Is the story mode still like the first one?

  1. Where all it is, is just a few comic book pages and thats it?

    User Info: LeePaiLongEX

    LeePaiLongEX - 5 years ago

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  1. The Story was enhanced a little bit; they added a very nice feature of explaining to the player (in comic book form) what is going on and why you need to fight this battle. It is about a 2-3 minute segment that you may accidentally skip over after starting the game.

    The sweet thing is you can view the comic (ashcan size) in the Gallery. If you zoom in and read the comic, it is entertaining and shows you what is going on.

    It lets you know that the "heroes" and the "villains" are both trying to kill Galactus and the heroes and villains are not really against each other, they are just all fighting, for their own various story line reasons, to kill Galactus, not each other.
    *End Spoiler*

    So, yeah there is a bit of sweetness added. The endings are still too short, in my opinion (like I was quite irked when I won with Captain America, the ending was about as bad as the original "Contra" game by Konami from the mid 80s).

    So far I have not seen different endings for the characters I won with from MvC3:FoTW, which were; X-23, Taskmaster, Deadpool, and I can't remember who else.

    User Info: CybiCelfOfaint

    CybiCelfOfaint - 5 years ago 1 0


  1. A little bit.

    The endings for the original cast of the previous version have new endings.

    User Info: Althebloodedge

    Althebloodedge - 5 years ago 0 1
  2. Yeah, nothing has been added really.
    Some old characters have updated endings. Still have short endings though.
    The comic from Special Edition is now on disk, along with an intro narrated by Galactus.

    That's it.

    If you play fighting games for storyline, ignore UMvC3

    User Info: omegamarth

    omegamarth - 5 years ago 0 0
  3. Kind of the same like the first mvc3 but, okay RYU talks to THE VISION in marvel vs capcom 3. In Ultimate MVC3, RYU dressed up as IRON FIST*MASK ONLY* and beats up AKUMA(Goki) with the IRONSHORYUKEN. Also, you can use GALACTUS *only in Arcade mode* there's more character's in the game such as MEGA MAN X *DLC*( classic character, first appearance in MEGA MAN X 1992) that hasn't been in fighting games in history; so a huge OMG to all MEGA MAN FANS OUT THERE, YES THIS Is HIS FIRST FIGHTING GAME!!!! :D

    User Info: FFanSerieZ

    FFanSerieZ - 5 years ago 0 2
  4. If you're reffering to the endings, well, some are new, and some are taken from MVC3, yet are SHORTENED, making thge story worse in my book. And the new charas' ednings aren't anything special either.

    User Info: Luke_the_ripper

    Luke_the_ripper - 5 years ago 0 0
  5. Thanks for the heads up CybiCelfOfaint. I didn't know I can actually view the comic book in Gallery mode. I like to read that. When I was first seeing it, it only had the bottom story part visible to read, but the comic book itself looked to have something else entirely going on, and they were talking to each other, which made me think "how can I read that small paint and it's moving way too fast to read". Now I know. lol

    Yeah, like others have said, some of the original casts have their ending changed. Some characters endding are really short, like 2 clicks and with few words. But....other characters like 3 or 4 have some really long endding like 4 or 5 clicks with much to read! Not sure which ones have longer endings, but since I beat the game with all 50 characters for the reward, I should know.

    User Info: chocoboblue99

    chocoboblue99 - 5 years ago 0 0

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