What is the relationship between the Outsider and the Kaldwin family?

  1. What is the connection between the Outsider and the Kaldwin family. It is clear that the heart which is "a heart touched by the Outsider" is the heart of Empress Jessamine Kaldwin. Now this is never actually stated but is obvious if you listen to the things it says such as I am not alive but have not been given the peace of death and and when used on Daud "am I supposed to forgive him for what he did to me?". Furthermore, Emily hears the rats actually speak her name.

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  1. Vera Moray (Granny Rags) hints that the Heart is crafted from Jessamine's own; there are several other quite straightforward hints spoken by the Heart through the whole game, even as early as the second Loyalist mission.

    I'm not sure that the Outsider is linked in any specific way to the Kaldwins. His choosing to use Jessamine's heart may just be due to her relationship with Corvo. The Heart is "touched by" the Outsider probably as a result of him taking a mortal organ and modifying it into a supernatural tool.

    The Outsider's allegiances and motives are... unclear at best. However, those the Outsider favors bear his mark. As I recall, neither Jessamine nor Emily are marked.

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