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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Rata1

    Version: 2.0 | Updated: 08/27/13 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    --__--__--__--__--__--__--__--__--__God of War_-__--__--__--__--__--__--__--__-
    __--__--__--__--__--__--__--__--Chains of Olympus--__--__--__--__--__--__--__--
    \---------------------------- ----By Alek Kettenburg------------------------- /
     \--------------------------------Start Date: 3/28/10------------------------/
      \-------------------------------end Date: 4/10/10------------------------ /
       \------------------------------Type: General Walkthrough----------------/
        \-----------------------------Version 2.00--------------------------- /
         \----------------------------As of 8/26/13------------------------- /
          \---------------------------------------------------------------- /
           \-------------------------------------------------------------- /
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    --------------------------------Table Of Contents------------------------------
    The Basics------------------------------------------------------------[tbic001]
    Tips and advice-------------------------------------------------------[taae002]
    Siege of Attica-------------------------------------------------------[soga004]
    Basilisk Final showdown-----------------------------------------------[bfsn005]
    City of Marathon------------------------------------------------------[comn006]
    Temple of Helios I----------------------------------------------------[tohi007]
    Activating the East Wind----------------------------------------------[atew008]
    The Cave of Olympus---------------------------------------------------[tcoo009]
    Temple of Helios II---------------------------------------------------[toh2010]
    Activating the South Wind---------------------------------------------[atsw011]
    Activating the West Wind----------------------------------------------[atww012]
    Pits of Tarturas------------------------------------------------------[pots014]
    Temple of Zeus--------------------------------------------------------[tozs015]
    The Temple of Persephone----------------------------------------------[ttop016]
    Final Boss: Persephone------------------------------------------------[fbpe017]
    Controls/move list----------------------------------------------------[cmlt018]
    Frequently asked questions--------------------------------------------[faqs019]
    /                                                                             \
    --------------------------------Introduction [intrd00]-------------------------
    Hello and welcome to my first guide. If you came to see this guide a few months
    or years ago, then you'll notice some things have really changed. As I stated,
    this was my very first guide and as such the quality was extremely poor. It's
    been a few years since the original version of this guide and I've decided to
    go back and revise it a bit. The core the writing will still be the same, but 
    I'll be fixing up the major grammatical and spelling errors (probably adding a 
    few along the way). 
    God of War is one of those series that makes we wish I actually got a PS3. The 
    stories aren't terribly deep, but they're interesting enough to grab my 
    attention. Those not familiar with the series sometimes view God of War as a 
    mindless blood and gore spectacle with some nudity. While that is true to a 
    certain extent, the stories and characters run much deeper then that. 
    The gameplay is good hack and slash fun that can be challenging at times. It 
    takes a bit more strategy then just charging in with the chain blades and 
    hitting square over and over. 
    Although, this installment of God of War feels much more stripped down the 
    main console installments. Your choice of magic and weapons are very limited 
    compared to the the other games. Puzzles seem much less numerous, and the game 
    all together is only about 5-6 hours long.
    The game is still good fun. I mean I've played it 5 times at this point. A 
    game has to be pretty good for me to play it that many times.       
    /                                                                             \
    --------------------------------The Basics [tbic001]---------------------------
    There are 6 kinds of chests
    Red orb chests: they produce red orbs that you can use to upgrade your weapons
    and magic
    Green chests: refills your health completely. (on God mode they will 
    usually only refill half of your health).
    Blue chests: refills your energy.
    Altering chest: the color of the chest will change every 3 or 4 seconds
    between green and blue. Just choose witch one you want and start opening the
    chest when the color is the one you want.
    Phoenix feather/ Gorgons eye chest: look likes a plane chest; contains ether a
    Phoenix feather or a Gorgons eye. Collecting 5 Gorgons eyes will increase your
    health. Collecting 5 phoenix feather will increase your magic.
    Random orb chest: looks like the Phoenix feather/ Gorgons eye chest but
    contains red orbs, health orbs, and energy orbs
    Square: light attack
    Triangle: heavy attack
    X: jump (tap it twice for a double jump)
    Circle: action button, grab, and triggers most button pressing sequences.
    L: block
    R and L at the same time use analog stick to direct the roll: roll
    Analog stick: move
    d-pad down: changes weapons
    Start: upgrade screen, combos, and inventory
    Select: options
    /                                                                             \
    ----------------------------Tips and Advice [taae002]--------------------------
    1. Avoid combos larger than 3 or 4 hits, as they will usually leave open to 
    2. You should usually never use the moves: cyclone of chaos, rampage of furies,
    and tarturas rage while on the ground; only use them in the air.
    3. Roll, roll, and roll. Rolling is always better than jumping in terms of
    avoiding attacks.
    4. Efreet is better than all of the other magic’s combined. Don’t waste your
    energy on the other magic. Also, upgrading Efreet should be your priority.
    5. Orion’s harpoon. This move is very effective and enemies won’t attack you 
    while you use it. 
    /                                                                             \
    ------------------------------Walkthrough [Wkth003]----------------------------
    Here a dew things you should keep in mind before continueing reading this 
    1. This guide is meant for the normal difficulty setting. 
    2. If I say “continue down the path”, then just head down the 
    trail/road/hallway till I say the next step. 
    /                                                                             \
    ------------------------------Siege of Attica [soga004]------------------------
    Once the battle starts 5 Persian soldiers will come up the sides of the
    building. The game will explain the basic game controls, so pay attention if 
    you have played a god of war game before. Once you take those guys out one
    of your downed soldiers will say “I must return fire”. After that some more
    soldiers will come. Dispose of the soldiers and walk over to ballista (the
    giant crossbow) and fire it by pressing circle then pulling back the analog
    stick. Once the boat has been destroyed, more ballista will be fired at you 
    and a hole will appear on the roof.
    Jump into the hole and kill the soldiers (by the way it doesn’t matter if you
    kill the friendlies too). Walk over to the door and press circle button 
    rapidly, but after a few seconds a Cyclops will burst through and try to crush 
    you with a tree stump. Press circle repeatedly and another big ugly creature 
    will eat the Cyclops. Time for the first boss battle of the game. 
    Boss Battle
    Two minutes into the game and there is already a boss fight. The first boss of 
    the game is also the easiest. Just do a short 4 or 5 hit combo then block when 
    the basilisk does its bite attack. After that it will do its fireball attack 
    where you just need to back off and do a roll to avoid it. Surviving shouldn’t 
    be a problem. If by any crazy chance your health gets low, there’s a health 
    chest in the lower left hand corner of the room. After its health gets down to 
    about one fourth, you will have to do one of many button pressing mini games. 
    Get accustomed to it because you will have to do many of these games in the 
    future. Once you're done, proceed onto the beach
    Despite the basilisks bleeding eye it continues to destroy the city. While you
    are walking on the beach the Persians will continue to fire their ballista’s
    onto the beach. Just avoid the red circles around the beach and you should be 
    fine. Go up to the battery ram and hold circle and push the analog stick up
    and down. Continue to push the ram up to the wall. Before hitting the wall go
    down to the right for a red orb chest. Go to your left for a save point and a 
    chest with a Gorgons eye in it. After you collect those, beat the door down.
    As you enter the breach in the wall you'll run into 3 Persian soldiers. 
    Continue to your left and you will get your first encounter with the Persian 
    archers. Swim across the pool of water and attack the 4 Persian archers and 
    4-6 Persian soldiers (they will spawn through the doors right next to the 
    crank). Once you're done with them press circle near the crank and turn it 
    counter clock wise till the door is open. Roll through to get to the next area. 
    Hey, weren’t we just inside? Come down from the cliffs and kill off the Persian
    soldiers. Hit the boards at the bottom of the tower and head up the ladder. 
    Around the third story of the tower get off the ladder and open the chest for 
    another gorgon eye. Once at the top of the tower hit the door down by pressing 
    Walk down onto the rooftop and kill off the soldiers. Go to your left for a red
    orb chest, then to the right and walk across the wooden plank. About half way
    across the basilisk will shoot a fireball over and you  will get knocked over.
    Simply press x to get back up again. Press o to open the door and enter the
    treasure room.
    Boss Battle
    Persian King
    Despite the giant sword all the spears on his back (by the way he doesn’t use 
    the spears) and the giant fire demon monster that comes out of him, this guy is
    really easy to fight. All of his main attacks have long start up times and can
    all be easily dodged with a simple roll. Simply do a combo or  plume of
    Prometheus, then dodge or block his attacks. He will be accompanied by 13
    Persian soldiers that will periodically spawn. Once his health is down to about
    1one sixth, do another button pressing mini games to finish him off.
    Your award for killing the Persian King is your first magic Efreet. Six
    Persian soldiers will drop in for you to test your new magic on. You get
    unlimited magic till they're dead. After that two doors will open. In the right
    door is a very interesting button pressing mini game. The first and second 
    buttons are random, but the third is turning the analog stick to the right, 
    the fourth is turning the analog stick to the left, and the fifth is pressing 
    the L and R repeatedly. The sixth is another random button. Your reward is some
    red orbs. Go through the left door to save your game. Exit the through the 
    door by the save point.
    Soldiers will continuously spawn into this are via the ladders spread across 
    the walls. In all there will be about 20 soldiers spawning up the ladders and 
    you can press circle near them to knock them down. When the coast is clear, 
    move the ballista so it is aiming in the middle then fire. Move it over to the 
    side and shoot the Basilisk in the neck. Move on and open the door.
    Go past the crank for now and go up the ladder for a chest with a phoenix 
    feather and red orb chest. After that, turn the crank to lower the elevator.
    Continue forward and you will get your first glimpse of the ugly creature known
    as the Cyclops. You have to face roughly 10 or 12 of these guys in the entire
    game. But luckily they're pretty easy to beat, it just takes a while. To
    start, the Cyclops on really has 2 attacks: a 3 hit combo where he punches the
    ground with his fists and goes right, left than claps. 2: he smashes the ground
    with both of his hands. Just roll to avoid both of his attacks and spam Efreet 
    when you can. If you need to there is a health chest and an energy chest you 
    can use. After you finish him, open the door and move into the next area.
    When you enter this are there will be 4 archers trying to shoot you. Destroy
    them and get the red chest and gorgons eye chest to the left. Climb up the wall
    where the destroyed ladder is.
    Continue to your right and take out the soldiers there. Take the first left and
    continue down that ramp. The small building should have ahole in left side if 
    you fired the ballista in the middle earlier. Enter it for a gorgons eye. Head 
    back onto the path and jump onto the platform with the two archers on it. Watch
     out; you can fall. on the other side open the Phoenix feather chest then jump 
    back. Smash down the door and pull the lever to move onto the next area.
    Go to your left for a red orb chest. Continue forward and go to your left and 
    kill 2 more archers. Go back to the middle path and move forward then go left 
    again up a ledge to 2 more archers and a red orb chest. Continue forward again 
    for not one but two red orb chests. Next up you will have to solve the first 
    and one of the easiest puzzles of the game. Step one: move the big crate onto 
    the button in front of the door on the far left. Step 2: move the dead corpse 
    Through the newly opened door and put it on another button to open a door into 
    a hallway. Walk down the hallway and replenish your health and energy near the 
    save point. Save your game. Continue onward for another Phoenix feather and 
    then continue into the next door.
    /                                                                             \
    -------------------------Basilisk Final showdown [bfsn005]---------------------
    This guy is still really easy. Just stay in front of his mouth, block his bite,
    and do a combo. Every so often the basilisk will move back slightly giving 
    you health and energy. Sometimes he will grab you with his teeth, in which 
    case you will have to press L and R rapidly to escape. Eventually he will 
    retreat on the back wall while shooting fireballs. Your objective is to run up 
    to his right foot and press circle. Do this process for both hands. After you 
    have done that twice, he will stop moving back and you will have to just keep 
    hitting him till a circle appears over his head.
    /                                                                             \
    ------------------------- City of Marathon [comn006]---------------------------
    Start off by opening the chest with a phoenix feather in it. Move down the
    side of the cliff for a chest. Keep moving down the cliffs till you get to the
    ground and a save point. Break down the door and you will have your first 
    encounter with the fog soldier. These guys are only slightly harder than the 
    Persian soldiers. These guys can block and you can no longer instantly kill 
    them with circle without damaging them first. So just juggle him or use strong 
    attack to kill them.
    After you finish him, go forward and break another door down. Open the random 
    orb chest and the red orb chest on the other side. Go back and left to get onto
    the streets of Marathon.
    Head forward for 3 fog soldiers and a building with a red orb chest in it.
    Continue down the street. After you pass the green orb chest you'll face off
    against 2 fog soldiers and 3 fog archers. Across from the blue orb chest is a
    building with 2 red orb chests in it and right next to the blue orb chest is a
    building with one red orb chest. Continue down the street and you will see a
    crate on fire next to some very ominous clouds. Go to the left of the crate and
    you should find your 5th gorgons eye. It would be smart to NOT touch the 
    clouds, and just push the crate through the clouds. Open the door and move into
    the next area.
    Go up for your 6th Gorgons eye behind a rock. Continue forward some more and 
    you will encounter the ugly sucker known as a screamer. The screamer is really 
    easy to beat. Just juggle them or use the Efreet. They will keep spawning till
    you turn the crank that’s to the right of the statue holding the torch. Once 
    you stop them from spawning continue forward and get the red orb chest. Destroy
     the 4 fog archers. After that, go back to where you fought the screamers and 
    grab the torch. Take it back to the cart with the hay and set it on fire. Start
     pushing. After a few seconds the camera will look to the left. At this point 
    stop pushing and get the 2 red orb chests. Start pushing again. After a while 
    the camera will go to the right were you can get an altering chest and a 
    Phoenix feather. Get back to pushing. Once you're done pushing you'll have your
     first face off with the sabretooth. Just press L and R when he pounces on you 
    and roll to avoid his breath attack. Block when he tries to hit you with his 
    paw. After that, break the rocks down to your right and finish of some more 
    archers. Climb up the wall.
    Save your game. You can't do anything with the statues right now, so start 
    walking down the path and enter the temple of Helios.
    /                                                                             \
    ------------------------Temple of Helios I [tohi007]---------------------------
    After you get to the end of that very, very, very long bridge, climb up the 
    wall and enter the temple.
    After you get to the top you will have to watch a short cutscene. First off. go
    all the way left across a pool of water for a gorgons eye. Go forward then
    go left along the edge of a pool of water for a red orb chest. Go into the
     building in the middle of the area and save your game. Pull the lever.
    Once you're on top you will have your first encounter with the ram bomber. So
    go to the right of the elevator for a Phoenix feather, then go to your left 
    for a small battle. Continue left for an altering chest and a switch; pull it.
    Go back down the elevator. Go up the stairs on the left side of the area for 
    yet another battle with several ram soldiers and bombers. Continue up the 
    stairs and take out the bomber that were harassing you earlier. Pull the 
    lever, open the door, and enter the temple.
    Continue down the long hallway and get the red orb chest. You can break most
    of the statues in this place for some extra orbs (they really add up in the
    end). At the end of the hallway you will get attacked by some demon birds. An
    easy way to defeat them is to press circle repeatedly. Get the red orb
    chest to the left of where you entered, and then pull both of the statues on
    opposite sides back and pull the switches behind them. Enter the door on the
    right for a battle with 3 fire guards. Pull the switch. After that, go
    outside and enter the left door, save your game, and open a random orb chest.
    In the next room open a chest with a phoenix feather and two red orb chests. 
    Go onto the elevator and destroy the two shiny thingies to get the elevator 
    moving. While on this extremely slow elevator ride you will have to fight 
    several fire guards and a fire guardian. At the end of your ride open the 3 red
    orb chests. Go up the stairs then continue down the hallway. Go all the way to 
    the left and open 2 more red orb chests. Press circle to knock
    down a pillar, then walk across it.
    After a very interesting cutscene go over to a small shiny spot to your right
    and press circle. Cross the pillar. Once across the pillar go to your
    right for a red orb chest and a gorgons eye. Go over to the throne
    and destroy it and pick up the sun shield (anyone else find it weird that
    someone would store there powerful shield in their throne?). After you
    pick up the shield some enemies will spawn. The shield allows you  to parry
    enemy attacks by pressing L right before an enemy attacks. If done correctly,
    the enemy will flinch and become open to attacks. After you dispatch the
    enemies, go to the left stairs and open a red orb chest. Then head up the
    stairs for a Gorgons eye and 2 red orb chests. Head back down the stairs. Once 
    back down enter the door in the middle and save your game. Refill your health 
    if you need to before heading up the stairs.
    Go up the stairs to your left for a battle against 2 sabretooths and some
    archers. Luckily for you, they don‘t spawn at the same time. Once you finish
    them off, activate the stairs and head down.
    /                                                                             \
    -----------------------Activating the East Wind [atew008]----------------------
    Start by getting the red orb chest on the upper left hand corner of room. Push 
    both statues forward. The next part is a bit hard to see. First, pull out the 
    steps all the way then go through a hole on the left of the giant steps. Get 
    the phoenix feather in the lower right hand corner of the room before moving 
    both statues all the way back. Jump up onto the platform at the top of the room
    and press L then tap circle repeatedly. Go back into the previous room. Jump 
    up the step and open the door in the back for 2 chests. Press circle by the 
    statue of the horse.
    Head down the stairs that just opened up and head through the hallway. Once out
    of the hallway, go to your right for a gorgons eye. Enter the portal to your
    /                                                                             \
    -----------------------The Cave of Olympus [tcoo009]---------------------------
    Start by going up and saving your game at the save point. This is the
    only time you will ever get to swim in this game. Jump in the water
    and swim all the way to the right side of the lake. Grab the Gorgons eye and 2
    red orb chests. Go to the small piece of land between the two giant
    statues and climb your way up the wall. Once on top, grab the Tritons Lance 
    from the statue. This item is pretty useless and you will only use it for this 
    one cave. Jump back into the water. The lance lets you swim. You do this by
    pressing square to submerge and triangle to go back up. Now that you can swim,
    go to the far left side of the lake and go underwater to find 2 more chests.
    Go back to the small patch of land were you found the chest with the
    gorgons eye and go underwater. Smash through the gate by holding R. keep
    going through the underwater hallway and you should find 2 red orb chests and a
    phoenix feather chest. Pull the lever at the end of the hallway. Get back
    onto land and climb up the new path on the cliffs. Open the door on the top.
    In this next room you will have your first encounter with the Minotaur. These
    guys are kind of annoying. All you need to do is roll, roll and roll. You can
    also use the Efreet to make him flinch or just do a short combo after he uses
    one of his attacks. After you beet him, turn the crank at the top of the room
    and open the door at the other side for a cutscene.
    After a very interesting cutscene, go left down the river. Once the river gets 
    deep enough for you to swim, go underwater to find a Gorgons eye in a chest. 
    Continue down the river. Once you're back on land, you will have to face a 
    couple of fireguards. After you dispatch them, continue forward, save your 
    game, and continue through the door. 
    After you pick up the light, the statues will start shooting fireballs at you.
    You can reflect them by pressing L right before you get hit. Once all of the 
    statues are destroyed, you will obtain your first projectile magic called the 
    Light of Dawn. Some bombers will spawn. Either reflect their attacks or destroy
    them with your new magic. Once they're dead, the floor will come back. Go in 
    the far right door for 2 red orb chests. Go to the the far left for a Phoenix 
    feather. Afterward,  go through the middle door. Once outside you will face off
    with 3 more fire guards. After you're done with them, jump down and go back 
    into the temple from the way you came.
    /                                                                             \
    -----------------------Temple of Helios II [toh2010]---------------------------
    Once you're back in the temple, go forward and press circle to activate a 
    bridge. Go forward and then left down another bridge. Go through the door and 
    press circle to activate the elevator. While on this slow elevator drive, demon
     birds will spawn. You can easily get a 70 hit combo and lots of red orbs by 
    simply pressing circle repeatedly. Once you get off the elevator, grab the 2 
    red orb chests, go up the stairs, and save your game. Get a Phoenix feather and
     open the door.
    /                                                                             \
    --------------------Activating the South Wind [atsw011]------------------------
    Defeat the enmies in the area and grab a gorgons eye in the lower left hand 
    corner. Step 1.to solving the puzzle is to press circle on the shiny spot from 
    were you entered to open up a laser. 2.Turn the laser all the way to the left 
    to reveal a statue 3.turn it all the way to the right to reveal a statue. 4.
    Take the statue from the top left hand corner and pull it onto the button on 
    the lower left hand corner and activate the laser again to reveal another 
    statue. 5.push the statue that you just moved forward to reveal the last 
    statue. 6.take the statue who’s shield faces the left and push it onto the 
    button on upper right hand corner. 7.push the statue with the shield that faces
    the right on the button on the upper left hand corner. 8.Push the remaining two
    statues on the last two buttons. 9.shine the light on the statue in the middle 
    of the room. 10. Go right in front of the statue of the horse and press L on 
    the light spot and press circle. Congratulations you have activated the south 
    Press circle where the laser was to activate the elevator. Once down go to your
    left for a red orb chest and then forward for a phoenix feather. Go to your 
    right for a door for you to advance. In the this hallway make shore to grab the
    red orb chest.
    /                                                                             \
    ------------------------Activating the West Wind [atww012]---------------------
    Start by grabbing the gorgons eye on the right side of the room. Push the
    statue on the right forward, then start hitting the top of the statue till it
    breaks. Stand on top of it, hold L, and then tap circle. Go up the wall, 
    activate the horse, and exit through the door.
    Once you're outside again go back down the wall and fight your way through some
    screamers and fog soldiers. Head back to where you started (next to all of
    the horse statues). Once you're back, turn all the levers and press circle by 
    the shiny spot.
    /                                                                             \
    ------------------------------Hades [waih013]----------------------------------
    Save your game at the save point and start climbing up the wall by the save 
    point. Once you're over the patch of land, press R to drop. Once on the ground 
    again, jump across the water. On the other piece of land, continue forward a 
    bit, but instead of jumping forward onto a wall, jump straight up and go across
    for a red orb chest and a gorgons eye. Jump onto the other wall. While climbing
    this wall, enemies will spawn on the wall. These guys are really easy; they 
    usually die with 1-2 heavy attacks. Once you're at the top you'll have your 
    first encounter with Medusa. They're are just like the screamers but these guys
    will petrify you instead. If you get petrified tap L and R as quickly as you 
    can. When petrified, you will die in one hit. You will have to face 3 of them 
    here. After you have ripped their heads off, continue forward. Before jumping 
    across the stairs, go to your right, slide down the cliff, and jump across the 
    gap for a chest with a phoenix feather. Go back to the main path. Keep going 
    forward till you come to a clearing where you will have to fight 3 Cyclops 
    (spam Efreet if you're having trouble). After you finish them, go to the ruins 
    to your right for a red orb chest. 
    In the next area some demon birds will spawn. Once your done stepping on them, 
    break a crumbling wall to your left for an encounter with a gorgon, a random 
    orb chest and a red orb chest. To continue, break the wall to the right of the 
    box in the middle of the area and push the box up to the ledge were the green 
    orb chest is. Jump onto the ledge and then climb onto the wall behind the 
    waterfall. Continue across and get the jump on some enemies. After you have 
    dispatched them, head down the pillar and enter next room. In this next room, 
    save your game, and grab the red orb chest. Go up the pillar and break the 
    crumbling wall on the left for a phoenix feather. Climb up the wall.
    Once on top, go forward a little and initiate a fight against 2 hell defenders 
    and a bunch of demon birds. Once you have defeated them, go back to the door 
    that you have passed earlier and go through. Go forward and you will eventually
    enter a room. Grab the chests and then proceed into the next room. In this next
    room you will have to face 2 hell defenders, many demon birds, and saws that
    will move side to side on the floor. There is a easy strategy to win this
    battle. First, kill all of the birds by pressing circle to stomp on them
    If, Like me, you maxed out Efreet, spam it like no tomorrow on the hell
    defenders (I doesn’t matter if they still have their shields, Efreet brakes 
    it). Once the battle over is over, exit through the door, save the game, and 
    ring the bell. 
    Boss Battle
    Could the creators of this game make the boss battles any easier? This guy is a
    joke to say the least. You can just block his scythe attack then do a combo or
    the Efreet. When he tries to shoot green orbs, you can dodge them or just
    reflect them to deal some extra damage. Once he is at half health, he will hit
    you with a attack that is unavoidable and you will die.
    /                                                                             \
    ----------------------------Pits of Tarturas [pots014]-------------------------
    Tap L and R to get free of the chains. Once free, go down for a save point and 
    phoenix feather chest. Congratulations, If you have been following this guide, 
    your health and energy bars should be at their max. If you ever need health, 
    simply kill some of the bodies chained to the wall (is it just me or are most 
    of the people chained to the wall, women?). 
    Go to the right at the fork in the road for some archers and hell soldiers. Go 
    down the left path. After going left, a short scene will take place, and some 
    harpies will spawn. An easy strategy I have found to quickly kill these guys is
    to hit them with a single light attack then press circle, not only will this 
    quickly kill them it will make a big combo. After you finish them, continue 
    down the path and open the door at the end. This will start a fight with a 
    couple of archers and soldiers. After you finish them, walk across the chain to
    the north and save your game. Start climbing the wall.
    Kill the harpies and Medusa that spawn. Pull the statues on the left and right 
    all the way back and then twist the newly revealed crank. Continue along the 
    path, and you will come out onto opening where you will have to fight 2 
    Minotaur’s and a bunch of archers. An easy way to win this battle is to stand 
    by where the archers spawn and press circle to instantly kill them. Then use 
    Efreet for the big guy. Once you finish them off, go through the door on
    the left for a save point.
    Brake down the wall by the door. Grab the red orb chest further down the 
    balcony and then slide across the ledge over the door that you entered through.
    Once on the other side, brake the broken section of the wall and pull the 
    lever. Jump back down and go through the door that you opened, go up the stairs
    and decapitate some archers. Pull the lever. Go up more stairs, push the 
    throne, and grab the key. Jump back down. Move the corpse onto the button, 
    insert the key into the hole, and then cross the bridge.
    /                                                                             \
    --------------------------Temple of Zeus [tozs015]-----------------------------
    Save your game and open the red orb chest. Enter the temple. Once inside, 
    destroy the 2 hell defenders, and press circle on the shiny spot to get the 
    Gauntlet of Zeus. Some soldiers will spawn with shields that can be only 
    destroyed by the Efreet or a charged punch from the Gauntlet. Once you finish 
    them, head back to where those three statues where. (By the way, you can 
    destroy stuff that is reflective or shiny with the gauntlet). Once you are back
    to where the statues are, break the statue on the left for a random chest, 
    then break the statue on the right to continue.
    You will eventually come into a area with 3 harpies in it. kill them, then go 
    up the wall to your left. When you're on top you will face off with 2 Medusas 
    and some more soldiers. Twist the crank, then jump back down. Once your back
    down, go down the chain to your right for a save point. Continue down the path
    and have your first face off with the armored Cyclops. You can break there
    armor by using Efreet or the gauntlets. After you stab his eye out, twist both
    cranks and then cross the chain to the north. Jump across the 2 platforms to
    the north. 
    Go down the hallway and then turn right. Start scaling the wall to the north, 
    but before jumping on top of the cliff, go to your left for some extra chests 
    and red orbs. Once you're done, go back to the top of that cliff for
    a fight with a Minotaur. After you finish them, turn both cranks, then jump on 
    the platform on the far right for a red orb chest. Go  onto the chain to the 
    north, and save your game. 
    Continue down the path and into the next room. Finish the soldiers and arcehrs 
    in the room. After you're done cutting their heads off, pull both levers, and 
    then climb up the wall to the right of the right most lever. Jump down to the 
    are you just revealed. After a short cutscene, climb across the wall and fight 
    your way through some enemies. Save your game at the save point.
    Jump onto the platform and start pulling the crank. While you're cranking, two 
    soldiers and a couple of demon birds will spawn. They should be really easy for
    you at this point. Once the platform stops moving, jump onto the next platform
    and start cranking again. Just like last time, a couple more soldiers and 
    demon birds will spawn. Once you get to the other side, press circle to punch 
    the chain and start walking across.
    Once you're back in control, continue up the path and open the two chests at 
    the end. Bust down the shiny brick portion of the wall then enter. This place
    should be familiar. This time you DO NOT have to fight the enemies. You can 
    fight if you want some more red orbs otherwise, go through the only available 
    door. Save your game at the save point and break the door down.
    Charon round II
    This guy is just as easy as last time. Just block his Scythe attack and reflect
    his magic, but this time once he goes above the pillars, destroy one with the
    gauntlet. Once you have done this he will have gained back some of his health
    and you will have to reduce his health again and destroy another pillar. After
    you have destroyed the first pillar, he will start using 2 new attacks: 1 that
    he releases shock waves and one where he shoots stuff out of his face. Both
    can be dodged by rolling and jumping. Once all the pillars are destroyed, press
    circle by him and you will throw his scythe into him. Try to pick up his mask
    again, and he will try to fight you. This time its just the top part
    of his body. For this part you just need to reflect the energy balls and punch 
    the crap out of him when he lands. 
    /                                                                             \
    -------------------------Temple of Persephone [ttop016]------------------------
    (note: all enemies here can be easily killed with Efreet and Gauntlet of Zeus)
    After another cutscene you will obtain your newest magic: Charons wrath. Some
     ram warriors will spawn for you to test your magic on. Once you're done, 
    continue along the path, save your game, and enter the temple. 
    In this first room there are 2 random orb chests on both sides of the room. Go 
    into the next room for another fight against 2 saber tooths and a couple of ram
    bombers. After the battle, go into the rooms across from the stairs to get a 
    random orb chest. Go to your right for 2 red orb chests. Proceed up the stairs. 
    In this next room there will be some more ram soldiers and demon birds. On top 
    of some of statues, some Medusa will try to petrify you, but you can destroy
    them with the Gauntlet. Save your game in the next room and grab the red orb
    chest. Afterward, move into the next room. In this room you will have to face 3
    armored Cyclops and some more demon birds (just spam Efreet). Afterward, go
    into the door on the far left for a red orb chest. Go onto the right door
    to move on.  This room is the same as the one you passed earlier with the same
    In the next room you face 3 armored Miniatures that, again, can be easily 
    beaten with the Efreet. Continue down another hallway and start turning the 
    crane to get the elevator moving. Once on top, fill up your energy at the chest
    and get ready to spam Efreet again on 2 Medusas and a armored Cyclops. After 
    the battle, go to the far right for a red orb chest. Go through the middle door
    for a save point
    After a cutscene (wow she is actually wearing a shirt) press circle by the tree
    and press the buttons shone. Move onward through the portal. After another
    cutscene, press circle to get rid of the girl and start snapping necks of good
    spirits by pressing circle. Continue killing spirits while ignoring the 
    soldiers till all of your powers are back. Head up the stairs to the north for 
    another battle and a save point. After you save, walk up to Persephone to start
    the final battle.
    ----Final Boss Persephone----[fbpe017]----------------------------------
    This battle takes place in two faces. In the first phase she will either fly
    forward and try to punch you or kick a rock at you. You can parry the punches,
    but you cant block the rock; you can only dodge it. With that in mind, hit her 
    with a short combo the prepare to dodge/ parry depending on what she does. 
    Also, this is the last battle, so unload everything you have on her, meaning 
    use all of your magic. Once you get her health low enough she will grab you and
    you will have to press L and R, or else you will die. After you do another 
    button pressing mini game, you will get all of your health and energy back. 
    This will mark the start of stage 2.
    In stage 2, she will be standing on one of 3 pillars and has three attacks. 1:
    she will fire a beam. You can avoid this by just running around the room. 2:
    she will make pillars come out of the ground. This can be avoided by just 
    running in a circle. 3:she fires a small ball of energy at you. 
    The way to win this battle is to reflect the energy ball back at her. When you 
    do this it will make her fall and hang onto the edge of the pillar making here 
    open to attacks. So once that happens start hitting with your chain blades as 
    much as you can before she gets up again. Avoid her attacks then repeat 
    (eventually she will start reflecting the reflection). Once you have done 
    enough damage to her, she will fall to the ground and a dark mist will surround
    her. When this happens, you should step onto the shiny spot right in front of 
    her and press the buttons as they appear on the screen. 
    Congratulations, you have beaten God of war Chains of Olympus. You can now 
    try the challenge of Hades or try to beat the game on god mode. You can
    also play through the game again with the spud of war costume.
    ----Controls/move list----[cmlt018]-------------------------------------
    The Blades of Chaos
    Game description: “Powerful Blades Given To You by Ares, The God of War.
    These will be your mane weapons in the game. Since they are tied to chains you
    have a slightly longer range than just about every close range enemy in the
    Hyperion Ascension: hold Triangle
    Orion’s Harpoon: press circle while a enemy is airborne.(enemies will not
    attack you while using this)
    Plume of Prometheus: square, square, triangle. (causes enemies to flinch)
    Cyclone of Chaos: hold L and press square. (should only be used in the air.
    Should not be used on the ground since it leaves you open to attacks.)
    Spirit of Hercules: triangle, triangle, and triangle. (like it says slow,
    plume of Prometheus is so much better).
    Valor of Hercules: triangle, triangle, square.
    Hyperion Might: hold Square.
    Rampage of the Furies: hold L and press Circle. (like the cyclone this should
    not be used on the ground).
    Hermes Rush: hold square while rolling. Never used this one.
    Hermes Rise: hold triangle while rolling. Never used this one.
    Tartarus Rage: Hold L and press triangle. (again probably shouldn’t be used on
    the ground, only in the air).
    The Gauntlets of Zeus
    Game description: “This Weapon Was Once Used By Zeus To Enchain The Titans”.
    This is your second weapon that you obtain in the game. This weapon makes just 
    about every enemy flinch when hit with a charged punch.
    Strength of Zeus: Hold square or triangle
    Olympic Strike: Hold L and press square.
    Hermes Cross: press square while rolling.
    Hermes Revenge: press triangle while rolling.
    Lighting run: Hold L and press circle
    Lighting surge: press square while using lighting run
    Lighting Thrash: press triangle while using lighting run
    Olympic Thunder: hold L and press triangle. (Great in the air and on the
    The Efreet
    This is the first magic you get and the best. It does good damage hits all the
    enemies close to you.
    Demon Fury: Hold R and press triangle.
    Demon inferno: Hold R and press triangle and tap circle. The Efreet is awesome.
    Light of Dawn: I never ever used this magic in the entire game. Why use this
    when you have the Efreet.
    Solar flare: hold R and press square
    Radiant Sun: hold R and hold square. (useless).
    Charon’s Wrath: I never ever used this magic in the entire game. It uses more
    damage than other magic, leaves you open to attacks, and kind of hard to aim.
    Charon’s wrath: Hold R and press circle. (upgrades allow you to hit more
    enemies in one use.
    ----Frequently asked questions----[faqs019]-----------------------------
    Havened gotten any yet.
    1. Gamefaqs.com for making such a great site
    2. My brother for always being my battle buddy.
    3. The high impact studios for making this awesome game.
    This guide may not be reproduced or changed in any way whatsoever except for
    personal or private usage. It should not be placed on any website without my
    written permission
    Copyright 2010 Alek Kettenburg
    Thanks for reading

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