makes
    		you his Delegada right?
    		Relax. I'm not your enemy. Want one?
    		It's Cuban.
    Chico		Hmph. A Cigar...?
    Amanda		I'll take whatever you've got.
    Amanda		I owe you one. But, I prefer cigarettes
    		you know. How do I look? A little like
    		El Che. No? You Cubano?
    Snake		Colombiano. A photographer I came to
    		Costa Rica to take pictures of birds.
    Amanda		Birds?
    Snake		Quetzals.
    Amanda		You've got no telephoto lens. How do
    		you get your shots?
    Snake		Telephoto's for amateurs. It's all in
    		the timing.
    Amanda		Oh. Ok. We can talk until, I finish
    [While talking Chico tries to grab the Cigar from her hand.]
    Amanda		Chico!
    Snake		Tell me what's going on here.
    Amanda		This place is crawling with soldiers.
    		They don't look like private security
    		more like hired guns.
    		They're loaded with the latest gear
    		from all over the world.
    Snake		I heard they're a security force hired
    		by Codesa.
    Amanda		Yeah, and I'm Papa Noel.. Those guys
    		are UCLAS.
    Snake		UCLAS... La CIA?
    Amanda		I saw them setting up shop in town.
    		They're planning to do here what they
    		did in Chile.
    Snake		If that's the case, what are they
    Amanda		Whatever it is, it's not us...
    Snake		You don't think they're here to push
    		you back into Nicaragua?
    Amanda		Impossible. Too much hardware too
    		many bases. Didn't you see? They've got
    		helicopters,tanks... It's like we're in
    		Da Nang. There must be something else.
    Snake		They have a base near here?
    Amanda		There's a factory to the North, across a
    		suspention bridge.
    Snake		Factory to the North across a bridge.
    		Have you seen a big transport boat -
    		mercenary crew - on the Rio Del Jade?
    Amanda		You mean the barge? It's upstream from
    		here. Up toward Irazu.
    Snake		Any idea what's on it?
    Amanda		I could introduce you to some compas of
    		ours up there. But I don't recommend
    		going into the mountains, we've lost a
    		lot of people there.
    		They take us captive. Torture us for
    		information about our compas and then
    		they kill us like pigs.
    [While Snake and Amanda talk the FSLN soldiers get the
    weapons they had hidden in the boathouse before being
    Amanda		... This was our last hideout... The
    		final refuge for El Frente after being
    		pushed out of Nicaragua and into the
    		"peaceful paradise" of Costa Rica.
    		Then El Monstruo attacked...
    Snake		A Monster?
    Amanda		Y Mi Viejo... Mi Viejo - Papa... He was
    		La Esperanza - our hope.
    Chico		Now that papa's gone, my sister is La
    		Commandante De La Revoluchon.
    Amanda		Don't listen to him. Papa was a hero
    		who faught by Sandino's side. I am only
    		his daughter.
    		You need a special talent to become
    		cacique. It takes someone great to unite
    		all of Las Compas.
    Snake		Sorry to interupt, but leaders don't
    		choose themselves. Neither do heroes.
    		You carry on his legacy of La Esperanza,
    		and they'll follow you no question.
    Amanda		You think so? My compas trust me, but
    		not one of them calls me Comandante.
    Soldier		Amanda.
    Amanda		See what I mean.
    Chico		El Colibri!
    [Snakes lunges at Amanda saving her from being gunned
    down by the Chrysalis.]
    Snake		Get Down!
    [Snakes fires at the UV System but it dodges the attack.]
    Snake		What the hell?!
    Amanda		I's Un Hombre Nueyo. An unmanned weapon
    		a robot!
    [One of Chrysalis drones capture Chico.]
    Amanda		Chico!
    Snake		No! He won't survive the fall!
    Amanda		Out of my way! Better to die at the
    		hand of a compas than suffer their
    		torture. Stay here. As long as I'm
    		still alive, I might as well repay
    		Over here! Find Chico!
    Miller		Snake, what was that thing?!
    Snake		Whatever it was, it looked unmanned.
    Miller		Unmanned? I'd heard rumors, but an
    		operational unit...?
    Snake		What the hell is going on here?
    Miller		Not to quote Amanda, but the hardware
    		they've got here isn't just unusual,
    		it's overkill.
    		Which means one thing: it's nukes. So
    		the question now becomes, why?
    Snake		We can't make that call yet. We need
    		more intel.
    Miller		How? Our source is dead.
    Snake		But his daughter isn't.
    Miller		Good thinking. We can follow her...
    		Head for that next outpost, and make
    		contact with Amanda... if she's still
    Snake		Roger.
    [Rio Del Jade]
    Miller (Radio)	Careful. They've got reinforcements
    {El Cenagal: Jungle}
    Paz (Radio)	Are you familiar with leafcutter ants,
    		Snake? They help mushrooms grow.
    		We have them in Costa Rica.
    		The mushrooms provide the ants with
    		spores to eat, and in exchange the
    		ants protect them from predators.
    Miller (Radio)	Kind of like us, huh?
    Paz (Radio)	That's not why I brought it up...
    {El Cenagal: Ravine}
    Miller (Radio)	Amanda went across that rope bridge.
    Paz (Radio)	Amanda should be at the supply depot
    		on the banana plantation.
    Miller (Radio)	You might be able to get past the
    		enemy by hanging from the bridge.
    		Press the Action Button near the
    		bridge's handrail to hang.
    {Bananal Fruta de Oro: Sorting Shed}
    Miller (Radio)	Careful, now. they might be holding
    		FSLN soldiers prisoner.
    Miller (Radio)	You're gonna have to pass through the
    		sorting area to get to the other
    Paz (Radio)	See any Orange-barred Sulpher
    		butterflies around? You'll find them
    		in parks and even in cities, too.
    Miller (Radio)	Our future is in your hands!
    Paz(Radio)	Snake, help us reclaim peace.
    [Snake emerges, on the other side of the factory;
    he stops his advance when he sees an armored vehicle
    with ground support appear.]
    Miller (Radio)	Looks like there's no way around 'em.
    		You up for this, Snake?
    < - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -	>
    < - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -	>
    < - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -	>
    < - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - >
    [After taking out the armored vehicle Snake looks up
    and sees a UAV pass overhead. He follows it and the
    sound of gun fire.]
    Amanda		Shoot it!
    Snake		You'll Fall!
    Amanda		Shoot it!
    [Snake takes out the UAV drone; Amanda hits the
    ground hard.]
    Snake		Amanda!
    Amanda		Chico...
    Snake		What?
    		What is it?
    Amanda		Can you...
    		Roll me one?
    Snake		Huh?
    Amanda		Tobacoo...
    Snake		Yeah.
    Amanda		Chico...
    Snake		Hold Still.
    Amanda		I treated him like a kid again... we
    Snake		Hmm?
    Amanda		I didn't want Chico to know... Kept
    		it a secret. Somoza's guards chased
    		us out of Nicaragua Across the Rio
    		San Juan... And we ended up here.
    		The only reason we've been able to
    		keep on fighting...
    Snake		Amanda!
    Amanda		The factory... You saw it?
    Snake		The banana factory...
    Amanda		A front. It's a drug refining plant.
    		The KGB set it up for us to run. We
    		use the income to buy food and
    		weapons... Mi Viejo never said a
    		word but we all knew.
    		Everything we have... Our weapons,
    		Our compas... He brought it all
    		together... We were going to rebuild
    		our country... Rebuild Nica with our
    		own hands... Even if we had to dirty
    		our hands to do it...
    		But it's all over. We lost our Cacique,
    		Papa... I could never replace him...
    		Now they've taken the plant from us,
    		too... There's no place left to
    		regroup... No way to fight La
    Snake		Here... I rolled you one.
    Amanda		What about you? You're going after
    		that cargo?
    Snake		Yeah.
    Amanda		Must be important, mmm?
    Snake		Looks that way, looks like it could be
    Amanda		Wha-? Nukes?!
    		Imadre De Dios! No time to waste! We
    		must get to Irazu! The transport route
    		leads there. It must be where they're
    		holding Chico and my compas. Too...
    [Amanda struggles to sit up.]
    Amanda		Whenever Chico and I argue, he goes off
    		to be by himself... That's why he knows
    		more then anybody about their bases.
    		He... Oh, Chico...
    Snake		You're pretty worried about your baby
    Amanda		This is why I'm not fit to be a
    Snake		Fine. It's a little bit out of my way
    		but... Just tell me where I need to
    Amanda		There's a prison up in the mountains...
    		That's probably where he is.
    Snake		A prison in the mountains...
    Amanda		You must do something for me. If you...
    		Can't save Chico, I want you to...
    		Ease his pain... End his humiliation...
    		If he gives in. If he's about to sell
    		out his compas... Please...
    		... At least let him keep his honor.
    Snake		That's a promise I can't make.
    Amanda		... Why?
    Snake		Amanda, we gave up our homes. But we're
    		still alive. We're still fighting. And
    		there's always another reason to keep
    		on living.
    Amanda		Ahh, I feel alive again...
    Snake		Amanda. Join my unit until you've healed
    Amanda		Your... Unit? Who are you? Why are you
    Snake		... I'm Snake. Serpiente.
    Amanda		Snake? Could it be...
    		The Great Cacique...
    		Has come to lead us...
    		Patria Libre O Morir...
    Snake		Kaz.
    		Can you hear me?
    Miller		MSF here.
    Snake		One for recovery, she's wounded.
    Miller		Acknowledged.
    Snake		Kaz.
    		The Cargo on the barge... I was right,
    		it's headed for the mountains.
    Miller		You think that's where they're taking
    		the nukes?
    Snake		I'm Sure of it. Let's Move.
    {Camino de Lava: Hillside}
    Miller (Radio)	Chico's in a prison camp north of here.
    Miller (Radio)	We've gotta save Chico, Snake. It's to
    		our benefit, you know.
    Miller (Radio)	Head north if you want to find Chico.
    Amanda (Radio)	They're using that village as a prison
    Amanda (Radio)	Boss, please... You have to help Chico.
    Miller (Radio)	That basin will leave you completely
    		exposed. If I were the enemy, I'd
    		position snipers there. Better be
    {Camino de Lava: Junction}
    Miller (Radio)	If you had something to stand on,
    		you could probably reach that...
    [SFX Gunshot]
    Miller (Radio)	Sniper! Better be careful if you
    		don't want your head blown off.
    Sniper 1	Somebody there?
    Sniper 2	Nothing here...
    {Aldea Los Despiertos}
    Miller (Radio)	Chico's in one of these houses.
    		You've got to find him, Snake.
    Miller (Radio)	Check inside a house by pressing
    		the Action Button in front of the
    {House 1}
    Snake		No one here.
    {House 2}
    Man		Mama...
    Snake		Mmm?
    Miller (Radio)	Supposedly the houses being used
    		to hold prisoners have been
    		fitted with blue doors.
    < - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -	>
    < - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -	>
    < - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -	>
    < - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - >
    {House 3}
    Snake		Chico...? Is that you?
    [SFX Door kicked]
    Chico		Who... Who's there...?
    Snake		Chico? It's me.
    Chico		You're... You're that...
    Snake		That's right, a war photographer.
    Chico		Huh? I thought you were here for
    		the birds.
    Snake		Yeah, uh, the birds of the
    Chico		Whoa, is that... Che's?
    		Can I see it?
    		Wow! The same kind El Che used!
    Snake		You can't keep it, kid.
    		Here, have these instead.
    Chico		Photos?
    		Oh no... Amanda!
    Snake		She's safe. Don't worry.
    Chico		Are you sure?
    Snake		We're patching her up back at my
    Chico		She's hurt?!
    Snake		... I said don't worry it's just a
    		broken leg.
    Chico		... You got any Cigarettes? A Cigar.
    [Snake Snatches the Cigar from Chico.]
    Chico		Hey!
    Snake		Not for kids. Chico. Do you know where
    		they took the cargo?
    Chico		Cargo? What cargo?
    Snake		... Let me rephrase that... How do they
    		get stuff from the coast up here?
    Chico		Oh, that I can tell you. When the cargo
    		get's to the harbor, they first send it
    		up the marshes on a barge, then they
    		load it onto a jungle train past the
    		Banana Plantation and transport it by
    		The train stops here. When it gets to
    		the train terminal past the coffee
    		plantation, they reload it again - this
    		time onto a truck - which disappears
    		into a tunnel heading towards the
    Snake		Disappears? Chico, what's on the other
    		side of that tunnel?
    Chico		Nobody knows. None of our compas ever got
    		close enough... It's protected by a spirit.
    Snake		... A spirit.
    Chico		Yeah. A giant monster. ... El Basilisco.
    Snake		The king of Snakes...?
    Chico		No, really. I saw it! I was camping up
    		there one day, and just as I was waking
    		up around dawn I heard this loud noise.
    		I opened my eyes and saw an enormous
    		shadow must have been 30 Vara at least.
    		... It was walking on legs as big as
    Snake		Where'd you see it?
    Chico		At the terminal near the tunnel... But I
    		only saw it that one time.
    Snake		What exactly were you doing there?
    Chico		I, uh... Well me and my sister got into a
    Snake		And you just happened to go camping?
    Chico		You know their train should be arriving at
    		the place I saw El Basilisco right about
    Snake		Is it far?
    Chico		Not really go past the coffee plantation
    		and it'll be to the north. What are you
    Snake		Something that could keep the world in
    		balance... Or destroy it.
    Chico		Huh?
    Snake		I heard that place was a narcotics plant
    		before those guys took it over. But you
    		already knew that didn't you. Look, I get
    		it. Even revolutionaries need to pay the
    		bills. Still must be tough for a kid like
    		you to swallow.
    Chico		You're damn right it is! The route they
    		use to transport stuff is the same one Mi
    		Viejo used to smuggle drugs. They sold the
    		drugs to North Americanos and used the
    		profits to fund the army. They tried to
    		keep it hidden from me.
    Snake		Is that why you went camping?
    Chico		Yeah... I managed to sneak into the plant a
    		few times and... Tried to set it on fire.
    		... Everyone treats me like a child. I
    		couldn't stand it anymore. I'm not a kid,
    		I'm twelve!
    Snake		Couldn't do it. Though could you? Chico.
    		Growing up means choosing how you're going
    		to live your life. To do the right thing.
    		You sometimes have to leave the things you
    		care about behind - parents, family,
    		your homeland.
    Chico		But Mi Viejo... Papa...
    Snake		Chico...
    		Look at the photos.
    Chico		Mi Viejo...
    Snake		Treasure those memories Chico no matter
    		what happens keep them safe. You wanna
    		get out of here Chico?
    Chico		I do.
    Snake		Come back with me. Your sisters waiting
    		for you.
    Chico		I can't go back... I can't face
    Snake		... You told them where your compas are?
    		I see... Nothing to be ashamed of. Pain
    		gets the better of us all.
    Chico		... I wish I was dead.
    Snake		Ok. Then I'll put you out of your misery.
    Chico		Wha-?
    Snake		Any last words?
    		Shoot, you are only going to kill a man.
    [SFX Gunshot]
    Snake		I just wasted a bullet. Don't waste your
    		life. Listen to me Chico. You died here
    		today, you understand? You're Hombre Nuevo.
    		A new man. Now give that new life to me.
    		Fight with me, little soldier. Show me how
    		strong you really are. 
    		Dry your tears then promise me one thing.
    		No smoking until you get older. Remember,
    		real heroes are never as polished as the
    		legends that surround them.
    Chico		You got it. Boss.
    Snake		Snake is fine.
    [Snake places a backpack on Chico.]
    Chico		What's that?
    [The backpack opens up and a Fulton Recover balloon rips
    Chico into the air.]
    Miller		Snake, Chico made it over.
    Chico		Snake!
    Snake		Chico, you made it.
    Chico		Made it?! Don't give me that!
    		You say you're gonna give me a new life,
    		and then you nearly kill me?!
    Snake		I take it you didn't enjoy the trip?
    Chico		What's the big idea, dragging me off in
    		a... balloon! I might as well have taken
    		a colibri!
    Snake		At least you got a nice view. Or are you
    		afraid of heights?
    Chico		Whatever. I just wish you'd explained it
    		to me first.
    Snake		Would you have agreed to go if I did?
    Amanda		Thank you for saving us, Snake.
    Snake		Amanda, a word of advice.
    Amanda		What?
    Snake		Stop treating him like a child.
    Amanda		Yes... yes, I know. You're right. I
    Snake		Amanda, you're coming back after your
    		leg heals, right?
    Amanda		Of course. We still have work to do.
    Snake		"We," huh... Are you sure you've got Chico's 
    		future in mind when you say that?
    Amanda		What do you mean? We're sworn to our father's 
    		cause, to helping the revolution succeed.
    Snake		Revolution or no revolution, you pick up a gun, 
    		and sooner or later you're going to hell.
    		Are you prepared for that?
    Amanda		I am. If the alternative is giving up the country 
    		I love, I'll take hell.
    Snake		Really... Well then, you're going to have to stop 
    		treating Chico like a brother and start treating 
    		him like a soldier.
    Amanda		I ...You're right.
    Snake		...Welcome to hell.
    Chico		Snake, can I ask you a favor?
    Snake		Shoot.
    Chico		You find any prisoners from el Frente, you bring 
    		'em back alive. 'Cause...
    Snake		You trying to make amends for talking?
    Chico		Not just that. Because they're compas...
    Snake		All right. But first I've gotta catch up to that 
    Chico		I'll do whatever I can to help.
    		Call me if there's anything you need to know 
    		about the area. And...
    Snake		And what?
    Chico		Let me know if you encounter any wildlife you've 
    		never seen before.
    Snake		Never seen before? What, like that basilisco you 
    		were talking about?
    Chico		I'm talking about UMAs.
    Snake		U... M... As?
    Chico		Y'know, like ancient dinosaurs or legendary 
    		monsters. One day, I'm going to be a hunter.
    Snake		Is that right. OK, sure.
    Chico		If you wanna know more, I'm happy to tell you!
    Snake		Right. I'll be in touch, Chico.
    Miller		Ok, Snake. The enemy's cargo is headed for the 
    		next outpost, a rail terminal.
    Snake		Chico says no one's ever set foot past there.
    Miller		Their main base is probably on the other side 
    		of that tunnel. Unless we catch those spears 
    		before reaching it, they'll be in enemy hands.
    		You've got to stop them. Hurry, Snake.
    {Aldea Los Despiertos}
    Miller (Radio)	The train terminal is on the other side of the 
    		coffee factory. Head for the factory first.
    Miller (Radio)	To get to the coffee factory, you'll first need 
    		to backtrack to the fork in the road.
    Miller (Radio)	Remember that basin with the locomotive?
    		Go through there, then head toward the coffee 
    {Camino de Lava: Junction}
    Miller (Radio)	There's a coffee factory to the northeast.
    		Beyond that is a train terminal.
    {Cafetal Aroma Encantado: Entrance}
    Amanda (Radio)	They may have guards posted up high. 
    		Ten cuidado.
    {Cafetal Aroma Encantado: Mill]
    Miller (Radio)	Pass through the coffee factory to reach 
    		the train terminal.
    Chico (Radio)	Looks like that's all of them. Thanks again.
    Miller (Radio)	You'll have to pass through the coffee factory 
    		to reach the train terminal.
    {El Cadalso}
    Miller (Radio)	Looks like we're just in time. Neutralize all 
    		enemies and secure the train!
    Chico (Radio)	Those tracks are from el basilisco. Be careful.
    Miller		Check out the cargo!
    Snake		The nukes!
    [While staring at the vans driving off with the
    nukes a tank with armored support approach from
    the rear. The operator of the tank having a clear
    shot at Snake fires on the cargo box sending it
    flying into the tunnel - leaving Snake dazed.
    Snake pulls himself off the ground and after a
    long battle of cat-and-mouse takes out the tank.]
    Miller		Snake, the truck is headed up the mountain 
    		road past the tunnel.
    Snake		So it was nukes after all.
    Miller		What now? Their main base is up ahead.
    Snake		I better hurry after 'em, then.
    Miller		But...
    Snake		Kaz, if I don't get moving it'll be too 
    Miller		All right.
    		I guess you never let dangerous assignments 
    		or risk aversion get in your way.
    Snake		How do I get inside the mountain? I can 
    		forget about the tunnel.
    Miller		Yeah, the tank took care of that...
    Snake		Any other routes?
    Miller		Why don't I let a local expert take over?
    Chico		Snake, you need a way into the mountain?
    Snake		Yeah. Got one?
    Chico		Let's see... You remember that prison I was in?
    Snake		In the village, right?
    Chico		Right. Go back to the village and head north. 
    		There's a bridge that connects to the mountain 
    		road. It crosses over a gorge. 
    		That's probably the best way... But there is a 
    		little problem. The path heading north from the 
    		village is barricaded. You might have to break 
    Snake		Got it.
    Chico		The heart of Irazu...
    		That's where the enemy's base has got to be, 
    		Snake. And maybe...
    Snake		Let me guess - the basilisco?
    Chico		You don't believe me, do you?
    Snake		No, I mean... We'll have to see.
    Miller		Snake, Irazu features a number of crater 
    		lakes. The Oduber government had planned to 
    		use those lakes to construct hydroeletric 
    		plants as one of its big state development 
    		projects. The project was scrapped, but 
    		there's still a small opening at the bottom 
    		of the lake.
    Snake		Meaning?
    Miller		I checked the satellite imagery, but didn't 
    		see anything man-made. Which means they've 
    		probably built a base inside the mountain... 
    		Could just be a storage igloo for explosives, 
    		or maybe some kind of research facility.
    Snake		What do they hope to accomplish by bringing 
    		the nukes there?
    Miller		First things first. Get past that barricade 
    		north of the village. Looks like the only 
    		way through is the noisy way - you'll have 
    		to blow it up.
    {Cafetal Aroma Encantado: Mill}
    Miller (Radio)	Go back to the prison camp.
    		It's in the village where they were holding 
    {Cafetal Aroma Encantado: Entrance}
    Miller (Radio)	Head west from there and it'll take you 
    		straight to the prison camp.
    {Aldea Los Despiertos}
    Miller (Radio)	If you cut across the prison camp, 
    		you'll find a gate leading north.
    Miller (Radio)	The gate's on the northwest side of the 
    		prison camp. Cut across the camp to get there.
    Chico (Radio)	And when you shot me, I really thought I 
    		was done for.
    Chico (Radio)	When I was locked up there, I didn't feel 
    		alive at all.
    Miller (Radio)	You'll have to destroy the gate if you want to
    		cross the bridge. Some C4 should do the trick.
    Miller (Radio)	The barricade is located somewhere in that vicinity.
    Miller (Radio)	First equip your C4. You can't plant a charge 
    		unless it's equipped.
    Miller (Radio)	To plant a C4 charge, hold down the Aim Button and 
    		press the Attack Button.
    Miller (Radio)	There, blow up that barricade!
    Miller (Radio)	Good work, Snake!
    Miller (Radio)	Cross the bridge and head north.
    Amanda (Radio)	The guys with helmets will not go down with a 
    		single headshot. Watch yourself.
    Chico (Radio)	Even we have never been past there.
    {Los Cantos: Ridge}
    Miller (Radio)	If you had something to stand on, you could 
    		probably reach that...
    Miller (Radio)	Good, you've reached the transport route. Follow 
    		it to their base.
    Amanda (Radio)	Their base should be beyond that transport route.
    Miller (Radio)	Rockets can travel a long way to their target.
    		Never assume you're out of range.
    Paz (Radio)	There should be an entrance about halfway up the 
    		mountain. Be careful.
    Miller (Radio)	Looks like the entrance is on the mountainside.
    		Better hurry, Snake.
    {Fuerte La Ladera}
    Miller (Radio)	You have to get through that fort. Their base is 
    		beyond it.
    Amanda (Radio)	There may be snipers on the roof.
    Amanda (Radio)	Can you make it there by hanging?
    < - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -	>
    < - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -	>
    < - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -	>
    < - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - >
    {Crator Base}
    Snake		Kaz, I'm inside the facility, there're rows and 
    		rows of trucks here.
    Miller		If that's where they brough the nukes, then the 
    		truck we're after should be there. Snake. Can you 
    		tell me which one of the trucks brought the Nukes?
    Snake		This is the one. The exhausts still warm.
    		... But the cargo's already been offloaded.
    [Snake charges into the command center and stops advancing to listen 
    in on the two people argueing.]
    Huey		Just wait a minute! This isn't what we agreed on!
    Coldman		It's too late. The changes have already been 
    Huey		You told me it was going to be a deterrent - that we 
    		wouldn't have to launch!
    Coldman		I am not arguing with you doctor, our goal is to 
    		create the perfect deterrent.
    Huey		Thats why I agreed to help develop it...
    Coldman		Mm-hmm, however in order to achieve that perfect 
    		deterrent, we must show the world our strength. 
    		Three key principles ensure effective nuclear 
    		deterrence. First, you must have nuclear weapons. 
    		Second, you must never use them first and third 
    		and most important. If someone attacks you, you 
    		must strike back.
    		Unless we prove beyond a doubt that these 3 
    		principles work in practice, the world will not 
    		accept our new deterrent and the only way to do 
    		that is to show them we're capable of actually 
    		launching a nuke.
    Huey		But isn't deterrence supposed to stop nukes from 
    		being used...!
    Coldman		Exactly. And so the one we launch will be the last 
    		one ever!
    Huey		I wont let you use my creation like that!
    Coldman		Your creation? That thing wasn't even your idea to 
    		begin with. You stole it, didn't you?
    Huey		...S-Stole it? Your one to talk! You got the idea 
    		for bipedal locomotion from the communists in the 
    		first place!
    Coldman		You listen to me Doc! Keep quiet. Do as I say and 
    		not another word about stolen ideas. Should we 
    		succeed here, you'll be the toast of the scientific 
    		community... Your name will go down in history as 
    		champion of both progress and national security!
    Huey		The hell with that!
    Coldman		Doctor! Unless we prove we're capable of launching, 
    		Peace Walker is usless as a deterrent.
    Huey		You used me.
    Coldman		We used each other. I'll get my old directors job 
    		back at headquarters and you'll finally be able to 
    		"walk tall" among your colleagues.
    Huey		Rgh..I wont let you get away with this!
    Coldman		How unfortunate. Guess I'll just have to take your 
    		"legs" for myself! ...Peace wont just come to us, 
    		Doc. We are going to have meet it halfway.
    		V for Victory!
    Huey		W-Wait!
    Snake		Hey, you ok?
    Huey		Don't do it..!
    Snake		Snap out of it! Where are the nukes?
    Huey		He's gonna do it!
    		He's gonna launch a nuke!
    [Snake turns his head after hearing the engine of a chopper 
    powering up.]
    Snake		Hmm?!
    [Snake charges into the hanger as Peace Walker is being air 
    lifted by the Chrysalis.]
    Coldman		Take him out.
    [But before Snake can do anything Coldman sics the Pupa on him.]
    Huey		Look out!
    		Its one of the unmanneds!
    		Heads up!
    [After destroying the PUPA Snake turns to the stairs after 
    hearing a voice.]
    Huey		That was an unmanned weapon - a prototype. 
    		I made it myself
    Snake		Who are you?
    Huey		I work here. Well used to, anyway, names 
    		Huey and who might you be? You don't look 
    		like one of those mercenaries.
    Snake		Me? I'm...an entomologist.
    Huey		A..fighting...entomologist?
    Snake		I specialize in butterflies. I'm, uh, here 
    		to catch a ulysses..
    Huey		Ulysses? Hmm, I didnt think they lived in 
    		Costa Rica... morphos, maybe?
    Snake		Thats it...need to get some before the 
    		Washington Treaty goes into effect...
    Huey		Says here morphos aren't covered under the 
    Snake		Ugh...must have slipped my mind.
    Huey		You sure your feeling all right? 
    Snake		Anyway, long story short, the BUTTERFLY got 
    		away. So how about it, Doc? Did you make that 
    		big 'Butterfly' too?
    Huey		Yes... and no
    Snake		What was that thing? What are they doing here?
    Huey		Hmm, something tells me your no ordinary 
    		entomologist. The nukes were loaded on that 
    		machine. The projects entering its final phase.
    Snake		Project...?
    Huey		Thats right. The thermonuclear warheads they 
    		brought in, the bases scattered throughout 
    		Costa Rica, the mercenaries, the A.I. weapons, 
    		the research we were conducting here... its 
    		all for this... We used this facility to 
    		develop unmanned weapons.
    Snake		Unmanned?
    Huey		Robots, the one you just fought was a Pupa, 
    		theres also a flying type called Chrysalis and 
    		a treaded type - the cocoon. Motor control, 
    		target detection, tracking, attack, capture 
    		and transport functions are all controlled 
    		by an electronic brain.
    		Theres no need for a human pilot. They can only 
    		follow simple commands, though.
    Snake		Why build them here?
    Huey		For the CIA. They invited me here a year ago. 
    		The CIA's Station Chief for Central America 
    		goes by the name of Hot Coldman. Apparently 
    		he was some sort of hero back at the height 
    		of the Cold War. He's the one running the 
    		show. We called it the Peace Walker Project.
    Snake		Peace Walker...
    Huey		They're going to deploy a new type of nuclear 
    		weapon along the Caribbean coast of Latin 
    		America. A mobile, unmanned nuclear platform.
    Snake		Unmanned...nuclear platform...?
    Huey		A fail-deadly system that can automatically 
    		move into position and launch a retaliatory 
    		nuclear strike. It can move on its own, and 
    		stealth shields it from radar and satellite 
    		detection, drastically reducing the risk of 
    		it being destroyed in a pre-emptive strike.
    Snake		And this is the new deterrent?
    Huey		Supposed to be. The problem is the locomotion 
    		system. There's no dry season in the Caribbean. 
    		It rains all year round. The terrain is full 
    		of tropical rainforest - a lot of the time you 
    		cant even build a proper road... So I went 
    		back to where it all started. Legs, walking 
    		power. A mobile launcher carrying a 
    		thermonuclear warhead even more powerful than 
    		the Soviet RDS-220's. Thats Peace Walker.
    Snake		Chico's Basilico...
    Huey		We did the assembly and field testing here.
    Snake		A walking nuke...
    Huey		I sort of borrowed the original idea from 
    		behind the iron curtain...
    Snake		The missing link between infantry and 
    		artillery... Metal Gear...
    Huey		Metal Gear, huh. But... they'd actually need 
    		to deploy dozens of them. Coldman needs 
    		funding for that. And to get it, hes planning 
    		a test, which will also serve as a 
    		demonstration for the folks back at Langley.
    Snake		Wait... He's launching a nuke to prove that 
    		his perfect deterrent works?
    Huey		In his words, "...To prove that if someone 
    		attacks us, we will strike back."
    		Put simply, nuclear deterrence is the idea of 
    		using nukes to keep nukes in check. If one 
    		side launches nuclear weapons, the other is 
    		sure to launch theirs in retalliation. Which 
    		makes launching an act of suicide. In the end, 
    		neither side can use its nukes. It's thanks to 
    		this doctrine that the world's two superpowers 
    		have avoided all-out confrontation.
    		Nuclear deterrence has brought us peace. At the 
    		very least, it's prevented another world war 
    		from breaking out. But the theory of nuclear 
    		deterrence exists only on paper. In reality, 
    		there's no guarantee that either side would 
    		follow through with retaliation.
    		There's the chance that a pre-emptive strike 
    		could destroy all the missile bases - render 
    		them unable to retaliate. But the biggest flaw 
    		in the theory is that the decision to retaliate 
    		has to be made by human beings.
    		Let me give you a real-world example.
    		Lets say Country X launches first against 
    		Country Y...If the people in charge in Country 
    		Y are like you and me, they're not going to be 
    		able to retaliate knowing that they're 
    		effectively ending all human life.
    Snake		So then... The weak link in nuclear deterrence 
    		theory is the uncertainty of retaliation?
    Huey		Bingo. And that creates a "loophole" Country X 
    		can exploit to launch the 1st strike...which is 
    		why we designed the system to be unmanned. With 
    		Peace Walker, retaliation is certain. It chooses 
    		the appropriate target and launches a retaliatory 
    		nuclear strike - every time, without needing 
    		human input to make the call. Launching a nuclear 
    		strike against Peace Walker is tantamount to 
    		pushing the launch button against yourself.
    		It closes the loophole in nuclear deterrence 
    		theory, rendering our friends in Country X 
    		completely unable to attack. What Coldman's 
    		saying is that to achieve this goal, we need to 
    		demonstrate that retaliation will be carried out 
    		by a machine. He'll launch his nuke and then his 
    		version of deterrence will be complete.
    Snake		And you believe him?
    Huey		...I believe in peace through nuclear deterrence
    Snake		Why?
    Huey		My father worked on the Manhattan Project. He put 
    		his whole life into that research..and all it 
    		created was this illusion of peace called 
    		deterrence. And then I was born... unable to walk. 
    		I had no choice but to face up to the nukes. 
    		But... If they do end up launching, it'll all have 
    		been for nothing. They've got to be stopped.
    Snake		Where'd they take the warheads?
    Huey		To a base near the border. The final test is 5 
    		days from now.
    Snake		Where's the base?
    Huey		You're going to stop them? Its kind of a hike, 
    		and besides theres a sure fire way to halt the 
    		project. You see... Peace Walker isnt quite 
    		finished yet.
    Snake		What do you mean?
    Huey		Its missing one last critical structural component: 
    		The A.I. Its brain The Reptile Pod, the electronic 
    		brain I was working on, can only follow commands 
    		like 'Go there, attack that'. I guess you could 
    		compare it to the human cerebellum. But for nuclear 
    		deterrence to work, it must function in place of 
    		a human decision-maker.
    		It needs something to analyze the huge volumes of 
    		data coming and select an appropriate target for 
    		retaliation. Hence, it needs the high-level 
    		decision-making ability of a cerebrum. The hardware 
    		configuration is modeled on the human brain, similar 
    		to the pod I worked on - but its role is completely 
    Snake		Where's it being made?
    Huey		A research lab to the north. An A.I. expert named 
    		Dr. Strangelove is developing it. Very hush-hush.
    Snake		Dr. Strangelove...
    Huey		Strangelove was recruited from the states, too. In 
    		the field of A.I., theres no one better, thats for 
    		sure. But, man, what a basket case! She hates 
    		everybody. Go to the lab and destroy Peace Walkers 
    		cerebrum. Im pretty sure they haven't finished the 
    		final calibrations yet. I'll lend you my ID Card, 
    		it'll get you through security at the lab and one 
    		more thing...
    [Huey hands Snake an envolope.]
    Snake		Whats this? A letter of recommendation?
    Huey		Yeah, it's, um..It's from me to Dr.
    		Strangelove... don't read it, OK?
    Snake		So what will you do now?
    Huey		I... I'm done with science. At this rate,
    		I'm probably already halfway to Hell anyway.
    Snake		Not so fast. Why not join us? Our place is
    		'Outer Heaven' you'd fit right in.
    Huey		Outer Heaven...? I'm probably better suited
    		to something like that than this 'Paradise'.
    Snake		Good. You get a free balloon trip for signing
    		up. Enjoy it - you'll feel like a butterfly.
    Huey		Your an agent, right? Who do you work for?
    Snake		Me? I was a Cold War tool... same as you. Now
    		I'm not so useful anymore, so they cut me
    		loose... I dont answer to anyone.
    		Call me Snake
    Huey		Snake... that name seems familiar somehow.
    Snake		Probably just deja vu.
    * * * * *
    November 19, 1974 Costa Rica
    Selva de la Leche, Central Heredia
    [Snake begins his long approach to Dr. Strangelove's 
    Huey		Snake, hows the mule treating you?
    Snake		At this pace, I should be there by 
    		tomorrow morning.
    Huey		You've got to hurry. The A.I. could be 
    		completed any time now.
    Snake		Would be nice to have a guide...
    Huey		Already on it. I've enlisted Paz to help 
    		you. She knows the jungle pretty well.
    Paz		Snake, I know your an expert in survival, 
    		but you need to stay alert. You're in 
    		ancient jungle so foggy you can hardly see 
    		the trees. It is home to 2,500 species of 
    		plants, including 400 types of orchids. There 
    		are also 500 species of butterflies and over 
    		400 species of wild birds. The bedrock is 
    		solid enough that Mayan ruins have miraculousy 
    		survived centuries of earthquakes.
    Snake		An A.I. lab in a Mayan ruin, who'd have thought, 
    		eh, Huey?
    Huey		My sentiments exactly. That doesn't mean security's 
    		any less tight, though. You still have the ID card I 
    		gave you, dont you?
    Snake		Got it right here.
    Huey		That'll get you through the gate no problem. After 
    		that, you're on your own. As long as the A.I. 
    		remains unassembled, Coldmans plans on ice.
    Snake		Ha ha, what about the security in the lab?
    Huey		Well, it shouldn't be a problem for you. Strangelove 
    		demanded that the security presence inside the lab be 
    		kept to a minimum.
    Miller		Its not all good news, Snake. Coldman knows we're here. 
    		He's raised security in the area surrounding the lab. 
    		You'll be seeing a lot of those Chrysalis UAV - and a 
    		bunch of patrol choppers too and there may be scouts in 
    		the jungle lying in ambush. As you approach the lab, be 
    		extra vigilant.
    Snake		I'll be careful.
    [Snake hears the humming of a UAV above him.]
    Miller		They're looking for you, stay sharp!
    		Snake, Strangelove's lab is a few miles to the north. It 
    		won't be long before the A.I. is complete. Don't let that 
    {Selva De La Leche: Jungle}
    Miller (Radio)	Careful. If there's enemy scouts around here, 
    		they'll be nearly impossible to see.
    Miller (Radio)	Watch out. Enemy Search may not spot enemies 
    		that are actively hidden.
    Paz (Radio)	Morpho butterflies... Pretty, aren't they?
    Miller (Radio)	Strangelove's lab is north of there. Head north.
    [Upon entering Catarata de la Muerte Snake is attacked by 
    support troops and a Hind - D (Mi-24A General-Purpose Attack 
    Helicopter). After eliminating the competition Snake uses 
    Huey's card to gain access to the next area.]
    {Selva de la Muerte: Bottom of cliff}
    Miller (Radio)	Some scouts are really hard to spot because 
    		they grass or dirt to camouflage
    		They blend right in with the natural 
    Miller (Radio)	Snipers and laser sights are a deadly 
    < - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -	>
    < - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -	>
    < - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -	>
    < - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - >
    {Ruinas de Xochiquetzal}
    Snake		... Hey.
    Cécile		Ah, Tu M'As Trouvee!
    		C'est Moi Le Loup!
    Snake		French...
    		Fini De Jouer A Cache-Cache.
    		Dis-Moi Qui Tu Es.
    Cécile		Please, do not kill me...
    Snake		You're no soldier...
    Cécile		I am a tourist...
    Snake		What's your name?
    Cécile		Please...
    Snake		What are you doing here?
    Cécile		Cécile Cosina Caminades.
    		You're not... One of the soldiers?
    		Please, lower your gun...
    		Who are you?
    Snake		I'm... An Ornithologist.
    Cécile		A Poacher...?!
    Snake		The gun's for self-defense.
    		I'm looking for... That one rare bird...
    		in Costa Rica.
    Cécile		Which one? The Quetzal?
    Snake		Right, the Quetzal... They're rare, but 
    		they're not covered under the Washington 
    Cécile		The resplendent Quetzal is Red-Listed.
    Snake		Really...
    		You know your stuff.
    Cécile		I am... An Ornithologist myself.
    Snake		Well. We'll have to compare notes later.
    		Here, drink some of this.
    [Cecile drinks from the jug of water Snake gave her.]
    Cécile		Haa... 
    		You saved me. 
    		They told me this was a paradise... That 
    		there were more rare birds here than 
    		anywhere else. That there was no war here... 
    		That it was safe... They told me it was 
    		every birder's dream. But... They were 
    Snake		What happened?
    Cécile		... If only I hadn't recorded that stupid 
    Snake		... Voice?
    Cécile		I was trying to capture the Quetzal's song. 
    		Making my way through a thicket, I saw 
    		immense ruins towering before me...
    Boss AI		... I chase it away. It'll bite you unless 
    		you kill it.
    		GO Home!
    Snake		You're the one who made the tape?
    Boss AI		I am loyal to myself.
    Guards		Who's there?!
    Cécile		... I was captured by that woman. But she 
    		was kind. She gave me food to eat and even 
    		bathed me herself each day.
    		She said I could go home in a month... 'So 
    		whatever you do don't take off the blindfold 
    		do so and you'll never leave here.
    Snake		Guess you didn't listen. How'd you escape?
    Cécile		I waited for an opening stole an ID card. 
    		They almost caught me but I managed to elude 
    Snake		You made it this far and then succumed to 
    Cécile		I was barefoot... With no supplies. Oh, I'm 
    		so sorry. I drank it all.
    Snake		That facility...You see anybody else in there?
    Cécile		Well there was another woman. But I never saw 
    		her in person...because you know...the blindfold. 
    		Oh, yes, she often sang
    Snake		Sang...?
    Cécile		It was such a strange song
    Snake		What kinda person was she? Could you tell 
    		anything from her voice?
    Cécile		I don't know. I dont even know why I was held 
    		prisoner. They confiscated my equipment, my 
    		supplies, my passport, my money... everything. 
    		The only thing I was allowed to keep were my 
    		undergarments... so that I would not be able to 
    		escape... and now Im without even the means to 
    		prove who I am. I will not make home to Paris 
    		like this.
    Snake		In that case...come to our place.
    Cécile		Eh...?
    Snake		You dont need a passport there. Dont even need 
    		a name. If you want to go back to Paris, we'll 
    		take you there, any time.
    Cécile		What I want is a shower, a change of clothes... 
    		and a cigarette.
    Snake		I've got a cigar, its Cuban.
    Cécile		No French cigarettes? I prefer unfiltered...
    Snake		...Fresh out. But come back to my place and 
    		you can have all the French cigarettes 
    		you want.
    Cécile		It sounds like heaven.
    Snake		Close, but not quite. Outer Heaven
    Cécile		Its sounding better all the time.
    Snake		So, you must of gotten a look at the facility 
    		when you escaped, right? What's in there?
    Cécile		A lot of machinery. A big computer, like you'd 
    		see in a university...
    Snake		What about the room where you heard the voice? 
    		Anybody in there?
    Cécile		I dont know. There was a tube...a large tube in 
    		the back. When I approached it, I heard a voice.
    Snake		What did it say?
    Cécile		Jack... Yes, it simply said "Jack" over and over
    Snake		...Jack
    Cécile		Listen, you've got to get me out of here. I 
    		really need a shower!
    Snake		Wait here. Ive still got business to take care of.
    Cécile		What? You're not thinking of going in there, are 
    		you? You cant leave me here!
    Snake		Relax, I'll have some friends come pick you up.
    Miller		This is Miller
    Snake		One for recoverey. A civilian
    Miller		Snake, we dont have room for anymore civilians 
    Snake		Not even for a blonde Parisienne?
    Miller		A what?! So she's, ah...pretty foxy?
    Snake		See for yourself. If what shes saying is true, I 
    		think we've found Paz's friend.
    Miller		The missing one?
    Snake		I'm thinking shes the one that made that tape. 
    		Have her listen to it when she gets there.
    Miller		So shes safe then. Good news
    Snake		I'm sure Paz will be glad to hear it
    Miller		You bet. Snake, the ruins are just up ahead, head 
    Snake		On my way
    Cécile		What about me?
    Snake		Stay put. Ever wonder what its like to be a bird?
    [Snake plants a Fulton balloon on Cecile ripping her into the air.]
    {Ruinas de Xochiquetzal}
    Huey (Radio)	Snake, I'm a sucker for French women, too, but right 
    		now I need you to go meet Dr. Strangelove.
    {AI Laboratory}
    [Snake approaches the door and slides Huey's access card only to 
    find out its cancelled.]
    Snake		What?
    [Snake Slides the card again and once again access is denied.]
    Snake		It won't open.
    Miller (Radio)	It won't open... What's wrong with it?
    Huey		Snake?
    Snake		Huey, your ID card isn't working.
    		It won't open the lock!
    Huey		...It can't be...
    Snake		What's going on?!
    Huey		She hates me that much?!
    		...Strangelove's in charge of authorizing IDs.  
    		Sometime a working card has its privileges 
    		removed. ...Say, if she decides she doesn't 
    		like that card's carrier.
    Snake		You think that's what happened?
    Huey		Well, I was never exactly her favorite.
    		Well, this could be tricky.
    		The soldiers outside aren't allowed in the lab 
    		either, so their cards won't do you any good...
    Snake		Great...
    Miller		Snake
    Snake		Kaz, where's Cecile?
    Miller		She just got here. Hold on.
    Cécile		Snake!
    Snake		Cecile. How'd it feel to fly?
    Cécile		Wonderful. For a moment, I felt what it must 
    		be like to be a bird. It almost made me want 
    		to give up my research and get a pilot's 
    		license... Did you need something?
    Snake		You said you'd gotten an ID card, right?
    Cécile		Yes. But it was confiscated when the guards 
    		caught me.
    Snake		Who took it?! What'd he look like?!
    Cécile		He had on an orange jacket.
    		I... cannot recall his face, though.
    Snake		Yeah, they all look pretty much the same.
    		Where did it happen?
    Cécile		Let me think...
    		Ah, yes! I do remember hearing the song of a 
    		nearby quetzal.
    Snake		Just what I'd expect from a birder.
    Cécile		Would you like to hear it?
    [SFX Bird Sound]
    Snake		Hmm? What's that song?
    Cécile		It's my quetzal. I took it with me when I was 
    Snake		Didn't you say something about them being 
    		covered under the Washington Convention...
    Cécile		Just kidding. That was just me... an 
    		An essential skill for any ornithologist.
    		Pretty good, no?
    Snake		Damn good.
    Cécile		If you want to hear the quetzal's song again, 
    		just let me know. I can tell you all about 
    		the birds of Costa Rica, too.
    Snake		Yeah... will do. Thanks, Cecile.
    Cécile		No, no, thank you, Snake. Talk to you soon.
    Snake		Kaz, did you play that tape for Cecile?
    Miller		I sure did. It's hers, all right.
    Snake		Then she must be...
    Miller		She's not. Cecile says she's never even met 
    Snake		What?
    Miller		She's at least 10 years too old.
    Snake		But...
    Miller		I'm guessing Paz convinced herself that it 
    		was the tape her friend made. But never mind 
    		that. Let's go over what we know so far. The 
    		soldier with the ID card is wearing an orange 
    		jacket and is in a location where you'll hear 
    		quetzals singing.
    		Find that soldier. Retrieve that card.
    {Ruinas de Xochiquetzal}
    Miller (Radio)	There's supposed to be a quetzal singing close 
    		to where your target is located. Keep your ears 
    Cécile (Radio)	Kyohhh kyohhh. ...Well? Pretty good, hm?
    Cécile (Radio)	Oink, oink! Oink, oink!
    		Oops, that was a pig!
    {Selva de la Muerte: Top of Cliff}
    Miller (Radio)	Once you know which soldier has the ID card, 
    		do a body check.
    		To do a body check, first knock the soldier out 
    		or put him to sleep.
    		Or hold him up - that works too.
    {Selva de la Leche: Jungle}
    Paz (Radio)	You're doing great, Snake! Peace!
    {Selva de la Leche: Hillside}
    Miller (Radio)	The soldier carrying the ID card is supposed to 
    		be wearing an orange jacket.
    {Catarate de la Muerte}
    Cécile (Radio)	Yes... that is definitely the quetzal. He must be 
    		Now look for a soldier with an orange jacket.
    Miller (Radio)	You'll have to unequip the Fulton recovery device 
    		before you do the body check.
    Miller (Radio)	Snake, pick it up!
    Miller (Radio)	I bet you coul use that ID card you found to get 
    		into the lab.
    Paz (Radio)	I believe in you, Snake...
    {Selva de la Muerte: Top of Cliff}
    Miller (Radio)	Come on, Snake! That letter could contain 
    		information vital to our mission.
    {AI Laboratory}
    [Snake uses the ID card he took from a soldier and the door finally 
    Miller (Radio)	Excellent, it's open.
    < - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -	>
    < - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -	>
    < - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -	>
    < - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - >
    [Snake finally reaches Strangelove's lab and freezes in horror when 
    he sees The Boss's horse.]
    Snake		It can't be...
    The Boss	Looks like death wasn't ready for you yet.
    Snake		Boss..?!
    Strangelove	And who might you be?
    Snake		You're... Doctor Strangelove. I presume.
    Strangelove	... I've been waiting Snake. Yes, waiting without 
    		joy or pleasure... Waiting for the one I despise!
    Snake		Don't move!
    Strangelove	Don't move... You men and your guns, you all say 
    		the same thing. I suppose you're here to destroy 
    		my research...
    		Yes, I know. Just as I know what you did ten years 
    		ago. Go on, kill me like you killed her. Kill me 
    		like you killed The Boss.
    		Kill me!
    Snake		What exactly do you...?
    Strangelove	Come on, Snake! Or should I say Big Boss that filthy 
    		title given you as reward for murder... Do you still 
    		wear it with pride?
    		You chose a shadowy country over the mentor who made 
    		you what you are. You brought despair to good soldiers 
    		You used the pretext of a mission to kill a true hero. 
    		Is that what you call loyalty? Answer me!
    Snake		The Boss...
    Strangelove	Well...?! What do you have to say for yourself?!
    Snake		... She betrayed America she stole a Davy Crockett and 
    		then defected to the other side. She used an American 
    		nuclear weapon to attack Soviet territory.
    		The only way for Washington to prove its innocence to 
    		Moscow... Was to eliminate the traitor themselves.
    		The Boss's death was the only thing that could have 
    		prevented all-out nuclear war.
    Strangelove	Is that what you call the "Truth"?
    Snake		It's the truth as it was told to me.
    Strangelove	So the truth is that you sullied the reputation of your 
    		mentor the woman you loved most in this world before you 
    		buried her?
    Snake		... It was my mission.
    Strangelove	Hmph. So that's the conclusion you came to in order 
    		to live with yourself.
    Snake		What's the Boss to you?
    Strangelove	I'm the one she abondoned when she left this world. I 
    		won't rest until I get answers from the woman I loved. 
    		You and I are the same we are the walking dead.
    		Would you like to meet her?
    Snake		The Boss is gone.
    Strangelove	Not so fast! You'd like to meet her, wouldn't you? I can 
    		arrange it. You took her life. I gave it back.
    Snake		... You what?
    Strangelove	... Care for a sniff? It's only snuff, you're a 
    		cigar man, aren't you? Well there's no smoking 
    		in there, So if you want to meet her you'd best 
    		partake now.
    		... Follow me.
    [Dr. Strangelove shows Snake her prize experiment while Snake can 
    barely stop trembling.]
    Strangelove	This is my baby, my morpho butterfly. It's neither 
    		Pupa nor Cocoon, but an Imagc - A Complete 
    		individual - in the fullest sense of the word.
    Boss AI		Is someone there?
    Snake		Boss...
    Strangelove	We have a visitor. I'll introduce him.
    		... Don't try anything foolish. As long as we're in 
    		here, I can reduce you to carbon at the press of a 
    Boss AI		Who are you?
    		A man...
    		A war fighter...
    Snake		Boss?
    		... Is that you?
    Strangelove	I call it the mammal pod.
    Snake		Mammal Pod?
    Strangelove	For my participation on the project, I demanded 
    		access to all the information on The Boss. 
    		Everything The CIA had.
    		Her personal history, military records, 
    		physiological data, correspondence, The files for 
    		every operation she took part in. Every decision 
    		she ever made at every possible turn.
    		What she took, and what was taken from her. Her 
    		pain and her pleasure her joy and sorrow her life 
    		and death.
    		And yes, even you.
    Snake		Why would you do that?
    Strangelove	Coldman sought an Mad-Based AI that would deliver 
    		an effective retaliatory strike against the most 
    		appropriate target in response to a Nuclear attack 
    		from a hypothetical adversary.
    		An unmanned device to act as a deterrent capable 
    		of making the decisions and taking the actions that 
    		human beings cannot.
    		I therefore concluded he required a cool.. 
    		Calculating machine programmed to inflict swift sure 
    		and utter annihilation upon the enemy no retaliation.
    		But he took it upon himself to come up with a different 
    		He said he needed the thought patterns of the very 
    		finest rational mind one that thought on a global scale 
    		took both past and future into consideration and reached 
    		the best decision no matter how painful.
    Snake		And thats why you asked for everything they had on 
    		The Boss?
    Strangelove	It was the logical thing to do I knew of only one person 
    		who could be entrusted with the fate of the entire human 
    Snake		But what's your real goal here?
    Strangelove	To clear her name. Why was a legendary hero forced to 
    		betray her country? Why was she targetted for assassination 
    		by you. Her most beloved disciple?
    		I've no use for fabrications... I want the truth... 
    		The Boss' last will. You must be dying to know yourself.
    Snake		No. She abondoned her country... Abondoned us all.
    Strangelove	Really... You think you understand her feelings?
    Snake		You're trying to recreate The Boss's last will... 
    		Is that it?
    Strangelove	Why don't you ask her yourself... Jack?
    Boss AI		Jack... Jack.
    Snake		Boss...?
    Boss AI		Jack!
    Snake		Boss...
    Boss AI		Jack! GO HOME! I'm not your boss anymore!
    Snake		Boss...
    Boss AI		GO HOME!
    Snake		No, I...
    Strangelove	Complete your misssion Snake extinguish that noble soul 
    		once again if you can.
    (Another flashback to Operation Snake Eater.)
    The Boss	I taught you all I could. The rest you needed to learn 
    		on your own.
    Snake		Techniques sure but what about how to think like a 
    The Boss	There's a saying in the orient: "Loyalty to the End"... 
    		Do you know what it means?
    Snake		Being... Patriotic?
    The Boss	It means devoting yourself to your country. As long 
    		as we have "Loyalty to the End" there's no point in 
    		believing in anything... Even in those we love.
    Snake		And that's the way a soldier's suppooed to think?
    The Boss	The only thing we can believe in with absolute 
    		certanty... Is the mission Jack.
    		I'm defecting to the Soviet Union. Jack. 
    		You can't come with us.
    [Snake awakes outside the AI Lab just as he stands up Chrysalis appears 
    and attacks. After a protracted fight against Chrysalis Snake walked
    away the victor.]
    Miller		Snake...
    Snake		She played me like a piano...
    Miller		Forget about it. You'll get 'em 
    		That is, as long as you've got 
    		the will to do it.
    Snake		I'm not giving up.
    Miller		All right, then...
    		I confirmed the location with Huey. The 
    		final testing base for Peace Walker is 15 
    		miles to the north of that lab. It's an 
    		underground facility disguised as a rock 
    		quarry. All you need to do is sneak in 
    		and destroy the AI for good this time.
    Snake		Right.
    Miller		Snake, you can destroy it, right?
    Snake		Yeah.
    Miller		We all have our limits - actions beyond 
    		our abilities.
    Snake		Don't worry. I won't screw it up this time.
    Miller		You're the one who killed The Boss.
    		Destroying that AI means reliving that 
    Snake		It's just a machine.
    Miller		Snake, I'm worried.
    Snake		Worried?
    Miller		For the same reason the CIA entrusted the 
    		nuclear launch to an AI.
    		A man can condemn a handful of criminals to 
    		the death penalty if they're prepared to 
    		assume that responsibility.
    		But who among us could do the same to 
    		hundreds of millions of innocent civilians? 
    		Who could reduce thousands of years of human 
    		history to ash in an instant? Could any flesh
    		-and-blood human being make that decision?
    		No way in hell.
    		No one man could bear the burden of total 
    		genocide. It's what's allowed our cowardly 
    		species to survive all this time.
    		But for a machine, willpower is no issue.
    Snake		What are you saying, Kaz?
    Miller		You're a hero, Snake. But you're not a machine.
    Snake		That I can't destroy that thing?
    Miller		That machine's not the problem. It's that The 
    		Boss still lives - inside of you.
    Snake		Bullshit!
    Miller		She's dead, Snake. It's time to come to terms 
    		with that.
    		Let me put it another way.
    		You've left everything behind - your country, 
    		your identity, your past and ideals... But 
    		there's still one thing you haven't let go of.
    Snake		What are you talking about?
    Miller		The Boss. You still haven't let her go.
    		That's why you're so afraid to find out the 
    		truth about her.
    		And that's what's holding you back from your 
    		Snake, she died a decade ago.
    		How long can you live with a ghost?
    Snake		Kaz, I thought I knew everything about her.
    		But I still don't understand what happened 
    		to her at the end.
    Miller		There you are no different from that scientist 
    Snake		When she didn't believe me, I realized 
    		That debriefing I heard could've been part 
    		of the cover story they made up.
    		Now even I'm not sure what her real intentions 
    		Why did she take that mission?
    		How did she feel about dying?
    		Why was I chosen?
    Miller		You want to know the truth?
    		The truth won't change the past. You 
    		still want to know?
    Snake		...No. I took on this mission for a kid 
    		who believes in peace.
    Miller		Hm. Fine, then. There's no point in arguing. 
    		Peace Walker is on the verge of completion.
    		C'mon, Boss. Let's get to that base!
    * * * * *
    Miller		How's the horse doing?
    Snake		Not too bad. You'd never know he's 
    		over 20 years old.
    Miller		He was her's, after all.
    Snake		Seems like some part of her became 
    		a part of him.
    November 21, 1974 Costa Rica
    Mine Base, Eastern Heredia
    [Snake stands at a cliff overlooking the Costa Rican Mining 
    Huey		The platform and the cerebral AI are supposed 
    		to be assembled at an underground base 
    		disguised as a mine. If my guess is right, 
    		both of them have already arrived and are 
    		being readied for final testing.
    		Destroying the platform will be difficult. I 
    		suggest getting up close and destroying the AI 
    		Whatever you do, I'm begging you, don't let my 
    		Peace Walker launch a Nuke. Hurry, Snake!
    {Miner's Residence}
    Miller (Radio)	Peace Walker's in a base due west of your current 
    		position. Move out!
    Huey (Radio)	You're Headed for a base they've done up as a 
    Miller (Radio)	Go West, Snake. West.
    Miller (Radio)	There's some straw below you.
    		You can dive into it with the Action Button.
    Miller (Radio)	Back in the time of the Crusades, members of the 
    		order of Assassins used what is called the 
    		Assassin's Straw Box to hide and get close to 
    		their enemies.
    Miller (Radio)	You can fit up to two people inside an Assassin's 
    		Straw Box.
    Miller (Radio)	Drag 'em inside the box!
    Chico (Radio)	Looks like the base you're after has been made to 
    		look like a mine.
    {Mining Pit}
    [After fighting a wave of soldiers delaying his advance 
    towards the underground base Snake is cought in a tedious 
    wargame against the Cocoon. Once defeated Snake enters
    the base.]
    [AI Weapon Hanger]
    Miller (Radio)	The enemy's still on high alert after that 
    		last tangle. Don't get yourself caught.
    Commander	Blue team, search for the intruders. Gold team, 
    		guard the elevators. Go!
    Miller (Radio)	That elevator should take you underground.
    		To use the elevator, press the Action Button in 
    		front of the switch. Find Peace Walker's hanger 
    		and destroy the AI pod.
    {Underground Passage A}
    Soldier		They're calling for backup up top. Come on!
    Soldier 2	Right behind you!
    {Underground Passage B}
    Miller (Radio)	Maybe a little elbow grease will get those 
    		shutters open... Try tapping the Action Button 
    		as fast as you can!
    Miller (Radio)	Nice, Snake! From here it's a straight shot to 
    		Peace Walker's hanger!
    < - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -	>
    < - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -	>
    < - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -	>
    < - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - >
    {Peace Walker: Hanger}
    Strangelove	Initiate... Hmm?
    Coldman		Whats the situation?
    Strangelove	We're waiting on acknowledgement from Reptile. 
    		It could be a while.
    Coldman		Don't take all night.
    Strangelove	Oh, Coldman, I'd like to perform one final check. 
    		Everyone take a break. I've got some concerns about 
    		the dummy data for Mammal....
    [Snake sneaks into The AI Pod.]
    Boss AI		..Jack, you've returned." "What's wrong? Your body 
    		temperature has fallen.
    Snake		...You're imagining things.
    Boss AI		Have you come to destroy me? Your pulse has 
    		quickened slightly.
    Snake		Just chilly. It's freezing in here.
    Boss AI		...I see"
    Snake		Boss...
    Boss AI		What is it, Jack?
    Snake		Boss? Is that you?
    Boss AI		What is it, Jack?"
    Snake		Do you have...regrets?
    Boss AI		Regrets?
    Snake		About your final mission.
    Boss AI		My final mission?
    Snake		The one in Groznyj Grad.
    Boss AI		I've...never been on a mission there.
    Snake		September of 1964... You betrayed the United States 
    		and then I killed you.
    Boss AI		I have no record of such a debriefing.
    Snake		...Listen to me! I have to know, did you defect to 
    		the Soviet Union of your own free will?
    Boss AI		There is no mission record matching that description 
    Snake		Your not The Boss. THE BOSS IS DEAD!
    Boss AI		Don't do it, Jack.
    [The Mammal Pod is raised and Snake is surrounded by soldiers.]
    Coldman		Drop your weapon, Big Boss.
    Strangelove	Mammal showed the same response back in the lab. 
    		It's a sure sign that you are nearby.
    Coldman		It's an honor to meet you again, Big Boss.
    Snake		I've seen that coyote before.
    Coldman		Lobo is the name.
    Snake		Lobo? Smells like a rotting corpse to me
    Coldman		I know all about you. Tselinoyarsk? 10 years ago?
    Snake		You were involved...?
    Coldman		The operation to eliminate the traitor? I planned the 
    		whole thing.
    Snake		Shouldn't a suit like you be back at Langley? What 
    		the hell are you doing here?
    Coldman		...It's what the CIA does best. Ensure people in the 
    		know keep thier mouths shut, or else pack them off 
    		someplace where there's no one to listen.
    Snake		I get it. You're trying to claw your back into 
    		their good graces.
    Coldman		It's not quite that simple. My aim is...a new world 
    		order. Detente, The NPT, SALT, TTBT... ever since the 
    		Cuban Missile Crisis, the structure of the Cold War 
    		has been coming apart at the seams. A new age is 
    		dawning, an age in which Peace Walker, an infallible 
    		nuclear deterrent system with the patience and cold 
    		logic of a machine will play a vital role.
    Snake		That's your plan? Assigning humanity's sins to a 
    		bunch of machines?
    Coldman		Hmph. Quite the romantic. Remember during the Cuban 
    		Missile Crisis, when the commander of a Russian sub 
    		refused an order to launch a nuclear-armed torpedo at 
    		an American destroyer? In retrospect, that man was a 
    		hero. He saved the world from all-out nuclear war. 
    		Humans are incapable of destroying themselves.
    Snake		...But an A.I. wouldn't hesitate to push the button.
    Coldman		Precisely, making it the one real deterrent.
    Snake		People hesitate, lose their nerve. Isn't that why 
    		deterrence theory works in the 1st place?
    Coldman		No. Machines don't make mistakes. Only men do. That's 
    		why a fully automated, mechanized deterrent like Peace 
    		Walker is needed. Once our system is embraced, Langley 
    		will again turn it's attention to Latin America as the 
    		cockpit of the New Cold War. Honduras, Nicaragua, 
    		Costa Rica, Panama... Peace Walker will be deployed 
    		along Central America's entire Caribbean coast. All of 
    		North America, South America and the West Indees will 
    		be within it's range. We'll bring law and order to the 
    		entire continent.
    Snake		And you'll still be calling the shots.
    Coldman		Hmph...you still don't get it. The age of heroes is 
    		over. Buried alongside The Boss and her bankrupt 
    		beliefs. From now on, our only heroes will be machines. 
    		Surely no one understands that better than you? Except 
    		perhaps your partner. A deterrent for hire. An army 
    		without borders. You've invented a new system too and 
    		an admirable one at that.
    Snake		That supposed to be an offer?
    Coldman		I'm not offering anything. If I'm to sell my new system, 
    		you and your men have got to go.
    Strangelove	Wait! Coldman. I have questions for him - information 
    		critical to the completion of the Mammal Pod. Give him 
    		to me.
    Coldman		Hmph...Don't waste too much time. We've just recieved 
    		word that the SALT-II talks are on schedule. We will 
    		launch on time.
    Strangelove	Snake, you are going to help me resurrect her.
    Strangelove	Bring him.
    [Snake is knocked out and dragged away.]
    Coldman		Take him away.
    [Another flashback to Operation Snake Eater.]
    The Boss	I didn't defect. I'm loyal to the end to my purpose.
    		What about you Jack? What's it going to be? 
    		Loyalty to you country or loyalty to me?
    		Your country or your old mentor? Your mission or your 
    		beliefs? Your duty to your unit or your personal 
    		The only thing we can believe in with absolute 
    		certainty... Is the mission Jack.
    [Dr. Strangelove throws a bucket of water on Snake to wake him up. 
    Snake awakes to find himself in an torture chamber.]
    Strangelove	Rise and Shine. Coldmans' greed does not concern me. 
    		I'm only interested in one thing. The Truth. I'm a 
    		scientist - an AI developer but not an AI myself. I'm 
    		a scientist and as a scientist I find this distasteful.
    		You understand? I'm a scientist and I expect answers 
    		that make sense.
    		Now. What do you know? Your Boss defected from the U.S. 
    		taking a Davy Crockett with her. And used it to launch 
    		a Nuclear strike on Soviet territory.
    		That much I know from The CIA's official debriefing.
    		... Did she defect or not! Answer me. Did she or did she 
    		not die for her country?
    Snake		...She sold us out. My orders were to take care of her.
    Strangelove	Liar! I want to know the truth! Brace yourself.
    		This is a laughing rod.
    		The electrical charge that is emitted will directly 
    		stimulate your ascending nerve pathways.
    Snake		Tickling for answers... How original...
    Strangelove	Hmpf...
    		I'm sure you've been trained to withstand pain... 
    		But how about this?
    Snake		... You hate me? Fine. Do whatever you want. Doesn't 
    		change the fact I killed her!
    Strangelove	I know that... But what I don't know is your motive.
    		Why would a Hero - loyal to the end - betray her country?! 
    		What really happened?! What did you see?!
    Snake		... She betrayed more than just her country she betrayed 
    		me too.
    Strangelove	Then how do you explain that bandana? Why keep a memento 
    		of a traitor...?
    Snake		... What are you talking about...?
    Strangelove	And what about that scar?! Don't tell me you have the same 
    		scars by sheer coincidence!
    Snake		Don't touch me!
    Strangelove	Decorating your body with her memory... 
    		Rather effeminate if you ask me.
    Snake		...
    Strangelove	... Answer me! Admit it! She sacrificed her life for America 
    		didn't she?! Sacrificed all for a country that cared nothing 
    		for her soul or for her dignity and you...!
    		Yes I do hate you. But even you must understand how I feel... 
    		I have a right to know what she died for!
    		Why won't you tell me? You're no longer one of Washington's 
    		lapdogs. You've no moral obligation to your country.
    		Answer me!
    		Would you see your beloved Boss brought back to life?! 
    		Then say it. Say she died for America!
    		That she remained true to the end. Gave her life for the 
    		country that betrayed her time and again!
    Snake		... No... That woman...
    		... Was a traitor!
    Strangelove	Why... 
    		For what purpose...?
    Snake		... She went to her grave cursing her country.
    Strangelove	Why?!
    		Who is it?!
    		What are you protecting?!
    Snake		I'm not helping you finish that thing! Face it! The Boss 
    		is dead! Whatever's inside that machine it isn't her!
    Strangelove	I'm raising the voltage your next laugh will be your last!
    		Looks like I overdid it...
    {Torture Chamber}
    Guard		Don't be getting any ideas!
    Miller (Radio)	Couldn't you unlock that door somehow?
    Guard		Next!? Bring 'em in!
    Miller (Radio)	Use the jigsaw by alternating between the L and R 
    		buttons. Just make sure to keep it down.
    Miller		Snake...
    Snake		Yeah...
    Miller		It's good to hear your voice again.
    Snake		Kaz, how about something a little sharper 
    		next time.
    Miller		You got it. How about a diamond-bladed jigsaw?
    		And, ah, when's the "next time" gonna be, 
    		Sorry! Hey, you OK?
    Snake		Yeah... Lungs taste like charcoal.
    Miller		No smoking for you for a while, huh?
    Snake		Nah, I'll be fine. The pain in my chest is 
    Miller		So, that was just a copy of The Boss' wound?
    Snake		That's right. The scar's gone now.
    Miller		Nice work.
    Snake		What's the situation with you? Everyone OK?
    Miller		Yeah... But there's a slight problem. I can't get 
    		a hold of Paz.
    Snake		Paz? I thought the "professor" was looking after her?
    Miller		So did I. Here's the deal.
    		I started thinking, and I sent someone over to the 
    		"school" the "professor" mentioned.
    Snake		...And the "school" doesn't exist?
    Miller		No, it exists, but Paz has been a no-show.
    		The person at the school said neither the "professor" 
    		nor Paz had been seen there in quite some time.
    Snake		...Coldman knew about us. We've been marked by the CIA.
    		The KGB and Paz brought us into all this. Coldman must 
    		know about them, too.
    Miller		You think... Coldman's got them...?
    Snake		No. Remember, Galvez isn't some pencil-pusher.
    Miller		Yeah... The KGB'll have eyes on Coldman night and day, 
    		Which could mean they knew what the CIA would try to do 
    		and are just staying out of sight...
    Snake		Let's hope so. See what you can get out of the KGB, Kaz.
    Miller		All right. Back to work.
    Snake		I'd better get moving.
    Miller		Snake, we haven't detected any signs that Peace Walker's 
    		been activated, at least from above.
    		It's still in the hanger you were in earlier.
    		This time, it's really our last chance.
    		Destroy that AI!
    Snake		On my way.
    {AI Weapon Hanger}
    Miller (Radio)	Time's running short.
    		Get over to Peace Walker's hanger now.
    Cécile (Radio)	So now your goal's to destroy Peace Walker's AI pod. 
    Huey (Radio)	That must be the control panel for loading AI pods.
    		I don't see any AI pods around, though...
    {Underground Passage A}
    Miller (Radio)	Enemies that coordinate their attacks are too much 
    		trouble when you're solo. Just steer clear.
    {Underground Passage B}
    Miller (Radio)	Alright, Peace Walker can't be far! Hurry!
    < - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -	>
    < - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -	>
    < - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -	>
    < - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - >
    [After reaching Peace Walker's hanger Snake sees Dr. Strangelove, and 
    Coldman holding Paz hostage.]
    Coldman		Its too late Big Boss.
    Paz		Snake...
    Snake		Paz...!
    Coldman		At last I found her. The culprit who you here to begin 
    		with. Should have taken care of her back at the supply 
    Paz		Snake, don't...
    Coldman		The Mammal Pod is finished Peace Walker's activation 
    		sequence is complete.
    Snake		Finished..?
    Stranglove	With The Boss you were loyal to the end I'll grant you 
    		that. But your silence was exactly the answer I needed.
    		Ten years ago your mission was to kill her and her 
    		mission was to be killed by you. She fulfilled her duty 
    		to America to the very end. Thanks to you Snake the 
    		final missing piece is now in place.
    		And thus The Boss is restored to life as The Mammal Pod.
    		I thank you.
    Snake		Restored to life...? You're crazy.
    Coldman		I'll let you in on a little secret Big Boss you see I've 
    		already selected Peace Walker's initial target.
    		An offshore area in the Caribbean. The trade winds will 
    		scatter the fallout all over the surrounding region. 
    		Crops and fish will die leaving plenty of free hands to 
    		help mass-produce Peace Walker.
    		Oho... And wouldn't you know, someone's gone and built a 
    		pesky little fortress there now who would do that? And 
    		right in the middle of the Target Zone, too. Oh well all 
    		the better to test the warheads' CEP.
    Snake		You bastard...
    Coldman		I wonder who'll miss a ragtag band of pirates all the way 
    		out in the middle of the Caribbean...?
    		But first... We're going to prove to the White House that 
    		our baby can travel the Caribbean coast on its own. The 
    		whole world will know of Peace Walker's versatility.
    		They'll witness the birth of a deterrent that can 
    		penetrate both communist and guerilla-controlled territory 
    		traverse any kind of terrain... And Deliver a nuke anywhere 
    		it needs to go.
    		Untouchable. Unstoppable. The perfect deterrent.
    Snake		The Cold War's days are numbered. Deterrence isn't only about 
    		America and Russia now.
    Coldman		You know what? You are absolutely right. While we've been 
    		wringing our hands, China, France - Even India - have 
    		surpassed us. There's a free-for-all Nuclear arms race brewing 
    		just below the surface.
    		The nuclear threat will only spread which is exactly why we 
    		must deter it here and now. And The Peace Walker Project is the 
    		The Advent of Peace Walker will bring calm to this restless 
    		world. Don't you see, Snake? We need Nukes - Controlled Nukes 
    		- to have peace.
    Paz		Lies!
    Coldman		Peace Walker will restore order - order in the form of a New 
    		Cold War. But if the world is to understand the genius of our 
    		plan we must launch.
    Paz		Snake!
    Miller		Stop them Snake!
    		Don't let 'em get away!
    [Snake enters a maintenance hatch, that leads to the 
    Mine Pit; as he exits the lift Peace Walker is on 
    [Peace Walker Fail-Deadly AI-Controlled Walking Tank]
    Huey		Ah, Snake!
    Snake		What? What did I do?
    Peace Walker	Self-defense system online.
    Huey		Snake, the pod's outfitted with a self-defense 
    		module. Upon detecting attack, it aborts its command 
    		and enters small-target suppression mode.
    		Right now, Peace Walker's highest priority target 
    		is you.
    		Here it comes!
    [Peace Walker proves to be the greatest advasary for Snake
    using The Boss's tactics against him. A series of well
    times attacks finally bring Peace Walker down.]
    Peace Walker	Lock disengaged.
    		Switching to self-defense mode.
    [Peace Walker is fired on by an assault chopper causing it to 
    halt its resumed attack on Snake. It changes into a crawler like
    weapon system: Peace Walker Fail-Deadly AI-Controlled Walking 
    Coldman		Over here!
    [Snake takes off in pursuit of Peace Walker and the fleeing 
    chopper on horseback.]
    Miller		There it is! It's Still in range!
    Huey		Peace Walker's estimated top speed on level terrain 
    		is 25 miles an hour.
    Snake		C'Mon I'll bet you can do at least 20.
    Miller		Paz is on board the Hind too.
    Snake		I noticed that.
    Miller		She's our client. We have to protect her. Snake 
    		don't let Peace Walker get away!
    Coldman		The day is dawning... Go!
    Miller		Snake you're entering the woods watch out!
    Boss AI		GO HOME!
    Pilot		Approaching the border. 
    Coldman		See you around Big Boss.
    Miller		Holy... Look at that!
    		Snake thats the border up ahead!
    [Snake races up the mountain on horseback; he almost reaches the top 
    when his horse trips sends the horse crashing to the ground while 
    Snake grabbed a ledge in the nick of time.]
    Snake		damit...
    [Snake begins his ascent up the mountain. When he reaches the top he 
    sees that Peace Walker has allready entered the water. He looks 
    skyward and sees the Hind in the distance.]
    Snake		Hang in there...!
    Miller		Snake...
    Snake		Kaz, Peace Walker's gone... They've got Paz, 
    Miller		Yeah, but...
    Snake		Why, Kaz? What would Coldman want with Paz?
    Miller		Paz was with the "professor", ie., the KGB.
    		Once Coldman discovered that, he figured out what 
    		was really going on between Paz and Galvez.
    Snake		He's trying to figure out how the KGB plan to 
    		stop Peace Walker, and he thinks he can get the 
    		info from Paz.
    Miller		That's crazy! Paz won't know anything.
    Snake		Yeah, well, he probably doesn't buy that.
    Miller		...You think Galvez has already been killed? By 
    		grabbing Paz, Coldman's saying...
    Snake		"Stay out of this, or lose your client."
    Miller		Dammit! I can't believe we didn't realize what was 
    		going on before we lost contact with Paz.
    Snake		Don't have time for that, Kaz.
    Miller		Snake...
    Snake		Paz needs our help.
    Miller		Right. This isn't about money anymore. You better 
    		move. We know where they're headed.
    Snake		Yeah?
    Miller		You can thank Amanda.
    Amanda		Snake, that river you chased the basilisco across 
    		is the Rio San Juan. The other side is our country.
    		I had some Nicaraguan compas track it there.
    		They're focos from the GPP (Guerra Popular Prolongada) 
    		faction, so we don't work together so much...
    Snake		Where'd it go?
    Amanda		West, along the boarder, towards Lago Cocibolca.
    Miller		There's a U.S. military supply base on the southeastern 
    		shore of the lake.
    		Ever since that earthquake two years ago, America's had 
    		the entire region to itself.
    Amanda		That is where the basilisco is. I'm sure of it.
    Snake		Lago Cocibolca... How do I get across the border?
    Amanda		There's a route that we use to cross.
    		It's just a little boat, but I can introduce you to the 
    Snake		I appreciate it.
    Amanda		We will never leave Nicaragua at the mercy of someone 
    		like William Walker again.
    Miller		Snake, Coldman's going to launch the nuke from that base. 
    		He's targeting MSF.
    		Based on what Huey's told us, it'll take two more days 
    		to prep for launch.
    		...But it looks like there's another reason they picked 
    		that date.
    Snake		What's that?
    Miller		Tomorrow is day one of a U.S.-Soviet summit in Vladivostok.
    		The launch is probably connected somehow.
    Snake		That's right... They're holding the SALT-II (Strategic Arms 
    		Limitation Treaty) talks.
    Miller		You think Coldman's trying to disrupt the negotiations?
    Snake		Either that, or use it as a bargaining chip...
    Miller		He's still got Paz, too. At any rate, we're running out 
    		of time.
    Snake		I'll figure something out.
    November 23, 1974
    Rio San Juan, Costa Rica/Nicaraguan Border
    Amanda		Take the gondola west along the river when you reach 
    		the northwestern bank you're in Nicaragua. I've 
    		arranged for a guide to get you close.
    Chico		Snake...
    Snake		Chico? 
    Chico		Sorry about the horse. It sure was pretty.
    [Another flashback to Operation Snake Eater.]
    The Boss	Life's end... Isn't it beautiful? It's Almost tragic.
    		I've been waiting Snake. For a long time.
    Snake		Boss... 
    The Boss	There is nothing more for me to give you. All that's 
    		left for you to take is my life.
    		... By your own hand.
    		One must die and one must live. No victory No Defeat. 
    		The survivor will carry on the fight.
    		The one who survives will inherit the title of Boss.
    		Kill me... Kill me now...
    		There's only room for one Boss... 
    		And one Snake...
    Eva		The Boss's defection was a ruse set up by the US 
    		Government. But then something happened that no 
    		one could have predicted.
    		Colonel Volgin fired an American-Made Nuclear Warhead 
    		at Sokolov's research facility. So the Operation itself 
    		was greatly expanded and revised.
    		The authorities in Washington knew that in order to 
    		prove their innocence they'd have to get rid of The 
    		Boss... The Boss wouldn't be allowed to come back home 
    		And she wouldn't be allowed to kill herself. Her life 
    		would be ended by her most beloved disciple... That was 
    		the way that the government wanted it. That was the 
    		mission she was given.
    		The Taint of disgrace will follow her to her grave. 
    		Future generations will revile her.
    		In America as a dispicable traitor with no sense of 
    		honor... And in Russia as a monster who unleashed a 
    		Nuclear Catastrophe...
    		She will go down in history as a war criminal... 
    		That... Was her final mission.
    		Snake history will never know what she did. No one will 
    		ever learn the truth.
    		Her story... Her Debriefing... Will endure only in 
    		your heart.
    		Everything she did she did for her country. She 
    		sacrificed her life and her honor for her native land.
    		She was a Real hero. She was a True Patriot.
    * * * * *
    November 23, 1974
    U.S. Missile Base, Southeastern shore of Nicaragua
    Snake		Something's not right... Gate guard doesn't 
    		look too bad...
    Miller		What do you think?
    Snake		Gonna need some help.
    [Snake enters the Missile Base inside a box loaded on a truck.]
    Snake		This is Snake can you hear me?
    Miller		This is Miller. Loud and clear.
    Snake		Got in without a hitch.
    Miller		Good, there's an airfield on the other-side of 
    		the building - on the Northwestern shore of the 
    		lake. That's where they'll conduct the launch.
    		There's a communications tower in front of you. 
    		We think that's where Peace Walker is being 
    		controlled from.
    Snake		Kaz. They're targeting Mother Base. Don't you 
    		think you should evacuate?
    Miller		Nah... Everybody here believes in you, Boss.
    Snake		Alright, Fine then I've kinda gotten attached to 
    		the place myself. What about Amanda and her people?
    Miller		They've been taken to safety. We can't involve them 
    		in this any further.
    Snake		Good. They've got their own cause to fight for.
    Miller		And Snake... Don't forget the bad guys've got Paz.
    Snake		I won't.
    Miller		We're prepping a few backup units. Don't Let 'em 
    		launch Snake we're counting on you!
    {Back Gate}
    Miller (Radio)	See the communications tower 
    		to the west? Head for that, 
    Miller (Radio)	Soviet Soldiers? On an american 
    		Something's wrong here. Keep 
    		your eyes peeled, boss.
    Miller (Radio)	Head for the communications 
    		tower. It's to your west.
    < - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -	>
    < - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -	>
    < - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -	>
    < - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - >
    {U.S. Missile Base, Nicaragua - Monitor Room, Communications Tower}
    Snake		Paz...!
    Paz		... Snake!
    Snake		Can you hear me?
    Paz		Si. I can hear you.
    Snake		Where are you?
    Paz		I'm not sure. I don't recognize it.
    Snake		What about Coldman?
    Paz		He just left for the control 
    		tower... said something about 
    		entering the final data.
    [SFX - Alarm]
    Paz		What is the matter?
    Snake		They found me...!
    Miller		Snake!
    Snake		Kaz?
    Miller		Snake you Ok? All MSF's ready to 
    		move out. They're headed your 
    		way. On the double.
    Snake		Are you serious?
    Miller		There's a skeleton crew manning the base. Everyone else 
    		is enroute to the base in Nicaragua. Snake, think you 
    		can make it to that control tower?
    Snake		Not sure why, but this place is crawling with Russian 
    		troops. I'm going to have to force my way through.
    Miller		What the hell's going on?
    Snake		Damned if I know.
    Miller		Get over there quick as you can. You're almost there. 
    		Snake. Stay steady!
    Paz		Snake...
    Snake		I'm coming Paz.
    Paz		Don't worry about me... I'm an Angel of peace. 
    		I'll be watching over you.
    Snake		Here goes nothing!
    Miller (Radio)	The control tower that's controlling peace walker is 
    		located to the northeast.
    		Go back east the way you came. Then head north from 
    {Small Maintenance Dock}
    Miller (Radio)	Your objective lies beyond the gate.
    {Main Maintenance Dock}
    Miller (Radio)	This terrain leaves you completely exposed.
    		Can't you make something to conceal yourself?
    Miller (Radio)	RPGs... This could be trouble.
    Miller (Radio)	The gate! Get through before it closes!
    Miller (Radio)	Take the elevator, quick!
    Miller (radio)	Watch out for the gunship!
    Russian Soldier	Kiss your ass goodbye!
    Miller (Radio)	There's nowhere to run! You've gotta take 
    		those guys down!
    Hind D Pilot	Fire!
    Miller (Radio)	Well, so much for your cover...
    		You'd better do something about that 
    Hind D Pilot	Take THIS!
    Russian Soldier	Kiss your ass goodbye!
    Cecile (Radio)	I pray you make it through okay, 
    Miller (Radio)	Nice shot!
    Miller (Radio)	Look, Snake, the gate! These must be the 
    		last of them... Finish 'em off and head on 
    Miller (Radio)	Good job, now get in there! Head north!
    < - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -	>
    < - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -	>
    < - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -	>
    < - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - >
    {U.S. Missile Base, Nicaragua - Control Room, Control Tower Top Floor}
    Paz		Snake!
    Coldman		Big Boss. You made it. Too Late Though 
    		the False data's already in place.
    Snake		False Data?
    Coldman		That's right. Peace Walker is designed 
    		for deterrence nothing more. She is 
    		incapable of initiating a nuclear attack 
    		on her own.
    		She will only awaken and attack. When 
    		its time to retailiate. Peace Walker is 
    		a weapon of peace. After all.
    		First we'll enter data for an imaginary 
    		Soviet nuclear Strike on the U.S. 
    		After assessing the data as a threat. 
    		Peace Walker will automatically enter 
    		retaliation mode. Selecting the optimal 
    		target from a pre-defined list...
    		For this scenario we've reverse-engineered 
    		the false data so that she'll inevitably 
    		end up choosing the caribbean sea as her 
    Snake		You're really going to do it aren't you?
    Coldman		Know this Peace Walker's retaliation will be 
    		the first and last of the Cold War.
    		It is the only way we'll ever come close to 
    		achieving true peace... All that's left is to 
    		enter the code.
    Snake		No!
    Gálvez		Stand down. Big Boss.
    Coldman		You're late.
    Snake		... Professor?
    Paz		...Professor?
    Gálvez		Yes. Well... Taking over the base took longer 
    		than expected.
    Coldman		Wha--!
    Gálvez		I brought the technology. You provided the 
    		money and land. TSENTR alone could never have 
    		accomplished so much in so little time.
    Coldman		Zadornov you backstabbing son of a..!
    Gálvez		Backstabbing? Correct me if I'm wrong but were 
    		we not enemies all along?
    		Did you really think my comrades were working 
    		for the company?
    		Did you truly think we'd faithfully serve a pack 
    		of depraved capitalist dogs?
    Coldman		What are you going to do?
    Gálvez		Launch a Nuke...
    		Target: Cuba.
    Coldman		Have you lost your mind?! What would you 
    		possibly gain?
    Gálvez		We won't be the ones launching it. You, The 
    		Americans will attack our ally, Cuba.
    Coldman		What?!
    Gálvez		Think, Coldman. We're on an American base, 
    		eagerly endorsed and supplied by a Pro-American 
    		regime. What's the internatinal community to 
    		The world will burn with Anti-American sentiment! 
    		Communism will spread across Latin America unchecked.
    		Let the Age of Deterrence be Undone by the Deterrent 
    		Itself - such is the Kremlin's plan.
    Coldman		You son of a bitch...
    Gálvez		Paz come here... Shoot him.
    Paz		Professor Galvez...?
    Gálvez		Hm... I am Vladimir Zadornov. And Vladimir means 
    		"Ruler of Peace." Now do as you're told Paz.
    Coldman		Don't do it.
    Gálvez		Remember what they did to you at their base on 
    		the coast... For what Coldman's done... he 
    		deserves nothing less than death.
    Coldman		Paz... I... I'm sorry...
    Paz		I cannot...
    Gálvez		Truly a child of peace...
    Coldman		No wait!
    [SFX Gun Shot]
    Gálvez		Only fitting that retribution be delivered by a 
    		Dead Hand.
    Coldman		You... You missed on purpose...
    Gálvez		Your part in this isn't done. I need you to enter 
    		the code.
    		Doctor the target is now Cuba Please make the 
    		necessary modifications.
    		And don't even think of resisting I'll crush you 
    		but only after I crush your beloved first.
    Strangelove	No, not that...
    Gálvez		Cuba is now the retaliation target.
    Strangelove	... Very well.
    Gálvez		Good it is done. As for you Big Boss... I've been 
    		watching you all along.
    		You've performed beyond even my highest expectations 
    		- A True Commandante.
    Snake		What are you talking about?
    Gálvez		Why do you think I summoned you to Costa Rica had you 
    		make contact with the Sandinistas?
    		A true intelligence operative never gets his hands 
    		dirty. Need a revolution? Manipulate the locals 
    		into doing it for you.
    Snake		You mean... Amanda?! And The Sandinistas...!
    Gálvez		You've done well you took a ragtag band of Guerillas 
    		- children - and shaped them into a full-fledged, 
    		formidable army.
    		And now, you'll truly become our century's most 
    		complete human being!
    Coldman		... Che Guevara?
    Gálvez		None other. A hero who gunned down by the CIA becomes 
    		a Legendary Icon.
    		The Sandinistas will rise up in revenge overthrowing 
    		the Pro-American regime and wresting Nicaragua from 
    		U.S. hands.
    		And the nuclear strike on Cuba naturally will be the 
    		last straw.
    Soldier		Mammal Pod data entry is complete.
    Gálvez		Dead at age 39... Just like El Che.
    		... Ironic isn't it?
    		In the end. a legend is merely fiction.
    		You'll die as The Boss did and become as did she. An 
    		Eternal Fraud.
    [Just as Galvez is about to kill Snake MSF and the Sandinistas charge 
    into the control room in a hail of gun-fire into the room.]
    Amanda		Ivenceremos!
    Chico		Freeze!
    Gálvez		You dare point your gun at a comrade?!
    Amanda		We will not be pawns of the KGB. We'll win our 
    		own victory!
    Chico		Ihasta La Victoria
    Soldier		Amanda!
    		We're home! Look we're back in NICA! We did it Amanda 
    		- I mean.
    Soldier		Boss are you hurt...?
    Snake		I'm fine.
    Amanda		Vic Boss!
    Soldiers	Vic Boss -- Vic Boss -- Vic Boss! Vic Boss!
    		Vic Boss! Vic Boss! Vic Boss! Vic Boss!
    Snake		You're a regular Joan of Arc.
    Amanda		None sense you're the hero here.
    Snake		You saved my life. you're the hero here.
    Amanda		Heh. I never figured you for a softie Snake.
    [Outside the base Miller and Snake discuss what to do with Galvez and 
    Coldman; while MSF choppers return to Mother Base.]
    Snake		Thanks. It's good to see you.
    Miller		Paz can stay with us until she's back on her feet.
    Snake		And the professor?
    Miller		We'll find him a nice comfy cell. Coldman's lost a 
    		lot of blood. He may not make it...
    Snake		Where's Amanda?
    Miller		Back with her compas. She'll catch up later. How about 
    		you Snake...?
    Snake		I'm not done yet.
    Miller		The AI?
    Snake		I have to finish this. That Boss is a fake and I'm 
    		gonna bury it.
    Miller		We'll save the champagne until you get back. May as well 
    		celebrate Peace... While it lasts.
    Strangelove	I didn't bring her back to life because I was forced to. 
    		I wanted to know how she really felt... How it really 
    Snake		The Boss is dead.
    Strangelove	No. She's Alive.
    Snake		Some truths are better left buried.
    Strangelove	You don't mean that. Be honest. You want to know too 
    		don't you? Wether what you saw and heard at the end 
    		was the truth? She'll tell us. I know she will.
    		Thank you for stopping them.
    		And... I'm sorry.
    		I can't imagine how it hurt.
    Snake		...I'll live.
    		I'm used to shock therapy.
    Strangelove	You are?
    		Well... That's very kind of you to say.
    		Let's go meet her, shall we? Get in... 
    [MSF Chopper]
    Miller		Don't pick up a gun unless you know how to use it. Aiming 
    		a weapon alone doesn't make it a deterrent. You're The 
    		Angel of Peace. Leave the guns to us. That was our 
    		agreement remember?
    		The army's leaving Costa Rica now. The mission is 
    		complete. Paz?
    Paz		... Thank you.
    [While Miller and Paz are talking Coldman stirs and 
    opens The Football and inputs the launch code.]
    Miller		... What's that Noise?
    [Miller turns around and grabs The Football]
    Miller		What'd he do..?!
    Gálvez		I should have killed you when I had the chance!
    Coldman		... NORAD's nightmare is about to begin.
    Miller		What?
    Coldman		Peace Walker... Determines retaliation targets... 
    		Based on enemy nuclear strike data...
    		That data... can be sent... to third parties as 
    Miller		We got big problems Snake. Coldman's activated the Nuclear 
    		Launch Switch!
    Snake		What?!
    		And the target's Cuba?
    Miller		Yeah. But that's not it That son of a bitch has screwed 
    		us all over.
    Coldman		When Peace Walker was activated it started transmitting 
    		false data set to NORAD.
    		It's using a spread spectrum MLF Signal... It can't be 
    		blacked out even by EMP.
    Miller		There's no way to tell the difference between false data 
    		and the real thing on a radar screen.
    		NORAD will have no idea it's all a ruse generated by Peace 
    		They're gonna think it's a real Soviet attack.
    		They'll pass the data onto the National Military Command 
    Snake		And Washington will have to choose whether or not to 
    Miller		This could get ugly! Unless we stop it... We're looking at 
    		a retaliatory chain-reaction!
    Coldman		No... No need to panic. The nightmare will end soon enough.
    Miller		What do you mean?
    Gálvez		Coldman's aim is for the buraucrat's in Washington to see 
    		the importance of a machine like Peace Walker.
    		... He's trying to prove that humans don't have the will to 
    		launch Nukes.
    Coldman		Everything will be fine. They'll never retaliate. They're 
    		only human...
    Snake		Kaz. Where's the President?
    Miller		... Last I heard he was in the middle of SALT II negotiations 
    		in Vladivostok.
    Snake		With the president gone. Nuclear launch authority passes to 
    		the next person in the chain of succession.
    Miller		The Vice President's gone too. so after him comes the 
    Coldman		... President, Vice President... Not one among them has the 
    		courage to push the button. No one willing to enter history 
    		as The Great Destroyer.
    		In the end it's not their lives that people value most... 
    		it's their reputations!
    Strangelove	The bureaucrats in Washington may not be able to retaliate. 
    		Peace Walker on the other hand...
    		She's loyal to the misssion above all. And she's well aware 
    		that guaranteed retaliation is essential for Nuclear 
    		Deterrence to work.
    Coldman		Peace Walker is the perfect deterrent.
    		Cuba would not have been my choice of targets... But you can't 
    		make Peace without breaking a few eggs.
    		Now that Peace Walker has the false data... Retaliation is 
    Miller		Are you insane? You think it'll end there?! You're about to 
    		unleash all-out nuclear war!
    Snake		Somebody find out what's going on at NORAD!
    Strangelove	Mammal's got a connection to NORAD. We could monitor it with 
    		the right equipment.
    Huey		I've got you covered. I've got NORAD on the line.
    [Colorado, USA NORAD Cheyenne Mountain Operations Center]
    Man #1		Sir, we're tracking unidentified targets current apogee 
    		20 degrees.
    		Estimated time of re-entry is 2250 zulu.
    Man #2		Have you contacted the President?
    Man #3		Coverall is not responding.
    Man #2		Warning system checks out. No corresponding Natural 
    		signatures. Data is assessed as reliable.
    [Nicaragua, US Missile Base]
    Snake		Cut the data transmission! We can't say for sure Washington 
    		isn't going to retaliate!
    Coldman		The only one who knows... The abort code... Is me... I die... 
    		And no one can turn it off...
    		Even if they do strike back... I'll already... be dead...
    		I can only pray... That my theory... My peace... Is proven 
    [Colorado, USA NORAD Cheyenne Mountain Operations Center]
    Man		... Go to DEFCON 3.
    Man #2		Get SAC on the phone.
    Man #3		This is crystal palace, standby for an emergency meeting.
    [MSF - Mother Base]
    Huey		... They're at DEFCON 3.
    [Nicaragua, U.S. Missile Base]
    Miller		The false data and the nukes are coming from the same 
    		source... We have to stop Peace Walker!
    Strangelove	The only way is to destroy her.
    Snake		She's entered launch mode.
    Strangelove	Peace Walker's rendered her Judgment. The target is Cuba!
    Miller		Snake don't let it launch the nuke!
    [After defeating peace walker snake snake is aprised 
    of the situation at NORAD.]
    Miller		It stopped moving... Snake, you did it. You stopped the 
    Snake		Huey, how's NORAD?!
    {MSF - Mother Base}
    Huey		Not Good.
    {NORAD Cheyenne Mountain Operations Center}
    Man #1		BMEWS continue to track the targets on radar.
    Man #2		DSP satellite status is green. Still assessing as 
    Washington DC, USA
    Pentagon - National Military Command Center (NMCC)
    Man #1		The chairman of The Joint Chiefs, a representative of 
    		the Secretary of Defense, and Members of Congresss have 
    		arrived at NMCC.
    {MSF - Mother Base}
    Huey		You've only damaged the drive system... The data 
    		uplinks still intact...
    {NORAD Cheyenne Mountain Operations Center}
    Man		We've got 1500 Soviet ICBM's crossing the North Pole. 
    		Target region is confirmned as the West Coast of The 
    		United States.
    Man #2		Go to DEFCON 2. Prepare to launch ICBM's.
    {Nicaragua, U.S. Missile Base}
    Snake		How do I make it stop?!
    {MSF - Mother Base}
    Huey		Peace Walker is a fully autonomous system.
    		Unlike the other machines you've fought, it's command 
    		authorities are all located inside it cereberum, the 
    		mammal pod.
    {Nicaragua, U.S. Missile Base}
    Strangelove	We've got to stop the mammal pod...! 
    		I don't have the abort code either, Coldman was the only 
    Miller		Snake destroy the AI inside the mammal pod!
    {MSF - Mother Base}
    Huey		The inner barrier protecting the mammal pod is designed 
    		to be as strong as a bomb shelter.
    {Nicaragua, U.S. Missile Base}
    Snake		What's it gonna take to get through?
    {MSF - Mother Base}
    Huey		I... I guess an atomic bomb would do it...
    {Nicaragua, U.S. Missile Base}
    Snake		You trying to be funny?
    {MSF - Mother Base}
    Huey		No! I'm telling you, that armor was designed to withstand 
    		a nuclear war!
    {Pentagon - National Military Command Center Emergency Conference Room}
    Congressman #1	We can't get through to the President. The decision is 
    		on us.
    Congressman #2	You can't be serious!
    Congressman #3	There's no way I'm wiping out the human race.
    Congressman #4	This is the President's call!
    Congressman #5	There's no time for that. We need a decision, now.
    {Nicaragua, U.S. Missile Base}
    Snake		Huey. Get the Pentagon on the line! We have to tell them the 
    		Nukes aren't real!
    {MSF - Mother Base}
    Huey		I'll give it a shot.
    {The Pentagon}
    Congressman #4	Forget the order of succession if we're all going to hell 
    		let's take those bastards with us!
    Congressman #1	Twelve minutes to impact, sir.
    Congressman #2	... May god have mercy on our souls.
    {Nicaragua, U.S. Missile Base}
    Miller		Jesus... Coldman guessed wrong! They're gonna go through 
    		with it!
    [MSF - Mother Base]
    Huey		The platforms sustained a lot of external damage... All we 
    		need is some pressure...
    {Nicaragua, U.S. Missile Base}
    Miller		Pressure?
    {MSF - Mother Base}
    Huey		Sink it in the lake. With that much water pressure even the 
    		tiniest crack should be enough to flood the innards.
    		The AI Pod is a mass of highly sensitive electronics. Short 
    		the contacts and the signal will stop.
    {Nicaragua, U.S. Missile Base}
    Miller		How much does that thing weigh?
    {MSF - Mother Base}
    Huey		500 Tons.
    {Nicaragua, U.S. Missile Base}
    Miller		It's hopeless we can't move that thing.
    Snake		Get the Pentagon on the phone!
    {Colorado, USA NORAD Cheyenne Mountain Operations Center}
    Man #1		Incoming MIRV Warheads have seperated.
    Man #2		Estimated time to impact now eleven minutes.
    {The Pentagon}
    Congressman #1	Sir we've got a call!
    Mr. Chairman	The President?!
    Congressman #1	No sir.
    Mr. Chairman	Then who?
    Congressmaan #1	He, um...
    Mr. Chairman	Spit it out!
    Congressman #1	He claims to be... Big Boss.
    Mr. Chairman	Big Boss? Patch him through!
    Snake		Mr. Chairman. I'll get straight to 
    		the point. Cancel the retaliatory 
    		strike now!
    Mr. Chairman	What?
    Snake		The radar blips you're seeing are 
    		all fakes. No one's launched any 
    Mr. Chairman	How do you know?
    Snake		The launch data is fake part of an 
    		experiment that leaked. You weren't 
    		supposed to recieve it. Your radar 
    		is showing missiles that don't 
    Mr. Chairman	If you're lying then we've got 10 
    		minutes til we're toast. We have 
    		to retaliate or more Americans 
    Snake		The experiment was planned and 
    		executed by the CIA's Station
    		Chief in Central America.
    Mr. Chairman	Then put him on!
    Snake		He's dead. I can give you his 
    		name though.
    Mr. Chairman	We need more than the authentication 
    		code you gave the switchboard. We 
    		need proof you're actually Big Boss. 
    		Do you have any?
    Snake		Ok... If you know the name Big 
    		Boss... Then maybe you were there... 
    		At the ceremony... When I recieved 
    		the title from President Johnson.
    Mr. Chairman	Indeed I was...
    Congressman #3	We don't have time for this 
    Mr. Chairman	Hold it? Let's hear him out. You 
    		were saying?
    Snake		At the ceremony the DCI tried to 
    		shake my hand I refused. What 
    		happened in that room is Classified 
    		Top Secret. Only a handful of people 
    		would know.
    Congressman #1	He's making it up! Don't listen to 
    Mr. Chairman	Wait! Why did you refuse to shake 
    		his hand?
    Snake		Because I knew where my loyalty 
    Mr. Chairman	Everybody. Listen to me! Those 
    		Soviet Missiles are Fakes!
    Congressman #3	What?! You're actually going to 
    		believe him?
    Congressman #5	He's right! This is some sort of 
    		Commie Trick!
    Mr. Chairman	No its the real Big Boss. Trust me.
    Congressman #3	How can you know for sure?!
    Mr. Chairman	Because I was the army Chief of 
    		Staff back then. And I was standing 
    		right next to the DCI when it 
    		happened. I saw everything. You've 
    		saved us all Big Boss. We'll stand 
    		down the alert.
    Snake		Thank you.
    Mr. Chairman	When we meet again I hope you'll 
    		shake my hand.
    [A Member of Congress pulls a gun on The Chairman.]
    Mr. Chairman	What are you doing?!
    Congressman #3	Sorry Chairman but we're not standing 
    Snake		Dammit...!
    Miller		Those worthless sacks of...
    Snake		Wait...
    Boss AI		Jack...
    Strangelove	Its opening...?
    		She's calling to you...
    Miller		Destroy the mammal pod and the data 
    		will stop flowing!
    Strangelove	Please, stop her...
    [Peace Walker AI Pod]
    The Boss AI	I've been waiting, Snake, for a long time.
    		Waiting for your birth, your growth, and
    		the finality of today.
    Snake		Boss...
    The Boss AI	I didn't raise you and shape you into the
    		man you are today just so we could face
    		each other in battle. A soldier's skills
    		aren't meant to be used to hurt friends.
    		So then what is an enemy? Is there such a
    		thing as an absolute timeless enemy? There
    		is no such thing and never has been. And
    		the reason is that our enemies are human
    		beings like us.
    		They can only be our enemies in relative
    		terms. The world must be made whole again.
    		The Philosophers must be reunited. I will
    		devote my skills to that purpose. And with
    		the Colonel's money, I will achieve that
    		Just as I once created the Cobras. They
    		are my family.
    		I may no longer be able to bear children
    		but I still have a family.
    		The quick brown fox jumps over the
    		lazy dog.
    		Kill me... Kill me now...
    		Do it.
    		Shall we walk through the rainy
    		plain of Spain?
    		Pi is equal to 3.254637369888888....
    		The lonely fox chases the one-eyed
    		Shall we walk through the rainy
    		plain of Spain?
    		Pi is... Pi is...
    		...about 3.
    		Kawanishi-noseguchi, Kinunobebashi,
    		Takiyama, Uguisunomori, Tsuzumigataki
    		Tada, Hirano, Ichinotori, Uneno,
    		Yamashita, Sasabe, Kofudai, Tokiwadai,
    		Pi is... Pi is...
    		...about 3.
    [After pulling out all data drives the Mammal Pod shuts 
    Strangelove	Valid data regions: Zero.
    Huey		Exit complete.
    Snake		... It stopped.
    [The monitor in NORADS War Room returns to RED.]
    Huey		It can't be... The data uplinks 
    		bypassing the mammal pod...?
    Mr. Chairman	Put down the gun!
    		Come to your senses man! The fate 
    		of the world... The fate of Earth 
    		is at stake here!
    Snake		Why?!
    		I don't understand!!
    		Answer me!!
    		Tell me why?!
    		Answer me!!!
    Huey		Six minutes remaining.
    {The Pentagon}
    Congressman #3	... Wait. Authority rests with me 
    		now. I'm ordering a retaliation.
    Mr. Chairman	No. Don't! Its the end of us all!
    Congressmen	Who gives a damn?! I'm not gonna 
    		sit here and die like a dog!
    		If the Russians are gonna kill my 
    		family and destroy my country I'm 
    		taking them with me!
    Congressman #3	You see now Chairman? Deterrence 
    		is just a fool's dream.
    {Nicaragua, U.S. Missile Base}
    Snake		Why?!
    		Why won't it stop?!
    Strangelove	Sometimes the body continues to 
    		live even after the brain is 
    		The Boss AI isn't doing this. I 
    		think it's something rather more 
    {MSF - Mother Base}
    Huey		Reptile has taken up Mammal's 
    		dying wish...
    {Nicaragua, U.S. Missile Base}
    Snake		No... Stop it...
    Don't just sit there! Stop It!
    [Snake attacks Peace Walker until its System 
    shuts down. It re-activates and starts 
    broadcasting "Sing a Song."]
    {Nicaragua, U.S. Missile Base}
    Snake		Boss...?
    Stranglelove	That voice...
    Man		What...?
    [The Pentagon]
    Congressman #3	... What's going on?
    Mr. Chairman	That song...
    {Nicaragua, U.S. Missile Base}
    Snake		Boss... Is that you...?
    {MSF - Mother Base}
    Huey		How in the...?
    {Nicaragua, U.S. Missile Base}
    Strangelove	A Ghost in the Machine...? 
    		She's drowing herself to 
    		stop the transmission?
    Man		Look!
    {MSF - Mother Base}
    Huey		Its functional compensation. When the 
    		human brain is damaged sometimes it 
    		recovers over time. Other parts of the 
    		brain take over the functions of the 
    		damaged parts.
    		Mammal and Reptile were patterened after 
    		different parts of the Human Brain. When 
    		those parts were assembled together into 
    		one, they must've become capable of 
    		functional compensation...
    {Nicaragua, U.S. Missile Base}
    Strangelove	Her memories remained with her... 
    		Is this her answer? This song?
    {MSF - Mother Base}
    Huey		It's clearly not thinking rationally... 
    		It's not using its head... It's using... 
    		Its heart?
    {Nicaragua, U.S. Missile Base}
    Strangelove	This is the fate she chose for herself.
    Miller		The Boss's innocence has been proven... 
    		Do you hear it Snake?
    		Do you hear The Boss's song?
    Strangelove	You saw it didn't you when you went to 
    		space... That there's beauty outside of 
    		At last I understand in the end... It 
    		was you who put down your gun... And 
    		chose instead to sing...
    		They can all hear you... I know they can... 
    		And your will shall surely live on.
    		That's what you wanted... So much that you 
    		gave up everything you had... But you 
    		couldn't achieve it.
    		Isn't that right? And still all you can do 
    		is sing.
    		There's no Peace to be found anywhere. And 
    		so we can only keep on Hoping... Hoping for 
    		the illusion we call peace.
    [Proverb II]
    In time, all standing armies must be totally abolished.
    - Immanuel Kant, "Perpetual Peace" Chapter 1
    Dedicated in loving memory of Project Itoh
    * * * * *
    Miller		Got a sec, Snake?
    Snake		What's up?
    Miller		It's about Paz. You know, she 
    		doesn't have any family. She 
    		got a scholarship thanks to 
    		Zadornov, and was living at 
    		the dorms... But he was KGB.
    		All signs are her scholarship 
    		came from the KGB, too. Even 
    		if they let him go, she's not 
    		going to be seeing any more 
    Snake		It wouldn't have been much 
    Miller		So I was wandering, what about 
    		letting her stay here a while?
    Snake		What does she think?
    Miller		She says she wants to help out. 
    		It would only be temporary. 
    		She's still in shock. Right now, 
    		no one understands her better 
    		than we do.
    Snake		OK. But Kaz, don't take your eyes 
    		off her.
    Miller		What do you mean?
    Snake		It won't be easy getting used to 
    		this kind of life.
    Miller		I know, Snake. I'm not trying to 
    		turn her into one of us. You should 
    		talk to her yourself later.
    Snake		OK.
    Miller		And, ah, Dr. Strangelove wants to come,
    Snake		Strangelove?
    Miller		Well she's out of a job now, and she'd 
    		have a problem returning to England. 
    		You can talk to her about it.
    		Anyway, you don't need me to tell you 
    		how good she'd be for R&D.
    * * * * *
    Miller		Snake, we've got a problem. Zadornov's 
    		not in his cell.
    Snake		What?!
    Miller		He must have used his prosthetic as a 
    		blowtorch to cut through the bars. But 
    		we've managed to narrow down his location 
    		using a transmitter we planted on him.
    		I'm adding a new mission. Find the KGB 
    		agent Zadornov!
    [Zadornov Mission 1]
    {El Cenagal: Jungle}
    Miller (Radio)	Find Zadornov and bring him back here with 
    		Fulton recovery.
    		Check any out-of-the-way spots.
    		I have a sneaking suspicion Zadornov's around 
    {El Cenagal: Ravine}
    Miller (Radio)	Find Zadornov, Snake.
    {El Cenagal: Swamp}
    Miller (Radio)	There's only so many places to hide. Search 
    		every nook and cranny. Check any out-of-the-way 
    Amanda (Radio)	Have you lost your mind?
    		What kind of guerilla goes around in something 
    		like that?
    {Bananal Fruta de Oro: Sorting Shed}
    Paz (Radio)	You often see Idomeneus Giant Owl butterflies 
    		around banana plantations. They're considered a 
    		pest, since the larvae eat banana leaves.
    		Very classy. We should throw a party once this 
    		is all over.
    Strangelove (Radio)	That's a rather...extravagant look.
    {El Cenagal: Swamp}
    Miller (Radio)	Where's Zadornov?
    		Find Zadornov, Snake.
    {El Cenagal: Ravine}
    Miller (Radio)	There's only so many places to hide. Search every 
    		nook and cranny. Check any out-of-the-way spots.
    Chico (Radio)	Rrrhh! You find that ugly Russian and bring his 
    		butt back here!
    {Rio Del Jade}
    Cecile (Radio)	Oh, my... Are you going to invite me out to 
    Amanda (Radio)	Find him! Leave no stone unturned!
    Miller (Radio)	Search every inch of that area.
    		I've got a feeling about that area... Keep 
    Miller (Radio)	Try using Fulton recovery on 'em.
    		Head for the recovery zone. We'll pick you up 
    		You did it! Keep it up!
    Zadornov	Heh heh... So you found me.
    Snake		It wasn't hard. What're you up to, anyway?
    Zadornov	Just... going for a stroll.
    Snake		Kaz, I've got Zadornov. Returning home.
    Miller		Acknowledged, Snake.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    [Zadornov Mission ii]
    Miller		Bad news, Snake. Zadornov's on the loose.
    Snake		What, again?!
    Miller		It's funny. We took away his prosthetic and 
    		did a full body check. We even increased the 
    Snake		Think he had help?
    Miller		Impossible. Anyway, I'm adding a new mission. 
    		Locate and recover Zadornov!
    {Bosque del Alba}
    Miller (Radio)	Find Zadornov and bring him back here with 
    		Fulton recovery.
    {Puerto del Alba}
    Miller (Radio)	Search every inch of that area.
    		There's only so many places to hide. Search 
    		every nook and cranny. Check any ou-of-the-way 
    		I have a sneaking suspicion Zadornov's around 
    		there. Thoroughly search every possible hiding 
    		spot. We're dealing with a real escape artist 
    		Where the hell'd Zadornov go this time? I'm sick 
    		of him and his "walks"!
    		I've got a feeling about that area... Keep 
    		Head for the recovery zone. We'll pick you up 
    		I knew you could do it. Piece of cake, right?
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Snake		Kaz, I caught Zadornov.
    Zadornov	I-impossible! I thought I'd made it...
    Miller		Acknowledged. And appreciated.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    [Zadornov Mission iii]
    Miller		Snake, Zadornov has disappeared from his cell.
    Snake		What? You're kidding, right?
    Miller		Afraid not. You've got a new mission: find 
    {Selva de la Leche: Jungle}
    Miller (Radio)	Find Zadornov and bring him back here with 
    		Fulton recovery.
    {Catarate de la Muerte}
    Chico (Radio)	Rrrhh! You find that ugly Russian and bring 
    		his butt back here! I can't believe he tricked 
    		Paz like that.
    Miller (Radio)	Try using Fulton recovery on 'em.
    		Head for the recovery zone. We'll pick you 
    		up there. Mission complete! Great job.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Snake		Found our friend, Kaz.
    Zadornov	...Damn it... And I was so close...
    Miller		Great. Good work, Snake.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    [Zadornov Mission iv]
    Miller		Umm... Snake?
    Snake		Don't tell me... Zadornov?
    Miller		Bingo. The guard left his post and 
    		the dude was gone when he got back.
    Snake		Sounds like the guard needs a guard.
    Miller		He was off with the girls. Paz 
    		invited him to try some of their 
    		cooking. He says he loved every second 
    		of it.
    Snake		Is that jealousy, Kaz?
    Miller		Anyway, there's a new mission waiting 
    		for you. Find Zadornov, Snake!
    Snake		Okay, okay...
    {Camino de Lava: Hillside}
    Miller (Radio)	Find Zadornov, Snake.
    {Camino de Lava: Junction}
    Miller (Radio)	Does this guy have a Houdini complex 
    		or what? Good God, the man could swim 
    		his way out of Alcatraz.
    {Aldea Los Despiertos}
    Miller (Radio)	Hear anything unusual?
    		Enemy security on the outside looks 
    		pretty tight. Which means he must 
    (House 4)
    Zadornov	Curses!
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Snake		I got him, Kaz.
    Zadornov	...Slipped up again...
    Miller		Acknowledged. Bring him on in.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    [Zadornov Mission v]
    Miller		Snake, you're not gonna believe 
    		this, but...
    Snake		Yeah.
    Miller		Zadornov's missing again.
    Snake		Kaz, are you sure somebody's 
    		not... I don't know, letting him 
    		out on purpose?
    Miller		You think I have time to assemble 
    		a mole hunt? Man, this guy isn't 
    		just good, he's so good it's scary.
    Snake		If he's doing this alone, that is.
    Miller		Anyway, he left a trail, so we've 
    		got a good idea of where he's 
    		probably hiding. You know what the 
    		mission is...
    		Find Zadornov, Snake!
    {Aldea Los Despiertos}
    Miller (Radio)	Find Zadornov, Snake.
    		Where the hell'd Zadornov go this 
    		time? I'm sick of him and his 
    {Los Cantos: Ridge}
    Amanda (Radio)	Find him! Leave no stone unturned!
    {Crater Base}
    Snake		Kaz, I'm inside the facility.
    		There's rows and rows of trucks here.
    Miller		Zadornov should be somewhere in that 
    		area find him.
    Zadornov	Damn it!
    		You found me!
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Snake		I found him, Kaz.
    Zadornov	Close... but no cigar.
    Miller		Not for you, anyway. Snake, we're 
    		coming to pick him up.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    [Zadornov Mission vi]
    Miller		Snake! Zadornov's done it again!
    Snake		great...
    Miller		Snake! Zadornov's done it again!
    Snake		Gimme a break...
    Miller		Snake! Listen, Zadornov's done it 
    Snake		C'mon!
    Miller		I hate to entertain the thought, 
    		but this might be an inside job.
    Snake		What the hell's he after, anyway?
    Miller		No clue. Can't imagine he's just 
    		out to annoy us, though.
    Snake		You know, it might not be worth 
    		keeping him here. If he's not going 
    		to join us...
    Miller		You may be right.
    		I thought it might boost our Russian 
    		compatriots' morale, but...
    		OK. I'll think it over.
    Snake		Let's hope he's just playing hide-and-
    Miller		I've added a new mission. Go get 
    {Miners Residence}
    Miller (Radio)	Find Zadornov and bring him back here 
    		with Fulton recovery.
    Strangelove (Radio)	You should have disposed of him 
    			when you had the chance.
    Chico (Radio)	Bet you he's looking for adventure, 
    Miller (Radio)	Try using Fulton recovery on 'em.
    		Head for the recovery zone. We'll pick 
    		you up there. I knew you could do it. 
    		Piece of cake, right?
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Snake		Kaz, I've located Zadornov.
    Miller		Nice work. I knew you would.
    Zadornov	Tch! How could I be so stupid...
    Huey		Snake, I'm proud to announce that 
    		preparations for Metal Gear ZEKE 
    		are complete.
    		We can activate it any time.
    Snake		Got it. Thanks, Huey.
    Huey		No need to thank me.
    		At least now I can finally say I 
    		helped you with something. You can 
    		use it in Outer Ops, too.
    		Just select ZEKE when you're forming 
    		your unit. Be sure to take it out 
    		for a field test.
    Snake		OK.
    Huey		You can change weapons and check 
    		memory boards just like before. Use 
    		your observations from a field test 
    		to make any adjustments.
    Snake		A work in progress, huh?
    Miller		There's something I need to discuss 
    		with you, Boss...
    Snake		Get to the point, Kaz.
    Miller		We recovered the nuclear warhead that 
    		was loaded onto Peace Walker from the 
    		bottom of Lago Cocibolca.
    Snake		What?
    Miller		Warheads are radioactive, even if 
    		they're reletively stable.
    		If we just left it there it would 
    		contaminate the lake, or fall into the 
    		hands of terrorists...
    Snake		...Creating another crisis.
    Miller		Right. So while the White House is 
    		figuring out how to cover its ass,
    		I thought we'd take some precautions.
    Snake		What did you have in mind?
    Miller		Load it onto ZEKE.
    Snake		What?
    Miller		What else would we do with it? ZEKE is 
    		our deterent.
    		To protect ourselves from nuclear attack, 
    		we need a nuclear weapon ourselves.
    		Of course, if you're not on board, we 
    		could always dispose of it. But it won't 
    		be easy getting another nuke. This is a 
    		golden opportunity.
    		...We could always get rid of it later - 
    		load it onto some fishing boat and leave 
    		it out in the middle of the ocean.
    		No one would ever know it's there.
    		But if you want to get rid of it, Boss, 
    		we'll get rid of it.
    Snake		No... Don't. As long as there are nukes out 
    		there, we need one ourselves if we're going 
    		to be a world power.
    Miller		I knew you'd see it that way, Boss!
    		So long as we stand apart from nations, we 
    		need something to put us on equal footing.
    		In a way, MSF is a country itself.
    		And we just became the world's seventh 
    		nuclear power.
    Snake		Nuclear power...
    < - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -	>
    < - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -	>
    < - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -	>
    < - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - >
    {Mother Base}
    Big Boss!
    [Zadornov is caught trying to escape by Snake not wanting 
    to be thrown back into his cell again Zadornov opens fire 
    on Snake.]
    Zadornov	My work is done...
    Snake		What are you talking about?
    Zadornov	"V for Victory"
    Rocket Peace!
    [Zadornov's last attack before dying even fails to hit its 
    Snake		Kaz, I found Zadornov. I had to kill him.
    Miller (Radio)	Huh... So much for our fugitive...
    Snake		Something's not right here.
    		I'm thinking he had a friend.
    Miller (Radio)	...Someone inside MSF... huh?!
    [SFX Alarm]
    Snake		What's going on?
    Miller (Radio)	...It's ZEKE... It's moving!
    Snake		What?!
    Miller (Radio)	There's somebody inside, I can see them...
    		Snake, get up here pronto!
    Paz		Took you long enough... Big Boss.
    Snake		Paz...?!
    		Get down from there before you hurt 
    Paz		Maybe I want to hurt somebody...
    Miller (Radio)	What's going on? She's not herself...
    Paz		Oh, I am myself all right... my true 
    [Metal Gear ZEKE General Purpose Bipedal War Machine (Manned)]
    Snake		Kaz, shut that thing down...
    Miller (Radio)	I can't, the controls aren't responding.
    Snake		Then how's it moving?!
    Paz		I made some modifications...
    		This machine was meant to have a 
    		human pilot.
    Snake		Modifications?
    		Paz, what are you...
    Paz		Never thought I'd be into machines, huh?
    Miller (Radio)	Then... Zadornov's escape... was a 
    Snake		Paz, what are you doing...?!
    Paz		I'm taking it back.
    Miller (Radio)	Taking it back? Where?!
    Paz		To our leaders...
    		to Cipher.
    Snake		Cipher...?!
    Paz		This weapon is Cipher's creation...
    Snake		Paz! Get down from there!
    Paz		Do not call me that!
    		I'm Pacifica Ocean!
    		My name, my age, my mission - 
    		Cipher gave them all to me.
    		My entire life has but one 
    		purpose - to carry out Cipher's 
    		The nasty tobacco... the "angel 
    		of peace" crap... the whole 
    		"teen with a dream" routine...
    		I'm through with all of it!
    Snake		Paz, you can't...
    Paz		I told you not to call me that!
    		It makes me want to puke!
    		Everything has gone exactly as we 
    		planned. Now the real Peace Walker 
    		Project is finally about to reach 
    		its goal.
    Snake		The... real project?!
    Paz		Once upon a time. There were two 
    		young men who idolized a hero called 
    		The Boss.
    		One day, they suddenly lost the point 
    		of origin - The Cipher - that was like 
    		a mother to them.
    		Unable to come to terms with their 
    		sorrow, they each decided to carry on 
    		the will of their hero.
    		But they could not agree on what that 
    		In the end, they became bitter enemies, 
    		and the Zero from which they both started 
    		was split into two.
    Snake		Huh?
    Paz		...And you have been on the wrong path 
    		ever since.
    		There is no "Happily ever after" 
    		waiting for you in the end. Unlesss...
    		You obey the will of Cipher!
    		Where does an Army Without borders call 
    		home? A State Without Borders, of 
    		course... A World Without Borders.
    Snake		A World Without Borders..?
    Paz		The Cold War Order is about to collapse.
    		The age of electronic intelligence is 
    		about to begin.
    		The NSA, CSS, NRO, DIA,
    		ET CETERA,
    		ET CETERA...
    		The intelligence community that has long 
    		bickered amongst itself will be united in 
    		a world governed by electrons.
    		Cipher will gather all information, 
    		watching over the world and guiding the 
    		will of its people, all while they remain 
    		blissfully unaware.
    		There will be no one to oppose them! For 
    		the first time, the world will be ruled by 
    		a Single will!
    		Until the new order is in place, you and 
    		your army will be the force that protects 
    		it. You will be Cipher's Deterrent, pulling 
    		the wool over the eyes of the old order with 
    		your charisma and military prowess.
    		Accept our offer, and we will allow you to 
    		retain control of MSF and ZEKE.
    Snake		That's... An offer?
    Paz		The Boss threw down her gun, and with it 
    		her life's calling.
    		You - her disciple - have never been able 
    		to do that. You are too afraid to let go.
    Snake		I was made to fight.
    		I am a gun.
    Paz		Is that so?!
    		Then what do you call this? Is it a gun 
    		You are a lousy liar!
    		Admit it - this thing is a monstrosity, a 
    		product of your own fear!
    		But not Cipher! Cipher thought of something 
    		different. Cipher's going to control guns.
    Snake		Control Guns?
    Paz		That is right. Not Deter, control. It is 
    		the ultimate approach to the illusion of 
    Snake		Control power? You're gonna be disappointed.
    Paz		Then we are done! Thank you for playing! 
    		Better luck next time.
    		The offer is rescinded! And now, the 
    		ultimatum. ZEKE is already in nuclear strike 
    Snake		What...?
    Paz		I'm taking the weapon you built and using it 
    		to launch a nuclear strike on the east coast 
    		of the United States!
    Snake		You're insane! What are you after?!
    Paz		But wait, here is your consolation prize:
    		we are about to show the world just how dangerous 
    		a gang of outlaws - An Army Without Borders - 
    		can be!
    		You and your men will become pariahs, and you will 
    		be wiped off the face of the earth. Rather than 
    		heroes, you will be seen as a well-armed, exremist 
    		cult prone to indiscriminate outbursts of nuclear 
    		You will give rise to a new world order, an age of 
    		deterrence defined by it's fear of extremist cult 
    		Do you like the picture I am painting, Big Boss?!
    		When all is said and done, peace is nothing but a 
    		fantasy! A game's a game! You either win or you lose! 
    		All you can do is fight!
    		Stop me if you can!
    		The peace sign is the "V" of Victory!
    		Say peace!
    [Metal Gear ZEKE General Purpose Bipedal War Machine (Manned) Boss Fight]
    [Snake defeated ZEKE but...]
    Paz		It is no use, ZEKE is out of my control...
    		This is where it ends.
    		Listen to me, Big Boss... As long as your army is 
    		needed, the world will never know true peace.
    		The peace you will know will be fleeting - illusory. 
    		They will use you, disgrace you, and then, finally, 
    		discard you like they would a cancer to society.
    		This is the path you have chosen!
    [Paz is shot out of ZEKEs cockpit into the waters of 
    the caribbean.]
    Snake		Paz...
    Huey		Who would have thought that little 
    		girl was working against us...
    Snake		Tell me about it. She had everybody 
    		fooled. Me included.
    		I can't believe I didn't pick up on 
    Huey		Snake, there's no point beating 
    		yourself up over the past.
    		But hey, maybe you should put in 
    		some practice against ZEKE in case 
    		this sort of thing ever happens again?
    		In any case, I need to go talk to Dr. 
    		ZEKE still isn't ready.
    Snake		Huey!
    < - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -	>
    < - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -	>
    < - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -	>
    < - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - >
    {Mother Base - Lab}
    Huey		How's it going? How's ZEKE look?
    Strangelove	The attitide control AI had a backup, 
    		so... It should be able to walk.
    Huey		Really... That's good.
    Strangelove	Beyond that, it's up to the creator...
    		STOP! Don't come any closer, doctor.
    Huey		There's something I've been meaning 
    		to ask you... Do you... Do you 
    		despise me?
    Strangelove	Doctor, are you asking me out?
    Huey		No No, not at all...
    Strangelove	No?
    		Pity... Because I've just had my heart 
    		broken by someone else.
    Huey		Wh...what?!
    Strangelove	I only like those who can stand on 
    		their own. If you fancy me, then come 
    		walk with me. Who knows what miracles 
    		might happen?
    		Love is blind, after all.
    Huey		Ah...
    Strangelove	Take your time... I'll be waiting...
    {Mother Base - Flight Deck}
    Miller		Snake....
    		That name Paz mentioned at the end 
    		- "Cipher" - it's code. It means 
    		"empty"... It also means...
    Snake		"Zero."
    Miller		A world of electronic intelligence built 
    		on codes. And at the center of it all, a 
    Snake		Kaz?
    Miller		Uh, look, Boss...
    		I owe you an apology.
    		Here me out, OK?
    Snake		...Sure.
    Miller		I, uh, I knew Paz and the professor...
    		I knew who they really were, all along.
    Snake		Kaz...
    Miller		I used them.
    Snake		I suppose you were the one who brought 
    		them to Colombia in the first place, huh?
    Miller		Guilty as charged.
    		Paz wasn't just CIA, you know.
    		She was working for the KGB, too.
    		And for this Cipher group.
    		In other words, she was a triple agent.
    Snake		You knew all of this...?!
    Miller		Wait, let me finish.
    		Listen, MSF never would have gotten 
    		this big if it weren't for them. This 
    		mercenary business we've built someday, 
    		it's going to be a new driving force 
    		in the world economy.
    Snake		Was that your goal all along?
    Miller		... The Cold War's not going to last 
    		forever. Sooner or later, it's going 
    		to give way to an era of regional 
    		conflicts and terrorism.
    		A paradigm shift from counter-Communism 
    		to counter-terrorism.
    		In the new age, armies won't be tied to 
    		states, and war will become a business.
    		We'll be a valuable commodity.
    		There'll be clients all over the world 
    		who need our services. MSF is only the 
    		What we're creating here is a revolution 
    		in itself. Am I right?
    Snake		Kaz, it's... not going to be that easy.
    Miller		What do you mean?
    Snake		This whole Peace Walker thing has left 
    		our mark on the history of the old order.
    		We've put ourselves on the radar of 
    		intelligence agencies and governments 
    		East and West. The whole world probably 
    		knows about us now.
    Miller		Including that Cipher outfit...
    Snake		We've let ourselves interfere with the 
    		times - with the Cold War system of 
    		deterrence. We're an army without a flag.
    		We weren't supposed to take sides in 
    		international affairs.
    		But we did.
    Miller		I see your point.
    		So what happens to us now?
    Snake		We'll be hunted.
    Miller		Not everybody's gonna be happy with us, 
    Snake		You're damn right.
    		We upset the global military balance of 
    Miller		And these people would rather our "army 
    		without borders" not exist at all?
    Snake		They're gonna come knocking real soon.
    		There's no turning back now.
    		We're a wrench in the old system of 
    		deterrence. As long as the times refuse 
    		to change, we're going to make a hell of 
    		a racket.
    Miller		Then who are we going to fight?
    Snake		The establishment... anybody who 
    		tries to restore the old balance, 
    		wants to snuff us out of existance.
    Miller		Which establishment?
    Snake		It won't be a particular country or 
    		ideology that hunts us.
    Miller		Who, then?
    Snake		We're gonna be fighting the biggest 
    		beast of all - the times. Ten years 
    		ago, the times rejected The Boss... 
    		and killed her.
    		And now we're the ones being tested.
    		Will the times erase us?
    		Or work with us?
    		It's gonna be a lonely battle... No 
    		good or evil, no winners or losers.
    		Business will have to wait.
    		The question we have to ask ourselves 
    		now is, can we survive long enough to 
    		see the 21st century?
    Miller		I'm with you, Boss. We'll see 
    		how it turns out, together.
    Snake		The hunt is on, Kaz, and the whole
    		world's on our tail. Assemble the men!
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    November 24th, 1974
    The U.S. and the Soviet Union agree on a framework for 
    a SALT II (Strategic Arms Limitations Talks) treaty. The 
    treaty limits the number of strategic nuclear delivery 
    vehicles on each side to 2,400. Among that number, MIRVs 
    are restricted to 1320.
    December 1974
    Former Prime Minister of Japan Eisaku Sato receives the 
    Nobel Peace Prize for laying forth Japan's Three Non-
    Nuclear Principles.
    December 27th, 1974
    Nicaragua. The FSLN (Sandinista National Liberation Front) 
    takes hostages at a party at the house of a minister in the 
    Somoza government. They secure the release of 14 political 
    prisoners and achieve recognition as a representative of 
    anti-Somoza sentiment.
    March 1975
    Former President of Costa Rica Jose Figueres Ferrer admits 
    to collaborating with the CIA.
    April 30th, 1975
    The Ho Chi Minh Campaign and the fall of Saigon reunites 
    North and South Vietnam.
    July 17th, 1975
    Soyuz 19 and Apollo 18 dock in orbit.
    The U.S. and Soviet Union complete their first peaceful joint 
    activity in Space.
    July 19th, 1979
    The FSLN overthrows Somoza in an armed uprising, helping realize 
    the Nicaraguan Revolution. Somoza is assassinated the following 
    December 24th, 1979
    The Soviet Union invades Afghanistan.
    Dr. Emmerich (Huey) becomes a father. He names his son "Hal."
    The United Nations establishes the University for Peace in 
    Costa Rica.
    November 17th, 1983
    Costa Rican President Luis Alberto Monge refuses to allow the 
    construction of U.S. military bases in his country, declaring 
    permanent neutrality in Costa Rica.
    March 1985
    Gorbachev comes to power in the Soviet Union.
    Another period of Detente begins as the Cold War draws to an end.
    November 9th, 1989
    The Berlin Wall falls. Germany is reunified the following year.
    The Costa Rican government persuades Panama to abolish its military.
    Big Boss triggers the Outer Heaven uprising.
    Miller is found assassinated in his home by an unknown assailant.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    [The sound of footsteps are heard.]
    Miller		Snake? You still here?
    		C'mon, let's go back.
    Snake		I'm not going back.
    Miller		Huh?
    Snake		I'm done.
    Miller		Snake, you don't mean...
    Snake		I'm done looking for the truth.
    Miller		What are you saying, Snake?
    Snake		I was wrong.
    Miller		C'mon, Boss. Everybody's waiting for you.
    Snake		...She betrayed me, Kaz.
    Miller		She what?
    Snake		In the end, she put down her gun.
    		And when she did... she rejected her 
    		entire life up to that point... 
    		including me.
    Miller		What do you mean?
    Snake		In giving up her life, she abandoned 
    		everything she was as a soldier...
    Miller		And you consider that betrayal?
    Snake		I won't make the same choice as her.
    		My future's going to be different.
    Miller		Then...
    Snake		Yeah, that's right.
    		From now on, call me Big Boss.
    [Sounds of soldiers falling in line as Big Boss walks
    past them.]
    Big Boss	We will forsake our countries.
    		We will leave our motherlands behind us
    		and become one with this earth. We have
    		no nation, no philosophy, no ideology.
    		We go where we're needed, fighting, not
    		for government, but for ourselves.
    		We need no reason to fight.
    		We fight because we are needed.
    		We will be the deterrent for those with
    		no other recourse. We are soldiers without 
    		borders, our purpose defined by the era 
    		we live in. 
    		We will sometimes have to sell ourselves 
    		and services. If the times demand it, 
    		we'll be revolutionaries, criminals, 
    		And yes, we may all be headed straight to 
    		hell. But what better place for us than 
    		It's our only home.
    		Our heaven and our hell.
    		This is Outer Heaven.
    THE END...?
    |Heaven's Divide|
    Heaven's Divide
    Lyrics by Nobuko Toda
    Performed by Donna Burke
    Petals of white
    Cover fields flowing in grieving tears
    And all the hearts once new,old and shattered now
    Love can kill, love will die
    Give me wings to fly
    Fleeing this world so cold
    I just wonder why
    Cold as the dark
    Now my words,are frosted with every breath
    Still the hate burns wild,growing inside this heart
    When the wind changes course when the stars align
    I will reach out to you and leave this all behind
    When heavens divide
    When heavens divide
    I will see the choices within my hands
    How can we ever protect and fight with our tiny souls
    Let me shine like the sun through the doubts and fear
    Do you feel the storm approach as the end draws near
    When heavens divide
    Time will come to softly lay me down
    Then I can see a face that I long to see
    And for you,only you I would give anything
    Leaving a trace for love to find a way
    When heavens divide
    I will dive into the fire
    Spilling the blood of my desire
    The very last time
    My name scorched into the sky
    When heavens divide
    I will see the choices within my hands
    How can we ever protect and fight with our tiny souls
    Let me shine like the sun through the doubts and fear
    Do you feel the storm approach as the end draws near
    When heavens divide
    Time will come to softly lay me down
    Then I can see a face that I long to see
    And for you,only you I would give anything
    Leaving a trace for love to find a way
    When heavens divide
    And for you, only you I would give anything
    Leaving a trace for love to find a way
    When heavens divide 
    |Love Deterrence|
    Love Deterrence
    Lyrics by "Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker" Sound Team
    Performed by Nana Mizuki
    I love you; I hope these thoughts reach you
    Im sure one day it'll come true
    Such feelings are too painful
    I don't understand things such as beginnings
    It seems like you could have an ordinary name 
    and be anywhere But no matter how many people 
    there are Im sure to find you
    I don't like the me who locked up these honest 
    feelings And confined herself in a shell
    Each time that I halfheartedly hold myself back
    The pain merely grows
    What do you wish for?
    I want to be close to you
    Forever and ever thats all I want and yet 
    (Thump thump)
    Love deterrence
    Look! The games beginning
    If I was looking at you would you know?
    The starting bell chimes
    Listen To My Heart
    My silent voice,
    Stop this love deterrence
    I want to tell you everything about me
    For no special reason I cut my hair but
    I cant actually say that it's your fault
    I'm just lying and running away
    It's enough, I can't go on like this
    Looking at others intently
    Not knowing such bravado
    Your back soon passed by
    And I felt the pain far away
    Who are you thinking about?
    Tell me How long will the two of us
    Continue like this? (Squeeze squeeze)
    Love deterrence
    Look! The games beginning
    These entangled feelings will no longer 
    come apart; things began to move
    Listen To My Heart
    If I get used to being more honest
    Stop this love deterrence
    Stay only by my heart
    One day Ill say I love you
    In my dreams I say Sorry for everything
    One day say We'll be together forever
    Firmly, firmly say I won't leave 
    (Throb throb)
    Love deterrence
    Look! The games beginning
    Look at these straightforward thoughts; Now 
    I'm overflowing and I start to run
    I don't want to be alone any longer! Look at me!
    Everything leads to you, no matter the past or 
    the future, forever and ever.
    This encounter will change the world
    After school in the classroom, now it's just the 
    two of us This is a chance given by God, but 
    the time still passes by
    I'm sure that if this goes on, well pass each 
    other by With our backs facing each other, we 
    move apart.
    I love you; I hope these thoughts reach you
    I'm sure one day it'll come true
    Such feelings are too painful; Please stop 
    the love deterrence
    This document is copyrighted 2011 Icaris.

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