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    FAQ/Walkthrough by DHeung

    Version: 0.5 | Updated: 07/12/00 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Jet Set Radio (by Sega) FAQ ver 0.5
    by Douglas Heung (hyt@hongkong.com)
    This FAQ is to be distributed freely on the Internet and is for the sole benefit of informing
    gamers about Jet Set Radio. In no way is this FAQ to be distributed for monetary profit, and/or
    linked from other sites without the consent of the author. Also, if you want to host this FAQ
    on your site, ASK FIRST, then make it public. Plagirism will not be acceptable 
    although certain information can be shared upon authorization from the author. If there are 
    any questions or comments about this FAQ, please email hyt@hongkong.com
    Happy Gaming!
    "presented by SEGA"
    Version Notes
    ver 0.5 - very vague information at the moment, due to my lack of the japanese language, plus
              I want to complete the game before going into detail about the characters and stages.
              At the moment, I'm just gonna write down all that I can remember. I got the game over
              the weekend so I haven't had much time to do anything in depth.
    ver 0.9 - finished the game twice now. Became too lazy to update the FAQ. *drool*.... Virtual 
              On ver. 5.66
            - added translated names
            - added stage descriptions
            - added thanks
            - added list of sites thies FAQ is hosted on
    Jet Set Radio is the new revolutionary action/sports game by the undisputed king of all original
    games, Sega (thank them for Crazy Taxi, Space Channel 5 and Chu Chu Rocket). This is their first
    entry into the popular X-Game genre, mixed with simple controls which brings us an imaginative 
    and addictive game. Basically, you play a member of the GG's, a hip gang that roams the streets
    of Tokyoto (aka Tokyo) spraypainting their grafitti all over the place. However, 3 other rival
    gangs are also in competition for the turf and it is up to you to show them who's king! Of 
    course, there's also the police, led by the psycho-cop Onishima, and the mega 
    corporation, Rokkoku, out there trying to stop you. Don't worry, providing you with the latest
    happenings around Tokyoto, there's the awesome pirate radio show, led by the cool Professor K,
    Tokyoto Gangs
    GG's (you, the player)
    Noise Tanks  (Robot-tech guys)
    Poison Jam (Sharkies? Guys with monster masks)
    Love Shockers (Scary, heartbroken girl gang)
    Other Factions
    Tokyoto Police Force
    Detective Onishima, psycho cop with a big gun
    Rokkoku (6 horns, literally), mega corporation run by Rojii
    Golden Rhino, they guys who do Rojii's dirty work
    Analog Stick: Basic movement. While you're skating, yank the stick in the opposite direction
                  to perform a full stop. Note: There is a certain lag after the stop where you 
                  turn around.
    A Button: Select/Jump.
    B Button: Cancel Selection
    L Button: Change View/Spray Paint
    R Button: Dash, your character will skate faster (this is crucial to the game)
    Basic Objectives
    In Jet Set Radio, there are basically 2 types of stages:
    1) In a limited amount of time, spraypaint all the red arrows in the stage, while avoiding the
       police or the Golden Rhino baddies.
    2) Boss Stage: Chase after the rival gang members and spraypaint their backs.
    Initially, you start off with three characters: Beat (green goggles and headphones), Gum (girl
    in green dress), and Corn (guy in the jumpsuit). However, in between stages, new characters will
    come to the GG's hideout and ask to be recruited. Of course, you will have to pick a character 
    to accept their challenge before doing so. Most of the challenges will require you to perform 
    certain stunts (e.g. rail sliding, spray painting) while some will put you in a race where the 
    goal is to make it to the red arrow and paint it before your opponent.
    New Characters:
    - Combo, big black buy with ghettoblaster (gotta love how he says "YO!" all the time)
      [25 cans MAX]
    - Grum, black guy with big orange fly-goggles
      [30 cans MAX]
    - Cube, gothy (asian?) girl in grey
      [?? cans MAX]
    - Yo-yo, short guy with green hoodie sweater (some guy on the messageboards says he looks like
      Elton John LOL!)
      [15 cans MAX]
    - Bis, girl in blue dress
      [20 cans MAX]
    - Syug, girl in tight top and pants
      [?? cans MAX]
    - Soda, big tall guy in trenchcoat
      [40 cans MAX]
    As you get new characters, you also get 3 bonus missions for each district! I hear they're 
    Internet rankable but unless you live in Japan, you're outta luck. They consist of spraypainting,
    racing, and biggest trick. 
    For the spraypainting stages, you have 999 seconds (16.65 minutes for those math geeks) to 
    spraypaint all the red arrows in the city. It covers a huge map consisting of all three stages
    you've covered earlier, but the difference is that paths that were closed off before are now open.
    Racing stages are exactly the same as the ones where Yo-Yo or Cube challenged you. 
    In trick stages, you have 600 seconds to perform your craziest tricks possible. I haven't touched 
    this mode a lot so I can't say much.
    Explanation of character differences
    The first thing you have to look for when choosing a character is their basic stats. There are
    three meters at the bottom right corner of the screen that you have to look out for. 
    [1] Power describes how large the character's life meter is.
    [2] Technique describes how good the character is at tricks.
    [3] Graffiti describes the difficulty of the spraypainting movements. The longer the meter, the 
    more difficult the actions are, but you get more points. Not sure how this affects how many
    spraypaint cans you can hold.
    Stage Descriptions and Basic Walkthrough
    1) Opening
        a) Conquer Poison Jam's territory
        b) Conquer Noise Tank's territory
        c) Conquer Love Shocker's territory
    *note* Depending on who you finish off first (between the Noise Tanks and Poison Jam) either
    your dog will get dog-napped or the GG pad will be invaded by froggies!!! LOL ^_^
    2) Catch those baddies!!!
        a)i)  Defeat Poison Jam
          ii) Defeat Noise Tanks
        b)    Defeat Love Shockers
    3) Gasp! The Rokkoku Corp. and the Golden Rhinos!
        a) Take back your territory! Covered over all 3 stages in each district!
    4) Final showdown with Rojii!! Defeat him and Tokyo-to is saved!
    *stage descriptions in next update*
    Help! I can't beat the boss stage!!!
    Don't worry. I had the same trouble in the beginning as well. I'd like to make a note that you 
    you shouldn't always expect to beat the level on the first try. Sometimes you need to go around
    the stage to familiarize yourself with the map, find where all the arrows and escape points 
    (blue arrows) are before you go around painting the city. Practice, practice, practice! 
    Anyways, to defeat the bosses, you have to go chase them constantly. Sooner or later they will
    perform a full stop and pause before continuing on. This is your chance to position yourself so 
    that when the boss is on the move again, you can sneak up behind them and spraypaint them behind
    the back. Distance yourself so you can get a head start and pace yourself to get behind the 
    person's back. Their movements always follow a set pattern so it won't be that annoying to chase
    them down. You have more than enough time to paint all three so don't worry if you miss one or
    get knocked down in a collision.
    IMHO the easiest boss is the (Scary, heartbroken girl gang) next to the (Robot-tech guys) and
    the hardest is the (Sharkies? Guys with monster masks). But for some reason the girls come last.
    Points Calculation
    At the end of each stage, your score is calculated the following way:
    Life + Cans + Time = Score x Tokens = Final Score
    Your rank is based on the score, ranging from Jet, Turbo, (3rd), (4rd), (5th)
    Next update
    - stage descriptions/flow chart, tips
    - final list of characters, better descriptions
    - where to find all the bonus grafitti icons
    - ranking explanations
    - personal review of the game
    Thanks to the following:
    GameFaqs.com for hosting my FAQ, and for the message boards (plus all those who post)
    Michael Aptekar (cm_bn@earthlink.net)
    Daniel St. George (azrael_dan@hotmail.com)
    Warren Lamb (kindredwarr@ivcm.com)
    John Montgomery (timeshell2@aol.com)
    William Donaldson (william.donaldson@courage.co.uk)
    This FAQ is also hosted on (and only with the permission of the author)

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