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"Other Reviews Are Shtalco"

This is my first Review I have ever done for a game so please don't be too hard on me an how I review Defiance for the PS3. I have read some of the other reviews on here and I am disgusted by them and their lack of apparently playing the game before reviewing it. The same people who gave defiance a 5 out of 10 are probably the same ones who gave Kingdoms of Amalur a 8 out of 10 and that game was complete crap. Anyway onto the review.

Story: 7

I like the story. I think its interesting and something that has not been over done thought we will see what happens between the show and the game. In the game the story is a bit different than the show. You basically play a mercenary who's hired to protect this jerk was named Karl Von Baucsh who has a piece of ark core that he believes he can use to heal the world. Of course right off the bat things go south, crap gets blown up, and you have to do a bunch of stuff to find your boss, make money, and kill things. The cutscenes are very well acted and the characters well rounded once you get to know them a little. It makes you feel like your part of the world but I must admit it could be better. The cutscenes are there just to push the story a long but do little more than just that.

Graphics 8

The graphics while not the best on the market and not even the best in an MMO are still really nice. Colors are vibrant but but repetative at the same time. The world is a terraformed wasteland so theres still a lot of browns and reds that make it feel sad and depressing but enough color in the flowers, enemies and players to still have them pop out at you. Unfortunately they have their problems too. Some of the plants are kind of flat and look more like cardboard cut outs flapping in the wind, some textures are pixelated and not smoothed out at all but thats if you look at it really up close. From a few feet back you wouldn't be bale to tell. Theres a few other texture and shading problems but you'll barely be able to tell while playing.

Sound 6

This is the lowest score because of one crucial flaw which I will get to in a moment. Most of the sound is quite good. The voice actors do an amazing job bringing their characters to life. Bullets and explosions sound like the should and draw you in as part of the game. The music while not really memorable does suit each area. While sitting in the wasetland the music is low and slow and gives a sense of foreboding while during combat the music is fast and aggressive and draws you in that much more. Though don't expect to be humming any of the tunes the next day. The biggest reason this score is so low is because sometimes the audio can't keep up with the acion. This mainly only happens during Arkfalls when there are tons of players. Arkfalls are kind of like instances From Guildwars 2. Anyone can show up and help, and you will be rewarded so long as you helped in some way shape or form. I am kind of glad they went with the GuildWars 2 mechanic on that one. But back to the sound, While playing these Arkfalls with hundreds of enemies swarming around and dozens of players shooting and killing things the audio kind of just slips out. I will be shooting but no noise coming fromt he gun, the music gets all staticy, and the monsters don't make noise.Again I have only seen this happen during Ark Falls and hope that Trion will patch it up sometime soon.

Gameplay 9

Yes here it is the review of the game play. The most important part of any game is the gameplay. Defiance is a 3rd person action shooter MMO and plays exactly like that. Wether lobbing hand grenades, Driving Rollers (Cars for those who haven't seen the show or played the game) or just shooting the crap out of things it feel just like it should. Not to say its perfect but it is definately not another WoW rip off. I'm Happy to see Trion make something unique and not just rip off World of Warcraft then claim that they aren't Ripping off World of Warcraft. Seriously did they even try with Rift? Or did they just copy and paste the WoW programming code and come up with different looks for the characters? But no Defiance is its own game and is like nothing else on the market.

The action in Defiance is intense and will probably piss you off a little too. Its really not an easy game to play a lone but at the same time it is. Confused? Well let me explain, you take on missions, go here kill this, protect her, kill that, you know the usual. But while playing alone there are so many bad guys that it just gets insane. Especially early on when your trying to clear out raiders for a basic mission and you got 10 of them with machine guns firing from every angle, another 4 with shotguns that take 90% of your shield or health in one hit, and 2 big guys shooting rocket launchers that take 99% of shield and health and the same time with 1 hit and fire three consecutive rockets in a row is a little much for a single player to take on. And you will probably die a lot and have to keep restarting. The first time you get killed you can self revive on the spot giving you a second chance the second time you have to extract which puts you at a way point fairly close to where you were but not right in the middle. So this allows you to reload on guns and try again but the good thing is you don't have to restart the whole mission. So if you got 30 people to kill and you can only kill 1 before being killed, then you will be killed 30 times before finishing the mission. This gets very frustrating. Every enemy has a weakness which is awesome but sometimes its too dangerous to exploit that weakness alone. Like when the hellbug warriors are attacking the two spots their weakest are their mouths and under the stomachs. The only way to hit these 2 areas is by standing right in front of them zoomed in while they are attack you. This makes what should be a simple battle more difficult than it needs to be. But every enemy has a weakness and cna be taken down alone with enough patience and trying.

The upgrades in this game are also pretty awesome. It does more of a grid type upgrade that allows you to pick 1 major ego skill and then a bunch of boosts around it. And each boost and perk is upgradeable by at least 3 levels. As you level up with EGO ppower instead of XP ( But its the same thing) you get ego points to put towards whatever skill or perk you want. The higher your level the more slots you unlock to add them to your character. So you may have 5 perks unlocked but only 3 slots to equip them. Or you may have 4 slots but only 2 perks ugraded to level 3. Either way is fine and the freedom to pick which ones you want equipped is pretty awesome. So fromt he beginning you pick 1 of 4 powers. I chose overcharge which allows me to do more damage with whatever weapon I'm using, fromt hat I have a perk that grants me more ammo while using melee kills and a perk that recharges my shield after a melee kill. The freedom of this really allows you to play how you want to play. I read one review that said there was no class system which is complete crap. You still have your class systems they are just opened up more to be intertwined and not as restrictive. Do you want to be a damage dealing tank with the power to go invisible? Go for it. The freedom is quite impressive.

Again keeping with the play how you want to is the weapon upgrading system which is a bit confusing. What ever weapon you choose to use will gain levels as you use it. Think like elder scrolls, The more you use a light machine gun the more damage it will as it levels up. Simple right? Yeah of course it is. But you also have the option to modify weapons,adding scopes and magazines and barrels, Pretty cool you think? Think again. This is the worst part of the game play for me because it is so freaking confusing. First you have to have the slot to attach the mod which you get by using script ( in game money) to unlock the slot, then you wait 10 minutes for it to actually unlock. Not sure whats up with that. And it goes in order so if you want a scope on your gun you may have to unlock the first to slots first then unlock the scope slot which means you have to pay 3 times and wait a total of 30 minutes for the slot to unlock. Thankfully the script is plentiful and easily made in game. No heres the kick each mod to attach is different per weapon but some weapons use the same ones. You may have a barrel that does 1.5 damage but you cant put it on your pistol because its only for rocket launchers. So you have to track down the right one from a vendor or get it from a mission if you want one for the pistol. And by the time you do enough missions to get an attachment you can use your whole inventory is full of attachments you can't use. Thankfully you can sell them and make some of that sweet Script. Now heres there other confusing part about adding mods. if you want to add the mod you cna no problem it happens instantly you just select which gun you want and which mod and say ok and bam there it is. But remember when I was talking about adding the slots? Well to add a slot your weapon can not be equipped on any of your load outs. And you have 5 load outs total. So if you pick up a gun and equip it into multiple load outs you then have to go back and un equip it for each load out. But there is a glitch where you can't do it all at the same time. So you have to go to load out 1 unequip, exit the menu, go back into the menu go to loadout 2 and unequip it there also. So if your like me and play with 1 main loadout and dont really change things around your going to wind up having to do this 5 times. It's not hard its just annoying. The glitch wont let you unequip switch load outs then unequip again. And there is no option to unequip from all at the same time which would have been a nice feature.

Now there are a lot of quests in thsi game most of which are just run and gun but there are a few different type of quests to do. Protecting people : these quests can be annoying because you have 30 enemies firing at you at once and killing your partner who you then have to rush over and revive but if you get it it stops the revival process making you kill all the enemies then reviving your partner before the next wave. Time trials: these are like racing games, you hop on a vehicle and make it through lit up checkpoints within the time limit. Hotshots: basically they give you a big ass gun and you kill as many things as possible. And co-op maps which is also killing things but this time as a group so its more like a dungeon. So there are some variety in the missions but it does get a little repetetive .

The best thing about this game is Ithere is no monthly subscription but if you want anything special in the game they will nickel and dime your butt to hell. You can buy game gems with real money to trade for items in the game. Like a new hat or clothes or whatever you want. Even though I'm ok with that since it means Its optional and not a monthly service fee I would justify it more if it didn't come out to a virtual hat costing $10. I don't even pay $10 for a hat I'm going to wear let alone a virtual one.

All in all this game is actually quite addictive and fun but you might want to bring a friend a long ( I still haven't found anyone who wants to join up as a party :'( ) Amd every time a major event happens in the show they will be bringing it to the game. Though I am not impressed with the first weeks content. In the show they where having a festival and in the game you can now light lanterns. Kind of dumb but I see where their going with this nd hope they do bigger things later on.

Overall 8 out of 10

Pros +
Freedom to create your character how you want
Huge Map with lots to explore
New kind of story
Constant updates to reflect what happens in the show
Its just fun and addictive
Not like any MMO you've ever played

Cons -
Gameplay gets kind of repetetive after a while
weapons modding is confusing and takes way too long
Some graphics are ugly up close
Being nickeled and dimed to get virtual items costs more than what I would spend on real clothes.
Can't find many people to play with :'(

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 04/24/13

Game Release: Defiance (US, 04/02/13)

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