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    FAQ/Move List by IceQueenZer0

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    Persona 4 Arena |

    Author's Note

    Hi guys, Andrea Castillo aka Ice Queen Zero/Azul Fria here to say that I'm currently on hiatus from any serious FAQing as I've just had my first child not too long ago on July 28, 2012. Her name being Demorga Terri Matthews and this makes her the 4th generation Ice Queen. The reason for the author note is to say that my sister Renea will be taking over for me on this one and a few other guides while I get adjusted to motherhood starting with this one Persona 4 Arena for the PS3 and XBox360.

    It originally came out in the Arcade. I helped format the guide for submission and layout but other than that, this is more or less Renea's guide. Our sister Chigura [Kage Negra/Tiggy Smalls], who sometimes helps me on guides, is sitting this one out too as she's due on Labor Day weekened.

    Game: Persona 4 Arena

    System(s): Arcade, Playstation 3, Xbox 360

    Author: Renea Castillo aka Roja Calor/Captain Caliente

    Co-author(s): Andrea Castillo aka Ice Queen Zero/Azul Fria


    The makers of Persona team up with the studio behind all-out action of fighting games like BlazBlue and Guilty Gear to create the franchise's first-ever fighting game! A rumor ripples across town about a mysterious TV show where high school students battle in deathmatches. It can only be seen on rainy nights when your TV is off. When the Investigation Team peers into their screens, they see themselves being introduced as contestants. The team dives into the TV to solve the mystery...and to fight! Experience a hand-drawn 2D presentation and gameplay built with custom, hardcore fighting mechanics. Each character battles with special attacks based on the inner powers of their unique persona.


    Persona 4 Arena and its characters are trademarks of Atlus Co. and all copyrights belong to them.

    This FAQ/Movelist is the copyright of Renea "Roja Calor" Castillo aka Captain Caliente and Andrea "Azul Fria" Castillo aka Ice Queen Zero and cannot be put on other sites or posted without our given permission nor can it be reproduced w/o proper consent.

    For other guides: http://www.gamefaqs.com/features/recognition/74803.html


    When you start the game, you have several different modes to choose from at the start.

    Lesson Mode - This is sort of a Tutorial Mode to learn the basics of playing the game.

    Story Mode - Atlus did say this would take 30 to 40 hours to complete and it's all because you gotta do a bunch of reading. If you are one of those who care less about trophies and are one of those "You expect me to read all that shit" players, avoid this like the plague.

    Arcade Mode - Fight through a lot of matches to view the character ending. Not as much reading as Story Mode.

    Score Attack Mode - Fight through the entire cast of characters to get the highest score possible. The difficulty increases per opponent but as with all fighting games, the harder fights are made easier by taking advantage of AI exploits.

    Training Mode - Practice your moves and combo on a training dummy.

    Challenge Mode - Unleash a given set of moves per character. There are 30 challenges per each character.

    Versus Mode - 2 Players go at it in offline mode.

    Network Mode - Play against other players online

    Playstion Network Store/XBOX Live Marketplace - Download/Purchase DLC for the game

    Theater - View movies that you have seen already.

    Gallery Mode - Artwork, Music, etc. found throughout the game can be viewed in one setting.

    Options - Make changes to the gameplay to fit your liking.


    u = up d = down b = back f = forward uf/db/df/ub = up/forward, down/back, etc.

    Arcade ButtonPS3 ButtonXBOX360 Button
    A button[] buttonX buttonWeak Attack
    B button>< buttonA buttonStrong Attack
    C button/ buttonY buttonWeak Persona Attack
    D button() buttonB buttonStrong Persona Attack

    You can map R1/RB, R2/RT, R3/RS, L1/LB, L2/LT, and L3/LS to any combination you like below.

    A + B = All-Out Attack

    d + A + B = Sweep

    f + A + B = Guard Cancel

    A + C = Quick Escape

    d + A + C = Mini Jump

    A + C in air = Air Turn

    B + D = Furious Action

    C + D = Throw (also in air)/Escape Throw ("!" showing)

    b + C + D = Back Throw

    A + B + C = One More Cancel

    A + C + D = Burst

    b/f = Move back or move forward

    b,b = Backdash (you can backdash in air)

    f,f = Dash (you can dash in air)

    ub, u, or uf = Jump (you can double jump)

    d, u = Super Jump

    Hold b to block jump attacks, overheads/high, and mid attacks

    Hold db to block mid and low attacks

    Hold db, d, df to crouch

    d, d, d + C + D = Instant Kill (must meet requirements)


    This a brief little rundown on stuff that goes on during the matches including special commands (Throws, Burst, etc.) and Ailments (Rage, Charm, etc.)


    There are three types of Throws: Ground Throws, Air Throws, and Command Throws. Throws are unblockable and do a set amount of damage. Command Throws are not breakable.


    Rapidly press the Light Attack button and your fighter will cause your character to use various normal attacks followed by a Skill Attack, if there is 50SP, the character will use an SP Skill.

    All-Out Rush

    Your character will flash white an execute an overhead attack that is invulnerable to attacks that aren't throws or supers. From here, you can mash any non-Persona attack rapidly to do a vicious combo up to 15 hits. Pressing a Persona Attack during the combo will either launch the opponent in the air (weak) or wallbounce them (strong). Airborne opponents will be groundbounced. Opponent enters Fatal Counter Mode when all 15 hits connect.


    Low attack that knocks down opponent. Hold down and press A + B.

    Guard Cancel Attack

    When blocking, press f + A + B to perform an attack that knock the opponet away and cause damage. You cannot win the match with a Guard Cancel Attack. It costs 50SP.

    Furious Attack

    Reversal Attack that sacrifices 5% health temporarily but it can recovered as it turns into blue health.

    Quick Escape

    An invincible forward dash to avoid getting hit by objects or attacks.

    Mini Jump

    Half-height jump that's not affected by Paralysis.

    Air Turn

    Press A + C while airborne to turn around in mid-air.

    One More Cancel

    Press A + B + C during a non-super move or throw and you can cancel out a move or in progress to return yourself to neutral stance. This protects you from immediate retaliation from a bad move or to create a wierd combo. Consumes 50% SP. Doesn't work on Furious Attacks.

    Persona Break

    You start off with four cards to represent the Persona's lifebar. Whenever someone is hit, a card is lost. When all four cards run out a Persona Break occurs and the Persona can't be used for set amount of time and rendering some moves unusable.


    Performs an invincible attack that can knock the opponent away by pressing A + C + D. There are 3 types of Burst: Defensive, Max, One More Burst. You can fill up the B in Burst by performing various actions.

    Defensive Burst deals no damage but it will interrupt an opponent's attack or combo.

    Max Burst will use up only 75% of the Burst Gauge when it connects and it fills the SP Gauge to the MAX.

    One More! Burst will use up the who Burst Gauge and is used during an attack. Similar o the One More Cancel. Another benefit is it causes damage to go up during combos.

    You get more SP and Burst when you hit at a set point in the Autocombo (A rapidly) than a chain (A, B, C)

    Skill Boost

    Some moves can be enhanced by pressing both "like" attack buttons. Example, a move that uses A or B are enhanced by pressing A + B at the end of the motion. Moves utalizing the Persona attacks are done with C + D at the end of the motion. Costs 25 SP.

    SP Skill

    Basically a super move that costs 50 SP to execute.

    Awakening Mode

    When your health is down to 35%, you enter Awakening Mode which increases your defense by 37.5% meaning you take lesser damage in this mode and have access to Awakening Mode exclusive SP Skill. The max SP is 150 and you get 50 SP upon entering this mode too.

    Instant Kill

    If you have 100 SP, Active Person, and this must be the user's final round needed to win the match outright.


    This one of those rare fighters that incorporates RPG elements into the game namely the ailments. Certain moves will cause these ailments to happen.

    Panic - Character is tinted yellow and is a confused state. Left and right controls are reversed. Thankfully, up and down are not affected. Last for a few seconds or until the Panic'd opponent lands a hit.

    Poison - Character is tinted purple and loses health gradually every time a heart beats. Lasts for a few seconds or until poisoned character lands a hit.

    Mute - Character is tinted green and Persona attacks and moves are disabled. The effect lasts a few seconds or until the muted character lands a hit.

    Rage - Character is tinted red and cannot block. There is an advantage though... Your attacks inflicted 120% normal damage. Lasts for a few seconds.

    Shock - Character is tinted orange and cannot move normally. They can still attack and evasive maneuvers and certain attacks still work to make the character move. Lasts for a few seconds or until shocked character lands a hit.

    Fear - Character is tinted magenta and the first hit in a combo is a Fatal Counter against them. Throw breaking won't work. Last for a few seconds or until Fear'd character lands a hit.

    Charm - Character is tinted pink and it saps SP from the character and gives it to the opponent. Lasts for a few seconds or until Charmed character lands a hit.

    Freeze - The character is encased in ice for 3 seconds before breaking free. Shake the controller left and right to break free faster or be in for some major punishment.

    Negative Penalty - only ailment not caused by attack. If you become too defensive during the fight such as turtling or avoiding combat, you get put in this state and the penalty is you take 1.5x damage from attacks. You must go on the offensive in order get out of this state. Your character will have red sad faces to indicate being in NP state.


    Each character has a unique set of moves to assist them in battle. All moves have special properties. Moves with C or D require your Persona. * moves indicate that Skill Boost is useable. One thing that you should now that there will be no DP motions in this game (f, d, df or b, d, db), no half-circles and no 360s.

    The Japanese names are listed first and the English name counterparts are in brackets. If it was in Katakana, then usually the name is the same either way with the notable exception being Teddie (known as Kuma in Japan) where the move names depend on his name.

    Yu Narukami

    The Sister-Complex Kingpin of Steel |

    Izanagi |
    • Age: Unknown
    • Date of Birth: Unknown
    • Height: Unknown
    • Weight: Unknown
    • Weapons: Katana
    • Persona: Izanagi
    • Arcana: Fool
    • Health: 9500

    Yu Narukami is the previously unnamed protagonist in the RPG Persona 4. Yu moves to Inaba and lives with his uncle and cousin for a year due to his parents moving abroad for work. While in Inaba, mysterious murders start occuring and Yu and his friends are pulled into the mystery. Yu was officially named during the manga and anime adaptations of the video game. In Persona 4: Arena, Yu uses a katana and his Persona is Izanagi.

    Move TypeMove NameMotion
    Furious ActionKenkonitteki [Big Gamble]B + D (also in air)
    SkillShishifunjin [Raging Lion]*d, db, b + A or B (also in air)
    SkillDenkousekka [Swift Strike]*d, db, b + C or D
    SkillZio*d, df, f + C or D
    SP SkillZiodyne(d, df, f)x2 + C or D (also in air)
    Awakened SP SkillJumonji Kiri [Cross Slash](d, db, b)x2 + C or D
    Instant KillIkuma no Shingon [Myriad Truths]d, d, d + C + D

    Kenkonitteki [Big Gamble]: 2-hit electric uppercut

    Shishifunjin [Raging Lion]: Yu will take a hop forward and hit his opponent with a sword stab on the way down. It's an overhead attack so it must be blocked high. Strong version Fatal Counters.

    Denkousekka [Swift Strike]: Yu and Izanagi do an electrical slide across the floor. Weak hits once, Strong hits 3 times. SB hits 5 times. It hits low.

    Zio: Izanagi will throw an electric missile at the opponent. Weak travels full screen, strong is a 2-hit close-range projectile . SB will put opponent in Shock mode and travels full screen.

    Ziodyne: Izanagi fires a giant electric beam across the screen.

    Jumonji Kiri [Cross Slash]: Yu will slice the opponent with an electric horizontal slash and Inazagi will come down from the sky with an electric vertical slash thus the Cross Slash gets its name.

    Ikuma no Shingon [Myriad Truths]: Yu raises his sword and stabs into the ground, covering it in electricity. If it connects, Inazagi will ready his strike by transforming into Izanagi no Okami and then come crashing down through the opponent and kill them instantly.

    Kanji Tatsumi

    The Bloodcurdling Beefcake Emperor |

    Take-Mikazuchi |
    • Age: 16
    • Date of Birth: January 19th, 1996
    • Height: 183cm
    • Weight: 65kg
    • Weapons: Folding chair
    • Persona: Take-Mikazuchi
    • Arcana: Emperor
    • Health: 10500

    Kanji Tatsumi is known to the town of Inaba as a punk. He is known for being short tempered and fighting with a local biker gang. Kanji's inner struggle is his sexual orientation. He's attracted to Naoto while believing her to be a boy, but is still attracted to her when he finds out she is a girl. Kanji later realizes that he's not concerned about being gay or straight, he's scared of being rejected; Kanji is able to overcome his insecurities with the help of the team. His sexual orientation is intentionally left ambiguous. In Persona 4: Arena, Kanji fights with a chair and his Persona is Take-Mikazuchi.

    Move TypeMove NameMotion
    Furious ActionUzattee! [What a Pain!]B + D (chargeable)
    SkillBastard Attack [Cruel Attack]*d, df, f + A or B
    SkillTsuika Bastard Attack [Addition Cruel Attack]*Knocked down opponent, d, df, f + A or B
    SkillKushizashidaa! [This'll Hurt]*close, d, db, b + C or D
    SkillTsukamee! [Gotcha!]*d, df, f + C or D
    SkillTaetemiyagare! [Bet Ya Can't Take This!]*d, db, b + A or B in air
    SP SkillSonryuuken Kasatsuhou [Ass Whoopin', Tatsumi-Style](d, df, f)x2 + A or B
    Awakened SP SkillKurokogedaaa! [Burn To A Crisp!!]close, (d, db, b)x2 + C or D
    Instant KillKan no Hanamichi Yuujouhen [The Man Series: Brofist]d, d, d + C + D

    Uzattee! [What a Pain!]: Kanji surrounds himself with electricity and shocks anyone near him. Puts opponent in Shock mode.

    Bastard Attack [Cruel Attack]: Kanji leaps for with a chair chop. Weak is short ranged, short has longer range and super armor to withstand a hit but it is slow. SB is fast, long-ranged and super armored.

    Tsuika Bastard Attack [Addition Cruel Attack]: After knocking down the opponent, Kanji will use his Cruel Attack as a follow up move with red shadow wherever the opponent is. SB does full damage.

    Kushizashidaa! [This'll Hurt]: Tosses opponent into the side of the screen and while they are on the floor, Take-Mikazuchi comes down lightning bolt in hand and stabs the opponent on the floor and shocks them. Weak is fast and deadlier, strong is slow but invicible a little after startup and SB is fast and puts opponents in Shock Mode.

    Tsukamee! [Gotcha!]: Take-Mikazuchi grabs airborne opponent and sends electricy through their bodies and then falls down on top of them. Weak is am upward angle grab. Strong is a delayed leap. SB attacks upon opponent jumping.

    Taetemiyagare! [Bet Ya Can't Take This!]: While airborne, Kanji comes down with an unblockable air-to-ground grab similar to Vice's Splash! from King of Fighters 13. It can't hit crouchers though. Weak is short range, Strong is midrange, SB is full screen and has invincibility.

    Sonryuuken Kasatsuhou [Ass Whoopin', Tatsumi-Style]: Kanji throws his chair then if it connects, he'll beat the opponent up with a couple more attacks then another chair falls from the sky.

    Kurokogedaaa! [Burn To A Crisp!!]: Kanji grabs the opponent and tosses them into the air, and Take-Mikazuchi comes in with a "Falcon Punch" that presses the opponent against the wall.

    Kan no Hanamichi Yuujouhen [The Man Series: Brofist]: Kanji grabs opponent and knocks them into the sky. Take-Mikazuchi throws down a bolt that zaps them down and then both Kanji and Take-Mikazuchi wait for the opponent to come down and punches them simultaneously. Killing them on impact.


    The Heartless Armed Angel |

    Pallas Athena |
    • Age: N/A
    • Date of Birth: Manufactured on September 10, 2000
    • Height: 162cm
    • Weight: Unknown
    • Weapons: Heavy Firearm
    • Persona: Pallas Athena
    • Arcana: Fool
    • Health: 9000

    In the original Persona 3, Aigis was an is an anti-shadow weapon developed by the Kirijo Group. She was a party member in Persona 3 and the protagonist in the add-on campaign, Persona 3 The Answer. She comes equipped with a large variety of weapons, an enhanced battle mode as well as her staple Persona Pallas Athena.

    Move TypeMove NameMotion
    Furious ActionEscape ChangeB + D (also in air)
    SkillMode Change*d, d + A or B
    SkillNana Shiki - Blast Gatling [7th Gen Gatling Blast]*d, df, f + A or B
    SkillNana Shiki - Radical Cannon [7th Gen Radical Cannon]*d, db, b + A or B
    SkillNana Shiki - Vulcan Kai [7th Gen Vulcan Cannon]*d, df, f + A or B in air
    SkillOrgia Boosthold f during Orgia Mode
    SkillOrgia Back Boostb, b during Orgia Mode
    SkillOrgia Boost Hoveringhold u in air during Orgia Mode
    SkillMegido Fire Kai [Orgia Megido Fire EX]*d, df, f + C or D (also in air) during Orgia Mode
    SkillTa Muraji Soufu Shinhou Pandora [Orgia Pandora Missle Launcher]*d, db, b + C or D (also in air) during Orgia Mode
    SP SkillMegami no Dai Tate [Goddess Shield](d, df, f)x2 + C or D
    Awakened SP SkillTengen no Yari [Heavenly Spear](d, db, b)x2 + C or D
    Instant KillIsan Kaihou Heiki Palladion [Heritage Liberator Palladion]d, d, d + C + D in air

    Note - Aigis can shoot up to 120 bullets per round. Once they run out, Aigis can't use the 7th Gen Gatling Blast or 7th Gen Vulcan Cannon

    Note - While in Orgia mode, there is a meter that'll deplete while in use.

    Escape Change: Aigis will do a backdash while blasting away the opponent.

    Mode Change: Switch between Origia mode and Normal mode. Some moves are exclusive to Origia mode.

    Nana Shiki - Blast Gatling [7th Gen Gatling Blast]: Aigis will shoot her gatling gun to spray the opponent with bullets. Hold down to shoot more than the default, weak uses 10 bullets by default, strong and SB use 20 bullets by default.

    Nana Shiki - Radical Cannon [7th Gen Radical Cannon]: Uses her cannon to hit opponent with a mortar style attack.

    Nana Shiki - Vulcan Kai [7th Gen Vulcan Cannon]: While airborne, Aigis shoots multiple bullets at a downward angle. Weak shoots 9 by default, Strong and SB use 14 by default.

    Orgia Boost: Jet dash forward

    Orgia Back Boost: Jet dash backwards and upwards

    Orgia Boost Hovering: Aigis floats down slowly.

    Megido Fire Kai [Orgia Megido Fire EX]: Aigis and Athena charge in together torpedo-style covered in fire. Athena will swallow up opponent and spit them out on the floor. SB does more damage.

    Ta Muraji Soufu Shinhou Pandora [Orgia Pandora Missle Launcher]: Aigis dashes back and fires several missiles.

    Megami no Dai Tate [Goddess Shield]: Athena does a move similar to Captain America's Hyper Charging Star from Marvel vs Capcom series.

    Tengen no Yari: Athena slices the opponent and sends them upward.

    Isan Kaihou Heiki Palladion [Heritage Liberator Palladion]: Aigis does her 7th Gen Vulcan cannon using 12 bullets. If it connects, Athena will charge in with her spear about the same time as Aigis fires an energy bullet. When the bullet hits Athena, it will turn into a deadly beam that kills the opponent.

    Yukiko Amagi

    The Unconquerable Snow Black |

    Konohana Sakuya |
    • Age: 17
    • Date of Birth: December 8th, 1994
    • Height: 164cm
    • Weight: Unknown
    • Weapons: Folding fan
    • Persona: Konohana Sakuya
    • Arcana: High Priestess
    • Health: 8500

    Yukiko Amagi is the daughter of the owner the local inn (the main tourist attraction in Inaba) in Persona 4. She is best friends with Chie and spend a lot of time hanging out when Yukiko is not busy helping at her family's famous inn. Yukiko is soft spoken and fair skinned, which has led to many suitors (all of whom she has obliviously turned down). Yukiko's inner struggle is that she feels trapped as she is expected to manage the family inn when she grows up; she overcomes her shadow with the help of the team. In Persona 4: Arena, Yukiko fights with a fan and her Persona is Konohana Sakuya.

    Move TypeMove NameMotion
    Furious ActionDiaB + D (hold to recover life)
    SkillAgi*d, df, f + A or B (hold to delay)
    SkillMaharagi [Maragi]*d, df, f + C or D
    SkillKaen Booster [Fire Boost]d, db, b + C
    SkillKaen Guard Kill [Fire Break]d, db, b + D
    SkillKaen High Boost [Fire Amp]d, db, b + C + D
    SP SkillAgidyne(d, df, f)x2 + C or D (hold to delay)
    Awakened SP SkillMaharagidyne [Maragidyne](d, db, b)x2 + C or D
    Instant KillMidare Hana Honoo [Full Bloom]d, d, d + C + D

    Note - Yukiko has a fire level that increases damage of her fire attacks but it does blue damage to her.

    Dia: Burst attack that knocks away the opponent. Hold down B + D to recover health. Blocks projectiles. The healing aspect can be used up to 15 seconds per round.

    Agi: Sakuya does an uppercut swing that sends out a fireball. Strong version knocks opponent away, SB shoots two fireballs.

    Maharagi [Maragi]: Sakuya throws a fireball along the floor.

    Kaen Booster [Fire Boost]: Increases Yukiko's Fire Level by 1.

    Kaen Guard Kill [Fire Break]: Makes next fire move unblockable but using it will prevent Yukiko from using Fire Break for several seconds.

    Kaen High Boost [Fire Amp]: Increases Yukiko's Fire Level by 2 and costs more life.

    Agidyne: Sakuya does a firey ballerina spin towards the opponent and shoots a fire ball. Weak shoots straight and strong version makes Sakuya spin upwards before shooting the fireball. Hold the button to do more spins.

    Maharagidyne [Maragidyne]: Sends several flame pillars in a wave across the floor. Weak moves away from Yukiko and strong comes towards her.

    Midare Hana Honoo [Full Bloom]: Yukiko poses as Sakuya barges in and knocks the opponent into the wall. The aura explodes in their face and sends waves of petals at the them and kills them.


    The Beast In Heat |

    Kintoki Douji |
    • Age: Unknown
    • Date of Birth: Unknown
    • Height: Unknown
    • Weight: Unknown
    • Weapons: Claws and Random objects
    • Persona: Kintoki Douji
    • Arcana: Star
    • Health: 9500

    Teddie is a mysterious stuffed-bear-like creature found by the team in the TV World in Persona 4. Teddie is a prankster who likes to play practical jokes and use bear related puns. Teddie's inner struggle is that he is meaningless and that his existence is "hollow"; he is able to overcome his fears with the help of the team. In Persona 4: Arena, Teddie fights with his claws and items and his Persona is Kintoki-Douji.

    Move TypeMove NameMotion
    Furious ActionFake Kuma [Teddie Decoy]B + D
    SkillBear Screw*d, df, f + A or B
    SkillPapekkuma [Puppeteddie]*d, db, b + A or B
    SkillKumatelebi [Teddievision]* [1]d, df, f + C or D
    SkillKuma Warp [Teddie Warp]*[1], d, df, f + C
    SkillPerakkuma [2D Teddy]*d, d + A or B
    SP SkillTomahawk(d, df, f)X2 + C or D (also in air)
    Awakened SP SkillKumada Dai Circus [Circus Bear](d, db, b)x2 + C or D
    Instant KillKamu Kamu Rocket [Kamui Kablooey]d, d, d + C + D

    Fake Kuma [Teddie Decoy]: Time this move to before Teddie is hit and he will deflate all around the screen and come back down away from the opponent. This will put opponent in Rage mode.

    Bear Screw: Teddie/Kuma spins towards his opponent torpedo-style. Strong version will end up behind opponent, SB has quicker recovery if blocked.

    Papekkuma [Puppeteddie]: Teddie/Kuma jumps back and uses a sock puppet to attack the opponent. Weak poisons opponent with a snake puppet. Strong puts opponent in Fear mode on contact. SB puts opponents in Rage mode.

    Kumatelebi [Teddievision]: Drops 3 TVs in front of Teddie/Kuma. Weak drops them close, Strong drops them far, and SB drops them on opponent's position.

    Kuma Warp [Teddie Warp]: Jumps into a hole and comes out of a TV. Weak comes out on top, Strong comes out on the bottom, SB comes out in the middle.

    Perakkuma [2D Teddy]: Kuma/Teddy flattens himself on the floor and gives him a super low hitbox. Weak lasts a few seconds, Strong lasts longer, SB lets you move.

    Tomahawk: Douji shoots a Tomahawk missile that explodes on contact or on delay if button is held. Missiles are shot at different angles depending on button and if you are in the air or on the ground.

    Kumada Dai Circus [Circus Bear]: Teddie/Kuma jumps on Douji and rolls over opponent. It is unblockable.

    Kamu Kamu Rocket [Kamui Kablooey]: Teddie/Kuma drops Douji onto the opponent and throws a bomb into its hatch. He then uses a detonator to rocket Douji to space and several fireworks go off and Teddie/Kuma seems to give Douji a farewell salute.


    The Lethal Elevator Attendant |

    Thanatos |
    • Age: Unknown
    • Date of Birth: Unknown
    • Height: Unknown
    • Weight: Unknown
    • Weapons: Compendium
    • Persona: Thanatos
    • Arcana: Death
    • Health: 7500

    A former resident of the Velvet Room and "one who governs power." She looks frail, but the onslaught she dishes out is off the scale. She can stymie her opponents with her Persona Cards, then decimate them with Megidolaon.

    Move TypeMove NameMotion
    Furious ActionShuffle TimeB + D
    SkillMahajiodyne [Maziodyne]*d, df, f + A or B (also in air)
    SkillMahabufudyne [Mabufudyne]*d, db, b + A or B
    SkillMahagarudyne [Magarudyne]*d, df, f + C or D (also in air)
    SkillMaharagidyne [Maragidyne]d, db, b + C or D
    SP SkillConsent Late [Mind Charge](d, df, f)x2 + A or B
    SP SkillMahanmaon [Mahamaon](d, df, f)x2 + C
    SP SkillMahamudo'on [Mamudoon](d, df, f)x2 + D
    Awakened SP SkillDiarahan(d, db, b)x2 + A or B
    Awakened SP SkillMouja no Nageki [Ghastly Wall](d, db, b)x2 + C or D
    Instant KillMegidolaond, d, d + C + D (Counter Attack)

    Shuffle Time: Elizabeth with throw opponent that results in status effects instead of damage and the status depends on how much SP she has. 0-49: Charm, 50-99: Poison, 100-149: Fear, 150: Panic.

    Mahajiodyne [Maziodyne]: Fires an electric beam. Strong version is slower but quicker recovery time if blocked. SB is deadlier and causes shock.

    Mahabufudyne [Mabufudyne]: Thanatos slashes opponent and throws them into the air where he shoots ice at them and freezes them. Strong version makes the freeze last long. SB freezes opponents the same as Strong but has the weak version's speed but Using this will disable freezing with the normal versions for the rest of the round.

    Mahagarudyne [Magarudyne]: Elizabeth rides Thanatos as he barges over the opponent. Button strength determines how long the ride last. It's possible to do followups as the opponent falls but difficulty depends on the character.

    Maharagidyne [Maragidyne]: Thanatos sends electric wave pillars across the floor. Weak moves opponents away from Elizabeth, strong pulls them toward her and SB pushes them away then reels them pack in.

    Consent Late [Mind Charge]: Makes Elizabeth go into Awakening Mode and turn the sacrificed health into the blue meter and fills up her SP gauge.

    Mahanmaon [Mahamaon]: This is an instant kill move that doesn't need the IK requirements. Thanatos will stab the ground and create a Hamaon circle. It will stay on the ground for 10 seconds and if it connects, Elizabeth wins the round.

    Mahamudo'on [Mamudoon]: Also an instant kill move minus the IK requirements. This is the same as the Mamudoon only it hits airborne opponents.

    Diarahan: Recovers 20% health.

    Mouja no Nageki [Ghastly Wall]: Thanatos grabs opponent and throws them in the coffin. He then slashes the coffin in half. Induces Fear mode.

    Megidolaon: Used as a counter attack. If attacked during the taunt, rings surround the opponent and Elizabeth fires several beams at the opponent and then she and Thanatos will kill the opponent with what looks like what Dragonball Z/GT fans recognize as Goku's Spirit Bomb.

    Akihiko Sanada

    The Two-Fisted Protein Junkie |

    Caesar |
    • Age: 19
    • Date of Birth: September 22, 1991
    • Height: 175.5cm
    • Weight: 64kg
    • Weapons: Fists
    • Persona: Caesar
    • Arcana: Emperor
    • Health: 10000

    Ever since his little sister died in a fire, Akihiko vowed to become stronger. This vow is what causes him to take up boxing, becoming an undefeated champion in the process. He's always eagerly looking for ways to improve and train, often to a fault. However, this eagerness is what drives him to face danger head-on, regardless of how hopeless the situation may be. After graduating from Gekkoukan High, Akihiko went to college. He decided, however, to perfect his punch and traveled the world in his pursuit of becoming stronger. Mitsuru sends him an invitation to the P-1 Grandprix, and Akihiko willingly returns to Japan. Akihiko is also a former member of SEES who is close to Mitsuru. He can rush down the opponent with his quick fists and finish them with his Persona, Caesar.

    Move TypeMove NameMotion
    Furious ActionDouble Upper [Double Uppercut]B + D
    SKillDageki Mikiri [Dodge Strike]* [1]d, db, b + A or B during opponent's attack
    SkillKill Rush* [1]d, df, f + A or B
    SkillCorkscrew*[1], f + A or B
    SkillBoomerang Hook*[1], b + A or B
    SkillDucking*d, df, f + C or D/[1] f + C or D
    SKillWeaving*d, db, b + C or D/[1] b + C or D
    SkillAssault Dive* [1]d, db, b + A or B in air
    SP SkillCyclone Upper [Cyclone Uppercut](d, df, f)x2 + A or B
    SP SkillThunder Fists(d, df, f)x2 + C or D
    Awakened SP SkillMahaziodyne [Maziodyne](d, db, b)x2 + C or D
    Instant KillEarth Breakerd, d, d + C + D

    Note - Akihiko has a Tornado gauge that increase damage and stuns per level up to Level 3. Leveling up is done by canceling certain Skills.

    Double Upper [Double Uppercut]: Akihiko does two uppercuts. The second one launches opponent into the air.

    Dageki Mikiri [Dodge Strike]: Parries an attack and hits opponent with a Kill Rush. SB lasts longer in Parry mode.

    Kill Rush: Akihiko rushes in and hits opponent with multiple punches in a short period of time. Weak is short distance but fast. Strong is further distance and slow. SB hits more times than Strong.

    Corkscrew: Akihiko throws a sliding corkscrew punch that knocks the opponent away. SB version goes through opponent. Used as a follow up to Dodge Strike, Assault Dive, or Kill Rush.

    Boomerang Hook: A followup to the Dodge Strike, Assault Dive, or Kill Rush. Does a low hook shot. Strong version can be charged up and is unblockable if charged to the MAX. SB autoguards.

    Ducking: Dashes forward while low. Can also followup Dodge Strike, Assault Dive, or Kill Rush. Goes under projectiles and high attacks. SB can do crossups.

    Weaving: Sways high attacks. Can also followup Dodge Strike, Assault Dive, or Kill Rush. Strong version moves back slightly. SB moves back even more and also avoids low attacks too.

    Assault Dive: Diving superman punch. Weak knocks down. Strong and SB groundbounces.

    Cyclone Upper [Cyclone Uppercut]: Supercharged uppercut that does more damage depending on Cyclone level.

    Thunder Fists: Caesar adds Shock value to the Akihiko's punches until Akihiko gets hit.

    Mahaziodyne [Maziodyne]: Caesar fills the screen with electricity. Puts opponents into Shock mode.

    Earth Breaker: Caesar sucks the opponent near and if they touch the globe, they'll end up laying on the globe and Akihiko comes down with a metorite punch that smashes the world.

    Chie Satonaka

    Spunky Dragon with Deadly Legs |

    Tomoe Gozen |
    • Age: 17
    • Date of Birth: July 30th, 1994
    • Height: 158cm
    • Weight: Unknown
    • Weapons: Kicks
    • Persona: Tomoe Gozen
    • Arcana: Chariot
    • Health: 9500

    Chie Satonaka is the resident "kung fu" expert in Persona 4: Arena. Chie is an energetic tomboy with a short temper, loves kung fu movies, and best friends with Yukiko. Chie's inner struggle is the resentment of constantly being compared to Yukiko who is considered feminine, while Chie is viewed as a tomboy; she overcomes this struggle with the help of the team. In Persona 4: Arena, Chie fights with martial arts and her Persona is Tomoe.

    Move TypeMove NameMotion
    Furious ActionHigh CounterB + D (also in air) during opponent attack
    SkillAbaremakuri [Rampage]* [1]d, df, f + A or B
    SkillNouten Otoshi [Skull Cracker]*[1], d, df, f + A or B
    SkillDragon Kick*d, df, f + C or D
    SkillKokuten Geki [Black Spot]d, db, b + C or D
    SP SkillGod Hand [God's Hand](d, df, f)x2 + C or D
    SP SKillPower Charge(d, df, f)x2 + A or B
    Awakened SP SkillAgneyastra(d, db, b)x2 + C or D
    Instant KillKirisame Shouten Geki [Galactic Punt]d, d, d + C + D

    High Counter: Counterattack where if Chie gets hit during her counter stance, she'll start kicking the opponent. Air version does the kicks automatically.

    Abaremakuri [Rampage]: Chie leaps forward with several kicks.

    Nouten Otoshi [Skull Cracker]: Followup to Rampage. Overhead kick followed by a low kick. Button strength determines how much damage is done.

    Dragon Kick: Tomoe appears and adds power to Chie's foot. Chie then does an angled upward kick. Some people may remember this kind of move being used by Kim Dragon from World Heroes series.

    Kokuten Geki [Black Spot]: Chie and Tomoe will do a dual palm strike.

    God Hand [God's Hand]: Tomoe pounds the opponent into the ground.

    Power Charge: Chie charges up and makes a gauge appear. Makes her attacks more powerful. Skills result in Fatal Counters. Can be boosted up to 3 times.

    Agneyastra: Meteors will rain down from the sky. Strength determines where they'll fall.

    Kirisame Shouten Geki [Galactic Punt]: Tomoe transforms into a dragon that rises from the ground. If it connects, the opponent spirals upwards as Chie reves up her power to kick them on their way down and send them flying.

    Mitsuru Kirijo

    The Imperious Queen of Executions |

    Artemisia |
    • Age: 20
    • Date of Birth: May 8th, 1991
    • Height: 166cm
    • Weight: Unknown
    • Weapons: Rapier
    • Persona: Artemisia
    • Arcana: Empress
    • Health: 9500

    Heiress of the Kirijo Group megacorporation and member of SEES, which ended the Tatsumi Port Island incident. Though beautiful and popular, she is also aloof. Artemisia, her Persona, can freeze opponents to the bone.

    Move TypeMove NameMotion
    Furious ActionGetsu-eiB + D (also in air)
    SkillCoup Droit*b~f + A or B
    SkillBufula*d~u + C or D
    SP SkillSetsuna Samidare Uchi [Myriad Arrows](d, df, f)x2 + A or B
    SP SKillBufudyne(d, df, f)x2 + C or D
    Awakened SP SkillMahabufudyne [Mabufudyne](d, db, b)x2 + C or D, C or D
    Instant KillNiflheimd, d, d + C + D

    Getsu-ei: Mitsuru hops into the air and does a circular swipe in the shape of a Crescent Moon hence it's name (Getsu is Japanese for moon).

    Coup Droit: Mitsuru lunges forward with a rapier stab.

    Bufula: Artemisia sends out a slow moving ice snowflake that freezes the opponent. Weak starts high. Strong starts low and hits 3 times. SB starts low and comes back and hits 5 times.

    Setsuna Samidare Uchi [Myriad Arrows]: Mitsuru will do various slashes to the opponent and kicks them away at the end. Weak hits 14 times and Strong hits 20 times. The final kick can be delayed while the opponent is crumpled.

    Bufudyne: Artemisia raises an ice block from the ground that freezes the opponent and it launches them away.

    Mahabufudyne [Mabufudyne]: Artemisia launches several ice kunais that freeze the opponent.

    Niflheim: Artemisia reels in the opponent and takes them into the air and crystalizes them. Mitsuru will fatally stab the ice and break the opponent into bits.

    Yosuke Hanamura

    Captain Ressentiment |

    Jiraya |
    • Age: 17
    • Date of Birth: June 22nd, 1994
    • Height: 175cm
    • Weight: 58kg
    • Weapons: Kunai
    • Persona: Jiraya
    • Arcana: Magician
    • Health: 8300

    Yosuke Hanamura, affectionately nicknamed "Brosuke" is the first party member Yu Narukami acquires in Persona 4. Yosuke's family moved from the big city to Inaba because of his father's work as the manager of the Junes mall. Yosuke inner struggle is his resentment for moving from the city to "the boonies", which he overcomes with the aid of Yu. In Persona 4: Arena, Yosuke uses a pair of kunai and his Persona is Jiraiya.

    Move TypeMove NameMotion
    Furious ActionMikiri [Dodge]B + D
    SkillKakeagari [Dash Spring]*d, df, f + A or B
    SkillTobi Kunai [Flying Kunai]*d, db, b or d, df, f + C or D in air
    SkillMoonsault*d, db, b or d, df, f + A or B in air
    SkillMikazuki Kiri [Crescent Slash][1], A or B
    SkillHengenjisou Kiri [Mirage Slash]*d + C in air
    SkillTentarafoo*d, df, f + C or D
    SP SkillGarudyne(d, df, f)x2 + C or D (also in air)
    Awakened SkillSukukaja(d, db, b)x2 + C or D
    Instant KillBrave Zapper [Brave Blade]d, d, d + C + D

    Mikiri: Yosuke dodges the opponents attack and trips them.

    Kakeagari [Dash Spring]: Yosuke dashes in with two quick kunai strikes.

    Tobi Kunai [Flying Kunai]: Throws several kunais into the ground and they explode and launch the opponent.

    Moonsault: From the air, Yosuke does a moonsault to land by the opponent. SB version adds a slash for damage.

    Mikazuki Kiri [Crescent Slash]: Follow up to the moonsault that slashes opponent upwards.

    Hengenjisou Kiri [Mirage Slash]: Follow up to the moonsault that makes Jiraya send Yosuke to the ground and do a low slash.

    Tentarafoo: Jiraya stamps the opponent with a star and sprays green mist on them that puts them in Panic Mode.

    Garudyne: Jiraya transforms Yosuke into a giant tornado and slices up the opponent.

    Sukukaja: Charges up Yosuke with Jiraya's power. Increases speed and chances to do cancels faster. Yosuke is also invincible.

    Brave Zapper [Brave Blade]: Jiraya turns into a green tornado that spirals the opponent upward and Yosuke slices them every which way.

    Naoto Shirogane

    The 2000-IQ Killjoy Detective |

    Sukuna-Hikona |
    • Age: 17
    • Date of Birth: April 27th, 1995
    • Height: 152cm
    • Weight: Unknown
    • Weapons: Firearms
    • Persona: Sukuna-Hikona
    • Arcana: Wheel of Fortune
    • Health: 8000

    AKA "The Detective Prince", Naoto is a descendant from a line of famous detectives,she is a 5th generation detective , which makes her conceal her true gender due to wanting to be in a work environment that looks down on females. Since both her parents died in a car crash when she was young, she acts very mature in spite of her age. Naoto's exploits and abilities as a detective help in finding the true culprit behind the events of Persona 4.

    Move TypeMove NameMotion
    Furious ActionSeigi no Tate [Justice Shield]hold B + D
    Furious ActionCounter ShotSeigi no Tate, A or B or C or D on block
    Furious ActionCounter Shot KaiSeigi no Tate, f + A or B or C or D on block
    SkillNage Suika KougekiThrow, C
    SkillNiren Kiba [Double Fangs]*d, df, f + A or B
    SkillSogeki Kamae [Aim] [1]*d, db, b + A or B
    SkillSogeki [Snipe][1], A {Front} or B {Ricochet} or C {Anti-Air} (D or d, db, b + A ends it)
    SkillKanatsu Kipaku Kate Megido [Hair-Trigger Megido]*d, db, b + C or D
    SP SkillTai S Jian You Tokusha Shoujuu - Kou [Anti-S SP Rifle Alpha ](d, df, f)x2 + A (also in air)
    SP SkillTai S Jian You Tokusha Shoujuu - Otsu [Anti-S SP Rifle Beta](d, df, f)x2 + B (also in air)
    SP SkillHamaon(d, df, f)x2 + C
    SP SkillMudo'on [Mudoon](d, df, f)x2 + D
    Awakened SP SkillHold Up! [Raid](d, db, b)x2 + A or B, A or B
    Awakened SP SkillCritical Shot(d, db, b)x2 + A or B, C or D
    Instant KillJudge of Helld, d, d + C + D

    Note - With Naoto in play, her opponent will have a Fate gauge that starts at 13. Certain attacks will make it go down. If it hits 0, then 2 certain attacks will KO the opponent without the Instant Kill requirements.

    Seigi no Tate [Justice Shield]: Parries enemy attacks.

    Counter Shot: Followup to Justice Shield that launches opponent. Takes away 3 from the Fate gauge.

    Counter Shot Kai: Followup to Justice Shield that shoots a projectile. Takes away 2 from the Fate gauge.

    Nage Suika Kougeki": Hikona adds in an extra attack ager a throw. Takes away 2 from the Fate gauge.

    Niren Kiba [Double Fangs]: Does two kicks while hopping forward then aims her gun.

    Sogeki Kamae [Aim]: Aims gun at opponent and... (Strong will dash back and reload if needed. SB dashes forward)

    Sogeki [Snipe]: Shoots them. A shoots straight, B shoots the ground and ricochets upwards, C shoots the air. D cancels the stance. Naoto can shoot up to 5 bullets before having to reload. After the 5 shot, 1 Fate gauge is removed.

    Kanatsu Kipaku Kate Megido [Hair-Trigger Megido]: Sets a floor trap for the opponent that explodes if touched. They can be attacked if visible. Each trap takes away 3 from the Fate gauge. Weak sets a red one, Strong sets a green one on the floor and SB sets both.

    Tai S Jian You Tokusha Shoujuu - Kou [Anti-S SP Rifle Alpha ]: Naoto leaps back and shoots opponents rapidly from the air and puts them into Silence mode.

    Tai S Jian You Tokusha Shoujuu - Otsu [Anti-S SP Rifle Beta ]: Naoto leaps back and shoots opponents with a bazooka while airborne and puts them in Fear mode. Takes away 6 from the Fate gauge.

    Hamaon: Hukona captures opponets into a tome circle on the ground and if their Fate gauge is at 0, they are KO'd instantly other wise it does no damage. Does not need IK requirements

    Mudo'on [Mudoon]: Just like the Hamaon except it attacks airborne opponents with a dark beam and KOs the opponent if their Fate gauge is 0. Does not need IK requirements.

    Hold Up! [Raid]: Naoto walks towards opponent and can shoot bullets while walking. Each shot juggles the opponent. Each shot takes 1 away from the Fate gauge while walking.

    Critical Shot: Kicks the opponent all over the screen. It is invincible and is a fatal counter.

    Judge of Hell: Creates a crosshair that, if it hits opponent, it will show a sniper point-of-view of the opponent and Naoto shoots them dead. These cross hairs are unblockable so its best to duck near the middle of the screen and let them run their course as Naoto is invincible during this sequence.


    Yasogami's Steel Council President |

    Ariadne |
    • Age: N/A
    • Date of Birth: Manufactured on April 20th, 1999
    • Height: 160cm
    • Weight: Unknown
    • Weapons: Axe
    • Persona: Ariadne
    • Arcana: Wheel of Fortune
    • Health: 9500

    Labrys is an anti-shadow weapon developed by the Kirijo Group. She is Type-5, which makes her Aigis' (Type-7) predecessor/older sister. It's unclear how she entered the tournament and the Midnight Channel, but her goal is to put a stop to it. She considers herself the student council president of the school, and speaks in Kansai-ben. In the game, she fights with a double-headed axe.

    Move TypeMove NameMotion
    Furious ActionGo Shiki Slash Axe [5th Gen Axe Slash]B + D
    SkillChain Knuckle* [1]d, df, f + A or B
    SkillWinch Dash* [2][1], f
    SkillBreaking*[2], b
    SkillTsuika Kougeki [Extra Attack][2], A or B
    SkillGuillotine Axe*d, db, b + A or B
    SkillGuillotine Aerial*d, db, b + A or B in air
    SkillString Arts "Ken"[Weaver's Art: Sword]d, d + A or B or C or D
    SP SkillString Arts "Moujuu" [Weaver's Art: Beast](d, df, f)x2 + C or D
    Awakened SP SkillString Arts "Sharin Kei" [Weaver's Art: Breaking Wheel](d, db, b)x2 + C or D
    Awakened SP SkillBrutal Impact(d, db, b)x2 + A or B
    Instant KillString Arts "Itanshinmon" [Weaver's Art: Inquisition]d, d, d + C + D

    Note - There are 5 levels to her axe which increases by swinging her axe at the opponent. The higher the level, the higher the damage.

    • Grey is Level 1
    • Blue is Level 2
    • Green is Level 3
    • Yellow is Level 4
    • Red is Level 5

    Go Shiki Slash Axe [5th Gen Axe Slash]: Labrys readies and unleashes an upward swing that will wallbounce the opponent high. Fatal Counter at level 5

    Chain Knuckle: Labrys throws a fast fist projectile. Weak is fast and midscreen range. Strong is slow and 3/4 range. SB nullifies projectiles and is 3/4 range.

    Winch Dash: After the Chain Knuckle, Labrys will pull herself towards opponent.

    Breaking: After the Chain Knuckle, Labrys pulls herself towards opponent and stops midway.

    Tsuika Kougeki [Extra Attack]: Unlke Breaking, she will pull herself towards opponent and attack. Weak attacks with a overhead Strong attack, Strong attacks with a sweep. SB slashes the opponent.

    Guillotine Axe: 2-hit swing of Labyrs's axe. Weak is fast, strong is slow but deadlier. SB knocks down on contact.

    Guillotine Aerial: The ariel version of the Guillotine Axe. Knocks down on contact.

    String Arts "Ken"[Weaver's Art: Sword]: Ariadne creates a pillar that captures the opponent. The button pressed determined where on the screen the pillar appears.

    String Arts "Moujuu" [Weaver's Art: Beast]: Ariadne will ram the opponent and Labrys will do an uppercut that takes the opponent into the air.

    String Arts "Sharin Kei" [Weaver's Art: Breaking Wheel]: Ariadne protrudes 3 gears that drills into the opponent for a few seconds.

    Brutal Impact: Labrys readies and swings her axe like a baseball bat that hits hard. Strong version does more damage but reduces Axe level back to 1.

    String Arts "Itanshinmon" [Weaver's Art: Inquisition]: Ariadne throws a thin beam that captures the opponent in a multi-layer octagon. Labrys proceeds to attack them like crazy and kills them with a big block of material at the end of a chain.

    Shadow Labyrs

    The Raging Bull of Destruction |

    Asterius |
    • Age: N/A
    • Date of Birth: N/A
    • Height: 160cm
    • Weight: Unknown
    • Weapons: Axe
    • Persona: Asterius
    • Arcana: Wheel of Fortune
    • Health: 8000

    After Labrys was thrown into the TV World, Shadow Labrys and the fake school around them appeared, representing Labrys's desire to live and go to school like a normal girl. Shadow Labrys created the P-1 Grand Prix and masqueraded as Teddie to lure the other Persona users living in Inaba into it. After the player defeats Labrys, Shadow Labrys reveals herself before the player character and fights them. After being defeated, Labrys accepts her, gaining her Persona

    Move TypeMove NameMotion
    PersonaKnuckle TrainC (also in air)
    PersonaTerra no Fun Honoo [Terra's Eruption]d + C (also in air)
    PersonaHammer Upper [Hammer Uppercut]u + C (also in air)
    PersonaCreta no Zeppeki [Cliff of Creta]D (also in air)
    Furious ActionGo Shiki Slash Axe [5th Gen Slash Axe]B + D
    SkillGuillotine Axe*d, db, b + A or B
    SkillGuillotine Aerial*d, db, b + A or B in air
    SkillJigoku no Gouka [Flame of Hades]*d, df, f + A or B (also in air)
    SkillBuffalo Hammer*d, db, b + A or B (also in air)
    SkillDai Tosatsu [Massive Slaughter]*b~f + C or D (also in air)
    SP SkillShihaihe no Hangyaku [Challenge Authority](d, df, f)x2 + C or D (also in air)
    Awakened SP SkillBrutal Impact(d, db, b)x2 + A or B
    Awakened SP SkillTitanomachia(d, db, b)x2 + C or D
    Instant KillGate of Labyrinthos [Labyrinthos Gate]d, d, d + A + B then repeat when close

    Knuckle Train: Shadow Labrys revs up and Asterius slides forward with a wicked punch.

    Terra no Fun Honoo [Terra's Eruption]: Asterius summons a flame from underneath the opponent and that launches them.

    Hammer Upper [Hammer Uppercut]: Asterius rises from underneath the opponent and uppercuts them high into the air.

    Creta no Zeppeki [Cliff of Creta]: Asterius gives of temporary protection.

    Go Shiki Slash Axe [5th Gen Slash Axe]: Upward axe swing. Counterhits wallbounce the opponent high off the wall.

    Guillotine Axe: 2-hit swing of Shadow Labyrs's axe. Weak is fast, strong is slow but deadlier. SB knocks down on contact.

    Guillotine Aerial: The ariel version of the Guillotine Axe. Knocks down on contact.

    Jigoku no Gouka [Flame of Hades]: Asterius fires a laser beam that burns the opponent and launches them into the air. SB version has super armor except against supers.

    Buffalo Hammer: Asterius rears back and pounds opponent into the dirt with a hammer blow that hits low. SB version groundbounces.

    Dai Tosatsu [Massive Slaughter]: Asterius drags opponents into the ground and spits them out.

    Shihaihe no Hangyaku [Challenge Authority]: Asterius punches the 4th wall hard and causes the screen to snow crash a little. Opponent will get hit if close enough. Strong version gloes red but it's slower. It does more damage though.

    Brutal Impact: Shadow Labrys readies and swings her axe like a baseball bat that hits hard. Strong version travels full screen but is slow.

    Titanomachia: Asterius rises from the ground and fills the screen with black flames if a button is pressed.

    Gate of Labyrinthos [Labyrinthos Gate]: Shadow Labrys sends opponents to the depths of hell.