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    Nanotech Boost Guide by Aturian

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    Ratchet and Clank: Going Commando
    Nanotech Boost
    Created By Aturian
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are 
    owned by their respective trademark and copyright holders.
    Nanotech Boosts
    Boost #1
    Location: Planet Endako
    Requires: Infiltrator
    Info: Return to Endako once you have the Infiltrator from 
    Planet Joba's Megacorp Games. From your ship take the left 
    path and go to the second crane area. In the middle room of 
    this area is a Infiltrator lock. Crack it and on the other 
    side of the door is a Nanotech Boost.
    Boost #2
    Location: Feltzin System
    Requires: Ship
    Info: During any of the Challenges enter the space station 
    and the Nanotech Boost will be inside a cargo bay in the 
    large center bay of the station. You'll see it.
    Boost #3
    Location: Planet Notak
    Requires: N/A
    Info: In the middle of the path on the upper level of the Promenade.
    Boost #4
    Location: Planet Tabora
    Requires: Momentum Glider
    Info: At the top of the fourth pillar in the canyon glider 
    course. Stay as high as possible during the course.
    Boost #5
    Location: Planet Dobbo
    Requires: Momentum Glider
    Info: In the room with the launch pad and terminal. Go 
    through the whole course and when you reach the end take a 
    very hard left turn so that you head back the way you came 
    without touching the floor. Work your way back to the start 
    area with as much altitude as possible. When you reenter the 
    room with the terminal and the Nanotech pull up and to the 
    right to grab the Boost. This will take practice.
    Chuck Eggers Writes:
    In reference to nanoboost #5, I just watched my 8-year old 
    son get that boost without going all the way through the 
    course and backtracking (extremely difficult)...he went 
    to the second set of x-bars and pulls a full stall. 
    Thereby turning around and going back into the first 
    chambers without the hassle of the tunnels.
    Boost #6
    Location: Planet Joba
    Requires: Dynamo
    Info: There is an area with a Dynamo activator, a big pit, 
    and some Joba Tribesmen behind a glass barrier. The dynamo 
    will drop the barrier and create a bridge at the same time 
    but you will need to pick of the tribesmen first. Pass 
    through this area and you will come out on the mountainside. 
    On the mountain to the right of the entrance is another 
    dynamo activator. Activate it and run into the cave again. 
    Use the dynamo to cross over the pit and on the other side 
    is a opened alcove with the boost inside. You must be very 
    fast on this one.
    Boost #7
    Location: Planet Joba
    Requires: Hoverbike
    Info: This must be done on either the Joba, Assault, or Expert 
    Circuit. When you reach the swampy, muddy clearing veer towards 
    the right and enter the shortcut. At the first left turn in 
    the shortcut it will be against the left wall. Easy to spot but 
    don't speed by it.
    Boost #8
    Location: Planet Todano
    Requires: Infiltrator
    Info: At the bottom of the rocket silo is a infiltrator lock 
    hidden behind some crates. Solve it and an elevator is activated. 
    Ride it to the top of the silo and the Nanotech Boost is right 
    there on the top.
    Boost #9
    Location: Planet Boldan
    Requires: N/A
    Info: Take the middle path from the ship until you reach a 
    small fountain. It will be on the left side of a small courtyard 
    area. The Nanotech Boost appears every other hour on top of the 
    fountain. If you can't wait and its not there, save and quit and 
    access the PS2's internal clock and advance it one hour. Reload 
    the game and go to the same area. The Boost will be there.
    Boost #10
    Location: Planet Snivelak
    Requires: Swingshot
    Info: From the landing site use your swingshot to cross the area 
    towards a building. On the third Versa-target build up momentum on 
    the Swingshot until you can Glide to the roof of the building instead 
    of entering it. The Nanotech Boost is right on the roof.

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