Tried EVERYTHING. Anyone know how to get BAWSAQ to work?

  1. I finished the story. Did 2 of Lesters assassin missions. Saved the rest for now.
    I need to invest in fruit on BAWSAQ.
    But Bawsaq isn't working!! I am a member of Social Club and I am connected to the internet but I keep gettin
    the down for maintenance page. How can I fix this?? I tried everything! Resetting the PS, going online and offline. Nothing seems to work.

    User Info: Bigga_boi

    Bigga_boi - 4 years ago
  2. Additional Details:
    Not true.

    Started a new game and bawsaq just works there. No social club anything cause this is on a different ps3 with a different psn user and there bawsaq just works. Sooi

    User Info: Bigga_boi

    Bigga_boi - 4 years ago

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  1. No Guys Bawsaq needs a r* social club account it work for the starting of the game but after wards it get to maintenance. Thanks to my rediscovery of this solution I got 1.8 billion

    User Info: TormentedZeus5

    TormentedZeus5 - 3 years ago 1 0


  1. Its currently in maintantace Rockstar is fixing this problem

    User Info: reilutellu

    reilutellu - 4 years ago 1 0
  2. Step by Step: THIS WILL FIX THE ISSUE

    1. Create a PSN Account; Log In.
    2. Open the Web Browser on your PS4(or whatever console you have)
    3. Go to URL:, create an account; Log in.
    4. Close the GTA5 Application if you have it open; Restart the game.

    VIOLA. Bawsaq is available in-game. THAT easy. But, I understand the head-pounding frustration that this information isn't all over the web. Everyone was just like "Social club!" with no step-by-step or anything. So, this WILL help. Enjoy those assasination missions! Happy playing!

    User Info: CaptainTHCx

    CaptainTHCx - 2 years ago 1 1

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