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    FAQ/Walkthrough by vhayste

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                             SLY COOPER: THIEVES IN TIME
                                W A L K T H R O U G H
                            AUTHOR: PAUL MICHAEL (VHAYSTE®)
                              CONTACT: vhayste@gmail.com
    Illustrated online version of the guide is available here:
                         [  A U T H O R' S  N O T E S  ]
      | Hello! It's been a while since I made a text-based guide. This guide|
      | will cover the WALKTHROUGH of jobs/ missions of the game. Since it  |
      | will be a challenge to describe every collectible's location, I     |
      | will recommend checking the link above for complete screenshots,    |
      | videos and instructions.                                            |
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                                  TABLE OF CONTENTS
     Use CTRL + F using the codes below to jump to the topic you want to access.
    (EP01-00)     PARIS PROLOGUE
    **************TURNING JAPANESE**************
    (EP02-01)     Photo OP
    (EP02-02)     BREAKOUT
    (EP02-04)     SOMETHING FISHY
    (EP02-05)     PRETTY IN PINKER
    (EP02-06)     TIGER TAIL
    (EP02-07)     SPIKED SUSHI
    **************GO WEST, YOUNG RACCOON**************
    (EP03-01)     UNDER ARREST
    (EP03-02)     JAIL HOUSE BLUES
    (EP03-03)     COOPER FOR HIRE
    (EP03-04)     SALOON BUG
    (EP03-05)     BLIND DATE
    (EP03-06)     JAIL BREAK
    (EP03-07)     GRAND LARCENY
    **************CLAN OF THE CAVE RACCOON**************
    (EP04-02)     UNEXPECTED TIES
    (EP04-03)     GETTING STRONGER
    (EP04-04)     GOING UP
    (EP04-06)     ICE ICE BENTLEY
    (EP04-07)     DUTY CALLS
    **************OF MICE AND MECHS**************
    (EP05-01)     SHOPPING SPREE
    (EP05-02)     JUGGLING ACT
    (EP05-03)     CANE SWIPE
    (EP05-04)     EYE IN THE SKY
    (EP05-06)     SHORT SUPPLY
    (EP05-08)     HARD TARGET
    **************FORTY THIEVES**************
    (EP06-01)     LOST AND FOUND
    (EP06-02)     OPEN SESAME
    (EP06-03)     RUG RATS
    (EP06-04)     UP IN THE SMOKE
    (EP06-05)     COPY CATS
    (EP06-07)     ALL ROLLED UP
    (EP07-00)     PARIS EPILOGUE
    Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time is the fourth installment of the Sly series.
    Sly reunites with his gang to resolve the mystery of the slowly
    disappearing content of the Thievius Raccoonus, a book containing the
    Cooper family's most protected and hidden secrets of the trade.
    Players will have the chance to control Sly, Bentley, Murray, Carmelita Fox
    and Sly's ancestors as they travel in different time periods and pull off
    heists to get to the bottom of the mystery.
                         (EP01-00) EPISODE: PARIS PROLOGUE
    Take time to learn Sly's controls and start breaking objects along the way
    to collect coins. Keep following the path until you reach the rooftop where
    there's a patrolling helicopter. Destroy the nearby objects for more coins
    then jump and interact with the blue sparkly objects to reach the rope
    Walk on the rope to cross the street. After Murray and Bentley passes below,
    continue along the next rope. Don't fall down to street level or the mission
     will fail. Continue to the end of the rope then climb up the nearby pipe.
    Interact with the narrow ledge and slowly cross the ledge to the right side.
    Now wait for the spotlight to move away then jump on the antenna and vent
    to reach the pipe on the wall. Use it to reach the roof. Head to the other
    side of the roof and jump on top of the water tank. Be careful of the two
    spotlights in the area.
    Grab on the rope to reach the museum. Before scaling the ledge, kill the
    guard and destroy more objects in the balcony for more coins. Scale the
    ledge to reach the next balcony then grab hold of the pipe to the right and
    make your way up.
    After reaching the roof, don't go to the upper roof for now. There's a mask
    nearby that you can grab. Climb on the crate to the left to reach the roof
    and jump to the other side to reach the mask behind the fence.
    Return to the other side of the roof them use the nearby objects to reach
    the upper part of the roof. Go past the security light and pickpocket the
    key from the guard. Use this key to open the skylight. The control will
    switch over to Bentley.
    Jump or hover (double-jump) across the gap and stick a bomb on the grate to
    destroy it. Make sure to keep your distance since you can still get hurt by
    the explosion. Continue past the rail and to the next tunnel. Destroy the
    gate and use hover to get across the large gap. After encountering a large
    gear, manually take aim and lob a bomb to the obstacle and destroy it. Jump
    to the other side but before moving further, check the tunnel to your
    immediate left to find the mission's second mask.
    Continue following the path and cross the rails and follow the next tunnel.
    Bomb the marked grate and jump down. Once in control, continue forth and
    jump across the green security field. Kill the two guards and start hacking.
    This will also trigger a mini-game.
    Control the “code” while firing its bit cannon to take out the firewalls.
    Follow the instructions and reach the next portal. You'll encounter
    reinforced firewalls and security drones. Change into a tank code and take
    out the obstacles. In the last area, destroy the reinforced firewall then
    change into a shell code and grab the yellow data key.
    After the hacking sequence, you'll be controlling Murray next. Just
    continue forth and start smashing the place and guards. You can also find
    health by destroying various objects. Continue until you reach the
    warehouse entrance. Once inside, free yourself from the sudden rat moshpit.
    Next, clear the boxes for more coins and stomp near a barrel machine to
    grab a barrel. Aim for the junction box and throw at it to disable it.
    The control will switch to Sly. Simply press circle to steal the treasure
    and press circle again to trigger the time machine once you get prompted to
    complete the mission.
                              EPISODE: TURNING JAPANESE
    Before the mission starts, you can visit the ThiefNet to purchase some
    upgrades using the coins you have collected. You can now freely select
    which character to play in the next mission. Sly also has a job available
    called Photo Op. Let's select that for now.
    Outside, you can freely explore the area for collectibles. Refer to the
    online guide below for the individual collectible locations.
    (EP02-01)     Photo OP
    Head to the roof of the marked house to start this mission. First, find a
    nearby boar guard and press R3 to open your Binocucom. Aim for the guard
    and wait for it to pause to snap a perfect picture. Next, make your way to
    the imperial prison and do the same.
    Next head to the Dragon Gates marked in the map and take a snapshot of it.
    Head to the Sushi House next and another photo. Finally, head to the Geisha
    House and snap a photo of its gate. Once El Jefe goes outside, snap a photo
    of him as well to complete the job.
    (EP02-02)     BREAKOUT
    Head to the marked location to start the mission. Then, you have to collect
    three armor pieces by stealing them from the roving guards. Use your
    Binocucom to tag the targets and find them. You have to avoid getting
    spotted by the specific armor guards since you'll fail the mission if you
    After getting the complete set of armor, return to the prison and press L2
    to wear your disguise. Head to the entrance to enter the prison. Once
    inside, equip the armor and continue forth until you find Rioichi Cooper.
    After speaking with him, follow the path until you find two guards. Go
    where the tortured monkey is and you should see a hole with blue sparkle.
    Unequip the samurai armor and crawl into the hole to find a mask.
    Backtrack to the main path and remove your armor once you reached another
    hole with blue sparkle. Crawl inside to reach the mess hall, then crawl
    again under the table then head outside. You need to get past the first
    guard without the armor on since the armor doesn't allow you to jump.
    Continue forth until you reach a narrow passage with swinging axes and fire
    traps. Equip the armor to avoid getting damaged by the fire and time your
    movement to avoid getting hit by the axes.
    You may have to equip/unequip the armor as necessary to get past the
    obstacles. Head outside and continue forth again and follow the path until
    you reach another part of the dungeon again. Walk past the fire trap and
    zip down using your default costume. Make your way up but don't exit yet.
    Instead, head to the right so the camera angle changes a bit and allows you
    to find another hole with blue sparkle. Crawl inside to get the mask you
    saw earlier.
    Continue to the next area then sneak behind the guard carrying the key and
    steal it from him. After opening the gate, continue forth until you reach
    the circular plate. During this sequence, you have to use the armor to soak
    damage and its shield to repel the fireballs to the dragon statues. Remove
    the armor and jump across the gaps to reach the next platform and repeat
    the process again. Continue doing this until you reach Rioichi and free
    Head to the marked location and equip the armor. Approach the guards to
    dismiss them. You'll be controlling Rioichi while inside the restaurant.
    Destroy the nearby objects to gather the coins then make your way up to the
    roof of the kiosk. Use Rioichi's focus leap to jump across wide gaps of
    Scale the wall and avoid the security light, then sneak behind the guard to
    steal the carving knife. Take out the guard after getting the knife, then
    destroy more surrounding objects if you want to get more coins. Interact with
    the door to open it and reach the next area.
    (EP02-04)     SOMETHING FISHY
    You start the mission with a hacking mini-game. This time, it's just a
    normal shooter. Collecting power ups will increase your level, upgrading
    your projectile speed, provides you with option and spread shot. Getting
    hit will lower your level so be careful. Collect as many power ups as you
    can and avoid getting damaged until you reach the boss. Finally, take out
    the boss to complete the hacking.
    As soon as you control Murray, turn around to find a mask. Now lift the
    gate to open it. Continue to the next gate and open it. Continue until you
    reach a group of lightning bugs. Hit the nearby plant to attract them and
    get them out of the way. Get past the floor trap to reach the next gate.
    Open it and continue to encounter the next group of lightning bugs. Slam the
    nearby boulder dispenser to grab a boulder then throw it to the  plant
    across to light it up.
    Continue forth to the fishing spot and use your controller's motion control
    to capture some fish within the time limit. After capturing the required
    number of fishes, make your way back to the group of bugs you encountered
    earlier and throw the fish bucket to the cart across. There's a stone
    dispenser nearby so throw a stone to light up the plant and cross the gap
    again. Make your way to the other group of bugs and carefully aim for the
    cart across  before throwing the fish bucket.
    Finally, get past those bugs and get the fish bucket then load it to the
    last cart to complete the job.
    (EP02-05)     PRETTY IN PINKER
    After starting the job, reach the roof of the Geisha House by crossing the
    rope. Once inside, make your way to the upper left balcony and head inside.
    Get past the security lights in the hallway until you reach the pond
    Cross the pond by performing timed dragon leaps, then you can either take
    out the guards below or go to the upper level and make it across the room
    using the ceiling fans. Destroy the box in the corner platform to reveal a
    Continue to the next room and get past the crushing trap and continue until
    you reach another pond. Cross it quickly then go up to the next corridor.
    The next floor trap can be crossed by walking in between the lines and
    jumping as necessary.
    Jump to the furnace and carefully make your way around and jump from one
    furnace to another until you reach the control panel. To successfully hack
    the system, you have to tilt your controller to make use of its motion
    sensor. Avoid falling off the grid and collect the charges to increase your
    time a bit. (You don't have to collect all charges) Successfully reach the
    end of the circuit to unlock the container housing the Geisha costume.
    Make your way to the container to trigger a scene. You'll be in another
    mini-game with Murray. This is just a simple rhythm game so hit the correct
    buttons in timing to complete the job.
    (EP02-06)     TIGER TAIL
    This is a very straightforward job. Once the mission starts, you'll have to
    control Bentley's RC cart to follow
    El Jefe. Remember to boost when there are no guards around to keep up with
    the target and equip your RC's poultry costume to get past the guards
    without alarming them.
    (EP02-07)     SPIKED SUSHI
    This is another easy and straightforward job. Head to the first gate and climb
    the hanging rope to reach the blossom.
    Remember that you'll need to use dragon leaps to reach it. Hit the plant
    and interact with it to harvest the seed.
    Head to the next blossom only to discover that there's a group of lightning
    bugs around it. Hit the plant below and quickly climb the nearby rope to
    reach the blossom. Collect the seed to complete the job.
    Now it's time to face El Jefe. Once the mission starts. pickpocket the
    skeleton key from the marked guard then use it to unlock roller to the
    right. Run on it to open the dragon statue mouth then stand in front of
    it. Equip the samurai armor to deflect the fireball and activate the
    switch. Do the same thing to the other dragon statue.
    After seeing the blimp fly, don't proceed immediately. Turn around to find
    another mask behind. Head to the bridge and control Murray in the fight to
    take out a few guards. The controls will switch over to Riochi under the
    bridge. This is a very straightforward path so just continue forth until
    you finally reach the roller mechanism under the bridge.
    After opening the gate and after Rioichi's cane gets stolen, you'll be
    controlling Sly again. Cross the flaming bridge by jumping from one point
    to another. Continue to the large gate but before opening it, turn to the
    left to find another mask. Continue to the door and interact with it to
    open it.
    After the scene, you'll have to fight El Jefe. For this battle, make sure
    to stay away from El Jefe's steady aura or space. You have to equip the
    samurai armor when El Jefe releases a fire nova then remove it to quickly
    evade his lightning sword sweeps. To weaken him, you have to deflect his
    fireball using your samurai armor's shield then while he's stunned, get up
    close and pummel him with punches.
    Follow him to the next platform and you'll discover that his attack
    patterns will be a bit different. This time, you have to worry about the
    shock mines he plants around him and the succeeding lightning sword sweep.
    Follow El Jefe again to the last platform and repeat the same pattern.
    The only additional attack he gets is a spinning lightning blade. Land the
    finishing blow to El Jefe to complete the mission.
                           EPISODE: GO WEST, YOUNG RACCOON
    (EP03-01)     UNDER ARREST
    For this mission, you have to deface all of the sheriff's posters around
    town. You should deface them in the order given by the game. Their locations
    are marked in the map as well for your convenience. Next, you have to steal
    Toothpick's lollipops. It is located out in the open at the town hall.
    Finally, head to where Toothpick's banner is hanging and tear it down. You
    can do this by climbing the electric pole east of the steel bridge. Knock
    off the clips to complete the job and obtain the jailbird costume.
    (EP03-02)     JAIL HOUSE BLUES
    You'll be controlling Bentley for this job. Head to the first location and
    zoom in to take a photo of the prison tower. Head to the next location to
    take a photo of the munitions dump. Finally head to the lookout point by
    the cliff to take a photo of the prison's back wall.
    The control will switch over to Sly. Use the iron ball to destroy the wall.
    Jump down to the ground and use the ball to smash the prison door open and
    free Kid.
    Now you have to make your way to the exit. You need to push the prison
    carts out of the way. You can also bust the nearby doors to destroy objects
    inside for additional coins. Jump across the spiky pit and crawl under the
    hole by the wall to go around the cart. Push it to the pit afterward. Now
    exit and push the platform for Kid to reach the other side.
    Before crossing the rope to regroup with him, destroy the crate covering
    the outhouse to reveal a mask behind.
    In the next area, push the three coal carts to help you cross the gap and
    reach the other platform. Push the cage there using your jailbird costume
    to open the gate. Regroup with Kid and push the melting pot he's on. Just
    time your push to avoid the flames. You can do this by pushing him as soon
    as the fire jets stop.
    Continue until you reach the high-tech floor trap. Equip your jailbird
    costume and press R2 to ride the ball. Avoid the TNT barrels and the
    security lights until you reach the pressure plate needed to deactivate the
    trap. Continue outside to learn you new objective. Before moving forth,
    look to the left to find a mask behind some barrels.
    To solve the puzzle, start by hitting the middle crate so it slides all the
    way to the left. Next, hit the middle left crate up so it stops in the
    corner, near the locking mechanism. Go to the upper right crate now an hit
    it upwards, so it stops in the upper-right corner. Hit it again to the left
    so it connects to the other crate in the upper left corner.
    Now, return to the first blue crate you hit and hit it up so it slides up
    and joins the other two crates. Make it slide to the right this time, then
    up to the corner then left again so it stops beside the other two crates.
    You just need to push it through the lock mechanism to solve the puzzle.
    In the next area, ride the iron ball and make it to a safe spot then push
    the cage to create a pathway for you to cross. Be careful when riding the
    ball since you can fall off to the spiked pit below. Before you can push
    the cage in the middle, you have to turn off the trap. There's a pressure
    plate in the corner to disable it. Now have Kid put the TNT on the back
    wall to complete the job.
    (EP03-03)     COOPER FOR HIRE
    Follow Toothpick to the mine but stay out of sight. He occasionally stops
    and looks around so make sure to move from cover to cover while keeping
    tail on him. After reaching the mine, the control switches over to Murray.
    Take control of the gatling gun and keep the scorpions away.
    After the gatling gun sequence, you have to hack the system again. The
    mechanics are the same as before. The only new code that will be introduced
    is the speed code. Just follow the instructions to successfully defeat the
    security codes, get past obstacles and destroy the firewalls.
    The control will now switch to Kid. His gun cane can be used to shoot
    targets from afar. Keep shooting the vault door to open it. Head out and
    shoot the switch before moving forth. Kill the enemies ahead and open the
    next vault door using Crackshot. You'll be taught how to execute it.
    Ride the track and avoid the obstacles and electric charges along the way.
    Just jump to switch tracks and continue forth as necessary. Once you've
    reached the end of the track, take out the enemies then make your way to
    the upper level. There, you'll find another mask.
    Continue fighting your way through the path until you reach another vault
    door. Open it with Crackshot then ride the tracks again. Once you arrive in
    the next area, fight your way again through several enemies until you reach
    the vault door. Aside from the vault door, there are two crates you can
    destroy with Crackshot. Destroy them both to reveal another mask behind
    Ride the last train track and shoot the doors at the end to open them.
    Job complete!
    (EP03-04)     SALOON BUG
    After entering the saloon, you have to control Bentley to serve sarsaparilla
    to the rowdy patrons. Miss three times and your “supply” in the lower right
    hand corner will be depleted, failing the job. Be mindful of the number of
    glasses some patrons make.
    Once the control switches over to Sly, cross the beams and stay out of the
    floor to avoid detection. Be careful of the security light as well. Once
    you've reached the casino sign, smash it open with your jailbird costume's
    iron ball then continue inside.
    Once in the casino, don't enter the crawlspace yet. There's a mask on top
    of the wagon in the middle. You may want to take out a couple of roving
    guards to avoid detection.
    Enter the crawlspace and cross the beam to reach the next platform. From
    there, push the pot in the middle using your iron ball and be careful not
    to be spotted by the security light. jump on the railing and grab unto the
    circular neon sign on the wall
    In the next phase, you have to control the RC car through the vents. You
    can shoot the hostile spiders that you encounter and boost through the
    intervals of the ventilation fans. Once you've reached a fork in the road,
    take any of them as they will lead to the same vent. Continue until you
    reach the end of the vent to complete the mission.
    (EP03-05)     BLIND DATE
    Head to the canyon to chase Toothpick and to rescue Carmelita. Ride the
    tracks then take out the targets across to remove the obstacle. Head to the
    next point and destroy the targets again, including the TNT barrels along
    the way. Protect the coach until the obstacle in the next track gets
    removed. Head to the next point and close the flaming exhaust pipes by
    shooting the valves. Don't forget to take out the TNTs as well.
    Use crackshots as often as you can then manually shoot the targets to make
    things faster. Continue doing this until you successfully rescue Carmelita
    and complete the job.
    (EP03-06)     JAIL BREAK
    For the first part of the mission, you have to shoot the enemies and
    obstacles along the way. After getting past the first gate, you'll have to
    stay put and take out the enemies from above. You can shoot the dynamites
    lobbed at you as well. As Kid Cooper, head up then cross the wire to the
    other platform. Cross the first floor trap and take out the guard along the
    way. Destroy the next obstacle using crackshot then shoot the button to
    disable the trap. Clear the next area then pull the lever to remove the
    gate and regroup with Carmelita.
    You'll be controlling Carmelita again. Shoot the TNTs in the water then
    continue clearing the path and protect the barge until you reach the next
    platform. Have Kid circle around the turbine and make your way up. Clear
    the area of guards then use the crates to avoid the floor traps.
    After hopping to the second crate stack, you should be able to see the
    button there to power off the floor trap. Pull the lever next to open the
    river gate. Slide along the pipe to reach the next platform. Before
    regrouping with Carmelita, go down the vertical rope to the side which
    leads to another mask. After getting the mask, hop on the boat.
    Have Carmelita blow up the TNTs on the river again and continue defeating
    more targets ahead. After landing to the next platform, continue up and
    open the gate. Head inside to find Sly and the gang. Defeat the guards and
    quickly use crackshot to shoot the four locks and open the cage.
    Job complete!
    (EP03-07)     GRAND LARCENY
    In this mission, you have to defeat three henchmen in the Toothpick
    Appreciation Festival to get the keys needed to divert the train tracks.
    For the first game, you have to defeat 20 coyotes to face the champ. Once
    the champ goes in, land a few attacks then run to avoid getting damaged. If
    you take damage, just take out the small fries for them to drop health ups.
    Avoid getting surrounded and keep moving to win this bout.
    In the next game, you'll be controlling Sly. You have to avoid the obstacles
    and make it to the finish line before the time runs out.
    For the last game, you have to beat the high score using Carmelita. The
    “running” target and the vulture are worth more points so prioritize taking
    them out. The normal targets are worth two points while the invalid targets
    are worth -1. Just shoot as many valid targets as you can reach the required
    points within the time limit.
    Head to the back of the van to find an explosive dispenser. Stomp on it to
    get a barrel then throw it to the magnetic clamps to free the van. Next,
    control Carmelita and fight your way on the train. Once you've reached the
    terminal inside the crate, the control will switch over to Bentley. Destroy
    the crate using Bentley's bomb then hack the terminal.
    After the hacking sequence, you'll now control Kid Cooper. Head inside the
    next train car. Inside, you have to step on the elevated stacks to avoid
    the floor trap. There's a mask behind the locked crate to the first left
    but you can't reach it until you disable the whole floor trap. Destroy the
    crate using crackshot then shoot the button to remove the laser barrier
    ahead. Continue forth until you find the second button. Shoot it to disable
    all the laser traps.
    Make your way to the next train car and destroy the first crate. Head there
    and turn to the right to find another crate with a button. Shoot the button
    to make the laser barrier move. Cross the barrier and turn to the right.
    There's another mask there but just like before, you have to disable the
    floor trap before you can get it.
    For now, jump to the next platform then destroy the two crates behind the
    barrier. Shoot the button across then cross the moving barrier. Finally,
    shoot the last button to disable the trap. Don't forget to run back and
    grab the mask. Destroy the last door with crackshot and the gang will grab
    the remaining gold. Crawl unto the pipe until you reach the next train car.
    After the scene, you'll have to face Toothpick. For the first part, equip
    the jailbird costume and ride the ball. Destroy the floor trap generator
    and hit the valves to blow the whistle. Once he becomes a giant, evade the
    whirlwinds he sends until he gets dizzy. Once he's down, approach him and
    smack him with the iron ball to send him to the furnace. While he's trapped,
    continue smacking him to regain a bit of your HP and deal damage.
    For the second and third phases, he'll throw more dynamites, send multiple
    floor traps (quickly switch to your costume and ride the iron ball) and send
    more and faster twisters. Continue repeating the same process until you
    defeat him.
                         EPISODE: CLAN OF THE CAVE RACCOON
    Climb the nearby post outside the hideout and stand on top of a giant nest
    to start the job. Then, head to the marked locations in any order to take a
    photo of the parts. The Temporal Sprocket is carried by a flying
    pterodactyl, the Gravity Encabulator is carried by a penguin and the
    conveyor is inside the artificial structure inside the ice fort. The last
    two parts must be viewed from a higher angle. For the encabulator, the
    ideal viewing point would be on top of the nest in front of the caverns
    while the conveyor can be viewed from the top of the ice statue in the fort.
    Finally, head to the next vantage point and take a photo of The Grizz to
    complete the job.
    (EP04-02)     UNEXPECTED TIES
    After starting the mission, head to the crack on the wall and press circle
    to enter. Once inside the lair, go past the boiling tar pond and kill the
    guard in the next landing. Enter the crawlspace afterward.
    Continue to the lair's entrance by taking out the guards or evading them.
    Follow the trail to the left and make your way up to the bridge. After the
    scene, cross the bridge and continue forth until you encounter a geyser.
    Use the paraglider to gain height and reach the next cliff. From there,
    enter the lair.
    After entering the lair, pickpocket the key from the Grizz then take the
    sabertooth skin from the bed to unlock the Sabertooth Tiger costume. Go
    behind the bed as well to find a mask. Take the other path to perform a
    Cyclone pounce and reach the post across.
    Follow the straightforward path and take out enemies along the way. You'll
    finally reach the exit with some bubbles emanating from the ground. Take
    note that you have to time your pounce at the enemy to avoid getting hit by
    the bubble. Next, use your Cyclone Pounce to take out the enemies in the
    nearby pedestals.
    (EP04-03)     GETTING STRONGER
    Head to the starting point and talk to Murray afterward. You have to
    undergo training and you can freely choose which challnenge you want to
    tackle first. These are really simple mini-games that you can repeat as many
    times as it takes in case you fail. Complete all the challenges to complete
    the job.
    (EP04-04)     GOING UP
    First clear the group of guards then have Bob climb the walls afterward.
    Continue climbing and head to the next cavern to find yet another ice wall.
    This time, you have to avoid getting hit by the falling pterodactyl eggs
    and spike traps. There's also a mask on the top right of the first set of
    falling eggs.
    In the second part of the job, you have to climb the ice wall again and
    take care not to alert the baby pterodactyls. They will wake up occasionally
    so just stay put in a safe location once you see the “zzzzz” disappears from
    their heads. Like before, you still have to be wary of the spike traps,
    vents and falling eggs. Keep heading to the top to finally get the part.
    Find the penguins and chase them. You have to grab and squeeze them until
    you collect all the parts. Their locations are shown in the map at all times
    so you shouldn't have problems finding them.
    Collect them all to complete this simple job.
    (EP04-06)     ICE ICE BENTLEY
    Once inside the ice cavern, you can use the thermo vision to find Brizz's
    footprints and breakable obstacles. Follow the footprints then once you
    reached the higher platform, kick a bomb towards the pile of debris in the
    middle platform so you can hover there and reach the next tunnel.
    Follow it to reach the next room with a large painting. Use your binocucom
    and shoot the bling, penguin and apple with your dart to open the door.
    Head to that tunnel and destroy the debris in the platform.
    When you enter the next tunnel, move forth while avoiding the eggs. Use the
    alcoves on the wall to avoid being crushed. Once you've reached the end of
    the ramp, blow the wall open and continue forth. In the next hall, you have
    to pick the gems from the specific guards. Use the thermovision to identify
    the guards you need to target. After getting the gems, head to the gallery
    door and open it.
    Continue to the next tunnel where you need to get past rolling eggs and
    geysers. Once you've reached the end of the tunnel, you'll find two
    breakable walls. The one to the left leads to your objective, the other one
    contains a mask.
    Follow the tunnel to the Grizz's tunnel and tag him three times. Aim for
    the path on his pants and make sure to plant the darts before the time runs
    out. You have to change platforms to successfully do this.
    (EP04-07)     DUTY CALLS
    Follow the Grizz without getting spotted. Stay on the high ropes and posts
    while taking out a few guards along the way. Continue tailing him until he
    returns to his base. The job will be completed afterward.
    Head to the base entrance and operate the pedestal. Once inside the base,
    hover Bentley past the floating lava bubbles then kill the guard ahead. Next,
     use the bombs to destroy the branches holding the stone blocks. Use those
    blocks to reach the other side. Destroy the next set of branches then jump
    on the rotor blades then make your way to the lift.
    Disembark from the lift then clear the area of enemies. Continue until you
    see the vat. Use your binocucom then shoot the targets using your dart.
    Continue forth until you reach the pedestal. Complete the brief hacking
    sequence to activate the moving platforms.
    Jump on the moving platforms. Just jump to the next platform as the current
    platform you're in starts shaking. Once you reach the last section, destroy
    the moving targets using your dart. The control will now switch to Bob.
    Climb the wall and avoid the fire jets and spikes. Reach for the first valve
    and turn it open. Head to the second valve and rotate it open. Before
    heading to the right, continue further down to find a platform containing a
    mask. Continue to the third valve and open it.
    The control will now switch to Sly. Use pounce to reach the first guard and
    activate the lever. As the egg lift starts rotating, wait for a ring to
    rotate nearby then hang on it. Wait for the second ring to get close then
    transfer there. After reaching the next platform, you have to paraglide and
    use the hot air below to get past the pendulum obstacles. There's another
    mask in a separate platform to the left so glide there first to reach it.
    Finally, head to the switch and take out the guard to complete this sequence.
    The control will switch to Murray. You'll have to fight the Grizz in his
    ice skating rink. This battle is divided into three parts. The pattern is
    pretty much the same for every phase, with the increased frequency of
    First, you have to keep evading the Grizz's attacks until he deploys a rock
    circle with some ice blocks. You have to keep punching the ice blocks before
    the formation breaks. Once you punched all the ice blocks and they hit the
    Grizz, you'll have to defeat him in a ski rhythm battle. Just press the same
    button combinations as the Grizz does it.
    The second phase of the battle will introduce you to Grizz's faster charges,
    icicle drops and triple shockwaves. These can be evaded easily by
    double-jumps and running around. The Grizz will also send ice blocks around
    him. After evading the series of attacks, he will surround himself with rock
    and ice blocks. This time, there will be two ice blocks per side. You have
    to punch the rock in the middle to hit the two ice blocks at the same time.
    During the ice skating sequence, you have to follow the same pattern as the
    Grizz but some buttons on your end will have a question mark instead.
    Finally, the third phase will just allow Grizz to use faster attacks and
    surround himself with three blocks. Quickly punch the blocks in the middle.
    If your HP is still high, soak a few damage to punch the ice blocks. Defeat
    him in the final round of ice skating to complete the job and finish the
                             EPISODE: OF MICE AND MECHS
    (EP05-01)     SHOPPING SPREE
    As soon as the mission starts, you have to collect the materials Bentley
    needed in order. Their positions are marked in the map so you won't have
    problems finding them. First, head to the location and eavesdrop on the
    guards. You need to be standing on the rope above the marked location to
    trigger the eavesdropping. Once done, head to the tavern and enter through
    the roof.
    Once inside, you have to reach the second floor through the upper ledges
    since the stairs is guarded. Crawl under the table and jump to the fuel vat
    across. Make your way to the platform in the end the get the metal once it's
    clear. After acquiring the metal, exit the tavern.
    Go to the marked spot to eavesdrop on the guards. Next, head to the bakery
    and you'll be in another hacking sequence.
    Enter the bakery then smash one of the furnace windows to pass through.
    Pick the wood from the furnace then leave the area. Head to the clock tower
    and stand on the marked spot to eavesdrop again then proceed to the
    Continue upstairs and crawl into the crawlspace or use the rope to get to
    the other side of the room. Wait for the rotating arm to get near then jump
    and grab hold of its ring. Jump off to the next side and crawl under the
    space. Grab the leather and avoid the laser grid to get the leather and
    complete the job.
    (EP05-02)     JUGGLING ACT
    After starting the mission, head to the tower and make your way to the upper
    “branch”. (There's also a mask in the lower “branch”). Once you've reached
    the upper branch, you'll be able to use the Archer costume. Shoot the target
    across to create a rope bridge. Continue to the main circus tent and climb
    down the hole.
    Once inside, shoot an arrow to the target ahead and continue forth. Go to
    the lower platform and shoot another arrow past the rings. Time your
    movement to avoid getting scorched by the fire. Continue following the
    straightforward path and cross the three giant heads with trumpets.
    In the next platform, equip your archer costume and shoot the moving target
    ahead. Before moving forth, you should be able to reach the mask in the far
    platform near your starting point.
    Continue then jump on the swings to reach the catapult. Hop on the catapult
    to the next platform, then shoot the moving target again. The cannon ball
    may interrupt so time your release and control the trajectory of the arrow.
    Cross the rope while avoiding the cannon balls, obviously. Make your way to
    the next archery platform and shoot the next target. You have to cross the
    rope again while avoiding the cannon balls.
    Jump across another set of frog trumpets and grab hold of the rope at the
    end. Don't jump off yet to the next platform; instead, continue climbing up
    to find another mask hidden overhead.
    Now jump to the platform and slide down the fire dragon spiral and climb
    your way to the upper platform. Once there, carefully jump through the fire
    circle and equip your archer costume. Shoot the rotating target ahead to
    continue. Make your way to the top to find Sir Galleth.
    (EP05-03)     CANE SWIPE
    Once the mission starts, get ahead of the black knight and take a photo of
    his armor up front. Next, take a photo of the cane case.
    Then, take out the guards from behind. Remember that after taking out the
    last guard from the convoy, the other one will turn around and check things
    out. You must take them out stealthily. After taking out the guards,
    interact with the cane and play the hacking mini-game. Successfully
    stealing the cane will complete this job.
    (EP05-04)     EYE IN THE SKY
    You'll be using sir Galleth in this job. After Bentley briefs you about the
    mission, head to the first tower where you can use your Catapult Crash
    technique. Take note that you can only reach certain treasures and masks in
    this period by using it.
    After breaking the first vertical barrier, make your way to the third ring
    and peek to the ledge farther to the right to find a mask.
    Make your way to the top of the tower and destroy the first balloon. Head
    to the second tower and destroy the second balloon. You should be able to
    see another mask in the topmost ledge so don't forget to grab it.
    Head to the third tower and destroy the last balloon to complete the
    Head to the cavern after receiving the briefing from Bentley. Continue
    through the tunnel until you reach a massive machine. Peek over the edge to
    the right to find the mask there.
    Climb the machine afterwards. Navigating it is pretty much self-explanatory
    and straightforward.
    Once you've reached the top level, grab hold of the ring to the right side
    of the dragon heads then make your way to the zipline to the left. After
    the scene, you'll be controlling Carmelita.
    This battle is rather simple. You just need to avoid the fireballs, shoot
    down the homing projectiles, avoid the lasers, kill the little mechanical
    dragons and avoid the dragon heads' fire breath. As one of the dragon heads
    breath fire, target the nozzle in their throats to disable them temporarily.
    Run in front of their noses to destroy their eyes. You have to keep
    repeating this until you destroy all heads. Job complete.
    (EP05-06)     SHORT SUPPLY
    After the briefing, head to the tavern. Once inside, stomp on the enemies
    then throw them to the vats to destroy them. Each vat needs to hits to
    destroy. After destroying the machines, the control will now switch to Sly.
    Head to the shoemaker's. Go upstairs and grab to the rope. Change into the
    archer costume and quickly cross the rope before the laser reaches it. Make
    your way to the central platform. Next, pick up an arrow nearby and create
    a rope bridge by shooting the other target. Activate the panel again to
    have Bentley take care of the hacking.
    After hacking successfully, the control will switch over to Sir Galleth.
    Head to the bakery and enter it. Close the furnace grate to pass through.
    Find a ring on the wooden column in the middle then use your catapult crash
    to reach the upper level.
    You have to use catapult crash to destroy the pipes above and activate the
    lasers. Avoid getting damaged by the lasers or run out of time since the
    system will reset. You have to destroy three pipes, avoiding the lasers as
    you work your way then escape.
    Follow the Black Knight and stay out of his sight until he enters the
    blacksmith shop. You'll control Bentley afterward. Make your way to the
    roof of the building and enter it from the shaft. Once inside, destroy the
    first obstacle and disable the lasers ahead by shooting a dart to the
    control panel.
    Continue following the path until you find a large gear. There's a mask
    behind the wooden board so blow it open using your bomb to get the mask.
    Disable the next set of laser floor traps then head to the terminal. Access
    it and complete the hacking sequence.
    After the hacking, continue forth the narrow tunnel and shoot the panel on
    the ceiling to reprogram the lasers. Cross the moving laser field then
    follow the path. Find another laser control panel past the moving pistons
    to the far right walkway. After disabling the lasers, continue until you
    find another terminal. Hack this terminal to continue
    Continue forth but before turning to the right, jump on the rotating gears
    to the left and destroy the box in the corner to reveal another mask.
    Return to the main path and shoot the panel to reprogram the lasers. Head
    to the next room and shoot the panel in the rotating machine to the right
    to disable the laser field. Destroy the box then follow the path. Shoot the
    obstacle ahead to disable the floor lasers again then continue. The next
    two laser panels are behind the moving platform on both sides of the
    walkway. Continue forth until you discover the Black Knight's real
    (EP05-08)     HARD TARGET
    The mission starts with you controlling Galleth. You have to collect three
    fire bulbs, all located in those tall vines. You can reach them using
    Galleth's catapult crash technique. The bulbs are marked in the map so you
    shouldn't have problems finding them all.
    After collecting all the fire bulbs, you'll be controlling Sly this time.
    Head to the carnival and enter the archery shooting game. This is similar
    to Carmelita's gun shooting mini-game. Moving targets costs more points,
    especially the fast, flying dragon. Hit non-enemy targets and you'll get a
    deduction. Just prioritize shooting the moving targets; otherwise,
    concentrate on taking out as many targets as possible within the time limit.
    Detonate the gate and you'll have to face Penelope alone. You have to
    switch between Sly's default costume and his archer costume. Penelope's
    giant iron knight has the same attacks, though the pattern will vary. The
    huge beam it fires can be blocked by the siege platforms so hide behind them
    when she attacks. The shockwave on the ground can be easily evaded using
    To damage this enemy, you have to take out the shoulder pads first before
    its core becomes vulnerable for the first time. To do this, you have to go
    to the marked siege tower, use the archer costume to fire an arrow then
    steer it to the target. Once the arrow successfully attaches to the target,
    switch to your default costume and run to the other end of the rope before
    the laser beam hits and cuts the rope.
    Next, you have to defeat Penelope's serv bot. The controls are simple.
    To win this battle, you have to avoid the enemy's attack, then go for a
    counterattack. Attacking aggressively will just allow your opponent to
    evade your swings and catch you off guard instead. You can also trigger
    super attacks once prompted to deal more damage.
                               EPISODE: FORTY THIEVES
    (EP06-01)     LOST AND FOUND
    After the mission starts, head to the marked door and enter the house. Go
    to the large room and look to the left. Use your binocucom to highlight the
    golden pot. Take a photo of it, and the large, strange door as well.
    Exit the house then head to any of the marked locations. Use the binocucom
    to track the footsteps and take a photo of the objects in question. After
    taking a snapshot of all the necessary items. Track Salem down to the boat
    docked in the northwestern corner of the map.
    (EP06-02)     OPEN SESAME
    You have to collect three flawless gems. Their locations are marked in the
    map so you just have to find them in any order you prefer.
    Deliver the gems to the pawner and you'll unlock the Thief Costume. Head to
    the building to the west and open the gate by standing on the lever near
    the springy cushion. Slow time down to get under the gate.
    There's a treasure inside but ignore it for now and just come back for it
    later. Follow Ms. Decibel and Le Paradox. Don't let any of the guards spot
    you. Just follow them from the high ground and you'll be able to eavesdrop
    their conversation nice and easy. Follow them to their location and get
    past the gate using the Thief Costume's slow time ability. Finally, destroy
    the gear to remove the trap and head to the tent where the two are talking.
    Job complete.
    (EP06-03)     RUG RATS
    After getting briefed by Bentley, go to the side of the shop and crawl under
    the vent to enter it. Once inside, grab on the pole and press R2 to use
    Salim's Climbing Cobra technique. Head to the next room and cut the rope
    holding the statue to reach the cavern below.
    Crawl through the hole and continue to the next room. Make your way to the
    rope in the end of the cave and climb up. Operate the lever then make your
    way up, with the help of Salim's Climbing Cobra technique. Once you've
    reached a guarded platform, scale the ledge once the guard stops looking.
    Make your way to the right side and use the Climbing Cobra to quickly
    climb the chains.
    Scale the ledge again and carefully get past the guard. After passing, you
    can sneak inside and take out the guards to collect the mask.
    Scale the next ledge and climb the next set of destructible chains until
    you reach the last platform . Get past the guard and operate the lever.
    Quickly jump on the retracting platform and make your way up again using
    three snake infested poles. Head to the next platforms and avoid the
    security lights. Continue until you reach the last rope leading to the top
    After finding the thief ally, operate the terminal so Bentley can start
    hacking. Complete the hack successfully to complete the mission.
    (EP06-04)     UP IN THE SMOKE
    Control Bentley's RC chopper. Drop the smoke bombs on the markers below.
    Avoid the homing bombs and boost away when they get too near. Keep doing
    this as Sly and Salim make their move and find The Lion. Operate the
    terminal so Bentley can deactivate the hypnotic device.
    (EP06-05)     COPY CATS
    As Murray, operate the switch to raise a sunken ship and create a walkway
    for him. Head towards the swirling blade obstacle for the control to switch
    to Sly. Go across the stream using the boat then climb up using the rope
    and scale the wall past the guard. Jump on the lever and use the Slow Time
    ability of your Thief costume to get past the gate.
    After getting past the gate, you have to cross the swirling water by
    jumping on the floating debris. Be careful of the explosive barrels as
    well. Make your way to the next ledge and jump on the lever to open the
    door. Slow time again to get past it.
    You have to get past the swirling stream again. Use the Slow Time ability
    to easily jump from debris to debris. Be careful of the explosive barrels
    as well. You can use the poles in the middle to recharge your focus meter.
    Once you reached the other end, climb the destructible chains and step on
    the lever. Once outside, use the sword to destroy the gears. You'll control
    Murray next.
    As Murray, get past the shark infested waters and kill the guards in the
    next area. Interact with the switch, then take out the cannons. Once the
    cannons are dealt with, interact with the switch again to raise the sunken
    ship. Continue across the walkway until your progress is halted again by the
    spinning blades.
    You'll control Sly once again. Ride the debris and jump to the bow of the
    ship. You'll find a mask there.
    Make it across to reach the gold-laden shore with sleeping guards. Be
    careful when stepping on the stack of coins as they'll wobble and crash,
    alerting the guards. Use the Thief costume's slow time ability to get past
    these. Next, stealth-kill the guards or avoid their lights to get past the
    hallway. Destroy the gear to disable the spinning blades preventing Murray
    to advance.
    As Murray, cross the shark-infested water again and head to the next
    platform. Operate the switch and take out the cannons again, like before.
    Once clear, operate the switch to raise another sunken ship. The control
    will return back to Sly. Slow time as you move across the floating debris
    to avoid getting damaged by the explosive barrels. Make your way to the
    bow of the ship before it sinks. Remember that slowing time will also slow
    down the real-time timer.
    After reaching The Tiger, operate the terminal to initiate the hacking.
    The job is completed after successfully hacking and disabling the hypnotic
    After the briefing, find the snake pole and use Salim's climbing ability to
    reach the upper ledge and sneak inside. Once in, Bentley will give you some
    devices that you need to put in three different locations. They are marked
    in the map so just explore the area to find them.
    In the large room with book stacks, look for a rope that you can grab unto
    and make your way up. You'll find a mask on one of the ledges there.
    After placing the bugs, you'll now control Bentley. You'll have to find the
    transmitters you planted then shoot them with darts. The objects you can
    destroy with your bomb will be marked so you won't have problems navigating
    the area.
    You'll control Salim this time. Make your way to Ms. Decibel's table and
    plant the bug there without being seen.
    (EP06-07)     ALL ROLLED UP
    Carmelita will distract the guards and you'll have to play a rhythm
    mini-game. Keep at it until the team successfully infiltrates the secret
    base. Once inside, you'll have to control Bentley's RC car. After getting
    the guards' attention, lead them to the vent far away from their post.
    Once inside the vent, control the RC car past the laser obstacles. Take out
    the scorpions along the way as well. This is a very straightforward path so
    you don't have to worry about any detours. Continue until you find the power
    source. Drive straight through it to disable the laser field. Lead Bentley
    to the security room and start hacking the terminal.
    In the next phase, you have to fight the guards. Use Murray's stomp to grab
    them and throw them to the large gas guns. Keep doing this until the guns
    are destroyed.
    For the first part of the battle, slow down the time and jump on the green
    boxes on your way to Ms. Decibel. Evade her attacks until she gets dizzy.
    After she changes platform, you have to follow her there. You need to walk
    on the line and evade the incoming bolts. You can slow down time to make it
    easier for you to progress. As soon as you make it to her, avoid her attacks
    again until she gets dizzy.
    Cut the chains to clear your path and continue your pursuit. Head to the
    platform with lots of toxic gas and canisters. Peek over the plate where
    the chain is located to find a mask.
    Slow time again and jump on the boxes before they get destroyed and until
    you reach the boss. Circle around her and keep evading her attacks until
    she becomes vulnerable. Make your way up again on the second music ribbon
    to reach Ms. Decibel.
    In this battle, you just have to abuse the time slow ability to get away
    from her attacks, especially her projectiles. Keep evading until she gets
    dizzy from her shockwave attack. Keep hitting her to aggravate her. After
    this, she'll charge towards you. Slow down time to position yourself in
    front of the towers to lure Ms. Decibel and damage her. Keep doing this
    until she gets defeated.
                         (EP07-00) EPISODE: PARIS EPILOGUE
                              Deja Vu All Over Again
    Head towards Carmelita for a scene. Once in control, you'll have to control
    Rioichi to retrieve his cane. Use Dragon Leap on top of the warning lights
    to reach it. Next, defeat the rat troopers that will storm in.
    You'll be in the next room where you'll have to retrieve Bob's cane next.
    You'll still be using Rioichi to get it. Before proceeding, you can find a
    mask in this room. Jump over the gap to the right to find this mask behind
    the crates.
    Use Dragon Leaps while timing your jumps to avoid getting hit by the stream
    of freezing gas. After getting the cane, Rioichi will go back to his time.
    You'll now use Bob to get Salim's cane. Make your way to the cane's location
    while avoiding the ice jets.
    After getting Salim's cane, Bob will return to his time. Defeat the next
    wave of rat troopers to continue to the next room. Time your ascend on the
    blue chains to avoid getting hit by the toxic/freezing steam. Continue forth
    to retrieve Galleth's cane. Salim will now return to his time. It's
    Galleth's turn this time. Have him grab on the moving rings and destroy the
    blue canisters overhead to disable the floor traps. Make your way to Kid's
    cane and Sir Galleth will bid farewell.
    Like before, take out the rat trooper reinforcements and proceed to the
    next room. Have Kid circle around the crate to the right and shoot the
    switch. Take note that this switch has an invisible timer; the hatch doors
    on the next corner will open after a short while. When that happens, shoot
    the switch again. Move forth and climb the pole. Jump down the pole first
    then turn around to find the mask on the platform across.
    After getting the mask, climb up the pole again and swing to the nect
    platform. Now you have to stop the rotating blocks by shooting the switch
    again. Get across this as fast as possible. Do the same for the last set of
    blocks to reach a vault door. You have to shoot the correct patterns using
    Kid's crackshot.
    After the scene, you'll be in a showdown with Le Paradox himself. This is
    a pretty easy and simple boss battle. You just have to carefully move from
    arm to arm to catch up with Le Paradox. Just press the correct button
    prompts that appear in the screen.
    In the last part of the battle, you'll be sliding down the burning blimp.
    Face off with Le Paradox until he's defeated.
    This text guide only covers the main walkthrough of the game. For videos,
    screenshots and illustrated locations of all collectibles, please refer to
    my online guide below:

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