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    FAQ/Walkthrough by End of Days

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    GAME NAME: Jak 3
    GENRE/S: Platform
    AGE LIMIT: 12+
    DIFFICULTY: Medium-Hard
    RELEASE DATE: 11/09/04	NA; 26/11/04 EU
    GUIDE TYPE: Full Walkthrough
    AUTHOR: Kitetsu
    EMAIL: mc.ronez@gmail.com
    VERSION: 1.00
    This MISSION GUIDE is (c) Jon Smith (AKA Kitetsu) 2004-2005. All content from
    here on in is copyright to the aforementioned name. To request useage on
    another website, please email me - see the contact section. The only websites
    this guide can be used on at the minute is:
    http://www.gamefaqs.com and it's KNOWN affliates (GameSpot and such)
    You can download a copy of this guide to your Hardrive for PERSONAL use. You
    cannot profit in anyway shape or form from this document. Thankyou.
    NAME                                                   Completion
    01. Introduction  -   ~INT                             | 100%
    02. Controls      -   ~CTL                             | 100%
    03. Weapons       -   ~WPN                             | 100%
    04. Characters    -   ~CHR                             | 100%
    05. Walkthrough   -   ~WKL                             | 60-70%
    06. Other Stuff   -   ~OSF                             | 60%
    07. FAQ           -   ~FAQ                             | N/A
    08. Versions      -   ~0.7                             | 100%
    09. Contact       -   ~@@@                             | 100%
    10. Legal Repeat  -   ~LGL                             | 100%
    11. End                                                | 100%
    Now with the navigation out of the way, let's get on with the rest of the
    guide - starting with the Introduction, like always!
       INTRODUCTION                                                        ~INT
    Ah, welcome to my second lone FAQ in the last week! Woop! Hah, anyway, this
    FAQ is for the other big Platform game on the PlayStation 2 - Jak 3, just
    incase you were randomely clicking on Hyperlinks and happened to miss the huge
    ASCII (which, I know, is poor) at the top of the page. I aim for this guide to
    be the most complete Jak 3 guide on the GameFAQs. Scratch that. The most
    complete Jak 3 guide in the world. Now, I know I won't ever know if it is, but
    meh, I can hope.
    Anywho, Jak 3 is the sequel to the well-selling platform game "Jak II", which
    in turn was the sequel to a completely different type of Platform game "Jak and
    Daxter: The Precursor Legacy". I don't mean the Jak II story is different to
    the Jak I story, I just mean it's got completely different gameplay! Yeah, and
    Jak 3 is supposedly a little different too. When I purchased the game, I was a
    little weary to play it, seen as though this is the last in the current
    trilogy, yes, that's right. The last.
    Anywho, (realises he has used this word to open two paragraphs in a row, doh) I
    personally am enjoying the game. I'm missing Haven, but you do go back and it's
    a helluva lot different. Spargus is OK I suppose, the desert is HUGE and it
    amazes me how games like Jak 3, San Andreas have these huge enviroments and
    little to no loading time.
    Gaming has taken a step forward.
    Anyway, to end my blabbering, I now introduce the main portions of the guide,
    where I won't be so personal, but I'll point out favourite parts, quality
    quotes (which will be posted in random places mind you..so if you're in the
    middle of the controls and you see something funny, don't go o_O, just laugh
    and read on >_>). Anyway, can we go enjoy the game for pete's sake!?
    [The Game Intro   -- MASSIVE SPOILERS FOR THE TWO PREQUALS!]------------------
    Huh? Jak's back for more!? Hah, after his adventures in the "Precursor Legacy",
    who'd've thought he'd come back for more? Anyway, in the Precursor Legacy, Jak
    and Daxter discover their first encounter with Dark Eco - which results in Dax
    being turned into the loveable Ottsel everybody knows today. Anywho, they
    battle through many locations, such as Sandover Village...a volcanic village,
    a lost Precursor aquatic tomb and eventually - the Dark Eco silo, where the
    games two villains await Jak and Dax...until a winner prevails...
    In Jak II, seems that whatever the hell they brought back from the Silo didn't
    do any good (in Daxter's mind). They are warped through time to Haven City. A
    charming, huge expanse of metal, concrete and Krimzon. Jak is arrested and put
    through Dark Eco torture, which turns him into a monster..you don't wanna piss
    him off! Anyway, through the corrupt villainy from the Baron, Metal Heads
    overtake the city and Jak, Samos, Keira, the Underground and, who can forget,
    Dax, have to save the world...again..well...they saved the world again
    techincally in Jak and Dax 1...but meh. Don't blame me if I spoiled the story
    for you. I did tell you just above that there were MASSIVE SPOILERS.
    Anyway, in Jak 3, Jak and Dax and Pecker are abandoned to the Wasteland due to
    the citizens thinking it's his fault the Metal Heads have attacked again and
    fortunately, Damas of Spargus City finds him...and takes him under his wing...
       CONTROLS                                                            ~CTL
    [Jak - Normal]----------------------------------------------------------------
    Up     -  Red Weapon (area effect weapon)
    Down   -  Yellow Weapon (rifle)
    Left   -  Blue Weapon (Heavy Machine Gun)
    Right  -  Special Weapon
    Left Analogue Stick   -  Move Jak
    Right Analogue Stick  -  Move Camera
    Triangle  -  Access vehicle/leaper      exit vehicle/leaper
    Square    -  Punch / Gun Butt
    X         -  Jump
    X, X      -  Double jump
    Circle    -  Spin Attack
    R1  -  Equip last weapon AND fire off quick burst with un-equiped gun / Fire
    R2  -  Unused
    L1  -  Crouch / crawl with left stick
    L1  -  Roll (from running to crouch)
    L1, X       -  Roll jump
    L1 + X      -  Crouch Jump (high jump)
    X + O       -  Spin jump (floats and allows to attack)
    X + Square  -  Dive Attack (jumps up and pounds floor)
    Square, X   -  Uppercut (press X immediately after square)
    L3  -  Stats
    R3  -  First Person View (cannot move or shoot in view)
    Menu   -  Start
    Pause  -  Select
    [Jak - Dark Powers]-----------------------------------------------------------
    L2  - Transfrom into Dark Jak
    Square, X  -  Dark spiral (jumps up, spins for few seconds, grabbing enemies
                  with eco)
    X, Square  -  Dark Bomb (upon impact, wave of Dark Eco spreads out, attacking)
    R1  -  Throw balls of Dark Eco
    (While Dark Jak, you will be a little faster and more resilient to attacks)
    [Jak - Light Powers]----------------------------------------------------------
    Hold L2  -  Access to Light Powers (must be gained)
    L2 + Triangle  -  Light Regenerate (regenerates Health, more health - more eco)
    L2 + Circle    -  Light Shield (cannot attack, very slow moving)
    L2 + Square    -  Light Freeze (slow down surroundings, not Jak!)
    L2 + X         -  Light Wings (fly - duh!)
    (While Light Jack, instead of holding L2 to select a power, just press the
    corresponding button!)
    [Daxter - Dax o_O]------------------------------------------------------------
    Left Analogue Stick   -  Move Dax
    Right Analogue Stick  -  Move Camera
    Square    -  Punch
    X         -  Jump
    X, X      -  Double jump
    Circle    -  Spin Attack(?)
    Rest = same as Jak!
    [Vehicles - Those things that go vroom in the night...]-----------------------
    Triangle  -  Enter/exit
    Square    -  Brake/reverse
    L1  -  Jump (ONLY Buggies)
    R1  -  Fire vehicle weapon (buggies) / Dax fires gun (zoomers)
    L2  -  Rear view
    R2  -  Boost for period of time (Buggies) /  Change Hover zone (zoomers)
    Left Analogue Stick + Circle  -  "Handbrake turn" (skid turn in Jak)
    [Leaper - FLY LEAPER, FLY!]---------------------------------------------------
    X, X    -  Glide
    Square  -  Attack
    [Hoverboard - Tony..Ottsel?]--------------------------------------------------
    R2  -  Equip
    X       -  Jump
    X....X  -  High Jump (press X upon landing - SLIGHTLY after)
    L1....X  -  Boost jump (charge, press X to actually jump)
    L1       -  Crouch
    Square  -  Grind (balance with left analogue)
    Circle  -  Emit power surge to bump enemies out of way
    Back Buttons (any) + Analogue stick  -  Tricks
    180 turn  -  Triangle
       WEAPONS                                                             ~WPN
    If you're in a bit of bother, call on your weapons. If you are in IMMEDIATE
    danger, hit R1 to bring out the last gun you had equipped and fire of a quick
    burst from it. Otherwise, use a directional button to pull out the gun you
    want to equip. I always get pissed when I press R1 instead of a directional
    button >_<
    Anyway, there are FOUR types of gun, which are, Blaster, Rifle, Heavy and
    Special. There are three add-ons to EACH class, and ANY of the twelve mods/
    guns can be accessed when you want (as long as you have collected them!).
    Say you wanted the...Plasmite RPG. Just hit up three times and voila. Or
    you just wanted the..Beam Reflexor. Hit down twice. Get the jist of it?
    Good. Now here's a...barely completed list of what weapons you can find in the
    world of Jak 3 - I will add more as they get them. At current, I am 42% of the
    way through the game!
    [RED GUN MODS - WTF, this gun is shit!]---------------------------------------
    The first level gun is the weakest...you don't use it for long though.
    OK. This gun shoots out a weak, red blast. It's useful for knocking people off
    ledges in the Arena like, but that's about it. You recieve it just after your
    training and I think that's probably the only time you'll use it. VERY slow
    rate of fire, kills the Marauders in the Arena in about 2-3 shots, maybe.
    It's ammo starts of at 50, and a bigger clip can be purchased from the Secrets
    Man, I love this gun! You don't often use it, cos it ain't too practical, but
    on a certain boss I find it EXTREMELY useful. Anyway, you have to charge this
    beut up for it to be useful, and that can range from anywhere between 2 to 5
    red ammo! Don't worry though, it's well worth it. You'll get it from Damas
    just before the second Arena challenge - not too useful here, but use it non-
    the-less when enclosed. Happy blasting!
    It's basically a grenade launcher. Yeah, "w00t, w00t! grenade launcher, to teh
    xtreeeem!" Well, this weapon only works on bosses or the Dark Eco Enemies in
    Act III, to be honest. Decent gun but it eats at the ammo and its rate of fire
    is pathetic. Good gun if you know how to use it like (in closed areas with
    loads of enemies), but otherwise useless.
    [YELLOW GUN MODS - WTF, this gun is the gun I use all the time!]--------------
    Sorry for the long title thingymabob...but...meh, shutup. Anywho, you'll find
    yourself using these guns the most in the game probably. Enjoy.
    An OK rate of fire, powerfulish and deadly accurate, this gun is awesome. I
    found it more useful in Jak II, but that's probably because gun upgrades
    didn't come thick and fast! You get it really early (first Arena challenge) and
    it's range is quite decent. It's definately not as accurate as a sniper, but
    heh, for a rifle it's coo'. It's ammo capacity is...100, and as before,
    upgrades can be bought. Oh yeah, damage increases can be bought for guns too!
    Like the above, but more useful in more situations. It still only takes up one
    yellow ammo and can richochet off walls until it hits an enemy. Bonus! Anyway,
    just keep this equipped above the Blaster after Arena 2 - you might as well, it
    does no harm!
    Beam Reflexor: Ah yes, initially it only tkaes up 1 ammo, but it takes up 1
    additional ammo for every successful reflection upon an enemy. I never noticed
    this 'till later in the game.
    What a cool weapon! It fires something out that looks a but like the red ammo
    collectibles, but yellow. When it reaches an enemy, it will hover, and shoot
    out 50 bullets EXTREMELY quickly. I recommend using this against flying enemies
    due to it's accuracy. As mentioned before, it takes up 50 ammo and is gained at
    the gun course mission in Act II.
    [BLUE GUN MODS - Ho,ho,ho meeeery christmas! I gotta machine gun!]------------
    Ahem, another long title, but hey, does it matter? Anyway, I use this when the
    enemies are in a line and when I'm seriously pissed...
    Extremely high rate of fire, decentish accuracy and really cool looking. You'll
    use it without noticing sometimes (I do) for some strange reason...maybe cos
    you use it in huge battles? Meh, you get it earlyish and it's decent for a
    short period of time. 100 ammo capacity is a bit tight to begin with but, hey,
    it's a cool assed gun, mofo!
    Recieved after the first boss, it's a neat gun...but I never need to use it.
    Hold down R1 to emit a ray of "electricity" that takes up about 3 ammo per
    second. VERY long range, powerfulish and not really useful, tbh. Yet, anyway...
    Fires out three WEAK shots, costing three bullets. Not really useful to be
    honest, but hey, least you got it! It homes in on the targets (even if you are
    facing the other way!), but it's lack of power is REALLY disappointing.
    Decent gun...you recieve at after the mission with Jinx.
    Joe Silver: "It actually uses up 2 ammo for 3 bolts. The bolts are also only
    as strong as a normal Vulcan Fury bullet or maybe half as strong. That is STILL
    very effective."
    [PURPLE GUN MODS - Damn, have all three, woot!]-------------------------------
    Returning from Jak II, this gun is actually a little weaker seeing as though
    you have to upgrade it with Precursor Orbs! Yeah, at most I think it can take
    out about 3-4 enemies at once and it takes a while to charge it to get it to
    that capacity, which sucks to be honest. Upgrade it and it will become lethal
    though, so enjoy it!
    Meh. Shoot it and it will turn enemies upside down in the air and freeze them
    so they can be classed as easy pickings, but no. You cannot shoot them, which
    is weird, well, according to Colton Wayne, anyway. I have the gun but have
    never used it. I just picked it up and I was knacked so I had to go to sleep
    Oh. ****ing. Yeah. It may take up ten ammo, which means you can get two max
    shots of of it, but hell yeah it's worth it. Besides looking cool, the effect
    is cool. Right-o, just shoot it when you see the bigger Metal Headers in the
    mission after you get it. This way you won't waste ammo and you'll get to see
    the effect. The screen goes white after the bomb detonates (about 2-3 seconds
    after it is launched) and when it appears back, you see a little mushroom
    cloud and no enemies. Oh yeah.
       CHARACTERS                                                          ~CHR
    --------------------MASSIVE SPOILERS FOR JAK I, II, III!---------------------
    The hero we all know and love. Says hes sick of this "whole saving the world
    thing". Too right Jak, but it'd be a pointless game if you were to just give
    up mate! Anyway, in TPL, Jak was a mute, but gained the talking skills in Jak
    II - guess Dark Eco isn't too bad after all, eh? He's had many different hair
    styles and every game, he looks more mature, and cooler. In Jak 3, his hair is
    short again, his eyebrows are more furry and he just looks...cool!
    [Count Vegar - aka Count Vulgar]----------------------------------------------
    Jak's nemesis in the final chapter of the Precursor Legacy. He is the leader of
    the KG Bots and wants to find the powers below Haven in the catacombs. Guess
    what? It's up to us to stop him, for revenge! It's his fault we were banished
    to the desert! Thanks for the real name Joe Silver! >_>
    [Ashelin - aka teh hotty!]----------------------------------------------------
    Was the daughter of Praxis in the last game but she rebelled her father and
    joined the Underground, now the Freedom Group...or whatever they're called. She
    helps Damas find Jak in the desert and pops up a few times during the desert,
    and in Haven. She's a good fighter and very acrobatic, that's why she was one
    of the top heads in the Krimzon Guard before she joined the FG...
    [Daxter - The one with the pants]---------------------------------------------
    That furry little sidekick we all laugh at. He's back and even funnier. In
    every game is jokes become more mature and dirtier - and funnier, obviously.
    Not the loveable friend kids thought of from Jak and Daxter - oh no, he's much
    more adulterated. Anyway, when Jak is thrown out into the desert, he was
    allowed to stay in Haven - but he decided to come out into the desert with Jak
    [Pecker - the bird with the weird accent...]----------------------------------
    Thee biyrd with thee wierd accent - SQWARK!! Heh. Anyway, he was Onin's
    interpreter in Jak II, and is back in the next. He hangs with with Jak and Dax
    now, and ends up being Damas's "advisor". Pretty annoying, but his squabbles
    with Daxter are hilarious...watch out for them!
    [Damas - the King of Spargus City]--------------------------------------------
    You'd think he'd also be an anti-hero...but he's not. He seems to...like Jak.
    He treats him like his son and tries to teach him how to combat better and
    the likes. Doesn't like it when Jak stops fighting in the third arena battle.
    But, he seems cool in Act I...
    [Sig - the big, buff wastelander is back!]------------------------------------
    Oh, he's back! And tougher than ever! Seems he was a spy in Haven for the
    Wastelanders and comes along on a mission or two with Jak out in the desert.
    Yay, he's back!
    [Samos - the green, fat snot, clever dude..]----------------------------------
    The green eco Sage, this guy was the head of the Underground in Jak II, with
    his alias of the "Shadow"..well, his future self was...wait...I'm getting
    confused...I need to play Jak II again >_<
    [Keira - teh hot girl from all three!]----------------------------------------
    Smart, funny and cute. What more could a guy want? Well, apart from her dad
    being Samos, I'd take her on >_> Anyway, she's a real mechanical wizard and
    Jak seems to like her...I wonder if it's just me but her voice sounds like
    there's a new voice actor? Well, on the com thing she sounds weird o_O
    [Torn - Freedom Guard Founder?]-----------------------------------------------
    Tough guy who returns from Jak II. He's the lead of the Freedom Guard and
    sends Jak on all the "crappy missions", as Daxter likes to put it. Hides out
    at the Naughty Ottsel - Dax's bar.
    [Kleiver - the car dealer]----------------------------------------------------
    Doesn't really like Jak - he thinks Jak is gonna take his place by the side of
    Samus - also has a taste for Ottsel. He'll let you use his cars to do missions
    in the desert, as long as you catch those blasted Kanga-Rats! He looks
    suspisciously like Krew, but without those puny legs..and he has a weird scar
    on his face..cause for concern?
    [Errol - the metal dude]------------------------------------------------------
    He's back and even meaner than ever! He has teamed up with the Dark Makers to
    destroy all the Precursor planets - only Jak, Dax and the Precursors can save
    the planet...
    [Seem - the Precursor chick]--------------------------------------------------
    Doesn't seem (pun NOT intended) to like Jak or Dax and is leader of the
    Precursor freaks. AKA "Colour by Numbers" - well, Dax calls her that anyway...
    [Onin - the lady with the bird]-----------------------------------------------
    Pecker's original master. She can't talk, but she knows things...very strange.
    All she does is wave her arms about, make pictures in the air appear and
    freaked me out in the original. I know she's back, but I don't know why...I do
    now. She's back to partake in about 1 or 2 maybe 3 cutscenes. She tells Jak
    where to go in one of the cutscenes to further the game - not much else to say.
    [Tess - Dax's girl]-----------------------------------------------------------
    She has big....guns >_> Anyway, she was once a spy for the Resistance, spying
    on Krew but this time she creates awesome guns for the guys. The Gun Courses
    can be difficult...
    OMG, the walkthrough!
       WALKTHROUGH                                                         ~WKL
    Finally! 20+kb of writing later, we arrive at the meat and bones of the FAK.
    The walkthrough! I've only done a few missions of Act I for now, but I will
    update bi-daily! That means sorry to the Ratchet and Clank readers, you'll have
    to wait until January at the earliest for BIG updates. I may add a planet or
    two, but meh, this isn't the place to talk!
    Anyway, watch the intro, then the next scene..then we'll do the first mission.
    [Damas Mission 1: Complete Arena Training Course]-----------------------------
    Difficulty: 0/10
    Walk into the ray of light, and the com thing will talk to you. It's Pecker.
    Anyway, we need to collect the 35 White Eco orbs here (they won't add to your
    White Eco thing though : \). So, jump up the platforms and collect the first
    couple Orbs (2).
    Grab the four on this large platform here and go along the slim platform
    collecting the next two. On the next platform collect the three here (9). Jump
    on the ladder and climb up to reach the next platform.
    Collect the three here and double jump up the next platform collecting the orbs
    there (15). Punch the manikan(sp) and collect the single orb behind it. Drop
    down to the next platform.
    Grab the two orbs here, double jump to the next, lower platform, collect the
    orb and jump up to the next, higher one (19).
    Grab the two here, then crouch jump up the next wall and collect the three
    orbs up here (24). Jump to the moving platform, then to the stable one.
    Grab the two here then roll jump to the next platform, grabbing two there. Jump
    onto the dropping platform, then onto the next stable one and grabbing three
    there (31).
    Smash the panel in the floor and drop down, grabbing the three orbs on the way
    to the next platform. Jump the gap and collect the last orb (35)!
    Jump on the platform that rises and we're done.
    [Damas Mission 2: Earn First War Amulet]--------------------------------------
    Difficulty: 2/10
    OK, not terribly hard, but definately hard compared to the previous mission!
    Anywho, equip the Scatter Gun (up) and blast away at any fools who dare attack
    you. When you here beeping, kill one more Marauder then jump up onto the big
    blocks scattered around the arena.
    Lava will now flood the arena, and any foolish Marauder who failed to climb up
    onto a block will perish. It doesn't count as a kill though, so that's why I
    suggested killing at least one Marauder before the lava begins to flood. The
    lava thing will happen periodically. I think up to 4 Marauders can be in the
    arena at any one time, so watch your back.
    They also fight each other, but that won't count as a kill either, so if you
    see two fighting near the edge, blast them off. It counts as a kill.
    When there is 4 or 5 Marauders left, you will AUTOMATICALLY turn into Dark Jak.
    Don't even try to unequip Dark Jak - it could leave your guard down to be
    slashed. Kill the remainign Marauders to end the Arena mission and collect the
    Dark Jak
    Scatter Gun
    Blaster Gun
    Battle Amulet (1)
    Spargus Gate Pass
    Before moving out of the room, jump on that little table infront of you. Then
    jump up the platform with Damas's chair on. Behind it is a Precursor Orb. I
    will not be pointing out all the Orb's, just ones I find when I write the
    walkthrough - I won't go out of my way to find them...yet...
    Head outside (jump left up the steps) to meet Kleiver and be introduced to the
    [Kleiver Mission 1: Catch Kanga-Rats]-----------------------------------------
    Difficulty: 1/10
    The only reason I gave this a point is because if you knock a pedestrian down,
    they will fire at you - watch out.
    Anyway, hop on the Leaper and get used to the controls. We have to catch the
    Kanga-Rats, which are noted on your map as huge, red dots. In the game, they
    appear as little pink dinosaur things...
    There are four of them which are really quite close, and two of them which are
    farish away. Anyway, hunt down the closer four, near the Arena by getting close
    to them and hitting square so your Leaper can eat them! Yeah! When the first
    four are down, head up to the Shore, near the Market. On the way to the Shore,
    look to the right row of houses. See the Precursor Egg? Well, find the stairs
    a little way past this Orb to the left. Climb up them, jump over then glide
    (just like a double jump with Jak) over to it. 2 Orbs already!
    Here two more await and are just as easy. Smash through the market if you want
    for some cool effects!
    Kleiver will let you use his cars later, for that...
    Head to the black and white coloured head on the map to get...
    [Seem Mission 1: Unlock Satellite]--------------------------------------------
    Difficulty: 3/10
    You should do it first go, but it's still quite tedious..o_O
    All you have to do is press the corresponding button on your joypad when it
    enters the rings. You have to get 75 passes to complete the mission and you get
    5 fails. Once they're gone, it's Mission Failed.
    Make sure they don't hit the alien thing in the middle..well, it's not an
    alien, but...y'know >_>
    If you press the wrong button, you get a Miss. If you hit the right button,
    when the symbol isn't in it you get a miss. As long as it's a bit in, you'll
    get a pass.
    The symbols come in from the direction they're on the control pad. Like circle
    comes in the from the right, x from the bottom and so on...
    See the big, huge rock on the shore, with the ladders? Use the sticky out parts
    on it to get round the back and snag a Precursor Orb (3)!
    Head to Kleiver..
    [Kleiver Mission 2: Learn to Drive]-------------------------------------------
    Difficulty: 0/10
    Easy - the bet is, Jak and Kleiver have a bet on Dax and the vehicle. If Jak
    wins he keeps the vehicle. If Jak loses, Dax ends up being Kleivers supper!
    Meh, get in the Tough Puppy and drive out. From here on, follow the lights and
    do the skills (jumping, skids and stuff) until you are told to go to the race..
    [Kleiver Mission 3: Kleivers Race]--------------------------------------------
    Difficulty: 4/10
    This one may take a few tries. OK, I'll do a lap 1 walkthrough, then you'll
    just have to rinse and repeat - all the laps are the same.
    Anyway, just race up the banks until you get Boost 1. Use it across the bridge
    and then continue along, crossing bridges until you get to Boost 2. Jump just
    as you leave the ramp to get it. DO NOT USE IT YET. Go over the bumps and as
    soon as the last bump is behind you (and you have control of the buggy) hit R2
    and blitz into the cave, turning right.
    Through the cave is easy, at the end another ramp and Boost. Remember to jump
    when you are leaving the ramp to snag it. Don't use it yet. Wait until you
    enter the boggy part. Just before you hit the first pool, press R2. The boost
    should run out JUST as you get out of the boggy area.
    Another boost awaits you up here. Remember what to do with the ramps. Don't use
    it immediately. Now, just, and I mean JUST before the path slopes downwards
    radically, head off track to the right and cut the corner SLIGHTLY, while
    boosting. If you don't boost while doing it, Mission Failed. Your boost should
    last the gap and a bit more. Follow the track round to end Lap 1 of 3.
    Remember to repeat for the last two laps!
    Tough Puppy is available whenever.
    [Damas Mission 3: Race for Artifacts]-----------------------------------------
    Difficulty: 3/10
    Ah, another buggy mission. I really hate these with a passion! It's like a
    checkpoint race, really.
    Anyway, Damas wants you to go out and rescue 12 artifacts that the SandStorms
    uncover. So, ride out into the Desert and head for the first artifact. The path
    will take you pretty far away, and the Marauders don't help. If one comes head
    on...JUMP! It might make it over, maybe not. Remember if you crash that you can
    just reverse, although it makes you a little slower accelerating.
    When you get all twelve (your time refills up to 25/26 seconds each time you
    collect an artifact) your time will bump up to about 1:30, and you have to get
    back to Spargus. Race back, avoiding Marauders to complete this mission!
    Mars Bracers!
    Now we have more HPs! Head outside to Seem...
    [Seem Mission 2: Beat the Monks in Leaper Race]-------------------------------
    Difficulty: 3/10
    A race on Leapers - which are faster than the average Leaper, mind.
    I can offer only hints...
    1)  Try not to get jumped on by the opposition - it slows you WELL down...
    2)  Jump and Glide often - it can give you the edge sometimes
    3)  Watch the map too. Often the next ring is off screen...
    4)  Watch out for pedestrians - they will fire at you!
    Hm. OK, that should do.
    Joe Silver: "Leaper Race: I have some tips to offer. A head start in the
    beginning will not ensure victory. Your leaper is inherently faster than the
    others, so try to overtake them after the cave thingy and avoid the jumping."
    [Kleiver Mission 4: Destroy Wasteland Beasts]---------------------------------
    Difficulty: 5/10
    OK, hop in the car - you'll be startled be the size of the Metal Heads - so
    I've warned you. They are all off to the right of Spargus and are in a little
    clump - so it's quite easy to get two of the monsters after you at once - try
    to stay after just one at a time cos when you get wellied away, it can hurt.
    Anyway, when you find the first, just keep your finger on the fire button and
    fire away at it. To be honest, face it head on and when you feel it is a bit
    too close, ride to the left or right. They are quite fast, but you should be
    able to time it just right.
    If that method fails, wait till it turns, chase after it and fire till your
    finger bleeds! The beasts can turn EXTREMELY well, so watch out. Always try
    to stay about 20-30 feet away from them and you'll see the Dark Eco spew from
    them when you hit them.
    Take out the others in the same manner and return to Spargus to FINALLY be able
    to fight on your own two feet!
    Dark Eco Crystal
    Sand Shark as useable vehicle anytime!
    [Damas Mission 4: Earn 2nd Battle Amulet]-------------------------------------
    Difficulty: 4/10
    So another blast of a mission. Ahem. Anyway as soon as you start smash the
    crates and you'll be told to summon Dark Jak. Do so by pressing L2. Wait till
    there are four enemies in the arena and double jump (to get away from any
    slashes in mid-jump) and hit square to smash to the floor and emit a shockwave
    of Dark Eco, which will instantly anything in the blast. Woot.
    Get your Blaster out immediately and blast away at any Marauders that come down
    from the huts. When you get to about 20-22, Lava will start fizzing into the
    arena. There another three big squares you can jump to now, so do so. More
    Marauders will jump down onto the square you're on so kill them. Rinse and
    repeat the method and always use Dark Jak when you can!
    Wave Concussor (Scatter Gun Mod)
    Beam Reflexor (Blaster Gun Mod)
    Battle Amulet (piece 2)
    [Kleiver Mission 5: Corral Wild Leapers]--------------------------------------
    Difficulty: 2/10
    A nice, fun mission. Get in the Sand Shark and we need to catch some Baby
    Leapers for Spargus, seems they're running low on transport. Seeing as though
    they're babies and untrained they don't have any wings and haven't learned to
    restrict their speed. That's not what the game says, but it's just a "IMO".
    Anyway, drive out to the ruined settlement and talk with Kleiver. He'll tell us
    WE have to do it. Nevermind though, we get an awesome buggy out of it!
    What you have to do is to get up close to a Leaper and stay there for about a
    second / half a second. Daxter will now leap out of the Buggy and jump on the
    Leapers back and ride it. You cannot run into the small Cacti on the floor!
    Stay away from them and any walls or the Leaper will die and you'll have to get
    that Leaper again. Yeah, you don't have to get all of them again.
    When you have the Leaper, circle around the innards of the settlement and find
    a good route into the electric-doored pen in the center of it. When you see a
    good route, go for it. But remember - the Leapers are fast and cannot glide.
    Instead of gliding, their jumps are ridiculously long, so watch out for that.
    Real easy, so just get another two Leapers in and prepare for a horrid mission.
    We now have two options...I chose to do them in this order- you do not.
    If you want to go to a tedious mission, head to Spargus. If not, get into the
    Dune Hopper and head to the orangey Precursor Icon on the map.
    [Seem Mission 3: Climb the Precursor Monk Temple]-----------------------------
    Not exactly a mission for Seem, but it's to do with the Precursor Monks - so
    I just put it as a Seem section mission. Anyway - on with the Walkthrough.
    When you get to the Islands, just use your Super Jump to get across them. The
    higher platform may seem daunting, but time it right to access it. Fall into
    the water and you have to start again from the front of the Islands. When you
    are onto the body of the Mountain, watch out for the concealed by hill jump,
    keep your eye on your map to see it is when the waterfall is in view. Drive to
    the barriers and get the Orbs if you want (go into the yard behind the barrier,
    look to the right and climb the rocks then navigate your way along the path).
    Go into the room and jump on the raised stone, then the bowl and bounce on the
    thing. Jump up to the next platform then grab the pole and jump when Jak is
    vertically above the pole. Repeat with the next one and land on the right
    Platform. Jump across to the next one and the next and then onto the pole above
    before jumping to the next one and then again onto the next platform.
    Watch out here, the cracked platforms will collapse when stood on, so be quick.
    Jump across the many platforms and into the corridor, smashing the urn and then
    up the stairs. Smash this earn then move across the next set of platforms,
    watching out for the falling ones. Jump on the poles and you know the drill
    now, jump to the next platform and then to the next pole and so on.
    Jump across the platforms and then onto the poles and then onto even more
    platforms. Ugh. Continue along and onto the last two poles YEAH! and the last
    platform YEAH! and head towards the glider up here!
    [Seem Mission 4: Gliding to the Volcano]--------------------------------------
    Difficulty: 4/10
    Still easyish, but more difficult than others. Anyway, the gliding part is easy
    although the controls are inverted which I think makes sense. Anyway, your aim
    is to go for the blue, big rings. Chances are, if you miss even one you'll
    plummet to your death. As long as the tip of your wing goes through the ring,
    you'll get a boost. Some blue rings will be diving all over, so watch the blue
    trails they leave to see their pattern from a distance.
    The yellow, closed hoops need shooting at. Just fire off three rounds and one
    of them is bound to hit, if not keep firing till it does. Also, the big grey
    flumes MUST be glided into, else you'll fall miserabley underneath the next
    set of rings.
    There are a couple of checkpoints, but it really should be done in one go. When
    there is a turn, I recommend sticking the stick (O_o) in a diagonal way, makes
    the turn much smoother.
    Good luck!
    [Seem Mission 5: Find Satellite in Volcano]-----------------------------------
    Difficulty: 5/10
    Note the dark eco thing at the back of this room before moving on down towards
    the path. Go round the bend, hop up the ledge and then kill the many Metal Head
    Scorpions up here. Continue round and kill even more of the little bastards.
    Climb up the ledges and at the top smash the boxes for ammo before pursuing the
    Leaper. Run after it along the ledge and watch out for the falling platform.
    Here, equip the Rifle and shoot down the few flying metal heads with the second
    mod (they can be quite tedious, in numbers). Continue after the Leaper - the
    sooner you can get on the Lizard, the better. Some more Metal Heads will pop
    out and after they're dead, hop past two more falling ledges and chase on
    after the Leaper.
    Continue round, watching out for the Metal Heads and rolling toads before
    continuing the chase for the Lizard. On this last platform surrounded by magma,
    roll jump to catch up with it, before eventually getting on and jumping up the
    next ledge. Why must we get it? Read on and find out.
    Jump the next and watch out for the ball of lava that will shoot out and hit
    you if you mistime your jump. Jump just as it falls and then glide to the next
    Another lava ball awaits you here, so dodge it and glide to the small platform
    below you. Glide to the next, higher one and repeat the lava ball process. THis
    time there are MANY platforms to jump to and they will go up and down, making
    them a little harder the navigate past.
    Get through the labyrinth of raising platforms to get on some nice, safe
    ground. Hop the next few gaps with lava flowing and grab the crate for some
    ammo. Continue along the path to the left and to the next, LONG jump. You will
    make it with a well timed glide. Jump down the stable ground and head towards
    the ladder. Jak will hop off the Leaper, so climb up the ladder. Phew.
    Up here, watch out for falling sections and get past the next few platforms
    unscathed. Daxter time. Stick to the FAR, FAR left of the netting and you'll be
    fine, remember - take your time! There are three lava balls to get past until
    you get a little respite. At the lava-falls, wait until the lava has COMPLETELY
    disappeared before attempting to jump.
    Make it to the otherside and then kill the Metal Heads with a spinning attack.
    Around the corner, another awaits before you can time your jumps across the
    swinging bridge to the other side. Great, another net. You know what to do!
    Follow the path along to start a scene where Daxter makes a bridge. Cross it
    and get to Jak to end Daxters session.
    Head back over the bridge as Jak and up onto the higher ledge. Kill the Metal
    Heads up here before advancing to more Metal Heads and a lone flying one. Kill
    them before whacking the circular, massive rock onto the Vent and getting on
    it. Jump up to the next ledge and kill the Metal heads up here.
    Continue along and hop the gap, get the crates and move on. Watch out for the
    Metal Head that tries to drop down on you while moving along the ledge. Another
    gap awaits you and you'll land on an unstable ledge - so quickly hop along to a
    safe part. Move along, getting boxes before loads of Metal Heads come. Disperse
    of them quickly and keep your pace up.
    Here, Daxter will climb the pipe and another of his sessions begin. This time,
    think quick and keep Dax from falling from the pipes. Do this with the left
    stick and jumping the gaps - it may take a couple of tries, don't worry. At the
    end, continue on foot up the path to the rocks on the left. Jump up the bouncy
    ledges (there's a few) and at the top kill the toads, then move on.
    More bouncy things and more toads will be your next act of heroism. Anyway,
    pass them and climb up the next ledge, using more bouncy sheets. Continue along
    the path to access a new cutscene. Tis funny. Anyway, push the rock you just
    got onto the vent and climb on it before it moves up.
    Up here more enemies await, so finish them off. More await on this section with
    the three rocks and vents - so kill them before pushing the rocks onto the
    vents, which inturn activates the middle one - so use it. Climb up these
    "steps" and then the next set before going up the path and killing the toads.
    Get to the lava river and use the rocks to gain access to the ladder.
    Climb up and approach the woman in stone to end the level and access a scene.
    Now, jump back down onto the pancaked rocks and float along, looking for a
    platform on the left. Jump to it get the crates and then go to the Teleporter
    [Seem Mission 6: Find Oracle in Monk Temple]----------------------------------
    Difficulty: 3/10
    Touch the dark eco statue behind you to go all invisible! Woo, a new Dark Jak
    power!! Anyway (>_>) quickly get under the eye and through the door (the eye
    will now disappear) and battle your way along the corridors, defeating all the
    little Dark Eco Spiders as they confront you. You'll come to a room with a
    Dark Eco fountain, so fill up and head to the next room. Easyness repeated.
    DO NOT FIRE AT THE CIRCLE OF CAMERAS! If you do, they'll fire back which will
    equal an instant death. Inside, keep to the left wall of this circular room and
    reach the back - where a Dark Eco Statue will await you. Touch it and QUICKLY
    run into the center of the circle of bots and pound the button on the mini-
    platform. Now, bring out the wave concussor (Red Mod II) and charge it up
    fully. Release the blast of death and it will remove the ring of robots.
    Head through the recently opened door, killing the many enemies that'll get in
    your way. In the large room, head left to the Dark Eco Statue and use it to get
    past the eye - how? Using the polls that move up and down, of course! Navigate
    through the first three and land on the well deservedly reached next platform.
    Hit the next statue and repeat the pole process. Then repeat a further two
    times to get into the room where we see - shock horror - WHITE ECO! Load up and
    go forward to initiate a scene with the massive Precursor Oracle...
    Head through the teleporter and back to the buggy.
    Light Jak
    Light Jak Regeneration (L2+Triangle)
    [Damas Mission 5: Rescue Wastelanders]----------------------------------------
    Difficulty: 7/10
    Oh, what a bitch of a mission. Sorry, but I really can't be bothered to write
    about another driving section - so just get to the dots, pick up the
    wastelander, drive it to the transport. You must stop FULLY for the person to
    get in, and there are MANY Marauders after a bit of scrap buggy. Shoot them to
    hell to get boosts and boost away. It can be quite a difficult mission, and is
    the only mission I don't really wanna write about. Not the hardest, but a pain
    in the ass to write for. I ain't publishing what I had wrote >_>
    Anyway, there are four to pick up, and it is timed. Actually - there are three
    and the fourth one is a....
    Boss: Dark Maker Satelitte
    OK, so this boss battle is timed, but quite easy. It has three stages - and
    each stage gets a bit harder every round (3 rounds). The first thing it does
    is hover around and shoot electric line things out to set a perimeter. There
    are two ways to avoid being electrocuted:-
    i)  Roll and jump out - very risky
    ii) Stay DIRECTLY underneath the DMS - easy
    If you are hit by the lines, it will not enter stage two, but repeat stage one
    AND take two orbs of health.
    The second stage is it diving into the sand, removing it's shielding and
    sending out one shockwave in round 1, two shockwaves in round 2 and three in
    round three. You have to jump them, then just fire away at the DMS with your
    Rifle. It'll send out a tentacle (just 1) in round 1 which goes in a whole
    360 movement, so you must jump. In round 2, it sends out two and so on.
    Stage 3 is it just floating around with it's shield on waiting to return to
    Stage 1. Happy boss fighting!
    When done, just blitz back to Spargus and admire the Dark Eco Crystal!
    Dark Eco Crystal
    [Kleiver Mission 6: Beat Turret Challenge]------------------------------------
    Difficulty: 4/10
    Go talk to "Krew"ver to start the mission - upon speaking to him, climb the
    ladder to reach the god damn awesome turret. The objective is easy - shoot the
    orb things that look like a character from Halo (o_O) and gain 7000 points.
    Easy. It'll start with red-faced discs (which are worth miniscule points), then
    light blue (not too shabby) then green (oh yeah!), they are all mixed in
    together mind, so...
    You can miss 10 times, but that's more than enough, because most of the discs
    just pop up infront of you. A few come from the sides and fly across the screen
    but you can get them just as they emerge by looking out for an arrow near the
    crosshair. Booya.
    Light Eco Crystal
    [Damas Mission 6: Defeat Marauders in Arena]----------------------------------
    Difficulty: 4/10
    You'll recieve this gun* before you enter the Arena, but only use it as a last
    resort. Head to the center of the arena and grab the crates and let the battle
    commence. Stay away from the center of the arena, or be blasted into the lava.
    Instead, head right around the perimeter and blast ahead of you, ocassionally
    spraying a 180 with the new gun* and moving on with the rifle. as with every
    other Arena battle, the whole arena will sick into the lava, so remember to
    jump on one of the four big blocks int the centers of the squares to survive.
    Vulcan Fury
    [Damas Mission 7: Destroy Eggs in Nest]---------------------------------------
    Difficulty: 3/10
    Oh man >_< It's a good fun mission, this one, but it's so easy it don't really
    need a walkthrough. I'll give hints though:
    i)   Never remove your finger from R1! It's quite satisfying letting rip on the
         little Mushroom things ^_^
    ii)  In the first chamber, follow the slightly raised path round for an easier
    iii) Stay away from the bridges that are cobbled - they have a high chance of
         collapsing before you can get over them
    iv)  The Eggs are big green centered, black surrounded objects that are near
         the floor, but goo suspends them from above
    v)   Look for pillars that can be shot down by shooting the little eggs on them
         they make bridges that are needed
    vi)  Don't let the mushrooms get on the car - they'll leech it's life! KEEP
         YOUR FINGER ON R1!
    vii) There are 9 eggs
    Good luck!
    [Freedom League Mission 1: Defend Ashelin at Oasis]---------------------------
    Difficulty: 6/10
    Not exactly a Freedom League mission, but hey, she's part of it, right? Anyway,
    she'll call for you to meet her at the Oasis (duh >_>) and then the Marauders
    will attack! Oh noes!
    Two words: Wave concussor. Just wait till you're both surrounded while you
    charge the gun up then let rip! Many marauder kills are needed, and when the
    buggies come, whip out thour Vulcan Fury and blast away at them. When you are
    empty on your Wave Concussor, just use the Rifle - then the Vfury. Easy. Ish.
    Seal of Mar
    [Jak Mission 1: Complete Monk Temple Tests]-----------------------------------
    Difficulty: 3/10
    This is it! Say buh-bye to Spargus for awhile. These last few missions are made
    for Jak to battle through onto Haven. So, naturally, we're gonna get him there!
    Anyway, drive back to the temple on the mountain and head back over the spiked
    area - where there are no more spikes. Battle down through the corridors
    killing some flying Metal Heads. Reach the Dark Eco vent, then head to the big
    room. Head to the right door for it to open (the Seal of Mar will work here!).
    More flying MH's await in the room (three to begin), so head forward until you
    see a Precursor emblem, floating in the entrance to a room.
    Get on the jetboard and let's go...
    1) Right infront of you (1)
    2) Take a hard left and one is inside the little alcove. 4 more can be found
       dotted around the lower level (6)
    3) Head up the first slope on the right (as you enter) and one is at the tip of
       the slope. Head round to find two more (9)
    4) Head across the chamber to get through another tunnel. One is at the tip of
       the slope again. Head round to find two more. (12)
    5) One on the grindable bar at the end (13)
    6) There a 2 more in the next tunnel (15)
    7) Another single on the next bar (16)
    8) The last two are going through this tunnel (18)
    Super Jump up the stairs and go through the door. Unequip the Jetboard and
    head towards the Precursor...
    Do the Light Jak Time Freeze and jump the platforms to reach another hall.
    Head up the hall and stairs to the next room and equip the Jetboard. Grind the
    bar and continue along on the Jetboard. Hop the gaps, grind the bars until ypu
    reach the turbines. Use the Time Freeze and run across the Turbine - refill
    your White Eco at the fountain. Repeat two more times on the turbines (which
    get gradually harder). At the bridge use the time freeze again and cross over.
    Go through the Seal of Mar door, to end the level.
    [Jak Mission 2: Travel through Catacomb Sub-rails]----------------------------
    Difficulty: 8/10
    Head to the yellow Railer and climb in. You'll get pushed through a shield, and
    boosted forwards at high speeds. The aim of this is to get to the otherside of
    the rails. Easy enough. Not.
    Keep your finger on R1 to destroy gurders infront of you, which will stop
    damage of which you can suffer very little. A little ways through, a orange
    square thing will come and start shooting at you. Destroy it - more will come
    later on, and the more there is, the harder it is to not get blown up,
    obviously. Watch out for gaps in the track too - they are frequent, and will
    normally result in a Mission Failed screen.
    Good luck.
    Light Jak Shield
    [Jak Mission 3: Explore Eco Mine]---------------------------------------------
    Difficulty: 5/10
    Head forward and meet up with Pecker before moving onto the white eco vent and
    some crates. Nab them and climb up the jagged cliff to the South East of your
    current position. Up here, Pecker will leave.
    Shoot the bridge down and cross it, killing the two bird things. Head to the
    next bridge, shoot it and cross, killing more Flyers. Head down the platforms
    on the right of the track, grab the crates and continue on. Ah, the first of
    the two lifts on this level. Just before it stops at the bottom, shoot the
    bridge quickly, because the lift will drop from beneath you quick as. Kill the
    regular Metal Head down here and the Flying ones and the Salamander ones that
    cling to the walls and shoot balls of Dark Eco down at you. Get them on the
    floor quickly, because they can be difficult. Head round and up the ledge and
    then kill more Metal Heads up here.
    Drop the bridge and get on the lift. At the top, kill the Metal Heads and then
    the flyers in the bigger, spacious part beyong the blue disabled fence. Kill
    more around the corner and jump the platforms along the ledge. Kill the lone
    Salamander before going past more disabled fences and down the slope to the
    left, where more Metal Heads await you. Another lift! Remember the first one
    that fell? Same applies here, so shoot the bridge and cross it. More Metal
    Heads protect the lift that leads to part 2 of the level.
    At the bottom, get on ANOTHER lift and at the bottom, use the scatter gun to
    kill the frog things. See the sewer wheel thing? Yeah? See the red, large
    Sewer Rats? Knock one of them into the wheel to activate the platforms to
    reach more frogs. Jump the next few platforms, killing frogs and repeat the
    Sewer rat thing. Lewer one towards the wheel and punch it in, or kick, whatever
    you want.
    Kill flyers and frogs up top and go up the path. Kill more enemies up here
    and then do the Sewer Rat thing again. Navigate your way up the drill platforms
    and get to safe ground. Do the Sewer Rat thing AGAIN, before using the wheel
    to get to higher places. Use another wheel before killing more frogs and luring
    the Sewer rats up to the higher ground before knocking one into the wheel.
    Ta-da! Use the platforms and go straight ahead to get Mar's Greaves!
    Head round to the right, hit the stick to end this boring level.
    Mars Greaves
    [Jak Mission 4: Escort Bomb Train]--------------------------------------------
    Difficulty: 4/10
    Doesn't really need a walkthrough to be honest, just follow the <<LINEAR>> path
    shooting the red lights to turn them blue while killing the enemies before the
    time runs out. You'll need to hop on the JetBoard a few times, but it's obvious
    when. The time is plentiful, and the mission ain't to long, so don't worry.
    Remember, look for gaps!
    Use the gun that reflects bullets! >_>
    [Jak Mission 5: Beat Veger's Precursor Robot]---------------------------------
    Difficulty: 6/10
    Oh god, this is so easy, when you know what to do, that is. He'll open by
    smashing the floor twice with his laser sword, which will send out two shock-
    waves, which can be damaging. Jump them. Then, he'll use his sword to cut
    through the area (horizontally) which is easily dodged with a jump. Then he'll
    shoot out two weird spherical bomb things, that turn out into Dark Eco things
    that look like the bigger Metal Heads. Whip out your Wave Concussor and blast
    them to hell and their offspring that they leave!
    This boss is again, stuck to a pattern. Which gets gradually harder, too.
    Anyway, after the Dark Eco creatures, he'll fire out 5 or 6 lava balls - stay
    away from them. When they turn to stone, equip your Blaster or Vulcan Fury and
    hop up to the highest one, avoiding his fire. Shoot at any of the three Bomb
    Trains above, try the closest one though, and it'll come down on top of the
    Robot. Job done. Not.
    He'll come back up for round 2. Three shockwaves are there for you to dodge now
    still just as easy, though. He'll sweep the area with his sword again, three
    times this time though. Equip the Wave Concussor again and charge it when he
    fires three of the Dark Eco Creatures this time. Kill them, and their remnants
    before dodging the lava needles again. Climb up to the tallest one and repeat
    with your Rifle / Vfury.
    Round 3 is a carbon copy of the former round, but with four shockwaves for you
    to dodge. Easily enough, though. Spin-float (kick in mid-jump) if you need.
    This time, he'll sweep the area with two swords, four times. Double jump and
    kick to hop these! Once again, prepare to fight four of the Dark Eco Creatures
    and their little ones before doing the lava stems one. Last. Time! Yay, he's
    gone, and Act I is over - time for me to take a tea break!
    Act II
                                     ACT II
    Ge to the Samos sign using your Jetboard (hit circle to send out shockwaves to
    kill the little metal heads, if you want.)
    There? Get your first *OFFICIAL* mission for the Freedom League!
    [Freedom League Mission 2: Reach Port via Sewer]------------------------------
    Difficulty: 6/10
    As soon as you get down the lift of the sewer, head forward and be attacked by
    two flying Metal Heads - use the Beam Reflexor to make light work of them. Head
    left around the outside and when you cross the bridge, two more flying Metal
    Heads will come. Dispose of them. Continue along, down the "steps" and grab the
    crates for ammo and health (if you need). Remember, if you are REALLY low on
    health, a simple press of L2 + triangle gets you back to full health, with a
    full bar of Light Eco of course, though. Use the jetboard to get up the ledge
    and then re-equip your gun.
    Go through the door and kill all the little frogs that await you. You'll
    automatically hop on your jetboard, so watch out for the green circular gaps
    and blocks that stop you from going one way. Head to the exit at the end on
    the left and then head right, towards the water. Look to the left before the
    drop and go up the entrance here, into water. Quickly, kill the frogs and
    the water Metal Heads before grabbing some ammo from the crates and getting
    on the Jetboard again, going up the water slope.
    In this room, head straight across the room, onto the vent and at the top of
    the boost push forward and press L1 to get onto the ledge. Up here are some
    Precursor Orbs and some ammo. Back down into the water and head left, grind
    the pipe and jump to the next room, guarded by a fish and three fans. Get up
    close to them and mash circle to destroy them. Repeat with the other two, and
    the fish.
    Then head left and up and then left and up again. Up here, watch out for the
    swirling vortex and head right, down the slopes. This next room is quite
    difficult, with LOADS of frogs and a couple of swirling vortex's. Kill the
    frogs with your gun and also the water Metal Heads. Dodge the whirlpool's and
    then get back on your board and grind the newly accessible pipe, up to the
    higher ledge.
    Get round the whirl' and up the slope to the right. Watch out for a much
    trickier part here, with the fans and a whirly. Get past the fans (try and get
    past a gap on the right, still sending shockwaves) and into a room with a pipe.
    Go round the whirly and find the slope directly infront of you and facing the
    right. Go up, get off the board and kill all the troops up here. Get back on
    the board and up the slope, sending shockwaves to kill the frogs.
    Get onto the dry land and use the blue mod 2 (Arc Wielder) to kill all the
    lanky metal heads and the bigger ones. Jump the gaps by roll-jumping and then
    keep jumping in the water forwards so you don't get dragged down the 'fall.
    At the end, head to the door on the right. In here, watch out for MANY flying
    Metal Heads and then head left and go along the final stretch. Phew. My finger-
    tips hurt :(
    If you want, look to the left to spot a Precursor Orb in the rubble, near the
    left wall. Jack a car and head to the Martini-glass thing on the map to get
    another mission. Or explore the port and get some Orbs, whatever.
    [Freedom League Mission 3: Destroy Incoming KG Blast Bots]--------------------
    Difficulty: 4/10
    Easy. The three green dots on your map point out the locations of the KG Blast
    Bots, which are quite easy to take down actually - it's just their friends that
    are annoying. Best way to take them down? Blue gun - any mod, preferably the
    Fury mod - but it's still easy. If you ever run out of ammo for it, just kick
    the bombs they leave back at the - it takes about three-to-four bombs to blow
    them up.
    Word to the wise - when they crouch down, get the hella outta sight, cos they
    gon' blow!
    Rinse and repeat for the remaining two, easy, huh?
    Head back to the Ottsel.
    [Freedom League Mission 4: Destroy Barrier With Missile]----------------------
    Difficulty: 5/10
    Great fun! XD Daxter hops on the missile and it's up to you to control him.
    Firstly, a little controls there are..o_O X to jump and just the analogue stick
    to move. You move at VERY high speeds, so leave room for turns. There are a
    couple of checkpoints, which are nicley spread out.
    The aim? To collect all the eco to power up the missile! There's a fair few,
    but don't worry, even if you fail, you'll want to try again! Collect them all
    and head to the barrier to blow it up! Don't worry, all the eco and the barrier
    are marked on your map as green dots...XD
    You can now go two ways - to the Gun Corse (green cross hair) or to the Destroy
    the Sniper Cannon mission. Up to you. I'll cover the Gun Course mission first!
    [Tess Mission 1: Scatter Gun Course]------------------------------------------
    Difficulty: 4/10
    You can only use your first gun (Scatter Gun) which makes it twice as hard as
    it could have been. When you finish talking to Tess (who is real bitchy this
    time round) head to the door and let the Gun Course commence. Watch out for
    the civilians (dressed "normally") and kill the KG bots. Some are armed, so
    watch out for that. Armed? Yeah, the have Blaster Rifles!! Wtf!? Anyway, try
    to hit the gold ones at all costs cos they net you LOADS of points. You need
    a total of ten thousand to pass and even more for bronze, silver or gold.
    Good luck!
    Gyro Burster (Yellow Mod 3)
    [Freedom League Mission 5: Destroy Sniper Cannons]----------------------------
    Difficulty: 7/10
    Maybe it's just me, but controlling a platformer from a fixed camera is a PAIN.
    Well, in this mission anyway. Go to Torn and get the info of the Sniper Cannons
    holding up the upcoming Freedom League assault of KG Bot territory. What are
    the Sniper Cannons? They are automated cannons, basically that are deadly
    accurate. Guess what? You have to get exceedingly close to them to switch them
    Get to KGB territory, and head to the closest green dot on your mini-map.
    The aim of the game is to find all the buttons dotted around it (the number of
    them varies from about 3-5, I think) and do a "Bash" on them, by jumping up
    above them and punching so you press the button. When all the buttons are
    pressed down, the gun's core will pop up, enabling you to pump three rounds
    into it. Doesn't SOUND so hard does it? Well, the camera perspective is that
    of the Sniper Cannons. Stay away from the laser it emits, as when it turns blue
    it's gonna shoot.
    Destroy the remaining Sniper Bots and head back to Torn.
    [Freedom League Mission 6: Reach Metal Head Area via Sewer]-------------------
    Difficulty: 7/10
    Nice, long mission. I've changed how I actually type up the FAQ (taking notes)
    because of re-arranging my house. Anywho, get to the sewer and cross the bridge
    as soon as you enter the room.
    To get past these vents emitting green gas, just wait till the gass disappears
    and then repeat for the next two vents. A wall will now block our way, so we'll
    have to use the vent to the right to pass it. Remember to wait for the green
    gas to disappear. Go through the door ahead and kill off the two soldier KG
    Bots. Kill the other few bots on the other side of the next room before
    navigating past the next three vents.
    Up here, destroy the lone fan with a gun and cross the water before proceeding
    to kill the next couple of KG Bot Soldiers. Get past another couple of vents
    before killing a lone Bot. Head down the corridor and two flying KG Bots will
    appear. Kill them with the richocheting bullet gun. Get on the platform and
    it will start to move. Another 2 or 3 flying bots will come along as you try
    to jump the moving lasers - it can  be hard, but you probably'll only lose a
    couple of health units.
    Kill the foot soldier here, and get on the Jetboard, using the brown vent to
    access another secret area with Skull Gems and health. Go back down and into
    the next room. Quickly equip the Gyro Burster and shoot off a round and when
    the second wave comes shoot another round off. When the electric fence opens,
    go through and equip red mod 1. Kill all the little Spider Bots that come.
    There are lots.
    When the next electric fence goes down, get on the platform and dodge more
    lasers. At the end of the laser, an automated turret will start shooting.
    You'll have to jump over the bullets as it sweeps the area. Get past the
    turret and into the room on the left. Drop down and kill the Metal Head
    water creatures.
    When done, head into the water and under the fence by pressing circle to
    dive. In the next room quickly get out of the water and start killing the
    next wave of water creatures. Press the button to open the gate and even
    MORE water Metal Heads will come.
    When they are dead head into the next room and get on the jetboard. Watch out
    for the spinning blade bot and search for the door to get into the inner
    square of this maze. Do the same - dodge the bot and get into the small
    chamber by finding another door. Press the button and get out of the maze and
    through the new door.
    In here, kill more flying bots as you head to the exit on the left hand side of
    the room.
    [Freedom League Mission 7: Destroy Dark Eco Tanks]----------------------------
    Difficulty: 1/10
    Ridiculously easy, compared to the last mission. Well, get on the Jetboard and
    head left, finding the grindable purple thing. Get to the platform, and jump to
    the platform on the right. Use the flower to get to the top platform. How?
    Stand on the flower and it will push you up. Kick the Tank to destroy it.
    Get down to the platform below and grind another of the purple things. Use the
    flower here to land on another platform. On the next grindable thing, there is
    an electrocuted centre - so you'll have to jump that. On the next one there is
    another electrocuted middle, so dodge that, too. Jump the gap to the next
    platform, use the flower and grind on another purple goo thing.
    Grind AGAIN and jump to the next platform and on to the flower. Destroy tank
    two and use the flower next to it.
    Jump to the flower below and grind on another thing, then grind again. Quickly
    run to the next flower and the next. Use another few flowers and then destroy
    tank 3.
    Use the flower up here before doing more running to large flowers. Using more
    flowers climb the tower and destroy tank 4.
    The next flower will land you on some mushrooms. Don't worry, they are safe.
    Just jump across them to reach another flower and reach the last tower.
    Destroy the "last" tank before using a flower to get to the outer rim. Run
    to the very last tank that gives you a new dark power.
    Use it on the wall infront of you to finish the mission!
    [Freedom League Mission 8: Kill Dark Plants in Forest]------------------------
    Difficulty: 2/10
    Just outside the entrance to the Metal Head Section is a zoomer, grab it and
    head to the mushroom icon on your map. The aim of this mission is to get on
    your Jetboard and load up on green eco (yay!) by heading over the vents dotted
    around the Forest in important places. They can also be found as the green
    dots on your map.
    Now what? Go and destroy all the Dark Eco plants! This mission is pretty much
    a carbon copy of the mission in the original Jak & Daxter: The Precursor
    Legacy, but, meh. Just ride over them to destroy them (you must be charged with
    Green Eco, obviously). The catch? There are little Dark Eco creatures floating
    around the place, so destroy them with a blast from your board (circle).
    Mar's Shoulder Guards
    [Freedom Keague Mission 9: Destroy Eco Grid with Jinx]------------------------
    Difficulty: 4/10
    Outside the forest get into the Speeder with Jinx - we're gonna have to babysit
    him while he rigs the objectives with explosives. Anyway, in the Speeder, zoom
    off to your destination and Jinx will hop out of the zoomer. Park it infront of
    him and get out. Pull out your Blaster and keep the enemies (who come out in a
    linear fashion - they only come from one direction).
    Wait a while, killing the enemies until Jinx gets in the speeder and we're
    ready to go. Get in a zoom off quickly before the Eco thing explodes and
    damages your speeder.
    In the next area, it'll be pretty much the same, with the place the enemies
    come in being bigger - this means more will come and they will flank you. If
    you get caught off guard, a spin shot will work wonders. When the charges have
    been planted, get in the speeder and to the third Grid.
    KG Bots will come now, and flying ones will too. Remember to shield Jinx,
    because this can be quite difficult otherwise. The fourth one is pretty much
    the same, so remember to guard Jinx. Spraying the area works wonders - so
    choose any Blue Mod.
    Needle Lazer
    [Freedom League Mission 10: Hi-jack Eco Tanker]-------------------------------
    Difficulty: 6/10
    Getting caught on poles is very annoying, so to smashing into stray corners.
    Anyway, get to the green dot and climb into the Tanker. Smash X to get a
    head start on the heat-seeking missiles that will chase you for the rest of
    the mission. Chances are, removing your finger from the X button will let
    the missiles catch you. So stay loose of the edges to refrain from turning
    too tightly. There are nice red floating arrows to guide your way, so watch
    out for them.
    Keep going round to the part to pass a checkpoint and begin a 1:30 second
    timer. Destroying the missiles is much harder than part one. Anyway, head to
    the dots on the map and shoot them to activate them. Hang close to them to tice
    the missile into it, removing one from your tail. Repeat a few times to get
    them all off your ass. The last "decoy" is Daxter's head on the Naughty
    Ottsel. Sheesh. I bet that cost some doh. Anyway, after all 7 missiles are
    gone it's mission over and congrats!
    [Freedom League Mission 11: Defend Port from Attack]--------------------------
    Difficulty: 7/10
    Bah. I'll give you a general overview here, before actually telling you how to
    defeat the four waves of attacks. Your gun selection is gone for some strange
    reason, so you have to collect gun's on the battlefield. Think Retaking the
    Red Square with the Russians in WWII. The camera is fixed again (I hate the
    fixed camera parts >_<) so it makes it a bit easier, actually. Although I still
    don't like it. You'll have a bit of backup from your Freedom League buddies -
    but you can kill them accidentally if you want ammo. Remember, your gun pick-
    ups only last as long as your ammo!
    Anyway, rush 1 and rush 2 are basically the same, and really easy. Just bomb-
    bots, KG Bot soldiers and I *THINK* flying soldiers. Civilians will come and
    crouch down in a circle in the middle of the screen in rush 3 - if all of them
    die, it's mission failed. 1 or 2 can die, but NOT all of them. The same enemies
    come, but you hve to kill all of them.
    In rush 4, big Battle Bots come. Use ALL of your ammo on them, and when you
    run out of ammo, kick back the bombs it spews out. It has plenty of heavies,
    so watch out for them too. Remember to let the Freedom League help on all four
    [Tess Mission 2: Beat Gun-course 2]-------------------------------------------
    Difficulty: 10/10
    Look at the difficulty. 10. Out. Of. Ten. At least you can use your Blaster
    this time. Anyway, why is it hard? I think you get less points per kill, the
    enemies have shieldings (it looks like a blue shimmer over them, like water)
    and takes two shots to kill. Some of the "Blast Bots" cutouts explode, and you
    don't get any points for them. Try to hit EVERY gold bot - most of them have
    shielding too. You may run low on ammo, so when using the red gun, watch out
    for the pedestrians. You need 11000 points to pass, and more for the medals.
    Don't worry if this takes many, many, many tries, you will pass, hang back
    to refrain from being blown up by the bots and shot by the smaller soldier
    bots. Good luck!
    Plasmite RPG (red mod 3)
    [Freedom League Mission 12: Break Barrier with BlastBot]----------------------
    Difficulty: 8/10
    Another difficult mission, if only because of the opposing Blast Bots. Get in
    the Blast Bot by visiting Torn and ride on into KGB territory. Keep on R1 as
    your turret takes down the enemies. Enemy Blast Bots take a while to take down,
    but with adequate cover you should get by un-harmed - their explosion deals
    major damage though. The second one around a few corners is VERY out in the
    open, so dispose of it before anything else. The last one is in an enclosed
    place, so use the corners as cover and use your increased reaction time to
    take it down. Get to the gate to end the mission and get...
    Peace Maker (Dark/Purple Mod 1)
    [Freedom League Mission 13: Defend HQ]----------------------------------------
    Difficulty: 7/10
    Many people have problems with this, although I find it quite easy. Finally we
    get to meet up with the complete gang. Samos, the might-as-well-not-be-there
    Keira, Ashelin and Torn! No more young Samos, but hey, he was annoying. What!?!
    A KGB attack on our HQ, we have to defend it! The Freedom League will help here
    so watch their back too.
    If you are quick, you may reach the first APV without taking too much damage
    from the ensuing KGB. Kill any in your way and blast away at the APV with your
    Plasmite RPG (takes around 3-4 shots, I think). Watch out for the lazer and
    rockets that will occasionally be sent out. Now continue to destroy more APV's
    with your Plasmite RPG or Peace Maker. That's the aim, to destroy the many
    Kill the bots that get dropped off, and use even your Blaster to take down the
    APV's if you have to. The Bots will drop Peace Maker and other ammo clips, so
    keep a look out.
    [Freedom League Mission 14: Find Switch in Sewer]-----------------------------
    Difficulty: N/A
    Unfortunately, with my room being re-arranged, my PS2 isn't connected up and I
    didn't take notes on the level. It's gonna be a really thin Walkthrough for
    this level FOR NOW, but never fear, my PC is gonna re-appear in my room again
    soon, so...
    In here, kill the KB Bots before some flying ones appear and shoot them down,
    use the Ricocheting bullets instead of the Gyro Burster. At the end, head to
    the left and hop those gas-shooting pipes from previous levels. More land-bots
    await here, so kill'em and move on. Some of the froggy things will attack, but
    a few blats from the Shotty will decimate them.
    Head along, jump the first laser and roll under the second. Kill more bots and
    navigate past an identical laser later on. Kill the many Bots in the next room
    and use the JetBoard to cross the water. More flying Bots ensue, so whip out
    your Gyro Burster to kill them. Continue round and kill more Bots and past
    another three-laser-high obstacle.
    Kill the bots down the hall before reaching the next room and equip the
    JetBoard. Quickly head to the switch and punch it to open a door. Head through
    it after killing a bunch of flying KB Bots and then, head out of the water and
    kill more enemies. For some Orbs, find a ladder in here and climb up. Smash the
    crates for Health, ammo and Orbs. Head back down and at the back of the room
    head right and use the vent to gain height and more goodies.
    Using the JetBoard still, head up the ramp of water and kill more enemies up
    here and smash the grate, head down into the next room. Kill the bots and then
    use the platforms to go up the waterfall. Kill more bots, cross the water and
    use more platforms to climb higher. Kill more bots and more over the room then
    cross the room to get to the switch.
    Take the lift and then head to the Power Station up the ramp...
    [??? Mission: Find Cypher in Eco Grid]----------------------------------------
    Difficulty: 10/10
    Hardest mission in the game, eek. It's like a Pacman game - but with more
    obstacles. The aim is to collect all the little yellow orbs. Yeah, that sounds
    easier than it is.
    There is something wanting to eat Daxter in here, so keep out the way of it.
    As long as you know the pattern, it's easy. There's a yellow line telling you
    which line the enemy is on. When there is only a few orbs left, a Precursor
    thing lays more Orbs! You can eat it - catching up with it is easier with this
    tip: Hold X to make Dax go faster. Get all the Orbs and missione ende!
    Krimzon Guard Cypher
    [Damas Mission 8: Race for Artifacts]-----------------------------------------
    Difficulty: 5/10
    Head to the blue transport in the Port then to the Tire in SPargus. Another
    timed checkpoint race. Just collect the artifacts (quite a few more, now) and
    get back to Spargus on time. Yawn.
    [Damas Mission 9: Destroy Metelpedes in Nest]---------------------------------
    Difficulty: 6/10
    Yay, Sig again! Get into a vehicle and race out to Sig and his awesome Buggy -
    the Gila Stomper. Climb in, ride down to the main chamber and head for the
    first green dot.
    These massive worm things are your enemies today. Just blast away at them. You
    are told their remaining health and they can dive back under, so drive around
    and wait for them to resurface before finishing them off. They may spew things
    at you, so watch out for that AND them smashing you away. Kill all 5, gradually
    faster Metelpedes to end uncover the artifact. Drive over it to gain your
    Light Eco Crystal
    [Kleiver Mission 7: Chase MetalHead Beasts]-----------------------------------
    Difficulty: 4/10
    Yeah, no DRIVING! Just FPS all the way. Your Gila Stomper has health - and
    there are many Projectiles being fired at you, so destroy them before shooting
    the MHB. There are LOADS to kill, and sometimes you will be swamped, but your
    buggy is strong, so you have awhile. Flying Metal Heads will arrive on the
    scene soon and shoot stuff at you too, to destroy them quickly.
    When all are dead you get your bounty.
    Quantum Reflector
    [Damas Mission 10: Defend Spargus Gate]---------------------------------------
    Difficulty: 6/10
    Some people this is hard - but you should choose the most unlikely vehicle. The
    Sand Shark is great. The main aim is to take out the bigger launcher vehicles,
    and take out a few of the normal Marauder vehicles in the mix. Never take your
    finger off of R1! The gate has a health bar, so watch it because it doesn't
    take a lot of beating. If you're quick, this will be a breeze. I find that
    the Sand Shark is EASILY the best vehicle for this. Shoot from afar and blitz
    in and it really should be easy!
    Beam Generator
    [Damas Mission 11: Take out Marauder Stronghold]------------------------------
    Difficulty: Part 1: 5/10; Part 2: 8/10
    Get in the Dune Hopper and head out to the new icon on the map in the desert.
    Make SURE you have full ammo - because this could be hard otherwise. When you
    reach the destination, hop the gaps in the path and drive into the base.
    Oh noes! A trap...
    A 60 Marauder target is steep, but with your arsenal this should be easy. Take
    them out and don't worry about ammo as they drop plenty. Blast away and watch
    for the raining fireballs - keep moving and you won't get hit. Just stay away
    from the glowing patches on the floor. When all 60 are dead, hop into the
    Buggy to commence Part 2.
    Spin around QUICKLY and go across the bridge. We have to kill the Cheifs. Head
    left and quickly blitz along the desert and catch up with the first just before
    he enters the cave ahead and blow him up. Three left. There's one in the large
    plain ahead and one just entering the ruins.
    The last buggy has no-time limit, but if he escapes your view, you'll have to
    restart Part 2. Blow him up (Boosts are invaluable) to end the mission and
    gain the...
    [Jak Mission 5: Beat Pillar Ring Challenges]----------------------------------
    Difficulty: 2/10
    Head to the forest and clamber on your Jetboard. This should be easy because
    a) there are NO enemies and b) there is no time limit. Shocking. You need to
    raise all the Precursor Statues and then destroy them to unlock something that
    is vital to the protection of the World!
    Anyway, head to the column of light and the first of five statues will rise
    from the ground and you will have to punch it's face to initiate the race.
    There will be a timer (11 or so seconds to begin, 6 seconds after every
    checkpoint [time does not carry over]) and you have to follow the blue streak
    and go through the checkpoints before time runs out. When you get back to the
    Statue it will explode and raise a level of the big column in the middle of the
    When all five statues are destroyed, just climb up the column to end this easy
    [Freedom League Mission 15: Destroy War Factory Defences]---------------------
    Difficulty: 6/10
    Head to the HQ and we finally get to make a HEAVY contribution to this war.
    We're gonna take out their production facility >:P
    Head back out and round the back and into the door to get into a Freedom League
    Cruiser (w00t!) and fly off into the sky! I normally don't like flying games,
    but this mission was teh roxx0rz.
    R1 is to shoot, L1 to fire off missiles. Remember the MetalHead nest mission?
    It's like that, but a wee bit harder. We have to destroy the 4 power pods on
    the four huge pillars around the base. Try not to use your missiles, they're
    not the best and we'll need 'em, so just use your lasers auto-aim feature.
    After the preliminary 16, 16 more pop up - situated on the base, on four
    pillars in the middle and inside the base.
    See those big red towers around the outside of the base? We need to head to
    them now and wait till they open up to fire before shooting a MISSILE into
    them. Repeat for the last three and we can finally land!
    [Freedom League Mission 16: Explore War Factory]------------------------------
    Difficulty: 4/10
    You should be used to these missions by now - they're like the dungeons of an
    RPG. But instead, we don't have black borders where the room ends and we aren't
    looking from an isometric view. Shaddap, Jon >_>
    Anyway, head into the elevator and it will take you down into the body of the
    beast, so we can begin this frickin' level. Kil the many bots here, and you'll
    notice a dead end. Alas, you should head right. Another gate - but there's a
    small hole/corridor with a grate inside that needs breaking down. Do so.
    Head to the pipe on the left and we get to do some time with Dax. Oh yeah.
    Anyway, climb along this grate to the edge and drop down, hit the switch, hop
    the blade and land on Jak's perch.
    Being back with Jak, crouch and jump up to the ledge and move along, killing
    the little bots (IGNORE THE FLYING BOTS!!) and find the slanted conveyor belt
    and use it and the moving platform to cross the gap. Now we can kill all the
    bots we want, yay. Head up another conveyor belt, nab the crates and move on
    to the right, towards the next pipe.
    Dax time again. Another hanging-grate section, this time with added spice.
    Move along to the end, watching for the electricity (red?!) and drop down
    before yet ANOTHER switch. Hit it and navigate along the moving platforms to
    your perch again.
    Move back across the platforms and shoot the green glass to access the next
    room. Kill all the flying bots until you are able to move on and head to the
    right. Smash the grate and then kill the three bots before navigating past
    a "real" platforming section. Again, look for a pipe to access another Dax
    grate action.
    A pair of steam jets join the party now, as well as criss-crossing electricity!
    So, when you get past all this crap, drop down onto the platform and continue
    to hit the switch and get to Jak.
    Head left to a grateand then to another Daxter part. DO the usual thing
    (getting annoying yet?), doing the grate thang then the switch thang and then
    finally the Jak thang. Ugh.
    QUICKLY HEAD FORWARD TO THE CART AND GET IN! Blitz off across the conveyor
    belt to the right, running over KG Bots on your way. There are gaps you need to
    hop - to be safe, try to hop all without a ramp infront. It's L1 to hop. We
    are basically heading backwards through the base, ramming the gates that
    blocked our way.
    When you reach the end (destroy the Flying bot spawners too by running them
    over) it's time for a boss fight...
    [Jak Mission 6: Kick Cyber-Erol's Ass]----------------------------------------
    Difficulty: 7/10
    Not too difficulty, but much harder than that god-damn earlier boss. Remember
    those bomb-cross hairs? Round un is basically that. So dodge them. Then he will
    bring out a lot of KG Bots, so destroy them until no more come. Now, find Erol's
    corner and wait for something to come out the pipe from underneath him. Whip out
    a projectile gun (VF/SR) and shoot it till it stops coming. Punch it back up
    the pipe to end round 1 and be a quarter of the way to success!
    Round 2 is basically the same, to be honest - the only difference is the type of
    bombs he uses. The pale-yellow crosshairs indicate "super-bombs" that will send
    out a shockwave, so jump them. Do the KG Bot thing again, and the bomb from his
    corner that he sends. Immobilise it, then hit it up!
    Round 3 is also not TOO different, just that some bombs will destroy some of the
    floor - so watch out for that as you have less space to manouver - do the KG Bot
    thing again and then the goddamn floating bomb thing. Gawd.
    Round 4 is similar, but he hoys out Dark Maker's now! These creatures can throw
    projectiles, so watch out! Do the floating bomb thing again too. Repetitive?
    Mass Inverter
    Act III
                                      ACT III
    [Seem Mission 7: Rescue Seem at Temple]---------------------------------------
    Difficulty: 4/10
    Head to teh shuttle and all the way back into Spargus and grab the Dune Hopper
    and head back out to the Precursor Mountain in the top left of the Desert.
    Head in and go back down the stairs to the room with the Precursor door in.
    Remember those Dark Eco creatures from the previous mission? They're now
    standard enemies, so watch out. Kill and move, it's the name of the game. Kill
    a few and move, never try to kill them all from one place - rarely even try to
    kill them all. There is *ONE* point in the mission that I know of that has
    infinitely re-spawning enemies and I'll tell you when.
    Anywho, in this room grab some Dark Eco and use your Dark Blast to smash down
    the crumbly door. Head round into the moving-bar area and to the left of the
    room. Look for a crumbly-wall and Dark Blast it. In this next area, I think
    this is where the infinitely re-spawning enemies come. Kill all that GET IN
    YOUR WAY and move on. Blast open the door and head to the Big Precursor Statue
    to gain the Light Jak ability "Fly". Fly to the right, tapping X periodically
    to keep height and momentum.
    In the room at the top of the slope, get vented up on light Eco and start
    flying across the room. It's mainly obvious, just jump from pole-to-pole. Never
    try jumps that look impossible. Your Light Eco will last, because I think it's
    infinite for now...
    Time Map
    [Damas Mission 12: Defend Spargus from Dark Maker Attack]---------------------
    Difficulty: 9/10
    I did this first try, but barely. By a loose-thread. There are 12 of the
    bumbling creatures that fall from the sky, and the max you have to fight at
    once is three. Remember the mission with Sig when you had to destroy all the
    MetelHead Beasts? It's like that, but harder. Destroy all the bombs first and
    then finally the machines themselves. You have to destroy FIVE points in their
    bodies, one either side of the head, one on each of their legs and finally one
    on their head. I don't think which order you do them in matters.
    9 come from the see and when they are gone, 3 attack from behind you, actually
    inside Spargus.
    We are a Wastelander :D
    Mar's Breastplate
    Full War Amulet
    [Precursor Mission 1: Destroy Dark Maker Ship Shield]-------------------------
    Difficulty: 7/10
    Oh god, this is HAWD. The first part, anyways. The second part makes up for
    it's difficulty. Anyway, find the first turret in the Forest and get in.
    Quickly find the flower kind of thing, it's purple and is churning out Dark
    Maker enemies, so put an end to it's shift and destroy it. Find the next gun
    and two or three flowers this time. Ignore most enemies and just focus on
    the flowers. Then look for the third and final and all it's surrounding
    flowers. Good luck.
    Head up to the Astro-viewer and have a peak through...a Titan Suit! Woot!
    Anyway, hop down and destroy all the Dark Maker creatures hovering around with
    the square. Many enemies come and more when the door to the right opens. Go
    through and make your way through the facility. You'll come across a couple of
    obstacles, so punch the circle bomb things into the doors they need to blow
    up. You'll come to a block puzzle - very straight forward, just use the blocks
    (R1 to pick up and put down) and hit the balls into the center thing.
    At the end, there's a boss, well, sort of. Just MASH the ball at the orbiting
    smaller balls, that are moving around a larger one. When all three are
    destroyed (hop over the electric floor) it's level over...
    [Freedom League Mission 17: Blow Open Tower Door]-----------------------------
    Difficulty: 4/10
    All ze way back to Freedom HQ! Ashelin makes you take on a "Heavy" mission,
    I mean that by protecting Torn and his "Bomb-sled".
    It's even MORE like the Sig mission, so just watch out for all the enemies,
    mainly the flying KGBots and the Metal Heads that like to leap off the roofs
    of buildings. Often, LOADS of missiles will end up on Torn's tail, so quickly
    blast them or buh-bye massive chunk o' health! Don't think you're safe though,
    you'll get frequently attacked too, so watch out. There is a checkpoint, and
    I find this mission kinda fun. When you reach the MH Territory, things pick
    up a little, so blast away and you'll reach the door to the tower...
    [Freedom League Mission 18: Destroy Metal Head Tower]-------------------------
    Difficulty: 6/10
    It's a simple straight-forward mission - really, all you do is kill all the
    enemies in each "arena" and advance. Easy.
    [Freedom League Mission 19: Reach Catacombs via Palace Ruins]-----------------
    Difficulty: ?
    Use a decent weapon to take out the larger MetalHeads below, after they're dead
    move out and to the right. You'll get surrounded by loads of Metal Heads, so
    use whatever means necessary to take them all out.
    Move on and don't fall into that big ass hole. Eventually, you'll come to 
    another site of nothingness. Head right and use your Jetboard to get round it.
    Use the dark eco vent then blow open the wall with your 1337 skills.
    Continue to move along, when these weird Flood-like looking things come running
    at you. Head to the ledge with two light-eco vents. Power up if you need, then
    fly across the gap to your left. Power up at the next vent and fly across the
    next gap. At the stadium doors head left and there's a lot of strongish enemies
    coming up, so quickly take them out!
    Power up at the Dark Eco vent then blow open the door. Prepare for some 
    platforming! When you touch these grey blocks, they disappear quite quickly,
    some move across ASAP. Keep going until you can use your jetboard, then jump at
    the end to reach the next platform. Repeat your movements and jump the gap 
    when necessary. Continue on till you reach the Dark Eco vent.
    A nest type thing of the Flood will accompany the vent. Blast open the door 
    ASAP, jump across more platforms, use your Jetboard again, and head left and 
    up. Grind across again, hop the gap and land on the platform.
    Head forward, then right then jump up to the high ledge - watch out for the
    crumbly block! Go up a ramp and blow open the door.
    [Damas Mission 13: Break Through Ruins]----------------------------------------
    Difficulty: 7
    Not too difficult, but frustrating. A not-so-simple driving mission, where
    you got to drive through the place, blowing down doors and power-sources etc.
    Firstly, the doors? Just plow through them at decent speeds. The gates?
    >_> Destroy their small blue-glowing security systems then blow up the gates.
    You won't have to travel too far, but there can be up to five towers. You may
    have to knock down some bridges, too. Watch out for the missiles, too. Just 
    dodge their targeting reticules and you'll be fine.
    [Jak Mission 7: Reach Precursor Core]-----------------------------------------
    Difficulty: 6/10
    Remember that WipeOut esque mission from earlier? It's like that, but a tad
    easier. Remember the tactics from the first mission.
    [Jak Mission 8: Destroy Dark Ship]--------------------------------------------
    Difficulty: 9
    Timed level? Damnit, I hate games that rely on time limits! Only five minutes
    Firstly, kill all the Dark Makers in here. They're quite tough, but our 
    weaponry is substantial. Head left through the door now.
    Cross the bridge and kill the flying Dark Makers. Only jump on the grey 
    squares. At the other side, kill the Dark Makers and head down the tube on the
    Use the stick-things to spin across the gap and when you land, kill the Dark
    Maker enemies ON THE GROUND, then head through the door.
    In this room, kill the flying enemies and move on. Get the light-eco, fly to
    the pillar infront of you, then left, then central and then left again then to
    the Light-Eco vent and then left again. I think that's right, yeah.
    Kill the flying enemies here, then fly across the huge gap again, whence you
    land kill the Dark Makers to open the door.
    Now use the jetboard to get out of here after the scene!
    [Jak Mission 9: Destroy Final Boss]-------------------------------------------
    Difficulty: 8
    Get in your Sand Shark, hunt the Dark Maker machine down, and start shooting
    the fourteen dark eco pods on it's feet. When they're all gone (this can take
    some time and is difficult) it's time to move on with our trusty gun.
    Take out all the enemies in each level to move on. Repetitive, but easyish.
    Keep Wave Concussor ammo and PeaceMaker ammo!
    The battle itself isn't difficult, because it's so samey. Firstly, take out
    the tentacles (wtf?) with the Wave concussor level II.Easy. Then dodge the
    laser Errol follows you around the ship with. Not hard, just outrun it. Then
    jump over the laser when he sweeps the area. See when the bots head turns 
    round, and those pink things show up? PEACEMAKER THEM! It takes five shots 
    to kill it, so we'll have to go through five rounds of combat.
    After round one, these bots come at you. Use the wave concussor II to take them 
    out easily. After the second, he'll send out Dark Eco creatures WITH the laser!
    Just shoot when you can, and maybe a few spinning kicks will work.
    On the final round, everything will come - laser, Dark Makers and those spin
    tops and tentacles - at the same time! Take out the spin tops ASAP. When you
    get rid of them all fire off the last shot, and the games over...
       OTHER STUFF                                                         ~OSF
    Here, I will tell you  what things do, and in some cases, help you find them.
    I may decide to do a Precursor Orb location guide - whatever. It will take a
    while, what with there being 600 an' all, but hey - it's a hobby!
    Hm, what to start with?...
    OK, sorry for the lack of content in the smaller sections, but the walkthrough
    is so damn time consuming! Anyway -
    Crates, Urns and Sacks
    These can be found outside various houses in Spargus, just up the top of their
    steps outside. There is normally an assortment of types of containers - the
    most common is fruit bowls. You can just jump on these with the Leaper to open
    them or attack them normally with the Leaper, or with Jak. They contain also a
    variety of items:-
    Precursor Orbs (VERY rare)
    Metal Head Skull Gems
    Health (rare)
    Ammo (rare)
    Scavenged KG crates
    Found near the arena, these boxes make a return from Jak II. They are red
    crates and only give out two items:-
    Ammo (any gun)
    [Haven City]------------------------------------------------------------------
    KG Bot Crates
    Found in KG Bot territory, these boxes make a return from Jak II. They are red
    crates and only give out two items:-
    Ammo (any gun)
    Freedom League Crates
    Found in Freedom League Territory, these boxes are similar to the KG Bot crates
    but their only difference is they are blue. They only give out two items:-
    Ammo (any gun)
    [What they do]----------------------------------------------------------------
    So, what do these items do? What do the items do not listed above? Read on my
    young padawans to find out! >_>
    Precursor Orbs
    These little bronze coloured, egg shaped Orbs can be found in a variety of
    locations. They can be found on roof tops, ledges, pipes - anywhere you can go,
    basically. You can also win them in various events like...Leaper ring races
    (the annoying ones from Jak II - but easier!!)...Precusor Orb hunts (still hard
    mind you). These can be used to buy secrets when you have an abundance of them,
    although at the start of the game the secrets are poor. There are 600 Orbs
    Metal Head Skull Gems
    These little yellow ovalic shaped gems buy you access to the Leaper races in
    Spargus and the Orb Hunts in Haven. You can find them in crates in Spargus and
    just by killing Metal Heads in Haven. How do you access the races and hunts? Go
    find a Precursor mini-statue with glowing, light eyes. You'll then be asked to
    trade [insert number here] Metal Head Gems to access the race!
    Health Packs
    You find these life savers (no pun intended) scattered across the land of Jak 3
    in the form of grey cubes with green medic crosses on them. You can get them
    from fallen enemies and crates!
    There are four types of ammo - Red, Yellow, Blue and Purple. Red keeps the
    Scatter Gun and its mods in working condition. Yellow keeps the Blaster and
    it's varieties blasting away and so on. These necessities are found near fallen
    enemies and crates!
    Dark Eco
    Wanna go freak out and kick everyones ass for a period of time? This is a
    neccesity then. Sometimes dropped by enemies when kick the bucket and can be
    found in crates sometimes. This will let you go all Dark Jak for a period of
    time, depending on how full the bar is (bottom left of HUD). Their appearance
    is obvious: little glowing spheres of purple goo...
    Light Eco
    Wanna go all Prince of Persia? This is a necessity too, then. Dropped mainly by
    the KG Bots, this stuff is priceless, mainly because of how rare it is. You
    only need 4 spheres of the bluey/white substance to fill the bar (to the left
    of the Dark Eco bar). There are some cool actions he has, but I won't spoil
    them here. Read the guide doods!
    Battle Amulets
    Arena challenges don't just award gun mods - they earn you your citizenship of
    Spargus. There are three to get until you become an official wastelander, along
    side Damas.
    Eco Crystals
    There are two types of eco crystal - Dark Eco Crystal and Light Eco Crystal.
    When combined, they have great power! (Thanks to renshai)
    Gate Pass
    After the first battle challenge, you get a Gate Pass. I wouldn't use it until
    you can get one of Kleiver's cars though as the Marauders will tear your bear
    body to shreds!
    Mar's Armour
    Jak's health is quite measly at the beginning, no? So, there must be a way to
    upgrade it. Yeah! Mar's armour changes Jak's appearance aswell as adding two
    HPs to his health bar every time you collect a part! There are four altogether
    and they include:-
    Bracers (forearms)
    Greavers (shins)
    Shoulder Guards (shoulders)
    Breastplate (chest)
    Seal of Mar
    Ashelin contacts Jak and they meet somewhere. She gives him this (which will
    open Precursor doors) and...
    this! Use this when going through the city's is a bit slow. Wyping out the
    Guard's doesn't result in them all attacking you anymore. Neato.
    That is all...for now...
    These tips are all submitted by you, the readers. 99% of tips will be submitted
    to help the ponderers among you, so get contributing. Hey, it's a way to get
    your name seen, no?
    The following tips were submitted by Joe Silver, and cleaned up a bit by moi.
    Metal Head Skull Gem Payment:
    Number of gems is usually an indicator of difficulty or type of mission. 4 orbs
    is ALWAYS an Orb Hunt mission, 8 is special, 12 is special that is much, much
    harder. Also, how many skull gems you pay is akin to how many orbs you get. The
    more skull gems, the more orbs.
    You get a speed boost if you do a full, clean 360. This would work well in a
    combo with Boost Jump (X...Analog 360....land..X) so that the speed stays
    instead of fading if you just continue normal skating.
    Precursor Orb Locations (20+)
    Well, in Spargus, you could load up on Light Eco in the middle of town and then
    head to the building with the bridge on it. Then, bring out your wings. Hop
    onto the railing, then go next to the triangular smaller building connected to
    the larger building. If you can't tell which is which, break out of Light Jak
    then go to first person view. Then look to the opposite building to see if
    there are orbs at the top. If there are, try to reach the building you're next
    to while on the railing. Then, fly to the opposite building and access to 20 or
    so orbs. You can also jump to the very top of the building with your winghop
    and get more orbs (the rest of the 20-something).
    Thanks for those, Joe Silver!
       FAQ -- SPOILERS                                                     ~FAQ
    [From "cernpr@aol.com"]-------------------------------------------------------
    Do you really have to BUY the secrets with all the hard earned precursor orbs,
    instead of just  obtaining the required number to unlock them like Jak II did?
    Yeah, you have to buy them. Don't worry, if you keep a decent amount from the
    Normal game, in "Hero Mode" there are another 600 to get. In my opinion, you
    only need a 100. Infinite Light Jak and Infinite Ammo.
    [From "kyle capps"]-----------------------------------------------------------
    Hey, my name is Kyle...
    The walkthrough was very helpful and I was wandering if you knew what
    needed to be done at the part where Jak gets hyperlinked to a Big Dark
    Robot up in the Big Dark Ship...
    I'm stuck at the part where I just lifted the boxes and jumped across
    the second circling platforms... electricity grid sweep over the
    platform and there is that spike bomb producer in the middle... but
    every time I hit it the bomb at the pod thing in the middle they go
    short and I have to run back to safety from the electricity. I'm going
    to try and throw them at the electricity polls or converter or
    whatever they are called, but I'll do that later. Thoroughly
    confused...thanks for the help...and sorry to be a bother.
    No bother! I'm here to help.
    See the little orb things zooming around the bigger one? Time the
    punches to hit chose. If timing doesn't work - just go mad. You don't
    need to retreat to dodge the electricity either, just jump. Hope you
    find this helpful, and if not, reply back!
    Please, ask more people!!
       VERSIONS                                                            ~0.9
    1.00 -- last update!
    All done. Not going to continue with subsections.
    Omg, liek not long to go now! Only SIX MORE MISSIONS LEFT!!
    Omg, liek not long to go now! Probs have this finished tomorrow night! Added a
    good few more missions. Luck forward to the Penultimate Walkthrough update!
    Just added IGN FAQs to the LEGAL section.
    Added loads more missions. More cosmetic updates too.
    Tidied up a bit. Hope you like the new ASCII and Borders! Did a couple of
    missions, too. Come on guys! Contribute!
    Act I is FINALLY done. 70kb of writing later, ACT I is DONE. Obviously, I added
    the last five missions, 70kb and Sunderland got beat. Damn them. I figured,
    that if I write at the current rate, I'll be done by Febuary!
    Only five more missions to go in Act I. Did 6 or so missions today. 61-62KB.
    Looking forward to the Sunderland match today (New Years Day). All I did was
    more walkthrough. Enjoy!
    Touched up the guide a bit. No major things added. Added lots of contributions
    from Joe Silver - thanks. Happy New Year peeps! Also added a small FAQ section
    One more mission done - expect more tomorrow. Morrowind is so damn time
    consuming. One mission took up 6kb :O
    More Walkthrough done and finished the weapons section. Huzzah! Version 0.1 got
    put on GameFAQs so I can finally start majorly revamping the whole guide. Oh
    yeah - I completed Jak 3! What an awesome game it is guys, so the walkthrough
    will be based on Hero Mode from the mission after the "Destroy Wasteland
    Beasts". Shouldn't bother the normal moders though.
    OK, done most of the sections. Just "Other Stuff" and the Walkthrough to go!
    Hopefully, it'll be done by the end of January and maybe even December. Doubt
    it though, what with Christmas an' all. Hopefully, Ceej will put it up on
       CONTACT                                                             ~@@@
    Submissions: mc[.]ronez[@]gmail[.]com
    Alternate Strategies
    Orb Locations
    *Leaper Race Strategies
    *Orb Hunt Locations
    Things already contained in guide
    Questions answered in guide
    Character bios...
    Anything NOT listed above
       LEGAL                                                               ~LGL
    This WALKTHROUGH is (c) Jon Smith (AKA Kitetsu) 2004-2005. All content from
    here on in is copyright to the aforementioned name. To request useage on
    another website, please email me - see the contact section. The only websites
    this guide can be used on at the minute is:
    http://www.gamefaqs.com and it's KNOWN affliates (GameSpot and such)
    You can download a copy of this guide to your Hardrive for PERSONAL use. You
    cannot profit in anyway shape or form from this document. Thankyou.
    Ah, the end...here's the credits before I go.
    CJay - making teh site I visit the most online
    renshai - I sort of looked at her guide for the Eco crystals...
    You - for reading this
    Colton - for the substitute info on the Nuke weapon!
    Joe Silver - making many, many contributions!
    (c) J.Smith 2004 - 2005
    End of Document v.1.00

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