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    FAQ/Walkthrough by renshai

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    JAK 3
    Jak 3 Playstation 2 FAQ
    Written by M. Congram (renshai)
    Last Updated: 03/06/06
    Created: 11/20/04
    This document is the property of renshai, aka M. Congram
    If you didn't already know, this is an FAQ for the Playstation 2 game Jak 3.
    Currently the only sites with permission to post this FAQ are:
    I've been intending to write an FAQ for a while now, but have never had the
    time or the right game. Now, thanks to a dislocated kneecap and Naughty Dog, I
    have both. This is my first one, though, so any glaring errors are newbie
    mistakes, and I'm more than happy to fix them when notified about them. If you
    have questions about this FAQ, or the above mentioned glaring errors to point
    out, you can e-mail me at spikestampede(at)hotmail.com. Just be sure to have
    "Question about Jak 3 FAQ" or something along those lines in the subject 
    header. Otherwise I will delete your e-mail on sight. Funnily enough, if the 
    e-mail is just a flame, that'll be deleted too, so don't bother. This 
    walkthrough is under construction, and will be updated as I type parts out, so
    if a section is missing, chances are good I simply haven't typed it yet - DON'T
    Enjoy the FAQ.
     TABLE OF CONTENTS (by Section)
    *note->How to navigate the table of contents: Each heading is preceded by an
    alphanumeric combination that corresponds to its place in this table of 
    contents which can be searched for using the Ctrl+F command. For example, if I
    wanted to find the Controls for Dark Jak, I'd search for :C.b:, if I wanted to
    find the guide to the Climb Monk Temple Tower mission, I'd search for :F.a.12:
    Any trailing periods are dropped, and it's always surrounded by colons.
    A. The Story so Far
    B. Major Characters
    C. Controls
      a. Jak
      b. Dark Jak
      c. Light Jak
      d. Vehicles
      e. Hoverboard
    D. The Morph Gun
    E. General Gameplay Tips
    F. The Missions
      a. Act I
         1.  Complete Arena Training Course
         2.  Earn 1st Battle Amulet
         3.  Catch Kanga-Rats
         4.  Unlock Satellite
         5.  Learn to Drive
         6.  Beat Kleiver in Desert Race
         7.  Race for Artifacts
         8.  Beat Monks in Leaper Race
         9.  Destroy Metal Head Beasts
         10. Earn 2nd Battle Amulet
         11. Corral Wild Leapers
         12. Climb Monk Temple Tower
         13. Glide to Volcano
         14. Find Satellite in Volcano
         15. Find Oracle in Monk Temple
         16. Rescue Wastelanders
         17. Beat Turret Challenge
         18. Defeat Marauders in Arena
         19. Destroy Eggs in Metal Head Nest
         20. Defend Ashelin at Oasis
         21. Complete Monk Temple Tests
         22. Travel Through Catacomb Subrails
         23. Explore Eco Mine
         24. Escort Bomb Train
         25. Defeat Veger's Precursor Robot
      b. Act II
         1.  Reach Port via Sewer
         2.  Destroy Incoming BlastBots
         3.  Destroy Barrier with Missile
         4.  Defeat Gun Course 1
         5.  Destroy Sniper Cannons
         6.  Reach Metal Head Area via Sewer
         7.  Destroy Dark Eco Tanks
         8.  Kill Dark Plants in Forest
         9.  Destroy Eco Grid with Jinx
         10. Hijack Eco Tanker
         11. Defend Port from Attack
         12. Beat Gun Course 2
         13. Break Barrier with BlastBot
         14. Defend HQ
         15. Find Switch in Sewers
         16. Find Cypher in Eco Grid
         17. Race for Artifacts...Again
         18. Destroy Metalpedes in Nest
         19. Chase Down MetalHead Beasts
         20. Defend Spargus' Gate
         21. Take Out Marauder Stronghold
         22. Beat Ring Challenges in Forest
         23. Destroy War Factory Defenses
         24. Explore War Factory
         25. Kick Cyber-Errol's Ass
      c. Act III
         1.  Rescue Seem at Temple
         2.  Defend Spargus from Dark Maker Attack
         3.  Destroy Dark Ship Shield
         4.  Blow Open Tower Door
         5.  Destroy Metal Head Tower
         6.  Reach Catacombs via Palace Ruins
         7.  Break Through Ruins
         8.  Reach Precursor Core
         9.  Destroy Dark Ship
         10. Destroy Final Boss
    G. Collectibles
    H. Kleiver's Cars
    I. Precursor Orbs Locations
      a. Spargus Orbs
      b. Spargus Precursor Challenges
      c. Desert Orbs
      d. Desert Precursor Challenges
    J. Secrets
    K. Version History
    L. Closing
     THE STORY SO FAR     :A:
    At the end of the last game, Jak and Dax had saved Haven City from the Metal
    Head leader, and were chilling out in anticipation of a nice break from
    adventuring. Unfortunately for them, it wasn't to be. The strongest metal heads
    survived the fall of the Metal Head leader, and there seems to be a new Bad
    Guy leading the remnants of the old Krimson Guard. And the city seems to be
    blaming Jak, under the guidance of the new Count Veger (who reminds me of the
    six-fingered count in Princess Bride). So Jak goes from hero to scapegoat in 
    under a week, and gets banished to the Wasteland (a presumed death sentence).
    (caution: Major Spoilers, for all three Jak games. There, you've been warned.)
    Jak (obviously)
    Jak is the main character. If you've played the two previous games, then you
    probably know him pretty well, and if not, I'll provide you with some
    background on the last two adventures. As we discovered last game, Jak is the
    Heir of Mar, which is apparently a big deal, but they never really tell us
    why. He was hidden in the past, along with Samos (the Green Sage), so that he
    could grow up in a peaceful world to become the hero he is today...or, um,
    tomorrow. Yeah. After getting launched back to the future, Jak got captured by
    Baron Praxis (last game's minor bad guy), who experimented on Jak with Dark 
    Eco. So, in the words of Daxter, "Our boy here gets all mean and nasty when you
    piss him off. So don't piss him off." He walks and talks like a tough guy,
    but he's got a big mushy center, even if he is a bit tired of the whole 
    "saving the world" thing.
    Daxter (aka Orange Lightning)
    Jak's sidekick, shoulder ornament, and best friend. Jak accidentally knocked
    him into a pool of Dark Eco in the first game, turning him into the furry 
    little ottsel (otter-weasel) you see before you. He doesn't seem to mind, but
    he really misses wearing pants. He's sarcastic, slightly bitter, likes to talk
    smack, and really does all the talking Jak doesn't. He's lucky he can hide 
    behind Jak, because otherwise someone would have pounded him into the ground
    long ago.
    Sort of a Monkey-Parrot thing. His parents were very vindictive. Last game, he
    was Onin's interpreter. This game, he appears to spend most of his time keeping
    an eye on Jak and Dax. Well, and fighting with Daxter. They don't like each
    other, possibly because they are so much alike.
    The King of Spargus, the city in the Wasteland. He's got a bit of a mysterious
    past, and reminds me strongly of Jak. Hmmmmm....
    Another returnee from Jak II, he's a big, tough Wastelander. Even if he does 
    have a little Poopsy-Bear on his bed at home. He was also Damas' spy in Haven
    City, which is where he met Jak last game, working as muscle for a big-time
    weapons dealer.
    Jak II's very own ass-kicking-chick, back for an encore. The former Baron 
    Praxis' daughter is now head of the Haven City council, which obviously isn't
    all it's cracked up to be. A close friend of Jak. I thought she and Torn 
    were an item, but now, I'm not so sure.....
    Former leader of the Haven Resistance (Jak II), he's now head of Haven City's
    Freedom Guard. He's the person Jak gets most of his missions from. The strong,
    silent type, and my favourite character besides Jak.
    Samos and Keira
    The Green Sage and his daughter, they came from the past with Jak. Keira's
    a mechanic, and Samos' daughter. Neither have a real big part in this game,
    though. Keira only has, like, 2 lines.
    Haven's one-and-only mystic seer-person. Probably the oldest person in the
    game, assuming we don't count the Precursors. Doesn't talk. Waves hands about
    in mysterious ways. May or may not be into heavy metal (she does throw up the
    horns, occasionally).
    The Head of Damas' Precursor Monks. She doesn't like Jak much, at least at
    first. Is the focus of some of Daxter's best lines. Seem is mostly pre-occupied
    with the "coming apocalypse" and the arrival of the Daystar.
    Baron Veger
    Full-fledged, Precursor-obsessed psycho. Although he's good at hiding it.
    Overly influential of Haven Council. He's the impetus behind the banishment of 
    Jak, whom he thinks is an abomination because of the Dark Eco. He doesn't like
    Dax, because Dax has issues remembering his name. He reminds me strongly of the
    six-fingered Count from Princess Bride. He wants to wipe out all Dark Eco 
    everywhere, using the power of the Precursors to do it.
    Thought he was dead, huh? But, as we all know, the true psycho-villains never
    die. They just come back crazier, and more powerful. Errol's behind all the
    bad things that Veger isn't. And he's crazier than a pack of loons in a bag.
    He's talking to the Dark Makers (he's hearing voices), and his particular
    form of insanity means that I have trouble not giggling when he's on screen.
    He's into, you know, fire and brimstone, and wiping out the planet and all 
    Light Eco everywhere. He and Veger would get along like a house on fire.
    A wastelander, and Damas' sort-of-almost right-hand man, Kleiver is big, 
    brawny, and not too bright. He runs the garage and supplies warehouses in
    Spargus, and doesn't like Jak. I think he thinks Jak is going to take away his
    position at Damas' right hand. He also wants to eat Dax. An all-round charming
    Last but not least, Tess. Last game she was a spy for the Haven Resistance,
    this game she's designing guns. And she's good at it. Daxter's love interest,
    although I'm not sure if she's got the same ideas about it he does. The two
    of them are horrific beyond words together - they BABY-TALK to each other. It's
    the most annoying sweet couple you've ever seen, multiplied by two. Although
    I think Dax probably only plays along to bug Jak.
     CONTROLS     :C:
     Jak     :C.a:
    Morph-Gun: R1
    Jump: X
    Double Jump: X + X again while in the air
    Spin Kick: O
    Punch: []
    Crouch: L1 while stationary (if you hit L1 and then move, Jak crawls)
    Roll: L1 while moving
    Roll Jump: L1 (moving) + X
    Spin Jump: X + O
    High Jump: L1 (stationary) + X
    Dive Attack: X + []
    Bounce: X + [] + X
    Uppercut: L1 + [] or [] + X
    Camera: Right Analog
    First-Person: R3 (click right stick)
    Menu: Start
    Use/Talk: /\
    Pause: Select
    Game Stats: L3 (click left stick)
     Dark Jak     :C.b:
    Turn into Dark Jak: L2 (no matter your eco level)
    Dark Bomb: X + []
    Dark Spiral: [] + X
    Throw Dark Energy: R1
     Light Jak     :C.c:
    Turn into Light Jak: hold L2 and press one of /\, [], X, O (no matter the eco)
    Light Shield: L2 + O
    Light Regeneration: L2 + /\
    Light Timestop: L2 + []
    Light Wings: L2 + X
    - note: once turned into light jak, you no longer have to press L2 to activate
            the powers.
     Vehicles     :C.d:
    Get in or out: /\
    Accelerate: X (if riding Leaper, X + X give you a short glide)
    Brake and Reverse: [] (attack on Leaper)
    Jump: L1
    Skid Turn: analog stick + O
    Weapon: R1 (if vehicle has weapons)
    Rear View: L2
    Change Hover Zone: R2 (Zoomers only)
     Hoverboard     :C.e:
    Get On or Off: R2
    Jump: X
    High Jump: X + X again immediately on landing
    Boost Jump: L1 + X
    Crouch: L1
    Grind: []
    Tricks: any of the four shoulder buttons (L1, L2, R1, R2) + any direction on 
            analog stick
    Bump enemies out of way: O (not real effective)
    Quick 180: /\
     The Morph-Gun     :D:
    The Morph-Gun is accessed by hitting R1, and you change the current weapon by
    hitting one of the directions on the D-Pad. You can put the gun away by holding
    one of the directional buttons down until Jak puts it away.
    The red gun mods are all basically wide-area dispersion weapons. They do
    collateral damage to anything and everything within a certain radius. As such,
    they're generally pretty good for large groups of slower or weaker enemies, or
    for clearing yourself some space. They are accessed with the up arrow. Max
    ammo is 50 shots, and gets upgraded as the game goes on.
     Scatter Gun
    This is the first weapon Jak receives in the game, and the default red mod. It
    fires a shotgun like blast in a cone-shaped range. Until you get some upgrades,
    it has an incredibly slow rate of fire, and it's completely of no use for
    long-range attacks. Best used for clearing yourself a path through a large
    group of weak enemies (like Metal-Head Scorpions or KG Spider-Bots). Uses one
    red ammo per shot.
     Wave Concussor
    The second-level red mod, this weapon is received before the 2nd Arena 
    challenge. It is charged by holding down R1, and when fired releases a circular
    shockwave around Jak. The longer R1 is held down, the greater the radius of the
    shockwave, but the more red ammo is used. Max ammo use is 5 red ammo. Because 
    of the time it takes to charge, it's not great for really close range fighting,
    although it's ideal for large groups that haven't gotten that close to you yet.
     Plasmite RPG
    This third-level weapon is received after the second gun course mission. It's 
    basically a grenade launcher. If fired at an enemy, the grenade will home in on
    the enemy and explode, taking out any other enemies in the vicinity. If fired 
    completely off base, the grenade bounces off of any surfaces it hits, and takes
    about 20 seconds to explode. Jak cannot be hurt by the explosion. Still, 
    obviously where this gun shines in when firing into a closely grouped batch of
    enemies at range.
    The yellow gun mods, accessed by the down arrow, are your basic multi-purpose
    long-range guns. Relatively powerful, with good range, they're probably the 
    guns you'll use most this game. The yellow gun's max ammo is 100, although it
    can be upgraded as the game goes on.
    This is the default yellow gun, and is received after the first Arena
    challenge. With fairly good stopping power and rate-of fire, as well as a close
    to mid-length range, it's probably the gun you'll use most. It's good for
    almost any kind of enemy you'll find outside of the boss fights, and it's
    auto-targeting ability makes picking off charging enemies a breeze. It uses one
    yellow ammo per shot.
     Beam Reflexor
    This second-level yellow mod is received after completing the 2nd Arena
    challenge. It fires bullets which will ricochet a set number of times off any 
    solid objects it encounters until it hits an enemy. Secrets can be purchased 
    which will upgrade the number of ricochets from each bullet. This is a good gun
    for mass firefights, when you have neither the time nor the inclination to aim
    carefully. It uses one yellow ammo per shot.
     Gyro Burster
    The third level yellow mod is received after the first gun course mission. It 
    fires out a little rotating orb which rains death from above for a set amount
    of time. This works really well when faced with a group of high-powered enemies
    that you don't really want to stand and face (like a group of flying KG robots)
    - you can throw it out, and then duck behind cover, coming out when the smoke 
    has cleared. It uses about 50 yellow ammo per shot, but remember that that's 50
    shots fired at your enemies from above.
    The blue guns, accessed by the left arrow, are the specialty mods in this game.
    They don't really have a unified purpose other than to serve in specialized 
    situations. Max Ammo is 100 shots (un-upgraded).
     Vulcan Fury
    This gun, received during the third Arena mission, is basically the sniper 
    rifle or machine gun of Jak 3. Possessing an incredibly high rate of fire, as 
    well as incredibly long range, it's best for getting rid of those enemies that 
    you don't want to let close enough to hit you (like the sniper Metal Heads). It
    also works wonders on enemies that are grouped together. It uses only one blue 
    ammo per shot, but you can run out of bullets really quickly due to it's high 
    cycle rate.
     Arc Wielder
    This secondlevel blue mod is received after beating the final mission in Act I.
    It emits a long stream of electricity, which Jak can directly simply by moving.
    It works like a flame-thrower, just with ions instead. Like the Vulcan Fury, it
    gobbles ammo - about 2 ammo for every second you hold down R1. It's good for 
    groups of enemies that aren't grouped together, as you can sweep it about, 
    decimating their ranks.
     Needle Laser
    The third level blue mod is received after the Destroy Eco Grid with Jinx
    mission. It shoots around corners. Actually, it fires three bullets, which will
    track a target no matter which direction Jak is facing when he fires them. It 
    uses about two ammo per shot.
    The Dark gun mods are some of the last, as well as most powerful, mods 
    you receive in the game. Their purpose in the game is basically wreaking havoc
    and mass destruction. The Max Ammo capacity (un-upgraded) is 5. They are
    accessed by the right directional arrow.
    The first level of the Dark Gun, received after the "Destroy the Barrier with 
    Blast-Bot Mission", is mighty in it's own right. It can be charged
    to release at just the right time, or quickly fired off. It throws out a ball
    of electricity, which hits the primary target and then shoots out streamers to
    hit anything within a certain radius. It uses one Dark ammo per shot.
     Mass Inverter
    The second mod of the Dark gun, received after beating Cyber Errol the first
    time, is possibly the coolest gun concept ever. It produces a field of some 
    sort that, yes, inverts the mass of any enemies within range, leaving them 
    floating in the air for you to dispatch at your leisure, for a certain period 
    of time. For some enemies, just the Mass Inverter itself is enough to kill 
    them. Any enemies that wander into the field while it's still active also get 
    caught in it. It uses one Dark ammo per shot.
     Super Nova
    The third mod of the Dark gun is meant only for one thing - complete and total
    destruction. It shoots out a grenade, which then hangs in the air and explodes,
    producing a giant nuclear mushroom cloud of death. It will annihilate anything
    within range, not too mention it looks damn cool. You receive it after the
    "Blow Open Tower Door" mission, and it takes 10 Dark ammo per shot.
    Jars, baskets, crates, urns, boxes, everything. Smash them all. Worst case,
    you'll find nothing. But many breakables contain hidden Precursor Orbs, Metal
    Head gems, or other things important to your quest. Breaking them as you go
    will save you from having to come back for those pesky Precursor Orbs.
    Knowing which gun to use in which situation can save you a lot of grief and
    frustration. So familiarize yourself with your morph-gun. Read the section in
    this FAQ. Pay attention to gun recommendations in the mission walkthroughs. I
    put that stuff in to help, not for my health.
    Unlike the citizens of Haven City, should you happen to accidentally knock over
    a Wastelander on your hoverboard, or command your Leaper to bite one of them
    for a bit of fun, the Wastelanders don't run away, and they don't get mad. They
    get even. They will attempt to shoot you with those huge blasters they carry.
    And while they don't really have great aim, having your Leaper shot out from
    under you in the middle of a mission is a real pain in the butt.
    4. LISTEN
    I know he's annoying, but listen to Daxter. If you're stuck, chances are good
    that his babbling contains information on what you're supposed to be doing.
     THE MISSIONS     :F:
     Act 1     :F.a:
    -Arena Training Course-    :F.a.1:
    You start your game in the Spargus Arena. This whole mission is basically a
    refresher course in Jak's jumping and battle moves. You need to jump up and
    across the platforms, collecting 35 little glowing tokens. It's incredibly
    easy. Pay attention to the directions on screen, and if you're missing a 
    token, just slip into first person view and take a look around. Go slow so that
    you don't fall off the platforms into the lava below.
    -Earn 1st Battle Amulet-    :F.a.2:
    Items Received: Morph-Gun
                    1st Battle Amulet
                    Blaster Mod (yellow1)
                    Spargus Gate Pass
    Damas gives you a gun (yay!) and sends you back into the Arena to prove your 
    worthiness. Once again, this one is pretty easy. You need to kill 20 Marauders
    in order to complete the mission. Periodically an alarm sounds, and the floor
    begins to slowly sink into the lava. When you hear the alarm, go jump onto one
    of the raised boxes - it'll keep you out of the lava. Make sure you watch your
    back, as the Marauders will come from all sides. When you have about 5
    Marauders left to kill, Jak will automatically turn into Dark Jak. No matter
    how long you take, he won't turn back to normal until you finish the mission.
    Note: It counts as a kill if you just push the Marauders into the lava, but not
          if they get caught when the arena sinks.
    -Catch Kanga-Rats-     :F.a.3:
    Head out of the Arena, picking up ammo if you like, and Kleiver will accost
    you. He wants you to catch some Kanga-Rats that are wrecking Spargus' supplies.
    Once the cut-scene ends, continue past Kleiver, and climb onto the Leaper
    waiting for you. Head out into the city. You have to find 6 Kanga Rats. Use 
    your map to get you in the general area (the rats are the blinking green dots).
    Once you spot them (they're bright pink and squeak), they'll go for a run. 
    Chase them, and once you're close behind, hit [] and your Leaper will gulp it
    up. There are 4 in the area around the Arena, and 2 near the Seashore.
    -Unlock Satellite-     :F.a.4:
    Items Received: Dark Eco Crystal
    Your next mission is conveniently in the Seashore area, where you probably
    caught your last Kanga-Rat. Use your map to find Seem, and approach her. After
    the cut-scene, it's mini-game time! Hit the corresponding button (/\, [], O, or
    X) as the symbol passes under the targeting brackets, but before they reach the
    pulsing pink thing in the middle. You need to catch 75 symbols, but you only
    have 5 misses before you have to start over. A miss is either missing the
    symbol, or hitting a button while there is no symbols in the targeting bracket.
    note: the symbols will come from the same direction they are on the controller,
    ie /\ from the top, etc.
    -Learn to Drive-     :F.a.5:
    Head to Kleiver's garage, where he'll offer you a wager on Jak winning a race:
    a car for Jak, or Dax for supper for Kleiver. Jak, of course, takes it. The 
    next part is a simple tutorial for the off-road vehicles in Jak 3. Drive to the
    lights, and follow the directions on screen, and you'll do fine.
    -Kleiver's Race-     :F.a.6:
    Items Received: Tough Puppy (vehicle)
    Time for the race. This race is pretty easy. The racers will mostly clump to 
    the left at the start, so steer right, around them, and you'll immediately be
    ahead. Pick up the glowing red balls (turbo boosts), and drive carefully, and
    you should stay well ahead for the entire race. The only area it's really
    important to turbo boost through is the water after you go through the cave. It
    looks basically like sand striped with darker dirt, but the dirt is actually 
    sitting water, and if you don't boost through it, it slows you down pretty bad.
    Also, compared to what you may be used to, the Puppy has pretty sensitive
    steering. Don't oversteer, you'll either slide or flip, both of which will lose
    you the race. The race boundaries are the red rocks.
    -Race for Artifacts-     :F.a.7:
    Items received: Mar's Armour (Arm Bracers)
    As soon as you get back, Damas will send you back out into the desert, to pick
    up some newly uncovered Precursor artifacts, 12 of them. You're racing against
    the clock to get them, but there's really plenty of time. Use your map to find
    the next artifact in the series, and try to avoid the Marauders (the red dots).
    The Tough Puppy has no weapons, and running into the Marauders will slow you
    down. If they manage to block you in the front, don't forget the jump turn,
    or the fact that you can back up. Sometimes you can even get them to run into
    rocks. Once you've picked up the last artifact, you have to race back to 
    Spargus before the approaching sandstorm hits.
    -Beat the Monks in a Leaper Race-     :F.a.8:
    Items Received: Light Eco Crystal
    Another race, this time on the Leapers. This one's a bit more difficult than
    the vehicle one, if only because the monks like to box you in. You'll probably
    need to go through it twice, to learn the course the first time. Off the start,
    fade to the left, since the monks tend to bunch up to the right. If you get in
    front on the first couple rings, you'll probably stay in front for the entire
    race. Just remember that your Leaper can glide as well as jump, and make sure
    that when the ring is on an incline you jump through it, instead of just 
    running. Otherwise sometimes the game glitches, and you get pegged for missing
    the ring, no matter how much it looked like you went through it. There are 
    about 39 or 40 rings.
    -Destroy Wasteland Beasts-     :F.a.9:
    Items Received: Dark Eco Crystal
                    Sand Shark (vehicle)
    Head down to the garage, where Kleiver will fill you in on your next mission -
    hunting Wasteland Metal Heads. Sounds like fun. Climb into the Sand Shark, and
    head out the doors. There are 4 giant Metalheads to kill. Follow your map to
    find them, and then hold down the trigger and drive your heart out. The best
    place to be is behind them, although you have to steer carefully as they fire
    bombs in your general direction. The Metal Heads can turn on a dime, however,
    so be prepared to veer off to the side at any moment. Meeting a Metal Head 
    head-on will result in your Sand Shark being flung across the desert, and 
    really eats into your health bar. Keep firing at your target metal head until
    their dot on your map disappears - other wise, they may get back up after you
    knock them down, and you'll have to do it all over again.
    -Earn 2nd Battle Amulet-     :F.a.10:
    Items Received: Wave Concussor (red2)
                    2nd Battle Amulet
                    Beam Reflexor (yellow2)
    The time has come for Jak to enter the Arena again. It's changed a bit since
    the last time, too. For one thing, you need to kill 30 enemies to finish. For
    another, there are now four platforms instead of one. They sink into the lava
    one at a time. So when you hear the alarms sound and see lava coming through
    the vents, just hop to one of the other platforms. The best weapon for this
    particular arena challenge, I've found, is the Blaster (yellow). It's got
    better range than the Scatter Gun (red), and makes knocking Marauders into the
    lava from a distance a piece of cake.
    -Corral Wild Leapers-     :F.a.11:
    Items Received: Dune Hopper (vehicle)
    Head back to Kleiver's garage once again to receive your mission, and then
    climb into your vehicle of choice and hit the road. Follow your map to an
    ancient destroyed settlement. Here, you need to chase the Leapers (who appear
    as red dots on your map) in the car, until you get close enough for Daxter to
    jump on it's back. Now Daxter gets to steer the Leaper back to the electrified
    pen, which is the big grey symbol on you map. The only difficulty is that 
    running into ANYTHING or over the green cactuses will kill the Leaper, forcing
    you to start again from the pen. The Leaper can jump, but cannot glide like the
    ones in Spargus. I recommend trying to catch the Leapers as far away from the 
    pen as possible - that way you have ample distance to circle around and find
    an easy line of entrance.
    NOTE: Before now, all the missions have been completely linear. Now, there may
    be more than one mission on your map. I'm writing them down in the order I
    finished the missions in, but you DO NOT have to follow the same order. To help
    you figure out where you're going, though, I'm going to tell you what the map
    icon for each mission is from here on in.
    -Climb the Precursor Monk Temple-     :F.a.12:
    Map Icon: Red cross-thingy
    Climb into the Dune Hopper, and head out across the islands to the Monk Temple,
    following your map. Be careful crossing the islands, as if you fall into the
    drink, you've got to start all over again. Once you reach terra firma, watch
    out. Just ahead, there's a slightly hidden jump that you have to make, over a
    waterfall gorge. Once you get to the temple, climb out of the Dune Hopper and
    head on in. You'll see a cutscene that ends with Jak standing in front of a
    canvas awning. Jump up onto the awning, and start your climb up the temple. 
    This is pretty standard platforming fare - just jump from platform to platform
    to pole until you reach the top. Don't forget that, if Jak is swinging around a
    pole, you can hit jump when he's standing vertical to make him jump straight
    up. Also, watch for the platforms with obviously cracked tops. These ones will
    crumble and fall away as soon as you set foot on them, so be ready to jump
    -Gliding to the Volcano-     :F.a.13:
    When you reach the top of the temple, you'll see a spare Monk Glider. After a
    bit of a cutscene (serves Daxter right), you'll be in the air. Now, it may 
    not look like it, but you DO have to hit all the accelerator rings, otherwise
    our intrepid heroes will plunge to their deaths. Make sure you're looking at
    least one or two rings ahead, to give yourself more time to correct for height
    and direction. Other than that, it's pretty simple. Shoot closed yellow rings
    to open them (R1, same as always), and make sure you hit the updrafts (the blue
    pillars of clouds) rather than trying to avoid them like I did the first time.
    -Find Satellite in Volcano-     :F.a.14:
    Items Received: Ability to use Invisibility Statues
    When you land after crashing the glider you'll be facing a fairly obvious path.
    Follow it. Once at the bottom, watch out for the Metal Head Scorpions that pop
    out of the ground. They like to hide in the tall grass when they're coming at
    you, so be careful of that. Jump to the top of the cliffs after the scorpions,
    where you'll see a Leaper. As Daxter suggests, chase the Leaper, shooting the
    Spiked Toads and Metal Heads in your way as you run. Also watch out for the
    occasional crumbling ledge. Keep you wits (and reflexes) sharp. When you've 
    reached the end of the chase, be ready to hit /\ to get on the Leaper as it 
    runs by you, otherwise you'll have to chase it for another circuit.
    Once you're on the Leaper, continue along the very obvious path, leaping from
    platform to platform (don't forget the Leaper can glide a short distance),
    until you reach the point where Jak voluntarily gets off. Climb the ladder in
    front of you, and continue on your way. You'll eventually get to a point where
    you can't go any further. Approach the tree by the lava jets to continue. After
    a short cutscene, you are now playing as Daxter. Congratulations.
    Daxter has basically the same moves as Jak, minus the guns. Swing your way
    across the net, avoiding the giant balls of lava that shoot up periodically,
    either by stopping, or by traveling on the far right edge of the net. Once you
    reach the end of the net, hop down, and make you way across the ledges. Note
    that it's only safe to jump once the lava has slowed down - otherwise you'll
    get burnt. Watch for the Metal Heads along the way. You'll find another net, so
    hop up and cross it in the same way as before. When you reach the end, approach
    the big purple rock to kick off another short cutscene. Run across the rock
    bridge to reunite Dax with Jak, and continue on.
    Keep following the path, taking out enemies, until you reach a high ledge with
    a steam vent in front of it. Knock the circular rock that sits nearby over to
    the steam vent, and then use it as an elevator to get to the top. Continue on,
    and approach the scaffolding with the pipe to kick off another Daxter segment.
    As Daxter, slide down the metal half-pipes, jumping the missing pieces. After
    reaching the other side, use the conveniently placed trampolines to make your
    way up to the next ledge. Watch for the Spiked Toads at the top, and then
    continue up the next set of trampolines. When you reach the top, a cutscene
    takes over.
    Boot the rock you moved as Daxter over the steam vent, and then ride it up to
    the next ledge. Kill the Metal Heads on this level, and then plug all three
    steam vents with the circular rocks. Once they're all plugged, you'll be able
    to ride the middle one up to the next platform. Continue upwards (watch out for
    enemies) until you reach the lava. Jump on one of the lava platform, and then
    quickly jump off and onto the ladder. Climb up for another cutscene, and a cool
    new Dark power.
    Once the cutscene finishes, jump down onto the next set of lava platforms, and
    then jump immediately onto the left ledge. Follow the path back to the start of
    the mission, where you can now use the Dark Statue to turn invisible, and take
    the teleport gate back to the temple.
    -Find Oracle in Monk Temple-     :F.a.15:
    Items Received: Light Jak
                    Light Regeneration
    Now you can use the Dark Statue to get past the Guardian Eye over the temple
    door. Do so, and head down the stairs, watching out for the giant spiders. At
    the bottom fuel up on Dark Eco, and then head out to the next room.
    To get past this room, go Dark Jak, and then use a Dark Bomb (X + []) to
    destroy the guard robots. You need to be close enough to destroy all the 'bots,
    but far enough away that you don't provoke the 'bots into zapping you. The
    first circle on the floor, inside the pillars, is a good distance. Once the
    robots are gone, ground-pound the raised switch in the center of the room to
    open the door.
    NOTE: It may be possible to sneak around the outside of the pillars, and use
    the invisibility statue across to room to become invisible and pound the 
    switch. My problem was that as soon as I pounded the switch I became visible
    again, and got zapped. If you're speedy, you might be able to do it - let me
    know if you get it to work.
    EDIT: Thanks to the drake, who pointed out that being invisible and charging
          up the Wave Concussor (red2) from the center of the room will take all 
          the robots out, allowing you to pound the floor in peace.
    Go through the newly opened door and head to the next room. As you approach the
    entrance you'll be attacked by a plague of spiders. As far as I can tell,
    they'll just keep re-spawning unless you enter the room, so jump over them and
    rush into the room, then kill off any spiders remaining behind you. As you
    enter the room, the Guardian Eyes will wake up and shut all the gates. So head
    to the left-hand side of the room and use the Dark Statue. Now you can swing
    across the bars behind you without the Eye spotting you. Repeat this sequence
    until you finally reach the other side of the room. Head through the doors and
    down to the next room. Once again, this group of spiders continually respawns
    until you enter the room. So do the same thing you did last time, and then
    continue through to the Precursor Oracle to see a cutscene and receive a new
    power - Light Regeneration! Once you've received your power, simply take the
    nearby teleport ring back to where you entered the temple.
    -Rescue Wastelanders-     :F.a.16:
    Items Received: Dark Crystal
    Map Icon: little brown castle (or possibly a 3-pointed crown), and green dots
    Head back to Spargus from wherever you are, and go to Damas' throne room (it'll
    be on your map, but it's right between the Seashore area and the rest of 
    Spargus). Damas will give you your next mission - you must go rescue 4
    Wastelanders who appear to have become caught in the rising storm, and get them
    safely to their transportation. So walk back to the garage, climb into the
    Sand Shark, and drive out into the teeth of the approaching sandstorm. The
    first stranded wastelander is to your right, in the same area as the MetalHead
    beasts were. Follow your map to the first and the second Wastelanders and their
    transportation. The third Wastelander is a bit tricky. Follow your map, but
    keep in mind that in order to reach the Wastelander quickly, you're going to
    need to use one of the bridge-jumps over the river gorge. Once you've dropped 
    off the third Wastelander, drive as fast (and I mean book it) as possible to
    the glowing dot that represents the next, and final, Wastelander. Speed is
    truly crucial at this point, because your remaining time will be the time you
    have to deal with the Dark Satellite you're about to meet.
    When you reach the glowing dot, Jak will jump out of the vehicle. The last
    Wastelander is obviously not going to be needing transport back to Spargus.
    And you'll pretty quickly determine what got him, too.
    This is sort of a boss battle. Don't bother keeping an eye on the clock - as
    long as you're using the right strategy to beat the boss, there's nothing you
    can do to speed the battle up other than beat the dark satellite. You've got 
    ample time anyways - probably about 3 minutes.
    As soon as the battle starts, get underneath the robot. Try to stay exactly in
    it's shadow, because the first thing it does is spit out a ring of lasers. The
    best way to not get fried is to stay right in the little shadow. When the
    lasers stop, however, get out of the way fast, and be prepared to jump, because
    within seconds of stopping the lasers, the robot will slam down into the sand,
    sending out a circular shockwave that you need to jump. This point is where you
    start shooting. I strongly recommend using the blaster for this. The robot will
    send out a tentacle, which it will swing around in a circle, changing direction
    and speed at random. Keep your wits about you, jump over the tentacle, and
    shoot the top of the robot whenever you get a chance. After about ten hits with
    the Blaster the robot will unroot itself from the sand, and you get to start 
    the sequence all over again.
    It's the same deal this time; hide in its shadow, and then get out of the way,
    only it will send out two shockwaves upon crashing down this time, as well as
    having two tentacles for you to jump over. The third time is the same strategy
    too, but with three shockwaves and three tentacles. After the third round, the
    Dark Maker 'bot should explode, leaving you free to book it to your vehicle
    and race the storm home. Follow your map back to Spargus, and you should make
    it just in time.
    Note: Don't forget that you can shoot while you jump. And don't bother shooting
    it when it's floating around - it only wastes ammo.
    -Beat Turret Challenge-     :F.a.17:
    Items Received: Light Crystal
    Once you're back in Spargus, follow your map to meet Kleiver out on the
    Seashore. He'll challenge you to beat his score on the gunnery turret up on the
    tower. So climb up to the turret (located up the stairs) and get to it.
    This is a pretty standard gun game. You have a goal of 7000 pts, which you need
    to reach before getting ten misses. Pinwheels of doom will pop out of the ocean
    and you need to shoot them before they fall back down. The cannon auto-targets
    to a certain extent, but you get more points the closer you hit to the center
    of the target. You also collect bonus points for hitting the same coloured
    targets in a row. You fire with R1, as always, and aim with the analog stick.
    There are three colours of target - red, blue, and green. Red gets the least
    points, green the most. So if you know you can only catch one, take the higher
    scoring target. Arrows on the screen will inform you when a target is coming
    from outside your current field of view. I've managed to rack upwards of
    30 000 points without hitting my 10 miss quota, so 7000 points is pretty easy.
    The game automatically ends when you hit a number at or above 7000.
    -Defeat Marauders in Arena-     :F.a.18:
    Items Received: Vulcan Fury mod (blue1)
    It's time for another arena challenge. The layout of the arena has changed
    again, and you need to kill 30 Marauders to advance. This time the arena is
    a big quartered square built of catwalks. When the alarms sound, platforms will
    rise either in the middle of the arena, or at its outside corners. I think
    they rise wherever you're furthest from. So run over to a platform to avoid
    getting caught in the lava. When the arena rises back out of the lava, jump off
    of the platform right away, because they sink back into the lava too. Other 
    than that, just shoot the marauders, probably with the Blaster. With the
    walkways this narrow, it's especially easy to knock them off with one shot. Be
    careful, though. The Marauders have blasters too this time.
    -Destroy Eggs at MetalHead Nest-     :F.a.19:
    Items Received: Gila Stomper (vehicle)
    Hey look! It's Sig! Damas is obviously mad that neither of you died in the
    arena, so he sends you out on a suicide run to the MetalHead nest. So head back
    to the garage, where you'll find Sig - and the Gila Stomper - waiting. Follow
    your map to the nest, and, once inside, hold down R1 ALL THE TIME. This will
    keep those little MetalHead larva from attaching to the vehicle and inflicting
    damage. Follow the path to the heart of the MetalHead nest. There are two
    chambers here, each containing 5 eggs that you need to destroy, and one bridge
    for you to knock down. All are marked on your map by small green blobs. The
    bridge in the first chamber leads to the second chamber, and the bridge in the
    second is something of a short-cut to the exit. Once you've destroyed all 10
    egg-sacs, the nest will begin to fill with green poisonous gas. At this point
    you've got about 3 minutes to get out of the nest before you suffocate. It is
    ample time, even if you don't take the shortcut. You could do it even faster if
    you destroy your last metalhead egg in the first chamber, because that is 
    closer to the exit.
    -Defend Ashelin at Oasis-     :F.a.20:
    Items Received: Mar's Amulet
    Once you've finished all the above missions you'll get a message from Ashelin,
    asking you to meet her at the Oasis. So grab a vehicle (preferably the Dune 
    Hopper, as it will save you a trip later), make sure all your guns have full 
    ammo, and head out to meet her. After a nice little cutscene, Jak and
    Ashelin are attacked by a particularly stupid band of Marauders. You need to
    take out 60 Marauders (including the vehicles - they count as a kill) to end
    the mission. You also need to keep Ashelin alive. Use whatever guns you happen
    to have and stick close to Ashelin. It's not like the Marauders aren't going to
    come to you. Ashelin can pretty much hold her own as long as you make sure she
    doesn't get surrounded. If the two of you do happen to get badly surrounded,
    pull out the Wave Concussor (red2) and let'er rip. That should clear you some
    -Complete Monk Temple Tests-      :F.a.21:
    Item's Received: Light Jak Timestop
    Climb into the Dune Hopper and head out to the Precursor Monk Temple. Once you
    get there, follow the same path you did to get to the Oracle the first time. 
    Watch for the MetalHead Wasps on the stairs. When you get to the room where you
    destroyed the ring of robots, head right instead of to the other door. There
    you'll find a portal with the seal of Mar on it. And it opens to Jak's amulet.
    Continue following the path, and when you reach the doorway with the glowy
    ying-yang symbol in it, climb on your jetboard. In order to open the next door
    you'll need to find 18 of those glowing symbols of Mar. Their locations are:
    1.     In the doorway that leads to the water-logged chamber
    2.     In an alcove directly to the left of the entrance.
    3-6.   On water. Follow the directions on-screen to perform the jumps to 
           collect each one.
    7.     At top of quarter-pipe to right of entrance.
    8-9.   In hallway after first quarter-pipe.
    10.    At top of quarter-pipe directly across from the exit of the first.
    11-12. Hallway after second quarter-pipe.
    13.    On grind rail at end of second quarter-pipe hallway.
    14-15. Hallway after first grind rail.
    16.    On second grind rail (must jump to reach it).
    17-18. Hallway after second grind rail.
    Having opened the doorway, perform a boost jump (L1 + X) to clear the high
    ledge, and continue on to the Oracle to receive your new power.
    Once you've received the Timestop, use it to slow the spinning platforms in
    front of the Oracle, and then leap across them to the exit at the right. Go
    up the passage and get on you Jetboard to grind across the gap. As you continue
    down the hallway, jumping holes in the floor, the next grind rail you reach 
    you'll need to jump for. The grind rail after this one has a gap in the middle,
    so be prepared to jump that too. Continue on to the room with the rapidly
    spinning blades. Stand in the Light Eco Vent and perform your Timestop, and
    continue across the blades, jumping as it spins so you don't get thrown off. Do
    the same thing for the next two blades, noting that the spinning gets faster on
    each. Continue to the next room, which has a large stone bridge leading to the
    door. Perform a Timestop right at the edge of the bridge and then dash across,
    leaping rocks to stay as much on top of the bridge as possible as it collapses.
    You should just make the other side. Hop on the elevator to head to your next
    -Travel Through Catacomb Subrails-     :F.a.22:
    Items Received: Light Jak Shield
    The subrails missions in Jak 3 are possibly the most difficult missions in the
    game, for me at least. Walk up to the yellow car thing to start the mission.
    Your subrail-car can travel the full 360 degrees around the tube you're
    traveling in. You can also fire guns with R1. There are four hazards in these
    tunnels - support pylons, explosives, sentry guns, and open pits. All of these
    can be avoided with a combination of fancy driving and fast reflexes except for
    the sentry gun. These are little grey boxes with red lights on them. They'll
    fly along in front of you, and if you don't get rid of them fast enough,
    they'll shoot you with little blasters, and probably kill you. So shoot them
    first. Explosives can also be blown up to clear the way. After the first
    section that isn't a full tube, try to stay in the very center of the bottom
    of the tube as much as possible. There's a big jump coming up, and if you're
    not in the center you won't make the connecting tunnel, and will have to start
    over. When you reach the end, a Precursor will appear and give you your Shield.
    After the cutscene, follow Pecker to the door at the right.
    -Explore Eco Mine-     :F.a.23:
    Items Received: Mar's Armour (Greaves)
    Follow Pecker up the rock ledges and across the platform until you see a
    cutscene. Once Pecker is gone, head right. Those long pieces of metal standing
    up form bridges when you shoot them. Other than that, this mission is very
    difficult to get lost on. Just follow the path. You'll encounter three types
    of enemies on this mission - Flappers, Grunts, and Salamanders. The Flappers
    take two hits, and are pretty easy to kill. The Grunt take three, but are
    similarly easy to deal with. The Salamanders are the problem. Until you shoot
    them off, the Salamanders cling to the walls, and will fire energy blasts at
    you. Once you've managed to shoot them off the wall, they are blindingly fast
    on the ground. They take about three hits to die, though, and once you've hit
    them once they stay down long enough to pump two more into them without getting
    back up. Another problem on this mission is the lifts. There are two of the in
    this mission, and when riding them you need to be ready to shoot the bridge in
    front of you, because once they touch down, they'll drop out from under you. So
    you need to disembark fast. 
    The second half of the mission, after you've taken the large circular platform
    down, presents it's own challenges. There are once again three types of
    enemies, but the Flappers are the only ones returning from the first part. The
    other two are the Zebra Frogs and the sewer rats. The zebra frogs travel in
    large groups, and are best dealt with with the Scatter Gun (red). The Sewer
    Rats, however, play a special part in this level. You need to lure them to the
    giant hamster wheels and knock them in. The easiest way to do this, for all but
    the last one, is to simply knock them out, and then punch them to wherever you
    want them to be. As long as you never let them regain consciousness, they won't
    die from the subsequent punches. The last one, however, presents a challenge.
    The hamster wheel will be at the top of a three tiered ramp, while the Sewer
    Rats will be at the bottom. What you need to do is lure them up by walking in
    front of them - don't let them get too close, 'cause they bite - and then knock
    them into the hamster wheel. After crossing the newly activated platforms,
    you'll see an alcove with a crooked Precursor symbol in it. Go into it to get
    your next piece of armour, and the continue on to the switch in the big column
    of light, and kick it to activate it. Congrats, you're done the mission.
    -Escort Bomb Train-     :F.a.24:
    The object of this mission is to run beside the train tracks and shoot the red
    targets, lowering the bridges so that the bomb train can continue on its
    journey. You can use your JetBoard to give you a speed advantage if you're
    confident of your jetboarding skills. If not, still, run like heck, and ignore
    all but the most obstructive enemies. I recommend using your blaster for this
    mission, as you'll want to conserve your Vulcan Fury ammo for the next mission,
    and the Scatter gun doesn't have enough range to hit the targets. If you're
    having trouble hitting a target from a certain position, move, don't just keep
    trying. You're wasting ammo and time. Once you reach the end, the bomb train
    will blast open the doors, and you can continue on to the end of Act I.
    -Beat Veger's Precursor Robot-     :F.a.25:
    Items Received: Arc Wielder (blue2)
    Watch the cutscene, and discover that while Veger has no sense of humour, 
    irony, or fashion, he does have a certain flair for the dramatic. And he's
    loony-tunes. Like the previous boss fight, this one is all about the pattern.
    Drag out your Wave Concussor (red2) so that you have it at the ready, and then
    get ready for some jumps. First the Precursor statue will produce something
    that looks startlingly like a lightsaber and pound the ground with it, sending
    out shockwaves for you to jump (twice). The he'll head to the side of the
    platform, and run the blade along the platform side to side, again forcing you
    to jump it (twice). Once this is accomplished, he'll fire some smaller enemies
    onto the platform. Run between the two curled up enemies and charge up your
    Wave Concussor. You'll probably need to hit them twice or three times with it
    to kill them. Once they're dead, Run to the bottom left corner of the platform.
    The precursor will fire laser beams, causing platforms to rise in front of you.
    Wait til they've cooled to a grey colour, and then jump onto the one in front
    of you, waiting for an open space in the Precursor's barrage. Pull out your
    Vulcan Fury and fire off shots,not at the Precursor,but at one of the minecars
    hanging above his head. I recommend the one to the left. After a couple shots
    it will pull free and hit the Precursor. Congrats. You're a third of the way
    done the fight.
    The second time is the same as the first, except the 'bot will pound and sweep
    three times instead of twice, and I recommend killing the things and waiting
    out the lasers from the far right instead of the left.
    The third time is the trick. The precursor is apparently really ticked now - he
    whips out two swords as opposed to one. As long as you single-jump the
    shockwaves, you should touch down jump in time to jump again. When he sweeps
    them platform this time, you need to time it carefully, and double-jump above
    the swords. Stay to the bottom-right of the platform as you kill the creatures-
    when the lasers start, it's pretty much the only safe place to be. Bring down 
    the third minecar, and the fight is over.
     Act II     :F.b:
    -Reach Port via Sewer-     :F.b.1:
    Follow your map to the sewer entrace from your meeting with Samos, and, if you
    don't already have one out, pull out a gun. As soon as you walk in you'll be
    assaulted by two flying metal heads coming from the chasm below. Shoot them
    from the doorway, and then continue to the left along the grating. Once you're
    about halfway around, another two Flyers will come out of the chasm, so kill
    them too, and continue on to the giant half-pipe up ahead.
    The exit is obviously to your left, in the wall of the pipe, but you're going
    to need to climb onto your JetBoard to get there. Ride it up the wall and into
    the room at the top, and then follow the pipe, avoiding the holes in the floor.
    There will be an opening on your left - take it - and then there should be
    another opening right across from it. Take that one too, and be ready to
    confront enemies right afterwards. After you've killed everything in this room
    the door at the top of the ramp will open. Anytime in this level when you need
    to cross running water, climb on your JetBoard; it floats above the water, and
    is thus immune to the current. Once you've come up the ramp, right in front of
    you is a ledge with an air vent. Use the air vent to catapult yourself onto the
    high ledge to find 2 hidden Precursor Orbs, and a crateful of ammo.
    Note: in most of the water in this level there are small metal-head enemies
    that look like fish. they will explode if you touch them. avoid them at all
    costs. shooting them also causes them to explode, which damages you unless they
    are really far away.
    Continue down the pipe on your JetBoard, taking the obvious path, using the
    grind rails and avoiding whirlpools, which will suck you into oblivion.
    Generally, killing all enemies in a area will lower a grind rail for you to use
    to continue on. Shoot fans that are in your path to blow them up so that you
    can keep going.
    After going through a large chamber, you'll end up in a second circular pit
    room, like the one you began in. As soon as you come through the door, two
    Flyers will come in from the left. Shoot them, and remember it takes 3 shots
    each before they stay down. Continue forward, and once you reach the center
    of the room you'll be attacked by two more. Kill them, and then jump up the
    ledges to your left, go through the door at the end of the hallway, and you're
    -Destroy Incoming Blastbots-     :F.b.2:
    Hey look! It's Torn! Unfortunately, he's sending you out after three Blastbots
    that are menacing the Naughty Ottsel. This mission isn't really that bad,
    though. Make sure you load up on ammo before you leave, and you should be okay.
    Take out the one to the right of the Naughty Ottsel first - it's usually the
    closest. Somewhere along your route you should see a Zoomer. Climb onto it,
    'cause it will get you to the bots faster. My strategy for dealing with the
    BlastBots typically involves getting as close as possible to them and then
    unloading my Vulcan Fury, or whichever gun I have ammo left in. This will work,
    but you need to remember at about the third Bot to use Light Jak Regen. The
    other way, as far as I can tell, is to kick the small bombs they drop back at
    them. It only takes about three or four bombs to kill them. Use the zoomer to
    get to the next Bots fast, and when the Bot you're attacking stops moving, has
    flames shooting out of it, and crouches down, run away. It's going to explode.
    -Destroy Barrier with Missile-     :F.b.3:
    This mission will take a bit of practice. The premise is that Dax is riding a
    giant missile, and you need to steer it through charges so that it can break
    the barrier. You can jump the missile with X, but be warned, tight turns are
    difficult, and hitting anything will make you explode. Follow your map from
    charge to charge, and if you can't make one, steer off and come back. This
    mission isn't timed, and there's an auto-save about halfway through.
    -Gun Course 1-     :F.b.4:
    Item Received: Gyro Burster (yellow3)
    Upon finishing the Missile challenge, you'll notice a green targeting symbol
    on your map. Go to it. It's the gun course. Watch the cutscene (see? Tess IS
    scary), and then beat the course. You need 10000 point to complete the mission.
    This is a pretty easy score to come up with. Use your basic blaster, and watch
    out for civilians, and it's a cinch. Be warned, though. Some of the KG targets
    are equiped with blasters themselves, so if you don't take them out fast, they
    will shoot you, instead of the other way around. Gold coloured targets are
    worth bonus points.
    -Take Out Sniper Cannons-     :F.b.5:
    Torn sends you out to take out some Sniper Cannons in the industrial section,
    so head out, and follow the red dots on your map. Now, the basics of this
    mission are that each cannon has a few ground-poundable switches which, when
    all activated in the same period of time, raise the core processor (or
    something) of the cannon, which you can shoot or punch to take out the cannon.
    As you enter the industrial section, the first sniper cannon is up the ramp
    directly in front of you. This cannon has two switches for you to ground-pound,
    and they are both on the way to the cannon core itself. Keep moving and stay
    out of the targeting sights, while watching out for KG spider-bots.
    The next cannon is along the walkway from the first, and to the left. This one
    has three switches to hit, one of which is further down the walkway, on the
    other side of the cannon core. Pound them in order as you come across them, and
    you'll have ample time to shoot out the core.
    The third cannon is straight down the walkway from the second. This one has
    four buttons to hit, but once again, all four are in a row on the way to the
    core. The core is just around the corner from the last button.
    Cannon number 4 along the path to the right of the previous one. This one has
    three buttons, but the direction that you are coming at it from means that, in
    order to easily destroy the core, you need to run past the first button,
    without hitting it, and then hit the two past it, and come back to the first
    one you passed. The cannon core is right near this first one, so if you hit
    that button last, you're already in position to destroy the core.
    To find the fifth, and final cannon, continue along the walkway you are
    currently following. You'll see an electrified doorway, with a switch right in
    front of it. DO NOT hit this switch. There are three switches for this core, 
    and in order to make it to the core before it lowers again you need to hit the
    furthest one first, and the closest one last. The first button you should hit
    is on the ramp at the end of this walkway, past the other two buttons. Then hit
    the other two buttons in order, and easily destroy the core. You're done.
    -Reach Metal Head Area via Sewer-     :F.b.6:
    After destroying the sniper cannons, head back to the Naughty Ottsel, where
    Torn will give you another mission. You're to invade the Metal Head section of
    the city through the sewers. Follow your map to the sewer entrance, and let's
    get started.
    When you've entered the sewers, go right after the small bridge, rather than
    left, and jump across the gas-spewing pipes when they stop putting out green
    smoke. Jump fast, because they come back on right away. Make your way to the
    door and head through. There are KG guard-bots throughout this level - they
    take about 4 or 5 blaster shots to go down, but as long as you keep them off-
    balance, they won't shoot back.
    Continue across the pipes in front of you, waiting til they stop emitting gas,
    and then jump across the platforms on the waterfall. Once you've cross the
    second set of pipes, you'll come to a tunnel leading to another room. This room
    has a few flying KG-bots in it - shoot them before you enter the room to save
    yourself some health, because as soon as you jump onto the platform it will
    begin to move. As it's moving, leap over the blue electricity, and then leap
    off when you reach the end. Watch out, because a third flying robot will attack
    you in the tunnel. Don't forget to jump the electricity because you're shooting
    him - the electricity is the greater concern. Once on the other side you'll
    notice a red vent in the floor under a ledge. Climb on your JetBoard, and the
    vent will launch up the ledge, which can be followed to a room with ammo and
    health in it.
    Go back the way you came, and before you enter the next room, equip the Gyro
    Burster. You're going to need it, because as soon as you walk into the room
    the electron gate behind you shuts, and you're attacked by 3 flying KG-bots.
    Wait until all three are in the air, and then fire a Gyro Burst to finish them.
    Another three will rise, and once again, the easiest way to finish them is a
    Gyro Burst. Then equip your Scatter Gun, because the next thing you know you'll
    be attacked by a wave of KG Spider-bots. Run through them to the next
    electron-gate, and then turn around and start shooting them. Try to hit more
    than one with each shot, and after about 20 or 30 bots, the electron-gates will
    There's another moving platform in front of you. Jump the electricity as it
    comes to it, and then jump the incoming fire coming at you from the rail-mount
    gun at the other end. Make sure you remember to jump forward along with the
    platform so that you don't fall off. Once at the end, jump off, and the gun
    will stop. Go left through the doorway beside you.
    Equip your favourite gun, and drop down into the room below you, where you'll
    be attacked by 7 or 8 Metal Heads. They come out of the water, so try to hit
    them in the air. As long as you keep your distance, they can't hurt you. Dive
    into the water and under the grated wall, into the next room. Kill the MHeads
    there, and then ground pound the switch on the platform. As soon as the gates
    are raised, two more MetalHead Gators will swim through and attack. Once 
    they're dealt with, hop onto your JetBoard, and follow the channel. Avoiding
    the slicer robots circling the passages, make your way to the center of the
    room, where you'll find a door opening switch. Once you've hit it, head to the
    As soon as you go through the door at the end of this hallway you'll be
    attacked by another two flying KG-bots. So be ready. Once they've been
    dispatched, head across the metal bridge to the other platform. Another bot
    will fly up as you cross the bridge. Run to the other platform before you shoot
    him down, otherwise it is much easier for him to hit you, for some reason. The
    door at the end of the hallway is the end of the sewers, and the beginning of
    the next mission.
    -Destroy Dark Eco Tanks-     :F.b.7:
    Items Received: Dark Blast ability
    As you exit the sewers, Ashelin will ask you to destroy 5 Dark Eco Tanks in the
    Metal Head Nest. The first one is directly in front of you as you enter. To
    reach it, head down the left-hand side of the nest, until you reach a blue
    tentacle connected to a platform by the Eco Tank. Use your JetBoard to grind
    down the tentacle, and then jump to the Eco Tank's platform, and punch it to
    destroy it.
    Return to the previous platform and grind up the other tentacle to a platform
    with a flower on it. Jump onto the flower when it's blowing air out, and it
    will fling you to the next platform. Grind down and up the tentacles to reach
    the next Tank, remembering to jump the electric nodes as you go. The second
    node is particularly difficult to jump. Jump at the very last possible second
    to clear it, and don't forget to hit [] as you land to continue grinding.
    Continue along, using the tentacles and the flowers to reach the second Eco 
    tank. Use the flower below it to throw you to the height of the tank, and then
    punch it to destroy it. Only 3 more to go. Jump from the Eco platform to the
    nearby high platform with the flower on it, and then use the flower, and the
    subsequent tentacles, to reach the edge of the nest. There you will find
    another flower, which will throw you to a second flower on the opposite side of
    the nest, which will throw you to another platform. Use the flowers to throw
    you to the level of the Eco tank directly above you.
    Use the flower beside the now destroyed Eco Tank to jump to another flower, and
    then zigzag back and forth across the nest using the flowers until you reach
    the next Eco Tank. The flower beside this Eco Tank will throw you to the top
    of a mushroom in the middle of the nest. Jump across the mushrooms to reach the
    next Eco tank. If you're having trouble with the jumps, use your
    shadow to judge where you're going to land.
    Use the flower at the top to fly to the last Eco Tank, and destroy it. Jak
    obviously needs to cut his nails more often. Use your newly acquired Dark
    Blast skillz to blow open the purple portal in front of you, and head out to
    the next mission.
    -Kill Dark Plants in Forest-     :F.b.8:
    Items Received: Mar's Armour (Shoulder Guards)
    The entrance to Haven Forest is in the Metal Head nest, so it makes sense for
    you to grab a zoomer to get there - it's quicker, and less damaging to Jak's
    This mission is pretty easy. What you need to do is climb onto your JetBoard,
    and ride through a Green Eco jet (green dots on your map), and then ride over
    the ugly purple Dark Eco plants in Haven Forest (the big purple dots). Really
    the only complication to this is all the little Metal Head larvae running
    about. And as long as you're powered up with Green Eco and remember to use the
    O button, you should be fine. Once you've killed all the Dark Eco plants,
    return to the center of Haven Forest to pick up your armour.
    -Destroy Eco Grid with Jinx-     :F.b.9:
    Items Received: Needle Lazer (blue3)
    Once you've left Haven Forest, Jinx will be waiting for you right to the left
    of the ramp. Climb into the speeder with him, and follow your map to the first
    target. Now, the point of this mission is to protect Jinx from the various
    baddies while he plants charges at each location. 
    This first one is pretty easy. Counter-intuitively, the MetalHeads will only 
    come from one direction, and that's from the direction away from the MetalHead
    Nest. Keep your eyes open, and shoot them with your blaster, while making sure
    no one gets around you and attacks Jinx from behind. Jinx will call you when 
    he's done with the charges.
    The second is much like the first, with the enemies only coming from the open
    entranceway. However, the entranceway is wide enough that it's possible for the
    MetalHeads to enter where you can't see them, so don't forget to check behind
    you every so often.
    The third and fourth stages are the most difficult. The Krimzon Guard enemies
    will come at you from all sides, and there are flying enemies to worry about
    this time too. For both i recommend trying to park the speeder so that it
    shields Jinx somewhat. For the third stage, your blaster is okay. For the
    fourth, I recommend the Arc Wielder, used in short bursts to avoid using up
    ammo. It's by far the easiest way to take out the multitudinous Guards.
    -Hijack Eco Tanker-     :F.b.10:
    Map Icon: Green Dot
    After destroying the Eco grid with Jinx, you'll receive a message from Ashelin,
    and get a glowing green dot on your map. Head towards the dot to activate this
    As soon as you climb onto the tanker (not much of a hijack, eh?), hold down X
    for all you're worth, because a nearby missile launcher will fire a whole bunch
    of heat-seeking missiles at your eco-stealin' behind.
    For the first bit of this mission, you need to steer through the industrial
    area to the port. This is pretty simple. The sled corners pretty well, so don't
    worry about having to anticipate corners and the like. In fact, try not to stay
    as tight to the inside of turn as you normally would - you're way more likely
    to get hung up on a ledge or overhanging pipe, and then the missiles will catch
    up, and you're dead. Other than that, follow your map, and the floating red
    arrows (where did they come from? i have no idea) to the port, and then read
    the next paragraph.
    The second part of this mission is a bit trickier (even more-so if you're doing
    it at night). As soon as you reach the port, a 1:30 timer starts counting down.
    You'll see new green dots on your map, too. Each of these green dots is a
    missile decoy, which you need to activate by shooting it with one of your guns.
    Once activated, they will attract one missile away from you when you fly by
    them. There are 6 decoys, scattered about the port. You may notice, however,
    that you have 7 missiles following you. Once you've activated all the decoys,
    and gotten rid of all the other missiles, head towards the Naughty Ottsel.
    Torn did after all say that they use the ottsel sign for target practice.
    -Defend Port from Attack-     :F.b.11:
    Map Icon: Martini Glass
    Once you've finished the tanker mission, return to the Naughty Ottsel to
    receive yet another glorious assigment from Torn. This mission takes place in
    what basically looks like an old-school top-down shooter. You've only got your
    blaster, and you have to kill any and all enemies that appear onscreen. At some
    points you'll see a gun lying on the ground - go walk over it right away, as it
    will give you back one of your higher level guns, for as long as it takes you
    to run through the ammo you're given.
    The first two are relatively easy. Just point and shoot. The third and fourth,
    however, are quite different. In the third, not only do you have to kill all
    the enemy, but there are three very unfortunate civilians caught in the middle.
    If all three of these civilians die, you've failed the mission. I recommend
    extensive use of the Wave Concussor for this one, when'er it's available.
    The fourth involves blast-bots. The strategy for the first blast-bot is the
    same as it was earlier in the game - run around shooting, and then hit it with
    it's own bombs. My recommended strategy for the second is to shoot it when you
    get the chance, but run around and kill the spider bots so that the Guard can
    take down the blast-bot.
    -Beat Gun Course 2-     :F.b.12:
    Map Icon: Green Crosshairs
    Items Received: Plasmite RPG (red3)
    Oh my good gosh. This, and no other, is possibly the most frustrating level, at
    least for me, in the entire game. As before, the idea is to run through the gun
    course, taking out KG targets, and not hitting civilians. The mission goal is
    11000 points. This doesn't seem too bad, until you realize that you are, a)
    restricted to the Pulse Rifle and the Wave Concussor, and b) some KG have
    shields this time (the shimmery blue stuff - they take 2 hits). I recommend
    using the Pulse Rifle - the Wave Concussor has a tendency to hit the very
    civilians you're trying to avoid. To maximize your firepower, try to hang back,
    so that you get a wider cone of fire to your targets. Other than that, try try
    try again.
    -Break Barrier with BlastBot-     :F.b.13:
    Map Icon: Martini Glass
    Items Received: Peace Maker (dark1)
    Weeeee! If you've ever wanted to be behind the wheel of a remote-controlled
    death machine, now's your chance. Use your map to guide you to your target, and
    rapidly tap R1 all the way there. You'll meet up with three other blast bots on
    the way - try to hit them from as big a distance as possible, so that they
    can't hit you, and so that you don't get caught in the explosion when they go.
    -Defend HQ-     :F.b.14:
    Map Icon: Blue and White Crest (Freedom Guard crest)
    Grab a speeder bike and follow your map to the blue and white crest - this is
    Freedom HQ. Watch the cutscene (see, i told you Vegan..er, Veger...was nuts).
    This mission is probably about a 7 or 8 on the difficulty scale. Freedom HQ is
    under attack, and you've got to go out and defend the base. Basically, this
    means shoot anything in KG colours. The floating enemy dispensers should be
    your main target - once you've killed all of them, the mission is over. They
    will shoot missiles at you, but they are easy to avoid because their laser
    targets show you were to run away from. The second two you destroy will also
    put out an electrical beam, which is rotates in all directions. You can either
    jump the beam, hide behind something solid, or get underneath the factory. To
    take out the three floating platforms, I recommend using your newly acquired
    Plasmite RPG, at least until you completely run out of ammo. Keep an eye on
    your health, too. If it gets low, kill a couple enemies to pick up some health
    paks, and don't miss out on the crates in the area - they contain health and
    ammo. Once you've killed three floating platforms, you're done.
    -Find Switch in Sewers-     :F.b.15:
    Mission Icon: Grey Manhole Cover
    Hop on your JetBoard and follow your map to the sewer entrance. When the doors
    at the bottom open, don't enter immediately. Instead, try to take out the three
    KG enemies at the end of the tunnel before you enter. The reason for this is
    that, as you walk down the tunnel, three flying KG bots will rise up, and they
    are a lot easier to take care of if you're not trying to deal with three land-
    based ones at the same time. Once you've taken care of them, continue down the
    tunnel, and go left at the end. Much like previous sewer levels, you'll need to
    jump across the gas-spewing pipes when they stop.
    Once again, when the door opens shoot the three KG bots before entering the
    room, and then venture in. You'll be attacked by frog-bots from the right, so
    take care of those before doing anything else. Continue down that hallway until
    you reach the electric beams. You need to leap over the bottom one, and roll or
    crouch under the top one to get past. Kill the KG bots in the hallway after, 
    and then use the same strategy with the next set of beams. After the second set
    you'll be attacked by another set of frog-bots, so be ready to take those out
    In the next room, you'll see KG bots across the room from you, as well as three
    to your right. Take out all of them before using your JetBoard to cross the
    stream of water dividing the room. When you reach the top of this next platform
    you'll be attacked by four more flying KG bots. I recommend the Arc Wielder.
    Continue around the corner, where you'll be faced with three more KG bots, and
    another set of electric beams, this time three high. The same strategy applies
    to these ones, except the top beam can only hit you if you jump into it. Make
    your way through them and down the hallway, killing the KG bots you find along
    the way.
    You'll reach a room with shallow water, with a small machine emitting a red
    circular pulse on the top of the water. There are two ways to get past this.
    The first is to carefully jump the red pulses, and make your way to the switch
    on the wall, which opens the door when punched. The second is to climb on your
    JetBoard, and use that to get to the switch, because by the time the alarm goes
    off and electrifies the water, you'll already be at the switch platform. When
    the door opens, you'll be attacked by four more flying KG bots.
    Go through the door you've just opened, and watch a bit of a cutscene. Make 
    your way to solid ground, and kill all the evil frogs. Now, if you're looking
    for Precursor Orbs (which you should be) there are a bunch in this room. Behind
    you when you come in, there is a ladder on the wall. Climb up it to find an
    alcove with crates full of ammo, health, and orbs. When you come down, head
    straight across the room to the opposite wall, and then turn right. There is a
    vent in front of a high ledge, which you can use to launch yourself on your
    JetBoard to a room with more crates of useful things. You might have to use a
    boost jump in combo with the vent in order to reach the ledge - I did.
    Once you've gathered your orbs, head up the waterfall. You can either jump from
    platform to platform, or take your JetBoard up. Kill the evil frogs, and then
    dive under the grating to the next area. Kill the KG bots in front of you, and
    then hop up the moving platforms in front of the waterfall. Once at the top,
    kill the rest of the KG bots in front of you, and then travel across the swift
    water (either by JetBoard or by the platforms) and take the next set of moving
    platforms to the top. Kill the bots here, and the ones across the room, and
    then head across the same as before. The switch is right in front of you. Once
    you've hit it, take the central elevator back up to the surface. It'll drop you
    right by your next objective.
    -Find Cypher in Eco Grid-     :F.b.16:
    Items Received: KG code cypher
    Make your way to the Power Station, and find an unexpected ally. It's Vin! Back
    from the dead! Well...sort of.
    This mission/minigame isn't hard. But it's not hard in the same way that Pacman
    and Tetris are "not hard". You have to guide the little Daxter head around the
    Pacman-esque grid, eating all the little yellow balls, while avoiding the
    purple security program. This wouldn't be that complicated, except periodically
    little gold floating things appear, and start to replace all the yellow dots
    you've eaten. You can stop them by eating them, although sometimes just
    brushing by is enough to stop them. My best advice is, try to stay at least one
    ring away from the security program at all times - the gold thing will make the
    game longer, but the security program will end it.
    Note: You can return to this room to play this mission as a minigame for orbs.
    -Race for Artifacts...Again-     :F.b.17:
    Items Received: Holo Cube
    Map Icon: Blue Doohicky to get to Wasteland, and then Grey Tire
    Go to Spargus' garage to receive your next mission from Sig. It's another
    timed artifact hunt, and is basically identical to last time. Just follow your
    map, and try to avoid entanglements with the Marauders, 'cause they'll slow you
    down something fierce. If there's a bridge in front of you, jump it, because it
    probably leads to the next artifact. There are about 30 artifacts, give or 
    -Destroy MetalPedes in Nest-     :F.b.18:
    Items Received: Light Eco Crystal
    Map Icon: Brown Cave
    Climb into the Wastelander vehicle of your choice and head out to the MetalHead
    nest. There you'll find Sig waiting for you with the Gila Stomper.
    This is basically the same routine as the previous Nest mission, except this
    time the targets move. The MetalPedes will leap randomly out of the ground, and
    you need to shoot them while they're in the air. Be warned - the MetalPedes
    shoot lasers, so don't sit in one spot too long. And running into a MetalPede
    will generally toss your vehicle end over end, so try to avoid it.
    There are 5 MetalPedes to kill in the nest, and they appear in both main
    chambers. The green dots on your map appear to indicate the general area the
    MetalPede will next appear, whereas the red dots are MetalPedes that are above
    ground and cannon-fodder. Once you've killed the last MetalPede, drive through
    the light to claim your prize.
    A warning: each successive MetalPede gets increasingly faster.
    -Chase Down MetalHead Beasts-     :F.b.19:
    Items Received: Quantum Reflector
    When you return to the garage with Sig, Jak and Kleiver will have a little 
    "talk". Turns out Kleiver has given a certain Artifact to a group of
    MetalHeads (I thought he hated MetalHeads?).
    This mission you'll be manning the guns of the Gila Stomper, with Sig at the
    wheel. Your main opponents will be the same Wasteland MetalHeads you've fought
    before, but this time you really should shoot their bombs before they hit your
    vehicle, as well as attacking the MetalHeads themselves. You'll also take on a
    couple flying MetalHeads, that shoot what look like torpedoes. So keep an eye 
    out for those too. Use your map to find your targets (any targets in range will
    appear as green dots). After completing the circuit of the desert, you'll take
    down the head MetalHead, and get your prize.
    -Defend Spargus' Gate-     :F.b.20:
    Item Received: Beam Generator
    Map Icon: Palace thingy
    After talking to Damas at the palace, head to the garage and climb into your
    vehicle of choice - I'd recommend either the Gila Stomper or the Sand Shark.
    Head out into the Wastes.
    Spargus is being attacked by Marauders. You'll notice up in the top-left corner
    of your screen is a health gauge - that's for Spargus' Gate. If Spargus' Gate
    fails, you've failed. There are two true threats to Spargus' Gate: the flaming
    Marauder cars (bright orange dots on your map), and the Catapult cars (big
    red dots on your map). In order to complete the mission, you need to take out
    13 Catapult cars.
    Concentrate your fire on the Catapult cars, and pick off as many flaming
    Marauders as you can. If you take the Catapults out fast enough, you won't have
    nearly as many flaming Marauders to deal with anyways.
    -Take Out Marauder Stronghold-     :F.b.21:
    Map Icon: Striped Cliffs (or lookout towers, maybe?)
    Items Received: Prism
    Once you've finished defending the Gate to Spargus, make your way back to the
    garage, and swap out whichever car you're driving for the Dune Hopper. Now head
    back out into the desert, and follow your map to the Marauders hide out.
    Note: Before heading out, you might like to stock up on ammo in Spargus. But
    since you haven't used your gun for the last 6 missions, you probably won't
    need to.
    Once at the hideout, our intrepid heros discover that (gasp!) it's a trap! This
    is basically another arena battle, but with more enemies, and no lava.
    You need to destroy 60 Marauders, while avoiding the flaming balls that are
    being catapulted at you from outside the fortress. You'll know one is coming
    when you see a red glow on the ground - get out of the area, because they spray
    fire when they hit. Don't worry about running out of ammo, because all the
    Marauders drop ammo when you kill them.
    Once you've beaten all 60, hop back in your vehicle and turn it around as fast
    as you can - you now have to chase the Marauder leaders down and blow their
    cars up. There are 4 cars, and the nearest one appears as a green dot on your
    map. Chances are good that you'll have to restart this part of the mission a
    couple times. Use your turbo boosts wisely, and avoid running into the other
    Marauders. The last Marauder Leader has no time limit on it, however you need
    to keep the car in sight, or you'll fail the mission. Once you've blown him up,
    however, you're all done.
    -Beat Ring Challenges in Forest-     :F.b.22:
    Map Icon: Mushroom
    Head back to Haven City on the transport, and steal yourself a speeder bike to
    get out to Haven Forest (the entrance is in the middle of the MetalHead city
    This mission is a piece of cake, as long as your JetBoarding skillz are up to
    par. There are 5 stone heads scattered around the Forest. The one you need to
    go to will be marked with a pillar of yellow light. When you approach it, it
    will rise from the ground. You need to punch the statue's nose/mouth, and then
    hop on your JetBoard, and follow the blue light through the rings. All 5 ring
    courses are pretty easy - just remember that you can grind on rails and fallen
    trees with [], and reach higher ledges with L1. Once you've completed one of
    the ring courses, that statue will explode, and one of the five pillars around
    the Astroviewer in the center of the forest will rise.
    Once you've beaten all five ring courses, make your way up to the top of the
    Astroviewer to complete the mission.
    Note: There are no enemies in this level.
    -Destroy War Factory Defenses-     :F.b.23:
    Map Icon: Freedom Guard Crest
    Head back to Freedom Guard HQ to receive your next mission from Torn. He
    (finally) wants Jak to take out the War Factory. Once you're finished talking
    to Torn, make your way around the back of the building to find a hangar - and
    a Freedom Guard Speeder for your use!
    The speeder flies much like the Desert Buggies drive, just with more side-to-
    side motion. R1 will fire your lasers, and L1 will fire missiles.
    Once you're in the air, you need to hit 16 glowing power cores, which are
    located around the bases of the four outside towers you see. They also appear
    on your map as small pale yellow dots. Much like the MetalHead Nest, holding
    down R1 continually, and directing the flow of fire by steering is the best
    strategy here. Save your missiles for later.
    Note: The farther you are away from your current target, the easier it is for
    the laser's auto-aim to hit it.
    Once you've taken out the previous 16 cores, you'll then need to take out 16
    more. These are in three primary locations - surrounding the base of the
    factory, on the four pillars in the middle, and on the ground in the middle of
    the factory. The same strategy applies to these ones as the previous ones.
    Your third, and final, targets are the four big red towers around the perimeter
    of the War Factory. They open up like umbrellas, to reveal some kind of
    ballistic weapon (it's sparkly and red, and very easy to dodge). This is what
    you should have been saving your missiles for. One hit with a missile will
    knock out a tower. You can only destroy the towers when they're opened up,
    -Explore War Factory-     :F.b.24:
    Items Received:
    Upon entering the war factory, walk onto the circle in front of you - it's an
    elevator, which will actually take you into the factory proper.
    Once off the elevator, take out all the Bots, and turn to your right. Continue
    until you come to a gate - there's a small corridor in the wall to the right of
    the gate that has a smashable grate in it. Smash your way through, and approach
    the pipe to the left - it's time for Daxter to earn his keep.
    As Dax, make your way quickly across the gate to the end, jump down, and hit
    the switch. Then jump over the stopped blade and return to Jak.
    As Jak, use a squat-jump to reach the top ledge. Kill the spider-bots, but
    ignore the fliers - they re-spawn, so it's really just a waste of ammo. Use the
    moving platform at the bottom of the belt to reach the opposite side.
    Now you can shoot the fliers. And all the other bots in the vicinity. Go up the
    belt, collecting all the ammo, and to your right again. Approach the tube for
    another Daxter segment.
    Make your way across the grate, this time watching out for the red electricity,
    and then drop down and hit the switch. Jump on the now-moving platforms to get
    back to Jak.
    Now with Jak, head back across the moving platforms, and shoot the cracked
    pane of green glass to continue into the next room. Shoot fliers until the red
    lasers switch off, and then continue straight across, and to the right, to find
    another smashable grate.
    Go through, and shoot the three Bots at the bottom. Hop across the moving
    platforms and belts, making your way to the top, and another Daxter tube.
    Once again, swing your way across the grate, watching out for what appears to
    be a pair of jet engines, and more of those red-electricity things. What out
    for the red electricity - this time it criss-crosses the grate, cutting the
    safe areas of grate into triangles. When you reach the end, ensure you're over
    the platform, the drop down, hit the switch, and return to Jak.
    Follow the passage to the left, and another smashable grate. And another Daxter
    tube. Continue across, the grate (as Daxter), watching out for the usual
    hazards, hit the switch, and jump back down to Jak, who is on the platform to
    your right.
    As Jak, go forward. Kill the bots in your path. You will see a long curved
    belt, and a KG Cart. Now, you can either head forward and kill all the Bots in
    your path, and then come back for the Cart, or you can just climb into the cart
    now. Your choice. Either way, from here on, you'll need the cart to smash, not
    only the Flyer respawn points, but also those gates you kept passing earlier.
    Just follow the linear path from one gate to the next.
    Note: In the Cart, you need to jump ledges. This is done with the L1 button,
    same as the Desert Buggys. The only ledges you don't need to jump are the very
    first one, and the two that have little ramps in front of them. You do, however
    need to take these ledges at full speed to clear the gap.
    Note2: When in areas with lots of enemies, remember that you can hop out of the
    Cart with /\. Health can be regained, Cart damage can't.
    When you reach the point where Jak jumps out by himself, you've cleared the
    -Kick Cyber-Errol's Ass-     :F.b.25:
    Items Received: Mass Inverter (dark2)
    Like most boss-battles in any game, this battle is very cyclic.
    It starts with Errol tossing bombs at you. They're easy enough to avoid. When
    you see the green targeting symbol over you, run back and forth. Once it turns
    red, just be careful not to run back over it.
    He'll throw a couple bombs at you, and then stop. Now, you need to find the
    corner that Errol is standing above, and stay close to it. Pull out your Wave
    Concussor to deal with the waves of enemies that he'll throw at you. At some
    point, new enemies stop appearing. Once you've killed the last enemy, Errol
    throws down what are probably seeker bombs or something. One will come out of
    the tunnel underneath Errol. Shoot it so that it stays in front of the tunnel -
    I prefer to use the Vulcan Fury for this. When it stops floating, punch it into
    the tunnel. It will explode, and damage Errol.
    You need to repeat this sequence three more times. The only differences in the
    routine are these:
    1) On the second repetition, Errol will use a different kind of bomb the first
    couple times. You'll notice that instead of a green targeting symbol painting
    Jak, it's a pale yellow. This means that not only do you need to avoid the
    initial bomb strike, but the shockwave that will come afterwards. If you double
    jump as the bomb touches the ground, you'll more than clear the shockwave.
    2) After Errol has used the Shockwave bombs and the normal bombs, he'll throw
    out multiple ones at a time. These are easy to dodge, but they take chunks out
    of the floor, so watch your footing after the second repetition.
    3) On the fourth and final repetition, instead of throwing out KG bots, Errol
    through out Dark Eco creatures. The Wave Concussor won't work for these, as
    they can attack from a distance. So use a different gun.
     ACT III     :F.c:
    -Rescue Seem at Temple-     :F.c.1:
    Map Icon: (after shuttle) Red Precursor Totem
    Items Received: Light Jak Flight, Time Map
    Head back to Spargus, and grab the Dune Hopper so you can get out to the
    Precursor Temple. You might like to load up on ammo before you leave Spargus.
    Head to the Precursor Temple, using the map if you still don't know the way.
    Throughout this mission, you have basically two choices. You can fight, and
    kill, all the Dark Eco creatures you find, or, you can practice avoidance,
    and try to just run past them. There's a lot of them, so fighting them will
    deplete you ammo and life, but I don't think they re-spawn infinitely at any
    point, so you /can/ kill them all.
    Go through the front door of the temple, and down the stairs to the room that
    had the robots in it before. Fill up on Dark Eco, and use the Dark Blast (R1
    while Dark Jak) to blow open the cracked door. Continue to the room where you
    swung on the bars. On the left-hand side in one of the alcoves is another
    place you can blast with the Dark Blast. Do so, and follow the hallway to an
    area with a largely missing floor. Hop across the openings to reach the
    blastable door on the other side, and then continue on to the Precursor Statue.
    Now that you can, fly across the platforms to your right to reach a new 
    doorway. Go up the slanted hallway to reach a room where you must put your
    new-found powers to work. Fill up on Light Eco, and then fly across to the
    pillar in front and to your right. From the pillar fly up to the bridge in
    front of you, and then across the large gap in the bridge. Fly from this side
    of the bridge to the pillar to your left. Then fly across the room to the
    pillar on the right. From there go to the pillar in front of you, and then to
    the left, and then to the ledge, where Seem waits for you. Once Seem is done
    talking, take the Portal to your left back to the entrance.
    -Defend Spargus from Dark Maker Attack-     :F.c.2:
    Map Icon: Grey Turret
    Items Received: Finished War Amulet, Mar's Breastplate
    Head back to Spargus, and the beach turret, post-haste. Spargus is under attack
    by the Dark Makers!
    Once you climb up onto the turret, get ready for an impressive battle.
    The Dark Makers have 5 targets on them. You need to hit all of them to destroy
    them. There are one on each shoulder, one on the head, and one on each leg.
    They also launch the same kind of bombs at you as the Wasteland Metal Heads
    did, so watch out for those too. There are about 12 to destroy - 9 at sea, and
    three in Spargus proper. Once you've destroyed the last three in Spargus, Damas
    will pronounce you a true Wastelander, and give you your third Battle Amulet,
    and Mar's Armour. Awwwwww.
    -Destroy Dark Ship Shield-     :F.c.3:
    Map Icon: Big Red Mushroom
    The first part of this mission takes place in Haven Forest. There are three
    cannons scattered around Haven Forest, and near each cannon are three big
    purple plants that spit out Dark Eco creatures. You need to take the cannons
    over and blow up all 9 plants in the forest. I recommend ignoring the Dark Eco
    creatures and focusing your fire on the plants.
    The second part takes place in the Dark Maker ship. You're in what appears to
    be the Titan Suit from last game. The controls are the same, anyways - X to
    jump, [] to punch, R1 to lift blocks. Make your way through the ship, killing
    all the Dark Eco creatures you find in order to open some doors. Other doors
    will be paired with a floating spikey blue ball - you need to punch the ball
    at the door to uncover it, and then punch the door with the Titan Suit to open
    it. Basically, anything glowy and blue with a floaty spike ball near it needs
    to be blown up.
    Eventually you'll reach a blue glowy core, orbited by three blue glowy balls.
    You need to hit the blue glowy balls with the spike ball in front of you, while
    avoiding the electricity running along the platform. The balls are travelling
    fast, so you have to lead them a bit to hit them.
    -Blow Open Tower Door-     :F.c.4:
    Map Icon: Freedom Guard Crest
    Item Received: Super Nova (dark3)
    Head back to Freedom Guard HQ to talk to Ashelin and receive your mission.
    This is a basic gunnery mission. You follow Torn and his sled full of
    explosives, and shoot the things that are shooting at him. Any target will be
    surrounded by a light yellow targeting ring, which turns orange when you have a
    lock. I recommend holding down the R1 button, and then spraying the fire
    around. The only things you really have to watch for are the MetalHeads that
    leap from the tops of buildings onto Torn, and the rockets that get fired at
    him. The MetalHeads continually take off health as soon as they touch the sled,
    and if you don't shoot the rockets fast enough, they hit the sled and take a
    substantial chunk out of Torn's health. Other than that, just shoot straight
    and keep your eyes open, especially along the skyline.
    -Destroy MetalHead Tower-     :F.c.5:
    Items Received:
    Basically all you need to do is kill every enemy in each area to advance to the
    next. Use the same strategy you've used for other group fights, and you should
    get through this one just fine.
    -Reach Catacombs via Palace Ruins-     :F.c.6:
    Map Icon: Brown Building-looking thing
    Items Received: Slam Dozer (vehicle)
    Follow your map to the next mission - once you reach the map icon, you'll need
    to use your JetBoard to grind up the metal pole in order to actually reach the
    mission start point.
    After the cutscene, you'll need to take out the Heavy MetalHeads you see below.
    I recommend taking them out from a distance, maybe with the Plasmite RPG - you
    don't want to tangle up close with these guys. Once you've taken them out, head
    on down and to your right. You'll be mobbed by a whole bunch of those Praying
    Mantis MetalHeads, like the ones that you fought in the Volcano area. Take them
    out as they come, and continue on, avoiding falling into the large chasm
    (although feel free to grab the two precursor orbs if you like). 
    You'll come to another great big hole blocking your way, all that's left of the
    Stadium from last game. Go to your right, where you'll be able to skirt the
    hole along the former stadium seating. Power up at the dark eco vent in front
    of you, and then go Dark Jak and blow open (R1) the wall blocking your way.
    Keeping right, continue skirting the giant chasm (be careful not to fall in in
    pursuit of the MetalHeads). Once you reach the end of the ledge, you'll be
    attacked by what look like a whole bunch of purple brains on legs. Run away
    from them, to the relative safety of the ledge in front of you, with the two
    Light Eco vents. The purple brains will explode when they get near you.
    Use Light Jak Flight to cross the gap to your left, and then continue forwards.
    Find the next Light Eco vent. Now, from here you can actually skirt the metal
    latticing to make it to the other side. Or you can simply fly across. Your
    choice. Once you've crossed to the (former) stadium doors, go left. In front of
    you are three or four Heavies, and a bunch of Mantis'. I recommend just using
    your blaster. Once you've taken care of the enemies, continue on to the Dark
    Eco vent in front of you, and then use the Dark Jak Blast on the door in your
    You'll reach a ledge, with grey platforms below it. Be warned that the grey
    platforms will disintegrate as soon as Jak touches them, so jump fast, and make
    your way to the next solid ledge. Keep going, keeping in mind that the grey
    ones crumble, and jump your way across the rubble, keeping to the right.
    Eventually you'll reach a platform with no nearby neighbours. But it does have
    a rail. Pull out your JetBoard, and grind across, remembering that you'll need
    to jump to get onto the platform at the end. Do the same for the next platform,
    and don't forget to jump the gap in the rail on this one. Jump along the rubble
    until you reach a platform with another Dark Eco vent, and another brain nest.
    You know the drill. Avoid the brains, and take out the door with a Dark Blast,
    then continue on your merry way. Jump across the platforms until you reach
    another two-piece rail (except this one is actually three parts), and then whip
    out your JetBoard and cross. Once on the other side, head left, and jump up
    onto a higher platform. Once again, you'll need to grind your way across to the
    next platform, this time on a two-part rail.
    Go straight and then right, double-jumping to the higher ledge with the help of
    the crumbling grey block. Go up the ramp, and you'll reach another blowable
    door. This is the end of the level.
    -Break Through Ruins-     :F.c.7:
    Damas comes through and saves the day (again. awwwww). This is another 
    run-and-gun driving mission. Hold down the R1 button the entire time. The aim
    here is to use the Slam Dozer to break through the various doors and gates in
    your path. You can break down the doors directly, if you're going at a high
    enough speed. The blue electrical gates, however, can only be shut off by
    destroying their blue power towers. A gate can have anywhere between 1 and 5
    towers, but they're all in the same area as the gate, so no worries. And
    they're bright glowing blue, so they're hard to miss. In some instances the
    towers can only be reached by knocking over bridges - this takes virtually no
    speed at all to do. The only other thing you really need to watch for is the
    missiles - they're always preceded by a bright red targeting laser, so avoid
    being painted by the targeting laser for more than a couple seconds and you'll
    be fine.
    -Reach Precursor Core-     :F.c.8:
    *sniffle* After the cutscene (see, I told you Veger was eeevil), it's another
    Precursor Tunnel level. I personally find this one easier that the previous
    one, but that could just be me. There's nothing any different from the previous
    one either - shoot out the explosives and the sentry guns, and avoid the holes
    in the floor. I find that the safest place to stay for this one is the bottom
    of the tunnel.
    -Destroy Dark Ship-     :F.c.9:
    After a couple of Shocking Revelations, Jak will do something typically heroic,
    and be transported to the Dark Ship. This level is /hard/. Not because of the
    enemies, but because of the time limit - you've got about 5 minutes to complete
    the level.
    In the first room, you'll need to take out all the Dark Maker enemies before
    the door will open - once you have, head to the left and through the door. 
    In the second room, the smart thing to do is to head across the platform as if 
    you intend to jump, which will lure the flying enemies into coming down, and 
    take them out before you try to cross. These moving platforms aren't very 
    forgiving, either. You must jump only on the grey squares, and jump fast. Once
    you reach the other side, run past the three Dark Makers, and slide down the
    tube located to your left.
    Third room. You need to jump and swing across the pins in the wall until you
    reach the platform with the Dark Makers on it. Take out all three Dark Makers
    to open the door to the next area (the flying enemies don't matter).
    Fourth Room. Here you'll be confronted by three Dark Maker enemies, and a
    couple flying enemies. Take out the flying enemies. You can ignore the Dark
    Makers if you want to - you'll be getting away from them right away. Fill up
    on Light Eco (what's light eco doing on a Dark ship?), and use Light Jak to fly
    to the platform directly in front of you. Then fly to the platform on the
    central pillar, and then to to the one to your left, and then to the Light Eco
    vent, and then left again, and finally to the doorway.
    Once in the doorway you'll again have to fly across a chasm with Light Jak,
    after taking out the flying enemies. On the other side are four Dark Makers.
    Take them out to open the doorway to the next area, and the end (sort of) of
    the mission.
    Part two is simply the race to the portal as the ship collapses. The key to
    this one is either using Light Jak Time Stop (if you have Light Eco left) or
    using your JetBoard to get to the portal. Jak isn't fast enough just running.
    -Destroy Final Boss-     :F.c.10:
    And now it's time for the final, climactic battle between good and insanity.
    The first part of the battle takes place in vehicles. You need to take the
    Sand Shark and shoot out 14 power cells, found on the feet of the Dark Maker
    Destroyer that Errol's driving. This takes some impressive vehicle skills.
    There's no time limit - it's more the limit of the damage your vehicle can
    take. Errol throws mines out, as well as what appear to be Dark Eco shuriken.
    And if you're not careful, you get stepped on. My only advice is to shoot
    continuously, and use your map to tell you where the un-exploded power cells
    are. They show up as little red dots on your radar. Don't forget that they can
    be on any side of the foot.
    The second part is a good old firefight. But first you must climb up to the
    battle ground. Defeat all the enemies on each level to activate the lift. I
    recommend using the wave concussor, because you won't have much use for it in
    the battle to come. Like all boss fights, this one is cyclical. It goes like
    1) Field has three tentacles, as well as numerous Dark Eco creatures. Take all
    of the above out (using either Dark Jak Blasts or any gun but the PeaceMaker).
    2) Errol chases Jak around the field with a laser - just outrun it.
    3) Errol attempts to sweep field with laser - jump over laser, and then fire
    off a round of PeaceMaker ammo when you can see the pink power generators on
    the back of the Dark Destroyer's head. This is the only gun that works, by the 
    You must hit Errol 5 times with the PeaceMaker. The fight follows the same
    pattern every time, except for the following differences:
    - after the first round, along with everything else Errol sends out spinning
      tops of DOOM. Shoot these when they are a distance from you, as they explode
      when hit.
    - after the second repetition, Errol will chase you with the laser while there
      are still Dark Eco creatures on the field. Keep moving, and take the
      creatures on the run with a spinning kick. Knocking the big ones off the side
      of the platform works really well.
    - after the fourth repetition, Errol will chase you with the laser while there
      are Dark Eco creatures, tentacles, and spinning death traps still on the
      field. Use the above strategy, but make sure you take out the death traps as
      soon as possible.
    NOTE: I've since been informed by several people that you can use any of the 
    ranged weapons to hit the pink power generators on the back of the Dark 
    Destroyer. So, not just the Peacemaker.
    And that's it! Errol is destroyed (probably), and Jak gets to claim the
    victor's kiss from Ashelin. 
    note: if you watch through the credits, you are returned to Spargus, so you can
    continue hunting for all those things you missed.
    Now that I've finished Act III, I'll be going back through the e-mails I've 
    received over the past few months and adding stuff. So if you've e-mailed me 
    about something, and you don't see it in here, don't fret, it'll be up as soon 
    as I've tested all of them. And I'll start on a Precursor Orbs location guide.
    Freedom Guard crates (and sometimes old Krimson Guard crates) are scattered all
    over the Jak 3 world. They can be Red (Krimzon), Blue (Freedom), or Grey (?).
    Break them to get at their contents. And here's what can be in them:
    Health Paks
    - Grey boxes with green crosses on them. Typically restore one or two
    hitpoints. Also sometimes dropped by enemies
    - Blue, Red, Yellow, or Purple, corresponding to the type of gun it fuels. Blue
    and Yellow give you 10 shots, Red 5, and Purple 1. Also often dropped by
    Dark Eco
    -Little glowing purple balls. As long as Jak doesn't have a full Dark Eco
    meter, they'll be magically attracted to him, so you don't have to run straight 
    through them. It takes about 80 of them to fill the meter to the top. Dropped
    by Metal Heads.
    Light Eco
    -Little glowing bluish balls. Like Dark Eco, as long as your Light Eco meter 
    isn't full they'll be attracted to you. Fairly rare. Sometimes dropped by
    Krimzon Guard enemies.
    Metal Head Gems
    -Glowing yellow orbs. Once again used as currency with the Precursor statues 
    that dot the land, you should collect them whenever you come across them. It
    saves you from having to go hunt down the ones that Metal Heads drop in the
    middle of fights. If they fall off a cliff or something when you break the
    crate, sometimes they'll "jump" back to you. But not always.
    Precursor Orbs
    -Orbs look like floating red-brown eggs, with weird writing on them. While 
    they're sometimes hidden in out-of-the-way crates, they are also hidden by
    themselves in various places throughout the world, as well as awarded for
    completing Precursor and Race challenges. They're used to buy secrets from the
    secrets menu.
    Dark and Light Eco Crystals
    - Awarded at the end of missions. When Dark and Light are combined they form 
    great power (Eco Power Sphere).
    Mar's Armour
    -Awarded at end of missions. Add two points to Jak's health meter, and change
    his character model. 4 pieces - Bracers, Greaves, Shoulder Guards, Breastplate.
    Battle Amulets
    -Awarded after Arena challenges. Badge of Wastelander citizenship.
    Gate Pass to Spargus
    -Get it from Damas after arena challenge. Allows entrance and exit from
    Seal of Mar
    -Get from Ashelin. Opens doors. : P
    -Also from Ashelin, originally from Keira. HOVERBOARDING IS NOT A CRIME!
    Cypher Glyph
    -Get after computer mini-game. Decodes Krimzon Guard encryption.
    Holo Cube, Beam Generator, Prism, Quantum Reflector, and Time Map
    -Precursor Artifacts, received from various characters and missions. Used to 
    activate the Haven Forest Astro-viewer.
     KLEIVER'S CARS     :H:
    Tough Puppy
    - Jak's first vehicle
    - Weaponless
    - Decent speed, braking, jumping
    - Excellent handling, probably due to the slower speed
    - Next to no Armour
    Sand Shark
    - Received after first Artifact mission
    - Dual guns
    - Good speed, braking
    - Not so great handling or jumping
    - Skimpy Armour
    Dune Hopper
    - Received after Corral Wild Leapers mission
    - Bombs
    - Special ability: hold down L1 to power up, and release for a really high jump
    - Decent speed, appears to go faster when L1 is held down
    - Not so great Handling or braking
    - Decently Armoured
    Gila Stomper
    - Received after the Destroy Eggs in Metal Head Nest mission (thanks, Supercat)
    - Single auto-tracking gatling gun
    - Slow
    - Excellent handling and braking
    - Jumps pretty high for a car of it's size, possibly higher than the Shark
    - It's built basically like a tank. Excellent Armour.
    Slam Dozer
    - Received after the Break Through the Ruins mission (thanks, the drake)
    - Auto-tracking Blaster
    - Really slow
    - Excellent handling and braking
    - Jumps pretty high for a car of it's size, possibly higher than the Shark
    - Even more tank-like than the Gila Stomper.
    Desert Screamer
    - Bought from secrets menu for 20 Precursor Orbs
    - Twin guns
    - Really, Really fast
    - Decent handling and braking, considering how fast it goes
    - Decent jump
    - Very little armour
    Heat Seeker
    - Bought from secrets menu for 15 Precursor Orbs
    - Twin Guns
    - Probably the speed level between the Shark and the Screamer
    - Awful handling and braking, spins out at the slightest nudge
    - Decent jump
    - Decent armour
    Dust Demon
    - Bought from secrets menu for 15 Precursor Orbs
    - Missiles
    - Good speed
    - Decent handling, jumping, and braking
    - The armour level between the Gila Stomper and the Screamer
    Current total: 102/600 (under construction)
    | Spargus (total: 54) |    :I.a:
    I've divided Spargus into two main areas, Seashore and 
    Main. Main is everything between the Garage and the entrance to Damas' palace, 
    and the Seashore is everything past that. There are also orbs in Damas' throne 
    room and the Arena. Precursor challenge orbs in Spargus are listed separately 
    from the areas they're found in, and thus are not included in the area totals. 
     The Arena (total: 3) 
    All orbs are on the platform Damas sits on. To reach it, jump onto the table 
    on the center platform, and then double jump and spin to the throne. 
    1 orb directly behind the throne 
    2 orbs hidden in the pots near the door behind the throne.
     Damas' Throne Room (total: 5) 
    Reached by taking the elevator between Seashore and Main. The room from the 
    first Spargus cutscene. All directions are given assuming you are facing the 
    1 orb on top of the piled rocks to left of elevator 
    1 orb hidden in water to right of elevator (just below the small waterwheel) 
    1 orb hidden in a pot directly behind Damas' throne 
    1 orb behind the giant waterwheel behind Damas' throne 
    1 orb hidden in a pot along the wall opposite Damas' throne (behind the 
     Main (total: 26) 
    There are 2 orbs hidden in the various destructible things around the outside
    of the area. Just run around and destroy all the barrels and jugs and stuff to
    find them. They're all reachable without any special abilities or items. The 
    ladder to the roof area is found in a gap between the buildings in the middle 
    of the area. 
    1 orb hidden in the pots around the light eco fountain area 
    1 orb hidden in the pots in front of the ladder leading to the roof area 
    1 orb on the right-hand side along the path to Damas' palace, reachable with
      crouch jump 
    The following orbs can only be reached riding a leaper: 
    1 orb floating high in the air to the right of the garage entrance (facing 
      away from the garage). Reach it by double jumping your leaper from the nearby
    1 orb on top of the ruined wall near the light eco fountain. Reach it by 
      jumping your leaper from the nearby outcropping. 
    1 orb on the roof to the left of the arena stairs (facing the door). 
      Double-jump your leaper off the top of the stairs to reach it. 
    1 orb hidden in a pot on the roof to the right of the arena stairs. Double-jump
      your leaper off the top of the stairs to reach it. 
    The following orbs can only be reached using the JetBoard: 
    Take the ladder to the roof. There is: 
    1 orb on the triangular roof across from you. 
    Using the JetBoard, jump and grind onto the rail running between the roofs. 
    There are: 
    1 orb on the rail 
    1 orb on the next roof 
    As long as you've got enough speed up, you should easily make the jump to the 
    rail running up the next building. Just remember to grind. There are: 
    3 orbs on the spiral rail 
    There's a gap in the rail. Jump it, and then jump off the end of this rail. Aim
    for the white roof with the multitude of orbs, and be ready to put away your 
    JetBoard - you don't want to slide off the roof accidentally. There are: 
    6 orbs on the upper roof 
    5 orbs on the lower roof - look over the edge of the upper roof for the 
      chimney stack with the orb on top, and drop down onto that ledge 
     Seashore (total: 20) 
    There are 2 orbs hidden in pots around the edges of the area and 2 orbs hidden 
    in the pots in the little marketplace area. Just run around and destroy all the
    barrels and jugs and stuff to find them. They're all reachable without any 
    special abilities or items. All directions are given assuming you are facing 
    the sea. The ladder to the roof area is found between two buildings on the 
    plateau in the middle of the area. 
    1 orb floating above a ledge on the left hand side of the path from Damas' 
      palace. Reachable without a leaper, but easier with one 
    1 orb floating high up between a pair of palm trees beside the marketplace.
      Bounce on one of the nearby marketplace awnings to reach it. 
    1 orb below the clifftop on the right-hand side of the shore 
    1 orb atop a small island in the bay, to the right of the cannon. Swim out to 
    1 orb on cliff in front of and below the cannon 
    1 orb on top of the orange awning behind and above the Dark Satellite wreck 
    1 orb on a rock outcropping, nearly as far left as you can go in the area along
      the shore 
    The following orbs can only be reached using the JetBoard: 
    Take the ladder to the roof. There is: 
    1 orb on the triangular roof behind you 
    Jump back to the first roof and take the next ladder up. Jump and grind onto 
    the rail in front of you with the JetBoard and jump the gap to the next rail, 
    and the next roof. There are: 
    1 orb along the grind rail 
    1 orb hidden in the pots at the back of the new roof 
    Start at the back of this roof to gain speed, and ride your JetBoard towards 
    the white roofs. Jump to the middle roof, then jump and grind on the rail, then
    jump to the next roof. There are: 
    1 orb on the grind rail 
    1 orb at the back of the new roof 
    2 orbs in the pots on the left side 
    1 orb on the orange awnings at the front of the roof (bounce on the awning to 
      reach it) 
    1 orb on an outcropping at the front of the roof. Reach it through the narrow
      passage between the white buildings. 
    |Spargus Precursor Challenges (total: 48)|     :I.b:
    #1 Location: to left of the path to Damas' Palace, in Main 
       Opens: after Dark Satellite game 
       Cost: 8 Metal Head Gems 
       Reward: 10 Precursor orbs 
       Difficulty: Easy 
    A basic ring challenge. Mount the nearby leaper and run through the glowing 
    blue rings before the time limit runs down. The only slightly tricky part to 
    this one is that you need to double-jump the leaper off the Arena stairs in 
    order to make the roof where the next ring is. 
    #2 Location: to the right of the Seashore entrance 
       Opens: after Dark Satellite game 
       Cost: 4 Metal Head Gems 
       Reward: 3 Precursor Orbs 
       Difficulty: Easy 
    A Scavenger Hunt challenge. The goal is below the cliff edge on the far right 
    of the shoreline. Should be more than enough time to run there.
    #3 Location: just outside Garage entrace, to the right
       Opens: after Destroy Metalhead Beasts mission
       Cost: 4 Metal Head Gems
       Reward: 3 Precursor Orbs
       Difficulty: Easy
    Another Scavenger Hunt challenge. The goal is on a platform around the corner
    from the starting point, to your right. Barely enough time to run there, it's
    way easier with either the JetBoard or a Leaper standing by.
    #4 Location: to right of stairs beside Coliseum entrance
       Opens: after Destroy Metalhead Beasts mission
       Cost: 4 Metal Head Gems
       Reward: 3 Precursor Orbs
       Difficulty: Easy
    Scavenger Hunt challenge. The goal is basically in a straight line across from
    the starting point, between the two blocks of buildings. There's more than
    enough time to get there on foot.
    #5 Location: at back of Seashore area, at left of the top of the slope
       Opens: after Destroy Metalhead Beasts mission
       Cost: 4 Metal Head Gems
       Reward: 3 Precursor Orbs
       Difficulty: Easy
    Scavenger Hunt challenge. You ought to recognize the clue right away - it's
    the area where the ladder to the rooftops is. It's basically downhill and
    across from the starting point, up between two buildings.
    #6 Location: right-hand side of Main area
       Opens: after Catch Leaper Lizards mission
       Cost: 4 Metal Head Gems
       Reward: 3 Precursor Orbs
       Difficulty: Easy
    Scavenger Hunt challenge. You ought to recognize the clue right away - it's
    near the ladder to the rooftops in this area. Basically straight across from
    the starting point, on the building with the ramp to it. Go left on the ledge
    surrounding the building, and you'll see it right in front of you. More than
    enough time to get to it on foot.
    #7 Location: Same place as #5, just on the right-hand side of the area
       Opens: after the Save Ashelin at the Oasis mission
       Cost: 8 Metal Head Gems
       Reward: 10 Precursor Orbs
       Difficulty: Medium
    This one's a Leaper Ring Race. Climb on the Leaper near the starting point
    and follow the glowy blue rings. This one's a bit tougher than the last two.
    Several of the rings are either difficult to get to (ie, on the edge of the
    seaside cliff) or have to be glided to from a previous ring. Run through it
    a couple times if you have to, to get the trail set in your head, and you
    shouldn't have any problems.
    #8 Location: at the base of one of the buildings in the middle of the Seashore
       Opens: after the Save Ashelin at Oasis mission
       Cost: 8 Metal Head Gems
       Reward: 10 Precursor Orbs
       Difficulty: Easy
    This is a Follow the Leader challenge. Climb on your JetBoard, and run
    through the glowing blue ball, which will shoot out in front of you, leaving
    a translucent trail for you to follow. All you have to do is follow the trail
    and stick close to the glowing ball until it stops. The only slightly
    difficult part is avoiding all the Spargan citizens along the way. If you hit
    them, they'll slow you down (not to mention shoot at you).
    #9 Location: along left-hand side of Seashore area, near beach
       Opens: after the Save Ashelin at Oasis mission
       Cost: 4 Metal Head Gems
       Reward: 3 Precursor Orbs
       Difficulty: Medium
    A Scavenger Hunt challenge. Goal is on the opposite side of the bridge to the
    cannon from the starting point - you'll need to use your JetBoard to get there
    in time, running along the top of the beach and across the bridge, then jump
    to the outcropping holding the orb. It's a pretty tight deadline, and might
    take you a couple tries.
     SECRETS     :J:
    These secrets are for purchase for the specified number of Precursor Orbs from
    the in-game menu. New secrets open up for purchase as you progress through the
    game, and as you buy other secrets.
    Weapons Upgrades
    Increased Red Ammo Capacity.......................................4  orbs
    Increased Yellow Ammo Capacity....................................4  orbs
    Increased Blue Ammo Capacity......................................4  orbs
    Increased Dark Ammo Capacity......................................4  orbs
    Blaster Damage Upgrade............................................6  orbs
    Scatter Gun Rate-of-Fire Upgrade..................................6  orbs
    Vulcan Fury Damage Upgrade........................................6  orbs
    Peace Maker Increased Radius......................................6  orbs
    Reflexor Increased Deflections....................................8  orbs
    Concussor Damage Upgrade..........................................8  orbs
    Arc Wielder Robot Shock...........................................8  orbs
    Mass Inverter Duration Upgrade....................................8  orbs
    Gyro Burster Duration Upgrade.....................................10 orbs
    Plasmite RPG Ammo Efficiency......................................10 orbs
    Needle Lazer Ammo Efficiency......................................10 orbs
    Super Nova Ammo Efficiency........................................10 orbs
    Ratchet and Clank Gun Courses.....................................5  orbs
    Vehicle Upgrades
    Upgrade Vehicle Toughness.........................................15 orbs
    Unlock Heat Seeker................................................15 orbs
    Unlock Dust Demon.................................................15 orbs
    Unlock Desert Screamer............................................20 orbs
    Unlimited Vehicle Turbos..........................................30 orbs
    Crazy Stuff
    Toggle Jak's Goatee...............................................2  orbs
    Big Head Mode.....................................................3  orbs
    Small Head Mode...................................................3  orbs
    Kleiver's Diaper..................................................4  orbs
    Bad Weather.......................................................5  orbs
    Mirror World......................................................5  orbs
    Fast Movies.......................................................5  orbs
    Slow Movies.......................................................5  orbs
    Expert Options
    Level Select Act I................................................5  orbs
    Level Select Act II...............................................5  orbs
    Level Select Act III..............................................5  orbs
    Hero Mode.........................................................5  orbs
    Turbo Jetboard in Desert..........................................5  orbs
    Dark Jak Homing Attacks...........................................3  orbs
    Dark Jak Invisibility on /\.......................................25 orbs
    Unlimited Ammo....................................................50 orbs
    Invulnerability..................................................100 orbs
    Unlimited Dark Jak................................................50 orbs
    Unlimited Light Jak...............................................50 orbs
    Art Gallery
    Scrap Book........................................................2  orbs
    Mega Scrap Book...................................................2  orbs
    Jak and Daxter Model Viewer.......................................2  orbs
    Jak II Model Viewer...............................................2  orbs
    Jak III Model Viewer..............................................2  orbs
    Scene Player Act I................................................2  orbs
    Scene Player Act II...............................................2  orbs
    Scene Player Act III..............................................2  orbs
    Animator's Commentary.............................................5  orbs
    0.1 - 11/20/04 - Missions up to Corral Wild Leapers, Table of Contents, 
    Characters, Controls, Story, Kleiver's Cars, Collectibles, and Secrets
    0.12 - 11/21/04 - Added a couple new missions, fixed some spelling and factual
    errors in the Characters and Vehicles sections, added the orb costs for most of
    the secrets.
    0.25 - 11/21/04 - Added another couple missions, the Morph-gun and Tip
    sections, fixed some more spelling and factual stuff.
    0.45 - 11/23/04 - Added 7 more missions, fixed some spelling errors.
    0.5  - 11/24/04 - Finished off Act I.
    0.65 - 11/29/04 - Dragged self away from studying long enough to add 8 more
    0.80 - 12/16/04 - Fried brain with studying, added 9 missions, finished orb 
    cost section, fixed some info in Characters, more random spelling errors.
    0.83 - 12/18/04 - Dyed my hair blue, added 3 missions, fixed some more spelling
    errors (where do they all come from?).
    0.92 - 01/07/05 - Finished Act II, started Act III. 
    1.00 - 01/19/05 - Finished Act III. All missions and facts accounted for except
    "Destroy Metal Head Tower" and when you receive the Super Nova.
    1.10 - 02/24/06 - Wrote up "Destroy Metal Head Tower", added search tags to 
    table of contents, added first 67 Precursor Orbs to Orb Locations.
    1.15 - 03/06/06 - Spargus precursor challenges up to return to Haven.
     CLOSING     :L:
    And that's the guide. This guide will probably be a very ongoing guide, since
    there are, after all, 600 precursor orbs to find. Thanks (so much) to all the
    guys at Naughty Dog, for making an excellent trio of games (and I hope more to
    come from Jak and his furry companion). Much thanks also goes to my rugby team,
    for not bugging me too badly for dislocating my kneecap in the first game of
    the season, and to the great guys in my Engineering Design group, for putting
    up with my insanity in starting this guide RIGHT before finals.
    If you've got questions or errors to point out, and you missed the contact info
    up top, you can reach me at spikestampede(at)hotmail.com. Only about the FAQ,
    mind you. If you're really, really stuck at some point in the game, go hit up
    the GameFaqs boards for Jak 3 at 
    as I've been assured someone there can help you. And have a subject line
    related to the FAQ, or risk having your e-mail deleted on sight.
    So, have fun, and may the Force (or Precursors) be with you.
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