The big heist ?

  1. I'm @ the big heist and I cant get in the strip club to start the mission am I missing something all players have only 1 mission all other side quests finished ?

    User Info: jayster001

    jayster001 - 3 years ago

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  1. Are you sure you have completed all the Heist Preparations?

    Depending on which approach you took you need the following preparations to be done before you start at the club:

    The Subtle Approach:
    Gauntlets (3 muscle cars)

    The Obvious Approach:
    Train engine and one flatbed car
    Getaway Vehicle (Much easier to get away if customized!)

    I think the only heist preparation that's not marked with a (H) is the cars on both approaches.

    After everything's done you should get a cut scene start when you enter the club but if you can't enter you have most likely forgotten something, if you can't remember what either check the "Replay Mission" in the pause meny or reply the "Big Score" mission if you can.

    For more details visit this page but it has some spoilers:

    User Info: grotler

    grotler - 3 years ago 1 0

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