Office block security control help... Cybermen get me!!! :( ?

  1. Hi.

    Firstly I am playing on hard puzzle difficulty incase it makes a difference.

    I am in the office block with river just after the dr does the plumbing...
    I need to get to the control centre, which I can't get into until the cybermen break through the glass.
    Once they do 4 walk through and a second 4 wait there!.. I have 2 security panels to do...
    I managed to do 1 panel but got fried doing the second...

    Any ideas, hints, or solutions would help :D


    User Info: Breadas

    Breadas - 5 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Ok I done it now... Gets pretty repetitive though...

    Incase anyone else is stuck, to give me more time I took the left lift to level 2 and wait for the set of cybermen to come up and stun them 3-4 times to delay them getting to the top do quickly...

    Although they did still kill me just as I was finishing the 2nd panel but luckily it spawned me afterwards.... :)

    User Info: Breadas

    Breadas - 5 years ago 0 0

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