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    Game Script by Rexy

    Version: 2.4 | Updated: 09/29/07 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                                   JAK II GAME SCRIPT                              
                -A complete guide to said game's storyline sequence-               
    Version 2.4
    Date: 10/29/03
    Platform: PlayStation2
    Adapted by: Beverley Wooff (GameFAQs name "Rexy")
    Email: bev.wooff@gmail.com
    Contents - 
    1 - Version History
    2 - Introduction
    3 - Script Map
    4 - Game Script
    5 - Email Policy
    6 - Credits and acknowledgements
    1 - Version History
    Version 1.0 (10/29/03) - The script is online, moo!
    Version 2.0 (10/30/03) - Just like I did with the Ratchet & Clank script, I
    added a map to help find the scene you want. Also, we have the addition of the
    dialogueless sequences into the file.
    Version 2.01 (10/31/03) - Happy Halloween! ^__^ *gets hit by a Yakow tail* OK,
    OK, I'll state the update. I've just expanded on the Getting the Yellow Gun
    sequence. :P
    Version 2.02 (11/1/03) - Just cleaned up a few errors. Nothing special. ^_^;
    Version 2.03 (11/11/03) - More errors clear. Yes, nobody's perfect :P
    Version 2.04 (11/12/03) - Few more errors found, not only in the script but
    also here in the version history! Trust me to get the dates wrong... -_-
    Version 2.05 (12/6/03) - A minor error has slipped under my nose, and I got
    round to correcting it O.O
    Version 2.1 (3/5/04) - Quite a few changes came in here. First off, I've moved
    email address. Secondly, I've got some of my Blasters and Scatters the wrong
    way round. Thirdly, I can't help but fit in the infamous "I Love You Man" line
    from Daxter. ^_^; And fourthly, a few errors in some Act 2 scenes also slipped
    under my nose ready for updating.
    Version 2.11 (5/9/04) - A couple of scenes have been expanded on. Nothing much
    else to see here, move along...
    Version 2.2 (9/18/04) - Whoops, I should have updated this sooner. ^_^; I got
    an email from Scarletspidey91 last week, who seemed confused over the fate of
    Vin.  Ever since I didn't include the audio communication sequences after
    clearing certain missions (for obvious game-playing reasons), I decided to
    include two of which to explain what happened to him.  That, and I cleared up
    a few grammar errors in Act 3. :P
    Version 2.21 (10/30/04) - Wow, this script has survived on the site for a
    whole year. Anyhow, this update was to briefly go through a script error as
    pointed out by Luke Fraser; apparantly I referred to Praxis as "Palace" in
    scene 3RCE.  No worries, it's fixed!
    Version 2.3 (11/27/04) - Added an Email Policy.  It had to come due to the
    amount of emails I've received totally unrelating to the script...
    Version 2.31 (12/4/04) - I got mail from Kage, the webmaster for Jak and
    Daxter: The Fansite Legacy (www.theshadownetwork.com); all he asked for is for
    the script to be hosted there too.  Considering the page looks clean and
    promising... why not? ^_^
    Version 2.32 (1/15/05) - I can't believe I left out a fair chunk of scene
    2TMB.  Thanks to Nirvana Renegade Siega for pointing that out!
    Version 2.33 (3/22/05) - I got mail from SuKa asking if the script should be
    up at The Precursor Legacy (http://users.telenet.be/the_precursor_legacy/),
    a recent Jak info site established by said user.  For that I granted that user
    permission to use it.
    Version 2.4 (9/29/07) - After finally playing Daxter I think I'm getting back
    into Jak, so a revision on the script (namely fixing some wording errors) was
    inevitable. That, and I changed email address if you got anything else to
    bring up.
    2 - Introduction
    This is a game script written for one of Sony's biggest hits of 2003. As the
    adaptor for that of "Ratchet & Clank" near the start of the year (which is
    also hosted at GameFAQs), I see putting this script up as an honor for those
    that requested it. The methods that came into making this were a combo of
    playing through portions of the game to get the scenes and collecting
    Precursor orbs to unlock some of these videos. So, without further ado, be
    sure to enjoy what we have here. ^_^
    3 - Script Map
    All you do here is hold CTRL and press F to bring up the Find box. Type in the
    code corresponding to the scene you're looking for, and you should get there
    in no time.
    ACT 1
    Strange New World---------------------------------------------------------1NEW
    Meeting Kor and the Kid---------------------------------------------------1KOR
    The Underground-----------------------------------------------------------1UND
    Meeting Torn--------------------------------------------------------------1TRN
    Getting the Banner--------------------------------------------------------1BNR
    Daxter Gets a Mouthful----------------------------------------------------1MTH
    Daxter Rides the Pipe-----------------------------------------------------1RDE
    Torn and the Ammo Dump----------------------------------------------------1DMP
    Metal Heads in the City?--------------------------------------------------1CTY
    Fire in the Hole!---------------------------------------------------------1FRE
    Torn's Delivery-----------------------------------------------------------1DEL
    Meeting Krew and Sig------------------------------------------------------1KRW
    The Job Offer-------------------------------------------------------------1JOB
    It's Gonna Be Fun---------------------------------------------------------1FUN
    Boom baby!----------------------------------------------------------------1BBY
    Thumbs Down---------------------------------------------------------------1DWN
    Bye Bye-------------------------------------------------------------------1BYE
    The Trick-----------------------------------------------------------------1TRK
    Say Goodnight-------------------------------------------------------------1NGT
    You Did Good Rookie-------------------------------------------------------1RKE
    Meeting The Oracle--------------------------------------------------------1ORA
    Jak Gets A Dark Power-----------------------------------------------------1DP1
    Jak Gets A Second Dark Power----------------------------------------------1DP2
    Jak Gets A Third Dark Power-----------------------------------------------1DP3
    Jak Gets A Fourth Dark Power----------------------------------------------1DP4
    Krew's Sewer Job----------------------------------------------------------1SWR
    What is That Smell?-------------------------------------------------------1SML
    Getting the Yellow Gun----------------------------------------------------1GUN
    Vin Needs Help------------------------------------------------------------1HLP
    Meeting Vin---------------------------------------------------------------1VIN
    Krew's Racing Contract----------------------------------------------------1RCN
    Who's Behind the Curtain?-------------------------------------------------1CRT
    Jak puts JET-board away---------------------------------------------------1JET
    A Piece of Information----------------------------------------------------1INF
    Whine, Women and Song-----------------------------------------------------1SNG
    Quote the Money Collectors------------------------------------------------1MNY
    Torn Has A Mission--------------------------------------------------------1MSN
    Meeting Ashelin-----------------------------------------------------------1ASH
    Daxter Makes His Move-----------------------------------------------------1MVE
    Vin Wants Scrambled Eggs--------------------------------------------------1EGG
    Meeting Onin and Pecker---------------------------------------------------1ONN
    Crushing the Machine------------------------------------------------------1MCH
    Good Vibes----------------------------------------------------------------1VBS
    Daxter Gets Burned--------------------------------------------------------1BRN
    Vin, buddy. We need a Favor.----------------------------------------------1FVR
    The Secret Meeting--------------------------------------------------------1MTG
    The Baron Confronts Jak---------------------------------------------------1BAR
    I Will Destroy You!-------------------------------------------------------1DST
    What Did You Two Do?------------------------------------------------------1WHT
    Protect the Sacred Site---------------------------------------------------1STE
    It's our world!-----------------------------------------------------------1WLD
    ACT 2
    Meeting the Shadow--------------------------------------------------------2SDW
    Getting the JET-Board-----------------------------------------------------2JET
    What's This Kid's Story?--------------------------------------------------2KID
    Kor and the Kid-----------------------------------------------------------2KOR
    The Drill Topples---------------------------------------------------------2DRL
    Sneak Attack!-------------------------------------------------------------2SNK
    Ashelin Is Worried--------------------------------------------------------2ASH
    Krew Has Another Job------------------------------------------------------2KRW
    Meeting Brutter-----------------------------------------------------------2BRT
    The Art Collector---------------------------------------------------------2ART
    God I Miss Pants!---------------------------------------------------------2PNT
    We've Still Got Trouble---------------------------------------------------2TRB
    The Wells Go Boom!--------------------------------------------------------2WLL
    Kor Is Upset--------------------------------------------------------------2UPS
    Daxter's Tall Tale--------------------------------------------------------2TLL
    Happy Reunion-------------------------------------------------------------2HPY
    The Cat Fight-------------------------------------------------------------2CAT
    The Legend of Mar's Tomb--------------------------------------------------2MAR
    The Landing Pad-----------------------------------------------------------2PAD
    It's a Curse, Isn't It?---------------------------------------------------2CRS
    Taking Off----------------------------------------------------------------2TKN
    Coming In-----------------------------------------------------------------2CMN
    A Piece of the Seal-------------------------------------------------------2SEL
    The HellCat Mission-------------------------------------------------------2HLL
    Onin's Challenge----------------------------------------------------------2ONN
    Mar's Seal is Complete----------------------------------------------------2CMP
    The Seal Opens the Door---------------------------------------------------2DOR
    The Light Tower Rises-----------------------------------------------------2TWR
    Jak Finds Mar's Tomb------------------------------------------------------2TMB
    Daxter Lends a Hand-------------------------------------------------------2HND
    Daxter's Hairy Chase------------------------------------------------------2HRY
    The Tomb Doors------------------------------------------------------------2DRS
    The First Beam------------------------------------------------------------2BM1
    The Second Beam-----------------------------------------------------------2BM2
    The Door Opens------------------------------------------------------------2OPN
    The Precursor Stone!------------------------------------------------------2STN
    The Baron Steals the Show-------------------------------------------------2SHW
    ACT 3
    Torn Admits His Treachery-------------------------------------------------3TRN
    The Time Twins------------------------------------------------------------3TWN
    Sig Bares His Soul--------------------------------------------------------3SIG
    It's a Trap!--------------------------------------------------------------3TRP
    Statue Busting------------------------------------------------------------3BST
    Jak Walks Out-------------------------------------------------------------3WLK
    Daxter's Big Win----------------------------------------------------------3WIN
    Protect the Hideout-------------------------------------------------------3HDE
    Our Own Peace Maker!------------------------------------------------------3OWN
    Krew Makes A Threat-------------------------------------------------------3KRW
    Erol Hates To Lose--------------------------------------------------------3ERL
    Old Memories--------------------------------------------------------------3OLD
    Pecker Picks a Fight------------------------------------------------------3PCK
    Samos And The Seed--------------------------------------------------------3SED
    The Vision----------------------------------------------------------------3VSN
    Good News and Bad News----------------------------------------------------3NWS
    The Big Crush-------------------------------------------------------------3CSH
    The Boy Is Missing--------------------------------------------------------3BOY
    The Control Tower Blows---------------------------------------------------3TWR
    Some More Lurkers---------------------------------------------------------3LRK
    Keira Reveals Her Plan----------------------------------------------------3PLN
    The Big Race--------------------------------------------------------------3RCE
    The Winner's Circle-------------------------------------------------------3WNR
    Back Where We Started-----------------------------------------------------3BCK
    Krew's Baby---------------------------------------------------------------3BBY
    Oh well...----------------------------------------------------------------3WLL
    Ashelin Drops Jak Off-----------------------------------------------------3ASH
    The Game Player Steps Up--------------------------------------------------3PLY
    Get the Time Map----------------------------------------------------------3MAP
    Vin's Fate Part 1--------------------------------------------------------3VIN1
    Sig's In Trouble----------------------------------------------------------3TRB
    Sig's Strong Arm----------------------------------------------------------3ARM
    Here It Comes Again!------------------------------------------------------3HRE
    Sig's Last Stand----------------------------------------------------------3LST
    Brutter Saves the Day-----------------------------------------------------3BRT
    Floating Away-------------------------------------------------------------3FLT
    Vin's Fate Part 2--------------------------------------------------------3VIN2
    The Secret To Making A Bomb-----------------------------------------------3BMB
    Jak Visits The Nest-------------------------------------------------------3NST
    Leaving the Hive----------------------------------------------------------3HVE
    Don't You Recognize Him?--------------------------------------------------3RCG
    Kor Drops Down------------------------------------------------------------3KOR
    The Celebration-----------------------------------------------------------3CLB
    4 - Game Script
    ACT 1
    SCENE 1 - Strange New World                                        CODE - 1NEW
    Samos's voice: For every age there is a time of trial.
    Samos's voice: The rocks faced such a fire before they were the strength
    beneath our feet.
    {A game by NAUGHTY DOG}
    Samos's voice: The plants braved vast winds before their roots could give us
    {JAK II}
    Samos's voice: As a sage of considerable years, I have known only one such
    great ordeal. Yet the hero it created was a champion of all time.
    The scene then shows up outside a hut in Sandover village, one of the locations
    in the previous game, where Jak, his ottsel friend Daxter, his female companion
    Keira, and her father Samos, the green sage, were seen near a large machine.
    Samos: Today's the big day, Jak. I hope you are prepared, for whatever happens.
    Keira: I think I figured out most of this machine. It interacts somehow with
    that large Precursor Ring. I just hope we didn't break anything moving it here
    to the lab.
    Daxter: Easy for you to say! We did all the heavy lifting!
    He goes towards the control panel, and tried to touch a part of the machine,
    Samos: Daxter! Don't touch anything! Though the Precursors vanished long ago,
    the artifacts they left behind can still do great harm.
    Keira: Or great good! If you figure out how to use them.
    Samos: I've had some experience with such things. I know you can make it work.
    Jak brings his hand out, and touches a red ruby in the machine. Then, next to
    him, a square-based device next to him opens up and shows a bright light with
    spinning symbols inside the gap created.
    Daxter: Looks like Jak's still got the moto!
    Keira: Interesting... it appears to be reading out some preset coordinates.
    Then, something started to shake, and the ring started to spin before some of
    the bridge leading to the hut started to break away, and the skies turned
    Daxter: Wow, look at that!
    Monster voice: Finally! The last Rift Gate has been opened!
    From out of the ring, flying creatures flew out and swarmed the hut.
    Daxter: Aaaaargh! What are those things?!
    Samos: So THIS is how it happened...
    The monster's head showed up from inside the gate.
    Monster: You cannot hide from me boy!
    Keira: Do something, Jak!
    Daxter: *starts pointing at the buttons* What's this do? Or that! How 'bout
    this one! Everybody, press all the buttons!
    They did as they're told, and before long, the machine is sent into the rift
    ring. Before they knew it, they were brought inside a light purple warp pit.
    Keira: What was that thing?!
    Samos: Hang on everyone!
    Daxter: YYAAAAAAHHHHHH! I want off this thing!!!!!
    Then... it wasn't long before the machine exploded, branching Samos and Keira,
    and Jak and Daxter, far apart from each other.
    Keira: AAAAAHHHHH!!
    Samos: Find yourself, Jak!
    The pair then find their way out of the portal, and down towards a city, with
    a crash landing for the pair. They looked around, and saw metallic structures
    everywhere. This left an angry face shown on Daxter, whom tossed a lead pipe he
    was holding on his hand down to the ground.
    Daxter: Okay, I swear that's the last time I ever, EVER, touch any stupid
    Precursor crap!
    Then, from in front of them, a bunch of soldiers showed up, lead by Erol, a
    sleek man with spiked hair only just hidden by his armor.
    Soldier: There he is. Move in.
    They stop in front of them both.
    Soldier: Step away from the animal!
    Daxter: YYAAAAHHHH!!!!!
    He runs between Jak's legs, and goes far away from them all.
    Erol: Forget the rat. The Baron wants him! We've been waiting for you!
    One of the soldiers brought his gun back, and slammed Jak's head with it,
    causing the screen to turn black.
    Daxter: Don't worry Jak! I'll save you before you know it!
    The scene then changes to a prison-like area, and this is where we see a
    completely reformed Jak with sleeker hair and a goatee on him, strapped to a
    torturing table, where what looked like a ray gun was zapping him. Surrounding
    him were two figures - Erol again, and the ruler of the city and game villain,
    Baron Praxis.
    Computer voice: Dark Eco injection cycle complete. Bio readings nominal and
    Praxis: Hhhppp. Nothing! I was informed that this one might be different!
    Erol: He is surprisingly resistant to your 'experiments' Baron Praxis. I fear
    the Dark Warrior program has failed.
    Praxis: Aaaagh! You should at least be dead with all the Dark Eco I've pumped
    into you!
    Erol: What now? Metal Head armies are pressing their attacks. Without a new
    weapon, my men cannot hold them off forever!
    Praxis: I will not be remembered as the man who lost this city to those vile
    creatures! Move forward with the final plan! And finish off this 'thing'
    Erol: As you wish. (leans towards Jak) I'll be back later...
    The pair leave the scene. Then... a small platform rises from down below,
    showing Daxter standing on it.
    Daxter: Ding, ding... Third floor... Body chains, roach food, torture devices.
    He jumps onto Jak, landing on both feet.
    Daxter: Hey buddy... you seen any heroes around here? *gets shocked by Jak's
    look* WHOA! What'd they do to you? Jak, it's me... Daxter!
    Jak took a look at him... but he flinches.
    Daxter: That's a fine hello! I've been crawling around in this place risking my
    tail, literally, to save you! I've been looking for you for two years! Say
    something! Just this once!!
    Jak: I'm gonna kill Praxis!
    Daxter: Shhhhhh! Right now, we gotta get you outta here.
    He jumped towards Jak's left hand, looking down at his strapped position.
    Daxter: Just let me figure out how to open the security locks for your chair
    He changed into a more demon-based form, to be now known as Dark Jak, and
    broke himself out of the chair.
    Daxter: Or aaah... you could do it.
    Jak then starts approaching Daxter with vileness brought on his face.
    Daxter: Jak? Easy now. Easy buddy. It's, it's your old pal Daxter remember?
    Jak: AAAAGGHH!...
    He tries to attack, but... he came to a stop.
    Jak: Daxter?
    Then, he changed back to his normal form.
    Daxter: What the heck was that?! Sheesh, remind me not to piss you off! Come
    on, tall dark and gruesome. We're outta here!
    The pair leave the scene together.
    Daxter: I, uh, brought you some new threads. Put 'em on.
    And so he did.
    SCENE 2 - Meeting Kor and the Kid                                  CODE - 1KOR
    Before long, the pair escaped from the prison and out into the opening. As
    soon as they were out, they ended up coming across an old man with a young
    Man: Hello strangers. My name is Kor. May I help...
    Jak: You look like a reasonably smart man. I want information! Where the Hell
    am I?
    Daxter: Aaah... sorry! He's new to the whole conversation thing.
    Kor: Well, my angry young friend, you are a 'guest' of his 'majesty' Baron
    Praxis, the ruler of 'glorious' Haven City.
    Jak: I was just a 'guest' in the good Baron's prison.
    Kor: Inside a cell or inside the city... walls surround us both. We are all his
    When he stopped speaking, the sound of armored footsteps were heard.
    Kor: Talk about being in the wrong place at the wrong time. I'd move on if I
    were you.
    They looked ahead, and saw a bunch of red armored guards coming towards them.
    Guard: By order of his eminence, the Grand Protector of Haven City, Baron
    Praxis, everyone in this section is hereby under arrest for suspicion of
    harboring underground fugitives. Surrender and die!
    Daxter: Aaah, excuse me sir, don't you mean surrender, OR die!?
    Kor: Not in this city! Protect us from these guards, and I'll introduce you to
    someone who could help you!
    SCENE 3 - The Underground                                          CODE - 1UND
    Jak went off to fight the guards off, and halfway through the fight he ended up
    transforming to his Dark Jak form. After all the guards were gone, he changed
    Daxter: That was cool! Do it again!
    Jak: Something's happening to me... Something he did... I can't... control it.
    Kor: Very impressive.
    Daxter: Ehh, you okay Jak?
    Kor: What you just did was very brave. This child is important.
    Daxter: This kid? He looks kinda... scruffy.
    From nearby, a guard flew towards them in a hovering vehicle.
    Guard: You are in a restricted zone. Move along.
    And then he left.
    Kor: Thank you for your help, but I must get this boy to safety.
    Daxter: Hey! What about us?
    Kor: There is an underground group raging war against Baron Praxis. Its leader,
    the Shadow, could use fighters like you! Go to the slums. Find a dead-end alley
    near the city wall. Ask for Torn. He can help you.
    SCENE 4 - Meeting Torn                                             CODE - 1TRN
    They went over to the underground area... and were instantly blocked by a
    blonde haired girl.
    Jak: We're looking for a guy named Torn. Kor sent us... um...
    A figure with sleek auburn hair, similar clothing to Jak and gray marks across
    his face came into view.
    Jak: Are you... Torn?
    Daxter: Maybe this guy's a mute, like you used to be...
    Torn: New faces make me nervous. Word is you're out to join the fight for the
    city. You know, picking the wrong side could be... unhealthy.
    Jak: We want to see the Shadow.
    Torn: Huh, huh, huh. Not likely. If you want to join something, why don't you
    and your pet go join the circus? Heh. Unless you got the fur for a really tough
    He brought his hand behind his back, and pulled out a short but wide blade in
    the shape of a crescent.
    Torn: Steal the Baron's banner from the top of the Ruined Tower and bring it
    back to me. Then maybe we'll talk.
    SCENE 5 - Getting The Banner                                       CODE - 1BNR
    They leave, and they got the banner over at Dead Town. But then... the ground
    crumbles underneath them and they fall.
    He rebounds off a fabric shelter.
    Daxter: WWHHOOAAA!
    At this point, Jak started grinding down a rope, while Daxter lands on it on
    his crotch.
    Daxter: OOOOOAAAAA!
    He bounces off. Meanwhile, Jak lands safely and shows the banner to Torn. That
    gave Daxter time to land on his stomach to the right of the screen. Behind
    them, the tower crumbled apart.
    Torn: Yeah. I guess you guys are in.
    SCENE 6 - Daxter Gets a Mouthful                                   CODE - 1MTH
    They returned to the underground, looking refreshed.
    Daxter: Whew... being a big hero sure makes ya thirsty!
    He took a hold of a lever, pulled it, and started drinking out of a nearby
    Daxter: Grrrrrhhhh...
    But... in an instant, he started spitting out the contents of the pipe, which
    wasn't water but brown sludge.
    Torn: The Baron turned off all water to the slums. He's willing to sacrifice
    innocent lives just to destroy the underground. I shouldn't be surprised. I've
    seen his evil before, while serving in the Krimzon Guard. That's why I quit.
    Jak: You were a Krimzon Guard? Huh. Oh, that explains your... charming sense of
    Torn: My friend in the Guard tells me the valve to turn the water back on is
    located outside the city, at the Pumping Station.
    Jak: Outside the city? What about the security walls?
    Daxter: What about the Metal Heads?! It ain't no petting zoo out there... peeps
    be getting deep sixed!
    Torn: Find the large drain pipe in the north wall. It'll take you outside the
    city to the Pumping Station. Get to the main valve and open it. If you survive,
    the slums will be indebted to you. If not, maybe we'll have a touching moment
    of silence in your honor.
    Daxter: I'd like to give him a 'touching moment'.
    He gave out a smirk, before he and Jak headed to the Pumping Station and
    reached the valve.
    SCENE 7 - Daxter Rides the Pipe                                    CODE - 1RDE
    Daxter: Aaah, the valve. Allow me.
    He struggled to turn the valve... and then Jak presses down on it, causing him
    to shoot up into a pipe. He screams as he continues to make progress to the
    other side of the path set for him... which was shown by a "hose" blocking his
    way out.
    Daxter: Jak, help... Jak, help... Jak... please... help...
    Jak then reached the hose and turned the valve there. That left Daxter to
    gradually pull himself out, before being forced to the ground by a flow of
    water. Jak couldn't help but grin.
    Daxter: Don't say it. Don't even chuckle! Next time, YOU turn the valve.
    SCENE 8 - Torn and the Ammo Dump                                   CODE - 1DMP
    They return to the underground, going downstairs in a lighter pace this time.
    Once there, they see Torn again.
    Torn: The slum's water is back on! I'd love to see the heads roll when the
    Baron finds out!
    Jak: Yeah, I'm sure he's losing lots of sleep over this 'arm-pit' of the city.
    We've done what you've asked. Now, when do we see the Shadow?
    Torn: When I say so, IF I say so! But before I even think about it, I want you
    to take care of an ammo dump we've I.D'd in the Fortress. Lots of Krimzon
    Guards, constant patrols. We know it's vulnerable, and the Underground needs
    YOU to blow up all the ammo you find inside.
    As he spoke, he ended up knocking Daxter across the table.
    Torn: Get ALL of it, and we'll deal a body blow to the Baron.
    Daxter: You're sending US in, tough guy! So what's with this "we'll deal a body
    blow" stuff?
    Jak: That's fine. I want the Baron to know that it's ME who's hurting him.
    SCENE 9 - Metal Heads in the City?                                 CODE - 1CTY
    They reach the fortress and get chased by a security tank. Sooner or later,
    they reached a large room filled with crates - the ammo dump. Over there, a
    card was seen near the entrance.
    Daxter: Cool! That's a security pass. We need those to get through city check
    Then... the sound of a clank and a bunch of footsteps were heard.
    Daxter: Shhh!
    They go towards a grate, and look down to see two guards coming towards a pair
    of Metal Heads on the floor beneath.
    Guard: These barrels are the latest shipment of eco. The Baron says take them
    and get out!
    The creatures growled at them, but the guards brought out their guns and aimed
    at them.
    Jak: Metal Heads in the city? Why are the guards giving them eco?
    Before an answer came... the sound of a whirr was heard. The security tank came
    back into view. They dodged the shots, which hit the cooling tower, and went
    towards the exit of the building.
    SCENE 10 - Fire in the Hole!                                       CODE - 1FRE
    The action went into slow motion, showing them heading their way out, and
    then, it came back to normal when an explosion occurred behind them. They were
    sent into a roof and they fell to the ground. Almost immediately, Jak sat up
    from his position, and Daxter popped his head out from underneath him.
    Daxter: This place has too much excitement. We need to move back to the
    They brought themselves fully up, and headed back to the underground, where
    Torn was in waiting.
    SCENE 11 - Torn's Delivery                                         CODE - 1DEL
    Daxter: The 'demolition duo' has returned! One barbecued ammo dump served up
    Jak: We saw something odd while torching that ammo. The Baron's guards were
    giving barrels filled with eco to a group of Metal Heads!
    Torn: Really! The Shadow will be interested to hear that.
    Daxter: You know, so far your gigs have been easier than stealin' grass from a
    sleeping yakow.
    Torn: Hee hee hee... You and the rodent want to start proving yourselves? One
    of our 'suppliers' needs his payment delivered - a bag of Eco ore. Take the
    zoomer parked out back and drive it to the Hip Hog Heaven saloon in South Town.
    Ask for Krew - he'll be there. And don't let the Baron's patrols stop you. By
    the way, when you get there, pump Krew for information. He's wired into the
    city and may know what the Baron is up to.
    As he spoke, he ended up bringing his back to the pair.
    Daxter: You can count on us!
    Torn: Are you still here?
    SCENE 12 - Meeting Krew and Sig                                    CODE - 1KRW
    They took the package to the saloon, and headed inside.
    Daxter: Let me handle this, Jak. Watch my finesse and style!
    Jak: Don't forget to ask about...
    Daxter: Everything's cool. Nobody panic.
    He went towards a muscular figure wearing lots of clothing and with black skin.
    Daxter: Hey, big guy!
    Then... into his view, an obese figure flying on a green cushion-like machine
    came down towards him.
    Daxter: You Krew? Well we shook the heat, and your shipment's in primo
    Krew: That's good 'ey, because a cargo of rare eco ore is worth more than ten
    of your lives, mmmm and of course, I'd be forced to collect... ah slowly. Heh
    heh. The Underground will take anyone with a pulse these days.
    His attention was brought to Jak as he spoke, and then it was brought back to
    Krew: And what do we have here? The Shadow's mascot of the month?
    He then started to stroke him.
    Krew: Oooh, soft... Sig, this fur would go well with my silk suits, ey?
    Daxter: Listen, ah, tons of fun, anyone can see that you, uh, and I have the
    real juice in this burg. We're both players, right? We're both looking for a
    piece of the action, right? I think we can do business, right?
    Jak: We did you a favor, now it's our turn. Why is the Baron giving eco to
    Metal Heads?
    Krew: Questions like that could get a person killed 'ey! Sig, pay 'el Capitan'
    here and his friends a bonus.
    The black man, being Sig, gave Jak the Scatter Gun.
    Krew: If you want to see what that baby can do, try the Gun Course outside.
    Show me some skill with that hardware, and I'll hire you for a job or two 'ey.
    They leave, and beat the course. Then, they came back.
    SCENE 13 - The Job Offer                                           CODE - 1JOB
    Krew: Excellent shooting, Jak! Ever thought about being a wastelander, mmmmm?
    Jak: Can't say that I have.
    Krew: Wastelanders find items outside the city walls, 'ey. Any artifact or
    weapon worth having comes through MY hands. Work for me and I'll throw you some
    of the sweeter items your way, hmmm.
    Jak: Kill Metal Heads. Get toys? Sounds good to me.
    Daxter: Slow down, Jak and the fat man; you two had better run that by me
    again, 'cause there's NO WAY I'm going outside the city to face more Metal
    Krew: Sig will show you the ropes.
    He flew away to the side, leaving Sig to approach them both.
    Sig: So YOU wanna be wastelanders, huh doughboys? Well we'll see what you're
    made of when we get out in the thick. Krew wants some new trophies to put butts
    in chairs at the Hip Hog. So I'm gonna bag him five nasty Metal Heads at the
    Pumping Station.
    Daxter gulps at this point.
    Sig: Don't wet your fur, chili pepper, cause we're rollin' with the Peace
    He shows a staff-like weapon to the pair, with a bright yellow light on top of
    Daxter: Woooooh, I need one of those! Where'd you get it?
    Krew: Don't ask. Sig needs someone to watch his back while he tracks the Metal
    Heads, 'ey?
    Sig: We'll meet at the Pumping Station. Listen Cherries, don't you leave me
    dangling in the wind out there!
    Jak: Let's do it.
    SCENE 14 - It's Gonna Be Fun                                       CODE - 1FUN
    They met up again at the Pumping Station as promised.
    Sig: Hello Cherries. Ready to hunt a few Metal Heads? Follow me, stick close
    and watch my six. It's gonna be fun!
    SCENE 15 - Boom baby!                                              CODE - 1BBY
    Sig aimed his Peace Maker towards a tank blocking their path. He launched a
    shot ahead of it, causing it to explode, leaving a shocked facial expression
    for Daxter as he turned to his partners.
    SCENE 16 - Thumbs Down                                             CODE - 1DWN
    Sig launched his weapon at the first Metal-Head in sight. He brought his hand
    into a thumb up gesture, and as it fell off the cliff, he brought it into a
    thumbs down pose.
    SCENE 17 - Bye Bye                                                 CODE - 1BYE
    The second Metal-Head was shot down, and as it fell Sig waved at it with his
    index and middle fingers.
    SCENE 18 - The Trick                                               CODE - 1TRK
    The third Metal-Head was hit, and fell towards a metal platform. Once it got
    there, it rebounded and hit the water.
    SCENE 19 - Say Goodnight                                           CODE - 1NGT
    The fourth Metal-Head was struck down, and it fell towards the camera,
    blackening the screen.
    SCENE 20 - You Did Good Rookie                                     CODE - 1RKE
    The final Metal-Head was down for the count.
    Sig: BOOM! Home team 5, Metal Heads nothing. That was the last one. Tell Krew
    we got 'em all cooked and caned. I'm gonna clean Peace Maker and pick up the
    trophies. Ya did good, rookie.
    And so they left the scene.
    SCENE 21 - Meeting The Oracle                                      CODE - 1ORA
    They stumbled towards a hut in the Water Slums, and inside it was a bronze
    statue of sorts, being the Oracle.
    Oracle: Greetings, great warrior. I sense there is a dark rage burning within
    you, and in time, it'll destroy you with its madness. Only the last power of
    the Precursors can save you. Destroy my enemies, those creatures that you call
    the Metal Heads. Bring me 25 of their skull gems and I will teach you how to
    control these powers!
    SCENE 22 - Jak Gets A Dark Power                                   CODE - 1DP1
    The scene then shows Jak getting zapped by a purple bolt, turning into his Dark
    Jak form.
    Oracle: You do well to rid the world of this Metal scourge. As a reward, I
    grant you a dark power.
    SCENE 23 - Jak Gets A Second Dark Power                            CODE - 1DP2
    Another bolt of purple energy struck Jak, changing him back to his Dark form.
    Oracle: The Metal Heads have always feared you, angry one. Even now, the Metal
    Head leader realizes you can destroy him and save the last chance for our race.
    You now have the control of another dark power!
    SCENE 24 - Jak Gets A Third Dark Power                             CODE - 1DP3
    The scene shows Jak getting zapped again with another purple bolt.
    Oracle: Now that you carry the weight of darkness on your shoulders, you alone
    cannot save us. Our last hope rests with one still untouched by pain, and you
    must protect this young soul in our moment of truth. I grant you another Dark
    SCENE 25 - Jak Gets A Fourth Dark Power                            CODE - 1DP4
    A fourth bolt of energy was brought towards Jak, and again, that made him
    transform into his Dark form.
    Oracle: The forces of evil are converging. Only by destroying their leader will
    we ever know true peace. All will be made clearer to you, as the ending gives
    birth to the beginning, in the great circle of time. The last dark power is
    SCENE 26 - Krew's Sewer Job                                        CODE - 1SWR
    They leave the scene and return to the Hip Hog with the good news.
    Krew: You boys are turning out to be quite useful, ey? Mmm, I have another
    task for you. The Sewers used to be a fabulous smuggling route for me before
    the Baron installed security devices.
    Daxter: And before those late night snack runs kept you from fitting out the
    front door.
    Jak: I bet you've hatched another 'brilliant' plan in that hungry little brain
    of yours. So... who or what do we have to shake down, knock out, or blow up?
    Krew: Well, I need someone to go down and shoot every Sentry Gun in the
    Sewers, and I'd give you a sweet weapon upgrade if you succeed.
    Daxter: Let me guess... Dank, murky water? Reeks worse than your breath at an
    oyster fest? Fuller o' Metal Heads than your plate at a one pass buffet? And
    of course, weapons more lethal than your 'ever to tighty whiteys' on a hot
    summer day? Look, donut hole, why don't WE float around here looking hot and
    heavy, and YOU go roto-root the pipes?
    Jak: We're not doing anything until you tell us why Metal Heads are trading
    with the Baron's forces!
    Krew: I should have had you both knee-capped, ey? All I know is that the Baron
    cut a desperate deal with the Metal Head leader. Mmmmm, Metal Heads need eco,
    so the Baron supplies them with regular shipments. In return, the Metal Heads
    agreed to attack the city just enough to satisfy the Baron's continued rule.
    Jak: Yeah, but how long can that deal last?
    Krew: Well, the Baron is running short on eco, 'ey? And the Metal Heads are
    short on patience. Baron Praxis NEEDS this war to keep in power. Otherwise,
    the city would put the true ruler on the throne, wherever that little brat is.
    Jak: Daxter and I will clear your sewers. And, we haven't forgotten about that
    weapons upgrade you promised in return.
    Krew: Bloodsuckers!
    SCENE 27 - What is That Smell?                                     CODE - 1SML
    They head to the sewers and blow up all the guns, before returning to the
    saloon. Once there, they carefully approached Krew from behind.
    Krew: What IS that horrible smell?
    He starts sniffing around from his spot.
    Daxter: Oohh, great, we do YOUR dirty work in the sewers, and come back
    smelling worse than a wet hip hog in a warm barn.
    He gave out a couple of sniffs, before leaning towards Jak's direction.
    Daxter: This could have a serious impact on the lady factor!
    Krew: No, uh, I think it was my lunch, actually.
    They looked on at him with shock.
    Krew: Nice work in the sewers, 'ey, I guess you're looking for that weapon
    upgrade, mmm? Well, there's a Blaster mod stashed in some crates at the Port.
    Find it, and it's yours... hehhehhahahaha.
    SCENE 28 - Getting the Yellow Gun                                  CODE - 1GUN
    They found the gun on the floor. Jak loaded it in and looked at it, with Daxter
    switching standing positions onto his other shoulder and giving out a peace
    sign with his right hand. Jak then tried aiming with it, with his partner
    behind him rubbing his hands in anticipation.
    SCENE 29 - Vin Needs Help                                          CODE - 1HLP
    They beat the course, and once done they returned to Torn in the Underground.
    Torn: One of the Baron's mining operations is under attack by the Metal Heads.
    Jak: That's not OUR problem.
    Torn: It IS our problem when the foreman's one of the Underground's best
    informants! His name is Vin, and he's just valuable enough to save. Find the
    warp gate at the Power Station and use it to travel to the Strip Mine so you
    can rescue Vin's pathetic hide.
    Daxter: Hey, Tattooed Wonder, how come we get all the crappy missions?!
    Torn: Because I... DON'T... LIKE... YOU!
    He pushes Daxter to the floor.
    Daxter: Fair enough...
    Torn: Whatever deal the Baron made with the Metal Heads, the city's eco is
    almost gone, and his time is running out. If we don't get the kid back on the
    throne soon, there may not be a city left to defend!
    SCENE 30 - Meeting Vin                                             CODE - 1VIN
    They leave for the Strip Mine, and it wasn't long until they found a building
    with a red button on it. Jak pressed it, to open a door to a small laboratory.
    And inside it, was a nervous scientist.
    Scientist: Aaagghh! Stay back!
    He drew out a small pistol, and started shooting outside, leaving them to
    hide from them.
    Daxter: Do something, Jak! This guy's crazy!
    Jak: Hey, are you Vin? We're here to help. Torn sent us.
    Vin: Stay back!
    Jak: Look, if we were here to kill you, you wouldn't be talking right now!
    Vin stopped shooting, and looked on at the pair.
    Vin: Oh, friendlies? Oh thank goodness! We... so... whe... where's the army?
    Daxter: Ah... we're it.
    Vin: What? Just you two?! What do they think I'm worth?!
    Jak: I'm beginning to wonder that myself! If you want, you can stay here and be
    Metal meat, but Daxter and I are leaving before those monsters get back.
    Vin leaves the lab, and the three go through a Warp gate one by one. Jak and
    Daxter got in safely, while Vin tripped up inside it.
    SCENE 31 - Krew's Racing Contract                                  CODE - 1RCN
    Once back at the city, they went back towards the Hip Hog, where Krew was seen
    with another task in mind.
    Krew: I have a proposition for you, Jak. Racing is the biggest sport in the
    city! Erol is the undisputed grand champion. He's crazy and dangerous on the
    track. Haha. My kind of guy. Only a fool would dare race against him, 'ey! And
    that's where you two come in. A client of mine is looking for a fast driver for
    her racing team. Here's a security pass to get you into the stadium section.
    He gave Jak the pass.
    Krew: Uh, and your contract, with just a few trifles for me. I've ah, already
    signed your name to save time, mmmmmnn.
    In an instant, Daxter reached for it and started reading from it.
    Daxter: We the racers hereby agree to give Krew all proceeds from race
    earnings, endorsement fees, broadcast royalties, syndications residuals,
    vehicle sponsorships, mall appearance fees, collectible card assets, fast-food
    tie-ins, use of likeness rights, talk show deals, clothing lines, all print
    rights including book, novella, comic, pamphlet, tickertape, neon sign and
    bathroom graffiti designs...
    As he spoke, Jak started to feel lethargic, but still kept listening. Then,
    Daxter turned a page on the contract, took a deep breath and started reading
    Daxter: Toy rights, shoe lines, mood rings, game rights.
    He stopped reading and looked at the camera.
    Daxter: GAME RIGHTS!
    He brought his attention back towards the contact.
    Daxter: Vitamin endorsements, city kickbacks, movie deals, and of course, all
    death and dismemberment accident insurance claims.
    Krew: Heh heh heh... we can work out the tiny details later. If you can get
    from here to the Race Garage near the stadium in less than 3 minutes, my client
    said that she would consider letting you drive for her team. Make me proud,
    SCENE 32 - Who's Behind the Curtain?                               CODE - 1CRT
    They took the challenge and got there in no time. Once there, they went into a
    race garage, almost empty.
    Jak: Ah... hello? Krew said someone was looking for a race driver?
    Suddenly, a female voice was heard behind a green curtain. Only her silhouette
    can be seen through it.
    Mechanic: I'm busy right now. You must be Krew's new errand boys. Look, I don't
    mean to be rude, you did get here fast, but I'm not interested in any new
    drivers right now, and I've got work to do.
    Jak: Is there anything we can do?
    Mechanic: No! I'm... ah... working on a secret, ah... ah... 'vehicle project'.
    Jak: Okay, sorry...
    Mechanic: Listen, if you think you've got the guts to race in this town, try
    taking my prototype JET-board out on the Stadium Course. Beat the Stadium
    Challenge, and maybe I'll consider you for my team.
    Silence then came across the room. Jak was basically looking at her direction
    with a hypnotized look on him. Daxter came over his face, and started waving
    his hands out in front of him to snap out of it. They then took the challenge
    and beat it.
    SCENE 33 - Jak puts JET-board away                                 CODE - 1JET
    As Jak was on his way towards the stadium exit, he placed the JET-board on a
    rack and stood back before looking on at it. He gave out a nod towards it.
    SCENE 34 - A Piece of Information                                  CODE - 1INF
    They returned to the mechanic, whom remained hidden.
    Jak: We beat the Stadium Challenge.
    Mechanic: Great. People do get lucky. Listen, don't you have someone to
    collect money from, or beat up, or something?
    Jak: You don't like us, do you?
    Mechanic: You work for that slime ball Krew. What's not to like?
    His attention was then brought over to a bunch of trophies near the curtain.
    Jak: Looks like you've won a few races. Isn't it true the city champion gets
    to tour the palace?
    Mechanic: Yeah, why?
    Jak: Could you get me into the palace?
    Mechanic: A friendly visit I gather.
    Jak: Yeah. I'm a real fan of the Baron.
    Mechanic: Okay. I'll help you out if you stop bothering me. I saw an old
    maintenance elevator at the base of one of the Palace support towers. That old
    lift might take you up to the palace, IF you can find a way to turn on the
    elevator's power.
    SCENE 35 - Whine, Women and Song                                   CODE - 1SNG
    They went back to the Hip Hog. This time, the blonde girl from before was seen
    behind the bar, and Daxter came towards her immediately.
    Daxter: Hey sugarplum. You new here? Well, whatcha got that's, uh, hot and...
    Wait, I've seen you before. You're with the Underground.
    Girl: Shhh! I'm Tess. Torn sent me to spy on Krew. Play along, and I may be
    able to get my hands on a few of Krew's secrets
    Daxter: Oooooh... I love 'undercover' work, baby! But ah, two can work better
    than one. Let me help you out.
    Tess: Hee hee hee...
    Daxter jumped behind the bar, and hid himself from view.
    Daxter: Wow! There sure are a lot of bottles back here.
    He started consuming the contents of every bottle he could find.
    Daxter: Whew! Ooh that's, ooh that, that goes down aah... Ooh boy, gee ya
    spose that's real gold floatin' in here? How 'bout this purple stuff? Glug,
    glug, glug... WHEW!
    As he continued with his drinking, Krew came into view.
    Krew: Jak! I need you and the talking rat to go around and make a few
    collections for me.
    Before he could continue, Daxter showed himself back into view, looking drunk.
    Daxter: Hey there, five chins... how's crimes?
    Jak couldn't help but give out a silent chuckle.
    Krew: What's his problem, 'ey?
    Daxter: Nothin'... I'm just fine... mind your own business...
    He then fell onto his back upon the surface of the bar.
    Daxter: I sometimes feel so very...
    He continued to drone crazily, while Krew got back to speaking to Jak.
    Krew: Listen, I have six 'clients' around town who are about to make money
    drops for me. I need you to collect each moneybag as fast as you can and 'take
    care' of any guards who get curious, mmmmn. Get to a moneybag too late and
    some townie might pick it up.
    Daxter: (sits up) ...DRRYY!... You know what's da trouble with you Krew? You
    got no vision... This place could be a real swingin' joint... Hop Heg Hiven
    with more dancin', more mac'n, more WOMEN!...
    Krew: Just collect all 14 moneybags before they disappear and bring them back
    Soon after he said that, Daxter got round to kissing Jak's hand and blurting
    out "I love you man!" for no good reason.
    Krew: If you lose even one bag, then don't come back, 'ey!
    SCENE 36 - Quite the Money Collectors                              CODE - 1MNY
    They left, and got all the money bags before returning to Krew.
    Krew: Mmmm, quite the money collectors, 'ey? Here's a Gun Upgrade. Now get out!
    I need my beauty nap.
    Daxter: Trust me brother. There aren't enough hours in the day.
    They took the gun upgrade and left the saloon.
    SCENE 37 - Torn Has A Mission                                      CODE - 1MSN
    They went back to the Underground, where Torn started to look concerned.
    Torn: One of my old Guard comrades was sent to the Pumping Station.
    While he spoke, Daxter was seen pulling funny faces behind his back,
    alternating with the swinging light above them.
    Torn: There's been no word from her patrol, and after what you guys ran into
    out there, I'm afraid she may need some help.
    Jak: Did you say 'she'?
    Torn: Don't even think about it!
    He then caught Daxter in his mischievous acts, leaving him to lean towards him
    angrily and stop the light from swinging.
    Daxter: WHAA! That's right! Don't mess with the sugar!
    Torn: This 'friend' of mine has helped the Underground many times before. Go
    back to the Pumping Station and take a look around. Render assistance if
    needed. Now get your squirrelly ass outta here!
    Daxter pulled one final raspberry at him, before Jak took a hold of him by the
    neck and they left for the Pumping Station.
    SCENE 38 - Meeting Ashelin                                         CODE - 1ASH
    It wasn't long until they reached a high clearing in the station itself.
    Daxter: Ehhh, what the heck are we doing risking our lives to rescue some old
    Krimzon Guard hag anyway?! She's probably got more facial hair than me!
    Just out of nowhere, a girl wearing red, blue and black clothes, ginger hair
    and similar markings to Torn came down.
    Girl: Who the Hell are you two?
    Daxter: Mmm, I do love a woman in uniform! Wanna bark some orders at me...
    woof... woof.
    He jumps onto her.
    Daxter: I'm your soldier on the front lines of looooove!
    He jumps off.
    Daxter: Waiter, foxhole for two...
    Girl: Keep talking, and I'll raise your voice a couple of octaves.
    Jak: Easy... Torn asked us to help you.
    Girl: I don't need help... but you might. We've got company.
    SCENE 39 - Daxter Makes His Move                                   CODE - 1MVE
    They then got surrounded by Metal Heads, and they cleared them all out. Then,
    the girl made her way back to a shuttle near her.
    Daxter: Watching me take care of those Metal Heads was, ahh... pretty...
    exciting... wasn't it sugar?
    She started up her ship, and the gust sent Daxter back a couple of feet.
    Daxter: Hey, sweet stripes, gimme them digits so I can look you up sometime.
    We'll party hard, big city style!
    Girl: Tell Torn Baron Praxis is planning something big. I think it has to do
    with that symbol.
    She points at a stump with a circular symbol with two eyes and a pair of curves
    above and below them.
    Jak: What is it?
    Girl: It's the Seal of the House of Mar. The founder of Haven City. We're being
    sent out on 'suicide missions' to locate artifacts from the time of his rule.
    If curiosity's worth dying for, you can ask the blind old soothsayer in the
    bazaar named Onin. She might know something about all this. Here's my bazaar
    access security pass.
    She tossed it in Jak's direction, and he took a look at the details inside it.
    Jak: Your name's Ashelin, huh?
    Ashelin: We're even now.
    She then flew away back to the city.
    Dater: Wow! What a woman! Arrggh!
    SCENE 40 - Vin Wants Scrambled Eggs                                CODE - 1EGG
    Once back at the city, they returned to the Power Station, where they spoke to
    Vin again.
    Vin: Hey, I want to thank you guys for saving my butt out there at the Strip
    Daxter: And we'd like to thank you for being such a bad shot.
    Vin: Ah yeah, sorry about that guys. Ah, I'm a bit jumpy these days.
    Daxter: Jumpy? We haven't noticed.
    There was silence for a while, before Daxter put on a frightened face.
    Daxter: Aaah! A Metal Head behind you!
    Vin: AAH! Whatha?!... Whatha?!... Wha!... Whhoooo.. Oohh...!
    With shock, he fell to the ground.
    Daxter: Just kidding... nice reaction time though.
    Feeling embarrassed, Vin brought himself back onto his feet.
    Vin: Not funny! Those Metal Heads have been attacking our mining operations
    and we're running out of eco! Eco power keeps the city shield walls up, and if
    the shield drops... well, we can all kiss our butts goodbye!
    Jak: I've got a few surprises for those Metal Heads.
    Vin: You've got to keep the shield walls up until the Shadow figures out what
    to do.
    As he spoke, Daxter climbed on top of one of the control panels.
    Vin: My readings show a drop in eco flow at the Drill Platform. Probably some
    Metal Head eggs draining away power.
    At that line, Daxter lost his footing and fell to the ground.
    Vin: So, use the Warp Gate to go to the platform and destroy every Metal Head
    egg you can find.
    Behind him, Daxter reclaimed himself, and swerved around before collapsing to
    the ground. Then, they went out to destroy the eggs.
    SCENE 41 - Meeting Onin and Pecker                                 CODE - 1ONN
    After that they made their way back to the city, and went inside Onin's tent at
    the bazaar. It had the authentic look of a mystic's home inside it.
    Daxter: Coooool! Check out all the dead stuff!
    He pokes a nearby monkey-parrot hanging on a rope, who slaps him back.
    Daxter: Owwww!
    Pecker: Touch the goods again, rat boy, and you'll be, arrrk, counting
    with your toes!
    He flew over to a woman at the other side of the tent, and sat on top of her
    large hat.
    Parrot: I am Pecker! Yes, yes, I know, my mother, she was... very vindictive. I
    am Onin's interpreter.
    The woman, being Onin, gave out various hand gestures and magical blue auras
    around her.
    Pecker: Onin welcomes you, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah... the usual boring
    salutations. She says it is good to see you again, Jak.
    Jak: But we've never met before.
    Pecker: Before... after... it is all the same.
    Daxter: Oh! Oh! Let me try! Aaah... she wants a... She wants a yakow bone! A
    yakow bladder! No... no... I got it! For many moons... she has... waited for...
    a juice pop? A jewel shop? Oh... oh... I know, she's got a hairball?! A hair
    lip? A hairy chest?
    Pecker: Close... but NO! Onin says you seek answers... arrrkkk, about the Tomb
    of Mar.
    Jak: So what do we need to know?
    Pecker: She's going on and on about mystical energy channels, evil curses,
    stupid 'ooooooo' crap. Forget all that, I'm gonna sum this up quickly, because
    now you're cutting into my siesta time. Onin wants you to recover three
    artifacts from the Precursor Mountain Temple. Not two! Not four! THREE! Use the
    Warp Gate at the northwest side of the city, and bring back the three items you
    They leave and collect the items.
    SCENE 42 - Crushing the Machine                                    CODE - 1MCH
    First, they find the Gear.
    Daxter: I bet that's the prize! They won't miss that one tiny gear.
    He took it from inside a large globe-like moving statue.
    Daxter: Like candy from a baby!
    He turned around, and as he walked back, the machine came to a stop and
    crumbled apart.
    Daxter: No one will ever know we were here!
    SCENE 43 - Good Vibes                                              CODE - 1VBS
    They left, and went for the second artifact - the Shard. Once there, Daxter
    climbed up to it, and looked at it suspiciously before tapping it. Then, he
    took it, but... that caused him to shake.
    Daxter: Wooooow. This puppy's got some vibraaaattioonn in it. This baby will
    put a smile on your face!
    SCENE 44 - Daxter Gets Burned                                      CODE - 1BRN
    They left, and went towards the final artifact - the lens.
    Daxter: That's some peeper, huh?
    As he spoke, they went into the light given off by the lens. Upon stopping,
    Daxter started sniffing.
    Daxter: Something's cooking? Hmm, kinda smells like...
    He looked behind him and saw his tail on fire.
    Daxter: Burnt Ottsel? Aggggghhhhh!!!
    He started running across the room with pain. As that happened, the platform
    that Jak stood on started to turn, leaving the lens to fall gently.
    Daxter: Eww, whoa, hot hot hot hot hotoo oo oo hot hot hot hot hot oh oh
    Finally, Jak took a hold of the lens and placed it in his grasp. At the same
    time, the fire was put out from Daxter's tail.
    Daxter: Eeehhhh...
    SCENE 45 - Vin, buddy. We need a Favor.                            CODE - 1FVR
    They left the scene, and made their way back to Vin, whom was seen typing
    furiously on a nearby control panel.
    Jak: Vin, buddy, we need a favor.
    Vin: I can't help you with your eco bill.
    Jak: We need you to switch on the access elevator in one of the Palace's
    support towers.
    Vin: Sheesh, that's part of the old B-Zone power grid? It hasn't worked for
    Jak: Well, if it's too hard for you, I understand. Power stuff can be tricky.
    Vin: Tricky? Hmmmmmph...
    He started moving across the Power Station, typing at all sorts of panels and
    dealing with several buttons and triggers.
    Vin: I could route the B-Zone conduit lines through the bypass grid, shunting
    past the eco rings to connect the inductor tubes in series, then back through
    the outer wall indicator helix and across the resonant flux routes into the
    number five capacitor array. Assuming the circuits in the GX75B can handle the
    surge, I could link the phase loop lines into the primary coils, and presto,
    you've got instant lift juice!
    He finally stopped messing with the controls.
    Jak: Vin, you're a genius!
    Vin: Eh, actually Mar was the genius. People said he made most of this stuff
    long ago - the shield-wall system, the eco grid. Anyway, to get that elevator
    moving, you gotta find and turn on all the old B-Zone power boxes located in
    the city. There are five of 'em!
    Daxter: That doesn't sound so tough.
    Vin: No. Except those power boxes are guarded by motion-sensing turbo cannons!
    But, if you can destroy the cannons, and switch the boxes on, I can do the
    Both Jak and Daxter made their way towards the exit to the station.
    Vin: Just don't tell the Baron I ever saw ya!
    They cleared the task, and went onto the elevator.
    SCENE 46 - The Secret Meeting                                      CODE - 1MTG
    They went across to the roof of the palace, and looked down from above through
    a glass panel, to a chapel-like room, where Praxis and Erol were seen
    inside... with a hologram of a monster.
    Praxis: I've told you, I will have more eco by week's end. We'll transport it
    directly to your nest, as promised!
    Monster: A deal is of no value if you can't deliver, my dear Baron. I grow
    impatient with your puny gestures. Give me the agreed upon eco soon, or the
    deal is off, and your precious city will pay the price!
    The hologram vanished, and Erol started to show a face filled with anger.
    Erol: He's toying with us! Let me lead an assault on the Nest before it's too
    late! I can take him!
    Praxis: Patience, commander. No one has ever penetrated the Metal Head Nest.
    You know that! I've seen what comes of such foolish plans.
    He brought up one of his hands and placed it lightly to his head as he shook
    it lightly. Before long, he brought himself back to his senses and looked on
    at the city view through the window, the rain washing down upon the glass.
    Praxis: No! Strength is their weakness... We play helpless... We train them
    to eat from our hands, and then...
    He turned around and faced Erol with a more determined look.
    Praxis: Move forward with the plan! Tell Ashelin to up her patrols. I want
    that Tomb found!
    Erol: But your daughter has not been... agreeable.
    Praxis: Agggg... I'll see to that problem. One way or another.
    Jak: (aside) Ashelin is the Baron's daughter?
    Praxis: And find that child! If you'd spend half as much time looking for that
    little brat as you spend flirting with that mechanic girl, we would have
    pinned his royal ass to a wall long ago.
    As he spoke his lines, Daxter started to get into the edge of sneezing.
    Erol: As you wish. With enough persuasion, I'm sure our spy will...
    Unfortunately, Daxter couldn't hold the sneeze and let off a mass of snot up
    on the glass. The sounds attracted Erol's attention.
    Erol: What was that?!
    As he looked up, there was nothing in view. Jak ended up hiding himself and
    Daxter away from the glass panes, with the latter having his mouth held shut.
    SCENE 47 - The Baron Confronts Jak                                 CODE - 1BAR
    They both tried to leave the roof of the palace, but... they got stopped by a
    large flying mech. And inside it, was Praxis himself.
    Praxis: So, we have a rat in the walls, do we?! A rat and his boy it seems!
    Back for a few more Dark Eco treatments?! Well, allow me to put you both out of
    your misery!
    SCENE 48 - I Will Destroy You!                                     CODE - 1DST
    The three then got engaged in a fight, but... Praxis got defeated, with his
    mech hitting an electric barrier and exploding. But... he came out alive,
    flying in an escape ship.
    Praxis: The dark powers I gave you can't protect you forever! Since I made you,
    I can destroy you! We'll meet again soon!
    And so he flew away from sight.
    Daxter: Yeah, whatever. Bye bye!
    SCENE 49 - What Did You Two Do?                                    CODE - 1WHT
    Once back on the City grounds, they made their way back to the hideout, where
    Torn was seen with an anxious/angry face... and with Kor and the kid near him.
    Torn: The city is on high alert. What the Hell did you two do?
    Daxter: Us?!... nothing. We've been... ah... sightseeing, right Jak?
    Torn: Really?! Then why are the Krimzon Guard looking for... "a dangerous
    young man with light hair, blue tunic, and a rabid orange RAT on his
    Daxter: Ahh... Could be anyone. Orange is the new black this season.
    Jak: Look, we've climbed up to the Baron's palace... and... we tripped a few
    Daxter: Oh right... that too.
    Torn: What? I didn't authorize a strike on the...!
    Jak: Hey, we kicked the Baron's ass. Unfortunately, he escaped.
    Daxter: ...AND we overheard a secret meeting with the leader of the Metal
    Kor: You saw the Metal Head leader?
    Jak: No, he was on some communicator, but we heard him talking with Baron
    Daxter: The Baron is bribing the Metal Heads with eco!
    Kor: Hmmph... it will never be enough.
    Daxter: But the Baron's gonna double cross 'em!
    Kor: Is that so? Well our good Baron's wonderful 'charm' must have angered
    someone, because there's word from the Wasteland that Metal Head armies are on
    the move again!
    Jak: Why didn't you tell me Ashelin was Praxis's daughter? What's your
    connection with her?
    Torn: That's none of your business! Since you've stirred up the wumpbee's nest,
    you and whiskers here need to get four of our people to new safe houses.
    Shuttle each agent to a location they specify. Move all of them WITHOUT any
    casualties. Don't screw this up, Jak!
    SCENE 50 - Protect the Sacred Site                                 CODE - 1STE
    They left, and sorted out the task. Then, they returned to Torn for another
    Torn: Scouts report movement in Dead Town. Creatures moving towards the Sacred
    Site. Just as before.
    Daxter: What happened... ah, before?
    Torn: Metal Heads broke through the old city wall. We fought them, but then
    the Baron pulled back, leaving everyone outside the 'new barrier' to die. Only
    the Shadow stayed and somehow stopped the attack.
    Jak: And now you expect us to go out there again?
    Torn: You catch on fast! If you prevent the Metal Heads from reaching the
    Sacred Site, the Shadow will be... most grateful. He might even ask to see
    He then took out a gun barrel, and slung it across the table.
    Torn: Hey, I'm probably wasting this, but here's a Vulcan Barrel for that pea
    shooter of yours. Believe me, you're gonna need it!
    Jak loaded the barrel into his gun, and tried aiming it with a smile on his
    face. That left Torn to shake his head with disbelief. Then, they left.
    SCENE 51 - It's our world!                                         CODE - 1WLD
    They got rid of all the Metal Heads before looking at the Sacred Site
    itself... which was also a familiar sight to them. It was a hut with a wooden
    bridge, looking darkened and wrecked.
    Daxter: Is that... Is that... No, it couldn't be... that's not...
    Jak: It's Samos's Hut.
    Daxter: But... What?... How?... When?... Where??... Why???!!!
    Jak: We're in the future, Dax... This... horrible place... is... our... world!
    ACT 2
    SCENE 1 - Meeting the Shadow                                       CODE - 2SDW
    They immediately left for Torn with the image of the hut still fixed in their
    minds, but... they were also given a real surprise.
    Torn: The Shadow has decided it's time to meet you.
    Jak: Why is that place in the old ruins so important to you?
    Torn: There's a powerful energy force at the old house. The Metal Heads are
    drawn to it.
    As he spoke, Daxter tried to take a peak over Torn's shoulder.
    Jak: No kidding? We used to know the guy that lived there.
    In Daxter's view, he saw a small green figure with a white moustache and
    goatee, and had a log covered with moss on his head.
    Man: So, you're the new recruits who keep getting into trouble.
    Daxter: Oh no, not you!
    Man: Welcome to our humble Underground movement. I am known as the Shadow, but
    you may call me Samos. And you are?
    Daxter: Sheesh Jak, we went through all that to meet his holiness, ol' log on
    the head, grandpa green?!
    Jak: Don't you know who we are?
    Samos: Sorry kid... never seen you before... and I never forget a face...
    especially one that ugly.
    He pointed at Daxter upon saying that.
    Daxter: So it begins...
    Jak: How is this possible? We came through the rift with you... into the
    future... right?
    Daxter: Yeah! You used to look older than dirt and uglier than a knotted stump.
    What gives? Did you get a little nip and tuck while we were gone?
    Samos: Listen boys, I don't know what kind of twigs you've been chewing on, but
    I don't have time for this. We've got a Baron to overthrow, a child heir to
    protect, an invasion of Metal Heads to stop, and a city to save. I'd say the
    schedule's pretty full! Besides, I haven't gone through any rifts. I hate
    Daxter: Sure sounds like the ol' Samos.
    Samos: Right now I need you to go to Haven Forest and root out a few Metal
    Heads. That forest is my source of power, but I can't protect it much longer.
    Chase down and destroy all the Metal Head scouts you find there. Good luck...
    and welcome to the fight!
    SCENE 2 - Getting the JET-Board                                    CODE - 2JET
    They leave for the forest, and once they reached the city exit, a surprise was
    there for them - the JET-board was there to be used.
    Daxter: WOW! The JET-board's ours. I call shotgun!
    Jak picked up the board and put it away, before the pair clashed fists with
    victory. They could now take the board anywhere they want, anytime they want.
    They used it to eliminate the scouts as promised, before returning to the
    SCENE 3 - What's This Kid's Story?                                 CODE - 2KID
    Samos was seen outside with the kid and a green dog creature.
    Samos: I want you boys to escort the kid over to Kor at the Power Station. He
    promised to look out for the boy, and I'm just too busy to baby-sit right now.
    Oh, and take the kid's Croco-dog with you!
    The green dog looked at Samos, and growled at him.
    Samos: Oh, hee... hee... isn't he sweet?
    Jak: So what's this kid's story?
    Samos: I found him just wandering the streets. But that amulet around his neck
    means he may just be the lost heir to the city. Take the kid and the mutt to
    the Power Station. Watch out for guard patrols and defend the kid at all costs.
    Oh... and if you happen to lose the Croco-dog...
    The dog growled at Samos again.
    SCENE 4 - Kor and the Kid                                          CODE - 2KOR
    They took them both over to the Power Station, where Kor was in wait.
    Daxter: Samos told us to bring the kid to you.
    Kor: Thank you. I'll be sure to keep him close.
    The dog approached him, and growled again.
    Kor: How sweet...
    But his growling was halted when Jak stroked him, causing it to smile.
    Kor: Interesting. That insufferable mutt never liked anyone but the boy before.
    Jak: I guess I'm just good with animals.
    Kor: I hope we have enough eco to keep the Metal Heads at bay. During my
    travels in the deep Wasteland I saw some of the bigger ones. Awesome creatures.
    Daxter: We saw a big one coming out of a rift once. He was uuuuuuugly!
    Kor: Hmmmmphh... I have some valuable information for you. The Baron is
    conducting an excavation at the Dig. He is still looking for that ridiculous
    While he spoke, the Croco-dog had his back leg raised and urinated the tip of
    Kor's walking stick.
    Kor: Frankly, I don't believe it exists, but you might as well go out there and
    disrupt his operation just in case.
    He raised his stick up slightly, and shook it dry.
    Kor: Knock down all the scaffolding at the site. That should set him back. Here
    is an Air Train pass to get you out of there.
    The kid gave the pass to Jak, whom left with it to the air train.
    SCENE 5 - Outbound                                                 CODE - 2OUT
    They got to the train, and they stood up looking towards the city as the door
    closes. It went over the walls, towards the dig.
    SCENE 6 - The Landing Pad                                          CODE - 2PAD
    The ship lands on the pad, and they get out. As they did that, they jumped off
    the door and headed towards the Dig.
    SCENE 7 - The Drill Topples                                        CODE - 2DRL
    They got rid of all the scaffolding, and the drill in the middle spun around
    vigorously before blowing up into a wreck.
    SCENE 8 - Taking Off                                               CODE - 2TKN
    They left the dig and went in the train again. Once in, they both sat down,
    the door closed, and the train left the scene.
    SCENE 9 - Coming In                                                CODE - 2CMN
    The train reached its spot in the city. The door opened, and Jak walked on it
    towards the paving nearby.
    SCENE 10 - Sneak Attack!                                           CODE - 2SNK
    They headed into the market bazaar, where they met up with Ashelin and a bunch
    of Krimzon Guards.
    Daxter: How's it riding in the hood, red?
    The guards block them off.
    Ashelin: Get out of the area. This is Krimzon Guard business! One of Vin's eco
    tankers is coming in from the wasteland, but the clearance transmission sounded
    fishy. The driver was scared. We're going to check it out. Just in case.
    Jak: How can we help?
    Ashelin: I've got it handled.
    Then... the said eco tanker broke into the bazaar, blew up, and took the guards
    with it. It remained still before a bunch of Metal Heads sprawled out of it.
    Daxter: Ahhh! A Metal Head sneak attack!
    Ashelin: Damn! It's just us! Help me take out all the Metal Heads!
    And so they did.
    SCENE 11 - Ashelin Is Worried                                      CODE - 2ASH
    The area became peaceful again, leaving Ashelin to kick a barrel before
    speaking again.
    Ashelin: We got 'em all! The Metal Heads are getting bolder every day. It's
    almost like they're testing our defenses, like probing attacks. I've got a bad
    feeling about this.
    And then she left the scene.
    Jak: Yeah... you're welcome.
    SCENE 12 - Krew Has Another Job                                    CODE - 2KRW
    They moved onto a mission set by Krew - destroying the cargo in the port.
    After that was done, they returned to the Hip Hog with the news. Upon entry, a
    Krimzon Guard was leaving the building.
    Krew: The Baron sent his goons to harass me as usual, 'ey! Health violations.
    Bank taxes! Everyone wants a piece of me. Aaahh well!
    Daxter: Lucky for you, there's plenty to go around!
    Krew: Destroying that cargo in the port was more important than you know, ey?
    I've got a new project going, and I don't need anyone snooping around my
    shipments. Let's just say, if everything goes as planned, I'm going to corner
    the market in Metal Head trophies. Ha, ha, ha, ha. Anyway, I have another job
    for you. An associate of mine, Brutter, works with me in the forced labor
    Jak: You mean the slave trade?
    Krew: I prefer 'freedom challenged'. Lurkers are the city's low class labor.
    Brutter pays me handsomely to help him free lurkers and get them safely out of
    the city. Ahhh, it lifts my spirit to help those in need... and I NEED his
    Daxter: Lurkers? We don't like lurkers!
    Krew: But you do like Gun Upgrades, 'ey?
    He tossed a black device in Jak's direction.
    Krew: There are three Krimzon Guard Transports carrying Lurkers to a 'project'
    the Baron has outside the city. Take out the transports, and bring the three
    lurkers to Brutter's trinket stand in the Bazaar.
    SCENE 13 - Meeting Brutter                                         CODE - 2BRT
    They rescued the Lurkers, and brought them to Brutter, who looked ecstatic
    with the result.
    Brutter: Little orangey warrior! You have do great thing for Brutter and Lurker
    He started kissing Daxter upon the face, whom revolts at the touch.
    Daxter: Eeeck! No toucha the 'do'.
    Brutter: Oh, sorry... You great guys! Brutter not forget. Brutter pay you back.
    You see!
    SCENE 14 - The Art Collector                                       CODE - 2ART
    They left, and returned to the saloon for another mission.
    Krew: Years ago, when I was an art 'collector', I hit the local museum to,
    mmmm, 'borrow' a famous statue of Mar, the founder of Haven City. In his hands,
    the statue held the Ruby Key to the city, an artifact of surpassing beauty...
    and of course, priceless worth, 'ey!
    Daxter: Oh! I just love art!
    Krew: While smuggling the huge statue through the Sewers, 'ey, a grueling
    rainstorm flooded the whole place. The statue and five of my best men were
    swept away!
    Jak: That's terrible.
    Krew: Yes, a tragic loss. I've missed that statue ever since! The Sewers have
    been so full of water and Metal Heads that I can't get anyone to go down there
    and retrieve the artifact. But you're special Jak. You can do it!
    Daxter: Jak? Hey, what am I? Chopped liver?
    Krew: Ohhh, don't I wish, mmmmmmmm! Now, go down there, drain the Sewers, and
    find that statue at the bottom. Bring back the Ruby Key artifact, and it will
    open up doors beyond our wildest dreams, 'ey!
    Jak: Great, more mucking in the mud...
    Daxter: I hate to burst your bathtub bubbles baby, but that ain't just mud down
    SCENE 15 - God I Miss Pants!                                       CODE - 2PNT
    They drained the sewers and reached the statue. Daxter climbed for the key,
    and after a couple of tugs the key came out and fell towards the ground. Jak
    brought his hand down to catch it before landing.
    Jak: Whoo... Got it! Where would you be without me, eh Dax?
    Daxter: Well Jak, I probably wouldn't be two feet tall, fuzzy, and running
    around in a sewer without a pair of pants... God I miss pants.
    SCENE 16 - We've Still Got Trouble                                 CODE - 2TRB
    With success, they returned to Vin in the Power Station. He came down to them
    in a crate-platform.
    Vin: Jak, we've still got trouble at the Strip Mine. I think the Baron set me
    up. Actually... ah, ahh, I think everybody's trying to kill me!
    Jak: What are you talking about?
    Vin: Those eco wells the Baron had us drill? It seems he never intended to
    pipe them into the city grid. It doesn't make any sense! You know, open eco
    wells will attract more Metal Heads!
    Looking more afraid than before, he took a tug onto Daxter's chest.
    Vin: You've got to close them off!
    He released his grip and picked up a crate at the other side of the room.
    Vin: Now, these plasmite bombs should do the trick.
    He tossed it over to Jak.
    Vin: Drop one into each well, eh, and the blast will do the rest.
    Just then, Jak loses his footing slightly, causing a bomb to get out and
    letting Daxter juggle it to retain its balance.
    Vin: Hey! Be careful with that!
    Daxter: Plasmite, huh? Cool. How does it work?
    He pressed onto the bomb, causing it to open up and show a red flashing
    Daxter: Agghhh! I believe this is yours!
    He tossed it to Vin.
    Vin: Hey, not my problem anymore.
    He threw it back to Daxter, causing a "hot potato" type scenario to go as they
    tossed it back and forth between each other.
    Daxter: No. Really. I insist.
    Vin: Hey. You're the hero!
    Daxter: No! Jak's the hero!
    He threw the bomb back in the crate... and then they were ALL set off.
    Daxter: Oops. Sorry. My bad...
    Vin: Great! Now you've armed the whole lot! Don't move!
    He paused for a split second before speaking again.
    Vin: On second thought, MOVE! Far away! Go through the portal and drop one
    bomb into each eco well before they all go off!
    They went through the portal.
    Vin: You only have two minutes!
    SCENE 16 - The Wells Go Boom!                                      CODE - 2WLL
    They managed to toss a bomb into each of the wells, and when the time came,
    they all blew up. The sight of it caused Daxter to do some karate poses with
    Daxter: Woo. HIGH YA! Whaaaaa!
    Before he could try anything else, a part of the explosion sent him down to the
    ground. Then, they returned to Vin.
    SCENE 17 - Kor Is Upset                                            CODE - 2UPS
    Daxter: What a brainwreck! Vin sure is scared of Metal Heads.
    As he said that, Kor made his way inside the station.
    Kor: And for good reason. I've seen what Metal Heads do when they take a city.
    The destruction. The killing. The devouring. The Baron's scheming will only
    result in this city's falling prey like all the others before it. We must
    replace Praxis before it's too late. I am happy to say that you and your
    sidekick are causing quite a stir in our fight against the Baron.
    Daxter: You hear that Jak? You're the sidekick!
    His attention was then brought to Kor pulling back one of his robes.
    Daxter: Hey, uh, wise and whiskered. You, uh, got something itchin' under your
    robes? They have ointment for that you know.
    Kor: It's just my aching bones. We have word that the Baron is sending out one
    of his large tanker ships and to the Drill Platform to pick up a load of ill-
    gotten eco. Go out to the Drill Platform through the Warp Gate and knock out
    that ship! The Shadow will send a team from the Underground to pick up the eco
    later. Keep up the good work. We're counting on you!
    They went to the Drill Platform and took out the ships.
    SCENE 18 - Daxter's Tall Tale                                      CODE - 2TLL
    They then left and went back to the Hip Hog. Once in there, Daxter got
    accustomed and sat on the bar.
    Daxter: So there I was, toe to toe with FIVE of the nastiest Metal Heads you
    ever saw! Slime oozing from monstrous jaws! Teeth sharper than daggers!
    Slowly, all TEN of 'em surround me. But do I surrender? No! I summon my highly
    trained killer instincts, and pounce! Hya! Chooy! Whaa! HAA! And when the dust
    cleared, there were TWENTY less Metal Heads in the world!
    Tess: Ohhh, Daxter you're amazing!
    Daxter: Yeah, I know. Scratch me there.
    He pointed at his back, and Tess started rubbing him there.
    Sig: Quite a story there, golden boy. I guess you're just the 'animal' I need
    for another dangerous gig. Combat Metal Heads have now been spotted right here
    in Haven Forest! These new bad boys have special camouflage, so they're tough
    to spot but I'm sure with your 'killer instincts' you'll manage. Go to the
    forest and take 'em all out.
    They left, and killed every last one of them. Then they returned to the
    stadium to see the mechanic again.
    SCENE 19 - Happy Reunion                                           CODE - 2HPY
    Jak: We destroyed Krew's cargo.
    Mechanic: Great. I'll send you a medal. Now, if you don't mind, I'm on a
    deadline, so scram.
    Jak: Are you always this difficult?
    Daxter: Let me handle this, Jak. Listen lady, we beat your stupid course, and
    we can outrace anybody in this city.
    Mechanic: Wait! That voice...
    Daxter: And there's just two things you need to know. One, we don't want to
    join your stinking race team, and two... you just lost a date with Orange
    Lightning. Let's go Jak.
    They were about to leave, but... the green curtain was pulled open, showing
    the mechanic in full figure - she was Keira!
    Keira: Daxter, it IS you!
    Daxter: Keira?!
    Keira: Oh I never thought I'd be so glad to see your furry mug! And Jak! You
    look... different.
    Jak: It's been a tough ride.
    Daxter: The Baron pumped our boy here full of Dark Eco, and it did something
    to him. Now he's got super moves or something, and a few anger issues as well!
    Keira: I've been looking for you guys forever and planning a way to get us
    back home. Somehow that rift took us far into the future. I've calculated the
    time displacement...
    Jak: We found your father... well, sort of.
    Daxter: Working with the Underground fighting the Baron. But he's ahh...
    Keira: What!?
    Jak: You need to go see him. And I need to get to the Baron.
    Keira: You could try to win the Class One Racing Championship. The winner of
    that big race always gets to meet the Baron in the Palace. But you have to
    qualify by winning the lower class races. There's a Class Three race starting
    soon. You can drive for my team. But Jak, we should think about getting you
    out of here. I don't like this place. And some of the people are creepy.
    Immediately after she finished speaking, Krew flew into the building.
    Krew: Jak, my boy. I need that Ruby Key you found, 'ey. A 'special client' has
    requested it.
    Jak: Sorry about that, Krew. Heh heh... I must've forgotten.
    Krew: Right!
    Jak took out the key and gave it to Krew, whom gave out a smile upon its grasp
    around his fingers. Then, they went for the race and won.
    SCENE 20 - The Cat Fight                                           CODE - 2CAT
    Upon returning in the garage, their trophy was placed on a shelf.
    Daxter: When is this city gonna provide some challenge, huh?
    Suddenly, Ashelin came into the room.
    Ashelin: Hey, I watched you race today. You were pretty amazing out there.
    Jak: Oh, thanks... ah, Keira, ah this is Ashelin. She's just...
    Keira: Everyone knows who she is.
    Jak: And Keira's a...
    Keira: A friend. A very good friend.
    Ashelin: Thanks for helping out with that tanker, Jak. You saved a lot of
    She starts to leave the room.
    Ashelin: I'm not my father, you know. Ever since I was a little girl, I've
    looked down at the city streets from that ridiculous Palace, and imagined a
    better place.
    A bunch of Krimzon Guards came past the garage.
    Ashelin: By the way, they're hunting for you. I'd watch out for Erol. I can't
    protect you from him.
    She then left the building.
    Daxter: Whew, she's a betty! And she likes you Jak, not that I can account for
    her tastes. I bet you'd love to pin some medals on her chest, huh? Hee hee
    The comments caused Keira to leave.
    Daxter: What? What'd I say? What did you say, Jak?
    SCENE 21 - The Legend of Mar's Tomb                                CODE - 2MAR
    They went over to Onin's tent in the bazaar, where they met up with her,
    Pecker, and Samos inside.
    Samos: The birdbrain and I were just talking about you Jak. Onin is very proud
    of what you did.
    Jak: What I did?
    Pecker: What you did... what you'll do... it's all the same.
    Daxter: Will you stop with the deja voodoo stuff! It's creepy!
    Samos: Onin says you must find the Tomb of Mar.
    Pecker: Even now, Baron Praxis seeks the tomb, but only... arrrk!!! The one
    true heir of Mar can open the Tomb's seal.
    Samos: We believe the kid is the key.
    Pecker: The prophecies say the true heir of Mar must face the ancient Oracle.
    He alone must circumvent the cunning tests of manhood. He alone must wield the
    Precursor Stone, thereby unleashing... Geez, louise, fossil lady! Stop with
    the snotty mystic talk already!
    He brought his head down to her face.
    Pecker: You know that it hurts my lips!
    Jak: Why is Mar's tomb so important?
    Pecker: The fabled Precursor Stone is fabled to sleep within the Tomb, stupid.
    I added the 'stupid' part. The Precursor Stone contains vast eco energies. It
    can be used for great good.. or... great eeeevil! I just love saying that last
    Samos: The Baron wants the Precursor Stone for himself to rule the world. But
    he is playing with forces he does not understand.
    While he spoke, Daxter fell asleep on top of Jak's shoulder.
    Jak: Okay Pecker, so how do I get this Precursor Stone?
    Pecker tried to speak, but Samos cut him off.
    Samos: First, you must go to the Dig and find the Lurker totem. Onin and I
    learned that a piece to the Seal of Mar is contained within its ancient
    carvings. You must find all three pieces of the seal to open Mar's gate into
    the canyon.
    SCENE 22 - It's a Curse, Isn't It?                                 CODE - 2CRS
    They leave for the dig, and it wasn't long until they reached the totem.
    Daxter: I'm on it! Wait a minute. I think this time you should go get the
    That left Jak to climb up for the piece, held at the top of the pole.
    Daxter: Looks dodgy up there! Don't hurt yourself, Jak!
    He pulled it out, as well as a wooden chunk... which fell on top of Daxter and
    covered him up from the belly up. He climbed down, and they went away from the
    pole together.
    Daxter: It's a curse, isn't it?
    They came to a stop, and Jak freed his partner. Then they returned to the city.
    SCENE 23 - A Piece of the Seal                                     CODE - 2SEL
    They found the second Seal Piece at the water slums. When they got it, the
    flying intercom showed up.
    Brutter: (on the comm) That is it. Piece of seal, yes? Nice and shiny, huh? All
    yours! Uh-oh, I think red troopers approaching!
    They escaped from the guards, and after that, they made their way back to the
    Underground base.
    SCENE 24 - The HellCat Mission                                     CODE - 2HLL
    Torn: The Baron's coming down pretty hard. Whatever you've been doing, you've
    really upset him.
    Jak: I'm just getting started.
    Torn: He's brought in new Krimzon Guard 'Hellcat' Cruisers, making the streets
    dangerous for the Underground. We've already lost five men this week.
    Jak: Your 'men' should be able to take care of themselves... but I wouldn't
    mind taking out a few Cruisers if that's what you're getting at.
    Torn: Never part of a bigger cause, eh Jak? Fine, I'll take your help any way I
    can get it. Bring down all five 'Hellcat' Cruisers. That should send the Baron
    a message.
    They went on to destroy the HellCats.
    SCENE 25 - Onin's Challenge                                        CODE - 2ONN
    They returned to the Bazaar to meet up with Onin again. This time, she was
    seen in 'conversation' with Kor.
    Kor: Expecting that little boy to save us is folly! At his age, he is no match
    for the Metal Head leader.
    He turns around, and notices Jak stepping in.
    Kor: Oh... Jak. We were just talking about Samos's plan.
    Pecker: Onin says your voice sounds very familiar. I'll bet you two golden
    oldies go WAY back, huh? Onin needs you to prove yourself, Jak. You've shown
    your brass, and your brawn. Now you must use your brains as well. Frankly, I
    think she's pushing it, but I'm not the boss. Beat this test, and the third
    piece to the Seal will be revealed.
    SCENE 26 - Mar's Seal is Complete                                  CODE - 2CMP
    They took the test, and the Seal piece was shown.
    Pecker: Behold! The Seal of Mar is now complete. Onin says the three artifacts
    you've retrieved from the Mountain Temple... arrrrk... are relics from an
    ancient Light Tower. Old songs tell how this light tower once shined down on
    the actual site of Mar's tomb! I sing one of these songs for you.
    He then started singing with barely any tune whatsoever.
    Pecker: "From the mists of time, Mar's light would shine..."
    Jak: Whoa there iron lungs! Just tell us what we need to do.
    Pecker: Cretins with no taste, huh?
    He gave out a dry spit with disgust.
    Pecker: You must take the three artifacts to Mar's gate. Only then will the
    Light Tower rise and reveal the tomb.
    SCENE 27 - The Seal Opens the Door                                 CODE - 2DOR
    They reached the gate. Jak brought his hand out with the seal on it, and then
    it floated towards the middle of the door before it opened up.
    SCENE 28 - The Light Tower Rises                                   CODE - 2TWR
    Ahead from the gate, they reached a large site. Jak gave Daxter the gear, whom
    ran to it towards a table with a pair of larger gears, while he himself went
    across a bunch of stepping stones over a pond to a large magnifying glass. The
    gear and the lens were put into place almost at the same time, causing the
    Light Tower to rise from the spring. Then, Jak got out the shard, and placed
    it in an alcove, which operated a claw-like machine. It charged with a light,
    which reflected off the lens, which destroyed the statue of Praxis in the city
    itself. The Tomb was there.
    SCENE 29 - Jak Finds Mar's Tomb                                    CODE - 2TMB
    They went over to the Tomb, and met Samos, Kor and the kid upon arrival.
    Samos: You did it, Jak! You actually found Mar's tomb!
    Jak: Great! Now what? We send this poor kid into a meat grinder?
    Kor: This is the day I've long awaited! To finally hold the fabled Precursor
    Stone in my hands.
    Samos: You must be cautious, child. The tests of manhood are sure to be fraught
    with peril and Mar's heir must face them alone.
    Daxter: It's okay, kid. You can do it. It's just a deep, pitch-black, 'sure to
    be filled to the brim with painful death' old tomb. I wouldn't go in there.
    Then... the sound of shuffling was heard. Oracle was then heard from the top of
    the room.
    Oracle: Welcome, heir of Mar. Finally, the chosen one stands before me. Enter
    and prove yourself worthy to claim the ancient birthright.
    The door opened, but... when it was halfway there, it came to a stop.
    Oracle: NO! This child is too young to face the tests!
    The door then started to close.
    Kor: What?! No!
    Samos: Do something, Jak!
    And so he did - he went towards the door.
    Daxter: Jak, remember the 'sure to be filled to the brim with painful death'
    Jak then rolled underneath the door. Daxter came towards it, but tried to run
    away from it.
    Daxter: YAAAAGHH!!!
    Before he could go any further, Jak took him by the tail and pulled him in.
    They started to deal with the tests of manhood.
    Samos: Great tree limbs! He's gone to face the tests!
    Kor: No, he's gone to his death.
    But they were not alone.
    Guard: FREEZE!
    SCENE 30 - Daxter Lends a Hand                                     CODE - 2HND
    Along the way, they found a boulder supported by a small iron bar. Daxter came
    to it and - with a few tugs - he pulled it out. But that caused it to start
    rolling and a chase occurring for the ottsel.
    SCENE 31 - Daxter's Hairy Chase                                    CODE - 2HRY
    At one instant, the boulder ended up jammed. Daxter refreshed himself, and
    looked behind him. But a change occurred; the boulder showed its true form - a
    giant spider.
    Daxter: AGGGHH!!!!
    He ran away from it, and after a fair amount of running, the doors closed
    behind him and he came to a stop. That left Jak to tackle the rest of the
    test(s) alone.
    SCENE 32 - The Tomb Doors                                          CODE - 2DRS
    One of the tests were completed, and as that happened... all the torches
    leading towards the tomb were turned off like lightbulbs.
    SCENE 33 - The First Beam                                          CODE - 2BM1
    The beam from the Second Test of Manhood was launched towards the door.
    SCENE 34 - The Second Beam                                         CODE - 2BM2
    The other beam - the one from the First Test of Manhood - was then sent out to
    the door, completing the set.
    SCENE 35 - The Door Opens                                          CODE - 2OPN
    The power of the two beams opened up the door slowly but carefully.
    SCENE 36 - The Precursor Stone!                                    CODE - 2STN
    Jak went inside the door and was reunited with Daxter.
    Jak: Daxter, there you are! What happened to you?
    Daxter: I had a hairy experience! No thanks to you!
    Then... Oracle's voice was heard from nearby again.
    Oracle: Welcome young warrior. Many eons have passed since our hope burned so
    brightly. Today you have proven yourself worthy to receive Mar's legacy.
    Daxter: He's talking about me! Thanks, your holy-statueness.
    He bows in front of the statue ahead of him.
    Daxter: This tomb wasn't so tough!
    Oracle: What you are about to receive contains grave power, and with it comes
    grave responsibility. Eons ago, the Precursors waged a terrible war with the
    Hora-quan, those dark creatures you refer to as 'Metal Heads'. Driven by their
    dark leader, the Metal Head legions destroyed our great civilization, and now
    they swarm the universe unopposed, looking for the last relics of our power.
    Mar tried to hide the Precursor Stone in this tomb to protect it from them. It
    is our last hope, and you were chosen to keep that hope alive.
    Jak: I think you've got me confused with someone else. I just want the Stone.
    Oracle: It is time to fulfill your destiny! Behold!
    Inside the statue, a green stone was seen glowing brightly.
    Daxter: Wow! Let's get the goods!
    They went to get it, but... from behind them, a red flying spider mech came
    into view... controlled by Baron Praxis.
    Praxis: You fools! You brought me right to the Stone! Your pitiful Underground
    friends were no match for my guards above! Now I will gain the power I need to
    crush my enemies!
    He brought one of the legs down to the ground, causing the bridge between Jak
    and the Stone to crumble apart.
    Praxis: And after claiming the Stone, I'll begin with you!
    He brought the mech on top of the stone, and tried to take it.
    Oracle: Abomination! The Precursor Stone was not meant for you!
    The doors opened by the tests were closed, leaving a battle to rage between the
    two parties.
    SCENE 37 - The Baron Steals the Show                               CODE - 2SHW
    They had luck by blowing up Praxis's machine, but... he re-emerged in his
    escape ship, with the Stone in his possession.
    Praxis: Nice try, but the Stone is still mine! Don't worry... I will use the
    Stone to its full potential. Soon, all who oppose me will be destroyed by its
    And then he flew away.
    ACT 3
    SCENE 1 - Torn Admits His Treachery                                CODE - 3TRN
    There was only one place left for Jak and Daxter to go - back to the
    Underground, where Torn was in wait.
    Jak: How did the Baron know we were making a close move to the Stone?
    Torn: It's my fault. The Baron threatened to kill Ashelin for spying. His own
    daughter! I couldn't risk that, even for the Underground.
    Daxter: Right! Very good thinking... except Praxis has the Precursor Stone now,
    so he can do whatever he wants!
    Torn: There is still a way to get our friends back and maybe the Precursor
    Stone as well. I'll find Vin. Go to the fortress, and we'll call you.
    Jak: And why should we trust you?!
    Torn: Because you and I both know the Baron would have killed Ashelin!
    They hung their heads with the thought in mind.
    Torn: It'll be a tough ride through the fortress, probably suicide.
    Jak: You just get that door open! I'll be there!
    SCENE 2 - The Time Twins                                           CODE - 3TWN
    They went to the Fortress, and made their way towards the prison cells at the
    start of the game. Two doors were opened, and Daxter went towards one of them,
    having Tess inside it.
    Daxter: Hey there sweetheart! The Metal Head masher has saved the day! Oh, and
    I let Jak tag along too.
    Tess: Oh, my little hero!
    She picks him up and hugs him. Meanwhile, Jak approached the second cell, which
    had Samos inside it.
    Jak: Samos, are you alright?
    All of a sudden... an older version of Samos popped out of the cell into view -
    the one he knew.
    Old Samos: What took you so long? I added six rings to my trunk waiting for you
    two to get me outta here!
    His looks then showed shock.
    Old Samos: Great Yakow horns! What happened to you Jak?
    Daxter: Wait a minute! You're you! I mean the other you! I mean... you know
    what I mean.
    Young Samos: Yes, it appears I have an older time twin. Great grass grubs. I
    can't believe what a cranky old log I've become!
    Daxter: Two Samos the Sages?! Aaack, Jak, they're multiplying!
    Old Samos: We need to find the kid, pronto!
    Young Samos: What are you talking about, old growth? The kid already opened the
    tomb. Our top priority should be to disrupt the Baron's forces!
    Old Samos: Oh, look who thinks they sprouted. If you were half as wise as I am,
    you'd know that the proper cause of action is to find the kid!
    Young Samos: Listen, you old dried up leaf. I run this outfit, and I say we go
    after the Baron's forces.
    Near the end of the argument, Daxter stepped in-between them.
    Daxter: Do we have to separate you two?
    Jak: Vin's activating the Warp Gate. We need to get out of here now!
    They leave the scene. Once back out into the city, Jak went to the Hip Hog.
    SCENE 3 - Sig Bares His Soul                                       CODE - 3SIG
    Upon arrival, Krew was seen taking a nap. Towards the left hand side of the
    building, the pair sat down with Sig at one of the many tables in the room.
    Sig: You boys are alright, and since the boss is out of it right now, I'm going
    to give it to you straight. I've been Krew's heavy for years, and I've done
    things I'm not proud of, but this time, I think Krew's gotten himself and us,
    into something really nasty. I'm thinking of getting out.
    Daxter: Ohh... Sig's beginning to like us, Jak. Come here you bug lug! Hugs for
    Sig: Knock it off! I think Krew's trying to...
    Suddenly, his attention was brought over by the sound of shuffling and faster
    snores from Krew.
    Sig: Shhh... he's waking up...
    Daxter: Relaaaax... watch me butter up bun boy.
    He jumped off the table, and went towards him.
    Daxter: Hey there, stuffed crust. How's it feel floating on top of the food
    chain? Whooooo... Krew meister... have you been exercising? You're looking
    good! You are... definitely... living large! And... those legs... they're so...
    ah, chiseled.
    Krew: I need you to escort three of my boys down into the sewers and visit that
    statue again. I've heard that Mar's cheeky face might contain another secret,
    and I want you to see if the stories are true, ey? Make sure all three of my
    boys get to that statue, and they'll do all the rest, hmmmmn?
    They left, and escorted the three men through the sewers.
    SCENE 4 - It's a Trap!                                             CODE - 3TRP
    At one stage, they got round to blowing up one of the blocked doors. While
    that happened, the sound of growling was heard.
    Jinx: You hear that?
    Mog: Sounds like I got gas...
    From above, a bunch of Metal Heads show up.
    Grim: AGH! The ceiling's crawling!
    Jinx: Jak! Metal Heads everywhere!
    Mog: It's a trap!
    Jak brought out his gun and shot them all.
    SCENE 5 - Statue Busting                                           CODE - 3BST
    They finally reached the statue of Mar itself.
    Mog: Oooo... Pretty statue...
    Jinx: Stand back. We're professionals.
    They brought explosives into the statue.
    Jinx: Alright boys, let's blow this sucker sky high!
    Jak: Wait!... who told you to...? NO!
    The statue exploded into pieces, and the head then made its way towards Jak,
    stopping at its feet.
    Jinx: That's what we're looking for, the Heart of Mar gem!
    They picked up a ruby from the wrecks, and left the area. As they looked smug
    with the result, Jak's face showed bitter anger.
    Jinx: Thanks for the escort, buddy. We'll take it back to Krew!
    SCENE 6 - Jak Walks Out                                            CODE - 3WLK
    Distressed, they went over to the stadium. As soon as they went into the
    garage, they met up with Erol again.
    Erol: Well, if it isn't the Dark Eco freak!
    Jak: Where's Keira?
    Erol: Don't worry, I'm keeping a close eye on her. You're the talk of the town,
    Jak! You give the people hope... how pathetic. I would have enjoyed killing you
    in prison, but now, it'll be so much more fun to take you on the track, in
    front of the entire city. I can hear the roar of the crowd now... as everyone
    sees their hope die...
    From the entrance to the garage, Keira came in with Old Samos.
    Keira: It's good to have you back daddy.
    Old Samos: Yes, it's nice to be free again.
    Erol: You know, Keira LOVES a winner. Someday she'll be MY mechanic.
    Jak: Stay away from her!
    Erol: Heee, hee, haa, haaa!
    He left the garage.
    Keira: Ah, Erol's the best racer I've ever seen.
    Jak: He's not what you think.
    Keira: And you're a good judge of character?! HA! Look at you! People say you
    get angry and... change. Besides, the Jak I knew wouldn't be working for a guy
    like Krew.
    Jak: I need Krew's connections to fight the Baron! Without my... You know what?
    Do it your way, and I'll do it mine. Just don't come crying to me when the
    walls fall down.
    And so, Jak left the garage.
    Daxter: Ah, Jak, buddy... Ha ha. Where you going there pal? Jak? Jak!
    Comp voice: Attention all drivers, the Class Two races will begin soon.
    Daxter: Now what are we gonna do?
    Keira: You'll have to drive for the team, Daxter. We need this win to qualify
    for the final championship!
    Daxter: How hard can it be? Just hold on tight and point the thingy where I
    want it to go, right? And then there's this other thingy that makes it go fast.
    Fast is good! I can do this. I'm ready to race!
    SCENE 7 - Daxter's Big Win                                         CODE - 3WIN
    And so he raced and won, with another trophy on the shelf. Tess was also there
    to see it put into place.
    Daxter: Now there's a handsome winner!
    Keira: You did it Daxter! You helped us qualify for the big race!
    Daxter: Did you ever doubt? I back seat drive for Jak all the time.
    His attention was then brought to Tess.
    Daxter: Hey! When do I get the winner's big kiss?
    Tess: Maybe later... if you're a good boy.
    She pets Daxter, and while that happens, Jak makes his return.
    Daxter: Hey there, we, ah, showed those Class Two losers a thing or two, huh?
    Jak: I saw. You drifted a little high in the turns a few times, but, you hung
    in there! I'm proud of you, Dax.
    Daxter: Really?
    Jak: Yeah! You did great!
    Daxter: No! WE did great! Right, partner?
    SCENE 8 - Protect the Hideout                                      CODE - 3HDE
    They then left the scene, and went back to the Underground to meet up with the
    two Samoses again.
    Old Samos: The Baron is still up to his old tricks.
    Young Samos: The Underground got word that several Krimzon Blast Bots are
    zeroing in on the hideout here.
    Old Samos: They're armored bombs which seek all targets. If any of these Blast
    Bots reach this place, we're dead!
    Young Samos: Ahh, what are you worried about, old man. You're almost dead
    Old Samos: Well, if you'd TAKEN better care of yourself, I wouldn't be in the
    state I am now!
    Young Samos: Take out those Blast Bots before they reach the hideout, Jak.
    They have proximity defenses, so do be careful.
    Both: Good hunting!
    Upon the comment by the pair, Jak turned around and saw them looking innocent.
    Then, they headed out the room, and the pair gave out light waves to him. They
    cleared the task, and that left them to go to the Port.
    SCENE 9 - Our Own Peace Maker!                                     CODE - 3OWN
    Over there, they opened a crate, and what looked like another gun was shown.
    It looked almost just like Sig's - the Peace Maker.
    Daxter: Alright! Our own Peace Maker! Now we're rockin'!
    Jak loaded it, and he gave a wink to his partner.
    SCENE 10 - Krew Makes A Threat                                     CODE - 3KRW
    They returned back to the Hip Hog, spending more time with Tess. But that was
    until Krew showed up.
    Krew: Hey! Back to work toots.
    Daxter: She's working beach ball! Quit your yappin'.
    Krew: Watch it! Or you'll be yet another trophy hung on these walls.
    He pointed at the Metal Head trophies hung around the room.
    Krew: Jak, I want you to throw the championship race. Just let Erol win...
    Jak: You bet against us?!
    Krew: Jak... Jak... It's just business.
    In the background, another figure was seen sitting down with his feet on one
    of the tables.
    Krew: You've become a symbol to these townies. They'll bet everything on a
    glimmer of hope. What better time to make money? Waddaya say my boy?
    Jak: I'd say you're going to lose a lot of money. Because I'm going to race
    and I intend to win!
    Krew: Aggghh! You little... You're becoming more trouble than you're worth! I
    wouldn't get too comfy, if I was you! Everyone's expendable!
    Daxter fainted right after Krew finished speaking. Then, the figure stood up
    and showed himself - that of Erol.
    Erol: In a hurry to die, boy? Well, we don't have to wait for the big race! We
    can do this right now! One on one, through the city, using accelerator rings.
    Hit every ring from start to finish. Miss even one ring, and it's over! Keira
    already thinks you're a loser, and I'll prove it now, once and for all.
    Jak: You're on.
    SCENE 11 - Erol Hates To Lose                                      CODE - 3ERL
    They went out of the saloon and raced towards the stadium. And it was there
    that Jak got there first.
    Erol: Aggghh! Don't get too cocky, outlaw! Next time we race for keeps! And
    your head will be my trophy!
    And so he left.
    Daxter: Ahh, blow it out your ear! You were bottle-fed, weren't you?
    They left the Stadium section.
    SCENE 12 - Old Memories                                            CODE - 3OLD
    And it wasn't long until they returned to the Sacred Site - Samos's old hut.
    Once there, they saw a green glowing seed up on the ceiling.
    Daxter: I spent many a day cleaning up this place for old greenie.
    Then... the seed hovered down towards Jak. And from nearby, the intercom showed
    itself, with Old Samos speaking on there.
    Old Samos: Good work, Jak! And... Daxter, I suppose. Before we came through the
    rift long ago, I was nurturing that Life Seed from the Great Tree. It seems the
    Metal Heads are attracted to its power. Take the seed to Onin now. She will
    prepare it for Samos.
    Daxter: You mean you?
    Old Samos: No, the other me, Daxter!? My younger self needs the seed's power to
    become... sagely.
    Daxter: So... let me get this straight. It's fair to say that by bringing your
    younger self the life seed now, we helped you become the sage you are today? We
    helped you get your powers in the first place. And you never thanked us?!!!
    Old Samos: Thank you Daxter... now go do it!
    SCENE 13 - Pecker Picks a Fight                                    CODE - 3PCK
    They went towards Onin's tent, where Pecker stood near the entrance
    with an angry look on him.
    Pecker: Onin says what took you so long?! We had to skip lunch waiting for you
    two! Okay... okay... She really says "Thank you for saving the Life Seed". But
    I wouldn't say that if I were her! Give Onin the seed, and she will prepare it
    for Samos.
    Jak gave Onin the seed, whom started covering it with bright auras.
    Pecker: Mmmmmm... bird seed...
    Daxter: Back off, feather weight!
    Pecker: Listen tiny tail, I was leading my hundredth flock south before you
    had fur one between your legs! Not that your fur means anything!
    Daxter: At least I'm not some over stuffed, over yappin', feather dusty
    mouthpiece for the world's oldest professional!
    He starts roaming around the room doing silly gestures.
    Daxter: Jak says, 'have a nice day.' Jak says, 'I can't think on my own.' Jak
    says 'Go bite yourself!'
    Pecker: That's it, rat boy! Now you've really pissed me off!
    They then exchange karate poses to each other.
    Pecker: Hiyaaaaoooowww!
    Jak: Knock it off, both of you!
    Pecker: You're lucky I'm famished! Onin says take the energized Life Seed to
    young Samos in Haven Forest. It will give Samos the power he needs to finally
    see the forest from the trees! Go. Quickly!
    SCENE 14 - Samos And The Seed                                      CODE - 3SED
    They see Young Samos near a large tree in the forest.
    Jak: Samos told me to... I mean... you told me to... or... well... I mean your
    older version... ah... whatever. We heard you needed the Life Seed.
    He gave the seed to him.
    Young Samos: Yes. Its power will help me speak to the plants.
    But from further up the forest, a bunch of Krimzon Guards started to come over
    to them.
    Guard 1: There he is!
    Guard 2: Roger. We're en route!
    Guard 3: I see 'em!
    Young Samos: Jak, protect me from these guards! I must ask the plants vital
    questions about our future!
    SCENE 15 - The Vision                                              CODE - 3VSN
    They protected him from the guards, and that sent the remaining ones to
    retreat back to the city. They then faced him again.
    Young Samos: The Life Seed gave me a terrible vision! The Baron is planning to
    destroy the Precursor Stone! He aims to crack it open somehow! If he does
    this, the energy released will be beyond comprehension! It will destroy the
    world and more... ending all life! The plants are crying out for protection!
    You must stop the Baron, Jak! Stop him, however you can!
    They left him to return to the city.
    SCENE 16 - Good News and Bad News                                  CODE - 3NWS 
    Once back, they went over to the Power Station to meet Vin.
    Daxter: Hey there, sack a nerves! How's the bzzzzzt stuff going?
    Vin: I've got good news and bad news. The good news is Kor tells me that we've
    got enough power on-line to keep the shield walls up. So for now, the city's
    safe. But I don't know how long the system can hold.
    Jak: And the bad news?
    Vin: We've detected a cluster of Metal Head eggs growing up at the Strip Mine
    site. Now, you've got to go back there and find a way to destroy those eggs
    before they turn into a whole new army of creatures.
    Jak: I noticed the crane was carrying a large metal container. If we could jump
    onto the container, we could drop the crate from above.
    Daxter: High? Jump? Drop?!
    He gave out a light gulp with fear.
    Daxter: Why don't I like the sound of that?
    Jak: Come on Dax, let's go.
    SCENE 17 - The Big Crush                                           CODE - 3CSH
    They reached the site, and jumped towards the container upon approaching it.
    They swung down the rope before landing on a red button, causing the container
    to drop onto the eggs. But... the rope gave way, letting them fall half-way
    down. It stopped, and they were still seen on the small platform. Then... it
    gave way again - Jak fell off, while Daxter tried to crawl up the rope before
    letting go and trying to 'fly' back onto it. The rope stopped again... and the
    pair were seen hanging onto the platform. That was where they dropped safely.
    SCENE 18 - The Boy Is Missing                                      CODE - 3BOY
    They went back through the Warp Gate and to the Power Station, where Kor was
    back in wait.
    Kor: I can't believe it! We were so close! The Baron stole the Precursor Stone
    right out from under us! And after all of our planning and hard work, Torn has
    betrayed the cause!
    Jak: Torn meant well. He was protecting one of our own.
    Kor: We must get that stone back.
    Jak: I'm working on it!
    Daxter: Yeah, we're working on it!
    Kor: I've underestimated this Baron, and now it appears he has taken the boy as
    well! Think. What will the Baron's next move be?
    Daxter: Well, if I had the Precursor Stone, with all that power, I'd use it to
    build a giant palace. A palace with the biggest harem of women the world has
    ever known, and there'd be a swimming pool filled to the brim with chocolate...
    slightly minty... yeah, yeah, a massive pool of gooey chocolate! Then the girls
    and I would jump in together...
    Jak slapped Daxter, causing him to keep silent for a split second.
    Daxter: What?
    Kor: I want you to go out to the Drill Platform again. If you can destroy the
    main control tower there, it should temporarily stop the Baron's use of eco to
    harm us.
    SCENE 19 - The Control Tower Blows                                 CODE - 3TWR
    They made their way to the tower, destroyed the control panels, and escaped,
    leaving the top of the tower to blow up.
    SCENE 20 - Some More Lurkers                                       CODE - 3LRK
    Once they were back out in the city, they met up with Brutter at his stand
    Brutter: It's brother Jak and his little orangey pal!
    Jak just stayed in one place and looked at Brutter, while Daxter brought
    himself under an ale barrel and started drinking the contents.
    Brutter: Thank the totem I sees you. You help Lurkers once time, you help us
    Jak: Look Brutter, we've got our own problems to deal with right now.
    Brutter: But you know big-to-do ruckus you caused at Dig? I know all caves
    like back of claw, and Mar's tomb no where there! Now Metal Heads find hidden
    Lurker village in caves! They bite, and hurt village real bad, and we Lurker
    brothers trapped like animals!
    Daxter: Ah, hello, they are animals.
    Brutter: We no longer evil-lurking, bad-to-bones, orangey boy! We good now.
    Metal Headers are bad. They is enemies.
    Jak: Yeah, I guess we're all in the same boat now.
    Daxter: And the ship is sinking fast, brother.
    Brutter: Please, save six Lurker brothers quick, and Brutter will kiss you
    Daxter brought one of his feet in the air in protest. Then, they left to free
    the Lurkers. 
    SCENE 21 - Keira Reveals Her Plan                                  CODE - 3PLN
    Once the task was done, they went over to the Stadium to see Keira, whom stood
    near the green curtain.
    Keira: I'll show you guys what I'm working on, if you promise not to laugh.
    Daxter: Ooooo, I love surprises! And I love to laugh! Show me! Show me!
    The green curtain was pulled open, showing a vehicle-like machine.
    Keira: I've been building a replica of our crashed Rift Rider machine from old
    Old Samos: That's my girl!
    Keira: But I'm still missing two pieces.
    Old Samos: Figures...
    Keira: Vin says I need an artifact called the 'Time Map' and an old energy gem
    history books call the 'Heart of Mar'. And I've looked in every book on
    Precursor history I can find, but the Rift Ring seems to have vanished!
    Jak: You did all this? I mean... that's useful.
    Daxter: Oh, will you two stop moping around and make up already!
    Jak: I've seen the Heart of Mar! Krew has it! We'll get those two artifacts,
    Then... a female voice showed up on the speakers nearby.
    Comp voice: Attention all drivers. The Class One Championship race is about to
    Jak: Well, here goes. The race of my life!
    Keira: Jak... I just wanted you to know... well, you're the best racer I've
    ever seen.
    Daxter: Hey! What about me?! I helped get us here!
    Jak: Do you wanna drive?
    Daxter: Against that crazy loon Erol? No way! You got the handlebars, brother.
    And you better keep us alive or I will never speak to you again! Obviously.
    Keira: Leave 'em in the dust, Jak!
    SCENE 22 - The Big Race                                            CODE - 3RCE
    They reached the stadium and got onto the starting grid. Then, from further
    behind the track, Erol came and stopped right next to him.
    Erol: I want more than just to win, eco freak... I want you!
    Then, a platform came down near the racers, showing Baron Praxis and some of
    the Krimzon Guards on it.
    Praxis: Greetings, racers! Today your nerve and skill will be tested for our
    amusement. If any of you should by some small chance beat our grand champion
    Erol, then you will be awarded a month's supply of eco!
    He shifted his eyes towards his right and spoke in a lower tone.
    Praxis: And a short tour of my palace to see how the other half live. Good
    luck, and die bravely!
    This left Jak and Erol to start focusing on the track ahead, shifting their
    eyes towards each other from time to time.
    Praxis: Ready? Get set!
    SCENE 23 - The Winner's Circle                                     CODE - 3WNR
    The green light showed, and the race began... which ended with Jak winning. He
    got a hold of his pass to the Palace, and had the eco right behind him.
    Daxter: Thank you. Thank you very much.
    He gave out a kiss to his hand and brought it out above him.
    Daxter: I love my public!
    Then, Praxis came down on his platform again, looking at Jak from behind.
    Praxis: Ah, a brave man of the people. And who is this worthy opponent? In my
    world, good men are either bought or broken. So which is it going to be?
    Jak turned around and showed his face in front of the Baron.
    Jak: Surprise.
    Praxis: WHAT?
    Jak: Just a little closer. We need to talk.
    Praxis: Fool! Don't you get it?! It's over, Jak! All the heroes died long ago!
    Only survival remains... by whatever means! This city is mine! These lives are
    mine! This war is mine! And in war... PEOPLE DIE! Kill him!
    The Krimzon Guards near him aimed their guns at him. But... something
    attracted their attention from ahead.
    Guard: Look out!
    From further behind the track, Erol came into view speeding towards the
    Erol: I win, Jak!
    Jak jumped out of the way, leaving Erol to crash into the eco. While the
    explosion cleared, his racing mask was seen sliding along the floor. And it
    was there when Jak made his escape from the stadium.
    Praxis: After them!
    SCENE 24 - Back Where We Started                                   CODE - 3BCK
    They made their way towards the Palace. Upon arrival, they went inside the
    chapel, where Ashelin came into view, armed with a pistol.
    Ashelin: I shouldn't have trusted you!
    Jak: Back where we started, huh?
    Ashelin: Don't play with me! All along you've been trying to undermine our war
    with the Metal Heads! Whose side are you on?
    Jak: Listen Ashelin, your father's planning something terrible, and if...
    Ashelin: My father can destroy the Metal Head armies once and for all!
    Jak: If he cracks open the Precursor Stone, the explosion will kill all of us!
    Don't you get it?!
    Daxter: That's right! Not so hard, huh? Even I can figure this one out!
    Ashelin: Don't you move!
    She got out an intercom and spoke down it.
    Ashelin: Vin? Come in.
    Vin: (on the comm) What? What? I've got my hands full here, you know!
    Ashelin: You know all about the Precursor Stone myth, right?
    Vin: Sure, I did my Econecic Energy Doctorate on Precurian Theoretical
    Physics. Why?
    Ashelin: What would happen if the Precursor Stone were to be... say...
    violently cracked open?
    Vin: Great! As if I didn't have enough to keep me awake at night, you need one
    more thing to dread! Thank you very much! If someone actually had the Stone,
    according to my calculations, a runaway eco surge from cracking it open
    would... theoretically destroy... EVERYTHING!
    Ashelin: Everything?
    Vin: All things... every single thing... Now if you don't mind, I'm gonna go
    throw up! Bye bye...
    The connection was hung.
    Jak: Trust me Ashelin. We have to stop him.
    Ashelin: I'll try to find out more. But right now, my father is meeting Krew
    at a secret Weapons Factory near the Dig.
    She got out another card from her grasp.
    Ashelin: Here. That's my top level security pass. It'll get you into the
    factory, but it won't get you back out. We never had this conversation.
    She left. And that left Jak to find a way out of the Palace before going to
    the Weapons Factory.
    SCENE 25 - Krew's Baby                                             CODE - 3BBY
    And it wasn't long before he met Krew either.
    Krew: I knew you were special when I first met you Jak, and I commend you for
    making it this far. We've come a long way, 'ey?
    Jak: Yeah. I'm getting real teary-eyed.
    Krew: I love weapons. I love how they look... how they feel... even how they
    Jak: I think you need serious help.
    Krew: My favorite was the impossibly powerful weapon Mar built to blast open
    the Metal Head nest. Poor fool died before he could use it, ahh well. But I
    have a new favorite. The Piercer Bomb I've just completed. My masterpiece is
    powerful enough to crack open the Precursor Stone, and release the untold
    energy inside! As soon as the Baron shows up with the Stone, we'll hide it in
    the last shipment of eco and deliver it to the Metal Head nest. A surprise
    dessert, 'ey? Hee hee hmmm... Just take this gun upgrade and forget what you
    saw here.
    He gave it to Jak, whom loaded it in, but... stayed put.
    Jak: Not this time, Krew! I'm through being your hired gun!
    Krew: Then it's war, isn't it?
    SCENE 26 - Oh well...                                              CODE - 3WLL
    They fought each other, and the end left Krew powerless.
    Jak: Is it to late to give my notice?
    Daxter: Yeah! We quit!
    Krew: The city is already dead! I've sold you all out. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha,
    He gave out a weakened cough.
    Daxter: Ahhh, Jak... I think maybe we should be anywhere else just about NOW!
    Then... a flying vehicle showed up, with Ashelin inside it.
    Jak: Ashelin!
    Ashelin: We're outta here!
    They boarded her ship, and they left back towards the city.
    Krew: Ohhh well...
    The factory blew up behind them. It was then official - Krew was gone.
    SCENE 27 - Ashelin Drops Jak Off                                   CODE - 3ASH
    Meanwhile, back in the city, Ashelin brought the vehicle down near the port.
    Ashelin: You guys find my father. I'll take the Heart of Mar to Keira for you.
    I'm sorry it's come to this.
    She left the scene, while they went over to the Hip Hog.
    SCENE 28 - The Game Player Steps Up                                CODE - 3PLY
    Once at the saloon, they were looking at a whack-a-Metal-Head machine.
    Tess: Hey guys. Whatever Krew put in that machine, he looked really nervous.
    Daxter: Whatever it is, Krew won't be needing it anymore. He's, shall we say,
    not all together these days. Step aside, Jak. Let the game player do his
    Tess: You're such an animal!
    Daxter gave out a mad grin as he went towards the machine.
    SCENE 29 - Get the Time Map                                        CODE - 3MAP
    He then beat the game, and out from there came an orange rounded cube shaped
    Daxter: The Time Map! You know, sugar plum, if any REAL Metal Heads came into
    town, I'd bonk 'em just like I did in the game!
    As he spoke, a pair of Metal Heads showed up right behind him.
    Tess: Daxter...
    Daxter: They'd be all 'Don't hurt me please!' and I'd be all 'Too late, Metal
    Monkies!' 'You die screaming!' Hee, hee. Know what I'm saying?
    Jak: Um...
    Jak aimed his gun over at the Metal Heads. And at the same time, Daxter turned
    around to see them.
    Daxter: Jak, I think these trophies are still walking!
    Jak quickly fired his gun over them both, killing them in an instant.
    Daxter: Ma... Ma... Metal Heads! Metal Heads! Where's Sig when you need him?!
    Tess: Sig? I think Krew sent him on one last mission. Something about using
    Mar's Ruby Key to open a secret door in the Underport?
    Jak: Of course! Come on Dax, we need to get to the Underport right now!
    Tess: I'll take the Time Map to Keira!
    Daxter: Be careful angel cheeks, and your hero will return shortly!
    He gave out a bow, and they both left for the Underport.
    SCENE 29A - Vin's Fate Part 1                                     CODE - 3VIN1
    While Jak and Daxter went over to the Underport, they received an audio
    transition from Vin.
    "The shield wall is down!  I repeat, the shield wall is down!  Sabotaged!  Kor
    did it!  I knew that Metal Heads would be the end of me... oh no!  Metal Heads
    at the door!  Jak!  Aaaarrgh!"
    SCENE 30 - Sig's In Trouble                                        CODE - 3TRB
    They progressed through the Underport, and eventually they found Sig shooting
    at one direction.
    Jak: Hey there, tough guy.
    Sig ended up turning towards Jak and firing at him, causing him to duck.
    Sig: Get your skinny ass over here and start shooting!
    He then continued firing at his original direction again.
    Sig: Man, was I set up! Krew sent me down here to open some old doors with
    that Ruby Key you found, and when I did, Metal Heads came streaming in from
    some passage outside the city walls... Just like they were waiting for me!
    There's one!
    He fired at one high up the walls.
    Jak: Krew's dead.
    Sig: Yeah? Well he's lucky! Because he would not want me to catch him alive!
    Daxter: The Metal Heads must have promised Krew plenty for him to betray the
    whole city like this.
    Sig then fired again.
    Jak: Let's get out of here!
    Daxter nodded with agreement.
    SCENE 31 - Run!                                                    CODE - 3RUN
    The three started to go down the corridors ahead of them, but... early into
    the path, one of the walls crumbled, and out came a giant Metal Head.
    Sig: Shootin' this one is only going to make him mad. RUN!
    SCENE 32 - Sig's Strong Arm                                        CODE - 3ARM
    They ran away from it as far as they can, and it soon came to a stop when its
    running broke a path ahead of Jak, sending him and the Metal Head to fall...
    but Sig brought out his hand, caught him, and pulled him up.
    SCENE 33 - Here It Comes Again!                                    CODE - 3HRE
    They went further ahead, and again... one of the walls crumbled down, bringing
    out another large Metal Head.
    Sig: Great! Here comes that bad boy again! MOVE!
    SCENE 34 - Sig's Last Stand                                        CODE - 3LST
    They ran as far away from it as possible, and it wasn't long until they made a
    Jak: Let's go! We're almost to the elevator!
    Sig: Looks like we finally lost 'em, chili peppers! Piece of cake, huh? Now
    you boys are real Wastelanders! I say it's time we take this fight to the
    Metal Head leader himself! What a trophy he'd make! We find a way to juice up
    Mar's ol' gun, and then boom baby, we storm the nest, guns blazing! Hell!
    We'll take 'em all on, together! You and me! Side by side! Nothin'll stop us
    'cause we're...
    Suddenly, the large Metal Head popped out from above, and went down towards
    Sig: AGGGHHH!!!
    He got pushed down, taking the whole bridge with him. That left a distraught
    face on Jak at the other side.
    Jak & Daxter: SIG!
    There was no response. They both hung their heads with disappointment at this
    Daxter: So... ahhh... what's plan B?
    They leave the Underport, with the shock fixed into their heads.
    SCENE 35 - Brutter Saves the Day                                   CODE - 3BRT
    They headed out to the stadium, where Keira was in wait.
    Keira: The Rift Rider's finished! But if my father's right, and the Ring is
    somewhere in the Metal Head nest, how are we going to get the Rift Rider to
    use it?
    From behind the ship, Brutter popped out and pointed above.
    Brutter: LOOK!! Brutter just knew friends would need help if Metal Headers
    From above, a giant balloon made its way down to the ground.
    Daxter: Brutter, you're the man!
    Brutter: Lurker balloons are finest lifters in the world, but they is easy
    Jak: Right. You guys get the Rift Rider to the nest. I'll stay and defend your
    take-off and get away.
    Daxter: Once again, being your friend SUCKS! I wanna go on the balloon!
    Brutter: You keep stadium safe while we prep balloon for lift away. Uh-oh!
    Here they come! Metal Headers!!
    SCENE 36 - Floating Away                                           CODE - 3FLT
    They defended the Metal Heads from the two Samoses, whom brought the ship into
    the balloon. Then, it flew off.
    Brutter: Up! Up! And away!
    Daxter: Must be nice floating away while we DIE down here!
    Keira: We'll meet near the nest! See you soon, Jak! Be careful!
    Daxter: Yeah, Jak, be careful!
    SCENE 36A - Vin's Fate Part 2                                     CODE - 3VIN2
    While they left the stadium, another audio communication was heard.  And it
    was there that Vin was heard speaking with a weaker voice.
    "Jak... Kor... Construction Site..."
    And that was the last they heard from him.
    SCENE 37 - The Secret To Making A Bomb                             CODE - 3BMB
    Time passed, and they managed to reach the construction site itself. Once
    there, they brought their heads down to hide from Praxis and the Krimzon
    Guards... until Kor came down and jumped in-between them all.
    Jak: Kor? What's going on?
    Kor: I'm sure you know... deep down in your darkest nightmares.
    When he came close to finishing his saying, his eyes turned almost totally
    blue with a small black pupil remaining, and revealed sharp teeth in his jaws.
    Kor: We've met before, remember? Everything's going exactly as planned. HA!
    HA! HA! HA! HA!
    He released his grip on his walking stick, and started bringing out wings and
    a tail from his body, as well as a totally transformed head. The monstrous
    figure was then shown in full.
    Daxter: Jak! It's the Metal Head leader!
    He ripped his clothes apart, showing a larger body and a lot of extra limbs,
    and finished his transformation.
    Kor: Now you see! Without the shield wall disrupting my powers inside the
    city, I am my full potential now! So for the last time, give me the Precursor
    Praxis: If the city must die, then we all die! AAAGGGHHH!!!
    He and the guards charged towards Kor, but... the creature sent out a blast,
    sending his opponents across the site. While the guards ended up near the
    ground, Praxis ended up knocking into a delicate structure with eco barrels
    and wooden scaffolding.
    Kor: I will find that Stone if I have to crush this city one brick at a time!
    He flew away from the scene. Meanwhile, that left Jak to rush to Praxis and
    free him from the wreckage. He was then seen on his stomach, coughing weakly.
    Praxis: You are the supreme weapon, Jak. And I made you.
    He then rolled onto his back.
    Praxis: Still, any leader worth his salt always has his backup plan...
    He took out a remote and pressed a red button on it, causing an exact
    replica of the Piercer Bomb to come out from the ground.
    Praxis: Remember, the first rule in making a bomb... is to always make two!
    His head then dropped, and his one eye was closed, leaving him motionless.
    They were left in silence for a while, before Jak ran to the bomb.
    Daxter: Yaaaowww! Okay! I'm going in!
    Daxter jumped onto the bomb and went deep inside it.
    Daxter: Man, what a mess a junk in here! All jumbled coils and switches!
    Should I unhook the blue wire? Wait a minute?! Are ottsels color blind? Let me
    just break a few more things and see if anything pops loose...
    Then, from the top of the bomb, the Precursor Stone popped out.
    Daxter: BOOM!!! Ha! Ha! Gotcha!
    He slid down the bomb, back towards Jak.
    Daxter: Like candy from a baby!
    The two left the scene together, leaving behind the now useless bomb, and the
    dead body of Baron Praxis.
    SCENE 38 - Jak Visits The Nest                                     CODE - 3NST
    They took the air train to the Metal Head nest. Once there, they jumped out
    and looked on at the path ahead.
    SCENE 39 - Leaving the Hive                                        CODE - 3HVE
    Should they ever leave the Nest, they go inside, with the door closing behind
    them, and the train heads back to the city.
    SCENE 40 - Stone..Gun..Nest!                                       CODE - 3GUN
    Upon their excursion at the Nest, they saw a large gun, presuming that was the
    one built by Mar to get to the nest. They went up a lift together.
    Ashelin: (on comm) There isn't much hope now. With the Shield Wall destroyed,
    it's just a matter of time before the Metal Heads overwhelm us. You should
    just go through the rift back to your own time, Jak, and get away from this
    horrible place.
    As that happened, Jak got round to slipping the Precursor Stone inside the
    Daxter: I see your point. Come on, Jak.
    Jak: This place is worth fighting for!
    Ashelin: We'll hold out as long as we can! Fare well!
    The gun was then loaded, while at the same time, the comm hung up.
    Jak: Precursor Stone. Gun. Nest!
    Daxter: Light 'er up, padre!
    Jak: HA! HA! HA! Eat this!
    The gun shot a piercing green beam over to a wall, drilling a path through to
    the nest.
    Daxter: That ought to wake 'em up!
    Jak: Let's go take care of business!
    Daxter: What? You mean, go in there? Ahh, I'm right behind you!
    He hid behind Jak's back as he headed over to the main nest. And that was
    where he met up with Kor again.
    SCENE 41 - Don't You Recognize Him?                                CODE - 3RCG
    Kor: Finally, you've decided to join us and you brought the Precursor Stone.
    Good. The boy will now play his final part.
    The kid was seen in a black energy sphere near Kor, in an unconscious state.
    Jak: Not this time.
    Kor: Oh, but this child is such a part of this! Such a part of you! Don't you
    recognize him? The boy is you, Jak! And this place... this is where you began,
    in the future!
    Jak: But how...?
    Kor: You were hidden in the past on the hope that you would gain the skills to
    face me today. But Onin was wrong! Now that you've been altered with dark eco,
    the stone will never open for you. Your younger self, however, still has the
    pure gift! He alone can awaken the Stone and the Precursor entity, which sleeps
    Jak: This stone is a Precursor?
    Kor: The last Precursor egg! Mar was clever. He covered his tracks well through
    time, hiding his last egg from me, and building the shield and city to defend
    it! It has been a long siege. But today, I will finally feed on the last
    Precursor Life Force!
    Daxter Ah, I think you're forgetting one little thing, Metalo-Maniac! We've got
    the Precursor Stone!
    Kor: Not for long!
    He charged with energy, and launched it towards the pair, showering them in
    rubble. But then... from out of the wrecks, Jak came back out in his Dark form.
    Kor: DIE!
    They fought against him.
    SCENE 42 - Kor Drops Down                                          CODE - 3KOR
    At one stage, he dropped from his position suspended over a pit, and chased
    the pair. They fought again, and brought him down to size.
    SCENE 43 - The Celebration                                         CODE - 3CLB
    Kor started to flash. He brought out his wings and tried to fly through the
    Rift Ring, but he crashed into the side before exploding. His head went down
    near young Jak and the Precursor Stone. Speaking of which... the boy went
    towards it, and out came a human-like figure made of light.
    Jak: Oh man... a Precursor.
    Oracle: It is finished... Our ancient enemy is no more. Take hope brave one!
    The terrible darkness inside you is now balanced by a glorious light! We will
    meet again...
    The light figure went into the ring, and then, from the entrance to the Nest,
    the Lurker balloon came into view, with Keira, the two Samoses and the balloon
    on it.
    Keira: We haven't much time. I've set the coordinates back to our village.
    Let's go home, everyone.
    Jak: But we are home.
    Old Samos: Keira, I'm afraid your Rift Rider must be used to send young Jak
    here to a place where he will grow up safe from harm. He must become old enough
    to complete the destiny he has fulfilled today.
    Jak went towards the kid and placed him on the raft.
    Young Samos: Wait a minute! It's you! I mean... it's me! I have to take him
    back and watch over him, don't I? Ah, grub roots! Talk about being in the wrong
    time at the right place!
    Jak: Hey kid... you take care. Oh... and trust me on this...
    He sat down near him.
    Jak: Stay away from any wumpbee nests on your ninth birthday, okay?
    The kid nodded briskly.
    Keira: I sure hope I built this replica right. I don't know if it...
    Old Samos: It's perfect, Keira. This is the very machine we found... or will
    find later.
    Keira: What? I just built this. After seeing the first one, I mean. It's based
    on what I remember from...
    Daxter: Honey, the more you think about it, the more it hurts the head!
    The ship then hovered up towards the Ring and was about to leave through it.
    Young Samos: I'll take good care of the child! And don't worry... I'll be back
    in time for the celebration! Fare well!
    They left the scene and through the ring.
    Jak: Thanks Samos. Without you...
    Old Samos: It's funny... The boy won't remember any of this.
    While he spoke, the Rift Ring started to crumble away into a bunch of rubble on
    the floor.
    Jak: No... I do remember the light!
    The scene fades out and shows itself at the Palace, where Ashelin and Torn were
    both seen in.
    Brutter: (on a comm) Your transport is ready, m'lady.
    Ashelin: Thank you, Captain Brutter. Come on... we'll be late for the party at
    Daxter's new place.
    Torn: I've got so much work to do. Besides, it's not my thing.
    Ashelin: Ten hut!
    Torn got up instantly.
    Ashelin: As the new governor of this city, I order the Commander of the New
    Krimzon Guard to escort me to an official function. Is that understood?
    Torn: Yes sir! I mean, yes ma'am! I mean...
    Ashelin: You can start rebuilding the city tomorrow. Tonight, we get to
    celebrate with our new friends. Besides, tough guy, I'm dying to see you dance.
    Torn: Not likely.
    The scene then changed again to what was the Hip Hog Heaven saloon. And from
    the back of the bar, Daxter rushed towards the front door.
    Daxter: Welcome to the Naughty Ottsel! The hippest, happenest, happiest joint
    in town!
    The saloon itself was already packed, having Jak, Keira, Samos, the Croco-dog,
    Onin and Pecker already there.
    Daxter: Check out the new decor!
    Tess: Oooh... What a big trophy!
    She looked up at a large Metal Head hung above the bar - that of Kor.
    Daxter: As if size matters?! I bagged that bad boy myself, baby!
    Pecker: Onin says she doesn't know who has a bigger head. Him or you!
    Samos: We must not forget Vin and all the others who sacrificed their lives to
    defeat this evil and protect the child.
    Jak opened up one of his hands, and showed the amulet of Mar in his hand.
    Jak: I still can't believe... that little boy was me. Better times, huh?
    He looked down with a depressing expression.
    Keira: You miss him, huh? You know, the kid grows up to be a handsome hero!
    She tries to kiss him, but... that was where they were interrupted by Daxter
    looking moody towards Onin, whom was seen drinking out of a blue vial.
    Daxter: Hey! That's enough for you, lady. I'm cuttin' ya off!
    But she zapped him and sent him to the other side of the counter.
    Pecker: Trust me, she gets real mean when she's like this!
    Daxter: What'd she say?
    Pecker: Something about rubber tubing and certain parts of your mother... you
    don't wanna know...
    Then, the main door opened, and through came a large figure.
    Daxter: Agghhh! A Metal Head!
    He then hid behind the counter, leaving everyone else to look on at the face of
    the figure - it was Sig!
    Jak: SIG!
    Daxter: SIG!
    He popped his head up from behind Pecker.
    Daxter: I knew that.
    Jak: You okay?!
    Sig: You cherries didn't think some nasty breath, giant sized lizard was gonna
    keep me from the biggest party in town did ya?!
    Daxter: I knew you were too tough for 'em, big guy!
    The scene then brought itself outside the saloon, where what once was in the
    place of the hog now stood a colorful statue of Daxter.
    Samos: You saved the city and more, my boy! Metal Kor and his menace are
    history, and somewhere out there, an ancient race has begun again.
    Jak: I'm just glad to be back home.
    Samos: Yeah? Well, rest up. We've got a lot to do and so much time to do it in!
    Jak: Don't say 'time!' The Rift Ring was destroyed, remember?
    Sig: You know, my momma used to read bedtime stories about Mar when she'd tuck
    me in. She'd give me a nice glass of warm yakow milk... and my little Poopsy
    Daxter: Bedtime stories? Warm milk? Poopsy bear?! Buddy, ya just blew ya
    In the background, both Pecker and the Croco-dog giggled quietly to each other.
    Samos: I've got a feeling we'll meet Mar someday. He may be closer than you
    Sig: You're the designated driver!
    He gave Jak the Ruby Key to the city.
    Jak: Oh no... I am done with adventures. Besides, you'll tell us before
    something happens next time, right Samos?
    Samos placed on an innocent look upon his face.
    Jak: RIGHT, SAMOS?
    Pecker: Aarrk! You never know what the future may hold.
    Daxter: Wait... you know something, don't ya feather breath?
    Pecker? Who? Me? Ah... no... We're just, ah... guessing, right Samos? Today...
    tomorrow... Only time will tell!
    Daxter: No! You're gonna tell... RIGHT NOW! Aggghhh!
    He pounced towards Pecker.
    Pecker: AAGGHH! Why you little... AAARRR...
    They then started to fight each other, leaving a mass of orange fur and multi-
    colored feathers to float in the wind.
    Daxter: Oooh, dirty fighting! Dirty fighting!
    Then, Sig came to them and picked them up by the tails to halt the fighting.
    Samos: Jak, my boy, the future awaits!
    A firework display was seen across the sky, leaving the celebrations of a
    successful adventure to go through the night.
    ~THE END~
    5 - Email Policy
    As with most script writers, I can accept certain types of email from the
    people that have approached the file. Thus, here's an Email policy if you want
    to contact me in any way.
    Bear in mind that I will accept the following -
    *Any errors that slipped by my figers.  Just be careful which version of the
    script you see first...
    *Emails only in HTML or Text format - I find them easier to digest, aye?
    *Any questions relating to the storyline that could have been explained
    further.  Considering I had mail concerning Vin's fate, almost anything could
    *I will also answer any requests for the script to be put up on your own
    fansites - of course, the Jak universe is in need of some expansion outside
    what we have already. ^^
    However, I will not accept the following -
    *Emails asking for help to beat a certain part of the game.  This is NOT A
    *Nonsense emails. I'm not buying a 200lb snail from Sri Lanka... -_o
    *Emails with bad language. It makes me glad Jak II hasn't got a Mature
    *Chain letters. Argh :(
    *Emails with executable files. I'm worried if they have viruses inside them
    or something.
    *Spam (repeated messages). Please, get a life!
    6 - Credits and acknowledgements
    I would like to give credit to the following whom made this script possible -
    *Sony, for creating the PlayStation and PS2 and publishing this game
    *Naughty Dog, for taking their time to develop it
    *CJayC, for putting it up at GameFAQs.com
    *Kage, for having hosting rights at theshadownetwork.com
    *SuKa, for having it up at http://users.telenet.be/the_precursor_legacy/
    *The members of the Jak II forums as well as various Jak fans everywhere, for
    their support and assistances
    *And of course... my family for letting me get it. :P
    Game (c) Sony Computer Entertainment America Inc. Jak II(tm) is a trademark of
    Sony Computer Entertainment America Inc.
    "PlayStation", the logo, the trademark buttons (Triangle, O, X, Square) and
    "DUALSHOCK" are registered trademarks of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. The
    Sony Computer Entertainment logo is a registered trademark of Sony
    Game script is (c) "Rexy" 2003-2004. All rights reserved.

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