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"Two Excellent God of War Games"

The God of War Origins Collection consists of two God of War games. Chains of Olympus and Ghost of Sparta. Both games were originally released on Sony's PSP portable system, but only now are they available on the Playstation 3, remastered in high definition.

The first game I'll look at is Chains of Olympus. This is a very good game that was released back in 2008. I'm not a expert on the God of War timeline, but I believe this is actually the first game as far as story sequence goes. It's actual release date was after the first two games of the series, but as far as the story in the 5 games goes, I believe it is the start of the story. Anyway, the story itself in the game is nice, it's a good compliment to the series, but really nothing special. There were times when the game felt a little stagnant.

However, those moments couldn't last long. It isn't physically possible for them to have because of the short nature of the game. This was my first time playing through the game and I was able to make my way through it in probably only 6 hours. I'm not overly picky about game times, but as far as a game this generation goes, this is a tad too short. I can't rip into it too much for that, but I thought it could have used a little bit extra to it.

The game was easy to control, the only one gripe I have with the controls is the same gripe I have with every other game, and that's that the camera is 98% fixed everywhere you are. That 2% accounts for how you can get the angles to change slightly by where you go and by taking different angles, but it's very slight.

Ghost of Sparta is noticeably better than Chains of Olympus to me. Not that Chains of Olympus was even close to being a bad game, but Ghost of Sparta was better, in my opinion, in almost every way. I'm pretty sure that this game takes place in between God of War and God of War 2 in the series, but again, I can possibly be wrong there. Also, again, this is not going by when they were released, this is going by the sequence in the series. Ghost of Sparta was released in 2010. Still, I'm no expert on the God of War timeline. As for the story itself, it was much more active to me. It was also much more interesting to me. It centers around Kratos and the search for his brother who he had previously believed to be dead.

The length of this game was better too. It wasn't a long game at all, but this one at least ran me about 8 hours on my first time playing through. It's nothing amazing, but for what it is, it's much better. It's clearly nothing that I can complain about, especially considering that in reality it's a portable game.

The graphics on these two games are pretty good. Understanding again that these were portable games that were mostly ported over to the PS3, you have to realize that just because they put them into HD doesn't mean that everything was made into PS3 quality, much like the Prince of Persia trilogy that was ported over nearly half a year ago, it's still clear that the graphics are nothing close to what you have with God of War 3, but again, for a portable, it's still well done. There are parts that you can tell were not meant to be on a 42" screen still.

The music and other aural aspects in this game are pretty good. The music itself is a touch generic for the series, but at the same time it fits in well with the theme of the games and fits in well with each different event. The voice acting is very well done, as is with every game in the series. There's really not much to go into there. If you've played any of the games in the series you know what to expect. I believe that most of the voice actors are the same ones that are used in other games. I know for sure that Kratos is voiced in both games by that same guy from Living Single.

As a whole we have 14 hours worth of playing in this. The first 6 are very good and the last 8 are even better. You get two more adventures from Kratos full of everything that you can ask for in a God of War series. You get the solid graphics, very good controls, excellent story, and of course, the most important thing when talking about video games, you get the great fun factor. This is an excellent purchase, especially since it's only 2/3 the cost of most PS3 games.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 09/22/11

Game Release: God of War: Origins Collection (US, 09/13/11)

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