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"A Comprehensive Look From A Die Hard Borderlands Fan"

A Comprehensive Look From A Die Hard Borderlands Fan.

I will start off by saying that Borderlands 2 was my most anticipated game since the first day it was announced to be in development. I loved Borderlands 1 through and through, putting in hundreds of hours of playtime. Needless to say the announcement of Borderlands 2 was a dream come true for me. I will explain the good and the bad of Borderlands 2 as I see it.

The classes! These classes are definitely more dynaic than the first. Lots of abilities and boy are they fun. The Mechromancer is my personal favorite but there is a class for every style.

The first thing I noticed upon playing the game was that it was no doubt going to be more of that charm and humor we all loved from the first iteration of the series. But, I came to notice that it was a bit much. The game gives off the feeling that they tried a little too hard. There is much more spoken (unskippable) dialogue than the first game. This became a big annoyance to me considering the main draw of the game is to loot (oh god more about this later) and go through multiple playthroughs. Being this type of game upskippable dialogue becomes tedious and like I said, annoying. The cutscenes of which there are plenty are also not skippable. There are a few characters that I absolutely LOVED but even they get annoying after playing a third or fourth time.

The next thing I came to realize after about 15 hours of play was I had only obtained 1 orange item and it was a quest reward so I didn't even feel like I've earned it. This started becoming a big issue for me because the thing I loved most about Borderlands was collecting awesome orange weapons for all levels and to use them throughout my cast of characters. The looting system is different from the first game and you will very rarely, if ever, find an orange item from a chest. Rather, you need to farm (yes, farm) bosses as they are the only enemey worth trying to get an orange from. This wouldn't be so bad if they still made orange drops possible from regular enemies and chests but that simply is not the case. I personally went over 50 hours on one character and only found 1 orange weapon. It was off the final boss at the end of my first playthrough and due to a bug it was inside the dead body of the boss and was unobtainable. I must also note that my favorite weapon from the first game, the Hellfire SMG, is a drop off a certain boss. I farmed him for 7 hours straight. Killed him almost 100 times and didn't get the drop. This is when I really started getting fed up.

Co op. For the second playthough of the game the difficulty is noticeably higher than the second playthrough of the first game. Co op isn't necessary but unfortunately certain playstyles are and this can be frustrating if you like to play a certain way. Other than that the co op is just as much fun as before even more so because of how dynamic the characters are. Also, playing with more buddies increasing the drops and makes them better.

The enemies. One of the bigger gripes from the first game was there wasn't enough variety amongst the enemies. This is definitely not a problem in Borderlands 2. The enemies are a plenty and come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. That's another thing. Colors. The entire world looks amazing. So much color and detail, everything is more vibrant and that is a huge plus.

The story. The story is more there and relevant than the first game. The villain is really likeable in a love to hate him kind of way. He really is fantastic. Along with the dynamic story there are many areas that come with it. A lot more variety in the landscape and environments you'll encounter.

All in all Borderlands 2 as a lot of fun, even more so when you have buddies to play with. The only way it is lacking is in unskippable and oversaturated dialogue although that is completely subjective. And the way the orange drops have changed. Though, if you are into farming and grinding it may not be a problem. I give this game a solid 8/10.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 03/18/13

Game Release: Borderlands 2 (US, 09/18/12)

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