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"Breaking down this game in Pairs."

First off, I am a hardcore Tekken fan. I have a YouTube page that I run showcasing gameplay from the game. As you may imagine, I have a certain love for the game that most casual players may not understand. But fear not, for I will keep this review fair and balanced. I will be looking at things from the perspective of a player like myself, and a casual fan. Is this game worth it? Read on to find out.

Tekken 6 was a good game...good...but not awesome. As a fan of this series from Tekken 1, Tekken 6 missed the ball in a lot of areas presentation wise. This game completely makes up for that. There is a HUGE roster of characters and more coming for FREE as future DLC. Gameplay wise, I do not think there will be anyone who will complain of a lack of variety in the cast. The graphics are beautiful and far surpass the last game. The game looks great with the motion blur effect, but truly comes through in high resolution greatness with the effect disabled. Everything looks crisp, clean, and COLORFUL. Tekken 6 was so drab and dark looking. The colors pop from the screen in this game and I love it. The music is SO much better than Tekken 6 as well. A great standard soundtrack is present, but we now also have the TEKKEN TUNES feature which allows the player to replace the music in any stage with custom songs from the hard drive. Also, there is a mini store where tunes from the previous games will be available for purchase in the future. This is the type of DLC that I have no problem paying for. It is an added bonus and doesn't feel like some lame attempt to bleed my wallet dry. Other companies should take note.

The gameplay is a perfect blend of the things Tekken 6 incorporated combined with the tag elements from Tag 1. This game is far deeper than Tag 1 was, however. Combos can be created using any series of commands you can imagine. Amazingly, no one character feels truly superior than the rest. It is amazing how balanced this game is when you consider the huge roster and the amount of insane combos that can be executed. If you lose a match in Tekken, you can generally blame it on your lack of experience with match-ups and your character's abilities. This is why Tekken will always be better than 2D games in my opinion. There are no fireballs and dragon punches to hold your hand here. It all comes down to KNOWLEDGE.

The online mode is SMOOTH AS SILK compared to the abomination that was Tekken 6. It feels as though I am playing offline. There is also a feature to set the rank level and connection level of potential opponents. You are also shown their disconnect rates and given the option to decline the match before it option that was in Tekken 5, but strangely removed from Tekken 6. Load times are a little slow, however, even with the HUGE 7.5 gig mandatory install.

There is no real fancy story mode here or side games thrown in such as Tekken Bowl or Tekken Force which honestly does not bother me at all. I was never really a fan of those mini-games. There is, however, a training mode called fight lab which attempts to teach the basics of gameplay in a unique manner. However, this mode is short and, as an experienced player, I felt that it did little to actually teach anything of relevance besides the most basic of movement and attack techniques. I was expecting a much deeper experience based on previews. Do not expect to become an expert from this mode. Only hours of practice will get you to that point.

The game also incorporates an online pass. Many have complained about this, but this is one area where I do side with the developers. Buying the game (or any game) used is fine, but I do feel that they deserve some form of compensation for the years they put in to make this wonderful product. They are giving us DLC for free. If you buy the game used they do not see anything for the work they put in. In my opinion, the least you could do is spend a few bucks for the online code. Especially when the team behind the game cares as much about the product as the Tekken team does.

So what's my final rating?

-For the HARDCORE FAN- 9/10. This is a must buy. This is the best Tekken game we've had in a few years now and will be the standard for years to come..

-For the CASUAL PLAYER- 7/10. You may have a little fun mashing through arcade mode for a few hours and playing with friends, but if you have no intention of dedicating yourself to the game, online will be hell and you will never truly master a character or appreciate the minute details of the combat. There is no reason to pay full price for it...but no reason to not check it out if you like fighting games.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 10/24/12

Game Release: Tekken Tag Tournament 2 (US, 09/11/12)

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