What is Dream Chance exactly?

  1. I know that you can do Unification Mode with any character, but you have the option to do it normally, or play the Sengoku Dream Chance. What exactly is that? Can somebody please thoroughly explain what it is. Guessing from the pictures from www.capcom.co.jp/basara3utage/mode.html it looks sorta like a gamble, but explain! Thanks so much!

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  1. In Dream Chance, you can bet money on up to three different forces. If one of them is the last force on the map at the end of Unification mode, you will get money as a reward.

    How much you get depends on the forces' multiplier (the number you see when betting on them, or when looking at the detailed map) and the money you bet on them.
    Side characters like Oichi, for example, usally have a rather high multiplier (around 40-70), while important guys like Ieyasu or Mitsunari are usually below 20 and thus won't give you much in the end. The non-playable characters are always the ones with the highest multipliers, but imo it's not worth betting on them, because they simply don't stand a chance unless you're very lucky.
    You're better off betting on characters like Sorin, Oichi, Toshiie, Tsuruhime or Yoshiaki. They usually have rather high multipliers and if you bet around 30.000 on them and win, you'll usally get 1-3 Million as a reward.

    Also, you might have noticed the arrows and question marks displayed on some of the forces when you're choosing who to bet on. These are supposed to indicate who's likely to get far in this Unification Mode playthrough, so betting on characters with arrows/question marks is usually a good idea.

    You can also improve youre chance of winning the bet by fighting forces that you think might be dangerous for the one(s) you placed your bet(s) on. Unfortunately, there's never a way to know for certain what will happen, since a lot of this stuff is entirely random. Even if you kill all the forces surrounding the one you bet on, they can still be attacked. Still, I've found that most of the time, everyone tends to attack forces close to their own borders, so you should try to "protect" the forces you bet on by killing stuff around them.
    Furthermore, not every force fights in every round, some of them will just sit around for a few rounds before making their move. There can never be more than 6 battles per round, excluding the one you take part in. Who fights seems to be pretty random, but some characters, like Tsuruhime or Saika, have a tendency to sit around doing nothing for several rounds.

    Also keep in mind that, if the character you're playing as has a piece of land of their own in the beginning of Unification Mode, you will be able to choose your first enemy freely, but will be restricted to enemies connecting to the last field you fought on from then onward. Charakters like Matsunaga, who don't have any territory on the map in the beginning, will give you more freedom and you can usually jump around the map a little more. Still, I'm not quite certain how this works, because I've been forced to fight certain battles even though I should have been able to choose sometimes...so yeah, no guarantees on that-.-

    If you're unsure who to bet on, I've had the most luck betting on Sorin, Oichi or Tsuruhime, but usually only if they got arrows/question marks on them. All three of them tend to fight very little, so their chance of survival is rather high.

    Oh, and you will also notice that sometimes, at the beginning of a round, a guy with treasure on his back will appear on one of the territories. If you choose to fight on that territory while he's there, a roulette will appear whenever you take an enemy camp in that battle. There are three possible things that can happen as a result, and it's always random: 1. Money-carrying guys start appearing for a set amount of time 2. Your Health & Basara are filled completely or 3. Bombs will start dropping from the sky for a while<.<

    Alright, I think that about covers the basics^^

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