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    FAQ/Walkthrough by VoidofTime

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    Table of Contents

    1. Table of Contents
    2. Introduction
    3. Copyright
    4. Versions
    5. Controls
      1. Jak
      2. Jetboard
      3. Vehicle Controls
      4. Dark Jak
      5. Light Jak
      6. Daxter
      7. Leapers
    6. Tips
    7. Let the Walkthrough Begin
    8. Act 1
      1. Complete Arena Training Course
      2. Earn 1st War Amulet
      3. Orb Hunting 1
      4. Catch Kanga-Rats
      5. Unlock Satellite
      6. Orb Hunting 2
      7. Learn to Drive a Vehicle
      8. Beat Kleiver in Desert Race
      9. Race for Artifacts
      10. Beat Monks in Leaper Race
      11. Orb Hunting 3
      12. Destroy Metal Head Beasts
      13. Earn 2nd War Amulet
      14. Corral Wild Leapers
      15. Reach Monk Temple
      16. Orb Hunting 4
      17. Climb Monk Temple Tower
      18. Glide to Volcano
      19. Find Satellite in Volcano
      20. Find Oracle in Monk Temple
      21. Orb Hunting 5
      22. Rescue Wastelanders
      23. Beat Turret Challenge
      24. Defeat Marauders in Arena
      25. Destroy Eggs in Nest
      26. Defend Ashelin at Oasis
      27. Orb Hunting 6
      28. Complete Monk Temple Tests
      29. Orb Hunting 7
      30. Explore Eco Mine
      31. Escort Bomb Train
      32. Defeat Veger's Precursor Robot
    9. Act 2
      1. Orb Hunting 8
      2. Reach Port Via Sewer
      3. Orb Hunting 9
      4. Orb Hunting 10
      5. Orb Hunting 11
      6. Destroy Incoming Blast Bots
      7. Destroy Barrier With Missile
      8. Beat Gun Course 1
      9. Destroy Sniper Cannons
      10. Orb Hunting 12
      11. Reach Metal Head Area via Sewer
      12. Orb Hunting 13
      13. Destroy Dark Eco Tanks
      14. Kill Dark Plants in Forest
      15. Destroy Eco Grid With Jinx
      16. Hijack Eco Vehicle
      17. Orb Hunting 14
      18. Race For More Artifacts
      19. Defend Spargus' Front Gate
      20. Take Out Marauder Stronghold
      21. Destroy Metal-pedes in Nest
      22. Orb Hunting 15
      23. Chase Down Metal Head Beasts
      24. Defend Port From Attack
      25. Beat Gun Course 2
      26. Beat Pillar Ring Challenges
      27. Break Barrier with Blast Bot
      28. Orb Hunting 16
      29. Defend HQ From Attack
      30. Find Switch in Sewers
      31. Orb Hunting 17
      32. Orb Hunting 18
      33. Orb Hunting 19
      34. Find Cypher in Eco Grid
      35. Destroy War Factory Defenses
      36. Explore War Factory
      37. Beat Cyber-Errol Boss
    10. Act 3
      1. Rescue Seem at Temple
      2. Orb Hunting 20
      3. Orb Hunting 21
      4. Orb Hunting 22
      5. Defend Spargus From Attack
      6. Activate Astro-Viewer in Forest
      7. Destroy Dark Ship Shield
      8. Blow Open Tower Door
      9. Destroy Metal Head Tower
      10. Reach Catacombs via Palace Ruins
      11. Orb Hunting 23
      12. Break Through Ruins
      13. Reach Precursor Core
      14. Destroy Dark Ship
      15. Destroy Final Boss
    11. Precursor Orb Locations
      1. A. Spargus Arena: 3 Orbs
      2. B. Spargus City West Side: 20 Orbs
      3. C. Spargus City East Side: 28 Orbs
      4. D. Spargus Palace: 5 Orbs
      5. E. The Monk Temple: 17 Orbs
      6. F. Metal Head Catacomb Nearing
      7. G. Sewers: 13 Orbs
      8. H. Haven City Port: 29 Orbs
      9. I. Haven City Industrial Zone: 14 Orbs
      10. J. Metal Head Nest: 8 Orbs
      11. K. Haven City Slums: 3 Orbs
      12. L. Haven City - New Haven: 11 Orbs
      13. M. Haven City Palace Ruins: 10 Orbs
    12. Orb Locations Maps
      1. 1.Spargus City
      2. 2.Metal Head Catacomb Nearing
      3. 3. Haven City Port
      4. 4. KG City Section
      5. 5. Slums
      6. 6. New Haven
      7. 7. Ruined Stadium
    13. Kiosks, Totems, and Minigames
    14. Orb Hunts
      1. Spargus City
      2. Wasteland
      3. Haven City
    15. Side Missions
      1. Haven City
      2. Spargus City
      3. Wasteland
    16. Minigames
      1. Spargus
      2. Haven City
      3. Wasteland
    17. Thanks
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    Game: Jak 3

    Written By: VoidofTime

    Email: gosone23@yahoo.com

    Last Updated: 6/4/2012

    Game Console/Platform: PS2 and HD Collection on PS3

    Version 1.00

    Copyright 2012 VoidofTime email gosone23@yahoo.com

    Will be continuously updated as I further in the game

    Table of Contents

    To find certain parts of this guide, use the f3 key or ctrl+F and use the data numbers found to the left of each part.





      004d-Dark Jak
      004e-Light Jak


    006---Let the Walkthrough Begin

      006a- Act I
       006a1- Complete Arena Training Course
       006a2- Earn 1st War Amulet
        006a2i- Orb Hunting 1
       006a3- Catch Kanga-Rats
       006a4- Unlock Satellite
        006a4i- Orb Hunting 2
       006a5- Learn to Drive a Vehicle
       006a6- Beat Kleiver in Desert Race
       006a7- Race for Artifacts
       006a8- Beat Monks in Leaper Race
        006a8i- Orb Hunting 3
       006a9- Destroy Metal Head Beasts
       006a10- Earn 2nd War Amulet
       006a11- Corral Wild Leapers
       006a12- Reach Monk Temple
        006a12i- Orb Hunting 4
       006a13- Climb Monk Temple Tower
       006a14- Glide to Volcano
       006a15- Find Satellite in Volcano
       006a16- Find Oracle in Monk Temple
        006a16i- Orb Hunting 5
       006a17- Rescue Wastelanders
       006a18- Beat Turret Challenge
       006a19- Defeat Marauders in Arena
       006a20- Destroy Eggs in Nest
       006a21- Defend Ashelin at Oasis
        006a21i- Orb Hunting 6
       006a22- Complete Monk Temple Tests
        006a22i- Orb Hunting 7
       006a23- Explore Eco Mine
       006a24- Escort Bomb Train
       006a25- Defeat Veger's Precursor Robot
      006b- Act II
        006b0i- Orb Hunting 8
       006b1- Reach Port Via Sewer
        006b1i- Orb Hunting 9
        006b1ii- Orb Hunting 10
        006b1iii- Orb Hunting 11
       006b2- Destroy Incoming Blast Bots
       006b3- Destroy Barrier With Missile
       006b4- Beat Gun Course 1
       006b5- Destroy Sniper Cannons
        006b5i- Orb Hunting 12
       006b6- Reach Metal Head Area via Sewer
        006b6i- Orb Hunting 13
       006b7- Destroy Dark Eco Tanks
       006b8- Kill Dark Plants in Forest
       006b9- Destroy Eco Grid With Jinx
       006b10- Hijack Eco Vehicle
        006b10i- Orb Hunting 14
       006b11- Race For More Artifacts
       006b12- Defend Spargus' Front Gate
       006b13- Take Out Marauder Stronghold
       006b14- Destroy Metal-pedes in Nest
        006b14i- Orb Hunting 15
       006b15- Chase Down Metal Head Beasts
       006b16- Defend Port From Attack
       006b17- Beat Gun Course 2
       006b18- Beat Pillar Ring Challenges
       006b19- Break Barrier with Blast Bot
        006b19i- Orb Hunting 16
       006b20- Defend HQ From Attack
       006b21- Find Switch in Sewers
        006b21i- Orb Hunting 17
        006b21ii- Orb Hunting 18
        006b21iii- Orb Hunting 19
       006b22- Find Cypher in Eco Grid
       006b23- Destroy War Factory Defenses
       006b24- Explore War Factory
       006b25- Beat Cyber-Errol Boss
      006c- Act III
       006c1- Rescue Seem at Temple
        006c1i- Orb Hunting 20
        006c1ii- Orb Hunting 21
        006c1iii- Orb Hunting 22
       006c2- Defend Spargus From Attack
       006c3- Activate Astro-Viewer in Forest
       006c4- Destroy Dark Ship Shield
       006c5- Blow Open Tower Door
       006c6- Destroy Metal Head Tower
       006c7- Reach Catacombs via Palace Ruins
        006c7i- Orb Hunting 23
       006c8- Break Through Ruins
       006c9- Reach Precursor Core
       006c10- Destroy Dark Ship
       006c11- Destroy Final Boss
        006c11i- Part 1
        006c11ii- Part 2

    007---Precursor Orb Locations

      007a- Spargus Arena
      007b- Spargus City West Side
      007c- Spargus City East Side
      007d- Spargus Palace
      007e- The Monk Temple
      007f- Metal Head Catacomb Nearing
      007g- Sewers
      007h- Haven City Port
      007i- Haven City Industrial Zone
      007j- Metal Head Nest
      007k- Haven City Slums
      007l- Haven City- New Haven
      007m- Haven City Palace Ruins

    008---Orb Locations Maps

      008a- Spargus City
      008b- Metal Head Catacomb Nearing
      008c- Haven City Port
      008d- KG City Section
      008e- Slums
      008f- New Haven
      008g- Ruined Stadium

    009---Kiosks, Totems, and Minigames

      009a- Orb Hunts
       009a1- Spargus City
       009a2- Wasteland
       009a3- Haven City
      009b- Side Missions
       009b1- Haven City
       009b2- Spargus City
       009b3- Wasteland
      009c- Minigames
       009c1- Spargus
       009c2- Haven City
       009c3- Wasteland



    Hello, I am VoidofTime. This is my 1st walkthrough. This walkthrough is a hopefully completed version for Jak 3. I have played the whole trilogy and own the HD Collect as well as Platinum Trophies for all 3 games. This walkthrough will include the locations of all 169 findable orbs as well as the other 431 orbs available from kiosks and totems. I will go into details about boss fights and even provide some spoilers. Hope I do well for my 1st walkthrough. This was always my favorite game series and I hope for a Jak 4 in the future.



    This guide is under copyright and is direct property of me, VoidofTime. This guide may not be posted on any webpage, magazine, or other public places without my permission. You may email me and ask me if you can use this guide on the your website or other public places. You must also agree not to alter my guide publicly and say that you have created it. If you are found to have stolen my guide, then I will take legal action against you.

    The following websites may post this guide:






    1.0 Finished Guide



    Jump- X

    Kick- O

    Punch- Square

    Use/Talk- Triangle

    Crouch- L1

    Use Dark Jak- L2

    Use Light Jak- L1 + X, O, square, or triangle

    Shoot- R1

    Use JetBoard- R2

    Weapon Select- Directional Buttons

    Double Jump- X+X

    Roll- Analog Stick and L1

    Jump Dive- X+square

    Super Dive Attack Jump- X+square+X

    Crouching Uppercut- Hold L1+square

    Jump Kick- X+O

    Crouching High Jump- Hold L1+X

    Long Jump- Roll+X

    Uppercut- square+X

    360 Rapid Fire Shower- X+O+R1

    Rapid Fire Combo- Punch an enemy then R1



    Jump- X

    Charged Launch Jump- Hold L1 then X

    Flip/Spin- R1+Right analog stick

    Trick- L1+Right analog stick

    Grab- L2+Right analog stick

    Dismount- R2

    Speed Boost- Land 360 Spin

    Rapid Reverse- Triangle

    Vehicle Controls


    Accelerate- X

    Emergency Brake- O

    Brake- square

    Exit Vehicle- triangle

    Fire Weapon- R1

    Turbo- R2

    Jump- L1

    Rear View- L2

    Dark Jak


    Same as jak except

    You cannot use weapons and

    Dark Bomb- X+square

    Dark Blast- square+X

    Dark Strike- R1

    Dark invisibility- triangle- next to a Dark Statue

    Light Jak


    Same as Jak except

    Light Jak Regeneration- L2+triangle

    Light Jak Flash Freeze- L2+square

    Light Hak Shield- L2+O, then hold O to activate shield

    Light Jak Flight- L2+X, press X to flap wings



    Same as Jak except he cannot do a few moves but they aren't needed either.



    Mount a Leaper- Triangle

    Dismount a Leaper- Triangle

    Move around- Analog stick or directional buttons

    Jump- X

    Double Jump- X+X

    Dash- Square

    Jump Dive- X+Square in mid-air



    In order to become good at this game, I suggest you try this:

    Playing Jak 2 and beating it without dying more than 50times.

    Use some of the tricks to kill monsters like the 360 spin.

    Use Dark and Light Jak to full potentials.

    Practice driving in the Desert, since the Final Boss requires it.

    Let the Walkthrough Begin


    For All Acts I will provide a rating for each mission on difficulty. This is a rating my friends and I have come up with based on the missions.

    Other acts with super hard missions may only be a 6 because EVEN HARDER missions are in that act as well.

    Act 1


    Complete Arena Training Course



    These are the simple basics of Jak. You jump, roll, punch, and spin through different obstacles to get through the course. Step by Step details are provided below.

    Grab the Communicator

    Jump up the platforms and grab the 1st 6 targets

    Cross the bridge and grab the next 5 targets

    Climb the ladder on the wall up to the next 3 targets

    Double tap X for a double jump up to the next target

    Punch with [] and collect 3 targets

    Double Jump to next platforms and collect the next 3 targets

    Hold L1 and then press X for high jump up to the next 3 targets

    Double jump to the next 2 targets

    Long Jump, (check controls above), to next 2 targets

    Double Jump to next 3 targets

    Dive with X then [] above the X spot in the floor

    Collect the next 3 targets

    Double Jump to last target

    Board the elevator and walk into the light

    Earn 1st War Amulet



    This is a basic, shoot and punch people fight. The guys come from 4 houses and attack you with swords. About 1-2 hits should kill each guy. But about 4 hits from the guys in total will kill you. When a noise occurs and little lava pieces float upwards, get on 1 of the 4 large crates. If you fall into the lava, you lose 4 of your current 8 hit points.

    That means 2 lava hits at current state=GG your dead.

    Once you reach about 5 guys left, you turn into dark jak. Now it's time to spin and punch the rest. When it's all said and done, board the elevator and enter the light for your Blaster Mod and your 1st War Amulet and a Spargus Gate Pass.


    I will intervene in the walkthrough at times to give you certain spots for precursor orbs. I recommend you follow this as it will be hard to know which orbs you have and have not collected otherwise. So doing it now will be easy and you can mark it off for good.

    Trust me, there are almost 200 orbs without sigils or totems. AKA- Hard to Remember Each One

    Orb 1, 2, and 3 are obtainable. Please check the orb section for details.

    You should have 3 orbs at this time.

    Double Jump onto the elevator on your side, and then double jump to the platform and go through the door.

    Catch Kanga-Rats



    Fat Boy sends us to kill some ugly rats. You ride a leaper lizard to kill them. It is pretty simple, either shoot them (takes some practice), or take the easy way and punch them while riding the leaper. Kill all 6.


    These guys love sharp turns and 360's, so I recommend you have constant sight on where they are going. The mini-map displays where they are with blinking red dots.

    Walk to the Monk Icon

    Unlock Satellite



    This is a minigame, you have 5chances. You want to hit the button when it enters one of the circles. Get 1 point per button, and you need 75 points. You lose a chance when the button hits the middle or if you press a wrong button like the onin game in Jak II.

    Afterwards, you are awarded a Dark Eco Crystal.


    More orbs are available, quite a few. Let us finish them right now. That way we won't have to worry later.

    Orb 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33 are obtainable at this time. Check Orb Section for details.

    You should have 23 orbs at this time.

    Walk to Fist Icon, because

    SPOILER! Highlight to View

    Fat Boy is giving us a new CAR.

    Learn to Drive a Vehicle



    Pretty simple, use the controls I stated earlier in the walkthrough to do the tricks near the yellow beams of light or green blinking dots. It gives a tutorial anyway.

    When it says jump and turn, it means stand in the yellow light, jump, and hold a left or right button. Then head to the last green dot/yellow light.


    Make sure to record the number of precursor orbs you have before racing

    A desert race through the track. There are 4 other racers. You can either be straight forward and try to win by speeding ahead of others, and avoiding obstacles such as the mud puddles 3/4 of the way in the race. The red lights are speed boosts and use them carefully and make sure you don't ever have 3 at a time, because you are wasting them. You can also have fun with the race, if you feel that you want to screw around. You can stop around the bridge area if you are in the lead and cause a road block, sometimes the drivers will be really stupid and back up. If you then block them again, they back up more. Keep doing that and bam, they fall off the cliff.

    Your Reward is the Tough Puppy or the car you were just driving.


    If you did well on the race time-wise, you may receive precursor orbs for your achievement. Make sure you count the difference in your orbs and have that written down or recorded for the future for it may screw up your hunts.

    You are now in control of the vehicle. Marauders will try to kill you. Rush back to the tire icon to talk to Damas.

    SPOILER! Highlight to View

    I always hated these artifact hunts

    Race for Artifacts



    This is a race, for your life. You must reach each destination and pick up every artifact before each timer goes out. Each artifact has a yellow light and green dot. Marauders also try to kill you. You can't fight back, so, DRIVE FOR YOUR LIFE. After getting all of the artifacts, RUN BACK TO SPARGUS.

    Your reward is Mar's Bracers. It is armor, and yes helpful.


    You have just received:

    A new Car

    An extra 2 Hp Dots

    and a new mission.....

    Walk to the Monk Icon.

    SPOILER! Highlight to View

    This isn't a game!

    Beat Monks in Leaper Race



    This could take some practice. It is a leaper race. It goes through Spargus. You must hit each blue ring, and the orange ring is the last one. The rings like to take sharp turns and be in heightened places so expect to jump. The rings won't be on rooftops or anything. You have 3 opponents. The leapers are on steroids and are running faster than usual AND everyone you hit gets attacked or killed. When the enemies jump, don't be in their landing spot. If enemy leapers land on your head, you are slightly knocked back.

    Your reward is a Light Eco Crystal. At the moment, worth nothing.


    It is time to head to Damas Palace for some orbs.

    Orb 52, 53, 54, 55, and 56 are obtainable. Please see Orb Section for details. I have placed NO MAP for this area as it is small and unconnected.

    You should have 28 orbs at this time.

    Fat Boy wants us again, let us head to the fist icon.

    And make sure you are ready for dangerous parts.

    Daxter's whiskers gave him correct predictions.

    Destroy Metal Head Beasts



    Get in your new vehicle the Sand Shark, WHICH HAS A GUN. Fire it with R1. To kill these badass Metal Freaks, you must follow and shoot them. Try avoid getting stomped on and their grenades from their backs. If you are hit from their heads, you will be a launched a great distance and may crash and die. The launch needs to be evened out mid-air or else bye-bye. After you kill 3, 1 more will be left. However, it won't die in 1 fall. After it falls 1 time, it gets back up. Kill him YET AGAIN.

    SPOILER! Highlight to View

    A familiar, unforgiving, bottlefed face returns.

    You are awarded the Sand Shark and a Dark Eco Crystal.

    Head back to Spargus and walk to the crown icon.

    Your reward is another gun mod, the Wave Concussor.

    In overview the gun sucks, but compared at what you got now, its 2nd best.

    Earn 2nd War Amulet



    Head to the dagger icon, and head to the yellow beam of light inside where you fought 1st in the game. The platforms have now changed into 4 platforms. 2 Crates containing enemies on each platform.


    This time when the lava stuff comes out, just change platforms, only 1 goes under at a time.

    To start, hit the three boxes, turn into dark jak and use your new power Dark Bomb. Kill the other guys using your guns and try not to die ok? There are a total of 30 guys, not too difficult, just shoot em. A tip for not getting sunken in the lava is, stay near the edge, and switch platforms when it begins to go under.

    When you finish, board the elevator, and step into the light.

    You are awarded your 2nd War Amulet and the Beam Reflexor. This gun, will be your most used gun, With the combo of jump, spin, shoot. You also have the dark power Dark Blast. You do an uppercut in Dark Jak to electrify everything with dark eco pretty much. I think it's best dark move.

    Exit the arena, and head to the fist icon.

    Get in the Sand Shark

    More information is provided on the next mission when you actually get there.

    And FYI, your going farther than other missions took you already. The ruins-like area is your destination. The turns in here are crazy.

    Corral Wild Leapers



    Ok, for the hard part, you must drive up to a red dot (leaper). Then you must slow down when you are close enough or else you might run over them. If you slow down a little when your close enough, Daxter will leap onto them. If Daxter won't jump onto them, try driving at a cars length away from them. That should make him leap to the stupid, steroid lizards. You are now riding one of the steroid lizards, who run straight continously. You must turn them, and direct them into the corral with 3 entrances. If you hit the vegetation on the ground, the lizard dies, because its cactus or something. If you hit a wall, the lizard dies. If you hit the side of the coral gate, THE LIZARD DIES. You must capture 3 lizards. Every time you catch a lizard, you start at the corral. Have Fun.

    Tip Take the long way if the short way has too many plants and walls.

    Congratulations, you got some talent kid. You have earned the Dune Hopper. This car jumps high, and SHOOTS GRENADES, BEST CAR WEAPON EVER.


    At this point, you have 2 destinations. Jump in your new car, and head to the red icon to follow the guide in my order. It doesn't really matter though.

    Reach Monk Temple



    Get in the Dune Hopper, which if you hold L1 for a time, you will hop HIGH. Drive to the red icon. When you reach a point when you can't drive. You must gain speed and then HOP, to the next island. Continue doing so until you get to the last island. Hop the hole near the waterfall.


    Orbs are obtainable AT THIS PLACE RIGHT HERE Make sure you get them

    Orb 57, 58, and 59 are obtainable. Check the orb section for details.

    You should have 31 orbs at this time.

    Enter the Temple

    Climb Monk Temple Tower



    Simple as the mission says, climb. Jump up, bounce, and don't fall from the falling platforms. Get to the top in whatever way possible. The falling platforms look different than the others do.

    Prepare for your next mission, it's kind of long and boring.

    And Daxter gets on some precursor monk crap.

    Glide to Volcano



    You are in a glider, and you must fly through blue rings. Some rings are pure yellow, and you need to shoot those to open them for blue rings. The blue mist is like a ring, and rebuilds your air bar while flinging you higher into the air for more of the flying course. If your air bar hits minimum, you start to dive, and dive, and die. Once you reach the area right past what looks like a fortress in the middle of water, it is a checkpoint. The rings are sometimes moving. Make sure you hit them. The up and down directions are inverse on this glider. You MUST hit the last ring, and then the next mission begins, in a disdainful way.

    If you notice while your flying, the ground beneath you looks different than the wasteland. It has more trees and rocks spread about the wasteland. This is not the real layout of the wasteland though.

    Find Satellite in Volcano



    The thing we cracked with that game is in here. It is a 2nd one just like Seem told us at the beginning when we beat the Satellite game. This will be the first area that we explore that will have regular maze like jumping AND monsters. The small metal heads are in here. The hornet, jumper, and scorpion metal heads are in this area. The lizard ones are the new ones at the end of Jak 2. They were like the dog ones, EXCEPT, they jumped around like they were on some sort of drug like crack. Follow the path, and you reach a leaper. Try to catch him, because in the end, you have to chase him in circles until you do catch him. You don't have to worry about him dying from 1 hit. He lives if you live. While riding him, you continue a path. The path will shoot lava balls up and have platforms over lava that you must leap to. When you reach a ladder, you say goodbye to him. Then shortly after, you reach a tree.

    Daxter Time:

    You are hanging on a grate-like thing and you must cross without dying from the lava balls. Just time your movements, and you will make it. Daxter is like Jak except no guns, so you can double jump and spin and stuff. Make it through the obstacles and back onto another grate. Cross and head to the BIG ROCK for a scene. Return to Jak.

    Back to Jak:

    Cross the BIG ROCK, and jump up the cliff. Follow the path to a geyser. Hit the rock onto the geyser and jump on the rock. Continue following the path until you reach another geyser. There is a pipe, a scene will occur.

    Daxter Time:

    You slide, using left and right to aim for next slide and jumping to it with jump. Reach the end of the slide and then follow the path. Use the pads to bounce upwards further on the path. Walk to the rock.

    Back to Jak:

    Hit the rock onto the geyser and continue on. This is a puzzle. Kill the enemies and then hit the right rock onto the right geyser. Hit the left rock onto the left geyser. The middle geyser should now lift the middle rock. Get on the rock and continue on. When you reach the lava, get on a platform, BUT BE CAREFUL THIS LAVA IS ACIDIC OR SOMETHING, YOU DIE IN 1HIT, but anyway, and then jump for the ladder. Climb it.

    Congratulations, you have earned the Dark power Dark Invisibility.

    Now before I announce the next mission, let us get out of this stupid volcano. Jump onto a platform in the lava and ride it the the falls, jump off on the left before falling off. Follow the path. Now your at the very beginning. Turn around and go all the way back to the monk.


    Go up the the dark statue and press the button to go invisible. Turn to the ALL SEEING EYE, and walk past its trap and enter the portal. If you went towards the eye without invisibility, spikes would prevent entrance.

    Find Oracle in Monk Temple



    Ok, back at the temple, go to the newly lit dark statue and turn invisible. Walk past the ALL SEEING EYE, and enter the door. Follow the path to a vent. This is a dark eco vent. It completely refills your dark eco bar. In the next room are many brain-like objects which will instant kill you if you destroy one or go near one. You have 3 options here.

    1. You can go into Dark Jak and do Dark Bomb but close enough to kill them all.

    2. You can go AROUND them and then use the statue to go invisible, and then hit the button in the middle which is your goal.

    3. You can try to be a smart*** and shoot them but good luck with that, THEY ARE BRAINS.

    Then again, when you choose option 2, you need to pull out the wave concursor anyway and do option 3 by holding for 5ammo and releasing. Continue through the door for major spider attack. If you get through the door quickly, there will be less spiders than if you sat in the hall. Gates will be set up, and you will need to go invisible and cross the bars and reinvisible and do it again, and again, and again. If you want to, if you feel skilled, jump over the walls while swinging to skip some parts, but this is difficult and it took me a bit to finally learn it. If you did it fairly, then the gates will lower after completing the 4 jumps. Continue through the next door. You will notice a vent, BUT IT IS CLOSED. Walk into the next room for a scene.



    Orb 60 is obtainable at this time. Please see orb section for details.

    You should have 32 orbs at this time.

    Now go into the light, and learn a light power Light Jak Regeneration. This power heals you for light eco. That is pretty nice I think.

    Now enter the portal behind you, exit the temple, and drive back to Spargus. A little trick I learned while travelling from Monk Temple to Spargus. As early as possible, drown your car, BUT ONLY YOUR CAR. You must live. When you accept your failed mission, you return to the garage. God, I love that.

    Walk to crown icon.

    Rescue Wastelanders



    This may be difficult for some of new crappy wasteland drivers, but still hard if you are good anyway. Head to the garage and get in the sand shark. Now you are timed and must drive the the green dot/yellow light and stop. The wastelander boards you, you then head to the armored vehicle marked by the green dot/yellow light, and stop again. When he gets off, you go save the other 2 wastelanders. After saving them, you head a far distance out. You meet a dead wastelander.

    You receive a Dark Eco Crystal.

    Good luck, a satellite is ALIVE and will attack you. You must not get touched by the lasers he spins around. The best way to do so is to walk under him and stay there. Once the lasers disappear, MOVE. He will slam to the ground, and send quakes out. He will then take out wires and swing them in circles. Jump over them while shooting the satellite. Do this 3 times. The satellite moves the lasers faster, and closer every time. He sends more quakes each time. He uses more wires each time. He then explodes, and we have a limited time to run back to the city. If you die, don't worry. You just start over the large time limit and have to run back to the city. So killing the satellite is a 1-time thing. Run back to the city before the sandstorm eats you alive. Oh ye, did I mention that marauders try to kill you while your doing this whole mission. Except at the satellite area, maruaders try killing you.

    What does Fat Boy want now, a toothbrush? Head to fist icon towards West Spargus area.

    Beat Turret Challenge



    Shoot the targets from the water. Controls are listed above. Get the amount of points to win. Green is most points, blue is next, and red is least points. Don't let 10 fall in the water or you lose. It is pretty simple.

    Your reward is a Light Eco Crystal. I think that makes 5 crystals so far.

    Head to the sword icon, arena fight 3, but start by talking to Damas.

    Your reward is the 1st blue gun, the Vulcan Fury.

    Defeat Marauders in Arena



    This is little tougher than the other arena fights. The flatform is a plus sign inside of a box. Every time the platform sinks, 1 platform in the same corner pops up in each square and you must choose one to jump on before you die. There are 30 enemies but this time they can shoot lasers from their swords. Start the match by destroying the 3 boxes. Kill them all and then

    SPOILER! Highlight to View



    Destroy Eggs in Nest



    Look what you did. You should have shot Sig. Anyway, head out to the garage. Board your new car, the Gila Stomper. Ride to the mountain cave icon. Ride inside and try not to die to little mushroom thingies sucking on your car. This car has a auto aim gun, so just hold the trigger for obliteration.

    When you get all the way in, you must destroy the metal pedes. These are the green water tanks. Destroy the metal head eggs to make bridges to move on to different parts of the cave. I recommend leaving one of the pedes near the entrance alive and kill that one LAST. There will be metal head bats messing with you along with mushrooms. Now, when you kill them all, DRIVE. The area is now has poisin gas and will kill you unless you drive out quickly.

    Your reward is You get to come back to Spargus.

    Head back to the garage.

    Go to tree.

    Defend Ashelin at Oasis



    60 marauders and vehicles, kill them all, while keeping Ashelin alive. Do whatever it takes. Have fun hehehe. The cars shoot at you too.

    You receive the JetBoard and the Seal of Mar.


    We are coming close to end of act I. Before we continue to the Monk Temple, return for Spargus for the rest of the orbs available.

    Orb 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45, 46, 47, 48, 49, 50, and 51 are obtainable. Please see Orb Section for details.

    You should have 60 orbs at this time.

    Complete Monk Temple Tests



    Drive to temple, and enter the temple. Go down the halls and this time head to Mar's Seal door on the right. Enter through, and take the Jetboard Tutorial and continue by collecting each object. There are 18 objects. Then go through the newly opened door, dismount your jetboard STOP.


    There are orbs available at this point, so don't go to the oracle just yet.

    Orb 61 and 62 are obtainable at this time. Please see the orb section for details.

    You should have 62 orbs at this time.

    Now advance into the light for your new light power, Light Jak Flash Freeze and then use it to cross the super spinning platforms to the left. Cross the rail by grinding on it, then continue on and follow the path. The next rail in the open room has a hole in the middle, so jump. Then use Freeze to cross the spinning passes with blades 3 times. Now Freeze to cross the falling bridge, I suggest punching and jumping to cross fast enough. (It is possible to cross the spinning passes with blades as well as the falling rock bridge without Freeze and with the Jetboard. I have done it, but then again I am really good with a Jetboard. Don't try it unless you want to show off.)

    Go down the elevator and board the vehicle. You are in a fast moving vehicle. Your controls are left, right, and shoot. Get to the end without dying from the obstacles in the way. The giant wire pillars cannot be shot down so just avoid them. Also shoot the spinning balls before they obliterate you and the holes most likely kill you in one hit anyway too. Get to the end and receive the light power Light Jak Shield. Go up the elevator.

    Explore Eco Mine



    Simple right? No. Mar is one god **** working guy. The metal lizard and bat are some enemies here. The metal dog is also returning. (I know they are called grunts, but I will call them dogs.) Shoot bridges to lower them. When you get to the underground portion, here is what you must do. Kill all of the little lizard things, and the metal fliers if you want. Then an orange rat comes in, hit it into the wheel, it will run, and the path will open. Do that until you reach the end. Walk your way to the end of the mine, and if you get lost use the Guard Crates as a guide. When you reach the end you will receive Mar's Greaves. So now you have 2 more hp. And now a bomb cart.

    Escort Bomb Train



    Follow the path, shoot each rail with a red light to activate it. Activate them all to finish the mission. You end up where you started the Eco Mine. Reflexor Beam will be your best friend on this mission. Use your jetboard to grind on rails to keep moving. You must hit each light before the bomb train hits the track or it explodes. You are mostly heading a backward track except you won't be taking any elevators and all the gates are now electrified. There will be retracting platforms in your way so time your jumps accordingly. Make sure you don't miss any. If time isn't added, then you missed 1. Reflexor Beam will bounce everywhere and most likely hit alot of them in 1 area. Metal Heads are in your way as well. Now head into the Rail Meeting Area and take the elevator down. Enter the door.

    Defeat Veger's Precursor Robot



    This is your 1st boss. It will be difficult-ish. You must avoid all of his laser sword attacks. Then you must kill the Metal Morphs. You must then jump onto the platforms created by his lasers WHEN THEY COOL. Shoot at one of the bomb carts to make it fall down. Do this 3 times. He increases his attacks after one and more Metal Morphs. Then after 2, he uses 2 swords, and increases his attacks. He shoots detonation lasers at you so avoid them while you attack the carts above. Use your blaster for the most effective shots on the carts. Good Luck, Act I will end here. Your prize is the 2nd blue gun, the Arc Wielder. Head Forward and Ride the Elevator up to Haven City.

    Act 2


    This city section contains only wreckage and Metal Scorpions. If you ever need Metal Head Skull Gems, you should come here. There will be an abundance and new ones keep respawning, some with gems, some without. While writing the orb part of this area and this guide, I collected over 150 skull gems. Anyways:


    Orbs are available at this time, let us get them then.

    Orb 74, 75, 76, 77, 78, 79, 80, and 81 are obtainable at this time. Please see the orb section for details.

    You should have 70 orbs at this time.

    Go to Samos Icon.

    Reach Port Via Sewer



    Ah, the sewer, still as green as the stuff between Daxter's Toes. Head to the elevator and go into the sewer. You will be greeted by Metal Drones. Yay, more flying Metal Heads.... Kill them and move on. You will be using your Jetboard a bit in the sewers nowadays so get used to it. Ride the half pipe up and enter the gate. Kill the lizard things and Jetboard through the circular tube. Enter the holes in the walls on the left sides to keep going. If you go forward too far, you die. You encounter more lizards and a new Metal Head Gator. Kill them all to open the gate, and board the Jetboard to go through. Watch out for the exploding fish and



    Orb 82 and 83 are obtainable at this time. Please see the orb section for details.

    You should have 72 orbs at this time.

    Ok, now that you have the orbs. Go back to the exploding fish water and take the other route. Try not to fall, if you do you can come back up. Grind the rail and shoot the fans at the end of the path alot of times. Continue on. Avoid the whirlpools and continue your path. Kill all the enemies and don't fall in a whirlpool, a rail is now available. Grind it, and continue on. Destroy more fans, avoid whirlpools. Yay, The Metal Fighter with their stupid red zapping sticks. Oh and the Metal Launcher too? Yay mass evasion time....... Try not to die as you continue the path, kill the metal heads if you want the gems. Go through the gate and kill the Metal Drones. NOW WAIT.


    Orbs are obtainable at this time, GET THEM NOW, it EVEN MORE ANNOYING TO GET THESE ORBS LATER. There is a look-alike room in another sewer, and can be mistaken as this one. GET THESE ORBS.

    Orb 84 and 85 are obtainable at this time. Please see the orb section for details.

    You should have 74 orbs at this time.

    Continue to the elevator and to the Port.


    Orbs are obtainable at this time, and there are alot, like Spargus alot.

    Orb 95, 96, 97, 98, 99, 100, 101, 102, 103, 104, 105, 106, 107, 108, 109, 110, 111, 112, 113, 114, 115, 116, 117, 118, 119, 120, 121, 122, 123, and 124 are obtainable at this time. Please see the orb section for details.

    Yes, alot of orbs. You should have 104 orbs at this time.

    Head to the Martini Glass icon.

    Destroy Incoming Blast Bots



    There are 3 blast bots. Start with the one you are shown. Use every weapon you can to kill them. The guards also help you. When the Blast Bot sends out grenades it is the perfect chance for you to hit them back at him for a lot of damage which minimizes your weaponry usage against them. Head to the 1 on the bridge next. Do the same. Then head for the last one. Destroy it as well. While writing this guide, I killed the first one within 10 seconds. All I did was hit his bombs back at him. Spin to win!

    Head back to Torn. Screw around by shooting guards, the ones around the one you attack are the only ones that attack you. The other guards look at you guys like, "What in the **** got into them?"

    SPOILER! Highlight to View


    Destroy Barrier With Missile



    Go up the the missile at the green dot/yellow light.

    Daxter Time

    Not really, you ride around on a missile as Daxter. You collect each charge, while trying to avoid crashing. You can run into people and go up ramps and bridges. You can sometimes hit cars, so be careful about doing so if you mean. There are mines placed in the water. Charge, charge, charge some more. About halfway is a checkpoint. When it fully charges you should be in route to the KG section with that red barrier. You then crash into the barrier.

    After crashing into the barrier, KG robots and Guards will constantly fight in this area of the port. It is a very small area, so don't expect to see them near the Naughty Ottsel or the Gun Course or anything. Guards will also invade the KG city section.

    You have 2 options, for better help on 1 of the missions, you will do this 1.

    Head to Green Target.

    Beat Gun Course 1



    You use the blaster and reflexor beam to shoot kg robot dummies. Avoid hitting citizens. Gold robots give more points. Big robots need 2 shots to kill. The spiders explode after a time limit, and the soldier looking ones shoot at you. Get the amount of points before reaching the end to win.


    You can get orbs from this course, if you want to do so now, the amount for each prize is 3 orbs. Each score is shown after you beat the previous score. If you get gold on the 1st try you get 9 orbs, silver is 6, and bronze is 3. If you get bronze then finish you get 3. If you get silver next time, you only get 3. See the pattern? If you don't want to get these orbs yet, score the amount of points for Goal and just walk to the end immediately. If you do get orbs, make sure you know the difference beforehand so you don't mess up when doing orb hunting.

    Your reward for the course is the last yellow gun, the Gyro Burster. It is a pretty nice gun in my opinion, but the reflexor is still better.

    Torn wants us, let us go see what he wants.

    Destroy Sniper Cannons



    Head into the KG City Section. Head up to a cannon which are on the ramps overhead in this city section, then you want to hit each button around the cannons while avoiding being shot or attack by KG robots. The cannon will aim at you and when it zooms in and turns its cursor blue, BAM, it shoots at you about 3-4times. If it hits you, it stops firing. After each button has been pressed, an electric power transmitter comes up. Attack or shoot it and it blows up and so does the cannon. Do this for all 5 cannons. There is 1 cannon with 2 buttons. There are 2 cannons with 3 buttons. There is 1 cannon with 4 buttons. Good luck soldier.


    Orbs in the 1st third of the KG section are obtainable. Let us get them before going to get our next mission.

    Orb 125, 126, 127, 128, 129, 130, 131, and 132 are obtainable at this time. Please see the orb section for details.

    You should have 112 orbs at this time.

    Torn wants you.

    SPOILER! Highlight to View

    Sewers again....

    Reach Metal Head Area via Sewer



    Head to the Sewers. It is near that orb you found earlier in the KG section that said, hidden in alcove ABOVE THE SEWERS. Ride the elevator down.

    Head towards the green gas coming from pipes. Avoid the gas, but jump to the pipes accordingly and get to the platform after it. Pass the gate. In this sewer, there will be KG robots. There will be some flying ones and regular robots. There will be spider bots as well. There are some fans. There is also some electric fences. When you pass the 1st platform that carries you through a tunnel with some robots and lasers you reach an open area. This area will spawn flying robots. The electric fence will not deactivate unless you kill every robot. You can cheat this by turning on Light Shield and walk through the Fence. The next part has many robot spiders spawning. Kill them all to advance past the next electric fence. Light Shield also lets you pass that. You reach another moving platform. There is 1 laser, and a machine gun. To deactivate the machine gun, merely walk past its range of fire. (Behind it).



    Orb 86, 87, and 88 are obtainable at this time. Please check the orb section for details.

    You should have 115 orbs at this time.

    Head back to the machine gun and take the side path. You will be swarmed with Metal Gators from the pipes. When you can, swim under the gate in the water to the next room. Get on land and press the button. You are still being swarmed with Metal Gators so kill them for gems or just move on. There are 2 robots in this area. I call them KG spinners. You can't kill them, so avoid them. Make your way to the middle of the maze, and hit the button. Now, make your way out of the maze towards the newly opened door. Kill or avoid the flying robots and board the elevator.

    Destroy Dark Eco Tanks



    You must destroy 5 of the plants creating a lot of dark eco electricity waves. To get to the 1st one, grind on the purple rail, and let the blow plant launch you up to it. Spin to destroy it, or punch, or shoot. Ride the next purple rail to the blow plants and get launched. Ride the next rails while jumping over the electric part of it. Get on the next blowplants and ride the next rails. Ride the blowplants up to the Dark Eco plant and destroy it. Ride the next blowplant and the next rails to the side of the map. Walk to the big blowplant and be launched. Do it for the next one as well. Ride the blowplants up to the next dark eco plant and destroy it. Walk and ride the big blowplants until you get to the platform with the plant. Ride the blowplants up and kill it. Ride the blowpants down to the platform. Travel along the platforms without falling into the acid. Ride the blowplants up and destroy the 5th plant. Ride the next blowplant. Destroy the Extra one for Dark Strike.

    Kill Dark Plants in Forest



    Ride a car, or walk to the gate. Enter it. Board your jetboard and run into the green eco wells. With green eco, run over the dark eco plants. When you finish head to the pillars for Mar's Shoulder Guards. This gives you 2 more hp.

    Exit the forest.

    Destroy Eco Grid With Jinx



    You exit left, and board the vehicle with Jinx. You then drive to the 1st box. Protect him by killing the enemies near him so that they won't attack him. When he gets in the car, you get in, and drive to the next box. There are 4 boxes in total. After each box, it seems to have smarter attackers aiming at him specificly. Don't worry about your vehicle being destroyed either. For some reason it is as if it is completely invincible anyway. You can't destroy it for some reason. The last box won't explode UNTIL Jinx has entered the special vehicle. Anyway, the 2nd red barrier is destroyed and we can further into the KG section.

    Your reward is the last blue gun, the Needle Lazer.

    You have 3 choices on missions. I will send you to the most time conserving one, in my opinion.

    Hijack Eco Vehicle



    This is an annoying mission, but the closest one. Head to the green blinking dot far inside the KG Section. Board the vehicle, and missiles will be fired at you. DRIVE FOR YOUR LIFE. DRIVE TO THE PORT. Hit anything and you will most likely be killed by the missiles chasing you. There are arrows that will point you in the direction of the Port quickly. Once you reach the port, a checkpoint will ensue. You will also pull out your blaster. Shoot each of the decoys from a distance, drive near it and a missile should divert to it. Do this for all the decoys. After all explode, 1missile remains. Drive to the Naughty Ottsel. Watch Daxter's head fly off.

    Your reward is Unidentified Eco Cargo. It will be used later in the game. But not directly by Jak.


    Orbs are obtainable. Get them from the kg section 2/3 part.

    Orb 133, 134, 135, 136, and 137 are obtainable at this time. Please see the orb section for details.

    You should have 120 orbs at this time.

    You have 2 choices for missions. For storyline sake, to keep it in order, which the creators should have thought of, we shall do the wasteland missions before the others.

    Take the Blue Air Train at the Air Train icon to the Wasteland. Head to the Garage. Talk to Sig.

    SPOILER! Highlight to View


    Race For More Artifacts



    Yay, another run for artifacts. At least this time we have a freaking gun, JEEZ , and we can get speed boosts by killing marauders. The terrain is more annoying though, and turning in sand shark is a *****. Collect, collect, collect some more in time. The last artifact is between the 2 mountains right next to Spargus on the 2nd time you pass through them.

    Your reward is the Holo Cube.

    You now have 3 ways to go. I am going to take the timeliest way.

    Head to Crown icon.

    Defend Spargus' Front Gate



    You must head to the garage, and pick any car. I recommend the Dune Hopper. This is for 2 reasons. 1. Grenades will be helpful here. 2. You will need the dune hopper for next mission anyway. There will be 13 armored vehicles. They are marked by red dots. There are flaming marauders, marked orange dots. There are also regular marauders. Flaming marauders and armors will attack the gate. You should kill the flaming marauders as well to protect gate. The armored cars have catapults with fireballs. Destroy them all before they destroy the gate. When you kill them all, collect the object dropped.

    Your reward is Beam Generator.

    Take Out Marauder Stronghold



    Get the Dune Hopper and drive to the fortress thing you saw when flying earlier in the game. You must jump to cross the openings on the bridge. When the drawbridge lowers, enter the stronghold. You will be thrown into a 60 Marauder battle with catapults being flung at you constantly. Kill each one, but don't die, and don't worry about destroying your vehicle either because it is magically invincible. I also recommend you stay close to your vehicle when your about to finish.

    The gates open and 4 vehicles escape. Get in your car and chase them. The bridge is now complete and jumping is not required. You are gifted 3 boosts. Kill all 4 marauders. You are timed for the 1st 3, but the last 1 you just have to keep him in sight and have till you die to chase him. The other marauders will attack you too, kill them for more boosts. If at any time the marauders get too far ahead, they escape, and you fail.

    When he dies, pick up the Prism.

    Destroy Metal-pedes in Nest



    Head back to the metal head desert nest. You are now in the Gila Stomper. Enter the cave, and go into where the sacks once were. Kill each Metal Centipede. There are 5. They hide below ground, and every time you face an open area, it will come out. It will sometimes shoot at you. While it is above ground, shoot at it. Kill them. Do this to all 5. They spawn in the front area 3 times, and in the back 2 times.

    Pick up the Light Eco Crystal.

    Exit the Cave.


    I am sure you have thought, when are we getting the orbs in the cave. NOW. After your scene with sig, TURN AROUND and go back into the cave. Head for them orbs.

    Orb 138, 139, 140, 141, 142, 143, 144, and 145 are obtainable at this time. Please check the orb section for details.

    You should have 128 orbs at this time.

    This time, instead, WE WANT to talk to Fat Boy.

    Fat Boy is just making us do extra work by doing what he just did.

    Chase Down Metal Head Beasts



    You will just be a gunner. Turn in any direction and fire. You need to shoot metal heads, and the weapons they throw at you. You only need to kill 1 metal head, and he is at the very end of the drive when you approach Spargus after your loop. Otherwise you just have to stay alive until then. There will be Metal pterodactyls that shoot missiles at you. Overall, try not to get hit by explosives and kill the metal heads. When the last one falls, collect the object.

    If you fail this mission, then You must really suck. I didn't shoot for 1/4 of the mission and I didn't die. With vehicle toughness, I didn't shoot for like 7/8 of the mission and I still lived. Please win this mission.

    Your reward is the Quantum Reflector.

    Return to Haven City via the air train to the left of the 1st race course. Head to the Naughty Ottsel and talk to Torn.

    Defend Port From Attack



    There are 4 stages. In every stage you are attacked. You only get the blaster. When other guns spawn, you can use them with limited ammo, then switch back to your blaster. If you die, you will respawn in the stage you are in.

    Stage 1:

    Many KG robots attack you. Only spiders and rollers appear though. When you get a bit through, 2 guards show up, but they don't help you. Kill and kill until Stage 2.

    Stage 2:

    2 Guards are here already. Many Metal Heads attack. There are scorpions and dog metal heads. Simply kill them all and collect gems if you wish. Kill until you get to stage 3.

    Stage 3:

    There are 3 civilians. You must keep at least 1 of them alive throughout the entire stage. You will be attacked by KG robots and Metal Heads. There are rollers, spiders, scorpions, and dogs. Good luck.

    Stage 4:

    KG robots attack you. A Blast Bot almost immediately appears. Kill it. A guard spawns as well, but he is once again useless. Another guard spawns later if your guard dies. When the blast bot explodes, your guard dies. Another Blast Bot spawns. Then 8 guards spawn. Now they are useful, just try not to die in the process. Kill the Blast Bot. When it explodes, every guard dies.

    Go into gun course and talk to Tess.

    Beat Gun Course 2



    This is the backwards course. We use the red guns here. The spiders, the shooters, and the golds will sometimes have shields requiring 2 hits to kill them. Otherwise, the course isn't much different. Be careful of getting extra orbs and win the course.

    Your reward is the Plasmite RPG.

    Beat Pillar Ring Challenges



    Be prepared. Head back to the Haven Forest. There are now 5 pillars. There are also 5 totem heads. On each head is a button. Each button activates a Ring Challenge. You must ride your Jetboard and pass through each ring within the time limit to win. The path is shown by the flying blue ray. The orange ring is the last ring. There are 5 courses total. You must do the courses in order. The totems only pop up if it is time for their course. The yellow light marks the next totem to be used. Be aware of sharp turns and high jumps. When all 5 courses have been completed. Ride the pillars upward to the Astro Viewer. If you want to see something cool. Stand on the last pillar. When the floating balls come around. Just jump upward, don't move in a direction, just go up. If you are close enough to the edge but not too close, you will grab a hold of the small ball like it is a cliff. You will proceed to swing around the big ball and rotate around the Astro Viewer. Now to actually look inside it. Look and see what is coming to destroy us.

    Head to the Naughty Ottsel and talk to Torn.

    Break Barrier with Blast Bot



    I always found this mission to be cool. Your a freaking blast bot. I always screw around as the bot before I actually try to complete the mission. As the blast bot, you can only move in a direction and shoot. You can walk up ramps, but the only way down is down another ramp. Get all the way to the 3rd red barrier at the end of the kg city section. There are about 4 blast bot enemies in your way. Make sure not to die until then. The guards somehow magically know that this blast bot is good, so they don't attack it. When you approach the barrier, you will explode. If you die, but you are close enough to the barrier, the barrier will be destroyed as well.

    Your reward is your 1st purple gun, the Peace Maker.


    Orbs are available in a variety of places but there are about 25 or less.

    Orb 146, 147, 148, 149, 150, 151, 152, 153, 154, 155, 156, 157, 158, and 159 are obtainable at this time. Please see the orb section for details.

    You should have 142 orbs at this time.

    Head to Freedom HQ, the shield icon.

    You now learn why I sent you in 1 direction because if you learned about the Dark planet builder BEFORE looking into the astro viewer, the storyline seems freaking retarded and backwards. Anyway, next mission.

    Defend HQ From Attack



    Many Freedom Guards will help you, but don't depend on them at all. There is 1 mini factory. These mini factories have a couple abilities. 1. They can spawn KG robots. 2. They can shoot many missiles at you. 3. Lasers are produced beneath them and spun in many circles. To destroy it, destroy each of the electric generators on its corners. When the 4th generator explodes, the factory explodes. When the 1st mini factory explodes, 2 more appear. Destroy them as well, use all the weaponry you need to in order to destroy them.

    Head back to Freedom HQ.

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