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    FAQ/Walkthrough by -MGreen-

    Version: 0.5 | Updated: 08/07/00 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    This is the Jet Set Raaaaaaadiooooooo FAQ v0.5
    By Mark Green and Nicholas Freeman
    Email address for submissions/comments:
      mark [at] antelope [dot] demon [dot] co [dot] uk
    The latest version of this FAQ will always be available from
    http://www.gamefaqs.com.  If another substantially more complete
    FAQ exists there when you visit, it is likely this one will have
    been discontinued, so send contributions to that one rather than
    this one. 
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    ******************************* INDEX ********************************
    1 - Introduction
    2 - How To Play
      2.1 - Basic Control
      2.2 - Tricks
      2.3 - Graffiti
      2.4 - The Police
        2.4.1 - Low level police types
        2.4.2 - Onishima attack types
      2.5 - Bits and pieces
    3 - Translations and information
      3.1 - Front end, initial menu, garage menu
      3.2 - To the streets
      3.3 - Graffiti menu
        3.3.1 - Graffiti select
        3.3.2 - Builtin Graffiti index
        3.3.3 - Graffiti editing
        3.3.4 - Graffiti importing
      3.4 - System menu
      3.5 - Ingame popups
      3.6 - Ingame sounds
      3.7 - Character stats
    4 - Walk on through
      4.1 - Prelude:  Training
        4.1.1 - Gum's challenge
        4.1.2 - Corn's challenge
        4.1.3 - Mission 1: Clean up your turf
        4.1.4 - Combo's challenge
      4.2 - Toccata: Taking Territory
        4.2.1 - Love Shockers missions
 - Against the Love Shockers
 - Shibuya Boss challenge
        4.2.2 - Poison Jam missions
 - Against Poison Jam
 - Garam's Challenge
 - No.450
 - Seekasuin Kogane
 - Besu's Challenge
 - Kogane 21 Spray Challenge
        4.2.3 - Noise Tanks missions
 - Benten-Chou Boogie
 - Cube's Challenge
 - Graffiti High
 - Yo Yo's Challenge
 - Benten-Chou Boss challenge
      4.3 - Rondo: The Golden Rhinos
 - Golden Rhinos in Shibuya
 - Golden Rhinos in Kogane
 - Golden Rhinos in Benten
      4.4 - Finale:  The Boss
        4.4.1 - The robo-ruders
        4.4.2 - The corporation building
        4.4.3 - Encore 
      5 - Contributors
    **************************** LEGAL BITS ******************************
    Neither the author of this FAQ, nor any person who distributes it in
    any way, shall be responsible or liable for anything that results from
    using this FAQ for any purpose, including but not limited to
    damage to your Dreamcast, controllers, hands, eyes, sanity, or
    Jet Set Radio portrays criminal activity as an objective and represents 
    the police as hostile enemies.  Neither the main author or contributing 
    authors of this FAQ endorse the application of this viewpoint to real 
    life.  Please do not play this game or read further if you find this 
    viewpoint offensive, or you have difficulty segregating fantasy and
    This FAQ may be freely distributed provided that it is kept unmodified
    and in its entirity.  This FAQ may not be sold, or included as part
    of a publication that is sold, without the author's express
    Jet Set Radio is (c) Sega Enterprises, 2000.  The use of any trademarks
    within this FAQ is not intended to represent a challenge to their
      Jet Set Radio (Jet Grind Radio in the US) is the latest inline
    skating and graffiti game from Sega (it's described as "Street Action"
    on the back of the box).  It's been compared to Tony Hawk's
    Skateboarding and Crazy Taxi although it is quite different from both.  
      Crazy skate gangs, called Ruders, are spraying graffiti tags all
    over Tokyoto city, competing for the best tag spots; and Lieutenant
    Onishima of the Tokyoto police has declared a crackdown on them.
    You are Beat, a member of the GGs Ruder Gang, aiming to prove your
    gang's superiority.
      This FAQ is based on the Japanese version of the game, which is the
    only run to presently be released.  I am assured that it will work
    correctly with the CDX boot disc, although I have not used this disc
    myself as I have a Japanese Dreamcast.  CDX will allow it to boot on
    a USA Dreamcast; it may also be bootable on a Euro Dreamcast but will
    tend to run at the wrong speed (rather slowly).
    2 - HOW TO PLAY
    2.1 - Basic Control
      There are two types of levels in the games: challenges and city
    levels.  In challenges, the objective is to copy the stunts performed
    by your opponent.  In city levels, the aim is to spray tags on all
    indicated locations.  Clearing a city level will open new levels.
    Clearing a challenge will add a new ruder to your gang.
      You control your ruder using the analogue stick (the digital stick
    cannot be used, so don't even ask).  The A button is used to perform
    jumps and stunts (hold it longer for higher jumps), and the right-
    hand trigger is used to perform a dash.  Holding it speeds up your
    skating; beginning to press it having not having held it for a while
    gives you a sudden burst of speed. (I think.  It seems to be very
      The L trigger will move the camera directly behind your ruder.  If
    the camera cannot go there because of an object in the way, it will
    move directly above your ruder; either way, whichever way you were
    facing when you hit L will become the direction you will move when
    you push straight upwards on the pad.  Holding down the L key will lock
    the camera into following you.  On city levels, the L key also
    starts spraying graffiti.
      Note: BE VERY CAREFUL of accidentally tilting the controller when
    hitting a button or trigger.  This can easily make your skating skew.
    If you find you always veer to the left when you jump, check you're
    not hitting the jump button so hard that you're tilting the controller
    for a moment.
    2.2 - Tricks
      Tricks are performed whenever you hit the A button.  Holding A
    will make you jump, and you will automatically perform a trick if
    you have sufficient air.  Your ruder will automatically grind any
    edge you land on if it is grindable, but if you hold down A when
    you land, you will do a special trick.  You can also perform a
    wallride by hitting A near to a wall.  Performing tricks will get you 
    extra points.
      You can quickly stop by pushing immediately in the opposite direction
    to the one in which your ruder is currently travelling.
      If you quickly toggle the analogue stick up, down, up, while NOT
    holding the R trigger, your ruder will turn around and start skating
    backwards.  This doubles all stunt values while you're doing it, but you
    can't use the R trigger anymore.  You will continue to skate backwards until
    you become stationary for any reason (including bailing).
    2.3 - Graffiti
      Pressing the L button when near a tagging site will make you
    start spraying a graffiti tag.  To do so you will need a tin
    of spray paint.  These tins can be found lying around on levels.
    If you have no paint, you will hear a buzzer sound when you
    hit the trigger.  You can see your current stock of paint at 
    the bottom left of the screen.
    Ý READING THE MINDS OF RUDERS - LESSON ONE                     Ý
    Ý                                                              Ý
    Ý Observation:  Ruder is thinking entirely of graffiti.        Ý
    Ý Meaning:  "Oh!  I'm near a tagging site!"                    Ý
      There are three types of tags: small, large, and X-large.
    Small tags use up 1 tin of paint and are performed by just
    hitting the L trigger.  Small tags can also be sprayed while
    moving or grinding.
      Large tags use up 3 tins; X-large tags can use up at least
    6 or more depending on the level.  Your ruder will also have
    to stop and take some time to paint one of these tags.  When
    spraying a large or x-large tag, a number of directions or
    circular motion icons will be displayed and you must perform
    these motions on the analogue pad.  Each tin of paint
    required for the tag will also require a successfully entered
    line of icons; so Large tags take 3 lines, and so on.
      If you take too long with a line of icons or you go wildly
    off course, then the tin of paint you were using will be
    wasted and a new line of icons will be displayed.  You can
    keep trying until you either complete the tag or run out of
    paint.  Note that the successful lines do NOT need to be
      You can stop painting a large or x-large tag anytime by
    hitting a button.  If you do this, it will remember how many
    lines you successfully completed and you can start where you
    left off.  This also applies if you are forced to stop
    somehow via being disturbed or running out of paint.  You
    can start painting a large or x-large tag despite having
    insufficient paint to finish, but you will not be able to
    completely paint the tag.
      An example should make this clear:  Beat starts spraying a
    Large tag.  He has 3 cans of paint.  He starts painting, but
    fluffs the first line of commands, so the first can is
    wasted.  He now doesn't have enough paint to get the 3 successes
    he needs to finish the tag, but he can carry on anyway.  The
    second line he gets right, so he has 1 success on that tag
    now.  On the third line, he sees the police coming and
    needs to make an escape, so he hits a button and moves away.
    He still has 1 success on the tag.  A bit later, he comes
    back, and starts spraying again.  He gets the command line
    right, and now has 2 successes on the tag, but has run out of
    paint.  He returns with 2 fresh paint cans, and starts again.
    Again he fluffs the first command line, but manages the second,
    and this gives him 3 successes and finishes the tag.
      If you see a rival tagger spraying a tag, you can crash
    into them to disturb their tagging and steal their paint.
    They will run off and drop a number of paint tins (normally
    3).  If you skate near the rival but don't actually make
    contact, they will run off without dropping any paint.
    2.4 - The Police
      After you have sprayed a certain number of tags in a city
    level, the police will arrive on the scene.  There are a
    number of different varieties of police (including footcops,
    dogs, and helicopters) but they all behave in the same basic
    way: they chase you around in packs, and use their weapons
    when it's appropriate.
      Once the police have found you they will continue to chase
    you until they either can't find you (quite hard) or you get to a
    location which they can't reach.  Escape routes to such locations
    are indicated by blue arrows on the levels.  When the police are
    chasing you, an arrow will appear at the top of the screen
    indicating whereabouts they are.  When you finally escape, a
    brief cutscene will be shown showing the officers cursing your
      Lieutenant Onishima himself may also show up on the scene at some
    point, usually armed with an extremely dangerous weapon of some
    type.  He's harder to evade, but fortunately there's only one of
    Ý READING THE MINDS OF RUDERS - LESSON TWO                     Ý
    Ý                                                              Ý
    Ý Observation:  Ruder is thinking entirely of an exclamation   Ý
    Ý               mark.                                          Ý
    Ý Meaning:  "Crumbs! I'm about to be shot!"                    Ý
      When you see Onishima around, it may be a good idea to get away
    from where you are, rather fast.
      The police will also erect roadblocks later in the game.  You
    will always be able to get over these, but they will slow you down
    and they are always guarded by a number of officers.
      It is in fact possible to clobber a police officer by landing
    on top of them.  This is normally not very much use, especially
    for the packs of officers, since another one will usually grab you.
    Clobbering Onishima is more useful, in that if you manage to get
    out of his sight by the time he gets up, he'll lose you.
    Unfortunately, clobbering him is quite difficult if he knows where
    you are, but if you happen to get the drop on him and you need to
    go through the place he's guarding, clobbering him can be quite
      Also, for the ultimate humiliation, having clobbered Onishima you
    can tag him.  This will freeze him for a bit longer than normal.
    2.4.1 Low level police types
    Mook patrol:  The basic Tokyoto flatfoots.  They are armed with
      batons which they can use at close range.  They can also grab
      onto you (to slow down your skating) and can make a flying
      tackle attack (which has some range, but freezes them for a
      moment after doing it).
    Gas squad:  Similar to the mook patrol but they're armed with
      guns that fire gas bombs.  If you are caught in the gas, you
      will stagger around coughing for a moment AND take damage.
      They can also tackle and grab just like Mook patrols.
    Police dogs:  Similar to Mook patrols except they bite instead
      of using clubs, and they're faster.  They apparantly have some
      nasty attack which can actually knock you down, but I'm not
      sure about that.
    Police bikes and cars:  Don't even appear until you start spraying
      a tag in the area they're watching.  But when you do, they'll
      suddenly head right for you to try and run you down.  Spray
      the tag quickly or be prepared to break off!  
    Gunship fleet:  Umm, yes.  The Tokyoto police will use missile-armed
      helicopters against vandals.  These are very difficult to escape
      from and they can hit you for a lot of damage.  Fortunately, they
      aren't too quick at changing direction.  Also, they have a
      tendancy to fly low - so low you can actually get up near to them.
      And it's pretty hard to fly a gunship if there's something on the
      windscreen.  Something like A TAG for example.... ;)
    2.4.2 Onishima attack types
    Onishima with handgun:  Stands around waiting for you, then chases
      after you just like a mook patroller, except that he has a ranged
      attack that hits quite hard (at least 15% of the bar).
    Onishima in gunship:  Yes, he's flying a HELICOPTER over the city.
      Because of this, you can't see him and he can almost always get
      to you (unless there's something over your head).  He'll attack
      you with missiles that do about 25% of the bar (50% of Beat's
      starting life!)
    2.5 - Bits and pieces
      Yellow spraycans add one tin of paint.  Blue ones add 5.  Red
    ones do not add paint; instead, they heal you a little.  Miniature
    JSR logos ("Graffiti Souls", according to the ending countup) will
    unlock a new piece of graffiti on the select menu; the number of
    the piece they unlock will be displayed at the bottom right.
    Note that you only get the new graffiti if you successfully clear
    the level!  All paint tins will respawn after a short while.
    Note that there is a maximum amount of paint your ruder can hold.
    If you pick up extra paint, it will vanish from the level but you
    won't get it!  Watch out for this.
      Red arrows pointing directly down indicate tags that must be
    sprayed to finish the level.  Green arrows pointing directly
    down indicate bonus tag sites - you don't have to spray tags
    there, but you can do for extra kudos.  (AFAIK, all bonus tag
    sites are Small tags).  Blue arrows inline with the landscape
    indicate escape routes.
      Your health bar is at the top left hand corner of the screen.
    It will drop when you are struck, shot, run over, fall too far,
    or similar.  If it runs out, game over, back to the garage menu.
    On challenges, it'll also be Game Over if you fail the current
    challenge (in which case, the left option is Retry, and the right
    is Abandon).
      The time limit is at the top right corner.  If that runs out..
    yep, Game Over again.
      Most missions are set within a fixed area.  If you try and move
    outside of that area, a warning will appear.  If you don't turn
    back, you'll go back to the garage menu.  Be very careful if you
    are riding a car towards the edge of the area - you might be
    going too fast to stop!
      Two tagging tricks: the TAG STOP.  If there's a large or X-large 
    tag on a roof, starting to tag it will make your ruder stop dead -
    a good way of avoiding a fall from the roof.  Then, the amazing
    TAG-E-PORT: whenever you start a large or X-large tag, your
    ruder will teleport to the middle of the tag, even if they were
    on the edge of it before.  This can be useful on a few platforms.
      Well, ok, they're not really translations - they're just what I can 
    work out from my limited Japanese knowledge, JDIC, and fiddling with 
    the game. :) 
    3.1 Front End, Initial Menu, Garage Menu
      The most significant translation thing in this game is: in most
    import games, when Yes/No questions are asked, Yes has two letters
    (Hai) and No has three (Iie).  In JSR, Yes has FOUR letters (OOKEE)
    and No has TWO (NOO).  If you ever get these options on a blank   
    screen, chances are it's asking you if you want to save or not.
      As the game loads, the warning screen says that it's not REALLY a
    very good idea to jump around cities on inline skates spraying
    graffiti, as you may well get arrested or Darwinate yourself.
      The initial menu reads:
          NEW GAME
          LOAD GAME
      Once you're in the garage, the options are: the map to go to the
    streets and start the game, the graffiti design for the Graffiti
    menu (the graffiti shown is your currently selected Large tag), the
    pinball machine for the system menu, and the dog kennel for the
    Internet (!?).
    3.2 To The Streets
      First, select an area and a mission.  Then, select a ruder from
    your gang.  Each one has three stats, top to bottom: Power,
    Technique, and Graffiti.  "Power" indicates how big a life bar the
    character will have; "Technique" indicates how well they will jump
    and grind; and "Graffiti" is how fast they are at spraying tags, and
    how simple the graffiti commands will be.  
      Sometimes, when you try to start a mission, you will get a
    challenge from a rival ruder, which will interrupt your mission.
    In this case, you play challenge mode.  (Be warned: in this case 
    you do NOT seem to get an autosave option after the challenge!)
    3.3 Graffiti Menu
      Two options here: the left hand one is Select Graffiti, and the
    right hand one is Edit Graffiti.  
    3.3.1 Select Graffiti
      On Select Graffiti: your ruder knows three pieces of graffiti at a
    time, one for each size.  First choose a size (Small/Large/X-Large) and
    then choose the design you want for that size.  You start with three
    designs in each size; you gain more by picking up Graffiti Souls (JSR 
    symbols) on the streets.  Also, when a new ruder joins your gang, they
    know their own three tags, which will be added to your roster.
      The list of graffiti will also show any tags you've edited (as boxes
    marked E) and any JPEG image files that happen to be lying around on
    the memory card (saved from your web browser).
      Note that the Graffiti menu option shows your Large tag.  The Large
    tag is also painted on the wall outside your garage, and several small
    tags are on the walls.  There's also an X-Large tag on the floor.
    3.3.2 Preset Graffiti Index
    1: "Beat"  A stylised guy holding a spray can, as appears in the VERY
    first loading screen.
    2: "Gum" The word "Gum" in large swaying letters.
    3: "Corn"  The word "Corn" in large swaying neon letters.
    4: "Combo"  The word "Conbo" in zarjaz letters.
    6: "Garam"  Yipes.  What is THAT!?
    8: "Cube"  A compressed white image of a skull.
    11: "Ryu"  The word "Ryu" in twisted cyan letters.
    21: "nuts"  The word "nuts" in twisted cyan letters.
    31: "Beat" The default graffiti on the wall.  I can't for the life of
    me describe it.  It probably says something in kana but I can't read it.
    32: "Gum"  The word "Gum" in jagged dotted letters surrounded by cyan.
    33: "Corn"  "Corn" in katakana in a similar style to "Gum".
    34: "Combo"  A stereo shaped like some kana. :)
    36: "Garam"  Zoinks.  His skating's cool, but his handwriting sucks..
    38: "Cube"  A purple skull in front of a crazy cyan backdrop.
    61: "Beat Yarou"  A guy spraying a complex logo (something in kana) with
      his own spraycan.
    62: "EDGE"  The word "EDGE" written in cartoony bubble letters; each letter
      has a face.
    63: "Cunning Monkey"  A complex logo with a monkey sitting in front of it.
    64: "BREAKER"  A dark guy lying next to a stereo and the word "BREAKER"
      while some other guys look on.
    66: "Tokyo Mokado"  A large logo and pictures of three guys in the middle.
    68: "Seiko na Haakoo"  A blue background with some wild black and cyan
      writing and a picture of the Grim Reaper in the middle.
    78: "HARAKIRI" Two kanji with a red flaming face in the middle.
    3.3.3  Graffiti Editing
      The Edit Graffiti menu allows you to edit your own tag.   The
    editor is composed of a series of states and menus.  I'll describe
    each of these States individually; whenever I refer to a menu item as
    ->State, it means that selecting the item takes you to that state.
    You start in Size State.
    SIZE: Select the size of your tag - small, large, x-large.  Then go to
    text state.
    TEXT: You'll be given a pseudo keyboard to type the text of the tag.
    The top row of buttons is:
       Kana    Romaji    Cursor Left   Cursor Right   Delete
      You can also delete by hitting the B button.  At the bottom right
    of the keyboard are three buttons, which are:
         ->Paint  ->Warp
      Returning to Size will lose the text of the tag.
    WARP: The four options are:
      Warp   ->Paint  ->Text  ->Effect
      To warp the whole logo, select Warp, then use the analogue stick to
    perform the warp.  To warp individual letters, use the digital stick to
    select them, then use the analogue stick as before.  Moving beyond the
    right-hand end of the text with the digital stick will highlight the Undo
    option, which will Undo your warp if you press a button on it.  Moving
    beyond the left-hand end will rehighlight the "whole logo" option.
    When your warp is finished, press A when NOT over Undo.
      Returning to Text will also undo the warp.
    EFFECT:  The seven options are:
      Placement  Size  Rotation  Lens  Texture  ->Paint   ->Warp  SAVE   
      All of these work just like Warp: use the digital stick to select the
    element of the logo, and then use the analogue to perform the function.
    The undo and whole logo options work the same way too.  Here's what they
    Placement:  The analogue stick controls the location of the text.  The
    left and right triggers control the level of perspective depth.  This may
    not be visible if you haven't rotated the tag yet.
    Size:  The analogue stick controls the size of the text.  The left and
    right triggers control the extrusion level of each letter.
    Rotation:  This is where you find out those letters are actually 3D models!
    Analogue stick pans and tilts; trigger buttons roll.  Also, there are
    *two* "whole logo" options at the leftmost of the bottom box on this
    mode.  The first rotates the whole logo about the centre of the tag; the
    second rotates every letter of the logo individually about its own centre.
    Lens:  This is easy: use the digital stick to select one of four focal
    lengths.  The analogue stick and triggers are not used.
    Texture:  Also easy: use the digital stick to select one of the textures.
    You can't apply them to individual letters, unfortunately.  Also, the
    DC makes horrible disc-thrashing noises as you're panning through the
    textures: Amiga loaders resurface! ;)
      You can move to any state from this one without losing any changes.
    PAINT:  The menu is:
      Paint  Erase  Unpaint  Zoom  Layer  ->Text  SAVE
      Select Paint, then move the spraycan with the analogue pad and select
    a colour with the digital.  Use the left trigger for a small spray and
    the right trigger for a large.  Press X to switch to Erase and any other
    button to return to menu.  Erase works in a similar way with the left
    and right triggers.  Unpaint cancels all changes you've made in Paint
    mode (and asks "Are you sure?" first); Zoom is obvious.  Layer controls
    whether your painting will go behind the text logo or in front of it.
    Text takes you back to text mode.
    SAVE:  Save writes your new tag to the memory card.  Remember that
    once you've saved, you must still select your new tag (with the select
    graffiti option) to make it work!  Note that if you want to ABANDON
    the whole tag creation, the only way to do it is to get back to Size
    state and hit the START button.
    3.3.4  Grafitti importing
      The manual states that any JPEG image can be used as a tag.  To do
    this, you're going to need a working Internet connection to your
    Dreamcast OR a HKEMS Memory Card (Innovation, Nexus, whatever, they
    all appear to be made by HKEMS).  Download a JPEG image to the memory
    card from a web browser and you SHOULD be able to choose it in the
    Select Graffiti option.  I think.  I haven't tried this yet myself, so
    please email me any experiences.
    3.4 System menu
      There are three options here: "Save" (takes you to the standard memory 
    card screen), "Hi-score" (exactly that - pan through the high scores 
    for each region) and "Options".  "Options" takes you to the options 
    menu, and there are only two options: Stereo On/Off and Vibration On/Off.
    3.5 - Ingame popups
      There are (at least) three messages that will popup ingame:
    - If you see a message that looks like the "Yes" options on the save 
      screens, it means you've just successfully escaped the police.
    - If you see a message with an arrow under it, it means the police are 
      chasing you, and the arrow's telling you where they are.
    - If you see a message with no arrow and the police were not previously 
      chasing you, chances are it's warning you that you're about to go off 
      the edge of the level and be kicked out of the game.  Turn back!
    3.6 - Ingame sounds
      Some of the police's various grunts and groans may help you.
    - "Onishima da!" [This is Onishima!] means you've just crossed a
      police threshold.  (It doesn't necessarily mean that Onishima is
      coming - Onishima is issuing commands to the other police units.)
    - "Asoko da!" [(S)he's over there!] means that the police are onto
    - "Utte!" [?] means that mook police are about to fire.
    - "Mogeru!" [?] means that Onishima has you in his sights.
    3.7 - Character Stats
    Character               Power   Tech    Graffiti        Paint Capacity
    Beat                    7       6       7               20
    Gum                     5       6       10              15
    Corn                    7       8       5               30
    Combo                   10      5       7               20
    Garam                   8       6       5               30
    Cube                    6       6       8               25
    Bis                     5       8       7               20
    Yo Yo                   4       8       10              15
    Syug                    7       5       10              15
    Soda                    8       5       6               40
    Tiers of power:          Tiers of tech:                
      4   Yo Yo                5   Combo, Syug, Soda         
      5   Gum, Bis             6   Beat, Gum, Garam, Cube    
      6   Cube                 7                             
      7   Beat, Corn, Syug     8   Corn, Bis, Yo Yo          
      8   Garam, Soda                                              
      10  Combo
    Tiers of graffiti:       Tiers of paint:
      5   Garam, Corn          15  Yo Yo, Syug, Gum
      6   Soda                 20  Combo, Bis, Beat
      7   Beat, Combo, Bis     25  Cube
      8   Cube                 30  Corn, Garam
      9                        35
      10  Gum, Yo Yo, Syug     40  Soda
    4.1 - Prelude: Training
      The first section of the game introduces your character and describes
    the formation of your gang.  It's also a handy opportunity for you to
    get used to the game and the controls.
    4.1.1 - Gum's Challenge
      At the start of the game, you need to form your ruding gang by
    recruiting members.  But they don't want to hang with just anyone - oh
    no, you have to prove yourself first.  The first set of challenges
    come from Gum:
    1 - Skate forward, use the speed dash, then turn a corner onto the
        pavement and jump onto a car.
    2 - Jump onto the rail, grind along it, and jump off.  (Note: you do
        not have to grind the whole rail - even if you grind it for only
        a second, you'll get it.)
    3 - Get 2 paint tins, tag two cars, grind a rail for 2 more paint
        tins, then grind another rail and tag 2 more cars.  (Not as hard
        as it sounds.)
    4.1.2 - Corn's Challenge
      So, Gum's joined you.  That's great, but two's company.. not a gang.  
    You need a third member, and someone's along - a chap named Corn.  But, 
    just like Gum, he wants to know you're competent before he joins up:
    1 - Jump between 3 platforms collecting paint, and then spray a Large 
        tag on the billboard at the end.  You fail if you fall off the 
    2 - Skate onto the road and grab a car.  Hitch a ride up to a left hand 
        turn where there's some paint.  Get it and then head down the hill 
        you just went up back to the starting point to grind a ledge and 
        spray a small tag on a shopfront.
    3 - Jump onto and grind a rail, then jump to another rail and grind that, 
        then jump onto a banister and grind it up and around, then jump onto a 
        bus shelter.
        [Useful tip:  If you want to jump straight forward from a grind, hold 
        the L trigger and RELEASE the analogue stick (you can't control your 
        momentum during a grind anyway, so holding it up to keep going isn't 
    4.1.3 - Mission:  Clean up your turf
    Tags to clear: 10 (4/5/1)  Paint needed: 24
    Police margin 1:  3      Police attack 1:  Mook patrol
    Police margin 2:  6      Police attack 2:  Onishima with handgun
      Now you've formed your gang, Professor K will introduce you to the rival 
    ruder gangs: the Noise Tanks (into technology and wear bland clothes) and
    Poison Jam (into horror films and dress as Godzilla).  Another gang has
    been spraying tags over your turf and it's up to you to get rid of them.
      This first mission is just set within the square where most of the 
    tutorials took place.  If you go outside the square the mission will end, 
    so don't do that.
      For this description, I'm assuming that North is the way your character 
    faces at the start of the level.
      From the starting location, get the 3 paint tins, then jump onto the  
    banister and grind around getting more paint to reach two rails on the 
    ground West of where you started (the same two that you jumped between in 
    Corn's third challenge).  Jump between them again.  You now have masses of 
    paint, so you should have enough to tag out the level.
      Go to the three busses and spray a large tag on each one.  You might  
    even see a rival tagger spraying one of the busses: if you do, crash into 
    them.  DON'T SPRAY ANY OTHER TAGS for the moment.  (You can tag items 
    in a level in any order but it's wise to pick and choose..)
      After you have sprayed 3 tags, the police show up.  Try and avoid them 
    as best you can.  The escape points are the platforms to the East of the 
    start - the ones you jumped between in Corn's first challenge.  But you 
    shouldn't need them right away, as all you need to do is to spray Small 
    tags on four parked vehicles, two to the East and two to the South of the 
    start.  To paint the two to the south, you must grind the rail next to them. 
    These are the same four vehicles you tagged in Gum's third challenge.
      After 6 tags, Onishima shows up.  He has a handgun.  15% damage, remember.  
    If he starts aiming at you, zigzag or jump over something to put it between 
    you and him.  However, all you need to do now is to go up to the escape-point 
    platforms and spray tags on the wall next to them: Large ones on two of 
    them and an X-Large one on the Southmost.  (This is why we did the busses 
    first before the police showed up.  Tagging the busses, which are on the 
    ground and in an accessible area, with the police around, is very awkward.)
      Once you have sprayed all 10 tags, you have cleared the round.  Professor 
    K will tell you that the culprits were the Love Shockers, a new gang in 
    the city, composed entirely of girls who had their relationships break down
    and are annoyed.  (When you see them, it's not hard to guess why.  "Dear
    Abby, why do my dates keep running through the opposite door screaming?")
    4.1.4 - Combo's Challenge
      Just as you're ready to hit the streets against the Love Shockers, a
    huge man with a ghetto blaster comes up to your garage.  He's Combo, and 
    he wants to see how good you are:
    1 - Grind a rail on the left hand side of a road, then jump over the road 
        to grind the rail on the right.
    2 - Collect some paint tins and spray 3 tags on the top lip of a half-pipe.
        [The game is EXTREMELY easy about this.  As long as the tags wind up
        there, you'll get it, no matter how many times you stagger or fall
        off the pipe in the process.]
    3 - In the home turf square, jump between all three bus shelters, and then 
        jump to the platform in front of the X-Large tag.
        [If you fall off the shelters, you lose, but you do NOT lose if you
        land on the bus that's next to one of the shelters!]
      If you make these successfully, Combo will agree to join your gang.
    Remember to save!
    4.2 - Take new territory
      After Combo's Challenge, the game becomes nonlinear.  There are three
    threads available, each with several levels:
      Shibuya-chou - Against the Love Shockers (Broken heart logo)
      Kogane-chou  - Against Poison Jam (Skull logo)
      Benten-chou  - Against the Noise Tanks (Box and arrows logo)
      At any point, you can choose to try the current level on any of
    these threads.
    4.2.1 Love Shockers Missions
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ - Shibuya - Against the Love Shockers
    Prerequisite: None
    Tags to clear: 13 (5/4/4)  Paint needed: 41
    Police margin 1:  0      Police attack 1:  Onishima with handgun,
                                               police bikes
    Police margin 2:  5      Police attack 2:  Gas squad
    Recommended ruder:  Combo (because you tend to take lots of damage)
      Yes, you read that right.  The first police margin is 0.  Onishima's
    around from the beginning!  Fortunately, he doesn't know where you are.
    He's waiting by the steps leading to the playground for you.  Unfortunately,
    that's also where most of the paint is.
      The half-pipe you start in is also the escape area.  Leave
    the half-pipe via the set of stairs that do NOT lead to a wire-mesh
    doorway (that leads too close to where Onishima is waiting).  Those stairs
    are directly behind you as you start.  (You get bonuses for spraying tags
    on the halfpipe but it's not necessary to win the level).  Come
    out.  There's an X-large tag at the end of the roof you find yourself
    on, but you probably don't have 6 paint handy (actually you have at
    most 4 unless you collected some from the halfpipe).  So, jump out
    into the playground (in the same direction as you came out of the halfpipe
    staircase).  Ride the slides and similar for masses of paint.  Onishima
    will probably spot you, but you surprised him by coming from an unexpected
    direction, so he might not get any shots in.  There are at least 6 tags
    around in the playground, but DON'T SPRAY ANY OF THEM YET - just grab your
      Now get back onto the roof you just left (grind up the elephant ride)
    and get ready for the tricky bit.  You have to reach the disconnected roof
    that's to your right as you jump back onto the roof above the playground.
    You can either do a big jump or grind or walk along the crane.  But be
    careful whatever you do, because missing means a PAINFUL fall into the
    halfpipe, and a SLOW walk up the stairs to get back.  When you get to the
    disconnected roof, spray two X-Large tags on it.  Once you've done that,
    you can jump onto another roof on the same side for a Graffiti Soul; then
    jump over the halfpipe for another; then finally fall back down
    into the halfpipe.
      Now you'll need to get back to the playground area by whatever means and
    skate up the main road.  You might see some Love Shockers spraying tags
    here.  If you do, crash into them and steal their paint, but DON'T overspray
    their tags.  At the end of the road, turn left into a concrete enclosed
    area where there is a Large and X-Large tag.  While you are spraying the
    Large tag, some police bikes will come after you.  If you don't think
    you can complete the tag quickly enough, get away with a button in the
      Skate back up the main road, spraying 2 Large tags on the walls as you
    go.  (Watch out for those bikes - they're still around!)  Now jump back
    into the playground (hopefully Onishima's gotten distracted by all your
    shenanigins uptown) and spray four small tags on the two side walls (you
    must grind the rail nearby to spray them), a small tag on the notice
    board, and a Large tag on the floor.  Finally, escape up the elephant to
    the roof (this is an escape zone) and finally do that X-Large tag you
    saw at the start of the level.  That clears it!
      BTW, "officially" you're supposed to do the tag on the rooftop across
    the jump last, but doing that means riding down a police roadblock which
    you may not be too happy about.  Also note that there's a continuity
    glitch when you escape on the playground area: Onishima's entirely
    capable of chasing you up the elephant ride, but the moment you jump
    off it, you'll see Onishima cursing you - from the ground beside it.
      Hmm, it seems that after the attack against them, the Love Shockers have
    disappeared.  Where could they have gone to....?
        locked      || end  ||  __S____S______________                              
       *       *    ||      ||  |========|  R  X  R  |                              
       *       *    ||______||__|        |     |     |                              
       *       *    |  YYB        =B==B  |     |     |                              
       *       *    |____________   L    |     |     |                              
       *       _____||      ||  Y   *Y*B**@    |     |                              
       *            ||      ||  Y   *Y*B**     |     |                              
       *          R  |      ||  Y      * |     |     |                              
       *       _____||      ||  | *Y   * |     |     |                              
       *       *    ||      ||  | *Y   * |     |     |                              
       *       *    ||______||__| **Y ** |     |     |                              
       *        *   |  YYB         ****  |     |     |                              
       * aqueduct*  |____________   park |     |     |                              
        **        * ||      ||  |  |     |     |     |                              
         **        *||      ||  |  |S    |     |     |____                          
          **        ||      ||  |       R|     |       s |                          
           **       ||      ||  |========|     |       t |                          
             **     ||      ||  |_S____S_| ___ |     | a |                          
              ***   ||      ||**         |{[ ]}|     | i |                          
      Love      **  ||      || ****      |{[ ]}|     | r |                          
      Shockers   ***||      ||     ****  |_| |_______| s |                          
      Map 2         ||    @ ||        **** |R|       |   |                          
                    ||      ||aqueduct    *|R|*   @  | Y |                          
      X = X-large   |L      ||             |R| ******| Y |***                       
      L = large     ||      ||****         | |         Y     **                     
      S = small     ||      ||    *****     @ aqueduct Y      **                    
      R = red can   ||      ||       |***_____________          **                  
      B = blue can  ||      ||       | @ |  R  |  R  |****       *                  
      @ = graffiti  ||      ||       |___|     |     |    **      *                 
          soul      ||      ||           |     |     |     **     **                
                    ||      L|           |     |     |      **     *                
                    ||      ||           |   X | X   |       *     *                
                    ||      ||           |     |     |       *     *                
       _____________||      ||___________|     |     |_____R *     *                
      _______________|      |______ X--->|     |     |       *     *                
                                         |     |     |       *     *                
              end                   L--->|     |     |       *     *                
       ______________        ____________|     |     |______ *     *                
       ______________|      |____________|___________|       locked              
                    || end  ||                                                      
                    ||      ||                                                       - Shibuya-Chou - Love Shockers Boss Mission
      And now, it's time to take the Love Shockers on head-to-head.  What?
    Only two levels for the Love Shockers?  Well, not really.  The introduction 
    level, 4.1.3, is technically a Love Shockers level, but it's in the previous 
    section because it's not in the main three-way flow of the game.  Note also 
    that this will always be the LAST boss mission you face - the Love 
    Shockers don't return until both other gangs are defeated.
    4.2.2 - Poison Jam missions
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ - Kogane-chou - Against Poison Jam
    Prerequisite: None
    Tags to clear: 12 (9/1/2)
    Police margin 1:  0      Police attack 1:  Police cars
    Police margin 2:  3      Police attack 2:  Police dogs                                           
    Police margin 3:  6      Police attack 3:  Onishima in gunship
    Recommended ruder:  Gum (fastest tagger at this point in the game)
      This level is basically a mad police chase! :)  You start at the
    bottom of a long climb.  Climb the stairs initially and then follow
    around, grinding the banisters whenever you can.  There's a
    building here containing crates which hide cans and a Graffiti Soul, plus a
    passageway leading to a ramp with another Soul.  When you reach a
    house, turn into it and skate straight through five doors and ricepaper
    walls (!).
      Soon you'll arrive in the main city, which is basically a square
    surrounded by nasty sludge.  If you fall in the sludge, you'll be sent
    back to where you started, which is rather bad.  DON'T SPRAY ANY
    SMALL TAGS YET.  Instead, do the Large tag just left of where you
    arrive, the X-Large tag that's just around a U-turn corner from where
    you arrive and the direction you face on arriving, and the X-Large tag
    diagonally across the square from where you are.  Beware of police
    cars while doing these tags!
      Now watch out - the dogs are about!  Yep, it's time for a Beat's Mad
    Dash (or whoever you're playing) to run around the square and fill in
    all the small tags while evading the dogs.  Oh, yea, Onishima'll be
    shooting missiles at you after the sixth tag as well.  Standing still
    will be a really, really bad idea.  I hope you remembered to do the
    X-Large tag in the diagonal corner before you crossed either of the
    thresholds.  If not, you dead puppy.
      If you find yourself a bit low on paint, then near the wall which
    was next to you when you arrived in the square, there's a place where
    you can jump onto the rooftops of the town and there is LOADS of
    paint lying around.  Also, jumping between the roofs is a stunt
    spectacular enough to earn you a replay.  I haven't found it myself,
    but I'm reliably informed there's a passageway that contains paint,
    health power-ups and a Graffiti Soul near the rooftops. 
      Keep moving and you'll clear this stage without too much problem.
    It seems Poison Jam were really annoyed by that attack and kidnapped
    the GG's dog, and are out for revenge..
    Map 1 (left side)
    S - small graffiti
    L - large graffiti
    X - X-large graffiti
    @ - Graffiti Soul
    Y - Yellow Paint
    B - Blue Paint
    R - Red Paint
             Ý   ____________________________________________
             Ý   Ý                    Ý       Ý
             Ý   Ý                    Ý       Ý
             Ý  LÝ                    Ý       Ý
             Ý   Ý                    Ý       Ý
             Ý   _____________________Ý       Ý
             Ý             #          Ý water Ý
             Ý   ___________#________@Ý       Ý
             Ý   Ý                    Ý       Ý
             Ý  LÝ                    Ý       Ý
             Ý   Ý____________________Ý_______Ý_______________
             Ý                        Ý       Ý
      water  Ý                        Ý       Ý________________
             Ý___________________     Ý       Ý
             Ý                  Ý     Ý       Ý   roof with YB
             Ý                  Ý     Ý       Ý________________
             Ý__________________Ý     Ý water Ý
             Ý            stairs      Ý       Ý
             Ý             YYY        Ý       Ý________________
             Ý     ______________     Ý       Ý    *        *
             Ý     Ý            Ý     Ý       ÝR   * B      *
             Ý     Ý            ÝstartÝ       Ý____Ý________Ý___
             Ý     Ý            Ý_____Ý
             Ý     Ý
     water   Ý     Ý                                   L
             Ý     Ý
             Ý     Ý       water                   water
             Ý     Ý
             Ý     Ý
             Ý     Ý
             Ý     Ý___________________________________________
             Ý          *             *       *
      _______Ý          * building to *       *    building
                        * crash through       *    to Map 2-->
    Map 2 (right side)
    S - small graffiti
    L - large graffiti
    X - X-large graffiti
    @ - Graffiti Soul
    Y - Yellow Paint
    B - Blue Paint
    R - Red Paint
     _________________________________               Ý
              Ý       Ý              Ý          Ý   SÝ
              Ý       Ý              Ý          Ý    Ý
              Ý       Ý              Ý         XÝS   Ý
              Ý       Ý              Ý          Ý    Ý
              Ý water Ý              Ý          Ý   SÝ
              Ý       Ý              Ý__________Ý    Ý watertower
              Ý       Ý               Ý R  @  R *    Ý  @ on far
              Ý       Ý               Ý  _______*    Ý  side--->
              Ý       Ý               Ý  Ý      Ý    Ý
     _________Ý_______Ý_______________Ý**Ý______Ý    Ý_________
                                             L        stairs   Ý
    ____________________________________S______S____________   Ý
              Ý       Ý              ______           stairs   Ý
              Ý       Ý______________Ýcar BÝ____      _________Ý
     ____     Ý       Ý                         Ý     Ý
        Ý     Ý       Ý         roof with Y, B  Ý     Ý
        Ý     Ý       Ý_________________________Ý     Ý
     ___Ý     Ý water Ý                         Ý     B
    stairs    Ý       Ý                         Ý     Ý
    YYY       Ý       Ý_________________________Ý     Ý
     ____     Ý       Ý    *         *          *     Ý
       "Ý     Ý       Ý R  *  B      *        @ *     Ý
        ÝstartÝ       Ý____Ý_________Ý__________Ý     Ý
        ______Ý                                 Ý     Ý
                                                Ý     Ý
                                                Ý     Ý
                                                Ý     Ý   water
     water                 water                Ý     Ý
                                                Ý     Ý
                                                Ý     Ý
                                                Ý     Ý
    ____________________________________________Ý     Ý
               *      *                         *     Ý
      building *      * building with rice paper*     Ý
     <-------  *      * walls to crash through  *     Ý
     - Garam's challenge
      Immediately after clearing, Garam, a scary-looking guy in
    an insect outfit, will come up to your garage.  Looks like he's
    interested in defecting from Poison Jam..
    1 - Skate through a barrier, briefly ride the wall, and then land
        safely on the other side of a chasm.
    2 - Grind a long railing and then jump and land on some rooftops.
    3 - Grind a railing on one side of a causeway, then jump across
        a gap onto a railing on the other side of the causeway, then
        jump a large gap to a further railing, then ride a wall.
        [Make sure you take a while to speed up before jumping on the
        first railing or your grind will be too slow to make the first
        jump.  I also actually managed to smash into the wall before
        riding it and the game didn't care.]
      If you manage this, Garam will join your gang.  Hey, you're really
    arriving! Kogane-Chou - No. 540
    Tags to clear: 13
    Police margin 1:  0      Police attack 1:  Onishima with handgun
    Police margin 2:  3      Police attack 2:  Machine gun troops  
    Police margin 3:  6      Police attack 3:  Gunship fleet (!!!!)
      A junkyard level with some nice potential for extra graffiti!
      At the very beginning, skate forward and whack the Poison Jammer in front
    of you.  He drops 7 paint, which you'll want.  Then head down carefully
    over the barriers - you're looking for a red awning to land on.  Onishima
    is running up and down near the edge you face as you enter the level.
    Since he doesn't know where you are, there's a chance you could clobber
    him and tag him, but it's probably not worth it.  On the awning, there's a
    Graffiti Soul, and another Poison Jammer to clobber for another 7
    paint.  There's also two X-Large tags.  Go to it.  If you run out of
    paint, there should be enough around to finish these tags.
      Once you've sprayed those tags, go under the awning and into the
    building.  There's a half-pipe here with plenty of paint around, and
    also two walkways to climb; there's a Graffiti Soul floating between
    the ends of the two walkways, and healing tins around that area too.
    As you come out of the building, to your left, there'll be a Large
    tag and very probably a Poison Jammer.
      By now the machine gun squads have turned up.  Fortunately, they tend
    not to bother you too much in the sunken area (I've never encountered
    them here!) so you can go for three small tags: the wall-ride tags near
    the edge to the right as you leave the building.  If you're a pro
    wallrider you can leave these till later, but I prefer to get them done
    with now because I tend to fall off the wall.  Jump from the raised
    terrain near the lowest of the tags and ride the wall.  If you have
    trouble getting the height for the third one, remember that you can
    jump from a wallride and then land back on the same wall again!  If
    you still have trouble, try a character with a higher technique score.
    Combo is a bad choice for this level ;)
      Now those three are done, climb up the parked cars and turn left,
    heading back upwards.  There are a few small tags you'll pass on your
    right: spray them if you like.  By now the gunships will have arrived.  
    Fortunately, this means all the other police are gone - and.. unlike
    the other police, you can fight them.  One gunship will usually settle
    near the tags where you are, so dodge around until just after he's
    fired a missile, grind the rail next to him, and TAG HIS WINDSCREEN.
    This will make the gunship crash.  (Watch out for the burning wreckage.
    It's a bad place for a ruder.)
      Come back up to the area where you started.  There's another gunship
    guarding this level, so tag his windscreen in the same way, and then
    mop up the remaining small tags.  Here and just over the rail.  There's also
    a Large tag up here, which technically you can do sooner if you want - but
    since you've crashed the chopper no police will bother you in this area.
    (There's a third chopper that you could technically tag, but I think that
    doing that will probably bring the police back in.. not sure, though.)
    Note also that the wreckage of this chopper lands RIGHT underneath a
    high-floating Graffiti Soul with its tail pointing up suspiciously. Perhaps
    something can be done here..
      A note: if you prefer, you can go for all the large tags first and then
    work DOWNWARDS instead of upwards for the end of the level; ie, do the
    wallriding tags in the sunken area last.  This has some benefit; it's
    easier to get the bonus tags in the sunken area and the halfpipe since
    you'll be nearer the end and have more paint spare at the time.  The
    snag is you'll have less time to pull off that wallride and the choppers
    will be about.  Your call.
      At the end, you'll be told that your tags are all over Kogane-chou, and
    that you just have to catch the Poison Jam members to win the territory. Kogane-Chou - Seekasuin Kogane
      This is a battle with the Poison Jammers in the sewer.  The aim is to
    spray each one a number of times to freeze them.  Colliding with them
    will cost you health.
      You can hit the start button to track their locations in real time,
    and they will always follows the same routes.  Good places to catch
    them include: the ends of the straightaways where they turn around
    (especially by the end with Japanese characters on the wall), the
    gap between the rails, and the point where one member jumps down onto
    a lower catwalk (he fluffs the jump out a few times).  You will
    probably find that you can't spray them while grinding on the rails
    because most of them walk too far away from the rails for that.
      There is no set route to this level because it's dynamic.  Ganbatte
    [The remaining two walkthroughs here are from Junk Magnet as I haven't
    finished these levels yet.  Lack of time..]  Besu's Challenge
      Now you've whupped the Poison Jammers severely, it's time for another
    1 - Spraying areas of one of the sewer tubes, above the halfpipes by
        the ledge.
        [ The easiest way is to jump on one of the ledges, spray the first
          mark, jump across to the opposite ledge, spray the next one, jump
          across again, spray the final one, and then jump back down to the
          floor - don't worry about skating all up and down the tube's edges,
          that's just for aesthetics ;) ]
    2 - You're back in the junkyard, and you have to grind down the crane,
        then jump across to one power/phone line, grind down it, then jump over
        to another line to the right and grind down it.
    3 - You're on the rooftops in a previously unseen level, and you have to
        grind down at least two power lines and jump off on a certain roof.
      All of this is worth it, because Besu is like a cute blue Gum. ;) Kogane-Chou - Whole district
      There are no enemies (rival gang members or police), just you against
    the clock and 21 (!) red arrows to hit over four connected levels.  You
    start on the docks, and have a choice to hit the sewer (a passageway
    right after the first stairs, but before the boats - it was locked the first
    time around) or go up the stairs to the level proper.  To finish the level
    I hit the sewers first, because 1) there's a really annoying two part
    x-large to take care of, and 2) there are three different passageways to
    take down there, and you might as well take care of at least two of them
    (I'll get to that soon).
      So, head down to the sewer and you'll end up in one half-pipe.  Spray the
    marks, then exit and orient yourself.  Unless you're really cocky you might
    as well ignore all the green arrows you see, until running the level
    sucessfully a few times.  Work on the 2 x-larges, refilling if you must by
    grinding about a bit.  Then you can go down the emblem trap door (I think
    it's there... there's definitely a large green arrow down there) and take
    care of the other half-pipe.  While you're doing this level, press the start
    button often to pause and see the map which shows where you are and how
    many red arrows are left.
      Now, you can take the other passageway off of the tube/half pipe, (the one
    you didn't come down), which leads to the junk yard, specifically the
    "underground" room with all of the paint.  Fill up, exit and go to the
    right, and ride the wall to spray the three red arrows.  Then re enter, fill
    up again if you must, and jump up on the cars so you can ride up to the 2
    x-larges above the entrance to the underground.  This is all you need to
    complete at the junkyard, but when you leave back down the passageway to the
    sewer, you can do the green marks after/before you fill up with paint.
      Then, once you make it back to the sewer, you have to find the door that
    once was closed at the end of one of the straightaways.  This leads to
    a rooftop level, but don't take it yet - save it for last because it's a
      OK.  Now you go back up the other passageway in the tube to the start of the
    dock level, and run through it, spraying the red arrow on top of the roof
    with all of the paint (right before the stairs by the watertower), and then
    go up said stairs, and take care of the x-large behind the fence.  Now you
    need to refill some by grinding the fence, and circle around the perimeter
    of the top level, spraying 3 red arrows you'll find - one you have to grind
    up to, where the Graffiti Soul is on the second story (on the far side of
    the level - it's indicated on the map in, on an alley between two
    buildings).  When you finish that you might fall down to the beginning of
    the level, but that's cool.  Go back around to the top of the stairs by the
    watertower, and ride over to the "wooden" cutout of a man which looks like
    a policeman or security guard, he's pointing to the fence.  Underneath him
    is a tube back down to the sewer, but don't take it yet.  You have to stand
    around where he is, then turn around and ride fast towards the stairs.
    But, right before you hit the stairs, turn left and then right sharply,
    and jump out of a gap in the fence, across to the watertower!  Circle around
    it and find two blue cans plus an emblem and a small red arrow - your last
    spray of this level.  Jump back off the tower and down to where the man
    cutout is.
    Now, head back down to the sewer by knocking over the man, and there'll be a
    cut scene at the end if you go down full speed.  Then, find the door you
    didn't take before, and go up it to the Rooftop level.  You end up at the
    top of a long narrow path between two buildings, you have to travel down
    that path (down as in rolling downward) until you get to the bottom.  Turn
    left and find a car by a building.  Jump on it and press pause.  Look at
    where the red arrows are - there are 3 or 4 on the side you're on now
    and two on the other side of the narrow path you traveled down.  First, you
    have to take care of the arrows on your side, making sure to jump over the
    gaps between buildings.  It's very easy to get disoriented, but that's what
    the pause map is for.  There's also paint on the rooftops.  Once you clear
    that side of the roofs, you have to get some speed and jump over to the
    other side.  I guess you could grind over, too, but it seems somewhat hard.
    Whatever, once you make it, you are two red arrows away from the end.
      Once it's over, the rival gang is seen as defeated, but a strange black car
    drives up and takes them away, leaving a mask and a third of a broken
    4.2.3 Noise Tanks Missions
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  Benten-chou Boogie
    Tags to clear:  Darn it, I've forgotten the distribution..
    Police margin 1:  3      Police attack 1:  Mook patrol
    Police margin 2:  6      Police attack 2:  Gas squad,
                                               Onishima with handgun
      It's time to practice that jump'n'grind, folks, by going out and
    tagging the rooftops of Benten-chou.
      You start by grinding down a long spiral onto a rooftop.  There's
    paint available by grinding some supports across the streets, but
    don't spray any tags quite yet: your first priority there will
    be the large tag near the police enterance and the X-large tag in
    one of the corners.  There will probably be a Noise Tank spraying
    the Large tag: hit him.  Noise Tanks evidently carry lots of paint,
    since they tend to drop BLUE cans instead of the usual yellow!
      Once you've got those, it's really just down to the jump'n'grind.
    There are lots of small tags around the streets that you can fill
    up on if you like, but you are absolutely safe from the police on
    the rooftops.  It's really your call what strategy you prefer:
    if you do the low down tags first, then when you come to do the
    ones on the rooftops, Onishima'll be around to give you a nasty
    surprise if you mess up a jump.  If you do the high up ones first,
    then you'll need another Beat's Mad Dash to do the low-down ones
    because the big boys will have arrived by then.  Paint should not be
    a problem: there's plenty lying around and there's at least two
    more Noise Tanks to crash into.
      When you need to get up to the rooftops, there are at least three
    ways: a parked truck (which leads to a platform with an X-large tag),
    and two grindable tracks (both of which have a small tag halfway up).
      As for tricks, there's a side street which the police put a road
    block in later.  Near the end of that street OPPOSITE the road block
    there's a tiny entrance which leads through a building (it's near a
    set of pillars).  There is in fact a tag in the building (so this isn't
    really a secret - you HAVE to find it!).  The very inside of the
    building is also an escape area, so you don't have to worry about the
    cops coming after you (they can follow you in, but not all the way!) After
    this tag, you will then be able to grind down the spiral by which you
    entered the level for loads of paint, a cut scene - and, if you jump high
    enough at the end, a Graffiti Soul.  Also, you can deliberately fall off
    the building rather than grinding the spiral - this brings you quickly to
    the rooftop level and is a handy shortcut.
      Turns out it was the Noise Tanks who kidnapped the GG's dog.  [Question:
    What happens if you finish this before]  Cube's Challenge
    1 - Climb up a walkway, grind a rail, and then jump onto a parked
      [ This is surprisingly easy.  The fall onto the train will actually
        damage you - in fact, you can even see Cube go into panic fall
        partway down! - but the game doesn't care. ]
    2 - Enter the tiny entrance from the previous mission, grind down
        the spiral, and then jump over the entire building to land on
        another rail, and grind that to another balcony.
      [ This is really pure timing.  You need to hit and HOLD that X button
        near to the lip of the spiral. ]
    3 - Grind up the edge of a platform and jump onto the hub of a merry-go-
        round.  Grind down one of the supports, and then jump through a
        wire mesh door onto.. uh, an active railway line.  (This after
        the suicidal jump onto the train.  Cube obviously values life.)
      [ The trick here is to jump EARLY from both of the grinds.  Otherwise,
        you'll tend to sail right over the hub, and hit the wall instead of
        passing through the door.  Although I did do this challenge with
        Corn whose Technique is quite high.  With another character this
        might not apply. ]
      Manage all three of these, and Cube will join your gang.  Rock that
  - Benten-chou: Graffiti High
    Police margin 1:  3      Police attack 1:  Machine gun troops,
                                               Onishima with handgun
      You begin the level on top of some trains, with a a set of super red 
    cans in front of you on the train, and many yellow cans on the ground.  
    At the end of the train cars you can jump over to the left and collect 
    a graffiti soul on the top of some boxes. Then you can circle around 
    between the trains and get some yellow cans, and there are some bonus 
    tags around the area near where you started.  Throughout this area, 
    beware: trains will pass in both directions on the tracks, and being hit 
    by one will not be good for your life bar.
      When you're done in the train yard, travel up the train tracks, and 
    exit to the right through the chain link door you busted through when 
    you unlocked Cube in her third challenge. Yeah, it's that merry-go-round 
    again.  On almost all sides of its lower level there's a hand-rail you 
    have to grind to spray two small red arrows.  The police will be active 
    by then; next step is to grind up the ramp to the spoke hub, and across 
    to the first of two ledges below building signs.  There'll be a red can on 
    one, and you can grind across a wire to the other - I believe there's an 
    emblem to be had in between, too.  (Again, this is a call on what you prefer 
    to do: it's harder for the police to get at you while you're on the higher-up 
    grinds, but it involves doing more complex stunts.)
      Now come the unobvious part. According to the map there's a passageway to 
    the next part of the level, but it's not below ground - it's above ground, 
    and sort of hidden.  There's an very easy way and a very hard way to reach it 
    - the easy way is to travel up the truck bed and jump to the right (about 
    90 degrees) through a wooden fence and to the aforementioned secret 
    yet essential path. Hard way is to grind down the wire that leads 
    to this by first going up the ramps and through the hub.  So, you bust through 
    the wooden planks, travel the path, and then jump through the next wooden 
    planks to a crowded city street. 
      Check your map, because there are small, large and even an x-large tag
    to complete around the level, go for the biggest ones first, because there are 
    tanks coming out to play soon. There's also many red cans to be found to 
    power back up. - Benten-chou: Boss level
      You face the Noise Tanks in the nighttime, in a downtown area with massive 
    grindage over pedestrian walkways. When you start there's no paint to be found 
    - it's on the opposite side of the level, and once you see it you should hang 
    out there, on two long straightaways separated by a graffiti soul you can grind 
    and jump for, along with red cans in the median in the street below. 
      The rival gang members, 3 of them, will come to this straightaway often, and 
    also stop often, so you can get multiple sprays in at once.  Don't chase them 
    too far until you understand the pattern - they come back to the straightaways 
    often enough that you can just hang around and wait. 
      As with the other boss levels, precise instructions can't be given due to the 
    dynamic nature of the level.
    4.3 - The Golden Rhinos
      Once you've claimed the city as your own, it's time to deal with the new
    and nasty invaders - the Golden Rhinos.  On the plus side, you don't have 
    to worry about the police anymore; on the minus side, the Rhinos will 
    more than make up for that.
      These levels will be set in ENTIRE DISTRICTS.  In other words, all three 
    sites within each district that you've visited so far will be linked 
    together.  The linking sites were visible, but blocked off, in your 
    previous visit to the sites; now they will be open, and you will need to 
    use them to explore the entire level.
     [ Details to be completed.. ]
    4.4 - Finale
    4.4.1 - The Robo-Ruders
    4.4.2 - The Corporation Building
      Yes.. the very last level and the final, final, final boss.  Your pause 
    mode map is useless on this stage, so you need to figure out where the four 
    initial arrows are. 
      You are on huge, rotating record at the top of the building, in the center 
    of which is the CEO, and turning around him on either side at the end of a 
    metal girder are two female rhino robotic go-go dancers in glass cages. You 
    can ignore them because they do nothing but dance and distract.  If you fall 
    off the building, you'll warp back to the center spinning record, with a
    little health lost.
      Around the turning record (which turns faster as the level progresses) are 
    yellow and blue paint cans - collect these first. Then, on the edges of the 
    big record are big blue lit squares you can walk on - there should be 8, 4 
    which have red paint and lead to 4 far away red arrows, and 4 that are just 
    to rest on.  After you fill up on paint, find one of the red paint cans and 
    carefully jump off the record to land on the square.  Two of the blue squares 
    (which oppose each other, that is they are on opposite sides of the center) 
    you'll have to jump off of and grind across some ducts to the other side. 
    There, you'll meet a big Golden Rhino which will look mean and breathe fire 
    on you. If you're using Conbo, just take it and spray the x-large on the 
    ground. You'll lose approximately 1/6 to 1/4 of your health after each 
    encounter, and after he flames you once he'll leave (at least, you'll have 
    enough time to finish the arrow). When you finish one of these, go back 
    over to the center and find another red can to get some to most of health 
    back.  (You can of course time things just right to avoid the flames or
    most of the Rhino altogether, but the level is timed in a way that it's
    probably better just to take the flames.)
      So, grind over and do the other arrow, take some flames, and then come back.
    Next, there are two opposing areas that have 3 rotating wheels/gears you 
    have to jump on top of just right, and then jump off of just right to 
    another gear, and then jump off just right again to get to the arrow. 
    The only secret is to time things correctly, and try to land on the flat 
    gear face when it's roughly horizontal. Easier said than done. Each of the 
    3 gears has a different rotation pattern, some towards you, some away.
    When you finish all 4 arrows (did I mention that the Rhino is jumping from 
    one to the other during the whole level? Watch where he lands to find the 
    next arrow, and if you have only one left he'll hang out there). The rhino 
    freaks out. He won't explode until you jump back over to the central 
    turntable - I'm not sure what happens if you goof up and fall off the 
    building, maybe you'll warp back to the record, maybe you'll die.
    Now, rhino wreckage is everywhere (he was a robot, obviously) and the CEO's 
    hideout booth is partially destroyed. He also has a big fat red arrow 
    floating over his head, but how to get to him in the 100-200 seconds you 
    have left? You have to fight the vertigo (the record's spinning really 
    fast, and there's rhino "crap" everwhere) and find one of the two girders 
    that used to support the dancing rhino girls. Then, you have to skate or 
    jump up to them and somehow grind up them, and then by some miracle spray 
    the CEO before you fall back down again. Then, he falls of the building and 
    the game is over.
                                *     *    MAP 1                         
          X = x-large red       *  X  *                                             
              arrow             *     *                                             
          R = red paint         *******                                             
          B = blue paint         * * *                                              
          Y = yellow paint       * * *  <-- pipes                                   
                                 * * *                                              
                                *     *                                             
                                *  R  *                                             
                 rotating       *     *                                             
                  gears         *******                                             
                    /         ++       ++                                           
         *******   /  *******+    Y B    +*******      *******                      
         *     *<=><=>*     *             *     *<=><=>*     *                      
         *  X  *<=><=>*  R  *  turntable  *  R  *<=><=>*  X  *                      
         *     *<=><=>*     *             *     *<=><=>*     *                      
         *******      *******+    Y B    +*******  /   *******                      
                              ++       ++         /                                 
                                *******        rotating                             
                                *     *         gears                               
                                *  R  *                                             
                                *     *                                             
                                 * * *                                              
                      pipes -->  * * *                                              
                                 * * *                                              
                                *     *                                             
                                *  X  *                                             
                                *     *                                             
        S = small tag                        FINAL BOSS MAP 2     
            (inside)        ooooooooooo                           
                        oooo           oooo                       
                     ooo          *        ooo                    
                    oo           **          oo                   
                   oo            * fallen     oo                  
                 oo              * girder       oo                
                 o               *               o                
                oo            ooooooo            oo               
                o           ooo     ooo           o               
                o   *       o    S    o           o               
                o    *******ooo     ooo           o               
                oo    fallen  ooooooo            oo               
                 o    girder          *****      o                
              /  oo                   *   *     oo                
             /     oo                 *****   oo                  
            /       oo                       oo                   
         spinning    ooo                   ooo                    
         turntable      oooo           oooo                       
    4.4.3 - Encore
      There are three special challenges that become available on each level 
    once the game is complete.
      The first is the SPRAY CHALLENGE, represented by a spraycan icon.  On 
    these levels, there are no police or rival gang members, just the entire 
    level open for you and a large number of tags to hit within a time limit. 
    Unlike the other special modes, you do not need to finish the game to 
    reveal these; they become available at the same time as the Golden Rhinos 
    become available on a given level.
      The second is the RACE.  In this mode, pick a character and race against 
    another rival member of your gang.  The game picks a rival member for you, 
    but it is not random; it is determined by the level you pick and the 
    character you're playing.
      The final mode is the TECHNICAL mode.  The aim here is simply to do as 
    many spectacular stunts as you can in the time and rack up the points.  
      Finally, once the game is complete, you can save it and begin the story 
    again, except that ALL the ruders will be available from the beginning (so 
    there will be no challenges).  [What happens if you finish it again?
    Anything different?]
    * * * * SUPER CONTRIBUTOR * * * *  
    Junk Magnet (Nicholas Freeman) <nick [at] junkmagnet [dot] com>
      - Masses of help with all the level walkthroughs.
      - All ASCII maps.
      - All character stats.
    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
    McGoo <screwballmagoo [at] screwballmagoo [dot] com>
      - Pointed out that v0.1 was WRONG in saying that you could only use
        Beat in challenges.
      - Corrected Onishima's location in the first Love Shockers mission.
      - Pointed out the ability to tag Onishima and to tag helicopters.
    Richard DeJoode <dickdejoode [at] hotmail [dot] com>
      - Corrected Corn's name (it's Corn, not Cone).
    Nathan <natethegreat [at] home [dot] com>
      - Send me a .DCM file of working .JPG images for the importer (I'll
        get to analyzing it shortly)
    Stx23 <stx23 [at] i [dot] am>
      - Pointed out that you CAN tag Onishima.
    Chris Clark <chris [at] mail [dot] imagesmith [dot] com>
      - Another person who spotted tagging Onishima and choppers.
      If it's not in the FAQ already, either a) I don't know it, or b) I
    know it but don't have a good way of explaining it in words (happens
    too often with a spatial game like JSR).

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