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"The best $15 I have ever spent."

Counter Strike has evolved from a Half-Life mod to a full series that, until now, was un available to the Playstation community. Global Offensive is the first Counter Strike I have played, and after many frustrations and disappointment with other FPS video games (we know them all, no names needed), Counter Strike: Global Offensive is with out a doubt, a large breath of fresh air. The core mechanics are unique in their own way and presented almost perfectly. Lastly, here's the review for the outstanding Counter-Strike: Global Offensive...


For our consoles companies such as "Bethesda" (Oblivion), "DICE" (Battlefield 3), "Naughty Dog" (Uncharted), and the over looked "Ninja Theory", creator of the visually gorgeous Heavenly Sword, have all found ways to make their games look absolutely jaw dropping. From character models, battle scarred environments, and the night skies of the Shivering Isles, Counter Strike sets it's own stride for Graphics. While they don't stand up to the companies/games mentioned earlier, they certainly look damn good for being a downloaded game that was once just a mod. Character models, guns, and the environment all surpass what I expected from this game. Bravo Valve, you have something really special here.


Most games seem to fall short when it comes to the sounds of the game. While Counter Strike by no means falls short, it certainly isn't beyond what I expected and is rather average, but hey, that's not a problem. A few sound glitches happen every now and then where I hear duplicate sounds temporarily, or wrong gun sounds on a rare occasion. The sounds can always be much better, but for a game like this they fit the game and are in no way out of place.


Now the core of every game, the gameplay! Oh joy, yes give me more! Better than... Well I can't say better, but pretty damn close to it! Counter-Strike's game play is awesome. A tad wonky at times, but hey that's not an issue. Unlike most FPS games, you can't ADS (Aim down sight) with most weapons. Only weapons with scopes and only two scopes are available to the player. Other factors and game modes that are available to the game simply make this game rock. Hip firing took some getting used to after all the FPS games I played that allowed ADS. There is also no customization but after a while when I got used to it, it engulfed me and I cannot stop playing. In fact I don't want anything to change.

Another thing I really like about this game is that it has custom mapping, meaning you can set actions to any button on your controller, and you can play with a keyboard and mouse for those who are used to PC gaming. Very useful and I have to say I love this feature. The last thing I want to say is that you will sometimes play with or against BOTS. Bots are just that, AI controlled characters to fight with or against you and are actually quite average in terms of skill (which is expected). But the cool thing about this is that if you die and have a bot alive, you can control them. The kills and everything associated wont be credited to your character (as far as I know, this could be incorrect. I know in-game score and currency isn't) but it gives you a boost to come back and take that W.


Another neat aspect is that you can actually play offline! Of course there really is no campaign, but there is a weapons course that shows you how to play the game and bots that are very effective to train against. Really neat stuff they added and I can say that the weapons course is also an obstacle course. Once you learn the tricks of the trade you're opened up to an obstacle course in which you can race to beat your course time and what not. But the one thing that stands out is that this is actually fun. There aren't any cheap tricks to use, just pure speed and accuracy.

- Great Graphics
- Amazingly fun multiplayer gameplay
- Great offline options
- $14.99 on PSN

- Few minor glitches in Sound
- They constantly refer to "Magazines" as Clips.

I am a gun guy, I own and shoot plenty, and occasionally hunt. But in an FPS game I cannot stand when the game calls a magazine a clip. Yes people, they're two completely different things. Every gun has a magazine (Except for single-fire weapons), but only a few need clips to reload them. Clips feed the magazine (internal or external). Magazines feed the bullets into the chamber.

Outstanding - Very enjoyable and engrossing. Almost perfect.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 10/05/12

Game Release: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (US, 08/21/12)

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