1. I was browsing through P4A disscussions and find things about DLC characters that should be in the game like Yukari, Minato, etc etc. Do you think there wouldd be a sequel to add extra characters in it (and maybe some minor balances) or do you think that they should be DLC? Even though it would probably screw with the canon story.

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    vexenity14 - 5 years ago

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  1. there will be a continuation of persona 4 arena after all called Person 4: the Ultramax Ultimate Suplex Hold.... which takes place during the "P-1 Climax" and will probably end this story.. adding new characters and re balancing the old ones as well

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  1. No, Atlus says they will be focusing on Persona 5, whether they decide to do a sequel is dependent on what if it seems like its worth the money to layout. ArcSys can't do anything but release balancing and tweaking since Persona is Atlus's territory which includes DLC and sequel DLC.

    User Info: MugenHadesXIII

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  2. The game ended with a cliffhanger so of course there will be a countinuation of the P4 story. Whether it will be before P5 or after is the question. P4 Arena and P4 Golden have sold big so if you ask me Atlus will make another game. Though I don't think it will be Arena 2 or a fighter it wouldn't make sense for the investigation team to be fighting each other again. If you ask me Arena was just a middle ground game to set up a real RPG sequel to P4 (like chain of memories was for KH 1 and 2) Atlus has said along with P5 and SMT 4 they are working on a title that will suprise everyone but its a ways off. So yeah to me there will be a sequel just not a fighter.

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