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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Malduke

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 09/25/12 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide


    Welcome and thanks for reading my Legasista guide. This is my first attempt at writing a guide and I hope it's helpful. Here's some semi-useful information: the game supports custom soundtracks and screenshot saving. Just press the PS button and go to the Music section to play any song stored on your PS3 or go to the Photo section and select Save Screenshot to create a PNG screenshot.

    I wrote this guide during my second playthrough. When I reached the final boss I had a Lv.47 War Mage, Lv.42 Pyro and Lv.46 Thief. My War Mage was my main attacker and had only 83 ATK and 34 DEF. Also, I did not purchase any job properties, so feel free to spend JP on anything you think is helpful.


    After the introduction and a cutscene, you will gain control of the main character in the Railyard. You are free to look around and examine objects with X, but there's not much to do in the area. Proceed north to view another scene which will unlock the first dungeon. Either talk to Ms. Dungeon or use Head Out from the menu to proceed.


    The tutorial stages are all pretty straight forward. You'll learn the basics of the game and meet a couple characters.


    You'll learn the basics on this floor: moving, attacking, using single-use items. Holding square to dash will cause your defense to halve, so try not to get hit while dashing. Attacking enemies from behind will do more damage and I believe also has a higher chance of landing a critical hit. This applies to you as well, so be careful not get attacked from behind or sides.


    This floor's lesson is on energy frames. Equipment will be repaired once you return to the Railyard, so you don't have to worry about permanently losing any equipment. There's a single enemy here that will drop the gold key needed to reach the exit.


    This floor has two floors (what?). The first floor has a couple enemies and the second has several more. You don't have to kill them, but you'll gain more experience if you do.


    Open a couple of chests and you learn about finding equipment. Normal equipment you find in dungeons cannot be equipped until after you return to the Railyard. Fine (yellow text) and keen (green text) equipment can be equipped while still inside the dungeon, but if they get damaged, their maximum durability will decrease. If durability reaches zero before exiting the dungeon, the equipment will be lost forever.

    Back at the Railyard, you will get a tutorial on changing equipment. You also have access to changing energy frames and obtaining job properties, but it is a bit limited at low levels.


    Poisons will be this floor's lesson. There are three different colors for poison with four types each. If you get all four types of poison of a single color and get poisoned again with that color, your character will instantly die. Poisons won't go away over time, so finding items to remove them will be important.


    An introduction to Traps awaits you on this floor. Traps can only be seen when you get close to them. The green poison Pristine Smell and thief ability Trap View will make traps visible no matter how far you are from them, but if you don't have access to them proceed with caution. There are a variety of traps on this floor and you should try activating them to learn how they work. There are plenty of healing traps as well that will heal your party when stepped on.

    You'll receive the Thief ability Trap View back at the Railyard, but it's low level and its effect doesn't last very long. Certain abilities have a Time value in its information page which is how long its effect lasts in seconds.


    With the new thief ability equipped, you'll learn about using Magic and Abilities in dungeons. There are three enemies and various traps on this floor. You can defeat them or just run for the exit.

    After completing the dungeon and a cutscene, you'll be given a new piece of equipment with Titles. Titles can be beneficial by making equipment more powerful, but they can also be detrimental by increasing the equipment's mana cost.


    No lesson on this floor. There are a couple new enemies and several treasure chests with equipment.


    The first floor is pretty simple. There are some Pole monsters in the corners of rooms which will shoot energy waves, so take care of them. You'll be able to use the sound of their projectiles to know they're around.

    On the second floor will be a path north and a path east at the start. Go east since there are a couple Poles shooting at you to the north. Kill them and a couple treasure chests will be easier to reach. Continue north and there's another split south and east. Two treasures are south then continue east. When you find the exit, there's a path north with a spider monster guarding a bronze door. Kill it for the key.

    Exit the dungeon and you'll be rewarded with a cutscene and new teammate, a War Mage. This new teammate's character trait grants immunity to poison and auto HP regeneration, but makes single-use consumables unusable.


    Use the right analog stick to switch between characters in your party. To the north is a Fire Spirit which will inflict elemental damage. Elemental damage will also hurt characters in support. The monster will shoot fireballs at you so dodge them and avoid touching the monster as well. Kill it for a gold key to continue.

    Open treasure chests along the way to find a couple more gold keys. You'll find a bronze door with the key holding monster in the same room. At the end of the dungeon is an ice spirit holding the final gold key.


    Finally, the last tutorial stage. Proceed east past the gold door to find the key in a chest. Through the gold door are a couple enemies with one holding another gold key. Open the east door first for some treasure and enemies and gold key. Back through the west door are some Poles with one holding a key. You can use the spike traps to damage them quickly. Take the southeast door first to find more treasure and a fire spirit with a key. Go through the northwest door and through a portal to find the gate to the next floor. Before going through, take the path east and you'll find a bronze door and gatekeeper. Kill it and grab the treasure then proceed to the next floor.

    Go through the portal and you'll find your first boss fight: a Boss Trappy. Go east avoiding the energy waves and you'll end up behind a couple Poles. Kill them and you can find the boss at the north part of the room. Let the boss move close to you then get behind it as it starts attacking. Throw a couple hits and repeat the process. There are some healing traps in case you need them.

    After beating the boss, you can reach the exit to view a cutscene and unlock the Monster Encyclopedia and Job Change. Changing jobs requires you to reach level 20. Job points gained from a job can be spent in any job, so reaching level 99+ in each job is the best way to gain JP. Some job properties can affect all jobs and once you can gain levels quickly then it's a good idea for your characters to try out other jobs.

    Tropical Ruin

    If you reached level 5 with your War Mage then the Lightning Stab energy frame should be unlocked. This energy frame has four HP bars on the right which is very helpful. Having multiple HP bars on the right of the energy frame is useful because if you get hit, the damage is only applied to a single bar even if the damage is far greater than the amount of HP the bar has. So, if you have only 10 HP in one bar but get hit for 1000 damage, the bar will be reduced to 0 but the extra 990 damage will be ignored. This, along with the auto HP regen of the character trait and healing magic, makes this a great method of survival.

    You may also run into some bird enemies called Pickles in some dungeons. Pickles always drop fine equipment and can sometimes drop the extremely rare Widen or Triple. Widens boost the effects and mana cost of equipment to its left by 100% (200% for Triples). Pickles have a tendency to fly away from you so they can be tough to defeat.


    You'll be introduced to levers on this floor. Flip the red lever and in the next room are some frogs and fire arrow traps. The blue lever is on the west wall. Follow the path and at the end are a couple Meow Maos. Flip the yellow lever to continue. In the next room is a green lever, some mushroom monsters as well as another Pickle. Past the green block is a room with two fire spirits and white lever. At the end of the stage is an optional bronze door, and you can't open them without a bronze key or the Bronze LS thief ability.

    Optional Bronze Door

    Inside this room is a Lv.20 Aqua Diva and four monster traps. Avoid the traps and stay away from the monster. She'll try to get close to you then shoot four jets of water around her. Once these jets disappear attack her a few times then move away. Repeat this until she's dead and you'll get the key to three treasure chests.

    If you don't have a Bronze LS already then I suggest going back to Tutorial 11F. The two chests past the second gold door will always have thief abilities so just keep trying until you find one.


    This floor has switches instead of levers. All switches of the same color must be activated to open the path. The left path leads to one switch with bomb traps and a couple Trappy monsters. The right path leads to the other with more monsters and some poison gas traps.

    In the next room is a spider and some frogs. Activate the red lever to reach one blue switch and the other is on the left side of the room. Past the blue block, go left to find one yellow switch. To the right are a few patrolling Pole monsters. At the 4-way intersection, go right for a treasure and left for the second yellow switch. Past the yellow block is the exit.


    Head north to the portal that leads to a boss: a giant Swan Froggel. Move south immediately to avoid the boss and take care of the three other monsters first. The boss's pattern is to jump toward you and then turn to face you before attacking with its tongue. So just stay close to it and walk around it. After it turns is your chance to get behind it and attack. To the north is the exit and...

    Optional Bronze Door

    In this room are two Skullbones and an El Willowood. The skeletons cannot be permanently killed without the knife ability Purify and they won't wake up until you get too close. One is on each side of the giant tree so pick a side and stick to it. The tree's attack is to send spikes underground. One in a horizontal line infront of itself, another in a X shape infront of itself and the last is to send spikes directly under your character six times. It'll use alternate between the first two attacks twice then use the third once. The best time to attack is from the side when it uses the horizontal attack. El Willowood is weak against fire so you can try using that to your advantage.

    After exiting you'll see a cutscene and unlock Explore.


    This is quite a short floor. Along the path are multiple Shroomgos and a couple Taranchus, Dashers and Reapers. Some can be killed using the fire arrow traps. Dashers will charge towards you, so get out of their way and attack them from behind.

    Optional Bronze Door

    A single Meow Pao can be quite powerful. Its attack will create four shadows of itself which surround you if you're still infront. Get to the monster's side (but not behind) as it attacks and throw a couple hits.


    Four paths to choose from: go straight east first and take care of the Meow Tao. Head north and beware the traps. At the end is a Dasher that may drop a bronze key, red switch and a portal back to the beginning. Now head south. There are a couple Shroomgos blocking a room with a Taranchu and treasure. Continue south, past the red barrier to find the second red switch and a fire spirit who might also drop a key.

    Return to the red barrier where a Taranchu and a couple Lizern are waiting. Flip the blue lever and take the portal back to the entrance. The west path has a couple enemies and bronze door to some treasure. Go north from the entrance to reach the exit.


    Go north to find a couple Mega Taranchus and hit the red switches along the way. Through the portal and head north kill the spiders to the side before continuing to the end. A giant Giga Taranchu will be in your way. It moves and attacks rather quickly so move quickly to avoid its front. Continue past the gold door and portals to reach the exit with a bronze door nearby.

    Optional Bronze Door

    I don't recommend entering this door. There are three Magichamarunes and one Magichamaruneder. They shoot balls of lightning which sometimes home in on your character. Unless you have armor with high L RES or you have superhuman dodging abilities, I suggest skipping this.

    Back at the Railyard and after a cutscene, Sub-title Switch will be unlocked. See the Titles section for more info.


    Towards the east are a Lizern and a couple Fire Spirits. There's a red lever in a small nook on the southern part of the wall. In the room to the north is an Axe Man who may drop a key. To the east are a pair of bronze doors. You may not have enough MP to use Bronze LS multiple times so switch to an energy frame with some MP equipment slots. To reach the exit you can choose to go through the bronze doors and through a portal to reach a room swarming with tiny Trappers. Another portal will lead directly to the exit.

    Ignoring the bronze doors, go north to find a couple Buff Lizern. They attack rather quickly so kill them before they do too much damage. Head west to two Ice Spirits and a blue lever. There is also another Axe Man and a pair of bronze doors with a couple chests behind them.

    After flipping the blue lever, head north past the blue blocks and kill the Megalo Dasher. To the east is another dasher, a Lightning Spirit and yellow lever. Flip it, and head west to the exit.


    Take the portal to a room four Hard Poles and a bunch of Gazelers. One of the Gazelers will drop the silver key needed to reach the exit. The Hard Poles are immune to physical damage so you'll need elemental damage to kill them. The Gazelers are a bit slow and they just shoot a short beam of lightning at you so they're not a big deal. Past the silver door are a couple bronze doors with chests and the exit.


    Use the lever to choose which path to take. The red path has Dashers and the blue has Taranchus. At the next split, the green path has Froggels and the yellow has Fire and Lightning Spirits. The final split has Lizern on the white path and Meow Maos and Taos on the purple. At exit is a bronze door.

    Optional Bronze Door

    There are two Poles to the south, a Hard Pole to the east and west and an Abyss Shados in this room. The Shados will warp around the room and perform a stabbing attack. Its attack inflicts black poison so using the War Mage is preferable. Because of the Poles, it's a bit difficult to navigate. My strategy was to kill the southeast Pole as quickly as possible then use the extra room to dodge the Shados and attack it. As the Shados loses HP it will spawn transparent clones of itself which you can't harm but can harm you. They follow the same attack pattern, so they shouldn't pose much of a threat. The enemies are level 35 so it'll take some time to kill them.


    The boss this time is a Mega Axe Man with a few Hot Bombers in the room. The boss is resistant to physical damage so elemental damage will help. You can actually trigger the monster traps to spawn more bombers and use their bombs to damage the boss, though I don't think you get any experience if a bomb actually kills the enemy.

    After the battle and a lengthy cutscene your team will gain two new characters and Character Creation will be unlocked. When creating a new character, a few default sprites are available. But after creation, you can enter Edit Mode, open the menu and select Copy From Different Character to use sprites of story characters and even characters from other NIS games.

    I suggest creating a character with the Caring characteristic. This will reduce MP consumption while in Support by 25/50%. Give this character some buffing and healing magic such as ATK Up and Sea Heal and it'll make traversing dungeons much easier.

    Ruined Sea Room

    This dungeon allows you to jump really far. Just hold the jump button and it'll be like flying.


    Jump past the first electric tiles to encounter a couple Poles. There is also a Nisper sliding around. They're really annoying and the safest way to get rid of them is to hit them while they slide past you. Past the next electric barrier is another pair of Poles and a Nisper. Go through the portal to reach the next room.

    Another barrier and two Poles and a Hard Pole. The Hard Pole attacks at a slower rate so you can use that to avoid getting hit, or you can just kill the Pole as fast as you can. Past them is a Gazeler and Pickle, plus some poison gas and ice arrow traps. Continue to the next room via the portal.

    A stationary Lightning Spirit surrounded by spike traps is ahead. Get rid of the traps by triggering them and continue forward to see an Aqua Lady. A couple more portals and you'll reach the exit with a Pickle.


    Take the west path avoiding the electric floor and poison gas traps. At the intersection is a Garchnel which can only be damaged from behind. Continue northeast avoiding the hazards and two Nispers. Once at the north, a Garchnel has to be lured out to reach a lever. Flip the lever and continue west. There are several fire arrow traps and a couple Elus which shoot arrows at you. Proceed further and a few Pole and Shroomgo enemies will be in the way as well as two Sylphies. They can shoot small tornados at you. The exit is next and returning to the Railyard will unlock Random Dungeons. Also, back at the Railyard are the Sprout Emperor and Smarty Sprout who provide various bits of information. They may have been there earlier, but I forgot to check.


    This floor has a bunch of portals along a single path as well as a bunch of enemies. The first portal has treasure and the returning portal will send you near the start. The second portal also has treasure and the return portal will send you a little be before the second portal.

    Continue along the path and skip the third portal (monster egg traps) as it will just send you back near the beginning. The fourth portal (bomb traps) will send you to the end but a gold key is required. The fifth portal has treasure and the return trip sends you between the the second and third portals. Take the fourth portal to the end then take the first portal you see. To the west are poison traps and the gold key in a chest. Continue east skipping the next portal, but the portal after that leads to another chest. That's the last of the treasure so just head for the exit.


    The first room contains two Sylphie Gusts and bomb traps. Kill the enemies for a silver key. The next room has a couple Neo Garchnels and spike traps. The last room has a few Sea Nispers and the Marine Nisper will drop the gold key. Since the path is so narrow and the enemies are quite large, this can be quite annoying. Just stay to one side and out of the enemy path and hit them as they slide by.

    Optional Bronze Door

    This room contains a Lv.75 Hellun Master and four Lv.70 Meta Ghosts. The ghosts are immune to physical damage and their attacks will drain MP. The Hellun Master is highly resistant to physical, fire and ice damage. It attacks with icicles that surround your character. I do not recommend trying this on your first visit.

    Harsh Desert

    This dungeon slows your movement, but constantly jumping can help.


    Heading straight north through the portal will lead to a King Lizern and two Quarry Stars. Defeat the two fairies since they heal then kill the Lizern for the gold key. In the previous room are skippable monsters, but they guard some treasure. Northwest has Garchnel, Magichama are in the southwest, Elu are southeast and Lilima in the northeast. The enemies can be lured away from each other so you can take them on one at a time. All of them have a chance at dropping bronze keys.


    There are three gold keys to obtain on this floor. A Sylphie Gust in the northeast, Aqua Diva in the northwest and Night Lilima in the southwest each hold a key. The bronze door has two mimic treasure chests. Ignore them if you don't want any trouble.


    Scattered around the room are some Aqua Ladies and Divas. To the north is a gold door guarded by an Aqua Queen. This monster will create a jet of water underneath your character as well. If you wish to skip her, take the bronze door path to the southeast. It will lead to a bunch of traps and then a trio of Quarry Star, Luna and Sunny. Kill them for a silver key which will lead to the exit.


    After entering the portal you'll be in a room with Barooms and a Gigolem. Baroom will explode when they die, so move away from them. The Gigolem is slow and its close range shockwave attack can be avoided by jumping. If you are far away from the golem, it will use an attack that drop rocks on top of you. The poison gas traps can also be used to your advantage. Get the gold key from the Gigolem and proceed to the exit.

    Optional Bronze Door

    Only a Lv.35 Angry Mimic resides here. It is highly resistant to physical and lightning attacks and will attack you very quickly. I suggest avoiding this room.

    The Jukebox feature will be unlocked after clearing this dungeon.


    You'll meet Slippen in this dungeon. Like the squid monsters, these penguins will slide to attack you except they will continue to slide until they hit a wall. Attack them mid-slide or chase them and attack when they reach a wall.

    Avoid the bladed devices and hit the red switch to the north. To the east is the other switch. As you continue there will be a lever to stop the blades ahead of you from protruding. Proceed northwest and a bronze door with three treasure await. The middle one is a Mimic and can be easily defeated. Backtrack a little and go east then take the south path. There are some Magichamarunes here so take care of them while avoiding their lightning attacks. all the way east is a yellow lever and lever to stop more blades. Go back and take the north path to the exit.


    The Phanatos monsters will shoot ghostly projectiles which will ignore your HP bars and damage your equipment directly. The projectiles are somewhat slow and only move in one direction so avoiding them isn't that bad, but the Phanatos themselves are fast. Two of them are in the first area.

    To the southeast is a lever to stop the blades. Maneuver past the first set of blades to meet a Night Lilima. Past the second set and you'll reach the gate to the next floor.

    There are just a bunch of chests on this floor. Some may be weak Mimics and one will contain the gold key needed to continue.

    On the last floor, head north to reach the lever, dispatching two Shadoses along the way. Return south through the blades and over ice arrow traps to reach the exit.


    Go east then south and hit the lever. Take the portal and you'll appear behind the Hard Poles that were shooting at you. Go west and defeat the Night Lilima for a gold key. In the next area are two Slippen Soldiers and four white switches needed to open the path, or you can just unlock the bronze door and skip the switches. The next room has four Ice Spirits and a few spike and trigger traps. You can ignore them and dash straight to the portal east.

    In the final area, the bronze door to the right will open a shortcut, otherwise you'll have to go through some blades and Barooms. The portal second from the right is the correct portal (12). Choosing the wrong one will lead to a room with a Mega Axe Man, Magichama and Elu.


    There are four rooms with optional enemies that guard levers that stop blades in the boss room. The southwest has a Buff Lizern, a Giga Taranchu is southeast, Sylphie Gust is northeast and Aqua Diva is northwest. The boss is a Hellmarge that shoots icicles at you or can surround you with icicles. Attacking from behind as it summons icicles is the fastest way to defeat it.

    Optional Bronze Door

    The first part of this area includes Lv.65 Kaiser Slippen and auto blocks that open and close. It's possible to get through here without having to defeat any enemies. But the next area has a Lv.70 Blizzard Demon and multiple frost throwers. The demon's attacks include shooting ice crystals in a frontal wave, sending a magic circle that chases you, and summoning Aqua Divas. Ice resistant armor is preferable.


    Some Phanatos in the starting area with one holding a silver key. On the second floor are some Lick Froggels and respawning physical-immune Ghosts. Go straight north to reach a Phanatosmare holding a gold key. The narrower paths lead to chests, but if you don't have any elemental damage, the Ghosts may trap you.

    Optional Bronze Key

    A Lv.80 Volt Dragon lives here. Dragons only have two attacks: a breath attack which spits multiple elemental fireballs in a frontal wave, and a charge attack which you can easily avoid. Defeating dragons are only difficult because they can only be damaged from the front. Getting too close will also damage your character. My strategy is to stay to the dragon's side and attack immediately after a breath attack. Poisoning them also work if you have any items.


    Multiple levers and barriers on this floor with a few Magichamarune along the paths. First go south then east. A yellow switch is in the SE corner and two Lilima will spawn after activating it. Return to the start and activate the lever to open the west path. Follow the path and hit the lever you find to make he green barriers disappear. Go south and you'll end up back at the room with the first yellow switch. Head north to a room with the second yellow switch on the east wall. Activating it will spawn two Shadoses. Continue west to a white/purple lever. Open the purple barriers and head west to a the third yellow switch the the NW corner. It'll spawn two Elus. The last switch is to the south and it'll spawn two Hot Bombers. Now head to the center of the floor for the exit.


    There are two portals that lead to the exit: one to the northeast and one to the southeast. Various monsters drop bronze and silver keys and Phanatos drop gold keys. Head east and one of the Mega Taranchu should drop a silver key. To the north you'll need the Bronze LS ability and as you head northeast will be another bronze door. The portal to the end will be visible behind a silver door once you reach the corner of the floor. You can explore the rest of the floor if you wish for treasure and experience.


    This stage just has a few enemies: Quarry Lunas, Dark Shadoses and a Gossfem with the gold key. The Shadoses and Gossfem only appear after defeating some of the other enemies. They're all quite easy.

    Optional Bronze Door

    The right portal leads to two Lv.60 Great Gazelers and the left has two Lv.60 Death Reapers. Each room has a silver door which leads to a yellow switch. After opening the yellow barrier, the portal will bring you to a Lv.70 Shock Demon. Like all demons, it'll shoot elemental energy balls in a frontal wave and send a magic circle to chase you. It can also summon a Lv.49 Phanatos Gibbear.


    Timed blocks will close a short time after you activate the switch so you have to be fast to get through. Past the red barrier are two Elus. The next path to the blue barrier has multiple spike and trigger traps, which you might want to remove before activating the blue switch. Go through the blue barrier and head west past the spinning blade to reach a room with Elus, Hard Poles and Shell Poles. Get rid of the Hard Poles if you have elemental damage and head south to the yellow switch. The path after the yellow barrier has large Shroomgos that should be defeated before activating the green switch. The final white switch will open paths to three different portals. The first leads directly to the exit, the second has a giant Death Reaper and the third has some treasure but a Megalo Dasher is in the path.


    Head south and clear out the enemies. The timed red switch is to the west. The east red barrier leads to a room with a giant King Gazeler and and west has a giant Giga Taranchu. Each room has a purple switch to activate.

    Back at the entrance, head through the purple barrier to find a respawning Mega Axe Man to the north. To the west are yellow and blue timed switches. Activate both and run east to the second portal. You'll appear in a room with some Elus and a Master Elu who drops a gold key to the exit. The bronze door has some treasure behind it.


    A timed red switch will open multiple barriers along a path with trigger and fire/ice arrow traps. Reaching the end of the path before the barriers close will have some treasure, but the other paths contain enemies or hazards. Either way, all paths lead to the same place.

    The room past the blue barrier has a couple Reapers and a couple Buff Lizern await after that. The next room has a Neo Garchnel blocking your path and the area after contains a few dead ends and some Lilimas and Elus. You have to get through two white barriers to reach to correct portal. At the last area is a bronze door to the south leading to treasure. There are five Hard Poles that respawn quickly so you could end of trapped. Trigger the purple switch to reach some extra treasure and the exit.


    There are four paths to choose from after activating a timed red switch. To the northeast is a Lightning Spirit and Giga Taranchu, due west is a Lightning Spirit and the other two lead to the same Ice Spirit and Swan Froggel. There is also a Death Reaper behind a blue barrier. Whichever path you choose, the end contains a Willowood and a couple Elu Chiefs. The exit is just beyond there.

    Optional Bronze Door

    Four Lv.50 monsters: a Quarry Star, Master Elu, Magichamaruneder and Axe King. The Axe King drops a gold key and the others drop bronze keys. The bronze doors lead to treasure. You might be able to open one of the bronze doors to protect yourself from the ranged attackers and defeat the Axe King away from the others.


    This floor has two ways to reach the exit. The first is to ignore the bronze door near the beginning and head north through a bunch of Fire Spirits and Buff Lizerns. The portal in the small room to the east leads to a couple chests with Meta Ghosts. Continue north past the auto block to find a Flare Childrake. Childrakes have a short range elemental breath attack which is easy to avoid. At higher levels, they to a charging headbutt attack before doing their breath attack.

    Go east avoiding the flame throwers to a room with a pair of Night Lilima. The portal northeast has a couple chests with a Skullbone. Of the two paths south, one is blocked by Fire Spirits and the other by a bronze door. Go through the door for if you can, otherwise avoid the Spirits' fireballs and defeat them.

    Past the auto block, there is a lever to the east that stops the flame throwers, but it's guarded by two Meta Ghosts. At the end of the path with flame throwers is a Blood Lilima holding a gold key. Defeat her to reach the exit.

    The second method to complete this stage is to open the bronze door at the beginning and warp to a room with multiple large flame throwers. There are five white switches that open the way forward. One near the west and another just north of it. One is just east of where started in a narrow path. Northeast from that switch is another narrow path with a switch. From there, head north for the last switch and exit. Bring fire resistant armor if available.


    Head around the outer path in this floor and destroy the flame throwers and Death Barooms. Once that's done, head inside through the auto block. Along the path are pairs of Hot Bomber Chiefs between auto blocks. Further in will be several more Death Barooms and auto blocks before the exit.


    Head south to find a couple Flare Childrakes. Continue along the path, past a pair of auto blocks to find red switches to your left and right guarded by Buff Lizern. To the north through the red barrier is a Dasher King. This guy can change direction quickly, so be careful. It might drop a bronze key with the nearby door holding some treasure. Going east will lead to some Death Barooms and a timed purple switch to the north. You might want to go through the auto blocks first to take care of the Fire Spirit before activating the switch. Past the purple barrier is a Mega Axe Man who drops a bronze key. The door nearby leads to a lever that deactivates a few flame throwers ahead. Going east avoiding the flame throwers will lead to a bronze door with two chests and the gate for the next floor.

    The single path south is littered with fire arrow traps. At the end is a swarm of tiny Trappies and healing traps. After they're taken care of, go north to find a Flare Childrake and then more tiny Trappies. The bronze door leads to a lever that turns off the nearby flame thrower. You can open it yourself or defeat the Ogre Baroom to the north for a bronze key. Head west through the auto blocks into a room with several flame throwers. The path also has a Shados, Dark Shados and Abyss Shados. At the end is the exit and a small room with chests. Only the two bottom corner chests are real and the rest are mimics with the middle one being an Angry Mimic.


    A Flame Demon holds the gold key for this floor. It can summon Fire Spirits and the moving flame throwers around the room can be annoying. If you get low on HP, the portals in the corners of the room lead to a safe spot with a couple healing traps, as well as the exit.

    Optional Bronze Door

    Two Lv.55 Skullbone Ghouls and a Lv.60 Gilden Road are this room's guardians. The skeletons will follow you if you get close and can do a long lunging attack. Defeating them with the Purify knife ability will help, but the Gilden Road is immune to physical, fire and resistant to lightning. Ice attacks is the best choice for this fight. It has a couple attacks including a dashing slash and a slash that creates balls of lightning that spray forward in a wave.

    A fifth character will join your ranks after this.


    A couple Meow Taos protect a red switch to the east. To the north are pairs of Elu Chiefs and Neo Garchnels. Defeat them and head west to a room filled with Boss Trappies. Retrieve the silver key from one of them and behind the door is a Lightning Spirit and second red switch. Backtrack back to the red barrier and enter the right portal.

    Defeat the Kaiser Slippen and head south to a bomb trap filled room and red lever. The room north of the lever has electric floors plus monster and trigger traps. Avoid them and activate the blue switch.

    Return to the previous area and take the left portal. Defeat another Kaiser Slippen and enter the bottom room with spike and trigger traps. The top room has quake and trigger traps along with some treasure. Activate the blue switch in the bottom room and return to the previous area.

    Go through the now open blue barrier to find a King Gazeler. Hit the yellow timed switch to reach a yellow lever and chest with gold key. Enter the portal then head west to find a King Gazeler. The room east contains two Mega Axe Men, so lure one out and defeat them individually. Open the silver door and flip the green lever to reach the next area.

    This room has four Neo Garchnels and a Blood Lilima. Defeat the Lilima for the gold key and head for the exit.


    Head to the room with frost throwers and hit the lever at the south wall to turn them off. Lure the Star Garchnel blocking the path north to reach the portal. The next room is filled with bomb traps and a Dasher King. Use the traps to defeat the Dasher and head north to a room with electric floors and a pair of Ice and Fire Spirits. A few trigger and spike traps plus a Death Reaper is next. Hit the yellow lever and continue to a room with blades. The Meow Pao has the gold key.

    Through the gold door is an Archgossfem and blue timed switch. As you move ahead you'll find a blue and red lever. Activating them will open the path as well as cause a flame thrower and spinning blade to appear. Defeat the Abyss Shados in the next room and continue past the auto blocks to a couple purple switches (the second chest along the way is a mimic). Hitting the switches will cause a Master Elu to appear. The room past the purple barrier has a lever guarded by a Shock Demon. I suggest hitting the lever to remove the spinning blades in the next room and escaping through the portal.

    The next area has an Aqua Queen holding a gold key. The room after contains small Sea Nisper and a Marine Nisper with the gold key. Hopefully you can find a spot so they all slide around you. The exit is beyond the gold door.


    A simple floor: just keep defeating enemies as they appear until a Gigolem with the gold key appears. Meow Taos, Elu Chiefs and Hot Bomber Kings will spawn here.


    Go straight north through the portal to continue. Heading east or west will lead to switches that open treasure rooms. Skullbone Ghouls and Neo Garchnels guard the area. Through the portal is a Gilden Night with a trio of Quarry Star, Luna and Sunny. Defeat the fairies first since they heal then get the gold key from the Gilden Night. The knight has a wide range slash attack and a lunging slash attack. There are also healing traps in the corners. The bronze door behind the exit leads to a path with electric floors and treasure.


    Go north to a room that splits into four paths. Each path contains a blue switch and will spawn monsters when activated, so I suggest exploring and defeating any existing monsters first. The red path will spawn Flare Childrakes and a Zap Childrake. The white path spawns Buff Lizerns and a King Lizern. Fire Spirits and Gigolem appear in the yellow path and Skullbones are in the purple path. Activate the purple path last if you don't have Purify to defeat the skeletons. Return to the blue barrier to reach the exit.


    Two paths to choose from right from the start. The red path east has Hot Bomber Chiefs and Kings. The blue path west has no enemies. Both paths lead to portals that warp to a room with Great Gazelers and Death Barooms in the room after. The next area has flame throwers, Night Lilimas and Axe Kings. Get through the area to find three Childrakes guarding a gold door. The Zap Childrake holds the key and the exit is on the other side. Another character will join you after this.


    Go south to find a bronze door with a lever to turn off some flame throwers. Continue south defeating the Flare Childrakes to find the silver key. A bronze door will have a lever to disable some frost throwers. Back through the silver door and along the next path are Snow Childrakes with another silver key. There's also another bronze door with lever to turn off some spinning blades.

    Head back through the second silver door to find a final path with Zap Childrakes. Find the silver key to unlock the room holding the gold key in a chest. Return to the beginning to exit.


    A Lava Dragon and Flare Childrakes fill this floor, but only the drakes hold the silver key needed to reach the exit.

    Optional Bronze Door

    A Lv.150 Frost Dragon and some Lv.75 Snow Childrakes are here. Ice absorbing armor is recommended if available. The drakes also use the lunging attacks here.


    This floor will introduce the Potato monster. Potatoes are flying balls with tentacles and eyes that chase you around and can even bypass walls. They're also immune to all damage so it's best to just run away from them. Getting hit by them will damage all of your active character's HP bars at once.

    The exit gate is in the northeast corner of the room and there are several monsters in the way, but I suggest just running to the exit. First head all the way to the east and take the portal behind the auto blocks. Next, go west past the poison gas traps and continue west to find electric floor tiles. Jump over them and continue north avoiding the Ice Spirits. You'll reach a pair of electric floor tiles. Jump over the bottom ones and continue east past the fire arrow traps and auto blocks. Head north then east to find more auto blocks. Past these blocks is the exit.


    There's a Potato in this area, as well. Activate the red switches to the east and west, guarded by Neo Garchnels. The area past the red barrier has two blue switches to the west that will spawn a Dasher King upon activation. Head through the blue barrier to find a King Lizern. Get through the frost throwers and activate the timed yellow switch to reach a portal.

    On the other side are some Magichamas which hold the silver key needed to continue. Past the silver door and portal will be an Aqua Queen with bronze key. Open the bronze door to the south to activate two levers that will disable the frost throwers and spinning blades. Hit the timed white and green switches to run to the white barrier west.

    The next area has some frost throwers, but they can be disabled past the first set with the lever to the east. There's a Metal Gigolem here as well, but you can just run to the exit since the potato might be still chasing you.


    This floor is a bunch of rooms connect by portals. There are also three red switches to activate in order to reach the exit. Take the following portals to reach the exit:

    NE 5 times then SW to reach the first switch
    NE 3 times then SW for another switch
    NE 4 times then SW twice for the last switch
    NE 3 times then SE for the exit


    This floor has two ways to reach the exit. First is to enter the nearby portal and fight a Jezma for a gold key. The Jezma can warp around and form energy balls that are shot towards you. There's also a Potato flying around.

    The second path to the exit is through the bronze door and portal to a straight path filled with Garchnels, trigger and Potato traps, and a Potato chasing you. Only the first method will allow you to enter the bronze door at the end.

    Optional Bronze Door

    A pair of Lv.70 Giga Taranchus and a Lv.80 Chaos Willowood await here. If the Potato from the previous room saw you, it'll still be chasing you here.


    Just to the north is a couple of Megalo Dashers and Neo Garchnels. Further north are a couple Death Reapers patrolling the sides of the room and a Axe King at the top. A Final Ghost is also nearby, so prepare some elemental attacks. Follow the path east to find some Ice Spirits and another Axe King at the end. Take the portal to another area.

    This room a a giant Fire Spirit and some Death Barooms. Defeat them and flip the red lever on the other side of the gold door. Return to the previous area and head for the red barrier. Past the barrier and to the east is a Dasher King. A Shell Pole will be shooting just ahead and two Neo Garchnels are before it. Lure them out to defeat them. Continue to find an Axe King and the Shell Pole protected by flame throwers. The Pole has the gold key so you'll have to get to it.

    Once you have the gold key, backtrack to the west path and activate the timed purple switch behind the gold door. The north path has a pair of Death Reapers and a Sylphie Storm to fight. The middle path has two Ice Spirits and a Helluzard and the south path has two Megalo Dashers and a Gilden Baron. Whichever path you choose, the exit will be after it.


    Taking the bronze door to the right will lead to a Lv.80 Proto Gigolem. Defeat it and you can reach the exit. Taking the long way through this floor, head north to two Star Garchnels and three King Lizerns. Head north to find some Demon Shroomgos. To the northeast a room with some treasure and a couple Final Ghosts. Southeast will lead to a red lever and Gossfem. A couple bronze doors can help you avoid the monster. Flipping the red lever will close a barrier to some treasure, but will also lock in a Proto Gigolem. Backtrack and take the north path.

    There's a Hard Pole in the center of the next room and pairs of Abyss Shadoses and Night Lilimas. Go north to a room with more King Lizern and a Gossfem. A chest behind the Gossfem holds a gold key. Return to the previous room and head south to the gold door. Another Abyss Shados and some stationary Star Garchnels protect a blue lever. Get past the blue barrier to a portal to reach the next area.

    Hit the two green switches (and defeat the Gossfem if you want) and returnn to the previous room. Head north and take the west path through the green barrier. A bronze door holds the lever to disable the flame throwers. There's a Final Ghost holding a bronze key past a couple of the flame throwers. Activate the timed purple switch to the north and dash to the exit.


    There are eight portals in this room and each contains a blue or red switch. The north, south, east and west portals contain the blue switches and red ones are in the rest. Here's the list of monsters in each room:

    North: An Aqua Queen and two Sea Nisper
    South: A Blood Lilima and two Quarry Lunas
    East: A Sylphie Storm and two Slippen Soldiers
    West: A Gran Gossfem and two Elu Chiefs
    Northeast: An Axe King and two Mega Taranchus
    Southeast: An Abyss Shados and two Lethal Reapers
    Southwest: A Neo Jezma and two Meta Ghosts
    Northwest: A Phanatos Gibbear and two Buff Lizern

    I suggest going for the red switches. The two smaller enemies can be lured away by staying near the walls. The Neo Jezma's pattern of attack is to create four energy balls to shoot at you three times then to shoot multiple balls in a frontal cone. This second attack is the best time to throw some hits from behind. The Phanatos Gibbear also shoots three bullets instead of one.


    The final battle will separate your party. Each member will have to fight a version of the boss and then fight the final boss together at the end. If you don't defeat the weaker versions, they will appear along side the final version which would make things quite difficult.

    The first Dark version moves quickly and will drop poison on top of your character. It will also summon an additional monster as it gets weaker. First a Sylphie type, then a Quarry type and finally a Magichama type. The boss can also create a sword that will either stab forward or rotate once before disappearing. Keep moving constantly and use jump attacks as you get close to the boss.

    The second Impact version will attack like the Slippen monsters by charging at you and won't stop until it hits a wall. Monsters summoned this time include a Nisper type, a Froggel type and a Childrake type. As the boss weakens, it'll start to shoot out projections during its attack, but I don't think they can actually harm you. At even lower HP, the boss will start charging at you from further distances. Like the Slippen, you can attack the boss as it charges past you. This will be slow, but it'll work.

    The third Wave version will shoot a large frontal beam of energy. Another attack includes shooting balls of energy outward in a circle twice. You'll have to move away in order to be able to dodge the balls. The summoned monsters are a Reaper type, a Dasher type and Shados type. The boss will use its second attack more regularly at lower HP, so it will be difficult to get close. Ranged attacks might prove more efficient.

    The final version will use some attacks of the defeated weaker versions as well as some unique attacks. These include dropping several diamond shaped bombs that explode a couple seconds later, creating spears that surround you in a circle and converge, creating four swords that move in a square around the boss before disappearing, shooting balls of energy that home in on you and sending a fast rotating sword towards you. The boss is also slightly transparent between attacks and cannot be harmed during this time. Be ready for a long fight, as the boss has plenty of HP.

    Once the boss is defeated, the stage is immediately cleared. Congratulations on beating the game! After some scenes and the credits you'll prompted to save and return to the title screen. Load this save and you'll be back at the Railyard ready for some Post-game dungeon crawling. There is no new game+ so starting a new game is the only way to view the story again.

    Bonus Dungeons

    Bonus dungeons are unlocked via Explore. They are completely optional and exist to provide a challenge other than random dungeons. Here are the ones I have unlocked, but I believe there are two or three more versions of Darkness that I haven't found.

    Getting Stronger

    So you wish to continue playing to get stronger? Maybe aiming for the platinum trophy? First thing you should do is to talk to Sproutji in the northeast part of the Railyard to receive a free Widen. Make sure you protect this item so it's not accidentally deleted. I suggest concentrating on raising your ATK since I found DEF to be quite useless. I tried raising my DEF to 6000+ once but Lv.300 monsters could still easily break my low durability equipment and kill me, so I ignored it after that. The process to get stronger will be slow, but here's some goals to aim for.

    Level Up

    Once you've chosen or created the characters you want to use, leveling each job to level 99 will grant your characters plenty of JP as well as HP, MP and mana for energy frames. I decided to use two characters with the No Food/Poison/Medicine+HP trait as my attackers and another with Caring. Having two attackers is useful because leveling up is faster in Support with the Pyro ability Bench Warmer. So it's faster to use one attacker to fight as the other levels up in a lower level job.

    Baby-geons, Ran-geons and Hard-geons are all good places to level up. Start defeating all the monsters you encounter and try to avoid Devil and Hell gates. Angel gates should be a priority as they'll increase drop and rare title rates to help you find better equipment. If monster levels get too high, you can try to find an exit or just leave or die, but found equipment will be lost. Floor 15 will have a Willowood boss with Pole monsters guarding it. If you can defeat it and get its gold key, then you can reach the exit. As you raise your ATK, starting monster levels will also go up which will result in more experience. Eventually you'll get to level 99.

    Collect Titles

    While dungeon crawling, you'll be collecting a lot of equipment. Be on the lookout for the main-title Rare Title Ratio +X. The highest it can go is +50 and if you find one in a ran-geon, you might want to attempt use Fortify gates to increase the number of sub-titles it has. Some LCK equipment will also be needed to farm for high leveled sub-titles.

    Thanks to Adellus for this sub-title farming strategy. Once you've collected enough Rare Title Ratio equipment (maybe 1000+), head to Silvan Cave 3F. At the end of the floor is a bronze door that leads to five respawning Hard Poles. With enough LCK and thief abilities Drop Rate+, Good Drop and Happy Song, they will constantly drop equipment. You'll be looking for items with more Rare Title Ratio main-titles, or high-level sub-titles such as Universal Principle or Infinite Circuit. An ATK item or weapon with Flicky will also be useful as you can fill it with sub-titles to make it quite powerful. Use more Infinite Circuits to reduce the mana cost of the item to zero.

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