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    FAQ/Walkthrough by American Arsenal

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            An FAQ/Walkthrough, version 1.1 / October 30, 2006
                By American Arsenal <americanarsenal4 (at) gmail (dot) com>
    Hey you!  Welcome to my guide for J&D!  Looking for something in particular?
    Use the search function by hitting Ctrl + F on your keyboard and typing in a
    keyword (ie "Lost Precursor City" or "Final Boss").  Or, better yet, type in
    one of the section numbers listed in the Table of Contents (don't see it?
    Look down) to jump instantly to a certain section.  Try "4o.", for instance, to
    find the Walkthrough section detailing the Lava Tube.  Got it?  Good!
                TABLE OF CONTENTS
            1.  Introduction
            2.  Characters
            3.  Game Basics
            4.  Walkthrough
                4a.  Geyser Rock
                4b.  Sandover Village
                4c.  Sentinel Beach
                4d.  Forbidden Jungle
                4e.  Misty Island
                4f.  Fire Canyon
                4g.  Rock Village
                4h.  Lost Precursor City
                4i.  Boggy Swamp
                4j.  Precursor Basin
                4k.  Mountain Pass
                4l.  Volcanic Crater
                4m.  Snowy Mountain
                4n.  Spider Cave
                4o.  Lava Tube
                4p.  Gol and Maia's Citadel
            5.  Bosses
            6.  FAQ
            7.  Revision History
            8.  Legal Disclaimer
            9.  Credits
          * WHAT'S NEW IN THIS VERSION OF THE GUIDE?  Upon skimming through the
            guide, I noticed a few errors, as well as some other things that I
            should've cleaned up before submitted this guide.  Fear not -- they've
            now been dealt with.
                   *        *        *        *        *         *
         1. ----------------------------------------------------- INTRODUCTION
    Hola!  Welcome to my FAQ/Walkthrough for Jak & Daxter:  The Precursor Legacy, a
    very cool platformer for everyone's favorite videogame console with a "2" in
    its name.  This is also my "comeback" FAQ, as I haven't written one of these
    things in about a year and a half.  And, really, what better way to make a
    comeback than to write a guide for a game that now has two sequels and that no
    one has played in three years?  Exactly.  The goofy internet alias that I've
    appropriated for myself is American Arsenal, so don't hesitate to interrupt my
    rampant ramblings if you've got a question.
    So, the purpose of this here FAQ is to help you score each and every Power Cell
    in the game, amass all 2000 Precursor Orbs, and beat the everliving snot out of
    the game's three mighty bosses.  In the walkthrough, I cover things on a Power
    Cell-by-Power Cell basis, but along the I provide other relevant information
    about the game's various locales.  The game is fairly non-linear, so don't feel
    like you have to do things exactly as I do them.
    Also, if you like Panic! at the Disco, there are two things that I need you to
    do.  First:  stick chopsticks into your ears until you can no longer hear
    anything.  After that, please stop reading this guide immediately, because I
    hate you and I don't like it when people that I hate read my FAQs.  Go buy a
    Cursive album or something.
      - American Arsenal
          americanarsenal4 (at) gmail (dot) com
                   *        *        *        *        *         *
         2. ------------------------------------------------------- CHARACTERS
    Like any good platformer, Jak and Daxter features a wide variety of diverse
    characters who have little personality and receive no development whatsoever.
    They do like to collect stuff, though, so y'know... Whatever.
    Jak is our silent and not-so violent hero.  Luckily, the creators waited until
    the not-quite-as-good sequels to make him all "dark" and "antihero" (see:  lame
    and cheesy).  He doesn't really say much, but I guess the point there is to
    prove that actions speak louder than words... Maybe?  Anyhoo, you control Jak
    and only Jak throughout the game, so you'll definitely be used to his more or
    less nonexistent personality by the end of the game.  He does possess a
    plethora of cool moves that are, *gasp*, actually pretty useful throughout the
    game, so he's much more capable than the archetypal platformer hero.
    Once Jak's loudmouthed, smack-talking humanoid sidekick with *attitude*, we
    witness at the very beginning of the game his transformation to Jak's
    loudmouthed, smack-talking "Ottsel" sidekick with *attitude*.  What is an
    Ottsel, you ask?  Apparently it's a combination of an Otter and a Weasel.  So
    now that we've got that cleared up, we can discuss Daxter's role in the game.
    The supposed motivation driving Jak to do everything he does in the game is
    that he wants to help return Daxter to human form, but even two games later he
    is still a ferret, so... Guess that didn't really pan out.  Oh well.
    The one and only Green Sage, Samos lives in Sandover Village, the hometown of
    our valiant heroes.  His role in the game is limited, but he delegates a number
    of tasks to Jak, mainly via derogatory comments about Daxter.  It's never a bad
    idea to speak with him when possible, as he'll often provide some helpful info
    about a challenge in a nearby location.
    Keira is the game's resident mechanical genius and foxy female.  She also the
    daughter of Samos the Sage.  Jak's first goal in the game is to find enough
    Power Cells for her to power up his A-Grav Zoomer, and most of the rest of the
    game follows this pattern as well.  If you're curious about how many more Power
    Cells you need to move on, Keira's the person to talk to.
    Until the end of the game, very little is known about the mysterious Gol.
    According to Samos, he's the only person in the world who has the power to
    return Daxter to his human form.  Unfortunately, he lives far to the North...
    Far, far to the North.
                   *        *        *        *        *        *
         3. ------------------------------------------------------ GAME BASICS
    This is that completely useless chapter that no one ever reads because, well,
    why *would* anyone read it?  In short, the following will teach you the game's
    controls (like you didn't already know them) the basics, such as how to fight
    (just mash the same button over and over), and tell you other pointless
    information that you already know (wow, this is a waste).  So... here we go!
    Although Jak and Daxter's controls are fairly simple and easy enough to learn,
    some people like to be told what to do.  Others (like me) have lost their
    instruction manual.  Either way...
    Start Button:   Pause the game
      As is the case with most games, press Start to Pause the game.  During
      gameplay, this will open the Menu screen from which you can view how many
      Power Cells, Precursor Orbs, and Scout Flies you've amassed, as well as
      fiddle with various other options.  Hit Start during a cutscene to simply
      pause the action.
    Left Analog Stick:   Move Jak
      Simple enough, right?  Tilt to stick only slightly to walk, or press it all
      the way in one direction to jog.
    Right Analog Stick:  Adjust camera
      For the most part, the camera in J&D can take care of itself.  However, if
      you want to swivel the camera for a better view, this is the way to do it.
    X Button:  Jump
      Don't call it the "Cross" Button or I'll stab you in the jaw (that means no
      Sour Apple Jolly Ranchers either -- +5 if you know what I'm talking about).
      Anyhoo, the X Button performs your basic jump.  Tap it a second time while
      airborne to execute a double jump.  It can also be used in conjunction with
      L1 or R1 to do either crouch jump or a roll jump, both of which are very
      useful given the proper circumstance.
    Circle Button:  Spin attack
      This move is a relic from the Crash Bandicoot series.  It's also Jak's best
      attack, I think -- it's a 360 degree spin kick, meaning that you can
      effectively damage two nearby enemies in one go.  Also, if you press Circle
      in midair, Jak will execute an airborne spin kick, which is effective as both
      an attack and a method of covering slightly more ground than is possible with
      Jak's basic jump alone.
    Square Button:  Punch
      Pressing Square will execute Jak's other mode of attack, which is a lunging
      punch.  It covers more ground than the spin attack, but it's a more focused
    Triangle Button:  First-person view mode
      To view things through Jak's eyes, all you need to do is tap Triangle.  You
      cannot move while in first-person view mode, but you can use it to aim while
      using Yellow Eco.
    L1 and R1 Buttons:  Roll, crouch
      Although crouching is rarely useful, Jak's ability to roll is invaluable,
      mainly due to its role in the roll jump move (press X while rolling).  This
      move covers a lot of ground, which makes it a must when you're in a hurry.
    L2 and R2 Buttons:  Display information
      If you're too lazy to press Start to check out your status and progress, you
      can hit either of the back shoulder buttons to display such information as
      number of Power Cells, Precursor Orbs, and Scout Flies collected, as well as
      Jak's health and such.
         THE BASICS
    Aside from the basic control scheme, there is a decent amount of depth in
    regards to Jak's various moves and abilities.  Whether it's attacking while
    airborne or riding either of the game's vehicles, the following covers all the
    stuff you should know before turning on your PS2.
    Given that J&D is a platformer, jumping is *the* most important technique in
    the game.  Your basic jump can be performed with a simple tap of the X Button.
    This will help you cross many smaller gaps, but for the larger ones, a double
    jump is needed.  If you press X a second time while in mid-jump, Jak will
    execute a double jump, scoring just a little bit of extra air.  Hit Circle
    during a double jump to spin, which doubles as an attack (more on that later)
    and a way to maximize Jak's air time.
    In addition to those, Jak has two other jumps in his repertoire, both useful in
    very different situations.  The roll-jump, performed by pressing X while
    rolling (L1/R1), is a long horizontal jump.  If there's a gap that you can't
    cross with a "spinning double jump", the roll-jump is probably your only hope.
    It also works as an attack if you smack right into an enemy.  Secondly, Jak has
    a very vertical jump that can be used to reach abnormally high ledges.  Hold
    either shoulder button while stationary to crouch, then press X to launch far
    higher than what's possible with Jak's standard jump.
    Unlike most platformers, Jak & Daxter actually provides you with a buttload of
    offensive possibilities.  Jak's standard lunging punch is executed by pressing
    the Square Button, and he will spin kick should you hit Circle.  However, by
    combining these moves with Jak's jumping abilities, you can create a variety of
    diverse and useful skills.  For instance, if you press X to jump immediately
    after punching, Jak will leap into the air to execute a vicious uppercut.
    There is also the dive attack -- jump, then press Square in midair.  This one
    is great against enemies, and it is also necessary to break open Scout Fly
    boxes (Scout Fly boxes -- wtf are those?  Read below to find out!).
    Another great combo is the airborne spin kick (jump or double jump, then press
    Circle -- this also works with the crouch-jump) -- not only will it dispatch
    flying baddies, but it can also help you cross long gaps.  Finally, there's the
    "Super Combo", which consists of a punch, and uppercut, a dive attack, and a
    spin kick, all in rapid succession.  How does one perform this move?  Start off
    by pressing Square to punch, then make it an uppercut by jumping.  Press Square
    again while in the air to dive at the ground, then top it off with Circle to
    add the spin kick.  Honestly, it isn't very practical, but it is a lot of fun
    just to play around with.
    Swimming is a very basic skill that, due to the presence of obnoxious Lurker
    sharks, you won't be using very often.  Lurker Sharks patrol nearly every body
    of water in the game, and if you stray too far from the shore you'll be
    swallowed immediately.  Not much fun.  Anyhoo, swimming is as simple as wading
    out into a body water.  Jak is still able to jump (with X) while at the
    surface.  He can also dive into the water by pressing the Square Button.  This
    is useful for grabbing Precursor Orbs that are hidden underwater.
    There are two vehicles in the game:  the A-Grav Zoomer (kind of like a hover
    craft) and the Flut-Flut Bird (think of a weird ostrich that you ride).  The
    Zoomer moves much faster than Jak, and is capable of jumping much further
    distances.  It can also withstand a lot more heat than him.  While riding it,
    press X to accelerate, and L1/R1 to jump.  You can still pick up Eco whilst
    riding it -- Blue Eco in particular is helpful, as it yields a quick speed
    boost.  You'll use the Zoomer in Misty Island, Fire Canyon, Precursor Basin,
    Mountain Pass, and the Lava Tube.
    On the other side of things, we've got the Flut-Flut bird, who you'll save
    early on in the game.  While riding this creature, you can cover much larger
    distances (press X while jumping to glide), and destroy metal chests with Flut-
    Flut's superstrong beak.  Good deal, right?  After being rescued in Sandover
    Beach, Flut-Flut can be found at Boggy Swamp and Snowy Mountain.
    There are three flavors of boxes in Jak & Daxter:  normal wooden boxes, strong
    metal chests, and red Scout Fly boxes.  Wooden boxes can be smashed with any
    of Jak's attacks, and contain clusters of Green Eco.  Metal chests, on the
    other hand, are totally impervious to Jak's attacks.  They must be broken open
    with Yellow Eco, a cannon, or by the Flut-Flut bird.  Hidden inside are
    valuable Precursor Orbs.  Finally, red Scout Fly boxes contain -- surprise
    surprise -- Scout Flies.  By themselves, Scout Flies are worthless, but if you
    collect all seven of them in one level, you'll earn a Power Cell.
    There are three types of items in Jak & Daxter:  Scout Flies, Precursor Orbs,
    and Power Cells.  There are seven Scout Flies in each of the game's stages --
    collecting them all will yield a Power Cell.  Precursor Orbs are diminutive,
    egg-like collectibles which can be traded to villagers for Power Cells.  Power
    Cells are kind of the driving force behind the game:  until you've amassed a
    certain amount, some areas will be off-limits.  They can be found all
    throughout the game -- sometimes you'll find one easily, and other times it
    will take a lot of work to earn one.
    Eco is a blanket term of several kinds of power-ups that Jak will need to
    utilize the complete the game.  Green Eco is the energy of life, and it is the
    most common form.  It comes in two sizes:  big and little.  Collecting fifty
    little clusters of Green Eco or one big one will restore one health point to
    Jak.  There's also Blue Eco, which is the energy of motion and machinery.  Jak
    moves faster when powered up with Blue Eco, and he can also activate ancient
    Precursor technology, such as doors or movable platforms.
    Red Eco temporarily provides Jak with extra power, making enemies much easier
    to defeat.  It's very useful during ambushes, which occur fairly often during
    the game.  Yellow Eco is the last "normal" type of Eco.  When Jak is charged
    with it, he can fire projectiles from his hands.  These projectiles will kill
    any foe with ease, and they can also smash open metal boxes.
    Dark Eco is dangerous to the touch.  It's the stuff that changed Daxter into
    his huggable ferret form, so it's best to avoid it.  Throughout the game, you
    will come across small yellow crates of it (they explode if you get too near
    them), as well as big pools of the toxic goop (which will instantly kill Jak
    should he fall in).  Finally, there is Light Eco, which is incredibly rare and
    only appears at the very end of the game.
                   *        *        *        *        *        *
         4. ------------------------------------------------------ WALKTHROUGH
    Slap the J&D disc into your PS2 and watch the introductory cinema, which is
    actually fairly cool, considering that this is a platforming game, after all.
         4a.  GEYSER ROCK
    After the opening cutscenes, which introduce our heroes, their allies, and some
    other weird-looking characters, the game deposits you (Jak) into the insanely
    simple tutorial level otherwise known as Geyser Rock.  Kick things off by
    mashing random button combinations until you've got a feel for the controls;
    running, jumping, attacking -- easy!  When you're ready, move forward and we
    can get started.
     == FIND THE CELL ON THE PATH ========================
    There's nothing of any worth on the sandy areas that flank the grassy plateau
    on which we start, so run forward toward the wooden boxes instead.  Smash them
    open with any of Jak's offensive moves to score some Green Eco (which, if you
    find enough, can restore Jak's health -- very useful stuff, so always keep an
    eye out for it!).  Continue forward, grabbing the egg-like Precursor Orbs as
    you go.  These things can be traded to villagers for Power Cells occasionally,
    so always pick them up when you can.
    At the top of the stairs, you'll find a scarecrow-type thing.  You can practice
    your moves on it if you want, but there's no real point.  There's more Green
    Eco, as well as some additional orbs sitting in front of a spike pit up ahead.
    Collect everything, then go over (or around) the pit to find your very first
    Power Cell.  The entire game consists of collecting these things, so get used
    to the celebratory cutscene that follows picking one up.
     == FREE 7 SCOUT FLIES ===============================
    All right, let's go find some more Power Cells, okay?  Hop over a second spike
    pit just ahead.  Notice the red and gray boxes scattered all around this area?
    They contain weird items known as Scout Flies -- collect seven Scout Flies in
    an area to gain a Power Cell.  However!  There's a slight catch:  these boxes
    are made of metal, and as a result are fairly hard to smash.  Jak's normal
    attacks won't dent the boxes, but if you use his dive attack (Jump, then press
    Square while in midair) you'll have no trouble breaking them open.
    All seven Scout Flies are right in front of you, so start smashin' those boxes
    to find your second Power Cell.
     == OPEN THE PRECURSOR DOOR ==========================
    Continue along the path to activate a short scene in which our friend Samos the
    Sage tells us about Blue Eco.  When Jak touches Blue Eco, he'll be temporarily
    charged with electric energy -- this allows him to run quicker, draw in nearby
    Precursor Orbs, and activate Precursor technology.  Delicious.  Touch the two
    chunks of it that are floating just ahead to see how it works.  Dash along the
    path (but make sure you don't forget to pick up the Precursor Orbs scattered
    around the area) until you reach a strange door in the rock wall.
    This door is just one example of Precursor technology -- we'll be seeing many
    more as the game progresses.  Opening it may seem tricky, but it's actually
    very simple.  See the vent releasing Blue Eco over to the right, past the door?
    Go stand in it.  Doing so will give Jak a full charge of Blue Eco, so that you
    can remain powered up for the maximum time.  Once you're powered up, run back
    to the door and watch as it pops open for you.  Open sesame!
    Our third Power Cell awaits on the opposite side.  We're almost finished!
     == CLIMB UP THE CLIFF ===============================
    Dive into the pool below to get your feet wet and get acclimated with the
    controls for swimming (not that you'll be swimming very often).  Take the orbs
    sitting on the pontoons before climbing back onto dry land.  Use the columns
    to climb onto the cliff above, where you can snag more orbs before crossing a
    bridge.  There are some little clusters of Green Eco waiting ahead, not to
    mention three more Precursor Orbs.  Pick up everything before moving along.
    Head across another bridge and then, once Samos's ridiculously obvious
    commentary is over, use Jak's double jump (Jump once, then jump again while
    airborne) to ascend the platforms and climb onto the ridge above.  Now you
    should see Geyser Rock's fourth and final Power Cell lurking ahead.  Hop over
    to it, then use the Blue Eco cluster to power the elevator that will take you
    back to the bottom.
    Before returning through the warp gate, press Start and check to see how many
    Precursor Orbs you've amassed so far.  If you've got 50/50, then you're gold
    and you'll never have to return to this godforsaken tutorial stage.  However,
    if you don't have 50 yet, that means you've missed something, so run through
    the stage a second time to find whatever you couldn't before.  There's a small
    beach area near where all the Scout Flies used to be which is fairly easy to
    miss on your first time around -- that's probably what you missed.
    And thus, we are done with Geyser Rock.  Pop into the warp gate to return to...
         4b.  SANDOVER VILLAGE
    After delegating some useless task (which we'll take care of in the chapter
    below -- "Sentinel Beach") and throwing a tantrum, Samos sends our intrepid
    hero and his furry pal out into the world.  Sandover Village is a fairly small
    place, sandwiched between Sentinel Beach and the Forbidden Jungle.  Both of
    those places are open for exploration right now, but let's begin by checking
    out the village.
      * Note:  If you haven't already tried, leap into the water and swim as far
        out as you can just to see the consequences of swimming in the Jak and
        Daxter universe -- scary, right?
      * Another Note:  In order to progress to the next part of the game, you only
        need 20 Power Cells.  However, the following covers how to acquire each and
        every Power Cell.  So, y'know... whatever.  I have nothing useful to say.
      * Another Another Note:  As you look around Sandover Village, you might
        notice the fisherman's motor boat.  It can be used to sail to Misty Island,
        but not without the fisherman's permission.  He can be found in the
        Forbidden Jungle.  Also, in the hut near Sentinel Beach you'll find a
        lamenting artist who wants his Muse back (Muse is an amazing band, by the
        way).  This is not some strange euphemism -- his Muse is a squirrel-type
        creature, but its run away to Misty Island, which brings us back to that
        whole fisherman's boat thing.  Bottom line:  we can't go to Misty Island
        until we help out the fisherman.
     == BRING 90 ORBS TO THE MAYOR =======================
    From Samos the Sage's house, head down into the village via the wooden bridges.
    The mayor's hut is the first one on the left.  He'll mention some nonsense
    about an Eco beam and a jungle, but we don't really care about that right now.
    After whining about that stuff, he'll solicit you for 90 Precursor Orbs.
    Unfortunately, most of this level is comprised of fetching Precursor Orbs to
    pay off people (and by people, I mean the mayor, Jak's uncle, and an ancient
    stone statue which apparently really needs some spending cash).  I suggest
    finishing off the other tasks in the village, as well as venturing into
    Sentinel Beach and the Forbidden Jungle to work up enough scratch to trade for
    the Precursor Orb.
     == BRING 90 ORBS TO YOUR UNCLE ======================
    Jak's uncle can be found in the hut directly across from the village mayor's
    hovel.  He'll also solicit you for 90 orbs, so go play somewhere else until
    you've earned enough to give to his sorry butt.
     == HERD THE YAKOWS INTO THEIR PEN ===================
    Exit the "village square" (meaning the cluster of houses that we just explored)
    and you'll find a pair of bridges.  One of them leads to the left (and is
    adorned with some shiny Precursor Orbs) and the other leads to the right.
    Follow the latter and drop onto the sandy beach below, ignoring the things
    that look like buffalo (apparently they're called "yakows").  Speak with Sleepy
    Guy In Hat to find a task that doesn't require hunting down Precursor Orbs --
    corralling yakows!  Sounds like fun, right?  (Yeah, I don't think so either)
    The aforementioned pen is the fence to the right of Sleepy Guy's house.  To get
    these stubborn yakows in there, you'll need to whack them until they start
    moving in the direction you want them to (a game that promotes the abuse of
    animals?  wtf?).  You don't really need to direct them too much, just keep
    smacking them until they stroll into the pen.  Once they're inside, they won't
    come back out.  There are five yakows in all -- beat them all into a bloody
    pulp, err... I mean, herd them all into the pen to receive another Power Cell.
    Three cheers for animal rights abuse! (just for the record, I love animals and
    do not in anyway support animal abuse.  Thank you for your time.)
      * Note:  You see the trail of Precursor Orbs leading up a series of ledges
        behind Sleepy Guy's hut?  If you follow this path, you'll stumble across
        Fire Canyon, which is, for the time being, impassable.  However, with 20
        Power Cells in tow, our foxy friend Keira will be able to power up Jak's
        Zoomer so that we can cross.  Better get workin' on those Power Cells.
     == BRING 120 ORBS TO THE ORACLE =====================
    What... "Oracle?"  What is that?  Are we going to see that cookie lady from The
    Matrix?  Not quite.  You see, the word "Oracle", in the Jak and Daxter world,
    refers to weird Precursor statues that are quite similar to soda machines.  By
    that, I mean if you fill them up with cash (or in this case, Precursor Orbs),
    they'll dispense a soda (which is, of course, a metaphor for a Power Cell).
    Now that you're clicking the Back button to find another, less-stupid FAQ,
    there's really no reason for me to go on writing this, but I will anyway.  Why?
    Because I'm just that dedicated.
    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanyway... the Oracle statue.  If you ascend the series of ledges
    that sit right in front of Sleepy Guy's house, you'll be able to roll-jump
    across a couple of platforms to reach this strange statue.  It'll blabber on
    with some really cheesy dialogue ("One of you has the light within" -- c'mon,
    seriously?).  Anyhoo, fork over 120 Precursor Orbs to obtain a Power Cell.
     == BRING 120 ORBS TO THE ORACLE (AGAIN... BLAH) =====
    Same thing as above, only you'll need to scrounge up another 120 Precursor
    Orbs.  How?  Try exploring Sentinel Beach and the Forbidden Jungle, then come
    back once you've acquired the prerequisite number.
     == FREE 7 SCOUT FLIES ===============================
    This task is a bit more difficult when the Scout Fly boxes aren't all right
    next to each other.  However, the boxes are still out in the open and fairly
    easy to find (if you hear that weird buzzing noise, you'll know that you're
    close).  Check it out:
     - Look inside the backrooms of the mayor's house -- he's got one stashed away
       in a (somewhat) out of view location.
     - There's one inside the fisherman's hut, which is right next to the mayor's
       and Jak's uncle's houses.
     - Check underneath the small wooden bridge that leads out of the village and
       toward Sentinel Beach.
     - Now climb back up and cross the bridge mentioned above.  This will bring you
       to the artist's house.  Drop onto the beach beyond the house and circle back
       around to find another Scout Fly.
     - Remember our old friend Sleepy Yakow Guy?  The dude who beats his yakows as
       if they're his own children (that was awful, I'm sorry)?  Raid his house to
       find another.
     - In front of Sleepy Guy's house there's a little plateau.  Remember that time
       we had to climb up it to reach the Oracle?  Y'know, it was, like, two
       minutes ago?  Yeah?  Climb up there to find the sixth Scout Fly.
     - The last one is sitting on the ledge next to the Precursor Oracle.
     == MISSING PRECURSOR ORBS? ==========================
    If you haven't found all 50 Precursor Orbs in Sandover Village yet, there are
    a few key places to check.  First, did you climb up the path leading to Fire
    Canyon yet?  It's located just behind Sleepy Yakow Guy's hut, and the path is
    laden with orbs.  Furthermore, there are a number of orbs laying around beyond
    Sleepy Guy's farm area, on the edge of the Forbidden Jungle.  Be sure to check
    on the beach below the rope bridge that leads right into the jungle.  Likewise,
    don't miss out on the ones on the opposite side of the village, in front of the
    artist's house.
    Also, there's a Blue Eco vent on top of a plateau that's located between the
    village and Sleepy Yakow Guy's hut.  Climb up there and power up with the
    clusters of Blue Eco on the adjacent ledge to open the vent, revealing a stash
    of Precursor Orbs,
    With that taken care of, we can go party over at Sentinel Beach.
         4c.  SENTINEL BEACH
    This sandy shoreline is located past the artist's house in Sandover Village.
    You can't miss it.  Seriously.  Thankfully, it provides a number of varied
    tasks that require a little bit more than simply collecting Precursor Orbs.
     == UNBLOCK THE ECO HARVESTERS =======================
    Remember that thing that Samos the Sage was badgering Jak and Daxter about
    after we came back from Geyser Rock?  Yeah, me neither.  Anyway, this is what
    Samos was talking about.  The harvesters aren't located anywhere near the
    entrance to Sandover Village, so pick up the Blue Eco laying on the beach and
    dash ahead, smashing all the boxes to collect Green Eco and grabbing the orbs,
    also.  You also need to watch out for Lurkers -- finally, we're introduced to
    some enemies!  In particular, be wary of the worms who pop out of the sand.  If
    you aren't careful, they can come up out of nowhere and rob you of some health.
    As you proceed along the beach, you'll come across a large, open area filled
    with heavy metal chests.  Nowhere how hard you might try, Jak *cannot* bust
    these bad boys open.  However, you might notice that explosives are (literally)
    raining from the sky.  Stand near enough to the one of the chests for the
    cannon to launch its artillery toward it, then quickly dodge away from the
    explosion.  Do this for all of the metal chests to pick up a few Precursor
    Alrighty then.  Y'see that Power Cell lying all by itself on the beach?  Try to
    grab it, but watch in disappointment and awe as a pelican swoops down and
    swallows it.  What the crap?  Ignore it for now, that's a different quest for
    a different time, but *never* forget our vendetta against that bird.  NEVER!
    *Ahem*.  So about those Eco Harvesters... Head up the stairs just past where
    the Power Cell once was.  Beat down the weird dog Lurkers that attack you and
    continue along until you find some gray things that look like some half-blimp,
    half-elephant monster.  Smash the rocks below each of these devices to uncover
    beautiful vents of Green Eco.  Once all five have been unblocked, a Power Cell
    will appear.
     == PUSH THE FLUT FLUT EGG OFF THE CLIFF =============
    We'll need to backtrack a little bit to finish this task.  From the Eco
    Harvesters, run back toward the waterfall, only make sure to run up the small
    hill so that you run behind the waterfall.  Stay on this path (don't fall,
    otherwise you'll have to find your way back up) until you reach the giant egg
    that's waiting at the end.  Punch it several times to knock it off the cliff
    (yes, let's save the bird inside this egg by *smashing* it and pushing it off
    a *cliff*.  Fiendishly clever.).
    Follow Old Bird Lady's orders and meet her at the bottom to receive your
    reward:  one Power Cell.  Nice.
     == GET THE POWER CELL FROM THE PELICAN ==============
    Now's our chance to exact our revenge upon the foul creature that robbed us of
    a Power Cell!  Return to the scene of the crime (y'know, the part of the beach
    that's constantly bombarded with explosives) and look out at the island to spot
    the bird in its nest.  Swim out there and smack the bird, causing it to spit
    the Power Cell onto the plateau above the beach.  In order to score this Power
    Cell, we have to race against the bird.  Immediately roll-jump into the water
    and swim to the beach.  Scramble up the starts, then roll-jump again toward
    the Power Cell.  It shouldn't be too difficult to get there before the
    pillaging pelican.
     == CHASE THE SEAGULLS ===============================
    Now, either swim across the lagoon to the far side of the beach, or run along
    the upper plateau to get there.  Either way, you'll see three stone staircases
    facing the sea -- these are the "Sentinels" for which this beach is named.
    Atop one of them is a flock of seagulls (no, not the 80's group -- this is an
    actual flock of seagulls).  Run towards them to scare them away to one of the
    other Sentinels.  Rinse and repeat until they get so annoyed that they cause
    an avalanche (how seagulls can do that, I have no idea).  Fortunately for us,
    this avalanche divulges another Power Cell.  Run over and snatch it (it's next
    to the Eco Harvesters).
    Yes indeed!
     == LAUNCH UP TO THE CANNON TOWER ====================
    Until you've visited the Precursor Temple in the Forbidden Jungle and activated
    Blue Eco vents all around the world, this one is impossible.  That said, let's
    get started.  There's a Blue Eco vent, as well as a launch pad, sitting atop a
    small grassy area near the three Sentinels.  Power yourself up with the blue
    stuff, then launch yourself off from the pad.  Try to land on the tall green
    plateau nearby, upon which is another launch pad.  From there, launch to the
    next plateau, then to the next, and finally launch onto the cannon tower
    Once atop the cannon tower, defeat the two Lurkers and collect the Power Cell
    that materializes.  Afterwards, you can use the cannon to your heart's content.
    If you haven't already done so, be sure to blow up the gray metal chests on
    the beach below, in addition to the ones on the green plateaus that we used to
    get here.  You can adjust the cannon's aim with the Analog Stick, and you can
    also fire the bombs further by holding the X Button before releasing it.
    There's just no fun like blowing things up, right?
     == EXPLORE THE BEACH ================================
    This is an easy one.  Return to the part of the beach where that pelican first
    stole your Power Cell.  Now, look for a Power Cell laying around in plain view.
    It's located in a small inlet below the grassy plateau.  This time, luckily,
    there's no catch.  Just run over and take it.  I *told* you this one was easy.
     == CLIMB THE SENTINEL ===============================
    For this one, we'll need to trek back to the far side of the beach, where the
    three stone "Sentinels" are.  Climb up the center Sentinel to find another
    Power Cell just laying there for the taking.  Shazam!
     == FREE 7 SCOUT FLIES ===============================
    You know the drill by now:  find red boxes, break boxes open, score another
    Power Cell.  Yay.  Check 'em out:
     - Right near the entrance to the beach is a series of boxes and chests.  In
       the middle is a Scout Fly -- if you're powered up with Blue Eco, you might
       even get this one without realizing it.
     - On the plateau above the beach area that is always being fired at, there is
       a small little bridge that leads you right to one.  This is very close to
       the fallen Flut Flut Egg.
     - Take the path from the Eco Harvesters behind the waterfall -- the path that
       leads to the Flut Flut egg.  You'll find the red box along the way.
     - Swim across the lagoon and you'll find a Scout Fly tucked against the wall,
       in plain sight of the pelican's island.
     - There's a high ledge over near the Eco Harvesters.  Hold R1 to crouch, then
       press X to perform a super-high jump.  This Scout Fly is sitting on the
     - Over by the Sentinels, there is a small "underground cavern" type area, with
       two wooden poles sticking out from the ceiling (I'm not going to say
       anything dirty, and if you were hoping that I would I'm going to have to
       kindly ask you to remove your mind from the gutter).  Crouch with L1/R1,
       then press Square to perform an uppercut.  This will knock the pegs higher
       into the ceiling.  Hit each one several times, then climb up to the top and
       use those pegs to access a ledge upon which sits another Scout Fly.
     - There's one sitting on top of the first Sentinel.
     == MISSING PRECURSOR ORBS? ==========================
    Sentinel Beach contains 150 Precursor Orbs, a lot more than either of the two
    previous areas, so it's easy to miss a few.  If you don't know what you've
    missed, check the water around the pelican's island -- you'll have to dive to
    grab the underwater orbs.  There are also some behind the waterfall.  Don't
    forget to grab the Precursor Orbs in the underground cavern area over by the
    Sentinels, either.  Also, there's a Precursor Orb hatch on the path that leads
    to the Flut Flut egg.  Power up with the Blue Eco clusters that are on the
    path, then dash toward where the egg was to score the orbs.
    There's another orb hatch on the pelican's island.  Your best bet to opening
    this one is to activate the Blue Eco vents in the Forbidden Jungle, then come
    back and use the nearby launch pad to quickly get to the island.  Next, circle
    around and inspect the front of the first Sentinel to find a small crevasse
    containing some orbs.  Finally, there are some on the tall green plateaus that
    lead to the cannon tower.  You can't get these until you've been to the
    Forbidden Jungle and activated the Blue Eco vents.
    On your way back through the village, stop off and trade in the Precursor Orbs
    that you've collected for a Power Cell.  Then, mosey on over toward the
    Forbidden Jungle.
         4d.  FORBIDDEN JUNGLE
    So this place is called the Forbidden Jungle, but we're going in anyway.  Why?
    'Cause we're *rebels*.  Yeah!  Uh... So anyway, you probably already know, but
    the entrance to the jungle is beyond Sleepy Yakow Guy's farm.  Climb up the
    grassy steps and cross the rope bridge to enter.
     == CONNECT THE ECO BEAMS ============================
    Whether you remember or not, the mayor of Sandover Village mentioned a while
    back that the Eco beams in the in jungle are on the fritz.  It's our job to fix
    them.  After crossing the rope bridge at the threshold of the jungle, use the
    small islands to cross the river (watch out for the piranhas in the water).
    Head left from here, following the trail of Precursor Orbs to find a second
    bridge.  As you cross, Daxter will mention something about the fisherman (who,
    incidentally, is stationed directly beneath the bridge).  Just ignore that for
    now, we'll deal with it later.
    On the opposite side of the bridge are some Precursor ruins.  Beat up all the
    enemies in the area first, then collect all the goodies (you'll need to use
    Jak's crouch-jump ability to get the ones floating above the highest platform).
    Watch out for the yellow and gray chest that's sitting next to a couple of
    normal chests -- it contains Dark Eco.  Merely touching this box will cause it
    to explode, thus siphoning off a bit of Jak's health.  Consider yourself
    Follow a third rope bridge away from this area.  The path ahead leads to the
    Precursor Temple, which isn't exactly where we want to be right now.  So
    instead, drop into the valley below and (after dealing with the Lurker down
    here), follow the strip of land until you reach some clusters of Blue Eco.
    Collect them, then leap across the river and stand on the blue launcher pad --
    press X while charged up to launch high into the air.
    This brings us directly in front of a huge hunk of machinery.  First, take care
    of the Lurkers guarding it, then circle around to the front.  Use the pistons
    to climb to the top of the machine.  Hop across the spinning discs (careful not
    to fall off!) to find the source of our problems:  a giant mirror is diverting
    the Eco beam.  Hit the wooden structure to destroy the mirror.  However, our
    problem isn't solved yet:  the beam is all out of focus!
    Drop onto the ground and inspect the base of the tower that just poked out of
    the ground.  Press Circle to take control of the tower.  Now we need to align
    it with the next tower.  There's a little arrow next to the sight that
    pinpoints the direction in which you want to aim the tower.  Once this first
    tower is lined up properly, it's time to head to the next one.  By pressing the
    Triangle Button, you can look in first-person view in follow the Eco beam to
    the next tower, or you can just follow my directions instead.  Whatever.
    Circle around the machinery and take a left so that you're running toward the
    waterfall.  Jump over the river and the next tower will be to the left.  Adjust
    it the same way as last time, then move on.  For the third tower, return to the
    entrance to the Forbidden Jungle.  Once there, cross the river and run to the
    right (away from the rope bridge).  There will be a series of tree stumps that
    you can climb up and use to cross the river again.  The tower is directly on
    the other side.  Fiddle with it, then head for the next one.
    Now cross that second rope bridge again to reach the Precursor ruins.  There's
    a small trampoline pad behind them -- bounce on it to access the ledge above.
    The next tower is up here, guarded by a spiked pendulum, a froggy, and a couple
    of those vine enemies.  Deal with these dangers first, then focus the tower.
    The fifth and final Eco tower is located outside of the jungle, near the
    outskirts of Sandover Village.  It's on the beach adjacent to the rope bridge
    that leads into the jungle.  Once it's been properly adjusted, you can return
    to the mayor's hut to collect your reward.
    Whew!  That one took a while.
     == GET TO THE TOP OF THE TEMPLE =====================
    For this little quest, we'll actually be entering the Precursor Temple that
    serves as the nucleus of the Forbidden Jungle.  Cross the rope bridge that
    leads away from the Precursor ruins and you'll find yourself facing a pair of
    swinging pendulums.  Quickly dash past them so as not to get spiked, then drop
    down a few grassy steps.  Defeat all the Lurkers in the area, then step into
    the nearby Blue Eco vent.  Now that you're all charged up with the blue stuff,
    stand next to the two lightning stones near the edge of the cliff to create a
    Jump over the gaps in the bridge, then approach the temple door (while still
    charged up) to open it.  The trampoline to the right can take you to a Scout
    Fly, so ignore that for now and power up the elevator platform (don't worry if
    you've run out of Blue Eco -- the wooden box in here contains a cluster).  The
    next ledge is much the same -- power up with Blue Eco, then ride the elevator
    up.  You'll have to switch to another platform during the ride, so make sure
    that the camera doesn't spazz out and get in the way as it tends to do.
    There's a Blue Eco launch pad on the next ledge, as well as vent of the blue
    stuff.  Charge up, then utilize the pad to launch Jak up to the next ledge.
    Immediately dispose of the Lurker that attacks.  After that, bounce up on the
    trampoline to find another elevator.  Energize it, then hop on.  As you ride
    up, you'll need to step onto the next elevator as soon as it is within reach --
    don't get too discouraged if you fall, you won't have to start over from the
    Another Power Cell awaits your arrival at the very top of the Precursor Temple.
     == FIND THE BLUE ECO VENT SWITCH ====================
    If you haven't already leaped off the top of the temple in a fit of joy, stand
    on the button in the center to activate an elevator (and if you did jump off in
    a fit of joy, you'll have to climb to the top again).  At the bottom, you'll
    find locked doors on either side of the elevator, as well as an open doorway
    ahead.  Obviously, we'll be explored the open doorway first.  Run past the Blue
    Eco launch pad (it's useless at the moment) and carefully cross the gaps in the
    floor using the levitating platforms.
    Proceed forward, nabbing the Precursor Orbs as you go.  After the fourth gap,
    you'll reach a large open chamber in which you'll find the Power Cell that
    we've been searching for.  Even better, grabbing this Power Cell also activates
    all the Blue Eco vents in the world!  Good deal!  Use the nearby Blue Eco vent
    to open the adjacent door -- Yum!  Precursor Orbs! -- which leads back to the
    bottom of the elevator.
      * Note:  Now that the Eco beams are up and running, you can return to
        Sentinel Beach to complete the "Launch Up to the Cannon Tower" quest.
     == DEFEAT THE DARK ECO PLANT ========================
    Now that we've activated the Blue Eco vents, the other locked door at the
    bottom of the elevator will open sesame for us.  Head inside -- watch out for
    the Bottomless Pit Of Doom -- and use the Blue Eco launch pad to score some
    orbs.  Proceed with caution past there and you'll stumble across the game's
    first boss -- the Dark Eco Plant.  Hopefully you've been conserving your
    health, because you're gonna need it to take down this beast.
                              - Boss:  DARK ECO PLANT -
        When the battle commences, the Dark Eco Plant (hereafter "DEP") will be
        impervious to all attacks.  So instead of throwing futile punches and
        spin-kicks at it, back off and worry about the Spiky Bug that DEP sends
        at you (mind the Bottomless Pit behind you).  Like DEP, the Spiky Bug
        cannot be damaged initially, so run away until it retracts its spines.
        When this occurs, quickly strike the Bug once to kill it.  Subsequently,
        DEP will take a short break -- two petal platforms appear, so use them
        to get near DEP's face and smack him one.  Keep in mind that DEP's
        lunging bite is fairly difficult to dodge, so it's best to stay as
        close to the edge as possible.
        After this, you'll get to play with two Spiky Bugs.  Defeat them both
        the same way as before, thus gaining another chance to attack DEP.  Hit
        him just like you did before.  Finally, DEP releases three minions to
        attack you.  Play it safe until they retract their spikes, then do your
        thing.  When he becomes susceptible again, strike the finishing blow on
        the boss.  Farewell DEP, we hardly knew ye.
    When the Dark Eco Plant bites the dust, the Power Cell is as good as yours.
    Before leaving, jump on its head five times to score some strangely-placed
    Precursor Orbs.  To exit the Precursor Temple, charge yourself up with Blue Eco
    and use the launch pad adjacent to DEP's corpse.
     == CATCH 200 POUNDS OF FISH =========================
    As you may or may not have noticed, you can hear someone's voice when crossing
    the rope bridge that leads from the jungle entrance to the Precursor ruins.
    Jump off that bridge to meet an unsuccessful fisherman who needs some help.  If
    you agree to help him out, he'll reward you not just with a Power Cell, but he
    will also allow you to take his motorboat to Misty Island anytime you want.
    It's a pretty good deal, so be a friend and give him a hand.
    Catching fish is fairly simple, but there are a few things that you need to be
    aware of.  First of all, there are three types of fish:  small green fish
    (worth 1 pound each), bigger gold fish (worth 5 pounds a pop), and poisonous
    eels (catch just one of these and it's game over).  Additionally, if you miss
    20 pounds of fish, the fisherman will get a bit pissy and you'll lose.  Once
    the game begins, use the Analog Stick to move the net back and forth.
    Remember that it's better to miss some good fish than to catch an eel, so be
    careful.  Aside from that, there's not much advice to give.  Good luck!
    When you successful nab 200 pounds, the fisherman will fork over the Power
      * Note:  Congratulations!  Now that you're on the fisherman's good side, you
        can return to Sandover Village and use his motorboat to sail to Misty
     == FOLLOW THE CANYON TO THE SEA =====================
    This one's nice and easy.  From where the fisherman is located, hop into the
    river and wade through it (mind the piranhas -- they go down in one hit, but
    there's a few of 'em in there).  Continue following it past the Blue Eco launch
    pad and the river opens out into the ocean.  Swim toward the island just ahead
    and claim your prize.  Lovely!
     == OPEN THE LOCKED TEMPLE DOOR ======================
    From the above Power Cell's location, swim back into the canyon and grab some
    Blue Eco.  Propel yourself onto the ledge above with the aid of the Blue Eco
    launch pad, then sprint up the ramp directly to the right.  It leads to a door
    that is ordinarily locked, but it will open if you're still electrified with
    Blue Eco.  Sitting just inside is another easy Power Cell.
     == FREE 7 SCOUT FLIES ===============================
    Same old fun...
     - From the rope bridge that serves as the entrance to the jungle, run straight
       through the dense forested area.  There are several tree stumps on the left
       side of this area that serve as platforms -- climb atop them and follow them
       to the end, where you'll find your first Scout Fly.
     - There's another one right behind the giant chunk of machinery next to the
     - The third Scout Fly is in the valley below the machine -- right next to the
       Blue Eco launcher.  If you're using the Blue Eco clusters in this area, you
       might pick this Scout Fly up without even noticing it.  Good deal.
     - Use the trampoline pad behind the Precursor ruins to access a small ledge.
       There's an Eco tower in this ledge, as well as several tree stumps --
       sitting atop one is another Scout Fly.
     - Fall off the bridge that connects the Precursor ruins area with the area
       near the entrance to the temple.  There's another fly in this valley, placed
       right next to a couple of Dark Eco chests.
     - As soon as you enter the Precursor Temple, use the trampoline pad on the
       right to climb onto a small ledge.  Follow this ledge around (be careful!)
       to find the Scout Fly.
     - The final Scout Fly is further into the temple.  Ride the first two elevator
       platforms up and you'll find some normal boxes in addition to the red Scout
       Fly box.  Bam!  That's seven!
    As always, the Power Cell appears after you catch the seventh Scout Fly.
     == MISSING PRECURSOR ORBS? ==========================
    Unlike the previous levels, there are quite a few tricky locations of Precursor
    Orbs.  At the Precursor ruins, for example, you'll need to use Jak's crouch
    jump maneuver (R1 to crouch, then hit X to jump) to collect all of the orbs
    floating above the highest platform.  There are also some in a corner of the
    valley below the third rope bridge that can be easy to miss.  Additionally,
    there are several hidden inside the Precursor Temple.  Be sure to use both
    launch pads inside.
    This one is especially tricky:  after defeating the Dark Eco Plant, jump on its
    head five times to receive five Precursor Orbs.  Yeah, that's kinda weird.
    Next, return to the small island at the edge of the river (the place where we
    found the "Follow the Canyon to the Sea" Power Cell) -- scour the waters for
    some underwater treasures.  Last, there's a Precursor Orb hatch underneath the
    third rope bridge.  Energize yourself with Blue Eco using the vent in the Dark
    Eco Plant's chamber, then launch out of the temple and head for the hatch.
    By now, you've probably got 20 Power Cells.  That's enough to travel through
    the Fire Canyon to the next part of the game, but the interested gamer also has
    the option of traveling to Misty Island via the fisherman's boat.  Up to you.
         4e.  MISTY ISLAND
    Misty Island is, as the name suggests, an island.  It can be seen off in the
    distance from Sandover Village, but until you receive the fisherman's okay to
    use his boat, it is inaccessible.  After completing the "Catch 200 Pounds of
    Fish" mini-game in the Forbidden Jungle, you'll be allowed to use the
    fisherman's boat to sail to Misty Island.
    Misty Island introduces us to many new things, for instance Jak's most trusty
    vehicle (the A-Grav Zoomer), the powerful Red Eco, scary Skull Lurkers, and --
    most importantly -- the oh-so much fun teeter-totter.  Be prepared!
     == CATCH THE SCULPTOR'S MUSE ========================
    Upon arrival at Misty Island, run along the dock and onto the mainland.  There
    are several natural steps ahead, as well as a wooden teeter-totter.  To use the
    teeter-totter, use Jak's dive attack on the side opposite the rock -- whee!
    This will help you grab the Precursor Orbs that would be unattainable with just
    a normal jump.  Anyway, ascend the steps and take your first real look at Misty
    Island -- pretty cheerful place, right?  Immediately we're introduced to a new
    type of foe:  the Skull Lurker.  Not only do these guys wield clubs, but they
    take two (!) hits to kill.  Be careful with these bad boys.
    Run straight past the beautiful muck pond and you should spot a strange,
    sparkly gold creature ahead.  This is the sculptor's Muse, and catching it
    means another Power Cell.  Follow it up the bone ramp and -- after dealing with
    your second Skull Lurker -- pursue it over a gap to reach another new obstacle.
    See the giant bone standing erect (wink wink) on the edge of this cliff?  Beat
    it several times (wink wink) to create a bridge that you can use to stay on the
    Muse's tail (no pun intended... seriously).
    On the other side of the bridge, continue the pursuit and you'll come across a
    muck pond.  There's a Lurker hiding under the mud who likes the pop out and
    spit stuff at you -- either run past, or anticipate its appearance and be ready
    to counterattack.  Past there is a second pond, this one with a small floating
    platform which can be used to leap onto the ledge above.  Now, here's a perfect
    opportunity to actually catch the Muse:  as it runs around the upward slope to
    the left, you can use the teeter-totter to intercept it.  If done properly, you
    can catch the Muse outright or at least shorten its lead considerably.
    If you don't manage to nab the Muse there, it will continue across several bone
    bridges.  At the end, it will drop back to ground level and resume this exact
    path from the very beginning.  Keep in mind that, during your pursuit, moves
    like Jak's roll-jump and his lunging punch can really help to shorten the gap
    between you and the Muse.  Other than that, its path is very clear, so if you
    somehow get lost just run along its trail until you find it again.
    Once it's been caught, the Muse must be returned to the sculptor at Sandover
    Village before you can receive your reward.
     == CLIMB THE LURKER SHIP ============================
    Okay, remember where we first spotted the sculptor's Muse?  At the entrance to
    Misty Island?  Okay, remember that there were three potential paths -- left,
    right, and up (the latter being the one we used to catch the Muse)?  Now we're
    going to explore the left path.  Stick to the ground and you'll run below the
    bone bridge that you made earlier.  Just after that the ground will slope
    downward -- watch out for the Lurker -- and you'll come to a wooden bridge
    (ignore the shiny light below for the time being).  Hop on and start jogging.
    This bridge leads us directly onto the fearsome Lurker ship.  Be afraid... be
    very afraid.  Or not.  Either way, there are some wooden chests on the bridge,
    but be cautious of the Dark Eco container -- you don't want that to detonate in
    Jak's face.  You'll be set upon by a few Lurkers when you reach their ship, but
    thankfully they're just weaklings.  Smack them around, grab the goodies in the
    area, then start climbing to the top of the ship.  There's another Lurker guard
    here, but, like his friends, he's weak sauce.  Just behind him is another
    beautiful Power Cell.  Take it.
     == STOP THE CANNON ==================================
    From your position atop the Lurker ship, you can probably see a series of
    wooden planks leading upward.  Hop onto this structure and start running, but
    watch out for the barrels.  Every third barrel bounces, so get into the rhythm
    of hopping over two, then stopping and letting the third one bounce over you.
    On the way up, there are little alcoves that provide temporary sanctuary, as
    well as goodies.  The first of these alcoves, for instance, has a chest that
    contains one full shot of Green Eco -- don't miss it!  There's also a Scout Fly
    later on.
    When you reach the top, you can go duel with the Lurkers who are manning the
    nearby cannon.  Killing them both will yield a Power Cell and the ability to
    use the cannon.  Before leaving this area, be sure to use the cannon to blow
    open all of the metal chests in the arena-like area below -- it's the only way
    to get the Precursor Orbs inside.  Also, by conquering this area, the flow of
    barrels will now cease.  Hooray!
     == RETURN TO THE DARK ECO POOL ======================
    Now then, if you're still up by the cannon you can simply leap down into the
    area below to reach our next destination.  However, for the sake of completion,
    I'll detail the less shortcut-ish method of getting there.  From the entrance
    to Misty Island, take a right at the fork.  Scale the cliff ahead and knock
    down the bone, then soak up the Blue Eco and dash across.  There's a Skull
    Lurker and nothing else of any necessity below, so ignore the ledge underneath
    you and drop down onto the ledge ahead instead (that rhymes).
    Collect the Precursor Orbs here, but avoid the outer edges of this platform.
    Notice the discoloration of the outer edges?  These are collapsible platforms,
    meaning that they'll fall if you stand on them for any amount of time.  Hop
    onto the next platform, which contains a muck pond and a Lurker swimming inside
    it.  Deal with the Lurker, then get ready to leap over to the next platform.
    This is a tricky one, though, because not only is it a relatively small area,
    but it's guarded by two Skull Lurkers.  Not cool.  Carefully defeat them both,
    then knock down the bone and move along.
    (btw, I know it seems like we just skipped a bunch of platforms off to the
    left, but aside from some Precursor Orbs which we'll get later, there's nothing
    much of interest over there right now)
    Okay, so the door ahead is locked?  What to do?  Absorb the Blue Eco cluster
    nearby to unlock it.  Head inside to... be caught in a crazy ambush!  You'll
    be surrounded by Lurkers (mostly the normal flavor, but there are some Skull
    Lurkers as well).  The best attack here is Jak's spin-kick, because, unlike his
    punch, it doesn't have any control over Jak's movement.  Also, some foes will
    drop some clusters of Red Eco -- be sure to drink this up because it will
    increase Jak's strength.
    When the ambush has been repelled, a staircase will appear leading up to the
    dreaded Dark Eco pool.  Before checking that out, snag the Precursor Orbs that
    are placed around the edge of the arena (assuming you followed my advice
    earlier and used the cannon to destroy the metal boxes).  That done, run
    upstairs to find another Power Cell.
      * Note:  Be sure to note that there are two doors in the arena:  the one
        through which we came, and a second one.  Exit through the latter to find,
        amongst other things, some Precursor Orbs and a Scout Fly.
     == DESTROY THE BALLOON LURKERS ======================
    For this one, we'll again be heading toward the Lurker ship.  However, instead
    of following the wooden bridge onto the ship, drop down onto the beach to find
    Jak's trusty A-Grav Zoomer, which we can use to explore the waters around Misty
    Island.  In particular, you might notice some Lurkers floating around above the
    waters on balloons.  To gain this Power Cell, you'll need to defeat each of
    these Lurkers.  How?  Simple:  ram into them.  However!  It's important to note
    that there are mines strapped to the front and back of each Lurker's balloon,
    so you need to make sure that you ram the actual Lurker, not the explosive.
    Also, these guys tend to like heights -- if you see a Lurker gliding high out
    of your attack range, just have some patience and wait for him to come down.
    When all six Lurkers have been dealt with, the Power Cell is yours.
     == USE ZOOMER TO REACH POWER CELL ===================
    Before returning to dry land, take a look at the wooden ramp structure built in
    the middle of the water.  See the Power Cell dangling at the end of it?  In
    order to snag this one, you'll need to (carefully) drive onto the ramp, then,
    once you're in the proper position, hit the gas, jump off the end of the ramp
    (tap R1), and (hopefully) grab the Power Cell.  If you have trouble getting
    enough air, try jumping sooner.  If you try several times and keep coming up
    short, it's possible that you're jumping *too* soon -- try to jump only at the
    last possible second.
    There are also some Precursor Orbs out here that you'll need to jump for.
     == USE BLUE ECO TO REACH POWER CELL =================
    One of the first things you probably noticed upon your arrival at Misty Island
    was a lone Power Cell sitting on a platform in midair.  That's what we're going
    to get now.  Start off by taking a right at the fork -- climb up the ledge and
    stop in front of the bone bridge.  There should be a cluster of Blue Eco
    directly in front of you, as well as two additionally chunks of it up ahead.
    The idea here is to grab each of the clusters, then circle back around to the
    right and head for an Eco-powered elevator a few ledges away.
    It's important to make sure that all of the Lurkers in the area have been
    killed off before you begin, because with the limited amount of Blue Eco
    provided you won't have enough time to deal with them.  It's also important not
    to screw up your jumps -- the mist below these ledges *is* the island's
    namesake, after all.  Once you reach the elevator, you're golden.  Enjoy
    another shiny Power Cell.
     == FREE 7 SCOUT FLIES ===============================
    Alright alright:
     - When pursuing the sculptor's Muse, you'll come to a towering rock surface
       that stands between two muck ponds and a series of bone bridges.  There's a
       red box sitting atop this plateau.
     - There's one sitting in plain sight on the deck of the Lurker ship.
     - As you ascend the wooden planks and dodge the rolling/bouncing barrels, you
       might notice little alcoves periodically along the way up.  One such alcove
       holds a Scout Fly.
     - If you take a right at the fork near the beginning of the island, then cross
       the first bone bridge, there will be a gap in the wall to the left.  Head
       through there to find the next one.
     - Very near the above Scout Fly, there is a collapsible bridge.  Cross it
       quickly and climb up the ledge at the end to score another one.
     - Exit the arena via the back door and hop over the first muck pool.  Use the
       teeter-totter by the wall to catapult yourself up onto some rocks -- climb
       to the top to claim another Scout Fly.
     - The final Scout Fly on Misty Island can be found on the Zoomer course.  It's
       sitting on the same wooden structure that you have to use to reach one of
       the Power Cells detailed above.
     == MISSING PRECURSOR ORBS? ==========================
    There are quite a few well-hidden Precursor Orbs this time around, so keep a
    close eye out at all times.  Don't forget to pick up the many orbs floating
    above the water on the Zoomer course.  Also, there are several en route to the
    Lurker cannon -- be sure to grab each of the orbs even as you attempt to dodge
    the oncoming barrels.  There's another tricky area on the path that leads to
    the "arena" area.  Take a right at the fork near the beginning of the island,
    then cross the first bone bridge.  See the gap in the wall off to the left?
    Head in there to find some orbs (there was also a Scout Fly here).
    If you didn't use the cannon to blow open the metal chests in the arena near
    the Dark Eco pool, you've missed out on a few.  Aside from that, there's one of
    those pesky Precursor Orb hatches in the area between the backside of the arena
    and the front of the Lurker ship.  Power up with the Blue Eco on the opposite
    side of the muck pond, then make a beeline for the hatch.  Even trickier, there
    is a "hidden" beach underneath the cliff directly behind the arena.  Drop down
    to find three orbs.
    Okay!  Now that we've done everything that there is to do up to this point, I
    think it's high time we move onto bigger and better things.  Fire Canyon, here
    we come!
         4f.  FIRE CANYON
    Once you've amassed a grand total of 20 Power Cells, you can head for the Fire
    Canyon to progress onward in the game.  The entrance to this fiery valley is
    located behind Sleepy Yakow Guy's hut.  Bear in mind:  this level is a total
    departure from each of the previous ones.  The Fire Canyon is almost like a
    race -- Jak is confined to his trusty A-Grav Zoomer for its entirety and the
    main goal is simply to reach the opposite side of the canyon.
      * Note:  For all you overachievers out there who've done everything possible
        up to this point, you should have 34 Power Cells in your possession.  Nice
        work, boys and girls.
     == REACH THE END OF FIRE CANYON =====================
    The basic premise of this level is that it's a race to the end.  Even with the
    20 Power Cells that we slaved to earn, Jak's Zoomer can only take so much heat
    before going ka-boom.  As a result, you need to cross the canyon quickly.  If
    the gauge that appears on the bottom left-hand corner of the screen fills
    completely, it's game over.  If you smash into too many obstacles, it's game
    over.  If you press the Power button on your PS2, it's game over.  So be
    To help keep your heat level down, our foxy friend Keira has released some
    cooling balloons (they're the big, blue, balloon-looking things floating around
    above the molten ground) -- drive through these to cool the Zoomer off ever-so
    slightly.  Also, there are numerous ramps (brown in color) scattered throughout
    the course.  Drive over these to receive some temporary relief from the heat.
    You'll find a few Blue Eco vents as well.  Charging up with this stuff will
    give you a quick speed boost, so keep an eye out for them.  As for the Lurkers:
    running into them will propel you high into the air, which means that for a
    short period of time you won't near the heat of the fiery floor.  Go for it.
    Obviously, you'll want to avoid pits of open magma, as they'll heat up your
    Zoomer even faster.  Aside from that, there are several full-out pits in the
    canyon -- as with any other game, falling into a bottomless pit means death.
    Finally, at certain points of the course rock obstacles will protrude from the
    ground.  There are also stacks of Dark Eco crates.  It's in your best interest
    to swerve wide of these, since smashing into a few too many means that Jak and
    Daxter will soon become Baked Jak and Daxter (that was an awful attempt at
    humor, I'm sorry that I couldn't come up with anything better).  Don't forget
    that you can jump with R1.
    There's a Power Cell with your name on it at the end of the canyon.
     == FREE 7 SCOUT FLIES ===============================
    Since you'll probably be more focused on simply completing the course your
    first time around, it's not a bad idea to ignore the Scout Flies completely and
    return at a later time to grab them all.  You can return to the canyon from the
    Rock Village side at any time and give it another go.
    By the way, it's really difficult to give good location descriptions for the
    Scout Flies in a level like this, so take it easy on me, okay?  All right, here
    we go:
     - The first one comes fairly early on -- check the path in front of you as
       soon as you pass the first two stacks of Dark Eco crates.
     - For the next one, you'll need to keep your eyes out for the familiar red box
       sitting on the very edge of some rocks, near a pool of lava.  If you are in
       the center of the course, you should land on it as you jump the lava.
     - Past there, you'll cross a bridge then come to an area where the solid rock
       path curves to the right (there's magma on the left).  The third Scout Fly
       is on the left edge of this path.
     - Up ahead, there is a very thin ledge, surrounded on both sides by pools of
       hot stuff.  The Scout Fly is one of several boxes on this small strip of
     - Just past the one above there is a second Scout Fly box in the same general
     - Continue along for a while and there will be another one just past a Blue
       Eco vent, wedged between a stone slab and some Dark Eco toward the right
       side of the canyon.
     - On the very last strip of rock leading up to the end of the canyon -- this
       one is pretty hard to miss.
     == MISSING PRECURSOR ORBS? ==========================
    Since the whole level is so linear, there's not much advice to give if you're
    having trouble finding all of the Precursor Orbs.  Just play through it again
    and keep an eye out for the gray metal chests.
    On to Rock Village!
         4g.  ROCK VILLAGE
    Rock Village is our new hub area, just as Sandover Village was the hub for
    Sentinel Beach, the Forbidden Jungle, and Misty Island.  As such, there are
    Power Cells a-plenty available for purchase from the locals.  This means -- get
    excited -- more mindless Precursor Orb hunting!  Yes! *cough hack*
    So, from the edge of the Fire Canyon, take a walk up ahead and you'll stumble
    across a hut on the right.  Step inside and hop on the floor switch near the
    warp gate to activate it.  A cutscene ensues, from which we learn that we need
    to collect still more Power Cells to move on.  How many do we need to amass
    this time?  A whopping 45 (which actually isn't that bad, considering that you
    can have a maximum of 36 before even entering Rock Village).  Whatever.
      * Note:  Stay out of the water.  In order to drastically decrease of the fun
        of this stage, our good pals over at Naughty Dog thought it would be a good
        idea to eliminate any opportunity for underwater exploration by stationing
        Lurker Sharks everywhere.  Wtf?
     == BRING 90 ORBS TO THE GAMBLER =====================
    All right, let's get to it.  Leave the Blue Sage's hut and hop onto the grassy
    plateau on the other side of the hill.  Follow this path down to ground level,
    then take a right (ignore the water -- there's nothing in there but Lurker
    Sharks) and run onto the grass.  From here you can follow the path (it's nice
    and straightforward) to find the village square across a bridge to the right.
    Start by chatting with the dude in the barrel.  As you might expect, the guy
    asks for 90 Precursor Orbs in exchange for a Power Cell.  However, he also
    offers a second Power Cell in return for beating the current high score for the
    Zoomer race in the Precursor Basin.  We'll deal with that later.  For now, fork
    over your orbs or, if you don't have enough, go explore the village and the
    other nearby areas until you've got enough.
     == BRING 90 ORBS TO THE GEOLOGIST ===================
    The Geologist is the goofy English chick standing on the giant umbrella outside
    the village square and talking to herself.  Speak to her to learn about the
    plight of the poor Lightning Moles in the Precursor Basin -- oh no!  We'll help
    them out when we go into the Precursor Basin, but for now give her some orbs to
    score another Power Cell.  Delicious.
     == BRING 90 ORBS TO THE WARRIOR =====================
    The "Warrior" is how he's referred to in the game, but I think the term "Pussy"
    is so much more appropriate.  Talk to him (he's right next to the guy in the
    barrel) to hear some lame story about how incompetent he is.  Bottom line:
    give him 90 Precursor Orbs to win another Power Cell.  As an added bonus, he'll
    also fix the pontoon bridge that leads to the Blue Sage's levitation machine
    and the Boggy Swamp.  Good deal.
     == BRING 120 ORBS TO THE ORACLE =====================
    If you don't know where Rock Village's Oracle is, chances are you run right
    past it without even realizing.  Remember when we climbed down to the village
    from the Blue Sage's hut?  Yeah?  All right, if you run back towards those
    grassy steps leading upward from the village square, you'll spot the Oracle on
    the wall, near the water.  Go talk to it and you'll hear some more absolutely
    appalling dialogue ("Beware of the dark light?"  Come on now).  The deal is the
    same as last time:  the Oracle has two Power Cells, each one worth 120 orbs.
    Start searchin'.
     == BRING 120 ORBS TO THE ORACLE =====================
    Same as above.  Have fun.
     == FREE 7 SCOUT FLIES ===============================
     - Circle around the balcony behind the Blue Sage's hut to find your first Rock
       Village Scout Fly.  Tasty!
     - As you descend the ledges that lead down from the Blue Sage's hut to the
       rest of the village, there is a Scout Fly in a small crevasse between two of
       the ledges.
     - There's a flaming boulder to the left as you run toward the Geologist from
       the Blue Sage's hut.  Look behind it.
     - Similar to the one above -- check behind the flaming boulder near the bridge
       leading into the village square.
     - On the dock area connected to the village square (the one that leads to the
       Lost Precursor City) there's another one.
     - On the opposite side of the square as the one mentioned above.  This Scout
       Fly is sitting on a small dock (this is the same area that is later bridged
       by our friend the Warrior Pussy, or the Pussy Warrior if you prefer).
     - The last one is the most difficulty, especially if you haven't paid off the
       Warrior to replace the missing pontoons yet.  From the location of the Scout
       Fly directly above, make your way to the cluster of pontoons in the water
       ahead (use Jak's roll-jump, then quickly climb onto the floating platforms).
       From there, leap onto the dock on the other side of the water.  Now, simply
       skip across the pontoons that lead toward what looks like a small ledge
       (this is actually the entrance to the Boggy Swamp).
    Power Cell!!!
     == MISSING PRECURSOR ORBS? ==========================
    Rock Village is actually kind of unique in terms of Precursor Orbs -- it's not
    that there are many that are hard to find, rather the biggest problems occur in
    trying to figure out how to get those orbs.  For instance, there are a few orbs
    floating above those treacherous waters between the village square and the
    outer edges of the village.  These are much easier to get after you've paid off
    the Warrior for his services.  You'll also find a few on the pontoons that lead
    to the Lost Precursor City.  In the same general area, there is a grassy
    plateau upon which are a couple of orbs.  The easiest way to obtain these is
    just to enter the Precursor City and complete the first task (detailed in the
    next section) -- doing so will spit you out exactly where you want to be.
    As for the trickier Precursor Orbs, keep your eyes out for a small "alleyway"
    between the entrance to the Precursor Basin and the village (check behind the
    flaming rock near the Geologist to find it).  Also, there's a Precursor Orb
    hatch also nearby the Geologist.  To open it, charge up with the Blue Eco
    cluster near the Precursor Basin, then dash toward the fiery boulder near the
    bridge to pick up a second cluster.  From there, continuously roll-jump until
    you reach the hatch.  If that doesn't work, you can also try running through
    the same alleyway mentioned earlier in this paragraph.
    After clearing out Rock Village, your next destination can be one of three
    places:  the Lost Precursor City, the Precursor Basin, or the Boggy Swamp.
    What's it gonna be?
    The Lost Precursor City is probably the largest and most convoluted level yet,
    which means that it'll be fun (for you) but also annoying (for me to write
    about).  But, it's filled with some challenges that we haven't seen before, so
    let's hop to it.  If you follow the pontoons from the dock on the right side of
    the village square you'll reach the entrance to the city.  Stomp on the button
    to ride the elevator to the bottom.  Here we go!
     == RAISE THE CHAMBER ================================
    When the elevator reaches the bottom, head through the doorway.  This first
    hallway contains a few orbs, but it also introduces us to a new sort of
    "enemy."  Take a look at the water?  Looks a bit strange, right?  Kind of green
    and electric-like, right?  Yeah -- don't go in there, doing so will cause
    damage to poor ol' Jak.  Just head through the next doorway.
    You'll emerge in a massive, very busy chamber.  What to do?  Well, there are
    some Precursor Orbs to find (there's a sort of time challenge in particular --
    check the "Missing Precursor Orbs?" section at the end of this chapter to learn
    more), as well as a Scout Fly.  After checking out the bottom level, use the
    shuttle platforms to climb upward.  On a platform across from where we entered
    are many more Precursor Orbs -- some guarded by a flying Lurker (smack him),
    others suspended over a moving platform.
    Once you've collected everything, ride the elevator up to the platform on the
    right.  Wait here for another elevator platform, which will take you up to the
    very top of this room.  Run along the ledge and into a hallway.  Here, wait for
    the water to become safe, then quickly dive in and grab the Precursor Orbs.  Be
    fast, otherwise you'll sustain some damage.  Move along to find another
    chamber -- below are two Lurkers (ignore them unless you fall down there), and
    above there are two ledges.  One ledge leads onward while the other contains a
    Scout Fly.
    To cross the gap, you'll need to use the platforms in front of you.  However!
    These aren't any old platforms -- they're what I like to call "tandem
    platforms."  When you stand on one, the other will circle around it.  It takes
    some time to get used to, but once you do it's fairly easy to use.  Once you
    have grabbed everything, cross to the far ledge, fight the Lurker, and proceed.
    Wow!  If you though that last room was big, wait until you see this one.  Where
    do we even start?  Thankfully, for now, we can just drop onto the ledge below
    and to the left and head through the tunnel (but don't worry, we'll be
    returning to this behemoth of a room).  Hey!  What's that up ahead?  A Power
    Cell!  Wow!  (okay, that was kind of obnoxious -- I apologize)  This Power Cell
    is actually obtained in the "Reach the Center of the Complex" task described in
    greater detail below, but since you're here, you may as well go ahead and grab
    it, right?  Right!
    Navigating the constantly falling platforms isn't easy, however, so stay on the
    move as you collect the Precursor Orbs in this chamber.  When ready, hop onto
    the far ledge, where you'll meet a new type of foe.  I like to call these guys
    "Spinners" because, well, they spin.  Duh.  Normal attacks are useless against
    them, so you'll need to hit them from above with Jak's dive attack.  Don't kill
    them all immediately, though, because their spinning can be used to smash the
    metal boxes in here.  Once you've got all the Precursor Orbs, go to town on the
    You can play around in the whirlpool if you want (it won't hurt you), but there
    really isn't any reason.  Anyway, there are two additional corridors available
    now:  take the one to the left of where we came in from.  Hop across the water
    using the central platform (this time, stay away from the whirlpool) to reach
    the next chamber.  Smack the two Lurkers before anything else (note, there's
    another Power Cell in here that you can acquire prematurely if you want -- skip
    down to "Quickly Cross the Dangerous Pool" to get the skinny on that).  Now
    then, it's time to take a wild ride.  Hop onto the slide to the right.  Whee!
    As you slide down, you'll want to try to grab as many Precursor Orbs as you
    can.  Also, by simply sliding into the metal chests, you'll be able to open
    them and score their contents.  But watch out for those nasty electric pipes
    and the crates of Dark Eco -- don't forget that you can still jump even while
    sliding.  The chamber at the bottom is filled with Spinners, so start off by
    clearing out the room.
    Once the room is empty, it's time to work on the puzzle.  You've noticed those
    weird ball-things that look like baby toys, right?  Well, the idea here is to
    charge up with Blue Eco from the nearby vent and power up all five "boppers"
    at the same time.  After powering up, hit the one directly adjacent to the
    vent, then charge the one on the ledge above.  From there, leap onto the second
    level, where there are two more Precursor boppers to charge up.  Finally,
    jump back down to hit the last one.
    Doing all of this opens a door in the central fixture.  Enter and hit the floor
    switch to ride all the way back up to the surface.  When you regain control,
    jump into the water (don't worry, you're safe) and swim to the nearby ledge.
    Grab the orbs as you climb to the top, then collect your Power Cell.
    The remaining challenges in the Lost Precursor City won't take quite so long --
    I promise.
      * Note:  To swim back to the mainland safely, peer into the water below and
        look for the reef or some rocks.  If you swim directly above the reef, the
        Lurker Sharks won't come near you.
     == FOLLOW THE COLORED PIPES =========================
    Okay, remember that massive chamber that we went into, but quickly left to get
    the Power Cell above?  Return there, please.  When you arrive, press Triangle
    to look in first-person view.  On the other side of the room, there are three
    big fat tubes -- there's a Power Cell in one, and Scout Flies in the other two.
    Hop onto the tandem platforms to get over there.  Once there, you'll see three
    buttons -- one in front of each tube.  Dive attack the one in front of the
    Power Cell, then watch to see where the tube deposits it.
    To reach the Power Cell, you'll have to ascend the platforms that repeatedly
    pop in and out of the wall.  Move quickly -- if you take too long to collect
    the Power Cell, it'll be sucked back through the tube.  Timing is imperative
    for this, so it doesn't hurt to get a little practice in on the pumping
    platforms before you try for real.  If you do mess up, don't worry, just go
    back and try again (if it makes you feel any better, I just messed up on my
    first try while writing this... Seriously).
    Another day, another Power Cell.
     == REACH THE BOTTOM OF THE CITY =====================
    All right, ever since we went down that slide one Power Cell ago, I know
    exactly what you've been thinking:  "When do I get to go down that way cool
    slide again?"  Well, you know what?  Your time has come.  Trek back there
    (through the chamber with the collapsing platforms, then to the left) and slide
    down -- this time, try to grab everything that you might have missed the first
    time around.
    When you reach the bottom, cut through the Precursor bopper room, hopping a
    small pool of electro-water to arrive somewhere new.  There's a Scout Fly on
    the ledge above, so grab that before diving down a second slide.  This slide is
    much tougher, as there are now electric pipes blocking the path.  Be ready to
    jump continually to avoid these.  At the very bottom, you'll emerge right next
    to a platform which holds another beautiful Power Cell.
      * Note:  For the event that immediately follows, skip down to "Climb the
        Slide Tube."  I have no idea why the game lists these two Power Cells so
        far apart when they occur in sequence, but whatever.
     == QUICKLY CROSS THE DANGEROUS POOL =================
    You've probably already seen this Power Cell, even if you haven't grabbed it
    yet.  It's sitting a ledge on the far side of a pool of electro-water, at the
    top of the first slide.  On the floor in front of the pool is a big, round
    button.  Dive attack it to raise several platforms that create a bridge to the
    Power Cell.  However, you've only got a few seconds to traverse the platforms
    and reach the far ledge, so hustle.
    Once you've acquired the Power Cell, hit the button on the ledge to return
    across the pool.
     == MATCH THE PLATFORM COLORS ========================
    If you regress through the electro-water tunnel from the room where we got the
    above Power Cell, you'll be in a familiar room.  However, we haven't explored
    the room that is currently to the left, so carefully navigate the whirlpools in
    the tunnel to reach an unfamiliar room.  To cross the Dark Eco, you need to hop
    onto the moving platform and run ahead, jumping over the pipe when necessary.
    On the opposite side of the Dark Eco, there are 13 platforms, a locked door,
    and a flying Lurker.  Deal with the Lurker first.  That done, it's time to
    start working on that door.  It will open once each of the platforms in this
    area has been activated.  Activating the platforms as is simple as jumping onto
    them, but if you jump onto the same platform twice, it will deactivate.  So
    that's our quandary.  You have any good ideas?  No?  That's okay, because I do
    have an idea.  Check it out:
    [12]       [13]        [5]
         [11]        [6]
    [10]        [7]        [4]
         [8]         [2]
    [9]         [1]        [3]
    Now, I realize that my ASCII skills are less than amazing, but bear with me
    here, okay?  Basically, you'll want to hop onto number one, then hop across
    each of the platforms on the right side before cutting across to the left side
    using numbers 6, 7, and 8.  Once there, you'll curl around the left side of the
    room and finally activate the last platform at 13.  Not too hard, I hope?
    The Power Cell is just inside the now-unlocked door.
     == CLIMB THE SLIDE TUBE =============================
      * Note:  This is actually an event that occurs directly after acquiring the
        "Reach the Bottom of the City" Power Cell, so I have no idea why it's
        listed two Power Cells later.  Anyhoo...
    After obtaining the Power Cell, the pool of Dark Eco below begins to rise
    dangerously.  Quickly charge up at the Blue Eco vent, then use the adjacent
    launch pad to propel yourself onto a ledge high above.  At this point, your
    perspective changes to one that kind of resembles a 2D platformer -- fun!  Run
    along the platform, watching out for Lurkers and pipes along the way.  Be
    careful when jumping that you don't accidentally land in the puddle of evil goo
    that is slowly inching its way toward you.  This is especially important when
    you get to the in-and-out wall platforms.
    After launching off from a second Blue Eco launch pad, you'll be on the home
    stretch.  Keep up your speed and timing and you'll reach a third Blue Eco vent.
    Charge up, then leap onto the center platform and launch yourself up to safety.
     == REACH THE CENTER OF THE COMPLEX ==================
      * Note:  If you've been following this walkthrough since the beginning of the
        chapter, you may have already grabbed this Power Cell.  Congrats!  If not,
        read on.
    All right, let's return to the second really large chamber (the one with the
    tubes and the tandem platform).  From the high balcony that serves as the
    entrance to that room, drop onto the water-level ledge below.  Run through the
    tunnel to spot the Power Cell on a platform in the center of a Dark Eco pool.
    To reach it, you'll need to use the rotating platforms along the outer edge of
    the pool.  Unfortunately, these platforms continually turn over, thus tipping
    our pal Jak into the goo.  Just move quickly, though, and you'll be able to nab
    the Power Cell.
     == FREE 7 SCOUT FLIES ===============================
     - The first Scout Fly is in the first really large room in the city.  There
       are several platforms down at water level in this chamber, and one of them
       contains this guy.  Just be careful, because it's guarded by a pair of
       Lurkers who love to play piggyback (target the guy on top).
     - In the subsequent hallway, use the tandem platforms to access the ledge on
       the left.  The Scout Fly is in plain sight as soon as you enter the room.
     - In the second really large room, there is a ledge off to the left that holds
       a Scout Fly.  Use the tandem platform to reach it.
     - Same as above, only this Scout Fly is on a platform more toward the right,
       and it's guarded by a flying Lurker and a moat of electro-water.
     - In the same really large chamber as the last two Scout Flies, there are some
       tubes that can be accessed via the tandem platform.  Two of these tubes
       contain Scout Flies, so dive attack the button in front of each tube (one at
       a time, of course) and use the tandem platform to get to wherever the Fly is
       spat out.  You'll need to hurry, though, because if you take too long the
       Scout Fly will be sucked back through the tube.  It doesn't hurt to position
       the tandem platform in a strategic location before hitting the button.
     - See above.
     - Go down the slide into the room with the Blue Eco contraptions, then hop
       over a pool of electro-water into the adjacent chamber.  Use the platforms
       that are popped up by steam to reach the ledge above, where you'll find your
       seventh Scout Fly.
     == MISSING PRECURSOR ORBS? ==========================
    First off, let's check out the first of the two main chambers.  Although you
    probably saw the Precursor Orbs floating above the electro-water, you may have
    had trouble figuring out how to get them without dying in the process.  On two
    of the ledges on the bottom level are floor switches -- dive attack either one
    to raise several platforms from the water.  However, this also activates a
    timer.  You'll have to run across the platforms and snag all the orbs before
    time runs out, otherwise it's bye-bye Jak.  There's also a Precursor Orb hatch
    right behind one of the floor buttons.  Opening it is much the same -- hit the
    button to raise the platforms, then absorb the Blue Eco that's floating under
    the ledge above and head for the hatch.  10 orbs are inside.
    Now move on to the second main chamber, where you'll find a second Precursor
    Orb hatch behind a small moat of electro-water (yeah, there was a Scout Fly
    here as well).  To open this one, use the tandem platform to glide across the
    room to the ledge containing Blue Eco.  Then, quickly drop onto the platform
    below and run toward the hatch, gathering another cluster along the way.  Use
    the steam-propelled platform to access the upper level, then hop across the
    pond to nab the orbs.
    If you still don't have all 200 Precursor Orbs, try going down both of the
    slides again -- you may have missed a loose orb or a metal chest.
    With that done, we are officially done with the Lost Precursor City.  Rejoice
    and return to the surface.
         4i.  BOGGY SWAMP
    Compared to the Lost Precursor City, Boggy Swamp is a breeze.  Within this
    muddy locale, we'll be introduced to a new companion:  the Flut Flut bird.  We
    will also get to play with a new flavor of Eco -- Yellow Eco!  Get excited.
    The entrance to Boggy Swamp can be found if you follow the pontoon bridge laid
    out by our good friend the Warrior (if you're quick, you can get there by
    jumping and swimming, so you don't *need* to pay off the Warrior).
     == RIDE THE FLUT FLUT ===============================
      * Note:  In order to complete this task, you'll need to have completed the
        "Push the Flut Flut Egg Off the Cliff" task back at Sentinel Beach.
    Upon entrance, you'll immediately meet a new type of foe:  Rat Lurkers.  Don't
    worry -- they're nothing special.  Kill the rat, then move beyond it to find
    some ordinary wooden boxes -- break them to find some Yellow Eco.  Sweet.  When
    powered up with this stuff, Jak can shoot blasts of energy from his hands (use
    the Square Button).  You can also shoot in first-person perspective if you need
    more precise aim.  Run ahead and blast all of the metal chests to reap a ton of
    Precursor Orbs.
    Before moving on, regress to the small wooden dock adjacent to the Yellow Eco
    clusters.  See the wooden pole sticking out from the wall?  Jump up and grab it
    to swing from it, then launch yourself up onto the ledge above.  There's more
    Yellow Eco up here, as well as some Precursor Orbs.  Now drop back into the
    muck and proceed.  There's a big thorny vine blocking the path ahead, so leap
    over it (don't roll-jump!), grab your first Scout Fly, and move along.
    You'll arrive at a Dark Eco pond -- make sure you don't slip into it.  Use the
    pontoon to cross to the center dock, but stop there.  There are some pinkish
    red flying foes up ahead.  The best way to deal with these guys is to grab
    some Yellow Eco -- some is conveniently placed right in front of you -- and
    blast them from first-person perspective.  There are also some Dark Eco crates
    off to the right that you should shoot from a safe distance.
    Now follow the dock around to the other shore (note that the Blue Eco can be
    used to pull the nearby Precursor Orbs to Jak and that the launch pad leads to
    a Scout Fly).  Up ahead is another new obstacle:  receding spikes.  Wait for
    the spikes to go down, then hastily hop over them.  Problem solved!
    Unfortunately, there's now a rat nest right in front of you.  Grab the Yellow
    Eco and start shooting, but target the nest (it's that big brown thing that
    looks like a Kitty Condo or something) rather than the rats themselves.  Once
    the nest is gone, clean up the remaining rats and continue on.
    Fling yourself over the thorns with the pole.  After defeating the frog enemy
    beyond there, you'll find yourself at a crossroads.  Head left for now.  Jump
    over a pair of spike traps just as you did before, gathering clumps of Yellow
    Eco on the way.  Then clear the path onward by destroying the Dark Eco crates.
    Just past there is another rat's nest -- destroy this one to unearth a Blue Eco
    vent (this is used to nab another Scout Fly).
    There's more thorns up ahead, so grab the pole and swing over them.  Beyond
    that is another Dark Eco pond.  Blow open the metal chests with Yellow Eco,
    then charge up with Blue Eco to grab them all as you leap onto the wooden
    structure across the goo.  The game now switches to a semi-2D perspective.  You
    will have to use a series of poles to swing across gaps in the dock.  Time your
    jumps carefully and you'll reach the end soon.  At the end is a wealth of
    powerups -- Green and Yellow Eco!
    Continue ahead to find a tethering device (keep this in mind -- we'll return to
    it later).  Jump some more spikes, then take a right to find a Yellow Eco vent.
    Charge up, then blast all the chests and proceed into the cave.  Destroy the
    Dark Eco crates sitting on the ledge above, then climb up there.  Ignore the
    Blue Eco and launcher for now (they lead to a different Power Cell) and follow
    the path to the left.  Fight off a few Lurkers and you'll find the Flut Flut
    bird waiting for you.
    The Flut Flut bird can smash metal chests (press Square), as well as jump much
    further than Jak.  It can also wade in Dark Eco.  So hop on and explore the
    area -- there are a lot of Precursor Orbs, as well as a couple of Scout Flies
    and, finally, a Power Cell to find.  Be sure to check everything thoroughly so
    that you don't miss anything.
     == PROTECT FARTHY'S SNACKS ==========================
    After dismounting the Flut Flut, make your way around the Dark Eco pond to find
    a ramshackle hut and its drunken owner.  It seems that Drunk Guy's pet hedgehog
    Farthy has run off, so we need to... protect Farthy's snacks?  Wtf?  Anyway,
    the basic premise of this challenge is simple:  charge up with Yellow Eco and
    shoot any rat that goes near Farthy's delicious mushrooms.
    However, this task isn't quite as easy as it may sound.  Since there are five
    mushrooms sitting in the toxic soup in front of Jak, you'll need to constantly
    swivel your view point to check for rats (luckily, your movement is quite
    restricted).  Also, you can't run out of Yellow Eco (it will replenish as soon
    as you do), so don't worry about that.  For the most part, you can just mash
    the Square Button while turning to look at each mushroom and you'll be fine.
    This task takes place across three attack waves, each one more difficult than
    the last.  It's very important, especially in later rounds, to keep your eyes
    on each and every mushrooms.  And obviously, you'll want to target the rats
    close to the mushrooms before bothering with the ones lingering in the back.
    That's just common sense.
    A Power Cell is yours when you successfully stave off the rat's raid.
     == DEFEAT THE LURKER AMBUSH =========================
    Return to the cave where we ignored a Blue Eco launch pad earlier.  Remember --
    it was the cave that led to the Flut Flut course?  Go back there and, using the
    nearby chunk of Blue Eco, use the launch pad.  You'll arrive in a small arena,
    where you'll be ambushed by Lurkers.  There are clusters of Yellow Eco on
    either side of the arena, so drink those up and start blasting the baddies.  I
    find that this task is easiest if you stay on the move -- continually run back
    and forth from the two clusters of Eco so that you can replenish your stash
    when you run out, all the while avoiding Lurkers.
    Your prize is, of course, a Power Cell.
     == BREAK THE TETHERS TO THE ZEPPELIN (1) ============
    Okay, very near the launch pad that we used to reach the above Power Cell is
    another Blue Eco launch pad.  This one will take you to a small area in which
    you'll find a rat's nest and a weird rock-with-a-rope-tied-around-it (better
    known as a "tether").  Blow up the nest with Yellow Eco, then fire a shot at
    the tether.  Doing so will yield a Power Cell.  Better yet, there are three
    more tethers in Boggy Swamp, and breaking each of them will yield *more* Power
    Cells.  Yay!
     == BREAK THE TETHERS TO THE ZEPPELIN (2) ============
    The next tether can be found on the opposite side of the cave that the one
    above was near.  Leave the cave, gather up some Yellow Eco from the vent, hop
    the spike traps and blast the tether away.  If you're coming from the opposite
    direction, you'll find this tether just after the semi-2D pole-swinging area.
    Two down, two to go!
     == BREAK THE TETHERS TO THE ZEPPELIN (3) ============
    From the Drunk Guy's hut (over by the Flut Flut course), enter the cave behind
    his house and follow the path through a rat-infested cave, across a muddy field
    filled with crates and boxes, and over a Dark Eco pond.  When you reach a
    Yellow Eco vent, soak the stuff up and aim a shot in first-person view mode at
    the tether sitting atop the wooden platform in the Dark Eco pond.  Just one
    Don't forget to explore the cave on the far side of this pond -- there are some
    Precursor Orbs inside.
     == BREAK THE TETHERS TO THE ZEPPELIN (4) ============
    All right, backtrack for a bit past the second tether, back across the Dark Eco
    pond, and out through the cave.  Take a left at the cave's entrance to find
    some spike traps -- hop over them and you'll see the final tether just ahead.
    However, the Yellow Eco vent is blocked by a boulder, and there are two rat
    nests in the way.  Fortunately, there's a small cluster of Yellow Eco over in
    the corner.  Use that to blast away the boulder, releasing a beautiful flow of
    Yellow Eco.  Destroy the nests, then the tether.
    Mission accomplished!
     == FREE 7 SCOUT FLIES ===============================
    For real.
     - At the very beginning of the level, there is a thorn obstacle.  Leap over it
       to find the Scout Fly just ahead.
     - There's a Blue Eco vent and corresponding launch pad near the Dark Eco pond.
       Launch yourself up and you'll land in a small, closed-off area.  Exterminate
       the rats first, then grab the Scout Fly in the corner.
     - Head through the cave directly after the first rat's nest and you'll find
       some Blue Eco (hidden under a second rat's nest).  Use this in conjunction
       with the launch pad nearby to reach another closed-off area, also filled
       with rats.  Kill them all, then take the prize.
     - On the Flut Flut course, there is a Scout Fly atop a wooden platform.  Use
       the Flut Flut to leap over there and grab it.
     - This one is also on the Flut Flut course.  Follow the wooden platforms over
       the Dark Eco pond to find it.
     - Near the entrance to the cave that leads to the Flut Flut course is a pond
       of Dark Eco.  Either jump across it or run around it to find a Scout Fly at
       the end.
     - Behind the Drunk Guy's hut (remember the "Protect Farthy's Snacks" task?  It
       is over there), there is a small, semi-camouflaged cave entrance.  Fight
       through the rats in the cave to find a big muddy area filled with boxes and
       crates.  The last Scout Fly is one of those boxes.
     == MISSING PRECURSOR ORBS? ==========================
    For the most part, Precursor Orbs in Boggy Swamp are easy to find.  Many of
    them are confined in metal boxes, but those can be blasted open with Yellow
    Eco.  But if you're still missing some orbs, check this out:  there are quite a
    few hovering over the various Dark Eco ponds in the swamp -- use Blue Eco to
    pull these toward Jak.  Also, make sure that you've collected everything and
    smashed all the boxes on the Flut Flut Course.  There's a cave on the opposite
    shore of the Dark Eco pond where we found the third tether (check above for the
    location if you don't remember); there are a few metal boxes inside.
    Back at Rock Village, there's only one place left to explore!
         4j.  PRECURSOR BASIN
    The Precursor Basin, found behind the Geologist and across from the village
    square in Rock Village, is an interesting departure from the previous stages.
    The entire level takes place on Jak's Zoomer, but it isn't a race (although
    there are some racing-based challenges).  Be prepared for some new and
    interesting tasks.
     == HERD THE MOLES INTO THEIR HOLE ===================
    After mounting the Zoomer, drive up the hill and into the actual basin itself.
    Right off the bat, you should spot a strange red creature near the entrance --
    this is a mole.  There are four of these guys in the basin, and it's our job to
    chase them back into their holes.  After you find one, simply chase it until it
    dives underground.  All four of 'em are located in the same general area, so
    once you find one it shouldn't be too much trouble to find the rest.
    Once all of the moles are underground, you can return to the Geologist in Rock
    Village to receive your Power Cell.
     == CATCH THE FLYING LURKERS =========================
    Within the Precursor Basin, there are four Flying Lurkers, purple in color, who
    must be caught.  You'll know them when you see them (there are two in the first
    area, and two through the tunnel).  The problem is, they're really fast, making
    them tough to catch.  You really have to stay dedicated on a single Lurker and
    keep following him for as long as it takes to catch him.  You can make up a
    tiny bit of ground by cutting corners once you see what direction the Lurker is
    going to turn, but even that difference is pretty negligible.  Your life will
    be so much easier if you can figure out their patterns -- keep following the
    same Lurker for a bit and you'll definitely start to pick it up.
    When you do manage to get close enough, jump with R1 to ram the Lurker.  Once
    all four have been rammed, the Power Cell is yours.
     == BEAT RECORD TIME ON THE GORGE ====================
    From the arch, make a sharp right to find a tunnel with a checkered flag
    stretched across it.  Driving through this flag will initiate the race -- once
    you've started, you've got 45 seconds to complete the course.  You don't have
    to get it on your first try, so I suggest playing through the course at least
    once simply with the motive of learning when to turn and what obstacles to look
    it for.  It'll be a big help for your next time through the course.
    After breaking the tape, make an immediate left but stick to the right side of
    the canyon (there's some Blue Eco on the left side, but there are also pistons
    that can be difficult to navigate around).  Curve leftward at the end of the
    tunnel and drive up the ramp.  Follow the path right at the top of the ramp.
    Pistons pump in and out on either side of the walls up ahead, so swerve to
    avoid them.  Past there are two stacks of Dark Eco crates -- stay in the center
    of the path to dodge them.
    More pistons make the tunnel ahead tricky to navigate, but if you stay close to
    the right wall you should be fine.  Near the end of the tunnel is a cluster of
    Blue Eco which you'll want to grab for a speed boost.  There's a second batch
    of the blue stuff just outside the tunnel, but only go for it if you're
    confident that you'll still be able to dodge between the Dark Eco boxes.  You
    will fall off a ledge at the end of this path -- immediately turn around when
    you do.
    Snag the Blue Eco and blaze through the pistons.  Now, if you hit the Lurker
    down here you'll be propelled high enough into the air to drive onto the raised
    ledge to the left.  If you can do this, great -- it's faster.  If not, you
    aren't totally screwed.  From there, choose either side of the canyon and stick
    to it to avoid an obstacle in the center (preferably you'll take the left side,
    since the right side is filled with Dark Eco crates).  Afterwards, there is one
    last set of piston obstacles to avoid.  Make it through there and hit the
    checkered tap to complete the race.
    If your time was under 45 seconds, go hit up the Gambler in Rock Village to
    receive a well-deserved Power Cell.  If not, try again.
     == GET THE POWER CELL OVER THE LAKE =================
    If you've been cruising around the second portion of the basin (the area
    through the tunnel), you may have spotted a Power Cell floating conspicuously
    above the lake.  How to get it?  Easy!  Drive up the grassy ramp near the
    tunnel and follow the path, hopping over gaps when necessary.  After a couple
    of very small platforms and especially difficult jumps, you'll end up on the
    last ledge, which has a slight ramp leading up toward the Power Cell.  Back up
    as much as you can so that you've got enough time to gather speed, then hit the
    gas.  Don't forget to jump at the very edge of the platform.
    A well-executed jump will bring you close enough for Jak to snatch the Power
     == CURE DARK ECO INFECTED PLANTS ====================
    If you take a right after the arch and head through the tunnel into the second
    part of the basin, you'll find a cluster of purple plants near the back-right
    corner.  These plants have been infested with Dark Eco, and the only way to
    cure them is to use Green Eco to purify them.  Conveniently, there's a Green
    Eco vent not far away.
    This is one of my least favorite tasks in the entire game, just because it's so
    tedious.  Since it's impossible to cure all of the plants with a single shot of
    the green stuff, you'll have to return to the vent several times.  However, as
    you do that, the plants that you haven't cured yet are infected that ones that
    you have cured.  So it's important to be as quick as possible -- charge up,
    drive through the plants a few times, then drive back to the vent to recharge.
    Keep this pattern up until each plant has been purified to receive your lovely
    Power Cell as a reward.
    Atop a hill in the first area is a curious purple ring of light.  Driving
    through this creates another ring just ahead, and driving through that creates
    a third ring past there.  The goal is to fly through each ring that appears
    (somewhere between 20 and 30 rings in total) before they disappear.  After
    passing through a ring, you've got several seconds to find the next one and
    fly through it.  Because of the time constraints, you need to move quickly.
    For the most part, the rings will appear in plain sight, often not too far
    away.  However, sometimes you might not see the next ring.  If this occurs,
    immediately spin around and keep your eyes peeled -- if you take too long to
    find the next ring, you'll have to restart from the beginning.  The last couple
    are the most difficult as they require you to jump.  Be very careful when
    jumping -- if your timing is off, you could miss the ring altogether and have
    to restart.
    The Power Cell appears after you've flown through the final ring.
     == NAVIGATE THE BLUE PRECURSOR RINGS ================
    After completing the above challenge, a blue ring will appear at the edge of a
    plateau in the second part of the basin.  This is exactly the same thing as
    above, only more difficult.  The blue rings are placed much further apart than
    the purple ones were, making it a lot more difficult to reach them in time.  It
    also makes them more difficult to find.  If you're having trouble, memorizing
    the locations of each new ring makes a big difference.
    There's a particularly difficult ring fairly early in the going.  A ring will
    appear above the lake in the front portion of the basin.  To reach it, you need
    to jump off of the gray rock that is placed right in front of the lake.  For a
    later ring, you'll also have to descend the hill at the very front of the
    Precursor Basin.  When you do this, be careful to go around the Zoomer Pad --
    if you drive over it, Jak will dismount his Zoomer, forcing you to restart.
    Also take caution not to fly over the ring that appears at the top of the hill
    when you start climbing back up.
    Finally, you'll have to drive onto the upper level of the second area for some
    of the later rings.  Although you need to drive quickly, it's even more
    important to not fall off.  It really sucks to get that far into it only to
    lose because you couldn't stay on the ledge.
    Like last time, the Power Cell will be yours after you've crossed the last
     == FREE 7 SCOUT FLIES ===============================
     - As soon as you fly underneath the natural arch that marks the entrance to
       the basin, there will be a ruined Precursor building with a roof shaped like
       a disc just ahead.  Check behind it.
     - Take a right after passing below the arch and you'll see a ramp.  Drive up
       this ramp to find your second Scout Fly.
     - On the plateau right in front of the first ring for the "Navigate the Purple
       Precursor Rings" challenge.
     - Go through the tunnel to the right of the entrance and fly up the ramp that
       is slightly to the left.  There's one at the top...
     - ... and another one down below.
     - Follow the hill mentioned two Scout Flies above.  After the second jump,
       check the small alley to the left to find one.
     - Continue along the same path as the above Scout Fly, only this time follow
       the hill up to the right.  You'll have to make a few more jumps, but
       eventually you'll end up on a plateau next to the Scout Fly.
    Another Power Cell for you.
     == MISSING PRECURSOR ORBS? ==========================
    Since the Precursor Basin is so small, there aren't many places for Precursor
    Orbs to hide.  If you're still missing a few, check all the water surfaces,
    namely the tunnel in the first area.  Aside from that, just make sure that you
    didn't miss any metal boxes.
    After conquering Rock Village and its surrounding areas, we're ready to move
    along.  Onward!
         4k.  MOUNTAIN PASS
    Once you've rocked at least 45 Power Cells, use the pontoon bridge to find
    Keira at the Blue Sage's levitation machine.  Speak with her to move on.  Note
    that the maximum number of Power Cells you can have up to this point is 66.
     == DEFEAT KLAWW =====================================
    After chatting up Keira, circle around to the front of the machine and start
    climbing.  There's a canyon at the very top -- run through here to meet the
    game's second boss...
                                   - Boss:  KLAWW -
        When the battle begins, hop onto one of three stone slabs floating in
        the lava below.  In retaliation, Klaww will begin firing boulders at
        each of the slabs -- if you see one coming toward you, do the smart
        thing and jump onto one of the other slabs.  But!  Be careful!  As you
        may have noticed, there's molten magma flowing below Jak's feet -- fall
        in and you're dead.  After a while, Klaww will recede into the lava and
        a cluster of Blue Eco will appear.  Snatch this up to power up a bridge,
        which you can use to get much closer to Klaww.  Watch out for boulders
        as you run along the bridge -- you can easily dodge them by winding
        left and right, left and right, etc.
        At the front of the bridge, you'll find some Yellow Eco.  Absorb it all,
        then start firing like crazy at Klaww.  If you hit him enough times, he
        will drop his boulder on himself (ouch!).  Scamper back to the three
        platforms at the beginning -- hurry or you'll be squashed by Klaww's
        boulder on the way back.  Klaww will now resume shooting boulders at
        you, but you're a pro at dodging them by now (right!?), so that's not a
        problem.  Just know that his boulders have picked up a little speed, so
        you'll need to jump from platform to platform just a little bit quicker.
        Once again, Klaww will dive into the lava and some Blue Eco will
        materialize.  Pick it up to create the bridge again... But wait!  This
        time the bridge is missing a few pieces.  Take your time when crossing
        the bridge so you don't get smashed.  Again you'll be using Yellow Eco
        to blast Klaww and, again, you'll be fleeing from a boulder back to the
        three trusty platforms.
        It's the same deal for the third time around:  Klaww's boulders come
        even faster, so stay on your toes.  When you create the Blue Eco bridge
        again, even more pieces will be missing.  Pepper Klaww with Yellow Eco
        for the third time and he'll kick the bucket, leaving nothing but a
        Power Cell in his wake.
    After grabbing the Power Cell, a number of platforms will appear.  Use these to
    reach the far shore, where the Mountain Pass continues.
     == REACH THE END OF THE MOUNTAIN PASS ===============
    This sequence is very similar to the Fire Canyon, only this time you have a
    different reason to be in a hurry.  Either way, there are still pits to fall
    into, obstacles (namely Dark Eco crates and other explosives) to avoid, and
    Blue Eco vents to give you a boost.  Keeping all of that in mind, your goal is
    to make it to the end of the Mountain Pass before the flying Lurkers do.  This
    means that even if you do manage to finish the course intact, you could still
    lose if the Lurkers beat you.  Even worse, you can't kill them this time
    For this reason, the various speed boosts are key.  But even more important are
    the obstacles, such as the trees and explosives.  Slamming into one of these
    really slows you down, so its essential that you have the right amount of
    control over your Zoomer.  The cave area is especially dangerous -- be wary of
    the giant explosive barrels.  Crashing into one of those will immediately kill
    Jak, full health be damned.
     == FIND THE HIDDEN POWER CELL =======================
      * Note:  Until you've played in the winter wonderland that is Snowy Mountain
        and unblocked the Yellow Eco vents in the "Find the Yellow Vent Switch"
        challenge, this one is a no-go.
    Assuming you've already been to Snowy Mountain and back, return to the Mountain
    Pass (preferably from the side nearest Rock Village -- warp back if you have
    to) and mount the Zoomer.  Drive along the course as normal until you go off
    the big jump (y'know, the *really* big jump?), at which point you'll want to
    keep your eyes peeled for the Yellow Eco vent.  Charge up, then turn toward
    the boulder just behind the vent and blast it out of the way.  Hit the gas,
    then charge into the secret passage, leap over the gap, and snag the Power
     == FREE 7 SCOUT FLIES ===============================
    Just like for the Fire Canyon, it's so much smarter to wait until you've
    already completed the level once to go for the Scout Flies.
     - There's one at the base of a hill not too far into the Pass.
     - The next one is on the ground near where the path re-connects.
     - Your third Scout Fly is in plain view right in front of a narrow path
       leading over a bottomless pit.
     - After making the huge jump not too much later, there's one sitting in front
       of four regular wooden chests slightly to the right.
     - There's one on the path that leads through the cave...
     - ... and another one in the same cave, to the right of a stalagmite (or is it
       a stalactite?) just up ahead.
     - The last one is mixed in with the many explosive barrels directly in front
       of the detonator.  Do yourself a favor and take care of the detonator first,
       then run back into the Pass to nab the Scout Fly.
     == MISSING PRECURSOR ORBS? ==========================
    There's not much to miss, honestly.  All of the Precursor Orbs are out in the
    open and pretty easy to find -- just play through the level again to make sure
    that you didn't miss any of the airborne orbs and that you smashed all of the
    metal boxes.
    And thus we arrive at...
         4l.  VOLCANIC CRATER
    Upon arrival at the Volcanic Crater (our third and final hub world), hop across
    the broken bridge to reach the Red Sage's lab.  Go inside and hit the floor
    switch for a cutscene (which involves goofy-looking villains with weird blue
    skin and no motives behind their actions) and some further instructions.
     == BRING 90 ORBS TO THE MINERS ======================
    If you leave the Red Sage's hut and cross the bridge (the one that you haven't
    crossed yet -- not the one that leads back to the Mountain Pass), you'll find
    yourself at the mouth of a massive cave.  Venture inside to find two miners,
    one fat and one stupid.  Talk to them for a while to learn that they've got a
    grand total of four (!!) Power Cells to their name.  Unfortunately, each one
    costs 90 Precursor Orbs.  Better explore the rest of the crater, as well as the
    surrounding areas, before trying purchase all four of 'em.
      * Note:  After buying all of the orbs, you can speak with the two miners
        again to learn about a task that's waiting for us in Spider Cave.  Yay.
     == BRING 90 ORBS TO THE MINERS ======================
    See above.
     == BRING 90 ORBS TO THE MINERS ======================
    See above.
     == BRING 90 ORBS TO THE MINERS ======================
    See above (again).
     == BRING 12O ORBS TO THE ORACLE =====================
    Take a right after leaving the miners' cave.  Hop onto the ledge above, then
    dash toward the trail of Precursor Orbs (avoid the pits of steaming stuff --
    urine?).  Continue the follow the ledges downward and you'll find a second
    trail of Precursor Orbs.  Leap across the gap -- don't fall into the scalding
    lava below -- to find the Oracle.  Like before, the ancient statue wants 120
    Precursor Orbs for each Power Cell.  Again, it's best to go ahead and explore
    the rest of the Volcanic Crater, as well as the nearby Spider Cave and Snowy
    Mountain to find enough scratch to pay off the Oracle.
     == BRING 120 ORBS TO THE ORACLE =====================
    See above.
     == FIND THE HIDDEN POWER CELL =======================
    You probably didn't notice it, but there's a metal chest on a ledge high above
    the train tracks right outside Spider Cave.  First, let's find the entrance to
    Spider Cave, okay?  Take a left from the miners' cave and run past the gondola,
    over the platforms, and hop onto a mine cart on the train tracks.  We want to
    get to the far side of the crater, so hop from cart-to-cart until you get
    there.  Once on the far side, jump off the tracks and take a look in
    first-person perspective at the rocks behind the train track.  See the box?
    Good, now let's break it open.
    To break this chest, we're gonna need a shot of Yellow Eco.  There's a vent not
    far from the entrance of Spider Cave, so head inside.  The vent is on a ledge
    high above and to the right.  Climb up there (you'll have to crouch-jump a few
    times to reach some of the ledges) and charge up with the stuff, then get ready
    for an all-out sprint.  After stepping into the flow of Yellow Eco, immediately
    drop off the edge and onto the ledge below.  Roll-jump over the Dark Eco river,
    then roll-jump back toward the Volcanic Crater.  Use single jumps to climb the
    platforms leading up to the train tracks, then quickly enter first-person view
    mode to blast open the box.  It may take a few tries, but you'll figure it out
    soon enough.
    Yay for Power Cells.
     == FREE 7 SCOUT FLIES ===============================
    I'm running out of interesting things to say.
     - As you enter the crater from the Mountain Pass, there's a small ledge below
       you, right in front of the rope bridge that leads to the Red Sage's lab.
       You should hear the Scout Fly's buzzing if you just job past, so drop onto
       the ledge and grab it.
     - There's another one hidden behind a slab of rock in the cave where we found
       the miners.
     - En route to the Oracle, there is a platform sitting in the middle of some
       burning-hot magma.  There's a Scout Fly on top.
     - Take a left from the miners' cave and run past the gondola to find a series
       of thin platforms that lead to the railroad tracks.  A Scout Fly is on one
       of the platforms.
     - From the above location, continue along and hop onto one of the carts.  Wait
       for it to circle around the tracks.  You'll roll right past a ledge with a
       Scout Fly sitting on it.
     - This one is very similar to the one above.  Use the carts to travel across
       the lava, to the far side of the crater (near the entrance to Spider Cave).
       There's another ledge/Scout Fly combination on the track furthest from where
       we began.
     - Continue riding the mine carts toward Spider Cave.  The last Scout Fly is on
       a ledge very close to the entrance of the caves.
     == MISSING PRECURSOR ORBS? ==========================
    The Volcanic Crater is one of the easiest locations yet to find each and every
    Precursor Orb:  there are really only a few places to find them.  If you've
    checked the miners' cave, the path to the Oracle, the railroad tracks, and the
    rocky ledges that lead into Spider Cave, then you've probably found all of the
    Shall we move on to Snowy Mountain?
         4m.  SNOWY MOUNTAIN
    As I'm sure you've noticed, there's a very out-of-place gondola sitting by its
    lonesome in the Volcanic Crater (take a left from the miners' cave to find it).
    Although it's out of service (very much like a public toilet) when you first
    arrive, Keira will be able to fix it fairly soon.  I believe that you need to
    collect three or four Power Cells in the Volcanic Crater before Keira can fix
    it, but don't quote me on that.
     == FIND THE YELLOW VENT SWITCH ======================
    When you first arrive at Snowy Mountain, you'll be swarmed by Snow Lurkers.
    This guys constantly respawn, so it's generally best to just smack the ones
    that matter and run (unless you wanna stock up on Green Eco, in which case
    these guys are an absolute goldmine).  Anyway, there's also a weird Precursor
    device surrounded by a force field, but that's a different task for a different
    time (see "Deactivate the Precursor Blockers" below for more info on that).
    For now, run onward and roll-jump across the gap.
    On the far side, you'll be assaulted by a Porcupine Lurker (don't laugh, that's
    the best name I could come up with).  These guys are impervious to Jak's measly
    hands and feet with his spikes out, so dodge his attacks until he retracts
    those spikes, at which time you're free to beat the everliving poopie out of
    him.  Just ahead, there's a sloped path leading upward, but ignore that for now
    and run straight ahead into the cave instead.
    Roll-jump onto the first isolated platform, then double-jump upward onto the
    next one.  Be wary of the Bouncy Lurker up here -- it may be small, but it can
    cause some real damage (most likely by knocking you off the ledge and into the
    Bottomless Pit of Black Doom below).  A few jumps later, you'll have to utilize
    the ever-useful roll-jump once more to exit this cavern.  Ignore the metal
    boxes for the time being, and focus on slapping/avoiding the Snow Lurkers.  The
    ice pond behind them is home to four more of those Precursor Blockers that I
    mentioned earlier -- might wanna go ahead and hit them now.
    Now, controlling Jak on the ice can be a bit difficult.  Fortunately, this pond
    is pretty safe (aside from a single Bouncy Lurker, there are no enemies to
    speak of), so take some time and get acclimated to ice skating.  Take note that
    Jak's punch (Square) or forward roll (L1/R1) are very good ways to quickly
    change direction.  There's also a Red Eco vent at the edge of the pond, but
    there's not much that we can do with it just yet.  Once you've gotten used to
    things a bit, slide to the far side of the pond, where you'll find some lovely
    snow to run on.
    Up ahead, there is a bridge leading off to the left and a strange catapult-type
    machine banging away at some ice.  Neither one is of any interest to us at the
    moment, so run straight past the catapult.  Although it seems like it's a dead
    end up ahead, there is actually a series of snowy cliffs that lead downward.
      * Random Author's Note:  As I was typing the part you just read, I was hit by
        the catapult Lurker and knocked off the cliff to my untimely death.  I hope
        you're happy.
    So anyhoo, carefully climb down the ledges, using roll-jumps to cross the two
    largest gaps.  Eventually, you'll reach an the Lurker Fort, which we... won't
    be visiting just yet.  Instead, search for some trees near the rock wall to the
    left.  Hidden behind those trees is a cavern.  Once inside, carefully jump onto
    the icy ledge just ahead -- try not to slide, otherwise the piston will knock
    you into the pit.  If you aren't touching the Left Analog Stick when you land
    on the ice, you've got a much better chance of remaining steady.  When the
    piston retracts, quickly roll to start moving and leap onto the shuttle
    platform up ahead.
    This platform will carry you to another ledge.  This one, luckily, is made of
    snow, not ice.  Again mind the piston, and crouch-jump to access the upper
    ledge.  This next part is tricky -- you'll have to hop onto the ice ahead, then
    jump onto a piston platform and quickly leap onto a second sheet of ice.  Be
    quick, but don't be stupid.  Slide across this sheet of ice to find one last
    piston -- wait for it to retract, then step onto the shuttle platform.  This
    platform will take you to a beautiful Precursor construction -- grab the Power
    Cell on top, then jump for joy as Yellow Eco vents are unblocked all across the
    (Yeah, I thought that Power Cell was a bizzle to get, too)
     == STOP THE 3 LURKER GLACIER TROOPS =================
    There are three wooden catapult-like structures operated by Lurkers in Snowy
    Mountain -- you probably noticed one during the collection of the above Power
    Cell.  Since destroying the actual devices is too tall as task for our lowly
    heroes, we'll have to defeat the Lurker operators instead.  Of course, the
    Lurkers who work these machines are pretty tough customers -- not only do they
    carry shields which will deflect all of Jak's normal attacks, but they can also
    shoot fireballs at you (a la Yellow Eco).  What to do?  Near each of the three
    Lurkers, you should find a Red Eco vent.  Charge up with Red Eco, then attack
    once to destroy the Lurker's shield, then a second time to defeat the Lurker
    You'll find the first Glacier Trooper at the top of the snowball slope -- the
    Red Eco vent is on the other side of the path.  Next, return to the bottom of
    the slope and venture through the cave (just as you did for the previous Power
    Cell).  Grab some Red Eco near the frozen pond, then dash around the corner to
    find the second Glacier Trooper.  The last Glacier Trooper can be found in the
    valley below the Lurker Fort.  Drop down near the rope bridge to find the Red
    Eco vent, then look for some snowy ledges that lead toward your goal.  Defeat
    all three Lurkers to win another Power Cell.
    Okay, you know those weird buttons that we've been seeing all over the place on
    this mountain?  Y'know, the things with the force fields around them?  Yeah?
    Those are called Precursor Blockers, and deactivating them all will yield
    another beautiful Power Cell.  Deactivating them is the simple part, sadly
    (just double-jump or crouch-jump over the force field and smack the button),
    because there are quite a few of them, and they're not much fun to search for.
     - The first Precursor Blocker is, thankfully, nigh impossible to miss.  From
       the gondola, run directly forward to find it.
     - Go straight into the cave at the bottom of the hill (y'know, the hill with
       the rolling ice boulders?) and utilize Jak's mad jumping skillz to reach the
       opposite side of the cave.  Here, you'll find an ice pond which contains not
       one, not two, not three, but *four* Precursor Blockers.  Be sure to hit them
       all (1).
     - See above (2).
     - See above (3).
     - See above (4).
     - On the icy moat outside the Lurker Fort (1).
     - On the icy moat outside the Lurker Fort (2).
     - On the icy moat outside the Lurker Fort (3).
     - On an icy pond, which you can reach by crossing a bridge right outside the
       Lurker Fort (1).
     - On an icy pond, which you can reach by crossing a bridge right outside the
       Lurker Fort (2).
     - There's another bridge that leads from the two blockers above to a snowy
       ledge, where you'll find another one.
     - Near the beginning of the level, there is a hill from which icy boulders
       endlessly roll down.  There are a couple blockers on the way up (1).
     - See above (2).
     == OPEN THE FROZEN CRATE ============================
      * Note:  If you haven't already unblocked the Yellow Eco vents, scroll up and
       finish the "Find the Yellow Vent Switch" challenge.  You can't do this one
       without Yellow Eco.
    Okay, so remember the cave at the base of the snowball slope?  Return there to
    find a now-functional Yellow Eco vent.  Power up, then check out the icy wall
    on the left.  Spot the metal chest lodged in the ice?  Good, now blast it with
    Yellow Eco.  One well-placed shot will smash the chest, revealing a Power Cell.
    Get it, but don't forget to break the other nearby metal boxes to find some
    Precursor Orbs.
     == GET THROUGH THE LURKER FORT ======================
      * Note:  In order to get through the Lurker Fort, we must first open the gate
        that leads into said fort.  Why this task is listed first I'll never know.
        Anyway, read ahead and complete "Open the Lurker Fort Gate" below, then
        come back here.
    To reach the Power Cell that can be seen sitting on a high ledge, we must scale
    the tower in the center of the fortress.  Start by climbing up the wooden
    platforms directly in front of the gate.  When you reach the top, cross the
    bridge and smack the lookout Lurker.  This may seem like a dead-end, but there
    is actually a wooden platform below this ledge -- look around in first-person
    perspective until you find it, then drop onto it.  Leap ahead onto the next few
    ledges, then the trouble begins.
    When you reach the corner of the fort, you'll find a moving platform.  Wait for
    it to start turning toward you, then hop onto it.  From there, leap toward the
    pole sticking out of the wall.  Use this to swing onto a ledge coated in slick
    ice.  Carefully slide to the edge of this ledge (that rhymes) and time another
    jump onto a moving platform.  Jump again onto some nice, safe wooden platforms.
    Cross these and hop onto the ledge ahead.
    You'll be attacked by three Bouncy Lurkers, so spin like crazy until they've
    all been defeated.  Move onward (and score some Precursor Orbs along the way)
    to find a floor switch.  Step on it to activate an up-and-down platform -- now
    if you fall off, you won't have to restart from the very beginning.  Nice!  Up
    ahead is another Bouncy Lurker, who's guarding another wall pole.  Splat the
    Lurker, then jump out and grab the pole.
    Swing onto the wooden platform ahead.  There's another pole on the other side,
    so run down and grab it.  Wait for the moving platform on the other side to
    move toward you, then let go.  Jump to another pole, then another, then onto a
    platform.  Grab the pole at the end of the platform and swing onto another
    moving platform.  Hop from there to an icy ledge that is occupied by a Lurker.
    Take him out with a spin attack, then jump onto the platform ahead.  From here,
    only a few ordinary wooden platforms stand between you and another Power Cell.
    Go, go, go!
      * Random Author Rambling:  I don't know about you, but I found myself
        constantly yelling, "Fiddlesticks!" and "Frick!" in frustration during this
        task.  No, that's not what I actually said, but this is a walkthrough for
        the whole family, so my actual dialogue had to be censored ever-so
     == OPEN THE LURKER FORT GATE ========================
    Remember the rope bridge near the second Glacier Trooper?  The one that we
    ignored earlier?  Now it's time to head back there.  Cross the bridge and you
    will find our friend the Flut-Flut bird.  Hop on and step onto the adjacent
    switch to raise some platforms which we'll be using to cross the chasm ahead.
    Take note of the ticking noise, however!  The platforms will only remain
    airborne for a certain amount of time, so it's important to move quickly.
    The first set of platforms is fairly easy -- you only have to use X to glide to
    make the very last jump.  The next two sets of platforms won't be so easy,
    unfortunately.  Hit the next switch to raise more platforms -- they're spaced
    out more this time around, and some are actually moving.  Be sure to jump from
    the very edge of each platform, use X to glide, and guide the Flut-Flut's path
    in midair to ensure that you land safely on each platform.  The last set of
    platforms are all little circular ones that move from side-to-side.  Carefully
    time your jumps so that you don't fall into the darkness below.
    At the very end, you'll find a Power Cell and a switch.  The switch will open
    the gate to the Lurker Fort.  And don't worry -- you won't have to ride the
    Flut-Flut back to the top.  There's a shuttle platform waiting to take you
    directly to the fort's entrance.
     == SURVIVE THE LURKER INFESTED CAVE =================
    Take a right after exiting the Lurker Fort and follow the ice-covered bridge
    across the frozen pond and toward what appears to be a dead-end.  However,
    there is a somewhat-hidden path over here.  Look around and you'll find it --
    it's not easy to miss.  Use the shuttle platform to enter, then survey the
    madness that lies ahead:  a small valley filled with Dark Eco crates and Bouncy
    Lurkers.  Oh dear, I hope you've got full health.
    Charge up at the nearby Red Eco vent, then drop down and remain stationary.
    Because of the Dark Eco boxes, it's best to let the enemies come to you.  Stand
    still and constantly smack the Circle Button to keep up a barrage of spinkicks.
    When no more Lurkers come after you, carefully run past the Dark Eco crates
    into the opposite corner.  Finish off the Lurkers in this area, then climb onto
    the ledge above and employ the same tactics.  Battle through a few more ledges
    filled with nasty stuff, then roll-jump toward the coveted Power Cell.
     == FREE 7 SCOUT FLIES ===============================
    Even at the frigid heights of Snowy Mountain, there are seven obnoxious little
    Scout Flies to search for.
     - Almost immediately after entering the mountain, there is a gap that you need
       to leap over.  Fall down this gap to find the first Scout Fly of the level.
     - After jumping over the first gap (where we found the Scout Fly above), run
       forward into the cave.  Make a few careful jumps to find another Scout Fly
       sitting atop a snowy ledge.
     - You'll find another one of the series of ledges that lead downward from one
       of the shielded catapult Lurkers to an icy pond.  If you're drawing a blank
       on where this is, head through the cave described above, cross the ice pond,
       and run straight.  Remember now?  I thought so.
     - When you reach the icy moat that surrounds the Lurker Fort, look for some
       trees near the rock wall opposite the fort.  There's a Scout Fly box next to
     - There are two rope bridges outside the Lurker Fort -- one leads to an ice
       pond and some Precursor Blockers (ignore that one), and the other leads to
       some ledges across a chasm.  Fall into the chasm, then search the snow for
       the familiar red Scout Fly box.
     - Look on top of the tower in the center of the Lurker Fort to find this one.
     - The last one is on top of the large structure at the back of the Lurker
       Fort.  You'll pass below it on your way to the "Get Through the Lurker Fort"
       Power Cell, but you might not realize that you can use Jak's crouch-jump to
       climb onto some wooden platforms.  From there, you can jump again onto the
       very top of the structure, where you'll find the Scout Fly.
    Give yourself a high five!
     == MISSING PRECURSOR ORBS? ==========================
    Snowy Mountain is probably one of the most difficult places yet to find each of
    the Precursor Orbs.  First and foremost, fall into the chasm in front of the
    Lurker Fort.  There are some orbs buried in the snow, very near where we found
    a Scout Fly earlier.  Also, check inside the Lurker Fort.  Scour every ledge
    and platform, and don't forget about the three Precursor Orb hatches located at
    the base of the main tower.  To open them, climb to the top of the tower (don't
    forget to crouch-jump to reach the absolute highest point of the tower) to find
    a charge of Blue Eco.  Grab it, then drop down to ground-level to unearth a
    king's ransom of Precursor Orbs.
    After unblocking the Yellow Eco vents, return to the cave at the base of the
    snowball slope and blast open the nearby metal boxes.  Additionally, there's an
    icy slide with two platforms that move along its surface that can be reached
    either from the frozen pond near the aforementioned cave or from the outside of
    the Lurker Fort.  The trickiest three orbs, I think, are found in the same cave
    as the "Survive the Lurker Infested Cave" task.  After completing this task,
    you may be tempted to exit the cave the same way you came in.  However, there
    is actually a somewhat-hidden path behind the Power Cell -- explore the ledge
    where you found it to score some Precursor Orbs, as well.
    Take the gondola back to the Volcanic Crater.  The dreaded Spider Cave is up
         4n.  SPIDER CAVE
    The Spider Cave is the last "normal" area in the game, so you'd think that it
    would be really cool and really fun.  Unfortunately, neither is true.  Simply
    put, Spider Cave sucks.  It's filled with obnoxious spider enemies, tedious
    tasks, and in general is a very poor way to begin the end of the game.
    Nevertheless, I'm here to hold your cute little hand as we traverse this
    travesty of a level.
    As I'm sure you've already figured out, Spider Cave can be found by following
    the railroad tracks across the lava.
    As soon as you enter Spider Cave, the first thing you'll probably see is the
    large, worm-like Gnawing Lurker sticking out of a hole in the pole-like support
    beam.  Our current goal is to charge up with Yellow Eco, then blast the balooie
    out of each and every Gnawing Lurker that inhabits the Spider Cave.  As you'll
    realize if you take a quick scan in first-person view, that's a lot of Gnawing
    Lurkers.  Best get to work.
    Let's begin by finding a Yellow Eco vent, shall we?  Roll-jump across the Dark
    Eco river ahead, then begin climbing up the ledges on the right (if you can
    remember, we're headed to the same vent that we used for the "hidden" Power
    Cell in the Volcanic Crater).  You'll need to crouch-jump to reach a few of the
    ledges.  When you reach the vent, stand on top of it and enter first-person
    perspective.  From this vantage point, you've got a pretty solid view of the
    cave.  Pick a support beam (any support beam) and target the Gnawing Lurker
    crawling on it.  They take a few blasts each, so be persistent.  You'll know a
    Lurker is dead when balls of Green Eco appear in its wake.  Once you've
    destroyed one Lurker, move onto the next one.
    If it seems like you've taken out all of the Gnawing Lurkers but there's no
    Power Cell, try running around and inspecting the support beams up close -- you
    might find one that you missed or overlooked.  There's another Yellow Eco vent
    on the other side of the room -- you can trying searching from there as well.
    Once all of these nasty creatures have been disposed of, the Power Cell will
    appear on the ground level.
     == DESTROY THE DARK ECO CRYSTALS ====================
    There are five large, shadowy Dark Eco crystals hidden somewhere in the Spider
    Cave.  As if finding them isn't hard enough, they're explosive to the touch,
    which makes destroying them difficult.  When you find one, get near enough to
    touch it, then quickly dash away before it detonates.  Here are the locations
    of each crystal:
     - The first one is on top of the wooden structure in the first area.  To reach
       it, roll-jump across the Dark Eco river to the right and ascend the ledges
       that lead toward the Yellow Eco vent.  When you reach the vent, climb up the
       ledge behind it, then use the bouncy spiderweb to access the ledge above.
       Use a second spiderweb to cross some platforms and you'll reach a precipice
       from which you'll see number of floating Precursor platforms, as well as the
       purple-ish Dark Eco crystal.  Cautiously hop from platform to platform --
       the ones moving vertically will bring you near enough to the crystal's
       platform to hop on.  Touch the crystal, then take refuge on one of the
       Precursor platforms.
     - From the above location, use the Precursor platforms to access the ledges
       against the far wall.  There's a tunnel here (placed between a Yellow Eco
       vent and a support beam) that leads to a Dark Eco lake.  There are platforms
       all over the lake that you can use the reach the crystal that's sitting on
       the ledge above, but it's so much easier to just regress to the Yellow Eco
       vent, charge up, and blast the Dark Eco crystal from afar.
     - This time, use the Precursor platforms to cross the lake.  There are two
       ledges on the far side -- hop onto the one on the right.  Roll-jump over the
       Dark Eco pit to find... water!  There's another Dark Eco crystal at the
       depths of this pool, so hop in and dive down before quickly returning to the
     - Now go back just a little bit and hop onto the other ledge by the Dark Eco
       lake.  Follow this to find a light crystal -- smack it to shed some light on
       the dark cave ahead (note:  we'll explore this area more completely to get
       the next Power Cell).  Run from crystal to crystal, hitting each one to
       illuminate the place.  At the fourth light crystal, there is another pool of
       water.  Dive in to find another Dark Eco crystal.
     - Take a left from the entrance to Spider Cave.  Bounce on the spiderwebs to
       cross the river, then continue along the path underneath a wooden bridge and
       into a smaller cavern.  If you see two metal boxes, you know you're in the
       right place.  You'll come to another Dark Eco river, and off to the right is
       the next Dark Eco crystal.  Roll-jump over the goo to reach it.
    The Power Cell will appear in the wake of the final Dark Eco crystal.
     == EXPLORE THE DARK CAVE ============================
    As you'll remember from the above Power Cell, there's a very dark cavern on the
    far side of the Dark Eco lake located at the back of the first area of Spider
    Cave.  At the entrance to this cave is a crystal -- smack it to temporarily
    brighten up the chamber (I call these "light crystals" -- catchy name, right?).
    After hitting the first crystal, hop over a small gap to reach the second light
    crystal.  From there, stick to the left and head for the wooden bridge ahead.
    Leap over another small gap to find another light crystal, this one embedded in
    the wall.
    Whack the small spider enemy in front of you, then crouch-jump to access the
    high ledge.  Be careful here -- some of the planks are loose, and will fall as
    you run over them.  I suggest leaping over them.  There's a larger spider at
    the end of this bridge -- Jak's uppercut is the best way to deal with these
    guys.  Just be careful of its fireballs.  The next light crystal is right
    behind said spider.
    Jump onto the platform above and follow the path until it ends.  Now things get
    a little tricky.  Ahead is a moving platform -- wait until it swings around
    toward you, then hop on.  Don't worry if the lights go out while you are
    waiting -- the next crystal is just on the other side of the platform.  Hit it,
    then move along.  Carefully walk across a narrow plank to reach an elevator.
    Hop on and it'll take you up to another light crystal.  Ahead, you'll find more
    collapsible platforms and another moving platform.  Wait for the moving
    platform where it's safe, then dash across the collapsible ones to make the
    There's a second elevator behind there.  Ride it up to find another moving
    platform next to a light crystal.  The platform will deposit you on a wooden
    ledge with some baby spiders -- defeat them and grab the Precursor Orbs.  Now,
    there are two collapsible planks that you're supposed to use to reach the Power
    Cell above.  Buuuuut... It's a whole lot easier to just crouch-jump from the
    platform that you're currently standing on to the one above.
    Snatch the Power Cell, then ride the elevator back to the beginning.
     == CLIMB THE GIANT ROBOT ============================
    I know exactly what you're thinking:  "Giant Robot?  Yessssssssssss!"  Sadly,
    we don't get to ride in it -- just climb it.  Let's start off by finding this
    robot, okay?  Take a left at the entrance to the cave and bounce across the
    spiderwebs over the Dark Eco river.  Run below a wooden bridge and into a small
    tunnel -- remember, we took this same path to find a Dark Eco crystal earlier.
    This time, instead of heading for the ledge on the right, we're going to cross
    this Dark Eco pool using the bouncy spiderwebs.  Cautiously bounce across to
    the far ledge.
    Okay.  Run ahead and use another spiderweb to bounce onto the wooden scaffold
    above.  Mind the collapsible plank as you move ahead to meet another new flavor
    of foe:  the Drill Lurker.  These guys are packin' heat, so take caution when
    dealing with them.  It's best to wait until they turn around, then quickly
    unleash an attack before they know what hit 'em.  Continue along the wooden
    planks and you'll soon get your first look at it... the Giant Robot.
    Make your way down from the scaffolding (be sure to smash open the wooden
    chests along the way -- one of them contains a big chunk of Green Eco).  When
    you reach ground level, find the ramp that leads to the scaffolding that
    surrounds the robot and start climbing.  There's another Drill Lurker at the
    top of the ramp (not to mention some nasty spiked wheels turning at high
    speeds).  Just like before, wait for him to turn, then let him have it.  Move
    along (be wary of collapsible planks!) to find another Drill Lurker.  Smack him
    before continuing on.
    Grab some Yellow Eco as you move ahead and you'll come to a fork.  There are
    Precursor Orbs galore on the left path, but the right leads to our destination.
    Pause until the fire machines stop spewing the hot stuff, then hop over and
    take down another Drill Lurker (Yellow Eco works wonders on those guys, by the
    way).  The next area is a bit precarious, so I hope you've got your jumping
    shoes on (I have no idea what that means).  Not only are there spiked wheels to
    worry about, but there are also collapsible platforms.  Take your time and jump
    The path to the right leads to a Scout Fly, and if you ride the elevator down
    you can score some Precursor Orbs.  After doing all that stuff, ride the
    elevator up.  There's another collapsible platform/Drill Lurker combination to
    deal with, so wait for him to turn around before hopping over and decking him
    (don't worry if you fall, you'll just land one level down).  Leap over those
    nasty spike wheels and smash all the boxes to find more Green Eco.  Continue
    along around the scaffolding, dealing with more stuff that we've already seen:
    Lurkers, fire machines, spiked wheels, collapsible platforms, etc.
    Ignore the spinning platform when you reach it and dispose of the Drill Lurker
    ahead instead.  Hop over the fire machines (there's another big chunk of Green
    Eco in one of the chests) and continue along the scaffolding toward the next
    elevator.  On the next level, you'll find a series of collapsible planks, as
    well as the top part of the spinning platform.  The latter will score you some
    Precursor Orbs and a Scout Fly, but the only way to reach the Power Cell is to
    cross the collapsible platforms.
    Hop, don't run, across the collapsible planks.  At the end, you'll have to jump
    to a pole.  Swing from here over the fire machines.  There are more poles
    ahead, which you get to use to swing over a series of spiked wheels.  There are
    some Precursor Orbs above, so press X when Jak is at the very top of the pole
    to grab them.  Past there is a pole/collapsible plank combo followed by a pole/
    fire machine combo.  Make the jumps and continue along the find a series of
    poles -- to cross here, you'll have to jump vertically to grab the poles above
    When you reach the top platform, only one more collapsible plank and three
    measly poles stand between you and another Power Cell.
      * Random Author's Note:  I'm *really* hungry...
     == LAUNCH TO THE POLES ==============================
    You may have noticed a solitary glob of Blue Eco at the back of the giant cave
    where the Giant Robot resides.  If you peer off the edge of the adjacent cliff,
    you should spot a Precursor platform and a Blue Eco launch pad below.  Swallow
    the Blue Eco, then drop onto the launch pad.  Propel yourself into the air and
    grab onto one of the poles high above.  Swing from pole to pole, collecting
    orbs and Eco as you go.  Use the Blue Eco to power up a Precursor platform near
    the top leftmost pole.  Ride this over to a Power Cell.
    There's another Precursor platform next to the Power Cell that you can ride
    back to ground level.
     == NAVIGATE THE SPIDER TUNNEL =======================
    Near the ramp that leads up toward the Giant Robot, there are three spiderwebs
    that can be used to cross the pool of Dark Eco.  If you take this path, you'll
    find yourself in a tunnel filled with newly-hatched and not-so-cute spider
    babies.  You don't have to kill them all, so just spin-kick or Yellow Eco blast
    a path through the tunnel toward the Power Cell.  After nabbing it, use the
    nearby Blue Eco launch pad to escape the tunnel (and score a few Precursor Orbs
    in the process).
     == CLIMB THE PRECURSOR PLATFORMS ====================
    As you may have noticed, there is a Power Cell sitting upon a wooden platform
    high above the first part of the Spider Cave.  To get there, we must ascend the
    Precursor platforms.  Take a right from the cave's entrance, roll-jump over the
    Dark Eco, and head up toward the Yellow Eco vent.  From there, bounce on the
    spiderweb to reach the ledge behind the vent and hop a few platforms until you
    reach the first Precursor platform (yes, this is the exact path we took to get
    to the first Dark Eco crystal).
    Step onto the first Precursor platform, then hop onto the next few.  When you
    get the opportunity, jump away from the vertical platforms and onto one that's
    moving horizontally.  From there, continue bopping from platform to platform,
    always trying to jump closer to the Power Cell.  Eventually you'll reach a
    vertical platform (it's right next to a different Yellow Eco vent) that will
    carry you upward to the Power Cell.
     == FREE 7 SCOUT FLIES ===============================
    The locations:
     - Roll-jump across the Dark Eco river, then climb the ledges on the rightmost
       wall as if you're heading toward the Yellow Eco vent.  When you reach the
       vent, climb up the ledge behind it and use the spiderweb to launch onto the
       ledge above.  There's another spiderweb here, as well as a few staggered
       platforms leading to the Scout Fly.
     - There's a narrow overpass the runs directly over the entrance to the Spider
       Cave.  If you climb up the ledges on the right side of the cave, you can
       curl around across it to find this Scout Fly.
     - Go left from the entrance to the cave and bounce across the pool of goop.
       Run underneath a wooden bridge, then climb the ledge to the right.  Climb
       onto the wooden bridge, which curls around and leads you to another Scout
     - Use the Precursor platforms to cross the Dark Eco lake near one of the Dark
       Eco crystals (through a tunnel at the top of the first area).  The Scout Fly
       is sitting on a ledge across the lake, next to two metal chests.
     - This one is the in the dark cave (y'know, where you have to hit the light
       crystals just so you can see anything), on a ledge just behind the fourth
     - While climbing the Giant Robot, there's a path near the first elevator that
       leads to the right.  Follow it to find some Yellow Eco (use it to blast the
       Lurker away) and some collapsible planks.  Cross the planks to find a ton of
       metal boxes, as well as a Scout Fly.
     - Near the very top of the Giant Robot, there is a spinning platform.  Use it
       to cross a gap, then follow the scaffolding around to find the last Scout
     == MISSING PRECURSOR ORBS? ==========================
    Of course, the first thing that you'll want to do is make sure that you didn't
    miss any metal boxes.  In particular, it's a good idea to return to the
    scaffolding around the Giant Robot.  There are a *bunch* of metal boxes on the
    way to the top.  As you climb upward, take a look around any time you find some
    Yellow Eco.  Usually, if there's Yellow Eco around, there are also metal chests
    around.  Also, while you're at the Giant Robot, look for the first elevator en
    route to the top.  Ride it down to find some orbs dangling over collapsible
    platforms -- collect these with caution.
    As for the rest of the cave, don't forget to explore the tunnel that you
    battled your way through in the "Navigate the Spider Tunnel" task.  There are
    a couple of boxes in here, as well as a Blue Eco launch pad that will net you
    some orbs.  There are some Precursor Orbs in the dark cave (you know, *the*
    dark cave), near the Power Cell -- make sure you don't overlook them in the
    dark.  Finally, check at the base of each support beam.  There seem to be a few
    orbs at the bottom of each of them.
    We're on the home stretch now!  Only one area lies between us and the game's
    final challenge...
         4o.  LAVA TUBE
    In order to cross the Lava Tube, you need to have collected at least 72 Power
    Cells.  If you've been following this guide to the tee, however, you should
    have something closer to 94.  The Lava Tube is the game's last Zoomer level,
    but don't worry -- it's a doozy.  It's longer, more complex, and, of course,
    more difficult than either the Fire Canyon or the Mountain Pass.
    The entrance to the Lava Tube is located opposite the Spider Cave -- stick to
    the first railroad track in Volcanic Crater and the mine cart will carry you
    right to the entrance.
     == REACH THE END OF THE LAVA TUBE ===================
    Much like the Fire Canyon, the Lava Tube is a race against time.  Thanks to the
    flaming hot magma below, the Zoomer will explode if its temperature surpasses
    800 degrees.  Better drive fast, buddy.  Luckily, Keira's been nice enough to
    release more coolant balloons (look for the big blue things), and there are
    Blue Eco speed boosts to keep an eye out for, as well.
    This is definitely the most complex "race" stage yet.  There are now branching
    paths, and a lot more jumps.  It's especially important to watch where you're
    about to land, because (particularly toward the end of the level) there are a
    lot more lava pits to fall into.  Luckily, there are several "restart points"
    in the Lava Tube.  What that means is, if you make it to a certain point in the
    level, you'll always be able to restart there, instead of having to try over
    from the very beginning.
    About halfway through the tube, you'll arrive in a large, circular chamber.
    The door leading onward will remain locked until the spinning device in the
    center is destroyed.  To destroy it, power up with Yellow Eco and aim at the
    red-orange balls connected to the machine.  Once they've all been destroyed,
    the door will open, beckoning you onward.  Careful jumping becomes very
    important at this point, so be prepared.  Shortly thereafter, you'll enter a
    minefield -- blast the explosives out of your way with Yellow Eco to clear a
    Reach safety at the end of the tube to win yet another Power Cell.
     == FREE 7 SCOUT FLIES ===============================
    As I always say with these race-type levels, wait until you've played through
    the Lava Tube at least once to try to nab the Scout Flies.
     - Near the beginning, right after a cooling balloon.  This Scout Fly is
       squashed between a stone column and the right wall.
     - There's another one in the middle of the path, right after the first big
       jump of the level.
     - Just after destroying the spinning machine, look for one on the railway to
       the left.
     - The next Scout Fly can be easy to miss -- keep your eyes on the ground as
       you travel through the minefield.
     - There's another one at the very end of the minefield, just before the jump.
     - This one is at the very beginning of the second minefield.
     - And the last one is found about halfway through the second minefield, just
       after one of the Dark Eco mines.
     == MISSING PRECURSOR ORBS? ==========================
    If you're short of Precursor Orbs, the only advice I can give is to play
    through the level again.  There are a number of branching paths, so you might
    want to try taking a different route than you did the first time.  Other than
    that, just explore the Lava Tube and keep your eyes open.
    Hit the teleport switch to activate a cutscene with Keira, then get ready to
    enter the game's final level.
         4p.  GOL AND MAIA'S CITADEL
    So here we are.  You should have 96 Power Cells at this point -- the final five
    will be found inside the citadel.  Walk through the door by the Zoomer pad and
    through the tunnel to enter Gol and Maia's Citadel.
     == FREE THE BLUE SAGE ===============================
    After the cutscene, hop onto the spinning disc before you.  Jump off to the
    left and whack the Lurker.  Run forward to find another spinning disc -- ignore
    this one for the time being and hit the floor switch instead.  Doing so will
    create a bridge.  However!  This is a very unique bridge:  notice how each
    individual platform is a different color?  When you step on a platform of one
    color, all the rest of the same color will fall.  So... Be careful!  This first
    one is easy enough to cross, but more difficult bridges will follow.
    Continue along the scaffolding until there's an off-shoot to the left.  Smack
    another floor switch to create another bridge -- cross it the same as you did
    before.  Head through the doorway to find a huge chamber.  Ride the Precursor
    platforms over toward the large platform that turns counter-clockwise every so
    often.  From there, time a jump onto the next Precursor platform, which will
    take you toward another counter-clockwise platform.  This one, however, is
    continually peppered by a massive laser -- try not to get near the laser, okay?
    Drop onto the wooden ledge below the counter-clockwise platform, then roll-jump
    onto a spinning disc, which has a hole in the middle.  Jump from here to the
    Precursor platform nearby, and wait for that to take you to the ledge near the
    far wall.  Step into the Blue Eco vent to raise the platforms that lead ahead,
    but be warned that they aren't very stable.  Hop quickly between the platforms
    until you reach the safety of the ledge ahead.
    Jump onto one of the platforms ahead, but watch out for the laser.  When the
    platform that you're standing on moves beneath the laser, leap onto the
    platform ahead.  These platforms will carry you right past a door -- that's
    your cue to hop off and enter the door.  On the other side, you'll find... the
    Blue Sage!  Smash the lantern-like thing next to his cage to release him and
    land yourself another Power Cell.
    Grab the nearby Blue Eco to activate the Precursor platform, which will kindly
    carry you back to the beginning.
     == FREE THE RED SAGE ================================
    Return to the spinning disc and hop off to the right.  Follow the path upward
    to a bridge -- you know the drill by now.  Cross it with care, then bash the
    Lurker lurking nearby (yeah, that's called a pun).  Head for the spinning
    platform shaped like an hourglass.  Hop onto it, then look for the quarter
    platform spinning to your right.  Jump to it, and from there jump onto another
    quarter platform above it.  Be patient and continue leaping from fragmented
    platform to fragmented platform and you'll reach a colored bridge switch.
    This bridge can be tricky to cross, so if you're having trouble, I'm going to
    refer you to King Kool's brilliant Bridge Solution map, which can be found on
    GameFAQs.com.  Check it out.
    As soon as you enter the room, you'll be swarmed by mini-Lurkers.  Charge up at
    the Yellow Eco vent, then race in and start blasting them, as well as the
    Precursor Orb-containing metal chests.  Discard this strategy when you get to
    the Red Eco vent.  Once powered up with the red stuff, it's best to go Rambo on
    the Lurkers.  Continue running ahead while repeatedly mashing Circle to spin
    kick anything that comes near.  Break the three lanterns at the end of the room
    and finish off any remaining Lurkers to unlock the door onward.
    You've got a few more fractional platforms to hop across before reaching the
    Red Sage.  Wait until each platform starts to poke out of the wall before
    jumping so that you've got the maximum amount of time to move onto the next
    one.  Patience is an absolute virtue here.  When you do reach the other side,
    smack the lantern to free a Power Cell and the Red Sage.
    Like last time, use the Blue Eco and corresponding platform to return to the
     == FREE THE YELLOW SAGE =============================
    Regress to the spinning disc near the entrance to the citadel and jump off to
    the left.  Remember the path we ignored earlier?  That's where we're headed to
    now.  Beat down the Lurker, then leap over to the fractional platform.  Jump
    from there to a half-platform, then up to a second half-platform.  Roll-jump to
    the next ledge, then run through the door.  Use the Blue Eco vent to open the
    Precursor Orb hatch nearby, then take a look at the room in which you stand.
    This room is filled with Blue Eco launch pads -- some stationary, some moving.
    In order to reach the other side, you'll have to launch yourself from pad to
    pad.  Luckily, there are Blue Eco refills along the way, but even so it's best
    to move quickly.  When you arrive at the far side, open the Precursor Orb hatch
    if you've got enough juice left, otherwise just run through the door.  Just
    like before, destroy the electric lantern to free the Sage.
    Just one more!
     == FREE THE GREEN SAGE ==============================
    If you've already freed the other three Sages, then a series of floating
    platforms will appear around the backside of the main room.  Ascend these to
    reach some more fractional platforms mounted to the wall.  Quickly climb up
    them.  Once at the top, wait for one of the giant mechanical arms to swing
    around toward you.  When it gets close enough, jump onto it, then climb onto
    the top and wait for the next arm.  Rinse and repeat until you've climbed to
    the very top of the machine, where you'll find the last lantern.  Break it open
    to release the Green Sage.
     == FREE 7 SCOUT FLIES ===============================
    For the very last time!  You'd think that these would be some of the most
    difficult Scout Flies to find, but, oddly enough, they're actually some of the
     - The first Scout Fly is on your right as soon as you enter the citadel.
       Don't miss that one, or people will laugh at you.
     - This one is on the path that leads to the Blue Sage.  It's sitting in plain
       sight on the ledge just beyond the Blue Eco-powered platforms.  You can't
       miss it.
     - After jumping onto the hourglass-shaped platform en route to the Red Sage,
       look on the scaffolding to the left.
     - Right next to the floor switch that activates the colored bridge that leads
       to the Red Sage is a Scout Fly.
     - When you enter the path to the Yellow Sage (that room with all the Blue Eco
       launch pads), take a look to the left.  There you go.
     - After freeing the Yellow Sage, there is a series of wall platforms that you
       can follow to reach a Scout Fly.
     - The game's very last Scout Fly is located on the wooden scaffolding that
       leads to the Green Sage.
    No more Scout Flies!  Ce-le-brate good times, c'mon!  If you've been following
    this walkthrough from the very beginning, this will also be your 101st Power
    Cell.  Congrats -- you've got them all!
     == MISSING PRECURSOR ORBS? ==========================
    There are a number of Precursor Orbs floating above some of the colored
    bridges.  It's best to make a suicide run to get these -- don't worry about
    actually crossing the bridge, just make for the orbs.  Also, it's very possible
    that you missed some orbs in the room with all the Blue Eco launch pads.
    Return there and launch back onto the pads.  Some of the orbs are suspended
    high in the air, while others are floating on the same level as the pads
    themselves.  It's best to remain on these pads until you've had enough time to
    thoroughly look around.
    You'll also find a pair of Precursor Orb hatches in the room with the Blue Eco
    launch pads.  The first one is at the entrance (power up at the vent, then
    stroll over to open it), but the second one is a bit trickier.  The other hatch
    is located at the far end of the room, near the door that leads to where the
    Yellow Sage is.  To reach it with enough juice to open it, you'll have to
    quickly leap across the various launch pads.  There's a third orb hatch near
    the door that leads to the Blue Sage.  This one is also difficult:  you have to
    charge up at the vent in the same room, then sprint across a number of
    different platforms.
     == THE FINAL BOSS ===================================
    So here we go:  the final boss.  Step into the chamber and pound the big button
    in the center to ride the elevator to the top, where you'll find a buttload of
    chests, containing all the Green Eco you could ever ask for.  Stock up on it,
    buddy, 'cause you're probably gonna need it.  There's also some Blue Eco, which
    is needed to power the Precursor platform that will carry you toward your final
                              - Boss:  PRECURSOR ROBOT -
        In the start, Gol's Precursor Robot is pretty docile -- it won't even
        attack you.  Avoid the laser beam that is being focused on the silo,
        and grab some Yellow Eco.  Go into first-person perspective and take
        aim at the source of the laser -- the two blue lights on the robot's
        head.  Continue this for a while, and once the Precursor Robot has
        taken enough damage it will switch attack modes.
        The Robot will now release a bomb that, although it won't explode
        immediately, will utterly destroy Jak should he be anywhere near it
        when it explodes.  Luckily, there is now a Blue Eco vent.  Stand in it,
        then head for the Blue Eco launch pad.  Propel yourself high into the
        air to avoid the blast.  When you fall back down, the silo will be
        opened slightly, so take care not to slip into the goo.
        At this point, giant Turtle Lurkers begin to spring out of the Dark Eco
        silo.  Pick up the clusters of Yellow Eco and blast them as you run for
        cover.  Once you've defeated them all, the Robot will unleash another
        bomb, so use the Blue Eco launch pad again.  When you land, the Robot
        will release several red-orange balls of energy.  Individually, these
        will each turn into rings that expand to cover the entire silo.  Jump
        over them to avoid losing too much health -- take note that Jak's
        single jump is more useful here than is his double.
        When there's a temporary lull in the action, grab some Yellow Eco and
        fire (in third-person this time) at the Robot.  You'll probably only be
        able to get a few shots in before the Robot releases the next set of
        energy balls.  Remember -- defense is more important here than offense.
        You've got as long as you need to destroy the Robot, but you've got at
        most four hits until Jak dies.  *Be careful*.
        After releasing another bomb (use the launch pad, of course), the Robot
        will start firing large fireballs from its cannon arm (like Mega Man!).
        The best way to avoid this is, simply enough, to stay on the move.
        Just avoid the Dark Eco in the center, and don't run too close to the
        outer edges of the silo, either.  After the cannon has taken enough
        damage, a short cutscene will reveal the existence of Light Eco (!!).
        The Precursor Robot will release a ton of its signature bombs in at
        last-ditch effort to kill you, but grab one of the fluffy, cloud-like
        clusters of Eco to deny the Robot that opportunity.
    Congratulations!  You've just beaten Jak & Daxter:  The Precursor Legacy!  If
    you managed to collect 100 (or more) Power Cells, you'll get a little something
    extra along with the ending (and keep in mind that when I say "extra", I mean
    extra lame -- the "secret ending" is a total waste of time).  If not, get back
    to work!
                   *        *        *        *        *        *
         5. ----------------------------------------------------------- BOSSES
    In Jak and Daxter, there are only three bosses in total:  the Dark Eco Plant
    that rules the Precursor Temple in the Forbidden Jungle, the colossal Klaww who
    guards the Mountain Pass, and the dangerous Precursor Robot that serves as the
    game's final challenge.
                        - DARK ECO PLANT (Forbidden Jungle) -
        When the battle commences, the Dark Eco Plant (hereafter "DEP") will be
        impervious to all attacks.  So instead of throwing futile punches and
        spin-kicks at it, back off and worry about the Spiky Bug that DEP sends
        at you (mind the Bottomless Pit behind you).  Like DEP, the Spiky Bug
        cannot be damaged initially, so run away until it retracts its spines.
        When this occurs, quickly strike the Bug once to kill it.  Subsequently,
        DEP will take a short break -- two petal platforms appear, so use them
        to get near DEP's face and smack him one.  Keep in mind that DEP's
        lunging bite is fairly difficult to dodge, so it's best to stay as
        close to the edge as possible.
        After this, you'll get to play with two Spiky Bugs.  Defeat them both
        the same way as before, thus gaining another chance to attack DEP.  Hit
        him just like you did before.  Finally, DEP releases three minions to
        attack you.  Play it safe until they retract their spikes, then do your
        thing.  When he becomes susceptible again, strike the finishing blow on
        the boss.  Farewell DEP, we hardly knew ye.
                              - KLAWW (Mountain Pass) -
        When the battle begins, hop onto one of three stone slabs floating in
        the lava below.  In retaliation, Klaww will begin firing boulders at
        each of the slabs -- if you see one coming toward you, do the smart
        thing and jump onto one of the other slabs.  But!  Be careful!  As you
        may have noticed, there's molten magma flowing below Jak's feet -- fall
        in and you're dead.  After a while, Klaww will recede into the lava and
        a cluster of Blue Eco will appear.  Snatch this up to power up a bridge,
        which you can use to get much closer to Klaww.  Watch out for boulders
        as you run along the bridge -- you can easily dodge them by winding
        left and right, left and right, etc.
        At the front of the bridge, you'll find some Yellow Eco.  Absorb it all,
        then start firing like crazy at Klaww.  If you hit him enough times, he
        will drop his boulder on himself (ouch!).  Scamper back to the three
        platforms at the beginning -- hurry or you'll be squashed by Klaww's
        boulder on the way back.  Klaww will now resume shooting boulders at
        you, but you're a pro at dodging them by now (right!?), so that's not a
        problem.  Just know that his boulders have picked up a little speed, so
        you'll need to jump from platform to platform just a little bit quicker.
        Once again, Klaww will dive into the lava and some Blue Eco will
        materialize.  Pick it up to create the bridge again... But wait!  This
        time the bridge is missing a few pieces.  Take your time when crossing
        the bridge so you don't get smashed.  Again you'll be using Yellow Eco
        to blast Klaww and, again, you'll be fleeing from a boulder back to the
        three trusty platforms.
        It's the same deal for the third time around:  Klaww's boulders come
        even faster, so stay on your toes.  When you create the Blue Eco bridge
        again, even more pieces will be missing.  Pepper Klaww with Yellow Eco
        for the third time and he'll kick the bucket, leaving nothing but a
        Power Cell in his wake.
                     - PRECURSOR ROBOT (Gol and Maia's Citadel) -
        In the start, Gol's Precursor Robot is pretty docile -- it won't even
        attack you.  Avoid the laser beam that is being focused on the silo,
        and grab some Yellow Eco.  Go into first-person perspective and take
        aim at the source of the laser -- the two blue lights on the robot's
        head.  Continue this for a while, and once the Precursor Robot has
        taken enough damage it will switch attack modes.
        The Robot will now release a bomb that, although it won't explode
        immediately, will utterly destroy Jak should he be anywhere near it
        when it explodes.  Luckily, there is now a Blue Eco vent.  Stand in it,
        then head for the Blue Eco launch pad.  Propel yourself high into the
        air to avoid the blast.  When you fall back down, the silo will be
        opened slightly, so take care not to slip into the goo.
        At this point, giant Turtle Lurkers begin to spring out of the Dark Eco
        silo.  Pick up the clusters of Yellow Eco and blast them as you run for
        cover.  Once you've defeated them all, the Robot will unleash another
        bomb, so use the Blue Eco launch pad again.  When you land, the Robot
        will release several red-orange balls of energy.  Individually, these
        will each turn into rings that expand to cover the entire silo.  Jump
        over them to avoid losing too much health -- take note that Jak's
        single jump is more useful here than is his double.
        When there's a temporary lull in the action, grab some Yellow Eco and
        fire (in third-person this time) at the Robot.  You'll probably only be
        able to get a few shots in before the Robot releases the next set of
        energy balls.  Remember -- defense is more important here than offense.
        You've got as long as you need to destroy the Robot, but you've got at
        most four hits until Jak dies.  *Be careful*.
        After releasing another bomb (use the launch pad, of course), the Robot
        will start firing large fireballs from its cannon arm (like Mega Man!).
        The best way to avoid this is, simply enough, to stay on the move.
        Just avoid the Dark Eco in the center, and don't run too close to the
        outer edges of the silo, either.  After the cannon has taken enough
        damage, a short cutscene will reveal the existence of Light Eco (!!).
        The Precursor Robot will release a ton of its signature bombs in at
        last-ditch effort to kill you, but grab one of the fluffy, cloud-like
        clusters of Eco to deny the Robot that opportunity.
                   *        *        *        *        *        *
         6. -------------------------------------------------------------- FAQ
    Frequently Asked Questions... answered via random guessing, wild speculation, a
    jump-to-conclusions mat, and with a magic 8-ball.
      Q:  So I'm finding these metal chests all over the place, but I can't figure
          out how to bust them open.  What gives?
      A:  There are several ways to smash open metal chests.  In earlier levels
          like Sentinel Beach and Misty Island, you'll have to make use of nearby
          cannons to break them open.  After uncovering the powers of Yellow Eco in
          Boggy Swamp, you'll find that projectile blasts can also bust them open.
          Finally, the superstrong beak of our trusty steed the Flut-Flut bird can
          tear right through such boxes.
      Q:  I can't get to Misty Island.  Do I have to swim there?  Do I have to wish
          myself there?
      A:  Until you've visited the Forbidden Jungle and helped out the fisherman
          (see the "Catch 200 Pounds of Fish" challenge in the walkthrough),
          visiting Misty Island is impossible.  After giving the fisherman a hand,
          however, you'll be able to take his motor boat (located at the dock near
          the "village square" area in Sandover Village) to Misty Island whenever
          you want.
      Q:  Is there any point to collecting all 2000 Precursor Orbs?
      A:  Nope.  No special features, no secret cutscene, no unlockable characters,
      Q:  Rumor has it that there's a secret ending.  How do I get it?
      A:  If you have 100 Power Cells (there's a total of 101 in the game), you'll
          see a little extra scene after the credits roll.  In the scene, we see
          the Precursor door open, but don't see what's inside.  What gives?
      Q:  I have an, err, "personal" question to ask.  How can I get in contact
          with you?
      A:  My e-mail is americanarsenal4 (at) gmail (dot) com.  Let me warn you in
          advance, though:  I'm lazy and take forever to answer questions,
          especially ones that I can't answer from memory.  Please be patient with
          me.  If you have a *really* urgent question, you can try to catch me on
          Google Talk (americanarsenal4).  I'll be nice as long as you are, so
          please don't be obnoxious (i.e. don't IM every single time I get on).
          Fair enough, right?  One last thing:  please please *please* check the
          guide before getting in contact with me.  There's nothing more annoying
          than having someone nag you about something that is clearly explained in
          the guide.  Bottom line:  Ctrl + F is your friend.  And my friend.
                   *        *        *        *        *        *
         7. ------------------------------------------------- REVISION HISTORY
    If you're interested in knowing exactly what this version of the guide contains
    that wasn't available in previous versions, you're in the right place!
    Version 1.1 -- October 30, 2006
      So not two days after I told you that I wouldn't have to update this FAQ ever
      again, I've already broken my promise.  Upon skimming through the guide, I
      noticed a few errors, as well as some other things that I should've cleaned
      up before submitting this guide.  Fear not -- they've now been dealt with.
    Version 1.0 -- October 28, 2006
      This is the first version of the guide!  The entire walkthrough is done, the
      bosses are covered, the characters, controls, and basics are in place, and
      everything else is good to go.  Unless it's to fix a mistake, I doubt that
      I'll ever have to update this FAQ.
                   *        *        *        *        *        *
         8. ------------------------------------------------- LEGAL DISCLAIMER
    This document is copyright (c) 2006 Chris Noonan (American Arsenal).  It is not
    to be reproduced in any way, shape, or form.  However, feel free to download
    it, print it out for personal use, or send it to your buddies, as long as you
    leave it unaltered and do not make a profit off of it.  Doing so would be very
    illegal, so I suggest that you do nothing of the sort.  One final note:  this
    document should absolutely *NOT* be found on any websites with the exception of
    <www.gamefaqs.com>, <www.ign.com>, <www.neoseeker.com>, <www.honestgamers.com>
    and <www.gamerhelp.com>.  Don't even bother asking for permission to use it, as
    the answer will always be no.
                   *        *        *        *        *        *
         9. ---------------------------------------------------------- CREDITS
    Before totally wrapping things up, this is the part where I get to give proper
    credit (or "big ups") to those who helped to make this FAQ possible.  Thanks!
      CJayC <http://www.gamefaqs.com>
        This guy is like the interweb version of David Ortiz.  And by that, I mean
        he's super-cool.  He runs GameFAQs, which is like the best site ever for
        nerds such as myself who spend (waste) their time writing stuff like this.
      <http://www.ign.com>, <http://neoseeker.com>
        The kind folks at these sites have been hospitable enough to host these
        crap FAQs that I've been writing.
        Super Homies: Gbness, as well as Gobicamel, Dark Vortex, Crazyreyn, and all
        my other people in the mega-secret Y.T.W.S.R. (despite the fact that I've
        never spoken to half of you and that the whole Y.T.W.S.R. never really went
                         T H A N K S   F O R   R E A D I N G ! !
    So there you go.  The end.  Hopefully this guide came in... Hey, did you ever
    want to write something totally ridiculous here just to see if anyone's reading
    it?  Y'know, something crazy, that'll get the buzz going all over the wide
    world of... GameFAQs?  The kind of unbelievable aberration from typical closing
    messages that would light fires all over obscure and nerdy interweb message
    boards?  Yeah, me neither.  Since you're bored enough to be reading this, go
    visit my CRP please:
             + http://www.gamefaqs.com/features/recognition/39691.html +
                             Copyright (c) 2006 Chris Noonan.  All rights reserved.

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