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    FAQ/Walkthrough by MasterVG782

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    ============|                    TABLE OF CONTENTS                  |===========
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    A search system has been implemented to help you find a mission easier. Hit CTRL
    + F in your browser window, then type in the code that follows each mission to
    jump right to it.
      I. Introduction
     II. Main Story Missions
         1. Make a Break For It............................A000
         2. Down In Amanaki Town...........................A001
         3. Harvest the Jungle.............................A002
         4. Secure the Outpost.............................A003
         5. Mushrooms in the Deep..........................A004
         6. The Medusa's Call..............................A005
         7. Playing the Spoiler............................A006
         8. Prison Break-In................................A007
         9. Island Port Hotel..............................A008
         10. Keeping Busy..................................A009
         11. Meet Citra....................................A010
         12. Bad Side of Town..............................A011
         13. Kick the Hornet's Nest........................A012
         14. A Man Named Hoyt..............................A013
         15. Saving Oliver.................................A014
         16. Piece of the Past.............................A015
         17. Down in the Docks.............................A016
         18. The Motherlode................................A017
         19. Lin Cong I Presume............................A018
         20. Unhappy Reunion...............................A019
         21. The Social Club...............................A020
         22. This Knife's For You..........................A021
         23. Ambush........................................A022
         24. Warrior Rescue Service........................A023
         25. New Rite of Passage...........................A024
         26. Payback.......................................A025
         27. Citra's Favor.................................A026
         28. Fly South.....................................A027
         29. Three Blind Mice..............................A028
         30. Doppelganger..................................A029
         31. Triple Decker.................................A030
         32. Defusing the Situation........................A031
         33. Deepthroat....................................A032
         34. All In........................................A033
         35. Paint It Black................................A034
         36. Black Gold....................................A035
         37. Aced in the Hole..............................A036
         38. Betting Against the House.....................A037
         39. The Doctor Is Out.............................A038
         40. Hard Choices..................................A039
    III. Updates
     IV. Frequently Asked Questions
      V. Acknowledgements
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    ============|                    I. INTRODUCTION                    |===========
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    Far Cry 3 is a first person shooter set in an open world known as the Rook
    Islands. The world is expansive and there are plenty of things to do, such as
    hunting animals and plenty of side missions.
    You are Jason Brody and you and your friends are vacationing on Rook Island.
    Things turn bad when everyone is captured by a madman named Vaas, who intends
    on holding you ransom. It is up to you and your brother to escape imprisonment,
    rescue your friends and make it back home.
    | For details pertaining to collectibles, side missions and everything else    |
    | about the game, please visit http://gamewise.co/games/13969/Far-Cry-3.       |
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    ============|                II. MAIN STORY MISSIONS                |===========
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    Welcome to the Main Story Missions section of the walkthrough. These usually
    follow one after another, meaning you don't get a lot of breaks in between,
    although you can usually do whatever you want in between the missions.
    | MAKE A BREAK FOR IT | (A000)
    After some cutscenes, you will need to follow your brother. Keep following him
    until you get to a shack, where he will tell you to grab the stuff on the table.
    Press the designated button, then continue following. Not that much farther
    along, you will need to toss a rock at the marked spot, which will distract the
    guard and allow you to sneak past him.
    Climb up through the window, then continue on. Eventually, you'll reach an area
    with some plants, so hide in them and you'll have to throw another rock to
    distract more guards. Do that and then keep going until you have to climb up
    some boxes. Not too long after that, you will crouch and make your way under a
    bridge of sorts, and when you reach the other side, a cutscene will occur.
    During this cutscene, your brother is shot and a button will appear, which will
    make you hold your hands over his wound. Keep it held until he dies and you will
    have to make your escape. Just keep the sprint button held down and follow the
    path given to you. Eventually, you will reach a small space you need to crouch
    to get through and when you get out on the other side, an enemy will find you
    and try to stab you. Just keep mashing the button to kill him, then make your
    way across the bridge, which will collapse and begin your perilous journey.
    When you awaken, you'll find yourself in a hut with a man named Dennis. He will
    be teaching you some basics about survival, as well as give you some cash to buy
    your first weapon from the general store in town. Go inside the store and buy
    the 1911 handgun. You can buy the weapons from the stores, or if you activate
    Radio Towers, you can get them for free.
    Once you bought the gun and exit the shop, follow Dennis out of town. On the
    way, Dennis will talk about the Radio Towers and how you can deactivate the
    scramblers, which will open up some more of the map, make weapons free in the
    store and unlock new Supply Drop quests. Before you start heading up, check the
    buildings around you for some loot (lootable items will flash). These lootable
    boxes will usually contain money, items you can sell and sometimes ammo.
    After looking around a bit, start heading up the path that leads to the Radio
    Tower. Once you reach the top, a snake will lunge and latch onto your arm, but
    you throw it off. You can kill it if you want, but it doesn't really matter.
    Loot the boxes around and inside the building, then start climbing up the tower.
    Once you get to the top, deactivate the scrambler, then use the zipline to get
    back to the ground. Open your map and listen to the instructions, and when you
    close your map, the next mission will automatically begin.
    One of the survival tips that Dennis mentions is utilizing the animals of the
    land, using their skins for crafting, as well the plants. Get in the vehicle
    nearby and head towards the marker on your map. When you get to your
    destination, you'll see some items on your minimap. The leaves are the plants
    you need to harvest, with the colors corresponding to the ones you need.
    You will need two Green Leaves, one Red Leaf and one Blue Leaf. The blue one
    will be in the water, while the other two will be on land. Once you gather
    those, start searching the area for the boars. When you find them, shoot them
    from a distance until they fall down, then go and skin them. After getting
    everything on your list, open your map and fast travel to Amanaki Town.
    Find Dennis and talk to him, which will prompt a little tutorial on crafting.
    All you need to do for now is craft two Medicines and then a Simple Rucksack.
    He will also show you how to learn some skills. You will have to get Takedown,
    but the other one is up to you (Cook Grenade is the better choice of the two
    available). Once you finish with that, you will get a call on the radio you
    stole in the beginning, so get in the truck and the next mission will begin.
    The mission will begin once Dennis drives you to your destination right from
    the end of Harvest the Jungle. Once you get situated, start walking up the path
    and towards the outpost. Before you go into the outpost, use your camera to
    survey the area, and if you spot any enemies, they will be marked on your
    screen. This makes it very easy to keep track of where they are.
    There are a total of five normal enemies and one dog inside of this outpost. It
    is kind of challenging (and a bit time consuming) to take them all out in a
    stealth manner, so just go in and start gunning them down. Once all of the
    enemies are killed, the outpost will be free and you will need to search the
    main building for Liza.
    You find that she is not inside, then overhear that she has escaped. Once the
    cutscene is over, so will the mission. Go around and loot all of the chests,
    then go back inside the safehouse and get the Memory Card from the table. It's
    time to go onto the next mission.
    This mission will begin as soon as Secure the Outpost has ended. Before you
    leave the outpost from the previous mission, there should be two pigs in the
    area, so kill them and loot their hides. You can use one of the hides to craft
    a Simple Wallet, which increases the amount of money you can hold (up to $2000).
    This is especially helpful if you've been looting every chest you come across,
    so you can sell the miscellaneous items.
    Your objective is to talk to Dr. Earnhardt, who is located quite a ways west of
    Amanaki Town. Open your map and fast travel to Amanaki, then start going west.
    It is in your best interests to activate the Radio Tower on the way, this way
    the map will be revealed.
    Earnhardt's house is located on a big hill. When you get close be careful of
    wild Leopards roaming about, as they can kill you quite quickly if they wanted
    to. You will want to come from the north side in order to get to the doctor's
    house. Feel free to explore once you get there, but go inside the building in
    the back for a cutscene.
    Go inside the house and upstairs to see your friend, who is ill and will need
    some mushrooms from a cave to the "west." Despite what the doctor said, go east
    to the marker, using the zipline as a shortcut, then swim around the rocks and
    down into the water to find a cave. Be quick and swim up and into the cave.
    Once you're in the cave, follow the path until you get to a big drop, so take a
    leap of faith into the waters below. Keep following the path, climbing up vines
    and stuff, until you encounter some mushrooms. It's time for some trippy stuff
    to happen. As you keep going, you will start hallucinating more and more, until
    you finally break down and appear as if you're not in the cave anymore.
    When you see Earnhardt's house, you're nearing the end. Keep going forward until
    you finally recover from the hallucination. Go and grab the mushrooms ahead of
    you, then exit the cave and start going back to Earnhardt's house. Once you get
    back to the house, talk to Earnhardt, then go upstairs and talk to Daisy. Some
    cutscenes will occur, then the next mission will begin.
    | THE MEDUSA'S CALL | (A005)
    Once the mission begins, fast travel to Amanaki Outpost and grab a vehicle.
    When you get into a certain range, the mission will update. You cannot be
    detected at all on this mission, otherwise you will fail. You need to take out
    the radio operators and get their intel, but you must do it stealthily. Take
    cover as best as you can, preferably on the hill nearby, then take out your
    camera and scout the area.
    The radio operators are marked with a yellow marker, but there are also normal
    enemies walking around as well. Use rocks to distract the closest guard near the
    containers on the left side, and when you get a clear shot, use a Takedown on
    him. Lure the second guard to the container near the ship and do the same thing.
    Go inside the ship and lure the radio operator into the ship, to a spot where
    you can Takedown him. Loot his body for the intel.
    The other two operators are on the other side of the big ship, and each one has
    one normal enemy with him. Remember to use your camera to pinpoint their
    location, then use all of the debris and containers as cover to hide. Throw
    rocks to distract the normal enemies to a spot where you can use Takedown on
    them, then do the same with the operator. Once you have all three pieces of
    intel, go to the control room of the Medusa.
    Inside the control room, you need to go to the radio and you'll overhear some
    radio chatter. You'll hear about some men coming to investigate the area, and
    you'll need to take them all out. There's no reason to be stealthy anymore, so
    use your height advantage on the ship to take down all of the enemies that come.
    You can lure some onto the ship and steal their guns, if you need more ammo.
    Once all of the men are dead, Dennis will call you and tell you to get back to
    Amanaki Village.
    Vaas is preparing weapons to attack Amanaki, and Dennis and the Rakyat want you
    to take out their weapons cache. The Logging Camp is south and a little east of
    Amanaki Village (there's a Radio Tower southwest of it, so go and get that
    first). Be careful of wild animals, especially any tigers, as you run through
    and towards the camp.
    When you get to the area where the camp is, you will need to go to the vantage
    point next. Take out your camera and try and tag as many enemies as possible
    (there are at least 7). Once you got enough, you will need to get into the camp
    and disable the alarm. There is one guy sitting down between the two fences
    straight ahead from the vantage point, so sneak up and use a Takedown on him.
    Once you've gotten inside the camp, you need to be careful of the two enemies
    to your left, as well as the one on the docks. Continue sneaking until you get
    to the alarm, then hold the button in to disable it. After doing that, it's time
    to get into the weapons cache, which is the building right by you.
    Enter through the door, then plant the bomb at the designated spot. You now
    have 15 seconds to escape and get to a safe spot. Once the cache blows up, you
    can either escape or stay and kill all of the pirates. Whichever you do, the
    mission will be over and Dennis will call you, leading to the next mission.
    | PRISON BREAK-IN | (A007)
    Vaas is keeping some prisoners (your friends) at P.C., which Dennis figures out
    is Pirate Cove, but they call it Sunset Cove. There's a Radio Tower southwest
    of the objective marker, so if you haven't gotten that yet, do so now. If you
    go by water, be careful of sharks (only if you're swimming). Note that the
    objective is southeast of Earnhardt's mansion, so you can fast travel and start
    your journey from there.
    Once you arrive at the objective marker, try and do a Takedown on the enemy
    there, then disable the alarm nearby. Take out your camera and tag all of the
    enemies you can see, which will be plenty (at least 8-9 more, including one in
    a tower). There will be one with a yellow tag, which is the operator and who has
    the key for the prison.
    You can do a lot of it by sneaking around and using a Takedown on the enemies,
    but you might eventually get it down to a good ol' firefight. If that happens,
    there's plenty of cover to hide and kill each enemy one by one. Once you kill
    all of the enemies, loot the keys from the operator and go explore the prison.
    It should be noted that there are more enemies in the cave, so if you don't have
    much ammo left, take one of the weapons and slowly move inside. In the first
    area, you will need to be extra careful of the explosive barrels, since they can
    hurt you greatly, although if you get to them first, then it'll be a great help.
    When you go up the stairs, there will be another 5-6 guys below you, so use the
    stairs and the cover there to play peekaboo with them. Once they're all cleared
    out, head to the marker and go through the door (Relic right inside the door on
    the left). Continue along the path until you are ambushed and a cutscene occurs,
    which will bring this mission to an end and the next mission will begin.
    | ISLAND PORT HOTEL | (A008)
    Things have certainly gotten tougher for you and your friends now. Once you
    gain control of your character, you will have 3 minutes to get to Liza and
    rescue her. Go along the only path you can until you are blocked by fire (hold
    the heal button if you happen to catch on fire), so shoot the pipes to continue.
    Keep going until you walk up a beam that gives way, prompting you to climb up to
    the next section.
    There will be another pipe here to shoot, so wait until the first is out and
    continue. When you make it to a big room, walk along the center and then make a
    right and climb the vines. This will trigger another cutscene, where you rescue
    Liza and make your escape to the outside. When prompted, mash the button to move
    the truck, which will trigger the next section of the mission.
    Press the fire button to pick up the grenade launcher next to you. It is now up
    to you to use the GL-94 to protect the truck. Keep shooting the vehicles chasing
    you as they approach, until Liza drives off-road and your truck ends up dying.
    Some enemies will come after you on foot from the front, so Jason hops in the
    front of the truck and grabs a pistol. Kill the enemies that approach (a
    convenient explosive barrel by the rock) until Liza starts the truck again,
    then she'll drive until another cutscene starts, which ends the mission.
    | KEEPING BUSY | (A009)
    When the mission begins, you'll be at Earnhardt's mansion and you'll need to
    find Daisy. She mentioned before that she's in a cave, which can be found
    underneath the gazebo right next to the mansion. There's a path nearby that
    will lead you straight into the cave.
    Once Daisy and Liza get reacquainted, Daisy will mention she's found a boat, but
    there's a part missing. You agree to look around for the part, so head over to
    the marker and dive into the water. The part is located by the light you find
    by the yellow-colored barrel. Grab it and head back to Daisy. After the short
    cutscene, go and talk to Liza, and the mission will end.
    | MEET CITRA | (A010)
    This mission begins where the last one ended, and your first objective is to
    exit the cave. When you do, you'll get a call from Dennis, who tells you to go
    and meet Citra, the leader of the Rakyat. The current objective will be set at
    X: 545.5, Y: 633.5, but there's a Radio Tower to the northeast of it that if you
    didn't already activate, you should.
    Once you arrive at Citra's Temple, a short cutscene will occur, then you will
    have to follow Dennis inside the temple. When you get to the marker, another
    cutscene will occur and once you gain control, just walk forward along the only
    path you have. Jason is once again hallucinating, so keep going until you get
    to the house, then go inside. You'll be underwater now, but don't worry about
    drowning and cross the bridge. Once you get to the altar, grab the knife and
    you'll end up back in reality. Exit the temple to finish the mission.
    | BAD SIDE OF TOWN | (A011)
    As soon as you exit Citra's Temple, this mission will start. You will need to
    investigate Badtown, which is located far to the northeast, but the good thing
    you can fast travel there right now. Do so, then activate the Radio Tower just
    north of the town. Go back to town and visit the bar, where you will need to
    play a game of poker (this one is just a cutscene).
    You will now need to follow the man in white without him noticing. Go through
    the door and head outside, where you'll find the man just ahead of you. Any time
    you get him out of sight, you will have 20 seconds to get him in sight again.
    Make use of cover whenever he stops, making sure to not lose sight of him for
    too long. Once he goes inside of the building at the end, this mission will be
    This mission begins where the last one left off, so head inside the building to
    confront the man in white. Once the initial conversation is over, a secret area
    opens up, so go downstairs for another cutscene. Willis is his name and he wants
    you to burn some drug fields, and a boat, that belong to Hoyt.
    Leave the building and Jason will call Dennis to tell him what has happened,
    which Dennis promptly tells Jason to avoid Hoyt since he is even worse than
    Vaas. Since the drug fields should be in uncharted territory, your first goal
    should be to head to the Radio Tower that is southwest of the drug fields.
    Once you're finished with the Radio Tower, head to the drug fields. When you're
    get near it, use your camera to locate two guys sitting in the middle of the
    field. Approach from behind them and use a Chained Takedown on them (if you have
    it). Note that when you get inside the radius of the fields, you will
    automatically equip the Flamethrower (you can switch weapons).
    When the coast is clear, all you have to do is catch a little bit of the crops
    on fire and it will spread to the rest. Also, there are explosive barrels you
    can use to spark some flames. Once the two fields are burnt up here, you will
    need to move on and burn some more. You will notice that Jason's vision is
    getting blurry, which is some side effects of the drugs burning.
    The next area is crawling with enemies, so you will need to be extra careful.
    Use your camera to tag as many enemies as possible and if you have a ranged
    weapon, use it to shoot the barrels from as far away as possible. You need to
    burn 5 more fields, 3 of which are up top and there will be 2 more below. Once
    all of the crops are nice and toasty, you will need to head to the fishing
    As you approach the fishing village, you will run into some more enemies. As
    always, scout the area before charging in, as it will likely lead to your death.
    If you can, distract guards to secluded areas and perform a Takedown on them.
    There might be one Heavy (shield icon) in the area, which will be your biggest
    problem, so if you have any explosives, use those. Once you get close to the
    boat, it will take off, so grab the RPG-7 from the crate and fire it, hitting
    the boat and finishing the mission.
    | A MAN NAMED HOYT | (A013)
    Fast travel back to Badtown and head back to Willis to speak with him again. He
    wants you to check out Beras Town, which is a good bit to the northwest of
    Badtown. If you go from Badtown, you will likely arrive at a huge cliff
    overlooking the town. Willis wants you to go to a building that is overlooking
    the town, but you must do so without being detected at all. Go to X: 726.8,
    Y: 796.4 to find a zipline that leads straight to the marked building.
    You'll view a cutscene where Hoyt will be threatening some men, then they'll
    run across a rice field and only one will be left alive. Willis wants you to
    rescue this man, but there will be two enemies left behind who will begin
    shooting at Rongo, the man you need to rescue. If you have a sniper rifle, you
    can take them out from the hut you're standing in, or you could sneak up behind
    them and do a Chained Takedown.
    When the two enemies are dead, you will need to go Rongo, but don't run across
    just yet, as the water is littered with mines. You will want to walk slowly
    across the water, keeping an eye for the mines in the water. Whenever you spot
    one, move far away from it and then shoot it to make it explode. The mines also
    make a noise when you get close enough, which is another sign of their
    locations. Once you get to Rongo, hold the button to release him.
    Before he tells you where your friend, Oliver is located, he wants you to help
    him get to the village. Rongo's health will appear at the top of the screen,
    and you will have to fight through some enemies. If his health reaches zero,
    then you fail and will go back to the last checkpoint. This can be a difficult
    part of the mission, as Rongo can sometimes run too far ahead.
    When enemies start appearing, it's best to take them out quickly. One of the
    first will come running at you and try to melee Rongo, then another wave will
    come, some of which pop out of the house on the left. Continue forward, keeping
    an eye on both Rongo and for any enemies that appear. Once you get to his house,
    the next part of the mission will commence.
    While Rongo is searching for something, you will need to protect him from
    enemies that will come towards both of you. The first set come from down the
    hill, then the second set will come from the front of the house. There are only
    two ways for enemies to get into the house, one of which is the door. The other
    way is by going around the back of the house and entering it that way. It's easy
    to keep both points covered from the main door, so keep on killing the enemies
    as they come. Once it's over, a cutscene will occur and the mission will end.
    | SAVING OLIVER | (A014)
    As soon as you get to the marker, a timer will appear that counts down from 1
    minute and 40 seconds. Get in one of the vehicles close by and head for the
    vantage point. You should have plenty of time to get there and when you do,
    you'll find two enemies guarding the spot. Kill them, then go to the point.
    For this next part, you will need to use your camera to identify Oliver. Just
    wait until you see a helicopter approach and land, as well as some vehicles
    drive up and park. Oliver will be in the second vehicle and is indicated by a
    blue marker over his head. Keep watching until you finally equip a sniper rifle,
    which will have unlimited ammo.
    You need to shoot the one guard who is pushing Oliver towards the chopper, then
    you can start shooting all of the other enemies in the vincinity. Oliver's
    health will appear at the top of the screen, and if it is completely empty, you
    will fail and be put back to the spot before you start shooting. The sniper
    rifle you have is a one-hit kill anywhere, so don't worry too much about
    Keep an eye out for enemies as they move towards Oliver, who will begin moving
    towards the boat at the end of the docks as you take out enemies. When Oliver
    goes down the stairs and to the second section, enemies will start coming from
    the buildings. If need be, make use of the conveniently placed explosive
    barrels. Once Oliver gets on the boat, you need to jump into the water and get
    on it yourself, where you will man the turret.
    Now begins the part where you kick some butt. Oliver will be driving and you'll
    be shooting, which can be slightly difficult with all of the motion going on.
    You will be taking out enemies on foot, trucks, boats and even a helicopter at
    the end. Keep an eye on your health and try to aim your shots carefully enough
    so you actually hit something. You will want to hit the men on the turrets of
    the vehicles first, as they will be the most dangerous. Once this part is over,
    so will the mission.
    | PIECE OF THE PAST | (A015)
    This mission begins from where the last one ended. When you leave the cave, you
    will receive a call from Willis, who tells you he knows where your friend Keith
    is. Buck is usually in the bar at Badtown, so fast travel there and go into the
    bar. In order for you to get Keith back, you need to hunt down a special knife
    for him.
    Buck wants you to find a boat that Vaas got to and get onto it. This boat is
    named the Nostalgia and it's marked on your map. It's in the middle of
    shark-infested waters, as well as surrounded by pirate boats, so you will need
    boat yourself. Go to the coast and search for one, then start heading for your
    As you approach the Nostalgia, you will most likely be spotted by the enemies
    on board, so quickly make your way to the south side of the boat and use the
    ladder to get on board. You'll likely be swarmed when you get onto the ship, so
    your best option is get a good gun and be ready to start firing. There are two
    Snipers on board, as well as a Heavy Gunner, then the rest are just normal
    Once all of the enemies are killed, go on the east side of the ship to find the
    door leading inside. Be ready for more action, as there will be an enemy right
    inside walking away from you, so do a Takedown on him and sneak towards the next
    room. If you have your Recurve Bow, shoot the one walking around first, then
    quickly shoot the other. If you kill them both quickly without making any noise,
    there's an alarm in the room that you can disable (it will disable the other,
    Go down the stairs and open the door to go into the next room. There's one guy
    walking around, as well as one guy doing some welding around the corner, so use
    a Takedown on the guy walking around, then do the same with the other. Go
    through the next door to find three more enemies, two in the center and one of
    the far side.
    If you have Chained Takedown, you should be able to kill all three very quickly.
    Otherwise, it's hard to Takedown all of them separately, so just quickly shoot
    them all. In the next room is your final objective, but when you open the door,
    you find a Heavy Gunner guarding it. Shoot him in the head until he goes down,
    then go ahead and hack the computer.
    As you hack the computer, you find it is rigged up to explosives and it goes
    off, sending the ship to the bottom of the ocean. You need to escape quickly,
    so swim and hold in the sprint button while swimming to go faster. Follow the
    path until you get in a quick time event with an enemy. Once that's over with,
    keep going and you'll see an oxygen tank, so use that to refresh your air
    supply. When you reach the second one, use it and then go to the window to
    escape the ship and end the mission.
    | DOWN IN THE DOCKS | (A016)
    Buck is not too far from your current position, so head over to the marker to
    start this mission. Once Buck's history lesson is over, head through the door
    ahead of you. You're now inside of a bunker that's pretty wrecked. Turn right
    and look at the Japanese lettering on the wall, and you'll see some rope above
    it, so climb up. Find the next rope to climb up to the next section.
    There will be some stairs leading down, and there's a snake in the far corner of
    the room. Go down the stairs and drop into the water below. Swim through the
    pipe and you'll be in a nice big area, where you'll find some enemies. If you
    have the Death From Below skill, swim up to the enemy by where you can climb up
    and take him down.
    There's another guy above you, in the same situation as the previous one, one
    ahead of him, one above on the platform at the far end, and one more on the boat
    to your right. After killing them all, go through the tunnel on your left until
    you can drop down into a new area. There will be about 5-6 enemies here, so take
    them all down and survey the area.
    There's a stone door ahead with some dynamite attached to it. Go to the
    detonator and use it to blast it open, creating a hole for you to go through.
    Follow the path to a spot where you have to go underwater, but you'll be
    attacked by a crocodile as soon as you go in the water. Kill it, then go through
    the water and out on the other side.
    In this new room, go up to the door and press the seal to open it, then drop
    down into the water and come out on the other side. Continue into the big open
    room, go down the path and jump over the gap, only to have the rocks crumble,
    with you going down into the water below. Swim up to the opening and you'll be
    on the bottom of the previous room.
    You'll need to solve the puzzle to get to the treasure room, so start by going
    to the seal door on the right and pressing it. Inside this room, break the three
    flashing pieces of wood by slashing them with your knife, which will raise the
    water level. Go back to the previous room and swim through the hole in the wall
    on the opposite side, breaking the three pieces of wood in this room to raise
    the water again.
    When you try to exit the room, a boulder will drop down and block it. Instead of
    going through it, swim to the top and go over the blocked path and back to the
    previous room. The water level is now high enough where you can climb and enter
    the treasure room. Grab the item on the altar, which will make boulders fall and
    block the exit. Go to the ledge and there's a spot on the left side where you
    can shimmy across. This path will lead you outside, where you'll find Buck
    waiting for you, as well as the end of the mission.
    | THE MOTHERLODE | (A017)
    Once again, Buck is not too far from your current position, so go to the marker
    to start this mission. Go into the mine and onto the elevator, where you'll
    automatically go down into the cave below. Go forward and push the cart out of
    the way, making sure you hide behind it from the enemy ahead. Sneak up behind
    him and use Takedown on him, then go and take out the other guy ahead.
    In the next section, there will be about 5 enemies, so try and take out a few
    stealthily, but you most likely won't be able to take all of them that way. Once
    they're dead, push the cart to send it into some explosive barrels, which will
    kill a few enemies in the room ahead. Of course, there will still be some left,
    so clean up the leftovers.
    As you approach the next room, you will see some lasers from snipers at the far
    end of the room. Go behind the cart and push it, which will make it inch
    forward, so follow it. When it stops, you will likely be spotted by enemies from
    the left area, so try to quickly take them out. Move to the next cart and try to
    inch out from the sides to take out the snipers, then push it and follow.
    There might be one more enemy up above, a Molotov-throwing enemy, so kill him
    and then start crossing the bridge on your left. When you get across, you'll
    most likely see some enemies coming down the ramp from the area above from
    before, one of which is a Heavy Gunner. Kill them, then go up the ramp and into
    the next tunnel.
    As you go through this short tunnel, you'll see some more enemies ahead. Just go
    through this tunnel and mow down all of the enemies in your path, but stop
    before you get to the big room. There is a sniper at the far end, so sneak out a
    little bit and try to shoot him before he shoots you. When all of the enemies
    are dead, follow the path to a door and go inside.
    Once the door is open, you will see a Komodo Dragon ahead, so shoot it and then
    go down the path. Drop down and go into the center of the room, pulling the
    mechanism, which will open a secret door. Follow this path, killing another
    Komodo Dragon, and jump the gap. There will be yet another Komodo Dragon on the
    path that leads to the old elevator.
    Take the elevator down and after the short scene, follow the path and take a
    running jump to clear the gap. Once you eventually land right before the
    objective marker, you'll find a Komodo Dragon. Grab the item on the altar and
    the ruins will start caving in. Start sprinting, following the path, until you
    reach the exit, where you'll find Buck and the end of the mission.
    | LIN CONG I PRESUME | (A018)
    This time, Buck is not near where you are, but is north of Amanaki Outpost. That
    means you should fast travel there and then head north. Once you get there, it's
    time for yet another history lesson, and he'll tell you to jump in. Note that if
    you find the highest point of the cliff and jump in, you will get the Free Fall
    Once you land in the water, find the piece of land with the vine that you can
    climb. Go through the door and you're now in a cave section. When you climb the
    next vine, you'll spot an enemy below you and if you have the Death From Above
    skill, then simply jump down and you'll kill him. For the next part, sneak up
    behind the guys and do Takedowns on them.
    This will likely cause two Dogs to show up and sniff around. Either shoot them
    or knife them, and the drawbridge will drop and a Heavy Gunner will show up. If
    you have a Mine or C4, plant one on the path he will walk, or you could just
    shoot him in the head. In the next area will be 5 enemies, some of which are
    close together, so feel free to use Chain Takedown if you have it, or just shoot
    them all.
    Go inside the little room and grab the armor on the crate if you don't have any,
    then use the zipline to get to the area below. You will likely be spotted in
    this area, as enemies can see and shoot at you from the gaps in the floor below
    you. Take care of the two guys on the same level as you, then start picking off
    the ones below you.
    Once the coast is clear, drop down to the next platform, then use the zipline to
    get across. Follow the path, killing any remaining enemies, then use the next
    zipline to the following area. Drop down to the scaffolding and kill the two
    enemies that show up here, making sure you stay away from the acid. Keep going
    down and forward until you reach the entrance to a big area, but don't go into
    it yet (watch out for the blasts of hot water).
    As you approach the big area, you will be able to see an enemy off in the
    distance, who has a RPG. Snipe him and the other two enemies, then go into the
    big area. Cross all of the rocks, keeping in mind to not hurry because of the
    hot water blasts, until you reach another big area. There are another three
    enemies off in the distance, so feel free to snipe them from here if you want.
    Follow the path until you climb the vine, then go up and kill the guy hiding in
    here, then open the marked door.
    With the door open, you won't be fighting anymore pirates for now, so drop down
    into the nice, open cavern. With the bridge out, you'll need to find another
    way, so follow the path to the right, keeping in mind that the hot water boils
    onto the rocks below. Once you get to the vine, climb it, then the ropes, then
    go to the statue and hold the button to open up a secret set of stairs.
    At the bottom of all the stairs is a Komodo Dragon, so kill it and you'll find
    another two at the very bottom. Go up to the coffin and grab the knife. As soon
    as you do, a booby trap will spring, with flames shooting out the sides, so
    sprint as fast as you can, then slide into the opening. As soon as you slide,
    move forward a bit and you'll have to alternate pressing a few buttons until you
    reach the clearing. With that, you'll be outside and the mission will be
    | UNHAPPY REUNION | (A019)
    As soon as you escape from the tomb from the previous mission, Buck will call
    you and tell you to bring the knife to his place. Fast travel to Badtown, then
    go to the marker, which is Buck's place. When you go inside, he'll give you the
    key to where Keith is for the knife.
    You'll go downstairs and reunite with Keith, but Buck comes down and basically
    says you aren't leaving. This will trigger a fight with Buck, where you will
    need to press specific buttons that appear on your screen. When you get to the
    point where you mash a button, you'll end up stabbing Buck and escape with
    Keith, which puts an end to this very short mission.
    | THE SOCIAL CLUB | (A020)
    This is a three part optional mission that transports you to a time when Jason
    and his friends are inside of a club. You're able to view some scenes from right
    before their trip to Rook Island. You can trigger these by interacting with the
    flashing object in front of the ship Daisy is trying to fix. The first event can
    happen when you rescue Liza, the second after Oliver and the third after Keith.
    The first event shows them in the club, with Grant telling some stories. Jason
    will get up, and Grant convinces him to go buy some drinks, with him paying for
    them. Go up to the bartender and order some drinks. After a toast, Jason will
    wake up back in the cave at Earnhardt's mansion.
    The second event has you trying to find where Riley has gone to in the club. Go
    down the stairs and you'll overhear some people talking about Americans in the
    bathroom. If you go on the dance floor, you can dance a little, but it's nothing
    special. To find the bathroom, from the bottom of the stairs, there's a hallway
    to the right. Go all the way in the back to find Keith and Riley arguing with
    some people, where you'll butt in and break it up, waking up in the cave
    The third, and final, event has you starting out on the dance floor, so press
    the buttons on the screen to do some moves. Some guys will come up and start
    some trouble, so follow the button prompts to knock the one out. You'll run off
    and head through the back door. While you're in an elevator, the DJ will mention
    something about an island where you can do anything. This is where the beginning
    of the game starts.
    | THIS KNIFE'S FOR YOU | (A021)
    With the knife now in your possession, exit the cave where your friends are and
    your objective is to now bring the knife to Citra. Fast travel to the temple and
    head to the marker inside for a cutscene. Citra will tell a story of the
    creation of the Rook Islands. As you leave the temple, Dennis will come in and
    say you're going to ambush a convoy that is holding some of Citra's people
    hostage. When you fully exit the temple, the mission will end and the next will
    | AMBUSH | (A022)
    This mission will automatically begin where the last one left off, and your
    first objective is to meet up with the people who you are going to ambush a
    convoy of prisoners. If you have a fast travel spot close to the marker, go
    there; otherwise, trek it out and go to the marker on your map. Talk to the
    Rakyat leader once you get there.
    Exit the church and go to the truck to plant some C4 on it. As soon as you plant
    it, you have 40 seconds to get on top of the water tower, so run over and climb
    up the ladder (grab the sniper rifle up here). When the convoy comes and the one
    truck is blown up, you will need to start shooting the other enemies to protect
    the Rakyat. These enemies are better armored than the pirates, so try and aim
    for headshots.
    Once you kill enough men or enough time passes, another timer (3 minutes) will
    appear and you will have to get into the cargo truck. Slide down the ladder and
    rush over to the marker, where you'll find a truck. Get inside and start driving
    towards the convoy. This vehicle is pretty sturdy, so just plow through any
    roadblocks in your way. Once you reach the convoy, take out the remaining
    enemies, then go and open the doors of the convoy, only to find Vaas who knocks
    you out.
    The mission begins with Vaas defining what insanity is, then pushing a large
    rock which you're tied to into the cenote. When you see a button on the screen,
    mash it to break free of the restraints, then swim to the surface. Go towards
    the objective, but crouch when you get there, as there's a guard standing on the
    other side of the waterfall. Use a Takedown on him, then grab his weapon since
    Vaas didn't leave you with anything.
    Sneak up to the next two enemies, taking them down and grabbing their weapons.
    You can either take the road that leads into the camp, or go up on the ridge and
    use your camera to scout the area (recommended). You'll see a helicopter pass
    by, which is going to be your objective here. If you die at all, then you will
    have to restart from where you landed in the cenote.
    There is a sniper and a RPG on top of the buildings, then at least 3 normal
    enemies walking around. If you get spotted and the enemies sound the alarm, then
    a timer of 5 minutes appears, so stealth might be a priority here until you can
    disable the alarms. If you have the Death From Below skill, sneak up to the
    nearest building and use it to take down the sniper there.
    From here, take out the enemy at the far end from where you entered, then head
    back to the ledge and do a Death From Above takedown on the enemy that walks by.
    Sneak over to the other building and do a Death From Below kill on the guy with
    the RPG, then sneak behind the last enemy in the area to kill him. Once they're
    all dead, head over to the alarm and disable it.
    With the alarm disabled, head to the bridge, but don't cross it. Go in the water
    and slowly creep up onto land and forward until you can spot some enemies with
    your camera. There's a mounted machine gun on the building closest to you, as
    well as two snipers on the buildings on the far side. In addition, there's a dog
    to the area left of the chopper, and three normal enemies on the ground.
    It's hard to take out all of the enemies without being noticed, so just run in
    and start shooting the ground enemies first. If you picked up the sniper rifle
    from the one enemy in the first area, use it to take out the other snipers. Once
    all of the men are dead, head to the chopper and get inside.
    You'll force the pilot to take off, but before you get too far, a guy with a RPG
    will show up and shoot the chopper down. A cutscene will occur where Vaas will
    walk up to you and shoot you in the chest. You'll wake up in a pile of corpses,
    and you'll need to do some quick time events to escape. It turns out that the
    lighter Vaas put in your pocket during <> is what saved you.
    You now need to get your stuff back from the pirates, so turn around and head
    towards the marker. You do not have anything at all, even your camera, although
    you seem to have the items in your rucksack. There's a Radio Tower very close
    by, so if you haven't activated it, you might want to wait until you get your
    stuff back first.
    It's best to approach the camp from the hill, as you can sneak up behind the
    enemy by the fire and drag his body behind the building. Do the same with the
    next one, then sneak into the building in the middle of the camp. Takedown the
    guy with the Molotov, then go near the road and kill the guy sitting in the
    chair. There should be a C4 in one of the buildings, so grab it before heading
    to the final building.
    All that is left are two dogs and a Heavy Gunner inside the far building. As you
    get close to the building, you'll hear your phone ringing and driving the guard
    nuts. You'll likely be found out by the dogs, so slash them twice to kill each
    one. Throw the C4 by the doorway and when the Heavy Gunner is close enough,
    detonate it to take him out. Go inside and grab your stuff from the cabinet,
    which will end this mission. It's best to go and activate the Radio Tower nearby
    if you haven't yet.
    | NEW RITE OF PASSAGE | (A024)
    You now need to go back to Citra at the temple, so fast travel there and head to
    the marker. She gives you some poison to drink, mentioning that only the
    strongest will survive. You will see a giant shadowy figure appear from behind
    the building, and you will have to fight it!
    You get an unlimited amount of explosive arrows for this section. One of the
    first attacks the beast will do is lean down and spit gas, which will leave
    behind fire where it lands. The mask is the weak spot, so that's where you need
    to shoot. Keep doing this until it disappears and the area gets dark. Some
    smaller shadowy appears now appear, who will rush and try to melee you.
    Keep killing them by shooting them with the arrows and if you get any chances
    for an instant Takedown, do it. Your best option is to not aim and just shoot at
    the ground near them. Once you kill enough of them, the Ink Monster will
    reappear and the second part of the battle will begin.
    The Ink Monster will now throw some giant balls at you, and the best way to
    avoid these is to just run from one side of the arena to the other in a big
    circle. Every three balls, the monster will stand still, which is your chance to
    take a shot at the mask. Once enough hit have landed, the monster will try one
    more breath attack, then it will be finished. Run up the arm and follow the QTEs
    until you kill it, then enjoy the cutscene as the mission ends.
    | PAYBACK | (A025)
    After the previous mission, you will appear on the island just south of Vaas'
    island. Before jumping in the water, use your camera to tag the one enemy
    standing on the docks, then head over there. Use a Death From Below takedown on
    the previous enemy, then head onto land. Follow the path until you get to two
    enemies abusing some native, so sneak behind them and kill them both.
    Approach the compound, being careful of the sniper in the tower on the right, as
    well as a guard and two dogs in front. If you have the bow, use that to kill
    them, as well as two more guards that show up. Head to the wall of the compound
    and follow it to the left, until you find a rope that you can use to climb.
    Don't worry about the enemies seeing you through the fence, as they can't.
    There's a door next to the fence that you can go through, which will lead to a
    room with a bunch of TVs. The surprise is that Vaas knew you were coming and has
    set fire to the building. Run through the door and you'll fall through to the
    floor below. Head around the corner and climb the ladder to the roof, where
    you'll find a lot of enemies on the ground below.
    Your first priority is to get off the roof and onto the ground below, as the
    fire will spread on the roof and only hinder your progress. Use cover as best as
    you can to take out all of the enemies that come towards you. As you approach a
    large set of doors, a Heavy Gunner will appear, so use any Molotovs or just
    shoot him in the head.
    Go inside the building and Vaas will end up stabbing you around the corner.
    You're now in some kind of hallucination, so just walk forward until you get the
    prompt to shoot. In the next section, just keep shooting the illusions of Vaas
    as they come until you get to the end, where you will do some QTEs to end up
    stabbing Vaas. After some cutscenes, the mission will end.
    | CITRA'S FAVOR | (A026)
    Jason has made the decision to stay on the island, instead of going back home
    with his friends. When you gain control, make your way to the exit of the
    temple, where you'll be stopped by a drunken Dennis, who will tell of his time
    in America. After his story is finished, exit the temple and fast travel to
    Earnhardt's mansion.
    Once you arrive at the mansion, go and enter the cave where your friends are.
    You tell them that you are staying, and they are more than dissatisfied with
    your decision. You can talk to Keith and Oliver afterwards, although the
    conversation with Keith is short and pointless, while Oliver wants to stay with
    Dr. Earnhardt, but Jason says he has to tell his mom what happened to his
    brothers. Exit the cave to start the next mission.
    | FLY SOUTH | (A027)
    When you exit the cave, you will have to go and talk to Agent Willis next. Fast
    travel to Amanaki Outpost and you'll call him. It turns out that Willis is
    leaving and is willing to drop you off over the southern island, but his plane
    is leaving shortly with or without you. If you have the Rust Yard outpost taken,
    fast travel to it, but if you don't, get on the quad and start hauling butt.
    You have 5 minutes to get to the airport before Willis' plane takes off. Once
    you get close enough, the timer will stop and when you get closer still, Willis
    will call you and say that the pirates are attacking him. His health appears on
    top, so hurry up to the airstrip and take out all of the pirates that are there.
    When all have been killed, Willis explains he needs to do some repairs on the
    plane before you can take off.
    Of course, the pirates aren't going to just wait and will continue their attack,
    so you need to protect Willis while he's repairing. A bar will start to fill up
    at the top of the screen, which is Willis repairing the plane. If the pirates
    attack him, he will stop working and the bar will stop moving, so make sure this
    doesn't happen.
    The first wave of enemies, which mostly consists of a few normal enemies and
    knife-wielding ones, will come from the south. The second wave will come from
    the west, consisting of mostly regular enemies and a Heavy Gunner at the end.
    Some Machine Gunner trucks and normal enemies will come in from the west for the
    third wave.
    The last wave will have enemies coming from the south and west, including a few
    Heavy Gunners and normal enemies. There is a stationary machine gun right next
    to the plane, which can be used for a few enemies, as they start coming from the
    south first. Once all of the enemies are dead, go to where Willis is and you'll
    get in the plane. When you jump out of the plane, the next mission will begin.
    | THREE BLIND MICE | (A028)
    This mission will automatically begin when you jump out of the plane from the
    previous mission. You gain two new tools from mission on, which are the Wingsuit
    and the Parachute. When you get the prompt to deploy your Wingsuit, do so and
    pull back to start drifting towards the island, then deploy your Parachute and
    land on the island itself.
    Your first objective here is to grab a truck from the pirates that are close to
    your location. Using the grass and trees as cover, scout the area and you'll
    find that there are a total of 6 enemies near the truck, including two with
    RPGs. They are tightly packed together, so some kind of explosive will work very
    well here. Alternatively, you can shoot the tiger cage nearby to let it loose,
    which should help with a few of the enemies.
    Once all of the men are dead, get in the truck and start driving towards
    Thurston Town. Inside the town, head inside the Crazy Cock bar. The bartender
    mentions something about a poker game in the back, so talk to the privateer to
    get invited to it. Walk downstairs and you'll have to play through a hand of
    Poker. On the second hand, Jason will give the signal and Sam will quit. Follow
    suit and go out in the alley to meet with Sam and finish the mission.
    | DOPPELGANGER | (A029)
    To begin this mission, head over to where Sam is in Thurston Town. He wants you
    to join the Privateers, but you must look the part first. In order to do that,
    you must kill a recruit and steal his uniform. The objective marker is a pretty
    good ways south, and it just so happens a Radio Tower is on the way, which you
    should activate.
    When you arrive at the camp, Jason will make a note that he should remain hidden
    until he obtains the uniform. This means that you can't be spotted and you can't
    kill anyone either. Your first objective is to use the stairs to go down into
    the cenote, but there's a guard sitting on the chair right next to the stairs.
    Use a rock to lure him away, then sneak past him.
    You can't jump into the cenote, so you will have to walk down the path. You can
    hear two people talking, both of whom are below you, so just tag them for now to
    know their locations. When you get to an opening, there's a guy going to the
    bathroom. Wait until he starts moving and just follow him.
    This next part can be kind of tricky, as the guy from before will join with
    another guy. You will need to throw a rock to the right and time it so you can
    move to the left of their location when they're not looking. Drop down to the
    area below and hurry up to the next area. Use the rope to climb to the ledge
    above, where you will need to distract yet another guard with rocks.
    For this guard, lure him into the open area and when you get to the marker, you
    will hit a checkpoint. Fail on purpose by jumping into the water, which will
    alert the guards. When you respawn, the one guard will be back inside the cave
    and out of your way, allowing you to easily sneak past the second without having
    to distract him with rocks.
    Once you make it into the next room, you'll see two guards who will move with
    their backs to you. Tag them, then go through the foliage on the right and tag
    the enemies in the next room. What you need to do here is go through the foliage
    on the left now, throw a rock to distract the guard in the previous room, then
    quickly go under the ramp and through the opening to the docks. After making it
    to the docks, drop into the water and swim to Hoyt's boat.
    Climb aboard, silently kill the recruit and you'll take his uniform. You'll call
    Sam and tell him you're ready to go. Go up to the Privateer and he'll scan your
    ID, and also take you to the side and talk about making money from Vaas' empire
    now he's gone. Once you're done with him, go up with the other recruits for
    orientation. After it's done, go in the water and board the other boat, driving
    it out of the cenote to finish the mission and start the next one.
    | TRIPLE DECKER | (A030)
    With the new uniform, you blend in with the Privateers, meaning you don't have
    to worry about them attacking you, as long as you don't do anything suspicious
    around them. Your job in this mission is to kill the traitors to Hoyt. There are
    three captains and one of them has a sheet with all of the names of the
    traitors. They are situated at an old temple, which is marked on your map.
    You also have access to fast travel around the southern island with your new
    uniform. It might be wise to go around and activate the rest of the Radio Towers
    now, since some of them have Privateers around them. Whenever you're ready to
    tackle the mission, fast travel to Romeo Camp and head northwest from there to
    the marker.
    When you get to the camp, you'll get a notice saying to use stealth kills, as
    this won't make the mercenaries suspect you. It's important to have the Takedown
    Drag skill, as you will want to drag and hide the bodies of the three men you
    need to kill. You won't know who the captains are when you get to the camp, but
    they are wearing berets and if you tag them, they have yellow markers over their
    Your best option is to use stealth, find and tag all of the enemies, including
    the captains, then watch their movements, as well as any enemies that are close
    to them. When they are alone is your best opportunity to kill them. Note that if
    you get caught, you won't fail the mission, but you will have a lot of enemies
    on your tail, including Heavy Gunners, Snipers and plenty of normal enemies.
    One captain is in the small cave at the top, while another walks around at the
    top, usually stopping in a small shack to look at something on a desk. The third
    captain is in the lower area, and generally walks on ground level and up the
    stairs where the snipers are located. Once all three have been killed, you'll
    find a note. Leave the area to finish the mission.
    This mission will begin where the last mission left off, so fast travel to Alpha
    Camp and go east to meet up with Sam. Pirates have planted some bombs on the
    drug fields and Sam needs some protection while he disarms them. There are a
    total of 3 bombs, and enemies will come from all directions. Included are
    Chargers with Molotovs and normal enemies for the first bomb.
    Once the first is defused, follow Sam to the second bomb. When you get there,
    some enemies will be there, so take them out. The wave of enemies for this bomb
    will include just normal ones, but a truck with a machine gun will show up
    towards the end. There's also a sniper in the one tower. Even if the bomb has
    been defused, Sam won't move to the next one until all enemies have been killed.
    Follow Sam to the third bomb site. There will be a stationary machine gunner
    here, as well as one other enemy when you get to the site. While Sam is defusing
    the bomb, there will be A LOT of enemies that come, including a Heavy Gunner.
    Once the bomb is defused, kill the rest of the enemies and then a helicopter
    shows up. Keep shooting it until it explodes, then talk to Sam to finish the
    | DEEPTHROAT | (A032)
    Sam says he has an idea of where the roster is located and sends you to a gorge.
    When you get there, follow the markers, making sure you don't perform any
    aggressive act as to cause the mercenaries to come after you. Each area is
    connected by a zipline, so to get from one part to the next, find the zipline
    and then use it.
    When you get to the area where you must climb a lot of stairs and arrive at the
    top, take out your camera and zoom in on the bridge in the distance. You must
    take a picture of the meeting and once it succeeds, you will have 50 seconds to
    find a RPG and use it to stop the pirates from leaving. Take the zipline down
    and grab the RPG not too far from where you land. Aim at the vehicle on the left
    and fire, hopefully destroying it on the first shot.
    Note that once you fire the RPG for the first time, all of the mercenaries in
    the area will become hostile and come after you. Your first objective should be
    to take out the other vehicle on the bridge, then worry about the enemies coming
    from behind. Now, you need to go from area to area like before with the
    ziplines, but you will be fighting enemies along the way.
    When you finally make it to the area right before the bridge, take out the rest
    of the enemies and heal up if you need it. As soon as you grab the roster from
    the dead body, enemies will pour in from behind and from the front. Jump over
    the side of the bridge, deploy your Wingsuit and Parachute to make it to the
    marker, where the mission will end.
    | ALL IN | (A033)
    This mission will begin at the spot where the previous mission ended. With the
    roll sheet in hand, Sam will call Hoyt with the information and you need to go
    to Hoyt's compound. Once you reach it, you'll get a call from Dennis checking up
    on things. Go around to the main gate and talk to Sam, then you'll both go
    After some lengthy dialog with Hoyt, he wants you to torture a prisoner and find
    out everything about him. Go downstairs and join up with Sam in the basement. As
    it turns out, the prisoner is Riley and he's alive! Once a short scene is over,
    follow the button prompts on screen to play out the rest of the scene. The
    mission will end after some conversation with Hoyt and Sam outside of the cell.
    | PAINT IT BLACK | (A034)
    Sam has a plan in order to take out Hoyt once and for all, but you must do a few
    things first. The first thing he wants done is to take out the communications
    center, so fast travel to Charlie Camp and head southwest. Once you arrive at
    the designated spot, you'll notice a red area around the comms center. This is a
    restricted area and the Privateers will attack ANYONE they see within that red
    There are quite a few enemies in the area, including two snipers in towers, as
    well as two Heavies guarding the door you need to blow up with C4. It definitely
    helps to have a sniper rifle with a suppressor attachment, if only to take out
    the two snipers in the towers. It is very challenging to do this with all
    stealth, so once you take out the snipers, start going after the normal enemies.
    You'll likely have one of the enemies set off an alarm, so shoot the one farther
    from the door you need to blow up, then try and get the other one, which is
    closer to the door. Once all of the normal enemies, as well as the snipers, are
    down, it's time to go after the Heavies. Sometimes they reset, and if you have
    the Heavy Beatdown skill, you should be able to sneak up behind them and
    stealthily kill them. Otherwise, you're going to need Grenades, Molotovs, or
    something else explosive or with flames.
    With all of enemies now gone, go up to the door and plant a C4 charge. Take some
    cover behind something and detonate it to blast it open. When you go into the
    first room, you'll encounter some normal enemies and a Heavy with a
    Flamethrower. Keep going through the rooms, killing the enemies (more Heavies
    with Flamethrowers) until you go through a hallway. When you go through the
    door, some explosive barrels will roll down the stairs, so be careful.
    Go up the ladder to get to the top outside area, where you'll find more enemies
    and the satellite dish. There's a tower behind you, with a sniper in it, as well
    as a dog and some normal enemies in your way. Go up to the satellite dish and
    plant the explosives. You now have to wait until Sam comes to pick you up, while
    facing some enemies that will come your way. If they make it to the dish, they
    will attempt to remove the C4, which will trigger a countdown. Once Sam comes,
    rush to the helicopter and when you get to detonate the C4, do so to finish the
    | BLACK GOLD | (A035)
    After the previous mission, you'll jump out of the helicopter and have to land
    on the ground. Start making your way to the next marker, which is northwest of
    Delta Camp. When you get to Sam, he'll take the gunner position while you will
    Your objective is to blow up 4 areas with planted C4. When you plant each one,
    you will have 20 seconds to escape the blast area before they go off. Start with
    the southeastern one. The C4 spot is in a long fenced-in area, and as soon as
    you get in, two normal enemies as well as a Heavy with a LMG will appear. Kill
    them, then plant the charge and get out of there, killing the enemies that will
    appear on your exit.
    The next one is the northeastern one. Be careful of bringing Sam along for this
    one, as there's an enemy with a RPG nearby. As you approach the reserve, some
    normal enemies will show up. Go around the fence at the east end to find the
    path to the C4 spot, as well as a Heavy with a Flamethrower. Take him out, plant
    the charge and get out there.
    The next one is the southwestern one. Kill the enemies around the building, then
    go around the east side to the back to find a ladder. Climb it and you'll be
    right outside the window of the building where the C4 spot is located, although
    there are plenty of enemies inside, including a Heavy with a LMG. Go inside when
    it's clear, killing the rest of the enemies, then going down the stairs near the
    window you entered. Plant the charge, then get out of the building the same way
    you used to enter.
    The last one is the northwestern one. When you approach it, a vehicle with a
    Machine Gun will pull up, so kill all of the men. This spot is wide open, so
    there's no secret path needed to access it. Plant the charge, then run out and
    enemies will come from both sides of the road.
    Once that is over, you need to drive Sam to the fuel reserve maintenance
    building. Sam tells you to man the machine gun while he goes in, so go to the
    back of the vehicle. There will be a lot of enemies that come after you, from
    both entry points. This includes vehicles with machine guns and normal enemies
    on foot. Eventually, a helicopter will even arrive, which should warrant your
    full attention.
    It is best to not use the sights on the machine gun, as it limits your view
    somewhat. Not long after the helicopter is shot down, Sam will get in the
    vehicle and drive away. While he's driving, shoot the barrels to dwindle the
    numbers a bit and when he jumps off a ramp, the mission will be over.
    | ACED IN THE HOLE | (A036)
    It is now time to go after Hoyt directly, so fast travel to The Compound and
    talk to Sam. He mentions that there's no going back after accepting to continue
    with the mission, so if you have anything to do, do not proceed. If you're
    ready, tell Sam you're good to go and proceed with the mission.
    You now have to play a hand of poker. At the end of the hand, Hoyt will end up
    stabbing Sam, and reveal he knew you were Jason Brody all the time! When given
    the prompt, bet with your life. You'll end up winning that game, but will have
    to play another. This time, you will lose and Hoyt will end up cutting off one
    of your fingers.
    You'll now be in a special place where it's just you and Hoyt. There will be
    quick time events, with the buttons you have to press corresponding to the
    position. These QTEs move pretty fast and if you fail, you will die and have to
    restart from the first QTE. The last QTE will bring about Hoyt's death and after
    a short scene, you automatically start the next mission.
    You now have 12 minutes to escape from The Compound and make your way to the
    airstrip where Riley is. You cannot use fast travel and there are a lot of
    enemies between you and the exit of the compound. Just run past them all, as you
    will also encounter Heavies. When you hit the gate, you will get a checkpoint.
    Once you're outside, grab the vehicle by itself and start driving towards the
    airstrip. It's best to not stick to the road, but drive through the grass, as
    there will be enemies on the road, including some with RPGs. You will eventually
    have to cross Littlegate Bridge, which raises as you're passing it. As long as
    your vehicle isn't too damaged, it will make it over the bridge.
    As you near the bridge close to the airstrip, a helicopter will come and harass
    you. You have one of two options to get rid of it, either with a RPG (if you
    happened to have one on you) or man the machine gun on the vehicle and shoot it
    until it explodes. With that down, head inside the airstrip and the timer will
    There are a lot of men inside the airstrip, so use cover and take your time in
    taking them out. Go along the left side of the airstrip and eventually a
    building will have a yellow outline surrounding it, which is where Riley is
    being held. If you have any C4 or other explosives, take out the Heavy behind
    the fence if you can, then go up to the door and rescue Riley.
    It's now time to escape and as you go towards the exit of the building, more men
    will show up, including a Heavy with a Flamethrower. Get near the chopper and
    it's time for Riley to learn how to fly one. While he's doing that, you will man
    the machine gun and have to protect the helicopter from the enemies. As he's
    flying around, you will have to shoot a bunch of enemies on foot, some with
    RPGs, enemies in trucks, enemies in boats and even some helicopters. When you
    take those down, the mission will end shortly.
    | THE DOCTOR IS OUT | (A038)
    You land at Dr. Earnhardt's mansion and discover it is on fire. Once you gain
    control, head over to the marker to find Earnhardt on the ground. He says that
    the Rakyat took his friends to the temple, so head back to the helicopter and
    you'll get inside, heading towards Citra's Temple.
    | HARD CHOICES | (A039)
    You will land at the temple and pretty soon, as the name of the mission
    suggests, you will have to make a choice that will affect which ending you will
    get. Head inside and a cutscene will occur. Once you gain control, head straight
    and into the fog. Keep walking straight until you get to the end, where you grab
    the knife from Citra's hands. Back to reality, you're holding the knife to
    Liza's throat and you have a choice to save your friends or side with Citra.
    Whichever you choose, enjoy the end as you have finished Far Cry 3!
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    ============|                      III. UPDATES                     |===========
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    12/16/2012..........Walkthrough finished and submitted to GameFAQs.
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    ============|             IV. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS            |===========
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    Q) When was Far Cry 3 released?
    A) It was released on November 30, 2012 in Europe, as well as December 4, 2012
       for North America.
    Q) Why are you only covering the main story missions?
    A) I do not feel like adding everything else to the guide, as it requires a lot
       of work and formatting on my end.
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    ============|                  V. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS                  |===========
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    - CJayC for the creation of GameFAQs and SBAllen and any others for making it
      what it is today.
    - Ubisoft for creating an amazing open world game in Far Cry 3

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