How do I beat (Ancient dragon (Inferno)? lvl 81 mage

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    at about 30% of his life left all my party is dead and the skelaton kills me every time so...
    i need help

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  1. Bring potions and use them regularly. Also as a mage use an Ice staff and while in the air press up and hold circle to do the ice flower/snowflake attack. You should shoot a large icicle horizontally and upon impact it should spread like a snowflake. This move does great damage.

    a) Prayers don't work for the AD, so life point prayers before AD is wasting money.
    b) You might want to look into a different build for your dwarf. Equip 2 hammers to get better burst damage from using maxed grand smash 2x in a row (combine this with maxed adroit hands). Much better tactic for bosses than chucking misc. items. Also, you can't grab blue skeletons unless they are frozen or petrified.
    c) If you've got a fighter with an amazon and the amazon incites rage and war paints, the fighter should have sacrifice so that the amazon takes no damage, keeps high berserk, has maxed adrenaline attack buff, and kills AD in time for the trophy to pop up.
    d) For the Elf, a different boss killer build uses Power Shot/Impact Arrow/Clone Strike/battle hardened/Oil/extract. Charged shots just do crazy damage and clone strike makes you shoot more of those charged shots with battle hardened preventing knockback while charging. Rapid fire is pretty weak in comparison.

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  1. I just beat the Ancient Dragon on inferno myself with a lvl 78 mage. I did it by playing online a lot, and collecting 3 lvl 90+ Allies. I think I had an elf, sorceress (who used protection--that was key), and a dwarf all from other online profiles.

    Whereas I thought the key was to have lots of damage mitigation, I found it easier to buff damage instead. I drank a strength potion right before the battle too.

    Went in with an ice rod. Used strength potion, slow, fire ward, blaze, and then slashing storm, along with my base whirlwind attack.

    I failed several times before that attempt. But that one went pretty easy.

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  2. Easiesy way is get 3 allies that are either max (99) or near it.

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  3. First thing you might want to do is Pray at the Temple for more Life Points.

    Get +damage/+damage to Draconic gear first. Then damage mitigation and defensive gear (-damage taken/-damage from Draconic/Physical and Magical resist/Fire and Lightning Resist/-damage from Undead/Decreased Freeze Duration or Immunity).


    Wizard: Slow is a must have for all boss fights. The AD doesn't move so Blaze is a good choice. If you have good knockback/knockdown resistance you could maybe swing a Level 3 Meteor Swarm. Flame Burst/Tornado/Thunderbolt would help cleare Skeletons and Fire Ward is a constant source of damage.

    Sorceress: Create Food and Protection are absolutely GODLIKE, getting max health and 50% damage reduction. Blizzard is useful in dealing with Skeletons. Petrification/Rock Press/Ice Prison might also help since they deal damage and have Crowd Control properties.

    Elf: Rapid Fire + Toxic Extract/Salamander Oil is how my Elf does the most burst damage. Position yourself to the side of the Dragon and fire all your Upward Shots so that the arrows come down under the AD's head. The Toxic Extract/Salamander Oil leaves a column of damaging poison/fire for every arrow that strikes the ground and they stack. Maxed out Battle Hardened will give you 50% damage reduction while firing.

    Amazon: War Paint is the key. At max level I believe it triples her damage for 20 seconds. Maxed out Punisher/Berserk/Adrenaline all increase your damage/attack speed as the fight drags on. At full berserk speed activate War Paint and just watch the health tick down. I put points into Brandish for the invincibility. If I see the dragon casting big magic I'll try to time my attacks so that I can Brandish as the AD finishes casting.

    Dwarf: My Dwarf is a Throw Bot. Max out Power Bomb/Fire Barrel/Powder Mastery. Pull out Fire Barrels and toss them at the AD's head. Max out Rock Skin to add extra damage reduction to your Pump Up. Bomb Satchel and Magma Infusion also deal good damage. If nobody is dealing with Skeletons then grab the blue ones and toss them onto the regular ones. When you're out of stuff to throw Frenzy your hairy little heart out.

    Fighter: If you've got a good Amazon then your best strategy might be to max out Cover Allies/Shield Tactics and then block next to the AD's head. If you have nobody dealing with Skeletons then you could use Distraction to keep them off your allies. If you don't need to do either of those just attack the AD.

    The Fight

    Phase 1: Once you walk into the danger zone the AD swoops in on you with a cheap fly by to start the fight. Hide behind the wall to avoid the damage and knockdown. Then the AD will hover in the center of the screen and cast some very nasty spells along with some vicious physical attacks. Lightning bolts, fire, razor sharp claws, the works. Attack him relentlessly and avoid damage where you can. Watch out specifically for when the dragon rears its head back because that's the precursor to a full screen fire breath attack. Hide behind the walls on the side of the stage to duck out of harm's way. Eventually the AD will summon Skeletons and soon after that fly out of attack range.

    Phase 2: The AD will be flying high and out of reach. It will be firing off magical missiles at the walls on either side of the screen. If the walls take enough damage they'll crumble and leave you with no shelter from full screen attacks. You can attack these magic orbs and reflect them BACK at the AD and damaging it. This is easy with the Amazon/Fighter aerial attacks or the Sorceress/Wizard with ice staves and the Up + Circle cyclone spell. In the meantime, Skeletons will be roaming the battlefield attacking anything that moves.

    Once the AD finishes Phase 2 it will return to Phase 1. Rinse and repeat. Hopefully you'll have found some good allies to add to your Friends list and they'll be there to help you. Otherwise, high level NPC Companions also work (though try to find the ones left by actual players, they usually have better equipment and skill point distributions).

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