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"A Simple Platformer that Brings A Lot of Fun"

It was a normal Saturday about a month ago that I was looking through anything new that had been released on Playstation Network. I ran into this and thought the premise looked interesting. I did some minor research and saw that there were more than glowing reviews for this game. I didn't go too far into reading into the story, but I had seen that anyone who played it seemed to, at very least, like the game. So I went ahead and took the dive and decided to download it. That was a great decision.

I don't even remember the price for it. I think it was $10 or $15. Either way, it was well worth the money. The game itself is a very simple 2D platformer. The colors are even more simple, being in black and white. However, that shouldn't fool you, as the graphics are actually pretty nice. It's nothing that will blow your mind, but it reminds me of the Scary Stories books by Alvin Schwartz. It's that really creepy, seemingly pencil drawn black and white. On the surface the art is very simple, but when you really consider everything that is being conveyed, it's far from that.

This is a game the reminds me of a lot of the more recent, excellent 2D platformer games. The premise seems to be so simple, but the actual game play is much more complicated. The puzzles that you have to go through are nothing that will cause hardcore gamers to lose their minds, but they are ones that require thinking and logical reasoning. They go from solutions like waiting while remaining on guard to reversing gravity. From simply finding hidden places to climb up to finding ways to knock down things to use to climb up or use in even more complex situations.

I was blown away by how far this game really was able to go with the complexity of the puzzles without being a complete mind bender. It keeps the challenge up, but at the same time, with enough thought put in every puzzle can be solved without too much trouble. Of course, that's outside of a couple, but bringing them up would require me to throw in a spoiler or two, and I'm not going to bother with that. Either way, the challenge is perfectly balanced.

The fun in this game lies mainly in just continuing to move along. You will come upon challenge after challenge when playing this game, and no matter where you are in the game, some challenges will be easy and some will be much more difficult. It's all a matter of which one you come up to and the nature of the puzzle compared to your way of thinking. Different things will be harder for different people and vice-versa. The bottom line to me was that at least none of them were so hard that they would totally halt the progression of the game. It may have taken multiple tries at times, but in the end the solution would come through.

The story for this game was really the lone area where I had real gripes. If I hadn't read the premise after I played the game then I would've had no clue as to what had gone on throughout the game, which, by the time I beat the game, really was a question to me. After reading what the plot of the game was, I realized that it was a game with a very good plot, and many more things made more sense to me, although there is still plenty that can make more sense to me. Still though, I'm hoping that the way I see how things have gone can lead to a sequel of sorts.

The controls to this game are as simple as they come. Use the joystick to move yourself, one button to jump, one action button. It's simpler than going back to the days of the NES. That's one of the things that makes this game so great, that you can get such a great game so simply.

Really, that is what sums this game up. It's a very simple game that gives you much more than you give. You get simple controls, a reasonable price, and simple yet effective visuals. The only thing that goes beyond the world of simple is the puzzles. However, those are still ones that will present a challenge, but won't be anything too difficult. This is a game that I can easily recommend to anyone 10 years or older based on difficulty. It'll take more for someone under 18 to get through it, but it's one that anyone from 10 and up can greatly enjoy. The simple mechanics are easy enough for the most novice of gamers to figure out, it's simply the puzzles that will present the challenge. As for the subject matter, anyone under 18 will likely not be able to figure it out without doing further research, and even then it isn't anything too dark or anything like that.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 08/15/11

Game Release: LIMBO (US, 07/19/11)

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