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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Caleb_Stoffel

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    Jak II Walkthrough
    by Caleb Stoffel(Caleb_Stoffel) - Email me! jak_and_daxter2222@hotmail.com
    This FAQ was born: October 27th 2003
    This FAQ was last updated: November 17th 2003
    Best used with: Jak II, a PS2 and memcard with at least 1204 kb
    Version 0.11
    Copyright 2003 Caleb Stoffel
                  3.1:Escape From Fortress
                  3.2:Protect Kor and Kid
                  3.3:Retreive Banner from Dead Town
                  3.4:Find Pumping Station Valve
                  3.5:Blow Up Ammo at Fortress
                  3.6:Make Delivery to Hip Hog Saloon
                  3.7:Beat Scatter Gun Course
                  3.8:Protect Sig at Pumping Station
                  3.9:Destroy Turrets in Sewers
                 3.10:Beat Blaster Gun Course
                 3.11:Rescue Vin at Power Station UNDER CONSTRUCTION
    3-THANKS AND COPYRIGHT INFO under construction
    Version 0.09
    I submitted the FAQ.
    Version 0.11
    I added to the Thanks section and put in walkthrough info about the
    wastelander move in the Blaster Gun Course section.
    I basically started this FAQ so I could boost my popularity as a FAQ-creator.
    I also did it because I love Jak II. Besides the fact that the city is too
    large and hard to get around in, this game flat out rocks! Thus, I have
    created a walkthrough to get you through every single story mission in the
    game. I really don't have time to mess around with a very in-depth walkthrough
    since I will be working on a much longer walkthrough for SOCOM II very soon.
    This walkthrough includes in-depth tips on all of the vehicle missions. If you
    are looking for help with the missions, but not a lot of extra crap, you came 
    to the right place. Like it or not, I am not big on lots of extra stuff.
    Therefore, you won't find any Precursor Orb Locations, Vehicle Stats or Weapon
    Stats within this FAQ.
    But there is in-depth, very detailed walkthrough and tips on how to beat this
    overly-difficult uber platformer. If you don't have this game already, get a
    copy NOW! Plus, if you do have Jak II and want to contribute tips, please
    email me. If you have tips and strategies on the toughest levels, I would love
    to use them. In return, your name will be included in the Thanks section.
    Plus, if you are still stuck in a mission I HAVE INCLUDED in this guide, send
    me a letter with that level's name in subject line. No promises, but I'll what
    I can do. Please don't ask me about the extra missions that Torn gives you, or
    any other thing that is not included in this FAQ.
    Before I start this walkthrough, here's a little history on Jak and Daxter.
    Jak and Daxter started their legendary journey into the realms of gaming
    history in 2001, when the addictive and mind-blowing Jak and Daxter:The Pre-
    cursor Legacy was released. It was an instant hit with game reviewers, earning
    perfect scores left and right. It also solds millions of copies within the
    first week, quickly becoming the best selling PS2 game of 2001.
    It's sequel was radically different.In Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy,
    the kid-inspired gameplay, mute Jak and un-funny Daxter could have been
    created by Disney. Jak II features a talking and quite angry Jak, cursing, a
    hilarious Daxter, open ended gameplay, guns, a Dark-Jak ability and a much
    more complicated storyline.
    These are Jak II's story missions. They can be accessed by walking or driving
    to an icon. Or you can press Select to bring up the Options Ring, and go to
    the Missions section and press X. You should see at least one thing to do. If
    you are in Haven City, and need to get somewhere fast, don't just run there.
    All of the vehicles in the city are yours for the taking, if you know how to
    get them. Walk up to (or under) one and press Triangle, when you see the
    command at the bottom of your screen(Press Triangle to use). These missions
    are tough and I will guide you through each one of them the best I can seeing
    as this is a platformer. After Jak II has loaded onto your PS2, press START
    and select NEW GAME for best results. An intro movie will cross Jak 1 with Jak
    2 and help you come to terms with what Jak and Daxter are up against this time
    around. After the movie is over, you will begin with Mission #1.
    Mission #1: Escape from the Fortress
    Welcome to Jak II. In this level, you will learn how to control Jak. Daxter
    will here to help you. Most of the controls are the same from the previous Jak
    game. What's new? TRIANGLE used to jack cars, L2 used to activate Dark Jak
    mode, R1 used to fire when you have weapons and UP, LEFT, DOWN, RIGHT to
    select weapons. You won't have all four until you're approximately 75% done.
    Until then, just use the punch attack(SQUARE), the spin attack(CIRCLE), the
    uppercut (SQUARE+X) or the smash attack (X+SQUARE). After the movie ends, you
    will be able to control Jak.
    You are currently standing on a square vent with green smoke rising out of it.
    Go left and walk over to the stack of boxes. Jump up onto them and into the
    small duct. Follow Daxter's annoying but helpful instructions. Go into the
    room with shelves. Keep an eye out for Precursor Orbs. If you can find all 200
    of them, through the course of the game, you'll be glad you did. They amount
    up to a number of very cool cheats they can be unlocked. Climb up the boxes as
    before. Do the double jump just as Daxter says and then head left into the
    large room with moving platforms.
    The first three platforms only require a single jump, but on the last one, you
    need to pull off a double jump. It's moving, so wait until it gets near enough
    for you to reach it. Head left onto stable ground. Perform a Ducking Jump as
    Daxter commands. Once up, follow the brightly colored computers and then
    attack the guard. The only way to attack right now is by physical attacks.
    Check the manual for more information. There's a punch, a spin, an uppercut.
    All kind's of stuff to duel out pain unto your evil enemies. Jump up onto the
    ledge and then, when the platform is near enough, double jump onto it. Jump
    off the platform and onto the ledge. Kill the guard. If you need it, get the
    health inside the Krimzon Guard Crate. Jump up to the bar. When Jak is upside
    down, press X to jump onto the ledge above. Jump onto another moving platform.
    Once on the camera will shift to show you the next place to jump which is
    directly behind you. Jump there. Kill the two guards. Walk down to the end of
    the path and perform a diving roll(L1+X) to get across the gap. Repeat this at
    the next gap. Be careful, because this next room has guard firing upon you
    from below. Dodge their shots quickly and carefully. Once across, stand on top
    of the vent and press X then Square to smash through.
    Go left and double jump across the gap. Just for laughs, wait here and listen
    to what the guards say. It's really quite funny. Go around the corner and kill
    the two guards. Press X-Square to smash through the vent. Go down the slide
    and then walk over to the boxes. Jump over all of them and head out into Haven
    City. Walk around for awhile until a cutscene appears. Then head over to
    Mission #2.
    Mission #2: Protect Kor and Kid
    This is your first mission where you have to assualt many MANY enemies at one
    time. You should be able to activate Dark Jak sometime through. Press L2 when
    you see the Dark Jak icon at your the bottom left hand part of the screen.
    Just finish off these guys until they're gone. Then after the cutscene, head
    over to Mission #3.  
    Mission #3: Retrieve Banner from Dead Town
    Make your way through the city to the Underground hideout. Feel free to use
    any of the many hovercars traveling around Haven City. When you get there,
    Torn will ask you to get a banner from a place called Dead Town. After you are
    breifed on this, follow the icon on your map and head to Dead Town. Go through
    the doors. Attack the green monster thing. Jump onto the muddy area and kill
    two more green monsters. Then the jump onto another muddy area.
    Kill the dog and go onto the stone bridge. Once over, kill two more dogs. Then
    jump up the steps and onto the stone platform. Walk left. If you try a rolling
    jump on the right, you will just fall. Thus head left. Keep following the
    platform until you reach a ledge with two monsters. Kill them, and get the two
    health squares concealed in Krimzon Guard Crates, if you need to. Then, go
    around the corner, head right and kill the green monster.
    Now head left towards the five or six green monsters by the ledge. Climb up
    the steps. Go across the bridge. Be careful - it collapses in the middle.
    Climb up the steps - be careful, some of them will collapse. Swing across the
    chasm using the bar in the middle. Continue climbing the steps. Once on stable
    ground, walk over to lighted section with the banner to win the mission and
    watch an entertaining movie. Afterwards, head to the Torn symbol on your map.
    Mission #4: Find Pumping Station Valve
    Now, Daxter has proven useful once more. He tried to get a drink at Torn's
    hideout in the Slums, and got a mouthful of mud. The Baron has turned off the
    water to the Slums, since that's the Underground's hiding place. We need to go
    turn it back on. Make your way to the Pumping Station symbol(it looks like an
    X). Go through the doors at the City Wall. To your right is a pile of crates
    containing Dark Eco.
    Get the eco, it will prove to be useful. Also there are three Metal Heads in
    the area. Beside bosses, Metal Heads are your most dangerous enemies. They
    will appear everywhere throughout the game, seeing as they play a crucial part
    to the game's story. When you kill them, there will be a yellow, glowing dot
    where they disappeared. This is a Metal Head Skull Gem. If collect enough of
    these you will get rewards from the Oracle from the previous game. This
    rewards are as follows:
    25 Gems = Dark Bomb = X then Square in Dark Jak Mode
    200 Gems = Dark Blast = Square then X in Dark Jak Mode
    200 Gems = Invulnerable whenever in Dark Jak Mode
    100 Gems = Dark Giant = After pressing L2 to enter DJ mode, press it again to
    become a giant
    Anyways, back to the game. Kill the Metal heads and collect the gems. Jump
    up on the moving pillar to get to the high platform. Kill the two green
    monsters. The huge tank to the left is blocking the way, obviously, so take a
    leaping jump (L1+X while moving) over the chasm on the right. A trusty freind
    of yours will take care of the tank later in the game. Jump onto the pipe and
    then up onto the ledge. Kill the two dogs and one green monster. The surround
    -ing crates contain health and eco. Get the goods.
    Then jump onto the moving pipe and up onto the high platform. Kill the Metal
    Head. Now go onto the pipe on your right. It doesn't move, but you'll have to
    jump over the moving, electric bar. Then kill the enemies on the platform. The
    crates around you contain health and eco. If you've collected all the eco you
    found, you should be able to warp into DJ mode now. It only lasts for awhile,
    and since you don't have any powers, I recommend doing it when there are
    enemies around. Most preferably, when there are a LOT of enemies around.
    Jump up onto the second moving pillar, the one to your right. Then jump on the
    ledge. Jump over the chasm, and onto the next ledge. Kill the Metal Head and
    two dogs. Do a double jump over the two, simultaneously-moving electric bars
    and then onto the next ledge. There are three green monsters here. I killed
    them all in one press of the Square button. If you time it right, you can do
    the same. After that, jump over the chasm and kill the enemies. Jump over the
    chasm and onto the platform. Kill the dog and green monsters. Go onto the
    moving pipe and onto the next platform. Double jump onto the next ledge.
    Kill the three green monsters and jump across the chasm, onto the ledge and
    kill the dog. Go up the stairs, jump onto the ledges, kill the two Metal Heads
    and approach the valve to watch another extremely entertaining movie. Go
    through the doors and head toward the Oracle symbol. Since, he is right here
    in this lake, it's a very good idea to give him a visit. Now, since the time
    it takes to get the Metal Head Skull Gems varies, I won't be saying when to
    visit him. If you definitely have 200 orbs, then he will definitely have a new
    power for you. Some people collect all the skull gems they find, and some just
    don't give a crap and ignore the whole thing. So, you're on your own in this
    area. If you really, really need help in this corner, give me an email with
    "Skull Gems" in the subject line. I'll see what I can do. After going to the
    Orace, go to Torn's place.
    Mission #4: Blow Up Ammo at Fortress
    The first few levels in Jak II have been relatively easy. This is when the
    going gets rough. You have to destroy some ammo for Torn. All while being
    chased by a tank. Plus, there is gun turrets on the whole route. You'll
    definitely be playing this level more than once. It really made me mad when I
    first played it. It's very tricky. You're gonna have to jump a lot, and time
    your jumps. Go to the Fortress icon on your map. That tank right inside is the
    one that chases throughout the whole place. As soon as you enter through the
    two blue pillars, it chases you. Just keep jumping to dodge its bullets.
    Make sure you land your jumps, though. Keep jumping from platform to platform
    until you get to a large platform with turrets. You'll need to be quick and
    nimble here, now that you got multiple turrets on you. When you get to the end
    turn right and jump up the boxes. Use the bar to swing to the high platform.
    You won't be safe for long - the tank smashes through the gate below. Jump
    onto the first of the moving platforms and take out the blue thingy in the
    Do the same on the next area. Then go into the room with the two blue pillars.
    You are safe from the tank - for now. Jump onto the moving platforms to get to
    the guards. Kill them. Make your way to the next set of moving platforms and
    then, when the spikes are down, go across the walkway. Continue killing guards
    and walking across spiked walkways. Perform a jumping smash through the window
    of sorts. Go across the chasm using the platforms. Climb up the boxes and run
    across the moving belt through the doors to trigger a video.
    You need the tank to shoot all of the stuff surrounding that missile-type
    thing in the middle of the room. Just make your way running and jumping around
    it to trigger it off. When it shoots all four of those arms, head for the exit
    Thankfully, you are given plenty of time to get out - 10 seconds. Just make
    sure the tank doesn't shoot you in the process. Get out and see a funny
    cutscene. Move back to the country? What? :-)
    Mission #6: Make Delivery to Hip Hog Saloon
    As you probably have already guessed, you gotta go see Torn. This time he
    wants you to go take a zoomer to a freind of his and long time boss of yours.
    There really isn't any advice I can give, since you have to make your way
    through the city, without a time limit to hold you down. The zoomer is the
    fastest vehicle in Haven City, so you should be able to get there quickly.
    But as Torn mentioned, the Krimzon Guard will try and stop you once they
    realize what you have. Just ignore them and get the package delivered. You'll
    see a huge roadblock of guard cars in the higher level. There will be another
    one ahead. Just stay down in the lower level, and you'll be fine. Approach the
    door to activate the cutscene. 
    Mission #7: Beat Scatter Gun Course
    You have your first weapon now. It's very handy and its shotgun-like shooting
    ability make it very useful during combat. Any downs, you might ask? It
    doesn't go very far... at all. In fact, its serves best in close quarters
    combat. Make your way to the target symbol, on the other side of the lake, to
    begin a target range. Make sure you shoot the Metal Head targets and not the
    civilians. Shooting the civilians only decreases your score. Plus, while
    waiting for your weapon to load, try smashing the targets with your physical
    attacks. Good Luck!
    Mission #8: Protect Sig at Pumping Station
    YAY! This is my favorite mission in Jak II. It's challenging, fun and hilarity
    filled. As you may have guessed, you know have a job with Krew! Go across the
    lake again for another freindly chat. You need to protect Sig while he toasts
    Metal Heads. Make your way back to the Slums from Krew's place and go back to
    the Pumping Station. (Hint: It's the place you were before, where Daxter got
    flushed!) Go through the opening doors and approach Sig resting by the tree.
    There are two groups of enemies, one to the left and one to the right. Sig
    will take care of the group on the right, you go attack the left group. Be
    sure to get all the Skull Gems. Remember when I said that a trusty freind of
    yours will take care of that tank later in the game? Later is now. After Sig
    blasts the tank to smithereens, go across and kill the two metal heads. Then
    pull down the bridge, simply by jumping onto it.
    Go across the bridge and kill the dogs, so that Sig can center his attention
    on a large Metal Head across the water. Go down the stairs and help Sig kill
    the large group of enemies on the beach. I said earlier to use your Dark Jak
    powers for times with large groups of enemies. This is the perfect time! If
    you haven't used them yet, use em now! Afterwards, shoot down any dogs while
    Sig toasts the second Metal Head.
    Then, go up the platform and bring down another bridge. Now, protect Sig as he
    shoots down the third Metal Head. Follow Sig off the platform and onto the
    beach. Help Sig kill the enemies around you. Now, hold off any more enemies
    while Sig toasts the fourth Metal Head. Follow Sig across the river. His
    Peacemaker jams, and you have to kill about five or six Metal Heads that
    ambush you.
    When "...the Peacemaker is back online...", Sig will toast the final Metal
    Head. And you have to cover him. It isn't too hard. Just take care of those
    dogs and go home.
    Mission #9: Destroy Turrets in Sewers
    Go to Krew's place and activate the mission. You have to go through the sewers
    and destroy these turrets that have complicated Krew's little "endeavors" in
    the sewers. Make your way to the Sewers from Krew's little hut. Go through the
    doors and down the elevator. Shoot the three dogs and walk over the yellow dot
    on the ground. This is a light switch. Walk across the plank and over towards
    the first sentry gun.
    Keep jumping and once you're close enough, shoot it. One shot will do. Jump
    across the canal and walk alongside the cages. You can shoot the Metal Head
    in the cage. Do so, and you'll get his eco and Skull Gem. Jump across the
    canal again and shoot the dogs and green monsters. Walk across the light
    switch and shoot the three Metal Heads. Keep walking and shoot the two dogs.
    After that, walk across the walkway and shoot the second Sentry Gun. Walk back
    and take a right. Walk across the collapsing walkway. Don't worry - falling
    won't hurt your health. See all those glowing lights? Each one represents one
    Metal Head. Walk over the light to alert them to your presence. If you got
    Dark Jak powers, now is the time. Without them, you may not make it out alive.
    Afterwards, collect all of those Skull Gems and jump up to the high tunnel.
    Shoot the five green monsters and make your way across the canal while dodging
    the third turrets' shots. After you destroy it, follow the walkway up to the
    tunnel with the light. Turn on the light and proceed down the tunnel. Ack! The
    lights are out. Just shoot the three Metal Heads and proceed to destroy the
    last Sentry Gun. Time your jumps to preserve health.
    After you destroy it, go into the high tunnel on the left of the destroyed
    gun. Kill the three dogs and two Metal Heads. Then, jump down into the tunnel
    on the right as it is your escape route.
    Mission #10: Beat Blaster Gun Course
    Make your way back to Krew's place. He's giving you the Blaster as a reward
    for your previous work. He says "Find it and its yours!" but it's not that
    difficult. It really just stashed away in a Krimzon Guard crate at the
    Shooting Range. Walk into the yellow light and smash the box to get it. Sig
    will show you a move know as the Wasteland Maneuver. Use it to clear the
    course. Again, I can't really give you any more hints. If someone emails me
    with tips, I will put them in here. Or, if you have specific troubles, email
    me with "Blaster Gun Course" in the subject line.
    Here goes to John Schultz. Thanks for the email man. You reminded me about the
    wastelander move. If anyone else is having problems, you must press L1 to roll
    while running and then shoot the target to execute the wastelander move that
    Sig wants you to do before you enter the course in Story Mode.
    Mission #11: Rescue Vin at Strip Mine
    You got two choices. You can talk to Torn or you can talk to Krew. Let's go
    with Torn. You can do whatever you want. I'm just the guy wrote this thing.
    You have to save Vin, a very, very itchy guy. The only good guy in Jak II that
    actually--- never mind. Make your way to the Power Station.
    John Schultz for reminding about the wastelander move.
    You may use this FAQ on your site WITH PERMISSION from me. Otherwise, I will
    have to use deadly force to ensure you learn your lesson. This my FAQ, the
    stuff I say is original, unless noted, but Naughty Dog's stuff is their stuff.
    I only own the FAQ.
    |{[<(-----------------------------END DOCUMENT---------------------------)>]}|

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