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    FAQ/Walkthrough by dennis riley

    Version: 1.3 | Updated: 11/23/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Ratchet & Clank: Going Commmando Walkthrough
    Version 1.40
    By Matt Fero (aka Dennis Riley)
    You can email me at mfero@comcast.net
    Table of Contents:
    1. Introduction
    2. Version History
    3. Controls
    4. Weapons
    5. Walkthrough
    6. Credits
    1. Introduction
    I'm writing this FAQ because there aren't any yet and people are posting a 
    lot of "Help, I'm stuck" topics. So, I figured since I beat the game I 
    would make a simple walkthrough of the basic game flow. This IS my first 
    FAQ/Walkthrough so it's not going to be perfect, so bear with me. If you have 
    any suggestions or comments you can email me at mfero@comcast.net. Also, my
    AIM Screen name is suprmonky73.
    Also, if you want to find a certain part just press Crtl+F and you can use 
    it to find words.
    This FAQ/Walkthrough is only for use at Gamefaqs.com and Cheat Code Central 
    (www.cheatcc.com). If you want to use this on your site, email me.
    2. Version History
    Version 1.30
    -Nov. 20, 2003
    - Finished the Walkthrough 
    Version 1.20
    - Nov. 19, 2003
    - Finished walkthrough up through part of Damosel
    - I will no longer try to post all of the skill points, platinum bolts, or 
    secrets unless i find them myself, since Aturian now has a few guides for 
    those. As for skill points, Kasplat has a thread about that and most of the 
    locations are there. Dan Bradley also has a link to a site where he has posted 
    his FAQ on those. 
    Version 1.10
    - Nov 17, 2003
    - Finished walkthrough up through Todano
    Version 1.00
    - Nov 16, 2003
    - Done the walkthrough up through Siberius
    3. Controls
    -If your too lazy to look at the handbook that came with the game here are the 
    X- Jump (note: pressing X again in the air will double jump; holding X on the 
       second press will cause you to glide)
    Square- Wrench attack, attach to screws in the ground
    Triangle- Bring up Quick Select Menu
    Circle- Fire selcted weapon or gadget
    R1- Crouch (note:during crouch you can do a high jump by pressing X)
    R2- Strafe
    L1- bring up first person view
    L2- Strafe
    Start- Bring up Pause menu
    Select/R3- Bring up map
    For controls for the Star Explorer and Giant Clank, the game will show you.
    4. Weapons
    At the beginning of the game you start with two weapons, the Lancer and 
    Gravity Bomb. Usually there is a new weapon available upon arrival at 
    a new planet.
    Cost: 0 bolts
    First Available: Aranos
    Upgrades to: Heavy Lancer
    Ammo Capacity: 200
    Upgrade Capacity: 300
    Gravity Bomb
    Cost: 0 bolts
    First Available: Aranos
    Upgrades to: Mini-Nuke
    Ammo Capacity: 8
    Upgrade Capacity: 8
    Cost: 5,000 bolts
    First Available: Oozla
    Upgrades to: Multi-Star
    Ammo Capacity: 35
    Upgrade Capacity: 35
    Blitz Gun
    Cost: 15,000 bolts
    First Available: Oozla
    Upgrades to: Blitz Cannon
    Ammo Capacity: 40
    Upgrade Capacity: 40 
    Pulse Rifle
    Cost: 20,000 bolts
    First Available: Megopolis
    Upgrades to: Vaporizer
    Ammo Capacity: 8
    Upgrade Capacity: 8
    Miniturret Glove
    Cost: 25,000 bolts
    First Available: Megopolis
    Upgrades to: Megaturret Glove
    Ammo Capacity: 20
    Upgrade Capacity: 20
    Seeker Gun
    Cost: 5,000 bolts
    First Available: Barlow
    Upgrades to: HK22
    Ammo Capacity: 25
    Upgrade Capacity: 25
    Tesla Claw *
    Cost: 8,000 bolts
    First Available: Barlow
    Ammo Capacity: 300
    Bomb Glove *
    Cost: 1,000 bolts
    First Available: Barlow
    Ammo Capacity: 40
    Decoy Glove *
    Cost: 10,000
    First Available: Barlow
    Ammo Capacity: 20
    Walloper *
    Cost: 8,000
    First Available: Barlow
    Ammo Capacity: Infinite
    Visibomb Gun *
    Cost: 15,000 bolts
    First Available: Barlow
    Ammo Capacity: 20
    Cost: 65,000 bolts
    First Available: Notak
    Upgrades to: Kilonoid
    Ammo Capacity: 12
    Upgrade Capacity: 12
    Lava Gun
    Cost: 25,000 bolts
    First Available: Tabora
    Upgrades to: Meteor Gun
    Ammo Capacity: 200
    Upgrade Capacity: 200
    Cost: 100,000 bolts
    First Available: Tabora
    Upgrades to: Heavy Bouncer
    Ammo Capacity: 25
    Upgrade Capacity : 25
    Minirocket Tube
    Cost: 50,000 bolts
    First Available: Dobbo
    Upgrades to: Megarocket Tube
    Ammo Capacity: 25
    Upgrade Capacity: 25
    Plasma Coil
    Cost: 150,000
    First Available: Joba
    Upgrades to: Plasma Storm
    Ammo Capacity: 15
    Upgrade Capacity: 15
    Spiderbot Glove
    Cost: 15,000
    First Available: Joba
    Upgrades to: Tankbot gun
    Ammo Capacity: 8
    Upgrade Capacity: 8
    Hoverbomb Gun
    Cost: 120,000 bolts
    First Available: Todano
    Upgrades to: Tetrabomb Gun
    Ammo Capacity: 10
    Upgrade Capacity: 10
    Cost: You find it
    First Available: Todano
    Upgrades to: Black Sheep
    Ammo Capacity: Infinite
    Upgrade Capacity: Infinite
    Shield Charger
    Cost: 100,000
    First Available: Aranos, second time
    Upgrades to: Tesla Barrier
    Ammo Capacity: 5
    Upgrade Capacity: 5
    Zodiac *
    Cost: 1,500,000
    First Available: Aranos, second time
    Ammo Capacity: 4
    5. Walkthrough
    -Infiltrate the flying base
    You first start on the prison station on Aranos. Walk forward and step on the
    flashing blue button. This will activate the elevator. Go through the door 
    and smash the crates on the sides before moving forward. These Chainsaw 
    baddies are pretty easy. Just use the Lancer and hold R2 to strafe. Its an easy 
    way to aim that will be useful throughout the game. Hop up the ladder and smash
    some more crates. Head through the door and shoot all the guys that drop down.
    In the next room we meet the Flamethrower enemies. They are basically the same
    as the Chainsaws, but you need to keep a bit more distance. Smash the crates
    and grab the Nanotech health if you need it. Move toward the bridge and we meet
    some Bomb guys. They are easy to kill but can be annoying at times. Take out
    the guy on the elevator and then hop on the blue button. Just pick off the 
    guys by the door from the elevator and smash the crates for some bolts when 
    done. After the movie, take out the Flamethrower and Chainsaw bots. Then jump 
    the tube. At the other end there will a bunch of Flamethrower bots. just stand 
    back and use the Lancer or the Gravity Bomb, since there is a cluster. After 
    beating them, jump through the open window to trigge a cut scene. Grab the 
    nanotech and head forward to take on some more bots. The gravity bomb works 
    nicely here. Then head down the elevator and through the door to fight some 
    more bots. At the end of the hall there is a small room with a bunch of bots.
    If you get in a jam use the Gravity bomb. Head into the next room to find more 
    bots, then head through the door on the left. Good job, you beat the first 
    mission. From now on I won't give such a detailed walkthrough. You should know 
    the ropes good enough now.
    - Explore the swamp ruins
    - Purchase the Tractor Beam
    - Find the store entrance
    - Investigate the Megacorps store
    Since you probably don't have full ammo, stock up. If you have enough you can 
    opt to get the Chopper. But, your best bet is to save up for the Blitz Gun. 
    After you visit the vendor you can either go to the Megacorps store or 
    visit the Swamp ruins. I chose the ruins first so lets go there. Down the path
    you'll meet some blobs. They only take a couple shots from the lancer. If you 
    turn left here you will see a dragon. Jump on his back and he will take you to 
    a cave where you can get a Platinum Bolt (thanks to Paul du Bois). The crabs on 
    the other hand take more. When you come to the sea dragons, jump on their 
    backand make your way to the other side. Jump up on the ledge for a bunch of 
    bolts, then head into the tunnel. The fireflys are easy to kill. To get up to 
    the top you have to jump into the plants mouth. Just jump on and jump right 
    off. Next are a bunch more sea dragons. There are some side islands if you want 
    to go there. When you reach the ledge with teh crab, kill him and head through 
    the door to meet a bunch of crabs. Follow the path to the sea dragon. The next 
    part is a bit tricky but practice makes perfect. After sliding down the tube, 
    you will get the Tractor Beam for a small price. Use it to line up the barrels 
    to make a stairway to get up to the ledge. Before you do so, line up the 
    barrels so you can get on the area across from the ledge. Up here you will get 
    your first Platinum bolt, which you can use later to upgrade your weapons. Now, 
    make your way up to the ledge with the nanotech. Climb up and head toward the 
    gate. Now,your back at the starting area. Now that you have a little more 
    experience, head down the other path towards the store. After you see some 
    fireflies, look to the left. If you shoot the 4 pterodactyls you can get a 
    skill point. Keep heading down the path killing the baddies. If you think your 
    lost, use the map, its pretty self explanatory. Eventually you will reach the 
    Swamp Boss
    This boss is pretty easy. Just strafe around the falling tentacles and shoot 
    him. It doesn't really matter if you hit the eye or tentacles just keep 
    shooting andstafing. Eventually he'll die. 
    After he dies some lily pads will appear. Break the boxes for some ammo and 
    bolts,then jump across and head towards the building. Here you will find the 
    Dynamo. You can use it to activate the green ball things to start platforms 
    and such. Use it to make the elevator appear. Head through the door and use 
    the Dynamo again. You can get a skill point by breaking everything in the 
    store. This includes the bottles on the wall and the glass cases. Follow the 
    path until you get to the tan floor.Use the Dynamo to open the door. This 
    causes some blocks to obstruct your path. Just jump over them tomake it through 
    the door in time. After you make it through you will get coordinates to a new 
    Wupash Nebula
    Before you go to the Maktar Resort, you have to do some space fighting first. 
    The controls are: X fires main weapon, Circle fires missile, square boosts,
    L1 and R1 barrel roll left and right. There are two waves that are pretty 
    tough. Use the barrel roll to dodge the enemy fire. There are purple fighters 
    that take more to kill. To kill them keep the reticle near them until it turns 
    red, then use circle to fire a missile. After you beat the two waves you will 
    head to Maktar.
    Maktar Resort
    - Find a way to the Thugs-4-Less-Less Jamming Array
    - Destroy the signal transponders
    - Win the Battle Arena
    - Repair the energy bridges
    Head down the ramp and to the left. You can get a skill point for smashing and 
    breaking almost all of the stuff around the resort. We will go to the Arena 
    first to get somemore bolts. Keep heading forward until you reach the limosine. 
    Hop in and it will take you to a ledge. Grab the ledge and move over to the 
    ladder. At the top,there are a load of Thugs. Use the Lancer and keep strafing. 
    If you run 
    out of ammo, run in close with the Gravity Bomb. When you get Clank later in 
    the game, come back to this area and jump up on the wall on the right for a 
    Platinum Bolt.Head up the elevator and into the casino room. Keep heading 
    through until you reach the dropship. Use the same strategy as before. Keep 
    going until you reach the arena. Your first match is for the Electrolyzer 
    gadget that opens doors. The match is six rounds and is pretty easy. Just 
    watch out for the fans and flames on the ground. When you win, you will have 
    the option to fight more matches in the arena. This is a good way to get bolts 
    for some good weapons that cost a lot. Two noteworthy matches are the 
    and B2 Brawler boss matches. For Chainblade, the Blitz Gun is a big help. You 
    can get a skill point for beating Chainblade with only your wrench (you can 
    wait until you get a wrench upgrade later if you want). For the B2 Brawler a 
    gun you get later really helps you out (Miniturret gun), so you can hold off on 
    that match if you want. You can get a skill point if you beat him without 
    getting hit (get the Miniturret gun first, it will be easier). When you leave 
    the Arena, use the Elecrtolyzer to make a bridge. After the first bridge you 
    get coordinates to a new world. Use the electrolyzer again to get back to the 
    beginning. Now, from the beginning take the right path. Use the Tractor Beam to 
    open the door. Use it again to drag the droid to open the door. Then go to the 
    right and clear it out. Now drag the bomb to the door to blow it up. Grab the 
    droid again and put it in the slingshot. Shoot it up to the legde to open the 
    door. Make your way to another door, turn left and go get the bomb across the 
    platforms. Bring it back and blow the door. Outside, use the bomb and slingshot 
    to shoot the four flying 
    saucers. After the door disappears, hop in the limo to go the Jamming Array.
    Jamming Array
    The goal here is to expose the cores of the green light towers and blow 
    them up. At the screw push square and turn it counter clockwise to expose 
    the core. There are six in all. if you can't find one, push R3 and it will 
    bring up a useful map. The only other tip I can give is to use the jump 
    pads to reach the cores in the air. After you blow all six you will get 
    coordinates to a new world.
    - Rescue Clank from the thief
    - Repair Clank
    - Free Ratchet
    - Visit Clank's Apartment
    - Shoot down the Thugs-4-Less ship
    Here you can get the Miniturret Glove and the Pulse Rifle. The Miniturret 
    Glove is the better and more useful of the two. You can get skill point for 
    smashing almost all of the stuff around Endako. For now, head right.
    To get through the doors, hit the trash cans. Follow the path until you 
    see the Thug leader in a helicopter. Keep going all the way to the end. 
    When it looks like you'll fall, drop down to find a Platinum Bolt. Climb 
    back up the ladder and take the immediate left. Drop down and hit the 
    trash can. Go through the tunnel and turn left to go up the elevator. 
    Ignore the Thug leader again and take out the sweeper bots. At the top, 
    again knock over the trash cans and kill the bots. Head through the door 
    on the right and grab the ammo. Its boss time!
    Thug Leader
    This battle is pretty straight forward. Make sure you strafe as always. 
    Just empty all your ammo into him. It doesnt matter which gun you use. 
    Just shoot and dodge. If you use the Blitz Gun, make sure your in close.
    After he dies, use the translocator.
    Now you get the Swingshot and Grindboots from Clanks apartment. Use 
    the Swingshot to get to the the blue ball. Use the Swingshot on it and 
    a bridge will form. Then use the translocator. Now from your ship take 
    the left path and use the Electrolyzer. Make your way to the control 
    room to use the Electrolyzer again. Now, you can use the crane to move 
    the crate over to the ledge. You can get a skill point by killing 10 robots 
    with the crane. Use the ones with lasers to shoot the other bots (thanks to 
    Paul again). Keep heading down the path and turn left. Use the Electrolyzer 
    again to gain access to the crane. Get the orange crate from the next room and 
    bring it back and drop it in front of the door to the control room. Use the 
    shadow to line up the crate. Bring the Green-striped crate from the third room 
    to the second room. Leave the control room and look for the door that is high 
    up in the second room. Put the green-striped box under the door. Then put the 
    orange box on top to reaveal a Platinum bolt. Now, use the crane to put the 
    green-striped box under the ledge in the third room to move on.Ride the 
    elevator up. Use the Electrolyzer to free Clank. Damn, i wanted to know the 
    final digit of pi. 
    Anyway, you now have control of Clank. Use his helipack to glide 
    down. Don't cross the bridge yet. Keep going around the curve to 
    find little bots. Break them free. Use Triangle to give them commands. 
    Inside, break free the bridge bot and tell him to make a bridge. 
    Retract the bridge and find the lift bot. Tell him to lift the 
    block in the doorway. Keep going until you see a dog house with the 
    number 2 on it. Tell the little bots to enter, which opens the door. 
    Finally, step on the button. Use the crouch-jump to climb up and 
    cross the gap. Glide to the circular platform and use the portal. 
    Now, from the beginning area, take the right path. Instead of taking 
    the elevator, use the Swingshot to land on the rails. At the end you 
    can use your Platinum Bolts to upgrade your weapons. After you're 
    done, use the portal to return to your ship. Time to go racing!
    - Find the desert Riders
    - Repair the broken hoverbike
    - Win the hoverbike race
    - Free figure in ice
    - Purchase the Thermanator
    - Scout the ruined machinery
    - Battle the native tribesmen
    Here you can buy the sweet Seeker Gun for only 5000 bolts. Head into the cave 
    near the vendor. Keep going down the path and up the incline to the bridge. 
    A bunch of desert riders will attack so be ready. Keep goin past the fire to 
    the cage fence. When you defeat all the enemies it will lower. Inside, you 
    will be forced to fight a bunch of tribesmen, which will create a bridge 
    when you defeat them all. Try the Gravity Bomb to keep them from swarming 
    you. Across the bridge you will be able to get a few guns from the first 
    game. If earned any of the weapons available here in the first game, you 
    will get them free. After your done, jump the gap to the Desert Rider. After 
    solving the Electrolyzer puzzle, you can start racing! For the first race, 
    all you have to do is get almost all of the boosts. Just know where they are. 
    If you get a time of 2:10:00  on any race on Barlow, you will get a skill 
    point. There are other races available to earn more bolts. When you're done, 
    head down the elevator back to the starting area. Now, head up the grass 
    incline to the Swingshot ball, and make your way across. Use the Swingshot to 
    pull the platforms to you. Swim through the underwater tunnel to get to the 
    next section. Jump across the moving platforms and use the Swingshot to get 
    to another water tunnel. Use the Swingshot again and land on the moving 
    platform. Pull the other platform to you so you can get on the land. Take 
    out the dogs and keep moving until you find a guy frozen solid. Hit the block 
    of ice and buy the Thermanator from him for 1,000 bolts. You can use this to 
    freeze and thaw water. Thaw the water in the room and head through the 
    tunnel. Hop onto the ledge with the crates and freeze the water to jump to the 
    other side. Go to the right to lower the elevator for future use. Then head 
    left. Head down the elevator and back to your ship. Now that you're done 
    here, head to the Thug Rendezvous.
    Thug Rendezvous
    This is another space fighter level. There will be a wave of 20 fighters and 
    a wave of 25 fighters. Just use the same strategy as last time. Try not to 
    be in the middle of it all. Then they will all fire on you and you won't last 
    very long. After you win, there will be a few optional missions you can do for 
    some more bolts. When your done, lets move on to the next planet.
    - Search Canal Cirt for thief
    - Search the Promenade
    - Purchase Transmission
    - Investigate the wharf area
    Here you can purchase the helpful Synthenoid for the hefty price of 65,000 
    bolts. For now move to the left toward the mousers. Head through the tunnel 
    and kill the thugs. You can get a skill point here by blowing up the globe with 
    the rings. Shoot the rings first. Take out all of the enemies and continue up 
    the elevator. Kill all of the thugs in the windows. On the left side of the 
    canal in this section, at the end there is a yellow and blue billboard. Smash 
    it to reaveal a Platinum Bolt. Keep going until you reach the top, where a 
    upgrade awaits. Grab it, then use the transporter. From the start area, go 
    straight over he bridge. Kill the thugs and turn left at the yellow doorway.
    Inside, use he Thermanator. Head outside and take out all of the thugs. Then 
    use the Dynamo and quickly run to the top. Run into the open door past the 
    thugs to get a Platinum Bolt. Kill anyone else that is left and ride the 
    elevator on the right when you come out of the room with the Platinum Bolt. 
    Take out the ship and get the coordinates to Slim Cognito's. After the cut 
    scene, glide down and head to the factory. Crank up the door and head inside 
    for a bunch of Thermanator puzzles.
    Jump down and freeze the water. Slide over to the ledge and jump up to another 
    screw. This raises a bridge to the next section. Thaw the water and jump in. 
    Through the water tunnel, jump down to find another screw which creates more 
    platforms. To get there you have to thaw the ice. Swim out and jump onto the 
    ledge. Freeze the water and jump up the wall. Now head across the platforms 
    you made earlier. Now there is a moving pool of water with a shark in it. Time 
    it so the water freezes and you can jump up to the ledge. Now, the next pool 
    you have to time it so you can walk through the tunnel but jump up to the 
    ledge on the other side. When you get to the other side, thaw the pool, then 
    re-freeze it so you can cross it. The next pool you have to time so there is 
    just enough space to walk through, so you can jump up on the other side. 
    Finally we're done with the Thermanator. Now, buy the transmission from 
    the robot for 6,000 bolts. Now, its time to go to the next planet. But first...
    Slim Cognito's 
    Here you can spend money on ship mods. You can also buy a new paint job for 
    your ship. The mods you should look at are the Advanced Shields, the Fusion 
    lasers and Triple Boost engine. They will come in handy when some of the later 
    Space ship missions will reward you handsomely.
    - Find and confront the thief
    Just move forward killing all the enemies. Behind the shack where the door 
    blows open at the beginning, there is a snowman. Smash it to get a skill point. 
    Where you fight all of the Chainsaw and Flamethrower bots, there will be a 
    ledge with icicles. Break all of the icicles. Hop the gap on the right and turn 
    around. Do a crouch jump to grab the platform. Jump across and over to the 
    little cave. Inside there is a Platinum Bolt. If you cant seem to reach it, 
    bring the magnetic barrel at the bottom of the elevaor up. Continue forward and 
    go down the elevator. Kill all of the enemies and make your way to the truck, 
    re-supply your weapons and 
    jump in the back. 
    This fight is pretty straightforward like the other boss fights. Kill all of 
    the enemies on the truck then jump to the next truck with the Swingshot. When 
    the thief appears, unleash your best weapons on it. When she falls back, 
    proceed to the next truck. Walk up the ramp on the left side on the third car 
    and turn around. Let loose on the thief and the truck will crash. Head up to 
    the vendor and stock up. Head out to the center circle. Quickly fire upon the 
    thief. When she summons bots, use the Gravity Bomb. If you upgraded it, you 
    should wipe them all out in one shot. A good gun to use is the Seeker, since 
    it's a homing weapon and you can fire while running. After you defeat the 
    thief, its on to the next world.
    - Meet with Mr. Fizzwidget
    - Find a way out of the underground tunnels
    - Find a ship
    - Return crystals to mystic
    - Explore the area
    From where you start, there is a vendor on the left. Just make your way down 
    the path and jump across the platforms until you reach an alcove. Now, you 
    get a new, more powerful wrench. Stock up on ammo, and press on. Use the 
    Swingshot to get past the lava pit. Use the Swingshot again and at the 
    height of the swing use the heli or jet pack to glide to the bottom. Here 
    you will meet Angela, and get coordinates for a new planet. After the cut
    scene head up the elevator. Go and talk to the mystic who can fix your ship.
    Head over the black bridge to the desert. Here, you need 10 pink crystals 
    to fix your ship. After you get them, take them back to the mystic and he 
    will fix the ship. If you want more bolts you can go back out and find more 
    crystals. Each one you find is worth 1,000 bolts and you also get experience
    and more bolts for killing all of the enemies that are out there. Besides 
    getting crystals from the pink holders, there are piles of debris that are 
    really enemies that give a crystal for killing them. You can get a skill point 
    for getting all of the crystals to the mystic. Also, right outside the main 
    area with the huts, there is a little stand where you can use yourPlatinum 
    bolts to ugrade your weapons. When you're ready to move on, go intothe hut next 
    to the black bridge. 
    Follow the path to the pool of water. Use 
    the Thermanator to reach the ledge on the right. At the next pool, stand on 
    the first block to raise the others and then use the Thermanator while the 
    blocks are raised so you can reach the ledge. Freeze the waterfalls to 
    create two walls you can jump between to reach the top. At the top, glide 
    down and you will come to the glider. Press X while on the red arrows to 
    start gliding. The glider uses aiplane controls where pressing the Left 
    Analog stick up makes the glider go down and pressing the stick down makes 
    it go up. On top of the blue pole past the bridge is a Nanotech upgrade. 
    If you go up to high, the glider will fall to the lava. Keep going forward 
    until you reach a Platinum Bolt, then use the transporter to return to the 
    town. When your done in the desert, it's time to move on to Dobbo.
    - Explore the testing facility
    Here you can purchase the awesome Minirocket Tube. There is also an armor 
    vendor that sells the first armor upgrade, the Tetrafiber Armor for 25,000 
    bolts. You can get a skill point here for killing all of the enemies with the 
    weapons you can only buy on Barlow from the lady (the R&C1 weapons). There are 
    two ways to go from the starting point. You can go through the portal to the 
    factory, or you can go outside to the island. Lets go to the island first. Go 
    to the platform with the 4 enemies on it and turn left. Use the Dynamo to cross 
    here. Keep going and destroy the ship and use the Swingshot to cross. Kill all 
    of the guys and climb the ladder. Use the Swingshot again to cross. Below the 
    walkway are a lot of red mousers. they give a lot of bolts. Keep going and take 
    out the ship. When you kill the ship, a Swingshot ball will appear for you to 
    use. Use it, then kill all of the enemies. Climb the ladder, turn around and 
    use the Swingshot. Use the Dynamo, then the Swingshot to make it to the island. 
    Talk to the Mathematician to enter a Boss Battle. When you win you will be 
    given access to the Megacorps Games. 
    Thug Mech
    This battle is pretty tough. You can get two skill points here, smashing all of 
    the buildings and beating the Thug Mech with only punches. If you just want to 
    get this over with, you can always come back to fight him later. The main thing 
    you have to watch here are the little helicopters. If they crowd you they can 
    do a lot of damage. So, turning around and smashing them is a good idea since 
    you get health when you kill them with a melee attack. Also, pushing Triangle 
    uses the blue electric bombs. This causes the Thug Mech to stop briefly, where 
    you can get a few good hits on him. Another thing to watch out for are his 
    melee attacks which do a good amount of damage. Try to time your punches so you 
    hit him while he winds up. He has a bomb attack as well, but you can easily 
    dodge it. When you finally beat him, you get coordinates to Joba, where the 
    second arena is, as well as the second hoverbike race.
    Hop on the Taxi to go back to the beginning. This time take the prtal into the 
    factory. Quickly take out the flying bots, then jump over the moving electric 
    beams. Jump down and evade more electric beams. Make your way across the bridge 
    and up the elvator. Take out the ship to make a Swingshot ball appear. Cross 
    the gap and use the Dynamo to make it to the floating pad. At the top move 
    toward the TV. After the cutscene, use the Glider to follow the bot. When you 
    make it to the other side, use the Electrolyzer to activate the TV. Take the 
    teleported back to the TV. Now you have to pay 10,000 bolts to watch the video 
    for new coordinates. Return to the starting point. Before we go meet 
    Fizzwidget, let go to the arena on Joba first. 
    - Enter the Megacorps Games
    - Purchase Levitator
    - Win the Infiltrator
    - Win the Megacorps Hoverbike Race
    Joba gives you access to the great Plasma Coil gun, which is awesome, 
    especially if you upgrade it. But the Spiderbot gun for later use. You can get 
    skill point here for killing all of the tribesmen and their dinos with only the 
    wrench. You can get another one for killing 12 of the pink birds. For now, head 
    forward and take out the tribesmen. Take a right rather than go into the 
    tunnel. Ignore the Dynamo thing for now. Use the Swingshot to reach the end, 
    where you can enter the Hoverbike races. For winning you get the awesome Charge 
    Boots. You can get a skill point if you beat 2:27:00 on any track here. Double 
    tap R1 and you can go really fast. Head back to the starting point. Use the 
    Dynamo on the ball outside the door, and quickly run through to tunnel. Use the 
    Dynamo again to open the gate and create a floor. Run across and on the right 
    there is a Nanotech Upgrade. Climb the ladder and take out the enemies. Watch 
    out for the fixed gun. Step on the floor pad to open the door and head up the 
    ladder. Take out everyone in this area. Now, go back to where you came up the 
    ladder. On the left, use the Swingshot to find an area with a Platinum Bolt. 
    Now, head back to the Dynamo ball. Jump on the platform and make your way to 
    the top. Take out all of the enemies and climb up the ladder. Go outside and 
    use the rope to slide to the bottom. But the Levitator from the RYNO guy for 
    20,000 bolts. Use the Levitator pad to get up to where the taxi is. You finally 
    made it to the arena. For winning the 8 round match, you get the Gravity Boots. 
    Two places you can use them are on Oozla and Todano, in the desert. In the 
    Megacorps store on Oozla, there is a secret boss. If you win you get the Box 
    Breaker. Now, stock up on ammo and enter the Infiltrator match to win another 
    Key Gadget. For this match, jump on the center platform to go into the Cage. 
    Here it's a normal match, just make sure you watch out for the rocks. You can 
    get a skill point for beating the last match, the 60 rouund "Impossible Match". 
    For beating it you also unlock a snowman suit. After you're done in the arena, 
    head outside and use the Infiltrator. To use it you have to pick the right path 
    to lead back to the first blue point. Now, head bak to the ship. 
    Hrugis Cloud
    - Meet Fizzwidget at Deep Space Disposal Facility
    - Disable the Disposal Facilities defenses
    This is another space ship mission. Go around and shoot them all until they are 
    smoking blue. Then make a final pass and destroy them all quickly. If you don't 
    a repair bot will show up. You can kill them easily but its an extra thing to 
    worry about. If you're having a tough time, do some of the previous space ship 
    missions and get Raritanium to upgrade your ship at Slim Cognito's. A good 
    upgrade to get are the Fusion Lazer Cannons (thanks to Lance Larsen) You can do 
    more missions after you win if you want.
    - Explore the Weapons Facility
    - Bring Quark Collectible to Armory Employee
    - Search the rocket silo
    - Investigate the facility interior
    At the vendor you can now buy the Hoverbomb gun for 120,000 bolts. Buy the 
    Spiderbot gun if you haven't already. You can get a skill point here if you hit 
    all 4 rockets until they fall. Before you go up the elevator at the end of the 
    area, wait for the Fizzwidget bot to finish the tour. A door will open for him 
    to go in, follow him and get a Platinum Bolt. Then use the Electrolyzer to 
    bring down the elevator. After you visit the vendor at the top, go to the right 
    through the pillars. Now, for a bunch of Tractor Beam puzzles. Grab the 
    magnetic barrel and position it under the rainbow door so you can pass. In the 
    next room, put the tall barrel under first, then the small one. Bring the 
    security bot to the door to open it. Now, go to the door you just opened and 
    turn around. Look up in first person mode. Position the barrels so you can jump 
    up them to the reach a side path. At the end is a Platinum Bolt. You will also 
    meet the Quark fan. Remember him for now. Return and take the elevator down. 
    Move the barrel along the path over to the door. In the next large room, clear 
    out all of the enemies. Position the barrel near the right wall and jump up to 
    the moving floor. If you have the Spiderbot, use it to go through the little 
    hole. Walk over the floor button. Take Ratchet up there to get a Platinum Bolt. 
    Now, use the barrel at the rainbow door and the bot to open the door. At the 
    top move the big missile on the left over to the space on the left. Move the 
    smaller rocket into the slot on the left. Move the large missile to the slot on 
    the right. In the next room, put the barrel on the conbeyor belt and use it as 
    a shield as you walk down next to it. For this next puzzle, Push the small 
    missile in the middle toward the wall. Pull the large missile to the right. Put 
    the small missile in its slot on the left. Now, pull the large missile to the 
    left so you can put the medium missile in the middle slot. Then put the large 
    missile in the slot on the right. Now, put the missile on the conveyor belt and 
    jump on top of it before it starts moving. Proceed forward to get the 
    Sheepinator. You can get a skill point if you turn 16 squirrels into sheep. 
    Jump on the translocator. 
    Now, head toward the electric gate and use the Infiltrator. Head through the 
    minefield to the elevator. Hop on. Move around the bend and past the doorway. 
    Smash the boxes to find an Infiltrator puzzle. Solve it and go up the elevator 
    to get a Keep heading up the path to another Infiltrator puzzle. Keep going and 
    take the elevator up. Now, we can go to the new planet.
    - Find Mr. Fizzwidget
    - Open the Main Entrance
    - Explore Silver City
    - Ride the power lines
    The Minirocket Tube is a great weapon to have for this level. At the start 
    point, jump on the taxi. Take the elevator down, and use the Levitator. Make it 
    to the other side and take the elevator up. Step on the Floor button. Take a 
    right and climb up the ladder. Ride the power lines to the end. You can get a 
    skill point here for making it to the other side without taking any damage. 
    After the power lines you can upgrade your weapons using the speaker thing. Go 
    into the building and use the transporter to return to the ship. Now, head 
    forward up the stairs and use the floor button to open the door. Take the left 
    staircase and kill everyone. To the right of the door use a Spiderbot to press 
    the button. Now, take the right staircase and go to the left. Now you can 
    access the Platinum bolt. To the left of the elecator here is a fountain with a 
    Nanotech on top. Then take the elevator up. Clear out the enemies and take the 
    elevator on the left to the bottom. Move down the hall and take the elevator 
    up. At the top is a vendor and an armor vendor with the new Duraplate armor. If 
    you're having trouble on these harder levels, try and get teh new armor. Walk 
    to the ledge to the right of the taxi. Walk down the side of the wall and kill 
    all of the guys that appear. Walk into the last door that opens so you are on 
    the ceiling of the room. Walk on the curvy track and turn right. Take out the 
    enemies across the room and on the floor from above; it is a lot easier this 
    way. Walk up the magnetic path to the other side and take the elevator up. Take 
    out the thugs here before using the Swingshot. Before walking aroung the 
    looping track, wait for the thugs to come. Take them out as they walk on the 
    track, then walk across. Take the elevator to the top and take out the thugs 
    that are behind the barrier. Go toward the door and walk down onto the wall. 
    Take out the thugs that pop out and go into the door at the bottom on the left. 
    Move forward to talk to Fizzwidget. When you can come back here to this room, 
    up on the left is a Swingshot ball that you can use to get a Platinum Bolt. But 
    that's after...
    - Free Ratchet from prison cell
    - Meet up in hangar bay
    - Turn off the forcefield
    - Explore the rest of the flying base. 
    - Purchase Quark action figure
    In this area you play as Clank. Wait for the lava to go down before you cross. 
    Free the Hammer bot then use the elevator. Use him to clear the door, then the 
    path. Jump on the larger platform of the level. Use the hammer bot to hammer 
    the other end. At the top free the little bots and proceed down the air duct. 
    Bring them with you down the elevator and open the round door. Now use the 
    hammer bot on the lever, when the little bots are on with you. Have them enter 
    so you can open the door. Ignore the Chainsaw bots and go up the elevator on 
    the left. Use the little bots up here to kill the Chainsaw bots. Then have all 
    four enter to open the door. Step on teh button and now you take control of 
    Ratchet.  Head forward to the vendor and kill all of the Chainsaws. Head to the 
    platform and step on. Kill the flying bots and get on the next platform. Jump 
    up the wall. Jump on the block in the corner and quickly jump across the 
    platforms to the other side. Get on the elevator and now you're in control of 
    Clank again. Head up the duct and glide down to the square platform. Cross the 
    lava and get the bridge bot, then use him to cross the next gap. Retract the 
    bridge and use the elevator. Build a bridge and glide down. Use the bridge bot 
    here to make a bridge and cross with the little bots. Attack the chainsaw bots 
    and free the hammer bot and another little bot. You should now have a hammer 
    bot, bridge bot and three little bots. Head through the doorway, get a fourth 
    little bot, hammer the box and create a bridge. Use the little bots to open the 
    door on the other side. Now you take control of Ratchet again. Here you find 
    another wrench upgrade. Kick off the wall and cross the dissapearing platforms. 
    Go outside and walk on the side of the ship. Kill the bots and enter the door 
    on the other side of the U shaped magnetic path. Again, use the block to reach 
    the floating platforms. Inside the hangar you meet up with Clank. Now, take the 
    middle door and climb the ladder. Use the Levitator to reach the other side. 
    Buy the statue for 20,00 bolts. You can take him to the Fan on Todano to get 
    the Armor Magnetizer, which attracts bolts from farther away. Combining this 
    with the Box Breaker, you can get a lot of easy bolts by smashing breakable 
    objects such as lights. Go back to the hangar and climb the ladder to the 
    Infiltrator door. Keep using the Levitator to reach the end of this section. 
    It's tricky but practice makes perfect. At the end you get new coordinates and 
    step on the button to remove the force field. 
    - Defeat the Thugs-4-Less Fleet 
    Yet another ship level. Just focus in on the big ships and pound them. If you 
    haven't done any upgrading for your ship yet, you might have a problem. If you 
    have then you have a better chance. When you finish the first mission, there 
    are optional ones that pay a lot of bolts. 
    - Rescue Angela
    From the beginning, use the Swingshot balls and make your way to the blue ball. 
    Use the Swingshot to create a grind rail. Grind to the bottom and walk up the 
    magnetic track. Use the Dynamo and walk to the top of the tower. Go over thr 
    bridge and use the jump pad. There is a weapon vendor and an armor vendor here 
    with some new armor. If you look to the right you will see a Dynamo target. 
    Glide down to the ledge and make your way to the top where you can get a 
    Platinum Bolt. 
    Now, jump back down to where the vendors are and head across the bridge. Keep 
    moving down the streets until you reach the Thug leader.
    Thug Mech II
    This boss is pretty tough. He takes a lot to kill. Use the green jump pads to 
    reach the gun turrets on top of the buildings. Just shoot him until he fires 
    back. Wait until the bombs get close before you shoot them because its hard to 
    kill them from farther away. Keep shooting with the gun turret until he 
    destroys it. Then just move to the next turret. A fast way to do it is to jump 
    out of the turret when he first starts shooting bombs. Then, after they 
    explode, get back in and start shooting. Another tactic is to keep shooting him 
    and then jump out and stand back a little bit before the first bomb blows up. 
    Once you finally defeat him, you get new coordinates. 
    - Search the distriubtion facility
    - Traverse the warehouse
    - Explore the docking ships
    First use the jump pad and make your way through the crate warehouse. Use the 
    Dynamo to reach a dead end part way through. At the end, use the Electrolyzer 
    to activate the elevator. Jump up on the boxes and follow the floating 
    platforms around until you reach a building. Once outside you will get one of 
    three parts of the Hypnomatic. Take the floating platform back to your shipa 
    and this time go to the floating platforms on the left. Use the Swingshot and 
    make your way to the elevator. At the bottom, use the Levitator to reach the 
    ship. Use it again to go the the floating platform then to another ship. Use 
    the Levitator once more and go through the roof to the next section. Use the 
    Levitator pad to fly over the large stack of boxes, and then to the next 
    platform. Talk to the guy here who charges an exhorbitant(40,000) amount of 
    money for some coordinates.
    - Save the overrun planet
    - Bring the Hypnomatic parts to the Hypnotist
    - Ride the train rails
    - Explore the moon
    - Defeat the mothership
    From the start point, move into the room, the junction point. Go right and 
    grind the rails. If you make it to the end without getting hit you get a skill 
    point. Use the Synthenoids and Shield Charger. At the end you get the second 
    part of the Hypnomatic. Now, return to the ship and take middle door. Kill all 
    of the protopets and thugs. Keep going and at the end, take the taxi to the 
    bank. At the spouting fountain, freeze the water and grind down the ice to 
    recieve a Platinum Bolt. Head through the bank until you reach a locked door. 
    Kill all of the enemies inluding the ones on top of the door to open it. In the 
    next room, kill all of the Robots to open the door. Go up the elevator, then 
    freeze the water to cross. Here you will meet the Hypnotist who will make you 
    the Hypnomatic if you give him all three parts. Since you should only have two, 
    hop on the taxi. Back at the main room, take the third door and use the portal. 
    Yep, another boss fight
    This fight can be much harder and trickier than the last one if you dont know 
    what you're doing. Instead of helicopters there are little alien ships that 
    take more to kill. A good way to kill a group of them is to jump on them. This 
    can kill a group of them in one hit as well as keeping you from getting hit. 
    The Mothership can only be hurt while it is on the ground. You can tell when 
    you can or can't hit it when the blue shield is up. Because of this shield it 
    takes less hits thatn the Thug Mech to kill. Once you do enough damage it will 
    create a shockwave at the top of the planet. Just stand and strafe on the 
    indestructible stands and blast the Mothership with missiles. The strafing will 
    keep you safe from the green lasers the ship will shoot. Your prize for beating 
    this tough boss is the Mapper which shows you secret locations on the map. 
    Now you should be done with the missions here except getting the Hypnomatic, 
    which is on the next planet.
    - Find Angela
    - Traverse the ice field
    - Bring moonstones to the Mystic
    - Trade moonstones for Hypnomatic part
    - Explore the caves
    Here, head down the ramp and to the left to the blue rock blocking the door. 
    You need to get 9 moonstones to open the door. Head out to the ice field to get 
    them. The mosters here are pretty tough so if you haven't upgraded a lot of 
    weapons, now might be a good time. After you move the rock, you can get the 
    third part of the Hypnomatic for 16 more moonstones. For now, use the 
    teleporter in the room you just unblocked. Use the glider to reach the end of 
    this section. Use the Infiltrator to open the door and then step on the floor 
    button to open the next one. Kill all of the bots and use another floor button 
    to gain access to another transporter. Here is an armor vendor with the last 
    armor, the Carbonox armor for 1,000,000 bolts. Use the Infiltrator to gain 
    access to the outer ice field where you can get more moonstones. If you get 
    more tahn the Mystic asks for, you can sell the rest for 3,000 bolts each. Now 
    that you have the third Hynomatic part, head back to Damosel.
    The only thing you need to do here is return to the Hypnotist and get the 
    Hypnomatic. It costs 10,000 for the Hypnomatic. To exit the area, you have to 
    use the Hypnomatic (i will call this the Hypno from now on) to get the taxi 
    back. Use it on the bot on the other side of the gate. You can shoot with 
    square and jump with X. Reach the hill and use the floor button. Take the taxi 
    back to your ship and back to Grelbin.
    Now you have the Hypnomatic, you can explore the factory here. Use the Hypno on 
    the bot across the gap. To take over other bots, press circle when they are in 
    range. Keep using the Hypno until the bot reaches a floor button. Step on it 
    and create some floating platforms. Jump across and use the Hypno again. Use 
    the bot to step on the floor button, which floods the rooms and now you can 
    swim through to the teleported which takes you to the surface. Head to the 
    right to Angela's house and get the last set of coordinates.
    - Break into Megacorps Headquarters
    At the platform with the vendor use the Hypno on the bot across the chasm. Keep 
    changing bots and opening doors until you reach the floor button that opens 
    activates the Swinshot targets. Make your way toward the big factory in the 
    background. Kill all of the guards and tanks to open the last door on the 
    right. Use the Hypno on the bot across the gap and kill all of the enemies. If 
    you are about to run out of time, take control of another one. When everyone is 
    dead step on the floor button. Now, as Ratchet turn around and head back to 
    reach the teleporter you just activated. This section of the level is very 
    difficult. If you need stronger weapons, upgrade them because you will need 
    them for the boss. Some of the weapons you should have upgraded are the 
    Megarocket Tube, Heavy Lancer, Mini-Nuke, Multi-Star, HK22, Megaturret Gun, 
    Kilonoid, Plasma Storm, and at least have the Shield Charger (though it will be 
    much easier with the Tesla Barrier). In the room after the Nuclear Power Plant-
    looking thing, just run past, you don't need to kill these gaurds as more will 
    keep appearing and you will waste ammo. Use the Dynamo to cross, and in the 
    next room you will have to clear everyone out so you can have a chance to use 
    the Infiltrator to open the door. Through the door, ignore the protopets and 
    hop across the platforms. Before using the Swingshot here, take out the Tanks 
    from afar to activate a Swinshot ball. Re-supply at the vendor, and use the 
    Electrolyzer on the wall. In the room with all of the red gaurds there is a 
    barrel on the right wall that you can use the Tractor Beam on. Use the 
    grindrail to reach a Platinum Bolt. Bring down the bridge with the Swingshot 
    and move forward to start a cut-scene. "What the **** is going on!?!" 
    Mutated Protopet
    A really easy way to beat this boss in around a minute is to have the Meteor 
    Gun with the Lock On (for range) and Acid upgrades (for extra damage). For the 
    first part, just lock on and fire away. When he smashes through the floor, 
    throw down some Megaturret guns then, whip the Meteor Gun back out and keep 
    shooting. When you run out of ammo, switch to the Megarocket Tube and fire a 
    few charged shots and he should fall. 
    After you win, you have a choice to go back in time to fight Quark again, which 
    I'm not sure what the point of it is. Your other choice is to start a new game 
    in Challenge Mode. In this you can get a multiplyer for bolts and upgrade your 
    weapons further.
    6. Credits
    If you have emailed me with some info, or if I got something off the message 
    boards i will give you credit here. If not email me. Thanks to:
    Paul du Bois
    Benjamin Kabaker
    Lance Larsen (lancepl34)
    Kevin England
    Jacob Garg
    Eric Cloutier
    Ryan Hathaway
    big thanks to Dan Bradley for some of the skill points!
    Also to kasplat for his helpful messages on the boards!

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