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    FAQ/Walkthrough by insomniac_dog

    Version: 2.00 | Updated: 11/22/08 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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                               TOOLS OF DESTRUCTION
    I) Version History
    II) Contact and Legal
    III) General Information
    IV) Controls
    V) Weapons
    VI) Devices
    VII) Gadgets
    VIII) Walkthrough
        1. Metropolis, Planet Kerwan
        2. Gelatonium Plant, Planet Cobalia
        3. Stratus City, Planet Kortog
        4. Lombax Ruins, Planet Fastoon
        5. Voron Asteroid Belt, Cerullean Sector
        6. Imperial Fight Festival, Planet Mukow
        7. Apogee Space Station, Nundac Asteroid Ring
        8. Pirate Base, Planet Ardolis
        9. Rakar Star Cluster, Verdigris Sector
        10. Lava Refineries, Planet Rykan V
        11. Outpost L51, Planet Sargasso
        12. Imperial Fight Festival, Planet Mukow (revisited)
        13. IRIS Supercomputer, Kreeli Comet
        14. Zordoom Prison, Planet Viceron
        15. Verdigris Black Hole, Praxus Sector
        16. Kerchu City, Planet Jasindu
        17. Slag’s Fleet, Ublik Passage
        18. Cragmite Ruins, Planet Reepor
        19. Meridian City, Planet Igliak
        20. Lombax Ruins, Planet Fastoon (revisited)
    IX) Secrets and Collectibles
        1. Gold Bolts
        2. Skill Points
        3. Holo-Plans
        4. Skins
        5. Cheats
    X) End Note
    I didn’t re-submit my file every time I updated it; I only posted it with
    major improvements. For a long time, I didn’t even submit the basic
    walkthrough. My first submission was around when I had it at Version 1.50.
    Here is the version history (remember, many of these updates I did not
    1.00 - Began the walkthrough. Completed guides for first few planets.
    1.10 - Finished off the Cerullean Sector walkthroughs.
    1.20 - Began work on the Verdigris Sector. Began Weapons section.
    1.30 - Finished Weapons section, began Devices and Gadgets sections.
    1.40 - Completed Devices & Gadgets sections as well as most of Verdigris
    1.50 - Began and finished Contact and Legal, General Information and Controls
    Section. Fixed up walkthrough sections. First submission to GameFAQs.
    1.60 - Began on “Secrets and Collectibles” section.
    1.70 - Finished the Verdigris Sector walkthroughs. Began on Praxis Sector.
    1.75 - Finished small improvements to overall guide. Added more information to
    various sections.
    1.80 - Completed Praxis Sector walkthrough. Added to Secrets section.
    1.90 - Finished entire walkthrough, parts of the Secrets section.
    2.00 - Finished everything. One year anniversary of beginning this guide!
    This FAQ/Walkthrough was made by Callum Braithwaite (GS/GF account
    “insomniac_dog”). If you wish to contact me (I’m Callum, duh!), there are two
    ways: insomniac_dog@hotmail.com or my GS/GF account.
    If you wish to give advice towards my walkthrough, would like to contribute
    something or just want to point out an error or typo, then please contact, as
    I want this FAQ to be the most comprehensive that a Ratchet and Clank gamer
    could get!
    This FAQ/Walkthrough is authorised to be published on these sites:
    * www.gamespot.com
    * www.gameFAQs.com
    * www.neoseeker.com
    * www.supercheats.com
    * www.freewebs.com/platky
    If you do wish to publish this FAQ/Walkthrough on a different site, please
    contact me to gain my permission. As I’ve said, I wish this FAQ to feature a
    wide range of information, and to also be available to a vast audience. So
    remember, contact me for any queries or problems.
    This FAQ/Walkthrough contains spoilers, regarding both the plot and various
    secrets and cheats. Make sure you only read what you are up to, and if you do
    want to find out the ending or how to get a certain collectible, do so at your
    own risk. Since I have warned you, I am not viable for any action against me,
    whether it be you or another higher figure of authority.
    Copyright 2008 Callum Braithwaite
    “Ratchet and Clank: Tools of Destruction” was developed by Insomniac Games and
    was published by Sony Computer Entertainment. R&C: ToD is a PlayStation 3
    I have begun many walkthroughs in my gaming history (Shadow of the Colossus,
    Bully, Mercenaries) but never actually found enough interest to continue. When
    I bought this game, I had a mission: to finish the game and create a
    walkthrough which covers almost every single aspect of it. I was dead serious.
    So here it is, in all of its glory. I hope this walkthrough will be very
    helpful to you on your interplanetary travels.
    Basically, Ratchet and Clank is a game about shooting and blowing stuff up.
    Since the original, each instalment of the series provides new outrageous
    weaponry and awesome gadgets for you to toy and play around with. Along the
    way, you’ll encounter some platforming sections, which will require you to
    jump your way through the obstacles rather than obliterating them. This
    combat/platformer fusion gameplay has made the Ratchet and Clank franchise one
    of the most respected and enjoyable franchise ever created.
    The game also takes you to far away galaxies and planets. You’ll encounter
    aliens and robots as well as advanced technology far beyond what humans are
    capable of. You’ll soon see that R&C brings these new and strange worlds to
    life in its rather cartoony graphic style as well as its stunning technical
    graphical capabilities.
    So, overall, the game sees Ratchet (an adventurous and curious animal cross
    between a cat and a fox) and his robot companion Clank (a small yet
    intelligent sidekick) set off into a new galaxy with all new weapons and
    gadgets ready to blow **** up!
    Ratchet -
    Left analog stick        - Move Ratchet
    Right analog stick       - Move camera
    X Button                 - Jump
    Square Button            - Use wrench
    Circle Button            - Use weapon/gadget/device
    Triangle Button (press)  - Switch to previous weapon or activate/action
    Triangle Button (hold)   - Quick Select
    R1 Button                - Use weapon/gadget/device
    R2 Button                - Crouch
    L1 Button                - Over-the-shoulder targeting
    L2 Button                - Strafe
    Select Button            - Map
    Start Button             - Pause
    Clank -
    Left analog stick        - Move Clank
    Right analog stick       - Move camera
    X Button                 - Jump
    Square Button            - Punch
    Triangle Button (hold)   - Zoni Command Menu
    R1 Button                - Time Shift
    Select Button            - Map
    Start Button             - Pause
    Starship Aphelion -
    Left analog stick        - Move Starship Aphelion
    Right analog stick       - Aim
    Square Button (hold)     - Lock-on with missiles
    Square Button (release)  - Fire missiles
    Circle Button            - Fire blasters
    R1 Button                - Fire Blasters
    R2 Button                - Barrel roll right
    L1 Button (hold)         - Lock-on with missiles
    L1 Button (release)      - Fire missiles
    L2 Button                - Barrel roll left
    OMNIWRENCH 3000 - The very core of Ratchet’s arsenal, the Wrench was the very
    first weapon Ratchet ever acquired. Used as a mechanical tool it comes in
    handy for combat as well. The Wrench comes with multiple attacks; the normal
    attack (press square once), the Multi-Strike (press square three times for a
    quick combo), the Hyper-Strike (jump, then square in the air for an overhead
    smash) and the Comet-Strike (crouch then square to throw your wrench like a
    boomerang). Because it’s not overly powerful, it’s sometimes a last resort, or
    a close range weapon. Still, it can get you out of sticky situations.
    Rating - **½/*****
    COMBUSTER - Ratchet begins his adventure with this weapon. It acts as your
    run-of-the-mill pistol; however this is a sci-fi game, so there’ll be some
    added bonuses. First and foremost, instead of bullets, balls of lava/fire spit
    out from the barrel, and also ricochets off hit enemies or
    objects/walls/floors. Strafing with this weapon helps, but later on in the
    game the gun becomes useless because it’s not very powerful. Upgrades to
    “Magma Combuster”.
    Rating - ***½/*****
    FUSION GRENADES - Like all R&C adventures, there’s the bomb gun. This time
    round, it’s the Fusion Grenades, and they’re quite useful. Packed with high
    explosives, toss one of these to see enemies go bye-bye! Use them against
    small clumps of difficult enemies or large groups of easy enemies. Unlike the
    Combuster, you’ll be using this weapon right throughout the game, as it’s
    quite powerful. One of the best weapons in the game. Upgrades to “Fusion
    Rating - ****/*****
    SHOCK RAVAGER - This weapon has some positives, but some noticeable negatives
    as well. First off, it’s close range, so not a good one for really tough
    situations. Also, it’s not very powerful on V1 to V4. However, when it
    upgrades, it becomes an extremely helpful weapon because of its new additions,
    like chain electrification. So just because it’s useless at the start of the
    game, doesn’t mean you have to forget about it. Upgrade it immediately.
    Upgrades to “Lightning Ravager”.
    Rating - ***½/*****
    PREDATOR LAUNCHER - I totally underestimated this weapon. The ideas behind the
    V1-V4 levels of the weapon are pretty neat, but they’re not implemented well.
    The weapon is a bit of a chore. However, once you purchase the raritanium
    upgrade of the weapon (yellow goo which lands on the ground), this weapon
    becomes awesome. Airborne enemies you’ll have trouble with, however any enemy
    on the ground will be at the mercy of the fantastic goo which hurts them after
    the initial blast. Ground bosses (not Leviathans) will go down very easily
    with this handy gun. As soon as you can, buy the raritanium upgrade of this
    weapon. It’ll help. A lot.
    Rating - ****/*****
    TORNADO LAUNCHER - In theory this weapon is exceedingly powerful, but in
    reality, it’s basically a pain in the rear end. Controlling it with the
    SIXAXIS is really frustrating and annoying, especially when you are trying to
    avoid incoming fire and other obstacles. However, if you find a situation
    where you can stop moving and control the tornado easily, then by all means
    use it, since it’s quite powerful. When it’s upgraded, the bolts of lightning
    will really help. All in all, extraordinarily annoying yet somewhat rewarding.
    Upgrades to “Tempest Launcher”.
    Rating **/*****
    PLASMA BEASTS - This weapon is very handy, and great one to upgrade and use as
    often as you can. Why risk your life on the front lines when you can launch
    these slimy, green kamikaze soldiers out to do you dirty work! Great for
    shielded enemies and groups of foes. They’re not a pain to upgrade, either.
    Upgrades to “Plasma Stalkers”.
    Rating - ****/*****
    SHARD REAPER - The standard shotgun! Well, by R&C standards. Instead of
    bullets used in the real world, the Shard Reaper sends out sharp spikes which
    lodge themselves into foes. I prefer to call this weapon the “Splinter
    Reaper”, because of the enemies reactions when hit by the shards. Like all
    shotguns, long range combat will be a hassle, but when it’s close and
    personal, nothing works better. Upgrades to “Nitro Reaper”.
    Rating - ***/*****
    NANO SWARMERS - This weapon is the latest instalment of the R&C turret weapon.
    It throws out a cloud of nanomites which zap nearby opponents. At first I
    disliked the Swarmers, but I found them extremely helpful towards the end of
    the game. When there’s an army of Cragmites in front of you, I lobbed one into
    the crowd and was pleased with the result to say the least. Upgrades to “Toxic
    Rating - ***½/*****
    ALPHA DISRUPTOR - Ouch! This thing packs one mean punch! For a weapon that’s
    picked up early on in the game, it can deal some serious damage. Charge it up,
    and then let go to let loose a massive laser/nuclear beam that’s sure to leave
    your foes in a pile of ash. Too bad you only get 4 ammo when you pick it up
    :(. Upgrades to “Alpha Cannon”.
    Rating - ****/*****
    BUZZ BLADES - When the Combuster loses its awesomeness around halfway through
    the game, the Buzz Blades replace it amazingly well. Sharp razor blades spin
    out of the barrel in a whirlwind of pain here, and the exceedingly fast fire-
    rate is sure to bring your opponents down. Just because it’s small, doesn’t
    mean it’s not powerful. Against heavy foes like bosses, the Buzz Blades do
    some hefty damage, and can make or break a fight, the only downfall being how
    it loses its handiness on the last few levels. Fantastic for the middle stages
    of the game. Upgrades to “Doom Blades”.
    Rating - ****/*****
    PYRO BLASTER - The wonderful flamethrower gun returns with a bang! Well, not
    really, as there is no exploding involved in the gun’s design, but it does a
    great job of cooking and frying... enemies that is! This machine starts off
    quite average, but don’t be fooled, since when you upgrade it, the Pyro
    Blaster is one of the most effective, cool, enjoyable and powerful weapons in
    the game. Upgrades to “Incinerator”.
    Rating - ****/*****
    NEGOTIATOR - Rocket launcher = fun, fun, fun! If you’re in a bit of a pickle,
    grab this gun and fire away. Apart from the ultimately cool design of the
    Negotiator (honestly, how awesome does this gun look?), the sheer power and
    precision that this gun provides is nothing short of... well, powerful and
    precise! Nigh on perfect, even the high price and low ammo capacity cannot
    detract away from the experience! Upgrades to “Judicator”.
    Rating - ****½/*****
    RAZOR CLAWS - Unfortunately, like in every R&C game, there’s always that one
    weapon you’ll never use. Apart from the disappointing Tornado Launcher, this
    is that weapon. It’s a great close-quarters weapon, possibly superb, but it
    comes so late in the game that most of the enemies are just too powerful to be
    getting close to. It’s a bit dumb really. If it was available on Mukow or
    Ardolis, then there wouldn’t be a problem, but on Jasindu!? This is the weapon
    equivalent of that nerd that would’ve helped you significantly in your school
    career, but never got the time to make friends with. Or maybe he would “lower
    your popularity”. Perish the thought.
    Rating *½/*****
    MAG-NET LAUNCHER - This weapon is pure pleasure. It throws out a magnetic net
    (as you can tell from the name) which captures you foes and electrifies them
    continuously until the charge runs out. The launcher is a joy to be had, and
    it’s criminal to hold it back right up until the Ublik Passage. It’s also
    EXTREMELY useful and powerful, and if an enemy is consistently pinning you
    down, quickly jump out and lay a net on him. You’ll be using this weapon a lot
    in this game. A great package. Upgrades to “Mag-net Cannon”.
    Rating - ****½/*****
    RYNO IV - Holy moly, the king is back! The R&C super weapon has been a staple
    diet in every game, and the RYNO has been that weapon in most of the games.
    The RYNO IV is seriously gameplay-destabilizing, consistently satisfying and
    thoroughly enjoyable. Hold the fire button and a stream of lasers will fly out
    tracking enemies, killing them in a few shots. Once upgraded, this weapon
    becomes one of the best in the game. Simply superb! But honestly, using this
    gun makes the game ridiculously easy. I would advise you wait until Challenge
    Mode to acquire the Holo-Plans and thus, this weapon, because it takes all of
    the difficulty out of the game, especially the final boss. Upgrades to “RYNO
    Rating - ****½/*****
    LEECH BOMB - An interesting addition, nonetheless a little pointless. It
    throws out a “leech” which sucks out health from enemies and gives it to you.
    For this to work though, you need to be low on health, and that rarely happens
    because of the wealth of nanotech on every level. Hell, even the vendors give
    you health. You might use the bombs a couple of times on the harder levels.
    Rating - **/*****
    MEGA LEECH BOMB - The same thing as the original, however a lot more powerful,
    as in it takes more health and gives it to you. Again, only if you’re in
    insurmountable danger or peril, and that just never occurs. Oh well.
    Rating - **½/*****
    GROOVITRON - Oh. My. God! It has to be said, this device is PERFECT! I’ve have
    never experienced such laughter and happiness after tossing this baby out. The
    Groovitron launches out a disco ball which causes nearby enemies to
    immediately start dancing, allowing you to attack them or sneak past them.
    Each type if enemy has their own dance, and even bosses will dance. It’s just
    spectacular. Better than all of the other Combat Devices combined. It truly is
    that awesome.
    Rating - *****/*****
    CONFUZZLER GAS - Ah, the old “weapon/gadget that makes the enemies fight each
    other”. This time round, it’s a bit of a dud because of the small ammo
    capacity, but it still creates some fun and joy, and it comes in handy for a
    few of those overwhelming moments. Not good, but not bad either. Just...
    Rating - **½/*****
    MR. ZURKON - This little guy is great fun. Almost surpassing the Groovitron,
    this device is a small flying robot which accompanies Ratchet and shoots at
    nearby enemies. It’s basically reinforcements for Ratchet, but it also insults
    and teases the enemy with some memorable lines. You’ll never tire of Mr
    Zurkon. Okay, maybe after you’ve heard all of his lines. And you repeatedly
    run out of ammo. Or some weird glitch occurs and he can’t move or shoot.
    Rating - ****½/*****
    VISI-COPTER - This device is helpful in some spots. It launches a remote
    controlled helicopter which can destroy targets from a far way away from
    Ratchet. The Visi-Copter has its positives, like the fact that if you don’t
    want to start a fight when you’re low on health, you can chuck one out to do
    your dirty work. The negative is that the SIXAXIS control can get a bit
    annoying, and targeting enemies can become a real chore. Overall, this device
    is helpful in many situations.
    Rating - ***/*****
    TRANSMORPHER - This device is the next instalment of the morphing weapon which
    has featured in every Ratchet & Clank game. If you ignore the low ammo
    capacity, then you’ll find an extremely useful, fun and surprising device
    which will help you in many situations. Morphing time is limited, and soon
    your enemies will turn back into their actual form, but the penguins are quite
    cute and even dance to the Groovitron. A nice touch, to say the least.
    Rating - ****/*****
    DEATH SPRINGS - The Death Springs device launches out springs which track your
    enemies and then explode on impact. Like with most of these weapons, the
    theory sounds cool, but it just isn’t executed well. The springs move slowly,
    so unless your foe is stationary, it’s gonna take a while until the springs
    actually hit the target. Also, the low ammo capacity and its considerably high
    price is ludicrous and ridiculous. (NOTE: more damage is inflicted on an enemy
    if the Death Springs explode directly on the enemy. Thanks to theBLITZmaster
    for this tip.)
    Rating - **/*****
    SWINGSHOT - Used in every single Ratchet & Clank game, this acts as a
    grappling hook of sorts. Jump towards a Swingshot Target (sometimes known as
    “Versa” Targets) and press, hold the circle button to latch onto the target
    and you will swing or be pulled to the target. If you can’t seem to get past a
    large gap or chasm, try and find a Swingshot target.
    GELANATOR - A new entry into the fantastical world of insane gadgets and
    gizmos, the Gelanator is picked up very early on in the game, and allows you
    to create green blobs of Gelatonium which are quite springy. Jump onto the
    blob and jump again for an extra high bounce. You can give yourself an even
    bigger boost by adding more Gelatonium to the blob. However, you need to fill
    up on Gelatonium before you can use the Gelanator.
    HELI-PODS - Another interesting gadget, which is somewhat caught between being
    futuristic and “old-school”. Firing the gadget shoots out a small propeller
    which latches onto special targets which then lifts the target upwards. For
    example, in one puzzle in the game, you are on a floating platform however it
    only floats because of the heli-pod attached to the front of the platform.
    They also run out, so you need to keep applying the pod onto the platform
    otherwise it will fall.
    HOLO-PIRATE DISGUISE - This nifty little gadget transforms Ratchet into a
    robot pirate, thereby allowing access to pirate-only areas or rooms. If he
    transforms himself without being seen by enemies, he can also persuade other
    pirates into think he’s one of them. While unlimited, the disguise “runs out”
    if Ratchet equips a weapon or attempts another activity which needs Ratchet’s
    true form. Sneaking past pirates has never been so much fun!
    HELI-PACK - This Clank-attachment allows the duo to achieve greater heights
    and lengths then without it. For example, if there’s a small gap which cannot
    be traversed by double jumping, using the “Stretch Jump” will get you across.
    You can also “Glide” and “Boost Jump”. Some activities and puzzles require
    Heli-Pack abilities.
    THRUSTER-PACK - Essentially the exact same as the Heli-Pack, but does
    everything faster and better. You will Stretch Jump longer, Boost Jump higher
    and Glide further, as well as doing all of this with the power of rocket fuel!
    The graphics from the Thruster-Pack’s trailing smoke has somewhat of a cel-
    shaded, cartoony feel to it.
    HYDRO-PACK - Can only be used whilst in water. By holding R1, Ratchet is able
    to propel himself through water much faster than normal, as well as having a
    little bit more control. If swimming sections are becoming a chore, activate
    theses and go through the water life never before! Hey look, I was a poet and
    I didn’t even know-it! Ahem.
    ROBO-WINGS - Yay! Aside from the three basic Clank-packs, ToD offers something
    completely new. Apart from looking amazingly stylish, actually using the Robo-
    Wings is an absolute delight. Launching from a Robo-Wings pad (they’re green
    and pulsate) will lift you off from the ground, enabling you to fly peacefully
    around the level. The music accompanying the Robo-Wings segments is quite
    nice, and the SIXAIXS control is superbly tight and responsive. The Robo-Wings
    are a welcome addition to the R&C series, and I thoroughly enjoyed using them.
    GRIND BOOTS - Except UYA, the Grind Boots have always been a part of the R&C
    series. These fun and exciting sections play out like this: you’re on a rail
    (more specifically, a “grind” rail) and you slide about trying to get to the
    end of the section. The catch is, is that you often have to jump over
    obstacles and switch rails, as well as avoiding enemies and other baddies. ToD
    offers some great grind rail sections, and you’ll have plenty of fun.
    GRAVITY BOOTS - In a surprising, albeit diminished, role the Gravity Boots are
    back! These shoes allow you to walk on special ramps which take you on your
    side and upside-down. These sections are both enjoyable and interesting, as
    you’ll sometimes have to battle your foes on walls and ceiling. A nice reprise
    of the Gravity Boots.
    CHARGE BOOTS - From GC, the Charge Boots have been part of Ratchet & Clank,
    and have been well received by fans. They allow Ratchet to speed across the
    level in a flash by activating the boots’ powers. It’s a little hard to
    understand, but once you acquire them you’ll know what I’m talking about.
    Unlike previous instalments, this time round the Charge Boots only charge up
    for a limited amount of time, so you’ll have to activate them again and again
    if you want to get to some place quick.
    1. ___+++ Metropolis, Planet Kerwan +++___
    Go to the Defence Centre -
    You’ve just crash landed somewhere in the depths of Metropolis, with a huge
    alien armada hot on your tail. Take in the graphics and then proceed straight
    ahead. You’ll encounter your first enemy, so whip out your Combuster and fire
    away. Some small, fast robots will come zooming in your direction. Back away
    and get rid of those, too. After the area around the statue is clear, find
    some boxes and destroy them to nab some bolts. Head to the road on the right
    and then enter a small room. Get rid of the Drophyds and other nuances and
    head up the stairs. Smash the boxes around you, and then proceed across the
    bridge. A few enemies will ambush you here, so use the Fusion Grenade for
    those aerial enemies. Press x on the “Meteor Pad” to jump up onto the next
    level of the building. Here, there’ll automatically be some enemies, so defeat
    them as quick as you can. Remember to strafe using L2. After the coast is
    clear, collect the bolts and jump onto the Grind Rail.
    You’ll start to grind on the rails, which takes you down and circles around a
    collapsing building. Throughout this section, you’ll have to switch rails (do
    this by jumping and pushing the left stick in the direction of the desired
    rail) and jump over the electric barriers and the grind rail gaps. Although
    you may be tempted to look at the spectacular tower destruction behind you,
    keep focused and you should emerge unscathed. You’ll arrive on another
    building with a few enemies already rushing towards you. Use any weapon,
    preferably the Combuster to get rid of the small, shielded bots. A few
    Dropships will drop some more enemies off, so be ready. Head though the
    corridor to meet up with an Airship. Quickly Fusion Grenade it outta the sky,
    and then switch to Combuster to get the little guys. Outside there’ll be a few
    more Airships, so stay on your toes. Jump on the pad, and it’ll taker you to a
    purple Jump Pad. This’ll automatically bounce you up, so don’t worry about it.
    When you land some enemies will be there. Destroy the Airships and then head
    towards the bridge.
    Some airships will blow some holes in it, so be careful when crossing. It’ll
    also start to collapse, so move quickly. Use Fusion Grenades to take out the
    opposition, as it’s quicker than the Combuster. Once across the other side,
    you’re safe. Well, from the bridge. Up ahead is a whole new story! There’ll be
    vast amounts of the small bots, as well as a few Hover Drophyds. Use the
    weapon you prefer the most, since they both work effectively here. Where some
    Drophyds blew up a part of a wall, head inside to find a room with stacks of
    boxes. Once you’ve collected everything, head back to the previous room and
    jump on the grind rail.
    This is pretty much the same as the first grind rail, if a little trickier.
    Some trains will rush at you, so switch rails whenever you have to. You’ll
    have to go on the middle rail after all the trains to end the section. You’ll
    land on a platform with Drophyds. Jump like mad, using the Grenades to kill
    them. Then jump on the pad to reach a platform. Clear it out, and then jump
    pad again. You’ll arrive on another collapsing bridge. What convenience. This
    time, you’ll have to defeat hordes of Drophyds, jump over gaps, race against
    time AND do it all from a top down perspective! If you happen to run out of
    Grenade ammo, the Combuster works fine, but try and stick with the Grenades.
    At the end, you’ll unavoidably fall of the bridge, and this becomes a
    skydiving lesson.
    Use the SIXAXIS to move yourself around, avoiding traffic as you go. You’re
    moving at an unnaturally slow pace, so all should be well, but a car might
    surprise by quickly coming on screen. Just make sure you’re ready to move when
    that happens. Other than that, you’ll be swell. CUTSCENE!
    Escape on the Mag-Rail -
    It turns out the armada is trying to capture Ratchet. Now you have escape from
    Metropolis, and the only way to do that is on the trusty Grind Rail. Maybe not
    so trusty after all...
    You’ll meet up with some trains and Airships first of all. You know about the
    trains, but when you see a Drophyd Airship, take note of the rail it appears
    to be hovering above. If you are on that rail, switch to a rail it isn’t on,
    because it’ll shoot a laser on your rail.
    You’ll have to travel on the rail on the right to continue, and you’ll curve
    around to find a massive Warship attempting to annihilate you. When you see
    the gun which relates to the rail your on charges up (i.e. the left gun zaps
    the left rail), move immediately, much like the Airship. He’ll soon do two at
    once, so switch quickly. You’ll come to the end of the rail and the end of the
    very first level. Congrats!
    2. ___+++ Gelatonium Plant, Planet Cobalia +++___
    Explore Cobalia -
    Your ship has crashed on a strange yet beautiful world called “Cobalia”
    somewhere in the Polaris Galaxy. Better start looking at what this planet has
    on offer. On your map, you’ll be able to see that you’re on a narrow and long
    path. To get more missions, we’re going to have to explore the path until we
    get to the spaceport.
    Head up the path to find some small enemies which will bite you at close-
    quarters. Don’t let this happen. A few buckets of ol’ Combuster will silence
    them. Next, you’ll encounter some large centipedes. Any weapon will do, but
    keep moving or else their goo-bombs will get you. Keep jumping and shooting
    until you meet a large gap. Use your Stretch Jump or High Jump to pass
    successfully. To learn about your abilities and moves, consult the “Controls”
    section for details. You’ll then have to High Jump over the ledge. Let the
    massive Leviathan fly away and then continue across the bridge. Kill the
    centipedes you meet and then enter the building.
    Inside the building is where you’ll encounter a wall jump section. Jump to one
    side of the jump slot and then repeatedly jump when you come into contact with
    the jump slot. At the top, glide (jump, then hold x) down to the swamp area
    and kill everything here. Enter the second building and complete another wall
    jump puzzle. On the upper level, you’ll see a crate with a question mark sign
    on it. This is a Jackpot crate, and it doubles the amount of bolts and
    raritanium you get in a small time limit. Smash it and then smash all the
    other boxes in the area for a big reward. Continue out of the building and
    then jump down to the next swamp here. Its here you’ll encounter the game’s
    first boss: the Basilisk Leviathan.
    Defeat the Leviathan -
    He looks quite viscous, and it is if you don’t do the right thing. His attacks
    include charging at you, firing at you and laying electric bombs. When you see
    him breathing, he’s going to charge you, so move out of the way. When he
    charges you, he may lay his bombs, and instead of one swoop across the
    platform, he’ll follow you. As I said earlier, he’ll shoot lasers at you when
    he’s moving around the arena. Use the Fusion grenades to deplete most of his
    health, and then switch to the Combuster to finish him off. You’ll acquire
    Raritanium, bolts and a Leviathan Soul when you defeat him.
    Explore the Spaceport -
    From here, walk down and access the Weapons Vendor. You’ll find these things
    all throughout the game and allow you to upgrade, purchase or just stock up on
    weapons, ammo and health. Continue forwards and meet the Smuggler. He explains
    that if you can restore the gel pumps inside the factory, he’ll give you a
    ride to a safe place. He’ll then give the Gelanator, a gadget capable of
    harnessing the power of Gelatonium! Head through the door next to the smuggler
    to enter the Gelatonium Plant.
    Restore the Gelatonium Pumps -
    The first room here will contain a gel pump, which you must use in order to
    continue through the level. Basically, equip the Gelanator and stand on the
    pad and activate the pump (it is the right corner). Head through the opened
    door, and look to the right. You’ll notice green arrows pointing upwards on a
    small wall. Shoot out a gel cube from your Gelanator near the wall, and then
    jump onto the gel cube. Now, jump whilst on the gel cube to bounce up and onto
    the upper level. Yay! How fun! Next, shoot two gel cubes on top of each other
    and bounce of this one, so you can reach the upper, upper level. Next, shoot a
    gel cube into the Gel River and bounce of it, then glide to the other side.
    When you’ve landed, head round to the left and then use the gel to get onto
    the secret path. Continue around and then grab the raritanium inside the
    pirate booty crates. Glide down to where you were, and lay three cubes on top
    of each other. Be careful, those green guys are indestructible and will eat
    Gelatonium when they see it, so move fast. When you’ve reached the next level,
    whip out the Combuster and defeat all of the ankle biters here. Then, walk up
    the Gravity Ramp which is near your position. This’ll take you to a bolt
    crank. Press square when near the bolt and then walk around it to crank the
    bolt. When you’ve fully cranked the bolt, the door will open. Head on through
    to arrive at another gel puzzle which is basically the same as the “use one
    cube, then two, then cross the river” puzzle before, but this time, everything
    is moving.
    Aim your gel cube so it lands in the very corner as far away as the waterfall
    as possible. Remember, the first wall needs one cube, the second needs two and
    for the final waterfall, you must lay one into the river, then bounce and
    glide to the other side. Defeat the enemies here and then make your way to the
    bolt crank in the middle of a room. Turn it, and then walk up the new gravity
    ramp. Crank the next bolt to open the door. Glide or gel over to it and then
    enter the room. To leave, you must deplete the Gelanator of Gel at the Gel
    Pump in the corner. Ride the elevator down to the spaceport and you’ll notice
    that the Gelatonium Factory/Plant is working at full capacity.
    Hunt for Leviathan Souls -
    On your map you’ll notice the Gelatonium plant to the East, the starting path
    to the south and an unknown, almost symmetrical area to the north. From the
    main HUB, head to this new area and you’ll find out it’s the Cobalian
    wilderness. Head either left or right (it all comes back to the spaceport) and
    you’ll fight another two leviathans. Space for dodging and evading will be
    restricted, so use small jumps to get out of the Leviathans’ way. Once you
    have killed the two Leviathans in the area, head back to the Smuggler and
    trade in the souls. You’ll also acquire a kill point for your efforts in the
    Search Cobalia -
    This mission requires you to find and collect the gold bolt of this level.
    Information on the location of the gold bolts and Holo-plans in this game can
    be found in “Secrets and Collectibles” section of this guide.
    Hitch a Ride with the Smuggler -
    Walk around the Spaceport, and you’ll find the Device Vendor (which at the
    moment is selling the Groovitron and Leech Bombs) and the Armour Vendor (which
    at the moment is selling the Blackstar Armour). After you have explored the
    area, talk with the Smuggler and the cutscene will play. You’re now off to
    Stratus City, Planet Kortog!
    3. ___+++ Stratus City, Planet Kortog +++___
    Escape Tachyon’s forces -
    That dastardly Smuggler has ejected you out of his ship, and now you’re
    freefalling to the city. Use the SIXAXIS or the analog stick, depending on the
    options you’ve selected, to evade the missiles. Unlike UYA (Up Your Arsenal,
    Ratchet’s third adventure), it’s hard to tell where the missiles are coming
    from, so simply keep on moving, and don’t stop. You’ll touchdown in no time.
    You might have got past the aerial defences, but on the ground is a different
    story. Up ahead you’ll meet up with a few enemies. Use the Fusion Grenades to
    blow them up, and then move up the stairs. A Dropship will come and deploy
    some more aliens, but nothing too hard. Collect the boxes to the side and then
    continue onto the bridge. Here, a large “Cyclo Cannon” will drop down and
    start to attack you. Jump over the gunfire, and use the Combuster to destroy
    him. He’ll soon go down, and you’ll pick up the Shock Ravager, a nifty little
    electric whip. Not overly powerful, but gets the job done. Continue along the
    damaged bridge until you come to a circular room. Get rid of the Drophyds and
    the Cyclo Cannon, and then head up the stairs.
    You’ll arrive in a small courtyard, much like the one before the bridge.
    There’ll be a few Airships here, so use your must powerful weapon (probably
    the Fusion Grenades) to get rid of them. Kill the other baddies too, and then
    continue. You’ll find a zipline next, so just jump up when you’re under the
    line and it’ll take you down to a small platform. This acts as your first
    Swingshot tutorial.
    Equip the Swingshot from either the Pause Menu or from the Quick Select. And
    then jump towards the floating target and press + hold the circle button. When
    you’re over the other side, let go of circle. There you go! Easy and fun! The
    next bit is a little bit more challenging. A large truck/train with drive past
    you with a Swingshot target on its underbelly. Grapple on and hold on to it
    until you come to the next platform. It’ll automatically release once you’re
    there. You are now at the Stratus City Docks. Let’s go!
    Swing through the Docks -
    Immediately, there’ll be some baddies. Use the Fusion Grenades to dispose of
    them, and then stock up on health and ammo at the vendor. Use the Swingshot to
    launch yourself from target to target up ahead, and then land on safe ground.
    Ascend the wall of ledges up ahead to meet some more resistance, both aerial
    and ground. Continue to strafe and side flip to evade their attacks, and
    defeat them when you get the chance. Make sure you don’t fall in the electric
    pool of water. If you hop on the crates to the left, you can spot a Raritanium
    box down on the platform below. Get it, and then head back up. You’ll then
    meet a wall jump section. Get to the top of the wall and then Swingshot
    Fill up on your Gelanator on the Gel Pump to the left and then use it to scale
    the wall with the green light, signifying a Gelanator wall. Swingshot across
    to a small circular platform with three red pads. These are called “tri-pads”,
    and you must walk over each one in a set time limit before they shut down,
    preventing you to continue to whatever you need to do. So, quickly run over
    each pad to create a bridge, which takes you to the next loading dock
    platform. Over there, you’ll have to defeat a few enemies. Once the coast is
    clear, use the Gelanator to get up onto all of the crate stacks and get a few
    Raritanium chests. After all this, get over the crate with the zipline. Use
    it, and then Swingshot over to the next platform. There, a short cutscene will
    play, and you have now acquired the Robo-Wings!
    Fly to the Hall of Knowledge -
    This objective is a tutorial for the Robo-Wings. Launch from the green pad
    with triangle, and follow the Zoni and fly through the rings they create.
    Using the SIXAXIS is tons of fun, and it works surprisingly well and is very
    responsive. You should have no trouble with or without the SIXAXIS. Once you
    have flown through all of the rings, you will complete this section and move
    onto the next.
    Explore the Hall of Knowledge -
    You’re now in the fabled Hall of Knowledge! First things first, fill up on
    health and ammo. Continue onwards to land in a large pool of water, filled
    with some mines. Submerging yourself (square) will keep you away from the
    mines. When you get out, you’ll meet another Cyclo Cannon, and the narrow
    corridor makes the battle even tougher. Grenades and Combuster will make short
    work of him. Enter a large water room with a big amount of mines. In each
    corner (can that work for a circle?) there’s a tri-pad, so quickly swim, hop
    up, touch the pad and then jump down (use this method for all pads), and a
    door will open under the water.
    Head through it to enter another pool room, this time with jellyfish. Don’t
    worry, they can’t hurt you. In the middle of the room, there’s a bolt crank.
    Use it to activate the sonic boomer, which raises all submerged Jellyfish.
    This way, you can use one of them to jump up to the ledges on the other side
    of the room to continue on. When you drop down through the tunnel, you’ll meet
    a large number of enemies. Grenade the groups of them and use the Ravager for
    the small guys. Then, an Airship will appear in each of the three windows on
    one side of the room. Defeat them, and a cutscene will start.
    Explore Stratus City -
    This mission requires you to find and collect both the gold bolts and the
    Holo-plan dotted around the city. Information on the location of the gold
    bolts and Holo-plans can be found in “Secrets and Collectibles” section of
    this guide.
    4. ___+++ Lombax Ruins, Planet Fastoon +++___
    Explore the Lombax City -
    The cutscene back on Kortog explained of a plant in Polaris was once home to a
    Lombax civilization. You’ve now arrived on the planet in search of answers,
    and possibly some more questions. Start by walk forwards and swinging across
    the canyon with the Swingshot. A cutscene will start, showing a downed ship
    appearing to be of Lombax origin. Ratchet and Clank now set out to find all
    six flight components to repair the ship. On your map are the locations of all
    the items, making your job significantly easier. Let’s get collecting!
    1) You will notice the ruined tower in the middle of the area you’re in now.
    Scale it to find one of the components. Remember to grab the Jackpot crate and
    lay some whoop ass on the nearby boxes.
    2) Next, to the north-east of the map and you’ll find a few Swingshots that
    take you to a building. Use them and find the Flight Component inside the
    building. Use the Swingshots again and get back across to the main area.
    3) Then find a Gravity Ramp to the west of the Swingshots, and walk up it,
    killing those who stand in your way, and you’ll get to the item in no time.
    4) Get down to the mainland, and then head to west bridge made up of ruined
    stones and building. Proceed across the bridge to get to the upper level of
    your ship’s island. Take out the baddies and then continue until the end of
    the path, and where the item is!
    5) Zipline down to the mainland, and head to the building gate directly south
    of the ruined, central tower. You’ll find yourself in an inside lake of sorts,
    so swim to the end of the river and hop up into a small alcove which contains
    the component. Get back outside, and get ready for your first Clank mission!
    Search the Mine -
    6) To the ever so slight east of the pool building, you’ll find a pipe with a
    small hole in it. The game will prompt you to send Clank into the mine. Do
    this now. You will now control Clank. Get used to the controls, and head
    towards the mysterious “Zoni”. Hold triangle, and select “Follow”. They’ll
    sprout to life and mutter synonymously “Zoni!” This means that they’re awake,
    and ready for action. Up ahead is a closed door, so stand on the red pad to
    open it. But! It’ll close when you leave the pad. So slow down time of course!
    Hold R1 to go into slow-mo and get past the door easy-peasy. There’s another
    door as well.
    This next area is about Levitation. Step on the red pad, then hold triangle
    and select Levitate to safely get across the gap, and then complete the tri-
    pad. Next you’ll encounter some smashing obstacles. Slow down time to get past
    the puzzle, and then Levitate, Time Shift and Levitate in the next room. You
    need the perfect timing, or else you’ll fall to your death.
    The next puzzle is a conveyor belt, with a twist! Extra sharp spikes stick out
    from the platforms in sections, so here’s how to complete the puzzle. Slow
    down time as much as you need or want (there’s no limit) and time your
    Levitation jumps perfectly so that you land when no spikes are present. Use
    this method to get across to the other side.
    The next area is a “Manipulate” tutorial. Get near the three blue orbs on the
    ground and select Manipulate from the Clank menu. If there aren’t enough Zoni
    for the job, you can find some more Zoni by the wall. Remember to command
    “Follow” to get them going. Use the elevator and then select Manipulate again.
    Get past the next spiky conveyor belt puzzle (remember, timing is key!) to
    arrive in a large area with only two tri-pads! Head over to the rubble and
    select Manipulate, and the Zoni will reveal a third tri-pad. Light up all of
    them and collect the sixth and final Flight Component! Use the Elevator to
    head back outside to Ratchet.
    Repair the Ship -
    Walk to the downed ship and the end cutscene will play. You will get the
    coordinates for Planet Mukow, more specifically the “Imperial Fight Festival”.
    And you now own the Starship Aphelion! Congrats to you.
    5. ___+++ Voron Asteroid Belt, Cerullean Sector +++___
    Battle the Space Pirates -
    Consult the “Controls” section on how to fly the ship. Basically, manoeuvre
    around the screen as much as possible, and try to lock to on to the heavy
    targets (hold L1 and release). Remember to fly through the flashing blue
    rings, as they give you health. You’ll switch to Clank’s perspective, and this
    section is more or less the same, but you can’t avoid the enemy’s attacks, so
    defeat them before they can defeat you. Just keep shooting and marvel at the
    awesome graphics. Look out for the mines in the asteroid section, as they can
    really hurt you. You will then get to a boss:
    This is quite an easy boss; however stuffing up once can leave you in a world
    o’ hurtin’. Just like normal space combat, keep circling around the edges of
    the screen avoiding his attacks (blades, rockets and lasers) and keep your
    reticule right in the centre of the Pirate Spaceship. Locking on with L1 and
    then releasing to attack with a barrage of rockets helps very well here, but
    the only downside is that when you’re locking on, you can’t fire your normal
    lasers. It will take a while, but he’ll eventually go down.
    6. ___+++ Imperial Fight Festival, Planet Mukow +++___
    Find Qwark -
    Head up the stairs to arrive in a large courtyard/garden. The path splits in
    two here, and because the Arena mission is more important, we’ll tackle it
    first. Grab your supplies, ammo and health and head to the east road. Destroy
    any robots which rush at you. Swing across the gap and you’ll immediately meet
    some resistance. If you could afford it, try and use the Predator Launcher to
    get rid of the enemies. A new enemy, called the “Clapper Bot” will emerge from
    its hiding place to the right. It’s electric, meaning it can’t be destroyed by
    electric weapons (like the Shock Ravager). By this time, you should also be
    able to buy and use some Plasma Beasts here. Continue along the path,
    defeating enemies as you go. Traverse the wall jump, and you should come to a
    green tower. When you step on the green floor button, it will open the
    opposite door, but also wake up two Clapper Bots. Fusion Grenades work well
    here. Head through the opened door and jump on the Meteor Pad.
    You’ll arrive on the top level of the building. Continue and defeat the
    Clapper Bot. Instead of using the Zipline, continue to walk around the path to
    find a massive amount of bolts, health, ammo and raritanium. Once everything
    has been collected, backtrack to find the zipline and use it. It’ll take you
    to another garden, but with a lot more enemies. Defeat the small bots then
    fill up on ammo to the right. Head up the stairs to find around five or more
    Drophyds. Use your most powerful weapon to get rid of them. Continue moving up
    the stairs defeating the small bots as you go, and then jump up to the large
    platform. The wall opposite you will explode, revealing a few more enemies.
    The Clapper Bots and Drophyds will be teleporting, rushing and attacking you
    from all sides of the path, so be careful. On the left and right of the path
    there’ll be small corridors that lead to a few boxes. Smash those, and once
    you’ve cleared out the path, continue to reach another garden. No real threat,
    just a few Tesla Drones. You’ll then find yourself at a bridge with numerous
    fire statues. Defeat the Drophyds, and proceed with caution across the bridge.
    At the end you’ll encounter a few enemies so a lob of a few Grenades will make
    short work of them. Fill up on supplies and then teleport inside the arena.
    Win the Coliseum Battles -
    You’ll enter “Noobius Maximus” a three round arena battle which ends when you
    defeat the boss Crushto. Like all R&C arena fights, the point is to keep your
    distance and use your most powerful weapons, not that you have many weapons at
    all at this time in the game. These rounds will last about a minute each, with
    a variety of enemies. When the enemies first come out of their cells, toss a
    Grenade to kill them quickly, as they’ll likely to be in groups. The battle
    isn’t excruciatingly hard, so you’ll be able to pass it easily. You’ll then
    battle the boss Crushto.
    This guy looks mean, but not overly difficult. Like all boss battles, learn
    the pattern and you’ll get past him easy as pie! He has a few attacks.
    Firstly, he’ll shoot rockets at you. Keep moving when he does this attack.
    Secondly, he’ll fire a wave of bullets at you. Jump over the wave when it
    comes near you. Lastly, he’ll use his mega-mouth to either suck you in or blow
    you out. When he sucks (hehehe...), point the left stick away from him to
    escape his bite. When he blows (hahaha...) push the left analog stick towards
    him to avoid being pushed off the arena platform. Like all boss battles, don’t
    try and level up your weakest weapons; just use the most powerful, and he’ll
    go down.
    Once the challenge is completed, you’ll find Qwark, the gadget Heli-Pods and
    new co-ordinates to the Nundac Asteroid Ring. When you regain control of
    Ratchet, equip the new Heli-pods and aim it at the target. Toss one, and
    you’ll see small propellers fly out of the gun, which unlock doors and can
    solve puzzles. When the door is lifted, Heli-Pod the platform and get on it to
    arrive at a Teleporter. Use it to arrive back at your ship. But wait! We still
    haven’t done everything on this planet. Head back into the main courtyard.
    Explore the Festival -
    The west road has not yet been explored, but to access the road we must find 6
    Tachyon Statues. These statues are found only in the main courtyard, so it’s
    not a massive fetch quest. Collecting time! Here are the locations of all
    Tachyon Statues:
    1) On top of the central fountain.
    2) In a small garden joining the fountain.
    3) North-west of the fountain in front of the fire statue.
    4) In front of the Tachyon Television west of the fountain.
    5) South-west of the fountain, on top of a platform near the gate leading to
    your ship.
    6) On a small island north of the fountain.
    Now that you have all of the statues, the west gate is opened. You’ll arrive
    in a Barrel O’ Laughs-esque ride in which the corridor twists and turns.
    There’s also some giant saws, cutters and graters as the deadly obstacles.
    Yay! Time your runs carefully to avoid being hit. When you make it through,
    use the Swingshot to cross and then jump on the Pad to find the massive Ferris
    Wheel. Head up the ramp and then jump on a Ferris Wheel platform.
    There’ll be some obstacles here, so pay attention. When you see the green
    forcefield about to hit the platform you’re on, jump to the platform on the
    left. When you’re about to get zapped again, either High Jump to the platform
    above you or jump down to the platform on the right. You’ll then have to jump
    down to the platform below you at the next forcefield. At the final
    forcefield, get on the left platform. Wait until the camera centres on the
    path leading to the left of the screen, then hop off and continue on the path.
    Use the Swingshot again much to the same fashion as previously, and then head
    down into the large garden. Smash the Jackpot crate and then nab all of the
    bolts and enemies in the area for big bucks. Head up the stairs to meet a few
    Drophyds. Kill them and then enter another twisting hall. A little harder this
    time, make sure you’re on the right side of the hallway when you come to the
    blockers. Exit the hall to grab the Charge Boots! For information on the
    Charge Boots, consult the “Gadgets” section of the walkthrough. Head down the
    gravity ramp, defeat the small bots and then zipline down to the ship. The
    only thing left to do now is the rest of the arena challenges, but you can do
    that any time. For now, let’s head off to the Nundac Asteroid Ring!
    7. ___+++ Apogee Space Station, Nundac Asteroid Ring +++___
    Make a Trade with the Smuggler -
    That Smuggler is here, and he’ll give you the launch code to the transport if
    you can bring him a Leviathan soul. At the moment you’re on Asteroid Alpha,
    the main asteroid. When you’re down speaking to him, head right then jump over
    to the smaller asteroid. This begins a battle with a Leviathan similar to the
    ones on Cobalia. It’s basically the same battle, but with more powerful
    weapons and a smaller space to run. Just do what you did last time! Once he’s
    gone, head back to the Smuggler, trade the Soul and then enter the transport
    Navigate the Gravity Cube -
    Unfortunately, you’re not able to access the main station straight away. Fist,
    you have to get past the massive electronic cube below the station. From the
    large platform you’re on, get on the smaller platform. This’ll take you upside
    down and onto the cube. From here on, a major platforming section of the game
    begins. Follow the path of floating platforms until you reach a side-ways
    moving platform. You’ll notice that a group of lasers are blocking the onward
    route. Hop on the platform and then wait until you and the platform in front
    of you are not being blocked by the lasers. Then, jump onto the other
    platform. Follow the gravity ramp down to the Jump Pad and use it. Don’t get
    sick, as this part is particularly vomit-inducing :).
    Continue to follow the platforms, and remember to jump over the lasers when
    the platform moves under them. Once you get to a rising platform, jump on it,
    then turn right and then jump on that platform. For the next side of the cube,
    it’s pretty much the same as the last side, but soon you’ll come to some
    green, transparent platforms. These are timer platforms, and as soon as you
    step on one, a countdown will begin, and the platform will disappear in a
    matter of seconds. Move quickly over these green platforms. Arrive at the
    second Jump Pad, and use it.
    Navigate through the next series of platforms, which combine the transparent
    ones and the moving ones. You’ll encounter a few smashers, which are just
    blocks which repeatedly smash down on the path. Just time your run so you
    don’t get squished. Eventually you’ll arrive at the last gravity ramp, so walk
    up it to arrive at the station entrance. Left are a couple of bolts, right is
    a turret which can take you back to your ship, and in front is the elevator to
    the station. Let’s go searching!
    Search the Station -
    Move up the corridor to come to a T-Junction. To the right are some bolts, but
    the left is where you want to go. Two voices will announce to the station that
    you’ve intruded and will be prosecuted. Not if you can prosecute them first!
    Some laser bots will come through the door, so whip out a weapon and get them.
    Continue through the doors, killing the bots. Check out the windows to the
    side; they look awesome! Back on task, and you’ll meet up with a turret.
    Strafe-flip over the bullets and defeat it. At the end of a hall you’ll enter
    a large room with enemies, bolts, ammo, health and a bolt crank. You know what
    to do.
    Use Grenades or another handy weapon to clear out the room, and then pick up
    all your supplies. Use the bolt crank to open up the floor beneath you, and
    then swim through the tunnel to arrive inside the main dome. Head up the
    natural ramp, and use the rocks as cover and a strategic position for Plasma
    Beasts and Fusion Grenades against the turrets and bots. Once you’re at the
    large set of stairs, a turret will awaken to the left and heaps of Laser Bots
    will emerge from the building. Back away so the turret stops shooting so that
    you can focus your attention on the bots. Once all is defeated, head through
    the doorway, evading the lasers as you go.
    Fill up on ammo and health, as well as bolts from the nearby crates. Then head
    up the steep stairs to arrive in a bit of a predicament. Seven turrets will
    awaken slowly, giving you one big fight on your hands. Use the Grenades to
    weaken and destroy some of them, then switch to the Combuster to finish them
    off. If you get too low on health, head down the stairs and nab the health
    from the vendor. When you have defeated all seven, head through the corridor,
    defeat the ceiling turret, and then continue through the next few rooms,
    defeating enemies as you go. You’ll then arrive in a tight, small, circular
    room with another seven turrets. Strafe-flip continuously over the stream of
    bullets whilst firing the Combuster, and you’ll eventually defeat them all.
    You’ll enter a massive room. Get supplies, and then notice the huge amount of
    enemies around you. The ultimate objective is to defeat all of them to shut
    down the lasers you jump up to the final room. You can head either left or
    right (you’re gonna have to head down both paths eventually) but don’t just
    jump down to the lower level, as they’ll be a large amount of enemies
    attacking and ambushing you. Once all is defeated, you may need to refill on
    ammo and health. Once that is completed jump up to the doorway. You’ll find
    out that the door is locked and blocked, so you’re going to have to find
    another way in. The Zoni to the rescue! They give Clank an all-new Geo-Laser,
    which is capable of firing a super-heated laser which can burn through natural
    materials. Follow the laser’s signal and then enter the mini-game when
    prompted. Curve and tilt the SIXAXIS and move the left-analog stick to hit all
    of the targets in order. This’ll then create a hole in the wall for you to
    walk through. After the cutscene, teleport back to your ship and either se out
    for Ardolis, or stay to collect some more Leviathan Souls. Here’s a rundown of
    the latter objective:
    Sell Your Souls -
    A better mission title would’ve been “Collect Leviathan Souls”. Oh well, guess
    you can’t have everything in life. If you wish me to explain how to defeat
    each Leviathan here, please contact me informing to do so. However, each boss
    battle is basically the same. Travel to each asteroid and there’ll be either
    one or two Leviathans. On one asteroid, you must use the Gelanator to reach
    various bolts and raritanium, as well as the Leviathan. Once all Leviathans
    have been eliminated, report back to the Smuggler and trade in the souls
    you’ve collected.
    8. ___+++ Pirate Base, Planet Ardolis +++___
    Infiltrate the Pirate Hideout -
    Last reports of Max Apogee explain that while he was in possession of the
    Lombax Secret, pirates kidnapped him and the artefact. The main pirate base is
    located on Ardolis, and your new friends Talwyn, Cronk and Zephyr theory that
    the Secret would most probably be here. When you land, get your ammo and
    health, and proceed through the tunnel.
    Kill the pirates you meet and then head down on the path on the right. Notice
    the pirate with the pistol, so defeat him and then take out the other enemies.
    You can grab your devices on the Pistol Pirate’s platform. Continue down the
    path, jumping on the platforms and then defeat the pirate. Activate the Geo-
    Laser and complete the mini-game. Head through the hole to enter the
    Sarrdollow Caves.
    Kill the Thwogs which rush at you and when you reach the green pool turn a
    sharp right and follow the path. High Jump to the upper level, then Stretch
    Jump twice over the chasms to continue along the path. Head across the bridge
    and use a powerful weapon against the shielded pirate (Plasma Beasts work very
    well against shielded enemies) then defeat the enemies around the campfire.
    Enter the Geo-Laser mini-game and complete to turn a stalactite into a
    platform. Head back up ramp and traverse the platforming section, and then
    enter a massive room filled to the brim with nasty pirates.
    Find the Treasure Room -
    You’ve infiltrated the hideout now, and the next objective is to actually find
    the Lombax Secret. In the room you’re in now, a small establishing shot of the
    area shows around twenty pirates. Deal with the pirates on the ground first
    (grab the Jackpot Crate and then Stretch Jump/Charge Boot around the room
    grabbing all of the bolts). Once the floor is clear, five or so pirates will
    come down. Be aware of everywhere around you, since they can come from all
    around the room. They’ll be two or so more waves of Pirates, then the door at
    the far end of the room will open and five shielded pirates will come through.
    Defeat these guys with heavy weapons, and then kill the Pistol Pirate shooting
    from inside the next room. Phew! Head outside.
    In the fresh air, some electric pirates will rush at you, so select a non-
    electric weapon to defeat them. They’ll be a few more pirates on the crates,
    and a pirate barge will arrive which drops off more pirates. Kill them, hop on
    the glowing elevator on the small circular platform, and then zipline down to
    the pirate tower.
    Catch Up to Talwyn -
    Thanks to Talwyn, you escape from the clutches of Captain Slag and Rusty Pete,
    but they’re still hot on your tail, and Talwyn has made off with the Secret!
    Kill the pirates around you and then grab your supplies. Notice the small
    carriage next to the ammo vendor, as this can be used to go back to your ship.
    You’re not gonna quit now, are ya! To continue the mission, find the Swingshot
    target north of the area you’re on to land on a pirate ship. Defeat everyone
    here (use the blocks as cover) and then use the glowing elevator to zipline to
    the next pirate ship. Kill everything here (duh!) and then battle the electric
    pirates which come across the bridge. After all is done, head across the
    bridge to enter the... umm... “Fun House”... adult fun that is.
    Move around the outer ring of the room, defeating the pirates in the centre.
    You’ll run into a few enemies, so watch out. After there are no more pirates,
    another batch of them will come down the elevator. Toss a grenade at them to
    blow them apart. Ride the elevator and continue killing pirates. Defeat the
    pirates that jump off the barge, and then hop on it. Destroy the enemies which
    come out of the hull, and then “walk the plank” and fill up on ammo. Enter the
    room to begin a boss battle.
    The title of this character is unknown to me, so we’ll just have to do with
    “Pirate Guard”. Basically, this guy is another obstacle in the way of you
    getting the Lombax Secret. It’s time to lay da smackdown!
    Get out your strongest weapon (once again, possibly the Fusion Grenades, but
    an upgraded Predator Launcher or Buzz Blades will help as well) and start
    firing. Dodge the cannon balls that he launches, and continue using your guns
    as much as possible. Strafing really works here, as it’s hard to fight without
    it. Lobbing Nano Swarmers will also help well. He isn’t hard, actually, so you
    should be able to defeat him without any real difficulty.
    Once he’s down, continue through the hallway. On the left is a doorway guarded
    by a pirate lock. We won’t be able to access this room yet, but on the right
    is a lot of raritanium. Grab everything, then head outside and into the
    cutscene. It turns out that the artefact is not the Lombax Secret after all...
    it’s just a map showing the planet of Rykan V. The team now must set off to
    the said planet in hope of finding the Secret there. Hang on! You haven’t
    explored all of Ardolis yet! Teleport back to the ship and then walk through
    the tunnel again, but this time, head on a tiny path which leads to the left.
    Explore Ardolis -
    Although there is no mission that is called “Explore Ardolis” there actually
    isn’t a mission devoted to this section of the level, so what I’ve said will
    have to do. Continue forwards and Heli-Pod the lowered grind rail to raise it,
    therefore allowing you to use the now complete grind rail. Defeat the Thwogs
    on the small platform you land on, and then Heli-Pod the submerged platforms
    in quick succession to get across to the other side. Heli-Pod the door to lift
    it and then carry on through. Go to the very end of path and Heli-Pod the door
    for raritanium, then head back to the small river you jumped over. Pod the
    door and two targets on the sunken ship to complete the puzzle. Hop on the
    ship and then use the Swingshots on the left to reach some raritanium. Jump
    down to the platform below you (this is where the ship takes you anyway).
    Use the Swingshot to get across to the wharves, and then continue along and
    Pod the two targets on the right to lower the platform. Head across, kill the
    Bats and then Pod the two targets on the left. Hop on the platform and then
    wait for the Heli-Pods to expire for you to be raised to the upper level. Grab
    the Armour Magnetizer (which allows you to collect bolts from further away)
    and Pod the door to arrive in the area just near your ship. Now you have
    completed all tasks on Ardolis! Let’s head off to Rykan V!
    9. ___+++ Rakar Star Cluster, Verdigris Sector +++___
    Evade the Pirate Fleet -
    Unfortunately, your first exploration into the Verdigris Sector in the Polaris
    Galaxy has gone haywire, and the pirate fleet has caught up to you since
    leaving Ardolis. You now have to ditch them in the Rakar Star Cluster or be
    destined to be imprisoned in the pirate fleet forever.
    Firstly, you’ll be Clank first, and in charge of the missile turret. You
    cannot move the ship as Clank, so you are an easy target for enemies. To
    counter this, as soon as you see an enemy on screen, immediately destroy them.
    In case of a group of enemies, find the most powerful and dangerous ones, and
    defeat them first. When in control of Ratchet, and therefore the ship,
    continue to move around the screen defeating enemies, and when you encounter
    the massive amount of mega-ships, don’t bother destroy their turrets, and just
    avoid them altogether. Trying to destroy them is too slow and dangerous. When
    you are flying over the red star, shoot through the obstacles which block your
    path (the netting on the blue triangles and the weak spots on the fire
    harvesters). It’s a pretty long section, so just stay alert. Eventually,
    you’ll arrive in the second ship boss battle of the game.
    This is basically the same guy as the last space boss battle, because it’s
    essentially the same tactics as last time, only with the boss doing different
    attacks. The first attack is a missile attack. He’ll shoot a stream of rockets
    which you can either dodge or destroy. Secondly, he’ll create a pillar of fire
    before you, and you must evade these. Use the barrel roll to full effect here.
    Lastly, he’ll create a massive electricity shockwave, and the only way to
    survive the attack is to fly through the ring he creates. Once you have learnt
    all of his attacks continue to shoot, dodge, lock-on, and release and evade
    your way through the battle, and you should come out as victorious.
    10. ___+++ Lava Refineries, Planet Rykan V +++___
    Breach the Main Gate -
    You will start the level skydiving. Evade the missiles which track you, and
    you’ll soon land in a massive area filled with enemies. Cronk and Zephyr are
    here to help, but they don’t provide as well as you’d hope they would.
    Immediately destroy the Tesla Drones which rush at you, and then flip, jump,
    run and gun your way through the hordes of Drophyds. The Fusion Grenades work
    excellently, because they can defeat entire groups of foes. Drophyd Dropships
    will drop off even more enemies, so see if you can destroy the actual Dropship
    before they can do anything. If you look on the map, there’s an ammo vendor to
    the south of the area. Use it to get supplies and health if need be. Once all
    is done, wait 20 seconds for the charge to expire, thereby exploding through
    the main gate and allowing the trio to head on through.
    Defeat Heavy Troopers -
    I pity you if you do this on challenge mode. There’ll be a monumental amount
    of enemies, so grab a strong weapon and fire away. This time, Drophyd Airships
    will populate the skies, so aim high and get them before they get you. This
    section is more or less the same as the previous area, but a little harder. At
    the end of it all, a new objective arises...
    Destroy Turret Defences -
    Four massive turrets will awaken at the east side of the area, and will begin
    to shoot you in stages. Only two turrets will attack simultaneously, so it’s
    not mega-difficult. Remember to either take cover or strafe-flip over the
    bullet volley, and a combination of Buzz Blades, Combuster and Fusion Grenades
    will help tremendously. If you ever run out of ammo, Charge Boot to the gate
    you destroyed earlier for ammo and health. When all four defences are
    eliminated, an elevator will come down giving you a lift to the Rykan
    Buy a Gyro Cycle -
    You’ll find your ship to the left, as well as the beloved Smuggler. This time
    round, he’s selling a Gyro Cycle, a shielded ball which was created by the
    Lombax for navigational purposes. This item is worth 5000 bolts, so you should
    be able to purchase it easy-peasy, but if for some reason you do not have 5000
    bolts, find some more around the spaceport. There are plenty of boxes and
    consumer bots to smash. When you’ve purchased it, stand on the launch pad next
    to the smuggler and activate the Gyro Cycle.
    Travel the Lava Tube Network -
    You’re first Gyro-Cycle section of the game is also the easiest (duh).
    Complete the tri-pad puzzles when you encounter them, but apart from that,
    there isn’t really anything to talk about. Be careful in the narrow path
    sections, as the Gyro-Cycle can sometimes becomes a little incontrollable. Try
    to avoid as many fire obstacles as possible, but the game allows you to hit a
    few before you eventually go down. The Gyro-Pads positioned around the course
    will shoot you upwards and to another section of the course. The second time
    you are launched out of the course, it’ll be the last.
    Land on the small island and a cutscene will automatically begin. Seems that
    the map from Ardolis led you to Rykan V, and on Rykan V the end item turned
    out to be another map! Still, the cutscene does provide useful information.
    The fabled Lombax Secret is actually a hat, called the “Dimensionator”,
    capable of creating warped black holes and other inter-dimensional events. The
    cutscene also gave you co-ordinates for the Lombax testing facility on Planet
    Sargasso. Head back outside and teleport back to your ship. Get inside the
    Aphelion and set out for Sargasso.
    11. ___+++ Outpost L51, Planet Sargasso +++___
    Trade Souls for the Decryptor -
    Hooray! A prehistoric world! This planet is great fun, and is one of the best
    levels in the entire R&C series! Not only is it massively enormous, but it has
    dinosaurs! Follow the path and talk with the Smuggler. He’ll tell you that
    he’ll give you the Decryptor if you can find three souls (you may already have
    three souls from previous levels). Look on the map to see a myriad of Grunther
    Soul icons. Follow them and destroy the Grunther at that icon (on your island
    only), and then return to the Smuggler. Trade the souls for the Decryptor, and
    then stand on the glowing blue pad next to the Robo-Pad. Enter the Decryptor
    mini-game. The objective here is to get the magnetic ball to various “jump
    points” (gaps in the spark path) and to connect these points to allow the
    spark to get to the red outlet. Your very first Decryptor mini-game is
    obviously easy, so you should get the hang of it right away. If you are
    finding it difficult with the SIXAXIS, turn the option off in the Control
    Options menu to allow yourself the comfort of the left analog stick to do your
    work. Once the spark gets to the red outlet, then the mini-game is complete.
    Search from the Sky -
    Lift off from the Robo-Pad and follow the Zoni Rings much like on Kortog to
    arrive on a path leading up to the Kerchu Outpost. This objective is basically
    over... yes, it is... it’s over... now!
    Investigate the Kerchu Outpost -
    Get all your supplies and then head up the ramp. Kill the Sargasso Crawlers
    here, and collect the bolts around you. Continue forwards until a Kerchu Fire
    Machine begins attacking you. Defeat it (it’s quite powerful, so a strong
    weapon will help) and then enter the Decryptor mini-game. Complete it, and
    head inside the factory. Destroy the Kerchu Rollers, and then fill your
    Gelanator. There will be a wall to the right in the room with a green icon, so
    Gel up to the platform then Gel again to reach the top of the wall. Continue
    on the path, jumping and gelling wherever needed, then drain the gadget to
    head outside.
    Glide down peacefully to the below island, then whip out a weapon and destroy
    those Rollers! If you see all three chasing you simultaneously, remember to
    strafe-flip/stretch jump/charge boot out of their path. Next, use the Tri-Pad
    to charge up a platform near the island so you can use that platform to get up
    to the larger level. Then use the moving platforms to get up to the abandoned
    Lombax testing facility. Decrypt the entrance, and enter. Destroy the Pyro
    Guards inside (Fusion Grenades work well to defeat groups of them), and then
    face the three platforms on the side of the room. Use the ledge to get on the
    right platform and then jump across to the middle platform to acquire the
    almighty “Alpha Disruptor” weapon.
    Use the bolt crank on the final platform to re-open the door, and then arrive
    back on island and cross the newly lowered bridge. Fill up on supplies and use
    your new gun to wipe out the Grunther. Find all three tri-pads, and then ride
    on the moving platform to the Pyro Guard’s platform. Defeat him, and glide
    down to where the Kerchu Rollers are near your position. Enter the cave and be
    ready for the Anthropods which rush at you. Continue up the skeleton ramp,
    defeat enemies, and then use the Decryptor to access a cutscene. It’s the
    Plumber! Unfortunately, Neil Flynn doesn’t provide the voice. No! Anyway, the
    Plumber gives you a “3¾ Cubit Hexagonal Washer” (try saying that three times
    fast) and flushes himself down a toilet, supposedly some time machine.
    Typical. Anyway, exit the room and Robo-Wings yourself over to your ship!
    Soul Searching -
    Although the icons of the Grunthers are on the map, here is a run down of the
    basic locations of all sixteen (including those necessary of level
    completion). You can now use your Alpha Disruptor against the Grunthers. You
    must use the Robo-Wings to travel to each island. Here’s the list:
    1) Centre-south on south island (island with Aphelion and Smuggler).
    2) West on south island (inside cave).
    3) North-west on south island (near water, easy to spot).
    4) North-east on west island (island with numerous palm trees).
    5) Centre-north on west island (near NE Grunther).
    6) West on west island (very end of island, jumps from water).
    7) North-west on central island (island just north of south island).
    8) East on central island (next to Troglosaur).
    9) Centre-north on island joined to central island by east derricks.
    10) North-west on “         “          “           “          “    .
    11) North-east on “         “          “           “          “    .
    12) South on north island (island south of Kerchu Outpost island).
    13) East on north island (jumps from water, in small canyon area).
    14) West on north island (jumps from water).
    15) North on north island (lots of Anthropods and other enemies surrounding
    the Grunther).
    16) On north-east island (met during mission playthrough)
    Return to the Fight Festival -
    I hope that helps you. In case you have no idea what I’m talking about, simply
    consult the map and Robo-Wing straight to the needed Grunther. But where’s the
    fun in that? Once you’re done, trade in all of the souls for mega-bucks!
    Planet Sargasso is now completed, but now you have to head back to Mukow.
    Captain Qwark has found a potential clue, so you better investigate.
    12. ___+++ Imperial Fight Festival, Planet Mukow (revisited) +++___
    Fight for Cash Prizes -
    Take the taxi to your left and activate it. It will take you back to the
    arena, and to the new Magnetum Tournament. Enter the arena and you will then
    have to participate in the challenge “Flaming Cragmite”. This is five rounds
    of normal enemies with the addition of two fire statues in the centre of the
    arena. This is basically the same as the previous time at the arena, with the
    same sort of enemies only with more obstacles (i.e., the fire statue). You
    should have no problems with this challenge. Then you move onto the
    challenge’s boss battle:
    The final arena boss is surprisingly quite a challenge. Not only does he have
    a wealth of health on him (he’ll take ages to defeat) but his attacks really
    pack a punch. He’ll spin, shoot and slash away until your dead, so you’re just
    going to have to do the same back to him.
    He has three attacks, first he commences a spin attack and he chases you
    around for a few seconds, but running into an obstacle or stopping for just
    one moment can spell disaster in capital letters! He also shoots out
    electrical balls which bounce around. His last attack is a typical one: firing
    lasers at you.
    Use your very best weapons to defeat him (Alpha Disruptor will help very
    well), and continue to evade his attacks. An easy mistake to make is when he
    spins towards you; you might be blocked by an ammo crate. Quickly jump over it
    and move away from the outside of the arena. Apart from that, you just have to
    shoot, flip and shoot some more to take him down.
    Once that’s done, you’ll acquire the Holo-Pirate Disguise. This gadget allows
    you to transform into a pirate, enabling you to pass pirate areas unnoticed
    and unlocking Skull Security Doors. Qwark gives you an infobot, which may
    include the clue he talked about earlier. Exit the arena, get on the taxi back
    to your ship and then get in the Aphelion. The infobot shows you a film about
    the IRIS Supercomputer, the biggest knowledge base in the galaxy, possibly
    universe. However, it has been captured by Captain Slag. Set out for the
    Kreeli Comet and take it back!
    13. ___+++ IRIS Supercomputer, Kreeli Comet +++___
    Infiltrate the Pirate Camp -
    Head down the ramp to see the pirates surrounding the campfire. Turn on your
    Holo-Pirate Disguise and pass the enemies stealthily. Whatever you do, don’t
    press square! Stand in front of the Skull Security Door, and then enter the
    Dancing Mini-Game. Here, you have to dance the jig to successfully unlock the
    door. The controls are simple: when the pirate says “to your left”, push left
    on the left stick. As the pirate says “to your tight”, push the left stick
    right. “To the sky” means pushing the left stick forwards (or up, depending on
    what you say). However, when they say “shake your booty”, you must shake the
    SIXAXIS controller. If the SIXAXIS option is turned off, you must twist, turn
    and move the analog sticks everywhere. Once the mini-game is completed, you
    may enter the pirate ship.
    Transform back to Ratchet and destroy the red barrel behind the pirates. Move
    onto the next room to face off against the Pirate Guard. He’s basically the
    same as he was on Ardolis, only slightly stronger and tougher. Unfortunately,
    you’re in a confined space, so the cannon balls will bounce off walls and back
    at you, so always keep eyes out for his attacks coming from behind you. He
    also has a new attack. One of his cannon balls will be a red/orange colour,
    and when they explode they create a shockwave. Stay away from the explosion
    and jump over the wave. When you defeat him pick up all the raritanium and
    bolts and then bolt crank the elevator up onto the higher level of the pirate
    There’ll be a few pirates here, so make sure you are ready. There’ll be one
    behind the turret, so get out either the Fusion Grenades or the Plasma
    Stalkers to get behind his shield and defeat him. Destroy the red barrels
    around you to help vanquish the pirate horde. Jump on the grind rail nearby
    and head down to the platform. Defeat the turret pirate and jump over the
    chasms you come across to arrive on a very large platform. This is another
    campfire situation, but using the Holo-Pirate Disguise is useless because you
    can’t jump up the ledges at the far end of the path. In addition to the five
    or so pirates around the campfire, there’s a turret pirate nearby. Go in all
    gun’s blazing, and try to destroy the turret pirate first. Blast the other
    baddies away and then jump up the ledges to meet an electric pirate. Kill him,
    and then continue up the ladder and traverse the ledge (move left, where the
    arrows are pointing). Jump up when you see the gap, and immediately blast away
    the pirates here.
    Perform your second jig successfully to enter the room. There’ll some pirates
    in here, too, so defeat them. You’ll then see the gravity ramp exiting the
    room, so get on it. Proceed on the ramp, timing your runs so that you don’t
    get blasted by the cannons. Exit the ramp and then kill the pirates you meet.
    You’ll battle with yet another Pirate Guard. He should be easy this time
    because of the large space you have to move around in. There are some red
    barrels to help you here. Once the coast is clear the objective will be
    The Battle for the IRIS -
    Fill up on supplies and head on into the pirate village. You’ll encounter two
    turret pirates, as well as an army of shielded pirates. This is a job for the
    Fusion Grenades (actually, by now you should have DEFINITELY upgraded them to
    the Fusion Bombs)! Plasma Stalkers also really work well here, in case you run
    out of Bomb ammo (however, the vendor is nearby, so this shouldn’t be a
    problem). Another hint is that you can control the turrets themselves, so when
    the pirates who originally control them are defeated, commandeer the turret to
    kill the other pirates surrounding you. Defeat everyone in the second “room”
    and then head down into the final room. A few pirates will emerge from their
    houses on the left, and there’s a turret pirate here as well. Kill them all,
    and then enter the bolt crank. You’ll lower the bridge but a few enemies
    (including some electric ones) will rush at you. Defeat them all and then head
    across the new bridge.
    You’ll encounter that dastardly Pirate Guard again, with even less space to
    manoeuvre around in. The cannon balls will prove your greatest obstacle here,
    as they’ll constantly be pounding and hitting you. The sooner this battle is
    over, the better. After it IS over, you must use the Geo-Laser to make another
    platform. Get across to the other side and defeat the resistance here. You’ll
    come to another vendor, so stock up and then continue into the tunnel. Inside
    the caves there’ll be a lot of pirates, some shielded, some electric, and some
    in control of turrets. Use as much cover as possible and try to strafe-flip
    continuously to avoid incoming fire. A lot of weapons help here, and tossing
    the Groovitron into the mix is a great idea. Jump onto the level with the
    turret and a lot of crates, and you should see the ramp leading down to
    another Skull Security Door. Turn into the Holo-pirate and complete the dance,
    then walk through to battle the final Kreeli Comet Pirate Guard. This is the
    hardest one, because you’re practically battling in a corridor. You may die in
    this one, so just remember to use your very best weapons and to jump whenever
    a cannon ball comes your way. After the battle, continue forwards to find the
    IRIS Supercomputer.
    Repair the IRIS -
    Unfortunately, you can’t access IRIS’s information just yet because it is
    partially damaged, probably by Slag’s men. Clank volunteers to venture inside
    the IRIS to find the source of the problem and to fix it. Hooray! Another
    Clank level!
    Walk forwards onto the platform, and then slow down time when you encounter
    the amazingly quick electric rings. When all three rings are aligned (you’ll
    notice it, trust me), continue along the bridge. Awaken the Zoni here, and
    then timeshift your way through the electric barrier/forcefield. You’ll soon
    find yourself in an area with heaps of hexagons. The safe hexagons are the
    ones which aren’t electrified. Turn to the right and Levitate over to the
    small safe area. Collect the Zoni, levitate back and then use the all-new
    command: Charge Up. The Zoni will stand near these activation orbs and yell
    out “Energise”! The orbs will slowly hover and then expand. This is when the
    door in front of you opens.
    Kill the pirate on the other side, and continue along. Levitate across to the
    platform and wake up the Zoni here. Next, you’ll have to traverse a massive
    bridge with plenty of obstacles. As with most things, timing is key, so plan
    ahead and remember to timeshift at the electric rings. Defeat the pirates
    here, and then levitate across the platforms on the right, lowest to highest,
    whilst collecting Zoni as you go. Get back to the starting point, and press
    Through the next series of rooms you’ll encounter a mixture of more Zoni,
    pirates, rings, shock barriers and hexagons. Follow the path and you’ll
    certainly work out what to do. The last stretch is a long progression of
    forcefields, so keep R1 held down and move through each barrier one at a time.
    Glide oven to the IRIS core, which is broken. Choose manipulate and then your
    work is complete. Clank will receive another vision from the Zoni, which
    depicts Talwyn in locked away in a jail on Viceron. When you are back with
    Ratchet, ask the IRIS a few questions to learn more about Lombaxes, Cragmites
    and the Great War. Then teleport back to your ship and set course for Zordoom
    14. ___+++ Zordoom Prison, Planet Viceron +++___
    Grind the Rails to the Prison -
    You must rescue Talwyn from Zordoom Prison! Head east, and destroy the small
    bots you encounter. Go up the stairs and defeat the two “invisible” Drophyds.
    Weapons like the Predator Launcher, Nano Swarmers and the Plasma Beasts won’t
    work because they don’t target invisible Drophyds. You’re best off using a
    weapon which explodes or does not rely on a targeting mechanism. Complete the
    Decryptor puzzle and then jump onto the grind rail. In this section, swingshot
    over the razors and gaps which you encounter and remember to switch rails and
    jump over mines wherever necessary. Soon enough, you’ll come to the end of
    this (rather awesome) grind rail section.
    Jailbreak -
    Walk forwards avoiding the spotlights and kill the Tesla Drones. If you do
    happen to trigger a spotlight, get out the Alpha Disruptor and destroy the
    Zordoom Drophyd Guard. Continue up the gravity ramp to arrive in a large area
    with a Bolt Crank in the middle. Wait for the spotlight to be ON the bolt
    crank, and then as soon as it moves OFF, activate the bolt crank. Hop on the
    lowered elevator and stretch jump across to the other platform. Defeat enemies
    then continue up the gravity ramp. Once again, time your runs so that you can
    jump over the lasers and past the spotlights and the same time.
    You’ll arrive in the prison, so walk forwards and eliminate the Drophyds below
    you. Activate the bridge via Decryptor and then use the Alpha Disruptor
    against the Drophyd Walker. Use the Swingshot to get across to the other side,
    and then defeat the Drophyds which emerge from the corridor. There’ll be some
    more Drophyds behind some cover to the side of the gateway. Head through the
    corridor and destroy the enemies inside. Don’t worry, the tentacles can’t hurt
    you, but you can’t hurt them either. Use the Decryptor INSIDE the gateway, not
    the one beside it. Jump off the platform and get ready to skydive! The order
    of the correct squares is as follows: middle, right, bottom, right, left,
    right, middle. Defeat the enemies on the level you land on and then proceed
    through the corridor. If you could afford the Negotiator, now is a great time
    to use it. Continue to arrive in a “train station” room. Decrypt the cell
    carriage to free Talwyn.
    Escape from Zordoom -
    This objective ups the ante in difficulty level. Follow Talwyn back through
    the corridor, and use a strong weapon to take out the pack of shielded and
    unshielded Drophyds. Step onto the massive elevator to trigger a trap. Waves
    of Drophyds (which vary in type) will be launched upon you. Make use of the
    cover whenever necessary and be aware of where the attacks are coming from. At
    the end of the ride, Talwyn and you will split up. You’ll head through the
    tentacle room again, with more enemies. Push through them and arrive back in
    the large dome room. A Drophyd Walker will fall right in front of you, so
    immediately attack it with the Alpha Disruptor and/or Negotiator. Head up the
    ramp to the left collecting bolts and you’ll meet with a Zordoom Drophyd Guard
    and a few flying Drophyds.
    Concentrate on the Guard and when he’s finished destroy his minions. Next,
    glide down top the central platform and lay out a few Plasma Beasts to kill
    the shielded Drophyds. Near the Swingshot, some flying Drophyds will emerge
    from below. Get across and defeat the remaining Drophyds. Fill up on ammo and
    health in the corridor to start a mini-arena battle. Much like the elevator
    section, wave after wave of Drophyds will be unleashed from the doors to the
    other side of the arena. Negotiator works well here, but the Fusion Grenades
    are good from when they first come out of their doors because they’ll be
    clumped closely. Head through the opened door on the left once the Drophyds
    are gone, and continue down the gravity ramp. Destroy the Tesla Drones first
    and then aim at the Drophyd Walker. Any strong weapon will help. Defeat the
    Drophyds beside the Walker and then hop on the taxi on the left platform.
    It’ll take you back to the Aphelion.
    15. ___+++ Verdigris Black Hole, Praxus Sector +++___
    Escape from Slag’s Clutches -
    This is more or less the same stuff you’ve seen in previous space combat
    levels. Make sure you keep moving and lock-on to as many enemies as you can.
    Much to the annoyance of myself, Ratchet decides not to exit the level early,
    but rather to leave a little “present” for the pirates. This adds another 10-
    15 minutes to the level’s length. Try to destroy all the mines DIRECTLY in
    front of you; don’t bother with the ones on the outside of the screen. Next,
    you’ll either have to avoid or destroy the ice moon’s defences. These come in
    the forms of laser turrets, massive icicles and propellers. As Clank, wait for
    all of the non-attacking ships to pass by, the open fire on the ships that do.
    When back as Ratchet, defeat the remaining ships, enter the black and grab
    some health. The last space boss battle will begin:
    Use the exact same tactics as always, as this is the last boss battle. Circle
    around the edges to avoid his attacks (which are: diagonal lasers, missiles,
    and a volley of bullets) and keep using the L1 missiles as well as your normal
    R1 attack. No real strategy to this one, but after a while his diagonal lasers
    will speed up, so move quickly to get to a safe spot. Soon enough, Greasepalms
    McGee will be no more, and the end of the final space combat level will
    16. +++___ Kerchu City, Planet Jasindu +++___
    The Road to Kerchu City -
    Wow, you’re on the planet which the gaming community viewed almost a year ago!
    Exciting, isn’t it?! Anyway, head down and use the Buzz Blades to eradicate
    the ankle biters. Look around and you’ll find the ammo vendor. Proceed along
    the platforms and get rid of the ankle biters. Get up to the higher path and
    then whip out the Alpha Disruptor or the Negotiator to take out the pirates
    and the Pyro Guard nearby. Continue down to arrive in a large area which acts
    as a mini-arena. Prepare for an onslaught...
    Wave after wave of a variety of pirates (some shielded, some armed with
    pistols, some with axes, swords etc) will emerge from the hill on the other
    side of the field. If there’s a weapon that needs upgrading, now is one of the
    best times to do it, as there’ll be a lot of enemies and what you can do is
    when all of them are defeated, head back to near the ship and then jump of the
    platform into the ocean. You’ll respawn, and most of the enemies in the mini-
    arena will also respawn, meaning you can gain valuable experience over and
    over again.
    Once all of the enemies are dead, continue up the hill and defeat some more
    pirates as well as an electric one. A small outpost will unlock and unleash
    even more pirates on you, so be ready. Remember to fill up on ammo whenever
    you have to, back at the last ammo vendor. Proceed along the path and arrive
    in another big area, this time with a turret pirate. Get him first, and then
    fend off the others. Get on the barge when the coast is clear, and wait until
    you arrive at entrance to the factory.
    Fight Your Way into the City -
    Immediately you’ll be faced with a Pyro Guard, so eliminate him and stock up
    on supplies as usual. Head up onto the path and you’ll encounter three Kerchu
    Rollers. Remember that when you hit one, they will exit out of ball mode,
    thereby exposing them to your weapons. You should have your most powerful
    weapons ready for duty, so you can make short work of these Rollers. If push
    comes to shove, stretch jump or charge boot your way out of the Rollers’ line
    of attack or you’ll be bowled over. Cross the bridge and watch the cutscene of
    a massive barge crashing into the city’s walls and unleashing heaps of pirates
    on you. Some Kerchu Rollers will also come from the door on your right.
    Dodging is often more important than attacking, since you can’t kill them if
    you’re dead. Once you’re in the clear, get out the Disruptor and open a can of
    whoop ass on them. When the dust settles and you are the victor, the objective
    is completed.
    Get Past the Kerchu Defences -
    Just when you thought it was safe to go in the city! Now the Kerchu are REALLY
    mad. No worries, this bit isn’t hard at all :). Enter the building which the
    Rollers emerged from and you’re inside the city. Head forward through the
    corridors defeating Pyro Guards and Pirates as you go. You’ll then exit the
    city and into fresh air. The elevator will take you down to some Swingshot
    targets, so use them to get across to the other platform. Fill up on devices,
    health and ammo here, then continue to enter a cutscene.
    Defeat the Kerchu Guardian -
    This machine is somewhat of a massive wrecking ball, affectionately known as
    “the Kerchu Wrecky”. You’ll start off this rather memorable boss battle on the
    grind rail! He’ll destroy part of the grind rail therefore creating a gap, so
    when he does this jump over the gap. Do it again when necessary. Enter the
    indoor area, and you’ll have to jump over green walls of plasma (or something)
    once in a while. Don’t worry; the incoming rockets won’t hurt you. Next,
    you’ll ride around a tall tower in spirals. Jump over the barriers and you’ll
    enter the next grind rail segment.
    Here, the Guardian will shoot rockets on each of the three rails. Whenever you
    see a rocket approaching on your rail, jump off it. Last of all, you’ll have
    to jump over the green barriers again. You must concentrate on what you’re
    doing, and not the scenery, background and more importantly, the Guardian. You
    can easily be killed if you take your eyes off Ratchet. Be careful, the
    rockets which he is shooting can become glitchy and may actually hit you.
    Hopefully this will only happen once or twice, so your life is spared. The
    rail will then twist upside down, and the actual killing part of the whole
    boss battle will begin.
    You have two options here: to stay upside down or to jump down to solid
    ground. On the gravity ramp, you have limited space to move around in, and his
    attacks really pack a punch. I would take the solid ground method, simply
    because it’s a lot easier. When you are battling him on the right-side-up,
    he’ll use some Kerchu Rollers to help him defeat you. It’s best to dodge the
    Rollers and THEN try to defeat the Guardian. The best way is to use the new
    Transmorpher on the Rollers, Groovitron the Guardian and get out your Alpha
    Disruptor and Mr. Zurkon to deplete the Guardian’s health. When the Disruptor
    runs out of ammo, Nano Swarmers and the Negotiator work best. The Guardian
    will go down, and Ratchet and Clank will finally see the Dimensionator.
    However, that dastardly Captain Slag snatches it from the duo’s hands, and
    escapes with it. You have to track him down and get it back! Teleport it back
    to your ship immediately!
    Search the Gel Factory -
    When you have some spare time (or wish to do it now) you can explore the Gel
    Factory underneath your ship for some extra rewards! Use the elevator near
    your ship to arrive in the Gel Factory, and then continue forwards. Fill up on
    your gel, and then kill the enemies in the next room. On the wall to the
    right, you can gel upwards to find some raritanium and bolts. Glide down to
    the island in the middle of the Gel Lake, and use gel cubes to reach the upper
    Put a gel cube on the pressure pad to walk safely through the door. Use the
    Bolt Crank to open the door and then bounce up to the opened door. Get through
    the next Gel Lake and then time your next bounce correctly otherwise you’ll
    end up shocked! Use the next bolt crank and gel abilities to pass through the
    next door, and then you’ll enter another room with a large gel lake and two
    little alcoves to the side.
    Use gel cubes to explore both sides of the cave. On the left are bolts and
    other goodies... and on the right is the bolt crank needed to open the door on
    the far end of the lake. Use it, and then bounce your way over. Use a
    combination of perfect timing and Gelanator to surpass the next rooms, and
    soon you’ll enter a room with a Pyro Guard, other enemies and a bolt crank.
    You know what to do. Enter the door which you open, and then wall jump up to
    another room. Here, place gel on the pressure pad and quickly make your way
    past the door or else the Tumfoids (gel-eaters) will close the door again. You
    will now arrive on a narrow path with a peculiar item on it...
    The Box Basher 2000! When you Hyper Strike, nearby crates will be smashed!
    Handy, huh! Continue forwards and empty your gel. Access the teleporter and
    you’ll arrive back at your ship.
    17. ___+++ Slag’s Fleet, Ublik Passage +++___
    Infiltrate Slag’s Fleet -
    Here we are, at Slag’s home base. This planet is a tough one, but not
    impossible. Grab your ammo and kill the enemies nearby. Hop on the barge and
    attack the pirates which emerge from the door. Get off the ship once it’s
    stopped and use the Negotiator to make short work of the Corsairs up ahead.
    Continue using heavy weapons against large groups of these guys. You’’’ then
    encounter the last version of your favourite boss (*intended sarcasm*), the
    Pirate Guard. He’s back and better than ever, so keep on your toes and ALWAYS
    keep a watchful eye on the cannon balls he shoots, especially the red ones
    which create shockwaves. The quicker this battle is over, the better.
    Use the Pirate Disguise to bypass the Skull Security Door nearby, and stay in
    this form until you walk past the guy behind the turret. Quickly transform,
    destroy him and then unload a can of whoopass on those poor sucker pirates.
    Once everything’s been blown to smithereens, use the Bolt crank to lower the
    bridge, and then kill the Corsairs which attempt to stop you on your path.
    Fill up at the ammo vendor on the bridge, and then walk across. The Pirate
    Guard will unfortunately be here (ggrrrrrggghh!), and this is possibly the
    hardest battle with him yet. Beside him and his attacks, you’ll also have to
    compete with shielded pirates, sword pirates, Corsairs and electric pirates
    throughout the coarse of the fight. Get him with a couple of blasts from the
    Alpha, and then focus attention on the other enemies which ambush you. Repeat
    this process with other heavy weapons and his health will soon reach zero.
    Another bridge will unfold, this time bringing a ton of pirates with it. Use
    Bombs to quickly dispose of the crowd. Head across this new bridge.
    Head right and mow down those who stand in your way. Turn left and really
    quickly take out the turret pirate way down the path. Continue and defeat the
    shielded pirates which are dropped off by the barge. Jump to a little platform
    at the end of the path and use the Heli-Pods on the target. Jump onto the
    large ship and get ready for the toughest part of the game so far.
    Your ship will start to move and a cool music track will begin to play. You’re
    up for one big fight here, fella. A pirate ship just like your own will fly
    next to you. When the ships align, three massive cannons will reveal
    themselves on the side of the ship, as well as dozens of pirates on the deck.
    Immediately launch a Mr. Zurkon and a Groovitron. While the pirates who board
    your ship are dancing, use your Alpha to destroy the three turrets. Always
    remember to keep moving, and to occasionally check where you’re standing to
    make sure you’re not going to be hit by the missiles. After the three turrets
    on the first ship are disposed of, kill the pirates on your barge. Now, some
    of the pirates limitlessly respawn, so only use your wrench for these ‘rest’
    fights. Another two attacking barges will arrive, so repeat the process. If
    you’ve run out of devices, you’re in trouble. Keep alternating between the
    pirates and the turrets and you’ll soon dock at the next area of the level.
    Continue forwards and defeat the two electric pirates. Dance the jig to prove
    your worth, and then enter the large room. First off, get the turret pirate
    right in front of you. Quickly move up the ramps, collecting bolts as you go
    and then defeat the row of pirates on the second level. Then destroy the two
    turret pirates and group of other enemies on the upper floor. When the room is
    clear, go back and grab any raritanium or bolts you may have missed. Dance
    again at the top of the room and walk out onto the plank. I feel a boss battle
    coming on...
    Defeat Captain Slag -
    Possibly the best boss battle of the game, Captain Slag has a wide range of
    attacks, but the best thing about this fight is that you have an even wider
    range. He’ll start off in one of the corners of the ship, so you can move
    freely around him without too much of a problem. Here are his attacks:
    His most common attack his probably the hammer. He’ll whip out a gargantuan
    mallet and slam it on the ground, sending out a giant shockwave which, while
    slow, is really powerful. Another attack is his flamethrower, or rather his
    flame-mouth. He’ll pull out the old grog and begin sculling. He then burps,
    which unloads three consecutive narrow but lightning-fast rows of flames. Get
    out of the way when this happens. Also, the flames will stay on the ground for
    quite some time, so watch your step. He’ll also do the more conventional
    flamethrower attack, where the fire fans out across his vicinity. Just back
    away when he does this.
    The final attack is also the most interesting. He’ll shoot out a relentless
    blue missile which won’t stop until you destroy it (or it destroys you!).
    Because the basic art style of this planet is red/orange, the blue missile
    really stands out. Just change back to a pistol-like weapon and shoot the disc
    (sometimes discs) which comes at you at a gradual pace.
    Use your very best weapons against him (electric weapons won’t help though,
    he’s electrified!). At every quarter of his health, he’ll jump onto the top of
    his ship and let Rusty Pete unleash six pirates on you. Try and use a weak
    weapon here, because you don’t want to be wasting precious ammo on easy guys
    like these. When Slag jumps back down to your level, give him hell. With
    patience, persistence, and a little heavy firepower, Slag will be no more.
    Witness the poignant, touching and emotional cutscene showing Slag say his
    final goodbyes... are you kidding, it’s a hilarious cutscene! Pete makes
    Ratchet his new captain, and the Dimensionator is finally Ratchet’s... but not
    for long. It seems as though the exceedingly oafish Captain Qwark nabs the
    wormhole device for supposed good intentions, however Qwark has involuntarily
    taken the Dimensionator to the Cragmite homeworld! As Ratchet, grab the
    Treasure Mapper (which will really help you in finding Gold Bolts and Holo-
    Plans) and get back to the Aphelion. You’ve got a universe to save.
    18. ___+++ Cragmite Ruins, Planet Reepor +++___
    Secure the Area -
    This is absolute mayhem. You start off on this level skydiving, and it’s the
    penultimate one you do, so it’s very tough. Make sure you never stop moving,
    and that you always look out for incoming rockets. Soon enough you’ll reach
    dry land, so if you’ve lost any health grab some and ammo at the nearby
    vendor. This battle is insanely enormous, so use cover effectively and use the
    Alpha Disruptor, Negotiator, Doom Blades/Magma Combuster and the Fusion Bombs
    to the best of your ability. Here’s a basic rundown of the war:
    When you land, a dozen Drophyds will be surrounding you, so eliminate them
    quickly. Up on the far off podium, a Drophyd Walker will emerge from the
    forcefield, so concentrate your fire on that. For the next few rounds of this
    “arena”, a combination of normal Drophyd Troops, Walkers and Airships will be
    launched upon you. If you EVER need ammo or health, immediately fill up at the
    vendor. Failure to do so normally spells out D E A T H. Oh, and you have to
    start the battle over again :). Sometimes, two walkers will be unleashed, so
    make sure you clear both of them out quickly. Sooner or later, an army of
    Airships will arrive from the south, so turn around and begin pummelling them
    with your superior fighting skills and weapons. Remember; use Mr. Zurkon and
    the Groovitron wisely and as well as you can. You must defeat everyone here to
    advance to the next objective. If you’re struggling contact me and I’ll
    provide some more tips and tricks.
    Escort Cronk and Zephyr -
    Ratchet becomes the robot duo’s “escort” for the next objective. A Cyclo-
    Cannon will arrive from the west mortar room, so dispose of it quickly as well
    as any Drophyds which may come. Wait for Cronk to blow apart the forcefield’s
    generator then head inside. Defeat the Drophyds inside and then activate the
    tri-pad so Zephyr can control the mortar launchers. Hear the banter between
    Cronk and Zephyr as they mock both the PS3 and Xbox 360 in subliminal
    Back outside, a massive army of Drophyds will await, so use the mortar room as
    cover and shoot away at the baddies. A Cyclo-Cannon will also be present.
    Whenever you encounter a shielded Drophyd, don’t waste Alpha and sometimes
    your Negotiator ammo on them, just use the Grenades or similarly powerful
    weapon. This way you can conserve your most powerful weapons for the more
    deadly foes. Once everyone’s dead (does that sound too harsh...?) head towards
    the east mortar room.
    Once again, wait for the field to go down to enter safely. Inside you’ll come
    across another Cyclo-Cannon, so destroy it and activate the second tri-pad.
    When everything’s set up, head back outside and onto the next mission.
    Breach the Cragmite Stronghold -
    Defeat the next wave of Drophyds. Use the aforementioned tactics to get past
    them without too much of a hassle. Head up the stairs to the large platform
    and you’ll then encounter a Strong Walker, which is basically a Walker but
    with raritanium armour, thereby making him even tougher to defeat. It will
    take most, if not all, of your Alpha Disruptor ammo to take him down, and the
    Negotiator also works well on him. When he goes down, the massive forcefield
    will be destroyed, allowing you and Talwyn to proceed. Collect the bolts
    around you on the large platform, and then head up the elevator. Defeat the
    next Strong Walker and then a cutscene will start showing you and Talwyn
    splitting up (not in their relationship you idiot!). To the right of the
    forcefield is a Geo-Laser position. Destroy the wall and continue through. Nab
    the bolts around you and proceed down the hallway and onto the elevator. Walk
    forwards and begin the cutscene...
    Search for Ratchet -
    Emperor Tachyon has unleashed the Dimensionator, and has summoned the
    Cragmites back from the unknown dimension and into the Polaris Galaxy!
    Furthermore, Ratchet and Clank have now been split up (not in their
    relationship you idiot! Wow, déjà vu...). This is the final Clank level, so
    enjoy it while it lasts! Walk forwards and defeat the all new Cragmite
    enemies, and then collect the Zoni in the small alcove to the side of the
    path. Slow down time to get past the geysers with ease. Use the Manipulate
    option to remove the rocks so you can continue. To get past the bridge, you
    must use a combination of Charge Ups and Manipulates. The final Charge Up
    requires more Zoni, so levitate yourself over to the path on the right, defeat
    the Cragmites, survive the geysers and then collect the Zoni needed. Glide
    down and then Charge Up the final part of the bridge. Get pas the final
    Cragmites and geysers on land and then continue forwards to see another Zoni
    vision. You’ve also arrived back at the ship!
    Escape the Cragmite Caves -
    As Ratchet, you must remember that in this section of the level, you do NOT
    have Clank, so do NOT attempt any crazy jumps over gaps expecting to glide
    over it peacefully. All you have is the Double Jump, and that’s a considerable
    step down from Clank’s abilities. Continue over the platforms and then arrive
    in a large area. Here, you’ll battle you’re first true Cragmite enemies. They
    have the rather awesome yet troublesome ability to teleport, so as soon as
    they come out of their teleportation phase (purple dots surround them), shoot
    them with whatever weapon you’ve grown accustomed to. As a side note, when
    these Cragmites die, they sometimes leave behind the smaller, weaker Cragmites
    which you battled as Clank. Once the area is clear, continue through the
    doorway. Destroy the Cragmite Spawner (similar to those way back on Fastoon)
    and then the Crawlers which the throw out. Proceed forward and Swingshot over
    the large gap to arrive in a bit of a battle zone.
    Here, you’ll face off against wave after wave of Cragmites. Stand as far away
    from them as you can so you can keep track of where they teleport to. When one
    exits the teleportation phase, destroy it with the Disruptor or Negotiator.
    Fend off the Crawlers which emerge from the Cragmite corpses with the
    Omniwrench or similar close range weapon (Shard Reaper). When all is quiet,
    the battle is over. Get over to the ammo vendor and fill up for the last leg
    of the level.
    Jump up onto the massive ramp and then continue upwards ONLY killing the
    Spawners. Then, when you’re at the top, head back down and kill the Crawlers.
    This is an affective way to clear out everybody. Head back up when you’re
    ready and Swingshot over to the next platform. Here, the final battle of
    Reepor will take place. As well as the normal Cragmite Soldiers and their
    weaker minions, a new enemy will arise; more powerful than the two combined.
    I’m talking of course about the Cragmite Commander, and he’ll take AGES to
    defeat. His attack, though simplistic, are massively powerful. He shoots out
    three green balls of energy which deal huge damage to you. To avoid them, go
    in between the shots or jump over them. What makes these guys real tough is
    that they’ll be plenty of them. The strategy here is to keep jumping and
    moving, and to look out for their green tri-shot. Use combinations of your
    best weapons to take them out. A Groovitron will serve well here, as well as
    some Nano-Swarmers and a little help from Mr. Zurkon. Continue forwards when
    the dust settles, and then ride the elevator down to the ship. You are
    reunited with Clank, Talwyn, Cronk and Zephyr, and the next task ahead of you
    is to save Meridian City, Capital of the Free Galaxy.
    19. ___+++ Meridian City, Planet Igliak +++___
    Save Meridian City -
    Chaos has swallowed Meridian City in a terrible tapestry of terror and
    trouble. Rhyming is fun! But, onto more important issues! Captain Qwark has
    foolishly got himself in a pickle (honestly, won’t this guy ever grow up?),
    and it’s up to you to save him and the city. Tachyon’s forces (both Drophyd
    and Cragmite) have taken control of the city and are tearing it apart, so the
    sooner we rid the world of his alien domination the better.
    Continue forwards and destroy the Crawlers on the bridge. Remember to get your
    ammo as well. A lot of Crawlers will be waiting for you, so lob a Bomb over to
    them. You must take out the Spawner on the upper level; otherwise you’ll be
    defeating Crawlers for hours (it might get some good experience for your
    weapons though...). Once the lower level is clear, jump up to the upper level
    where the Spawner was. Cragmite Soldiers will teleport near your position, so
    use the normal tactics to defeat them. Crawlers will erupt from their corpses
    like on Reepor, so always be on the lookout for stray enemies. Continue
    through using the awesome Mag-Net Launcher, Fusion Bombs and Negotiator
    (remember, you can’t use the Mag-Net whilst the Cragmites are in Teleportation
    Mode). When all has been vanquished, head up the gravity ramp on the tower.
    Qwark is in deep dough at the moment. Grab the ammo and jump over to the next
    tower on the right. Inside, a Strong Walker and a few Cragmite warriors will
    barge in on you. Get out the Alpha Disruptor and destroy the Walker, and then
    use an explosive weapon to eliminate the other baddies. Smash the boxes around
    you and then jump over the chasm in the room, step on the pressure pad and
    walk down the gravity ramp.
    Here, pick up your ammo and such, and then continue up the street. Destroy all
    of the Spawners which you can see, and then the Crawlers they’ve spewed out.
    Keep on strafing and jumping to avoid enemy fire. You’ll again meet up with
    combinations of Crawlers and Soldiers, so there’s no use it using hopeless
    weapons like the Tornado Launcher and the Razor Claws. Use the cover which is
    provided to further your advantage. Soon you’ll arrive on a bit of a patio,
    and a Strong Walker will drop from the ceiling and transform into a behemoth.
    Again, Alpha Disruptor and Judicator work best. There’s also a Spawner and a
    few Crawlers in an alcove to the left, so get rid of them quickly too. Next,
    ride the elevator up and activate the Decryptor and complete the mini-game to
    enter the spaceport.
    Rescue Qwark, Part 1 -
    In here, you’ll have a few normal Cragmite Soldiers and also some Cragmite
    Commanders. These guys will always be pummelling you, so unleash a Mr. Zurkon
    and a Groovitron on them to make your task much easier. Once the spaceport is
    clear of Cragmite presence, head outside to the balcony and fill up on
    everything. Activate the Gyro-Cycle and away we go:
    Basically, head right along the construction site and roll over any tri-pod
    areas required. At the end, you’ll come across two bridges which are very
    instable. Use your “hold the x button” boost power to get across these areas
    quickly and safely. There isn’t much to it here, however if you are having
    problems, please contact me.
    Rescue Qwark, Part 2 -
    Now that the Gyro-Cycle part is completed, Insomniac Games has thought “what
    is another item/gadget which we could use here?” The answer: the Robo-Wings of
    course! Sadly, we can’t free-roam Meridian City in the same fashion as
    Sargasso or Kortog (how cool would it be if we could...). However, this
    section of the level is very exciting, and can provide numerous memorable
    moments. Read on...
    Launch from the Robo-Pad in the next room and then avoid the electrical
    barrier ahead. Watch out for falling traffic lights and signs, as they will
    mean immediate death. When going around corners, try to stick to the middle of
    the tunnel, because there will always be a hazard to the sides. You’ll come to
    an outside area with lanes of traffic blocking your route. Fly over or under
    these cars to proceed. You’ll go back into the tunnel, and after a few more
    obstacles, you’ll land in the final room. Fight the soldiers in here and a
    cutscene will show you rescuing Captain Qwark!
    Return to the Aphelion -
    Teleport back to the ship and set course for the final showdown between you
    and Emperor Tachyon: Planet Fastoon!
    20. ___+++ Lombax Ruins, Planet Fastoon (revisited) +++___
    Destroy the Magma-Cannons -
    Tachyon is now invading Ratchet’s home, Planet Fastoon! Planet Fastoon
    revisited is very challenging, seeing as though it’s the last level of the
    game! Launch from your ship and put your skydiving practise into action!
    Sixaxis-ers will find this difficult, whereas Left Analog Stick-ers will find
    it much less of a trouble. Choose your option and evade the upcoming missiles.
    It’s tough but you’ll get through it. When you land you will immediately be
    required to take cover and let loose. The battle has already started, and it’s
    your time to finish it.
    By this stage of the game you hopefully have all of the weapons except for the
    secret, extra special one I’m not going to tell you about. Its okay if they’re
    not all upgraded, because this planet provides plenty of opportunities for
    that. Shoot a rocket or lob a bomb into the centre of each ‘mini-battle’ and
    hopefully that’ll clear things up a bit. If you want, chuck a Groovitron or a
    Transmorpher into the pack for easy kills, but don’t waste them. Essentially,
    follow Cronk and Zephyr around and once all enemies have been eliminated, you
    can go search for the Magma-Cannons. Basically, these cannons are in the same
    spots as the Lombax Flight Components from the first visit, except for the
    Clank and swimming area:
    1) Use the gravity-ramp and continue around the corner. Kill the Cragmites and
    blow up the Cannon. To really try and conserve ammo, just repeatedly smash the
    cannon with the wrench. Don’t worry, it doesn’t take too long to defeat.
    2) Circle upwards on the central tower and then zipline down to the cannon.
    Defeat the Commander here and then dispose of the cannon.
    3) Before you swingshot across to the land mass behind the grav-ramp, there’ll
    be a cannon.
    4) Swingshot across to small island, and unleash a Groovitron and Mr. Zurkon
    onto the massive horde of Cragmites. Fight back the waves and then destroy the
    Cannon here.
    5) Somewhere on the main island is the final cannon. Sorry for the vague
    description, I haven’t played this level in a while!
    Cover Talwyn -
    Now that the AA cannons are out, Talwyn can safely land her ship and assist
    the trio already on the ground. Another war will ensue here, so make sure you
    keep moving, keep shooting and keep alive! Only use the heavy weapons for
    commanders and airships, as well as the dropships which now attack you with a
    barrage of lasers!
    Move around the main island, blasting baddies as you go. When the battle is
    won, Talwyn will move to the as-of-yet unusable bridge and she will attempt to
    hack it. While this is going on, another few legions of Drophyds will arrive
    and try to trounce you, but you have the upper hand with your awesome
    firepower. Surprisingly Cronk and Zephyr can actually kill bots on their own,
    so you won’t have to lay waste to everyone here, only those which pose an
    immediate threat. Cross the bridge when resistance has been extinguished.
    Enter the Court of Azimuth -
    Here comes the pain!!! On your marks, get set... go! KILL EVERYTHING! This
    time you can cause absolute chaos, because a vendor is very close to you and
    you can repeatedly fill up on ammo and health endlessly. Technically, you’ve
    just unlocked the unlimited ammo cheat! But, if you want to do this the hard
    way (groan...) then try and use your Devices wisely and use weapons which
    continue to ‘work’ even after you’ve stopped firing (many raritanium upgrades
    can provide this lasting effect on a lot of your weapons). Great weapons to
    use here are the Nano Swarmers and the Mag-Net Launcher. Once you’ve
    obliterated everything that moves, the forcefield will go down and you can
    continue through the area until you reach a cutscene.
    You’ve just seen Tachyon tease you, insult you and then invite you to the
    fabled Court of Azimuth! Better do what he says. The gang go through a nearby
    door while you have to traverse the grav-ramp. Better do what the game says.
    Head up and you’ll then encounter a Commander. Better do what your weapon
    says... annihilate him! Proceed along the ramp and then unlock the door with
    the help of Cronk. Head out into the fresh air and into the next battle.
    The supposed ‘cover’ is actually spectacularly pointless, so don’t bother with
    it. Just strafe-flip around the bullets and retaliate violently. It’s just
    more of the same from the main island battle, just ramped up on the difficulty
    scale. This is one of the last sections in the game, so feel free to now go
    nuts with your weapons. Use your Decryptor for the final time (we’ve had some
    good times... not!) and then head on through.
    Find Tachyon -
    This is it. The final confrontation. The last battle. The ultimate war. Here
    you will be shrouded in waves upon waves of Cragmites, endlessly attempting to
    quell the almost unstoppable storm. It’s so poetic! Anyway, just kill
    everything. Congratulations, you’ve finished Ratchet & Clank: Tools of
    Nah, it’s not as simple as that. Whip out the Judicator and explode the first
    few soldiers. Next, throw out a combination of your favourite Devices and then
    try and use some weaker guns to defeat these now feeble foes. Utilise the
    abilities of some of your best weapons to your advantage, seeing as though
    this section is very cramped and many raritanium upgrades can be used to
    decimate the opposition. Activate the tripod and then turn the bolt crank to
    help Talwyn cross the area.
    This bit is easily the hardest in the game. A mass of Cragmites will
    materialise and reign death and terror upon you, and the only thing to do is
    fight back and reign terror on them. For the love of god, continue to strafe
    and shoot until ammo is scarce and then search round for boxes and vendors to
    aid you. Amidst the mayhem, look out for incoming attacks, because sometimes
    you think you have dodged it, you instinctively move back and then there’s a
    second attack just waiting to hurt you. After you’ve absolutely opened a can
    of apocalypse on those fools, step on the pad next to Talwyn and the entrance
    to the Azimuth building will open up.
    Defeat Tachyon -
    The mother of all showdowns is about to commence! Okay, maybe Cloud vs.
    Sephiroth was a tad more epic, but this comes close! C’mon, you’re toying with
    the fabric of the space-time continuum for goodness sake! Tachyon will give
    you a lecture about the back-story to his actions and other plot elements get
    resolved. Then, Tachyon gives Ratchet a choice: either to be with his race
    forever in another dimension; or suffer in this one. Ratchet makes up his
    mind, and ensures that he will never leave his friends in harm’s way. Can
    someone please pass Tachyon a plate, he just got SERVED! Uh oh, he’s mad now!
    Start this rather epic boss battle by circling Tachyon and trying to get away
    from his spider robots. Conserve your best weapons for now, you’ll soon see
    why. Shoot as little devices as possible and just concentrate on Tachyon
    himself. A good trick is to throw out a Nano Swarmers and then focus on
    escaping the spiders. When Tachyon loses around a quarter of his health, a
    cutscene will start up...
    ... Yep, it’s just about the coolest moment in a boss battle that I’ve ever
    seen. Humour and suspense combine to create a great mood-setter, and now
    you’ve warped through a portal and arrived on a remote asteroid field in the
    middle of nowhere! Now, the bets are off and some serious s[stuff]t is about
    to hit the fan! Tachyon greatly expands his repertoire of attacks and it’s up
    to you to come up with your own.
    First up, move away from Tachyon as he slams himself onto the ground and
    creates an enormous shockwave. Jump over it and immediately start firing upon
    the Cragmite leader. He’ll still throw out his spider drones, and this time
    they’re harder to get away from. When he summons asteroids to bombard you,
    back away; standing too close is almost a certain hit.
    Finally, his best attack is an absolute nightmare for you. He will spray out
    hundreds of tiny missiles while also tracking you with a giant laser. The
    tricky part is that the missiles will constantly explode around you, giving
    you limited space to move and making it easier for Tachyon to zap you with the
    laser. Basically, don’t pay any attention to Tachyon, and just look where
    you’re going. If you come to a ‘dead-end’ then strafe-flip over the laser.
    This is definitely the hardest attack to avoid, but hopefully you have enough
    health to be spared.
    Throughout his attacks, you sooner or later have to fight him. Toss out a
    Groovitron and a Mr. Zurkon and then shoot him with the Alpha, Judicator,
    Swarmers and Bombs. This lethal combination should be enough to drastically
    reduce his health. When you get the chance, run right up to him and unleash
    some Pyro Blaster on him. It deals way more damage if it’s upgraded. If you
    run out of ammo, run around the area and break the crates. If you’re feeling
    cocky, give him a few smacks of the wrench! It may take a few tries, but once
    you deplete his health to zero, then Tachyon will be nothing.
    In the next scene, Tachyon is sucked into a portal whilst vowing to never be
    finally defeated. Whether this promise is true or not, he is nonetheless gone
    for now. Ratchet and Clank use the item the Plumber gave them to fix the
    broken Dimensionator, and Ratchet orders the device to ‘find home’. They both
    teleport back to the Court of Azimuth, and Clank reassures Ratchet, and us,
    that Fastoon is Ratchet’s true home.
    The final scene shows the group back at the Apogee Space Station. Rusty Pete
    is unsuccessfully teaching Captain Qwark the ‘pirate code’, and Cronk ad
    Zephyr are both having great fun. Ratchet wonders whether what Tachyon said
    about his purpose was truthful, but Clank tells Ratchet that he has already
    filled his purpose: vanquishing the Cragmites and Tachyon. Suddenly there is a
    burst of energy, and the Zoni reveal themselves to everyone in the room, not
    just to Clank. Surprisingly, the Zoni hypnotise Clank, and they carry him
    towards their portal. Ratchet tries to reach him, but he is blasted back. As
    quickly as they came, the Zoni vanish WITH Clank. Ratchet and the rest of the
    group are stunned. The camera pans out showing the scenic and beautiful space
    station. This cliffhangar ending ensures us of a sequel...
    Congratulations, you’ve completed Ratchet & Clank: Tools of Destruction!
    1. Gold Bolts
    $$~~ Planet Cobalia ~~$$
    * From the armour vendor in the spaceport, walk across to the other side of
    the large platform. Head down the ramp and jump onto the moving platforms.
    Continue through the path of rotating platforms until you come to the narrow
    platform which connects to the gel factory. Proceed on it to get the Gold
    Bolt, and zipline down back to your ship.
    $$~~ Planet Kortog ~~$$
    * Once you acquire the Treasure Mapper, you’ll notice a large circular
    building right in the centre of the map. Use the Robo-Wings to get on the path
    circling the building, and then defeat the enemies which occupy the path.
    Continue to the top of the path to get the Gold Bolt.
    * In the room with the sonic bolt crank and jellyfish (in the Hall of
    Knowledge section), use the Gelanator to bounce off the jellyfish closest to
    the very high alcove to the left of the ledges. When you arrive in the alcove,
    you should see the Gold Bolt, so grab it! If you don’t have any gel, there’s a
    gel pump in the docks section of this level.
    $$~~ Voron Asteroid Belt ~~$$
    * To acquire the Gold Bolt, you must destroy all five “rainbow” targets which
    are spread throughout the level. They shimmer in various colours, so you
    should be able to spot them. If you can’t see them, contact me and I’ll post
    up the actual locations of them.
    $$~~ Planet Mukow ~~$$
    * You need the Decryptor for this Gold Bolt. Whilst in the main courtyard, go
    to the south-east wall. You should notice a Decryptor Pad here, so use it and
    then Wall Jump up to the upper level to reach the Gold Bolt.
    * When you’re on the upper level of the massive circular building (the lower
    level is green and had the two clapper bots breaking out of the glass), head
    towards the zipline. Instead of getting on the zipline, jump down to the left
    to land on a narrow path with fire statues. Avoid the fire and you will reach
    the gold bolt. Jump down to arrive at main courtyard.
    * You need the Geo-Laser for this Gold Bolt. After that very zipline, head up
    the first flight of stairs and then look to the right of the next flight of
    stairs. You will notice a cave guarded by natural bars. Use the Geo-laser to
    create a hole in the bars and then enter the cave to acquire the Gold Bolt.
    * After the Ferris Wheel and Swingshot Targets but before the second Trail of
    Turning Terror, you will be in a large garden/courtyard. Hug the fence which
    lines the edge of the garden to the ocean, and you’ll notice behind a large
    boulder is a secret area. Head around the boulder and pick up the Gold Bolt.
    $$~~ Nundac Asteroid Ring ~~$$
    * On the asteroid with Cannon Beta, you will see a line of Swingshot targets
    heading off to another smaller asteroid. Use them, and nab the Gold Bolt.
    $$~~ Planet Ardolis ~~$$
    * You need the Holo-Pirate Disguise for this Gold Bolt. At the end of the
    Sarrdollow Caves section, you’ll come to the room with an upper and lower
    level full of pirates. After you clear the entire room out, head back to the
    hole you came in through. Turn around, and then head directly right. You
    should see the Skull Security Door. Get past it, and then ride the elevator to
    the upper level. Go to the other side of the room and enter the corridor.
    Here, you’ll nab the Gold Bolt.
    * You need the Holo-Pirate Disguise for this Gold Bolt. In the room where the
    Pirate Guard boss battle took place, the path will split in three. Straight
    ahead is the teleporter, to the right is some raritanium and health and to the
    left you’ll see a Skull Security Door. Activate it and then head inside to
    acquire the Gold Bolt.
    * In the “Explore Ardolis” section of the game (Heli-Pod puzzles), after you
    ride the boat and use the Swingshots to get to the docks, you’ll find the “use
    two Heli-Pods to lower the bridge” puzzle. Lower it, but stay on the bridge so
    that when the heli-Pods expire, it’ll raise you to the docked ship. Here is
    the gold bolt.
    $$~~ Rakar Star Cluster ~~$$
    * To acquire the Gold Bolt, you must destroy all five “rainbow” targets which
    are spread throughout the level. They shimmer in various colours, so you
    should be able to spot them. If you can’t see them, contact me and I’ll post
    up the actual locations of them.
    $$~~ Planet Rykan V ~~$$
    * This one is a tricky. At the spaceport, walk to the end which has the Device
    and Armour Vendors. Here, jump onto the very end pile of crates and then jump
    up to the large column with heaps of lava tubes wrapped around it. Here,
    you’ll be able to traverse the ledge all the way to a massive secret area.
    Cool, huh? There are plenty of things to do here, but at the moment we’re here
    for the Gold Bolt. Although I can’t explain it very well, there’s a small
    ‘house’ near the edge of the cliff which has a small room which can only be
    entered by gliding down from the roof. If you’re still lost, this room faces
    your ship over the other end of the canyon, and you can even see it from your
    ship. Once spotted, head to the house and grab the bolt.
    * On the island which has the Sargasso cutscene, there is a small higher
    section to the left of the shack door. Hidden in the grass at the very end of
    this tiny ‘path’ is a gold bolt.
    $$~~ Planet Sargasso ~~$$
    * Use the Robo-Wings to reach a large drilling platform directly north of your
    ship. There will be a few Kerchu enemies, as well as the Gold Bolt.
    * Another Gold Bolt can be found on the back on one of the insanely huge
    Troglosaurs. He is in the ‘palm tree’ islands area. Trust me; he sticks out
    like a sore thumb. You have to use the Robo-Wings to reach the GB.
    * There is a Troglosaur next to a very large yellow building in the central
    island. Underneath it, there is a tripod switch. One is out in the open; the
    other two are under his feet. He will momentarily lift his feet up so you can
    activate them all. Be quick though, Lombax paste is terrible glue! Activating
    them all opens up a door embedded in the cliff next to the Troglosaur. Walk
    through and pick up the Gold Bolt.
    * When you exit the Gelatonium Factory, you will glide down to the large
    island. Instead, look down to the left and you’ll spot the Gold Bolt behind
    the pillar. Go down and grab it.
    $$~~ Kreeli Comet ~~$$
    * In the part where you walk across the ship’s side with the Gravity Boots,
    jump off the walkway and use your Holo-Pirate Disguise to infiltrate the hull
    of the ship below. Walk in, grab the bolt and use the elevator to arrive on
    top of the ship.
    $$~~ Planet Viceron ~~$$
    * Okay, this one isn’t exactly hard, but it is very long and time-consuming.
    At the ship, turn towards the Heli-Pod target and use it. Essentially continue
    along this path activating the Heli-Pod targets as you go (you’ll occasionally
    have to shoot out an existing Heli to reach the platform). If you need any
    help, please contact me. Most people should figure out where to shoot out
    Helis and when to throw them. Bolt cranks are included in this puzzle too.
    You’ll soon reach the GB as well as a wealth of bolts, then teleport back to
    ship once everything is collected.
    * After the enormous dome room inside the prison there’s the corridor which
    leads to the skydiving section. At the end of this corridor you’ll see a
    Decryptor puzzle to the left at the end. Solve it, ride the elevator upwards
    and walk along the ledge to the Gold Bolt.
    $$~~ Verdigris Black Hole ~~$$
    * To acquire the Gold Bolt, you must destroy all five “rainbow” targets which
    are spread throughout the level. They shimmer in various colours, so you
    should be able to spot them. If you can’t see them, contact me and I’ll post
    up the actual locations of them.
    $$~~ Planet Jasindu ~~$$
    * Inside the Gelatonium Factory below your ship, there’s a giant Gel river in
    the middle of the level. On one side there’s a bolt crank to open up the next
    room, on the other is a Gel structure. Walk around it to find the GB.
    * Before you get on the Pirate Barge, there was the small room with some
    pirates in it. After you exit this room, head left, walk up the stairs, jump
    on top of the room and follow the path. Kill the enemies and pick up the Gold
    Bolt. Zipline down to the area to continue with the normal level.
    $$~~ Ublik Passage ~~$$
    * After the first Pirate Barge, you’ll unlock a Skull Security Door, on the
    other side there’ll be a turret pirate and few other enemies. On this walkway
    here, you’ll see a Gravity Ramp heading to the right and down. Follow it,
    smash the boxes, use the Heli-Pods and grab the GB. Get up on the hanging
    platform and zipline back down.
    * Before the Slag boss battle, there’s a Gravity Ramp on the right of the exit
    doorway. Use it, activate the Gyro-Cycle, traverse the path and acquire the
    Gold Bolt at the end.
    $$~~ Planet Reepor ~~$$
    * For both of these Gold Bolts, you need Clank. For the first, head back up
    the final elevator, and get on the stalactite platforms. Turn to the right and
    activate the Heli-Pod target. Follow the path and you’ll find the GB.
    * For the second, use the final elevator and go to platform with the Ammo
    Vendor. You’ll see a small island to the left. Glide over to it, jump up the
    ledges and grab the Gold Bolt.
    $$~~ Planet Igliak ~~$$
    * When you are on top of the tall skyscraper with the Ammo Vendor, look down
    and glide towards the small glass dome with the Gold Bolt. Acquire!
    * In the area before the spaceport with the Spawner and the Tachyon Walker go
    to the right and onto one of the three walkways. Look to the right and jump
    down to the ledge behind another glass dome. A Gold Bolt is here.
    $$~~ Planet Fastoon ~~$$
    * For this final Gold Bolt, you must have completely obliterated every enemy
    on this planet EXCEPT for Tachyon himself. Just before the boss battle, head
    back and there should be a Gold Bolt tucked way under a pillar which supported
    the bridge Talwyn traversed. Remember, you cannot reach the GB if the planet
    isn’t ‘finished’.
    2. Skill Points
    ##** General **##
    * No, Up YOUR Arsenal - “Upgrade every weapon to the max”.
    This Skill Point can only be completed in Challenge Mode. Whilst in this mode,
    you must purchase all of the Omega versions of all of the weapons and upgrade
    them all to VX, the highest version. Hoorah for devastating firepower! Oh, and
    this SP also includes the RYNO IV, which is acquired by obtaining all of the
    Holo-Plans. To discover the locations of the Holo-Plans, search part 3 of this
    section of the walkthrough.
    * Roflcopter - “Turn an enemy into a penguin, and then use the Visi-Copter to
    destroy the penguin”.
    Hard to discover, easy to get. The title of this SP is obscure, but the ways
    of getting this Point are really easy. Just go to any planet, and use your
    Transmorpher on the first enemy you see. Get a Visi-Copter to defeat the
    penguin before it changes back to its usual form.
    * Golden Children - “Find all of the Gold Bolts”.
    One of the hardest SP’s in the game. Read part 1 of this section of the
    walkthrough to find all of the Gold Bolt locations.
    * Cheapskate - “Purchase one Combuster shot”.
    Easy as pie. Just shoot the Combuster, go to a weapons vendor, and access the
    menu on the left, select Combuster and then purchase one shot. This SP cannot
    work if you select “Buy all Ammo” in the middle menu.
    * Everybody Dance Now - “Make every type of enemy in the game dance”.
    Ouch. EDN is easily the hardest skill point in the game (hhmmmm, maybe a tie
    with The Fast and the Fiery-ous). Also, a very misleading description. Not
    only does every type of enemy in the game have to dance, but every NPC and
    ‘civilian’ character you come across as well. Don’t forget about the penguins.
    I strongly urge you to devote an entire Challenge Mode playthrough just to get
    this skill point. Basically, purchase the Golden Groovitron and repeatedly
    shoot a Groovitron out to every enemy you encounter. Obviously you can’t do
    this on Space Combat levels, so they’re excluded. Read HellViper69’s fantastic
    Everybody Dance Now guide for more information. It’s one hell of an SP.
    * Chorus Line - “Make 11 enemies dance together”.
    Easily completed on Sargasso with all of those Anthropod creatures as well as
    the first room of the Sarrdollow Caves on Ardolis with all of those Thwogs.
    Toss out a Groovitron when there are a dozen enemies on screen and the SP is
    as good as yours.
    * Happy Feat - “Get 9 penguins dancing onscreen at once”.
    Read this description carefully. Firstly, there has to be 9 enemies in the
    area. Second, they’ve got to be penguins. Thirdly, they’ve got to be dancing.
    Fourthly, they’ve got to be all on your screen. Finally, it’s got to be all in
    the one dance. Good luck.
    * Disco Inferno - “Use the Groovitron followed by the Pyro Blaster”.
    Get an enemy dancing, and then scorch them with the Pyro Blaster. Simple.
    * Bolts in the Bank - “Sell 20 Leviathan Souls to the Smuggler”.
    The best way to complete this one is collect all of the Leviathan Souls in the
    game (Cobalia, Nundac and Sargasso) and then trade them ALL on Sargasso. That
    way you’ll get the most amount of money you can in the one payment. Sweet. Oh,
    and this is especially rewarding in challenge mode...
    * It’s Like the South Pole in Here - “Turn at least 15 enemies and civilians
    into penguins at one time.”
    Find a place which is really crowded and let loose with the Transmorpher.
    Hopefully it should do the trick (citizens include those bots you see at the
    spaceports, just to let you know).
    * Say Hello to my Little Friend - “Kill 15 enemies with one RYNO shot”.
    On Sargasso, get heaps of those Anthropod things near you and then unleash a
    volley of RYNO IV bullets. Once fifteen of them are dead, you’ve got the SP.
    * For the Hoard! - “Get every device”.
    Not sure which device is the last, but you get it towards the end of the game.
    Just purchase each of the devices at least once (excluding Golden Groovitron)
    and you’ll get the SP.
    * Promoted to Inspector - “Get every gadget”.
    The last gadget can either be the Charge Boots or the Holo-Pirate Disguise.
    Either, both are found on Mukow, so that will be your final gadget
    * Global Thermonuclear War - “Get every weapon”.
    This includes the almighty RYNO IV. Basically, purchase or find every weapon
    (there are 15) and the SP is complete.
    * Even Better the Second Time - “Complete Challenge Mode”.
    Challenge Mode is unlocked after to defeat Tachyon for the first time. The
    difficulty is harder this time, but you can get upgrades of your weapons and
    receive a bolt multiplier. When you beat Tachyon in Challenge Mode, you will
    achieve the Skill Point.
    * The Hardest of Core - “Get every other skill point and everything else in
    the game. Now go outside and play”.
    If you get all other skill points, then you get this skill point, because most
    of the General points concern themselves with getting 100% of a certain part
    of the game. For example, getting all weapons will nab you Global
    Thermonuclear War, and finding all the Gold Bolts will award with Golden
    Children. So essentially, All Skill Points = The Hardest of Core. Oh, and get
    all armour :).
    ##** Planet Cobalia **##
    * A Smashing Good Time - “Destroy all crates and consumer bots in the
    spaceport and Gelatonium Plant”.
    This Skill Point is a lot easier with the Box Breaker, because it breaks
    crates from far away. Anyway, head through the spaceport destroying all of the
    crates, gel containers and consumer bots. Once everything is obliterated from
    the spaceport, head into the factory and destroy everything there. Remember to
    head up to the “secret” path on the left when you jump over the first gel
    river, and destroy everything there too.
    * I Should Have Gone Done in a Barrel - “Jump into each of the two Gelatonium
    waterfalls in the Gelatonium plant.”
    As you proceed through the factory, you should notice two massive waterfalls
    filled with Gelatonium. One is in the first puzzle room and the other one in
    the second. Jump into both of them and die to acquire the Skill Point.
    * Giant Hunter - “Kill all Basilisk Leviathans in the Cobalian wilderness”.
    Complete the “Hunt for Leviathans Souls” mission and you’ll get the Skill
    Point. Remember, the Cobalian wilderness is north of the spaceport, and there
    are two Leviathans to defeat.
    ##** Planet Kortog **##
    * Wrench Ninja 3 - “Use only the wrench to get through the level”.
    This is a trick skill point, since you don’t really have to “use” the wrench
    at all. Basically, when as you land, equip the wrench and Stretch Jump/Charge
    Boot yourself over to the first zipline. Get to the Docks with the truck
    carrying the Swingshot target (do NOT use the Robo-Wings), and then continue.
    You are allowed to use the Gelanator when required. The Skill Point is
    completed when you reach the Robo-Wings pad after the zipline and massive
    Tachyon TV without using any other weapons apart from the wrench.
    * We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Bridges - “Cross the tri-pad sequence using only
    gel cubes”.
    When you arrive on the tri-pad platform in the docks, do not activate the tri-
    pads. Instead, use your Gelanator to lay a large gel cube (three normal gel
    cubes) and then bounce yourself over to the other platform (where the tri-pad
    bridge would’ve taken you).
    * Surface-To-Air Plasma Beasts - “Take out three flying targets using Plasma
    On the first playthrough of this planet, the skill point is very easy.
    Whenever you see a Drophyd Airship, lob a Plasma Beast over to it to destroy
    it. However, when you return to the planet the skill point becomes harder
    because of the small amount of leftover enemies. Use the Robo-Wings to get to
    the secret diamond shaped tower south of the central secret tower, and head
    inside. When you emerge, three Airships will be blocking your route. This is
    your chance to defeat them. This method is easier with the Treasure Mapper and
    the Plasma Stalkers.
    * Been Around - “Take off from every Robo-Wing pad in Stratus City”.
    This skill point is one of the most difficult in the game, but it can be
    accomplished. Here are the rough locations of all 11 Robo-Wing pads, in order
    of chronology (i.e. the order in which you meet them on a normal playthrough):
    1) Near your ship to the right.
    2) Near the first zipline which heads down to the Swingshot platform.
    3) On the platform with the hover-truck Swingshot target entry.
    4) After the first Swingshot set in the Docks section.
    5) Around midway through Docks, on a long pier which has raritanium crates.
    6) After the zipline which leads to the area where you actually get the Wings.
    7) On the area where you land to enter the Hal of Knowledge.
    8) Bottom of path on the central secret, spiral tower.
    9) Middle of path on the central secret, spiral tower.
    10) Top of path on the central secret, spiral tower.
    11) On the secret diamond path/platform.
    ##** Voron Asteroid Belt **##
    * Collector’s Addition - “Collect all cargo containers”.
    The cargo containers are the triangular orbs which glow white. Like the
    rainbow targets for the gold bolt, I will not list the exact location so of
    them, however if you are experiencing difficulty, contact me and I will post
    the locations of them.
    * Minesweeper - “Clear out 10-15 mines”.
    You’ll find a lot of mines when zooming through the asteroid field. If you are
    finding the SP hard, learn the patterns of where the mines come from, and on
    your playthrough, try and aim right where the mines will be. This should help
    * What’s That, R2? - “Barrel roll 10 times”.
    Very easy. As soon as the level starts press L2 and/or R2 10 times to acquire
    the skill point.
    ##** Planet Mukow **##
    * The Fast and the Fiery-ous - “Use the Charge Boots to cross the bridge to
    the arena without getting burned.”
    This is one of the hardest skill points in the game. Don’t take the taxi up to
    the arena, as a forcefield will shoot up, blocking you from the flame statues.
    Make your way up to the bridge the long way around and then stand just ahead
    of the first flame statue (the flames should be behind you now). This way, all
    three statues are awake. Time it so that you can back flip into a gap between
    flame spurts and then immediately charge boot your way through the next two
    sets of flame statues. If you have no idea on what I’m talking about, then
    please contact me. Remember, you’re facing TOWARD the arena when attempting
    this skill point. Good luck!
    * I Think I’m Gonna Be Sick - “Ride the Ferris Wheel 5 times without getting
    off or taking damage”.
    Simple. Get on the Ferris Wheel and complete five loops without touching the
    green forcefields (refer to my Mukow guide for help) and don’t get off the
    Ferris wheel (i.e. don’t jump onto the end platform, the Holo-Plan platform or
    the starting area.
    * One Heckuva Peephole - “Use the Geo-Laser to blast through the wall”.
    You obviously need the Geo-Laser to accomplish the SP. Basically, refer to my
    guide on the third gold bolt for Planet Mukow in the above walkthrough
    section, and in addition to nabbing the Gold Bolt, you’ll also get the Skill
    Point. Cool, eh?
    ##** Nundac Asteroid Ring **##
    * Alphabet City - “Teleport to each of the six asteroids in alphabetical
    In GREEK alphabetical order, not ENGLISH. If you’re not familiar with the
    Greek alphabet, you’re in luck, since people like me do! So, starting on
    Alpha, go Beta, Gamma, Delta, Epsilon and Zeta. Eta (the turret on the gravity
    cube) does not have to be used in order to complete the Skill Point. When you
    exit from the Zeta turret, the Skill Point is complete.
    * Knock You Down To Size - “Use Hyper Strike on 5 Cerullean Centipedes.”
    These are the centipedes also encountered on Cobalia. You’ll recognise them.
    Simply head to any asteroid and there should be 5 centipedes for you to lay da
    smackdown onto. Have fun! Remember, Hyper Strike is X then Square.
    * Dancin’ With the Stars - “Make 5 enemies dance at once on an asteroid.”
    The SP title should hint the method, but if subliminal messages aren’t your
    thing, then here’s what to do: head to any asteroid and make sure you have 5
    or more enemies surrounding you. Toss a Groovitron at them and you’ll get the
    ##** Planet Ardolis **##
    * Taste O’ Yer Own Medicine - “Use the Combuster to kill all Corsairs.”
    The Corsairs are the Pirates which use pistols. To make it easy for you, just
    try and use the Combuster everywhere. This includes those in the Heli-Pod
    area. Also remember the pirates on the second level in the large cave room.
    * Pre-emptive Strike - “Kill 5 Thwogs while they are asleep.”
    When you first enter the Sarrdollow Caves, around 10 or so bats will attack
    you. Kill them, and then continue through the room very slowly. When you see a
    few bats hanging from the ceiling, get out a sniper-like weapon and shoot
    them. By the end of the room you should have got the bats needed for the SP.
    * It’s Mutanty Cap’n! - “Change 5 Pirates into penguins in one shot.”
    Simple. Get to the first place where there are more than five pirates (the
    Sarrdollow Caves spring to mind) and then toss a Transmorpher.
    ##** Rakar Star Cluster **##
    * You Sank My Battleship! - “Shoot down 75% of the big destroyers.”
    This will take practise. The big destroyers in question are the colossal ships
    which have those laser guns built into the side of them. Your objective here
    is to shoot a little blue orb which sticks out from each of them (except for
    the very first one, don’t worry about that one). Learn where the orb is for
    each ship and track each one down on your next run-through.
    * Pretty Lights - “Complete Rakar Star Cluster without destroying any of the
    Why the enemies are called Snatchers, I have no idea, but they are easy to
    spot. They are the ships which hover just in front of you and shoot out a big
    laser which tracks you. Simply refrain from damaging them all three of them
    and the Skill Point is yours.
    * I’ve Got Places to Be - “Destroy Iron Crotch Caruso in under 2:30.”
    If you hold down R1 and frankly don’t move the reticule from the boss at all,
    you will certainly get the skill point. Just do not stop shooting!
    ##** Planet Rykan V **##
    * The Consumer is Not (Always) Right - “Destroy 18 Consumer Bots on Rykan V.”
    Cakewalk. Grab a gun and go on a rampage in the Spaceport. You must kill every
    robot to get the Skill Point.
    * Live Strong - “Complete the Gyro-Cycle tunnel in 1:45 without dying.”
    This SP is easier if you have plenty of health and good armour. Basically, do
    not even care about the flames and zoom through the level as quickly as
    possible, except for the precarious paths which need some more time and
    consideration. Apart from that, speed is in need!
    * Untouchable - “Don’t take damage on the Gyro-Cycle.”
    This is the exact opposite of Live Strong. Take as much time as you like here,
    and make sure you time everything perfectly. There is no margin for error. If
    you happen to make a mistake, die and try again!
    ##** Planet Sargasso **##
    * It Sounded Like a Freight Train - “Get 11 Anthropods in one tornado.”
    The island you begin on is fine. Simply walk over their hiding place and suck
    them up. If there are enough, then the Skill Point is yours. Remember to only
    shoot out one. Try to do this before you get the V5, as the lightning kills
    the enemies before they get in the tornado!
    * Head Examiner - “Land on all of the Troglosaurs’ heads.”
    I won’t name all of the locations, but venture around the level and directly
    land on each of those enormous dinosaurs’ heads one by one using the Robo-
    * Extinction - “Kill all the Sargasso Grunthors.”
    You’ll get this skill point as soon as you acquire all of the Leviathan Souls
    available on this planet. Check your map to see your progress.
    ##** Kreeli Comet **##
    * Lombaxes Don’t Like Cold - “Break all the breakable icicles.”
    You will need to really scour the entire level for all of them. The skill
    point is made a hell of a lot easier if you have the Box Breaker Upgrade found
    on Jasindu. Simply smash all the pretty ice formations along the ground and
    the grind rail to get the Skill Point.
    * Mow Down Hoedown - “Use turrets to destroy 10 dancing pirates.”
    A little tricky seeing as though the turrets are utterly weak when you use
    them. So unfair; when the pirates use them the power is incredible! Anyway,
    throw a Groovitron out and take over a turret to kill some pirates. Move from
    turret to turret tossing out Groovitrons until 10 pirates have been
    * Saucy Wrench - “Destroy all the campfire sauce pots with your wrench.”
    This can be a challenging one. Please be careful with your guns and if
    necessary use only your wrench in certain fights. One sauce pot is
    particularly hard (just before the cave bit) because of the turret really
    close to it, so use your Alpha Disruptor to ‘snipe’ the turret commander.
    ##** Planet Viceron **##
    * Dancin’ on the Ceiling - “Successfully use a Groovitron while on a Gravity
    10 points for the first person to guess which device to use here... no, not
    the Transmorpher, but close... oohh, guess again, not the Visicopter...
    Confuzzler Gas? What are you thinking?! IT’S THE GROOVITRON! Yikes! Get to a
    Grav Ramp and throw a Groovitron. So easy this one, it hurts!
    * Seared Ahi - “Use the Pyro Blaster on the 3 Drophyds after freeing them from
    their robotic suits.”
    The easiness, it burns! Just so happens this whole SP is about burning things,
    eh? You might even stumble upon this accidentally. Then again, just read the
    description and get on with it.
    ##** Verdigris Black Hole **##
    * Expert Marksman - “Kill 75% of all of the enemies.”
    Think of this skill point in groups, not as a whole. Every time a wave comes,
    shoot down 75% of it. This way, you’re bound to get the SP. The Clank section
    is hard though, so learn where the enemies come from and aim/shoot quickly.
    * Can’t Touch This - “Don’t take damage before fighting Greasepalms McGee.”
    I’m a little ashamed to admit it, but I’m going to give you the cheat way to
    complete this Skill Point. Shock! Horror! Get to McGee however you want and
    then die during the boss battle. Then defeat him without getting hurt and the
    SP is yours. I suddenly feel dirty after saying that. The gods are most
    * Pyew Pyew - “Complete Verdigris Black Hole without secondary fire.”
    Lock the L1 button away in a dungeon to get the Skill Point. Well, maybe a
    psychological dungeon.
    ##** Planet Jasindu **##
    * Dead Aim - “Destroy 3 destructible towers while on the pirate barge.”
    Facing towards the door, there are two to the left and one to the right. Whip
    out the Alpha Disruptor and go for your life. The towers are yellow, blue and
    brown. They stick out like a semi-sore thumb.
    * Fire with Fire - “Kill 2 Kerchu Pyroguards with the Pyro Blaster.”
    The SP is easier if the weapon is upgraded. Get up nice and close and burn the
    poor robots. The question is, does it hurt you more mentally than it hurts
    them physically? Of course not, you’re a killing machine! You have no
    ##** Ublik Passage **##
    * Six Gun Salute - “Get 6 Pirates in a row to salute Ratchet while wearing the
    Holo Pirate Disguise.”
    Take the barge up and transform into Pirate Ratchet walk around saluting
    enemies and the SP is yours.
    ##** Planet Reepor **##
    * Gotta Catch ‘Em All - “Hit all Cragmite Warriors with the Mag-Net Launcher.”
    Tut tut Insomniac, Pokemon references are so last decade. Come back to this
    planet after you’ve finished it and then trek your way backwards through
    Ratchet’s ‘side path’, using the Launcher on all of the big Cragmites. This
    way it is much easier.
    ##** Planet Igliak **##
    * Stay Still So I Can Shoot You! - “Strafe flip 10 times while fighting the
    Cragmite Warriors.”
    Upon the first encounter of one of the large Cragmites, just strafe flip
    enough times until the SP is completed.
    * Now Boarding - “Complete the Gyro-Cycle area in 0:55 without dying.”
    You have to use the boost in order to complete the SP. Find the best racing
    line and gun it! Then again, be a little bit careful in order to, you know,
    not die!
    * Low Flying Howls - “Fly under an electrified barrier with the Robo-Wings.”
    You can just zoom under the very first one if you like. This is the easiest
    one to use and the fastest.
    ##** Planet Fastoon **##
    * Nowhere to Hide - “Destroy every piece of breakable cover.”
    Kill everyone in the level and then search around for all of the small covers.
    They include the metal and stone ones. I believe there is also a 90% cut-off
    point, so don’t fret if you don’t think you can find them all. Try your
    hardest and you’ll get there.
    3. Holo-Plans
    //^^ Planet Kortog ^^\\
    * The Treasure Mapper while make this easier. To the south of the map there is
    a diamond-shaped path only accessible by Robo-Wings. Get there and explore
    through the corridors. Defeat the army of enemies inside and smash a stash of
    crates to grab the first Holo-Plan.
    //^^ Planet Mukow ^^\\
    * Travel to the Ferris Wheel and hop on it. Instead of taking it all the way
    around, jump off it when you are the ‘most right’ on the cycle. Glide down and
    destroy the boxes here to net the Holo-Plan.
    //^^ Nundac Asteroid Ring ^^\\
    * On Asteroid Delta there is a swingshot which leads to a tiny asteroid in the
    middle of nowhere. There are also some crates on it. You know what to do!
    //^^ Planet Ardolis ^^\\
    * Inside the pub room after traversing the row of docked ships, there will be
    a Heli-Pod door to the right. Use your gadget and head on through. Break the
    crates at the end of the path and the Holo-Plan is yours.
    //^^ Planet Rykan V ^^\\
    * Refer to my first Gold Bolt description for this planet to understand how to
    reach the large secret area. Once you get there, continue to find a small box
    surrounded by a green forcefield. Inside is a Heli-Pod target. Climb the shack
    next to it and get inside. Lift the platform up and jump onto the house by the
    side of the volcano. Destroy the crates here to find the Holo-Plan.
    //^^ Planet Sargasso ^^\\
    * I described this island as the North Island in my walkthrough. It is the
    island you exit when after you meet the Plumber. On this island, there is a
    large yellow building next to a Troglosaur. Get up on the roof by any means
    necessary, defeat the enemies and grab the Holo-Plan.
    //^^ Kreeli Comet ^^\\
    * When you are on the Grav Ramp with the cannons on it, look down to see a
    connection of small islands. Jump down there and swing over to the last
    island. Inside the boxes here will be another Holo-Plan.
    //^^ Planet Viceron ^^\\
    * This one is at the very ‘end’ of the level. After you finally exit the
    prison and defeat the last Walker as well as Hover Drophyds and Tesla Drones,
    walk onto the opposite path from the taxi and smash the crates to get the
    //^^ Planet Jasindu ^^\\
    * Soon after you land, you’ll come across the ‘open arena’ area where the
    waves of pirates come at you. Defeat them all and then head to the right side
    and boost jump up to a small ledge with boxes on it. Bash them up to acquire
    the Holo-Plan.
    //^^ Ublik Passage ^^\\
    * Before your first battle with the Pirate Guard, you’ll encounter a turret
    pirate with some of his minions. Walk out onto the platform and walk onto the
    secret Grav Ramp to the right. Follow it around and the Holo-Plan will be
    waiting inside the pile of crates here.
    //^^ Planet Reepor ^^\\
    * Before you enter the small cannon room on the right, you will notice a
    platform to the left of its doorway. Break the boxes here and the Holo-Plan
    will become yours.
    //^^ Planet Igliak ^^\\
    * After you ascend the tall, thin building with the vendor on it and glide
    over to the dome room with the Strong Walker and Cragmites inside, climb the
    right ladder and follow the path to the crates. The Holo-Plan is inside.
    //^^ Planet Fastoon ^^\\
    * The final Holo-Plan is towards the end of the level. After the Grav Ramp
    entering the Court of Azimuth, search around and break the crates. There is a
    Holo-Plan somewhere in this sea of boxes! Once you have acquired all 13 Holo-
    Plans, visit the Smuggler and trade them all in for the RYNO IV, the super
    weapon of ToD. Have fun, mwuhahahahah!
    4. Skins
    * Ratchet
    Cost: N/A. This is your default skin. It’s our favourite Lombax, Ratchet. Love
    him or hate him, unless you rack up some Gold Bolts soon you’re gonna be stuck
    with him for a long time!
    * Convict Ratchet
    Cost: N/A. This cheat remained unknown until the release of the PSP exclusive
    game Secret Agent Clank. It also allows the player to see Ratchet’s beautiful
    face and feet even after purchasing the dreaded Trillium Armour! To unlock it,
    go to the skins menu and press square, circle, square, circle, up, up,
    triangle, down, up. Enjoy!
    * Dan Johnson
    Cost: 6 Gold Bolts. Dan has always been part of the Ratchet and Clank series;
    however his untimely passing in 2007 has inducted him into the Hall of Ratchet
    and Clank Skins. Finally, we get to control a human! However, his screams
    which are made when you fall into a bottomless pit are more than
    * Snowman
    Cost: 3 Gold Bolts. I love this guy. The snowman has been part of the R&C
    series since the second game, so this time round he’s had a few improvements
    and is now more cute and likeable than ever before! I’m not sure why he
    doesn’t melt on Rykan V however...
    * Cragmite Skin
    Cost: 6 Gold Bolts. However ugly this creature is, he is still a favourite
    among my skins. Just don’t let him anywhere near your mirror...
    * Rusty Pete
    Cost: 6 Gold Bolts. Captain Slag’s ever-drunk right-hand man is ready for your
    control! Using this skin in combination with a few options from the Wrench
    Replacement cheat are a hoot!
    * Cronk
    Cost: 4 Gold Bolts. I’m pretty sure Cronk is the ‘PS3’ personality of the
    dynamic duo (his partner-in-crime being Zephyr). Fanboyism aside, Cronk is my
    favourite of the two. Including fanboyism? Cronk is way out of Zephyr’s league
    * Zephyr
    Cost: 4 Gold Bolts. Zephyr is the ‘Xbox 360’ counterpart of the two war-bots.
    Speaking of fanboyism, don’t get me started on Zephyr...
    * Mustachio Furioso
    Cost: 3 Gold Bolts. This skin is worn in the arena. Next to useless when you
    have the Trillium armour upgrade, however you’ll have a laugh or two when you
    combine this with some of Ratchet’s earlier armour sets.
    5. Cheats
    * 2007 E3 Trailer
    Requirement: 50 points. The utterly awesome trailer for ToD which was
    showcased at the recent E3 Show. Hilarious, gorgeous and exciting!
    * Big Head Mode
    Requirement: 75 points. The Tiny and Big options are welcome favourites;
    however it’s the Huge Mode which steals the show. His head is seriously the
    size of a small meteorite. I would recommend using supports and scaffoldings
    if your head was that big.
    * Character Concept Art
    Requirement: 100 points. Unlocks a really cool insight into the design of
    various characters, enemies and NPCs. Great stuff.
    * Big Head Enemies
    Requirement: 125 points. Laughter will ensue after using this cheat. Shame
    they couldn’t include a ‘Huge’ mode...
    * 2006 GDC Trailer
    Requirement: 150 points. Remember that teaser trailer for a new Ratchet and
    Clank game way back in 2006. Well it’s back and better than ever, baby!
    Seriously, it’s so cool, that if I had a cool-o-meter, it would be off the
    charts. Ripping work!
    * Tools of Production
    Requirement: 200 points. This sort of replaces the Insomniac Museum seen in
    previous games. Basically, you’ll begin to notice floating infobots around
    every level. Activate them and there’ll be some developer commentary on
    certain features of the game, like artwork, programming and storyline.
    * Environment Concept Art
    Requirement: 250 points. An even cooler set of artworks which really show some
    artists’ talent. You’ll notice early sketches of familiar places like
    Metropolis, Jasindu and Kortog. Happy viewing!
    * Wrench Replacement
    Requirement: 300 points. This cool cheat allows you to swap your ordinary
    wrench for something a little more exotic... pirate exotic that is! Choose
    from Axe, Sword, Cutlass and Club.
    * How to Draw Ratchet by Dave Guertin
    Requirement: 350 points. A gifted Insomniac artist lets us on a little
    secret... how to draw everyone’s favourite Lombax! Not really step-by-step,
    but just a fast-forward view at a regular Ratchet sketch. Cool and
    * James the Galactic Defender
    Requirement: 400 points. Instead of Mr. Zurkon, you toss out a loveable little
    boy who zooms around... blowing up everyone. James was designed off a young
    child who was paralysed from the waist down and was featured on an American
    home-makeover show. Intriguing and generous stuff!
    * Weapon Concept Art
    Requirement: 450 points. A collection of art which showcases off your best and
    most valued weapons. Go destruction!
    * Levels Are Mirrored
    Requirement: 500 points. A fan favourite, this cheeky little cheat allows you
    to see the world through the looking glass... in reverse! Sorta. Everything
    left is everything right, and vice versa. Mummy, my head hurts.
    * Script to Screen
    Requirement: 650 points. A look at how HD cutscenes are made. The first video
    is just a storyboard version, and then the second is updated to the computer,
    and the final video shows of a detailed cutscene. A nice behind-the-scenes
    type thing, but not really worth your time. Why can’t we have infinite health
    or ammo?
    * Ratchet Concept Art
    Requirement: 750 points. Ratchet struts his stuff all over the TV... concept
    art style! Some cool drawings will entertain a lot of people, but is it really
    worth it? Find out, next week, on: ‘Insomniac_dog’s Amazing Walkthrough’!
    I would like to extend a special thanks to a few people and peoples who
    contributed to the making of this guide. Without them, I would never have been
    able to complete this walkthrough:
    * My family, who gave me advice and hints on how to structure my guide.
    * Insomniac Games, who made this brilliant game.
    * Sony, who have made the three best consoles ever, and for supporting this
    * GameSpot and GameFAQs, who give me my daily gaming information and the
    wonderful forums you hold.
    * My pals on the forums: Mdawgg, PieingDutchman, RSmit, Zenarbitrator2,
    theBLITZmaster, Meteorics and many others.
    * You, for reading this guide. I hope it helped you on your quest.
    insomniac_dog (Callum Braithwaite).

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