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    FAQ by Adrenaline SL

    Version: 1.25 | Updated: 03/05/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                       oOO@%@@@@@@@@@OO@@@@@@@%oOo    .O@@@"
                  .;@@@@"              ;O:   .@@@@  %@@  %@"
               o@@@%     O@@OOO@@,   @@%;@@@    @@@@@   o@"
               @@@@@@@@%"      %@   .@"  @#@   "@@@"   @@"
                               @@   @% O @#@  "@@  @@@"
                              %@"   @ .# "@@        @@@@"
              "@%@@o         ;@    @%     @@   O@@@%;  :@@@"
              @@%;  %%@@@o   ;@   "@.,@@  @@   %#####O,   ;@@"
               ;%@@,     @@,,@@  .@, @@@  @@   %@@@%@@%.  ;@@"
       ,@@@@@@@@@@@#";;   ;@@;   %@ @@@%%@@@@%@@:   ,@@O@O@@;.,@
     %@@             "%@@;;     ;@@@@ @, O@;"  @@@;%@@@%@@%@@@@
    @@@@@@@;    %%%%.    ;@@@@%@@ @ %  @@,#     .    ;      "#%
         ,@@@"   %###@%.    @@#@;@@@@% @#@ %@@ @@ ,@@@@ %@@  .@@.
           @@@@   o####@;    "@@;  %#@  " @##@ @@ .;,@#.    ,O@Oo
            %@@@  "@###@     "@, # %#@%  %##@; @@ "@@@@@ @@@%%:,%@@@@,
             "@@  %##@%     "@; ." ,@#@   ##@  @O  ...@:,@@  "@@;,,::;@@@%.
        @@@@O%@@  %%%"      @@      @" ;@ "O:.@@@@@@@@OO@;     ""@@@@;   .%@;
        @@@               o@@  @#@  % ;@@@,"@@@@@%,::@;            ""#@@@@,;%@@@;
          %@@o        o@@@@@   @#@  @@@: @@@@O:                        "@@@@@@@@@ 
            @@@@%%@%@@@%@@@:@@O@@@,@@;                                       """"
                         @@@@;.  @@@
                             A Jak and Daxter General FAQ
                                   By AdrenalineSL
                       E-mail: toiletrabbit[at]hotmail[dot]com
                         Version 1.25: Released March 5, 2003    
             The very latest versions and updates can be found at GameFAQs:
    NOTE: The art at the top will look a little funky when viewed in Notepad. The 
    guide should be viewable in any program that displays the text using a mono-
    spaced font, such as Courier. Enjoy.
    C O N T E N T S 
    01. Introduction
    02. Jak's Moves
    03. Power Cell List
    04. Boss Guide 
    05. Mini-Games
    06. FAQs
    07. Outro
     |  01.  Introduction                                                      |
    Jak and Daxter did not gain much publicity, but it still fared well against 
    overhyped monsters, such as Metal Gear Solid 2. Its release coincided with 
    several other sure-fire hits, which overshadowed this title. However, the 
    explosive gameplay, the whimsical characters, the luscious graphics, Daxter's 
    caustic comments and churlish behavior, and the caricatured fantasy we once 
    thought only Shigeru Miyamoto's games could offer have supplied enough 
    ammunition for this newbie title to compete against the likes of, say, Grand 
    Theft Auto III. And boy, it left its competition battered by its unrelenting 
    desire to be a great game that people have played.
    This marks my third FAQ  for this absolutely  fantastic game. This just shows 
    how much I like it. Besides, there are some people who are still playing or 
    have begun to play this game, which means that they might need help on some 
    non-walkthrough parts of the game. Hence the reason for the lack of a full 
    walkthrough. As I said in one of my other FAQs for this game, Jak and Daxter 
    is not, in any way, difficult. However, people still raise rather interesting 
    questions about the game that I think should be dealt with. That's where this 
    FAQ comes in. I have compiled all the questions and general information that 
    the average Joe Schmoe will need clarification on. With these, I hope to iron
    out any problems you may have.
    Though this  FAQ alone will not be able to guide you directly through Jak and 
    Daxter, it has the necessary tools to get you off on the right foot and let 
    you feel comfortable. If you need help on other things, like finding a Scout 
    Fly or getting a Power Cell, I'm there. Check out my other two FAQs for this 
    game entitled: Hard-to-Get Power Cells FAQ and Scout Fly Locations Guide, 
    both of which can be found on the illustrious GameFAQs. As always, if none of 
    my FAQs are helpful (which is quite impossible because I'm puurrfect!), there 
    are other excellent full walkthroughs for the game. Onward!
    http://www.gamefaqs.com/console/ps2/game/32490.html <-- More Jak and Daxter 
     |  02.  Jak's Moves                                                       |
    Every adventurous youth has a set of moves to pull out in the face of danger. 
    Jak is no exception. His arsenal of acrobatic and deadly martial arts will be 
    more than enough to get you through this colorful adventure. Daxter? Oh, he 
    just clings on to Jak's neck for dear life. I don't know. Maybe his
    undulating tail does some extra damage sometimes. Note that these aren't the 
    official names. Yeah, yeah. Laugh all you want at these names, but when you 
    have had a taste of them, you won't be laughing anymore, punk.
    SPIN ATTACK: Circle
    The Spin Attack is probably the single most useful attack in the entire game. 
    This easily eliminates any foes that get in your way (with the exception of a 
    few). Pressing the Circle button makes Jak do a 360-degree attack with his 
    leg outstretched. This attack is the "base" attack for two of its variations.
    TWIRLING BALLERINA: Cross + Circle 
    So I'm not creative with naming moves. It's not my fault Naughty Dog left us 
    with nameless moves. The way Jak moves exemplifies the movement of a 
    ballerina without all the grace. Jak will jump into the air and do a spin 
    attack in mid-air, allowing him to stay aloft for a little while longer than 
    usual. This move can help Jak cross wide gaps. 
    SUPER TWIRLING BALLERINA: Cross + Cross + Circle
    Same as Twirling Ballerina, except even  better. You will be much higher in 
    the air.
    SUPER PUNCH: Square
    Jak's signature tackle move. It's one of his primary attacks, and it packs a 
    mean wallop! Jak will glide toward the enemy and be ready to meet its face 
    with his fists! It's generally used  to crush wooden crates and destroy your 
    NOSE-DIVE ATTACK: Cross + Square
    This move allows Jak to  leap into the air, curl up into  a ball and thunder 
    back to the ground, head first, completely wiping out the enemy under him. 
    Not only is it useful for subduing hard-plated Lurkers (such as the 
    crustacean in Sentinel Beach), it can also be used to break open tough metal 
    DOUBLE JUMP: Cross + Cross
    The Double Jump lets Jak jump and somehow gain the ability to jump again in 
    mid-air. Weird. Then again, Jak's pointed, elf-like ears are even weirder.
    SPLIT JUMP: L1 or R1 + Cross
    Jak's initial position will be a crouched  position. This will help build up 
    the impetus to give him extra spring, thus allowing him to leap higher than
    normal. The reason I called it  the "Split Jump" instead of a simple High 
    Jump is that Jak spreads his legs as if he were doing the splits, so I 
    thought it would be more clever to name it Split Jump. ^_^ Yeah, well I don't 
    see you doing any better!
    CRAWL: L1 or R1 + analog stick movement
    With this move, Jak will get on his hands  and knees and crawl, making room 
    for stealth. If you wanna ninja by a bad Lurker with some hardcore tactical 
    espionage action, this is the thing to use!
    TUMBLE: While running, press L1 or R1
    Jak will roll forward with this move. What more is  there to say? I've never 
    found a need to use this, but I can't say for sure it'll be the same for you.
    POWER POUNCE: While running, press L1 or R1 + Cross
    This is a very nifty move that will let Jak travel faster and leap over wide 
    gaps. As Jak is running, he will suddenly  spring forward  and cover a great 
    distance in the process.
    UPPER CUT: L1 or R1 + Square
    The Upper Cut allows you to hammer pillars into  the ceiling  and eliminate 
    flying foes. Jak will begin at a crouched position and spring upward with a 
    powerful uppercut, delivering pain to anything he comes in contact with.
    OMEGA COMBO: Lots of buttons
    Thanks to Omnigamer2189 for submitting this: I just wanted you to know, that 
    if you do the Super Punch, followed by rapidly tapping X, you can follow up 
    the punch with an Uppercut, leaving you protected during the time you recover 
    from the punch. Follow this up with square for an added dive attack.  Smash O 
    afterwards for a spin attack. I call this completely invincible combo, Omega 
    Combo. It has killed anything I have come across, excluding the battering ram 
    drivers in the Snowy Mountain and the piggy-back Lurkers in the Lost 
    Precursor City. Also, if you ever find yourself in the position where there 
    are Lurkers above you, or just plain swarming you, hold R1, hit X, and tap O 
    like crazy. I call it, the Screw Attack. Very useful.
     |  03.  Power Cell List                                                   |
    Wondering what Power Cell you're missing? Look no further. You are looking at 
    the complete list of all the Power Cells in the game.
    Geyser Rock                          
    - Find the Cell On the Path            
    - Open the Precursor Door
    - Climb Up The Cliff
    - Free 7 Scout Flies
    Sandover Village
    - Bring 90 Orbs to the Mayor
    - Bring 90 Orbs to Your Uncle 
    - Herd the Yakows Into The Pen
    - Bring 120 Orbs to the Oracle
    - Bring 120 Orbs to the Oracle
    - Free 7 Scout Flies
    Forbidden Jungle
    - Connect the Eco Beams
    - Get To The Top Of The Temple
    - Find the Blue Vent Switch
    - Defeat the Dark Eco Plant
    - Catch 200 Pounds of Fish 
    - Follow the Canyon to the Sea
    - Open the Locked Temple Door 
    - Free 7 Scout Flies
    Sentinel Beach
    - Unblock the Eco Harvesters
    - Push the Flut Flut Egg Off the Cliff
    - Get the Power Cell From the Pelican
    - Chase The Seagulls
    - Launch Up To The Tower
    - Explore the Beach
    - Climb The Sentinel
    - Free 7 Scout Flies
    Misty Island
    - Catch the Sculptor's Muse
    - Climb the Lurker Ship
    - Stop the Cannon
    - Return to the Dark Eco Pool
    - Destroy the Balloon Lurkers
    - Use Zoomer to Reach Power Cell
    - Use Blue Eco to Reach Power Cell
    - Free 7 Scout Flies
    Fire Canyon
    - Reach the End of the Fire Canyon
    - Free 7 Scout Flies
    Rock Village
    - Bring 90 Orbs to the Gambler
    - Bring 90 Orbs to the Geologist
    - Bring 90 Orbs to the Warrior
    - Bring 120 Orbs to the Oracle
    - Bring 120 Orbs to the Oracle
    - Free 7 Scout Flies
    Precursor Basin
    - Herd the Moles Into Their Holes
    - Catch the Flying Lurkers
    - Beat Record Time On The Gorge
    - Get the Power Cell Over The Lake
    - Cure Dark Eco Infected Plants
    - Navigate the Purple Precursor Rings
    - Navigate the Blue Precursor Rings
    - Free 7 Scout Flies
    Lost Precursor City
    - Raise the Chamber
    - Follow the Colored Pipes
    - Reach the Bottom of the City
    - Quickly Cross the Dangerous Pool
    - Match the Platform Colors 
    - Climb the Slide Tube
    - Reach the Center of the Complex
    - Free 7 Scout Flies 
    Boggy Swamp
    - Ride the Flut Flut
    - Protect Farthy's Snacks
    - Defeat the Lurker Ambush
    - Break the Tethers to the Zeppelin
    - Break the Tethers to the Zeppelin
    - Break the Tethers to the Zeppelin
    - Break the Tethers to the Zeppelin
    - Free 7 Scout Flies
    Mountain Pass
    - Defeat Klaww
    - Reach the End of the Mountain Pass
    - Hidden Power Cell
    - Free 7 Scout Flies
    Volcanic Crater
    - Bring 90 Orbs To The Miners
    - Bring 90 Orbs To The Miners
    - Bring 90 Orbs To The Miners
    - Bring 90 Orbs To The Miners
    - Bring 120 Orbs To The Oracle
    - Bring 120 Orbs To The Oracle
    - Find The Hidden Power Cell
    - Free 7 Scout Flies
    Spider Cave
    - Use Your Goggles To Shoot The Gnawing Lurkers
    - Destroy the Dark Eco Crystals
    - Explore the Dark Cave
    - Climb The Giant Robot
    - Launch To The Poles
    - Navigate the Spider Tunnel
    - Climb the Precursor Platforms
    - Free 7 Scout Flies
    Snowy Mountain
    - Find the Yellow Vent Switch
    - Stop the 3 Lurker Glacier Troops
    - Deactivate the Precursor Blocks
    - Open the Frozen Crate
    - Get Through the Lurker Fort
    - Open the Lurker Fort Gate
    - Survive the Lurker Infested Cave
    - Free 7 Scout Flies
    Lava Tube
    - Cross the Lava Tube
    - Free 7 Scout Flies
    Gol and Maia's Citadel
    - Free the Blue Sage
    - Free the Red Sage
    - Free the Yellow Sage
    - Free the Green Sage
    - Free 7 Scout Flies
     |  04.  Boss Guide                                                        |
    There are only three bosses, and none of them are too tough for an adventurer 
    like you to handle...with my help, of course.
    D A R K  E C O  P L A N T 
    It has two attacks up its sleeve. It will attempt  to make you its afternoon 
    snack, but if you stand in the back, you should be safe from its snapping 
    jaws. Look at the size of those things! Some odd-looking, retarded green 
    crawling things that produce spikes will pop out of its stomach and approach 
    you. Avoid this Lurker at all costs while its spikes are out and attack only 
    when they have receded. As soon as the baby Lurker bites the dust, the Dark 
    Eco plant will go into some kinda "hibernation" and sprout leaves for you to 
    climb on. Whack its head with a spin kick to wake it up. The process will now 
    recycle except the Lurkers will be deployed in increasing numbers. You must  
    kill all the baby Lurkers to force the Dark Eco plant into a state of hiatus.
    Whack its head three times to  put it to eternal sleep. When it withers and
    falls flat (literally) on the ground, jump on its head to free some orbs.
    K L A W W 
    Yeah, this guy is not  as self-imposing  as he seems. To begin the fight, hop 
    down to one of the hardened lava layers. At this point, Klaww will begin to 
    rev up his boulder-shooting weapon thing and hurl boulders at you. Dodge them 
    by leaping from platform to platform until he stops. A Blue Eco cluster will 
    appear on the last platform you touched before he stopped his assault. 
    Touching the Blue Eco cluster will cause pieces of lost Precursor artifacts 
    to be merged  together, forming a bridge. Traverse the  bridge while avoiding 
    Klaww's rolling boulders to the end, where you'll find some Yellow Eco 
    Charge Jak up with some Yellow Eco power and start blasting Klaww silly until 
    he drops the boulder on his head. He will sink into the lava and let the 
    boulder roll toward you and break the bridge. You should be heading back to 
    the three platforms now. Once you're back on the platforms, Klaww will arise, 
    and the process will repeat. Now his boulders will come at a faster pace, and 
    part of the bridge will be destroyed, leaving holes and such. Klaww needs 
    three bonks on the head to take a lava nap.
    P R E C U R S O R  R O B O T 
    Your battle ground will be atop a silo containing a vast reserve of the toxic 
    Dark Eco. Gol and Maia are in control of the Precursor Robot. At the start of 
    the fight, they use their powerful beam to pry open the top of the silo. 
    Accompanying you on the roof are a few Yellow and Green Eco clusters and a 
    Blue Eco vent. Let's begin by collecting the Yellow Eco clusters. Now Jak is 
    rippling with Yellow Eco. Aim at the robot's right eye--the one that's
    discharging the  beam cannon--and rapidly send  fireballs from Jak's palms to 
    destroy it.
    Once you have managed to cease  its attempts to crack open the floor, it will
    unleash a bomb onto the roof, powerful enough to instantly kill you. For 
    emergencies such as these, the Blue Eco vent serves you well. Quickly run 
    through the vent, dash to the launch pad, and cast yourself into the air just 
    before the bomb hits the roof. The bomb will create a huge explosion and 
    force open the floor. By the time you return to the ground, there will be a 
    gap in the floor. Gol and Maia are now one  step closer to unleashing eternal 
    turmoil onto the world.
    At this point, the Dark  Eco will spit out some  repulsive Lurker beings. You 
    must deal with these guys by powering yourself up with Yellow Eco and 
    relentlessly injecting them with it. The robot prepares another cataclysmic 
    bomb just as you eliminate the last Lurker. Before it releases it, you will 
    have to run through the Blue Eco again and launch yourself into the air. When 
    you return yet again to the ground, the gap will have widened more than the 
    last time. You *can* fall into  it and be swallowed up by the Dark Eco, so be 
    Seeing that the  Lurker's attempt to subdue  you failed, the  Precursor Robot 
    switches gears. It will now release a myriad of ball clusters on the roof, 
    which will explode and create rings that dilate outward. If you touch these, 
    you will be greatly injured! You must jump over them. There should be brief 
    pauses between each "ring", so take those opportunities to switch from the 
    defensive to the offensive and attack the robot. Remember to always shoot in 
    third-person  perspective. Afterward, you will have  to once again  avoid its
    uber-destructive bomb.
    The Dark Eco nearly dominates the floor now. You could basically use only the 
    outer ring to move freely around. Gol and Maia will now shoot super-charged 
    fireballs aimed straight at you. You must time it and quickly dodge it at the 
    right time. As soon as one whizzes right past you, let the robot have a taste 
    of its own medicine. Once it takes enough damage, a cut-scene will ensue. 
    With the four sages' powers combined, they form the Light Eco. Nice, catchy 
    name. Picking up the newly formed Eco will  bring an end to  the battle, thus 
    ending the game. Alright!
     |  05.  Mini-Games                                                        |
    In the world of Jak  and Daxter, danger is  aplenty, and there isn't anything 
    for our heroes to do that's fun besides vanquishing Lurker scum and saving 
    the world. Occasionally, you will encounter special mini-games that will ask 
    Jak to run errands for people, or help  incompetent fools who can't do the  
    job themselves. Though these tasks seem like a pain to do, I can assure you 
    that they will make you giggle like a silly anime girl. After all, you have 
    to take the fun things in life and enjoy them. Not saying that the adventure 
    itself isn't fun enough...
    Where: Forbidden Jungle          How: Talk to the fisherman
    Prize: Power Cell
    Description: Catch 200 lbs of fish using only a net.
    The idea is to catch a  total of 200  pounds of  fish using only a net. Don't 
    worry, though. The laws of physics don't apply here, so one little net will 
    get the job done. In the stream at which you fish teems with yellow and green 
    fish. The yellow ones are worth 5 lbs, while the green ones are worth 1 lb. 
    These fish are not the only ones that swim around these parts. A venomous eel 
    has also established this stream as its home. If you catch one--just one--it 
    will contaminate your entire catch, and you will have to start over. The 
    catch is that if you let a cumulative total of 20 lbs of fish escape your 
    net, you will also have to start over. It's not as hard as it sounds. Jak can 
    whisk a 100 lbs net around as if it were a feather, so he could nab dozens of 
    fish in time to achieve the quota.
    Where: Precursor Basin           How: Speak to gambler; go to starting point
    Prize: Power Cell
    Description: Race through the obstacle course and reach the finish line in
    under 45 seconds.
    This mini-game is based entirely on your reflexes and little bit of luck. You 
    see, throughout the course will be these pillars that will shoot out from the 
    walls and later retract. If you run into any of them, you will lose valuable 
    time. And remember to steer clear of that glitch at all costs! What glitch am 
    I talking about? Read the FAQ section for details.
    Where: Boggy Swamp               How: Talk to the foul-smelling lard.
    Prize: Power Cell
    Description: Fend off all the scuttling Lurker bugs and prevent them from
    devouring Farthy's snacks.
    Who can resist helping out a hillbilly in need of a bath living with his one 
    and only pet? What? He's lost it? Oh, no! Farthy has run away! Good for him, 
    but his owner is awfully upset about it. Farthy's owner had put out some of 
    Farthy's favorite snacks to guide him back home, but it seems that those 
    pesky swamp Lurkers keep lapping them up. Without the snacks, Farthy won't be 
    able to find his way home! And so his inept owner seeks your expertise in 
    removing these stupid Lurkers. How?? How else! By zapping them with Yellow 
    Eco, codename: Black Flag. Anyway, all you have to do is shoot wildly at the 
    oncoming invaders before any of them come in contact with Farthy's snacks 
    laid out along the swamp. You don't have to worry about running low on Yellow 
    Eco, as your supply will be refilled infinitely. Have fun!
    Well, I know there are more mini-games, but these are the ones that stuck out 
    like a sore thumb. If you feel there are more mini-games that should be 
    added, contact me and we can talk things out.
     |  06.  Frequently Asked Questions                                        |
    Q. What is this game about?
    Q. Should I get this game?
    Q. How long is the game?
    Q. How do I save?
    Q. Are there any benefits for collecting all the Precursor Orbs?
    Q. Why can't I use the Zoomer on levels like the Fire Canyon?
    Q. Why can't I do the race in Precursor Basin anymore?!
    Q. How do I get to Misty Island?
    Q. Where is the Mountain Pass?
    Q. OMG! I can't reach <whatever>! How do I do a super long jump?
    Q. How many hidden Power Cells are there?
    Q. In what order should I beat the levels?
    Q. What's the second ending? How do I get it?
     Q. What is this game about? 
     A. It's mainly about your best  bud, Daxter, who has been transformed into a
        rather furry creature thanks to the Dark Eco, and now you and Daxter must 
        travel across the land to find a cure that can turn him back to his human 
        form. The underlying goal is to collect as many Power Cells and Precursor 
        Orbs as you can to progress through the game. Along the way, you will 
        encounter stiff resistance by a hostile race known as Lurkers. The world 
        is plagued by their very existence, and it's your job to dig to the root 
        of the problem and weed it out. Your main focus is collecting those Power
        Cells. Daxter's main concern is getting back his good looks.
     Q. Should I get this game?
     A. What a question to ask. It has recently become a Greatest Hits title, so
        the price has gone down significantly. There's no excuse NOT to own this
        game. If you enjoyed platformers such as Banjo-Kazooie, Mario, etc. you
        will love this, albeit this game isn't nearly as challenging as some of
        the other platformers. That's fine by me. I'm always for an enjoyable, 
        laid-back adventure! I highly recommend this to all gamers everywhere.
     Q. How long is the game?
     A. Depends on how many hours you're willing to  log in each time you play. 
        Completing the game itself takes no more than 4 hours. However, if you
        plan to attain the elusive 100%, then it will take considerably longer.
     Q. How do I save?
     A. The game will automatically save your progress every time you find and 
        pocket a new Power Cell. In the process, you get to see Jak and Daxter 
        bust out some groovy break-dancing moves. You can save manually by 
        pressing START, then circle and finally choosing the save option. Thanks
        to OmniGamer2189 for pointing this out.
     Q. Are there any benefits for collecting all the Precursor Orbs?
     A. No, not really. It's a gamer's thing to strive for a perfect score in
        every game he plays, including Jak and Daxter. If he can manage to obtain 
        every Precursor Orb, every little Scout Fly, and every Power Cell, then
        he will be a very happy camper. It's a feeling of satisfaction and
     Q. Why can't I use the Zoomer on levels like the Fire Canyon?
     A. There are a number of places in Jak's world that can only be reached 
        using the Zoomer. And in order to pass through certain levels, you must 
        give Keira a specified amount of Power Cells, with which to power up the
        Zoomer. With this hovercraft, you will be able to traverse the molten 
        lava of Fire Canyon, navigate the ridges and cliffs of the Mountain Pass, 
        and withstand the heat of the treacherous Lava Tube. Each of these levels
        require the following amount of Power Cells to access:
        Fire Canyon: 20 Power Cells
        Mountain Pass: 45 Power Cells
        Lava Tube: 72 Power Cells
        Happy Power Cell hunting! 
     Q. Why can't I do the race in Precursor Basin anymore?!
     A. This is one of the major glitches that has been the death of many great
        game files. Ok...not really the "deaths", but it will balk your attempt
        to obtain all 101 Power Cells, meaning you won't be able to squeeze the
        second Power Cell from the gambler. How do you trigger the bug? Here, I
        will repeat this small snippet from my other J&D FAQ: According to
        Naughty Dog, the bug is triggered by talking to the gambler, trying the
        race for the first time and failing it, and then talking to the gambler a 
        second time. Once you've activated this bug, there's nothing you can do 
        to un-do it. Basically this means that you won't be able to get the 
        gambler's second Power Cell. What can you do to avoid this? Well, talk to 
        the gambler once and race until you win. 
     Q. How do I get to Misty Island?
     A. You can there only by boat. If you attempt to swim out to the island, you
        will become easy prey for the Lurker Sharks. Anyway, the only boat around
        this place is the fisherman's, but he won't just let you take it. You 
        have to get his permission or win his trust. After nearly having been a 
        Lurker Shark's meal, the fisherman has decided to change his fishing 
        spot. Well, head on over to the Forbidden Jungle, where you will find him
        under a rope bridge, struggling to catch fish from a small stream. Here, 
        you can try out your first mini-game. A fish-catching game with a little 
        twist. After you help him out, he will allow you to use his boat. Now you
        can use it to get to Misty Island.
     Q. Where is the Mountain Pass?
     A. If you paid any attention to the introductory cut-scene you get when you
        first entered Rock Village, you will know that the path to the Mountain 
        Pass is blocked by a giant boulder. During the cut-scene, Keira uses her 
        mechanical intelligence to figure out how to get the levitation device 
        working again and finally deduces that 45 Power Cells are needed to power
        it up. So now you have the idea. Before that, you need to talk to the 
        melodramatic warrior and give him 90 Precursor Orbs to convince him to 
        piece together the pontoon bridges, which will allow you to cross the 
        deep water. After crossing the water and using  the levitation device to
        raise the boulder, you will then have to face Klaww, who is guarding the
        entrance to the Mountain Pass. Defeat him, and you're in!
     Q. OMG! I can't reach <whatever>! How do I do a super long jump?
     A. I've been getting many e-mails from a bunch of whiny people complaining 
        that they can't reach the last Dark Eco crystal, which is apparently 
        situated on the far reaches of the cave. One thing they fail to notice is 
        that the roll jump takes Jak much farther than a normal forward jump. And
        did they know that a roll jump PLUS a spin attack can take them to the 
        edge of the world?! So basically, to surmount any large gap roll forward
        and press jump! Whilst still in the air, press circle for a spin attack!
        Another variation is double jumping and then doing the spin attack, but 
        it doesn't catch quite as much air as the former attack.
     Q. How many hidden Power Cells are there?
     A. There are two. One in the Mountain Pass, and one in the Volcanic Crater.
        Read my Hard-to-Get Power Cell FAQ for details on how to get them.
     Q. In what order should I beat the levels?
     A. You don't have to beat the levels in a particular order, but you need to
        earn enough Power Cells for the Zoomer to advance through the game.
     Q. What's the second ending? How do I get it?
     A. The second ending involves opening the precursor door which is shown to
        you after all the credits roll, but I won't spoil it for you. You need 
        101 Power Cells to acquire this ending. If you're not even close to 
        obtaining 101 Power Cells, then you can just forget it. This so-called 
        alternate ending is not worth your time.
     |  07.  Outro                                                             |
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