Panic, Panic, Panic???

  1. Ok, so is it really inevitable that you will loose some countries?. Cause I'm panicking because I'm loosing countries right off the bat. And if it is inevitable could i get an idea of which countries are more expendable than others (in the context of the game of course:).

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    dzmi13 - 5 years ago

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  1. It is possible to keep all the countires, and it's really not that hard to accomplish.

    The trick is to get the entire world covered in satellites quickly, because as soon as that is done, the abductions will stop. Each area covered will never be targeted for abduction anyway, so keep a few satellites at hand to send them to the most likely country you're about to lose. Not only will it immediately decrease the panic level by 2, but at the end of each month there is a small chance it will decrease by 1 again, until it's back to level 1.

    So, in order to accomplish this in a quick way: Build Satellite Uplinks and Nexus Uplinks, preferable in a 2x2 block (2 of each in this 2x2 block is enough to cover the entire planet). Also, start building satellites right away, and if money permits it, buy more than you can muster (you'll need a total of 16, and you already have 1 (or 2, depending on the difficulty level), but do so when you seem to run out of engineers for more Uplinks. When money seems to be the issue, don't waste money on things you 'might' need later on, but save up and make this a priority. When you can launch more satellites it's a good strategy that for every 3 you can launch (when building adjacent to other uplinks) to keep 1 in case of an emergency, and when you can launch 5 (by connecting a Nexus to any Uplink) to keep 1, maybe 2 as spares, depending on the panic levels you need to adress.

    Building several satellites at the same time takes just as much time (20 days), so it's better to build simultaniously than to order each and every single one separately.

    In regards to the Alien Base, wait a bit with it until you get into trouble (panicwise), but don't wait too long either. The longer you wait, the harder it gets (tougher aliens). Why wait? Because when you finish this mission, panic will be reduced WORLD WIDE, which is of course very handy! Especially if you lack satellite coverage!

    Hope this works for you as it has worked for me ;)

    Oh and when it comes to choosing which country to save from abduction, look at the panic levels of the 3 regions, instead of the rewards it'll give. Go for the one with the highes panic level if applicable, otherwise you can choose based on the reward :)
    (Engineers is your best bet, this speeds up on satellite coverage (as you need a truckload to build all the Uplinks!).

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  1. I do believe it is possible to keep all countries but will be extremely difficult. What I try and do is make sure I have lots of satellites so I can monitor for UFO's everywhere and have a better chance of spotting/ shooting one down and lowering the Panic of said country. However if you are worried about which ones are more expendable than others it would go by your play type. Do you want more money, scientists or engineers? Depending on your answer do your best to keep the countries that give you the most of what you want.

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  2. 99% of the time, you're going to lose some countries, just like you'll lose soldiers. Everyone will differ on the "which are expendible" question - personally, I don't think any of them are, especially once you get their bonuses for full sat coverage.

    However, there are several ways to decrease panic in a particular country or region:

    - Build Sat Uplinks & Launch Satellites. Though it takes a few days to arrive on station, their launch decreases panic instantly. And if you can afford to build a sat uplink and a few sattellites at the same time, do it - the uplink will be ready 6 or 7 days before the sattellites are, so you can launch them as soon as they are built.

    - Choose the abduction site that has the most panic. Sure, maybe you've got a huge cash surplus, or you don't need that new recruit you'd be rewarded with - but it's far better to get something that is not needed at the moment than losing he country's funding for the entire game. Sometimes it's an easy choice, sometimes not, espeically if you need the cash, engineers, etc..

    - Do the alien base assults as soon as you are able. Successfully completing one will decrease panic for the entire region, not just the country it is located in.

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  3. It is def possible to keep all the countries!!!!!!!

    Is it easy no! I have all the countries but it took a lot of saving and loading.
    My first play thru I lost most of Africa and South America but I have managed to hold on to them this time.
    When it comes to Panic Terror mission are key. You have to protect the civilians. The more you lose the less of a panic reduction you get.

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