Where do i find the treasure quest in caustic caverns?

  1. Where do i find the log that starts the quest?

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    D_O_G87 - 4 years ago
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    Can you be more specific?

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    Stacy_Adam - 4 years ago
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    I need to know the location where you get the quest.

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    D_O_G87 - 4 years ago
  4. Clarification Request::
    I got seasons pass dlc but not the golden key can anyone help me

    User Info: MLP-mofo

    MLP-mofo - 4 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. "Lost Treasure" - Kill a bunch of bandits till it tells you to go to Caustic Caverns.What you are looking for is 4 switches.first is "Under the Railway" - Just go to the second or third part of the broken freeway in the ocean of ooze and it is on one of the pillars. - there is one in the infested warehouse "or near it i forget that one was rough" - another is in the small room where you have the long jump down the ladder.If you read the clues they are pretty easy,just kill everything and look around on the walls for the glowing green switch.There is also one directly in the shadow of the huge grinder (just look up) on the wall in the corner.Good Luck!

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Other Answers

  1. If you are talking about the mission in the caustic caverns that is initiated by picking up an echo device then it should be on the minecart tracks i can't be really specific but if you just follow the tracks and look around them you should find it. also, it is near one of the minecarts that is near one of the doors/airlocks (whatever you wanna call em) hope this helps!

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  2. nvm i remembered.the infested warehouse one is just OUTSIDE the warehouse i believe off tho the right as you leave on the wall.

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  3. MLP: The golden keys were only for people who pre-ordered the game; has nothing to do with the season pass...HOWEVER:

    If you follow Gearbox Software on FB, or Randy Pitchford on Twitter, (or even visit the official BL2 forums), they are doing tests with the SHiFT functionability (it's found under "Extras", functions like a PSN code), and they are giving Golden Key codes.

    You can also find someone who pre-ordered the game, they can create a new character, come into your game, have a golden key from that character, and open your chest. That will get you those weapons.

    Minecraft: Near the halfway point through Caustic Caverns, you're going to see a door that's blocked off and a path off to the right (If you see the rocks suddenly getting blocky, you're on the right track). Eventually you'll come to "Minecraft" blocks you break through. You'll end up in a cave where "Creepers" come at you (including a Badass version and it WILL kill you if you are not paying attention or careful!). You'll come out of this with skins/head "Minecraft" style!

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  4. Alright, I'm assuming that you're talking about the treasure left behind by the last of the Crimson Lance in the Caustic Caverns that bandits somehow got the map to. Anyway, the log that starts the quest is in Sawtooth Cauldron.
    Just in case you didn't already know about the rest of the mission:
    Once you get the log, Brick will tell you about the treasure and his recommend how to get the rest of the pieces of the map; just keep killing Sawtooth bandits until you get all the pieces.
    Now, despite the fact that you were getting pieces of a map, you only get clues to lead you to the treasure in the Caustic Caverns. Okay, if I remember correctly, you have to go to 4 areas that the clues point to and hit a switch in each one. The first switch that you can get to from the entrance is on one of the pillars supporting what remains of the railway bridge. The second is further up the shoreline inside the Infested Warehouse (Varkids yay...). Third, you have to go counter-clockwise around the refinery/factory/whatever that big-ass building in the center of the map is until you reach the spiderants, and look for a giant digger that casts a shadow over the area. As the hint tells you, the switch is somewhere in the shadow of that digger. The fourth and final switch (if I'm not mistaken) is inside of a room at the end of the spiderant colonies that opens a shortcut back to the entrance.
    Now that you've hit all of the switches, you finally get a waypoint on your map telling you to go back through the spiderants (ugh), and right into the thresher territory. Once you've dealt with the threshers, get to the waypoint and take the newly-activated elevator to the roof of the building. Now just fight your way through a f*ckton of varkids and maybe spiderants and you'll get to the treasure.
    Now, I do remember specifically getting an awesome corrosive E-tech pistol as a reward for the mission, but I wasn't allowed to open the chest for some reason. If anybody found a way to get th chest open I'd like to know how.
    Anyway, I hope this helps.

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  5. To start the quest go to Sawtooth Cauldron. From the start of the map you want to drop into the area just to the north filled with bandits, and find a slope up to a raised area on the edge of that area - North East corner of the map.

    That tells you of a treasure map that was split into 4 pieces and you have to kill lots of bandits until they drop the pieces at random.

    Others have already posted what to do next in Caustic Caverns

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