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Reviewed: 10/23/12

"Without a doubt, the best in the series"

"Without a doubt, the best in the Tekken series"

I've played every Tekken game there has ever been since it's debut in NA in 1995. So when Tekken tag tournament 2 was announced, you know I was hyped. Enough of about me, on to this excellent game!

Gameplay: 10

The first thing we'll start with because to a lot of people (myself included) this is the most important. The basic gameplay mechanics are the same as the previous game Tekken 6, but with a few new exciting additions. Now you can team up your favorite fighters to bring the beat down. Besides gaining the ability to tag in/out, you'll have the chance to experience new mechanics such as Tag Assault, the ability to tag in your partner while your beating the enemy 50 shades of purple, to extend your combo even further or end it stylishly! Did you just knock your opponent off a bridge? Your partner will be waiting below to follow up the combo with your commands.

One of your characters tasting the dirt one too many times in battle? Activate the Tag Crash system while your partner is in rage mode on the sidelines, and they'll jump in and switch places with them, safely tagging out their partner. Tag throws are also new, and some of them are down right awesome while others can be hilarious! And if your skilled enough to escape one, you'll be treated to an awesome throw escape animation.

Another tag mechanic is Netsu/Rage Mode (returning from TTT1 & T6) which functions depending on the "relationship" of your characters... more specifically, whether or not they currently "like" each other. Basically, if a character is paired up with someone that likes them, their rage will be activated earlier than with someone that dislikes them.

Are you more of a loner? A rebel? You can bring the beatdown solo and extinguish any fear of the opposing team having a greater advantage. You'll have more health and attack power, and if you get caught in the opposing team's Tag Assault, you'll instantly have access to your rage mode so that you can dish that damage right back!

Graphics: 10

TTT2 has conducted a complete graphical overhaul from Tekken 6. Every single character and facial model has been redone. I can guarantee that no character model will look the same as it's previous model. Overall, the game has a "sharper" visual appearance than its predecessor. Shading and skin textures actually give characters a more realistic, "fleshy" appearance. The realistic shine on certain parts of clothing and armor, paired up with lighting effects on stages, actually makes characters appear sharper during gameplay.

Sound: 10

The BGM that namco has created and remixed for the stages in this game can give one eargasms, but if it just doesn't do it for you, you can swap the BGM's with your own music. Yes this can be done on the PS3 as well and no, your music will not decrease in quality. You can even change the music for the main menu, character select screen, and boss battles! Rock ON!

Content and replayability: 10

Unlike some other fighting games that are bareboned and offer few modes and reasons to replay, Tekken Tag Tournament 2 is packed to the BRIM with content. Modes in TTT2 include Arcade, versus, Time attack, practice, ghost battle, survival mode, team battle, fight lab,pair play, online mode,customization mode, and tekken tunes. You will also be able to unlock customize-able equipment for the characters and earn TONS of money from ghost matches via lucky boxes and gold matches.

The creator of the Tekken series Harada katsuhiro, has even said that all future character and stage dlc (downloadable content) will be free of charge, and has already released new stages and new characters already. He is a man of his word.

Trust me, replayability is strong with this game and will definitely hold you until the next TK game comes out (TkXSF).

Online mode: 10

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 has the most polished online mode for a fighting game I have ever played (yes, even better that Soul caliber V's). And in all of the online matches I've played up until now, not even once has it not run as smooth as butter. Namco has even gone further and created a "world tekken federation" mode that helps you keep track of your stats and helps you improve your skills.

Also, world arena mode has been patched in and anyone familiar with Soul Caliber V's Global Colosseum mode will know that this makes things much more fun. I'll explain for those who aren't, World arena is like an extended lobby where players can challenge others to battles, chat, and view each others stats. You can also just hit the "random match" button and get matched up with other players who are currently seeking a random match.

In conclusion, this is the fighting game to rule them all this year. It has everything one could want in a fighting game, and more with free characters and stages still coming. Did I mention there is over 55+ characters?

Do the fighter inside you a favor and buy the best fighting game this generation. You won't regret it. 10/10

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Product Release: Tekken Tag Tournament 2 (US, 09/11/12)

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