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    Hard-to-Get Power Cell FAQ by Adrenaline SL

    Version: 1.2 | Updated: 10/15/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                     ----      J A K  A N D  D A X T E R      ----
                          The Guide to Hard-to-Get Power Cells 
                                    By AdrenalineSL
                            E-mail: toiletrabbit@hotmail.com
                         Version 1.2: Released October 15, 2002           
    You again?! That's right! Me! Again! Here with  this newly conceived FAQ. And
    here, I am going to reiterate the first half of the intro from my Scout Fly 
    Locations Guide: I haven't seen a platformer this powerful since that fluffy,
    hip bear and his loud, smack-talking bird. I'm talking about Banjo-Kazooie, 
    you Sony fanboys. The entire concept of Jak and Daxter feels as though it 
    were the brainchild of Shigeru Miyamoto. The game is an immense adventure 
    that combines key gameplay elements from Super Mario 64 and Zelda 64 (maybe a
    little of Banjo-Kazooie, too). The basic premise of it may seem stupid, as 
    there is no fire-breathing dragon to slay or a damsel to rescue. Instead, 
    your worldwide quest begins as you break a few rules to visit a forbidden 
    island and then accidentally knock your buddy into a murky pool of Dark Eco,
    thus turning him into a weasel-like creature. 
    While it's a FUN-tastic game, Jak and Daxter is by no means a difficult game!
    However, I quickly changed my opinion after browsing through the J&D message
    boards. It was then and there that I decided that people need a FAQ that 
    covers the most hard-to-get Power Cells in the game--this FAQ! There are 
    actually a few Power Cells that require you to spend more than one whole 
    minute to get! And this document is here to elaborate on those. I've compiled
    all the Power Cells that I felt were difficult to obtain to the average eight
    year old. Basically, I covered the ones that take more than reflexes to 
    acquire. If I've missed any that YOU were having trouble with, please feel 
    free to tell me so I can laugh at  you and then add it to the guide. Ok, so I
    won't laugh at you. I'll only question your brain's capabilities.
    NOTE: For the locations of the Scout Flies, please refer to my other guide on
    Forbidden Jungle 
    o Defeat the Dark Eco Plant
      - After activating the Blue Eco  vent switch, use the vent  to power up Jak
      with some Blue Eco and open the Precursor door. Wait for the platform to
      rotate into the right position and then hop across. Head around the corner.
      You won't miss this giant vegetable. This is hardly  even considered a boss
      fight; just call it a tough cookie. 
      It has two attacks up its sleeve. It will attempt to make you its afternoon
      snack, but if you stand in the back, you should be safe from its snapping
      jaws. Look at the size of those things! Some odd-looking, retarded green 
      crawling things that produce spikes will pop out of its stomach and 
      approach you. Avoid this Lurker at all costs while its spikes are out and
      attack only when  they have receded. As soon as the baby Lurker bites the
      dust, the Dark Eco plant will go into some kinda "hibernation" and sprout
      leaves for you to climb on. Whack its head with a spin kick to wake it up.
      The process will now recycle except the Lurkers will be deployed in 
      increasing numbers. You must  kill all the  baby Lurkers to  force the Dark
      Eco plant into a state of hiatus.
      Whack its head three times to  put it to eternal sleep. When it withers and
      falls flat (literally) on the ground, jump on its head to free some orbs.
    Sentinel Beach
    o Launch Up To the Cannon Tower
      - This one cannot be done until after you've activated the Blue Eco switch
      in Forbidden Jungle. When you do, just use the launch pad and fly from 
      platform to platform until you reach the top of the fort. Then do away with
      the nasty Lurkers.
    Precursor Basin
    o Catch the Flying Lurkers
      - Catching those fat purple scumbags is a PAIN! This is no doubt a test of 
      your patience. There are four of these Lurkers in total. By dreadful
      misfortune and Keira's stupidity (I mean, can't she make the Zoomer go any
      faster?), the Lurkers can flap around much faster than the Zoomer can uh,
      zoom. The trick is to cut them off as they're making a turn, or go in front
      of them as they're wrapping around pillars and stuff. When attempting to do 
      the latter, you have to make sure you're at your top speed, otherwise the 
      Lurker will change its course and go the other way. It really is 
      frustrating, and there's not much strategy I can provide here, so you're on 
      your own, chump!
    o Get the Power Cell Over the Lake
      - The Power Cell really is floating high above the lake. Getting the darned
      thing requires a lot of ledge hopping and control (somewhat). Start by 
      heading up the ramp to the donut-shaped land mass and follow it to the end.
      Here is where you'll have to start leaping from ledge to ledge. Gain enough
      speed to practically fly off the edge and press the R1 button to give you a
      small boost. Once you reach the last  land mass, start gathering some speed
      and press R1 right before the end. If all  goes well, you  should have this 
      one in the bag.
    o Navigate the Blue Precursor Rings
      - The blue rings won't appear unless  you've completed the purple ones. The
      blue rings are no different than the purple rings, except that you are 
      given less time between tagging a ring and  reaching the next one. Get what
      I'm saying?
    o Beat Record Time On the Gorge
      - The current record is  45 seconds, and all you have  to do is  get to the
      finish line in under 45 seconds. Simple, yes? Kind of. You just need to 
      watch out for those pipes that come out of the walls. They can screw you
      up. There's also a glitch in getting this particular Power Cell. According
      to Naughty Dog, the bug is triggered by talking to the gambler, trying the
      race for the first time and failing it, and then talking to the gambler a
      second time. Once you've activated this bug, there's nothing you can do to
      un-do it. Basically this means that you won't be able to get the gambler's
      second Power Cell. What can you do to avoid this? Well, talk to the gambler 
      once and race until you win. This was an error on their part.
    Lost Precursor City
    o Follow the Colored Pipes
      - In a very active room, you'll find a Power Cell and two poor Scout Flies
      trapped in tubes. In front of each tube is a pound switch. Jump and dive on
      the switch in front of the Power Cell. The pipe will suck up the Power Cell
      and spit it back out on a ledge, high above the entrance to this room. You
      have a limited amount of time to reach it. To get to it, you must use the
      blocks that move in and out of the walls, by timing when the next block 
      will move in or out. If you take too long, the Power Cell will return to 
      its tube. Poor thing.
    o Match the Platform Colors
      - This one is a bit tricky. The first  REAL puzzle, and probably  the last.
      Anyway, here's the deal: when Jak jumps on a platform, it lights up--same 
      with the other platforms. However, if you land on an already lighted
      platform, it will "deactivate". Get it? Lighting all the platforms opens up
      the door to the Power Cell. The trick is to activate all the platforms 
      without hitting the same platform twice. There are a few ways you can do
      this, but I'll cover only the solution I used. Here it is: Start on the far
      right and jump to the first block. Next, jump to the one on the upper left,
      then upper right. Leap to the one ahead, and then lower right. From there, 
      jump to the one smack dab in the middle and then to the one behind it 
      toward the ledge on which you started. Then jump onto the rest of the unlit
      ones. If you did everything right, you should land  on the last  one, right
      in front of the door.
    Mountain Pass
    o Defeat Klaww
      - Yeah, this guy is not  as self-imposing  as he seems. To begin the fight,
      hop down to one of the hardened lava layers. At this point, Klaww will
      begin to rev up his boulder-shooting weapon thing and hurl boulders at you.
      Dodge them by leaping from platform to platform until he stops. A Blue Eco 
      cluster will appear on the last platform you touched before he stopped his
      assault. Touching the Blue Eco cluster will cause pieces of lost Precursor
      artifacts to be merged together, forming a bridge. Traverse the bridge 
      while avoiding Klaww's rolling boulders to the end, where you'll find some
      Yellow Eco waiting. 
      Charge Jak up with some  Yellow Eco power  and start blasting Klaww silly
      until he drops the boulder on his head. He will sink into the lava and let
      the boulder roll toward you and break the bridge. You should be heading 
      back to the three platforms now. Once you're back on the platforms, Klaww 
      will arise, and the process will repeat. Now his boulders will come at a 
      faster pace, and part of the bridge will be destroyed, leaving holes and 
      such. Klaww needs three bonks on the head to take a lava nap.
    o Find the Hidden Power Cell
      - You won't be able to get this one until after you have activated the 
      Yellow Eco vent switch in Snowy Mountain. Once it's activated, head back to 
      the grassy area--the part just before entering the cave area of the 
      mountain pass. With the Yellow Eco channeling through the Zoomer, blast the 
      giant boulder clogging up a secret cavern on the left side out of the way 
      and jump over the chasm to this isolated Power Cell.
    Volcanic Crater
    o Find the Hidden Power Cell
      - This one is stashed  up high on some  rocks in a steel  crate, facing the
      entrance of Spider Cave. What you need to do is head to the nearest Yellow
      Eco vent (near the exit) in Spider Cave. Once you're pumped up with Yellow 
      Eco power, dash back to the entrance at the Volcanic Crater and quickly aim 
      and shoot the crate. The Power Cell should evacuate the crate and land 
      nicely somewhere next to you.
    Snowy Mountain
    o Open the Frozen Crate
      - You actually have to  activate the Yellow Eco vent  switch before you can
      attempt to snag this bad boy. Afterward, head to the cavern entrance near
      the end of the path of the tumbling snowballs. Power up with some Yellow 
      Eco and zap the crate lodged in some ice to free it. This should also free
      the Power Cell.
    o Deactivate the Precursor Blockers
      - These strange mechanisms cover every area of Snowy Mountain. At first you
      may not even know what they are. They are these cylindrical-like devices 
      that emit a glowing light. A force-field surrounds it, preventing you from
      getting near it. To get around this, you need to run toward it and perform 
      a double jump to place yourself right above the switch. Then do a nose-dive 
      (pound it) to put it out of commission. There are thirteen of them in 
      total. Scour each part of Snowy Mountain to find them all.
    Spider Cave
    o Use Your Goggles To Shoot the Gnawing Lurkers
      - Notice the tall wood poles all around the main cavern of Spider Cave? And
      do you notice those centipede-like Lurkers that pop in and out of the 
      holes and crawl around them? Well, head to the Yellow Eco vents located
      around the cavern and in first-person view, start wildly shooting at them.
      It will take a couple of hits to finish each one off. Pick them all off    
      (nine in total) to earn your Power Cell.
    o Explore the Dark Cave
      - Not utterly difficult. All you have to do is strike the black crystals to
      illuminate a small area of the cave until you reach the next one. The light
      will fade over time, so keep moving! One of the Dark Eco crystals you're
      looking for is submerged in a small pool here, so don't miss that. The key
      here is to keep the lights on as much  as possible. At the end of the cave,
      you should find another shining Power Cell. Then take the  lift back to the 
      cave entrance.
    o Destroy the Dark Eco Crystals
      - Here are their locations: 
      1. On a platform suspended high in the cavern. Use Yellow Eco to dispose of
      2. Near the Dark Cave's entrance.
      3. At the bottom of a pool in the Dark Cave.
      4. Across the Dark Eco pool, underwater in a clean pool. 
      5. On a ledge in the small cave just before reaching the giant robot.
    o Launch the Poles
      - In the giant robot area, there are a series of poles, which you can reach
      by activating the Blue Eco launcher on a lower ledge. This will take you 
      right to your first pole. Swing up to the highest level of poles, then 
      start to swing to the left, toward the Power Cell. Swinging in the right
      direction will help immensely in this task. When Jak starts swinging up, 
      press the X button and Jak will fly up to a pole above him. When Jak swings
      to the left, press the X button and he will grab onto the pole to the left,
      and so on. 
    Gol and Maia's Citadel
    o Free the Green Sage
      - You can't free the Green  Sage until the other  sages have been  released
      from their cages. Once the Blue, Red and Yellow Sages have been rescued, a
      platform bridge will appear on the lower walkway that leads to a higher 
      level of the citadel. From here, it involves a lot of jumping on the 
      revolving pie pieces and steps. You should arrive on a wooden walkway above
      the robot, on which you will find the switch to deactivate the lasers to 
      Samos' cage.
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                                    MUCHAS GRACIAS!!!
                     A Jak and Daxter Hard-To-Get Power Cells Guide
                              Copyright 2002 Stephanie Lee
                                      August 2002

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