Most efficient ways to raise stats?

  1. Anyone figured out the most efficient ways to raise your characters various stats yet? Strength, Stamina, etc?

    User Info: thebigshow17

    thebigshow17 - 4 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. All buttons for Sony PS3:
    .:.Special: Constantly use your special

    .:.Stamina: Running, biking, swimming. Constantly tap X to expend energy, Stop when you start to lose health (takes awhile).

    .:.Shooting: Successfully hitting people (headshots are better), animals, and targets at the Ammu-Nation range.

    .:.Strength: Fighting people, playing tennis, playing golf, doing yoga. The longer the better.

    .:.Stealth: Push your left analog stick (L3) and you'll crouch a little. Just walking in this mode increases the stealth stat a little. Perform a silent takedown (L2 to target, O to takedown) will increase the stat a little more. You can just creep up and down a street and bother no one, or you can hold X, run up behind a random pedestrian and knock them out.

    .:.Flying: Just spend time flying airplanes and helicopters without crashing.

    .:.Driving: Driving at high speeds against the flow of traffic without crashing.

    .:.Lungs: Pushing R1, or holding the analog stick towards the floor to dive underwater, your stamina meter will be replaced with your lung capacity. The longer you stay down, the more this stat increases. The more it increases, the longer you can stay underwater.

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Other Answers

  1. ~Special: Use your special.
    ~Stamina: Run, bike, swim, climb, stuff that would make you tired if you weren't playing a game all day.
    ~Shooting: Take it to one of the Ammu-nation ranges and drop $14 to do challenges.
    ~Strength: Fight people(fistacuffs), play tennis.
    ~Stealth... i'm assuming to be sneaky L3 triggers.
    ~Flying... Fly? ~Driving... Swerve controllable through traffic. Near misses and top speeds.
    ~Lungs... Bong rips and diving without gear?

    User Info: Carnivalhalla

    Carnivalhalla - 4 years ago 0 0
  2. Special: Use your special as much as possible
    Shooting: Gun Range
    Stamina: Running, Biking, Triathlon.
    Strength: Fighting, Tennis
    Stealth: Do a lot of Stealth Attack (Press L3 and Target someone and press attack)
    Flying: Flying airplanes, hele, flying school
    Lungs: Diving.

    User Info: xVGTA

    xVGTA - 4 years ago 0 0

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