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    FAQ/Walkthrough by MasterVG782

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    ============|                    TABLE OF CONTENTS                  |===========
    ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ|                                                       |ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ
       I. Introduction
      II. Game Basics
     III. Walkthrough
          A. Paris Prologue
          B. Turning Japanese
          C. Go West Young Raccoon
          D. Clan of the Cave Raccoon
          E. Of Mice and Mechs
          F. Forty Thieves
          G. Paris Epilogue
      IV. Updates
       V. Frequently Asked Questions
      VI. Acknowledgements
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    ============|                    I. INTRODUCTION                    |===========
    ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ|                                                       |ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ
    Sly Cooper has returned, this time with a new adventure on the Playstation 3.
    Sly is faking amnesia, while enjoying his free time with Carmelita Fox, but he
    is yearning for the days of thievery. The pages of the Thievius Raccoonus are
    disappearing right before Bentley's eyes, and he has gotten the gang together
    to travel back in time to find out what is going on.
    Note that only the main story walkthrough is listed in this guide. If you want
    to find details regarding the locations of all the collectibles, as well as
    any other information, then visit the following page:
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    ============|                    II. GAME BASICS                    |===========
    ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ|                                                       |ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ
    Thieves in Time follows the basic gameplay from Sly 2: Band of Thieves and Sly
    3: Honor Among Thieves. The game is separated into episodes, where each one
    takes place in a certain setting. Each episode has a hideout for the team, with
    the player able to choose who to play as. There are jobs (missions) for each
    episode, which requires the player to pick a certain character in order to start
    it. They keep doing these jobs until you end up fighting a boss at the end of
    the episode, in which they will move onto the next.
    In each episode, players can find hidden collectibles, such as Clue Bottles,
    Sly Masks, and Treasures. There are 30 Clue Bottles hidden in the hub of each
    episode, which will allow you to open a hidden safe that will grant you a
    reward. There are 60 Sly Masks hidden throughout the hubs, as well as in the
    areas for individual jobs, which unlock player/weapon skins. There are 12
    treasures hidden in each hub, which requires the player to return them to the
    hideout within a time limit, as well as without getting hit. Getting all 12 will
    unlock the arcade machine inside of the hideout.
    After each job, players can use the coins they find to buy new abilities and
    upgrades to old ones from the store inside of the hideout, called ThiefNet.
    One or two of these are required to finish the story, but the rest are optional
    and make things easier.
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    ============|                    III. WALKTHROUGH                   |===========
    ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ|                                                       |ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ
    The game begins with a recap of everything that has happened to the gang so far,
    with Sly returning to action once again to find out what is happening to his
    family's book, the Thievius Raccoonus.
                                  (  PARIS PROLOGUE  ) (A100)
    After the lengthy introductory cutscene, you'll be in control of Sly. Move
    forward, breaking the objects in your way for coins, which can be used later on
    to buy new moves. Keep jumping over the obstacles until you get to an open area
    with a helicopter's spotlight. You should see blue sparkles on top of some
    objects, which are points you can use by pressing Circle near them. Use these to
    get higher and onto the tightrope.
    When you get to the end of the second rope, drop down and use the next object
    and pipe to reach the next floor. Jump onto the next point, then onto the
    windowsill, holding onto Circle while you move around to the other side. There's
    another spotlight here, so be quick in utilizing the next objects to get onto
    the roof. When you get onto the sign, a short cutscene will play and then you'll
    be in the next area with two spotlights.
    For this next part, you'll need to jump on the vent, then quickly onto the pipe
    on the side of the large container and jumping off onto the top. Jumping and
    grabbing the rope will play out another cutscene with you having to shimmy along
    the edge of the building. Feel free to creep up behind the guard nearby and
    pickpocket him with Circle when you're close.
    Move along the edge of the building, avoiding the spotlight that gets in your
    way, then climb up to the roof using the pipes by the next balcony. Don't climb
    up to the next part of the roof yet, instead going on the illuminated part of
    the building and behind it to find a Secret Sly Mask and a spotlight. Jump up
    onto the next section, sneaking past the spotlight, then pickpocketing the key
    from the guard and doing a Stealth Slam on him. Unlock the skylight and go
    You're now in control of Bentley in the sewers. He plays a little different, as
    he has some gadgets that Sly doesn't. Go forward and when you get to the
    blockage, plant a bomb with the Triangle button to blow it up. That little
    yellow-orangish meter under his health is his hover meter, so make sure you let
    it refill completely before using it again.
    Jump over the gaps and take the left path to find some more wood blocking your
    way. Plant another bomb, then jump and hover to make it past the next part.
    You'll come to a spot with some gears impeding your path, so hold L1 and then
    throw a bomb to blow it up. Jump and hover over the gaps, but don't jump the
    gaps where the trains are. Instead, go left when you enter to find the second
    Secret Sly Mask in the alcove.
    Now, jump over the gaps and hover to either platform to continue. Go forward
    until you come to a marked spot on the ground, so use a bomb to blow it open and
    drop down inside. After a close encounter with some security lasers, hover over
    the next set and go to the end to find two enemies. Throw a bomb next to them to
    defeat them, then it's a clear path to the security system controls.
    You're now in the hacking mini-game, which follows a twin-stick shooter's
    control input. The left analog moves your thing, while the right analog fires in
    the direction you're facing. This is a fairly straightforward area, so get to
    the second section and fire at the firewall to destroy it. In the third section,
    destroy the firewall on the left, then grab the key and put it in the marker to
    destroy the laser.
    In the next section, destroy the firewall to gain access to the Panzer code. As
    soon as you do, enemies will spawn, so shoot to destroy them. You need the
    Panzer code's power to blast your way through the crystals and get to the next
    area. Here, you'll need to blast away all crystals and firewalls with the
    Panzer, then switch to the normal code, grab the key and unlock the teleporter.
    Once you do, the hack will be complete.
    Murray's the brawn, meaning it's time to fight. Square is his basic punch, while
    you can jump and press Triangle in the air to do a belly flop. If you hold
    Square on the ground and release it, Murray will do a spin attack. Your
    objective here is to fight your way past the enemies and get to the warehouse.
    One of the easiest ways to get past this part without losing too much health is
    the belly flop maneuver.
    If you need health, sometimes enemies will drop them, but you may also destroy
    objects in the environment to find some as well. Once you get to the warehouse,
    there will be a small QTE where you need to mash the Circle button. When that's
    over, press Circle near a breakable object to stomp the ground and pick it up.
    Throw these at the two junction boxes to destroy them. This will destroy the
    lasers where Sly is at.
    As Sly, press Circle to steal the sword, only to be caught by Carmelita. When
    you're on the van, you can move it from side to side, but there's nothing really
    special about this part that needs your attention. Once you get the signal,
    press the Circle button to floor it and finish this mission.
                                 (  TURNING JAPANESE  ) (B100)
    Turning Japanese is the first episode in the game, with Sly and the gang going
    to Japan. When they get there, they find Rioichi Cooper locked up and his sushi
    restaurant closed, as well as a lot of guards roaming about.
    |  PHOTO OP  |
    It's time to do some recon. You will need to take pictures of five objects,
    which you will do with your Binocucom. Press R3 to bring it out, then zoom in
    and out with the left analog stick. You want the reticule to turn green, which
    is when you can take the picture and have it count. Clicking L3 will bring up
    the objective marker, so use that if you ever get lost.
    From where you start, you can take a photo of the guard with the armor walking
    back and forth in front of you. Get on top of the giant wall in front of you and
    get to a high spot, then take a picture of the Imperial Prison. Drop down below
    and head towards the Dragon Gate, taking a picture of it. Next, head towards
    Rioichi's restaurant and take a picture of the front entrance.
    Bentley chimes in and says there's a commotion in front of the geisha house, so
    head over that way. Once you're in a good position, take a picture of the front
    entrance of the geisha house. El Jefe will now exit and Sly remarks that you
    should take a picture of him. Do so and after some dialogue, the job will be
    |  BREAKOUT!  |
    In order to break into the prison where Rioichi is being kept, you're going to
    need a disguise. You need to pickpocket three guards around the hub area until
    you get three pieces of Samurai armor. The first guard is by Rioichi's
    restaurant. The second guard is behind the geisha house. The third, and final,
    guard is in the northwest corner of the map.
    With the full costume now, you can head over to the entrance of the prison. You
    can put the disguise on by pressing the L2 button, as well as take it off with
    the same button. You do not have access to your old moves, but you can strike
    with your shield. You also move very slowly and cannot jump. Just walk up to the
    guard in front of the entrance and after some convincing on Sly's part, you're
    let inside.
    Don the Samurai armor and just walk past all the initial set of guards, going to
    the end of the walkway to spot Rioichi hanging in a cage. Use your costume again
    to get past the two guards on the left, but don't go straight, instead going
    left and crawling through the crawlspace to find a Secret Sly Mask.
    Go back and through the next crawlspace to come to an area with a bunch of
    guards sitting around a table. You need to crawl underneath the table to get to
    the other side. Wait until the first guard falls asleep, then jump to the raised
    section of the walkway, then use the costume to sneak past the second and third
    In the next section, dragon statues will pop up and breathe fire on the path you
    need to use. The Samurai armor will allow you to walk past these unharmed, but
    the swinging axes will still damage you. Make your way past the first set, then
    jump to the second walkway. Sneak your way past the next set of guards, jumping
    across the gap when the second one falls asleep. Grab the rope at the end to
    slide down to the next area.
    Climb up, then shimmy across and climb up again to get to the top. Instead of
    going through the doorway, jump over to the wooden platform to your right and
    crawl through to find another Secret Sly Mask. Go back and through the doorway
    and to the room with a big locked gate. Use your costume to sneak to the guard
    on the other side of the room and pickpocket the key, then unlock the gate.
    In this final stretch, as soon as you step on the circle, the bridge will
    collapse and giant dragon statues will appear. These statues will spit flaming
    projectiles at you and you need to reflect them back using the Samurai armor.
    Hold Square until the projectile is close, then let go to reflect it back. Keep
    doing this until you get to the end, then jump up to the cage to rescue Rioichi.
    The only entrance into the sushi restaurant is through the front door, but there
    are some guards in front of it. Bentley suggests using the Samurai armor to
    "relieve" the guards of their duty, so equip it and walk up to them. The guards
    will leave and Sly will use his shield to launch Rioichi into the restaurant,
    who you will now be controlling.
    Once inside, climb the plant and stand on the next point, then hold R2 and press
    X to use the Leaping Dragon technique to launch yourself to the next point. From
    the first point, you can launch yourself to the right side to find a Secret Sly
    Mask. Get onto the middle structure, then launch yourself to the other end of
    the room. Shimmy around the corner, being careful of the spotlight, then drop
    down into the room. Be very careful of the plates on the floor, as this will
    alert the guard and you will fail. Wait for him to fall asleep, then hurry past
    him and pickpocket to grab Rioichi's Carving Knife.
    Open the door using the knife, then use the Leaping Dragon technique to get over
    the lasers. Sneak past the guard in the next room when he's sleeping, then use
    the trampoline to get onto the pipe above. Use this to get behind the next guard
    and steal Rioichi's Fillet Knife, then unlock the next door.
    Stand on the bonsai tree, noting that it will break after a while, and launch
    yourself when you have a clear path past the lasers. In this next room, avoid
    the guards and climb the tree in the middle of the room, then use the points to
    launch yourself around the room to a platform that you can use to drop down.
    There's another set of lasers here, with more bonsai trees used as launch
    points. Steal Rioichi's Cleaver from the last guard, unlock the door, then pull
    the lever to finish the job.
    At the start of this job, you'll have to play through one of Bentley's hacking
    mini-games, only this one is a side scrolling twin-stick shooter. Your first
    obstacle are purple bubbles, which block your path. Just keep shooting at them
    until they disappear and you can bypass them; these can grow back. You'll happen
    upon some orange powerups, and if you collect 5 of them, you will level up and
    your firepower will increase. Blue ones are bombs, which you can detonate with
    the R1 button.
    The next obstacle in your way will be enemies that move along a predetermined
    path; just ignore them or blast them. After those will be a new enemy that
    shoots projectiles at you, so try and shoot them until they are destroyed. Keep
    going until you see a giant eye at the end, which is the boss. It will fire
    lasers, sometimes moving up and down, so use the stage to block it. It will
    sometimes send out a big enemy that will chase you; destroying this will yield a
    powerup that gives you a full level. The weak point is its eye and the hack is
    complete once it's dead.
    You're now in control of Murray, so head over to the gate and use Circle to lift
    it up. After a short scene, lift up the next gate and head to the end of the
    path to find some electrified bugs. Hit the lamp thing to the left to attract
    them, then jump onto the platforms to get past. Drop down and get past the
    wooden spikes.
    The lily pads here will sink if you stand on them too long, so quickly jump off
    them when you land. There are some more bugs here and the lamp is on the other
    side, so go to the right and stomp the ground to pick up a rock. Throw this at
    the lamp to make the bugs clear, then continue on. Make your way to the end of
    the path to start fishing.
    You will have 90 seconds to catch 8 fish, once the timer starts. You control the
    rod with the Sixaxis controls and must stick close enough to the fish until it
    turns red and a X button prompt appears, which is the point where you press X to
    reel in the fish. It may take a few tries to get the hang of it, but once you
    catch 8 fish, this part will be over.
    You'll be controlling Murray again, who is holding the barrel of fish. You can't
    sprint or double jump while holding the barrel. Continue back the way you came
    until you get to the bugs. Throw the barrel into the cart on the other side,
    then grab a rock and hit the lamp. Grab the barrel again and continue on your
    way. Be careful with the wooden spikes and then do the same thing with the bugs
    as you did with the first set. When you get to the end, throw the barrel into
    the cart to finish the job.
    You start out playing as Rioichi, and you need to get onto the roof, which is
    easily done by using the rope. Once inside, climb the plant on your left to get
    to the balconies. Jump from balcony to balcony until you get to the open door,
    so go through it.
    You'll now be in an area with a lot of spotlights, so carefully make your way
    past the first three until you get into a room with water. Use the Leaping
    Dragon technique to launch Rioichi past the pair of spotlights in the water. As
    soon as you land on solid ground, climb the tree to your left and use the fans
    to cross the area with guards below. There is a Secret Sly Mask on the wooden
    platform past the third fan.
    When the coast is clear, jump down and go through the doorway, then continue by
    jumping over the broken areas on the wooden planks. In the next room is a bunch
    of statues that periodically smash themselves together. Launch yourself past
    them when they are apart. Drop down in the next room, then launch yourself past
    the single spotlight here, then climb up into the next area.
    There are two spotlights close together here, then a room with moving green
    lasers on the ground; these lasers are not an one-hit kill. Use the gaps in the
    lasers to make it to the other side of the corridor. This room has three
    furnaces, with railings around them, with grates on the sides of the furnaces
    that spew fire that has a break every few seconds. Make your way to the other
    side and plant the device so Bentley can do his hack.
    This hacking mini-game uses the Sixaxis controller for movement. You need to
    guide your way through the stage in the allotted time. There are clocks
    scattered about that will grant you extra time if you pick them up. Once you
    make it to the second railing, use the left analog stick to "jump" to the right
    one. If you fall in a hole and off one of the railings, then you'll need to
    start over. When you make it to the end, go into the hole to complete the hack.
    The top of the container with the geisha outfit is now open. You're in control
    of Rioichi again, so make your way to the end of this corridor and back into the
    main room. Launch yourself onto the fan in front of you, then onto the rope and
    climb to the top to trigger a cinematic.
    When you gain control again, you'll now be using Murray and are on stage
    performing for the guards. This is a rhythm-based mini-game where you must hit
    the correct button when it moves into the designated section. Sometimes,
    different notes will appear and if you hit all of these, then you will get 50
    coins. It's split up into three different sessions and if you miss too many
    notes in a row, then you'll need to start over. If you successfully finish, then
    the job will be complete.
    |  TIGER TAIL  |
    You're controlling a RC Car with Bentley, and must tail El Jefe. The car has a
    disguise that can be equipped with the L2 button, but this slows it down a lot.
    You can use turbo with the L1 button, which helps a lot since this whole mission
    is timed. If you drive by any guard and they catch you without a disguise with
    their flashlight, then you'll need to start over from that section.
    Remember to always follow the arrow. For the first section, drive over the
    bridge and you'll see the first guard. Keep going, remembering to use your
    disguise. When you pass by the one guard that falls asleep by the overpass,
    there will be some debris ahead that you can destroy with the R1 button. Make
    the sharp left and then cross the bridge with another guard, making sure you
    don't accidentally run into him. Once you make it past this guard, the first
    section will be done.
    The second section is pretty short, and will end when you get to the cave. Make
    sure you don't go too fast over the bridges, as there will be guards on the
    other side. There are only three guards in the way in the third, and final,
    section. The mission will end after a cinematic with Murray snagging a map from
    El Jefe.
    |  SPIKED SUSHI  |
    For this mission, you need to collect two samples from the Spiky Wall Climber
    plant. When you begin, turn around and collect the Secret Sly Mask near the
    entrance. Stealth kill the two guards in the middle of the room, then climb the
    rope near the big doorway opposite the entrance. Swing from the hooks, making
    sure not to stay on them too long, or else they sink down a bit. Launch yourself
    after the hooks and then swing onto the final platform with the plant. Smack it
    to make it open, then press Circle to grab the seed.
    Drop down and go through the doorway from before. If you climb up, then you'll
    see the electrified bugs from an earlier mission blocking the way to the poison
    plant. If you look down on the floor, you'll see the lamp surrounded by wooden
    spikes. Go to the lamp and wait until the spikes go down, then hit it, sprint to
    the rope, climb it and then launch yourself to the poison plant. Smack it open
    and grab the seed to finish the mission.
    When the mission begins, drop down and go up to the guard, pickpocketing his
    key. Now you have the key, go to each side and unlock the roller. Run on the
    roller until the dragons open their mouths, then use your Samurai armor to
    reflect the fireballs back at them, which will unlock the Dragon Gates. Once
    it's open, go to the entrance to begin the next part.
    Just run forward until you meet with El Jefe on the bridge. You'll have to
    defeat 15 guards here with Murray, who will fly in from above. If you got some
    of the upgrades and abilities from ThiefNet, then you shouldn't have too much
    trouble here. Once the last one is defeated, you'll switch control to Rioichi
    With Rioichi, you will have to do some simple platforming. It mostly involves
    using the Leaping Dragon to jump from point to point, then jumping on small
    platforms. There's also two spots where you need to walk along a thin ledge.
    Once you get to the rope at the end, jump underneath the bridge and use the
    roller to open the gate above.
    After a short cutscene, go forward a little bit until another comes up. El Jefe
    steals Rioichi's cane and destroys the bridge, but you'll now be in control of
    Sly. Use the points to get across the broken bridge, then go through the newly
    opened door and grab the Secret Sly Mask in the left corner as soon as you pass
    the doors. Go up to the marked door and go through it, which will trigger a
    cutscene and then the boss fight against El Jefe begins.
    |                                                                              |
    | The boss fight with El Jefe is split into three parts, with the same setup   |
    | each time. When it begins, he will shoot fireballs at you from afar, while   |
    | you walk on tightropes. Getting to El Jefe will make him run away again,     |
    | triggering another platforming section. When you get to the end, climb the   |
    | pole and the first battle portion will begin.                                |
    |                                                                              |
    | El Jefe follows a pattern in each phase for the entire fight. For the first  |
    | phase, El Jefe will start by slamming both his swords into the ground,       |
    | causing a shockwave to spread out from his position; simply jump over this.  |
    | His next move has him forming a giant lightning sword (called Lightning      |
    | Sword) and swinging it to the ground, then rotating it towards your          |
    | position. As long as you keep running in one direction, this attack can be   |
    | avoided.                                                                     |
    |                                                                              |
    | After the Lightning Sword attack, he will use a lightning sword to swipe     |
    | from one direction, across the ground (called Swipe). Sometimes, he will do  |
    | this twice in a row, from both directions; you can simply jump over this     |
    | attack. After this one, he will smack his swords one at a time on the        |
    | ground, then shoot a fireball (Fireball) at you. You need to equip your      |
    | Samurai armor and deflect it back with the shield. If done right, El Jefe    |
    | will be stunned and you are free to hit him with your cane (unequip the      |
    | Samurai armor as soon as you deflect the fireball). After the fireball, he   |
    | will start over from the beginning.                                          |
    |                                                                              |
    | Once you do enough damage in the first phase, there will be another short    |
    | platforming section. El Jefe gains two new attacks in the second phase.      |
    | While there was a normal shockwave in the first phase, this time it will be  |
    | a giant wall of fire, so you'll need to equip your armor to avoid damage,    |
    | then unequip it for the next attacks. He will summon electricified spheres   |
    | in the shape of a plus sign around him, then do his Lightning Sword attack.  |
    | After that will be one or two Swipes, then a Fireball.                       |
    |                                                                              |
    | When you get his health to a certain point again, he will run away and there |
    | will be yet another short platforming section. The third, and final, phase   |
    | will begin with the same attacks as the second phase. After the first time   |
    | doing this, he will switch it up a little bit. He will start with the wall   |
    | of fire, then he will extend both blades out with electricity and spin       |
    | around; single jump over these, as double jumping will likely make you land  |
    | on one. He will do a Swipe or two after that, then the Fireball. Deplete the |
    | rest of his health and El Jefe will be defeated, signaling the end of your   |
    | trip to Japan.                                                               |
    |                                                                              |
                              (  GO WEST YOUNG RACCOON  ) (C100)
    Go West Young Raccoon is the second episode of the game and takes place in the
    Old West, with Sly's ancestor in that time period being Tennessee "Kid" Cooper.
    As it turns out, he got arrested and it's up to Sly and this crew to save him.
    |  UNDER ARREST  |
    Bentley says that the quickest way into the jail is to get arrested. Bentley
    mentions that Kid Cooper is being held in the maximum security portion of the
    cell and that Sly will need to do a few things before he can get into that
    section. Start off by vandalizing 6 posters of the sheriff that are spread
    across the town. Go up to each one and press Circle, which will make Sly to a
    little bit of painting.
    Phase Two of the plan involves stealing a lollipop from the sheriff, who loves
    them and imports them. Once you get to the spot where the lollipop is, grab it
    with the Circle button and on begins the third phase. Go on top of the rock
    there to view Toothpick's banner. From where you are, jump over to the left side
    of the bridge and find a pole you can climb to the wires above. Use this to get
    to the wire with the clothespins and knock them off with your cane. When all
    three are knocked off, the mission will be complete.
    As soon as the mission begins, go to the marker on your screen. When you get
    there, take a picture of the Prison Tower, then it's on your way to the second
    objective marker. Once you get there, take a picture of the Arsenal, then go to
    the third spot. This one has you taking a picture of the Back Wall.
    You're now in control of Sly and have access to a new costume. You can't run or
    jump in this costume, but you can push Square to throw the ball in front of you,
    easily destroying anything in your way. Throw the ball at the wall, then drop to
    the ground below. Throw the ball at the door now to let Kid Cooper out.
    This next part involves you throwing the ball at the blocks to push them into
    holes. Hit the first one, then don't worry about the door on your left, which
    only leads to coins and spiders. Push the next one, then go through the opening
    on your left and push it again. To get over the gap, jump onto the little ledge
    by the metal door.
    To get past the guard, you'll need to crawl through the space on the right side.
    Once you're out, some spiders will come to attack you, so use your regular cane
    to take them out. Push the block twice to bridge the gap so Kid can follow. This
    will open the metal gate from before, so go inside.
    You now need to have Kid carry some TNT to blow up the gate, so when you gain
    control, throw the ball at the glowing spot to send Kid across the canyon. Use
    the rope to cross, too, into the new area. Here, you need to throw the ball at
    the three carts to send them to the other side, then use them as platforms to
    get to the switch. Hitting the switch will open the door.
    In this area, you need to hit the melting pot to move Kid around, while avoiding
    the fire. Hit it the first time, then jump across the platforms and do it a
    second and third time to reach the end. The next area is full of insta-death
    lasers, but Bentley tells you about a new ability with your costume. Press R2 to
    get on top of the ball and roll your way past the spotlights and TNT barrels,
    pressing a switch at the end to turn off the lasers.
    After doing that, you'll be in a large area with a puzzle in the middle. You
    need to hit the bluish-green block into the gate, but before you start on that,
    head left from the entrance and find a Secret Sly Mask behind some barrels. Back
    to the task on hand, hit the left wooden block towards the gate, then hit the
    right wooden one towards the gate and then the first wooden one. Hit both
    towards the other block, then the blue-green one to the wooden ones, ultimately
    pushing it through the opening.
    This is the last room here, and you need to combine your ball-rolling skills and
    pushing blocks to reach the switch to disable the lasers. Remember to take your
    time and don't roll too fast, as it's possible to fall off the paths and have to
    start over again. When you get to the open area, don't worry about the block
    surrounded by lasers and hit the other one to clear a path to the switch. With
    the lasers down, you can push the other block to allow Kid to reach the wall
    with the TNT. Another job down.
    To start off the mission, you will need to follow Toothpick to the mine
    entrance. You cannot be seen at all by Toothpick, so make sure you always find
    cover, as he will periodically turn around and look out. When you reach the mine
    entrance, Bentley will be attacked by scorpions! Murray comes to the rescue,
    manning a turret, and you will need to kill 30 scorpions to finish this section.
    They have four entrances into the area, and there are plenty of TNT barrels
    around. Make sure you don't keep the trigger pressed, as this will overheat the
    Once all 30 scorpions are defeated, one of Bentley's hacking mini-games will
    commence. This is a twin-stick shooter, and there are some new elements. Once
    you get past the first firewall, you can gain access to a blue ship that has
    shots that ricochet off walls. Use this to easily take out the turrets. When you
    get to the end, you need to hold R2 and circle around the thing in the middle,
    which should open up the spots with your normal vehicle and the key.
    In the second area, avoid the electricity and you'll see a black hole in the
    second area, as well as enemy tanks spawning, which will likely go straight into
    the black hole. Make your way to the next point, changing into the blue ship and
    "charging" around both crystal things to open the next path. Destroy the turret,
    change back into the green vehicle, grab the key and unlock the portal.
    The last area has an enemy that fires off a lot of shots, so just circle around
    it and keep shooting to finally destroy it. Use the blue vehicle's ricochet
    shots to take out the turrets on both sides, then change back and grab the key,
    unlocking the portal and completing the hack.
    You're now playing as Tennessee "Kid" Cooper. Hold L1 to aim and R1 to shoot,
    hitting the center of the vault door multiple times to open it. When you come to
    the lasers, aim at the green switch and hit it to disable them. Some spiders
    will come to play, so take them out with your gun. Once you get to the door,
    you'll hear about Kid's Crackshot technique, so use that to open it.
    You'll have to do an on-rails grind here, while avoiding electric barriers and
    falling rocks, so you will have to move from one side to the other. Don't worry
    about anything else other than what's on the rails. Also, don't be startled with
    the gaps, as you will automatically jump them.
    The next area is full of enemies, so use a combination of regular shots and
    Crackshot to take them all out. You'll encounter big guys, who will take
    multiple shots, small ones and even spiders. When you get to the end, use
    Crackshot to open the vault door.
    There's another rail session here, so keep your eye on the rails. In the next
    area, there are more enemies to shoot and when you get to the end, there's a
    Crackshot spot that is hiding a Secret Sly Mask behind it. Once that's clear,
    use Crackshot again to open the vault door. There's another grind rail session
    here, only vault doors are your obstacles. The first one needs normal shots,
    while the second needs Crackshot. Make it past the second door to finish the
    |  SALOON BUG  |
    Get to the saloon to start the mission. Bentley is now a bartender and you'll
    need to serve up some drinks to the patrons. Move left and right with the left
    analog stick (or the directional pad) and press X to throw a drink. When the
    mini-game starts, you'll need to throw a drink to each one that pops up. After
    the first few, it starts getting faster and patrons will start asking for more
    than one drink, so keep an eye on the speech bubble above their head. Once
    you've served 30 patrons, it'll be time to switch to Sly.
    You'll need to sneak by to get to the next area. Use the pipe and the bookshelf
    to avoid the first spotlight and onto the next platform. Crawl through the hole,
    then jump past the second spotlight and into the next area. Drop down and go
    onto the floor, avoiding the guards. See the spinning thing? There's a hook on
    the one side that you can use to get on top of it, where you'll find a Secret
    Sly Mask.
    Go back to the beginning and crawl through the hole on your right, then use the
    pipes to get to the upper level. Switch to the Jail costume and hit the base of
    the pillar with your ball until it gets to the end of the track. Climb and use
    the ledge and neon lights, watching the lasers in the middle, to get to the
    other side. All that is left is one last jump from the fan to the vents.
    With the RC Car in your control, you will have to watch many obstacles in your
    way. Besides spiders, there are lasers and fans that blow casino chips that will
    instantly kill you and make you start over. The path will split, with the left
    path having fans and the right having spiders (right is easier). The rest of the
    way isn't too hard, with the mission ending after hearing of Toothpick's plans.
    |  BLIND DATE  |
    It appears that Carmelita has been kidnapped by Toothpick's thugs, but how did
    she get here? Anyways, it's up to you to rescue her, so use the wires to get to
    the mine's entrance. Inside, Toothpick puts Carmelita inside of a runaway
    stagecoach and you need to follow after it, making sure it doesn't get
    destroyed. The basic idea for this area is to jump on rails, avoiding
    electricity and you'll land on a platform. On these, you have to shoot something
    that's in the way, sometimes fighting enemies, until the stagecoach blows up the
    obstruction in your way so you can progress.
    The first platform has three targets for you to shoot, which will lower the
    bridge. The second platform has TNT barrels for you to shoot, then you have to
    fend off dynamite attacks from enemies until the stagecoach clears the way. The
    third platform has more TNT barrels and fire spewing from pipes, so just shoot
    the targets above the pipes to close them. The fourth platform is more targets
    to drop another bridge.
    When you get to the fifth platform, there's more enemies and TNT barrels, as
    well as more fire-spewing pipes. The next platform has more pipes and TNT
    barrels, while the next after that has enemies, pipes and TNT barrels. The last
    platform only has switches for a bridge and TNT barrels. Once you clear the last
    platform, a cutscene will play out and the mission will be finished.
    |  JAIL BREAK  |
    This mission begins on a raft, with you controlling Carmelita Fox. Focus your
    reticule with L1 and then fire with R1. If the raft takes too much damage, then
    you will fail and have to restart from the last checkpoint. At first, the only
    enemies encountered will be the big enemies, who fire a gatling gun, which can
    do quick and heavy damage to the raft. You can easily spot these as red dots on
    your mini-map, so pay close attention.
    After all the enemies are cleared in the first area, focus fire on the marker on
    your screen, which will destroy the wooden blockade. Some TNT barrels will be in
    the water once it's destroyed, so take them out before you hit them. When you
    get to the second area, all enemies will appear on the bridge ahead. There will
    be two big enemies who respawn a few times, as well as two smaller ones that
    throw sticks of dynamite. Focus on the big guys and the sticks of dynamite, then
    worry about the little guys after.
    Once all enemies are finished, you'll take control of Tennessee. Climb up the
    hooks and across, landing on the railing. You'll be in a small area with some
    big enemies, which can be killed easily by using Crackshot. There are some
    lasers in the way, including some Crackshot targets, which reveals more lasers.
    Hit the switch behind the second set to disable them, then take out the rest of
    the enemies. Pull the switch, then use the rope to get back to the raft.
    As soon as the raft begins moving again, take out the TNT barrels in the water.
    When you stop, you'll encounter more dynamite-chucking enemies on the right and
    once they're finished, more will spawn on the left. Once all enemies are gone,
    destroy the next wooden blockade. The raft will stop again and you'll be back
    controlling Tennessee.
    Use the railings and rope to get up to the area with enemies. Take out the first
    enemy at the top of the stairs, then the next on top of the crate. You'll need
    to get on top of the crates to continue, so use Crackshot on the three targets
    to make room. With a well-placed Crackshot, you can take out the next two
    enemies and the three targets covering the panel to shut down the lasers.
    There's one last enemy standing before you and the switch, so shoot him, pull
    the switch and get back to the raft.
    For this rafting expedition, there will be plenty of TNT barrels in the water,
    but you'll also need to fend off some dynamite-throwing enemies after passing
    through the gate. This is annoying since the raft doesn't stop, so be quick and
    precise with your shooting. On the bridge in the back, two big guys will come
    out to play. Once you reach the next platform, the raft will stop again.
    Climb up and approach the door to go inside. Here, you'll have to fend off
    enemies who respawn infinitely, while using Crackshot to hit the four targets on
    all sides of the cage where Sly, Bentley and Murray are being held. The enemies
    that keep spawning are the dynamite ones, so keep a lookout for red dots on your
    map. Once you hit all four targets, the cage will drop and the mission will end.
    Go in the building at the start of the mission to participate in a free-for-all
    boxing match. The first round has you defeating 20 wolf enemies, which shouldn't
    pose any problems at all. If you need any health, then break the debris being
    thrown into the ring. The second round has you facing the champ, as well as the
    same enemies as last round. Just concentrate on the big guy until its health is
    depleted all the way.
    The second part of this mission has you racing with Sly's jail costume. This is
    a pretty challenging course, since if you fail, then you have to start from the
    beginning. It's also timed, with each checkpoint consisting of around 30 seconds
    or so. Things are smooth sailing until after the second checkpoint, where you'll
    encounter TNT barrels in close proximity to each other. After that, it shouldn't
    be too bad, but be careful of the dynamite being thrown, which are easy to
    locate due to the red circle on the ground.
    The third part of this mission has you in a shooting competition using Carmelita
    Fox. You need to amass 100 points by shooting targets that pop up. The ones that
    are greenish-blue in color will cost you 1 point, the ones that are brown are
    worth 2, and the monkey-shaped ones are worth 5. There's one other target that
    swings in the far back, but it's unknown whether this gives you or costs you
    points. Get 100 points in the time limit to win and finish the mission.
    This is the last job for this time period. For the first part of this mission,
    you're using Murray. You have to free the van, which is locked in an electrified
    trap. You can't touch the locks yourself, so you'll need to utilize the the
    explosive barrel dispenser near the back. Of course, you will also have to fend
    off the little rat enemies. Once you free all four wheels, you'll go to the
    second part.
    Now you're playing as Carmelita and you must escort Bentley to the terminal so
    he can hack it. Don't stand out in the open and instead either use cover or
    strafe to avoid taking damage. There aren't too many enemies in the way and when
    you get to the end, you'll play as Bentley.
    Use a bomb to blast the crate away from the terminal, then get ready to hack it.
    This is another of the side-scrolling twin-stick shooter levels. Remember to get
    the ions to power up your attacks, as well as avoid getting hit so you don't de-
    level. Like the previous one, there's a boss at the end that behaves pretty much
    the same.
    With the hack out of the way, you're now in control of Tennessee. Use the
    railing to get inside the train car, then make your way over to the lasers. You
    have to be careful of the spotlights here, as well as the other lasers. Jump to
    the second platform and hurry to Crackshot the container to your left, then hit
    the switch to turn off some of the moving lasers.
    Jump over the lasers, and note that the next spotlight moves around all four
    platformers in a counter-clockwise pattern. Before you jump on the platforms
    where the spotlight will hit, use Crackshot to blast the two containers. Use the
    platforms to get past the spotlight, then jump over the first set of lasers.
    Shoot the switch to deactivate the lasers, then Crackshot the door to view a
    Use the railings and hooks to get to the second train car. Jump on the platform
    and Crackshot the container, then jump to the platform where the spotlight
    doesn't hit. Look to your right and Crackshot the container there, then shoot
    the switch to deactivate the lasers. There will still be a set of lasers that
    move, so just follow one.
    Past this, you should see a Secret Sly Mask behind you, but you'll die in the
    process (it'll remain collected), although if you wait until the end, you can
    backtrack and collect it. Make your way back here and shoot the next two
    containers with Crackshot, then shoot the switch to turn off the lasers,
    although a single moving one will remain. There's one last switch, then a
    Crackshot to the door to finish this train car. Use the railing to move to the
    next train car, where your fight with Toothpick will begin.
    |                                                                              |
    | The fight begins with him laser-ifying the floor, so don your jail costume   |
    | and press R2 to get on top of the ball. Run over the glowing object to       |
    | disable the lasers. For the next part, you need to hit the switches with the |
    | ball to turn on the whistles, but Toothpick will throw dynamite at you, as   |
    | well as man a turret. Since you move very slow while wearing the costume,    |
    | either switch back and forth or ride the ball to move around.                |
    |                                                                              |
    | Once you turn on all the whistles, Toothpick will come down, grow large and  |
    | start trying to smash you with his body; just keep running to avoid this.    |
    | After that, he'll start sending mini-tornados at you. Move in the spaces     |
    | between them, then wait for the larger one to come, which will home in on    |
    | you. When he sends this, go up to Toothpick and smack him with the costume's |
    | ball, which will trap him in the furnace. Use this to smack him with Sly's   |
    | cane until he goes back up.                                                  |
    |                                                                              |
    | The second phase of the fight is pretty much the same as the first, only he  |
    | throws two dynamites at the beginning, as well as going to the turret        |
    | quicker. Do the same as before with the switches, then avoid the stomps and  |
    | mini-tornados. Instead of only one large tornado, he'll send three this      |
    | time. When he's vulnerable, hit him with the ball and then give him a good   |
    | whacking with your cane.                                                     |
    |                                                                              |
    | The third phase has Toothpick learning a few new attacks. He'll throw three  |
    | dynamites at you, then he'll throw some green things on the ground that will |
    | form a laser grid, so don your jail costume and get on top of the ball. As   |
    | soon as you run over the green things, he'll go to the turret. When it       |
    | overheats, he'll start dancing, so try to hit at least two switches. He'll   |
    | go with the lasers again, then the turret and then dynamite, so hit the      |
    | remaining switch(es) to start his oversized attacks.                         |
    |                                                                              |
    | He's pretty quick with the stomps, so try and jump at the last second to     |
    | avoid them. He sends mini-tornadoes out at a pretty fast rate, as well as in |
    | a new pattern at times. It might be difficult to avoid all of them, but try  |
    | to avoid as many as possible. His last attack is the three large tornadoes,  |
    | after which he'll be vulnerable, so smack him with the ball and then your    |
    | cane to finish the fight.                                                    |
    |                                                                              |
                             (  CLAN OF THE CAVE RACCOON  ) (D100)
    The gang were heading to their doom as the van plummeted into the canyon.
    Bentley, in desperation, grabbed the closest thing, which was Murray's
    Australian fossil necklace, and threw it into the time machine. The gang was
    whisked away to a time and place unknown, with the van being damaged, as well as
    the time machine. They figured they were somewhere prehistoric, but nothing more
    than that. Carmelita, being furious with Sly, storms off and it's up to the gang
    to find out when and where they were, as well as how to fix the van.
    It's time for some reconnaissance. Start by making your way towards the lone
    target, which is the conveyor. Stand on top of the nearby post next to the giant
    ice statue, then zoom in enough and take the picture. The Temporal Sprocket is
    in the feet of a pterodactyl flying around, so it might take a bit to get a good
    picture. The Gravity item is in the hands of some penguin, so make sure you get
    to as high as ground as possible to get a good shot.
    After you take pictures of the three items, Bentley wants you to investigate the
    arena. There's a rope that leads up to the spot where you need to be, so go
    there and you'll spot someone that doesn't belong in this time period. Take a
    picture of him and that will end the mission.
    You need to figure out what that bear from before is up to. Go over to the crack
    in the wall and head inside. In this area, watch out for the black bubbles
    rising, as these can hurt you if you hit them. Go from spire to spire until you
    get to a hole you can crawl through. On the other side, you can either bypass
    the guards by climbing a pole and using the ropes to get across the bridge, or
    you can simply use the Triangle and Square combination to take them out
    (hopefully you have the Silent Obliteration technique from ThiefNet).
    To progress farther, use the log on the left side, then climb the rope. You now
    need to use the icicles hanging to get to the next area, but note that you will
    keep sliding down, so keep holding up. When you get to the next platform, you'll
    see a cutscene with a prehistoric raccoon! Bentley suggests that you help him,
    in the case that he might be Sly's ancestor.
    Use the rings to swing across, then climb the rope and icicle, jumping to the
    rope to slide down. The Grizz has a key, which likely unlocks the door leading
    to the tiger skin you need. Wait until he runs away and back to the painting,
    then use the icicle to slide down and pickpocket the key. Open the door and grab
    the Sabretooth costume.
    Go down the path leading away from this room, using R2 and X to jump the large
    gap, hitting the statue. Use the same move to take out the enemies, then jump
    the next gap. Switch back to Sly and climb the icicle, then jump on top of the
    cage. Jump onto the next platform, then use the costume to jump the large gap.
    For the next part, you need to use the hooks and spire to get across the lava,
    keeping an eye out for the bubbles. Use the costume to jump to the enemy, being
    careful of the bubbles that pop up.
    Bentley says that the guards on top of the platforms are the ones restraining
    your possible ancestor. Use your Cyclone Pounce to get from platform to platform
    and take out the enemies. Make sure you watch out for the lava bubbles and once
    you take out all the enemies, a cutscene will play and the mission will be
    Bob is out of shape and Murray is in charge of training him back up to normal.
    There are six different exercises to do, so each one will be listed with a
    description on what to do.
    This one has you balancing an egg on a log, while penguins jump on the platform
    and try to get you to drop it. This little mini-game utilizes Sixaxis controls
    and you must survive 25 penguins jumping on the platform. It's not too difficult
    and you'll pass once all 25 jump on it.
    This is a sumo wrestling match against a large penguin. You must mash the Circle
    and Square buttons, then it will switch over to mashing the X button. Keep doing
    this until your opponent is pushed out of the ring.
    This is the classic whack-a-mole game, with you having to hit the real penguin
    while not hitting the fake ones, which are very easy to spot. You only have 3
    chances to miss before you fail, but you shouldn't have too much trouble since
    the game mirrors the face buttons on the controller. Once you hit 15 real
    penguins, you pass.
    This simple mini-game has you dodging the penguins by pushing the left analog
    stick in the opposite direction. For example, if a penguin is on the left side,
    then you would push right on the analog stick. You pass once you dodge 10
    You must hit 5 targets that are being carried by pterodactyls as they fly by.
    You shoot by pulling back on the left analog stick and then letting go to make
    the penguin fly. It's best to pull straight back and wait like a second before
    the they are in your sight. Once you get the hang of it, it should be easy to
    finish, although you're only allow to miss 5 shots.
    This mini-game involves you smacking penguins with your club at the right
    moment. Wait until they're right in front of you before pressing Square to
    After you finish each session once, Murray will put you to the test and have you
    perform them all over again. You'll probably have to go through each one
    multiple times, only with a lot smaller objectives. Once you're finished, the
    mission is complete.
    |  GOING UP  |
    Your first goal in this mission is to go across the bridge and defeat all the
    enemies at the base of the wall. There are quite a few, but most of them are the
    weakest of the enemies in this world, so you shouldn't have too much trouble.
    Once they're all gone, Murray will try to climb the wall without any success,
    which makes Bentley call in Bob Cooper.
    Get close to the wall and press both X and Circle together to grab onto the
    wall. This is a straight path, with the only obstacles being bones sticking out
    of the ice, which can be destroyed with the Square button. Once you get to the
    top, a cutscene will play out and then you'll have to scale another ice wall. At
    the top of this one, destroy the mounds with the bugs coming out of them.
    The next wall to climb has some challenge to it. On the ascent, boulders will
    alternate and drop down; if you get hit once, you will have to restart on the
    same wall. There will be some wooden spikes in between the jump, as well as
    another boulder on the path going down. Jump across and then hold R1 to slide
    down, going through the bones. Jump across the next gap (wooden spikes again),
    then climb to the top.
    Jump across the nests, taking out the enemies in the way, and grab the item at
    the end to finish the mission! Or not!
    Well, that was an interesting turn of events. You need to climb this next wall,
    which is long and treacherous. The first new obstacle here are the freezing wind
    coming from holes along the wall; these take off a decent chunk of your health
    if you get frozen by them. The other new obstacle are the baby birds, which will
    wake up if you make noise around them. Once you reach the very top, grab the
    item to finally complete this job.
    This is a highly annoying mission that can either take two minutes or 20
    minutes, depending on a little bit of luck. It seems the penguins have broken
    apart the gravity encabulator and you need to get back all five pieces of it. As
    soon as you approach the penguins, they all scatter and take off. You must chase
    after them and press Circle when they get close enough, which will prompt a
    button mash and you getting the item. It is best to try and corner them into a
    dead end. Once you collect all 5 pieces, the mission will end (sometimes it
    takes a few seconds for it to happen).
    Enter the first room to find two guards there, as well as multiple cracked
    walls. Kill the two enemies first with bombs, then blow up the wall on the left
    side as you enter, which leads farther into the mission (the other walls have
    nothing behind them). At the end of the path, throw a bomb to blow up the debris
    on the middle platform, then hover to the next path that leads into a room with
    The Grizz.
    This room has a small puzzle to solve. If you look at the painting with your
    Binocucom, you'll see glowing spots. The same thing goes with the Grizz statue
    on the left side of the room. Look at the statue and notice the three shapes,
    which are a penguin, the medallion and an apple. Find the same three things on
    the painting and hit them with a dart, which will open up the door.
    Blow up the debris on the middle platform, then hover to the other side of the
    room. Here, you'll need to use the alcoves in the wall to hide from the giant
    rolling eggs. Remember to not get greedy and just keep using the next alcove.
    When you get to the top, throw a bomb from the last alcove onto the cracked wall
    and blast it open.
    In the next room, three of the guards (there are five in the room) are holding
    gems that will open the next door. Use your Binocucom to locate the three gems,
    which glow red when looking at the guards' pockets. Pickpocket them, then go to
    the door to open it up. You'll need to make it through another rolling egg
    gauntlet, this time with ice geysers. Some of the alcoves will be blocked by
    cracked walls, so use bombs. Across from the last one is a cracked wall that has
    a Secret Sly Mask.
    The last room has The Grizz going back and forth. Once you gain control, you
    will have 60 seconds to hit him in the exposed part of his butt with three
    darts. After the first hit, there will be a big sheet of snow blocking some
    points of view. It will be the same with the third hit, but they will be in a
    different spot. The mission is over after the third dart connects.
    |  DUTY CALLS  |
    For this mission, you need to tail Grizz until Bentley can get the code for his
    fortress. The best idea is to stay on areas above where he walks, as this will
    allow you to not have to worry about the Grizz. Sometimes you won't have any
    rope or spires to jump onto, so you may need to go on the ground to continue
    tailing. Note that the farther along you are, the more chance there is for the
    Grizz to start to run and check behind him periodically. If you get caught by a
    guard or the Grizz, then you go back to the last checkpoint. When you get to the
    end, Bentley just misses getting the codes, but a familiar face comes along with
    the codes.
    When the mission starts, you'll be controlling Sly, so just go to the marker on
    the map and head inside the mountain base. Once inside, you'll be in control of
    Bentley. Jump and hover over the first gap when the lava bubbles are about to
    explode. If you have Sleep Ammo bought from ThiefNet, use it on the big guard to
    bypass him.
    Switch back to explosive ones, then toss and destroy the objects ahead, jumping
    onto the platforms; these will shoot up into the air. Do the same with the next
    one and then jump onto the spinning fan-like objects when you are in the air.
    Jump into the egg carrier and be transported up to an area with two bird guards,
    as well as a mammoth one. You can either put them to sleep, or try and defeat
    them all.
    The egg vat is up ahead, and you need to use your explosive darts to hit the
    four blades spinning around it. Head across the bridge and the next one, taking
    out the guard in the way, then access the computer to initiate the Sixaxis
    hacking mini-game. It's not a very long one, so it shouldn't give you any
    After the hack is complete, you'll need to make your way across some hammer-like
    platforms, which drop down in two alternating sets. Once you get across, jump
    down to the platform below and then use your darts to hit the 5 blades on the
    next egg vat. There is one thing that gets in your way, but it's pretty easy to
    bypass it.
    It's now time for Bob Cooper to start his climb. There is fire spewing out every
    few seconds from certain spots, then you will have to jump across the wooden
    spikes. Also, when you see mushrooms in the way, use Square to bash the area and
    destroy them. When you get to the part where fire keeps coming out, you need to
    go to the valve, press Circle to grab it and continually rotate the right analog
    stick to remove it. The only thing worth noting is that there's a Secret Sly
    Mask all the way at the bottom, past the second valve you need to remove.
    Once you remove all three valves, you'll have to stop a guard from activating
    the control panel, which was Murray's job, but it's now Sly's job. Equip your
    Sabretooth costume and use the R2 jump to get past the first two gaps, then pull
    the switch. You need to jump and hook on to the spots where there isn't a nest
    with an egg, which will get you across.
    For this next part, you'll need to use Sly's Paraglider to get from air current
    to air current. There are some balls of fire on chains swinging back and forth
    in between some of the air currents. Once you make it past the second swinging
    ball of fire, there's a small platform that has a Secret Sly Mask. Make it to
    the end, sneak up behind the guard and then do the Triangle/Square combo to
    remove the threat.
    |                                                                              |
    | While it was originally supposed to be Sly fighting Grizz, it's now Murray   |
    | and the fight takes place on an ice skating rink. There are three phases to  |
    | this battle. Grizz has a few attacks to look out for, one of which involves  |
    | him spinning around and sending out a shockwave, which will freeze you if it |
    | hits. Note you cannot damage him at all until later on, so don't even try.   |
    | Sometimes he will spin longer and send out three shockwaves close together.  |
    |                                                                              |
    | Grizz can also charge at you, which is usually precluded by him saying,      |
    | "Here comes the Grizz." He can also slide along the ground, which you can    |
    | easily avoid by jumping over him. Eventually, he'll go into the center of    |
    | the arena and bring down a wall of stone, with some ice blocks sticking out. |
    | He will send out shockwaves while inside and you need to punch the ice until |
    | it goes flying at Grizz.                                                     |
    |                                                                              |
    | Once all three have been sent, the next part starts. You will be in a rhythm |
    | mini-game, where you need to mimic the button presses of the Grizz. Note     |
    | that eventually, the buttons will be replaced with question marks. You need  |
    | to do this three times before Murray throws Grizz and stuns him, allowing    |
    | you to punch him to drain his health.                                        |
    |                                                                              |
    | The second phase is pretty similar to the first, with the same moves, as     |
    | well as two new attacks. Sometimes he'll spin and release a bunch of ice     |
    | blocks, and sometimes he'll pound the ground and make iciciles fall from     |
    | above. Keep doing this until you forms the wall with ice. There will be      |
    | three sets of two blocks close together, and he'll switch between shockwaves |
    | and icicles dropping from the ceiling. Knock them all at him, then the       |
    | rhythm section will start, with a lot of the buttons being question marks.   |
    |                                                                              |
    | The third phase is the exact same as the second, except his attacks will be  |
    | slightly faster in execution. When you get to the stone wall part, there     |
    | will be three sets of three ice blocks close together. Hit them all back to  |
    | start the last rhythm section, where all the buttons will be question marks  |
    | when it's your turn. Get them all and punch Grizz to finish him off for      |
    | good.                                                                        |
    |                                                                              |
                                (  OF MICE AND MECHS  ) (E100)
    It turns out the next stop is Medieval England, which is accessible thanks to
    the Grizz's crown. Here, Sly's ancestor is Sir Galleth Cooper, who has been
    reduced to being a court jester.
    In order to get into the circus, Bentley has a new costume idea, but he needs
    three things before he can make it. Each item (wood, leather and metal) follows
    the same layout, with you eavesdropping on some guards who mention where to find
    some, then you sneaking into that place and stealing the material.
    Go to the first marker to hear some guards talking about the tavern being a good
    place for some metal. Get on the roof and enter the building. Once inside, use
    the spires and other objects to get to the second floor on the other side, then
    crawl under the table. Use the vats and pipes to cross to the last platform,
    then wait for a break in the electrified gear to grab the metal. Exit the
    building by the front door.
    Head to the next eavesdrop point to hear that the bakery is a great place for
    some wood. To get inside the building, you'll have to play through a hacking
    mini-game with Bentley (twin-stick shooter). There are three sections, none of
    which should be too challenging. Once inside, jump and smack one of the furnaces
    close, then grab the wood when the coast is clear.
    Go to the last eavesdrop point to find out the shoemaker's store is the perfect
    place for some leather. Head inside once you get there and either climb the rope
    or crawl through the hole to get to the other side. Wait for the arm with the
    laser to swing around, then hook onto it with your cane. Jump off near the
    guard, crawl through the hole and grab the leather to finish the mission.
    |  JUGGLING ACT  |
    Sir Galleth Cooper is inside the circus tent with the opening on top, but you
    need to find a way up to that point. Bentley suggests checking out the nearby
    tower, so use the spires to climb upwards, waiting for the blue ball thing to
    swing around so you can grab onto the rope. Jump off on the platform with a
    barrel full of arrows to get an introduction to the Archery Costume.
    Follow the instructions given to fire an arrow at the target in the distance.
    Note that if you hit the bullseye of any target, you will get some coins. Use
    the ropes to get inside the tent. This part of the mission should be familiar to
    you with the first public demo. Use the Archer Costume to get a rope across and
    use it to get to the next area.
    Once you get to the next platform with arrows, shoot it at the target and the
    rings will start shooting out flames. Time it to make it past them without
    getting burnt, then continue along until you come to some trumpets. If you stand
    on these for too long, then they fall with you on it. The next target is moving
    side to side, so don't worry about getting a bullseye. Break the objects on the
    next platform to reveal another barrel, which you can shoot to the target hidden
    behind a breakable barrel, which leads to a platform with a Secret Sly Mask.
    Use the trapeze swings to continue farther, then jump on the catapult to the
    next arrow barrel. When you hit the next target, a bunch of cannonballs will be
    firing at you while you cross the rope; these aren't hard to avoid. The next
    target is slightly difficult to hit straight on, so guide the arrow to either
    side a little bit to bypass the cannonballs. There's more trapeze swings, then
    more trumpets. When you get to the rope to climb up, do so all the way up to
    find another Secret Sly Mask.
    Jump off on the platform, then slide down the rope when the fire stops. The last
    target is swinging around in a circle, so hit it and then walk across. The rest
    of the path to Sir Galleth is easy, so another mission complete.
    |  CANE SWIPE  |
    It seems the Black Knight is escorting a case that is sure to be Galleth's cane.
    To start the mission, you will need to take a picture of both the Black Knight
    and the case with your Binocucom. The first one is the Black Knight, which might
    require a high vantage point, then the second is of the case.
    Once you take both pictures, you'll need to take out the two guards in the back.
    Use the Triangle and Square combo to take the farthest one out, which will
    attract the attention of the second one. With both gone, head up to the case and
    Bentley will have to play a hacking mini-game to unlock it (sidescrolling twin-
    stick shooter). The mission is over after you successfully hack the case.
    |  EYE IN THE SKY  |
    You need to take out the blimps in the sky, since they can monitor your
    movements and conversations. Head to the first marker and use Galleth to get to
    the top. Note that when you grab onto the hook, you'll need to hold R2 down
    before you can press X to jump. At the top, use the last hook to disable the
    first balloon.
    Head to the second tower. This time, you'll need to properly time your jumps off
    the hooks so you can latch onto the next one. As you climb up, you'll
    undoubtedly see a Secret Sly Mask hidden behind some breakable objects. Wait
    until you disable the balloon, then drop down and grab it.
    The third, and last, tower isn't that much harder. There will be spire jump
    points rotating, meaning you will need to time your jump off the hook so you can
    land on one of these spires. After, you will need to get to the other side of
    the tower, where you will repeat this. Do this again to reach the top and
    disable the last balloon to finish the mission.
    Head over to the cave entrance and go inside. Note that there are little
    mechanical dragons outside the entrance, which can actually damage you. Use
    Galleth's Catapult move to launch yourself through the wooden obstacles, then
    drop down onto the next area when you have to. The next launch thing is high up,
    so you need to run on the roller to lower it, then grab on when it's at its
    For this next part, launch yourself to the lower of the two moving launchers,
    then drop down to the stationary one, which can be used to jump to the higher
    moving one. Drop down onto the moving platform to get to the ground. Jump to the
    spire, then the next platform and use the launcher to get to the top, avoiding
    the fire hazards.
    This is the last leg of the ascent, so use the two launchers to get to a moving
    one, then drop down. Run on the roller to lower the next launcher, but wait to
    go grab it until the two fireballs are moving away from it. Jump when it reaches
    the top to find a giant mechanical dragon sleeping! There's a hook on the right
    pillar, which can be used to launch yourself to the spire on top of it. Jump
    onto the horn, then the inside of the mouth when its open, then the last horn
    and use the rope to slide down to a cutscene.
    The mechanical dragon is awake and you have to fight it using Carmelita. It will
    open with shooting fireballs that explode when they hit the ground; just run
    around to avoid them. Next, the middle head will lay down on the ground and fire
    a stream of fire from its mouth. This is your chance to attack, so aim and shoot
    the part in its mouth to daze it, then run to the X on the ground to get a
    chance to shoot the eye.
    Shooting the eye will disable that head for now. The right head will shooting as
    homing missile, so shoot it before it hits you, then some lasers will sweep
    along the ground from front to back. Some tiny dragons, like outside the
    entrance to the cave, will appear, but avoid the fireballs first and shoot them
    if you want. The left head should be doing the flamethrower attack, so attack
    the part inside its mouth to disable it, then run up and shoot the eye.
    The remaining head will now fire three homing missiles, then the dragon will try
    to blow you off the platform by flapping its wings. After that is some more
    fireballs, then the flamethrower. Once you destroy the eye of the third head,
    all three heads will reappear. Things are about to get a little more hectic now.
    The attacks from before will start to be combined with each other, and the heads
    will also attack you at the same time. After the two heads shoot fireballs, the
    left and middle will do the flamethrower attack. It's easier to attack the
    middle head, so take that one out first. Do the same with the other two heads to
    finish the battle and the mission.
    |  SHORT SUPPLY  |
    This is a three-stage job, with Murray's part as the first one. Head over to the
    tavern and go inside the front door. Here, you'll need to disable the mixers by
    throwing the guards into them. There are two on the bottom floor and one on the
    second floor. Each of them will require two guards be thrown into them, so it
    might be easier to start with the second floor one. Just punch a guard once,
    stomp near his dazed body to pick him up, then toss him into the mixer.
    Once all three mixers are disabled, you move onto Sly's portion of the job. Head
    to the shoemaker's place and go inside. Use the rope to get to the second level,
    where you'll need to use the Archer Costume to get to the middle of the room,
    then the other side. Note that you have to be careful of the rotating laser, as
    it can cut through your rope, so shoot the arrow when you know the laser is
    farthest away from it. Once you make it to the second platform, it's time for
    the Sixaxis control hacking mini-game. Make it to the end to shut down the
    The last portion of the job belongs to Galleth. Head over to the bakery and go
    inside. Knock down the door of either side of the furnace, then go to the back
    beam and use the hook there to launch yourself to the top of the bakery. You
    need to disable the three sub-generators, but once you do the first one, a 30
    second timer will appear which will activate them all again. A defense system
    will also activate after each one, which include lasers and if you get hit by
    any, the system will reset.
    To disable them, go to each sub-generator and use Galleth's Catapult technique
    to launch yourself up and knock the pipe out of the way. The first one will
    activate vertical lasers, which are easy enough to bypass. The second one will
    activate moving floor lasers, which are probably the hardest to get through.
    With the third one down, you will have to escape via the hole you used to get up
    here, and you'll need to avoid lasers that rotate around the room. Once you make
    it to the escape hole, the mission is complete.
    The first part of this job requires you to tail the Black Knight as Sly.
    Remember to stick to the rooftops as much as possible, as this makes it a lot
    easier to keep track of him, as well avoid guards. Once the Black Knight gets to
    the blacksmith, he'll head inside and control will switch to Bentley.
    Bounce onto the roof and head inside through the hatch. Use a bomb to blow up
    the wood in the way, then shoot the machine with a dart to shut down the lasers.
    Disable the lasers the same way in the second room, then it's time for a hacking
    mini-game (twin-stick shooter). It's not too hard, and there's only one section,
    so it shouldn't take too long.
    Go through the hallway and disable the next set of lasers, jumping over the ones
    that remain. In the next room, the machine you need to hit with the dart is on
    the right side of the wall, on the other side of the lasers. Jump and hover over
    the gap, then head to the end for another hacking mini-game (auto-scrolling
    twin-stick shooter).
    With the second hack complete, it's time to continue. Before go through the
    lasers area, jump on the rotating gears and blow up the box with a bomb to find
    a Secret Sly Mask. Head through the first set of lasers, then disable the next
    set so you can plant a bomb to continue. You will need to toss a bomb to remove
    the plating so you can disable the lasers with a dart. Jump over the second
    laser, then you need to disable the last two lasers by shooting darts to the
    left and right of the wall (watch out for the pistons). Go into the last room
    for a cutscene and the end of the mission.
    |  HARD TARGET  |
    With Bentley out of commission, Sly and Galleth wonder how to take down the
    Black Knight, with Galleth offering the advice of making some explosives. There
    are three spots where you need to get some Fire Bulbs. Go to the entrance you
    used for the Mechanical Menace job, and Catapult up the tree to the left to get
    the first one.
    For the next one, remember that tower you climbed to get inside the tent to
    rescue Galleth? Get to that tower and grab onto the rotating rope, then jump
    towards the tree and press Circle to hopefully land on the branch. From here,
    you can use the hook to Catapult to the Fire Bulb. The last one is not too hard,
    as you can Catapult from the ground and spire jump to the other hook to get to
    the Fire Bulb.
    You're now controlling Sly, so head on over to the marker to enter the Archery
    Game. For this, you will need to hit targets that have a target on them. The
    stationary ones are worth 2-3 points, while the moving ones are worth 4-5 points
    each. There's also a dragon that sometimes goes across the top that is worth 10
    points. You need to get 120 points before the timer runs out and if you succeed,
    you get a bottle of Merlin's Magic Powder and complete the mission.
    You begin the mission by pressing Circle to detonate the charges on the bridge,
    lowering it. You'll be thrown straight into the boss fight!
    |                                                                              |
    | You'll be fighting this monstrosity with Sly. You need to use the            |
    | trampolines to get on top of the towers, then shoot an arrow through the     |
    | ring and hit the weak spot on the arms, then use the rope to get to the arm  |
    | before it can cut it with a laser, where you need to shoot a couple of       |
    | arrows with R1 until the armor falls off.                                    |
    |                                                                              |
    | Of course, the boss won't just let this happen, shooting lasers that follow  |
    | you as one of its attacks. It can also shoot missiles into the air, which    |
    | are designated on the ground as targets. The boss also likes to send a       |
    | shockwave on the ground by pounding its fist.                                |
    |                                                                              |
    | After you hit both arms, go onto the middle tower, where you will shoot a    |
    | bomb into the weak spot there. You must do the same thing again, with the    |
    | Giant Knight's attacks getting more frequent. Once you hit the middle spot   |
    | again, the next phase of the battle begins.                                  |
    |                                                                              |
    | It's a duel to the finish with between Bentley and the boss, in two          |
    | mechanized suits. This is a pretty easy battle, as long as you don't charge  |
    | in and try to rush. The Square button attacks, while X dodges. What you want |
    | to do is wait until the boss gets in close and whiffs on an attack, then     |
    | move in quickly and unleash a three-hit combo of your own. Keep doing this   |
    | until the boss is finished, with a QTE at the end.                           |
    |                                                                              |
                                  (  FORTY THIEVES  ) (F100)
    The next stop for the Cooper Gang is Ancient Arabia, where Sly's ancestor, Salim
    Al-Kupar, is in trouble. Luckily, Carmelita grabbed a coin before Le Paradox
    sent her back in time, which is just the ticket for the time machine to get to
    Ancient Arabia.
    |  LOST AND FOUND  |
    Bentley mentions that Salim Al-Kupar is in hiding, but is still in the area. He
    enhanced your Binocucom to see whatever Salim has been in contact with last. Go
    into the lamp shop, which is already marked on your map. Once inside, use your
    Binocucom to take a picture of the lamp on the left side, then take a picture of
    the door and exit the shop.
    There will now be three markers on your map. You must go to each of these, which
    will trigger Bentley to mention that something is nearby with Salim's DNA on it
    (they will be marked once you get to the previous markers). Once you find all
    three and take a picture of them, Bentley says that Salim is on a boat. Go there
    and inside to find him, which will be the end of the mission.
    |  OPEN SESAME  |
    You need to get Salim's thief costume back, but the shopkeeper only wants
    flawless gems as payment. You need to gather three of them, which are embedded
    in statues on the city's walls. Start by going after the one on the right side
    of the map. Get onto the roof of the building nearby, then use the spire jump
    and flagpole to grab the gem.
    The next one is on the left side of the map, on the pier. Use the trampoline to
    bounce up to the first statue, then swing over to the second with the gem. For
    the last one, use the trampoline to bounce onto the cliff, then jump and swing
    your way over to the statue with the gem. Go to the shop to get the Thief
    Go to the gate and stand on top of the switch, then press R2 to slow down time
    to get underneath the gate. As it turns out, Le Paradox is meeting up with Miss
    Decibel right now, in front of you! Bentley tells you to tail them, but you use
    the Thief Costume's sword to break the gear to disable the sword trap. Keep to
    the rooftops and keep following them, until you need to equip the Thief Costume
    and go under another gate, then destroy another gear. Go inside the tent at the
    end to finish the mission.
    |  RUG RATS  |
    Crawl through the hole and enter the shop. Once inside, you need to use Salim's
    technique to quickly climb the nearby rope before the cobras below hit you. As
    soon as you're at the top, jump and grab the next rope, then go on the platform.
    Drop down and dispose of the two guards, being careful of the snakes in the
    Find the next rope to perform the Climbing Cobra on, then make your way around
    the room to the platform where you need to drop the rugs from. When you get to
    the caverns below, feel free to destroy the scorpion nests, then crawl through
    the hole on the north side of the room. There's more scorpions in this next
    room, but ignore them and use the hooks to get to the rope at the end.
    Keep climbing the ropes until you enter the palace. It's better to take out the
    nests, then use the lever in the middle of the room to make a pillar rise (up
    and down with the analog stick). Start ascending the tower, being mindful to use
    the Climbing Cobra to avoid the snake ropes. There's a guard at the next spot,
    which you must shimmy across, so wait until he's distracted to move farther.
    The next climbable objects are some chains, which will break as soon as you
    normally try to climb them. Of course, this requires the Climbing Cobra
    technique, so make sure you use it on the first one and the last one as soon as
    you grab it. There's another spot where you have to sneak past a flashlight
    guard, but you can use the pillars this time to hide. If you go in the area with
    the guards and take them out, you can grab a Secret Sly Mask on top of a table.
    Continue on, where you must use the Climbing Cobra to hurry up some chain ropes,
    then up three snake basket ropes. Sneak past the guard, then use the switch to
    make the snake statue's tongue come out. Hurry up and cross it, then sneak past
    the spotlight. Use the next switch to do the same as the last, then sneak past
    the two spotlights and climb the last set of ropes to the top of the tower.
    It's time for another hacking mini-game with Bentley, this one being a Sixaxis
    control one. This one can be a little bit challenging, as there are bumpers and
    conveniently placed holes that might make you fail a few times. Once you
    complete it, though, the mission will be over.
    |  COPY CATS  |
    The next thief is inside the taxi shop, but there don't seem to be any guards
    inside. After a little trap, Murray and Sly fall down into some secret area,
    where they get separated and unable to speak with Bentley. Your will control
    Murray first, so go up to the wheel and keep turning it to raise a platform, but
    you can't go any farther because of the spinning blades.
    As Sly, go forward and across the two wooden ledges, then climb the rope to your
    right. Go along the next wooden ledge and jump on the switch for the door. Make
    sure you have your Thief Costume equipped, then slow down time and go through
    the doorway.
    You need to slow down time and make your way across the platforms in the water,
    making sure you don't land on the barrels with flashing lights, as they are
    bombs. Do it again for the second time, then bounce to the switch and use Slow
    Time to get through the door.
    There's another rushing waters section here, making sure to use the spire jumps
    in the middle to replenish your special meter. Once you get to the end, yougm
    need to use Slow Time to climb the chain and land on the switch, then use it
    again to get through the door. Use the sword to break the gear, allowing Murray
    to continue.
    As Murray, drop down and jump on the platforms to get to the next area. There
    are some guards here, so either stealthily take them out, or just punch your way
    through them. Once it's clear, head over to the wheel to try and turn it, but
    some cannons will start opening fire. You'll be in your own cannon, so shoot the
    cannonballs and when it's clear, start shooting the cannons. Turn the wheel all
    the way, then go until you come to some more spinning blades.
    It's Sly's turn again. Before you make your way across, ride one of the crates
    to the bottom platform for a Secret Sly Mask. Make your way back across now,
    grabbing the rope on the other side, then sliding down to the next area. Here,
    you can't step on any coins, as this will alert the guards.
    Make your way to the first path's end, then use the center object to get to the
    crates. The pillars ahead will crumble and cause noise if you stand on them too
    long, so either make use of the Slow Time move or just jump off as soon as you
    land. Once you get to the other side, use the Thief Costume's sword to destroy
    the gear.
    Back to Murray now, so break through the trap and defeat the guards ahead. Drop
    down to the platforms in the water and make your way across. Bounce your way to
    the next area and defeat the guards there, then go to turn the wheel to have to
    take out more cannons. Once they're gone, turn the wheel.
    It's now time for the final push with Sly. Make your way across the platforms,
    either trying to avoid the explosive barrels or using Slow Time. As you near the
    ship, Bentley will chime in and say that it's sinking. You need to use Slow Time
    to make it all the way up the sinking ship. Once you start climbing vertically,
    you will probably need to reactivate Slow Time, so do that and make it to the
    top. You'll have to do one last thing, which is to hack the music player, which
    when done, will finally complete the mission.
    |  UP IN SMOKE  |
    You'll be flying the RC Chopper for this mission. You need to fly around and
    drop smoke bombs at targets on the ground, while avoiding the mines that are
    shot from the turret. You have to get the smoke bombs fairly close to the
    targets, so keep trying until you see the counter increasing in the bottom left
    corner of the screen. The first area has 6 targets, the second has 7, and the
    last area has 8 targets. Once you get them all, you'll head inside the room with
    Salim's friend, and you'll need to do a hacking mini-game to set him free (auto-
    scrolling twin-stick shooter).
    You need to get inside of the library where Miss Decibel is hiding. Head over to
    the marker on your map and you should see a snake basket that you can use the
    Climbing Cobra technique to get to the window. Go inside once you get there. You
    will first need to place the transmitters she was using on Salim's friends,
    which Bentley has reprogrammed with some new music.
    Drop down to the bottom floor and head towards the stairs. Before you go up,
    there should be a hole you can crawl through in the corner with a bunch of
    destroyable objects. Do that and go to the end to plant the first tranmitters.
    Go back to the bottom of the stairs and use Climbing Cobra to climb the chain,
    then jump through the doorway.
    You should see a chain over a pit, so quickly climb it and jump onto the
    platform, then use the hook to get to the other platform to plant the
    transmitter. Go back to the stairs and climb the chain at the top of them to get
    over the wall there. Go to the other end of the room and use both chains to get
    on top of the pile of books, where you'll find the last spot for a transmitter.
    With all three in place, you'll be playing as Bentley. He needs to go to all
    three transmitters and hit them with darts. When you gain control, go to the
    marker right where you start and plant a bomb, which makes a hole in the floor.
    Stand on the different part of the floor and shoot a dart at the transmitter.
    Bomb the door behind you to get back to the main area, then go to the top of the
    stairs to find a cracked wall. Take care of the scorpion nests, then blast
    through the next two walls. Jump on the stacks of books until you get to the
    third one, where you'll have a shot at the transmitter.
    Go back to the main room and you'll need to toss bombs at the things in the
    middle of the room. Every time you blow one up, wait until Decibel returns to
    playing music before destroying the next one. Make your way across the platforms
    and into the next room. Destroy the thing like in the main room, then jump to
    the corner platform, where you can hit the last transmitter.
    All that's left to do is climb to the top and over to the area where Miss
    Decibel is, then drop down and plant the bug to finish the mission.
    |  ALL ROLLED UP!  |
    Head over and inside the lamp shop when the mission begins. It'll now be another
    rhythm mini-game, where you have to time the button presses as they enter the
    squares. After each little round, there will be a chance to earn some coins by
    shaking the controller. After Salim enters the scene, there will be one more
    section to do, then this part is finished.
    Now you'll be controlling a RC Car. Drive it under the first laser, then head to
    the right until you confront the guards. As soon as you gain control again,
    start driving towards the air duct. As long as you keep driving, the guards
    shouldn't hit you, but note that one hit will take the RC Car out.
    When you get to the air duct, you'll go inside. Here, you'll need to navigate
    through a series of lasers, scorpions and other obstacles. The scorpions are no
    problem as long as you keep moving, as just hitting them with the car will kill
    them. There are horizontal moving lasers, sweeping ones, as well as lasers in
    place that only permit a certain path be driven. When you confront fans, just
    drive through them to destroy them. Once you get to the end, drive through the
    machine to power down the lasers by the gang.
    With that down and the guards distracted, head to the right with Bentley and
    hack the console (Sixaxis control hack). If you want to pick up the time
    powerups in the beginning, you can, but you shouldn't need them. Remember to hit
    the left analog stick in the direction of the new rail. Once you pass the first
    one, there is a narrow path with a lot of bumpers in the way. Make it past that
    and the next series of rails, then you'll be finished.
    Something has gone awry and some gas machines are blocking the way. You'll be
    controlling Murray here and you will need to stomp to pick up the rat guards and
    toss them at the machines. Each machine needs to be hit 4 times and it can be a
    little hectic with all the guards. If you are running low on health, keep
    killing the guards until you feel comfortable again.
    |                                                                              |
    | After a cutscene, you'll be thrown into a boss battle with Miss Decibel.     |
    | You'll automatically have the Thief Costume equipped, which is good as you   |
    | will be needing it for the first part. There are a bunch of platforms that   |
    | lead up to where Decibel is, but she keeps breaking them. Use your Slow Time |
    | ability to cross them without having to worry about them breaking too        |
    | quickly. Once you get to where she is, she'll jump and produce a single      |
    | shockwave, whichafter she'll be dizzy, so whack her good.                    |
    |                                                                              |
    | The second phase of the battle has Decibel producing a lot of sound rails,   |
    | which you'll need to walk up to where she is standing. Of course, she sends  |
    | a lot of little energy balls along them and if you get hit once, you will    |
    | have to start over from the beginning of this section. Luckily, you can      |
    | slow down time with the Thief Costume, so use that in conjunction with the   |
    | platform to recharge your special meter. Once you get to her, she'll attack  |
    | by blowing some musical notes at you, then do the shockwave, which will make |
    | her dizzy. Hit her until she moves again.                                    |
    |                                                                              |
    | When you gain control, use the sword from the Thief Costume to break the     |
    | chain, then continue along and break the next chain. This portion is the     |
    | same as the first phase, only she seems a little bit faster. When you get on |
    | the same platform as her, she'll attack with musical notes, then a           |
    | shockwave, then she'll send energy balls that home in on you. You can get    |
    | away easily by slowing down time. Lastly will be the shockwave that makes    |
    | her dizzy, which frees her up for some attacks of your own.                  |
    |                                                                              |
    | The fourth phase is the same as the second. Make sure you replenish your     |
    | special meter by using the platform on your right as a safe point. Once you  |
    | make it to her, she'll fly away again and Sly will latch on. Once you land,  |
    | it's time for the final phase.                                               |
    |                                                                              |
    | She'll retain her attacks from previous stages, like the musical notes and   |
    | the homing energy balls. It's best to keep the Thief Costume on at all       |
    | times, as it's difficult to outrun the attacks without slowing down time.    |
    | Once she does three stomps in a row, she'll be dizzy a little bit, so run up |
    | and smack her. This will cause her to charge and what you need to do is make |
    | her charge into the three satellite towers. The battle is over once she hits |
    | the third tower.                                                             |
    |                                                                              |
                                  (  PARIS EPILOGUE  ) (G100)
    This is it, the final mission of the game! When you gain control, walk up to
    Carmelita and you'll be trapped! You'll now be in control of Rioichi, so use the
    Leaping Dragon technique to get from point to point, keeping an eye out for the
    hazard spewing from the pipes, and grab his cane. Once you do, rat guards will
    come in and you'll have to defeat them all with Murray.
    In the next room, it's more of the same with Rioichi, only there's a lot more
    jumps and hazard spewing pipes in the way. Once you get to the first platform,
    there will be a few more jumps to get to Bob's cane. Grab it and then it'll be
    Bob's turn to get Salim's cane.
    Jump onto the wall and make your way across, making sure not to get hit by any
    of the hazards, as one hit will knock you back to the previous checkpoint. The
    only tricky part is when you have to make it past two geysers on the ceiling, so
    make sure as soon as you jump on the wall, you press R1 to slide down. Take your
    time and do not rush, and you should be fine.
    More rat guards will appear, so destroy them and it'll be Salim's turn in the
    next room. The chains here will not fall apart, but you do need to use the
    Climbing Cobra technique to quickly make it past the geysers before they come
    back on. The rest of the way should be easy enough without any troubles.
    It's now Sir Galleth's turn. Use his Catapult technique to get onto the first
    moving hook, then when you're lined up, launch yourself to the object to disable
    the lasers, then drop down onto the platform. Wait for the other hook to come
    close, then use it to break the next fuse. Use the pipe to get pass the geysers,
    then it'll be another round of hooks and fuses. Grab Tennessee's cane at the
    More rat guards will appear, then it will be Tennessee's turn. Shoot the switch,
    then quickly run across both sets of floor that appear, climbing the pole at the
    end. At the top of the pole, jump and swing across to the next platform. There's
    another switch to shoot, then you need to run across the panels when they
    stabillize. In the last section, you'll need to shoot switches as you're on the
    same floor, so make sure you do this as quickly as possible.
    You're at the end when you go through a doorway. This next part can be a little
    tricky and requires Tennessee's Crackshot technique. Lights will turn on in a
    certain order and you need to hit them in that order to proceed. The first one
    will have 3 lights, then 4 and the last will have 5 lights.
    |                                                                              |
    | After the cutscene, it's time for the final battle. Jump and press Circle to |
    | land on each railing, while chasing after Le Paradox. Once you catch up to   |
    | him, there will be a lot of Quick-Time Events. Follow these and if you take  |
    | too long, you'll either be damaged or be put back at the beginning. The QTE  |
    | will end when you smack Le Paradox with your cane.                           |
    |                                                                              |
    | The second phase begins the same way as the first, with your chasing down Le |
    | Paradox. The QTE fight with him is a bit longer, but functions the same way. |
    | The third phase begins with you rail sliding after Le Paradox. As long as    |
    | you watch him, you shouldn't have any trouble. The QTE fight at the end is a |
    | lot longer than the previous two, but it's pretty much the same. Once you    |
    | finish this part, the battle and game are over. Enjoy the ending!            |
    |                                                                              |
    |                                                                              |
    | If you get the platinum trophy and beat the last boss again, then there will |
    | be some extra scenes at the end of the credits...                            |
    |                                                                              |
    ____________|                                                       |___________
    ============|                      IV. UPDATES                      |===========
    ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ|                                                       |ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ
    Feb 14, 2013..............Guide completed and sent to GameFAQs
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    ============|             V. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS             |===========
    ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ|                                                       |ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ
    Q) When was Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time released?
    A) It was released on Feb 5, 2013 for the Playstation 3 and Vita in North
       America. It will be released on March 31. 2013 in Europe.
    Q) What is this Cross Play and Buy thing?
    A) Basically, if you buy the Playstation 3 version of the game, either at retail
       or on the Playstation Store, then you get the digital version of the Vita
       game for free. The Cross Play thing allows you to transfer your save from
       one version to the other version and play where you left off.
    Q) Are there really two platinum trophies for this game?
    A) That seems to be the case. Like other Cross Play games, if you get the
       platinum trophy on one version of the game and transfer your save to the
       other version, all of the trophies for the second version will pop up,
       earning you two platinums for playing through the game once.
    ____________|                                                       |___________
    ============|                 VI. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS                  |===========
    ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ|                                                       |ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ
    - CJayC for creating GameFAQs and SBAllen (and all others) for turning it into
      what it is today
    - Sanzaru Games for creating another Sly game
    - Sony for letting Sanzaru Games create the game

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