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    Mugen Field Guide by RenamonFOX

    Version: 1.10 | Updated: 11/14/12 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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    RenamonFOX   -   Citanulcitnamor-AT-hotmail-DOT-com
    Version 1.10
    Legal notice:
    All rights reserved.
    00.00 - Version History
    00.01 - TADA! List
    01.00 - Introduction, Why Bother?
    02.00 - What to Expect
     02.10 - Gold
     02.20 - Experience Points
     02.30 - Shampuru
     02.40 - Mugen Points
     02.50 - G-Up Points
     02.60 - Maximizing Rewards
     02.70 - Route Differences
    03.00 - Multiplier Bonus Amounts
    04.00 - G-Castle Battles
    05.00 - Enemy Strength
    06.00 - Tips and Tricks
    98.00 - Sites approved for publishing of this guide
    99.00 - Credits
    00.00 - Version History
    0.10 - 11/06/12 -  First Draft.  Including early estimations of G-Castle
                        actions and route results.
    0.20 - 11/08/12 -  Still Early.  Included Bonus multiplier rates and improved
                        estimations of G-Castle actions.
    1.00 - 11/11/12 -  All relevant information is included, and nothing should be
                        wildly inaccurate.
    1.10 - 11/14/12 -  Improved accuracy of Route encounter rates and G-Castle
                        messages.  Included more enemy ship strengths.
    00.01 - TADA! List
    Some people have "To Do Lists".  I have a TADA! List.  This is what I have yet
    to add, but plan on adding.  If something should be on this list that isn't, let
    me know.
    -Triggers for unlocking jobs and skills
    -More tests for G-Castle battles to hammer down tactics
    -More G-Castle battles to see if anything else affects rewards
    -More tests for normal/tough/eventful routes to get more accurate event results.
    01.00 - Introduction, Why Bother?
    The Mugen Field operates similar to the Item World in Disgaea games, in that it
    is a dungeon whose power is completely independent of your progress in the main
    story, and can be farmed indefinitely after it becomes unlocked reasonably early
    on in the game to hilarious ends.  Levels into the thousands, millions of gold,
    more Mugen Points than you can spend, and a reliable source of Shampuru, without
    needing all that pesky Moe Killing.
    Naturally, you'll not want to exploit this if you would rather experience a
    challenge in the main story, as the Mugen Field epitomizes "Disc One Nuke".
    02.00 - What to Expect
    As you proceed through the Mugen Field, multipliers will appear next to your
    obtained Gold, Experience, and Mugen Points.
    The Mugen Field is divided into four sections.
    -Floors 1-10
    -Floors 11-30
    -Floors 31-60
    -Floors 61-100
    After clearing a section (Floor 10, 30, 60, or 100), you have options to spend
    Mugen Points to improve caps, unlock skills, job classes, and customizations.
    Additionally, you may impose limits upon yourself to increase the difficulty of
    your progression, but also increase the bonus multipliers.
    You also have the option to leave (Bow Out) the Mugen Field, collect your
    acquired G-Up points, and save.
    -If you choose to Bow Out, you will reset your multipliers to zero, forcing you
     to rebuild them from zero when you come back.
    -If you choose to NOT Bow Out, you will retain your multipliers, but you will
     lose all obtained G-Up points if you are killed in the Mugen Field.
    -If you manage to complete all 100 floors of the Mugen Field without bowing out,
     the largest gains will be had, conferring the accumulated multipliers to the
     late-stage G-Castle battles, and to the G-Up points acquired throughout the
     whole dungeon.
    In the next section, details will be given to power up your character in the
    order you should accomplish them.
     02.10 - Gold
    Warning!: Don't spend too much time on this in the elemental worlds.  You will
    be doing this in no small amount in the Mugen Field.  So, once your equipment
    is levelled up to a point you can survive the Mugen Field, go right there and
    use this trick to gain gold while increasing the bonus multipliers for
    experience and Mugen Points.
    In the early stages of the game, the vast majority of a character's power will
    come from their items.  In oder to crank up the power of these items, you'll
    require gold and G-Up points.  The easiest commodity to acquire in this game is
    gold.  Gold is gotten in two easy steps.
    Simply put, your first Mugen Points spent should be to increase the limit at
    which TCS activates.  Get to level 10 in a Mugen Field, and increase the TCS
    limit.  If you have enough Mugen Points to improve it again, but you're unable
    to do it, simply bow out, and clear the first 10 stages of the Mugen Field to
    upgrade it again.
    After your TCS limit has been pushed as high as you can afford to push it, it's
    time to take advantage of it.  For no discernible reason, an increased TCS limit
    also increases the gold rewards acquired in Fever Mode when an enemy is smacked
    into one of the blue spheres in the sky.
    -In order to activate fever mode, go to an easy area and destroy the large
     crystal in the center of the battlefield by maxing out its fury gauge.  This is
     most easily accomplished by using the opposite form when attempting to moe-kill
    ~~Ego vs Graceful
    ~~Sadist vs Masochist
    ~~Ditz vs Bipolar
    ~~Terse vs Hyper  (Credit to psycho_grizz@gamefaqs for info)
    -In order to get a target hit a blue sphere in the sky, you'll need an ability
     with both of the characteristics "Can Blast Off" and "Can Float".  The base
     level magics have this, as well as many other skills.  Clear, Rock, Darkness,
     God Wind Smash, and Chicken Run Trap are all examples of skills that can do
     this.  Once you've picked a skill, press the square button to set "Blast Off"
     to ON, and select your target.  Once the target has been selected, a 90 degree
     arc will appear behind the enemy.  Press UP on the D-Pad to send the arrow
     into the air, and increase the power as much as necessary to make contact with
     one of the spheres.
    ~~Use only as much as you have to to make contact.  More power is unnecessary
      and makes subsequent blast offs harder.
    ~~Turn "Blast Off" off if you need to stock up more blast off power.
    ~~The shortest routes from the ground to the blue spheres will be as a result of
      having the arrow as high on the Z-Axis (UP on the D-Pad) as possible.
    After doing this a few times, your gold rewards will be drastically higher than
    they would otherwise be at this stage of the game.
    After raking in mountains of gold, you will want to level up your items as high
    as you can to fight enemies several times higher level than yourself.  Even if
    you spend no G-Up points to increase the levels of your items past 100, you
    will be able to clear the game with just this much.
     02.20 - Experience Points
    After you've acquired some level 100 items on all your relevant characters, most
    battles below level 200 will be trivial.  Thus, you can make 100 Mugen Point
    bets in the Mugen Field and cruise down as far as your charm levels will allow.
    During this time, you will want to try and clear the first 30 or 60 floors
    without bowing out.  You do not get a Game Over for dying, and the largest G-Up
    rewards come from the last 40 floors in any case.  Thus, you will want to try
    staying in there to get your bonus multipliers as high as possible.
    The game starts you off with a level cap of 100 on all characters.
    You can increase this on floors 10, 30, 60, and 100, by using Mugen Points.
    Level Cap Increase Costs
    100  -> 200	- 2,500 Mugen Points
    200  -> 300	- 12,500 Mugen Points
    300  -> 500	- 25,000 Mugen Points
    500  -> 1000	- 50,000 Mugen Points
    1000 -> 1500	- 100,000 Mugen Points
    1500 -> 3000	- 250,000 Mugen Points
    3000 -> 4000	- 500,000 Mugen Points
    4000 -> 5000	- 1,000,000 Mugen Points
    5000 -> 6000	- 2,000,000 Mugen Points
    6000 -> 7000	- 3,000,000 Mugen Points
    7000 -> 8000	- 5,000,000 Mugen Points
    8000 -> 9999	- 10,000,000 Mugen Points
     02.30 - Shampuru
    Since Gold and Levels are no longer an issue, acquiring the massive amounts of
    G-Up points and Mugen Points required to achieve the ludicrously high damage
    numbers Nippon Ichi is known for require you to be able to access the last 40
    floors of Mugen Field.  To do this, you will have to get your charm levels up.
    To get your charm levels up, you need to get a lot of Shampuru.
    Although you pick up a fair amount of Shampuru doing the previous steps to power
    up, become millionaires, and have rusty swords with attack stats that trump the
    Masamune, Shampuru are much more quickly obtained by Moe-Kill carpet bombing and
    by capturing Master Points.
    Other guides will tell you unlock conditions and locations of Master Points, and
    they're not a continuous source of Shampuru.  After you get 300% on all 
    continents you're available to do it on, you're stuck with plan B.
    Moe-Kill carpet bombing!  Chou-Chou's Moe-Kill radius is equal to the range of
    the weapon she has equipped.  Grab her a long range gun and Moe-Kill everything
    in sight.  In areas where the monsters are much lower than your charm levels,
    you may not even need to change forms to Moe-Kill them all.
    Metal World's EV enemies (Cat-like monsters) are all susceptible to Chou-Chou's
    Hyper form, and in Metal World continents 1 and 2, they are the most prevalent
    enemy around.  Go into Hyper form, get the jump on the enemies, and Moe-Kill
    everything in sight with your massive attack radius.
     02.40 - Mugen Points
    Once your charm levels are sufficient to let you select "Press On!" in the Mugen
    Field after stage 60, it's time to pick up some Mugen Points.
    Simply put, the only place in the game to get a sizable amount of Mugen Points
    is in the higher levels of the Mugen Field.  The G-Castle battles start giving
    absolutely massive Mugen Point bonuses compared to the rest of the game.
    Example: The boss fight on level 90 "A Planetary Pale Appears!" on a Mugen Field
    with a 5,000 Mugen Point bet nets a base of about 3,400 Mugen Points.  The
    G-Castle battle vs the generic ship Gaugaruga on floor 83 netted a base of
    161,800 Mugen Points on the same field.  However, the G-Castle battle on floor
    69 in the same Mugen Field vs the same ship only netted 16,180 Mugen Points, and
    another G-Castle battle on floor 40 vs a different ship only had a bonus of 404
    Mugen Points.
    So far, it seems only the G-Castle battles past floor 80 give these huge Mugen
    Point rewards, making the purpose of the first 80 floors exclusively "Get the
    multipliers up for the late floor G-Castle battles".
    If you're concerned you won't survive the later floors or don't want to risk
    your G-Up points, you can Bow Out on floor 60.  Otherwise, there's no game over
    on the line, so pack on the limiters and jack those multipliers up to ten times
    normal rewards or more.
     02.50 - G-Up Points
    In the latest stages of the game, your characters will all have maxed out level
    caps, 4 defensive item slots, all jobs will be unlocked, and Mugen Points will
    be largely useless, Gold will be too easy to come by to be worth working for,
    and Levels aren't anything worth going out of your way for.
    At this point, you'll want to stock up G-Up points in order to turn your rarest
    gear into S rank, so you can level them up to 999 for the absolute height of
    massive damages.
    To acquire G-Up Points, you will play through the Mugen Field in much the same
    way you would for Mugen Points, except survival is your priority here.
    ***DON'T DIE***
    ...Yeah.  That's basically it.  While the G-Up bonus multiplier accumulates in a
    way similar to the Gold/Exp/Mugen Point multipliers, it is different in that it
    doesn't increase via limiters imposed at the end of each section (Floors 10/30
    60).  Under no circumstances should you lock item use if your goal is to gain
    G-Up points, as the Out Bell is your emergency exit.
    The most G-Up points are obtained by clearing all 100 floors in one sitting.
    This is because all of the multiplier bonuses to G-Up points stack additively as
    you clear the dungeon.  While the base amount you would gain doesn't increase,
    (You still pick up an average of about 500 G-Up points as a result of the
    slumbering bosses, g-castle battles, and every 10th floor boss), the ending
    multiplier increases as you clear more stages, but it resets upon leaving the
    Mugen Field.
    Even a 100 Mugen Point field will net you around 2,000 G-Up points if you can
    clear it without leaving.
    Standard bonuses in every Mugen Field are as follows*
    (Still needs more testing)
    10 - 8 points		- A Powerful Foe Appears!
    20 - 8 points		- A Powerful Foe Appears!
    30 - 8 points		- A Powerful Foe Appears!
    40 - 25 points		- G-Castle Battle
    50 - 8 points		- A Powerful Foe Appears!
    60 - 8 points		- A Powerful Foe Appears!
    70 - 20 points		- A Planetary Pale Appears!
    80 - 20 points		- A Planetary Pale Appears!
    90 - 20 points		- A Planetary Pale Appears!
    99 - 25 points		- G-Castle Battle
    100- 100 points		- A Dimensional Wall Appears!
    Additionally, every time you clear "A Slumbering Boss Appears!", you will gain
    30 more G-Up points.  The Slumbering Boss encounters occur randomly, and
    additional G-Castle battles appear randomly as well.
    I'm still working out if Standard/Tough/Eventful routes improve the odds of
    either G-Castle Battles and Slumbering Boss battles.
     02.60 - Maximizing Rewards
    When you get to floor 99 to fight that pinata... er... G-Castle Battle that
    promises to give you fat stacks of Gold, Experience, and Mugen Points, you'll
    want to make those multipliers as large as possible.  The short answer to this
    is "Clear all 100 floors in a single run."  The long answer is explained below.
    All bonuses acquired on previous floors are added together.
    -Floor 1: 319 hit combo (+78.8%) and 5x multikill (2.5%)
    ==81.3% bonus to gold, exp, and mugen points.
    -Floor 2: 269 hit combo (+67.3%) and 5x multikill (2.5%)
    ==69.8% bonus, added to floor 1's 81.3% for a total of 171.1% bonus.
    Because there's the problem of the looming peon ball overload from the rising
    explosion chance every turn, your time with Chou-Chou will be limited, unless
    you use successfully use her Peon Command ability to keep it low.  If you choose
    to not bother with Peon Command, you will need to take Chou-Chou out of your
    party at the laster stages.  Since the enemies on the lower floors are easier to
    ignore while you're moe-killing the large crystal over the course of a few
    turns anyway, this is the best time to jack that multiplier counter up into the
    Step 1: Initial Boost
    Activate Fever Mode as described in section 2.10 - Gold, as if you were trying
    to farm it up.  However, the condition here, is that you'll want as many of your
    characters going without enemy interruption as possible.  If you get hit, the
    hit counter will reset, and that will prevent the multipliers from stacking as
    high as possible.  If you have 2 of your characters going, then one enemy then
    one of yours, then another enemy, you can simply blast off the enemy that's next
    to move to keep your counter rising.
    After clearing several floors like this, your Peon Ball Mass will be getting to
    dangerously high levels.  If you choose to use the Limiters turned on after
    floors 10, 30, or 60, Peon Command will not likely be of any use, forcing you to
    switch out Chou-Chou and use steps 2 or 3 for further improvement.
    Step 2: Moe-Kill ALL THE THINGS!
    If your charm levels are high enough, you can still Moe-Kill the large crystal
    for sizable gains to your multiplier.  Moe-Killing doesn't raise the explosion
    rate of your Peon Ball at all, so as long as you can hang back and eat the
    attacks from the enemies, and as long as you have enough form changes left to
    keep switching to match the large crystal, you can keep doing this.  After you
    run out of form changes, however, you're stuck with step 3.
    If you have the patience for it, stick with this as long as possible, as this
    is also a good method of acquiring Shampuru to improve your G-Castle for the
    harder G-Castle Battles.
    Step 3: Slow and Steady
    Blast-offs and Link Attacks with high hit counters are going to be incredibly
    slow growth in comparison to the fever mode abuse you had done before, but the
    stages will clear much faster.  Use link attacks, God-level spells, and whatever
    else you have with multiple hits or wide areas to clear stages quickly.  After
    the first 10 or so stages, your counters should be well above 500%, and bonuses
    conferred by "A Powerful Foe", "A Planetary Pale Appears", "A Slumbering Boss
    Appears", and G-Castle Battles should bring you close to +2000% by the time you
    get to level 99 and 100.
     02.70 - Route Differences
    No matter how high your Mugen Point Bet is, the routes will all cost the same
    to continue on at different levels
    To start a Mugen Field from a given level, your average charm levels need to be
    the following.
    From floor 1:
    Normal - 1		Tough - 3		Eventful - 5
    From floor 11:
    Normal - 5		Tough - 9		Eventful - 12
    From floor 31:
    Normal - 9		Tough - 15		Eventful - 20
    From floor 61:
    Normal - 12		Tough - 20		Eventful - 25
    Which one you should choose depends entirely on the goal of your run.
    Normal Route takes the longest time to complete, but will net you the largest
    Gold, Exp, and Mugen Point rewards, since about 90 floors will be conventional
    battles, with about 10 shops or other events taking the place of a battle.
    (76% normal battles, 7% slumbering boss, 6% G-Castle, 11% event)
    Tough Route has a higher G-Castle Battle and Slumbering Boss encounter rate.
    Also, it seems like noncombat floors are almost exclusively shops.  This is will
    get you the most G-Up points per floor, whereas Eventful will get you the most
    G-Up points per hour spent.
    (67% normal battles, 9% slumbering boss, 8% G-Castle, 16% event)
    Eventful Route's only purpose is to clear the dungeon quickly.  You want to get
    to floor 99 as quickly as possible to grab that ship bonus, or you want to get
    G-Up points in little Real World time, accepting the large bonuses from floors
    70/80/90/99/100.  The random events have negligible rewards.  17 gold, 4 G-Up
    points, Fried Eggs, or something equally trivial in a post-game setting.
    (62% normal battles, 5.6% slumbering boss, 6.4% G-Castle, 26% event)
    Percents based on personal experience with 200 normal floors, 160 tough floors,
    and 180 event floors.
    03.00 - Multiplier Bonus Amounts
    All factors that improve the Experience/Gold/Mugen Point multipliers increase
    linearly.  That is to say, a 100 hit combo will increase the multipliers by 25%,
    a 200 hit combo will increase the multipliers by 50%, a 300 hit combo will
    increase by 75%, and so on.
    Peons Created out of Monsters				- 2.5%
    Peons Created out of Small Crystals			- 5.0%
    Peons Created out of Large Crystals			- 15.0%
    Multi-hit combo						- 0.25% per hit
    Multi-kill						- 0.5% per kill
    Multi-kill via charming large crystal			- 10.0% + 0.5% per kill
    Large Crystals Destroyed				- 4.0%
    Small Crystals Destroyed				- 1.0%
    Triple Counter Stop					- 2.5%
    Boss Defeat (floors 10, 20, 30, 50, 60)			- 8.0%
    Mid-Boss Defeat (Floors 70, 80, 90)			- 20.0%
    Large Boss Defeat (Floor 100 only)			- 100.0%
    Sp. Boss Deafeat (G-Castle Battles)			- 25.0%
    Sp. Boss Defeat (Slumbering Bosses)			- 30.0%
    It's worth noting that the "crystals destroyed" only applies to crystals
    destroyed via blast off-ing enemies into them.  Moe Killing does not apply.
    04.00 - G-Castle Battles
    All G-Castle Battles in the Mugen Field use the same messages to tell what they
    are going to do in the next round.  Each message gives a chance of three
    different actions to be performed.  Suggested courses of action will be given
    depending on what condition your ship is in at the start of the turn.
    That is to say, while I do my best to maintain accurate records, probability is
    just that.  It's a -chance- something can happen.  As of this version, each 
    individual message has been tested about 110 times each, and will continue to
    be tested while exploration into higher bet Mugen Fields are made.
    Right now, this information is a compilation of all ship responses after Ryuto's
    message.  If after more testing, the ships prove to have different chances to
    use each ability, it will be noted.
    "It seems like they're saving up power"
    ~HP Absorb (36%)	~SP Restore (38%)	~HP Restore (26%)
    "The enemy ship's hull is falling apart?"
    ~HP Absorb (27%)	~SP Restore (31%)	~HP Restore (42%)
    "This is a good chance to attack, isn't it?"
    ~HP Absorb (33%)	~SP Restore (25%)	~HP Restore (42%)
    Recommended actions:
    -If your ship is high on HP and SP, Pierce (safe) or Attack (gamble)
    -If your ship is low on HP or SP, use HP or SP restore
    "The enemy ship seems to be in trouble!"
    ~Attack (50%)		~Pierce (31%)		~Reflect (19%)
    Recommended actions:
    -If your ship is high on HP and SP, Attack (Safe-ish) or Reflect (Gamble)
    -If your ship is low on HP, HP Absorb, or HP Restore
    "It feels like they're planning something!"
    ~Attack (31%)		~Pierce (30%)		~Reflect (39%)
    Recommended actions:
    -If your ship is high on HP and SP, Pierce (Safe-ish) or Attack (Gamble)
    -If your ship is low on HP, HP Restore
    "I have a bad feeling about this!"
    ~Attack (44%)		~Pierce (33%)		~Reflect (23%)
    Recommended actions:
    -If your ship is high on HP and SP, Reflect (Safe-ish) or Attack (Less Safe)
    -If your ship is low on HP or SP, HP Absorb or SP Absorb
    "I think they might try to turn the tables on us!"
    ~Fast Attack (40%)	~Atk/Def UP (35%)	~SP Absorb (25%)
    Recommended actions:
    If your ship is high on HP and SP, Reflect (Safe) or Fast Attack (Gamble)
    If your ship is low on HP or SP, HP Absorb or SP Absorb
    "I think we should stay on top of them!"
    ~Fast Attack (30%)	~Atk/Def UP (34%)	~SP Absorb (36%)
    "It feels like we're being targeted!"
    ~Fast Attack (34%)	~Atk/Def UP (38%)	~SP Absorb (28%)
    Recommended actions:
    -If your ship is high on HP and SP, Pierce (Safe-ish) or Attack/Fast Attack
    -If your ship is low on HP or SP, HP Restore or SP Restore
    -During the defensive messages, you will not be attacked.  You don't get more
    rewards for clearing the battle quickly, so it's best to play safe.  The higher
    level SP rewards that tax your HP are very good, and highly recommendable.  If
    your HP is anything less than comfortable, heal yourself.  When the ships have
    three times your HP, healing 500,000 HP to yourself is better than dealing
    500,000 HP to the enemy.
    -The utility messages are modestly annoying, as they use two mutually exclusive
    counters.  SP Absorb wants you to pierce, but Fast Attack reduces your pierce
    damage.  If you're in any danger of not winning the battle, it would be prudent
    to toss up HP Absorb or Reflect, and calling the turn lost if it doesn't pan
    out.  Losing zero HP and some SP is better than taking 600,000 damage and
    dealing 100,000.
    -The attack messages are the reason you max out your HP/SP during the other
    messsages.  If you choose poorly, and you will about half the time, your ship
    will take a sizable amount of damage.  Getting several attack messages in a row
    should be the only way you lose a ship battle as hard as 3x your base HP.
    If your HP is low during an attack message, don't be afraid to use your highest
    level HP Restore.  It will generally break even on HP, and cost you SP, but it's
    better than losing because "I have a bad feeling about this!" decided to go for
    a pierce attack for the third time in a row.
    -Don't be in a hurry to win the battle.  Even in 10,000 bet Mugen Fields where
    ships have twice your G-Castle's starting HP, you can win with level 1 attacks.
    Saving your SP for higher level reflects, absorbs, and restores is imperative,
    doing 900,000 damage instead of 350,000 damage is not.
    05.00 - Enemy Strength
    Due to the mechanics of the game making conventional battles as easy or as
    difficult as the player is willing to farm for, the only real challenge in
    surviving the Mugen Field is the G-Castle battles.  You can't Winged Slayer a
    group of 3x3 enemies over and over to level your ship up to 9999 in an
    insignificant amount of time, which means you can't crank the Mugen Point bet up
    to 200,000 in a sitting and expect to make it to floor 30 reliably if your 
    G-Castle's HP Count is only a few million.
    This section will list average enemy levels and ballpark figures of enemy ships
    at level 1 and level 100 for varying Mugen Point bets.  Enemy levels are based
    on your party stats.  A 100 Mugen Point bet will have weaker enemies at the
    beginning of the game than they will in the post-game.
    100 points:
    Enemy Ship Strength:	- 75,000 ~ 125,000
    1000 points:
    Enemy Ship Strength:    - 1,000,000 ~ 1,500,000
    5000 points:
    Enemy Ship Strength:	- 1,700,000 ~ 3,900,000
    10000 points:
    Enemy Ship Strength:	- 3,700,000 ~ 
    50000 points:
    Enemy Ship Strength: 	- 10,500,000 ~ 
    06.00 - Tips and Tricks
    The title says it all, doesn't it?  Information, answers to questions, and other
    tidbits of information that isn't readily apparent will be placed in this
    "Why do you insist I increase the TCS limit to higher levels?  Wouldn't I rather
    get a TCS a couple times a battle to quickly increase my multipliers?"
    -In a word, no.  While you may be able to hit a couple TCS bonuses every floor
     in a Mugen Field, the average of 500% bonus added to the multiplier is far
     overshadowed by the drastically increased hit count in Fever Mode increasing
     the multipliers much faster.
    "How do I get more from the G-Castle Battles?"
    -Get to level 90+ with high multipliers.  That's it.  Your levels don't matter,
     your ship stats don't matter, the difficulty of the ship battle doesn't matter,
     enemy average level doesn't matter.  The level 40 Ship battle in a 5,000 Bet
     field is going to give 404 Mugen Points as a base, no matter what.
    "My peon ball keeps going critical and killing me!  What do!?"
    -As soon as your Peon Ball reaches a certain threshold (I've seen as low as
     61%), your Peon Ball has a chance of "Going Critical", and during Chou-Chou's
     next turn, the ball will drop, damaging (and in many instances, killing) your
     allies.  If you're planning on running 100 floors in one sitting, this will
     be a problem.  You can reduce the chances of the ball going critical by turning
     on Chou-Chou's "Peon Command" and following the instructions on everyone else's
     turns to keep the percent down.  Also, you can flat out *ignore* the peon ball
     by not using Chou-Chou at all.  If she's not in your active party, the ball
     will not explode.
    "Party Switching turned off is causing me problems!"
    -After clearing a floor, while staring at the screen that shows how much Gold,
     Exp, and Mugen Points you've acquired, you can press Triangle to bring up the
     Arrange screen, allowing you to switch characters in your active and sub-party.
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